Best Quotes About Philanthropy

Philanthropy is commendable, but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice which make philanthropy necessary. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation. -Mary Ritter Beard

My grandfather, along with Carnegie, was a pioneer in philanthropy, which my father then practiced on a very large scale. -David Rockefeller

Never respect men merely for their riches, but rather for their philanthropy; we do not value the sun for its height, but for its use. -Gamaliel Bailey

Northern white people love the Negro in a sort of abstract way, as a race; through a sense of justice, charity, and philanthropy, they will liberally assist in his elevation. -James Weldon Johnson

My theme for philanthropy is the same approach I used with technology: to find a need and fill it. -An Wang

Billions are wasted on ineffective philanthropy. Philanthropy is decades behind business in applying rigorous thinking to the use of money. -Michael Porter

I always had the old-school model that I'm going to work for as long as I'm relevant and focus on for-profit activities and someday when I retire I'm going to learn about philanthropy. -Marc Andreessen

I'll get involved in philanthropy. -Hillary Clinton

The new world economic order is not an exercise in philanthropy, but in enlightened self-interest for everyone concerned. -Carlos Fuentes

A world in which government is burdened by historic debt, philanthropy has limited resources, and the private sector is only interested in its own personal gain is simply unsustainable. -Simon Mainwaring

It is time for corporate America to become 'the third pillar' of social change in our society, complementing the first two pillars of government and philanthropy. We need the entire private sector to begin committing itself not just to making profits, but to fulfilling higher and larger purposes by contributing to building a better world. -Simon Mainwaring

In business, the market gives you feedback in real time. Your sales figures tell you what's working, what isn't, and how you need to change. If you don't listen to the feedback, you go belly up. In philanthropy, there is no market. -Jeff Raikes

Philanthropy is not about giving money but about solving problems. While well-meaning, the idea of writing a check and calling it 'philanthropy' is extremely short-sighted and unfortunately, extremely pervasive. -Naveen Jain

True philanthropy requires a disruptive mindset, innovative thinking and a philosophy driven by entrepreneurial insights and creative opportunities. -Naveen Jain

I was raised in a group home for 14 years, so I was a beneficiary of philanthropy. I didn't have a family. The nameless, faceless strangers were my family. They gave me an education, put food on the table and clothes on my back. I am who I am because of that formative experience. Now I am paying it forward. -Darell Hammond

In philanthropy, many of us give a little bit and each year we give more and more to see what actually works and not just throw money out there and see if it's going to work. If the government did the same thing, fabulous. -John Paul DeJoria

Unfortunately, the mechanism for doing philanthropy in a structured way isn't yet in place in India. I already do a fair bit and support various causes such as education, sanitation, health. But selling costly drugs at affordable prices is philanthropy in itself. -Yusuf Hamied

I'm on a lot of nonprofit boards, but if I didn't enjoy it I wouldn't do it. I haven't yet done anything that's transformational in philanthropy. But I hope at some point to target two or three causes or organizations and really make transformational gifts. -David Rubenstein

I can honestly say that TOMS is my future. I mean I have no desire to start any other company for as long as I live because this is the perfect blend of business and philanthropy to me. -Blake Mycoskie

I never thought I would be in a position like this, where my words and experiences are now inspiring others to follow suit. It's challenging at times, but I can only look forward to the future of business and philanthropy. -Blake Mycoskie

You can do things in every part of the world. You can do things in every discipline. You can do large things, you can do small things. But it takes a while to figure out what you actually want to do. And it changes. As you change your interests and desires in philanthropy change, I think you have to be open to that change. -Marc Benioff

I have failed a lot in my philanthropy, where I will make philanthropic contributions and they just won't be effective. -Marc Benioff

In business, we say that people overestimate what you can do in a year and underestimate what you can do in a decade. This is true in philanthropy as well. -Marc Benioff

I've never been one who enjoys maintaining the status quo. I'm always pushing for new ideas, whether it's in business or philanthropy. -Eli Broad

When time permits, I try to see interesting people in the cities I visit. In Seattle, I met Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, who is shy in personality but flamboyant in his philanthropy. -Steven Pinker

There's a big difference between charity and between activism and philanthropy. They're very different things and I think, you know, everybody should find a passion or a cause that they can really get behind, but it has to be organic. -Eva Longoria

