Best Quotes About Monarchy

Something as curious as the monarchy won't survive unless you take account of people's attitudes. After all, if people don't want it, they won't have it. -Prince Charles

Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide. -John Adams

A monarchy is the most expensive of all forms of government, the regal state requiring a costly parade, and he who depends on his own power to rule, must strengthen that power by bribing the active and enterprising whom he cannot intimidate. -James Fenimore Cooper

The state is nothing but an instrument of opression of one class by another – no less so in a democratic republic than in a monarchy. -Friedrich Engels

The monarchy is finished. It was finished a while ago, but they're still making the corpses dance. -Sue Townsend

If monarchy is corrupting – and it is – wait till you see what overt empire does to us. -Daniel Ellsberg

The joke newspaper, it says Canada abandons the monarchy. -Mark McKinney

A monarchy conducted with infinite wisdom and infinite benevolence is the most perfect of all possible governments. -Ezra Stiles

We stand a better chance with aristocracy, whether hereditary or elective, than with monarchy. -Ezra Stiles

I don't accept at all the quite popular argument that the press is responsible for the monarchy's recent troubles. The monarchy's responsible for the monarchy's recent troubles. To blame the press is the old thing of blaming the messenger for the message. -Anthony Holden

I think the relation between the monarchy and the press is very much a two-way street. -Anthony Holden

From a monarchy followed by suffering under Communism, Ethiopians must be given the opportunity to flourish under the greatest of systems – democracy. -Jack Kingston

The aim of my life is the overthrow of monarchy. -Karl Liebknecht

The people under our system, like the king in a monarchy, never dies. -Martin Van Buren

The stability and peace which seemed to be so firmly established by the brilliant monarchy of Francis I vanished with the terrible outbreak of the Wars of Religion. -Lytton Strachey

The monarchy is a labor intensive industry. -Harold Wilson

It's vital that the monarchy keeps in touch with the people. It's what I try and do. -Princess Diana

Of the various forms of government which have prevailed in the world, an hereditary monarchy seems to present the fairest scope for ridicule. -Edward Gibbon

In the kingdom of consumption the citizen is king. A democratic monarchy: equality before consumption, fraternity in consumption, and freedom through consumption. -Raoul Vaneigem

Once you touch the trappings of monarchy, like opening an Egyptian tomb, the inside is liable to crumble. -Anthony Sampson

Jordan has to show the Arab world that there's another way of doing things. We're a monarchy, yes, but if we can show democracy that leads to a two-, three-, four-party system – left, right and center – in a couple of years' time, then the Muslim Brotherhood will no longer be something to contend with. -Abdullah II of Jordan

I am a vigilant monarchist. I want to see things evolve. The direction the monarchy seems to be moving in – towards a more mainland-European model – is one I would feel sympathetic about. -Andrew Motion

The monarchy that I hand over to my son is not going to be the same one that I have inherited. -Abdullah II of Jordan

We are a constitutional monarchy. I don't order laws, I propose them. Article 35 of our constitution states that the king can only refuse a law of parliament once, then he has to sign it – if the same law is then supported by a two-thirds majority in both houses of parliament. -Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

If you look at Shakespeare's history plays, what the setting of monarchy allows is this extraordinary intensification of emotions and predicament. -Tom Hooper

No. I am not a royalist. Not at all. I am definitely a republican in the British sense of the word. I just don't see the use of the monarchy though I'm fierce patriot. I'm proud proud proud of being English, but I think the monarchy symbolizes a lot of what was wrong with the country. -Daniel Radcliffe

The monarchy is foremost a business, and it's important to them that the British public continue to finance the excessive luxurious lifestyles of the now quite enormous, wasteful and useless 'royal' family. I find it very sad. -Morrissey

When it comes to the British monarchy, I prefer to be seduced by an image than presented with a real person. It's kind of a Warhol thing. -Damien Hirst

Well, when did this become a monarchy? You know, we are the people. The president works for us and, you know, we need to remember that. -Ben Carson

In Barcelona, things seem so different. For example, I know that it's traditionally the least Spanish city, but you'd never know they had a monarchy, coming here as a tourist – as opposed to the U.K., where the Queen is probably the best-known animal, vegetable and/or mineral going when it comes to overseas visitors. -Julie Burchill

