Best Quotes About Nervous

One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important. -Bertrand Russell

When it comes to having a central nervous system, and the ability to feel pain, hunger, and thirst, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy. -Ingrid Newkirk

A bad liver is to a Frenchman what a nervous breakdown is to an American. Everyone has had one and everyone wants to talk about it. -Art Buchwald

He was one of those inexplicable gifts of nature, an artist who leaps over boundaries, changes our nervous systems, creates a new language, transmits new kinds of joy to our startled senses and spirits. -Jack Kroll

A well adjusted person is one who makes the same mistake twice without getting nervous. -Alexander Hamilton

The sad truth is that excellence makes people nervous. -Shana Alexander

Everything makes me nervous – except making films. -Elizabeth Taylor

Our errors are surely not such awfully solemn things. In a world where we are so certain to incur them in spite of all our caution, a certain lightness of heart seems healthier than this excessive nervousness on their behalf. -William James

Tea, though ridiculed by those who are naturally coarse in their nervous sensibilities will always be the favorite beverage of the intellectual. -Thomas de Quincey

In a person who is open to experience each stimulus is freely relayed through the nervous system, without being distorted by any process of defensiveness. -Carl Rogers

The prevalence of suicide, without doubt, is a test of height in civilization; it means that the population is winding up its nervous and intellectual system to the utmost point of tension and that sometimes it snaps. -Havelock Ellis

We are willing enough to praise freedom when she is safely tucked away in the past and cannot be a nuisance. In the present, amidst dangers whose outcome we cannot foresee, we get nervous about her, and admit censorship. -E. M. Forster

There is no such thing as inner peace. There is only nervousness or death. Any attempt to prove otherwise constitutes unacceptable behavior. -Fran Lebowitz

When you suffer an attack of nerves you're being attacked by the nervous system. What chance has a man got against a system? -Russell Hoban

My advice to people today is as follows: if you take the game of life seriously, if you take your nervous system seriously, if you take your sense organs seriously, if you take the energy process seriously, you must turn on, tune in, and drop out. -Timothy Leary

Lust is to the other passions what the nervous fluid is to life; it supports them all, lends strength to them all ambition, cruelty, avarice, revenge, are all founded on lust. -Marquis de Sade

We've never played at this place before. This place is big, and I'm kinda nervous, so we're going to make it feel small by pretending we're in a… bedroom. We'll hang off the edge of the bed, take off our shoes and get naked! -Dave Matthews

Physical pain however great ends in itself and falls away like dry husks from the mind, whilst moral discords and nervous horrors sear the soul. -Alice James

I have an almost religious zeal… not for technology per se, but for the Internet which is for me, the nervous system of mother Earth, which I see as a living creature, linking up. -Dan Millman

The nervous system and the automatic machine are fundamentally alike in that they are devices, which make decisions on the basis of decisions they made in the past. -Norbert Wiener

It's fun to be there with the guys, to practice with them, arrange the balls, do this, do that, but when you play you can get some of this nervousness out of your system. -Goran Ivanisevic

I like the performing part, it gives me a huge rush but it still makes me nervous. Being in front of large crowds is intimidating to me and I feel myself withdrawing. -Torrie Wilson

God may forgive your sins, but your nervous system won't. -Alfred Korzybski

I get nervous when they start shooting piano players. -Harry Nilsson

I have been to hell and back. I had a very, very bad nervous breakdown. -Andy Gibb

Winning the Outstanding Contribution award is great, because you know you have won in advance. Previously, I have been really nervous during the ceremony because you have no idea if you are going to get called up on stage. This time I could relax and enjoy myself. -Tom Jones

What I absolutely can't do is just sit around, that drives me crazy. I go nuts! I'm far too nervous, too high strung to sit around. It's not my thing; I can't deal with it! -Jonathan Davis

The juvenile sea squirt wanders through the sea searching for a suitable rock or hunk of coral to cling to and make its home for life. For this task, it has a rudimentary nervous system. When it finds its spot and takes root, it doesn't need its brain anymore so it eats it! -Daniel Dennett

I like ties but I prefer not to wear one when I'm nervous. -Jamie Oliver

Venus told me the other day that champions don't get nervous in tight situations. That really helped me a lot. I decided I shouldn't get nervous and just do the best I can. -Serena Williams

I once had dinner with Madonna and I wasn't nervous but within about a minute I found myself talking about underwear. -Randy Newman

I think it makes people in the Pentagon kind of nervous to know that chemical agents and environmental factors could cause so much damage in terms of what may happen in the future. -Bernie Sanders

If a terrorist group wanted to hit Britain, all they'd have to do is kill 100 random celebrities. The country would have a nervous breakown. -Chris Morris

I have a nervous breakdown in the film and in one scene I get to stand at the top of the stairs waving an empty sherry bottle which is, of course, a typical scene from my daily life, so isn't much of a stretch. -Emma Thompson

I am a really bad test taker. I can get straight As in school, but I get nervous on test. -Mary-Kate Olsen

If you become president, you're guaranteed to develop some nervous habit. -Rich Little

There's an insecure part of me that comes out of me, I get nervous. I don't know why, I wish I could overcome it because it gives me an anxiety feeling. -Fred Durst

We cling nervously to the melody, but we don't handle it freely, we don't really make anything new out of it, we merely overload it. -Johannes Brahms

It is normal to be nervous. -James Galway

Perhaps of all the most basic elements of music, rhythm most directly affects our central nervous system. -George Crumb

I'm taking one thing at a time. With the children and launching my solo career it would drive me to a nervous breakdown if I tried to organise a wedding on top of that. -Natasha Hamilton

I love getting ready to do a scene, and thinking about it, and talking about it. But the rest of the time, I'm so nervous and obsessed. I'm just tearing my hair out in the trailer. The whole time I'm really tense. -Casey Affleck

Barry and I were in the middle of building a house, and I was in the midst of having a nervous breakdown, because that's what you do when you build a house. -Cynthia Weil

When I was a young man, I was overly sensitive to things, and I found it difficult to eat when I was nervous. -Robert Barnes

I was really nervous. Even when I left the audition I was nervous. -Rupert Grint

There's five cameras, I don't know how many people in the audience… depending on where we're taping, there can be anywhere from 300 to 5,000 people, so the contestants are nervous. -Vanna White

On record dates like that I never felt too nervous because everything was really overdubbed. When we did that album, we were in the studio for probably a week, so you had a lot of opportunity to fix things. -John Abercrombie

That's a curious paradox that I don't think a lot of people out there know; that you get really scared before you go on. You come out in a nervous rash, and it's not like you actually love getting up there and showing off. -Jacqueline McKenzie

I'm definitely nervous and excited. I feel like I've been playing off-Broadway, not to say that Boston doesn't have a great theatre district or great theatre, but it's not going to Broadway; it's just a different city. -Todd English

I get very nervous whenever I think about it. I've never done a serious play, and I have such awe of the woman – she's really my only idol. It's going to be a big stretch – certain people come out on stage and your face muscles automatically tense and you get ready to smile. -Judy Holliday

If you go to a game nervous, you make a mistake. -Miguel Cabrera

Now nobody get nervous, you ain't got nothing to fear. You're being robbed by the John Dillinger Gang, that's the best there is! -John Dillinger

My father was a very unhappy person, very sarcastic, and my mother was very nervous and worried about what people thought. They weren't monsters, but it wasn't a good childhood. -Paula Danziger

Rosemary was a little nervous about going onstage, but she went on with us. I saw her at a party, and a couple of months later they called me about doing the act. -Margaret Whiting

The human organism inherits so delicate an adjustment to climate that, in spite of man's boasted ability to live anywhere, the strain of the frozen North eliminates the more nervous and active types of mind. -Ellsworth Huntington

At best, the renewal of broken relations is a nervous matter. -Henry Adams

I was very nervous about going up to teach at Stanford and very nervous even about going to ARPA. -Vint Cerf

I used to get nervous so I took up Yoga to help me calm down. -Jim Sullivan

Most of those takes were one take. I made those records in three minutes. I didn't have time to get nervous or scared the first time I sang it. It was all 'live' and I enjoyed it so much. -Bobby Vinton

I'd be nervous about skiing, wondering what I'd do if I felt shaky on top of a mountain; but other diabetics do ski, so there's no reason I couldn't. -Dana Hill

It's funny, I get really nervous when I audition for voiceovers. -Julie Benz

I've had a little bad, bad media luck the new year. Well, apparently I'm dating Bill Clinton, which makes me nervous. I didn't know, though. -Julie Bowen

The more prepared I am, the more I'll be in control, less nervous, less stressed and more focused. -Marilu Henner

Olivia Newton-John was our first choice to play Sandy, but she was nervous about acting, whether she would feel comfortable with us and could pull it off at all. -Randal Kleiser

Well, a lot of people within government and big business are nervous of Hip Hop and Hip Hop artists, because they speak their minds. They talk about what they see and what they feel and what they know. They reflect what's around them. -Afrika Bambaataa

My son had his eighth birthday recently and we had a chance to borrow the film and show it to all of his friends that was at his birthday party and they loved it. I was a little nervous. I said they might not even like it, and say his daddy's movie is wack, but they loved it. -Blair Underwood

When I got Jacob's Latter, I was nervous because I felt I wasn't allowed to fail. I felt that they were waiting for one little failure and that would prove them right and I'd be, 'out of there.' -Elizabeth Pena

That's one of the reasons I wanted to be an actor, to be like them. And there they were at my table, all talking about how nervous they were, about the lines, and so forth. No matter how big you get, you still have the same kinds of anxieties and so forth. -Gavin MacLeod

I'm nervous when I play in the Masters or most other tournaments. -Bernhard Langer

No, because I was always nervous about being onstage. -Carly Simon

I was a little nervous coming in mostly because my first scene was with Martin Sheen, who I'm a huge fan of. -Gary Cole

I get even more nervous singing when everyone's fallen silent, but I really try to communicate the meaning of the lyrics, and there's people there listening to that, and if they're moved by it, then I'm moved as well. -Namie Amuro

If I ever completely lost my nervousness I would be frightened half to death. -Paul Lynde

Then, there was Cary Grant. He spent three hours a week in hospitals teaching nervous people how to eat jello. -Red Buttons

It was quite natural – the first day I got to the set I was really nervous, but I loved the whole experience. -Charlotte Church

I can't do talk shows, I don't do them, just because I get really nervous and fidgeting and shaky. -Devon Sawa

Nowadays, if a studio assumes that his film is bad, there is always an executive that gets more nervous than usual and thinks that if they change the music, the film will become a masterpiece. -Maurice Jarre

When we started off it was all nervous energy and we probably played everything twice as fast as we do now. -Dan Hawkins

I'd like to go back to standup. I don't like to think I've done my last gig. At the moment it terrifies me, I get really nervous. It's a great buzz when it goes well. -Mackenzie Crook

Because I get nervous all the time. It's weird but I think it's fun and it's refreshing. It's always good to be that way. That keeps me appreciative of everything. -Christina Milian

People say to me that I can't be nervous because I've had such a wealth of experience, but I tell them that I have never done this particular part before. -Brenda Blethyn

Training is fabulous because it gives you a basis, a strong structure, so that when you're unbelievably nervous and you think that you can't get a word out, you will get the word out. -Charlotte Rampling

When there's people on the other side of the room trying to wipe out your life and things are stacked against you, you can get nervous. -Jello Biafra

A quick glance at the American left reveals a movement in the midst of a nervous breakdown, displaying behavior that goes beyond inconsistency into the realm of bipolar moods and multiple personality disorders. -Michael Medved

I love the art of acting, and I love film, because you always have another chance if you want it. You know, if we – if this isn't going well, you can't say – well, you could say – let's stop. Let's start over again, Gene, because you were too nervous. -Gene Wilder

And I'm supposed to grab her and kiss her and she's supposed to react. Well, what happened was, Julie was very nervous at that time, given this incredible part which she did beautifully. -Rod Steiger

I was very nervous at the beginning of Hotel du Nord. -Marcel Carne

It's my first presenting role so I'll be nervous, but it's going to be great fun. I can't wait to sample the food and meet the celebrities. Hopefully I can inject some of my own glamour. -Nicole Appleton

Pressure is calming to the nervous system. -Temple Grandin

As was to be expected, the discovery of the nervous apparatus of the salivary glands immediately impelled physiologists to seek a similar apparatus in other glands lying deeper in the digestive canal. -Ivan Pavlov

Our experiments not only proved the existence of a nervous apparatus in the above-mentioned glands, but also disclosed some facts clearly showing the participation of these nerves in normal activity. -Ivan Pavlov

It was like a classic thing with Emma. So I walked in and I slammed the door and everything fell off the wall on the set. It was my second or third scene and I was so embarrassed and scared and so nervous about what everyone would say, but everyone just packed up laughing. -Dannii Minogue

I imagined that it might be awkward to talk to your wife about her performance, so going into it I was a little nervous. But doing it was actually a wonderfully inspiring experience. -Lasse Hallstrom

I very rarely get nervous as an actor. Very rarely. -Corin Nemec

It was in San Diego and I was onstage and couldn't remember how to play the guitar properly. I was in terrible pain and my nervous system was just going wild, like somebody had just run a car over me. -Andy Partridge

I was certainly open for something being on the edge of a nervous breakdown, perplexed by my own sexuality. I was gay. -Lionel Blue

To speak, therefore, of an electric current in the nerves, is to use quite as symbolic an expression as if we compared the action of the nervous principle with light or magnetism. -Johannes P. Muller

We shall probably never attain the power of measuring the velocity of nervous action; for we have not the opportunity of comparing its propagation through immense space, as we have in the case of light. -Johannes P. Muller

Having that amount of nominations makes me a little nervous, because you feel that the bar is really high, the expectations are really high, but it also feels great. -Lee Ann Womack

The boarding-school experience in Paris was very hard, I didn't put up with it very well. I was sick all the time, or in any case frail, on the edge of a nervous breakdown. -Jacques Derrida

Moderates shouldn't be nervous about Newt because he has a vision, he's laid it forward. He's fundamentally leading us in the way that middle class Americans want to go. -Pete du Pont

Nobody gets a nervous breakdown or a heart attack from selling kerosene to gentle country folk from the back of a tanker in Somerset. -Roald Dahl

Michael worked one day. Everybody was a little freaked out and nervous because he's a really big star. We were already working with really big stars, but Michael is Michael. -Barry Sonnenfeld

Success made me self-sufficient, but it also took away my anonymity. I'm just this quiet nobody, and all of a sudden people are nervous around me. That was kind of weird. -Lisa Bonet

I started on the downers which were a hell of a lot better than the uppers because I was a nervous wreck. -Corey Haim

The psychological basis of the metropolitan type of individuality consists in the intensification of nervous stimulation which results from the swift and uninterrupted change of outer and inner stimuli. -Georg Simmel

Well, for the My Generation album, there was nothing to be nervous about in them days. We used to take every day as it came. Every day was just a gig and I think we did the recording between gigs literally. -Roger Daltrey

I'm more nervous about doing this than anything I've ever done before, because it is so prestigious. -Michael Aspel

You get more nervous in front of a lot of people. That's why, when you play a concerto, you play with a small orchestra, in some place where you don't feel that it is as important as Carnegie Hall. -Itzhak Perlman

But even so, I still get nervous before I go onstage. -Etta James

Now, there are a very large number of bodily movements, having their source in our nervous system, that do not possess the character of conscious actions. -Wilhelm Wundt

Physiology seeks to derive the processes in our own nervous system from general physical forces, without considering whether these processes are or are not accompanied by processes of consciousness. -Wilhelm Wundt

I was a little nervous backstage. But I had this book, Gandhi. I just read his quotes, closed my eyes and focused my thoughts. Presently, this book is my prized possession. -Nafisa Joseph

I've always been full of nervous energy, but I'm not really as happy as I seem. -Loretta Lynn

I wasn't for Vietnam. When I told that to the hippie newspaper, all my people got nervous. -Loretta Lynn

I know what it's like to be pregnant and nervous and poor. -Loretta Lynn

Many people who did not die right away came down with nausea, headache, diarrhea, malaise, and fever, which lasted several days. Doctors could not be certain whether some of these symptoms were the result of radiation or nervous shock. -John Hersey

Every single night I'm nervous. You never know how the audience is going to react. -Vivien Leigh

I wanted to end my life so bad and was in my car ready to go down that ramp into the water, and I did go part way, but I stopped. I went again and stopped. I then got out of the car and stood by the car a nervous wreck. -Susan Smith

Relationships in general make people a bit nervous. It's about trust. Do I trust you enough to go there? -Neil LaBute

Now I'm instantly nervous about the demands of doing a weekly column. -Rory Bremner

Further study of central nervous action, however, finds central inhibition too extensive and ubiquitous to make it likely that it is confined solely to the taxis of antagonistic muscles. -Charles Scott Sherrington

I have a lot of nervous energy. Work is my best way of channelling that into something productive unless I want to wind up assaulting the postman or gardener. -Ben Stiller

I get way more nervous playing golf in front of 500 people than being on stage in front of 20,000 people. -Justin Timberlake

I can't say I don't get nervous, but I really kind of enjoy performing now. -Liz Phair

After doing the first couple scenes and I got used to being in front of a few people it got easier and easier. In Chasing Amy, I wasn't nervous at all. And in Dogma, the same. -Jason Mewes

It's funny, though, because when I first started going to races after we met, I was extremely nervous. It's like being backstage and hoping you don't trip over something or break an amp or accidentally speak into a live microphone, so I was really hesitant. -Ashley Judd

The last thing we need is yet another makeup company. Even I have a nervous breakdown when I go through the department store makeup floor. -Lauren Hutton

I was nervous and hesitant about putting myself out there for the pie scene. But I went for it and the results were wonderful. -Jason Biggs

Sometimes when you're just thrown into something, you are more ready for it than when you have time to think it over and get nervous about it. -Lara Flynn Boyle

I was really nervous, intimidated by the whole thing-all the people and all the buzzing, and all the sitting around waiting. I felt really small in this huge place. -Kate Moss

I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be when I started. -Todd Barry

I remember that Jack Lemmon, who is one of my favorite actors of all time, says that the day he stops being nervous is the day he should leave the business. -Kim Basinger

I love to be nervous before a scene. -Kim Basinger

I have been steadily exchanging a rock audience who were nervous about what they had just bought for a jazz audience who not only were happy with their purchase, but are increasingly coming again. -Bill Bruford

I still get really nervous, though, before each performance. It kind of hits about 15 minutes before we go onstage – sometimes I don't even want to go on. But once I'm onstage I'm fine. -Alison Lohman

And I also am very nervous about implants. You know, I'm just nervous about all that. So I could still do it. I could think about it. But I needed to adapt to myself. -Lynn Redgrave

I get irritated, nervous, very tense or stressed, but never bored. -Catherine Deneuve

So it's kind of nervous to be in this situation, but at the same time you look at all those actors and the work that they've done, I've been in bigger films than all of them and still kept my integrity and still kept my respect. -Shia LaBeouf

I'm a workaholic. Before long I'm traveling on my nervous energy alone. This is incredibly exhausting. -Eva Gabor

Yeah, I kinda still get nervous sometimes now. -Kenny Hickey

I look at is as one single entity. I dehumanize the audience. This way, I don't get nervous, you know? -Kenny Hickey

