Best Quotes About Obsession

Sex. In America an obsession. In other parts of the world a fact. -Marlene Dietrich

Writing a book is a very lonely business. You are totally cut off from the rest of the world, submerged in your obsessions and memories. -Mario Vargas Llosa

In America, sex is an obsession, in other parts of the world it's a fact. -Marlene Dietrich

The creative habit is like a drug. The particular obsession changes, but the excitement, the thrill of your creation lasts. -Henry Moore

I'm a guy who just wanted to see his name in the lineup everyday. To me, baseball was a passion to the point of obsession. -Brooks Robinson

Our current obsession with creativity is the result of our continued striving for immortality in an era when most people no longer believe in an after-life. -Arianna Huffington

I myself spent nine years in an insane asylum and I never had the obsession of suicide, but I know that each conversation with a psychiatrist, every morning at the time of his visit, made me want to hang myself, realizing that I would not be able to cut his throat. -Antonin Artaud

The trade of authorship is a violent, and indestructible obsession. -George Sand

The refusal to rest content, the willingness to risk excess on behalf of one's obsessions, is what distinguishes artists from entertainers, and what makes some artists adventurers on behalf of us all. -John Updike

I've been called many names like perfectionist, difficult and obsessive. I think it takes obsession, takes searching for the details for any artist to be good. -Barbra Streisand

Your ability to use the principle of autosuggestion will depend, very largely, upon your capacity to concentrate upon a given desire until that desire becomes a burning obsession. -Napoleon Hill

It is surely a great calamity for a human being to have no obsessions. -Robert Bly

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment. -Claude Monet

Why are we, as a nation so obsessed with foreign things? Is it a legacy of our colonial years? We want foreign television sets. We want foreign shirts. We want foreign technology. Why this obsession with everything imported? -A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

A people represents not so much an aggregate of ideas and theories as of obsessions. -Emil Cioran

It creeps up on you and becomes an obsession. It comes out of watching a million movies. -Mike Leigh

If you don't have obsessions, don't write. my characters are obsessed. -Marguerite Young

I believe that all my work explores the human desire or obsession for utopias, and the structure of all my works is the search for utopias lost and rediscovered. -Marguerite Young

The obsession required to see a feature through from concept to release is not a rational thing to do with your brief time on this planet. Nor is it something to which an intelligent person should aspire. -Yahoo Serious

Music became an obsession, and eventually we felt more comfortable with each other then we did with anyone else. The three of us were like one person. -Robin Gibb

I do not think that obsession is funny or that not being able to stop one's intensity is funny. -Jim Dine

What can we say about a marketing culture that so openly feeds and colludes with obsession? The Disney empire has developed this to an unprecedented degree of professionalism. -Rowan Williams

Probably I chose immortality because mortality is a universal human obsession. -Joan D. Vinge

As much as I transferred my mother to Elizabeth Shore of The Black Dahlia, as much as her dad mutated into an obsession with crime in general, well, I have thought about other things throughout the years. -James Ellroy

The work is a calling. It demands that type of obsession. -John Pomfret

The discussion of ideas as opposed to the American narcissistic obsession with what's going on with the self, that's the general thing people are talking about. -Stanley Crouch

Under popular culture's obsession with a naive inclusion, everything is O.K. -Stanley Crouch

In my work, I explore my own Catholic obsessions. -Andres Serrano

An artist is nothing without his or her obsessions, and I have mine. -Andres Serrano

People can get obsessed with romance, they can get obsessed with political paranoia, they can get obsessed with horror. It's isn't the fault of the subject matter that creates the obsession, I don't think. -Adam Arkin

I think life's an irrational obsession. -Sean Penn

What I'm trying to do is find either existing properties or come up with properties or angles or stories which will create music drama. It's my obsession and most of all I would like to remain working in theatre. I think it's very much alive. -Pete Townshend

My obsession with time informs my poetry so completely it is hard for me to summarize it. We want time to pass, for new things to happen to us, we want to hold on to certain moments, we don't want our lives to end. -John Barton

The obsession with performance left no room for the development of the intuitive or spiritual impact of space and form other than the aesthetic of the machine itself. -Arthur Erickson

Love is an obsession. It has that quality to it. But there are healthy obsessions, and mine is one of them. -Pamela Stephenson

I get very caught up with things. I used to be dominated by domestic things. I had a lovely house in LA-and it became this growing, mad obsession. -Kyle MacLachlan

I was just then going through a healthy reaction from the orthodoxy of my youth; religion had become for me not so much a possession as an obsession, which I was trying to throw off, and this iconoclastic tale of an imaginary tribe was the result. -Laurence Housman

The painter's obsession with his subject is all that he needs to drive him to work. -Lucian Freud

Obsessional does not necessarily mean sexual obsession, not even obsession for this, or for that in particular; to be an obsessional means to find oneself caught in a mechanism, in a trap increasingly demanding and endless. -Jacques Lacan

In every work of art the subject is primordial, whether the artist knows it or not. The measure of the formal qualities is only a sign of the measure of the artist's obsession with his subject; the form is always in proportion to the obsession. -Alberto Giacometti

Yes and our obsession with youth in our culture and how we, women lie about their age after 35 obsessively and no one wants to let anyone know they're getting older, et cetera. -Sela Ward

I have an intense obsession with making films. I not only love to make films, I perhaps need to make films. -Jacqueline Bisset

Dancing is my obsession. My life. -Mikhail Baryshnikov

I learn from thinking about the future, what hasn't been done yet. That's kind of my constant obsession. -John Cale

Time, in general, has always been a central obsession of mine – what it does to people, how it can constitute a plot all on its own. So naturally, I am interested in old age. -Anne Tyler

When the Nobel award came my way, it also gave me an opportunity to do something immediate and practical about my old obsessions, including literacy, basic health care and gender equity, aimed specifically at India and Bangladesh. -Amartya Sen

Yet another thing Canadians and Europeans have in common is an obsession with the United States, and with distinguishing themselves from it, often by crude stereotyping. -Timothy Garton Ash

All women who kill or have sexual obsessions or who are prostitutes have trouble with their fathers. -Catherine Deneuve

I had an obsession that I was male characters from movies. -Illeana Douglas

When I came out, and for many years afterwards, it had become a habit for me to sit and read and read and read, like an obsession. I would take 20 books, and not come out until I'd finished them. It took me a while to change that habit. -Mohsen Makhmalbaf

I have never appreciated a quiet moment with a friend as much, a quiet moment with a book and I think part of that is my obsession with being older and time going faster and it's become increasingly sweeter for me. -Candice Bergen

My hope is that people will be repulsed by the character's complete lack of ethics and obsession with consumerism – that's what I was saying about the difference between the character's message and the film's message. -Christian Bale

Without obsession, life is nothing. -John Waters

Women have this obsession with shoes. -Alexandra Paul

The obsessions we have are pretty much the same our whole lives. Mine are people, the human condition, life. -Mary Ellen Mark

Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing. -Elie Wiesel

My significant other right now is myself, which is what happens when you suffer from multiple personality disorder and self-obsession. -Joaquin Phoenix

What moves those of genius, what inspires their work is not new ideas, but their obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough. -Eugene Delacroix

Cure for an obsession: get another one. -Mason Cooley

The obsession with suicide is characteristic of the man who can neither live nor die, and whose attention never swerves from this double impossibility. -Emil Cioran

People have this obsession. They want you to be like you were in 1969. They want you to, because otherwise their youth goes with you. It's very selfish, but it's understandable. -Mick Jagger

I marvel at the resilience of the Jewish people. Their best characteristic is their desire to remember. No other people has such an obsession with memory. -Elie Wiesel

Obsession is the single most wasteful human activity, because with an obsession you keep coming back and back and back to the same question and never get an answer. -Norman Mailer

Zac Efron is my obsession, we're the same person. We're not actually here, it's like Janet and Michael Jackson. He just puts on his wig and a dress, and it's me, and you don't know that. It's one of the greatest mysteries of all time. -Megan Fox

I like to talk about my obsession with french fries because I don't want people to think that 'Let's Move' is about complete, utter deprivation. It's about moderation and real-life changes and ideas that really work for families. -Michelle Obama

