Best Quotes About Percussion

I don't think you'll understand the true repercussions of what the 500 does for you until years down the road. -Buddy Rice

I was able to interpret the difference between the sharp, quick sound and the slow, deep sound of percussion and manipulate it, get a third sound out of things, if the beats were rapid enough. -Sunny Murray

I like duos with percussionists. I like the songs that percussionists sing. -Derek Bailey

I play guitar, piano, bass and percussion. -Teena Marie

I played in the percussion section 4th grade through high school – snare and timpani mostly. -Suzy Bogguss

When I lost the use of my hi-hat and bass drum legs, I became basically a singer. I was a drummer who did a bit of singing, and then I became a singer who did a bit of percussion. -Robert Wyatt

I've been down there 6 times and there's nothing like Brazilian percussion. -Les Baxter

I think it would be nice to sell 15 million albums as a solo artist. I'd have to deal with all the repercussions of that, but that wouldn't be too bad. -Glenn Frey

I can't get that live and I don't have the time to take the tape, after I've finished recording it, into a little studio somewhere else where I can get a different kind of percussion sound. -Danny Elfman

No phenomenon can be isolated, but has repercussions through every aspect of our lives. We are learning that we are a fundamental part of nature's ecosystems. -Arthur Erickson

I really just wanted to play the drum set and match that. I was never really into the percussion thing. -John Otto

I got in the school band and the school choir. It all hit me like a ton of bricks, everything just came out. I played percussion for a while, and stayed after school forever just tinkering around with different things, the clarinets and the violins. -Quincy Jones

I mean, I can sit down with a guitar, and in fact, we do two, three songs with just guitar and percussion. -Jackie DeShannon

It has often been observed that the repercussion of poetic language on prose language can be considered a decisive cut of a whip. -Eugenio Montale

And, you know, I think the original recording of Ravel's Bolero, probably whoever played percussion on that, will never have It played better than that. -Buddy Rich

I play a percussion instrument, not a musical saw; it needs no amplification. Where it's needed, they put a microphone in front of the bass drum. But, I don't think it's necessary to play that way every night. -Buddy Rich

For me, the most difficult thing is that I am learning melodies on guitar from some songs whose melodies were not meant to be played on guitar. Ever. They were intended mostly for keyboards or melodic percussion. -Dweezil Zappa

I read and write classical piano and percussion, also guitar. -Suzi Quatro

There are psychological repercussions to illness and we need a little more help to get through the effects not only on the afflicted but on the family. And I think there's even a place for humor in that. -Alan Thicke

My son Wesley has just turned 13. He was 12 during the recording of this record and he is quite a drummer already and has been studying drums since he was four, but he's also very interested in African percussion and studies percussion. -Lee Ritenour

The repercussions of what you put out and what people gravitate to in your music never registered at all. I never had that thing that maybe other bands have – a specific idea of what they are and what their sound is. -Beck

People assume I'm out there having this great life, but money doesn't erase the pain. When you're young you barrel through life, making choices without thinking of repercussions. A few years down the line, you wake up in a certain place and wonder how the hell you got there. -Jennifer Lopez

I played djembe, percussion, keyboards and I sang. -Jeff Ament

My country is in the grips of a major economic crisis. This is causing dramatic consequences for the very existence of Polish families. A permanent economic crisis in Poland may also have serious repercussions for Europe. Thus, Poland ought to be helped and deserves help. -Lech Walesa

The thing about playing percussion is that you can create all these emotions that can be sometimes beautiful, sometimes really ugly, or sometimes sweet, sometimes as big as King Kong and so on. And so there can be a real riot out there, or it can be so refined. -Evelyn Glennie

Percussion is the most adaptable family of instruments. The biggest challenge is to project percussion in a lyrical way. -Evelyn Glennie

I think I can only help to expose percussion to all sorts of people. The balance between the lighter and more serious side is important. -Evelyn Glennie

When I was 12, I happened to see a schoolmate playing percussion, and it looked interesting. I asked for lessons, and it felt right. -Evelyn Glennie

I just assumed the world was full of solo percussionists. I couldn't find sticks or music or anything where I was, but that was expected because there was nothing there anyway. And I think that was possibly the greatest asset for me, just not knowing. -Evelyn Glennie

A large part of my work has been collaborating with composers; I think we've commissioned about 140 pieces now, a lot of them percussion concertos. -Evelyn Glennie

Repercussions are serious and they will take you places. -Bryan Clay

I'm sure there were times when I wish I had thought, 'Gosh, that might really embarrass mom and dad,' but our parents didn't raise us to think about them. They're very selfless and they wanted us to have as normal of a college life as possible. So really, we didn't think of any repercussions. -Jenna Bush

