Best Quotes About Nursing

Life appears to me too short to be spent in nursing animosity, or registering wrongs. -Charlotte Bronte

The Medicaid system currently steers people toward nursing home care. Far more people can be covered in community-based care programs for significantly less. -Ed Rendell

The deep, personal material of the latter half of your life is your children. You can write about your parents when they're gone, but your children are still going to be here, and you're going to want them to come and visit you in the nursing home. -Alice Munro

Delaware State began as a school bent on service – teaching education, social services and nursing. -Michael N. Castle

We remain in Iraq because we know that sometimes liberty needs some nursing before it can grow on its own. -Virginia Foxx

There is a certain moment in the film when the son is in the nursing home and he goes to the television and turns it off because he sees himself in the image. -Atom Egoyan

Most Americans have some experience with nursing homes or other long term care settings, and nearly half have had a family member or close friend in a home in the past three years. -Michael C. Burgess

Far too often animals are put to sleep when they could be saved through proper care and nursing. -Louis Leakey

Hatred, in the course of time, kills the unhappy wretch who delights in nursing it in his bosom. -Giacomo Casanova

Many students graduate from college and professional schools, including those of social work, nursing, medicine, teaching and law, with crushing debt burdens. -Jon Porter

When you're nursing and you're working 18-hour days, that's pretty hard. -Kate Hudson

It is common for rural hospitals and nursing homes to operate as a single unit in order to take advantage of savings related to cost-sharing of some services and staff. -Rick Renzi

For the last 3 years, we have celebrated National Nurses Week. Beginning on May 6, we will once again have the opportunity to truly commend the nursing community for their contributions to our national health delivery system. -Nathan Deal

I was at a bar nursing a beer. My nipple was getting quite soggy. -Emo Philips

I'd rather rot on my own floor than be found by a bunch of bingo players in a nursing home. -Florence King

It is only in the act of nursing that a woman realizes her motherhood in visible and tangible fashion; it is a joy of every moment. -Honore de Balzac

'Project Runway' was my guilty pleasure while my son was napping or nursing. -Debra Messing

Of course I'd have loved to be Prime Minister. But I'm not nursing a grievance. -Kenneth Clarke

My worst job was working in the laundry of a nursing home. -Rickie Lee Jones

In my generation, except for a few people who'd gone into banking or nursing or something like that, middle-class women didn't have careers. You were to marry and have children and be a nice mother. You didn't go out and do anything. I found that I got restless. -Julia Child

Motherhood is a great honor and privilege, yet it is also synonymous with servanthood. Every day women are called upon to selflessly meet the needs of their families. Whether they are awake at night nursing a baby, spending their time and money on less-than-grateful teenagers, or preparing meals, moms continuously put others before themselves. -Charles Stanley

Study after study confirms that even when you control for variables like profession, education, hours worked, age, marital status, and children, men still are compensated substantially more – even in professions, like nursing, dominated by women. No wonder there's a gender gap. -Dee Dee Myers

It is fitting that yesteryear's swashbuckling newspaper reporter has turned into today's solemn young sobersides nursing a glass of watered white wine after a day of toiling over computer databases in a smoke-free, noise-free newsroom. -Russell Baker

I'm eating a lot of organic proteins and vegetables! Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is my No. 1 priority because I'm nursing my daughter. -Lily Aldridge

I wanted to do something creatively, having been a beached whale for many months and nursing my daughter. -Tori Amos

Business ethics has always had problems that are distinct from those of other professions, such as medicine, law, engineering, dentistry, or nursing. -Peter Singer

We cannot embrace God's forgiveness if we are so busy clinging to past wounds and nursing old grudges. -T. D. Jakes

My first job was washing dishes in the basement of a nursing home for $2.10 an hour, and I learned as much about the value of hard work there as I ever did later. -Douglas Preston

The thing about Paris, it's a great city for wandering around and buying shoes and nursing a cafe au lait for hours on end and pretending you're Baudelaire. But it's not a city where you can work. -Malcolm Mclaren

I reached a time in college when I didn't know what I wanted to do. At that time, women's careers were essentially nursing, secretarial and teaching. My mother advised me to get my teacher's certificate. -Kay Granger

Sick people, particularly those with serious conditions, greatly prefer the company of their friends and family to residence in a hospital or nursing home. -David Mixner

My first job was in a nursing home – a terrible place in retrospect. It was in an old house, and the residents were so lonely. People rarely visited them. I only stayed there a couple of months, but it made a strong impression on me. -Kim Edwards