I am convinced that music, like philanthropy, bridges hope. -Ricky Martin

It's an irony that growing inequality could mean more money for philanthropy. In the U.S., quite a few of the ultra-rich have taken to heart the 19th century industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie's comment that it's a disgrace to die wealthy. -Geoff Mulgan

Rockefeller viewed his philanthropy through the lens of his business, and it really mirrored the Industrial Revolution. It was highly centralized, it was top down, it was based on experts, and it was big-picture. -Jacqueline Novogratz

With few exceptions, the leading women in philanthropy, notably Melinda Gates, are the wives or daughters of rich and powerful men. -Kavita Ramdas

This was the invention of modern American philanthropy as we know it. The idea of systematizing giving to achieve human progress was the true innovation of John D. Rockefeller, and ultimately the Rockefeller Foundation's legacy. -Judith Rodin

I think all philanthropy invests in product innovation, whether in a vaccine or a new kind of product of one sort or another, and I think we'll all continue to do that. -Judith Rodin

There's a dark underside to philanthropy. People who give a bunch of money are deferred to, even when they are wrong. The emperor cannot be shown to have no clothes. -Michael Eric Dyson

You have to build a culture of philanthropy. In a country like India, we need to be sensitive and caring about the poorer, more disadvantaged section of our country. -Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

I truly believe that philanthropy and commerce can work together. -Donna Karan

My philanthropy is no relation to anybody else's. None. My philanthropy and what we do at the foundation speaks for itself and has no relation to anyone's. -Jon Bon Jovi

At the end of my journey, I see myself as a Rocket. That's where I ended my career, and also the organization that did so much for me. They knew I had a vision, and I went to work for the owner, who's a man who believes in philanthropy and believed in me as a player. -Dikembe Mutombo

'Giving 2.0' was born of my desire to redefine and democratize philanthropy. -Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

In my view, a philanthropist is anyone who gives anything – time, money, experience, skills or networks – in any amount, to create a better world. This is not how we once thought about philanthropy. The word used to conjure up something rather passive – sitting down and writing checks. -Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

When I started teaching at Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2000, no field-based courses in strategic philanthropy existed. -Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

By making all my materials freely available through 'Giving 2.0' ProjectU, I am on a mission to extend philanthropy education to colleges globally and far beyond campus walls. -Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

Shouldn't you put the same amount of effort into your giving as you might for your for-profit investments? After all, philanthropy is an investment, and one in which lives – not profits – are at stake. -Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

Being innovative in your philanthropy allows you to stride forward in your giving journey; you can marry your mind and heart to turn charity into lasting impact; and you can become more ambitious in your giving. -Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

How I see my career is very much as an entrepreneur in the field of philanthropy. -Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

Historically, philanthropy has been something that you do when you turn 65, and you are retired, and you have spent your life accumulating your financial resources, and now you finally have time to do it. But because of the Internet revolution, that in turn revolutionized economic growth and wealth generation. -Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

Money can add very much to one's ability to lead a constructive life, not only pleasant for oneself, but, hopefully, beneficial to others. My grandfather, along with Carnegie, was a pioneer in philanthropy, which my father then practiced on a very large scale. The Christian ethic played an essential part in my upbringing. -David Rockefeller

I've spent so much time with my dad traveling and seeing the ground-level change that we've been able to make through philanthropy and trip over trip, time over time, country over country, home after home we've been invited into, given tea, given food that people didn't have to give us, I mean all of these things. -Howard Warren Buffett

Effective philanthropy requires a lot of time and creativity – the same kind of focus and skills that building a business requires. -Bill Gates

At the end of the day, philanthropy can only ever be an adjunct to what governments provide. And government coffers need to be replenished. -Noreena Hertz

I'm a technologist by origin and by training, but I'm focused on philanthropy. -Pierre Omidyar

In the same way that you're driven in your business to keep innovating – Facebook is a wonderful example of constant innovation – think about doing that in philanthropy. -Pierre Omidyar

It's important to think good, speak good, and do good. If we want to see positive change in the world, then we need to connect to goodness. I try in everything I do, both in business and philanthropy, to make a positive change and do that by doing good. -Shari Arison

In everything I do, whether in business, philanthropy or my personal life, I am guided by my inner truth, my values. -Shari Arison

Bill Gates has become the patron saint of philanthropy and the poster child of rebirth, and from what I can tell, rightly so. -John Battelle