I've been to therapists my whole life. I find the less attention I pay to food, the healthier I am. Any obsession is dangerous. And a whole country that's obsessed with one thing, unless it's, like, jeans, it's very dangerous. Everyone's obsessed right now with carbohydrates in this country. It's ridiculous. -Christina Ricci

I'm more inclined to linger in the science pages of 'The Week' magazine. But my principle obsessions are still watching sitcoms and football. -Alan Davies

People have always been obsessed by celebrities. There are just more outlets and opportunities to make a living exploiting that obsession nowadays. -Don Cheadle

In all of our society, but especially in Hollywood, there is an obsession with perfection that can lead to self-loathing and neurosis and all that kind of stuff. -Ethan Hawke

The discipline required for athletics carried through to writing. You call it obsession. I call it discipline. By the way, I see nothing wrong with that. -Jeffrey Archer

I don't know if this classifies as a video game, but I have a terrible obsession with Angry Birds. -Yvonne Strahovski

The Obama Administration's obsession with forcing mandates on the American people has now reached a new low by violating the conscience rights and religious liberties of our people. -Marco Rubio

I think anybody who's famous has to deal with their fame in their own way, and I dealt with it by making a film about a kid who's looking out into the world of celebrity obsession. -Adrian Grenier

I think the obsession with wanting to change yourself is crazy over the top. -Julie Brown

I was born in 1971, and Tom Baker was sort of my obsession as a kid and that's why we got him to do the voice over for 'Little Britain' because I was actually obsessed with Tom Baker. -David Walliams

What bothers me is our culture's obsession with nudity. It shouldn't be a big deal, but it is. I think this overemphasis with nudity makes actors nervous. There's the worry about seeing one's body dissected, misrepresented, played and replayed on the Internet. -Rachel McAdams

The biggest crime in Nabokov's 'Lolita' is imposing your own dream upon someone else's reality. Humbert Humbert is blind. He doesn't see Lolita's reality. He doesn't see that Lolita should leave. He only sees Lolita as an extension of his own obsession. This is what a totalitarian state does. -Azar Nafisi

I once tried to make lace – which has been a great obsession of women – unsexy. And I achieved it. -Miuccia Prada

What matters to me is that one identifies one's genuine obsessions, one's genuine commitments, one's genuine appetites, one pursues them seriously and far. -Leon Wieseltier

I don't get this whole super-skinny obsession. I really think women look more beautiful when they let their curves show. -Vanessa Marcil

Zero-sum thinking is an obsession of mine, but mostly in economics. -P. J. O'Rourke

I think when it comes to pop I'm past the point of curiosity. I admit to a full-on obsession with it, and I think it's getting worse, actually. -Carly Rae Jepsen

I say Democrats should not be afraid to talk about the morality of life, of caring for children who are born. It seems the Republican obsession with being pro-life lasts about nine months. After that, it's each baby for herself. -Jennifer Granholm

'Snow White' is an old fairy tale, so obviously the idea of vanity and obsession with youth is long-standing. With today's science, people have become crazy with trying to move their face around. It's bizarre. -Julia Roberts

Every good writer or filmmaker has something eating at them, right? That they can't quite get off their back . And so your job is to make your audience care about your obsessions. -Bruce Springsteen

I suppose that is my central obsession. What we owe to society, what we owe to ourselves. -Barbara Kingsolver

I can't read all the books I want to read, I can't watch all the phenomena that interest me in the world. The work calls me, and sometimes I wonder whether this is an obsession and I should drop it, or it's a necessity I'm obliged to fulfill. -James Hillman

An obsession is where something will not leave your mind. -Eric Clapton

The frenzy of the little-girl culture is something very unique, and I can only say that because I was one. The obsession – I can't really explain it. Everything is heightened to the maximum. -Nikki Reed

To be the object of someone's obsession is horrible. -Tippi Hedren

I don't know if you have ever been the object of someone's obsession – but if it's not of your desire, it is horrible. It is really awful. -Tippi Hedren

Being the object of Alfred Hitchcock's obsession was horrific, but while he ruined my career, he could never ruin my life. -Tippi Hedren

Since I was a kid, I've had an absolute obsession with particular kinds of American music. Mississippi Delta blues of the Thirties, Chicago blues of the Fifties, West Coast music of the mid-Sixties – but I'd never really touched on dark Americana. -Robert Plant

I think the camera was always my obsession, the camera movements. Because for me it's the most important thing in the move, the camera, because without the camera, film is just a stage or television – nothing. -Dario Argento

The real problem at the moment is that the banks – because of their existing culture, which is frankly anti-business, obsession with short-term trading profits, not focusing on the long term – are throttling the recovery of British industry. -Vince Cable

Any obsession is dangerous. -Christina Ricci

The problem with fame is you no longer belong to you. You lose your persona and become the object of other people's obsession. I feel watched 90% of the time, but that is something I drew with the cards that I drew. -Dionne Warwick

I have this desire to have this immaculate form of love that really doesn't exist, so my obsession goes on through life and I never find it and I end up miserable. But it makes me a better writer. -Angel Haze

I think you have a passion and an obsession for something when it's not necessarily ubiquitous. -J. J. Abrams

Do you agree that when there's tension and an obsession to want to hit the ball is when you hit it worst? You have to be loose. -Enrique Pena Nieto

I only have one obsession – not to be boring. -Michel Hazanavicius

I have any number of completely dark obsessions and fascinations, and none of this was present in my profile or my growing profile as a writer. -Justin Cronin

Koons's work has always stood apart for its one-at-a-time perfection, epic theatricality, a corrupted, almost sick drive for purification, and an obsession with traditional artistic values. -Jerry Saltz

There's never been a culture that wasn't obsessed with food. The sort of sad thing is that our obsession is no longer with food, but with the price of food. -Jonathan Safran Foer

I have a ship's bed, which totally plays to my obsession of, if I were not an actress, I would be a pirate. -Zosia Mamet

I actually just rock-climbed when I was away on vacation and now I'm searching out rock climbing gyms. That's my new obsession for 2013. -Shay Mitchell

I have an obsession with books about kids with Asperger's syndrome. -Donald Glover

Every snapshot collector has obsessions. Some only collect photos of cars. Others like World War II, or babies, or old-timey girls in old-timey swimsuits. I happen to collect the weird stuff: photos that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up a little. The uncanny. -Ransom Riggs

Writing is my obsession, my passion. My relationship with it is one of the most complex and agonizing and richly vexing that I have in my life. -Julianna Baggott

In the U.K., there is a sort of obsession with class. -Laura Carmichael

Determination becomes obsession and then it becomes all that matters. -Jeremy Irvine

Comics have a problem, and that is continuity – the obsession with placing the characters in an existing world, where every event is marked in canon. You're supposed to believe that these weepy star boys of now are the same gung-ho super teens fighting space monsters in the '60s, and they've only aged perhaps five years. -John Hodgman

I was super brainy and a proper geek at school, but there would always be a boy. But that sort of obsession did turn me into a songwriter. My writing has always come from that feeling of infatuation. -Ellie Goulding

Growing up as a chubby kid with a ton of imaginary friends and a Cyndi Lauper obsession, I learned about rejection early on and was constantly trying to avoid it. -Beth Ditto

I'm always wondering: Have all these time-saving devices actually saved us any time, or have they just created a million fetishes and obsessions that keep us from the quiet half hour we should be taking to sit and do nothing every day? -Mark Feuerstein

When you're working for yourself and your own obsession with finding the truth, you're at your own mercy. -Errol Morris

My only regret is the media's obsession with the past. -Ken Livingstone

Our culture's obsession with vintage objects has rendered us unable to separate history from nostalgia. People want heart. They want a chaser of emotion with their aesthetics. -Sloane Crosley

I think all males from Detroit have an obsession with cars. -Dax Shepard

What I find most upsetting about this new all-consuming beauty culture is that the obsession with good looks, and how you can supposedly attain them, is almost entirely female-driven. -Julie Burchill

I think one of the downsides of the sort of obsession with romantic love and personal fulfillment is that the plain fact of the matter is that those feelings don't last for ever and so they better be replaced and reinforced by things that do. -Mary Archer

I don't think I have an obsession, however I do eat chocolate every day. -Eric Ripert

