Best Quotes About Multicultural

The lax multiculturalism that urges Americans to accept the unacceptable from their fellow citizens is one of this nation's greatest vulnerabilities in the war on terror. -Richard Perle

Australia has an increasingly multicultural society. -Julie Bishop

What postmodernism gives us instead is a multicultural defense for male violence – a defense for it wherever it is, which in effect is a pretty universal defense. -Catharine MacKinnon

Britons seem to have given up on assimilating their Muslim population, with many British elites patting themselves on the back for their tolerance and multiculturalism. -Linda Chavez

Shakespeare is the true multicultural author. He exists in all languages. He is put on the stage everywhere. Everyone feels that they are represented by him on the stage. -Harold Bloom

I love New York. I love the multicultural vibe here. Los Angeles doesn't inspire me in any way. Everyone is in the same industry, yet you feel very isolated. -Neve Campbell

What 'multiculturalism' boils down to is that you can praise any culture in the world except Western culture – and you cannot blame any culture in the world except Western culture. -Thomas Sowell

This multicultural approach, saying that we simply live side by side and live happily with each other has failed. Utterly failed. -Angela Merkel

I've driven all through America and I know there are a lot of clever people between the coasts. But they have a slightly old-fashioned view of the world. Whereas New York is one of the most multicultural, multiracial, tolerant places on Earth. -Robbie Coltrane

To be clear, the gap between the have gots and the have nots is widening. In this most multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic America ever, that concerns me. -Tavis Smiley

Being in a multicultural environment in childhood is going to give you intuition, reflexes and instincts. You may acquire basic responsiveness later on, but it's never going to be as spontaneous as when you have been bathing in this environment during childhood. -Carlos Ghosn

I think there's an awful lot of noise about the Church being persecuted but there is a more real issue that the conventional churches face – that the people who are really driving their revival and success believe in an old-time religion which, in my view, is incompatible with a modern, multi-ethnic, multicultural society. -Trevor Phillips

I love food, all types of food. I love Korean food, Japanese, Italian, French. In Australia, we don't have a distinctive Australian food, so we have food from everywhere all around the world. We're very multicultural, so we grew up with lots of different types of food. -Hugh Jackman

If you get into multicultural sort of casting for no other reason than to diversify, then it seems false. -Andrew Rannells

Criminality is always the result of poverty. Countries that experience such a fundamental change as we have – we had the apartheid regime and must now develop a multicultural democracy – must necessarily pass through a phase of high crime rates. -Jacob Zuma

I think for the most part people are proud of the bicultural foundation New Zealand is built on and the fact that we are a multicultural society. -John Key

Toronto is a very multicultural city, a place of immigrants, like my parents. -Melanie Fiona

I'm not an optimist. I'm a realist. And my reality is that we live in a multifaceted, multicultural world. And maybe once we stop labeling ourselves, then maybe everyone else will. -Octavia Spencer

One of the great things about Sydney is that it has a great acceptance of everyone and everything. It's an incredibly tolerant city, a city with a huge multicultural basis. -Baz Luhrmann

Sydney in the 1960s wasn't the exuberant multicultural metropolis it is today. Out in the city's western reaches, days passed in a sun-struck stupor. In the evenings, families gathered on their verandas waiting for the 'southerly buster' – the thunderstorm that would break the heat and leave the air cool enough to allow sleep. -Geraldine Brooks

Yes, it seems we've got this mutant gene in our human personality that makes us susceptible to this same kind of mistake over and over again. It's really uncanny how we build these beautiful multicultural edifices and then allow this switch to be flipped and everybody goes, 'Oh, the other, get them out of here.' -Geraldine Brooks

Long before the idea of multiculturalism, in public people could say almost anything to you and get away with it. -Junot Diaz

The ultimate vision is to instate in the Muslim world the notion of multiculturalism, which is part of our heritage and history, part of the fundamental, mainstream ideals of Islam. -Feisal Abdul Rauf

The Windrush era is a very important part of British history as it helps us understand how and why we became the multicultural society we are today, and also helps us understand the history of race relations in this country. -Naomie Harris

Growing up in a multicultural family, I never really felt that I was different – even though I was from most of the kids in my school. Especially with music, I try to just approach it as an equal. -Priscilla Ahn

In a multicultural, diverse society there are countless ways in which people negotiate the everyday lived experience and reality of diversity. -Randa Abdel-Fattah

Religious celebrations, and the good will, high spirits and generosity that mark them, are wonderful occasions for understanding the potential of 'everyday multiculturalism', and how people from diverse faiths can connect and show they care, rather than go down parallel, sometimes hostile, roads. -Randa Abdel-Fattah