Tardiness in literature can make me nervous. -Manuel Puig

I was just absolutely exhausted. The media said I've been treated for a nervous breakdown. All that stuff I just took as people taking the opportunity when you're down to give you a kick. -John Hewson

For the third season, we do a sit around on one episode where we were in character and then we commented on one episode just being ourselves, so – not really. I was comfortable, though. I wasn't nervous. -Carlos Alazraqui

I was nervous batting eighth, and I was nervous batting seventh. -Dontrelle Willis

I enjoyed doing Lipstick, but it scared me. I was very nervous. I couldn't wait for it to be over. It was very real, and I was just a kid. -Mariel Hemingway

I didn't only have a perceptual problem, I was also so nervous and so upset. The process just didn't work. I lost enthusiasm for school and I flunked second grade. The teachers said I was lazy. -Caitlyn Jenner

People keep asking how anthropology is different from sociology, and everybody gets nervous. -Clifford Geertz

I still get nervous on dates. I'll be sitting at dinner with a guy and I have to excuse myself and go to the bathroom because I can't breathe. -Shannen Doherty

When I got to match point in the final I was afraid I'd be a little nervous, but I just said, You have to stay focused, just think about what you have to do. -Gabriela Sabatini

I'm so nervous. I've always been nervous, ever since I was a kid. -Elvis Presley

The most interesting guy I've ever played with was King Hassan of Morocco. I went over there on a trip in the early 1970s, and the King and I played five holes. I've never been that nervous in my life. -Lee Trevino

My nervous system is enfeebled, only work in oils can sustain me. -Paul Cezanne

As a part owner, I'm going to be not only an admirer… but a nervous wreck. -Roger Staubach

I don't mean to make you nervous, but unfortunately I have to. -Eugene Ormandy

It's totally different. I usually don't tell people about the Pleased if they know me from the harp. And if they are there to see the Pleased, I usually don't tell them about the harp. I am nervous that these people will expect something similar. -Joanna Newsom

There's always something about the Tonight Show that makes me a little bit anxious, nervous, excited. But it's good. It's good. It's been real good for me. It always has helped my career and Jay and all the people here have always been great. -Jon Secada

The intellectual is a middle-class product; if he is not born into the class he must soon insert himself into it, in order to exist. He is the fine nervous flower of the bourgeoisie. -Louise Bogan

I put on the fat suit and went outside and walked around. I was really nervous about being found out, but nobody would even make eye contact with me. It really upset me. -Gwyneth Paltrow

I've read a couple of things that I was sort of close to having a nervous breakdown. But I don't think I was. I was very, very tired. It was a really difficult time. -Kate Bush

Be very nervous of the shaky hands. -Ja Rule

I didn't like the nervous tension of being a public person. -Andrew Denton

I don't get nervous in any situation. There's no such thing as nerves when you're playing games. -Shaquille O'Neal

A baseball game is simply a nervous breakdown divided into nine innings. -Earl Wilson

The aim of law is the maximum gratification of the nervous system of man. -Learned Hand

Never forget the power of silence, that massively disconcerting pause which goes on and on and may at last induce an opponent to babble and backtrack nervously. -Lance Morrow

I'm tired and nervous and I'm in America. Here you don't know that you live. -Greta Garbo

As we move toward a new Middle East, over the years and, I think, over the decades to come, we will make a lot of people very nervous. -James Woolsey

I'm always rather nervous about how you talk about women who are active in politics, whether they want to be talked about as women or as politicians. -John F. Kennedy

If you're not just a little bit nervous before a match, you probably don't have the expectations of yourself that you should have. -Hale Irwin

Coaching in the NBA is not easy. It's like a nervous breakdown with a paycheck. -Pat Williams

I get nervous when I don't get nervous. If I'm nervous I know I'm going to have a good show. -Beyonce Knowles

I'm excited, happy, nervous, anxious, all those feelings about playing for the Jets again. If I didn't have high expectations, I wouldn't come back here. -Vinny Testaverde

I've thought Cheney was scary for a long time. Now I know I was right to be nervous. -Sarah Brady

Being in the stands is very difficult. I was never playing but I am nervous watching, waiting. -Yannick Noah

We are the kind of people who obsess over one word… but we have only one shot to get it right in concert. It was hard the first time I practiced with them. I was so nervous that my vocal chords were paralyzed for about a half-hour. -Amy Tan

I get more anxious than nervous before a concert. -Miley Cyrus

I think Hannah gets nervous just like any other person would. She's like a dork, personally. She's just really, really fun. -Miley Cyrus

I hadn't worked for a year when I had my Prison Break audition and it was the easiest audition I've ever had. I got the script on Friday, went to the audition on Monday and got the part on Tuesday. I was shooting the pilot a week later. I didn't have time to be nervous – it happened so quickly. -Wentworth Miller

I get nervous around girls for the first time. Once I'm in, I can take the reins and go. It's just the initial approach I'm really bad at. -Jensen Ackles

I'm very used to playing the tomboy or the sarcastic cynic. That's my go-to. Playing the vulnerable of a real girl that's in real womanlike situations, where it's romanticized, I'm a little nervous about it. -Kristen Bell

I don't know, I think, in times where I'm really nervous, and I'm really under the pressure the worst possible outcome is for me to start thinking about it. I just do. -Shaun White

With silly stuff, it's seventy-five percent confidence. I always tell people that it's because I'm nervous about getting that next laugh and I need to hear it. I always want to condense a joke. -Tim Vine

They think I'm depressed because I look serious in photos. It's usually because I'm just nervous. But I've stopped dressing for other people. If I think I look good, that's the most important thing. -Rose Byrne

I get so nervous on stage I can't help but talk. I try. I try telling my brain: stop sending words to the mouth. But I get nervous and turn into my grandma. Behind the eyes it's pure fear. I find it difficult to believe I'm going to be able to deliver. -Adele

It wasn't like a Maths test where I have to strain to get it right. I feel very close to Luna so acting her was just natural. And if I had got too nervous I'd have done terribly. -Evanna Lynch

We don't get too nervous for too may things, but on television a few million people are sitting there watching. Definitely a lot more nerves. -Dave Haywood

I'm not a very good lover. I'm so nervous about my sexuality. -Anna Faris

I'd try to channel my nervous energy in a positive way into strength and endurance. It didn't always work. -Kristi Yamaguchi

I was quite nervous about meeting William's father, but he was very, very welcoming, very friendly, it couldn't have gone easier really for me. -Kate Middleton

And if it's a boy, I will be really nervous because I have no idea what to do with a boy because I am a girl and I have a girl! -Ali Landry

I always pretend like I'm nervous no matter what. I try to fall asleep. -Chris Moneymaker

Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' is my go-to song to pump myself up if I'm having a tough time or if I get really nervous right before a speech. -Sara Blakely

I get very nervous when I have to take my wedding ring off. -Jerry O'Connell

I auditioned for Robert Redford once and I was so starstruck I couldn't even speak. I had a mic wire at a screen test clipped to me and then I got kind of nervous and I paced in a circle and then took a step and tripped and fell on my face. You just have to forgive yourself and keep going on. -Ethan Hawke

The red carpet is really the only thing that makes me nervous. -Julianna Margulies

People get so stressed and nervous and mad. -Kim Clijsters

I definitely loved going on stage, I loved the nervous feeling and the performance and the doing-ness of it. It always felt kind of natural and inevitable and logical. -Sean Astin

My favorite thing to do is to wind those guys up by hitting on their girlfriends. I say, 'I think your girlfriend's gorgeous, but it's all right, I'm gay.' They get very nervous after a few minutes! -Adam Garcia

There are people in England that claim benefits because they are too nervous to work, so they claim their benefits for anxiety and never have to go out side there free home. -Joss Stone

In my case what happened next in 1999 was that I fell apart over that back nine. When I saw I was in genuine contention that year I felt like throwing up. That remains probably the most nervous I've ever been on a golf course. -Lee Westwood

It's about businesses nervous about taking on school leavers because of a mass of red tape. It's about health and safety regulations and green fines. -Nigel Farage

I think the joy of wanting to direct is having that nervous anxiety knowing your film is about to be shown and you're sitting right there with everyone. -Renee O'Connor

What makes us a bit nervous is, in this instant age, to release something that might take more than one listen. Where everything is instantly judged on YouTube or something! It's a bit like releasing a horse and cart on a racetrack. -Chris Martin

I get nervous every time, for every single performance, before getting up on that stage. -Thia Megia

When I get nervous, I get word vomit. -Dreama Walker

In the very beginning whenever Mia Hamm or Brandi Chastain would call for the ball, I'd just give it to them immediately because it was them and I was nervous. -Heather O'Reilly

Do not sit next to my mother when she is watching one of her children compete because you will have fingernails down your back. She is a nervous wreck. -Diana Lopez

I know when things are going to get me a little nervous, because nervous to me feels good. -Misty May-Treanor

I'm a much more chill person now that I know who I am and know my own voice, so I don't really get nervous with live TV at all. -Olivia Munn

There are not many times when I get nervous, but I do a little bit with penalties. -Alan Shearer

I don't get nervous. -Danny Bautista

If I don't train enough, of course I'm nervous. -Haile Gebrselassie

I used to really want to go on the stage and then the last couple of years I've done some presenting at some award shows. I was so nervous I thought I was going to be sick, so I don't think me on stage for any length of time would work too well. -Kate Bosworth

I don't really get star-struck, but I do get talent struck. If I meet somebody that I think is just wildly talented and brilliant, that's when I start getting nervous. -Kate Bosworth

For all of my life I'd been extremely healthy. I'd never had any health issues, so to go from being perfectly healthy to having this very rare disease was scary. In a lot of people it is very severe. Some people go blind, you can have neuro-lesions which affect your brain, so I was very nervous. -Sanya Richards-Ross

I was very nervous about taking on an empire that was richer and far more powerful than I will ever be. It was very daunting. -Sienna Miller

Being nervous isn't always the worst thing for me. -Danica Patrick

I don't feel nervous or fearful when I'm on stage. -Neko Case

Guys usually like a very natural look. I think it's bad idea to wear a strong lip on a first date – or for the first few dates. I'm always too nervous he'll kiss it off – if I'm lucky enough to get a kiss! I also think soft, sexy hair is important. -Emmy Rossum

Before I proposed to my now-wife, I was understandably nervous. My father suggested that I take stock of all of my experiences and relationships with women, from my earliest memories to present day, and see if I had learned anything that might inform my decision. -Justin Halpern

I was so nervous to turn 40, but the last year and a half has been the most fun I have ever had. -Giada De Laurentiis

Before every performance I feel nervous. -Diego Boneta

I ain't never nervous. Never nervous. -Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

I don't think you're human if you don't get nervous. -Sidney Crosby

As far as the anxiety, I have no idea about it. I don't feel like I have any nervousness out there. I'm just a guy who really cares about being competitive and that's the bottom line. -Dontrelle Willis

I was quite a shy child. I would get terribly nervous and throw up before my birthday party. And then I would be fine. I feel the same now. I get nervous, then it's fine. -Matthew Macfadyen

You see, with me, when I'm nervous, I smile and laugh. -Paula Radcliffe

Maybe it has something to do with turning 30. I don't feel as shy or nervous or self-conscious. I have more confidence that I can handle what life brings me. I don't feel scared to have an idea and express it. -Michelle Williams

A lot of times I would go into a room and audition for whatever sitcom it was and they would expect me to do sort of what my dad was doing and I am not him so they would be disappointed and I would feel nervous and not know exactly how to do it. -Jason Ritter

I really don't get nervous when I perform -it's more of an exciting feeling than anything else. But put me in a classroom with kids my age and have me take a test and yeah, I'll be nervous! -Alexa Vega

I think there's a lot of things that occur within the African-American community, that we would prefer to stay within the African-American community – that we get a little nervous when you start having scenes or dialogue that we know is going to be viewed and heard on a national or global scale. -Gabrielle Union

If I'm nervous, it means I had to work hard to get there, whether it's playing in a tournament or speaking at an event. So I try to stop and be proud of getting to live in that moment. -Maria Sharapova

I think any man would be nervous if his liberty is at stake. -Wesley Snipes

I'm incredibly grateful to be playing the villain in a world which, if I really thought to hard about what I was doing, I would get very nervous about the size and the magnitude of the importance and responsibility of being a villain in the world of 'Batman.' -Tom Hardy

When I went to Los Angeles right after high school, I got some acting jobs, and I never, ever wanted to be an actress! Public speaking and acting make me want to vomit. But I have never been nervous singing. When it comes to public speaking, I stumble on my words, sweat, and pull at my clothes. -Kelly Clarkson

I've never been more nervous in my life than singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl. -Kelly Clarkson

I love auditioning. Since 'The Notebook' and 'Wedding Crashers,' I don't have to audition anymore, and I miss it. You get to show your interpretation of the character. I get nervous when I don't audition. What if they hate what I want to do? -Rachel McAdams

What bothers me is our culture's obsession with nudity. It shouldn't be a big deal, but it is. I think this overemphasis with nudity makes actors nervous. There's the worry about seeing one's body dissected, misrepresented, played and replayed on the Internet. -Rachel McAdams

You feel the Olympics and you get chills and nervous and a little scared. You go through the emotional roller coaster at what it's like to compete at the Olympic level and you let that run through your whole body. -Bode Miller

You know when you read that someone has to leave a show or a tour because they had 'nervous exhaustion'? Well, I had one of those and discovered that I was quite close to death. I always assumed that my lifestyle was going to take me at an early age, but when it was actually occurring I was, 'Not yet!' I pulled back. -David Johansen

I think this is really a defining moment for the Arab world. The problem is, it is all going to be about blood, sweat and tears. In certain countries it may be just sweat, and in some countries sweat and tears, and in some countries, as you can see, a lot of blood. I think initial instability is something that we are all extremely nervous of. -Abdullah II of Jordan

Being steeped in the process of learning and exploring keeps me from becoming too nervous. Partly it's about not getting bored. -Renee Fleming

I'm a neurotic Jew who doesn't want loans. I can't even carry a balance on my credit card without having a nervous breakdown. -Duff Goldman

I'd be stupid not to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ because it was tough out there and I was nervous, and I felt his presence all day. -Webb Simpson

I tell you, it was kind of two-fold. I fortunately had a lot of support. My coach was amazing – he told me to focus on being prepared and that is what I did. Every athlete is nervous – any athlete who tells you they're not nervous isn't telling you the truth. I was as prepared as I could be. -Carl Lewis

I used to get nervous, you know if my parents would come watch. And then I would get nervous if my friends came and watched. Today it's not a problem anymore actually, because now I enjoy it. I see that they, you know, respect me immensely, and I try to put on a good show and show that I can still play very good tennis. -Roger Federer

As I get older, I'm slowing down and, yes, calming down in my desire to be taken seriously. That I can be entertaining and funny and high nervous energy can work against me as a serious composer, slowly but surely you'll see me be quieter just so that people will listen. -Marvin Hamlisch

I love tennis more than designing because it's actually easier and I don't get nearly as nervous. -Serena Williams

I'm always nervous when I perform anyway. -Jarvis Cocker

I'm always working. If I'm not in my studio I become quite nervous. -Jeff Koons

Because I've always been a fairly nervous person. -David Sedaris

I was pretty nervous when I met Robert DeNiro. I kind of felt like a kid in a candy store for the first time. I couldn't wipe the grin off of my face. But Bobby DeNiro was really, really sweet and made me feel very comfortable. He's very low-key and just a superstar professional, and totally someone to be admired. -Yvonne Strahovski

There's a difference between wanting to appear confident and actually feeling confident. I think there have been many times when I've overcompensated for how nervous or out of place I feel. I was like that at school. -James Corden

I stopped getting nervous a long time ago, so any time I do get nervous, which is rare – about work, anyway – I always take that as a really good sign. -Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I was in a play in elementary school and had to jump up and run away. I was nervous and tripped and fell down and everyone laughed. Their laughter made me relax, so I pretended it was part of the show. -Sherman Hemsley

I didn't get nervous when I ran, but I get nervous watching other people now. I root for anybody with a USA on their chest. -Gail Devers

Anything you can suck at should make you nervous. -Chris Rock

On Sunday morning, I'm not nervous… I can't wait to tell what God wants me to say. -Charles Stanley

I'm nervous whenever I perform. -Adele

I think that with any emotion – fear, love, nervousness – if the actor's feeling it, then the audience feels it. -Jessica Chastain

I don't really get nervous for auditions, because I just see them as mini acting classes. There's no need to have an attachment to the outcome because it's out of your hands after that. -Isabel Lucas

Of course you're nervous going into a final. -Li Na

There is no fixed physical reality, no single perception of the world, just numerous ways of interpreting world views as dictated by one's nervous system and the specific environment of our planetary existence. -Deepak Chopra

Your immune cells are like a circulating nervous system. Your nervous system in fact is a circulating nervous system. It thinks. It's conscious. -Deepak Chopra

I'm never nervous. -Bono

I still get real nervous when I go in front of more than two people. -Phil Knight

I get that same queasy, nervous, thrilling feeling every time I go to work. That's never worn off since I was 12 years-old with my dad's 8-millimeter movie camera. -Steven Spielberg

Backstage, I get sleepy, and want to curl up and snooze. I never get nervous, whatever the event. I feel quite detached until I walk on stage, and then some gear inside me clicks and off I go like a wind up doll. -Pete Townshend

I cannot control what goes on in another lane and this is how I focus on the Games. There is no point in being nervous of other swimmers. It's just about focusing on yourself and what you need to do in order to perform at your best. -Cameron van der Burgh

I've become more relaxed. When I was younger, I had more erratic, nervous tension when I was working. -John Singleton

Competitions make me nervous. When I go out on the ice, I just think about my skating and not, 'I have to do this to win.' I forget it is a competition. -Katarina Witt

I don't want to compete. I want to skate for the joy. I get so nervous in competition. I get always sick. I had pressures enough in my life from skating. -Katarina Witt

Just me onstage with a mike having an intimate relationship with the audience. I don't get nervous for that. I just get excited. -Kevin James

Now, I'm so relaxed that I have to make myself nervous. I feel better when I'm second and third guessing myself over everything. I play with the mice in my head, all the time. -John Singleton

I think it's healthy for a person to be nervous. It means you care – that you work hard and want to give a great performance. You just have to channel that nervous energy into the show. -Beyonce Knowles

I'm always nervous taking on a period role because it's difficult to research – you can't observe it, go out and see it. But it's satisfying because eventually you think, 'I got there.' -Shirley Henderson

Don't try to be what you're not. If you're nervous, be nervous. If you're shy, be shy. It's cute. -Adriana Lima

I get unreasonably nervous before talk shows. -Amanda Seyfried

I understand why creative people like dark, but American audiences don't like dark. They like story. They do not respond to nervous breakdowns and unhappy episodes that lead nowhere. They like their characters to be a part of the action. They like strength, not weakness, a chance to work out any dilemma. -Leslie Moonves

I love dressing up, but I do find the red carpet thing quite stressful. When I went to Venice Film Festival last month to promote 'Wuthering Heights,' I told my boyfriend beforehand 'I will be a nightmare, I will cry, I will be nervous.' Actually once I was there, it was fine. -Kaya Scodelario

I can't say I'm not nervous at all with media and doing speeches, but I'm getting used to it and better at it, hopefully. -Lydia Ko