I am interested in the interaction of a group of people who have a common goal, or a common obsession, each contributing something unique to make something greater than the sum of its parts. I don't know why, but from day one, that has interested me. -Steven Van Zandt

I feel like there's an obsession with pace right now in theater, with things being very fast and very witty and very loud, and I think we're all so freaked out about theater keeping audiences interested because everybody's so freaked out about theater becoming irrelevant. -Annie Baker

Global security can be formed or threatened by heads of state whose wisdom, folly and obsessions shape global events. But often it is the security practitioners, those rarely in the headlines but whose craft and energy quietly break new ground, who keep us safe or put us in peril. -Michael Hayden

I never lose an opportunity to speak about my obsession: humankind and the environment. -Yann Arthus-Bertrand

I begin every novel with the vow that I will not write about technology, Catholicism, or Hell. As you know, I end up writing about all three. They just happen to be personal obsessions of mine. -Richard Dooling

The mother's love for her child is very strong in Korean society – almost on the borderline of being an obsession. -Bong Joon-ho

We have this obsession with broken homes. Everyone wants to find a problem with it, but not me. I had great homes. Both my parents remarried and I got more people to learn from! -J. J. Field

I've had a lifelong obsession with urban legends and American folklore. -Eric Kripke

Writing has to be an obsession – it's only for those who say, 'I'm not going to do anything else.' -Lorrie Moore

I'm gradually working through my obsessions, and maybe, when they're all free and clear, I'll write a comedy. But I'm not there yet. -Alice Sebold

Our country's growing obsession with organized sports isn't just hurting our children, but also our communities. As play is siphoned off to gyms and fields, fewer kids are playing in our streets, parks, and playgrounds. -Darell Hammond

I have a kind of unhealthy obsession with movies. -Kevin Wilson

I'm a great believer in gathering together all your obsessions and seeing if you can make a novel out of them. -Scarlett Thomas

I guess it could be said that the inspiration for 'Requiem for a Dream' is watching the American dream not only destroy so many lives in the U.S., but infect the rest of the world with its obsession with getting more, ignoring the deadly effect that has on the planet. -Hubert Selby, Jr.

This obsession with leadership… It's not neutral; it's American, this idea of the heroic leader who comes in on a white horse to save the day. I think it's killing American companies. -Henry Mintzberg

Guitars have been the obsession of my life. I first picked one up at the age of four and I've been a guitar junkie ever since. -Johnny Marr

Most of my readers think I'm obsessed with time management, but they haven't seen the other – much more legitimate, much more extreme – obsession. I've recorded almost every workout I've done since age 18. Since 2004, I've been tracking everything from complete lipid panels, insulin, and hemoglobin A1c, to IGF-1 and free testosterone. -Tim Ferriss

I think every writer has a book that haunts them, and on some level, every book you write is a reaction to it. 'Lolita' is that book for me. Nabokov's love of wordplay, descriptive detail, artfully complex plots, and his themes of obsession and lost love, are inspiring. -Marisha Pessl

In its haste to bolster nationalism, in its obsession with security, Europe is losing its soul. -Tariq Ramadan

As entrepreneurs, we must constantly dream and have the conviction and obsession to transform our dreams into reality – to create a future that never existed before. -Clara Shih

I need my natural laziness to be counteracted by obsession in order to do anything. -Vikram Seth

The whole aesthetics of computers very much feeds into my OCD. They fill my head with obsessionalities and my actions become very repetitive. It seems quite inimical to the dreamy state out of which fiction comes which seems so much less causally repetitive than the way one works on computers. -Will Self

I'm very obsessed with 'The Real Housewives' franchise. It's a bad obsession. -Vanessa Marano

I have this weird obsession with kids and old people falling. Like, funny falls. It is awful, but it's the thing that makes me laugh the most. -Malin Akerman

My professional and human obsession is the nature of language, and my best relationships are with other writers. In many ways, I know George Eliot better than I know my husband. -A. S. Byatt

I was born in Hoboken. I am an American. Photography is my passion. The search for Truth my obsession. -Alfred Stieglitz

Even in my first analysis of a depressive psychosis, I was immediately struck by its structural similarity with obsessional neurosis. -Karl Abraham

I believe that 'advocacy journalism' is not an oxymoron. If that means that I'm going to disrupt the cable, partisan fracas of obsession over what this means from left and right, then so be it. I will be disruptive of it. -Chris Cuomo

I have actually found myself buying up more and more old analogue gear. I have this strange obsession with old drum machines. -Moby

Sunglasses are a bit like watches for me – a real obsession. My favourites are Oakleys, Ray-Bans and Wileys, which are worn by the U.S. military. -Ross Kemp

Fame has become this obsession for people, which kind of creeps me out. -Zoe Kravitz

This obsession with celebrity culture is really unhealthy. I don't want to live my life like that, and I don't want to be a typical pop star. -Marina and the Diamonds

The 'good' mother, with her fixed smile, her rigidity, her goody-goody outlook, her obsession with unnecessary hygiene, is in fact a fool. It is the 'bad' mother, unafraid of a joke and a glass of wine, richly self-expressive, scornful of suburban values, who is, in reality, good. -Rachel Cusk

In a way, I had a very good and normal childhood. I had loving and caring parents. But I had a lot of quirks or problems when I was growing up. I had phobias and obsessions. -Elyn Saks

I like sweaters. I have a sweater obsession, I guess. -Drake

I feel like hair is the number one thing that makes me feel beautiful or not. If I have really bad hair, but my makeup's beautiful and I have a wonderful dress on, I'm still not happy. So if I wake up, and I've got 2 big zits on my face and my hair looks fierce, I feel ok. I have a weird hair obsession. -Amber Stevens

I think that all stories – if you make movies about zombies and aliens – it has always to do with your personal story. If not directly, it is about your fears, your obsessions, things like that. -Marjane Satrapi

The obsessions of others are opaque to the unobsessed, and thus easy to mock. NASCAR, jazz, baseball, roses, poetry, quilts, fishing. If we're lucky, we all have at least one. -Roberta Smith

I started out wanting to be a naturalist. My obsession in my youth was with bird-watching. I collected things, I spent a lot of time outdoors. I only vaguely realized that science was a little more than natural history, but by then I was hooked. -Matt Ridley

I wanted to be a writer as a teen… so storytelling was my first love. In my late teens, design became an obsession as I realized that I could express myself through the medium. Much later, when I founded Fuseproject in 1999, our slogan became 'design brings stories to life.' -Yves Behar

The microscopic world became my obsession. -Willard Wigan

Several years ago, I began losing my hair, and like a lot of men, it was a major concern to me, in fact it was practically an obsession. But, also I'm an actor, so I'm in the public eye a lot and I really felt that my hair loss could affect my career prospects. -James Nesbitt

I was the fastest typist in my school, and I had an obsession with spelling and memorizing. -Shelley Hennig

Comedy has sort of been my life-long obsession. I literally obsessed over comedy. I really didn't play sports – for me it was just comedy, computers and chess club; those were my big things. -Chris Hardwick

I perfectly understand the obsession with shoes. I myself am pretty obsessed. I have a few hundred pairs of shoes in general, because I've been collecting shoes for a long time. -Christian Louboutin

Like everyone else, I have my quirks. For one, I have to own only black cars and the registration has to have eights. It's not something I can explain, it's just there. Another obsession I have is smell. I have to smell good all the time. -Arjun Rampal

There is something about giving everything to your profession. In Italian, an obsession is not necessarily negative. It's the art of putting all your energy into one thing; it's the art of transforming even what you eat for lunch into architecture. -Renzo Piano

My mother and father instilled in me a sense of purpose not defined by today's street obsession with bling, cars or cribs. -Brian J. White

I have an obsession with mortality. I saw a friend die when I was 18, and I can't get over it. -Talulah Riley

I have an obsession with knowing the answers to things. When I don't know what happened, it just bothers me, gets under my skin, and I need to write about it. -Taylor Swift

Red is such an interesting color to correlate with emotion, because it's on both ends of the spectrum. On one end you have happiness, falling in love, infatuation with someone, passion, all that. On the other end, you've got obsession, jealousy, danger, fear, anger and frustration. -Taylor Swift