Many journalists are influenced by a myopic multiculturalism that is suspicious of anything Western, while giving the benefit of the doubt to non-Western societies. -Nancy Pearcey

I have a multicultural background, so I tend to have an open mind about things, and I find other cultures interesting. -Viggo Mortensen

I want people to experience what it's like being from Haiti, coming to America, being Wyclef – multicultural, multilingual. -Wyclef Jean

I really feel that I had a genuinely diverse, multicultural upbringing, and I just don't find New York to be quite as diverse. Maybe I'm romanticising, but I feel that I was exposed to a real melting pot in terms of culture and pop culture. My kids are essentially middle-class, but I do try to remind them that they come from humble beginnings. -Carmen Ejogo

We might be shifting away from a Eurocentric view of the United States into something that's much more multicultural, multinational, and Chinese food is just one slice of that. -Jennifer Lee

What I worry about and don't like is the way in which the ideology of multiculturalism has declined into cultural relativism. I think that's very dangerous. When the Archbishop of Canterbury, for God's sake, says that you can't have one law for everybody… that's stupid. -Salman Rushdie

I feel that as the world becomes more and more multicultural, it's a good tool to be able to speak another language. -Sarah Shahi

Americans have always welcomed people of all backgrounds, religions, and races. It's a spirit of tolerance, now energized and amplified by the cult of multiculturalism. -Ayaan Hirsi Ali

In Holland I have seen well-meaning, principled people blinded by multiculturalism, overwhelmed by the imperative to be sensitive and respectful of immigrant culture, while ignoring criminal abuse of women and girls. -Ayaan Hirsi Ali

London is the most multicultural, mixed-race place on Earth. -JJ Feild

I was born in San Francisco. I was raised in Oakland, so I'm, like, super Bay Area born, and, you know, it's just really multicultural up there, and there's a lot of subcultures just from, like, anything, like from rockabilly to, like, crazy punk scenes to, you know, a huge rap scene, and there's just all kinds of things you can do out there. -Kreayshawn

Once I got into college, I discovered literature – in particular, multicultural literature. I just started to understand the power of story and narrative, and you know, like anyone else, I kind of wanted to do it, too. -Matt de la Pena

I come from a multicultural family. -Sarah Jones

I definitely think the fact that I come from a multicultural background, my mother living life in a white skin and having white skin privilege from the time I was little, I was aware of that. -Sarah Jones

In Australia, we cling on to whatever culture we have. We're such a multicultural country. -Brenton Thwaites

My foundation now has some 120 football pitches laid out for children, a lot of them immigrants. We live in a multicultural society. -Johan Cruyff

Ajax is a multicultural club, and we have found that many talented immigrant players quit when they reach puberty. So we wanted to tackle this problem with someone from the same background who had come through it. And that was Edgar Davids. During one of our fights, I pointed that out to him. But it had nothing to do with his skin colour. -Johan Cruyff

New York is one of the greatest cities in the world. It is a fitting host to its many international visitors, who can come to witness first-hand what a vibrant multicultural democracy looks like. -Ban Ki-moon

I'm interested in internationalism. It's the new multiculturalism. How we deal with each other isn't sufficient any more. It's about time we examine how we interact with the rest of the world we live in. -David Henry Hwang

'Yellow Face' marks my summation of multiculturalism. -David Henry Hwang

Nine months after we submitted the original screenplay for 'The Attack,' the studio that was involved pulled out. I've been told that 'you don't write in a French way; you can't make these multicultural films.' -Ziad Doueiri

A lot of people don't know this, but Toronto is probably the most multicultural city in North America. -Stephen Amell

I want to go back home and make movies in Australia. There's so many stories that we haven't captured yet. In Australia, we cling on to whatever culture we have. We're such a multicultural country. -Brenton Thwaites

Genocide is not just a murderous madness; it is, more deeply, a politics that promises a utopia beyond politics – one people, one land, one truth, the end of difference. Since genocide is a form of political utopia, it remains an enduring temptation in any multiethnic and multicultural society in crisis. -Michael Ignatieff

We are a multicultural country – always have been, and to our credit, always will be. It is something that we should be very proud of and embrace. -Cheech Marin

I come from a specific area in Beirut where it's multicultural, and it's a culture that blends with multiple cultures – it's unbelievable lifestyle. -Reem Acra

My dad is from Japanese descent, my mom is from Swedish descent and, through marriages and divorces, a pretty multicultural family – a lot of Spanish speakers in the family. -Cary Fukunaga

My stories deal with multicultural situations as well as multigenerational settings. -Patricia Polacco