The British monarchy has the political and constitutional task of subtracting from the government and governors of Britain the papal and kingly airs that in America, because we have no such institution, unfortunately adhere to the president. -Mark Helprin

I'm not a republican any more. Not so voraciously anyway – I'm not in favour of the concept of monarchy, but I do see the good in it if there's a good person in the role. -Helen Mirren

I'm not a great fan of monarchy in general, but I have to say the Danish monarchy is closer to the people; it's not as stuffy as the English one. -Viggo Mortensen

What royal families are very good at doing is surviving and reinventing themselves. That's true whether it's a constitutional monarchy in Britain or an authoritarian monarchy. -Robert Lacey

It seems to me that Sotheby's is very much like the British monarchy: an old and apparently very venerable institution which is in fact very nimble on its feet, an institution invested with a great deal more self-interest than the public image would suggest. -Robert Lacey

It's like a rugby team. If you're picking for the World Cup final, you're picking experience with youth. Everything is better off having that balance and that mix. I think that, especially, goes for the monarchy as well. -Prince William

Radicalism is as British as tea and cakes, as much a part of our make-up as monarchy and football. It will never have its own jubilees, palaces or honours system. -Geoff Mulgan

The monarchy is a part of the state. It exists to serve the people. -Heather Brooke

Europeans are forever the offspring of Machiavelli, trapped in a historical rollercoaster that can bring us a monarchy-toppling French Revolution and then a few years later Napoleon Bonaparte as emperor. -Loretta Napoleoni

I respect the British a lot – their history, their past, their culture. I think it's beautiful, what they have with the monarchy. -Jean-Marc Vallee

In Mesopotamia or Egypt, for example, the monarch had a god-like religious status. But this is not the case in Judaism. So that notion that religion can go on, when all the markers of power and trappings of monarchy disappear, ultimately serves the endurance of Judaism very well. -Simon Schama

We have allowed an unholy alliance of government – the new monarchy – and corporate influence – the new aristocracy – to take control of events in a way that would have made our Founders shudder. -Marianne Williamson

My father established the first women's university in the kingdom, abolished slavery, and tried to establish a constitutional monarchy that separates the position of king from that of prime minister. -Basmah bint Saud

I embody the renewed monarchy for a new time. -Felipe VI of Spain

We got our revolution out of the way long before the French and the Americans. The monarchy was restored, but the sovereignty of our parliament, made up of and elected by a slowly widening constituency of the people, has never been seriously challenged since then. -Robert Webb

Countries that managed to rebuild commanding state structures after popular nationalist revolutions – such as China, Vietnam, and Iran – look stable and cohesive when compared with a traditional monarchy such as Thailand or wholly artificial nation-states like Iraq and Syria. -Pankaj Mishra

In the Roman commonwealth, even on the conversion of the monarchy into a republic, the old was as far as possible retained. -Theodor Mommsen

I quite like the Queen. Now, this must come as a fairly amazing statement for someone who is avowedly left wing, pro-independence and anti-monarchy, but there you go. -John Niven

Just as an individual of pre-eminent worth transforms democracy into a monarchy of the best man, even so the rule of one man, if in all things it has an eye to the common welfare, is democracy. -Apollonius of Tyana

The Emperor Napoleon, ascending gradually from his post of national magistrate to seat himself upon a throne without limits, seems to have wished to punish, as for the abuse of republican reforms, by making us feel all the weight of absolute monarchy. -Marquis de Lafayette

Saudi Arabia is a frightened monarchy. It's beset by Sunni extremists from the Islamic State and Shiite extremists backed by Iran. -David Ignatius

Over the years to come, one thing is for certain: if the monarchy wishes to stay relevant and in power, it will have to change more. -Kate Williams

One of my favourite things to think about is, if you could be invisible and go back in time, where would you go? I've always said ancient Egypt. I would love to see them building the pyramids, and I've always had a real fascination with medieval time and monarchy in medieval times. -Elizabeth Debicki

Pergamon, a prosperous city in western Anatolia, was fabled to have been founded by Hercules' son. Like many Hellenistic cities populated by Greeks who intermarried with indigenous people, Pergamon after Alexander the Great's death (323 B.C.) had evolved a hybrid of democracy and Persian-influenced monarchy. -Adrienne Mayor