Indian films have this obsession with hygienic clean spaces, even though the country's not so clean. They're either shot in the studios or shot in London, in America, in Switzerland – clean places. Everywhere except India. -Anurag Kashyap

Hollywood was not a place I dreamed of getting to. I never could take seriously the obsession people have about being a celebrity or getting to Hollywood – I was born next door. -Robert Redford

I make movies about people in spiritual crisis because it's a way for me to spend the time, the energy, the focus and the obsession to come to terms with my own spiritual crisis. -Jodie Foster

I'm not a computer guy. I'm like an anthropologist. I'm fascinated with people's obsessions. I've learned to wear them. -William Gibson

The only thing that I'm obsessed with is sleeping, and actually, it is more than an obsession, it is a pleasure. -Christian Bale

Money's important. Everyone cares about money. And when you don't have money, money becomes the overriding obsession of your life. -Paul Auster

My mom passed on her obsession of all things antique or vintage. I love to go thrift store shopping or explore any sort of garage sale. Treasure hunting is a family passion. -Zoey Deutch

My parents played the radio, but music was never an obsession or something that I thought I could call a career. -Abigail Washburn

My love for traveling to islands amounts to a pathological condition known as nesomania, an obsession with islands. This craze seems reasonable to me, because islands are small self-contained worlds that can help us understand larger ones. -Paul Theroux

I'm very interested in language because it reflects our obsessions and ways of conceptualising the world. -Steven Pinker

People are like, 'What is your whole obsession with butterflies?' I'm like, 'I'm not obsessed. I like them. Can't anybody like something?' -Mariah Carey

Make no mistake: Tackling climate change is vital. But to see everything through the lens of short-term CO2 reductions, letting our obsession with carbon blind us to the bigger picture, is to court catastrophe. -Alex Steffen

I've been through almost every type of obsession as far as music genres go, so I usually say I just like a good song, but the songs that are the most universal that a person on the other side of the world knows and can relate to is a very powerful entity. -Mark Salling

I have an obsession with details and pattern. -Alice Temperley

I think that America has an obsession with history, really. -JJ Feild

Everyone has their own definition of a healthy lifestyle, and mine has come to mean making health a priority but not an obsession. -Daphne Oz

I do go through periods of obsession with certain records. -Britt Daniel

I'm very shocked when I look at television and I see such an aggressive youth and image obsession in the representation of women on our screens. -Samantha Bond

My obsession is to make women beautiful. When you create with that in mind, things can't go out of fashion. -Azzedine Alaia

I love flat shoes, more so than heels. One of my obsessions is men's co-respondent lace-ups. -Twiggy

It is beyond dispute that President Obama and his aides have an extreme, even unprecedented obsession with concealing embarrassing information, controlling the flow of information, and punishing anyone who stands in the way. But, at least theoretically speaking, it is the job of journalists to impede that effort, not to serve and enable it. -Glenn Greenwald

The French press can be very harsh, and the one thing they can't bear is multi-tasking. They despise it to the highest degree, so from the age of five I've been taught that if I did two things at the same time, it meant I didn't know how to do one. It's an obsession that they have. -Lou Doillon

I used to have an obsession with building businesses and forgot about building health. I was focused on the destination instead of the journey. I caution you to not do the same. -Vivek Wadhwa

My new obsession is 'Storage Wars.' I don't know how such a simple show concept can be so addicting, but I can sit and watch marathons of it. -Nathan Kress

I have an obsession with Milk Duds. Eating them tastes like heaven. -Olivia Holt

Ever since I was little, I really loved boyish clothes – I had a real obsession with strict clothes, like uniforms. They really got me going. -Bella Freud

I make music and I can't stop. It's a compulsion and an obsession and a curse. -Juliana Hatfield

Acting requires a lot of discipline to go with the obsession. It's a path of knowledge, and of self-knowledge. Sometimes you get lost on the path. And then you find yourself again. -Toni Servillo

If 'Buffy' the movie was the true love of my childhood, 'Buffy' the series quickly became the true love of my teenage years. It was everything I'd ever wanted in a show and more. 'Buffy' quickly became an obsession, and, shortly thereafter, became my gateway into an incredible, insane, indescribably wonderful new world: shared media fandom. -Seanan McGuire

My obsessions stay the same – historical memory and historical erasure. I am particularly interested in the Americas and how a history that is rooted in colonialism, the language and iconography of empire, disenfranchisement, the enslavement of peoples, and the way that people were sectioned off because of blood. -Natasha Trethewey

I have a pretty active presence on social networking sites, and every day there are messages from so many young girls telling me that they are happy B-Town has curvy women like me. I feel you should be happy the way you are. Of course, fitness is important, but not to the extent of obsession! -Sonakshi Sinha

I have this obsession with pea pods. They're just really nice to look at. They can be perfect. -April Bloomfield

My art originates from hallucinations only I can see. I translate the hallucinations and obsessional images that plague me into sculptures and paintings. -Yayoi Kusama

When I first went to Paris in 1965, I fell in love with the small, family-owned restaurants that existed everywhere then, as well as the markets and the French obsession with buying fresh food, often twice a day. -Alice Waters

I don't think it should be allowed for people to start working at a young age and not take the time to just be living as themselves in the real world, especially now in this new age of new media and the obsession with celebrity. I think it's a real crime. -Gaby Hoffmann

The myopic obsession of the Tea Party with destroying health care reform and wounding the president has led Republicans astray. -Hank Johnson

I usually just go on Google and spend my hours just Googling Jennifer Beals. I think it's possible that I have a slightly unordinary obsession with her. YouTube videos. Interviews with her. Pictures I put on my desktop and my phone. -Adhir Kalyan

With today's mass media obsession, it's good to be able to raise awareness about our environment. -Robin McLeavy

We read and remember certain writers because they offer distinctive voices and perspectives, because they've given themselves over completely and passionately to their obsessions while vigorously ignoring everything else. -Chang-Rae Lee

Our obsession with speed, with cramming more and more into every minute, means that we race through life instead of actually living it. Our health, diet and relationships suffer. We make mistakes at work. We struggle to relax, to enjoy the moment, even to get a decent night's sleep. -Carl Honore

'Battleship' is not a film that Francois Truffaut would have made. Nor would any of those other namby-pamby European directors. Nope, this picture eschews that Continental obsession with small stories, set in quaint towns filled with pockmarked folk doing their banal things. -Seth Shostak

Sitting with a deck of cards in your hand all day is an obsession. Visiting print shops and bookstores and libraries is an obsession. And writing about this is an obsession. I think, in general, most collectors are obsessed. I think the only form of a rationalized greed is when you're collecting something you are supposedly serious about. -Ricky Jay

My obsession with outer space is my way of being different. I make astronaut music. It takes an astronaut so long to get to space – that's how long it takes to catch up on my music. -Future

I was ten years old when my first 'Vogue' cover sang me its siren call and dashed me against the treacherous rocks of fashion obsession. -Hamish Bowles

My obsession with accumulation, which at times has taken on the whisper of a psychic illness – as anyone who has experienced the ode to the Collyer brothers that is my 'Vogue' office will concur – began in infancy. -Hamish Bowles

Jodi Arias had a deadly obsession with Travis Alexander. -Jane Velez-Mitchell

The fact is: America's obsession with meat and dairy has pretty much destroyed our sense of taste. The average burger and milkshake meal is so overloaded with fat, salt and sugar that it has numbed our taste buds to virtually anything else. -Jane Velez-Mitchell

Politics is not an obsession with me. It's something I'm doing now. I want to do good things, but if it doesn't work out for me, I'll go on to something else. -Juan Vargas

I read in order to write. I read out of obsession with writing. -Cynthia Ozick

Inordinate desire for material possessions can become an obsession that consumes our thoughts, drains our resources, and leads to unhappiness. -Joseph B. Wirthlin

My obsession with eating out partly comes from having spent 10 long years at English boarding schools in the 1980s, where food was pretty low on the list. -Ben Elliot

I'm just a huge fan of smells, first of all. I have a bit of an obsession with smells. -Jessica Stroup

When I wake up, I'm like, 'I gotta go to Whole Foods.' I'm constantly reading cookbooks; I bring hardcover cookbooks with me on the plane and tag pages. I just have this crazy food obsession. -Chrissy Teigen