There's a lot of complacency in philanthropy. People figure organizations are trying to do good, and that's enough, even if the results aren't there. But that's wasteful and inefficient. It crowds out better programs. -Dustin Moskovitz

I get great satisfaction from both business and philanthropy. -Donald Bren

Large-scale philanthropy, based in the private – not the public – sector, is a relatively recent historical development. -Peter Diamandis

The most generous part of your philanthropy could be the time you put in to procure the same results and same outcomes and same returns you demand in business. -Andrew Forrest

Those of us who have yet to find philanthropy may find there is a far greater reward from it than from wealth creation. -John Caudwell

Music and philanthropy have a long, benevolent relationship with one another. Record bins are rife with charity singles, and concert history is filled with benefit shows for every imaginable cause. Musicians like to give back. -Shawn Amos

Seeing results flow from my gifts is my greatest pleasure as a philanthropist – whether exonerating a jailed innocent or completing a Frank Gehry building. I want to enjoy my philanthropy. -Peter B. Lewis

The one thing the Victorians really believed in was philanthropy. I think we've forgotten the obligation to be philanthropic. I think we need smaller government, but I want to make it clear I'm not the Sarah Palin of the Cotswolds. -Susan Hill

There is a place and a time for philanthropy, and there is only so much money you can give away. -Stelios Haji-Ioannou

The responsibility of philanthropy rests with us. The wealthier we are, the more powerful we get. We cannot put the entire onus on the government. -Azim Premji

There are three lessons in philanthropy – one, involve the family, especially the spouse. She can be a remarkable driver of your initiative. Two, you need to build an institution, and you need to scale it up. Choose a leader for philanthropy whom you trust. Three, philanthropy needs patience, tenacity and time. -Azim Premji

You cannot mandate philanthropy. It has to come from within, and when it does, it is deeply satisfying. -Azim Premji

I've always said that the better off you are, the more responsibility you have for helping others. Just as I think it's important to run companies well, with a close eye to the bottom line, I think you have to use your entrepreneurial experience to make corporate philanthropy effective. -Carlos Slim

Life is fleeting, and permanence in this world is something we all strive for. The best way to achieve permanence is through philanthropy. -Ram Shriram

I have often spoken about the importance of intentionality in philanthropy: that it has to stir the soul. This is true whether you are feeding the homeless, mentoring a child or working on climate change. -Charles Bronfman

All the family money is for philanthropy, except for living expenses for my mother. She is 94 and isn't a big spender. -Ronnie Chan

I very much believe in teaching young people about philanthropy, and to give back. -Lynn Schusterman

I feel that India lacks a level of philanthropy that is proportional to the wealth that is here, particularly among the top 5,000 industrialists and entrepreneurs. -Romesh Wadhwani

I think the tradition of philanthropy is far better developed in the U.S. than in India, as is the whole notion of giving away 50% of your wealth while you are still living and not waiting till you're gone. -Romesh Wadhwani

We have so many rich people in Switzerland. They should take more responsibility for the general public. There is almost no tradition of philanthropy here anymore, unlike in the U.S. -Hansjorg Wyss

It's important to do see the results of your philanthropy while you are alive. -Husnu Ozyegin

The culture of philanthropy is alive and very well in Africa. International aid strengthens and extends it, but in the communities where I have spent time, it is all-pervasive. -Ann Cotton

Camfed graduates are active in their villages using their skills and resources to improve as many lives as possible. They are teaching financial literacy to marginalized women and bringing vital health care information to rural schoolchildren. Through example, they are demonstrating the power of philanthropy. -Ann Cotton

The goal of the program, called Giving With Purpose, is to teach college students – and anyone else who cares to register – how to beneficially contribute to charity. That's not necessarily easy. There are IRS rules for giving that must be learned, and there is wayward, wasteful philanthropy to be avoided. -Carol Loomis

On the personal side, family is really important to me. I have a big family – five kids and 12 grandkids – so keeping that going is wonderful. And I do a lot of philanthropy. I'm chairman of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. -Charles Schwab

Private philanthropy is the direct expression of the great Christian principle of the brotherhood of man and the Golden Rule. Private philanthropy indeed is the only valid expression of these ethical principles; compulsory charity through 'social legislation' is the exact contrary: it is the evil imposition of force by one group on another. -Murray Rothbard

The goal of my shows, my interviews, my business, my philanthropy, all of it, whatever ventures I might pursue, would be to make clear that what unites us is ultimately far more redeeming and compelling than anything that separates me. -Oprah Winfrey

People who put money in the church basket and people who go to church and pay the pastor: that isn't real philanthropy; that's just like you belong to a country club. You pay your dues to belong to that church, so you pay your tithing or whatever it is. -Jon Huntsman, Sr.

