Best Quotes About Misconception

Criticism is a misconception: we must read not to understand others but to understand ourselves. -Emil Cioran

I'd like to believe that the people that have supported me in my work or identified with me in films, the people that feel they know me, they do and they don't have misconceptions – they understand. I believe that. -Angelina Jolie

A common misconception is that the costs of health care are cheaper in rural America, when in fact the reality is that they are more expensive and more difficult to access. -Blanche Lincoln

Education should prepare our minds to use its own powers of reason and conception rather than filling it with the accumulated misconceptions of the past. -Bryant H. McGill

Stock market bubbles don't grow out of thin air. They have a solid basis in reality, but reality as distorted by a misconception. -George Soros

The biggest misconception about me is the bad-boy image that everyone stuck me into due to my tattoos, drug days and the constant changes I make with my hair color. -A. J. McLean

The biggest misconception people have about me is that I'm stupid. -Billy Idol

The biggest misconception about us is that we're just a rock band. We think our music is a cross-section of many genres; a hybrid of what the six of us have grown up on. -Brad Delson

Another misconception is that an order is canceled when you hit 'cancel' on your computer. But, the fact is it's canceled only when the market gets the cancellation. -Arthur Levitt

We have taken a giant step forward in correcting some of the misconceptions people have about the church. I think that we've made a lot of friends. -M. Russell Ballard

I think a lot of people have a misconception of what the kitchen is about, but you know the grueling part of it is also the pleasure of it. That's why I think you have to have a certain mentality to understand what that is and be able to handle it. -Todd English

The first misconception is that embryonic stem cell research is not legal. The fact is, embryonic stem cell research is completely legal. Research on embryonic stem cells has taken place for years. -Virginia Foxx

They thought that athletes that worked out with my system wouldn't be able to throw a ball because they'd be too muscle bound. Those are the misconceptions I had to go through for about 40 years. -Jack LaLanne

The misconception that a victory can be worth its price, has in the nuclear age become a total illusion. -Alva Myrdal

The delusions of self-love cannot be prevented, but intellectual misconceptions as to the means of achieving success may be corrected. -George Henry Lewes

Yeah, yeah I think that's one of the biggest misconceptions towards the band. The biggest one is that we're Satan worshippers, but next to that just the fact that we're normal. -Tom Araya

I'd like to get my public image nearer to my reality. People have a lot of misconceptions. -Jacqueline Bisset

The misconception is that standup comics are always on. I don't know any really funny comics that are annoying and constantly trying to be funny all the time. -Joe Rogan

It's the same misconception I used to have. I meet people and think they're millionaires and they're not. -Peter Hook

The best way to investigate the elusive phenomenon called the creative process may well be to target all the misconceptions, to explain what the creative process is not. -Lukas Foss

It is remarkable how many misconceptions there are here about life in the developing world and I think that that knowledge gap has done a lot to contribute to the imbalance quite frankly. -Emma Thompson

Because Shakespeare's language is so expansive, we're under this misconception that it's difficult. But I discovered that it's easy because it's so brilliantly written. The words are perfect, and the language is intelligent and very emotional. -Jessica Lange

I think the other misconceptions when the film came out, he was very upset that it was so widely released and so widely seen. And neither one of us – well, I think I had hopes it would be, 'cause I really did think it was something special. -Terry Zwigoff

Stupidity is a talent for misconception. -Edgar Allan Poe

Generally young men are regarded as radicals. This is a popular misconception. The most conservative persons I ever met are college undergraduates. The radicals are the men past middle life. -Woodrow Wilson

People have lots of misconceptions about me. My mum, who is half French and half Spanish, gets outraged when I'm called quintessentially English. I owe my looks to my mum-which was 90 percent of getting my first job. And, some people would argue, 90 percent of my entire career. -Helena Bonham Carter

I believe that misconceptions about oneself that one does not correct where possible act as a bad magic. -Laura Riding

I think the biggest misconception about me is people really don't know who I really am. They see the party side of me, they see the crazy side of me. But I also have a laid-back side. You know, I'm chill, down to earth. If you want to grab a cup of coffee and just talk about life, I can do that. -Nicole Polizzi