I like to make pies. That's kind of my new obsession – peach, blueberry, apple, strawberry. I make a really good pumpkin pie with real pumpkin. -Morgan Saylor

I would say that I quite consciously rely on my obsessions in all my work, that I deliberately set up an obsessional frame of mind. In a paradoxical way, this leaves one free of the subject of the obsession. -J. G. Ballard

Presumably all obsessions are extreme metaphors waiting to be born. That whole private mythology, in which I believe totally, is a collaboration between one's conscious mind and those obsessions that, one by one, present themselves as stepping-stones. -J. G. Ballard

I find it unnecessary, useless and frankly a bit unnecessary to get into all sorts of debates over President Obama's religion or the authenticity of his birth. I know for some people that it is an obsession. It is not with me. -Mike Huckabee

I made a film called 'Bad Timing' that I thought everybody would respond to. It was about obsessive love and physical obsession. I thought this must touch everyone, from university dons down. -Nicolas Roeg

You cannot intellectualize yourself out of obsession. You cannot cure yourself of it. -Nicolas Roeg

I'd love to be in a period drama – that's my obsession. But being a mixed-race actress, there aren't so many roles you're right for. -Antonia Thomas

I have this obsession with really cool, old books. -Constance Zimmer

One of my obsession is animals. I'm into dog rescues. It drives me crazy when people go to pet stores and buy dogs. There are so many dogs that need a good home. And this sounds crazy, but I really believe they know what is happening and are appreciative, and I just think they make for the best pets. -Jim O'Heir

There's an unhealthy obsession in America with royalty and the class system. -Kit Harington

I went through an obsession with eyebrows. I used to paint my eyebrows really, really strong. I look back now, and some were a little bit strong. -Tyra Banks

My interests and obsessions have always been so wide-ranging that I keep popping my head out of different boxes as much as possible. -Tim Curry

Different people in different parts of the world can be thinking the same thoughts at the same time. It's an obsession of mine: that different people in different places are thinking the same thing but for different reasons. I try to make films which connect people. -Krzysztof Kieslowski

I have mixed feelings about how fast things are changing as a result of technology. There's no denying that through technology there are amazing things being created that help people with diseases or help people's dreams come true. But there's also this obsession. Social media is the most dangerous of them all. -Amanda Crew

I have an obsession for quality. I work for my guests, not to obtain Michelin stars. -Alain Ducasse

After working with many nutritionists, reading books, and practicing trial and error on my own body, I have finally found a way to control my weight without deprivation. I call my program 'Somersizing,' and Somersizing is not a diet. Diet is a nasty four-letter word that conjures up negative thoughts of sacrifice and obsession and guilt. -Suzanne Somers

I happen to have an obsession with Korean food. -Nina Garcia

It's hard to get hot over a painting; there's no equivalent for teenage obsessiveness. Art obsession is ideology. Ideology can be made sexy, but it's easier in music. -Kim Gordon

There's a lot of obsession about people's personal ambitions. -Jeb Bush

The hardest part is not to repeat yourself. I don't really believe my core obsessions are going to change, but you need to look for ways to express them that are different. The main reason for doing that is not to bore yourself, and obviously, I don't want to bore readers. -Scott Turow

Being deeply contented with God in my everyday life is a focused attitude. It is always available. It means practicing letting go of my obsession with how I'm doing. It means training myself to learn to actually be present with people, and seeking to love them. -John Ortberg

We call an obsession with having someone's approval 'co-dependency;' the Bible's word for it is idolatry. A country can be an idol. A family can be an idol. -John Ortberg

The American obsession with 'Downton' amuses me slightly because it's such a fiction. I've always been questioned about my historical veracity, and 'Downton' just flies past, when it's completely made up. -Michael Hirst

Every actor has an obsession with their hair. You can see it on set, and you start to realize it's completely silly. I can be very obsessed by my hair, but all these hours spent trying to style it are useless, because ultimately, you can't change your haircut. It's all the same. -Louis Garrel

I began to learn about the camera and the actors. That gave me a lot of the skills. At the same time, advertising gives you a lot of vices, for example, an obsession for a superficial look, but at the same time, it gives you the capacity to synthesize the story – tell a story in one minute. -Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

I kind of like pony tails, beards, maybe a tattoo. My massive obsession – I'm really targeting a niche market here – a hair lip. -Margot Robbie

My wife thinks I have an obsession with social class. So I guess I have an obsession with social class. It probably stems from feeling like an outcast. -James Gray

There are very few movies in English about romantic obsession told with a seriousness of purpose. -James Gray

When I was a child, I probably should have been medicated about my obsession with The Spice Girls. I had the Buffalo shoes, a customised Baby Spice necklace – when I say custom-made, it was made out of plastic from the local mall – and a Union Jack dress. -Blake Lively

I have an obsession with hot sauce. I love Cholula. I put Cholula on everything. -Becky G

It's a little difficult when something goes from being an utter obsession – a thing where your skill defines you as a person – to it just being a thing you occasionally do. -Damien Chazelle

I hate the way my life has been inexplicably overwhelmed by questionnaires. Life is so much stranger and so much more beautiful than the lists that reduce it to an anorexic assembly of tics and obsessions. -Richard Flanagan

The top quark was discovered in 1995, and since then, the Higgs has become our obsession because the standard model was incomplete without it. -Fabiola Gianotti

Americans are future-minded to the point of obsession. We are impatient at living in the present. Tomorrow is bound to be better… next year, next century, always what might be rather than what is. This trait in us makes for 'progress;' it also makes for a continuing dissatisfaction. -Gore Vidal

When working on your own, you can make a choice and find out six months later that you made a bad choice. But when you work with people you trust, who understand your obsessions, you can take risks. -Janet Fitch

What love is depends on where you are in relation to it. Secure in it, it can feel as mundane and necessary as air – you exist within it, almost unnoticing. Deprived of it, it can feel like an obsession; all consuming – a physical pain. -Jojo Moyes

I do write about obsession, but I don't think I have an obsession for writing. I'm not a compulsive writer. I like to watch obsession in other people, watch the way it makes them behave. -Ruth Rendell

I just make whatever music I want. It's my obsession, and it's very fulfilling. -Ansel Elgort

Articles always end up being about my appearance. I had a conversation with Jude Law: he told me people's obsession with looks goes away after a while. -Douglas Booth

My obsession is plastic packaging. It makes me sick, all the waste. Everything about it disappoints me. -Theo James

Maybe this whole obsession about colouring our hair is about our inability to grow up. To let go of the fact we aren't children any more, and the whole thing about changing our faces and looking young, and 60 being the new 40, is maybe we don't want to let go of our childhood. -Tamsin Greig

I started experimenting with jewelry in my 20s – I was playing around with gemstones and painting things in gold leaf, and it turned into this huge obsession for me, so I launched my first jewelry line, Jade Inc. -Jade Jagger

By relinquishing your obsession with the past and your fantasies about the future, you can tap into the power of the present and feel the force of love that resides inside of you. -Debbie Ford

It's frustrating to not be able to wear the same dress twice, so I don't have a go-to dress like all girls do. Renting is definitely going to be my new fashion obsession. -Nikki Reed

Science fiction has these obsessions with certain sciences – large scale engineering, neuroscience. -Paolo Bacigalupi

The sources and research I use for my inspiration aren't your typical sci-fi subjects, but it's really driven by obsession and personal anxiety more than trying to take up the sword and do what's right. -Paolo Bacigalupi

When I was 6, a family friend gave me E.L. Konigsburg's 'A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver' and launched me on a full-blown Eleanor obsession. I wanted to ride off on Crusade, to launch a thousand troubadour songs, to marry a king – and then jilt him and marry another. -Lauren Willig

My first obsession was actually sports. I was a very good handball goalkeeper. With special permission, I played in the premier league in Germany before I was even old enough. -Peter Lindbergh

I don't know that I am fascinated with crime. I'm fascinated with people and their characters and their obsessions and what they do. And these things lead to crime, but I'm much more fascinated in their minds. -Ruth Rendell

Do me a favor – right now, today, start a list of all your crazy obsessions, the things that get your heart pumping, that wake you up in the middle of the night. Put it above your desk and use it to guide you, to jumpstart your writing each and every day. -Jennifer McMahon