The worlds of art, philanthropy, and business are absolutely intertwined. -Jorge M. Perez

The competition between me and Bill Gates, probably: Who can spend money more effectively that can do better philanthropy. -Jack Ma

Every single national park had some component of private philanthropy. -Douglas Tompkins

To us, the definition of philanthropy is what we spend. A P&L account means expenditure, lines of revenue. There is a surplus; it goes to the balance sheet. A transparent foundation should disclose this. -Shiv Nadar

A press statement may be given with a very good intention, but it says nothing beyond it. If it comes from corporations they run, then it is corporate social responsibility (CSR). That's different from philanthropy. CSR is a lot of shareholders, including me. -Shiv Nadar

My daughter is very happy doing philanthropy, especially in the schools. -Shiv Nadar

India's connection with philanthropy didn't begin with western influences. The connection with philanthropy is age-old and ingrained in our value systems. -Shiv Nadar

Major forces that have contributed to the evolution of philanthropy in India in the pre-modern era have mainly been driven by religion, family, and society. The Hindu teaching of 'daan' or 'giving' is present in different ways in almost every celebration or ritual. -Shiv Nadar

Though easy to define, it is important to understand the significance of philanthropy. I believe it is really a state of mind: where one feels empowered and equipped to fill the huge gaps in the existing system. -Shiv Nadar

Government, in its ultimate form, is the biggest philanthropher based in the world. And Bill Gates also said that he could do a small part of what the government can do, which is business philanthropy, equalling people and making sure there is inclusiveness. -Shiv Nadar

At what age did Warren Buffett come into philanthropy? At 76. He gave a very good reason. He said his wife was considerably younger than him. And all Americans believe they would live till 80, and they do live till 80. He told his wife that when he is gone, she should take care of whatever they need to do. -Shiv Nadar

Supposing I write out a cheque for a billion dollars to the foundation, does it mean anything? There must be evidence of philanthropy. Otherwise, I'm sitting with that money, earning interest exactly the way in my holding company. -Shiv Nadar

I firmly believe that philanthropy is most effective and outcome-oriented when you ensure that your pledge actually gets spent. -Shiv Nadar

In philanthropy, you have to take the attitude of a mother… You have to be patient, and we have been very patient for a long time. -Shiv Nadar

The Bharat Ram family was into philanthropy a way earlier. They build institutes such as Shri Ram College of Commerce, Lady Shri Ram College, and Shri Ram Schools. They are very inspiring. -Shiv Nadar

I profess myself a citizen of the world, totally unfettered by the little, mean distinctions of climate or of country, which diminish the benevolence of the heart and set bounds to philanthropy. -John Paul Jones

For me, if I have done my duty, the continued approbation of Congress and the Marine Committee will make me rich indeed, and far more than reward me for a life of service devoted from principles of philanthropy, to support the dignity of human nature. -John Paul Jones

I am convinced that only by applying the values of an entrepreneur to philanthropy will you ever be able to meet the needs of the greatest number of people. -Naveen Jain

Many of the problems of poverty and need are really problems of physical infrastructure: not enough hospitals, too few schools, insufficient roads, bridges, and a lack of tools. This is what makes traditional philanthropy so daunting. You could build a thousand new hospitals in some parts of the world and barely make a difference. -Naveen Jain

Successful ventures in business or philanthropy are built around great teams who can help us overcome tremendous challenges – and have the right experiences and relationships to do so. -Naveen Jain

Entrepreneurial Philanthropy is not just a philosophy or a dream. It is a promise that philanthropy is at its best when it is founded on entrepreneurial zest and agility. -Naveen Jain

Investors are right to demand a clear path to self-sustainability from every business they invest in, and I believe we should ask for the same from philanthropy. -Naveen Jain

When I was graduating from college, the things I valued most were family, faith, and philanthropy. I refer to them as the three f's, phonetically speaking. -Robert Kraft