My reality is the misconceptions about me. -Tori Spelling

There was the misconception out there that I retired after the 2008 season, but that was never the case. I wasn't done with basketball yet, and I'm still not done. -Sheryl Swoopes

I think there's a general misconception that anything written quickly lacks quality, and I don't believe that. -Michael Connelly

There was a misconception about me when I started off because I had my hair greased up and I have some vague resemblance to the hillbilly gene pool that Elvis came from. People would say, 'You want to be Elvis' and I would say, 'No'. -Chris Isaak

I think there is a real misconception about Indian food being super spicy. And I know that's because when you go into an Indian restaurant, it is pretty spicy. But it doesn't have to be. In fact, my husband can't handle a lot of heat. I've had to temper my cooking so that he can eat with me. -Aarti Sequeira

I believe that life is chaotic, a jumble of accidents, ambitions, misconceptions, bold intentions, lazy happenstances, and unintended consequences, yet I also believe that there are connections that illuminate our world, revealing its endless mystery and wonder. -David Maraniss

If you see a blatant error or misconception about yourself, you really want to set it straight. -Jimmy Wales

There is a big misconception about arranged marriage. Yes, it can mean that you meet someone and then have to marry them, but this was my mother saying, 'I'm going to introduce you to so-and-so – If you don't like them, fair enough.' -Archie Panjabi

I think there's a big misconception out there about actors and the choices they have. -Famke Janssen

I'm always happy to blow up any misconceptions that people have about stage school cos everyone thinks it's really nasty there but it's not. -Amy Winehouse

When I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder the year I turned 50, it was certainly a shock. But as a journalist, knowing a little bit about a lot of things, I didn't suffer the misconception that depression was all in my head or a mark of poor character. I knew it was a disease, and, like all diseases, was treatable. -Jane Pauley

One of the big misconceptions about me is that I walk around in mini-skirts and high heels twenty-four seven and go to the gym in heels. -Carmen Electra

The common misconception is that as an actress you have to learn what you're doing. No, you just have to make the audience think you've learned it. -Edie Falco

One of the misconceptions about BlackBerry is that it's your parents' smartphone. -Thorsten Heins

People think that Detroit is this barren wasteland. While there are parts that are not as nice as others, the misconception is not true. It is definitely not a thriving community in Detroit, but it is getting there. There is a lot of heart and love in this city. -Steven Yeun

There's this misconception that comedy and music go together. They don't. Comedians can't compete with rock stars; they're just not on the same level. Rock stars will always be cooler. They will always get more girls. -Michael Ian Black

I can see why there's a misconception that it's easier when your parents are actors, but it doesn't work out at all. In fact, it's the reverse. -Max Irons

There's just a misconception that comes with being a dual-threat quarterback. You run first, throw second. I've proven I throw first and then run if I have to. -Robert Griffin III

I think there's a misconception that I'm opposed to social media. -Bill Keller

Contrary to the popular misconception, the actor is not necessarily a specialist in imitating or portraying what he knows about other people. On the contrary, the actor may simply be a person who's more willing than others to reveal some truths about himself. -Wallace Shawn

I don't know why people think I'm a Goth – that's a misconception. -Zola Jesus

I'm amazed by the misconceptions about Muslim women and the Arab world that I hear, and that really does hurt me. -Queen Rania of Jordan

One of the biggest misconceptions about me is that I'm a comedian, which I'm not. A comedian is someone who can stand up in front of an audience and make you laugh. I've never done stand-up and I never will. I'm a comic actor. My comedy comes through my characters. -Eugene Levy

There are so many misconceptions about me, and it gets frustrating no matter how thick skinned. -Tamara Ecclestone

We're under some gross misconception that we're a good species, going somewhere important, and that at the last minute we'll correct our errors and God will smile on us. It's delusion. -Farley Mowat

It's really a misconception to identify the writer with the main character, given that the author creates all the characters in the book. In certain ways, I'm every character. -Rachel Kushner

One of the bigger misconceptions of learning is that many skills take a lifetime to get world-class at, or 10,000 hours to become world-class at. -Tim Ferriss