My obsession with James Franco borders on the unhealthy. -Max von Essen

When I wrote 'The Shadow Thief,' I had an obsession with Peter Pan. I get focused on things. In fact, I was an absolute horror to live with at that stage. I had a big fight with my mum because I wanted her to change the windows so Peter Pan could visit me. -Alexandra Adornetto

I think America's obsession with guns and with violence in media and society is a horrible sickness. -Jeff Lemire

You cannot write a book unless it is totally inhabiting your imagination and you are totally engrossed with it. Which is a kind word for obsession. -Kate Forsyth

Twelve years ago, when I was on the Pine Ridge Reservation for 'Thunderheart,' I was dong research into Native American horses that had come into extinction. I was tracing certain Lakota bloodlines, and it became an obsession. -John Fusco

Real obsession needs an unconscious motivation behind it. -Damon Galgut

Writing is very good for household tasks. Because you'd rather fix a dripping tap or paint an old wall – you'd rather do almost anything than sit and write. I have to reach a point of obsession in order to write, and so I find starting a book incredibly difficult. -Damon Galgut

I'm more and more fascinated in my own work. I work from 10 A.M. until about 9 P.M., but it's not an obsession, it's a pleasure. There's never enough time. -Gary Hume

There are a million great books out there if you just go to Google. There's a lot to pull apart. A lot of crazy, unbelievable stuff that's all completely true. I get into little obsessions, and I read everything I can find on one thing, and then I move onto another. -Caitlin Kittredge

People should buy a house to live in, not as an investment. Property has become such a national obsession – it was the primary subject at dinner parties and how many television shows were dedicated to the market. It's not good for the economy. -Peter Hargreaves

My three obsessions are mental illness, horror and religion. -Victor LaValle

I went through various stages in my childhood, as we all do, various stages of obsessions with people and things. And I did. I wanted to be the first white Harlem Globetrotter. -Johnny Depp

My friends call my style 'old man chic.' I wear loafers and stylish sweatpants. I love to stay comfortable, so I definitely funk it up, but I'm always comfortable. I wear lots of hats and feathers, and I kind of have a little obsession with Native American jewelry. -Hayley Kiyoko

I think sometimes less is more. I don't think it helps to overdo exercising – I think you need to do it to keep your body healthy and fit, but there is a fine line between, you know, healthy and obsession. You have to build your foundation first. Your brain has to sort of connect to your body. -Martha Hunt

I used to have a hat obsession, but unfortunately for me, I have a tiny head, which means most hats don't fit very well. I do love them, though. -Emma Ishta

The preoccupation of American historical and literary scholars with the New England Puritans must seem to outsiders like an obsession. -Edmund Morgan

We are constantly driven to believe that women should look a set age or be a certain body size, which is fuelling an obsession with ever more dramatic and invasive steps. -Marie Helvin

The genealogy of fictional characters can become an obsession, like train-spotting, and should be firmly resisted. -Tariq Ali

Come September, the middle of September when the first frost comes, that's hunting season. Fishing poles are hung up and the hunting season starts. You've got to be careful, if you're a hunter, that it doesn't become an obsession. -Bud Grant

I have an obsession with fashion – it's another form of expression for me – and I have a growing collection of vintage clothes and jewelry. Being able to play dress-up for my career has been a gift. -Karen Fairchild

I don't know whether endurance sports attract obsessional people, or training for endurance sports makes people obsessional… it's the chicken and the egg. -Alistair Brownlee

I have a phone obsession. It's really hard on set sometimes because I'll be checking Instagram, and then I have to remember, 'Oh, crap, I have to shoot a scene or rehearse.' Every now and then, I have to turn it off and live my life. -Zendaya

My earliest love, which was sort of an obsession, actually, was Nas. I was in seventh grade, I believe, when 'Nastradamus' was out, and I took it pretty far. -Solange Knowles

Solving problems is fine, but it has gotten to the point of being a global obsession. We somehow have it in our heads that if we solve all of the problems, we can sit back and enjoy the easy life. But in reality, we become lazy and complacent. And that's when we get flooded with even bigger problems. -Thomas Frey

My obsession is to provide food and jobs to people in Tarlac. The province is primarily an agricultural province; food security tops the priority. -Benigno Aquino III

My laboratory and my obsession is about safety and building/engineering safety. It's not just a matter of saying we want the world to be safer; we have to create technology. -George M. Church

I have a weird obsession with wearing not just fashion sneakers, but actual sneakers that have bounce, because I want to feel like I'm in an active state. -Lake Bell

I went to drama school in England, and you spend your first year working on the muscles surrounding the vocal mechanisms. You learn how you support it and create characters through your voice so that became an obsession. So I went to Hollywood thinking, 'Oh, I'm going to be one of the great voice-over artists.' -Lake Bell

I have very little fashion sense, and to tell you the truth, I give it very little thought. I dress to be as comfortable as I possibly can. Most of my clothing is either black, grey, or dark blue, and I don't really wear a lot of colours. But I do like jackets. I have a little bit of an obsession with them. -Leonardo DiCaprio

It's known as the Livingstone Formulation. It's a cunning rhetorical device routinely deployed to shield avowedly left-wing establishment figures from any scrutiny that might expose their 'anti-Zionist' obsessions as redolent of a bigotry of that older and more unambiguously unsanitary type: antisemitism. -Terry Glavin

I have a bit of an obsession with eyes and always want to use them. -Chiara Ferragni

Coming out of university, one of my obsessions was that in the novels I was reading, they seemed to be portraying a world that had a social fabric. People knew each other in 'War and Peace.' They went to all the same balls. These were societies with tightly wound, woven, social textures. -Whit Stillman

I have such love to the point of obsessions of people and their minds, and I'm constantly trying to find the beauty in things, and I think people are such unique and complex creatures. -Sasha Lane

The novelist's obsession, moment by moment, is with language: finding the right next word. -Philip Roth

No one forgets their first love. You're experiencing all those endorphins and all that dopamine and that obsession with one another for the very first time in your life, so it makes it that much more cute. -James Marsden

The thing that keeps me being a performer is my interest in society's obsession with identity, because I'm not sure that I really believe identity exists. -Tilda Swinton

I didn't realize I was in an awkward phase when I was in an awkward phase. It was when I was between the ages of 9 and 11. I was homeschooled. Everything I wore was pink and sparkly. And I had an obsession with headbands. I felt like I rocked them, though! -Sabrina Carpenter

I wanted to find a way to merge my taste as an art and creative director with my new little obsessions: babies and motherhood and all of that. So I began working on my website, Romy and the Bunnies, which is named after my daughter, Romy. -Julia Restoin Roitfeld

The Democrats' obsession with the Kochs as a political target is, indeed, additional evidence of a truly Nixonian approach to politics. -Mike Pompeo

I had an obsession with underarm shields – pointy ones, round ones, full ones, half ones. -Dawn Steel

My obsession is TV and movies, so I order an obscene amount of DVDs. And I have an obsession with handbags. So once a year, I treat myself to a luxury handbag. -Retta

The first sign of real obsession with music was with an old wind-up gramophone that mum had thrown out into the garage. My parents gave me three old 45s – two Supremes records and one Tom Jones record – and I used to come home from school literally every day, go out to the garage, wind this thing up, and play them. -George Michael

Music, from the time I was probably about five years old, was my obsession. I was going to say 'passion,' but I really was obsessed; I really didn't want to do anything else. -Trisha Yearwood

I'm obsessed with brows, so Revlon's ColorStay Eyebrow Liner is a must, and the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous is another obsession. -Zoe Foster Blake

As feminism becomes more integrated into mainstream publications and conversation, I feel weary of an obsession of celebrity culture masquerading as activism or as conversation or action. It's clickbait. -Tavi Gevinson

Leadership is absolutely vital if there are comparable countries which can affect the security of the world you live in. Between Lincoln and Roosevelt's time, America was protected by huge oceans and, in practice, by the British navy. Today, it's different, and the obsession of the Obama administration has been for retrenchment. -Henry Kissinger