I'm driven by my passion – my family, my philanthropy, and the New England Patriots winning. That's my life. -Robert Kraft

One of the big myths about philanthropy is that it's all about donating funds for a cause. I like to look at it quite differently. Philanthropy is about 'giving' – not just in monetary terms but also in non-monetary aspects, like time, ideas, or being a volunteer. Donating money is just a small part of philanthropy. -Pankaj Patel

My role at Lockheed Martin puts me in contact with extraordinary leaders in many fields – from science and engineering to philanthropy and government. And since we also work closely with our nation's armed forces, we tend to reflect a lot on leadership and how we can inspire successful teamwork, cooperation, and partnerships. -Marillyn Hewson

I just think that philanthropy is a fancy way to say that you care about others and that you want to serve others. And that's been a part of me for as long as I can remember. -Priscilla Chan

Acting and philanthropy are braided together. I've tried to seek out things that speak not just specifically to the community that created me, but that speak in a way that's universal and all of humanity celebrates. -Laurence Fishburne

So many rich people, when they get into philanthropy, they have one thing they like, or several things they focus on. They pick a disease or a college or some kind of non-profit. They produce good results through that cause, but also they get recognized; there's some sort of monument to what they did. -David Fahrenthold

All of philanthropy is harnessing that urge to have your name on something, and using it for good. -David Fahrenthold

Young entrepreneurs, in general, feel they're too busy running their companies, which I think is a mistake. But once they're older, you see much more of a propensity to be involved in philanthropy. -Jeffrey Skoll

I actually believe that this Trump phenomenon, which has affected many of us, is going to accelerate the use of art for philanthropy, because people are realizing that art is a vehicle for showing opposition – just look at the signs in the women's marches. -Agnes Gund

In my experience, the more successful an idea is, the easier it is to fund it. In philanthropy, it's almost harder. -Stanley Druckenmiller

With my business, the way you make big money is you find a great management team and a good concept, and you stick to it, and you add to it over time. In philanthropy, there was more this idea that once an idea was formulated, you moved along. -Stanley Druckenmiller

I was born to Haitian parents, and the idea of giving back is really just a part of our culture. So, I don't think there was ever a moment that I questioned my call to philanthropy, but I can say that the more I've grown, the bigger that call has become. -Karen Civil

At, you can give as little as $1 and get the same level of choice, transparency, and feedback that is traditionally reserved for someone who gives millions. We call it citizen philanthropy. -Charles Best

I think philanthropy is so much more in keeping with spirit of shouting someone out than a material reward. -Charles Best

Our mission is to help students in need and to democratize philanthropy. -Charles Best

What's success all about? What's philanthropy all about? Let's think of our legacy, following in the footsteps of some great Americans like the Carnegies and the Mellons who used their wealth for quality purposes. -Norman Braman

It's just not our style to put our names on the philanthropy we've done. It's not in the Jewish tradition of tzedakah. -Norman Braman

As chief business affairs and legal officer, I am responsible for driving Airbnb's engagement strategy and civic partnership efforts as well as overseeing the company's global public policy, community mobilization, legal, communications, compliance, social initiatives, and philanthropy efforts. -Belinda Johnson

Our aim is to set some kind of benchmark and standards for transparency and governance in private philanthropy. -Roshni Nadar

The largest expense in our philanthropy is capital expenditure because we are building these institutions. This institution-building idea stems from my father because he has the experience of building a company from scratch. -Roshni Nadar

I personally think that people who are inheriting the wealth must have an agreement on how that wealth will flow from generation to generation, how they would like to spend it, and have similar philosophies around philanthropy to ensure continuity and scaling up. -Roshni Nadar

My philanthropy is largely focused on healthcare, and I really want to make a difference to people's lives. -Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Anybody doing philanthropy has to find something that appeals to them from their own personal background or from intellectual curiosity. -Paul Allen

A lot of people making a lot of money, billion, billions of dollars accumulating. Why are they coming for, finally, for philanthropy? Why the need for accumulating money, then doing philanthropy? What if one decided to start philanthropy from the day one? -Arunachalam Muruganantham

I do think, actually, one thing I noticed with Silicon Valley post-Trump is it kind of made them more politically aware, more aware that, like, business and philanthropy alone isn't going to make the world a better place. -Pete Buttigieg

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