The biggest misconception about work is that you need to spend the majority of your time doing it. -Tim Ferriss

The most common misconception about me is that I'm basically a jazz singer. -Phoebe Snow

Undoubtedly, the biggest misconception about me is that I'm some staunch conservative, blind, rightwing hardcore Republican who doesn't want to hear anything from the other side. -Elisabeth Hasselbeck

I'm not worried about misconception or a perception that's bad. If I were, I'd be chasing something all the time. -Elisabeth Hasselbeck

I think people have a misconception of me, period. My life has been a whirlwind sometimes, but it's different to what people think. I definitely feel like there's a misconception about me and who I am. -Lil' Kim

I think there's a misconception, often times, I think society portrays truckers as people who can't get a better job or maybe uneducated, and I think that's a really unfair assessment. -Michelle Monaghan

There's a misconception that survival of the fittest means survival of the most aggressive. The adjective 'Darwinian' used to refer to ruthless competition; you used to read that in business journals. But that's not what Darwinian means to a biologist; it's whatever leads to reproductive success. -Steven Pinker

I do look for openings where I can overturn popular misconceptions, but unlike Christopher Hitchens, I am neither a contrarian nor a lone heretic. I like to have a significant number of academics watching my back. -Steven Pinker

Rather than ignore those who choose to publish their opinions without actually talking to me, I am happy to dispel any rumors or misconceptions and am quite proud to say that I am a very content gay man living my life to the fullest and feel most fortunate to be working with wonderful people in the business I love. -Neil Patrick Harris

Maybe there's a perception of me as grumpy old bugger who suffers from depression. It's a total misconception. I don't think of myself as any grumpier than the next person. I'm not even grumpy first thing in the morning. -Paul Merton

The single biggest misconception about games is that they're an escapist waste of time. -Jane McGonigal

There is a romantic, often misguided, misconception among the British that life in France is akin to life in Paradise. -Janine di Giovanni

It is an awfully sad misconception that librarians simply check books in and out. The library is the heart of a school, and without a librarian, it is but an empty shell. -Jarrett J. Krosoczka

It's a misconception that people over 65 do not use computers. They love them; they are always consulting Dr Google. -Lucien Engelen

One of the biggest misconceptions that a woman has is that a man has to accept her the way she is. No, we don't. I don't know who told you that. We like the bright and shiny. If you stop wearing the makeup, stop putting on nail polish, stop wearing high heels, you'll lose us. -Steve Harvey

I've never been a model; that's a misconception about me, and I don't know where it came from. -Julie Dreyfus

When I look back, I can see why people thought I was aggressive. My first single, 'Do It Like A Dude,' resulted in a lot of misconceptions about me. I'm confident – but I'm not arrogant. -Jessie J

One misconception is that if we follow God in the life of faith, and that means obedience – that we read His Word, we're obedient, we pray, we go to church, we do the right things – that somehow His blessing means we're going to be okay. -Anne Graham Lotz

There's this misconception that the Navy is this cruise ship, and you get to go out and sail around, and every now and then, you have to swab the deck. But, no, it is a very impressive group of young people that live at sea, in this place that's very uncomfortable. They exude a pride that is well-deserved. -Tom Hanks

People always assume that I'm some sort of party girl, and that's such a misconception because I like staying home. -Sarah Jessica Parker

Your conscious brain cannot multitask. If I'm speaking to you and checking my I-Phone at the same time, I'm doing neither. This is why our society is frazzled; this misconception that we can consciously do more than one thing at a time effectively. -Deepak Chopra

We have been suckered into believing that, because there are more men at the top than women at the top, that this is a result of discrimination against women. That's been the misconception. It's all about trade-offs. You earn more money, you usually sacrifice something at home. -Warren Farrell

Many people are turned off at eating vegetarian because of the misconception that all dishes are just an arrangement of bland vegetables. -Marcus Samuelsson

There's so many misconceptions about me and my personality. People think I'm not a nice person, you know, or maybe a diva; not just about me, but the misconceptions of other models as well, or supermodels. -Jessica White