They sell these golf aids that attach to your knee and your head and are supposed to keep your swing correct. It's futile beyond belief. I've never bought any, but I could watch those ads for 24 hours straight. People with straight faces saying this thing will take strokes off your game – that's my peculiar obsession. -Christopher Guest

When I look back on what I've done, I think I'm drawn to obsession, perhaps. -Christopher Guest

Boxing is the embodiment of who I am, but beyond that, this is a journey of the self, and my obsession to get the most from this short life. -Anthony Joshua

In boxing, it is about the obsession of getting the most from yourself: wanting to dominate the world like a hungry young lion. -Anthony Joshua

It never became an obsession for me to score at all costs. I've always said that I'm not a big scorer, I'm a worker. -Eden Hazard

I have a very distinct memory of 'ExciteBike' and making my own courses. I had an obsession with that game. -AJ Lee

'Hill St.' was very good, but it was very impersonal work for me. I wrote about that place as if I was a visitor. It wasn't what my life was like. It was a great place to learn the craft of how to shape a scene, but I wanted a chance to write about more personal themes and obsessions. -Mark Frost

I was a weird kid. It wasn't until I saw 'Aguirre: The Wrath of God' at 16 that my whole world changed. The obsession with that was equal to the obsession with writing. -Luke Davies

I have an obsession with ketchup! I have it with everything. -Eugene Simon

'Fargo' definitely makes it into my top three favorite films of all time; I have a serious obsession with the Coen brothers. -Erin Moriarty

Truth be told, I'm not all that comfortable with celebrity culture. That was always something that baffled me, the obsession over fame. I don't think that's a reason why anyone should get into making music. -Hozier

'Await Your Reply' by Dan Chaon. I've always been obsessed with the idea of disappearing and becoming someone else. Even if you don't share that obsession, I can't recommend this book highly enough. -Lisa Lutz

Classical ballet is very extreme. You're doing it six days a week, and it's a kind of obsession of perfecting a move. So every muscle in your body has been stretched and tightened, stretched and tightened. -Darcey Bussell

To do anything to a high level, it has to be total obsession. -Conor McGregor

In my mind, I imagined L.A. to be skyscrapers on the beach. Of course, that's not what it actually looks like. And growing up watching 'Beverly Hills 90210' and 'Melrose Place,' I always had an obsession with L.A. and California in general. -Bonnie McKee

The dream of doing what I do started with watching movies by Mr. Spielberg, like 'Close Encounters,' 'Poltergeist,' and 'E.T.' That was the beginning of my obsession. -Marti Noxon

I think I've always had an obsession with collecting, as most people do. -Jonathan Anderson

I have this ongoing obsession with Meryl Streep. -Billy Eichner

I had an unhealthy obsession with 'Only Fools and Horses.' I still have to watch an episode with my brother every two or three weeks. -Jack Lowden

I've heard some writers say that they are obsessed with certain ideas and that they find themselves writing around the same obsession again and again, but telling different stories to get at that same idea. I'm beginning to think that I suffer from this syndrome, too. -Jesmyn Ward

Because I'd grown up with this singular focus on sports, I just kind of did that with acting. That became an obsession. How am I going to make it? How am I going to figure that out? -Frankie Shaw

I have always had eclectic obsessions: astrophysics, music theory, the Mongol empire and its history, and the history of the Silk Road, to name a few. -Kate McKinnon

The ocean is the source of life. We all come from there. I think about these one-celled creatures, and I think about the planet. It is related to my obsession with biology, even if it's only a layperson's obsession. The way I visualise what's at the bottom of the ocean is very much to do with how I feel when I'm swimming in the sea. -Wangechi Mutu

If 'ecstasy' means to stand outside ourselves, then what better ambition can there be as we wait in the wings of the Royal Albert Hall: to leave self-obsession behind and take the audience on a journey across the high wire of Beethoven or the flying trapeze of Liszt. -Stephen Hough

The obsession that you have to manage everything – it's really bad. -Alessandro Michele

My mum was obsessed with dress… so, in my house, there was always the obsession about aesthetics. She was obsessed with the idea that a beautiful movie is the one where you're so involved you won't go to the toilet during it, or you'll fall asleep with your make-up on after. -Alessandro Michele

I would say Tracy Chapman was the first time I obsessed over an entire record. I knew every song; I knew the exact amount of seconds between each song. That's the level of obsession that I had. -Kelela

I had this total obsession that I would have my first movie at the Empire when I was 24, so it was a big disappointment that it didn't happen. -Miguel Sapochnik

One of the reasons why I love acting is my obsession with human emotion and faces and expressions – no surprise, then, that I usually end up painting faces. But I haven't done a self-portrait. I'd be too scared. -Carly Chaikin

My latest decorating obsession is dipping – like painting the bottom of things. I've done it to almost every terra-cotta pot in my house. Every African vase I have is painted gold on the bottom. It's so fun and easy, and it instantly livens up a piece. You feel like you've really accomplished something. -Tamara Taylor

We've always had a sadistic obsession with technology. -Georgina Campbell

R&D has been an obsession in Europe for many, many years. There is this magical number which many governments aspire to do, and that is to invest at least three percent of GDP in research and development. When you look at the number, it's a composite of private and public investment in R&D. -Jean-Philippe Courtois

I have a borderline-embarrassing obsession with pop music. -Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

I wear very natural makeup, but it's made up out of five foundations to make that perfect skin, and my lipstick might be three different lipsticks mixed together, so it's a kind of obsession in a different way. -Pat McGrath

I'm the ultimate beauty junkie – that inspiration, obsession, and addiction is one of the main reasons I founded Pat McGrath Labs in 2015. So, when fellow beauty junkies spot me, there's nothing I enjoy more than discovering what they're addicted to. It's so inspiring! -Pat McGrath

From the beginning of my career, I've used makeup as a vehicle to express my vision, my obsessions, inspirations, and addictions. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing young people recreate some of my iconic looks. -Pat McGrath

Artists' obsessions with technology are not new, but in the late aughts, the work tended to focus on the possibility of the medium, treating technology like a new tool rather than a sociopolitical framework. -Jenna Wortham

I've always had the wish, the need, and the obsession to become a public poet. -Tony Harrison

It's been an obsession with me from childhood, the horrors of the twentieth century. -Tony Harrison

Democrats refuse to deal with reality. They make things up, sensationalize common sense solutions, and exacerbate this obsession over political correctness. -Carlos Beruff

When I was doing missionary work when I was younger, which started this obsession of mine with the literature of witness, I was a translator for a missionary group, and I spent years in a Tijuana dump. People were really thrown by the fact that the Mexican poor, many of them pureblood indigenous people, seemed happy. -Luis Alberto Urrea

The American lionization of the entrepreneur is to ignore its foibles – the narcissism, the workaholism, the neglect of family, the imbalance, the obsession. These are not universally good things, though they are frequently universal to building great companies. -Andy Dunn

There is an obsession with black tragedy. If you see a black movie, it's typically historical, and it tends to deal with our pain. And listen, there have been some excellent films made in that vein, and there are some painful parts of black history that should be explored, but it is kind of weird that only those films bubble up to the surface. -Justin Simien

From my first published paper in 1946, my obsession has been to objectify inner experiences, to demystify the software of human existence. How? By relating changes in external behavior, systematically and lawfully, to changes in the brain. -Timothy Leary

Writers of all things speculative have played in alternate and parallel worlds for a long time – everyone from Stephen King to Philip Pullman to Tanith Lee – and it's an obsession that likely isn't going away any time soon. -Kameron Hurley

In a long poem or a sequence of poems, you're trying to formalize your obsessions and give them a shape and a name. The key is to realize if the connections you are making are ones with resonance. -Kevin Young

There is – and always will be – the legacy of chattel slavery in this nation, an obsession with racial and gender differences, but I think that, at its best, this nation is capable of creating standards for itself and reaching towards those standards. -Kehinde Wiley

Stained glass is unique from the outside, but as a painting insider, I know that oil painting's all about light. And it's about the depiction of light, the way that it bounces off different types of skin, different landscapes. The mastery of that light is the obsession of most of my painter friends. -Kehinde Wiley

For me, work is both a hobby and a passion. And sometimes an obsession. -Daniel Lubetzky