I've figured out what to do with my hands… onstage. I'm a percussion player, so I grab a tambourine as much as I can. -Taylor Hanson

I love the percussion. It's a right brain, left brain thing. There are different beats, but cooperating together. It's your whole body doing it, you're doing the snare drum and the high top with your hands and the bass drum with your foot. You're this whole motion machine. -Shalom Harlow

Things have become devalued to the point where people don't realize the repercussions, that they're devaluing themselves. It could end up bringing about chaos, a lawless situation. -Marilyn Manson

The United States has made serious mistakes in the conduct of its foreign affairs, which have had unfortunate repercussions long after the decisions were taken. -Nelson Mandela

I'm lucky because I don't like being in the sun a whole lot, just because the repercussions for me – I feel it, I go very red. -Laura Linney

A movie that gets a PG-13 rating can show someone running down a street killing 27 people. And there are no repercussions. -Guy Pearce

Redefining marriage will have huge implications for what is taught in our schools, and for wider society. It will redefine society since the institution of marriage is one of the fundamental building blocks of society. The repercussions of enacting same-sex marriage into law will be immense. -Keith O'Brien

Deregulation created this epidemic of greed which according to the rules of capitalism was OK. Beyond that there was criminal behaviour. There have been no repercussions and it's hard to make your peace with. -Brad Pitt

On the one hand Twitter gives you the opportunity to engage with people, which is great, but on the other there are people who feel they can say whatever they want, put poison out there, really, without fear of any repercussions. -Michael Sheen

I'm really still a child of the Forties. I still think about it a lot, about the repercussions of armed conflict. Until 1953 we had rationing. We couldn't buy meat, we couldn't buy pleasurable goods like cigarettes and sweets. I didn't starve – my family were lucky – but I knew what it was like standing in line waiting for foodstuffs. -Eric Burdon

My father was a jazz listener, and I think, at least before I was 5, I was not so into that. Although there were records that emphasized percussion that I liked, like Baby Dodds. -Wallace Shawn

I grew up in a house that was always happy, and my family was always music, music. I started playing percussion very young, because I had some uncles who were musicians and all my aunts were singers. -Ronaldinho

The devastating repercussions of hate-filled language manifest in very real ways for today's LGBTQ youth. -Cheyenne Jackson

I like to be a lot of different things at once and dress different ways and I change my hair all the time, so being an actor lets me live out the fantasy of living out 100,000 different lifetimes in one, without all of the repercussions. -Mae Whitman

According to my parents, I just started drumming when I was two. I traveled with them from five to seven on the road, playing percussion. Between 8 and 12, my dad sort of prepared me by teaching me every aspect of road life. -Questlove

That's how we grew up – kinda like Pops would put his drums, his percussion and instruments into the car and we would just go to a facility in the Bay Area and he would say to us, 'You think we have it bad? There are people worse off than we are. Let's go give back to the kids.' And that's how we grew up. -Sheila E.

I think people have to be more aware of what the repercussions are of their actions. -Joe Perry

My father moved to Hawaii from Brooklyn and my mother came there as a child from the Philippines. They met at a show where my dad was playing percussion. My mom was a hula dancer. -Bruno Mars

Heaven to me is percussion and bass, a screaming guitar and a burbling Hammond B-3 organ. It's a soup I love being immersed in. -Dan Aykroyd

For me, 'The Social Network' isn't about Facebook. It certainly isn't about how people use it. It's about a flawed character and his pursuit of that grand idea that defines him and validates his life and how far he'll go to get it, and the repercussions that come as a result of that – what he gives up in the process. -Trent Reznor

There are repercussions to everything, even advancement and success. And I think that the repercussions to my success was the loss of my marriage. -Jill Scott

Never negotiate with kids. They don't have life experience, and they don't have repercussions for bad decisions; they still get fed and housed. -Gene Simmons

I was a guy who wanted to become famous. There was steam coming out of my ears, I wanted to be famous so badly. You want the attention, you want the bucks, and you want the best seat in the restaurant. I didn't think what the repercussions would be. -Matthew Perry

After I learned the piano, I went on to learn percussion, the tuba, b-flat baritone, French horn, trombone, trumpet, most of the instruments in the orchestra. Trumpet was my instrument. -Quincy Jones

If you ever face a significant disaster, do your best to keep up the spirits of those around you, act flexibly and creatively to help, try to sort rumors from truth, and remember that the decisions you make will have repercussions after the disaster has passed. -Sheri Fink

I identify more as a musician than as a singer, because I play piano and percussion, and I engineer and produce everything that I do. -Janina Gavankar

I grew up playing classical piano and percussion. -Janina Gavankar

I think it's good to be a little more fearless in saying what you feel. In not being scared of the repercussions of that. -Oscar Isaac