Indolence, of course, is an absolutely crucial part of the creative process: you do not find poets sitting in rows in cavernous word factories, staring at screens. They are rather to be found lolling on the sofa or strolling through the groves, nursing their melancholic temperaments and losing themselves in extended reveries. -Tom Hodgkinson

Someone must transform income into the food, shelter, clothing, nurture, discipline, education, minding, nursing, transportation, and emotional support that creates life outside of the office, permits survival of the race, cares for the ill and disabled, and makes life livable when we can no longer care for ourselves. -Anne-Marie Slaughter

Until I became a nurse, no one had ever asked me to sign a book contract. I had been writing for decades, read thousands of books, and even worked in publishing for 10 years. Who knew that nursing would be my break? -Steven Amsterdam

When my mother took her turn to sit in a gown at her graduation, she thought she only had two career options: nursing and teaching. She raised me and my sister to believe that we could do anything, and we believed her. -Sheryl Sandberg

I grew up on the Southside of Chicago. What people don't realize is that my father was a multimillionaire who owned 12 hotels, motels, a steel mill, a radio station, a club, nursing home, and a law office. So I think it's safe to say I'm a little above middle class and I'm a daddy's girl. -LisaRaye McCoy-Misick

Be nice to your children. After all, they are going to choose your nursing home. -Steven Wright

There are problems with nursing – such as the issue of nurses all having to do degrees these days. But that doesn't mean to say the entire infrastructure of nursing is falling about and that it is populated by unfeeling psychopaths, which is, frankly, the implication sometimes. -Jo Brand

A good culture in a hospital can absorb and manage a few bad nurses, but once the culture becomes bad in itself, bad nursing practice is much harder to hide. -Jo Brand

Does anyone really go into nursing intending to be apathetic, cold and removed from suffering? I find that very difficult to believe. -Jo Brand

'Halo' I wrote with my grandpa in his nursing home. When I went to visit him, he'd often comment on my halo. But of course, I couldn't see. And he always – he had pictures of Jesus with these beautiful halos. And so I asked him if he'd write a song with me about Jesus' halo. -Abigail Washburn

Ever since Katrina, there has been a proliferation of efforts at the state level and among hospital administrators to come up with guidelines that would help professionals stuck in a situation like this to prioritize patients. These are questions of values much more than they are of medicine or nursing. They're the province of everybody. -Sheri Fink

When Katrina struck in 2005, roughly 300 deaths were recorded at hospitals, long-term care facilities and in nursing homes, according to a recently published study of death certificates and disaster mortuary team records. Many of them might have been saved if they had been evacuated sooner. -Sheri Fink

My earliest memory is nursing and struggling to see the colored lights making up the map of the world, the famous backdrop for Larry King's TV show. There's an 'I-want-to-do-all-things-at-once' kind of theme to it. -Ronan Farrow

Traditional nursing facilities are sterile institutions rather than homes – which is why many Americans do not want to live in one or want this as their only option for themselves or their family members. -Risa Lavizzo-Mourey

Unlike traditional nursing homes, Green House homes provide elders with a high quality of life and quality of care in a setting that feels like a real home. By altering the facility size, interior design, staffing patterns and service-delivery method, the Green House model provides residents better, safer and more personalized care. -Risa Lavizzo-Mourey

I used to work as a volunteer in a hospice, but I don't have any nursing skills or cooking skills or anything, so I was what they call an escort. I would take people to the support groups every night, and I would have to sit sort of on the sidelines so I could take them back to hospice at the end of the meeting. -Chuck Palahniuk

Women, on average, earn less than men in almost every occupation, including traditional female orientated jobs like nursing and teaching. -Sander Levin

There are thousands of capable Americans who would pursue a degree in nursing if we had room in our schools for them. -Jeff Merkley

As Congress focuses on comprehensive health care reform, one thing needs to be clear: We cannot fix health care if we do not address America's nursing shortage. -Kirsten Gillibrand

Communities in every corner of America struggle to fill nursing vacancies to provide care for everyone who needs it. -Kirsten Gillibrand

I was raised to volunteer: nursing homes, clinics, church nurseries, school, everywhere that could use help. It's such an intrinsic part of me, to use my life to help improve the quality of others. -Debby Ryan

Some people spend their lives building ultimate dream homes so they can enjoy their twilight years… Others spend their last days in nursing homes. -Billy Graham

I think there is a sort of box-ticking mentality. Not just in the teaching profession. You hear about it in medicine and nursing. It's a lawyer-driven insistence on meeting prescribed standards rather than just being a good doctor. -Richard Dawkins

