Best Quotes About Nerd

I've gone for each type: the rough guy; the nerdy, sweet, lovable guy; and the slick guy. I don't really have a type. Men in general are a good thing. -Jennifer Aniston

I wanted to make a love story without being nerdy. -Sofia Coppola

Even a lot of kids who are gifted can be kids who feel like wimps or nerds. -Eric Wilson

One of the most frightening things about your true nerd, for may people, is not that he's socially inept – because everybody's been there – but rather his complete lack of embarrassment about it. -Neal Stephenson

Being a nerd really pays off sometimes. -Ken Jennings

Mostly, nothing's really changed. I'm still the dorky nerd that I always was. -Beverley Mitchell

If you compare my character to the others, they were sexy with designer clothes. I had the nerdy outfit. -Izabella Scorupco

You're not really supposed to like ABBA in Sweden. It's nerdy. -Izabella Scorupco

I was a nerd academically. But I was also an athlete and a musician. I never wanted to be shut out of any situation. I think it was that more than anything. -Brian McKnight

I've never related to the work geek at all-it sounds much more horrible than nerd. Like a freak biting a chicken's head off in a sideshow. -Jonathan Lethem

Nerds are just deep, and neurotic, fans. Needy fans. We're all nerds, on one subject or another. -Jonathan Lethem

Foreign Ministry guys don't become agents. Party officials, the Foreign Ministry nerds, tend not to volunteer to Western intelligence agencies. -Aldrich Ames

I loved school. I studied like crazy. I was a Class A nerd. -Maya Lin

I was a normal American nerd. -Jack Herer

I suppose I was a little bit of what would be called today a nerd. I didn't have girlfriends, and really I wasn't a very social boy. -Charles Kuralt

She was a Bond girl; she couldn't have been in nerdy. -Denise Richards

I'm a bit of a nerd, I wouldn't mind working in a shop selling records, or having a radio show where I could play obscure singles. -Bjork

I get obsessed by little nerdy things in my corner that no one else is interested in. -Bjork

Sci-fi nerds are respectful, honorable. You can trust them. -Claudia Christian

When I first started the show, I was known as the 'cop nerd.' I was in the 9th Precinct in the East Village every day. I'd be at work wearing a fake bulletproof vest with foam in it, then I'd leave and put on a real one to ride around with these guys. -Jason Wiles

I love nerds. Comic-Con junkies are the tastemakers of tomorrow. Isn't that funny? The tables have turned. -Kristen Bell

What was previously perceived as nerdy is now viewed as original. What I like about nerdiness, geekiness, is it doesn't really matter what you're into – it just means you're not a follower. -Kristen Bell

I'm not homely enough to play the nerdy girl and not nearly pretty enough to play the pretty girl. -Kristen Bell

I loved school, I loved putting on my uniform and doing homework every day. I was one of those good students that the teachers liked. I guess that's got to be a pretty nerdy, geeky part of me. -Yvonne Strahovski

Someone who doesn't take herself too seriously and can be a goofball. Because everyone's a nerd inside, I don't care how cool you are. -Channing Tatum

I'm the biggest nerd – I love comic books and stuff like that! I don't have any friends who are actresses. I only had one girlfriend when I was growing up. Most of my friends were boys. I was such a tomboy. I enjoyed doing guy things. -Megan Fox

In politics almost all of us are nerds, so that's just a given… but we're cool nerds. -Jonathan Krohn

I do all kinds of roles – nerd, psycho, nerd, psycho, nerd, psycho – and occasionally someone kind of normal. It's weird, when I lived in Austin I was always cast as pretty normal people. But when I moved to Los Angeles I was immediately branded a psycho. -John Hawkes

I have been a goof my whole life. I wasn't really the popular girl in school and didn't have any boyfriends in high school because I was a nerd. I was a geek. -Malin Akerman

I try to explain to people that you get the roles that are right when they're right. If you have a nerd character but you're kind of a cool guy, you're probably not going to get the nerd part. The nerd is going to get the nerd part. You know, someone like me. -Ed Helms

The only description for Nolan in the script was that he's a very bad dresser. I put on a red windbreaker and every other ugly, ill-fitting thing I could dig out. He was potentially written as a clean-cut nerd, but I wanted a darker spin. -Gabriel Mann

Yeah, I'm a geek. I read sci-fi and I watch sci-fi films. I love my computer and I love to fix it. I'm a total nerd. I literally am a 12-year-old geeky boy trapped in a 32-year-old woman's body. -Amber Benson

Comic books aren't nerdy. You'd have to be an idiot to think computers are nerdy. -Adam Brody

Most of the models have this thing I call slouchy sexy, not only in the way they dress, but in the way carry themselves. I don't think they would look hot in one of my dresses. They are more into A. Wang. Most of my clothes are nerdy sexy. -Chloe Sevigny

I spent a lot of time in Tower Records. I'm a huge music nerd, and Tower was instrumental to me when I was growing up. -Colin Hanks

I still feel like a nerd. -Judd Apatow

Eventually, the nerds and the geeks will have their day. -Judd Apatow

I'm a total nerd. -Anna Chlumsky

I want to help middle-school girls stay interested in math and be good at it, and see it as friendly and accessible and not this scary thing. Everyone else in society tells them it's not for them. It's for nerdy white guys with pocket protectors. -Danica McKellar

I wasn't really geeky. In terms of the high school hierarchy, I was very much in the middle ground. You have the really popular guys, you have the nerdy guys, and then you have the people who really don't care – and that was me. I wasn't really picked on or anything like that. -Callan McAuliffe

As an actor, it's more interesting to play a nerd than anything else. It's a lot more fun – you don't worry about 'what's my hair like?' in the morning or 'which is my great angle?' -Nicholas Brendon

I played saxophone and trumpet. Pretty nerdy. -Kesha

I did play Jesus in 'Godspell,' in high school, because I guess I'm a nerd. -Jessica Pare

Everyone in my high school was a bit nerdy. We didn't even have a football team. -Norah Jones

Don't treat your heart like an action figure wrapped in plastic and never used. And don't try to give me that nerd argument that your heart is a 'Batman' with a limited-edition silver bat-erang and therefore if it stays in its original packing it increases in value. -Amy Poehler

The research phase was really fascinating – I'm not a closeted nerd, I'm an out-of-the-closet nerd. -Natalie Merchant

I'm a total nerd. I love fantasy. -Scott Thompson

When your father directed your mother in 'Orpheus Descending,' the kid's going to be a theater nerd. -Logan Marshall-Green

I'm a big stupid history nerd. -Emilie Autumn

I wish I could walk into a room and feel superior and have my nose up at everybody, but I can't, because I know I'm just a huge nerd, and that wouldn't work for me. -Chris Colfer

I like funny guys and those, for some reason, tend to be nerdy guys. -Megan Fox

I was a nerd growing up, and I'm a little antisocial and awkward. -Louis C. K.

I am, and ever will be, a white socks, pocket protector, nerdy engineer. -Neil Armstrong

People that were a little nerdy in high school would look up to me and know it gets better. -Al Yankovic

I think that nerds, if you want to call them that, have only gotten more hip and assimilated into the culture. -Al Yankovic

I am very proud of my nerd-dom. -Ben Bernanke

In fact, the world needs more nerds. -Ben Bernanke

Female empowerment really is important to me. I'm a big nerd of the books from the 15th Century and 16th Century, when the men had all the power and the women had none of it. -Ariel Winter

I feel lucky because I was a nerd, which I talk about in the book, but I had academic success, so through that, because that's what my parents put a great deal of value on, I had a great childhood because I sort of fulfilled the expectations of being good at school. -Mindy Kaling

I'm someone who loves romance. I always have loved it. Most people who grew up as nerds, as I was, surprisingly, have loved romance. -Mindy Kaling

I was always a silent comedy nerd. I would stay up late and sneak downstairs to watch 'Saturday Night Live' and 'Kids in the Hall,' and things like that. Very early on, my parents realized that I was not going to be an engineer or a doctor. I just don't have those inclinations, at all. -Mindy Kaling

I'm not good at anything except writing jokes. I wasn't good at sports, I wasn't good at anything artsy, ever. I think there was a real worry for a while about what I would be good at. I was just this chubby little Indian kid who looked like a nerd. -Mindy Kaling

It's safe to say I'm a comedy nerd. I listen to so many podcasts. I just love to laugh. -Allison Williams

Secretly, I'm a real big nerd. I'd rather stay home and play Scrabble than go to a Hollywood party, any day of the week. And I love reading about history and watching the Discovery Channel. -Sprague Grayden

If you spend any time in Washington you'll find nerds. What happens is most of them sublimate their fixations with comics, or baseball cards, or 1960s British comedies to policy minutiae and political arcana. But, like Christians in ancient Rome, you can still spot them if you know the signals. -Jonah Goldberg

I'm not a nerd, I play one on TV. -Curtis Armstrong

A lot of the time I get obsessed by little nerdy things in my corner that no one else is interested in. I have that nerd factor in my character. -Bjork

The nerds are the ones that make the films and do loads of other really cool stuff in their life. -Daniel Radcliffe

The drama nerd comes out in me when I'm in a theater. -Philip Seymour Hoffman

I think it goes without saying that a lot of big horror fans are just nerds and geeks. -Kirk Hammett

A nerd will be a nerd all his life. -John Hughes

I think Al Gore has done a great service in making global warming cool. He's basically taken it from a nerdy, almost ignored issue to making it what it is – namely, a problem. -Bjorn Lomborg

My world was a community ballet school, a marching band, my two sisters and my girlfriends. I played saxophone in the band and was a bit nerdy. -Jennifer Garner

Growing up, I was a nerd. With actual taped eyeglasses. -Taye Diggs

I'm a fun person. I like cracking jokes and being completely nerdy. -Helena Christensen

I think there's been a major shift in grass roots media because of the Internet and because the geeks and nerds rule the world. They are in control in so many ways. -Erin Gray

The nerds are my favourite sort of boys – any guy with a passion – whether it be physics or film or writing or poetry even, I think it's super sweet and it's very attractive for a female. -Teresa Palmer

I'm such a geek, and have always been a real nerd. -Aisha Tyler

People challenge my nerd cred all the time. I just show them the photo of me winning my middle-school science fair, wearing my Casio calculator watch and eyeglasses so big they look like they can see the future. -Aisha Tyler

