Best Quotes About Paranormal

I think paranormal experiences are very personal, again, if they are that. Yes, sometimes I've felt that some things I would personally believe enough for me to take action on it… like, you know, I felt something happen in a hotel once that made me never stay there again. -Andrea Corr

I don't expect that the million will ever be won, simply because there is no confirming evidence for any paranormal claims to date. -James Randi

I love the paranormal, because there, every genre I write can become one beacon for my imagination. -Leslie Banks

I have never read horror, nor do I consider The Exorcist to be such, but rather as a suspenseful supernatural detective story, or paranormal police procedural. -William Peter Blatty

So, I was sitting there and I watched 'Paranormal Activity' and I was like, 'Boy, white people do dumb stuff in movies.' So I was like, 'Why don't they just leave the house… What if paranormal activity happened to a black couple?' -Marlon Wayans

I don't really believe in the paranormal; I'm a skeptic through and through. -Connor Jessup

I love inventing interesting people and then pushing them to their absolute limits – and usually those absolute limits involve homicidal faeries, werewolves, or some other paranormal menace. -Maggie Stiefvater

But I do believe in the paranormal, that there are things our brains just can't understand. -Art Bell

I was first published as a paranormal author back in the early 1990s. I was one of the founders of that original wave of paranormal and am the leader of the new wave of paranormal that started at the beginning of this century. -Sherrilyn Kenyon

My mother fed my love of demons, science fiction, and paranormal. She was a devout horror movie fan who kept me up until the wee hours to watch 'Outer Limits,' 'Night Gallery,' 'Twilight Zone,' and 'Star Trek.' We lived to watch those reruns. -Sherrilyn Kenyon

I think everything I do is normal, not paranormal but normal. It's using the power of the mind to achieve whatever we can endure. -David Blaine

I don't spend a lot of time thinking about scary demons, but I think that there are things in this world that are unexplainable that are mystical or paranormal. The possibility is there, definitely. -Katie Featherston

I haven't experienced anything paranormal yet, but I did see what I think was a meteor light up the sky in a flash of red for a few seconds. That was really cool. -Ryan Lee

I was that weird kid that checked out all of the non-fiction paranormal studies books from the library. I've always been fascinated by the supernatural, particularly movies and TV shows that manage to blend humor with the horror – 'Supernatural', 'Buffy', 'Angel.' -Molly Harper

I like the paranormal side a lot; that's my favorite kind of horror movie because it plays on your fear of the dark and makes you go home, and you can't sleep at night. -Shanley Caswell

Science operates in the natural, not the supernatural. In fact, I go so far as to state that there is no such thing as the supernatural or the paranormal. -Michael Shermer

Mysteries once thought to be supernatural or paranormal happenings – such as astronomical or meteorological events – are incorporated into science once their causes are understood. -Michael Shermer

I have always been interested in the paranormal and afterlife, everything from ghosts to angels. I think that everyone has that curiosity of the great unknown. -Hilary Duff

From a young age I was obsessed with the mysterious, the esoteric, the paranormal. -Drummond Money-Coutts

The reason you can take the leap of faith with Stephen King, when it comes to the paranormal, or the things that happen in the world that he creates, is because the characters that he writes are accessible. -Emily Rose

I grew up writing about the paranormal, and I blame too many Saturday mornings watching 'Scooby Doo.' -Kelley Armstrong

I think I'm always going to be a paranormal girl at heart. I'm always going to be intrigued by it. -Jennifer Armentrout

What I've absorbed of the gothic or paranormal has come mainly from films. -Glen Duncan

I've been a huge fan of all things paranormal my whole life. For me, it was always a question of when, not if, I was going to write a paranormal series. I dipped my toe in the genre by incorporating a mystical curse into the 'MacCarrick Brothers Trilogy.' -Kresley Cole

I've been a fan of vampire fiction since way, way back – I loved Stephen King, Anne Rice, Peter Straub, Robert McCammon, Shirley Jackson, lots of great horror and paranormal fiction. -Rachel Caine

Perhaps some of the appeal of the dangerous-but-yummy paranormal anti-hero lies in his scorn for societal expectations. Yes, women have come a long way, but there are still some cultural stigmas more associated with women than men. -Jeaniene Frost

The paranormal bad boy is usually a fiercely loyal partner for the heroine. Once his sights are set on her, he doesn't notice other women, and he's utterly unconcerned with what anyone else thinks of his choice. -Jeaniene Frost

The appeal of the paranormal bad boy – or James Bond super-spy, as one example of male escapism – can sometimes make everyday problems seem less dire. Thus, a few hours spent immersed in the world of the wicked yet alluring hero is the equivalent of a mini-vacation. -Jeaniene Frost