My father was a psychiatrist, the medical director of a mental hospital in Scotland, and when I was a student, I took vacation jobs there as a nursing assistant. So I did get to see mental illness, but I don't remember conversations about mental conditions. My father was a cheerful man with a robust attitude to such things. -Morag Joss

I use to live on this street when I was a kid where there was an old person retirement home, and all of the old people would listen to that band Herman's Hermits, and they would wear white nursing shoes. And they would throw away stacks of VHS tapes, and I would go through the trash and take them. -Harmony Korine

Taxes, well laid and well spent, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, and promote the general welfare. Taxes protect property and the environment; taxes make business possible. Taxes pay for roads and schools and bridges and police and teachers. Taxes pay for doctors and nursing homes and medicine. -Jill Lepore

We need a proper balance between government spending on nursing homes and nursery schools – on the last six months of life and the first six months of life. -Thomas Friedman

I got my Bachelor's degree in nursing and worked nine years – even taught nursing in a college – before I stopped and said to myself, 'This is not who I am. I am not really a nurse inside. I'm a writer.' -Sue Monk Kidd

I actually had a job while I was acting and was a nursing student, which I had to drop due to my 9-5 job at the time. I managed an instrument room at a hospital in the Bronx. -Dascha Polanco

I can't conceive of nursing babies and taking care of children and writing, too. I know there are writers that do that, but I'm too single-minded. I can't stand to be interrupted, whether I'm writing a story or dressing a child. -Ellen Gilchrist

I'm in no hurry to get old. But when I do, I'll be out to enjoy every last minute. I see myself at 90 in some nursing home, waving my walking stick about as I jive to Gene Vincent records. -Imelda May

At 99 and after a long stay in a nursing home, the death of legendary photographer Eve Arnold was hardly a surprise – though she may have been just a little annoyed to quit a few months short of 100. -Beeban Kidron

Theater was always in the backdrop. Nursing was a way to pay the bills. I wasn't a nurse; I had a nursing agency. -Lee Daniels

I moved on to a nursing agency as a receptionist just to get a job, and ended up managing it, which led to me opening my own – say your mom is sick and needs someone to help her, then you call something like what I had: a home health agency. -Lee Daniels

We must aim for a zero-tolerance approach to hospital-acquired infections; we have to be clear about who's in charge at ward level, so there's proper accountability, and we need to reduce the reliance on agency nursing staff. -Andrew Lansley

Dad always explained the car engine when he repaired it, and he had many technical books, so I was making electromagnets by age eight as well as reading my mother's medical and nursing books. I suspect I was born with a boundless curiosity, and this was encouraged through my childhood. -Barry Marshall

I normally hate books that have anything to do with medicine, thanks to my own background in nursing – FYI, almost everybody gets it wrong. -Shiloh Walker

I had gone to nursing school at Northampton Community College in my hometown of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. And nursing didn't feel quite right, and an old boyfriend gave me a 35-millimeter camera just to play with. So, I took a darkroom class. -Carol Guzy

Writing, for all that it's harder than nursing ever was, is also more joyous and more fun and a lot less dangerous. And the major themes of my life have become the major themes of my writing, too – so it has all worked out pretty well. -Holly Lisle

With pregnancy and nursing, the hormones mean your skin tends to be more sensitive to the light, so it's very important to use sun block every day. -Shakira

If a patient is cold, if a patient is feverish, if a patient is faint, if he is sick after taking food, if he has a bed-sore, it is generally the fault not of the disease, but of the nursing. -Florence Nightingale

The very elements of what constitutes good nursing are as little understood for the well as for the sick. The same laws of health or of nursing, for they are in reality the same, obtain among the well as among the sick. -Florence Nightingale

I do think Jesus would skip church on Sunday morning and instead visit the nursing homes and retirement homes where so many have abandoned their loved ones. -Taylor Negron

I am just getting into Zora Neale Hurston, who is possibly a much better writer than the critics and rivals who tried to erase her from history, resulting in a life in which she worked as a maid and died in a welfare nursing home. She's clever. She does something modern to the sentence. -Rachel Kushner

I think we didn't recognize how hard it would be to care for someone with Ebola who was desperately ill in the U.S., and how much hands-on nursing care there would be, and we didn't expect two nurses to get infected. -Tom Frieden

I was so angry at God for taking my father from me that I marched up to my mother before the funeral and told her I was going to quit nursing school. I just wanted to stop living. -Bonnie Hunt

I worked at a nursing home though high school… There's a lost appreciation for a generation that has so much to tell us when we're so full of self-help books and doctors on TV. -Bonnie Hunt