I'm just myself, so I don't know that I think of myself as a nerd icon. -Aisha Tyler

I love great acting, as nerdy as that sounds. -Aubrey Plaza

Being nerdy just means being passionate about something, including everyone – the coolest people on Earth are passionate and therefore nerdy about something whatever it is, whether it's sports, or gaming, or technology, or fashion, or beauty, or food, or whatever. -Zachary Levi

I get a lot that people have a hard time believing that I'm a nerd… but I grew up with a Nintendo controller in my hand. -Zachary Levi

I was a little nerdy, but I got along with everybody. I had fun at school – skateboarding, surfing, getting kicked out of class for making too much noise. -Jason Lee

Anyways, I am a nerd, bookworm, geek… whatever you want to call me. I'm the type of person that would rather sit down and read a good book than go out and party. -Jacqueline Emerson

I was a complete, total nerd… I loved the idea that the underdog wins more often than not. And I don't know if that happens in life. But I want it to. -Elizabeth Mitchell

Basically, I didn't know anything about fashion. I was very nerdy; I went to Bryn Mawr and never even noticed models when I was 21. -Fatima Siad

I'm definitely not a nerd. -Brett Ratner

People often ask me about what constitutes a nerd-friendly show – like, does it have to have sci-fi elements? But I think it's just a show that satisfies the secret craving we all have to be obsessed with something and not feel at all stupid about it. -Dan Harmon

My high-school years were so mediocre – I moved out when I was 16 and started living with my girlfriend who was 10 years older. Apart from that, I was just a video nerd. -Jason Reitman

At the age of 11 I was about 6 ft. tall and my voice had completely broken. That caused problems. I was this gangly, spotty, very unattractive kid. I wasn't cool and I wasn't a nerd. I didn't even want to fit in with anyone. -Dan Stevens

My first celeb crush was Hanson. I loved all three of them. My sister and I would always fight, and whenever they would come on the TV, we would always give them a kiss on the TV. And I also had a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Every time he would come on the screen, he was like my boyfriend. I was such a nerd like that. -Ashley Benson

I recognize that on paper, you can't really tell that I'm a fan or a nerd. -Lev Grossman

I write about nerds who go the extra mile and become rock stars. -Ben Mezrich

What brought me to L.A. was work! I moved to Chicago after college – I went to Kalamazoo – did my nerd thing, graduated, and moved to Chicago to pursue improv. -Steven Yeun

I'm a vocabulary nerd. -Sam Trammell

I'm very nerdy about my music, and I like interrogating people about what they put on playlists. -Rebecca Hall

I read everything. I've always got a book on the go and I'm really nerdy about it, I get through books and don't remember anything about them afterwards. But I read all sorts, from classic to contemporary. -Rebecca Hall

I'm a total protein shake junkie nerd. I get creative every morning – you never know what you're gonna get in my shake… fruit? Peanut butter? Ice-cream? -Christina Perri

I shopped at J. Crew in high school, I studied computer science. I was a nerd-nerd, now I'm a music-nerd. -Mayer Hawthorne

I love 'Harry Potter.' I'm a huge nerd – I would dress up if I could. -Veronica Roth

Not as many people watch 'Doctor Who' as watch the Super Bowl, obviously, but the tropes that attract nerds are no longer a secret cult. It's a much larger culture, in the specific sense. -John Hodgman

Oh, I'm nerdy about science fiction and fantasy and graphic novels and reading, and I'm nerdy about board games. My favorite board game is a board game I'm working on right now. It's a game of Napoleonic era naval warfare, and it's going to be fun. -Billy Campbell

Well, on tour I eat terribly, so I balance that by running a lot. And then I started to run with my fans in certain cities. It sounds very nerdy and un-rock n' roll, but I like it. It's fun, and it's better than meeting fans in weird, awkward circumstances. So I take them running with me. -Ellie Goulding

High school wasn't so bad though because, by then, I had worked out that there were far more nerdy kids and poor kids than there were rich, popular kids, so, at the very least, we had them outnumbered. -Beth Ditto

All this fashion stuff – who's cool now – is just a bigger version of the cool kids versus the nerds. -Beth Ditto

In high school, I was a total jock/extracurricular nerd/just plain nerd. -Mark Feuerstein

In the end, perhaps it will be the true romantics, not the nerds, who choose to flee from a world of impersonal, digitized relationships and into the arms of simulacrums with manners imported from simpler times. -Daniel H. Wilson

Don't know if I'm a nerd – I'm more of a geek. -Oren Peli

I always hated high-school shows and high-school movies, because they were always about the cool kids. It was always about dating and sex, and all the popular kids, and the good-looking kids. And the nerds were super-nerdy cartoons, with tape on their glasses. I never saw 'my people' portrayed accurately. -Paul Feig

No matter how big a comedian gets, they're ultimately all just a bunch of nerds with their weird insecurities. You realize these are just the people in high school who were making people laugh. -Reggie Watts

I have been a huge nerd to my kids. I haven't done the cool movies that they like. With '24,' I gained a lot of respect. '24' is now, it's hip, it's their generation. -Ricky Schroder

There is that stereotype of a nerd with the high pants and pocket protector and that kind of thing. That can sustain comedy for maybe a movie – hence the 'Revenge of the Nerds' franchise – but not for hopefully years on the air. It's a sight gag, not a story. -Johnny Galecki

I loved math. I was such a nerd! I really enjoyed working through problems and finding the solution. -AnnaLynne McCord

I'm a huge nerd, I admit to that. I love to play video games, I love to read, and of course, I've gotta still get my studies in and all. I love to learn. But I also love to do stop motion animation with my little Lego figures. I love to play around on the computer with that. -Atticus Shaffer

If there was any show I could guest star on, I would want to guest star on 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' because I am such a nerd and I love that show. If there was ever an opportunity to be on that, I would snatch it up. -Atticus Shaffer

I think a lot of people are frightened of technology and frightened of change, and the way to deal with something you're frightened of is to make fun of it. That's why science fiction fans are dismissed as geeks and nerds. -Iain Banks

I'm, like, a real nerd, in that I will take a book that is three inches thick and disappear and not leave until it's done. -Julia Jones

I was home schooled in high school but was definitely the nerd in middle school. -Nicole Gale Anderson

I look most like myself… when I'm wearing my black, nerdy engineering glasses. -Junot Diaz

I'm of African descent and my sister looks completely black, but I didn't look black. I was the super-nerdy kid who was also willing to fight. -Junot Diaz

Like most lit nerds, I'm a voracious reader. I never got enough poetry under my belt growing up but I do read it – some of my favorites, Gina Franco and Angela Shaw and Cornelius Eady and Kevin Young, remind me daily that unless the words sing and dance, what's the use of putting them down on paper. -Junot Diaz

When I became my masked identity I was this incredible little nerd, but in the real world I had to be this tough kid from the neighborhood. -Junot Diaz

Obama was the best thing for black nerds everywhere. Finally we had a role model. Before Obama, we basically had Urkel. -Jordan Peele

I don't why I was bullied. I was quite shy and skinny. Very nerdy, very bookwormish. I think I was just a target. -Naomie Harris

People call me a nerd because I like to spend time on the computer. -Nonito Donaire

I was weirdly obsessed with music until I was 11, and then I turned into a nerd. -Sia

As a dad, you are the Vice President of the executive branch of parenting. It doesn't matter what your personality is like, you will always be Al Gore to your wife's Bill Clinton. She feels the pain and you are the annoying nerd telling them to turn off the lights. -Jim Gaffigan

Even the shows or movies that we know are not going to change the world, I love this. I love 'em. I'm a movie fan. I'm a nerd of any kind. I love a big studio comedy as much as I love the teeniest tiniest of indie. I'm not a snob in that way. I really do like a big, big studio comedy. -Kathryn Hahn

Well, I think that everybody is kind of a nerd at heart. -Simon Helberg

I've always been such a nerd. -Grimes

I think I am becoming obsessive-compulsive. David Beckham apparently turns all the Diet Coke cans in his fridge to face the same way every morning, and I nerdily sharpen all the pencils in my pot before sitting down to work. -Andrew O'Hagan

I auditioned for 'Revenge Of The Nerds,' and I so did not want the picture. I didn't want it. I didn't want be in anything that had nerds anywhere. -James Cromwell

I would say if I was any type of nerd, it was probably a band nerd. -Cristin Milioti

I'm not a political person. I'm a techie nerd, and I enjoy the techie part. I mean, all my life, I've loved great technology. -Vinod Khosla

I really was kind of like a musical nerd. I would watch VH1's 'Behind The Music.' That was heavy when I was a kid. I would sit up and want to watch that all day instead of going outside sometimes. -Rico Love

One of the most heartening phenomena in today's Britain is the great diversity of the modern nerd – the nerd is out and proud, and while she may love 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' merchandise more than is strictly warranted, she is in every way to be cherished as an exemplar of cosmopolitanism and tolerance. -Will Self

I'm a total nerd. I love comic books and video games and most of all zombies! -Katie Leclerc

I'm a massive movie nerd. That being said, I could retire tomorrow because I wrote this movie 'Goon' and it came out, and it connected and it's a wonderful flick that I think is beautiful and then it had this wonderful life and it means a lot to a lot of people. -Jay Baruchel

There's a lot of things I nerd out over. Quantum Mechanics. I also love Dungeons and Dragons. I want to be an astronaut. -Analeigh Tipton

I was a huge nerd in high school. Sure, I socialized – but I was definitely a nerd. -Bella Heathcote

In high school, I had to hide my comic book side, my nerd side from the civilian world so they wouldn't categorize me. They would try to marginalize me for what I like. I tried to give it up, believe me. I tried to kick the habit. But there's too much I liked about it to give it up completely. -Mark Hamill

For the better part of my adult life, I proudly avoided nerd/nimrod/goober status. I was always just cool enough. -Steve Carell

My real self, the self I have always been from a child, is a loner and nerd, slightly overweight, with a very heavy fringe. That is who I was as a kid. I don't think I will ever be anything other than that. -Hayley Atwell

Don't we all know why nerds do what they do? To get money, which leads to popularity, which leads to girls. -Zadie Smith

I was really a nerd, and I was really more of a jazz nerd. So when I had my chance to put on something, most of the time it was going to be jazz, or gospel, or something like that. -Robert Glasper

