Best Quotes About Parkour

'Run' is exciting, about family secrets, the mystery surrounding them and the outdoor sport of parkour. The story itself is full of intrigue and action, but the parkour takes the story to another level. It was an absolutely incredible experience, working with experts from all over the country. -Kelsey Chow

I'm a pretty agile guy, especially being taller and having done martial arts from about the age of 13, but parkour is one of those sports that I wish I'd discovered sooner. When my nephew first showed me, I thought, 'Damn – I'm too old for this.' -Paul Walker

We'd be doing parkour on my high school roof; we'd get in trouble. But I was never a reckless kid. -Dacre Montgomery

I've been pushing and training for Lucha Underground and AAA, as well as parkour and stunt training for my movie, and I've blended those styles together for my wrestling. -John Morrison

I don't think anyone in the WWE really knew that I did parkour. I mean, some of the guys have seen me doing it backstage in arenas before and have always asked about it, but the office didn't know. -John Morrison

I'm really excited about producing my first feature, 'Boone the Bounty Hunter.' Boone is a bounty hunter that does parkour to catch skips. -John Morrison

When I was leaving WWE, I'd started becoming interested in applying parkour to the matches and using the ring environment in fun, new ways. -John Morrison

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