I have a low taste for urban fantasy and paranormal romance. -Charles Stross

One of my favorite ways to write paranormal, as in the 'Wake' trilogy, is to write very normal characters with just a hint of something other-worldly. Like somewhere, maybe, someone really can get sucked into other people's dreams. -Lisa McMann

I've always been interested in the paranormal, but 'Gray Matter' is a more subtle, mature expression of that – looking at the powers of the brain and more delicate evidence of the extraordinary. -Jane Jensen

I've written about superheroes. I've written about talking ferrets and math geniuses being chased by madmen. I've written about spies and demon-hunting soccer moms. I've created an entire world that centers around a paranormal judicial system. -Julie Kenner

I absolutely adore writing books with paranormal elements – and I love creating the often-complex worlds and/or plots that go along with those stories – but at the heart of all of that ,you have the characters, and when you get down to the core of it, it's spending the time with the characters that is what I truly love. -Julie Kenner

Publishers often push women in a subtle way to focus on fantasy and paranormal writing. -Annalee Newitz

Horror isn't only about ghosts or monsters. For example, paranormal romance seems the antithesis of horror. Once you have a sexy, fun vampire who is sweet, and you have a happy ending, it's not horror. -Ellen Datlow

I was thinking about vampires and, specifically, about what makes vampires a romantic trope: about what people like about not just vampires but supernaturally long-lived creatures in general, which is a thing that shows up in probably fifty to sixty percent of paranormal romances… And then, for some reason, I decided to reverse it. -Alaya Dawn Johnson

People ask me, 'Why angels? Why paranormal? Why teens?' In the beginning, I'm not sure I knew I was starting down any of those twisted paths – paths that now seem so familiar to me that they are downright comforting. In the beginning, I was just writing about love. -Lauren Kate

I'm terrified of the supernatural things, which is why I'm very grateful that I don't see things like that. Because if I did see things of the paranormal persuasion, I don't think I'd be able to continue making scary movies. -James Wan

I think, for any actor, dealing with the paranormal is intriguing. -Edgar Ramirez

I love the ultimate escapism of paranormal and fantasy – all of the otherworldly creatures, magic, and possibilities that transport both reader and writer away from reality for a while – it's such delicious fun! -Wendy Higgins

I don't believe in ghosts or paranormal activity, but one time I think I saw – I might have seen – no, I think I did see a ghost. -Jason Blum

There's a lot of paranormal activity in my family. Whether it is more than most other families is hard to say, but we seem to have more than most. -Jenna Wortham

One of the reasons Batman works as a character is that it's not beyond possibility that he could exist – you could become Batman if you had a billion dollars at your disposal. There's nothing paranormal or superhuman or supernatural about that character. And I think his villains work the same way. You could be one of his villains just as easily. -Brian Azzarello

Whether it's via the monstrous or the paranormal, horror actually can really get at some of the most fundamental human questions. -Laura van den Berg

Richelle Mead's 'Vampire Academy' saga is set to be the next young adult paranormal series to become a household name. -Andrew Shaffer

I've had some very close encounters with the other side. They chose me to do this – I was doing this all before a TV show. They chose me to communicate with them; they chose my path as a paranormal. -Zak Bagans

Before you begin a paranormal investigation, the most important criteria you need to gather is the back history of the location. -Zak Bagans

The best part of my job is being able to travel to places to investigate powerful stories, many of which contains unsolved mysteries and deaths. To me as a documentarian and paranormal investigator, this puts the adventure in my life and meaning to my job. -Zak Bagans

I wasn't cast to play the part of a paranormal investigator, like maybe some other shows out there. I believe it, and it's my passion, and this is what I'm here to do in this life. I love it. It was just meant to be for me. It's what I'm doing. This was my purpose. -Zak Bagans

I taunt and provoke, but you have to understand that I do that for a reason. I want to elicit a response. Remember that my mission is to capture on film and digital recording devices evidence of the paranormal. Many times, I can't do that by being nice. -Zak Bagans

If you chose to live in a home that is living on intersecting laylines, and you're living on an Indian burial ground and having paranormal experiences that are bothersome, you're not going to get rid of them. They've taken ownership of that home and that area. -Zak Bagans

The Internet has become a breeding ground for the paranormal and being able to share evidence. I mean, there are ghost-hunting apps for your iPhone. -Zak Bagans

I love being scared, and I always have done. When I was younger, I was always reading books about the paranormal, UFOs, and crop circles. I liked the idea of people seeing faces in walls and twins that could communicate with each other telepathically. I really believed it, too! -Alex Lawther

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