I was downright obnoxious. In second grade, we had some program where we kept a public list of all the books we read. I think it even included the number of pages. In my nerdy mind, having the longest and most impressive list was somehow going to make up for the fact that I couldn't climb a rope or do a backwards summersault in PE. -Alafair Burke

You know, I was a nerdy kid going through high school, and then I got to college and that all vanished. I mean, a lot of my good friends – when we were in high school, we would never have been able to hang out together because we were in such different cliques or whatever. Now, who cares? -Brandon Sanderson

Before I'm a zombie nerd, before I'm a science-fiction nerd, I am a history nerd. -Max Brooks

Software-industry battles are fought by highly paid and out-of-shape nerds furiously pounding computer keyboards while they guzzle diet Coke. The stakes aren't very dramatic. Life? Liberty? The pursuit of happiness? Nope, it's about stock options. -Nathan Myhrvold

Metal guys are huge nerds. A good percentage of them are either horror or sci-fi or comic book or fantasy nerds. -Scott Ian

Just because you wear a bow tie doesn't mean you're a nerd. -Dhani Jones

I'm actually a sci-fi nerd on the inside; I just happen to be symmetrically put together on the outside. -Dawn Olivieri

Listen, I am such a nerd. I'm not one of those girls that goes, 'Ha, ha, hee, hee. I'm a nerd.' No, no, no – my brain mentality is the same as a 12-year-old little boy. The video games that I play, the things that I like to watch – I'm a Trekkie. -Mila Kunis

Call me a nerd if you like, but I do find it hard to leave home without my laptop and a good book. -Moby

Every time you read an interview with a supermodel, they're always like, 'Oh, I was a such nerd.' I resent that a little bit. I was in the A/V club. I used to eat my lunch in a closet. -Moby

I had always been the theater nerd at Northwestern University. I knew I wanted to do acting, but I hated the idea of being this cliche – a girl from L.A. who decides to be an actress. -Meghan Markle

You know, I never really paid attention to sports, which, coming from the mecca of football in Texas, is kind of odd. I played sports, but I was nerdy. Having a single mother, the pressure was on me to get good grades and a scholarship and go to college. -Sarah Shahi

I'm a rock star among geeks, wonks, and nerds. -Nouriel Roubini

I'm a nerdy, geeky fan of' Labyrinth' and 'Dark Crystal'. -Neil Patrick Harris

Evanescence fans aren't the popular kids in school. They aren't the cheerleaders. It's the art kids and the nerds and the kids who grow up to be the most interesting creative people. -Amy Lee

I am not a genius. But I am nerdy. -Claire Danes

Everybody who labels themselves a 'nerd' isn't some giant person locked in a cubbyhole who's never seen the opposite sex. Especially with the way the Internet is now, I think that definition is getting a little more diffuse. -Joss Whedon

I'm a comic nerd. I'm a former serious collector for much of my childhood and early teen years I wanted to draw underground comics. -Anthony Bourdain

I was nerdy girl who went to Catholic school and wanted to be an engineer. I was all set to attend the Illinois Institute of Technology. And then I took a hard left turn and studied Liberal Arts at Northern Illinois University, majored in Communications. Then worked in radio as a disk jockey and as the weather girl. -Cindy Morgan

I want to be the poster girl for engineers and computer nerds. -Alessandra Torresani

I've always been a serious computer nerd, as well as a biologist. -Joseph DeRisi

The vast literature concerning whistleblowers shows that, far from weird extremists, they are really quite ordinary people: male and female, young and old, junior and senior, no more nerdy or obsessive than most hard workers. -Margaret Heffernan

I am a nerd, but I don't dive head-first into any fiefdom of nerdiness, except for maybe 'Star Trek.' -James McAvoy

I was a solid C student because I was doing so many plays. I was a drama nerd, but I was also kind of a Zelig-like character; I would shift between different groups of people. But the people I spent most of my time with were either chorus or swing choir or the drama nerds. -John C. Reilly

I attract a different kind of boy when my hair's red. I get more quality men – like a more thoughtful, nerdy dude. -Kirsten Dunst

I was always a very indoor videogame nerd movie buff… Now I've come to appreciate Scouts and the outdoors. -Jared Gilman

I'm really proud of being part of that whole geek/chic, girl nerds, glasses are sexy and all of that because I think it's true. In America, I don't know about in other places, but there is this mythology about the way a woman is supposed to be and look and act and that's what makes them sexy. And I love being the alternative to that. -Kirsten Vangsness

Spidey was the one comic I read consistently throughout my childhood. As someone who grew up a nerd, scrawny, and picked on in high school, I related very strongly to Peter Parker. -Josh Keaton

I grew up nerdy, scrawny, playing video games, and getting picked on. -Josh Keaton

I was a very good student. Procrastinating gives me anxiety, and getting a B really ticked me off. Sure, I didn't always want to do my homework, but I actually really liked school. As nerdy as it sounds, I love learning. -Josie Loren

Any nerd who grew up around the time that I did, BBC programming was a treasure chest for us. -Chris Hardwick

Comic-Con is interesting because there's so much going on at once, it's literally impossible to do everything. You need clones and some sort of hoverboard so you can surf over the crowd of packed-in nerds. -Chris Hardwick

Traditionally nerd-based culture is now a big sector of pop culture. -Chris Hardwick

In the '90s, you couldn't say the word 'nerd' to someone when pitching a show. They would have considered that too niche and wouldn't have listened. -Chris Hardwick

Comic-Con is nerd Christmas. People go wanting to have fun. -Chris Hardwick

I've gone from being bullied by jocks as a kid to being bullied by nerds as an adult. -Chris Hardwick

The nerdist movement is less about consumers; there is a large contingent that are creative nerdists instead of consumers. -Chris Hardwick

Like lycanthropy, the nerd gene can skip a generation. My maternal grandfather was a technophile. -Chris Hardwick

I almost think of nerd brains as rattlesnake venom; like, you can milk it. You can milk the pulpy venom out of the nerd brain and use it for good if you want to. -Chris Hardwick

We didn't understand irony yet in the '80s; we just kind of existed at face value, so there was no nerd cool yet because the digital revolution was still in its infancy. -Chris Hardwick

I think being an outcast is what sort of strengthens the nerd movement, because you're isolated, so you have time. -Chris Hardwick

I do find some of the meanest, most exclusionary people are the nerds. And they rebel against other nerds! What are you doing? As much as I love nerds and the nerd movement, the nerd-on-nerd violence is really bad. A lot of times, nerds are the meanest ones online. And also, the trolling can be very extensive because they're smart. -Chris Hardwick

I'm a nerd at heart. -Hope Solo

I'm a nerd. Total geek. I never went to homecoming or prom or anything. -Hunter Hayes

I'm not a huge Steven Spielberg nerd, but I know about him and I know of his work. -Joel Courtney

I was a really good student. I was nerdy and ambitious. I was involved with every large theater production at my school. -Sara Canning

When the AIDS epidemic broke, because I happened to be a science nerd and knew a lot about viruses and a lot about that virus at the time, I felt a moral obligation to go out and try to stem the fear and get out and explain to people what the disease was and how it worked. -Morgan Fairchild

Even though I wanted to be John Malkovich or Sean Penn when I was a kid, mostly I was a music nerd. -Justin Kirk

I was a total nerd growing up. I'd rather sit home and read a novel on New Year's Eve and say, 'Wow, I read the whole thing in one night!' That was my idea of a big time. -Beth Broderick

I love nerdy, cute, quirky boys who don't take themselves too seriously. -Ariana Grande

Bodybuilding saved my life because I overcame the nerd stage. I got picked on. I was fascinated with power, and then I decided to take that direction because I knew that would make me feel good about myself. -Lou Ferrigno

When I was little, I wanted to be a civil engineer. Not a ballerina, not a doctor, a civil engineer. I was such a nerd. -Bitsie Tulloch

Oh my God, I'm so excited. I love Comic-Con, it feels like a weird nerd camp. All my nerd friends are there and all the comic book writers I know and then a lot of actors, too, and you hang out with these people for just a few days, but you hang out with them all day, every day. It's like camp – it's like a weird camp. I love it. -Brea Grant

I am a big music nerd. -Olivia Wilde

I've always been a fan of science fiction. My family, we all used to watch 'Star Trek' together, which is kind of a nerdy family activity. -Olivia Wilde

A lot of nerds aren't aware they're nerds. A geek has thrown his hands up to the universe and gone, 'I speak Klingon – who am I fooling? You win! I'm just gonna openly like what I like.' Geeks tend to be a little happier with themselves. -Patton Oswalt

I can't say that I ever abided nerd stereotypes: I was never alone or felt outcast. -Patton Oswalt

I'm such a closeted nerd. -Cassie Scerbo

It's kind of shocking to me, actually, that I've almost been stereotyped, in a way – physically – because, I didn't get good grades in school; I got in a lot of fights. I wear glasses because I don't want something tugging my eyeball, but I wouldn't consider myself a 'nerd.' I don't know what really makes someone a nerd. -Charlyne Yi

I was a super nerd in school. -Chloe Bridges

I am a board game enthusiast, a board game evangelist, a board game nerd, but I wouldn't say I'm 'keen' because I very rarely win, and 'keen' suggests you're actually good at something. But I do play a lot of them, and I have a pretty good-sized collection. -Rich Sommer

I'm a bit of a nerd, and my extracurricular activity is nerd games. -Rich Sommer

I always enjoyed school, and I enjoyed being focused on learning – and I know that sounds nerdy, but there were so many wonderful elements of going to school with just girls. I wouldn't brush my hair. -Stacey Farber

That's how I prepare for anything – I read whatever I can get my hands on, talk to people. I'm a bit of a nerd like that. -Amy Adams

I'm just a big old nerd. -Claire Danes

I was a pretty nerdy kid. I was pretty nerdy. I'm still kind of nerdy. I have all of the worst qualities of being a nerd – all of the affect and none of the smarts. I'm a useless nerd! That's pretty bad. -Claire Danes

I had always been the theater nerd at Northwestern University. I knew I wanted to do acting, but I hated the idea of being this cliche – a girl from L.A. who decides to be an actress. I wanted more than that, and I had always loved politics, so I ended up changing my major completely, and double-majoring in theater and international relations. -Meghan Markle