When I look at the chaotic and volatile debate right now, both in Germany and around the world, my impression and concern is that the daily barrage of proposals and political statements is making markets and consumers even more nervous. Still, Brussels is pressing for a joint European approach. -Peer Steinbruck

I don't understand why people say that I am full of courage. I feel terribly nervous. -Aung San Suu Kyi

I still get butterflies when I'm doing a runway show. The music starts, you're wearing these gorgeous clothes and your nervous about your high heels, if your shoes are going to break, if your going to slip or do something wrong. -Karlie Kloss

I don't get nervous when I'm directing a play. It's not like acting. -Philip Seymour Hoffman

I was so devastated by my second divorce that I had a nervous breakdown. -Jane Fonda

I remember when I was a dancer and I had to do this performance and I was really nervous about it, and I happened at that moment to go see 'Flashdance.' I mean, it's silly, but I walked out of that movie going 'what a feeling!' I walked out with confidence. -Melissa Rosenberg

I was a tiger, a good fighter, in good shape, but I was always nervous before boxing matches. -George Foreman

I get really nervous if pigeons are flying around before shows. I can't stand them after one once flew in through my bathroom window and went for me while I was having a wee. That was enough. I think pigeons target me. -Niall Horan

I'd say three years ago we played in my hometown of San Antonio for 55,000 people at the Alamodome and walking out there with a crowd like that is just, you're excited, you're scared. There are just so many emotions going on. I still get nervous for things like that until after I sing about the first one or two songs, then I settle down. -George Strait

I'm always very nervous about the word 'dancer' next to my name because anyone who's really trained in dance will go, 'This guy's fudging so badly.' -Hugh Jackman

I'm kind of a nervous person in general. I'm socially awkward. I'm not tall and sensuous. I usually wear sweats everywhere I go. Oh, and I burp a lot. -Carrie Underwood

I'm always shook up and nervous and I've got the hospital record to prove it. -Harvey Pekar

I think I failed miserably on NewsRadio. I was very nervous because of the caliber of the cast – especially Dave Foley – so I think I did a terrible job. -Janeane Garofalo

I don't have any terrific self-esteem issues but I do sometimes realise I've been too lucky and that I'm over-praised. It makes me nervous. I have this sense of being overrated. -Christopher Hitchens

When I'm nervous, I stutter, and I had to keep stopping and starting. -Amy Winehouse

I still get a little nervous when talking to girls. Which is awful, and embarrassing, because I feel like I shouldn't. -Josh Hutcherson

Before I went to New Orleans, I was a little scared of New Orleans. I don't know why. I had only been there a few times. Something about it made me feel nervous, knowing a bit about the history. -Harold Perrineau

My mother Molly had a nervous breakdown after my father Chic died, aged 50. He was a very generous man who ran a shop in Dundee giving a lot of people tick. When he died, a lot of people hadn't paid their bills, so he died with a lot of debt. After he died, my mother went doolally. -Brian Cox

I just sing the songs that people don't expect you to sing, because I just love having fun at karaoke and I'm always a bit nervous to sing something serious. -Samantha Barks

I like to smile. I smile even when I'm nervous since it calms me down and shows my friendliness. -Yani Tseng

I get so nervous. I happen to be socially awkward and shy. I spent a lot of my time as an adult not going places. -Christina Ricci

I'm an incurable optimist and a go-getter – it's in my nature to focus much more on what makes me happy than what makes me nervous. -Demi Moore

My father was a Party member and he was a pretty high rank military officer under the colonel, junior colonel, I don't know the term. He was a total Stalinist. A bit with a streak of anti-Semitism and very shrewd man, a very kind of nervous man. -Mikhail Baryshnikov

Tiger Woods, Larry Bird, Wayne Gretzky, a pitcher just before a game, I would imagine they all have nervous energy. But as you perform, the nervous energy dissipates and you start to relax and you start to do what you do best. -Randy Johnson

People who say they're not nervous – I would be kind of curious to see how successful you are at what you do and how long you've done it. And what is success in your eyes? Have you separated yourself from everyone else in that craft? Or have you settled amongst the pack? -Randy Johnson

The best thing about golf is ultimately what it teaches you about yourself. And the worst thing is how freakin' nervous it can make you feel. -Gabrielle Reece

I became famous so quickly and so young – it was daunting. I was immature and I used to say some really stupid things in interviews. I never smiled on stage so I looked really serious, but it was because I hated my teeth and was incredibly nervous. -Gary Numan

I've never felt nervous in front of big crowds and in big stadiums. -Andy Murray

I think I've always been fine on stage – though I get nervous beforehand. But once I'm on stage, all of that goes out of the window. -Rita Ora

I am a very open person, and I'm always nervous of being misconstrued. Sitting in the middle of a restaurant makes me nervous. I feel like I'm being judged. And it's funny that I should feel that way. -Rachel Hunter

I get very nervous around famous people and I get nervous around beautiful women. -Liev Schreiber

I have the most nervous stomach in the world. -Sean Hayes

I still get butterflies when I'm doing a runway show. The music starts, you're wearing these gorgeous clothes and your nervous about your high heels, if your shoes are going to break, if your going to slip or do something wrong. -Joan Smalls

If you say you've had a nervous breakdown or things aren't right mentally, people run away from you. They think you're from 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest,' you know. -Frank Bruno

The first thing you should know about me is when I was three years old my mother left me and my father. And that was traumatic obviously for my father – he suffered a nervous breakdown at that time in his life. -Robert Carlyle

You should never get nervous about anything. What today seems important tomorrow isn't so any more. -Tito Vilanova

I love my nose! I was so nervous when I got pregnant that I was going to get that weird nose spread that you sometimes see pregnant ladies get. -Busy Philipps

Look, every guy is nervous when they talk to girls, but I find that little bit of nervousness to be kind of fun. -James Maslow

In my everyday life I'm a little bit nervous and not particularly brave. I feel like if I can be completely brave in my work then I'm doing something right. -Emily Browning

I am very benign-looking. I'm somewhat like a golden retriever: It's not hard to look at me. I'm perfectly fine. It's not like things jut out and make you nervous. But the lovely thing about being so pale and having such pasty features is that I can look like pretty much anything, which is nice. -Elizabeth Mitchell

I was very nervous about the accent. I was very nervous about being an American. -Janet McTeer

I was a nervous young man. I wanted to do so many things. And I was so enthusiastic and earnestly in love with so many things that I tried too hard. I tried really, really hard. And I made a lot of mistakes. I was afraid of a lot of stuff. And I kind of feel bad for that person I was. -Ryan Adams

I never got nervous performing my own material. -Wiz Khalifa

It's the only time that I'm ever nervous on stage, is when we're doing live TV. Especially an awards show, because I know you can't fix it. -Jason Aldean

I still get nervous when I have a lot of makeup on, a big hairdo, and a dress. -Jenna Fischer

I have to admit that I was a little nervous when I showed up for my first official 'Wreck-It Ralph' recording session. -Jane Lynch

Sometimes travelling really intensely for a long time is like having a continuous nervous breakdown. -Glen Hansard

I was shy and a hard worker, so acting was a way to focus whatever nervous energy I was experiencing onto a goal. -Deborah Ann Woll

People think I look odd onstage. But the way I deal with being incredibly nervous is by concentrating really hard. -Laura Marling

Being nervous is a waste of time. -Lindsey Wixson

I don't really get nervous, ever. I just have a good time. -Logan Henderson

Well, I think having your kids see you role model behavior of dignity when it's hard, when you're upset, when you want to confront somebody but you don't want to and you're nervous about it, when you are having moments where abuse of power is coming on to you. I think it's really important for kids to see how you handle that. -Rosalind Wiseman

One of the biggest things I learned was that it's OK to be nervous and admit that you're having a hard time. -Samuel Larsen

Creativity has got to start with humanity and when you're a human being, you feel, you suffer. You're gay, you're sick, you're nervous or whatever. -Marilyn Monroe

I come from a strong religious background, and I had a very conservative upbringing. So I was nervous, and confused. Here I was wanting to be Whitney Houston, so why did I have to dress in lingerie to do that? I didn't get it. -Nicole Scherzinger

I get very antsy and nervous if I don't know what the next job is. -Sam Neill

Some of the best auditions I've ever had have been when my agent called and said, 'They want you 20 minutes ago, in an office in Century City, to see you for something.' I'm not sitting there thinking for a week and a half, before I'm supposed to go in front of a network president to do something. That just gives you time to be nervous. -Billy Campbell

Don't get me wrong, magic is cool. But a nervous mother singing to her child at night while something moves quietly through the dark outside her house? That's a story. Handled properly, it's more dramatic than any apocalypse or goblin army could ever be. -Patrick Rothfuss

With a suit, even if you're having a nervous breakdown, you still look like you're in charge. -Paul Feig

'Rednecks' always made me nervous to play, but I'm glad I wrote it and I continue to play it. It's just that the language is so rough. -Randy Newman

White people get nervous and speed things up. You don't have to be in a hurry because you ain't got nothing to gain and you ain't got nothin' to lose. And that's where the groove lies. -Billy Gibbons

Every audition is different, but I get incredibly nervous and insecure and worked up for however long I have to prep – that's when I get to spin. But you're not allowed to spin once you enter the room. Doubt really can't enter the room when you're auditioning – unless it's part of the character. -Nina Arianda

I was shy. I was painfully shy, until fifth grade when I transferred to another school and befriended the class clown. And one day he was sick and I kinda stepped in for the class clown and I said, 'Wow, this is exciting, I'm a little bit nervous.' -Nathan Fillion

I don't particularly get nervous about anything. -Fabrice Muamba

I think I'm nervous to sign on to any job. -Jamie Campbell Bower

I'm nervous when taking part in any movie. -Jamie Campbell Bower

Interviews make me so nervous – I can't get a sentence out of my mouth. -Lara Stone

I still feel like a novice when it comes to classical theater, but I don't ever want to become comfortable with anything. The greatest creativity comes from being nervous and uncomfortable. -Jesse Tyler Ferguson

The mind and the body are inextricably entwined, and rarely are their inseparability clearer than when we're under some kind of mental pressure. The moment we start trying to learn a new skill, make a decision or otherwise think on our feet, our nervous system reacts – with accelerated pulse rate, increased respiration, even sweating. -Jeffrey Kluger

I wish there was something where you could blink an eye and be somewhere. I'm a very nervous flier. I wish we could get from point A to point B instantly. -Gayle King

I've had to ban my mum from coming to see me play. She gets so nervous before any show. I've always got a few nerves but she's so much worse than me. You'd think she'd be able to handle that kind of situation. After all, she is a concert pianist. -Birdy

I used to be really nervous when I sang. Like, when I was a kid starting young, 18 and 19, and my dad really had to sort of push me to start singing in front of people. Ever since I got out there and really started doing it, the only thing I've ever tried to do is just sort of is be myself, you know, never put on a voice. Sing naturally. -Dan Auerbach

I'd say the only time I ever get nervous is around great ballet dancers or people I really admire. -Dita Von Teese

I try to keep myself in what I'm doing and focused on character stuff, as opposed to getting wrapped up in worrying or being nervous. It won't benefit me, in any way, to focus on that. -Katie Cassidy

My first kiss was when I was 13. I was so nervous that I was shaking. Unfortunately, the girl I kissed never spoke to me again. -Conor Maynard

I mean, I can cook, but I'd get very nervous having my food being judged by dinner guests. -Prabal Gurung

When I get on a plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous. -Juan Williams

There were two auditions for 'The Social Network,' one with Aaron Sorkin and one with David Fincher. I was a nervous wreck. I was like, 'Okay, how do I hold the paper without my hands making it shake?' -Armie Hammer

I am clumsy, a late and nervous driver, and despise all sports except a little gentle dancing or yoga. -Emma Donoghue

You know, I've never done karaoke, ever. It makes me nervous – I think it's the lack of the guitar and just a microphone. -Gary Clark, Jr.

I failed public speaking in grade school, 'cause I was so nervous and scared. -Gary Clark, Jr.

There are some men who are frightened by strong women and some men who are nurtured by them and feel nervous, with weak clinging vines. And I am very much of the latter category. -Julian Fellowes

I like not to feel that all my eggs are in one basket, or I get nervous. -Paloma Faith

When we first started 'The Big Bang Theory,' I would get incredibly nervous because it's such a big show and I was just out of graduate school. I'd come in and have this huge responsibility for the one line that everyone hopes will bring down the house. -Kunal Nayyar

When people are nervous, some people move around. Some people scratch their leg. -Beau Mirchoff

When you stop being nervous is when you should retire. I'm always a little nervous for anything I do because when complacency sets in, that's when I feel it's time to move on to something else. -Chris Jericho

I'm a very nervous, shy person. -Grimes

If I'm with a group of people, I'm okay, but actually I'm quite a nervous person if I'm just one-to-one with somebody. -Jenna-Louise Coleman

The dog can only become what's in your bubble. The dog is imitating the energy that is in your bubble. You are the source, the feast of energy. If you feel anxious, the dog becomes anxious with you. If you become nervous, the dog wakes up nervous with you. -Cesar Millan

I find performing very difficult. It's difficult to be a good actor. I get very nervous, even though it sounds disingenuous, because you could legitimately go, 'Well, why do it?' -Richard Ayoade

I can't imagine not reporting. It's such a habit of mind for me, I do it even in my social life. If I'm nervous at a party, I just start interviewing people. -Lorraine Adams

My 20s was a sea of worry. I worried about benefit forms, about being thrown out of my flat. I never went on holiday because I thought: 'What if an audition comes up?' I was a nervous wreck. -David Nicholls

I am always nervous before the start of a race. It helps me to say to myself to try my very best. That is my commitment. No matter how bad it gets, I will try my hardest. -Dean Karnazes

First time I walked out on the Opry stage, Vince Gill was there. He kind of 'daddied' me through the whole thing. My knees were knocking. I walked out there, and I was literally shaking. They say it's the spirits or the ghosts. And out of respect for that whole establishment, I was really really nervous. -Randy Houser

If you can actually get someone to sit on the edge of their seat and feel nervous if there's a knock at the door, then you've done something pretty terrific as a writer. -Joanne Harris

Americans are nervous; Americans are restless; and what troubles me the most is that Americans are uncharacteristically pessimistic. -Joni Eareckson Tada

I do still get extremely nervous before speeches. My biggest fear is that I'll be standing there in front of hundreds of people and be incapable of talking. I'm afraid that I'll make a complete fool of myself and be unable to go on. -Marcus Buckingham

Medically speaking, there is no such thing as a nervous breakdown. Which is very annoying to discover when you're right in the middle of one. -Marian Keyes

My mom didn't write, but she loved to read. She liked books 'that made you a little nervous.' Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Peter Straub were the three wise men of our family bookshelf. -Michael Easton

Even at age 10, I already knew that I was different from most people. My anxiety disorder was still years from being diagnosed, but it affected me quite deeply. I was too afraid to speak out in class, too nervous to make real friends. -Jenny Lawson

It's nowhere near as intense as what I imagine an actor experiences backstage, but I feel a fluttering nervousness before a curtain goes up on a play. I mean, any play, anywhere – on Broadway or the Bowery or in a church basement. -Ben Brantley

To feel nervous; to feel threatened and vulnerable and alive and engaged in that sense when interacting with someone you're really attracted to? I think that's wonderful. That's usually the best part. In fact, it's almost always downhill from there. -Alex Karpovsky

I don't really get nervous in front of people. I kind of walk into every situation like I'm walking in to meet my peers, and they either like me or not. -Nico Tortorella

I love books; my suitcases are always full of them. Books and shoes. I read when I am sad, when I am happy, when I am nervous. My favourite British author is Jane Austen, and my favourite American one is John O'Hara. -Carolina Herrera

People get nervous accessorising, but there is nothing wrong with adding a belt or a pair of shoes in another colour. -Carolina Herrera

I don't get the jitters and I don't get nervous, because I build that comfort on set for myself. Sometimes if I'm gonna do something really crazy, it helps me to yell or look like an idiot on set, so that when I'm about to do a scene, I've already embarrassed myself. I find ways to work around getting the jitters. -Logan Lerman

My mom had an audition for a commercial when I was about two and a half, and I ran in crying and interrupted her. They thought I was cute so they offered me a commercial role. My mom was skeptical and a bit nervous about the child actor thing, but I was extremely bossy and convinced them I wanted to try it. -Mae Whitman

I get nervous for any competition. I also get really competitive. -Morena Baccarin

A lot of what I do as a showrunner is anxiety control. People get nervous when they don't know what's going on, so a big part of my job is making sure everyone has all of the information all of the time. -Glen Mazzara

I'm actually pretty scientifically interested. I have a lot of friends who are doctors, so the idea of the virus and the synapses in the brain and how the nervous system works was actually all pretty familiar to me. -Noah Emmerich

All know the importance of sustaining the hopes of a sick man. The reason of this is that his nervous system is then, vastly more than in health, susceptible to the influence of particular states of the mind. -Lysander Spooner

Desires collide; the wish to eat bumping up against the wish to be thin, the desire to indulge conflicting with the injunction to restrain. Small wonder food makes a woman nervous. -Caroline Knapp

I'm always nervous before starting a record because I can never sleep. I'm like, 'I have no good ideas, everyone is gonna see through me.' -Mark Ronson

Traveling is irritating to me, but not driving. Going to the airport makes me nervous, but when I set out to just take a leisurely drive, it's blue skies and puffy clouds and time. -Edward Ruscha

Processionalism is primary – how you get from one place to another, the relationships and effects of spaces as you move about in them. That's worked out awfully well in the State Theater. I'm a 'straight-in' man myself; I'm too nervous, I like to know where I am. I also like to know where I'm going. -Philip Johnson

Every time I'm recognized in public, I'm super grateful and appreciative, but I also get hot and nervous. -Issa Rae

I really liked drama and being in plays, so when I was playing a character onstage and I could act like somebody else, then I wasn't scared or nervous, but I didn't like meeting new people when I had to be myself. That was scary. -Meg Cabot

My worst date would be with someone nervous who has nothing to say. I like people who inspire me. -Tamara Mellon

I'm a shy person, so I get really nervous going into interviews. -Skylar Grey

When a performer doesn't get nervous, that is when you have to give up. -Bruce Forsyth

Before games, people ask whether I get nervous. To be honest, I don't get nervous, I just enjoy it. I am living the dream. When I was a kid I always wanted to play for my country and now I am here, I will enjoy it. -Jermain Defoe

When I get up in the morning, I look forward to the games and I'm just buzzing. At the end of the day, if you are nervous or scared before games, you are not going to perform. I just go out there and think, 'If I get a chance, I'm going to score' and that's it. -Jermain Defoe

I really enjoyed my degree, for me it was the best course you can do. To be able to study the brain and nervous system and the mind with a scientific approach is just incredible! Its philosophical, psychological and biological, three very interesting areas to me. -Freddie Stroma

I'm always nervous! Especially when it comes to a series like 'Disgaea', where you do have such a devoted fan base, the last thing you want to do is disappoint. But I love playing bad guys and just always hope that fans will be forgiving if I miss the mark. -Troy Baker

Being nervous is not something you should be ashamed of. Nervous means you care, you really want to do well. -Paula Creamer

