Best Quotes About Nudity

I think on-stage nudity is disgusting, shameful and damaging to all things American. But if I were 22 with a great body, it would be artistic, tasteful, patriotic and a progressive religious experience. -Shelley Winters

I wouldn't do nudity in films. For me, personally… To act with my clothes on is a performance; to act with my clothes off is a documentary. -Julia Roberts

I'm not for gratuitous nudity, but if there's humor, I don't have a problem. -Rebecca Romijn

I don't just want to be the girl boys get excited about, I have no desire for people to see me in a sexy way. I won't do nudity ever. -Alicia Silverstone

Nudity is the uniform of the other side… nudity is a shroud. -Milan Kundera

At the time I came along, Hollywood's idea of teen movies meant there had to be a lot of nudity, usually involving boys in pursuit of sex, and pretty gross overall. Either that or a horror movie. And the last thing Hollywood wanted in their teen movies was teenagers! -John Hughes

It's only in the United States that they make a big deal about nudity. -Christopher Atkins

I played a definite part in it. I guess the things that I played in films and the way the nudity and the love scenes were handled were really different. -Bo Derek

I avoided nudity unless a film couldn't be told without those scenes. If you look at my films, few of them have that element, yet nudity and male fantasies have become emblematic of my work. -Greta Scacchi

Even my parents are so cute, and they deal with every movie of mine excellently. They check with me ever so casually by asking 'Now how much of nudity are we going to see in this one?' -Natasha Henstridge

Sometimes nudity is gratuitous. We just live in a society where everything goes. -Judi Dench

In England, there are so many TV commercials with nudity in them, and there are so many TV programs that show nudity on a regular basis. It's becoming more of a norm. -Mark Roberts

I always thought, because America is supposed to be the land of the free, nudity would be part of the norm over there, but it isn't. It's surprising. -Mark Roberts

I've done nudity. I'm an exhibitionist. It doesn't matter. -John Turturro

I've done nudity in lots of things before. It's something that's never particularly bothered me. -Ewan McGregor

I'm not doing any more nudity. -Shannon Elizabeth

I did some artistic nudes when I was I 8 with a French-Canadian photographer while I was modeling. They were beautiful shots, and they were not about nudity. -Lexa Doig

It's so much harder to keep your clothes on than take them off in this business. Even in Exotica, they wanted more nudity, but I didn't feel comfortable. -Mia Kirshner

I've never done any nudity, but I would do basically anything if a role called for it. -Claudia Schiffer

We were mainly concerned about nudity – how much could be shown in 1959 and how much would convey, without being gratuitous, the terror of being attacked naked and wet. -Joseph Stefano

I honestly don't understand the big fuss made over nudity and sex in films. It's silly. -Sharon Tate

I've never been opposed to nudity. I've been opposed to nudity for box-office draw. -Neve Campbell

I have no problem with nudity. I can look at myself. I like walking around nude. It doesn't bother me. I see all the people walking around nude; it doesn't bother me. -Ursula Andress

There's the theory that nudity doesn't really make something sexy; the characters and their relationship make it sexy. -Tim Robbins

My issue in the past with nudity was that these scenes had been written solely for box office draw. -Neve Campbell

Young actors often don't think of the consequences of doing nudity or sex scenes. They want the role so badly that they agree to be exploited, and then end up embarrassing family, friends, and even strangers. -Natalie Portman

I love my country, but I believe that we are too quick to censor nudity. -Eva Mendes

We seem okay with violence, but nudity we race to criticize and censor. -Eva Mendes

I've never had a problem with nudity, but I don't put it out there without a reason. -Eva Mendes

I don't mind nudity; I just don't do it often. -Mischa Barton

With scripts I've always looked at them and thought about kids, you know? Thought about the world and the impact… I won't do nudity and I never felt comfortable with that whole idea or things with huge sexual content – not my thing. -Carrie-Anne Moss

What bothers me is our culture's obsession with nudity. It shouldn't be a big deal, but it is. I think this overemphasis with nudity makes actors nervous. There's the worry about seeing one's body dissected, misrepresented, played and replayed on the Internet. -Rachel McAdams

Obviously sex and nudity sells, but that's what people go to cable for but that's not going to happen on network daytime television… so I think it really is always going to come down to story. How do you make a story interesting enough so people will tune in? That's always going to be it. -Jack Wagner

I have a very European feel about nudity. -Moon Bloodgood

I don't want anyone to get seriously hurt. But I do watch awards shows to critique the clothes while I sit around eating chips in my sweat pants and in hopes of seeing some hilarious accidental nudity. -Eliza Coupe

It turns out nudity is not a problem for me. It's one of those things you think about later and say, 'Yeah, I could do this for a living.' -Winter Ave Zoli