I wanted to be a poet. I fell in love with poetry around eight years old, but not through literature. Instead, it came through hip-hop lyrics and my obsession with reading liner notes. Queen Latifah's 'Black Reign' is the album that stands out the most. -Jason Reynolds

I was obsessed with New York early on. I was watching sitcoms that were set in or around New York, like 'The Dick Van Dyke Show.' I was always very fascinated with the people who were on 'What's My Line?' and I always had an incredible obsession with the city. -George C. Wolfe

I had this weird fetish for making the guitar sound like it wasn't a guitar to try and trick people into actually thinking it was a keyboard. I don't know why that was such an obsession, why I didn't just get a keyboard. I guess it was because I had no money. -Kevin Parker

I've always been fascinated by dreams – they seem like such intriguing evidence of the brain's obsession with narrative as a form of sense-making. But because dreaming is an unconscious process, we have little control over the stories we tell, so they can be fraught with anxiety, vulnerability, and exposure. -Chloe Benjamin

Writers interest me for their style, their obsessions, the ways in which they approach the world. -Amitava Kumar

Class is really interesting to me, maybe because I'm from England where there is a pretty hideous, deep-rooted obsession with class. I don't like the obsession with class, but it certainly interests me. -Andrew Haigh

We scientists have an obsession with unification, a grand synthesis. And dark matter is an irritating missing piece. -Priyamvada Natarajan

Securing and attracting the best talent is an obsession in the tech industry for good reason. It's your main asset; it's your edge. -Taavet Hinrikus

My obsession is with technology and how it can improve human life. In my view, what we have seen in the last 300 years is only a trailer. -Mukesh Ambani

Yogis have human emotions, but the thing is not to let anger and doubt become an obsession. -Donovan

From the time I was 11 until I was 23 and met my wife, wrestling was all I cared about. It was an obsession, and that's why I think I ended up making it. There was no other option for me. -Kevin Owens

It's one of my obsessions to come up with ways to reimagine establishing shots in new, non-boring ways. Shots that have energy and excitement. -Lexi Alexander

I love Stone Cold. It's a weird obsession, and he should probably get a restraining order. -Paige

For me, I was never really obsessed with Luke Cage. My obsession was Wolverine. -Cheo Hodari Coker

I have a deep and pathological obsession with trees and plants. -Antoni Porowski

I was really unfit for a while, so once I began running, I developed an obsession with it and started feeling really good. Then I thought I'd run a marathon after watching the London Marathon on TV. So I did it and had a good time. And then I ended up doing a bunch, and I was like, 'What if I could go further?' So I found out about Ultra Marathons. -Jonny Lee Miller

'Mad TV' is one of my most favorite shows of all time and is a huge part of my obsession with sketch comedy. -Shane Dawson

Pablo really felt the suffering of people and so became a political animal. But he wanted to bring down extradition because this was the only thing he feared, and it became his obsession, his crusade, his cross. -Virginia Vallejo

I'm fascinated by people's obsession with how they look and how humans really do judge you within the first few seconds of meeting you. -Poppy

What I will miss the most about Guardiola? His obsession with the game and his knowledge, which makes you a better football player. -Arjen Robben

I want to score more than 20. It's my job. But it is not an obsession for me ahead of winning titles for the team. -Alvaro Morata

I think most people can relate to the feeling of love spilling over into obsession. -Steven Wilson

I have an obsession for quality. -Vikram

I really wasn't into sports at an early age. I couldn't wait to get home from school and go straight to my bedroom and pick up the guitar and play it. It became an obsession with me. That's all I wanted to do was play guitar and learn every lick I heard on the radio. -Peter Frampton

I like to consider myself a detective, which is how I justify my obsession with my phone. By nature, since I was a kid, I've always wanted to be a detective, and any portal to information and investigating things I have ever been given access to, I have dived into. With my phone, unfortunately, I have immediate access to everything. -Emily Meade

I've hated poetry ever since I was at school. I include Shakespeare in that. I don't understand the obsession with him! -Eddie the Eagle

I have an obsession with describing hair. I don't know why – hair is just really pretty. -Marie Lu

I'm quite happy to laugh at Argentina's obsession with ham and cheese, but not, you know, delicate bits of their history. -James May

I think our cinema has stayed in its adolescent stage largely because of our obsession with and our dependence upon stars to make our movies. The stars, being only too human, realise that this is the case, and so they milk it for whatever it's worth, and who can blame them? -Naseeruddin Shah

My association with Delhi goes way back… After finishing high school in Punjab, I moved here to chase my passion and obsession for music. -Guru Randhawa

I've always loved 'Wicked.' It's one of my little obsessions. -Casey Cott

'Pompeii' is kind of a lifelong obsession for me. -Paul W. S. Anderson

Ed Miliband should be out and proud about his abstruse interests, his Master's in Economics, his political obsession, his prioritising of the mental over the physical. -Victoria Coren Mitchell

I have an obsession with haters: the great mess of the Internet expressing itself. I love to type my name on Twitter and read everything. It's always enlightening to see what they hate about you: I'm not pretty enough to be on stage, or my music doesn't make any sense. It feels good to read that, like I'm heading in the right direction! -Christine and the Queens

People always use the word 'obsession' in a negative way, which I'm always amazed by. We are not obsessed in the way that, if we don't win it, we'll just go and shoot ourselves. That's not the case. We are obsessed with the Champions League because this is a great competition to win. In a positive way, we try to search for the victory. -Petr Cech

I think if someone has a gaming obsession, 'Ultima' became mine. I would say no other series ingrained itself in how I want to make games or what I want them to be more than 'Ultima' did. -Todd Howard

One of the things that slaps you in the face when you arrive in Japan is their obsession with everything cute. -Stacey Dooley

It is unfair to constantly allege that Manmohan Singh's only unfulfilled desire is to visit his birthplace in Pakistan and that his Pakistan policy is defined by this obsession. -Sanjaya Baru

Before I go up against the best forwards in the world – Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar – I study their strengths and weaknesses like an obsession, and then I plan how I am going to attack. My goal is to show the world that Dani Alves is on the same level. -Dani Alves

An obsession with untold stories is a source of energy. -Greil Marcus

The trainer I learned most from about the field of play was Van Gaal, even though he's the one I've had the most confrontations with – well, disagreements. He's got an obsession with work ethic, the way he plans. -Luis Enrique

I have an obsession with black, so I love Alexander Wang and Alexander McQueen. -Devon Windsor

I think the obsession with fair skin should end. -Sobhita Dhulipala

For all the obsession in Washington and in college faculty lounges over income inequality, why isn't there more outrage over government policies that exacerbate the problem? There are hundreds of programs that make the poor poorer and increase poverty in America. -Stephen Moore

The Obama administration and its allies, such as the Sierra Club, tried to kill coal because of their obsession with global warming. -Stephen Moore

I suspect the Left's obsession with raising tax rates is not about helping the poor or middle class or about lowering the budget deficit, but about tearing down the rich. -Stephen Moore

Before I read 'Twilight,' I was in a reading funk. This series brought back my love and obsession for reading. -Anna Todd

I have a weird obsession with people who can speak multiple languages. I'd love to be able to do that. -Jordan Fisher

I suppose I was interested in creating a vision; in the same way, I was very drawn to tension within cinema. Hitchcock was my other early obsession – 'Psycho' and its score. So there was the sense of trying to create an atmosphere: how a sound resonates and makes an effect. -Siouxsie Sioux

Science is a hobby, and I'm really into it, but it's not my job. My job is to learn about comedy and to make people laugh. Science, for me, is probably a bit like Danny Baker's love of football or Rod Stewart's obsession with train sets. -Ben Miller

I don't like to work. I am not helpless without work. Work is an obsession for me. -Manoj Bajpayee

Trying to work out where you find meaning and sense in a meaningless world is my obsession. -Tim Minchin

What is the obsession with not repeating clothes or making appearances that have been similar to the one's we've made in the past? Why is the fashion police so intense? What do they expect from us? What kind of pressure is this? -Raveena Tandon

I always say it must not be an obsession to win the Champions League. It's a very important title and beautiful to do it. But you must not try to win the Champions League and lose focus on the Premier League. -Manuel Pellegrini

The Champions League mustn't be experienced like an obsession because, when you have an obsession, you never win! -Massimiliano Allegri

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