Because I've been so blessed with a background in nursing and spent so much time with patients at a really intimate, vulnerable time in their lives, the one lesson I've learned is that you never turn down a challenge where you can keep your creative integrity and your heart and soul and your sense of self. -Bonnie Hunt

My mum was a nurse, and her passion was geriatric care. I used to love listening to the old people's stories in her nursing home and picturing myself in their place. They'd say, 'I went to school in a horse and cart,' and I'd just think 'Wow!' I'd picture myself in their place – acting was a natural progression. -Olivia Colman

My dad was always in sales. My mom had a heart for the ages. Worked in recreation, doing rehabilitation in nursing homes. Very nice, practical folks who were very proud of me but had no inclination toward the stage in any way. -Leslie Odom, Jr.

My dream job would be to design a sexy maternity collection, maybe also beautiful lingerie for expecting women. It's impossible to find nice sexy lingerie anywhere for pregnant or nursing women, which is when you actually need an extra boost of confidence and feel sexy. -Julia Restoin Roitfeld

When I was going into inventing, it wasn't a dream the way someone goes into nursing or dancing. Because there's a path with that. It's very different when you say, 'I have an idea and it doesn't exist.' It's a very different path. -Joy Mangano

After a tumultuous 20-year marriage, my father up and left one day, leaving my mother to raise three boys without the means to do so. And yet somehow she did. At the age of 50, she enrolled in nursing school and became a nurse and worked countless overtime hours and weekend shifts just to give us a fighting chance. -Theodore Melfi

When I was nursing my son, you're up all the time during the first year, and you're sort of brain dead. So I'd find myself watching Turner Classic Movies at odd hours. -Elizabeth Marvel

When my mother was young, only two professions were open to women ; teaching and nursing. She chose nursing, but the teaching profession was full of talented women like her, confined there in part because they had few career options. -Bruce Rauner

A lot of my family on both sides have worked in education and nursing, and my grandmother was a nurse; my sister is a nurse, and her – my other sister's daughter is going into nursing. There's a lot of that in the family. -Larry Wilmore

I'm Latino, progressive, and I have deep roots in the working class – my father was a bracero, a guest farmworker and cook, and my mom worked as a nursing home laundry attendant. -Jimmy Gomez

I am fairly certain that our budget deficit was not caused by children with autism or 90-year-old grannies in nursing homes, so why take it out on them by cutting services? -Lois Frankel

I got traded in the middle of an injury – my ankle injury – so in '09, I came back and just kind of flukishly had some success. I was far, far from healthy. I came back in 2010 still nursing that ankle injury. Yeah, it was a rough, rough go. My first few years in Chicago were not much fun. -Jake Peavy

Unequal pay exists across most job sectors of our economy, even in nursing. -Jan Schakowsky

My family was quite poor, and the NHS was recruiting people from abroad to do psychiatric nursing. It was the only hope I had to leave Hong Kong. -John Rocha

Without federal assistance, most elderly Americans would be unable to afford long-term care – and most nursing homes would be unable to keep the doors open. -Mary Pilon

I love nursing my babies. It's such a special bond for me. -Jessie James Decker

Nurses don't get paid very much. It didn't take long to realize that I could make more as a writer. I loved nursing, but I loved writing more. -Elizabeth Berg

It's cool to think about nursing, because a lot of people decide to go into it later in their lives. I could slip into school to be an LPN or an RN as a middle-aged man, and it wouldn't be unusual. -Lou Barlow

I was going to be a writer, and that turned into journalist. And then that turned into a career in children's literature, which turned into early childhood education, which turned into psychology, which turned into premed, which turned into nursing school, which turned into communication, which turned into marketing and advertising. -Damaris Phillips

I had gone through a mother having dementia in the last couple of years of her life. She was in a nursing facility in my little hometown area of northern Illinois, so I got to see a lot of other patients there in various stages of the disease. I had a firsthand exposure to it in a pretty big way. -Joan Allen

One of the degrees I have is in business, and I was a healthcare administrator that ran a 365-bed skilled nursing facility for years and generated several million dollars a year profit for them. So I have a background in business. -David Draiman

We should be encouraging moms to breastfeed their infants, not discouraging it by unfairly judging and discriminating against nursing mothers. -Rashida Tlaib

I had no clue what I wanted to do. I tried nursing, I tried science, I tried English. I just kept bouncing back and forth. -Anna Todd

I was pregnant and nursing most of the years I was at 24 Sussex. I was ill-prepared and hardly even knew my husband, let alone how I was supposed to fit into this world that was very alien to me. -Margaret Trudeau

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