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Is advertising a profession, like law or medicine? How many new parents clutch their baby to their breast and declare, 'I want this child to grow up to be a media planner'? -Jef I. Richards

The average American's day planner has fewer holes in it than Ray Charles's dart board. -Dennis Miller

The first war plan has failed because of Iraqi resistance. Now they are trying to write another war plan. Clearly, the American war planners misjudged the determination of the Iraqi forces. -Peter Arnett

As a novelist, I tell stories and people give me money. Then financial planners tell me stories and I give them money. -Martin Cruz Smith

I'm not good at future planning. I don't plan at all. I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow. I don't have a day planner and I don't have a diary. I completely live in the now, not in the past, not in the future. -Heath Ledger

My mother is an office manager, my father a professor of economics and financial planner. -Poppy Z. Brite

He is a terrible planner, though. So am I. -Linda McCartney

We don't believe in planners and deciders making the decisions on behalf of Americans. -George W. Bush

He fashions evil for himself who does evil to another, and an evil plan does mischief to the planner. -Hesiod

I never got into using my phone's calendar. It's easier to write in my Tiffany day planner. There's something charming about having a datebook. -Ali Larter

If I ever had the time to take on another job, being a party planner would be high on my list. -Tori Spelling

I've never been a planner. I didn't know I was going to run for the State House. I didn't know I was going to run for governor. I don't know what's next, and I love not thinking about it because the doors open at a certain time. -Nikki Haley

My finances have been decimated by a group of people, such as my ex-attorney, my ex-business manager, and an estate planner, specifically. And they have conspired together to – to co-op my corporations, put in trustees without my knowledge. -Randy Quaid

I am being embezzled by a monstrous ring of accountants, estate planners and lawyers who are mercilessly slandering me and trying to kill my career and, I believe, murder me in order to gain control of my royalties. -Randy Quaid

That's what we do in this country. That's the American Dream. That's freedom, and I'll take it any day over the supervision and sanctimony of the central planners. -Paul Ryan

The pursuit of the vibrant seems to be the universal job description of the nation's city planners nowadays. It is also part of the Obama administration's economic recovery strategy for the nation. -Thomas Frank

I'm a planner, and most networks don't plan. Bravo doesn't plan. Bravo is lucky in a lot of ways – they've got a lot of great talent, but at the same time, they don't nurture it. They lost 'Project Runway.' -Patti Stanger

I'm a very thoughtful, forward-thinking, planner kind of person. I love Excel spreadsheets and five-year-plans, and I love to review every year how my New Year's resolutions went. -Jenna Fischer

I'm a great planner, so before I ever write chapter 1, I work out what happens in every chapter and who the characters are. I usually spend a year on the outline. -Ken Follett

'What if?' history is a tricky game, but there is no doubt that the senior planners of D-Day – including Eisenhower and the British general Bernard Montgomery – believed that the Double Cross operation had played a pivotal role in the victory. -Ben Macintyre

I'm a huge planner, more and more so as the years go by. -Emma Donoghue

'Our Dream Playground' is a new online project planner designed to help you build the playground of your dreams. It's a free resource, brought to you 'KaBOOM!,' offering step-by-step instructions to help you bring play to the kids in your community. -Darell Hammond

All things being equal, letting people make decisions for themselves will produce smarter outcomes, collectively, than relying on government planners. -James Surowiecki

It's easy to blame the nature-deficit disorder on the kids' or the parents' back, but they also need the help of urban planners, schools, libraries and other community agents to find nature that's accessible. -Richard Louv

I'm not a big planner when I travel; I just feel it out. -Daria Werbowy

It is up to us, to this present generation of Americans, to take a stand for freedom, to send a message to Washington that we're taking our future back from the grips of central planners who would control our healthcare, who would spend our treasure, who downgrade our future and micro-manage our lives. -Rick Perry

Stockholm is surely an urban planner's dream. Everything works. Everything looks good. -Janine di Giovanni

I think that there are laughs in all aspects of life. I'm not a planner; stuff comes along and you read it, and if it scares you or if you think, 'Oh my God, this is so good. I hope I don't screw it up,' then you should probably do it. -Julie White

I don't plan. I don't think, 'I have to do this kind of part 'cause I've done that kind of part.' I'm not a very good planner. -Rupert Graves

Thank God I have a financial planner who is really conservative. -Artie Lange

I think a woman can have all of the ideas and mental pictures. She can be a real planner and a motivator. But in the end, I think a woman does best when she responds to a man. -Amy Grant

The best advice that I can offer is that being proactive and a careful planner is key. Think about the major things that could shake up your financial life, and I'll bet there are some great ways to protect yourself. -Alexa Von Tobel

We're providing planning to a huge audience who's never had access to financial planners before. This was always my plan for LearnVest. It was in my very first pitch deck. -Alexa Von Tobel

From the 1970s, there has been a significant change in the U.S. economy, as planners, private and state, shifted it toward financialization and the offshoring of production, driven in part by the declining rate of profit in domestic manufacturing. -Noam Chomsky