Nerds… the 'nerd' has never been precisely defined, thanks to the psychological complexity of the creature. The word has connotations of some level of intelligence. The typical nerd is a male with intelligence but no sense of giving it a manly face. -Tom Wolfe

I was your quintessential nerd in high school. -Neal Boortz

People have disliked me. You know, in high school, I wasn't the most popular kid. I wasn't the nerdiest kid. I was kind of in the middle. -Jimmy Fallon

I never really paid attention to sports, which, coming from the mecca of football in Texas, is kind of odd. I played sports, but I was nerdy. Having a single mother, the pressure was on me to get good grades and a scholarship and go to college. -Sarah Shahi

My brothers and I always did improv stuff in our basement with our friends; we're super nerds, and that was our way of spending a Friday night. -Tatiana Maslany

The hardcore fanbase of nerds that live on the Internet are not nearly as powerful as I thought they were. They really, really aren't. They also flip-flop like mad. -Evan Goldberg

Obviously, I don't have a high IQ, but I've always liked nerds and quirky guys. -Kaley Cuoco

I knew early on that I was a nerd and that films were my refuge. Those first few minutes before the lights went off, and you're alone in the theater waiting, were really pleasurable. -Alfonso Cuaron

I was kind of shy as a kid. I was a pretty good student. I was a wallflower, or nerd, if you will. -Carol Burnett

I wasn't even a big comedy nerd. A lot of the comedians I know – a lot of my friends are comedians – they knew a lot about comedy growing up. -Demetri Martin

It sounds so nerdy and pathetic, but what I always do on Sunday afternoon is bring my inbox down to zero, which is so sad. But e-mail has become like homework for adults. I'll have 141 messages from people who will be offended if I don't write back. -Mike Birbiglia

I suffered when I was in my late twenties and early thirties. I was awkward, I stuck out, I was nerdy. -Stephen Merchant

I guess you could say I was kind of a nerd in high school, so I was in the upper division math courses – I embrace my inner nerd. -Justin Lee

I've always been more of a nerdy, academic type. I loved 'Star Wars' growing up. I have three older brothers, so they were a big influence on me. We loved 'Danger Mouse,' and we love 'Monty Python'. We loved any kind of British comedy and 'Wallace and Gromit' and all of that stuff. -Mara Wilson

I try to stay away from calling people nerds or whatever, because I've got my own fetishes and interests. -Kyle Kinane

A-list stars go to Comic-Con to woo the nerd demographic. -Jim Lee

Many in the creative professions were nerds in their pasts because they spent so long reading comics and using their imaginations when they were growing up. -Jim Lee

I'm not a nerd, obviously. Do I look like one? I'm not someone who sits at home and doesn't like to go out, doesn't like to watch movies. I like to live my life. -Virat Kohli

I think you can totally be a totally normal kid from the suburbs of Chicago and go off and play shows. It's one of those things that when you go home, you're still the nerd you were when you left, and your parents still get to yell at you about cleaning up your room, and your girlfriend still drags you to the pet store. -Patrick Stump

I used to work in a record store. I'm kind of a record nerd. -Patrick Stump

I do uphill skiing; I don't do downhill skiing. I think that's for nerd amateurs. -Judah Friedlander

I think there's a tendency to think geeks and nerds are just sweet guys that were picked on, but that hasn't been my experience. I'm certainly not like that, in a lot of ways. -Adam McKay

I loathe rock stars. I am a music nerd, a fan, a follower… just like any fan of music might be. And although I have blood-relatives, a lot of times I feel closer to my audience than my true family, because at least my fans get what I'm doing, to a certain extent, whereas my family does not. -Phil Anselmo

I confess I sometimes sneak a peek at 'The Big Bang Theory.' I chuckle at their antics. But I cringe when they portray physicists as clueless nerds who are doormats when it comes to picking up women. -Michio Kaku

Technology is a nerdy field. That's why I called myself a 'geek.' It requires a lot of training and encouragement at a very young age. -Weili Dai

A lot of people believe women can't do tech-y stuff. Becoming nerdy doesn't have to mean the short-haired guy, but can be the woman with very long, beautiful hair. -Weili Dai

I was always more interested in my books and my writing than going out. It's OK to say I'm a nerd. That's me. -Samantha Shannon

If I'm not barefoot, you'll probably find me with a pair of New Balance on. And I'm not one of those hipster-jump-on-the-band-wagon-ironically-cool NB fans. I've been rocking those kicks since they were true nerd shoes. Since the '80s, yo! Word. -Reid Scott

I'm a weird dichotomy of nerd, sports fan, and musical theater, so I'd love to do a superhero musical on Broadway. But all the good superheroes are claimed. -Taran Killam

When I was a kid, I didn't have any girlfriends. I was a very nerdy-type dude. Believe me, being a ham does not turn girls on. -Terry Crews

I'm not a nerd, don't plan to be a nerd and read books – which I can't do at all. -Virat Kohli

I'm a history nerd. Actually acting's the best job for somebody who loves weird, different stuff. -Lauren Cohan

I was always the biggest nerd in school: I had very few friends; I was always picked on; I used to wear really big glasses. I was the epitome of a nerd. -Danielle Panabaker

When it comes down to it, I'm kind of a nerdy actor. -Janina Gavankar

I'm such a history-nerd that, with time for research, I could probably enjoy writing in just about any time period. -Susan Holloway Scott

I don't want to do the nerdy, goofy guy again. That was really fitting for the 'Napoleon' world, but that's kind of where I want it to stay. -Aaron Ruell

Come on, guys, I am a computer nerd. I love Hollywood and movies. My whole life is like a movie. I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for the mind-altering glimpse at the future in 'Star Wars.' -Kim Dotcom

The kind of boy's club I'm used to? It is definitely not a jock-y, frat-y kind of thing. They say, 'I'm sensitive and nerdy,' but actually, it's like, 'You're a huge child and you're terrified of women, but you don't like sports, so you think that makes you less of a misogynist.' -Julie Klausner

I've tended to play the outcast. I don't know, more nerdy types. -Tina Majorino

I love to play characters who are stuffy and nerdy who either then have a dark side or are pushed to a breaking point. -Andy Daly

I think I'm one of those guys who was sort of always in comedy. I thought of myself – and other people seemed to think of me – as funny from a very young age. I was a very young comedy nerd and I even did sketch comedy in high school and college. I wrote and shot sketches on video and acted in them. -Andy Daly

I was a total music nerd. I grew up on Perry Street in the '80s. My father wrote books about jazz, so I was always at the 'Village Vanguard.' -Andrew Wyatt

I don't like to say 'dork' and 'nerd' and things like that because I think that everyone is cool in their own right. -Jaime Pressly

I absolutely hated high school. As a freshman, I was 5 feet tall and weighed 95 pounds… When I got to high school, I had no social skills. Was I a nerd? More of a dork. Definitely not one of the popular kids. -Grant Show

I was nerdy and really into computers. I was a good student until my senior year, when I started traveling and had a lot of absences. -Tony Hawk

I would have liked to be a nerd. I didn't even make it to that. -Lloyd Blankfein

I was a jock in college and high school, but I didn't hang out with the jocks. I was sort of a nerd who didn't look like a nerd. I never really fit into any social set. -Adam Rapp

You don't have to be a nerd or a programmer or a network engineer to make a difference. -Rebecca MacKinnon

What's cool about Spider-Man is that it's everybody – anyone, you put on the suit, anyone believes that you're Spider-Man. That's what's charming about the character. He's anyone. He's a huge nerd that ends up being this huge superhero. -Jake Epstein

I'm a drama nerd. -Luke Kirby

When I was in the middle of the 'Scott Pilgrim' series, and it was slowly becoming more popular, though still not financially solvent, I had this real bratty instinct to turn around and do something super arty and dark. I felt dismissed by comics culture, stuck in between the artcomix world and the nerdcomix world, and I was cranky about it. -Bryan Lee O'Malley

Learning all the intricacies, all the nerd elements to 'Twilight' was really fun. -Toni Trucks

For some reason, Superman seems to be held to higher standards on the subject of secret/super identities than other superheroes. No one ever says, 'Peter Parker was a nerdy kid. He can't possibly be Spider-Man, attract a good-looking gal, work in a newspaper, etc.' And no one gets hung up on whether his nerdiness is a disguise. -Gary Frank

Usually, nerds on TV are completely stereotypical, like Urkel, or they're not really so nerdy. -Jesse Plemons

I wasn't the typical pageant girl – I was a little more nerdy, and they gave me a voice. I created the Queen of the Universe pageant, which is charity-based, to benefit UNESCO. For me, the most important thing is that contestants have a charity-based platform or charity ambition. -Joyce Giraud

I hang out with the 'nerdy' people – they have a different sense of humor than most kids. -Liam Aiken

I was such a nerd, a complete geek, but then I was lucky enough to have a fancy career, where I can be like 'See, I'm not a nerd. Look, I'm in 'Vogue.' -Brooke Shields

I'm an old fashioned theater major at heart. I love to do a show, do something with friends; I'm kind of a nerd in that way. I like to put on a wig or a fake mustache and do something silly with friends, do a little dance. -Tom Lenk

My theater nerd world and my comic friend world are colliding… That's the thing that I was nerdy about, was theatre. I wasn't as much into the comic book stuff. So it's fun to see there are people that are into that that are also theatre nerds like me. -Tom Lenk

I was such a tomboy – goofy and, in my eyes, nerdy – and I never thought I would end up in modeling. I mean, you see pictures of these girls in magazines who have this incredible talent, and no one ever really thinks you can make it to that level. At least I didn't! -Erin Heatherton

I always feel like an outsider. I'll always feel like the nerd at the party. -Christopher McQuarrie

I was never really a nerd. I'm not really into comic books or Dungeons and Dragons or any of that kind of stuff. I was in drama class, and I'm a big movie and music buff. And I'm into sports. -Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Growing up in the Sacramento Valley in the '70s, we were all pretty big into cars. Of course, I had to nerd out and be a fan of Bob Tullius' Group 44 Jaguars instead of Corvettes/Camaros. -Gabe Newell

I was a drama-class nerd. I did whatever school production we put on. -Jessica Pare

Oh, I am such a nerd when it comes to music – I only listen to Broadway! -Laura Osnes

My deep dark secret is that I was a nerd in school. I liked the theater. I liked to study. I wasn't very good at sports. -Rob Lowe