The election of Shinzo Abe as the leader of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic party and now prime minister will have profound repercussions for Japan and East Asia. Most western commentary during the premiership of Junichiro Koizumi has been concerned with the extent to which Japan has allowed a freer rein to market forces. -Martin Jacques

The deciphering of ancient scripts changed forever the way Europeans were able to imagine the story of humanity, destroying centuries of received authority about the past with repercussions as important for our understanding of time and history as the geological studies of the same period. -Neil MacGregor

With a lot of action scores, you're competing with a lot of noise. Say there's a big explosion: the music would conventionally have a lot of Hollywood-style percussion or brass, because that's the only thing that will cut through. -Steven Price

If you want to change your hair colour or your nail colour or things like that its fine, but you have to realize the dangers and repercussions of surgery. -Heidi Montag

Everything we do, even the slightest thing we do, can have a ripple effect and repercussions that emanate. If you throw a pebble into the water on one side of the ocean, it can create a tidal wave on the other side. -Victor Webster

The post-presidency, as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have proved, is a win-win. Money, Nobels, the ability to leverage your global celebrity for any cause or hobbyhorse you wish, plus freedom to grab the mike whenever the urge takes you without any terminal repercussions. -Tina Brown

The thing with the piano is, the piano is like percussion almost – well, it is. You have to… not beat on it, but there is more work involved than a Hammond. With a Hammond, you just lay your hands on the keys, man, and you're gone. -Gregg Allman

I like to listen to my iPod and also play music. I've been doing percussion since I was eight or nine. Rhythm is crucial in long jump but also in life. -Bob Beamon

As a teenager, I wanted to be sophisticated and avant-garde, and I was really judgmental. But when you're a teenager, you're fearless because you don't know the repercussions to anything. -Gia Coppola

Many MIDI files contain entire musical compositions. Because MIDI supports only 16 channels, however, no more than 16 different instruments can play at any time, and one of those is the key-based percussion instrument. -Charles Petzold

Religion and political cartoons, as you may have heard, make a difficult couple, ever since that day of 2005, when a bunch of cartoonists in Denmark drew cartoons that had repercussions all over the world – demonstrations, fatwa, they provoked violence. People died in the violence. -Patrick Chappatte

Getting more and more of our news from the social network is having significant repercussions for markets – and your money. -Barry Ritholtz

There are more repercussions for a person being a chronic speeding violator in our country, than there is for a big bank being a chronic violator of S.E.C. rules! -Martin O'Malley

The implications of Americans devoting their lives to fast food are more profound than the fact that our kids aren't eating well. There are real repercussions that we need to know about and think about. -Ruth Reichl

All art stems from a place of alienation. Intimate and alone. Most people are oppressed by the opinion of others, but I was not that way. I was afraid of the repercussions of not doing what I was told to do, what I was called to do by a creator. -CeeLo Green

Reclassifying the Internet as a telecommunications service will have dangerous repercussions for years to come. -Marsha Blackburn

Making YouTube videos while I was in school, I was fortunate enough not to really have any negative repercussions from it. I had a lot of positive feedback from my friends, who thought they were great and thought they were funny and that what I was doing was really cool. -Connor Franta

A lot of actors would tell you that they'd rather play the villain than the hero. When you're the character, there are no repercussions. So there is a kind of liberating feeling about saying certain things to certain people – and I think that it's always quite satisfying to do that. -Tom Ellis

I'm more a percussion instrument than a dancer. -Savion Glover

If I really treated business like a businessman, I wouldn't have done what I have done – opposing China. No businessman in their right mind would do this because you know that there will be repercussions. -Jimmy Lai

My father, I think he played percussion in high school. My mother played piano when she was very young, but only for a brief while. I don't think she had a great teacher. In any case, neither of them were really into music at a young age. -Aaron Diehl

I want to hear from my team in a way that they know they don't have to hold back. I've made it clear that there are no repercussions for brutal honesty. I let them know that we want to hear about anything they feel is not working for the company. -John Rampton

A U.K. vote to exit the European Union could have significant economic repercussions. -Janet Yellen

Our main thing we'd have to entertain us: All my uncles would come over, and we'd sit around the living room on a weekend night, and we'd play. That was a big event for me, getting to play. We never did have any percussion. -Dickey Betts

I would say that when you do something out of the goodness of your heart, and you don't know what the repercussions will be, you have to live with that. And it can be devastating. Because the intention was there. -Chrissy Metz

Every action we have is going to have repercussions in ways we could not anticipate. -Jay Asher

I grew up where the repercussion of you having an opinion was being 'cocky,' or people would be mad at you. And I have finally learnt that it is better for them to be mad at you and disagree than you be so mad at yourself all of the time for not speaking up. -Paula Pell

