Best Quotes About Moron

The computer is a moron. -Peter Drucker

The consumer isn't a moron; she is your wife. -David Ogilvy

Anyone who thinks they're important is usually just a pompous moron who can't deal with his or her own pathetic insignificance and the fact that what they do is meaningless and inconsequential. -William Thomas

Disco dancing is just the steady thump of a giant moron knocking in an endless nail. -Clive James

George W Bush is like a bad comic working the crowd, a moron, if you'll pardon the expression. -Martin Sheen

First, I have the privilege of being Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. It is not an oxymoron I assure you. -Pat Roberts

What kind of morons do you have working at newspapers in Austin that would base an entire review of an artist's performance on whether or not they had a good seat? -Al Yankovic

My mother is probably the wisest person I've ever known. She's not schooled, she's not well read. But she has a philosophy of life that makes well-read people seem like morons. -Gene Simmons

There has been this – and it's reflected in the broadcasts – this moronic use of statistics. Which has suggested to everyone who is intelligent the use of statistics is moronic. -Michael Lewis

And I have a really great agent and I know it's almost an oxymoron to say you have a smart agent. But she is and she has a beautiful aesthetic and she has guided me. -Patricia Clarkson

I don't want to tell your story because you're a insensitive, self-centered moron. I've told a lot of stories about young people, and I always feel there's hope. -Joel Schumacher

There's always been some moron-who usually went by the name of 'producer' – who would have to justify his existence, and interfere. -Frank Tashlin

Unfortunately our nation, nay, our world, is run by evil morons. -Rudy Rucker

We have to confront the very scary fact that the president is a moron. He's really dumb. -Aaron McGruder

Some people think I'm a total moron and I would hope most people think I'm very good at what I do. -Dan Abrams

I've been saying in the press that being a NY Post investigator reporter is an oxymoron. -Joe Pantoliano

My parents divorced when I was born, and my mother is a political science professor, like a feminist Mormon, which is sort of an oxymoron. -Eliza Dushku

The first step to stringing the boss up from a lamppost is saying the boss is a moron. -Ted Rall

I take it that a successful therapy is an oxymoron. -Harold Bloom

Do you have any problems, other than that you're unemployed, a moron, and a dork? -John McEnroe

I personally think intellectual property is an oxymoron. Physical objects have a completely different natural economy than intellectual goods. It's a tricky thing to try to own something that remains in your possession even after you give it to many others. -John Perry Barlow

All morons hate it when you call them a moron. -J. D. Salinger

I have a zero tolerance for sanctimonious morons who try to scare people. -Pat Robertson

Sex and older women used to be considered an oxymoron, rarely mentioned in the same breath. -Gail Sheehy

It's hard to decide if TV makes morons out of everyone, or if it mirrors Americans who really are morons to begin with. -Martin Mull

If you're listening to a rock star in order to get your information on who to vote for, you're a bigger moron than they are. -Alice Cooper

The world is made up for the most part of morons and natural tyrants, sure of themselves, strong in their own opinions, never doubting anything. -Clarence Darrow

If you cannot work on the marriage or the women is a moron, staying married and cheating makes the most sense because divorce is disruptive to the family life and your bank account. -Al Goldstein

The term 'serious actor' is kind of an oxymoron, isn't it? Like 'Republican party' or 'airplane food.' -Johnny Depp

In terms of the romantic kind of lead, I just never enjoy those movies very much. Maybe they'll come to interest me more as I get older. I doubt it, but maybe. Romantic comedies tend to be, for me, an oxymoron. -Christian Bale

What kind of moron would go to work for half the amount of money, when they could sit at home and collect what's written in a contract? -Bill Goldberg

Independent film is not only an oxymoron; it doesn't exist anymore. -Martha Plimpton

I couldn't help feeling people thought I was a moron, and my self-imposed insecurity constantly bedeviled me. -Nicholas Brendon

All that self-expression has just created a generation of morons, hooked on an endless appetite for rubbish. -Vivienne Westwood