I'm not a public official. I'm a businessman, I'm a builder, I'm a planner. -Donald Bren

As an idea occurs to me, I'll either follow it or not, but I'm more instinctive than master-planner about stuff. -John Darnielle

I'm an escapist. I'm not a planner; I've never made a decision about anything in my life. The good thing about Africa is that you can escape forever. You can do what you want without someone looking over your shoulder. -Peter Beard

Portfolio theory, as used by most financial planners, recommends that you diversify with a balance of stocks and bonds and cash that's suitable to your risk tolerance. -Harry Markowitz

I'm a plodder, not a planner. -Dan Webster

A generation ago, American war planners made the mistake of believing that short-term Communist sympathies would unite China and Vietnam. We were wrong, and it tragically misshaped our policy in Vietnam. -Evan Osnos

I have to confess to not being a great forward planner. I'm the kind of person who regularly arranges to have dinner with five different people on the same night. -John Niven

I've got lots and lots planned out, and other ideas knocking around in my head, too. I'm kind of an obsessive pre-planner, so I have a lot of material. -Caitlin Kittredge

We started with things like locating ski runs or locating a transmission line corridor or locating a new town or doing a coastal zone plan. We ourselves weren't doing the planning work, but we were doing all the mapping work for the landscape architects and planners who would subsequently incorporate the maps into their actual designs. -Jack Dangermond

We shifted our philosophy from being a computer mapping group that would support planners to the idea of building actual software that would be well engineered. Because at that time, our software was not well-engineered at all; it was basically built with project funding and for project work, largely by ourselves. -Jack Dangermond

I want to have all that scientific information that we're building be used in designing the future so that people who make geographic decisions – and here it's not just land-use planners, but it's everyone: foresters, transportation engineers, people who buy a house – can analyze all of these information layers and design a future. -Jack Dangermond

If I'd been a better long-term planner, I'd still be in music, as a musician someplace. So I'll take it one step at a time. -Condoleezza Rice

It makes good sense for planners everywhere to provide more facilities in general that are aimed at older folks. -Chuck Norris

I started my career as an urban planner, working for the city, doing what I would call 'do-gooder' things, particularly for low-income neighborhoods. -Jorge M. Perez

The greatest responsibility of the planner and architect, I believe, is the protection and development of our habitat. -Walter Gropius

I'd like to put together a think tank of people – economists, futurists, city planners, a few department-store people – to discuss reinventing the department store. -Stanley Marcus

My father was into fame and leaving his mark. He was a city planner, sort of a genius in that world, the Robert Moses of Philadelphia. He was on the cover of 'Time' once, and I remember going to his office and seeing, like, two hundred copies, which he would hand out to people. -Kevin Bacon

I'm not a big planner; I decide by intuition. -Bastian Schweinsteiger

Many foolish people believe that nuclear war cannot happen, because there can be no winner. However, the American war planners, who elevated U.S. nuclear weapons from a retaliatory role to a pre-emptive first strike function, obviously do not agree that nuclear war cannot be won. -Paul Craig Roberts

I am a bad planner, and my friends would vouch for it. -Anushka Shetty

There are some actors who are very good at developing things, who have… 'things in the pipeline.' I am abysmal at that kind of thing, loathe it, and am a terrible planner. Unless I'm showing up on the set and acting, I prefer to have nothing to do with the actual business of being an actor. -James Spader

I'm not a planner. I like to try something different, to just see what happens. -James Spader

I trust Colorado families and teachers way more than I trust D.C. central planners who think they know better than parents do. -Darryl Glenn

I was a wedding planner's assistant for years. And I knew I did not want to have a traditional wedding because I had worked a million of them. So my husband and I got married at a sleepaway camp in the Berkshires. -Katie Lowes

I am a type-A planner. That's just how I roll. -Katie Lowes

The qualities I look for in planners or creatives is very much the same thing. Beyond the givens of talent and work ethic, I really look for people who are inspired by the everyday, people who are not afraid of the obvious and are able to reinterpret it into a creative and interesting manner. -David Droga

I know some writers are meticulous planners, but I'm not one of them. -Gail Honeyman

I've tried digital planners and fancy planners and date books galore, but my tried and true is actually just a large spiral-bound notebook. -Rachel Hollis

For me, using a notebook every day keeps me on track! Some people use planners; those are great, too. -Rachel Hollis

Historically, central planners have generally done a poor job of managing economic resources – this we've known since the time of the Pharaohs. -David Brin

The college and university systems, at least, have become like television. There's a bit of this and a bit of that and some compulsory program with its components connected in a way that only a planner could understand. -Ivan Illich

My job is to give my best, and where my journey would take me is something that I have left to God. I am not much of a planner; I am more of a doer. -Vicky Kaushal

It feels dangerous when people say, 'Oh, Sean Baker focuses on marginalised people.' And offensive. As if I'm standing there with my planner thinking, 'OK, where's the next marginalised group I can make a movie about?' -Sean Baker

I'm a planner, an organizer. I write things down because you can visually check them off and see progress. Writing things down is a lost art. I've got sticky notes all over my apartment. -Will Grier

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