I think if I did do something in another genre, it would be science fiction; I'm a big sci fi nerd. -Allen Covert

No, I'm not a nerd. The only thing I nerd out about is psychology magazines. -Amber Nash

I don't have a Madonna-sized fan base, so I can actually e-mail and talk to everyone that e-mails me because I am totally appreciative, and I like my fans! They seem to have the same interests as me. They are kind of nerdy and cool – and have good taste, obviously. -Jill Sobule

I played a nerdy guy on 'CSI: NY' for nine years. I want to be bad for a while. I want to be really, really bad. -A. J. Buckley

I'm not a party person. I'm a nerd. I'm not an extrovert in that way at all. The things I enjoy doing could be boring to somebody else. -Andie MacDowell

I'm actually a little comic nerd myself. -Kiowa Gordon

I'm undeniably very nerdy, but I'm trying to recognize and pursue more masculine pursuits. -Thomas Middleditch

I am a geek nerd who happened to have a temporary period of jockiness. -Cory Booker

I was very, very quiet. I was always a loner, hardly spoke, and I was quite a nerd in school. So I was an outsider always. -Shahzia Sikander

My first-ever visit to a cheese factory was in Tillamook Washington… yes, I am that nerdy. -Kyle MacLachlan

When you're 5 ft. 5 in., have a round Jewish face and wear glasses and refuse to wear contacts, you're going to get offered certain parts. People thought of me as the nerdy guy, even in non-nerdy parts like 'Parenthood.' I didn't feel the need to change anything I was doing – I embraced it. -Rick Moranis

I was a quiet, nerdy kid living in the Bronx. I spent most of my teens in my room, taking apart electrical items to figure out how they worked before putting them back together, and listening to the music my four older sisters and parents played. -Grandmaster Flash

I think I'm a trivia nerd. I love to learn about everything. I'm curious. -Adam Rodriguez

World-building numbs the reader's ability to fulfill their part of the bargain because it believes that it has to do everything around here if anything is going to get done. Above all, world-building is not technically necessary. It is the great clomping foot of nerdism. It is the attempt to exhaustively survey a place that isn't there. -M. John Harrison

One of the things I learned as a young semiotics nerd was that if you have plot moving forward, no matter how banal the facts of it, simply the fact that the plot is rolling forward makes you wonder what's going to happen next, which creates suspense. So you can control peoples' attention simply by having things move forward in a story. -Ira Glass

I grew up as a fanboy and a giant nerd, and I mean that in the most loving sense. I loved playing 'Dungeons and Dragons.' -Derek Mears

Physics is perceived as a lonesome, nerdy kind of enterprise that has very little to do with human feelings and the things that excite people day-to-day about each other. Yet physicists in their own working environment are very social creatures. -Leonard Susskind

It was not until the appearance of cyberpunk in the 1980s that SF began to grapple in a broadly meaningful way with the reality of computers as something other than giant mainframes tended by crewcut IBM nerds. -Paul Di Filippo

I was a huge bookworm, total nerd, so I was a victim in middle school. I was in three academic clubs, so I was an easy target. -Nicole Gale Anderson

I would say I have a bit of a nerd vibe. -Kelly McCreary

What I think makes people nerds is just being obsessive. I think that's what nerdiness really is – its people who don't just passively like something, they get passionate about whatever they like. -Brian Posehn

I've played D&D for years. I'm a comic book guy. Comic-Con in San Diego is nerd Christmas for me. -Brian Posehn

I started getting Twitter followers after I started doing press for 'Fargo.' One of my best friends from college is a librarian, and she started tracking after each interview how many Twitter followers I got. She and her librarian friends were like, 'We're going to make a graph.' And I was like, 'Alright, nerds.' -Allison Tolman

I've always been a square, a nerd. Kind of odd, kind of awkward. I still am to this day. People just think I'm a lot cooler 'cause I play football. -Richard Sherman

I've always hated the way Hollywood has portrayed accountants. They're always little nerd balls, wimpy, afraid of everything. Growing up with accountants, I don't see them that way. -Amy Heckerling

I watched westerns when I was a kid, like everybody else, but I wasn't a total nerd or geek about it. I kind of fell in love with westerns heavily when I started watching Sergio Leone's westerns. -Mads Mikkelsen

Aaliyah revolutionized what it was to be a young black woman in America. She made it OK to be a nerd and to be a tomboy. She made it OK to wear leather and chains. She was the first black girl with an ombre. She was so far ahead of everything and everyone. It was just who she was. She was an innovator, but she didn't even realize it. -Alexandra Shipp

Girls love it when you have some weird nerdy thing in your room. It makes you look less threatening, even though I'm, like, very threatening. I'm the most threatening guy ever. -Ansel Elgort

Most of the time spent wrestling with technologies that don't quite work yet is just not worth the effort for end users, however much fun it is for nerds like us. -Douglas Adams

I subscribe to the online Urban Dictionary's definition of nerd: 'one whose IQ exceeds his weight'. I'm also keen on the same Urban Dictionary's definition of geek: 'the person you pick on in high school and wind up working for as an adult'. I happily proclaim myself a book nerd/reading geek and proud of it. -Malorie Blackman

I consider myself a kind of a nerd, because when we go to the coffee shop in the mornings, we sit there in a very neat row with our laptops. It's just like being at work, but with coffee and panini. And, of course, you don't get paid. -Christopher Fowler

I'm not an entrepreneur. I'm not a CEO. I'm a nerdy computer programmer who likes to have opinions on Twitter. -Markus Persson

I had a few comics, but I was by no means a huge aficionado. I was more of a 'Mad Magazine,' 'Calvin & Hobbes' sort of nerd. -Robin Lord Taylor

You know you're a hopeless record nerd when your time travel fantasies always come around to how cool it would be to go back to 1973 and buy all the great funk and jazz and salsa records that came out that year on tiny obscure labels and are now really rare and expensive. -Adam Mansbach

I love oddballs and nerdiness, and it's a fun world to write in. -Alec Berg

I'm a movie nerd, and when I'm really looking forward to something coming out, the less I know, the better. -Elden Henson

I've grown up with a piano in the house, and that's where I started to be able to learn things by ear. Guitar kind of happened, and I was using it just for writing at first. Then, I was writing so much that I began to realise that I knew how to play, and that's when I started getting nerdy about it. -Gabrielle Aplin

When I was a teenager, I was a huge computer nerd. I went to computer programming camp. I went to space camp. -Graham Moore

I had been a lifelong Alan Turing obsessive. Among incredibly nerdy teenagers, without a lot of friends, Alan Turing was always this luminary figure we'd all look up to. -Graham Moore

Political journalists, socially inept or no, are not nerds. Most of them can't do math, a fact that campaigns and politicians regularly exploit. -Alex Pareene

I was really nerdy. Compared with my sisters, I often felt like a boring person because I lived so much in my head and in books. -Kristin Gore

I think I'm like that nerdy dad from middle school who always has a video camera, but in the same respect, I only take it out during interesting occasions. -Casey Neistat

I always felt out of place. I wasn't a cool kid, but I wasn't a nerd, either. I had trouble finding my place. But when I found the music, I had a place of my own. -Brittany Howard

She may hide it, but Clinton is a policy nerd. Ask about microfinance, and she'll talk your ear off. Mention early childhood interventions, and she will gush about obscure details of a home visitation experiment in Elmira, N.Y., that dramatically improved child outcomes. -Nicholas Kristof

I am a nerd among nerds. -Kelly Sue DeConnick

I had great English teachers in high school who first piqued my interest in Shakespeare. Each year, we read a different play – 'Othello,' 'Julius Caesar,' 'Macbeth,' 'Hamlet' – and I was the nerd in class who would memorize soliloquies just for the fun of it. -Ian Doescher

As a card-carrying space nerd and NASA's chief scientist, I love space movies, from 'Star Trek' to 'Star Wars' to my all-time favorite – 'The Dish', an Australian comedy that celebrates that first moment when Neil Armstrong stepped down onto the surface of our moon. -Ellen Stofan

Millions of nerdy kids who grew up in the 1980s could only find the components they needed at local Radio Shacks, and the stores were like a lifeline to a better world where everybody understood computers. -Annalee Newitz

In the 1920s and 30s, when Radio Shack was young, a much earlier generation of nerds swarmed into these tiny shops to talk excitedly about building radios and other transmission devices. You might say that Radio Shack helped define gadget culture for four generations, from radio whizzes up to smartphone dorks. -Annalee Newitz

I'm a huge movie nerd. -John Corey Whaley

I went to high school, and I started getting bullied because I was very weird. I mean, freshman year I went to school in a pirate suit – I just didn't care. I'm not like the cool girls – I'm the other girl. The one that's basically a nerd, but proud of that. -Lele Pons

I think teen girls will like 'Geek Charming' because they really focus on the 'populars' and nerdy people and people who are in between the nerds and between the populars. So it really hits every category of what girls are going through in high school. -Lili Simmons

I wasn't always the most fashionable, and I would come to school with cauliflower ear and ringworm. I got made fun of a lot. People called me 'Miss Man' and 'Guns,' and people directed a lot of karate jokes at me. I wish that I was at school now that MMA and martial arts is cool, but back when I was in school, people associated it with nerdy stuff. -Ronda Rousey

I think we all have different moods – a nerd one day and cool the next. I think everyone has an inner geek, and I know I definitely do. -Kaley Cuoco

I don't have a high IQ, but I've always liked nerds and quirky guys. -Kaley Cuoco

There's something so quirky and fun and nerdy about the Tony Awards… We're dorks being silly up there. -Barrett Foa

I was the nerd. Because I was reading. I wasn't into sports. I was really into art. Very geekish about comics. Assumed gay. -Marlon James

I was a very nerdy child. I never fit in, so I became laboriously studious. -Iman

I'm a total nerd, so I'm on my telescope, or I read a lot. I'm very inspired by ancient history. -Michelle Phan

Growing up in Chicago, I was a theater nerd. That might be very cool on the East Coast, but in Chicago, it's really the athletes that come in No. 1 on the cool scale. Maybe musicians after that. Community theater? That's way down the list, my friend. -Johnny Galecki

It's superficial that people think I'm cool because I wear certain clothes and I have tattoos. The funniest part is, when they get to know me, they're always surprised by how nerdy I am. -Zoe Kravitz