Victoria is proudly the multicultural capital of Australia; we have a diverse, harmonious community. -Denis Napthine

I love New York, where I live – it's the best city in the world. Nowhere in the world do you have so many nationalities that are actually mixed together – it's so multicultural. -Daniel Humm

In Switzerland, we have a centuries-old tradition of living together in one confederation and one society. That holds us back from excesses. We are a civilized and enlightened community and, by practising multicultural tolerance, we manage to stop extreme developments from going too far. -Klaus Schwab

The concept of multiculturalism is difficult to make fit with a democratic society. -Helmut Schmidt

The idea of multiculturalism, that every culture is equal – that's not objectively true. -Steve King

If you try to discuss multiculturalism in the U.K., you're labeled a racist. -Pim Fortuyn

I grew up in an environment in Birmingham that was really multicultural, with black kids, Irish kids, Indian kids. -David Harewood

The reality of Britain is vibrant multiculturalism, but the myth we export is an all-white world of lords and ladies. Conversely, American society is pretty segregated, but the myth it exports is of a racial melting-pot, everyone solving crimes and fighting aliens side by side. -Riz Ahmed

Multiculturalism isn't just a buzzword; it's not just something to debate – I am multiculturalism. -Riz Ahmed

The multiculturalism of Britain is one of our greatest strengths in music, literature, and visual art, but the TV and film industry doesn't tap into the multicultural talent pool in the U.K. as much as they do in the U.S. -Riz Ahmed

We are living in a multicultural society. Our role as leaders is to enable grappling with this situation, even when multiculturalism is difficult. -Reuven Rivlin

A multicultural society does not reject the culture of the other but is prepared to listen, to see, to dialogue and, in the final analysis, to possibly accept the other's culture without compromising its own. -Reuven Rivlin

I've always been attracted to multicultural music. It's where the world is going. -Anat Cohen

In the early '90s, there was an attention to diversity. In this country, diversity was a good thing. People would use words like 'multicultural' and like it. Now, politically, those words are out. But I still feel theaters have to be diverse in order to survive. -Kenny Leon

The American people need to know we understand that they elected us to fight for economic opportunity for all. We need to create America 2.0 – a multicultural, progressive, and innovative country that fights every day for ordinary people. -Tim Ryan

I loved growing up in Canada. It's a great place to grow up because – well, at least where I grew up – it's very multicultural. There's also good health care and a good education system. -Ryan Gosling

I am very Latino in everything I am and I do, but there's a part of me that's also something else. I'm reflective of the way this country's gonna be in the next 40 years. More multicultural is what we'll see. -Jimmy Smits

I have been in dialogue with my family about what can actually be done. We've come up with this philosophy that in a truly multicultural society, the only way to have liberty and justice for everybody is to have multiple parties. And by multiple parties, I mean 50 parties, not one or two. -Wadada Leo Smith

I had a multicultural exposure; that's why I don't believe in a particular religion. I have respect for most because I grew up surrounded by so many. I don't judge people by that, and I feel extremely offended when people categorise based on race, religion, or gender. -Twinkle Khanna

Do we want a multicultural society, following the model of the English-speaking world, where fundamental Islam is progressing and we see major religious claims, or do we want an independent nation, with people able to control their own destiny, or do we accept to be a region managed by the technocrats of the European Union? -Marine Le Pen

I am opposed to a multicultural France. I think that those who have a different culture and who arrive in France have to submit themselves to French culture. -Marine Le Pen

The GOP's insoluble problem is that the multicultural, multiethnic, and multilingual country they created with their open borders appears not to like the brand of dog food the party sells. -Pat Buchanan

Sometimes, in the summer, I just step out of my home, and I see all these people – Montreal is like El Dorado. It doesn't exist. It's so perfect and beautiful and multicultural and chill and fun. -Evelyne Brochu

My audience here in America is so eclectic. It's a real mix of people, which is great. Like what I was doing with Culture Club – world music, multiculturalism – not defining everything in terms of sexuality or color. It was about everyone coming together and being part of something. -Boy George

It is our job to ensure everyone feels included and empowered. We are living in a world that is increasingly diverse, and part of helping kids develop and be those successful leaders of tomorrow is helping them learn how to embrace multiculturalism and diversity. -Margo Georgiadis

The whole London football scene is now financially more powerful and ambitious than ever before. That reflects the city's economic might and its multiculturalism. Now West Ham have a new , and Spurs and Chelsea will follow. And the London clubs have widened their areas of support. -John Motson

Welcome to the brave new world of American multiculturalism. From a nation of diverse peoples united by a common culture, we have become a people divided by a common malady. -Tom Tancredo