I've been called a moron since I was about four. My father called me a moron. My grandfather said I was a moron. And a lot of times when I'm driving, I hear I'm a moron. I like being a moron. -Adam Sandler

We have a tendency to think everyone's idiotic and everyone's only doing something idiotic, and the world is controlled by a not-so-secret group of morons. There's great truth in that, I suppose, but then it's also not true. -John Malkovich

On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron. -H. L. Mencken

I learned why 'out riding alone' is an oxymoron: An equestrian is never alone, is always sensing the other being, the mysterious but also understandable living being that is the horse. -Jane Smiley

I wanted to be the moron of the family, because morons seemed to have more fun, more freedom and more personality. -Alice Sebold

In a pure capitalist system, an institution as moronic and corrupt as Bank of America would be swiftly punished by the market – the executives would get to loot their own firms once, then they'd be looking for jobs again. -Matt Taibbi

I know what falling off the cliff means. I know from being considered a very bright kid to being considered like a moron and dropping out of school. -Walter Dean Myers

Happy and alone, you say? Reclusive and merry? How oxymoronic! Pas possible! Alas, the concept is lost on so many. -Caroline Knapp

I'm not sure who has the right to say that you have better taste than somebody else, because essentially what you're doing is calling millions of people morons. -Simon Cowell

I read an article that said one in five Americans thinks Elvis is alive. I want to find those morons and get them registered to vote for me. -Pat Paulsen

I believe that 'advocacy journalism' is not an oxymoron. If that means that I'm going to disrupt the cable, partisan fracas of obsession over what this means from left and right, then so be it. I will be disruptive of it. -Chris Cuomo

You know, my degrees are in computer engineering. I spent a lot of time in the tech industry. And I like to say that I don't invest in tech because I spent time in it. And I saw firsthand that the durability of technology moats is many times an oxymoron. -Mohnish Pabrai

The general image of a man in an American sitcom is like a complete moron. You'd think the industry was run by a feminist cabal. -Hanna Rosin

'Cooking Lucky' is a show for guys – or girls – or really for anyone who is all thumbs in the kitchen and needs some help cooking meals that are so incredibly impressive they make it look like you've been slaving in the kitchen all day when in reality, they are so effortless to put together that even a moron can do it. -Eden Riegel

Anyone who says that Iran will commit suicide with its nuclear power is a moron and has no business in discussion. -Reza Aslan

In every movie and every TV show, the dads are morons. And dads tend to react by doing what dads do best: They check out. They say, 'Ask your mother.' -Steve Schirripa

I was lousy in school. Real screwed-up. A moron. I was antisocial and didn't bother with the other kids. A really bad student. I didn't have any brains. I didn't know what I was doing there. That's why I became an actor. -Anthony Hopkins

It's a big thing now: A lot of people want to be assistants to celebrities. If you're pursuing that, you're an idiot. You're a moron. The shortest distance between two points is not a celebrity, or being next to a celebrity. -Lewis Black

'Feminist comedy,' practically an oxymoron, had a couple of good years after WWII. Chalk it up to the forced female autonomy that occurred during wartime, when Rosie the Riveter went to work in the factories, constructing the Allies' war machines while taking charge of the finances, the home, and the children. -Grace Slick

Time management is an oxymoron. Time is beyond our control, and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives. Priority management is the answer to maximizing the time we have. -John C. Maxwell

I find the term 'perfect child' to be an oxymoron. -Barbara Park

The business of music. You know, it's an oxymoron in a sense. It's like the two things. Although we both need each other, they really don't go together. -Kelis

'Doing your own thing' and being a Christian is an oxymoron. As Christians, every day we need to be presenting ourselves before the Lord, thanking Him for His mercy and asking Him to make us more like Him by emptying us of our will, so God's will can be done. -Monica Johnson

I write novels with a lawyer as the hero, no matter how oxymoronic that might sound. -William Lashner

I think people will be surprised to find that I'm not as much of an idiot as they think I am. I'm not a real moron. -Steve-O