I get so nervous before I go onstage – beyond butterflies! -Zoe Kravitz

If you're making too many excuses for someone, agonising over them in a way which takes up all your waking thoughts and feel so nervous around them you could be sick, then they are probably the wrong person. -Marina and the Diamonds

You know, when Michael Jackson does the moonwalk, he's showing off! When Prince or Hendrix do a guitar solo, it's confidence! I would hate to be at a show and some nervous wreck is sweating up there and doesn't feel like he deserves to be there. -Bruno Mars

My brain and body and nervous system, they see a plane ride, a long plane trip, as an opportunity to sleep with nothing coming in, nothing to do. I just go offline the minute I'm on the plane. -Anthony Bourdain

With dance and theatre, I think people get very nervous about not knowing the right things. They feel like they've missed something, or that they're not bright enough to watch it. It's not a test. -Wayne McGregor

I'm lucky I have a fast metabolism… my whole family does… everyone's got a lot of nervous energy so we burn it off. -Claire Foy

When I was in fifth grade, a boy put a rose on my desk and I threw it away. The attention makes me nervous. -Claire Coffee

Octopuses have hundreds of suckers, each one equipped with its own ganglion with thousands of neurons. These 'mini-brains' are interconnected, making for a widely distributed nervous system. That is why a severed octopus arm may crawl on its own and even pick up food. -Frans de Waal

I get terrified the first day I'm on a film set. I get nervous walking down a red carpet. I find making speeches the most terrifying thing in the world. -Catherine Zeta-Jones

I'm actually sometimes nervous right before a performance, but as soon as I'm on the stage I'm like, 'okay, we're gonna rock this baby.' -Armin van Buuren

Anyone who sets foot into the 'Watchmen' universe and isn't just a little nervous should be given a few days of electroshock therapy. I've always considered 'Watchmen' to be one of the best graphic novels ever written, and when it came out back in 1986 I was as blown away as everyone else. Just masterful. -J. Michael Straczynski

Being home alone at night makes me a bit nervous. If I'm at home alone, I have to sleep on the sofa – I can't face going to bed. I'm there with the TV on and all the lights on. I'm not very brave about anything in life. In tennis, yes. In everything else, not very. -Rafael Nadal

I become a better actor after I step on a stage in front of, like, 500 people when it's just me, a microphone and my guitar. You don't get as nervous walking into a room in front of 3 or 4 people and to do a scene or to walk on a set. You gain confidence. -Bryan Greenberg

When I first got sick, they told me I had a year to live, and I was writing my memoir really fast. There were really weird things happening with my nervous system and my heart and stuff, and it didn't look like I was gonna make it, so I was writing really fast, and then I couldn't write anymore. -John Lurie

Acting's all about the confidence you exude, especially on film. I mean, nervousness isn't attractive in anyone, but a film camera will seek it out and punish you. -John C. Reilly

Being unprepared makes me nervous. I'm old-fashioned show folk. -John C. Reilly

On the environment and climate change, I suspect that future generations will think there was too much timidity, too much fear of upsetting business. Basically, New Labour was very nervous about regulating business, or requiring it to do anything, even when there was a very clear social or environmental case for doing so. -Geoff Mulgan

To this day, I get very nervous coming back into my own country. -Hasan M. Elahi

I always feel a little funny being in front of a lot of people trying to show them my approach to the ukulele, but I do enjoy it. I do get a little more nervous doing workshops rather than performing. -Jake Shimabukuro

I grew up in a town with no movie theater. TV was my only link to the outside world. Film wasn't such a big deal to me. It was TV. So much so, that when I meet TV stars now… Not my co-workers, but real TV stars, I get nervous. I freak out around them. -DJ Qualls

The only thing I'm nervous about is talking to guests like human beings, because all of my interviews so far have been attacking people. I have a genuine concern about sitting across from an actor whose movies I obviously haven't seen. -John Oliver

I was very comfortable on the set of 'Lost'. I was so nervous when I went on to the set because I had just watched all the 'Lost' episodes. I was, like, a fan. A big fan. -Hiroyuki Sanada

You get nervous when you're identified with something that is really great and positive for so long. You don't want to not be that person, but there are going to be other roles in your career. -Melissa Peterman

In general, I'm pretty shy and nervous about a lot of things. For me to get on stage for the first time took so many times at an open mic before I finally got on stage and did it. -Tyler Hilton

The stage is my comfort zone, and playing live is what I've always wanted to do. It's why I want to do two hundred dates a year. I wouldn't feel that way if I were nervous onstage. -Hunter Hayes

My celebrity crush is not gonna find out who my celebrity crush is anytime soon. I'm so nervous! I may keep that to myself because if I do meet her and she already knows about it, that could be awkward. -Hunter Hayes

'One Tree Hill' was my first television experience, so naturally I was nervous initially. There is no rehearsal, you get your script a few days ahead, and you work. I was also the youngest actor, 13, on set at that time, but it was amazing to be able to 'learn the ropes' with such a supportive group of people. -Kelsey Chow

I remember taking my mom and dad to the premiere of 'The Inbetweeners Movie' and being really nervous. My mom was like, 'Laura, don't worry: I've watched all of the first series of the TV show, so I understand what this is going to be like.' -Laura Haddock

My mother was very ill when I was 18. She had a brain operation and then a nervous breakdown. It's very strange when you see your parents, who have always been your pillars of strength, suddenly become vulnerable. You don't know whether to be angry that they are not strong or devastated. -Emilia Fox

I'm always nervous doing auditions – to be honest, I hate it. I always envy the actors who are so cool and cold-blooded when they go in for an audition, especially if it's for a part that you would really love to play. -Daniel Bruhl

If you want to perform at your ultimate best, if you want to be the best you can be in sports and in school, mentally, physically – chiropractic is the way, because everything has to do with your nervous system. -Jonathan Lipnicki

I wouldn't say I have a lack of fear. In fact, I'd like my fear emotion to be less because it's very distracting and fries my nervous system. -Elon Musk

Anyone who tells you they're not nervous playing on the CMAs stage, I'm afraid they're not telling you the whole story. -Hunter Hayes

I was passionate about soccer. I still am. Odd, though – playing soccer always made me much more anxious than playing tennis. On soccer days, I'd be out of bed by 6 in the morning, all nervous. But I was always calm when it was time for a tennis match. I still don't know why. -Rafael Nadal

If the plane moves, some turbulence, I am nervous flyer. -Rafael Nadal

I love travelling with my laptop because I get a bit nervous if I can't access my e-mails. -Toby Stephens

The older I get, the more nervous and anxiety-ridden I get. I don't know how to fix that. -Vince Gilligan

People always ask me if I'm nervous about the intense sci-fi fans. To me that doesn't seem weird or scary. I get really intense about my favorite sci-fi shows, my favorite shows in general. -Magda Apanowicz

I pull my eyelashes when I'm tired or thinking – it's a nervous thing. -Sheridan Smith

When you audition for shows in Hollywood, you go in, you do your scene, maybe you get an adjustment. It's sort of easy, and a lot of times it just feels sort of rote and simple. Whereas when you go to New York and you audition for plays, you walk out sweaty and intimidated and nervous and doubting yourself as an actor. -Ben Feldman

I meet people who are famous, and it's made me realise that fame has huge lifestyle disadvantages. I'm nervous about that. I don't want to become a celebrity. -Tom Hollander

If you care about yourself and what you do, you get nervous about it. You just don't take the money and go home. -Rachel Ticotin

If people want to invade your privacy, they want to invade your privacy. I find it chilling, and I find it awful, and it makes me really nervous. It hasn't happened to me much, but when you have a taste of it, it's bitter. -Ruth Negga

The bigger the crowds get, the more nervous I get. I actually am very comfortable with a half-filled room of people who are slightly disinterested and are irritated at a Barnes & Noble. -Maria Bamford

I'm from Hollywood; I'm too dumb to be nervous about New York. -Yvonne De Carlo

It's hard for me to grasp the concept of somebody being nervous when I'm talking to them. -Kobe Bryant

Ed Koch will never 'rest in peace.' That was not his way. He was always nervously squirming, while making others squirm as well. Comfort was not his goal. He understood that to be a proud and assertive Jew meant never being able to leave a sigh of relief and say, 'It's over, we are at peace, we can now put down our guard and relax.' -Alan Dershowitz

I've gotten to work with amazing people. I would say usually we get to a point before we get into the studio where there isn't that sense of anxiety or nervousness of who they are because I don't think it would be as productive in the studio if that was the case. But maybe meeting someone like Neil Young for the first time made me anxious. -Rick Rubin

I think stutterers are funny. And I know it's rude and politically incorrect to laugh at stutterers. But I think it is okay because I know why they're funny. They make people nervous. People think, when on earth are they going to get the word out, so they start laughing out of their own nervousness. -James Earl Jones

People have nervous tics they don't know about, and I would advise asking around. Ask the casting director, 'Is there something I'm doing?' I would see people unconsciously rocking back and forth. I roll my lips. I bite my lips and roll them. -Olivia Wilde

Generally I find that kids ask better questions than you get with adults. Something that kids will do a lot is, they're so nervous, and they're not really paying attention, so they'll ask the same question someone just asked. And you're trying to be nice and not embarrass them any more than they are already. -James Patterson

I know what I'm missing. I know what I have to work on. Coloratura. And I sing sharp sometimes. It happens when I'm nervous. -Anna Netrebko

I took theatre and stuff in college, then I took a bunch of different acting classes here in L.A. Sometimes when I have a hard audition, I'll call my acting coach and he'll come help me. I actually get more nervous in acting class than I do at an actual audition. It's actually a really great way to get over your nerves. -Melissa Ordway

Sometimes, if you are nervous, it could actually turn out to be a manifestation of your exhaustion. The point is that any setback is bad, but if you see it from a perspective, you'll recover. -Viswanathan Anand

I definitely want to act, but hosting is something that I am really enjoying. The first show I ever hosted was 'Jhalak Dikhla Ja.' I was super nervous then, but now I am very comfortable. -Mona Singh

I think every English actor is nervous of a Newcastle accent. -Alan Rickman

I remember my dad came from Ireland and Scotland, and so he carried with him the fear of poverty. So when I wanted to break loose, it kind of made him very nervous. -Robert Redford

I get nervous before everything – dates, filming, award shows. I just don't want to say something stupid. But as soon as I step out on that stage, or as soon as I show up to a date, it all goes away, and I just have a great time with whoever I'm with. -Taylor Lautner

In general, I get nervous when I do print interviews because I know that whatever I say is going to be shown through the lens of whomever I'm talking to. -Emma Stone

I used to get nervous about three weeks before a gig… now I've managed to condense it down to a manageable ten minutes. -Jo Brand

I'm too nervous to eat before I go onstage, and I'll usually eat out after the performance or when I get home at midnight. -Jo Brand

I was a scared kid… I think I was born a nervous wreck, and I think movies were one way to find a way transferring my own private horrors to everyone else's lives. It was less of an escape and more of an exorcism. -Steven Spielberg

I get very nervous before I get on the stage, but once I'm on the stage, I'm just, you know, me. Nothing hurts me. -Yoko Ono

Whenever we feel stressed out, that's a signal that our brain is pumping out stress hormones. If sustained over months and years, those hormones can ruin our health and make us a nervous wreck. -Daniel Goleman

I'm not a real film buff. Unfortunately, I don't have time. I just don't go. And I become very nervous when I go to a film because I worry so much about the director and it is hard for me to digest my popcorn. -David Lynch

I get nervous watching teammates. I get nervous for them. Late in the game, pressure situation, I'm nervous for them. -Derek Jeter

I was a really nervous kid. I was extremely sensitive. Incredibly perceptive. -Ryan Reynolds

No matter how many shows I've done, as soon as they say it's time to start, I get that nervous sensation and feel like I have to pee. So that's where my mind is. That and making it to the end of the runway and back as fast as I can. -Gisele Bundchen

Big government is indeed big, and like another big creature, the sauropod dinosaur, government has a primitive nervous system: The fact of an injury to the tail could take nearly a minute to be communicated to the sauropod brain. -George Will

I thought I'd get over being insecure if I became famous, but it hasn't happened. It just gets worse, really. You get more and more on edge, more nervous. These are all the things I'm dealing with. You think if you get famous, fear will go away and problems will go away. But they don't. -Christian Slater

I think lots of actors are very nervous and shy. I know lots of them who are, and some who aren't of course. -Maggie Smith

My career only took off because of one football game. I thought it was funny. 'Playboy' called and offered me a cover just like that. I turned them down initially, because I was nervous about it and my boyfriend at the time didn't want me to do it, but they kept coming back, so I eventually said yes. -Pamela Anderson

It's much easier to teach writing, because people are less shy about writing. If they're in a group, nobody can see what they're writing. When you're drawing, people get a little more nervous. -Lynda Barry

I still get nervous about singing. I drink tea with honey and lemon before every concert. And I need to have scented candles in all of my hotel rooms. -Mary J. Blige

I like a man who can come out and say he's nervous on the first date. I think that would be really cute. -Sarah Shahi

I get really nervous when people are like, 'I saw you in a trailer! I saw you on TV!' Genuinely, my cheeks get red. -Zoey Deutch

It was hard to get guys to notice me, period, because I was so skinny and all my friends were curvy. Plus, I used to be very nervous in front of guys. -Tyra Banks

As soon as you see 'Dame' in front of someone's name, you get nervous, but Dame Maggie Smith is the most wonderfully gentle woman I have ever met. She never had a bad word to say. -Tom Felton

Probably more than any other movie we've made here at Pixar, 'Up' was the one we were the most nervous about. -John Lasseter

I always had a sketchbook with me when I was young. I was hiding behind it, basically, hiding behind drawing because I couldn't cope with people in real life; I was very shy and very nervous around people. -Robert Crumb

People still make me nervous, but gradually over the years I've developed kind of like a public personality, so I can talk. I have my spiel, I have my stories. -Robert Crumb

If people are a little nervous about approaching you at the market, it's good. I'm not Chuckles The Clown. Or Bozo. I don't cut the ribbon at the opening of markets. I don't stand next to the mayor. Hit your baseball into my yard, and you'll never see it again. -Tom Waits

If you're nervous, that means you care and you want to give your best. -Adriana Lima

I remember Tyra Banks giving me encouraging advice during my first Victoria's Secret commercial shoot. I was so nervous, and she told me to just relax and be confident – that made me feel very comfortable. -Adriana Lima

Kids are smart: don't underestimate their bull detector. Contemporary kids have access to a lot of information, so don't even try to fool them. I have never been more nervous about my research than when writing for young adults because they pick up every single error. -Isabel Allende

I'm a hometown girl, and my personality at home is the opposite of the performer in me. But then, when I'm home and haven't done anything for a while, I get really itchy and nervous and weird-feeling. -Britney Spears

I get nervous for everything – literally everything. -Taylor Swift

Meditation makes the entire nervous system go into a field of coherence. -Deepak Chopra

I'm scared of audiences. One show in Amsterdam I was so nervous, I escaped out the fire exit. I've thrown up a couple of times. Once in Brussels, I projectile vomited on someone. I just gotta bear it. But I don't like touring. I have anxiety attacks a lot. -Adele

Order and disorder, form and formless must have profound psychological roots, nervous roots. -Delmore Schwartz

I've read that Steven Wright's style was born out of genuine nervousness. -Mike Birbiglia

I get paralyzingly nervous a lot of times, so I tried bravado. The way I dress and carry myself, a lot of people find it intimidating. I think my whole career can be boiled down to the one word I always say in meetings: 'strength.' -Lorde

Sometimes when I'm nervous, that's when the most interesting things happen. -Chelsea Peretti

I hate auditioning; it makes me more nervous than anything ever, and I always feel like I wasted my time and I could have been creating my own thing. With the Internet, you have so much freedom that 'gatekeepers' make me terrified. -Grace Helbig

Eat well and sleep well. That will feed your nervous system and your psyche. As you get older, you look how you feel. -Francesca Annis

I think, for a shy person – and I was very shy until my mid-20s – having been to an all-girls' school is not brilliant on the boyfriend front later. Because when I went to university, it was definitely like meeting a new species of people. Suddenly, at age 19, I was thinking: 'Can you speak to these people?' I was very, very nervous. -Miranda Hart

I've been cycling ever since I was a kid. I remember taking my cycling proficiency test aged seven – I got to school at 7:30 A.M. to practise, I was so nervous. After that, I always cycled to school. -Erin O'Connor

My inspiration is endless; I can't define it. It is a constant flow and evolution. In general, I'm taking it from everywhere. People get nervous when they walk with me, as I'll see something and suddenly have to text it to myself. -Raf Simons

I have learned from the first Olympics, of course. When I went to my first Olympic Games, I experienced all of the pressure and was able to win the gold medal. I try not to feel the pressure, and I try not to be nervous when I am on the ice and when I compete. -Kim Yuna

I know that I am the kind of person that gets a little bit more nervous than other skaters, but that's because I care for my skating very much. I take all my emotions with me. I can't go out and say 'Now, this is just my job.' I really care. -Carolina Kostner

Lots of people think I'm telling porky pies when I say how nervous I get about singing. I was good at working out how music was put together, and I was good at being at the back, but if you asked me to sing up front, then I looked like I was going to pass out. -Laura Mvula

I would prefer to be a little nervous, because when you stop being nervous is kind of when you stop caring. -Conor Oberst

I am always nervous when I'm auditioning for a part I really want. -Ed Stoppard

I get so nervous before I go on stage that I can never eat very much, so I'm always completely starving afterwards and dying for a bowl of pasta. -Samantha Bond

I had the question asked of me before, 'What do you like better: singing or playing guitar?' If I'm gonna be totally truthful, if that microphone's in my hand, I'm loving it. When the guitar's in my hand, I'm a little nervous, but I'm still loving it. -Phil Anselmo

In boxing, I had a lot of fear. Fear was good. But, for the first time, in the bout with Muhammad Ali, I didn't have any fear. I thought, 'This is easy. This is what I've been waiting for'. No fear at all. No nervousness. And I lost. -George Foreman

I get very nervous when it's quiet, because I think it's dead. What I learned in the moment was to hold back a little before you talk. -Sheila Nevins

When I'm depressed, I definitely comfort eat, but I also eat when I'm happy. The only time I don't eat is if I am terribly nervous. -Sally Phillips

Practically everybody knows what it's like to feel anxious, worried, nervous, afraid, uptight, or panicky. Often, anxiety is just a nuisance, but sometimes it can cripple you and prevent you from doing what you really want with your life. But I have some great news for you: You can change the way you feel. -David D. Burns

Everything is so chaotic. My nervous system can't handle it. I need my peace, so, every once in a while, while the kids are at school, I lie in bed, close the curtains, watch television and eat food. -Leslie Mann

I'm a sucker for entertainment and escapism as much as the next person. I like silly and lowbrow stuff, but I get nervous when I indulge in that too often. I want to know what's going on in the world. I have a morbid fear of being surprised by bad news. I want to anticipate everything. -Martin Donovan

A surprising number of American skyjackers were not yet old enough to drink or sometimes even drive. These adolescents were generally inept at planning their crimes, and few of their capers met with any success; most seemed to end within moments of starting, usually after a fatherly pilot convinced the nervous teen to hand over his gun. -Brendan I. Koerner

I always got nervous the nights we played in the World Series. First pitch, I was nervous. Then after that, forget it; I'd start playing. -Yogi Berra