What happens with smaller businesses is that they give in to the misconception that their site is secure because the system administrator deployed standard security products – firewalls, intrusion detection systems, or stronger authentication devices such as time-based tokens or biometric smart cards. But those things can be exploited. -Kevin Mitnick

The biggest misconception people have is that quality is all that matters. The truth is that quality helps, but there's a ton of high-quality things that don't go anywhere. -Jonah Peretti

It's a misconception that love can only foster between two people of opposite sex. Love is a bond. -Randeep Hooda

The digital revolution has wrest a little control away from corporate publishers and white, male, middle-aged critics, but the financial value put on the job of the writer and the misconceptions around that make it extremely difficult to enter the profession. -Sara Sheridan

Few things trigger fear and misconception more than economic tribulation, and nothing prompts elected officials to react with more simplistic populism. -David Harsanyi

Folks have a common misconception that Mississippi is strictly a rural, outdoors state. While we are famous for our hunting, sport fishing and year-round golf, we also have leading manufacturers like Peavey Electronics and Viking Range Corp. -Gregg Harper

There's the common misconception that restaurants make a lot of money. It's not true. If you look at maybe the top chef in the world, or at least monetarily, it's like Wolfgang Puck, but he makes as much money as an average crappy investment banker. -David Chang

The misconception that aid falls straight into the hands of dictators largely stems from the Cold War era. -Bill Gates

In the past, I've been reluctant to share any bits of truth about myself or to really let people in on my reality. So I have said some things to throw people off the scent of what's really going on in my life. So I have sort of aided the media in printing these misconceptions, which I regret. -Megan Fox

There's a misconception that maybe I'm overly confident or a little vapid or that I am a stereotypical, bratty, spoiled girl who doesn't have much to bring to the table other than how people perceive her physically. -Megan Fox

One of the most persistent misconceptions about blindness is that it is a curse from God for misdeeds perpetrated in a past life, which cloaks the blind person in spiritual darkness and makes him not just dangerous, but evil. -Rosemary Mahoney

One of the many misconceptions about the blind is that they have greater hearing, sense of smell and sense of touch than sighted people. This is not strictly true. Their blindness simply forces them to recognize gifts they always had but had heretofore largely ignored. -Rosemary Mahoney

A prejudice, unlike a simple misconception, is actively resistant to all evidence that would unseat it. -Gordon W. Allport

That was a misconception among a lot of people – that Mormons are polygamist. No, they're not. I mean they obviously have that in their history, and there are some fundamentalists. -Trey Parker

The biggest misconception people have about me is that when they see how young I am, they think, 'Oh, this guy must have always wanted to be in politics; his parents must have been politically connected.' I'm a finance major and always intended to go into business. -Aaron Schock

I don't come from a comedy background or a stand-up background, but I think that sometimes there's a misconception that an actor who works primarily in comedy is a comedian. There's nothing wrong with being a comedian, but I'm absolutely not that. I can't think of anything more terrifying than doing stand-up! -Darren Boyd

Most of the producers don't know what they do. The misconception of the producers' function is really not a misconception. Most producers don't do a very good job. -Irwin Winkler

There's a misconception about Barack Obama as a former constitutional law professor. First of all, there are plenty of professors who are 'legal relativists.' They tend to view legal principles as relative to whatever they're trying to achieve. -Jonathan Turley

When I got diagnosed, the more research I did about it – MS overall, as a subject, as a disease – there's a lot of misconceptions and there's a lot of unknowns about it, and there wasn't anyone out that was close to my age or close to anything like me out there. -Jack Osbourne

People kind of have a misconception, because when someone calls me Theo and I correct them, say, 'No, my name is Malcolm,' they think I have an attitude about it and I don't want to be associated with the show. -Malcolm-Jamal Warner

The biggest misconception people have about me is that I'm in control of every situation. I'm rarely in control of any situation. -Lauren Bacall

The misconception about Foursquare is that it's just hipsters in New York and San Francisco checking in at bars. It's happening all over the world. I've seen huge growth in Europe, Japan, South America. -Dennis Crowley

One misconception is that entrepreneurs love risk. Actually, we all want things to go as we expect. What you need is a blind optimism and a tolerance for uncertainty. -Drew Houston