The mutating virus of multiculturalism has escaped its breeding ground in elite universities and is now running rampant across popular culture, entertainment, and politics. -Tom Tancredo

Political conservatives need to recognize that multicultural politics is converging with leftist politics, and not only on 'social issues' like same-sex marriage. Our Constitution is also on the chopping block, and if you don't see that, you haven't been paying attention. -Tom Tancredo

It is not an exaggeration to say that under Obama, the naturalization process – becoming a citizen – no longer requires becoming an American. The real tragedy and the real crime of the Obama plan for accelerated naturalization of millions flows from the redefinition of citizenship as a triumph of multiculturalism. -Tom Tancredo

My father, his values were anchored in the time, but they were also timeless, whether it's bilingualism, multiculturalism or the charter of rights and freedoms. -Justin Trudeau

In the 21st century, government efforts should focus on 'multiculturalism', including the diversity of languages. -Eduardo Bhatia

I was always asked to play roles where I was the contrasting or multicultural character. Sometimes that worked for me – often it didn't. -Katy Jurado

Our nation's multiculturalism is what makes us so special as a nation. -Danny K. Davis

The theatre should reflect America as it's lived in today. And that is a multicultural America. -Lynn Nottage

Among immigrants today, it is increasingly fashionable to reject American exceptionalism in favor of multiculturalism. To pretend that this isn't happening isn't optimism; it's sheer fantasy. -Laura Ingraham

For most of my childhood, I grew up in the countryside of England, where it was very suburban – there weren't a lot of people who were multicultural like my family. It was a place where the blonde and brunette girls in school were considered gorgeous. And because of that, I remember feeling like I wasn't good enough. -Sonoya Mizuno

There's a huge Indian population here in Toronto. Also, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton – Canada really is a great multicultural country. -Jinder Mahal

We – what we need is a dialogue among civilizations. And we need multiculturalism, respect for diversity, tolerance, respect for diverse faiths. -Manmohan Singh

I believe, whether it is the United States or Europe, they will all end up as multicultural societies. So India's this great experiment of a billion people of such great diverse persuasion, working together, seeking their salvation in the framework of a democracy. I believe it will have some lessons for all the multicultural societies. -Manmohan Singh

From 'Fonejacker,' multiculturalism has been a big part of my repertoire. -Kayvan Novak

I was raised in Montreal, which is very multicultural, very liberal. Then I moved to New York. -Antoni Porowski

Montreal is just so multicultural and ethnic and diverse, and it's what makes us special. I say 'us' like I still live there, but I still do feel like a Montrealer. -Antoni Porowski

The first rule of multiculturalism is that you can't talk about multiculturalism. -Lauren Southern

It's a pleasure to land here and see Australia upholding its commitment to free speech and Western culture – something that may not be here for much longer if left-wing Australian politicians continue their pathological worship of multiculturalism. -Lauren Southern

For people who seem so hell-bent on multiculturalism, why can't liberals understand that free enterprise/freedom is a part of the American Culture? -Steven Crowder

I view myself as a multicultural woman who happens to be black. -Wendy Williams

Britain is an amazing multicultural place to live in, and that should be celebrated and represented. -Alesha Dixon

We've been ahead for so long in the U.K., we're so multicultural, and that's the beauty. That's why grime was formed, from this mix, this understanding of different people. -Skepta

I think London is an amazing city. It's really nice to live in London. I think it is a multicultural city; there is a lot to do, great restaurants. -Thibaut Courtois

It was a privilege to experience life beyond the cliches and to witness the vibrancy, chaos, and multiculturalism of Bengal first hand. -Sue Perkins

The fact that societies are becoming increasingly multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multi-religious is good. Diversity is a strength, not a weakness. -Antonio Guterres

I think diversity and multiculturalism on TV and on the screen is such a powerful thing. And to be honest, it's a very American thing. -Charles Melton

There was a time in my life when I wasn't popular and accepted by kids in school. I was made fun of with braces and kinky hair and being from a multicultural family, et cetera. -Mya

Other tourists might remember London for Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, and Big Ben. I'll remember it for its failed multiculturalism. -Andy Ngo

I come from a multicultural family. My wife's Thai. My children are half-Asian, half-Scottish; we're all immigrants. -Jimmy Barnes

Freedom of speech, for those who don't accept multiculturalism or the sexual revolution, is increasingly limited, mainly by threats to the jobs of those who speak out of turn. -Peter Hitchens

Radical multicultural types will, in the end, destroy the things they claim to like, because they don't understand that liberty and reasonable equality are features of stable, free, conservative societies based on Christian ideas, which guard their borders and are proud of their civilisation. -Peter Hitchens

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