I think whenever you come in, whenever you try to evolve a company, people will get nervous. But, if you articulate a clear vision, a clear mission to help them understand their roles in it and ask them to buy into the system, everyone will band together to make it happen. -Dan Rosensweig

Girls come up to me and start crying. Or they're so nervous, they are shaking. Some have tried to sneak grabs of my abs and my butt! -Ryan Guzman

I definitely get nervous about if I'm going to forget the words to the songs or something. And I don't enjoy being the center of attention for an hour straight – I think that's really stressful. -Bridgit Mendler

I have a teacher friend who gets nervous when there's $200 in her account. But at least she knows that in a week, she'll get another paycheck. I have no idea. -Gaby Hoffmann

The first day of 'Bling Ring,' I was so nervous and freaking out. I'm a know-it-all and was going into a situation where I couldn't predict what would happen. -Katie Chang

People have all kinds of approaches when they come up to me. Some of them are so nervous: 'You know, Mr. Cosby, you are my biggest fan!' I am? Some of them even claim that I raised them. -Bill Cosby

I tell residents, if you gave me two patients with identical problems, and one of them had family at the bedside with a lot of laughter, plus photos and a quilt from home, and next door was another patient who was alone every time I came by – I'm going to be very nervous about the isolated patient's mental status. -Allan Hamilton

I was just terrified in front of the camera. I couldn't even say my own name. I walked out of a handful of auditions. I mean, ran out in cold sweats. I was just so nervous and insecure. -Trevor Donovan

Some artists are nervous – most of them are, to tell you the truth, and they have different ways of exhibiting that. Some of them are boisterous, some are really quiet. -Daryl Hall

Technically, my first acting job was in one of my videos for a song called 'Retrospect For Life,' which Lauryn Hill directed and featured an actress by the name of N'bushe Wright, who played my girlfriend who was about to be pregnant. I remember being so nervous about it, but now I feel like I can conquer the world with it. -Common

I have grown up in Delhi in a way, and I keep coming here often. But, and I am sorry to say, I'll always be nervous when in Delhi. In my college days, I have had my bum pinched around so many times. So yes, in Mumbai, I can just walk around and do what I want to do, but in Delhi I'll always be scared. -Preity Zinta

Yes, you have to be brave enough to take steps that your heart is telling you to take. Because when I decided to go into cricket, not one person told me I was making the right move. At that time, nobody thought the IPL would become so big. I was nervous at that time, because suddenly I was in an uncomfortable spot. -Preity Zinta

The kind of true-life writing that is fun to read – that makes an ally of the reader – is the kind that you are so nervous about putting down on paper that you lock the Word file with a secret password and encrypt it – and all of it. -Julie Klausner

If caught early, Lyme is easily treated with antibiotics. But activists, and many researchers, have long contended that tens of thousands of people remain unaware that they have been infected – sometimes for years, during which the bacterium can spread to the heart, nervous system, and brain. -Michael Specter

People get nervous driving around corners, thinking they're going to tip over. But you can go soooo much faster through the curves than you realize. -Lindsey Vonn

Ironically, it is when we identify with our spirits rather than our bodies that we are most powerful on the material plane. Our overidentification with the world does not give us power within the world so much as it diminishes our power here. It makes us frightened and nervous and full of anxiety. -Marianne Williamson

The most venomous animal that lives in the ocean is the box jellyfish. And every one of those barbs is sending that venom into this central nervous system. So first I feel like boiling hot oil I've been dipped in. And I'm yelling out, 'Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Help me! Somebody help me!' And the next thing is paralysis. -Diana Nyad

I was a sophomore in college, and I did an industrial video about how to use the Internet – that dates me! It was with John Turturro, somehow they had gotten John Turturro to do this thing, and I was so excited and so nervous I probably drank 10 cups of coffee that morning. -Warren Kole

Honestly, like, American football is not that big over in the U.K., so we hadn't really heard of Drew Brees before. I did know that he was, like, a massive football player. He's a massive star, so I was still a little bit anxious and nervous to meet him. -Zayn Malik

I remember when I was a young social worker, the first time I went to the state capital in Arizona, where I eventually served for seven years, I was so nervous to go and lobby my state legislators. Because I only had a master's degree at the time in social work. -Kyrsten Sinema

My first show was in front of 30,000 people with, and I wasn't even that nervous. -Kat Graham

I got to watch my heroes meet him and saw how they reacted, whether it was Joe Strummer or Tom Waits. It was peculiar. I'm so stoked to meet Tom Waits, and he's so nervous to meet my dad. It's a head spin. -Jakob Dylan

I think women are usually a little bit nervous about wearing white denim. -Brad Goreski

I get extremely nervous before performances. I pray and try to look at it as, 'I'll go out there and have fun,' but it's very nerve-wracking for me. I don't think that will ever change. -Tessanne Chin

I found out that I couldn't have a nervous breakdown. I tried a couple of times, but it just didn't work out. My mind, my body wouldn't let me. -Tom Smothers

I get a little upset, yeah, if a year goes by and I don't get a script. Thank God I have other interests that keep me from becoming a nervous wreck. -Alan Arkin

China and India are feeding their people for the first time in human history due to free markets, and the Left knows that, and it gets them nervous. -Dave Brat

I had a nervous breakdown at 17 when my first love left me, and he was a typical bad boy, albeit a charismatic one, with a string of broken hearts trailing behind him. -Caroline Leavitt

I had kissed a girl in the second season of 'Community,' but that was my first time kissing a girl ever, and I was so nervous, I almost knocked Brit Marling's teeth out. -Gillian Jacobs

I'm a very law-abiding citizen, and I've never consciously broken any law. I get nervous just jaywalking in Los Angeles! -Gillian Jacobs

You've got to stay in pretty good shape to be a pro wrestler, and all the TNA wrestlers get a bit nervous when I wrestle them because they're afraid I'll tire them out, but the Olympics is a whole different level. -Kurt Angle

I don't consider myself sexy. I'm kind of a nervous person in general. I'm socially awkward. I'm not tall and sensuous. I usually wear sweats everywhere I go. Oh, and I burp a lot. -Carrie Underwood

When the 'New York Times' revealed the warrantless surveillance of voice calls, in December 2005, the telephone companies got nervous. -Barton Gellman

It's often the case that the most strained moments in books are the very beginning and the very end – the getting in and the getting out. The ending, especially: it's awkward, as if the writer doesn't know when the book is over and nervously says it all again. -Robert Gottlieb

The idea of uploading a video that the whole world had access to made me nervous. -Bethany Mota

Interviews are fun, but I get nervous at red carpets. -Kodi Smit-McPhee

Even on TV appearances or big shows, I don't know if I've ever been as nervous as I was my first time doing stand-up. I just remember getting offstage and sitting down, and my right knee was just shaking from the adrenaline. -Hannibal Buress

Capitol Records were very keen for me to write and see how I got on; I think that is what defined my sound. The first session I had was with two young up-and-coming writers, Nick Atkinson and Tom Wilding, and I went into a session a bit nervous because I hadn't written that many songs before. -Shane Filan

The music kind of possesses me when I sing. So whenever I start to sing on a show – I mean, first, I'm nervous, and then when I get into it, it's just like I feel like I'm the person who sang the song first. -Jackie Evancho

It's not telepathy. It's not the Borg. But we created a new central nervous system made of two brains. -Miguel Nicolelis

In my view, while the single neuron is the basic anatomical and information processing-signaling unit of the brain, it is not capable of generating behaviors and, ultimately, thinking. Instead, the true functional unit of the central nervous system is a population of neurons, or neural ensembles or cell assemblies. -Miguel Nicolelis

When I'm nervous, I know I care about something – you should be nervous about things that you want. -Ellen Wong

The first time I had to hold a baby, I was really nervous, but I soon grew in confidence. -Jessica Raine

I auditioned for 'Jake in Progress,' and I was nervous because I had a big crush on John Stamos. I was totally thrown off and couldn't remember my lines. -Mircea Monroe

I don't sleep well. I'm a very nervous – by my nature – anxious, almost paranoid person and reporter. -Andrew Ross Sorkin

I do think non-linearly. So I think that comes off as nervousness or anxiety in a person. -Michaela Watkins

I get very nervous about not being around the office. -Arash Ferdowsi

I was so nervous because I was doing my first film. I didn't want to embarrass myself. I'm an incredibly insecure person, and knowing that I had to go on set in next to nothing, it scared me, but at the same time, I knew it would be a challenge to open me up, not only as an actress but as a person. -Tahyna Tozzi

I used to be tense or nervous before heats. But I've learned to get rid of the negative stuff and just stay relaxed and positive – and it seems to be working for me. -Joel Parkinson

I think that's part of acting – to still get nervous and control that fear. I don't know how to get rid of that. -Jordi Molla

When I was little, I was very loud and loved performing in front of people. I was fearless. When I hit puberty, I became very shy and self-conscious. I still get nervous sometimes before shooting and definitely before big auditions. -Brianna Brown

I get nervous about everything. I think there's something wrong if you don't get nervous. -Megan Hilty

I was definitely nervous turning up on my first day to shoot with Woody Allen. -Ashley Madekwe

I still see myself on TV and think, 'Oh my God, I'm on a television, and there are millions of people watching,' and I get really nervous and embarrassed and insecure. -Rutina Wesley

I used to get very nervous before a concert. It's okay when you are in a band. You can kind of disappear. But when it's just you… yes, that was difficult. I would not say it is easy now. But when you do it for a long time, you do learn to cope. -Agnes Obel

I thought twenty was pretty scary, like, not being able to call myself a teenager anymore, and feeling like an adult – that kind of made me nervous. -Adam Lamberg

Bill Phillips was this nervous, chain-smoking student. He had signed up to be an engineer, he had gone away to fight in the Second World War, he had come back. He had switched to sociology because he wanted to understand how people could do these terrible things to each other. And he did a little bit of economics on the side. -Tim Harford

It's very exciting to be able to just work in this business, let alone on stuff you are extremely proud of. So it does make me a little nervous, because 'Breaking Bad' is so special. It's great being part of something so great because people pay attention to you, hopefully because you're doing good work. -Aaron Paul

Anytime someone talks about your figure constantly, you get nervous; you get really self-conscious. -Christina Hendricks

I think I can speak for a lot of people in that they would be pretty nervous about meeting Harrison Ford, and I was definitely one of those people. -Asa Butterfield

There was an assistant professor I kind of had a crush on, but I was far too awkward and far too nervous to ever say anything. -Lauren Stamile

I was nervous. I was thinking, 'Gee, he's Ralph Fiennes. What an amazing actor, and I can have this scene with him.' But I enjoyed it, you know. That's what I got into acting to do – to push myself and see if I can do these things. -Matthew Lewis

For a while, I was nervous about portraying women because of the objectification that automatically comes with it, whether the artist intends or not. -Toyin Odutola

Out on the hill under the helmet, nobody sees your face or hair, but then you take it off, and they do – that's the part I'm nervous about. -Mikaela Shiffrin

Because I've got an AFI award, I feel there is a certain expectation when I walk into a room, you know, that 'That Deb Mailman must know something!' But I'm just as nervous with every experience. I still doubt whether or not I can pull something off. I still think, 'When is the review going to come along that says Deb Mailman's not very good?' -Deborah Mailman

When I was younger, I was nervous and didn't have a huge amount of confidence as an actor. Comedy is something – you know when you're getting it right because you can hear. And you can hear if you're not getting it right! I like to create interesting, weird characters, and they're often best in comedies. -Lucy Punch

Humans are nervous, touchy creatures and can be easily offended. Many are deeply insecure. They become focused and energized by taking offence; it makes them feel meaningful and alive. -Michael Leunig

Most nervous I've ever been is probably the 2007 Walker Cup. I was a little boy playing with these 8 or 9 other guys that were the best amateurs in the country. -Rickie Fowler

When you go on the stage before thousands of people, you can be excited and nervous, but it's not fear. -Bill Kreutzmann

My most annoying habit is complaining about my aches and pains. It's the new ones that I haven't identified yet that make me nervous. According to my wife, I complain way too much. I may be a borderline hypochondriac, or you could say I am fascinated by the body – at least by mine. -Ted Danson

When Mom had her first nervous breakdown, she said she had a vision of Christ coming to her in the living room. -Spalding Gray

I just always had this feeling inside me of always being nervous and afraid of situations. -Jonathan Knight

When I step out onto the ice to compete 'Romeo and Juliet,' I don't feel like a fighter. I feel very nervous, and it's very difficult for me to get into the mindset for it. -Ashley Wagner

I'm a very strong person, and I think that's why, actually, I find it really infuriating when I read, 'She had a nervous breakdown' or 'She's not very mentally stable, just a weak, frail little creature.' -Kate Bush

With such riches as I have in life, you're always nervous. Being Irish, you're waiting for something to knock it sideways. -Pierce Brosnan

Years ago, I did a CBS audition. I was nervous. They introduced me as 'Scott Bakoola.' Not a good sign. I also didn't get the show. -Scott Bakula

I get nervous even guesting on other people's shows. -Scott Bakula

You probably don't hit as many fairway-bunker shots as you do the greenside ones, and that unfamiliarity might make you a bit nervous. -Ernie Els

Grip pressure – not mechanical flaws – is the biggest factor when you're nervous. You unconsciously grip it tighter, which keeps you from making a smooth swing with a natural release. Keep your grip pressure light, and you'll be surprised how much your mechanics stabilize. -Ernie Els

When you coach Russ Smith, you have a nervous breakdown on every possession. He's not from a different country. He's from a different planet. -Rick Pitino

I don't get into these petty things, Kentucky-Louisville. To me, it's nonsense… There will be people at Kentucky that will have a nervous breakdown if they lose to us… They've got to put the fences up on bridges. There will be people consumed by Louisville. -Rick Pitino

I'm kind of a sloppy feminist. Any ideology makes me a little nervous because there's some point where it doesn't allow for the complexity of things. -Kim Gordon

I'm getting nervous to be called a centrist. Breaking out in a rash. -Jeb Bush

I can't play video games because I get too nervous. It just stresses me out. -Michael Cudlitz

I used to second guess myself all the time. I can sit there and work in circles when I'm nervous about what I'm doing. -Chino Moreno

I enjoy a good cliffhanger. As a reader, I relish that nervous feeling you get when you're engrossed in a story, but in the back of your mind you're aware that there aren't that many pages left. How will it end? Everything can't be wrapped up! This can't end! Then it does, and your heart seems to stop. -Kresley Cole

Whenever there's a role that scares me, I get panicked and nervous. I know that greatness might come because I'm going to get out of my own element and comfort zone. -Moran Atias

I was always an exhibitionist. I liked it when everyone laughed. But I didn't do plays in high school. I was too nervous. -Marcia Gay Harden

I get so nervous, I get belly pains before I go on stage. -Rita Ora

I'm not a nervous flier. I realize it's still the safest form of travel. -Cheryl Ladd

When I did the video for 'Holding Out For A Hero,' we filmed that on top of the Grand Canyon, and that was quite frightening. I was close to the edge, and there was a helicopter hovering about, creating a lot of wind, and I was nervous I was going to fall off. -Bonnie Tyler

I am going to keep on singing. I have no intention of retiring. Actually, I always wonder whether people know my songs in the different countries I visit. I feel nervous over whether they will sing along with me or not. -Bonnie Tyler

When my dad died, I developed a nervous habit. He was very shy and quiet, and I was like him. -Crystal Gayle

I am a little nervous with strangers. But I'm not tight inside. I think I am impulsive. -Jose Carreras

I sometimes feel nervous because I give stupid answers to certain pointless questions. It happens in Turkish as much as in English. I speak bad Turkish and utter stupid sentences. -Orhan Pamuk

I attempt to surf. I'm not as good as anyone else in the water. I'm more like a beached whale. I just hang out on my board. I can ride, but I get too nervous unless I go with my boyfriend or my trainer. There are too many burly men out there! -Olesya Rulin

I was nervous about doing 'Scottsboro Boys' because I'm not a trained dancer, and there is a lot of very athletic dancing involved. -Colman Domingo

Chess is a very tough game, and psychologically a tough game. And of course, chess needs a lot of qualities, human qualities. And so you must have a very strong nervous system, and then you must be well prepared; you must be able to work a lot. -Anatoly Karpov

Being referred to as a hunk or a heartthrob makes me nervous, but it's flattering. But I'm more interested in being an actor than a heartthrob. -Orlando Bloom

I've never followed a list in my life, and that's probably what has created so much nervous energy in my body. -Dick Dale

I'm very nervous about taking jobs. I always make sure that, if I'm going to work with somebody, that they really understand what it is that I want to do. I'd rather not take the job than be vague about how I'm going to do something and run into trouble later on. It's a hard thing to negotiate. -Spike Jonze

The only time I get afraid is when I am at the ocean. I get a little nervous when I'm in the water because I always feel like something is going to bite or snatch me. -Texas Battle

The one I have the most angst towards would be YouTube. We had an opportunity to invest, and I just got nervous about the media industry's response to the unlicensed content on the site. -Peter Fenton

I remember Alicia Keys and Usher had released a song called 'My Boo,' and my music teacher got me to sing a duet with a friend of mine, and I remember being so nervous because I loved to sing, but I could never fathom singing by myself. And when I did that, I remember how proud I was of myself. I was 12. -Seinabo Sey

There is a biological power that is intrinsic to the woman, to the female condition. Because you are able to give life. You are the reproducer of the species. Men feel very weak in front of a woman because a woman is capable of eliciting a number of instincts in a man. And that is what has made men very nervous about women. -Gioconda Belli

I loved to dance and went to Studio 54 at least twice a week. But I always felt nervous around the people there. I was in awe of that whole Halston-Liza Minnelli crowd. To me, they were the real celebrities, and I was just a girl from Idaho. -Margaux Hemingway

I think possibly, as an artist, you're always treated with a certain respect but also with a certain sort of nervousness. -Susanne Bier

As an actor, you're always nervous as to what a director will do with something. -Kevin Spacey

When you get real stage fright, it comes like a sledgehammer out of the blue in the middle of something that you know you've done too many times before, and there's no rhyme or reason for it. It's something quite different from being nervous. It's almost paralysing. -Billie Whitelaw

'Olive Kitteridge' is the only thing that I've done on camera where we had a day of rehearsal before we shot, and I'm so glad that that happened, because I was so nervous. -Cory Michael Smith

I remember the first time I spoke to an editor. I thought I'd be sick, I was so nervous. The first time I spoke to a large group at a conference, I had the jitters for days beforehand. -Lori Foster

Every year, I give my dad an advance copy of my latest book. He reads it over the next several nights and says something incredibly supportive. Then he clears his throat nervously and changes the subject. -Chelsea Cain

I get nervous about gigs sometimes, but not with records – I always get excited. -Alex Turner

I'm always pretty nervous when I do anything! I walk very slowly. I'm very careful. -Jenny Lewis

I don't have any phobias per se, but both tight and vast spaces tend to make me nervous after a prolonged time. -Allison Tolman

I was a nervous kid, not great socially. -Richard Madden

Actors are always nervous about not only hurting each other, but maybe perhaps hitting each other's face and ending one's career. -Bryce Dallas Howard

My stepfather was quite into opera, but he'd play it when he was in a bad mood, so you'd hear this boom through the floor, Wagner, and you'd feel nervous. -Sam Taylor-Johnson