I always wanted to be the pretty girl, but I thought I wasn't. When I started acting and getting pretty girl roles, I felt like I was just pretending, and nobody saw I was just this big nerd. -Heather Graham

There's always a side of me that goes, 'I'm just a nerd.' I never look at myself and say, 'I'm beautiful.' Like anyone else, I see the flaws. Guys don't do that as much as women. But you have to learn to appreciate and accept and love yourself as you are. -Heather Graham

I was quite nerdy at school. I skipped a year and won a scholarship in chemistry. -Jerry Hall

I think writing in a group, even though it can be a challenge – you have to be on your toes all the time – is the way the best comedy gets written. It's very, very collaborative. A lot of comedy writers are definitely introverted nerds. -Megan Amram

I'm a closet nerd. I love to study history and visit museums. -Shakira

I'd been on the Internet since the 1970s when it was just for nerds. I started saying, 'Who would benefit from this?' I started imagining a world where young people could have their own email address, back in the days of family AOL accounts. -Jay Samit

Alden Ehrenreich is a drama nerd, and Alice Englert is indie girl. They're so cool in the way that our characters are cool. -Margaret Stohl

You can imagine sitting in a room for three days talking about comic books, eight hours a day. It gets wacky and very nerdy. It also gets contentious at times. -Jason Aaron

Despite that it's 'Star Wars' and how huge it is, it's still work to me, and that element of things grounds you, especially from nerding out a few times. Although, some days I can't control myself. -John Boyega

I was kind of a nerdy, geeky type. And I loved math. People teased me about it. I felt pretty much like an outcast. -Jennifer Doudna

I'm a huge reader… I'm a big book nerd. I go through, like, two books a week. -Jodie Sweetin

I'm kind of a nerd. A square. And I'm terrible at telling jokes. I always forget the punch line. -Jeff MacNelly

'Star Trek' fans totally accepted my sexual orientation. There are a great number of LGBT people across 'Star Trek' fandom. The show always appealed to people that were different – the geeks and the nerds, and the people who felt they were not quite a part of society, sometimes because they may have been gay or lesbian. -George Takei

I think that everybody is kind of a nerd at heart. -Simon Helberg

Josh Gad was in my class. Katy Mixon. Griffin Matthews. Josh Groban – he ended up leaving to become a huge star, but he was in our class in freshman year. I remember Josh was this nerdy kid in a turtleneck with a voice from heaven. -Leslie Odom, Jr.

I'm not really that nerdy. -Jimmy Walker

I acted out a lot. I was very nerdy. I was very isolated, which I made up for by kind of talking and trying to entertain people and get them to like me, so I did theatre and improv in high school and college, but always as a hobby. -Aisha Tyler

Pine View was a great school for me – it made it safe to be a nerd. It was okay to really care about doing your homework and doing well in school. -Ransom Riggs

As a gold-card-carrying member of the nerd herd, I'm usually in the artsy, fringy, PBS-y kind of shows that change maybe five people's lives forever while leaving everyone else wondering if they can still make the ticket lottery at 'Wicked.' -Donna Lynne Champlin

It's important to recognize how special New Orleans is. You play the snare drum or the clarinet in any other city, and you'd be considered a nerd, but here, there's no shame in it, and it's absolutely valued. -Irvin Mayfield

I loved 'Welcome to the Dollhouse.' That was one of the most influential movies ever. You know that genre with the nerdy girl, and she redeems herself in the end. Like 'Napoleon Dynamite.' And in 'Welcome to the Dollhouse,' she doesn't. She sucks. It's like, that's what's real. That's what's heartbreaking. -Jonathan Krisel

I'm a card-carrying nerd, a gamer, and sci-fi geek. -Marcus Sakey

I watched all kinds of dirty movies as a kid. My parents were very liberal about that, and I was still an uber-nerd who never drank or did drugs. I don't think it matters. -Nicholas Stoller

I speak from a nerd's perspective because I've been watching anime since I was a kid. I grew up on 'Speed Racer' and 'Star Blazers' and 'Battle of the Planets,' and those were some of my first A) cartoons and B) introduction to Japanese couture before I even knew they were Japanese. -Yuri Lowenthal

My initial desire to blog came from something that's always been my approach to investing – I'm a nerd, and I love to play with the technology, and part of my approach has really been to understand things both at a user level and at a reasonably deep tentacle level. -Brad Feld

I would say I am unapologetically nerdy. I was always a little awkward. -Eva Chen

I was a very studious student and usually got A's. I did not like school, because I wasn't popular – I was a nerd. -Nia Vardalos

In the past, biology has been a backwater type of activity – a bunch of nerds in a lab. Now the sheer potential of biology to re-program our physical world is a new reality for everyone. -Ryan Bethencourt

I still care a lot about my personal style, and since moving to New York and having a little more control over my own money, I've been able to make my 12-year-old fashion nerd dream comes true. -Tavi Gevinson

Being a nerd is not always a bad thing. It's actually cool to be a nerd. -Grizz Chapman

I'm the biggest nerd you know. I'm a nerd, I'm a techie, and I don't have a problem with saying it. -Grizz Chapman

Unless you are a lawyer or Fortune 500 CEO, carrying a briefcase is, well, nerdy. -Roger Stone

I'm a bit nerdy about accents. I love it. -Rebecca Hall

It couldn't have been more nerdy or bizarre, playing the clarinet. But I studied classical clarinet, went to the high school for music and art in New York City, and then found the guitar and the mandolin after it. -Christopher Guest

The description of my character in the first few movies I did was always 'nerdy,' but I liked that; it was way more interesting. -Winona Ryder

I collect… for a long time, I collected Nike Air Max 90s, this specific shoe. And it really is nerdy, because collecting sneakers is not that nerdy, but if you don't wear them, and you keep the box fresh, if you're that fanatical about it, then you leap several categories into super-dork, and that's the way I was. -Charlie Hunnam

When writing, I split my time between my chambers and my satellite office: my neighborhood Chick-fil-A. It offers the word-nerd trifecta: I bring Bose headphones; they provide Wi-Fi and waffle fries. -Don Willett

I think that it's interesting how shows like 'Walking Dead' or even 'Game of Thrones,' with all its fantasy elements, have become so popular. Sometimes, though, I get a little bit annoyed because the whole nerd thing taking over and is now cool, and it wasn't cool when I was younger. -AJ Lee

It wasn't cool that I didn't comb my hair and had books and wore glasses. It was never cool be a nerd and tomboy, and these days, it really is. And I'm like, 'You guys have no idea what I went through.' How many times my mother yelled at me to comb my hair. -AJ Lee

Everything I was told should be my greatest insecurities and weaknesses, everything that I've been labeled – short, nerdy, skinny, weak, impulsive, ugly, tomboy, poor, rebel, loud, freak, crazy – turned out to be my greatest strengths. I didn't become successful in spite of them. I became successful because of them. -AJ Lee

'Losing My Edge' was an anthem for the aging music nerd, with lyrics detailing a comically epic list of historical dates, bands and attended gigs: the anti-hipster's defence against 'the art-school Brooklynites in little jackets and borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered Eighties.' -Katie Kitamura

I was a nerdy punk-rock kid. -Mike D

I'm a black nerd – a blerd! -William Jackson Harper

For fun, I love to play the drums… poorly. I have a band, a bunch of theater nerds – we got together, and we're like, 'Let's play rock music for three hours and never take breaks.' We call ourselves The U.S. Open. -William Jackson Harper

I'm a computer nerd. I'm behind my computer, like, 12 hours a day making new music. -Martin Garrix

I play a lot of nerdy voices. -Jeff Bennett

I didn't have no friends or nothing; I was a nerdy kid. -Post Malone

It's just that I've always been a tomboy, so being thrown into the hot nerd category and the glam thing has been very interesting for me to swallow. -Yvonne Strahovski

A nerd can call another nerd a nerd. -Travis Scott

I was never a troublemaker, but I also was never a nerdy kid. I was never a cool kid or a sports kid. At lunchtimes, I never fit in with any cliques, so I'd end up just walking around the school by myself, listening to music. -Finn Jones

I was trying to be someone for the first part of high school. I was kind of this nerdy kid who didn't want to be a nerd anymore. Even talking about it, I'm embarrassed. I'm like, 'Ugh, why did you care what people thought?' -Garrett Clayton

'Game of Thrones,' people say that it's a fantasy series, but it's a hell of a lot more than that. It attracts the so-called geeks and nerds, and God bless them, they're wonderful for getting right into the show. But primarily it's about family; it's power and betrayal and jealousy. It's all those wonderful things that a fantastic drama is about. -Liam Cunningham

Most people would put me firmly in the nerd/geek category. It wouldn't be a change from where I've been put my whole life, but my place now has standing. Nerds are inexorably cool again. -Kyle Hill

Science is a highly technical and intellectual endeavor. Any theory or fact or discovery has an ocean of depth to it. You can always go deeper with science, and you can always ask a new and interesting question. That's what makes a topic nerdy: depth. -Kyle Hill

Raised on Bill Nye videos, LEGOs, and CD-ROMs of dinosaurs, I was a lump of nerdy clay waiting to be molded. 'Mythbusters' came to me at a critical time, and it transformed me into who I am today. -Kyle Hill

It's okay to take that reservoir of passion that you have and let it flow into whatever you love. Experiment, question, replicate, be critical, be nerdy, be yourself. -Kyle Hill

I'm pretty much self-taught – I never went to any courses. If I want to learn about, say, the frontal lobe, I'll buy 40 books and absorb them in a couple of weeks. I'm a nerd like that. -Keith Barry

In high school, I would classify myself as a theatre nerd. Always studying, reading and attending plays! -Meaghan Jette Martin

I'm actually a really big board game and video game nerd. -Ross Butler

I know I play a lot of jocks, but I'm actually a really big board game and video game nerd. It's one of the most interesting fields of entertainment because you get to create your own role and create your own rules. Some people get so creative with it, and I'm also super competitive. I'm a really big nerd. -Ross Butler

I'm a keen traveller, and I'm a nerd with planes and airports. -Michael Landes

I'm a massive 'WoW' nerd, and gamer in general. -Kristian Nairn

I call myself a nerd all the time. -Daveed Diggs

I was an athlete, so I hung out with the jocks. I was smart, so I hung out with the nerdy kids. I was also into theater, so I hung out with the misfits… So I was always in different groups, and those groups never quite overlapped. The racial part of it was just another one of those groups, in one sense. -Larry Wilmore