We've all heard stories of lottery winners, rock stars, heirs and heiresses, and professional athletes becoming millionaire morons who wake up rich but are broke by nightfall. -Robert Kiyosaki

Placing 'amicable' and 'separation' together creates an oxymoron – we don't usually decide to end a partnership until the very sight of our soon-to-be ex fills us with disgust, misery, agony or a combination of all three. -Mariella Frostrup

I am half-Byronic, half-moronic; part-shaman, part-showman. -Sebastian Horsley

There's something undeniably oxymoronic about a 'successful' rock n' roll band. Who wants to hear a bunch of success stories whining about their success? More importantly, what can be the drive behind a band, what can they have to rage against when they are successes? That's a dichotomy every successful band wrestles with. -Dexter Holland

Sadly, I don't really believe in the idea of timeless fashion. It's an oxymoron. If 'classic fashion' really never changed, we'd all still be wearing togas. -Russell Smith

George W. Bush: a person who is the ultimate outcome of the American condition. Someone promoted above ability because of circumstance and organisation and empathy. You don't have to be intelligent. A moron in a hurry could know that you don't prevent war by having a war. -David Lange

I'm a techno moron. I need help just to plug in my video camera. -Libba Bray

I personally think intellectual property is an oxymoron. Physical objects have a completely different natural economy than intellectual goods. -John Perry Barlow

For the naysayers that claimed 'American Family' revealed us to be vacant, unloving, uncaring morons of the materialistic '70s, this image will be proven wrong when Mom and Dad remarry… Make no mistake. This is not to emphasize the sadness of my demise but rather emphasize the love of my family and friends. -Lance Loud

'Habits & Contradictions' is the prequel to 'Setbacks.' I had all these titles already in my head before I even dropped 'em. Like 'Setbacks,' I knew that was gone be the first one; I knew 'Habits & Contradictions.' I knew 'Oxymoron.' I got two more albums that I already have the title to it, and I know how I'ma play the theme off of it. -Schoolboy Q

To me, this was an oxymoron, doing a painting of a dancer. Dancers are always moving. -Jamie Wyeth

Yes, I would loved to have just sustained myself through my art, but less than one in a billion musicians gets that life. So rather than being like, 'I'm an exception!', like a moron, I thought I'd get a real job. -Mary Lambert

I know I mispronounce things constantly, because maybe I read more than I talk, but I don't know the proper way to say a lot of things, even though I know what they are. But then I know I look like a moron. -Amy Heckerling

I think anyone who is famous is a moron if they're on Twitter. It's just stupid. -George Clooney

I am very fortunate. I am a glass-half-full eternal optimist type to the point of being a moron. But I would never presume to know how hard it goes for others. How, for some people, just getting though the day is an incredible effort that can hardly be borne. -John Niven

To keep the edge, you just keep doing something new. I'm not gonna say that working is easy, but while I'm doing it, I'm just a happy little moron – that's how my girlfriend describes me. The fact that nothing might happen with those things is not the point. The point is, I'm doing new things, and I have a good feeling in my soul. -Charles Pollock

We have morons representing us. People who go up and vote for a bill that they have never read – I mean, are we crazy? Are we insane to hand over our government to those kinds of people? -Wayne Rogers

Life is ruthless, and its bestowal of fortune arbitrary and capricious. I'd been born to morons, and mine was a shabby life. -M. J. Hyland

Anyone who thinks hunters are just 'bloodthirsty morons' hasn't looked into hunting. If you wait through long, cold hours in the November woods with a bow in your hands hoping a buck will show, or if you spend days walking in the African bush trailing Cape buffalo while listening to lions roar, you're sure to learn hunting isn't about killing. -Donald Trump, Jr.