All the instruments of percussion known to European science are essentially nonmusical and can only be tolerated in open air music or in large orchestras where a little noise more or less makes no difference. -C. V. Raman

What's important is for us to be aware that our actions have repercussions. -Katherine Langford

Inarritu's films focus on the repercussions of a single act that draws people together and simultaneously throws their lives into chaos. -Elvis Mitchell

In high school, you at least have to get up at a reasonable hour and show up at places on time. College, on the other hand, gave me the sense that I could complete major assignments at 2 A.M. without suffering any repercussions, along with the erroneous idea that in real life, things started after one in the afternoon. -Alexandra Petri

I studied classical percussion for ten years. -Alycia Debnam-Carey

I'm a percussionist, so that's most of what I know when I attack a record. Melodically, knowing the keys – my first love – that makes the perfect blend. -Jeremih

Social media lacks insight, common sense, and emotion. Understand that while it's easy to condemn celebrities on social media, people should also think of repercussions their insensitive remarks can make on the celebrities' family. -Neil Nitin Mukesh

We need a world where people do not have to live in fear of the economic repercussions of getting sick or losing their home or job. Where every child gets to fulfil their potential. Where corporations pay their fair share of taxes and work for the good of the majority, not just their shareholders. -Winnie Byanyima

The interaction between human rights campaigners from Pakistan and India was a big taboo in the 1980s. When we started traveling to India to increase people-to-people contact between the two nations, we knew that we would face serious repercussions back home. -Asma Jahangir

Even when we talked about child labor, we were frowned upon. But then you know that you have to speak the truth irrespective of the repercussions. -Asma Jahangir

People don't realize how much it means to your music to record on tape, whether it be for new music or old music. People don't realize how much or how imperative it is to use actual hardware when making drums because those are actual percussion samplers. They're hardware instruments that are made to have the drum hit. -Adrian Younge

The age of the rock star ended with the passing of physical product, the rise of automated percussion, the domination of the committee approach to hit-making, the widespread adoption of choreography, and, above all, the advent of the mystique-destroying Internet. -David Hepworth

When families break down, you have a lot of repercussion from that, from poverty to crime to lack of discipline. -Tony Evans

Christians historically have believed wrong on issues. Take slavery: they believed wrong on that issue for generations, and it had, just, repercussions that were staggeringly negative for our culture and my community. So it is possible to be Christian and to believe wrongly and practice wrongly. -Tony Evans

To carry our cross is to have such a commitment and identify with Jesus Christ and what He accomplished that I am willing to suffer the repercussions to that identification. -Tony Evans

Any man can take a sucker punch, but if you get slapped, it's other repercussions to that. -Mustard

People see the nice side of the game, but behind it all, there is a sacrifice that they don't see: the pressure, the repercussion, the way that impinges on your life. -Cesar Azpilicueta

The Miz came in as a way to say exactly what I was feeling and not have any repercussions for it because it was a character I was playing. -The Miz

When I was a kid, beating England was incredible; it always had greater repercussion than beating anyone else. -Julen Lopetegui

I was a guitar player in a band that had two keyboard players, sometimes two other guitarists, a bass player, and a drummer, four or five singers, and percussion. We did a two-and-a-half hour show where the music spanned from the early Sixties to the present. Whereas the David Lee Roth thing was like, Now. Very big and intense. -Joe Satriani

The first album I ever bought was Santana's 'Abraxas.' Obviously, I was a huge fan of Carlos because he had the unique guitar sound, and he had incorporated a lot of the percussion and really, really fun rhythmic bass lines in there, too. -Robert Trujillo

I can tell you as a Manchester United player how big this club is and how you feel the repercussions of everything you do. It happens to everyone. It happened to me when I came. -Juan Mata

I understand the repercussions of following in my father's footsteps. -Shruti Haasan

That freaks me out more than anything, the repercussions of success in this industry. -Henry Golding

It's impossible to utilize your right to free speech in the way you truly deserve and not suffer repercussions on any level. -David Draiman

Anything like having a good season at home for the club, or going as far as you can and having a great Champions League, has its repercussions when it comes to the Balon D'Or winner. -Jesus Navas

I was drawn to West Africa. I did listen to a bunch of different styles of African music, and there was something about the percussion and the drums of West Africa, and the energy, that felt so cinematic to me. -Ludwig Goransson

Unfortunately, we don't live in a society where you can say whatever you want, and there will be no repercussions. Pick and choose your battles. I think that's the key. -Iliza Shlesinger

As a kid, I took piano lessons, and I didn't like it. It wasn't cool. I was into Duran Duran and rock music. I didn't have any interest in piano. I did it for three years, and because of piano, I learned percussion. I learned scales. I learned how to sing. Piano gives you all of the basics of those things. -Matt Skiba

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