I've worked on really big budget movies as a designer – 'Vanilla Sky,' 'Three Kings;' I've been in that world, and you can just see people get nervous. -Catherine Hardwicke

People are nervous about their kids, and they're worried about the disintegration of families and the type of media culture they're living in. -Catherine Hardwicke

I trust my makeup artist to apply dark lipstick, but I get nervous about reapplying it, so I'll just use gloss instead. The last time I tried to reapply dark lipstick, I dropped it on my dress and it left a spot. -Jessica Biel

I guess you could say I'm an addict – an adrenalin addict – I get great excitement and stimulation from doing stuff in public, even though I'm nervous and I have very bad stage fright. -Barry Humphries

The Comedy Bar is an intimate club, which I prefer. I refuse to play theatres, because large empty spaces make me nervous, and I don't enjoy the echo. I'm no sell out. Literally. -Andy Kindler

New Age music does something wonderful to the nervous system. -Paul Horn

Usually when I get nervous and don't know how to prepare for something, I just don't do anything at all, which is not necessarily the best idea. -Gia Coppola

I was really nervous working with actors, since I come from a photography background. -Gia Coppola

I haven't been really nervous about a gig in a long time. -Bill Engvall

Owing to some peculiarity in my nervous system, I have perception of some things, which no one else has; or at least very few, if any… I can throw rays from every quarter of the universe into one vast focus. -Ada Lovelace

I always get nervous when I watch what I'm in. Very self-critical. -Michael Socha

I'm never not nervous before going onstage. Like… what if I fall on my face? -Grace Gummer

There's just something about being on stage and being with the people that, once that camera turns on, you find the strength to keep it cool, look good, act like you're not cold, act like you ain't nervous, act like you aren't scared. I think that comes with confidence and practice. -Prince Royce

My first date ever, I was kind of nervous, so I was like, 'I'm going to bring Brady to this walk on the beach with this girl,' and she was like, 'Oh my gosh, I have a King Charles Cavalier, too.' I'm like, 'Money, perfect, amazing.' -Charlie Puth

In the 1880s, a weedy Easterner named Owen Wister had something like a nervous breakdown. Wyoming, with its wide-open spaces and healthy pursuits, was prescribed as a cure. Wister was immediately smitten by the taciturn cowboys and the rules imposed upon them by the cattle barons. -Clive Sinclair

We do not know where to look, or what to look for, when something is memorized. We do not know what it means, or what change there is in the nervous system, when a fact is learned. This is a very important problem which has not been solved at all. -Richard P. Feynman

Because advertising and marketing is an art, the solution to each new problem or challenge should begin with a blank canvas and an open mind, not with the nervous borrowings of other people's mediocrities. That's precisely what 'trends' are – a search for something 'safe' – and why a reliance on them leads to oblivion. -George Lois

Museums are custodians of epiphanies, and these epiphanies enter the central nervous system and deep recesses of the mind. -George Lois

It's the Masters. If that doesn't get you nervous and your juices flowing, I don't know what does. -Peter Uihlein

I wish the world could better know this country for what it really is. Not just a greedy economic giant crouching fearfully behind its walls, not just a panoplied warrior nervously fingering his weapons. What is this, is a people who gather together in thousands to give a people's government its essential vitality. -Ralph Bellamy

I can be completely spontaneous, which is absolutely wonderful. I don't like it at the same time; no one wants to be nervous all the time, but that nervousness mixes with the excitement I feel on the stage, and it makes for a wonderful performance. -Sophie B. Hawkins

I'm not an outgoing person. Compared to an average person, I am quite skeptical and pessimistic. This is different from being nervous. -Kim Jee-woon

I remember playing the Royal Albert Hall, and a guy would say, 'Ten minutes to stage time,' and I'd get so nervous. -Mike Joyce

I'm a shopper but not a big money/label-y shopper. It makes me a nervous wreck. -Deirdre O'Kane

For, like, 98 percent of my life, I'm not nervous. But as soon as I'm nervous, I start shaking or something, and I lose my cool. -Shameik Moore

I was only 23 and just out of college when I filmed 'Casualty' and so nervous, but it was brilliant fun. I was really lucky, and it really helped my career. -Laura Donnelly

I am pretty weird – as weird as in my videos. The only difference is Lilly is not a performer, and Superwoman is. So Superwoman is very fearless. You'll never see her nervous. You'll never see her sad. But Lilly is a human. She is the person behind Superwoman, who gets sad and tired sometimes. -Lilly Singh

The first time I sang in front of an audience, I was about 14 – it was at my guitar school's showcase, and there were about 30 people there. I was so nervous, but I did it. -Alessia Cara

I don't really get nervous. -Shamir

Somehow, people get very nervous about leaving the comfortable life of rules behind and never take the chance to develop their own internal voice, to listen to their own consciousness. -Michael Masser

You can't be nervous when you know your steps. -Rob Kardashian

If you can't relax during your interview, then nothing you do to prepare will matter. Being yourself is essential to the selection process, and interviewers will feel it if you're too nervous. Showing fear or anxiety appears weak compared to a relaxed smile and genuine confidence. -Travis Bradberry

What I want is for people to really grab hold of language and not be nervous about it. 'The Word Spy' is all about diving in and playing with words. -Ursula Dubosarsky

When I meet people for the first time, I'm friendly but shy. I'm much less outwardly nervous than I used to be, but I still get anxious sometimes. -Anne Hathaway

I could live my whole life being so comfortable doing things I've already worked hard to not be nervous at, or I could continue to push the envelope and make myself uncomfortable and learn and see what I'm capable of, and acting is definitely that. -Ruby Rose

For any YouTuber, if you're too nervous to have somebody else document, it may be that what you're putting out there isn't authentic. -Tyler Oakley

Being on set with my dad – that's so cool. People always ask me if that made me nervous, but it's the same element when you're a kid – when your parents come in the auditorium for those school performances. It calms you. -O'Shea Jackson, Jr.

Mercury is a potent toxin that interferes with the human nervous system. Reducing this hazard will be a major public health breakthrough. -Frances Beinecke

Mercury is most commonly recognized as a developmental toxin, threatening to young children and fetuses as they develop their nervous system. Prenatal exposure to even low levels of mercury can cause life-long problems with language skills, fine motor function, and the ability to pay attention. -Frances Beinecke

Dementia is, after all, a symptom of organic brain damage. It is a condition, a disorder of the central nervous system, brought about in my case by a viral assault on brain tissue. When the assault wiped out certain intellectual processes, it also affected emotional processes. -Floyd Skloot

Full Frame is where I had the first showing of my first film, 'Street Fight.' I have a fond memory of pacing around outside the theater, nervously trying to keep from throwing up. It's a magical festival, well curated, with a warm and generous spirit. -Marshall Curry

I was nervous from the very beginning, and it got worse as the years went on. I was conscientious and wanted to do more, always, than I was able. I don't think, when I was playing, that I was ever happy – beginning at 4 o'clock any afternoon. -Katharine Cornell

I'm nervous the first few songs, and then I'm like, 'I got this audience. I'm ready!' -Drake Bell

After all these years, I still get nervous in front of people. I can't help it. I just, you know, I want it to be a good show, and I want people to get their money's worth. -Robin Zander

American fundamentalist thought connected strongly to reactionary political ideology as nervous Christians pushed back against liberal reforms on many fronts. -Jay Parini

Being flown to the U.S. to meet Sofia Coppola is really exciting. I was freaking out. I'm a little nervous, as I don't want to muck it up I want to do my best. -Olivia DeJonge

If you're public speaking, imagine yourself feeling confident; if you're nervous about a date and thinking, 'I'm gonna be a dork,' picture yourself being funny. Then it will be familiar to your brain. -Lindsey Stirling

I grew up in a bookless house with a father and brother who have spent most of their lives in prison, psychiatric hospitals, or living rough, and a mother who has spent her life slaving and scrimping to pay the bills, living a nervous and troubled life. -M. J. Hyland

Although it's the hub of the nervous system and the ultimate terminus of every nerve, the brain itself lacks enervation and therefore cannot feel pain. -Sam Kean

I developed in my head that I'm never any better than my last concert or the last time I played, so it's like an audition each time. You get nervous just before going onstage. I still have that, but I think it's more like concern. You're concerned about the people – like meeting your in-laws for the first time. -B. B. King

I am essentially a recluse who will have very little to do with people wherever he may be. I think that most people only make me nervous – that only by accident, and in extremely small quantities, would I ever be likely to come across people who wouldn't. -H. P. Lovecraft

My nervous system is a shattered wreck, and I am absolutely bored and listless save when I come upon something which peculiarly interests me. -H. P. Lovecraft

I get scared to death every time I have to play. I always get nervous because you never know what to expect. The crowd could be awful, or it could be amazing. You just never know what you're going to get until you get out there and do it. I just do my best and have fun. -Phillip Phillips

I'm nervous, but once I get a guitar on and start a song, after the first few seconds, I can feel it ease. I don't have to worry about anything other than the music. -Phillip Phillips

It doesn't sound that cool to say it, but I still get nervous for any show. But it's different degrees – playing a small basement of a club versus playing a festival like Firefly or Bonnaroo. The feeling is, 'Crap, I'm about to be blasted in the face,' and once you get started, then it's like, 'OK, I've done this before. I know what I'm doing.' -Josh Dun

I still get a little nervous before performing. You don't want to forget a lyric; you don't want to make a mistake. I still get butterflies. You can try to judge an audience, but you can only really judge things by the applause. -Tony Bennett

Because we put ourselves in a movie or on TV, then it must mean we want to be completely open to the world. Sometimes, people will run up to you as if this is Disneyland and I'm a character. I understand their point of view, but it's difficult to explain how terrified it makes me. I'm so nervous. -Brie Larson

You used to be able to identify Sox fans in Yankee Stadium. They sat, slump-shouldered, with the same panicked expectation nervous motorists have looking in the rearview mirror at the 16-wheeler behind them on Interstate 95 near New Haven. -Mike Barnicle

I was so nervous that this was 'True Detective' and that I needed to do a good job that I would just dig into every scene. -Adria Arjona

I get nervous before openings or premieres or when someone's reading a new script, and I get nervous when my daughter isn't in my immediate field of vision. -Aaron Sorkin

Boxers risk a lot in the ring. That's one of the things that attracts me to it. You want to see a knockout but I also really don't want to see people get hurt. It's this constant dilemma when I'm watching boxing. The only times I get nervous is watching a really big fight or when my brother is playing. I get to the stage where I'm actually shaking. -Andy Murray

London was the Olympics that I was most nervous about. From coming into the venue and stepping on to the mat, people were supporting with 'Saori' banners and waving the Japanese flag, so even though it was London, I felt much more like fighting at home that way, which was really inspiring. -Saori Yoshida

The quantity and quality of consciousness, one may say, have always been growing throughout geological times. In this respect man, in whom nervous organisation and therefore psychological powers have attained an undisputed maximum, may be considered, scientifically, as a natural centre of evolution of the primates. -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Even moderates, they can see in Trump the potential to have logjams broken and things finally get done. This makes some conservatives and some liberals furious, nervous, and me nervous a little bit, because I'm a pretty pure conservative. So that's a potential of his leadership. -Jeff Sessions

There are times I felt insecure or not sure: I'm unsure of myself, or I get nervous, but nerves are good. I try and embrace all those things. I try and embrace the times where I'm not sure of myself or I'm like, 'Is this going to work? Is this going to land?' -Chelsea Handler

I'm never nervous around anyone, which I think is a real key to my success. I was never nervous around anyone! -Mariacarla Boscono

There's something that goes on in a new-business meeting that's wonderful to watch. It's like showtime. There are people who are nervous, and there are people who are jittery, and there's so much drama and so much at stake. -Jerry Della Femina

I always get nervous before a scene. -Sean Bean

I was a little hesitant at first because there's so many ways you can get 'Straight Outta Compton' wrong. You know, it's such a great story; it's such a classic tale. I was a little nervous 'cause it's like a very narrow road to success with that type of story – you got to get it right – but when I read it, I was pleasantly surprised. -F. Gary Gray

I'd love to say that I'm this brave person doing this big adventure and that it's easy. The truth is, the night before I left, I called my mom, crying and nervous, thinking, 'What am I getting into? Can I really ride my bike across the country?' -Megan Shull

Before I met David Bowie, I was very nervous. I thought, 'Here comes the Thin White Duke, Ziggy Stardust. How will I ever communicate with him?' -Rory MacLean

My mom couldn't afford dance shoes, so she put me in these old cowboy boots with a hard bottom so I could get some sound out. I used them for seven months. When I finally got real tap shoes, I was nervous. I kept moving my feet, thinking, 'Oh, so this is how it's supposed to sound.' -Savion Glover

I feel nervous when the script is set in stone, and I feel nervous when I feel the script is written for mass consumption because I don't see myself that way. -Jenny Slate

I can get really nervous before a race. People will think this is mad, but sometimes I have got to the start line and thought, 'What if I can't do this?' But the minute I sit on the bike, I am like a different person. -Laura Trott

'The Conjuring' was a massive success, and honestly, it set the bar quite high. So I was nervous about making the sequel, and I wasn't sure if it will still have the same impact as the first one did. But that's what moved me to make the sequel. -James Wan

There is no such thing as getting rid of nervousness. -Itzhak Perlman

I'm not even Indian-American: I'm Indian-Indian. Everybody expected me to have henna and a nose pin and talk in an accent like Apu from 'The Simpsons.' I was nervous because I wasn't sure if America was ready for a lead that looked like me. -Priyanka Chopra

I was nervous to even talk to other kids in my class. I would hide in my room when my parents had people over. -Brie Larson

I found I could perform in front of 200 people, but I would still feel nervous having a one-on-one conversation. -Brie Larson

By the fall of 2007, my last remaining Iraqi friend in Baghdad had left. Once he was gone, my connection to the country and the war began to thin, even as the terror diminished. I missed the improvement that came with the surge, and so, in my nervous system, I never quite registered it. -George Packer

Auditions make me nervous; any time I have to perform, I get stage fright. -Octavia Spencer

There is a need to be the best you can be. You can't panic; you concentrate. When I run up to the hurdles, I'm very nervous, but I'll tend to think about technical things to keep my mind focused. -Jessica Ennis-Hill

I don't like giving speeches. It makes me nervous. -Gene Wilder

Sometimes I have a nervous breakdown over my suitcase – over socks – because your brain just goes, 'I just can't pack again. I can't.' You're looking at your suitcase going, 'I'm in five countries in two weeks, and it's four different seasons.' That's when my brain melts. -Elizabeth Debicki

For some reason, when I get to the 200m, I'm always a little bit nervous. -Usain Bolt

They said my voice was terrible, nervous, and spotty and that I must go away and learn how to use it properly. I must admit I was rather agape, since I had never thought about making my voice better. -Roger Rees

So, suddenly I was an actor. I don't remember being nervous. I learned to be nervous later. -Roger Rees

For me, if I attack two or three times but didn't get the point, then I would get nervous. -Chen Long

It hasn't always been a sweet ride. When I was 15, I almost hated racing in finals because I was so nervous. But as I got more experienced, I had to choose between fight and flight – and I've fought every time. -Adam Peaty

Understanding that being nervous, having doubts and lacking confidence are emotions that are human is how you deal with it. It is okay to feel that way… and then understanding that you can work through it. -Venus Williams

You remember driving your kids to Little League, and they're nervous about making the team, and you're encouraging them. Forty years down the road, we're having the same conversation. Only it's about the Ravens and Steelers, or Stanford and Cal. -Jack Harbaugh

I always thought the name of my first book would be 'The Insecure Chef,' because when I started cooking, I was so nervous. -Chrissy Teigen

I get nervous cooking for our little house party barbecues. I'm very insecure with my cooking. I tend to throw things away that I'm scared of serving, even though they might be great. -Chrissy Teigen

Two years after drama school, I had a nervous breakdown: I heard voices, and the voice I heard in my head was Martin Luther King's. -David Harewood

I was always nervous before a television show, and I still am now. But 'The Great British Bake Off' is a happy show; there is no bad language, and although we do have drama, we deal with it calmly. -Mary Berry

I suffer from stage fright, so I blabber on stage and stop midway through my performances. I cannot even write a cheque, as it makes me nervous. Being around people makes me nervous. But I'm very comfortable in front of the camera, and this I realised many films later. -Dhanush

By immersing ourselves with our consciousness in a supersensible world, we now learn a new kind of thinking, a new life of mental pictures, one that is not dependent on the nervous system in the way ordinary thinking is. We know that previously we have had to make use of our nervous system, but now we no longer need our brain. -Rudolf Steiner

When I signed up for 'Dancing with the Stars,' I was nervous. If I threw everything off, there are 10-15 million people watching, and that would be a negative viewpoint of deaf people, and I didn't want that. -Nyle DiMarco

When I get up there, maybe I'm nervous for the first song, but then I get into it. It's a lot of fun to stand up there. I always enjoy the moment when I'm actually standing on stage. When I'm done, I'm like, 'Oh, I want to play one more song.' -Kygo

I did a few DJ gigs at empty clubs, sort of as a warm-up set before Flume was a thing. I did one when I got big enough, and I had five friends come down, and they were the only ones dancing. That was one of my earliest ones. I was super nervous. -Flume

If my mother hadn't encouraged me, I would be nervous and feeling like I'm doing something wrong. -Alek Wek

I was so nervous about 'Kingsman,' I can't tell you, because when you do things different and fresh and fun and crazy, you don't know how people are going to react. -Matthew Vaughn

At first, I ain't gon' lie, I used to be a little nervous about what people were gon' think about my music, but once I let that go, then everything started happening. -Ty Dolla Sign

You've got to feel a little nervous when you first meet Spielberg. The guy's an apparition. -Mike Binder

I'm nervous about our civic culture. I'm not sure the Internet is largely the cause of it. It's certainly the cause of careless writing. People who get used to blurbing things on the Internet are never going to be good writers. -Antonin Scalia

We were so busy that right before we recorded the follow-up single to 'Lovin' Feelin' I had a nervous breakdown. I just folded. I had to stay in bed for a couple of months and rest. -Bill Medley

I'm kind of a nervous guy. I know on television I look like I'm half asleep, but inside I'm going about 100 miles an hour. -Bill Medley

I don't hate L.A., but I'm nervous about becoming one of those people who has a ferocious interest in how films did at the box office that weekend and, you know, would want to meet for egg-white omelets in the morning. -Hugh Grant

The two times I had nervous breakdowns in my life were when I graduated from college and had my first kid. -Nicholas Stoller

I definitely don't have a problem doing sex scenes, but I tend to like to do things that initially make me feel a bit nervous. I don't think you can really grow at any job unless you do things that freak you out. -Riley Keough

With every film that you do, you're always so nervous. You feel exposed because you know people will see this eventually. You sort of have to put all that out of your head. What will be will be. But it's nerve wracking. -Felicity Jones

I couldn't write because my nervous system was so bad – I couldn't even use a pen. -Missy Elliott

As someone who gets nervous in silences, I spill words rather than really think. -Eddie Redmayne

I can talk to execs very clearly, very plainly. I don't get nervous in front of them anymore. -Jeff Nichols

The day that you walk out in front of 30,000 people and don't get nervous is probably the day to give it up. It's inspiring to be a little terrified. -Oliver Sim