There's this misconception that I've been turning down roles. It's just not true. The reality is, there was nothing for me to do, nobody was calling, the phone wasn't ringing. -Billy Porter

People assume when my hair is long that I am a lot cooler than I actually am. I am not opposed to this misconception, by the way, but it is a misconception. -Malcolm Gladwell

One of the biggest misconceptions is that carbs are bad. It's a fad right now. Full disclosure: I'm sponsored by Barilla. But I've always been free about saying I love carbs, including pasta, in moderation. -Mikaela Shiffrin

I think for such a long time people had this misconception of who I was and what I was about. -Adrienne Bailon

One thing about costume design – and I think design in general – but especially costume design, is people have a misconception that it's very glamorous work. -Colleen Atwood

A big misconception is that a black hole is made of matter that has just been compacted to a very small size. That's not true. A black hole is made from warped space and time. -Kip Thorne

I think it's a common misconception in the civilian community that the military community is filled with just drills and discipline and pain. They forget that these are humans who are in an abnormal situation. -Adam Driver

A common misconception about how things such as space shuttles come to be is that engineers simply apply the theories and equations of science. But this cannot be done until the new thing-to-be is conceived in the engineer's mind's eye. Rather than following from science, engineered things lead it. -Henry Petroski

Feminism is just an idea. It's a philosophy. It's about the equality of women in all realms. It's not about man-hating. It's not about being humorless. We have to let go of these misconceptions that have plagued feminism for 40, 50 years. -Roxane Gay

I think one of the major misconceptions about me is that I live my life the way people think I lead my life, with hot and cold drinks running everywhere and a party all the time. They think of my life in terms of certain excesses that don't really exist. Things are actually fairly simple. -George Clooney

The more I photographed Muslim women, the more I was able to metaphorically strip away the burqas and hijabs, and start chipping away at the profound misconceptions that existed in other parts of the world about these women and their culture. -Lynsey Addario

There's no how-to guide for how to change the world. But it's easy to get hung up by misconceptions about what it takes to make an impact. -Wendy Kopp

I think a misconception among many non-religious people is that anyone with a strong faith is, in all ways and at all times, blindly consistent, unwavering, unquestioning. -Alice McDermott

Nontraditional students often have the misconception that aid is intended only for high school students entering college. Luckily, that's not the case. -Jean Chatzky

A dominant misconception among believers is that their atheist brethren are a slavering pack of hell-bound debauchees, gleefully wining and wenching their way through life while loudly professing their amorality. -Lynn Coady

Middle-out economics rejects the old misconception that an economy is a perfectly efficient, mechanistic system and embraces the much more accurate idea of an economy as a complex ecosystem made up of real people who are dependent on one another. -Nick Hanauer

There is a kind of misconception that Asian-Americans are not as American as European-Americans. -B. D. Wong

There's this misconception in the industry that you might have to go a little lighter or skate on the surface in order to reach people – and then in your second album, you get to tell who you are. -Rachel Platten

I don't think kids have a problem reading books meant for adults; the problem is on the other side of the fence, a misconception of what one kind of literature is 'supposed' to be, perceived to be, as opposed to another: if it's for kids, it can't be any good; it's got to have been dumbed down and/or sweetened up. -Kathe Koja

We have dealt with the Arab/Muslim problem in the American media in every single way but through comedy. Hollywood has always been lagging behind comedy… We can make fun of ourselves, too, and I'm inviting us to laugh with us – and all the misconceptions. -Bassem Youssef

I used to be followed by a moon shadow. Now I'm followed by all these misconceptions, and they're like a ball and chain. I just want to write music from my heart and give people a message of hope and the search for a better place. -Cat Stevens

There's a misconception that Lyft is just a better version of the taxi. You know, I think that's just scratching the surface of what we're doing. -Logan Green

I think there are a lot of misconceptions on both sides, the developing vs. the developed world, especially about America. I've felt the frustration in my lack of belonging to any one place, but I've also felt it liberating to be able to appreciate something without feeling disloyal to my own culture. -Jhumpa Lahiri