Sometimes nudity is sexy. Sometimes it's not. Sometimes being clothed is more sexy than being nude. -Helen Mirren

In the United States of America, we are so liberal-minded on so many different aspects, but for some reason there's always going to be this weird connection with nudity being a bad thing. Americans can be so prude sometimes. -Erin Wasson

It's funny because I remember when I came to the U.S. with 'Swimming Pool,' the movie did well, and it was great box office for a French movie, but I remember I was a bit upset because all people talked to me about was the nudity. -Ludivine Sagnier

I avoid all the language and nudity and violence and everything. I have enough of that at home. -Tim Conway

I've said from day one that I've got no problem with nudity. I've done it throughout my career. -Lena Headey

I don't believe in nudity for nudity's sake, but it's really beautiful when it's done well, when it's within a story. I'm very comfortable with my body. I grew up mostly in France, where nudity is not taboo. -Leonor Varela

I don't think they're gratuitous with the nudity on 'Game of Thrones.' It's very much part of the world. There's a lot of it, but that's the world they come from. It never is there to distract from the scene or the actors or story. -Neil Marshall

For me, nudity and strong language have never been huge loadbearing elements of how I like to tell a story. Graphic images certainly are. -Bryan Fuller

I suppose you've got to look like you're made of steel for nudity. You've got to get some arms on you. -Joe Dempsie

Naturally, obviously, nudity is a part of life. -Theo James

Technology companies must constantly weigh ethical decisions: Where should Facebook set its privacy defaults, and should it tolerate glimpses of nudity? Should Twitter close accounts that seem sympathetic to terrorists? How should Google handle sex and violence, or defamatory articles? -Nicholas Kristof

Male nudity, full-frontal nudity, has always been considered a lot more taboo than female nudity. As far back as I can remember, there's been a double standard between men and women. I think it's time that men get equal time in terms of nudity. -Darren Star

I think nudity is funny, especially when it's inappropriate. -Chelsea Handler

There was never a moment when I was like, 'I'm going to enter the public conversation on the importance of female nudity.' -Chelsea Handler

The relationship I have to everyday life is very European. We have a different relationship with religion, with faith, with nudity, with sex, with food. -Vincent Cassel

I come from Holland, and there's a lot of nudity in film there. -Carice van Houten

I think, in general, this country makes a huge deal about nudity and not a big enough deal about violence. We're allowed to cut people's heads off on shows – but not allowed to show breasts or somebody breastfeeding or whatever. I think it's a big deal in America especially. But I think to each is own. -Morena Baccarin

I certainly am not doing nudity because I think lightly of it – I don't think it's something that one should just jump into without thinking about it. -Morena Baccarin

I made video art for quite a long time, and I made this video covering myself in burgers and dancing to Major Lazer and doing covers of Britney Spears songs… I can't remember how I got there, but my teacher said he'd have to fail me because it had mild nudity. -Charli XCX

I wouldn't do really gratuitous nudity. When I was in my late teens, you'd read stuff and be like, 'That character serves no purpose except being naked', so that would not be something I'd want to do. It's pointless for me. -Ruth Bradley

I am very liberal and fairly exhibitionistic. I don't really have a problem with nudity or anything like that. -Stephanie Corneliussen

All acting is nudity. It's all vulnerable – and a little bit scary. -Katherine Waterston

I feel that nudity is sort of what we do as actors. -Katherine Waterston

If you think 'Game of Thrones' throws around some erroneous, unnecessary nudity, wait til you see 'Silicon Valley.' -Thomas Middleditch

In some people's eyes, nudity is so much more dangerous than violence. I never really understood that. -Alexander Skarsgard

I'm not an actress who's a fan of gratuity, so I don't seek projects that have nudity for nudity's sake. I don't know any actors who do, unless they're in 'Spartacus.' -Lara Pulver

I'm not comfortable doing nudity. That's something quite personal. -Kaya Scodelario

As a high-fashion model, I have long had a policy of no nudity or partial nudity in my photo shoots. -Coco Rocha

To be a comic, you must reveal yourself in your most grotesque nudity. And it's only then, when the truth gets told, when the audience recognizes it somewhere in themselves, that they get that great medicine of laughter. -Melissa Leo

Americans are so stiff when it comes to nudity. For me, I've always walked around the house naked. My husband, in real life, is like, 'Babe, could you just put some clothes on! Keep the mystery alive!' -Shanola Hampton

When you're on a show that is so free with the body and nudity, you get a guest director every episode, and you want to make sure that they're not trying to one-up each other. It will take away the integrity of our show and the character if you're just gratuitously showing boobs. -Shanola Hampton

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