I've always played some version of a nerdy guy or something like that. I mean, one of my story lines on 'Silicon Valley' is that I am very bad with women! -Kumail Nanjiani

I know a lot of brown actors who play terrorists because they're physically intimidating. For me, it was like, 'O.K., you'll be the nerd.' So I've played the nerd. I've played food-delivery guys. But I always tried to find something in the characters so that they weren't just defined by what they looked like. -Kumail Nanjiani

I was not a cool kid. There was no reason for me to be marginalised. I was just a nerd. I was kind of weird, and I found solace in video games. -Kumail Nanjiani

You can date whoever you want, but you should marry the nerds and the good guys. -Sheryl Sandberg

The coolest person to yourself is yourself, and we're like nerds, and we love to be smart, and that's okay. -Jacob Batalon

I'm really nerdy, and I read a lot. -Omari Hardwick

Jazz musicians, in a way, are nerds. We are so in our world. -Jan Vogler

Sometimes, we nerds of technology sort of don't think that the rules necessarily apply to us in the same way, but I think when you produce products that hundreds of millions of people, if not billions of people, are using, we have the same responsibilities as any other person representing the Fourth Estate. -Dave McClure

We have to change the way people look at scientists. Today, they are the nerds, the geeks. Instead, we want some of the cool kids to say, 'Hey, this is all right.' -Mae Jemison

Stereotyped as convention-going, pocket-protector-wearing, chess-playing, infrequently-showering types, nerds are one of our society's most ridiculed groups. And, for a university with an international reputation as a bastion of intellectualism, Harvard is startlingly devoid of them. -Alexandra Petri

While MIT and the University of Chicago duke it out for the title of nerdiest school, James Franco and Renee Zellweger show up at Harvard to party. Somehow, miracle of miracles, Harvard is 'cool.' -Alexandra Petri

In society at large, nerds are law-abiding, caring, fundamentally good folk who keep the wheels of civilization grinding. -Alexandra Petri

Harvard is nerd rehab. You have to check yourself in. Those who seek a school filled with self-proclaimed 'nerds,' seek elsewhere. Dropping the H bomb may brand you as an intellectual or a Kennedy. But it will not give you much nerd cred. And that's a good thing. -Alexandra Petri

I've done a bunch of Broadway, so I'm a theater nerd when I come to New York. -Ari Graynor

We just have to accept who we are, and I'm a film nerd, for better or worse. -Max Minghella

I don't feel like a dork, but I certainly have many moments of nerdism, and I embrace it wholeheartedly. I've always cottoned to that crowd more, anyway. -Paul Rudd

I'm an R.E.M. nerd and have been since I was 14. -Adam Scott

Bitcoin is coming from a bunch of young computer nerds who saw this thing and thought it was neat. A lot of the early bitcoiners are 19-year-old kids, still living at home with their parents, and they don't have any business experience. -Roger Ver

Once, after I had just worked out, I hopped on the elevator at the gym only to look up and see Conan O'Brien on it with me. I was so sad. I was all sweaty, but I love him so much, and I couldn't help but nerd out on him. -Ashlan Gorse Cousteau

I get nerdy and nervous around not only great actors, but great directors and DPs I love. -Greta Gerwig

With digital attacks becoming rampant, the computer nerds who work for the good guys to thwart such incursions have become the new Navy SEALs – elite commandos who can carry out sophisticated operations on the battlefield of cyberspace. -Daniel Lyons

Stay in school and band, kids! It had its nerdy moments, and I always felt like I wanted to do something more with it. -GRiZ

The early entrants into the world of A.R., as with its cousin virtual reality, were disappointing: the phones were too weak, the networks were too slow, and the applications were too nerdy. But now the technological pieces are in place, and a whole generation – much of which is on Snapchat – has come to consider the camera almost a third arm. -Om Malik

Sure, when you think 'World of Warcraft,' you might picture the nerdier set – those who may have sacrificed hygiene and sleep to reach one more experience level. But the truth is that 'WoW' is populated with players of all sorts of backgrounds, from rural housewives to NFL punters. -Jason Schreier

Someone who I would describe as a 'geek' or 'nerd' is a person who loves something to its greatest extent and then looks for other people who love it the same way so they can celebrate loving it together. -Wil Wheaton

I'm basically a professional nerd, and I'm still not cool. I'm around people who are cool sometimes, and I know I'm not them. But that's OK; I don't care. -Wil Wheaton

When I was a boy, I was called a nerd all the time – because I didn't like sports, I loved to read, I liked math and science, I thought school was really cool – and it hurt a lot. Because it's never OK when a person makes fun of you for something you didn't choose. You know, we don't choose to be nerds. -Wil Wheaton

Being a nerd is not about what you love; it's about the way you love it. -Wil Wheaton

I was just starting out, trying to become a screenwriter, and I became the Austin slam champion three times. For a nerdy, kind of a socially awkward guy, that did wonders for my self esteem. -Ernest Cline

I'm more nerdy in a sense of, like, video games and Dungeons and Dragons and Renaissance Faire. But not nerdy in a sense that I know how to create apps. -Thomas Middleditch

There's all these little bubbles of nerddom. -Thomas Middleditch

It's an absurd world – you know, billionaires in Birkenstocks. But I'd rather have nerdy tech guys as the next Carnegie than oil tycoons. -Thomas Middleditch

I grew up in a hippy town, so I did my playing outdoors and skiing and all that, but then I also had my nerd friends that I went and hosted LAN parties with, get my 'Counter-Strike' on. -Thomas Middleditch

My nerdy pursuits are more like video games, Dungeons and Dragons, stuff like that. -Thomas Middleditch

I'm a real nerd for science. I love Neil deGrasse Tyson and 'Cosmos' and all that. -Milana Vayntrub

I play piano, and I was really, really obsessive about playing piano in high school. I don't know if that's nerdy, but I definitely locked myself in the room and was playing jazz. I was 14. I guess that's kind of cool, actually. -Simon Helberg

There's a lot of closeted nerds out there. -Simon Helberg

I'm a closeted nerd. I studied Richard Dawkins. I watched every lecture. He's sort of the leading scientific atheist of our time. He's very provocative. His whole thing is science over spirituality. -Michael Pitt

I grew up in Greeley, Colorado, in a house without a television set. I was a very nerdy kid: I used to play 'astronaut' and eat bouillon as astronaut food. We also had tons of books. -Harper Reed

I was a nerdy kid. -Anthony Doerr

Maori get pigeonholed into the idea they're spiritual and telling stories like 'Whale Rider' and 'Once Were Warriors,' quite serious stuff, but we're pretty funny people, and we never really have had an opportunity to show that side of ourselves, the clumsy, nerdy side of ourselves, which is something I am. -Taika Waititi

I worked in a post-production facility for television, but in the machine room, so I was one of the nerds, essentially – making sure everyone had their footage in and all of that stuff. -Shura

How do you find a partner? Your crazy has to match their crazy. We're all crazy. We all have our things that make us special, make us nerdy. You just find the other person where their crazy matches your crazy. All of a sudden, you find somebody else, and the things that they think make them nerdy, you think make them cool. -Josh Segarra

I am pretty much a nerd, and I love to read. -Dede Gardner

I like math, which sounds really nerdy. -Kaia Gerber

My son, he has a film group, a bunch of film nerds that sit around and screen movies, and when they had Mary Steenburgen Night, the two movies they screened were 'Melvin And Howard' and 'Clifford.' -Mary Steenburgen

I feel like I'm a really artsy person. I love to tie-dye shirts and bake and just do nerdy and fun stuff. -Storm Reid

I was going to be a chemical engineer – I was a science nerd – that was the plan. I secretly applied to USC and NYU and got a scholarship to go to NYU based on a dumb animated short I made. It was a huge shock to me and my family. -Jon Watts

I was a big comic, cartoon, animation nerd. -Winston Duke

I'm a Christian, a wife, a mother, a homeschooler, a conservative, a citizen journalist, a talk radio host, an insatiable music nerd who plays a poor rhythm guitar, a blogger, a proud granddaughter of a sailor, and a proud tea partier in awe of the potential and the people in this movement. -Dana Loesch

I have a short attention span, so I go through short nerd-out phases. -Ron Livingston

I am just a history nerd. -Yara Shahidi

It's funny, you know: my mother-in-law, who doesn't have an ounce of nerd in her, is just so excited by the fact that I write 'Batman' because she'll see an article about me in the 'Washington Post' or 'The Wall Street Journal' or something. And that means so much to me. -Tom King

I grew up your classic nerd who was not good at throwing balls or kicking them. I was good at reading stories by myself. That was my specialty as a child. -Tom King

I love continuity. I was a continuity nerd growing up. I loved buying a comic in the middle of something and loved digging for back issues or going forward and trying to figure it all out. -Tom King

I tended to be the nerdy kid – stood at the back, watching other people having fun – I wasn't always necessarily a big part of the fun myself. -Jack Thorne

Computer science is not just for smart 'nerds' in hoodies coding in basements. Coding is extremely creative and is an integral part of almost every industry. -Reshma Saujani

I always felt a bit of a nerd, but my family gets me and my oddities. My kids and partner are way cooler than I am, but they let me in the room with them. -Abi Morgan

I don't consider myself a nerd; I consider myself a dork more. I'm closer to a dork, if anything, just because I'm not good at stuff. I'm more like a failed non-nerd. -Josh Gondelman

Writers are nerds. -Shane Black

For women, even if she's nerdy enough to be Steve Jobs, she's undateable. -Eileen Pollack

Parents don't want their kids to be nerdy. -Eileen Pollack

My secret pleasure is painting these little mini figures that you send into battle – they're called Warhammer figures. It's the nerdiest thing in the world, but it's a lot of fun. It's relaxing; that's the main reason I do it. -Cole Sprouse

I loved being a student more than being in school. I was kind of the nerd type; I was more into my career and my studies than the dances and being popular. -Tamera Mowry

I was into all of the Pennsylvania teams at some point in my childhood. I would flip back and forth between the Pirates and the Phillies, and I was always a Steelers fan but not much of an Eagles fan. Then I became kind of a band nerd in school, and I went the music route. -Ed Kowalczyk