A political revolution must proceed simultaneously with the nationalist revolution. When we overthrow the Manchu regime, we will achieve not only a nationalist revolution against the Manchus but also a political revolution against monarchy. They are not to be carried out at two different times. -Sun Yat-sen

I hate the unfairness of injustice. Anybody who thinks they are better than others or 'chosen' or feel they have an entitlement… be it through monarchy, government or money. I think we are all born the same. We are entitled to an equal shot at life. -Liam Cunningham

The monarchy is thousands of years old and has experienced many things like 'The Crown' in the past. They're always changing and evolving; that's the thing. They have to. -Claire Foy

I think you can't have the monarchy without the coronation. I think you would have to get rid of the whole kit and caboodle. -Claire Foy

Ip Man was an extraordinary man who lived during extraordinary times. He was born to a rich family when the country was still a monarchy and lived through various civil wars, revolutions, the Japanese invasion, and the establishment of the Republic. -Wong Kar-wai

Britain is probably the most sophisticated combination of a monarchy and a democracy. -John Lithgow

Britain has a great sense of its own national pride. It's like the monarchy is the embodiment of that pride. -John Lithgow

In Georgia, where I spend much time, the democratically elected pro-western President Mikhail Saakashvili has been beleaguered by a riotous opposition which proposes creating a constitutional monarchy under the Bagrationi dynasty, with a Spanish racing driver, Prince 'Jorge' Bagrationi, as king. -Simon Sebag Montefiore

I have only met Prince Charles once, when he was very charming and easy to chat to. I have always had a soft spot for him, and I admire our constitutional monarchy, but Charles often comes across as eccentric, and he has a mixed press. -Tim Pigott-Smith

The Magna Carta was the first class-based charter, enforced on the monarchy by the rising class. -Guy Standing

We eliminated the monarchy. We put limits on how long one person could lead our country and on the powers they held while in office. We took differences of opinion seriously – in fact, we built them into the fabric of our government. -Tom Steyer

I think it's obscene. I don't know how you support the monarchy. How can you do that? -William Klein

I don't think the monarchy is tawdry in the slightest. I think the monarchy is hugely important for Britain. -Penny Junor

The monarchy needs publicity: they must be seen to be relevant. Unfortunately, they can't just lead quiet lives. -Penny Junor

I think the most grievous threat that we have today is this imperialistic judiciary, this judicial monarchy that has it wrong on what the First Amendment's about and has an objective to create religious sterility in the public square, which is wholly inconsistent with the Founding Fathers' view. -Scott Pruitt

We have been under military rule since 1952, when a group of army officers overthrew Egypt's monarchy and ended Britain's occupation of the country. But that only replaced an external occupation with an internal one, in which favored sons of the armed forces replaced their uniforms with suits, a move meant to create a semblance of civilian rule. -Mona Eltahawy

I visited Libya in September 1996 for the 27th anniversary of the 'revolution' – a military coup that a 27-year-old Gadhafi led to topple the monarchy and since which he has ruled. Some were optimistic that Gadhafi's 'revolution' could herald a new Libya, but it didn't take long for his brutality to stamp out any such hopes. -Mona Eltahawy

The more unpopular politicians are, the better people think it is to have a monarchy. -Sarah Bradford

The sudden collapse of the monarchy that had ruled Russia for three hundred years led to chaos. Russia immediately became, as one participant put it, 'the freest country in the world.' -Keith Gessen

The United States was founded on a revolution that abolished the monarchy, aristocracy, titles and primogeniture. Britain may be able in the future to become a more equal and open society while retaining all of these things. But this has yet to be proved. -Linda Colley

A constitutional monarchy requires the monarch to be above politics but to be fully informed about politics. -Jacob Rees-Mogg

I grew up in a bit of a vacuum. And as a kid, you see 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' and you're like, 'Oh, it's a cartoon.' There's mixed media. It's funny, and there's stop-motion. But as an adult, you figure it out, how the entire underpinnings of their comedy was poking fun at the rank and file of the British aristocracy and the monarchy. -Iliza Shlesinger

I love the Queen. I love the whole fairy tale of the Royal Family; the Crown Jewels; Buckingham Palace; the tourist attraction. But really, is that what we've got a monarchy for? It's just for tourism, and then you survive and live off taxpayers' money? -Slowthai

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