I go to movies with my children and see fat kids burping, parents portrayed as total morons, and kids being mean and materialistic, and I feel it's really slim pickin's out there. There's a little dribble of a moral tacked on, but the story is not about that. -Melissa Mathison

The term 'demilitarized Palestinian state' is an oxymoron. -Naftali Bennett

George Clooney, who is a moron, came here to Cannes and gave a press conference saying, 'Under no circumstances will Trump ever be president. Hillary Clinton will be the next president.' Well, we can't wait to make George Clooney eat his words. -Steve Bannon

If you behave like a stupid moron, you're going to get called out by me. -Megyn Kelly

China is the world's biggest exporter, but they're also the people with one of the highest tariffs on imports in the whole world. That seems a little bit oxymoronic. -Wilbur Ross

I'm the one guy who says don't force the stupid people to be quiet. I want to know who the morons are. -Mark Cuban

Internet governance is an oxymoron. The Internet must govern itself. But you can't play cricket without any rules. -Kapil Sibal

I think that 'celebrity' and 'chef' should be a permanent oxymoron. -Alex Guarnaschelli

Being a nurturer isn't being a moron. -Judy Sheindlin

If you are not able to transmit what you're trying to achieve to your collaborators, you will only have minions – or morons. -Bjarke Ingels

There is no 'recycle too much.' That's an oxymoron. -Jonathan Krisel

Of course I am partisan in my politics, but my partisanship is rational – which, in my book, is not necessarily oxymoronic. -Sadiq Khan

I give celebrity my undivided indifference. Now that it's here, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. And people who complain about celebrity and any kind of privilege are, all of them, whinging morons, and they should keep their first-world problems to themselves. I feel very strongly about that. -Robert Rinder

I don't want to be a total moron and be just known as the jazz-handed judge. -Robert Rinder

How is it possible to defame Trump? When Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called the president a 'moron,' was that defamatory or merely the prosaic truth? -Richard Cohen

If you think the dominant orthodoxy – shrink your economy, render workers jobless, impoverish families, and still grow – is an oxymoron… then you would be right. -Sharan Burrow

I simply loathe the crude 1960s distinctions between commerce and art. For me, Warhol and pop obliterated all of those separations – that was the whole point of the Brillo Boxes and Campbell's Soup Cans. And believe it or not, in 2009, moronic journalists are still saying to me, 'Your work is so commercial.' -Peter Marino

I'm a huge walking oxymoron. People think they're going to get something that's a lot different from what they get. -Chris Zylka

Celebrity farmer. Now there's a phrase that should be an oxymoron. There are farmers on both sides of my family, and I can attest that the overlap between the way farmers live, work and think, and celebrity culture, is exactly 0%. -John Lanchester

I'm not a complete moron like most musicians whom I've met. -Chrissie Hynde

Here's my challenge to the real men out there; it's very simple. If you have a good marriage, talk about it. If you love your wife, say it. If some moron tells you that you're merely a 'newlywed' or that you're still just 'too young to understand,' correct them. -Steven Crowder

Financial innovation is an oxymoron. It's very rare that there is something that's actually financial innovation. It's a euphemism for hiding leverage. -Steve Eisman

Men think that not being able to wire a plug somehow makes them more creative or intellectual. It just makes them morons. -James May

I'm happy to be thought of as cool, but I never was cool. Everyone thought I was this complete moron and complete dork for the majority of my school years. -Andrew W.K.

If there is one way that I would sum up what the 2016 election was on cable news, it was world-class journalists interviewing morons. -Jon Lovett

Even though he's a moron, I supported Tyson Fury. -David Haye

As you get older, you're humbled by the fact that you're a moron. -Ana Kasparian

This is the problem with the United States: there's no leadership. A leader would say, 'Police brutality is an oxymoron. There are no brutal police. The minute you become brutal you're no longer police.' So, what, we're not dealing with police. We're dealing with a federally authorized gang. -KRS-One

I'm not some ditzy moron who has no idea how to deal with a diplomat as if they're some exotic animal. -Louise Linton

If I called my kids a moron, I think it would traumatize them. I don't think they even know what the word is. -Adam F. Goldberg

One doesn't win by chance. One doesn't lead a business to make a €1 billion or €500 million if he is a moron. -Massimiliano Allegri

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