I'm just a big old nerd. I'm not that cool guy at all. -Guillermo Diaz

I'm such a brand nerd. -Bozoma Saint John

Sadly, in the most nerdy way possible, my superpower is anagramming. -Matt Letscher

The way I felt growing up, which was like an outcast – I was weird, I was a nerd, I read fantasy books – I think a lot of fantasy book readers and a lot of readers and writers in general have that experience of isolation. -Sabaa Tahir

When people criticize the computer generation, the high tech generation, and say they neglect the body – well, just walk through a college campus, and you'll see the healthiest, most physically conscious and alert group of human beings I've ever met. So they're not nerds at all. -Timothy Leary

I was the worst-dressed person in Scranton. I was a total nerd. Obviously, I got picked on, but I was also able to find my own cluster of friends, and I think when that happens, you get by just fine. -Stephen Karam

Leadership is loud. It is quiet. It is thoughtful and emotional and cerebral and nerdy and goofy and joyful and motivating. -Julie Foudy

To be honest, the thing is I don't really like clothes. I mean, it is cool, but I like tech. I am a tech girl. A secret nerd – there, I said it. -Coco Rocha

The only reason I wanted to do 'MADtv' was because I grew up reading 'Mad Magazine' because I'm a comic-book nerd. -Orlando Jones

You can't play a hobbit if you're not prepared to be a part of nerd culture. -Sean Astin

One of the magical things about kindness is that it's what we nerds call a 'happiness aggregator.' People confuse kindness with being nice. And they're very different. You can be nice and be passive. But kindness requires action. -Daniel Lubetzky

I'm just a nerd at heart, and I'm actually quite nice. -Madelaine Petsch

I loved playing video games when I was younger, loved playing with Legos – the tech nerd, that was me for sure. -Doug Baldwin

I think it's reasonable: you can own your nerd credibility when you're an astronaut. -Kathleen Rubins

I learned most of what I knew about online communities on The Well, and it was a good place to learn. The group of people in Sausalito and Bolinas who'd gotten the Whole Earth Catalog off the ground – a bunch of boomer hippies, intellectuals and nerds – established the 'Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link', and showed us what online communities were. -Caterina Fake

I'm just a total nerd, in all honesty. I'm a massive, insane record fan – that's how I got into playing music. That's why I wanted to make an album – I'm obsessed with how sides flow. -Ty Segall

I had a really hard time in Orange County. I was a nerd. I was watching foreign cinema when I was 13 and talking about how 'Hope and Glory' should be a foreign film. -Pedro Pascal

I was a bit of a film nerd as a kid. -Grace Potter

I've been a nerd my whole life. -Kyle

I've always been a comedy nerd, and 'Partners in Crime' was probably more influential for me than anything else because it was not only standup, but Robert Townsend had those short films. -Baron Vaughn

I'm a nerd. -Amanda Seales

I'm the biggest nerd. -Natasha Rothwell

One of my secret nerdy things is that I love education. -Adrienne C. Moore

We're just nerds that play music. Because we get played on the radio and have a Vitaminwater ad with Aaron Paul dancing on a treadmill, people are going to say we sold out. I don't write music for that. I write music for me. -John Gourley

One thing I've realized is that being a nerd has transformed. I like that it's easier to read comic books and, like, 'Lord of the Rings' now. You don't have to get punched in the chest in the gym locker room for that anymore. -Chris Gethard

When I was growing up, I think I was expected to be seen and not heard. You're this little, nerdy kid; no one wants to hear about how sad you are. Nobody wants to hear that you feel lonely. -Chris Gethard

If you're a nerd, just be a nerd. That's way better than a nerd who's trying to be a hipster. And if you are going to tell jokes, don't direct them at other people. Not only is it not funny, but it's also mean. -Cecily Strong

There was a guy that I got to know pretty well – Joe Grant. He was one of the creators of Dumbo and worked side-by-side with Disney. Being a total Disney nerd, I was obsessed with asking him questions. He was 92 when I got to know him. -Pete Docter

I wasn't the class nerd, but I was weird. I could tell long stories and be funny, but I couldn't do sports. And I was always terrified of being held back. -Charles Ray

A lot of times in films, the protagonist is either the leader of the group or the nerd of the group. I've never identified with either of those things. -Max Joseph

The horror fan base is fantastic. It really has devoted fans, and I like that aspect of the genre. The people who are making it are always really wonderfully nerdy, creative people, which I always love. -Bill Skarsgard

Black women are the most passionate commentators, and even as black female geeks and nerds, they are rarely acknowledged. -Cheo Hodari Coker

For a while, I thought I would maybe be a writer. But with music, I was such a nerd; I was really obsessive about it. The problem was I couldn't really sing. I think one day I sang from a different part of my body, from my gut for the first time, and I was like, 'Oh! That's how you're supposed to do it.' -Perfume Genius

I am a business owner. I'm a teacher. I think Justin's actually kind of plain, kind of nerdy. But when I morph into Alyssa, I'm like this… Well, this creature, everything that Justin couldn't be. -Alyssa Edwards

I'm nerdy in certain areas. -Alexa Bliss

I wasn't one of those kids who stole Richard Pryor records. I wasn't a comedy-nerd kid. I had no concept of stand-up. Actually, the only inkling of stand-up I had was I read one of Paul Reiser's books when I was, like, 12. I found it at a yard sale, and I carried it around with me for six years. -Whitney Cummings

I'm an athlete. I'm not a big golf nerd in that aspect. I'm not big on the history. -Brooks Koepka

To be honest, I'm not a big golf nerd. Golf is kind of boring, not much action. -Brooks Koepka

When you get on a comedy show, people assume you're a comedian. I'd say I'm more of a comedy nerd. -Ty Burrell

I was a science nerd. I have two science degrees. I enjoyed the sciences, nutrition, so I always modeled part time, thinking it would end. -Maye Musk

I was a nerdy student. -Maye Musk

This has become a bugbear of mine: the difference between geek and nerd. -Alice Eve

I'm from the street, but I'm not a street head. I'm not one of those guys who believe that life is about the street. I'm nerdy at heart, man. -Skepta

How do we escape who we are? I think, going to college, I felt freer. I loved the clean slate. I wasn't known as the sort of nerdy, studious girl. I met gay people for the first time in my life. I needed that expansion from a very conservative little town. -Joan Allen

I loved school as a kid. I was a bit of a nerd. -Catriona Gray

I can sing in my head and rearrange the tune of a song, note per note. I am a nerd. -Catriona Gray

I knew I wanted to create a character who was nerdy and kind of square, so when I drew a square sponge, everything came together. And originally his name was SpongeBoy, but there we couldn't use that for trademark reasons. -Stephen Hillenburg

'Star Wars' is for nerds and virgins. -Colby Covington

All these guys that want to act tough and act like they're hard in the street, that's cool, man. I'm glad you want to act hard, and your emotions are driving crazy, but you need to get out of your feelings, nerds. -Colby Covington

There were definitely auditions and even bookings and jobs where I played your typical Asian model minority: an IT tech guy or something of that nature. It's tough sometimes, especially when you're starting out, because they make these roles sound as if they won't be a typical nerd. -Manny Jacinto

I definitely identify as a nerd – love being in a classroom. -Skyler Samuels

I was a total nerd and had, like, two friends, and then I left my school and got signed to a record deal. -Kevin Jonas

This idea of the geek or the nerd, all that person really is – and I would consider myself one – is someone who is not ashamed of liking what they enjoy. -Andrew W.K.

I'm a super theater nerd. -Casey Cott

Food attracts a kind of nerdishness like any other sort of passion, and 'Cooks' Questions' is for those people who want to find out more. -Sue Perkins

When I was at school, I loved maths and read lots of books and was horrified at the idea of having a boyfriend… I was probably a nerd, but then, it was a negative term. -Victoria Coren Mitchell

I was a nerd, growing up, I was really into computers and technology, and most of my friends were basically in that world as well. -Sam Esmail

I'm a film nerd. -Sam Esmail

When I was in high school, I wasn't a nerd, I wasn't a jock. I wasn't a bad kid. I just flew under the radar with my homies. -Noah Centineo

I consider myself a nerd. I love science and technology. -Alexis Ren

Because I am the biggest musical theater nerd, I worship Sondheim. -Beanie Feldstein

I am a very nerdy reader in that I am as disciplined about my reading as I am about my writing. -Elin Hilderbrand

Buddy Holly had something very different from the other great early rock n' roll stars, whether it was Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Bo Diddley. He came across as so ordinary, as such a nerd. You know, he was a big guy, and he carried a gun. He was anything but a nerd. -Greil Marcus

JaVale McGee is one of the smartest guys I know. Like, he's a nerd, plays with gadgets, and is into technology. He's funny – he's got crazy jokes, and his timing with jokes is really funny. You have to be really smart to think the way he does. -Andre Iguodala

I'm a huge comedy nerd. I have been forever. -Geraldine Viswanathan

I'm a book nerd, and I've seen authors that I love, I've gone and seen them speak or read from a book. -Duff McKagan

I just got a Filmstruck account so I can watch all of those Criterion movies streaming. I've been nerding out about that. -Hiro Murai

I am a Christmas nerd. Christmas is my favorite holiday. -Jonathan Scott

I didn't have very many friends growing up. I was very much a nerd. I read comic books, and I wanted to do well in school. -Xavier Woods

I wish I was agile like Spider-Man and everything we do that draws on the childhood inspirations and the adulthood inspirations, for that matter. They're definitely the reason how I am, how I am today, because I was a smaller kid who was a nerd. -Xavier Woods

Anything nerd-wise, I have probably collected it, and it's displayed in our apartment. -Johnny Gargano

Outside the ring, I am a huge Marvel fan and don't hide my overwhelming nerd-dom by any means. -Johnny Gargano

I was a theater nerd. -Kathryn Hahn

I am a big cinema nerd! I've absorbed a lot of films. -Flying Lotus

I really liked sports and athletic stuff, but I was a total nerd. -Joe Keery

My older brother used to punch me all the time because I was a nerd. -Rick Harrison

I'm a nerdy guy who likes to read a lot. -Rick Harrison

I read a book every night. I really am that nerd, so when I get to go to the Smithsonian and get to go in the back rooms and play with stuff, things like that, for a guy like me, that's amazing. -Rick Harrison

As soon as I heard the term 'comedy nerd,' I'd hoped there was a lot of them. -Pete Holmes

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