I have performed my one-man show '700 Sundays' over 400 times now. There were only two times that I can honestly say I was nervous. The first was when I knew Mel Brooks was in the audience, and the second was when Sid Caesar came. -Billy Crystal

I get nervous playing the Opry still. You take that nervous energy and channel it into being amped. -Dierks Bentley

Being on the stage is the one place I don't get nervous. Before the show is another story, but once I'm up there, and the first chord hits, I go to this other place. It's like a dream land. -Maren Morris

When I walk onto a film set, I become frightened and nervous. There's all this equipment, all these people, and most of them do things you don't know how to do. I didn't come from a film background. -Kenneth Lonergan

There's a lot of pressure on a film set that's more immediate than the pressure in the theater where you're nervous about what's going to happen next week. -Kenneth Lonergan

My adrenaline is definitely going, but it's mostly my real, laid-back persona carrying over on stage. When I first started, I was nervous, I'd be really high energy, and I'd be sweating. Now it's just my job. It's like a machinist who goes to work every day and uses the same drill bits. He's not worried about taking his finger off. -Kevin Nealon

Even if we're in fifth place in September, I get butterflies before a game. I'm nervous. -Ryne Sandberg

I was nervous about meeting Charlotte Rampling, as she's a proper legend, but she is just so sweet. -Olivia Colman

There was nothing about 'The Killing' that patronized its audience, and it was quite slow and detailed, all of the things which, for a long time, people had been nervous of making. -Olivia Colman

It's hard not to read the success of someone like Hilary Mantel as the product of a world that is too nervous, too crazy, and perhaps too interesting for some people. -David Shields

No actor has made a career of exerting determination to the extent that Matt Damon has. In the 'Bourne' movies, he burned himself down to a central nervous system – his focus fried away unnecessary calories. -Elvis Mitchell

I don't get nervous when I'm interviewing someone on film – it can be cut, and we can do it again. It is quite nerve-racking doing things live. -Melvyn Bragg

They gave their money, and they gave their screams. But the Beatles kind of gave their nervous systems. They used us as an excuse to go mad, the world did, and then blamed it on us. -George Harrison

I think I'm a nervous laugher. Like, when you're in a situation that you don't know what's going on, you go to laughter more than anything. -Jack McBrayer

The only time I don't get nervous is if I'm doing a home club in L.A. and I know all of my friends there because then I play to my friends. When I first started doing comedy, I hated it when my friends came; it made me more nervous. Now I just try to make them laugh. -Retta

The two moments that I felt the most nervous in my entire life were when I first had reading rehearsal for 'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra' and when I was at the Academy Awards ceremony. -Lee Byung-hun

Want to fire up a liberal? Dare to suggest that a nervous looking young Middle Eastern man standing in a TSA line to get on an airplane should be scrutinized. -Mike Gallagher

Lots of business owners spend their lives trying to land the whale – the single, massive, brand-name account that will fatten the top line and bestow instant credibility. But big customers make me nervous. -Jason Fried

I tend to talk too much when I get nervous, and I'm sure many people can relate to that. -John Rampton

I always get less nervous when we get into rehearsals because it just gives me a better idea of how it's gonna go. -Maren Morris

The 'Sisters' phenomenon was a byproduct of the 'Trainwreck' deal. I had to do the normal auditioning process for 'Trainwreck'. I was extremely nervous for it, because you plan for this one event, and you get the opportunity. -John Cena

When I feel really insecure, or I'm in a social situation where I'm nervous about how I come off, or I'm trying to control the situation too much, I literally just try and use the same muscles that I had to use on stage – just paying attention to the other person and trusting yourself to respond as emotionally honestly as possible. -Tavi Gevinson

I had a nervous breakdown when I was 17 or 18, when I had to go and work with Marky Mark and Herb Ritts. It didn't feel like me at all. I felt really bad about straddling this buff guy. I didn't like it. -Kate Moss

I'm humble 'cause I think many years ago people say, 'Well, Alibaba's terrible company'. And I know we were not that terrible. We're pretty good; we're better than people thought. But today, when people have a high expectation on you, and I start to worry and nervous because we are not good yet. -Jack Ma

If I'm not nervous, I'm nervous. You never know how people are going to receive the work. -Marina Abramovic

I'm never nervous about being vulnerable with my songwriting because my favorite artists are ones that are vulnerable. I want people to feel like they know me. -RaeLynn

There is nothing cooler than to have them singing your words back to you. The last show I did, I was kind of nervous about putting the mic out there, because you're not sure how it's going to go. But I did, and they sang the whole chorus. I thought, 'Holy crap! That is the coolest feeling.' It's the biggest rush ever. -RaeLynn

When I begin shooting, I get nervous, as I am under pressure to do my job well. -Song Hye-kyo

I fell in love with Nawaz on-screen after watching 'Gangs of Wasseypur.' So my love story starts with him from there. I was quite nervous to act alongside him. He is an excellent actor. -Amy Jackson

The consumer is going through a period around the world of uncertainty – whether geopolitical uncertainty, economic uncertainty – and that makes them a little nervous as well. -Steve Easterbrook

I find, in film, we're always making things and having these intense friendships and then losing track of people. When I first start a job, I'm quite nervous, and it takes me a while to find my place, and then it feels like I'm just really loving it and feeling great, and it's all over. -Miranda Otto

I think fame makes people a bit nervous. -John Hurt

If I'm not nervous, if I don't have at least a little bit of the same self-doubt and anxious feelings I had when I started playing, then it will be time for me to go on. I must have that tension. -Jerry West

The hardest part about improv is getting the audience to relax and enjoy themselves, because most improv is not very good, and the audience is nervous for the performers the whole time. Not that they don't even like the show, but they feel bad for the performers. -Scott Adsit

I think world creation and monster creation and all of that stuff is exciting as a secondary element of storytelling. When it becomes more important than storytelling, I get very nervous, and you sort of lose me a little bit. -Charlie Hunnam

I like having conversations: you learn a lot about how other people think. If I'm myself and confident, I don't get nervous easily. I try not to make other people uncomfortable – I think that's a very arrogant thing to do. -Song Joong-ki

You're confident, you're going to the ring to fight, but there's always that little thing where you're thinking, 'God.' You're nervous. But you have to embrace it and enjoy it. -Anthony Joshua

I'm kind of ready for anything. I don't really get nervous, and I'm not the type of person who gets worried about a game. I just play the game, and I enjoy it. -Ben Simmons

It's fine to admit being nervous – after the event. But if you tell people you're uptight before the game, it can be like, 'That guy's got problems. We can't trust him.' -Gianluigi Buffon

My family were really happy for me that I'm going to such a big club as Manchester United. They definitely were a bit nervous because of my high price, but I'm going to stay focused on proving my worth. -Anthony Martial

The more you play against teams and defenders, the more you get to know them. You know if they are more nervous; you know, on the pitch, people are different. I try to adapt to their character. -Eden Hazard

I feel that modelling has groomed my personality and made me a confident person, but even today, when I go on the ramp, I get nervous. I am more comfortable being in front of the camera than walking on the ramp. -Kriti Sanon

When I came to know that I have to do a dance sequence with him, I was nervous. After all, he is Hrithik Roshan. -Yami Gautam

You're always nervous before a fight. -Stipe Miocic

I met Bon Jovi on the way to Washington, D.C. I think I called him Jon Jovi. Ugghhhh. I just smiled and pretended it didn't happen. I love him and his wife; they're so sweet. I was very nervous. -Tamron Hall

A fighter, a real strong fighter, should always look dignified and calm, and I believe that any expression of aggression is an expression of weakness. A strong person will not be nervous and will not express aggression towards his opponent. He will be confident in his abilities and his training; then he will face the fight calm and balanced. -Fedor Emelianenko

I'm left-brain dominant, so anxiety and nervousness don't affect me; most emotions don't. -Walter O'Brien

I'm not nervous standing with anyone. -Daniel Cormier

I don't get nervous. -Carson Wentz

As a 17-year-old, I remember positively dreading dance sequences. I would come to shoots, quaking with nervousness at the idea of making other artistes do retakes due to my mistakes. -Hansika Motwani

There were times I'd be nervous walking home from elementary school, thinking, 'If that red tag from the power company saying our lights are turned off is on the door handle, I don't know what I'll do.' -Chrissy Metz

I used to be really nervous to perform in front of people. I would cry. -Normani Kordei

Because I'm a writer, I'm really good at being nervous. -Jeff Giles

I started singing in my church choir, and then when I got to middle school, I had the coolest musical theatre director, and we actually did 'The Wiz' in seventh grade, and I was Addaperle, and my grandma was like, 'Why didn't you audition for Dorothy?' But I was too nervous for that. -Shanice Williams

Ben Hopkins is a very nervous, neurotic kind of person who is afraid of not being liked by people all the time. But, Monster-Me doesn't know who those people even are. -Ben Hopkins

There's a certain weird something. I'm always nervous when I spar. You learn it's going to hurt, but it's only going to hurt for a little bit. It brings out the animal in you to an extent. You learn what you can take. -Michael Pena

Outside stimulation makes me nervous! -Tituss Burgess

I felt that it was cool to even get to the point where I was able to audition on the actual 'SNL' stage. Looking back on it, I can't believe that I wasn't more nervous. -Vanessa Bayer

I get nervous all the time. The only time I'm not nervous is onstage, which is weird. -Pete Davidson

Before getting on 'The Voice,' I was very critical and judgmental of people's vocals. After getting on the show, I was so nervous, I realized my low notes were gone, so nerves do take a big toll on your voice. -Cassadee Pope

The great thing about scenes that involve nervous breakdowns – in the little experience I have doing them – is that there's no way to craft it. You just have to do it, and it sort of crafts itself in just being incredibly messy. -Lucas Hedges

In Giacometti's work, the armature has once again become the life-line of the sculpture, and also, he's brought back to sculpture a nervous sensitivity which the 'pure carving' side of sculpture can lose sight of altogether. -Henry Moore

I'm always nervous when I start a new picture. -Lana Turner

I do this weird thing in studios where I climb stuff when I get nervous. -Charli XCX

'True Romance' was definitely, in part, still me finding my voice as a writer. I was nervous, and I was a lot more shy. The album sounds bruised. -Charli XCX

Asthma doesn't affect me, even though I have it. It can seem like it wants to act up a little if I'm nervous before going on stage, but that's natural to many performers. If I think it's going to be a problem, I just reach for my inhaler. -Gary Valentine

From the time I was little, I always felt like an outsider. I always felt nervous and uncomfortable with myself. -Lauren Tom

If I were to die today, I would be nervous about what people would say at my funeral. I would be happy if they said things like, 'He was a nice guy' or, 'He was occasionally decent' or, 'Mike wasn't as bad as a lot of people.' -Mike Yaconelli

Frank Sinatra discovered me at a nightclub called P.J.'s in Hollywood. It was 1962. He used to come in there a lot with all his big star friends. I was so nervous to see him. I've only had one idol in my life, and that was Frank Sinatra. -Trini Lopez

I'm fine around other people's feelings. It doesn't make me nervous or anxious. -Sia

I'm a little bit nervous for us with all of this electronically generated new hyper-space that we've moved into, where not only people but also economies and systems, like banking, are left to zeros and ones. I want to be more than a zero or one. -Al Jarreau

My dad was very excited about me doing 'Laguna Beach,' and he thought it was a great opportunity. My mom, however, living in Chicago, was a little nervous. I mean she had some reservations about MTV. I think there was a point in my life where I wasn't even allowed to watch MTV! -Kristin Cavallari

I always did music privately as a hobby, I think partly because I was nervous to do it in front of other people. -Alessia Cara

I could play a gig on the moon and not be nervous about it. -Luke Combs

After I lost my legs, I got invited to my old high school, and I shared my stories with all the classes. I remember I was so nervous and didn't know where to start, but I knew I had information they could take away. -Amy Purdy

There is always the fear of failure, and if you struggle, you become nervous, and that's when the underdogs have an opportunity to create a surprise. -Ottmar Hitzfeld

Daveed Diggs is a very nervous person. -Daveed Diggs

I'm still nervous before I start any episode. I never feel completely secure, and I love that. -Tim Van Patten

I think there are a lot of people who, when they hear the word 'socialist,' get very, very nervous. -Bernie Sanders

I used to get so nervous and upset at stuff… I'd always be angry. -Zack Greinke

I get nervous as hell when it's time for the songs to come out. -Tionne Watkins

'The Lego Movie' did better than we could possibly have imagined. We were very nervous that people would discount it because it is called 'The Lego Movie.' -Christopher Miller

It's natural to get nervous about anything you care about. -Laura Harrier

I don't get nervous talking about my films, but if I'm the subject, it's hard. -Sydney Pollack

Before I got famous, I was like a rake. When I was a teenager, I lived on nervous energy. And I always forgot to eat. It was not something I was obsessed with. And then suddenly I got famous, people started taking me out to fancy joints. And the pounds pile on. So I'm much more conscious now about when I eat. How I eat. What I eat. -Boy George

Seeing Pax get extra-nervous about which shirt he is going to wear when he meets Aung San Suu Kyi, I get very moved. He rightfully doesn't get nervous going to a movie premiere; he gets nervous going to meet her. -Angelina Jolie

I don't get nervous anymore. The first couple times I met Roger Federer, or Grigor Dimitrov, I was a little nervous. But now, it's more natural. -Denis Shapovalov

I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm having a girl! Baby weaves and green lipstick, here we come! -GloZell

The first event I vividly remember was competing at the Junior Olympics in Seattle, Washington. It was my first major competition outside of Texas, and I remember being very nervous. I could not control my nerves, and I threw a few fouls. -Michelle Carter

If I was to get nervous, then I'm wasting my energy. -Michelle Carter

I'm always nervous. A classy comedian is full of self-doubt disguised with an air of false confidence. If there isn't self-doubt, you seem aggressive. -Ronnie Corbett

I was definitely nervous for the combine. You train for three months to go out there and perform for three days. -Malik Jackson

It scared me to death to think about improv, but I got hired for a year at Second City in Chicago, which made me nervous, but I found I could improvise. Then I was in a group called the Ace Trucking Company, which we'd do, like, a half hour set of material, then open up for improvisation. -Fred Willard

As an actor, and as you get to a certain level… and it's pilot season and you read the trades, you could have a nervous breakdown. 'So-and-so's signed for a pilot. Why aren't I?' -Fred Willard

I was quite nervous in my first week at Barcelona, but after that, I was relaxed. -Neymar

I can be a bit of a nervous flyer. -Billy Eichner

Growing up, if I had been given any advice – bad or good – I probably wouldn't have been able to act on it regardless. I wasn't shy, but I'd get nervous. I got a little more confident later in high school when I realized I could get girls to pay attention to me by making them laugh. -Paul Rudd

My parents raised me to treat people the way you would want to be treated and to be polite. Sometimes, when I get nervous or insecure, I might overcompensate and might not be totally true to what I am feeling inside. But I get nervous and maybe too smiley and polite. -Paul Rudd

Every time I've been around Beyonce, I get so nervous that I forget how to speak English. -Justine Skye

I get nervous every single time. It doesn't matter if there're five people or five thousand. What I have noticed is that the more people there are, the less nervous I am. It's way harder to impress five people. -Justine Skye

I myself get nervous when I write something on social media. I make sure I don't write anything wrong. -Disha Patani

For me, even if I'm singing to a very large audience, like in 'The Sound of Music Live' or in the 'She Loves Me' broadcast, I try to imagine that I am just singing to each individual. It doesn't change my energy other than being perhaps a bit more nervous. I try to sing to each person and right into their individual heart. -Laura Benanti

I think it's the nervousness and the worry that it won't last forever that keeps us working so hard. -Bonnie Hammer

When I was a young executive, I was always nervous that my idea wouldn't be great. So I asked around, 'What do you think of this?' That became my filter for whether my idea was good enough. Then I realized it just plain made me smarter. -Bonnie Hammer

I perform better under pressure. If I go out there, and I'm not nervous, and I'm too relaxed, I don't like that vibe. I like big matches. I like pressure situations. -Seth Rollins

100 percent a huge fan of Beyonce. If I see her, I will faint. I've met her before. I just get really nervous and quiet – I just shut up and bow down. -Karl Lagerfeld

When people approach me, it's a vulnerable moment for everybody. You can see that sometimes people don't quite know what to say to you, but they want to come up to you, and you can tell they're nervous, and it's really humbling and endearing. -Natalia Dyer

Whenever I go on the red carpet and I'm a bit nervous, I just say to myself the mantra, 'Come on Barbara, you gotta get those pictures posted on Instagram!' That's all I have in my mind, like, 'Look serious now, maybe give a little smile, but a cheeky one,' but in the end, it's never how it looks. -Barbara Palvin

Luckily, one of the perks of being an Angel is that I don't have to go to casting. It's so nerve-wracking – even the girls who have been in the show year after year still get nervous. The show is seen around the world, so it's a huge honor to be selected. -Lily Aldridge

Internally, we sometimes say Slack is like a nervous system, connective tissue, or the internal network. -Stewart Butterfield

I was so nervous on the night of my honeymoon, I put my pants to bed, and I hung over a chair. -Bobby Heenan

I don't have superstitions because I think sometimes they work against you because, if something happens to disturb them, you feel nervous. -Garbine Muguruza

I think I'm always nervous, even if I play not on the center court. -Garbine Muguruza

Sometimes when you go into the match, you want it so badly. I think sometimes is tricky. It makes you a little bit, like, tense and nervous. -Garbine Muguruza

I just thought at Wimbledon I was very nervous. -Garbine Muguruza

Being in a Grand Slam, doesn't matter what you did before, it's always nervous and excitement. -Garbine Muguruza

A lot of my fans are really young and seem slightly unsure and nervous about things. Hopefully for young people watching my show, it comes away that I'm pretty weird up there. -Bo Burnham

I wanted to be an actor, like, so, so bad. I took acting classes, I auditioned for Disney, and then I realized how nervous I got with remembering lines. -Shawn Mendes

Meals and eating and that sort of ritual of gathering at a table is such a part of childhood, and that was such a strange moment. It made me nervous to watch my mom cook for us and then not engage in the act of eating with us. -Carrie Brownstein

I get nerdy and nervous around not only great actors, but great directors and DPs I love. -Greta Gerwig

When I get nervous, my voice gets very high. -Maude Apatow

I worked at Mar-a-Lago for Trump, for some parties, and he seemed nice enough – but I don't think he's presidential. I think he's incompetent; I disagree with his policies, and I'm nervous as an American. -Neil Sedaka

It stresses me out writing songs,; I get really super nervous and speedy. I feel like I'm possessed. -Eliot Sumner

Even though I've got quite a bit of singing experience, I still get nervous when stretchin' my pipes. -Jim Nabors

While studying the effects of accumulated stress on the nervous system, I began to suspect that most organisms have an innate capacity to rebound from threatening and stressful events. -Peter A. Levine

I was really proud to be in that show. I will never forget. I got the script to 'Millie,' and I'm flipping through the script and saying, 'Boy, I have some lines… I have a big song.' I was 25 years old and had never been on Broadway before. I got to the end of the script, and I was really nervous and excited. I realized I had a lot to do. -Gavin Creel

Jane Fonda was at the top of my list of women to meet and the only time I felt nervous about interviewing someone. She is one of the most dynamic women I have ever had the honor of talking to. -Amanda de Cadenet

