Best Quotes About Misquoted

Misquotations are the only quotations that are never misquoted. -Hesketh Pearson

I'm the most misunderstood, misquoted person I know, honestly. -Dusty Springfield

Silence is not only golden, it is seldom misquoted. -Bob Monkhouse

I was often misquoted. I was supportive of my managers, even though they all may not think so. -George Steinbrenner

I will not be misquoted! -Todd Barry

Practice is everything. This is often misquoted as Practice makes perfect. -Periander

I tend to thrive on being misquoted. It's the only way I sound good. -Jamie Campbell Bower

I've been misquoted a lot, and there's this tendency for people to put on to you how they think you should be or what they think you should feel. -Maura Tierney

I've been really upset sometimes when I've been misquoted. And it's the one thing they use in big print. Or it's taken out of context. Thoughts are fluid and words are sticky. That's the thing. -Daphne Guinness

Oh, I got totally misquoted saying I can dance like Rihanna. I can't! What I did say is that I enjoy a dance-off with my stepdaughter and her friends. -Anna Maxwell Martin

Journalists have misquoted people for so long – and quoted them out of context that for many people like to have their words on record. -Jason Calacanis

The biggest problem I have in journalism is being quoted or misquoted and then being asked to defend something I haven't said. -Robert Fisk

The only thing that I react really violently to is being misquoted. -Gore Vidal

Scientifically speaking, if I say something, or it gets misquoted, or people put a spin on it… I mean, are you interested, really, in what people are saying? -Tamsin Greig

In my 20 years of baseball, I've been misquoted three or four times, and for someone who talks as much as I do, that's incredible. -Curt Schilling

I'm a fairly unaffected human being. I'm easy to talk to, I hope. I'm not too bothered about the clothes I'm wearing. I've been misquoted in interviews as to appear earnest. Which I am not. -James Blunt

When someone has an opinion, even if it ends up misquoted, people jump on it. -James Milner

I like social media, as it cuts out the middleman. You can be yourself, you can't be misquoted, and it's also useful for me to get information about my theatre shows across to people. -Kalki Koechlin

I hate seeing myself misquoted. -Pete Doherty

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