You know who I was most nervous to meet, probably? Andy Serkis. I am such a huge fan. -Kelly Marie Tran

It was so much fun to work with the cast on 'School of Rock'. I was a little nervous because it was my first acting gig, but it was such a great experience. -Daya

North Korean defectors who speak out against the regime always feel nervous. We never know what the North Korean government is planning. It's really difficult for us to show our faces and speak out, but we feel obligated to do something to inform people about the ongoing tragedy inside North Korea. -Lee Hyeon-seo

I'm excited and nervous about every film; once I understand the medium fully, I'll relax. -Vijay Sethupathi

I was actually a really sort of nervous, shy kid. In high school, it was one of those things where I wasn't popular or a loser; I just don't think many people really knew who I was. -Hasan Minhaj

Whenever you give a shot, the nervous energy in your stomach is the key to that emotional breakdown, that kick that is needed to perform. -Ashish Sharma

Basically, I was a little bit nervous before competing beam at the Olympics, and I had this nervous thing to just talk to myself, like 'You can do it, you can do it.' And right before I hopped up there, I said, 'I got this.' -Laurie Hernandez

As a kid, I drew comics. I had curly hair. I liked to joke, but I was kind of nervous about it at first until it was coaxed out of me. -Thomas Middleditch

Actually I did not hold the baby immediately because I was not confident of myself. I was initially nervous to hold him, so I had to wait for a few days before I could a feel of him. -Allu Arjun

I think I have stopped being nervous about the outcome of a film. The five consecutive flops in 1997 and the five consecutive hits in 1999 have mellowed me in many ways. -Ajith Kumar

If you had asked me, did I have everything nailed down and wired about what I wanted to do, and was I following some real plan? No. In fact, by the time I was in my mid-20s or even late-20s, and I was still in the law firm, I really was starting to get a little nervous that I didn't know what I was going to do. -Lloyd Blankfein

I was just so nervous every time I was onstage. It took me many, many years to get to the point where I realized, 'All right, if I'm going to keep doing this, I've gotta remember that it's supposed to be fun. I've gotta stop putting so much pressure on myself, because otherwise, it's not worth it.' And I still am too critical of myself. -Dave Franco

When the Greatest Hits came out and we did that tour, I just felt I wanted to take a break, totally. Probably because, as well, I was so young when I got famous. I did album, tour, album, tour, album, tour, then I had a public nervous breakdown where I just lost tons of weight. -Dolores O'Riordan

I worked myself into a frenzy. By 1996, I had a nervous breakdown just from working. I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, just getting anxiety attacks and all of that stuff because I was doing too much, too young, all the time. -Dolores O'Riordan

One of my first interviews was Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom, and Johnny Depp for 'Pirates of the Caribbean.' I was in eighth grade at the time, little teenybopper. I was so, so nervous. I just remember Johnny had an aura around him. -Karen Fukuhara

It's a relentless regime with 'Misfits.' I'm actually a little bit nervous of it, because I know it's going to be so tough to film, but we have a good crack at it. -Joe Gilgun

I'm used to being nervous for shows in general. -Bishop Briggs

I wouldn't eat a 1,000-calorie bowl of spaghetti for dinner, but I've always loved pasta and think it's a good addition to any meal and a great base for pretty much any vegetable. It's also great when I have a nervous stomach before race day. -Mikaela Shiffrin

Sometimes I feel surrounded by this dark cloud, and it feels like I can't breathe. It's nervousness and I don't know what else. -Mikaela Shiffrin

I try to practice mindfulness at all times, including the times where I'm nervous and I'm stressed. -Christen Press

I'm one of those people that if I go to a party, I can't remember my mother's name because I'm so nervous in a social situation. -Carol Kane

I show up in a playoff game, I have my sideline sheet. I can't even spit plays out, I get so excited. I mean, you get nervous. These are critical, do-or-die situations. Third down and 1, Red Zone, what do I call? Two minute drill? Are we going to go no huddle? These are decisions that you wrestle with. -Jon Gruden

I was incredibly nervous about doing a period drama. I thought that to play period, you had to be English-looking and blonde and very well spoken, and have gone to drama school. -Kaya Scodelario

I'm nervous and awkward. -Dylan O'Brien

I'm nervous performing because it's such a weird thing to do, standing on stage demanding people's attention. -Sharon Van Etten

We human beings get nervous if we don't know what's going on. It's the rule for creating scary stories: the unknown is always more frightening than the known. -Naomi Alderman

I enjoy putting myself in situations where you are nervous, but you need to enjoy yourself also. I've done skydiving, bungee jumping. I quite like those sensations – when you feel a little bit nervous and you don't really know where you are going. It's a quite good sensation that I love. I like the speed; I like everything. -Stan Wawrinka

I think, always, with a new book, I get nervous. I think mostly it is because work is really important to me, and a book doing well is important because it buys you another one. Not because of the money but if you keep doing interesting work, work that people like, they will want you to do more, and offers that are interesting come in. -Nick Hornby

It's cool to be nervous, and how the nerves come out sideways. That's why some actors scream their heads off, or it comes out in their hair. -Callum Turner

On stage, I'm always nervous, but there is so much adrenalin, too. It's strange because I have to turn my back on the audience, and my audience is the orchestra. I communicate my energy to them, and they communicate it to the audience behind me! -Andris Nelsons

When I first started performing, I was a nervous wreck. Honestly, sometimes I felt like I was going to run off the stage. -Aubrie Sellers

I play banjo, and in Britain, it's easy to get away with playing banjo because you don't often see it on U.K. stages. In America, people know when you're a good banjo player, so I was really nervous about playing out there. But we actually went down really well. -Winston Marshall

I don't really get nervous about the people I'll audition for, especially if it's people I admire and want to work with: it actually makes me more excited. -Dan Amboyer

Studios are often very nervous of things they don't recognize, by which I mean things that haven't been done before, and therefore, they take a really original idea, and they recognize the originality, and then they try and make it look like something they recognize. So they try to turn it into something far more procedural. -Joe Wright

I used to get nervous just going to the stage door, seeing people waiting to talk to me. I was afraid of being caught out in some way or not being right. -Rosamund Pike

I get really nervous, really anxious. -Maura Tierney

I'm actually constantly a bit nervous because I never want to disappoint anyone, you know? -Juno Temple

When I go to competitions, I don't have so much confidence that I don't worry or get nervous about the other skaters doing well. -Patrick Chan

Sometimes thinking about the Olympics makes me a little nervous. -Nathan Chen

Somehow, whenever we think about race or blackness in relationship to art, we always come in kind of nervous. We always think someone's about to be punished or accused of something. -Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

With the rise of social media, it has given me an opportunity and a platform to have a voice as a blogger and as an activist, but it has also made me nervous that I might become a meme or a viral sensation, all without my consent. -Sinead Burke

I always get nervous. It's usually a good thing. I worry about the nights that I'm not nervous, actually. -Andrew Keenan-Bolger

Russia has had very aggressive military exercises. They've practiced mock nuclear attacks on Warsaw. Russian bombers practiced attacking strategic military targets in Sweden. The military aggression gets everybody nervous. -Toomas Hendrik Ilves

I moved from New York to El Paso in 2015, just before my senior year. I was super nervous. My mom, she's in the Army, and she got stationed at Fort Bliss. We packed everything up and drove all the way to El Paso. -Khalid

You get this feeling in bobsled, like a combination of excitement, anxiety, and pure nervousness, and you get that combination only very few times. -Elana Meyers

I can play in front of 30,000 people at Fenway and not be nervous at all. But I get really nervous in front of kids. -Coy Bowles

When I try to be funny, it always makes me more nervous that I'm trying too hard, and then my brain that already thinks too much jumps into hyper drive, and I light-speed start talking 'Star Trek' to someone who's talking 'Star Wars.' Anyway, it doesn't work out usually when I 'try' to be funny. -Coy Bowles

I'm too short to play basketball and too nervous to steal. -Melvin Van Peebles

When I took over 'New Mutants,' writing and drawing, and I figure this is a big deal, I'm 23, 22 at that time, and I am nervous because I've had nothing but success. And now they're giving me the entire platform to create. And I figure, if I fall flat on my face here, it's going to hurt. It's going to set me back. -Rob Liefeld

I get nervous before every shoot. I'm really jealous of the people that can just rest on their laurels and say, 'I'm good; this is it.' -Edward Enninful

'Gossip Girl' was an adaptation that, although very different from a Marvel property, had a vocal fan base. On that show, we started off very nervous about making any changes from the book. As we got our sea legs underneath us, we became more bold. -Stephanie Savage

I was fired from my first job in New York. I was just out of school, doing the Welsh play, 'The Corn Is Green,' at Equity Library Theater. I was studying with Uta Hagen, and I was really working well, but they got nervous. They wanted results right away. We had a run-through, and I wasn't there yet, so they fired me. -Barbara Barrie

When threatened, the nervous system sometimes goes into a 'freeze response.' You assess the risk and determine that fight or flight doesn't help you. Staying put does. -Nell Scovell

I never want to change. I get nervous about that… people thinking that I've changed just because the circumstances of my life have. -Kylie Bunbury

The forward bend really relaxes the nervous system and brings blood flow back to the brain. -Mandy Ingber

I don't get nervous on a stage; I don't get nervous in interviews. I don't get nervous. -Eva Marie Saint

I'm nervous about moving away from my family. That's one thing that I'm really scared of, but I feel like it'll be good for me to live on my own for a bit and really knuckle down on what I really love and study. -Brooklyn Beckham

While I felt like we potentially had something really huge in 'Gotham,' you're always nervous that it won't live up. -Kevin Reilly

I'm a firm believer that if you're nervous before you go into a scene, it means the scene is going to be good, and it means you're invested in making something special. -Cole Sprouse

Arrogance sort of destroys that nervousness because you're having a bunch of people flatter you and tell you you're awesome, and it keeps you from striving as hard for the kind of validation you seek from a good show. -Cole Sprouse

It's okay to feel nervous before a competition because it means you care about doing well. -Gretchen Bleiler

The programs I do with my trainer are amazing for overall strength and have a major focus on building my core. We do a lot of unique exercises that shake up the nervous system, which builds my balance and propreception. That's really important for my sport. -Gretchen Bleiler

I get nervous all the time. Both on and off stage. You just hope it turns into adrenaline. -Paolo Nutini

The studio was very nervous about 'Raging Bull.' -Thelma Schoonmaker

The studios are nervous on every movie. It never ends, because Marty's movies are so unusual. He doesn't repeat himself, so they don't know what to expect. We have to fight hard to keep them from being ruined. Film students can't believe that when I tell them, because they think, 'Well, it's Martin Scorsese.' -Thelma Schoonmaker

'Daughter of Smoke and Bone' is one of my all-time top YA fantasy trilogies, so I was a little nervous about reading 'Strange the Dreamer.' Of course, I shouldn't have been worried because Laini Taylor immediately grabbed me by the proverbial lapels and refused to let me go. -Sabaa Tahir

During every book, I have a nervous breakdown. Usually it's about two thirds of the way through the book – I'm just comatose on the couch for at least a week, and I eventually break through it and have an answer about how to fix the thing. -Andrew Sean Greer

I have to get three pages done every day, and there's usually a point about 150 pages in where everything falls apart, where all the plans are for naught. The book has become something else, and I have a nervous breakdown, and then I submit to what the book has become, and I keep going, and that's a terrible and then a great time. -Andrew Sean Greer

People I get the most star-struck by are people I've sort of grown up with watching. So, for example, working with Debby Ryan, when I first met her, I was a bit nervous and a bit star-struck because I had grown up watching her TV shows on the Disney Channel. -Angourie Rice

My last audition for 'Baby Driver,' I had to meet with Jon Hamm and go through the scenes. I was a bit nervous: 'What if Jon Hamm dislikes me? This is the end.' I also watched 'Mad Men' religiously, so that didn't help with my nerves. -Eiza Gonzalez

In 'Queer as Folk,' we had three or four sex scenes in every episode, so I got used to doing that very early on. Those kinds of scenes can be challenging. They take a bit of time, and everyone's a bit nervous. -Jeremy Podeswa

I'm always a little nervous when someone comes from other media into writing comics. It's a unique storytelling form, and it requires both talent and respect. -Brian Stelfreeze

The cool thing is, I was a little nervous about how they were going to handle Black Panther in his own movie, but then when I saw 'Civil War' and just the perfect way they handled him in that movie, it made me even more excited about a Black Panther film. -Brian Stelfreeze

Live theater makes me nervous. I feel like I have to fake emotions, because the actors can see me. -Su-chin Pak

At the beginning of my career, I was nervous to talk. I was just a very young girl. You don't want to upset anyone or frustrate anyone – you just want to work. -Coco Rocha

I know that my father was a little nervous about me pursuing a career in the arts. -Ethan Slater

You're always nervous about what critics say – about what anybody has to say, really. -Ethan Slater

I don't really get nervous anymore unless there's a big interview. -Jake Tapper

Working with Christopher Plummer, I mean, he's a legend. I was so, so nervous even meeting him, but he made me feel comfortable, and that helped me tremendously. -Verne Troyer

I don't really get nervous that much, or if I do, only I know. It's all inside me. I am good at hiding everything. -Billie Eilish

When you work as a cinematographer, the actors look to you for reassurance. When you're lighting them, they can never think you're making an adjustment because of the way they look. If they are nervous, it impacts their performance, which impacts the story. -Reed Morano

The first time I did a show, I definitely didn't get any money. My friend just let me do this show. I was so nervous: my mic didn't work, and I was like, 'Urgh.' It was terrible. It was a dingy club off of the highway, but all these people came. It was packed out. -Kali Uchis

When I'm nervous, I can't eat or sleep. -Andreja Pejic

Now, I don't know about my peers, but I get nervous – okay, I genuinely freak out – when an actor starts trying on a Southern accent. That's for Brits trying to find the easiest way to sound American. -Rod Lurie

I get kind of nervous in crowds, so a musical festival would never be something I would go to, unless I was playing. -Natalie Prass

Especially when I'm nervous, my mind is running a mile a minute. My ADHD speaks for me before I can speak for me. -SZA

When I sing full voice, I get nervous because I get nasal and abrasive and a little scratchy. -SZA

I find that I get nervous before I play. Even sound checks can give me anxiety and screw with my mind. But as long as I can play a little acoustic guitar backstage if I'm feeling nervous, so I don't have to walk in there cold turkey, I'll be fine. -Kurt Vile

I was a little nervous that people wouldn't take to 'Under Pressure,' because my style and what I embodied had previously been the braggadocious '90s fun rapper type. Before this album, I didn't rap about my life much. -Logic

I don't ever recall being nervous before performing because I've already stepped into the shoes and the clothes of the character. -Paul Heyman

I get kinda nervous before every show. -Syd

I knew something was wrong; I was constantly tired, and I'd developed numbness on my left side. I'd also become paranoid that my boyfriend was cheating on me. I thought I was having a nervous breakdown. One psychiatrist told me I was bipolar. -Susannah Cahalan

I'm nervous before all shows. -Anne-Marie

I always have to poop right before I do a concert. I don't feel nervous, but I think that must be my body reacting. -Lil Dicky

The Fall was super powerful to me because of their covers. They were intimidating. I bought 'This Nation's Saving Grace' when it came out in 1985, and there was something about it that made me nervous. It terrified me. -James Murphy

With directing, it's all out there, in the moment and in real-time. The pressure and all of the eyes are on you, and you've gotta do it. That is the place that made me nervous. -Mara Brock Akil

My early years as a 'speaker' involved note cards that shook like a leaf while I held them because I was so nervous. -Rachel Hollis

In 2014, I knew my English was not so bad, but I had no confidence in talking directly to an English-speaking reporter. I had to do a short interview with, I think, Reuters from France. I was so nervous. I practiced memorizing three sentences for two hours. But, I think that these kinds of interviews make me develop a lot, and that helps me. -RM

I like classical music. I especially like the French composers: Ravel in particular. Debussy. That's so soothing in a nervous world. -Ry Cooder

The word 'album' makes you nervous, especially 'debut album.' -Ella Mai

I felt a little anxious/nervous representing a real person in a Spike Lee film. -John David Washington

In 2003, for my first Rumble, I was just as nervous then as I was 15 years later. -Randy Orton

I don't have the most confidence in the world, and I'd venture to say most women in comedy don't come from a place of, 'Oh, I'm fabulous!' She's just as nervous as you are. So if you're trying to score with a funny girl, laugh at her jokes and tell her how hilarious she is. -Cecily Strong

In the art world, sentimentality and intimacy and the emotive side of lives are considered very uncool. There's nervousness around intimacy. -Genesis P-Orridge

Being in a room full of my art makes me incredibly nervous because the work always gets damaged when it's shown, and I hate my openings. -Charles Ray

I didn't read a book until I was 31 years old when I was diagnosed with dyslexia. Books terrified me. They made me nervous. Now I know you can travel to the bottom of the ocean or to outer space or anywhere in between without leaving your armchair, and I'm so, so sorry I couldn't read when I was younger. -Henry Winkler

Because my parents were illegal, they couldn't trust anybody. They were always nervous. A neighbor could be like, 'These people are making too much noise, their children are making too much noise,' and the cops could knock at our door and ask for our papers, and that's it. It's that simple. So you're always a little closed. -Giannis Antetokounmpo

I once went on a date where the girl drove and so couldn't drink. I was nervous, so drank quite a bit – it didn't end amazingly. As much as I love movies, I think cinema dates can be weird because you essentially sit next to each other in silence for a couple of hours. -Dan Smith

I was a little nervous at my first match, but I think I did OK. I went home after the match and watched the tape of it over and over. I wanted to do it again. -Kane

On 'Beverly Hills 90210,' I was very young and very nervous. -Keiko Agena

It did not matter whether it was preseason, regular season, my first playoff game, or the Super Bowl, I was nervous. And all that meant was that it always mattered to me. Anytime I was putting myself on a line, it didn't matter what it was, it was okay to be nervous because it was important to me. It was important to do my job well. -Kurt Warner

I've been nervous a number of times. Your first start. Playing in the Super Bowl. Your first Super Bowl. Very nerve-racking. The one thing that you can always fall back on is that you know what you are doing. You know how to play the game. -Kurt Warner

My entire pregnancy with Major, I was nervous about enduring another long labor. -Eva Amurri

I walked out very nervous, my first WrestleMania, and I had my dad beside me. -Charlotte Flair

Being undefined somewhat makes me nervous, but what I do know is I'm 100 percent confident in who Charlotte is. -Charlotte Flair

I didn't feel that I was ready to leave NXT. When I was called up to SmackDown, I was very nervous. I hadn't done many of the things at NXT that I thought I was supposed to. I didn't have a TakeOver match. I never held the title. I only had a few matches on NXT TV and to be called up and told, 'Well, here you go!' -Alexa Bliss

I'm kind of emotionally dyslexic, and when I feel vulnerable or nervous, I laugh. -Whitney Cummings

There are times when I do feel very nervous when I start a film. And I feel very nervous before the release. I do get stuck in some scenes, but that's very natural and human. It happens to all the artistes in the world. -Rajkummar Rao

This has not changed: always like the first time, very, very nervous. But when the music begins, you are in the music, it's a sort of transformation. Your feeling for the music is greater and has nothing to do with your nerves. You go out of yourself. -Montserrat Caballe

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