People have a misconception that the tobacco epidemic is a thing of the past. Tobacco still kills more Americans than any other cause. -Tom Frieden

There is a lot of speculation about what women are attracted to, and there are a lot of misconceptions. -Leonardo DiCaprio

It's a common misconception that money is every entrepreneur's metric for success. It's not, and nor should it be. -Richard Branson

There is a huge misconception that if you do something like hot yoga, you'll burn more calories, and the opposite is true. You want to heat your body from the inside out, not the outside in. -Jillian Michaels

I think the biggest misconception is that people think deaf people are not able to do things. -Nyle DiMarco

A lot of people have the misconception that I decided to become an actor when Lily became famous and have accused me of jumping on her bandwagon. But that's completely untrue. -Alfie Allen

I became a teacher all right. I wanted to become a teacher because I had a misconception about it. I didn't know that I'd be going into – when I first became a high school teacher in New York, that I'd be going into a battle zone, and no one prepared me for that. -Frank McCourt

That's the misconceptions that people have, that Chuck Berry went to jail. They're just totally wrong. It might have said something in the large papers in the bigger city headlines and things. But, you take a look at any of the local papers, and you will see that I was acquitted. I never went to jail. -Chuck Berry

I'm not proud of this, but I had a lot of misconceptions about American foster care. To me, foster care meant that a child would be placed with you, then taken away. I didn't want to go through all of that. -Nia Vardalos

During the negotiation process, it's common for misconceptions to occur, since both parties assume what the other person is saying or thinking. This can lead to conflicts or disagreements. -John Rampton

It is the public that is illiterate in science and math, a lazy press, and environmental advocacy groups that manufacture fear for misconceptions about energy. -Rex Tillerson

I think there's a misconception that I eat everything. The one or two bites that you see me take, that's it. -Guy Fieri

I always thought golf was a game reserved for the rich and the elite… But it's a misconception. It's a highly technical game, and it's a game that you can play and master alone. You require sharp skills for it, and you can play the game alone. -Nawazuddin Siddiqui

One of the biggest misconceptions that has been thrown out there is the fact that I started on Vine. -Cameron Dallas

The biggest misconception in the hip-hop industry is that people are only focused on the money. We should just be happy for everybody that is working in the hip-hop culture. -Fat Joe

I'll tell you one big misconception. Cops never say 'Freeze!' It might be misinterpreted. They might think you were, like, ordering fries. Or that you had fleas. -Gregory Smith

There's this misconception out there that at any level of celebrity, you have someone to do hair and makeup when you're out touring, but no, it is just not the case. I do it all myself. -Kelsea Ballerini

A misconception that exists in the eyes of the general reading population is that authors make truckloads of money. -Ravi Subramanian

There's a common misconception that you don't need SPF during the grey winter months, but it's so important to protect skin from UVA/UVB rays year-round. -Kat Graham

There is a horrible misconception that you can either act or not. But experience is everything. -Charlie Cox

Sometimes when you speak what's on your mind – I'm talking everything on your mind, and – people can get a misconception of you. -Rozonda Thomas

I think there are a variety of misconceptions that go along with what 'MMMBop' and our band has been perceived as from the beginning, but I have absolutely no qualms whatsoever about playing 'MMMBop.' -Isaac Hanson

There's a misconception about wrestling, that it's really fake, but it's real, and you can really get hurt, even though a lot of it is performative. -Gayle Rankin

I don't believe in a lot of schmoozing and buttering up. Not that you don't become friends in work. But I think it's a misconception that you have to do a lot of hanging before you work. -Sam Shepard

I feel like I'm here to bust those misconceptions and stereotypes of Muslim women. -Halima Aden

A lot of people have the misconception that, as a Muslim woman, I am somehow against women wearing bikinis. No, I want women to feel comfortable and confident in whatever they wear. -Halima Aden

A lot of people had a misconception that I would be the perfect poster child for Islam. So I got a lot of Instagram comments like, 'Oh, you don't have your neck covered, you're not a Muslim!' My thing is, stop judging women, especially if you're a man, because you don't know the responsibility that comes with wearing a hijab. -Halima Aden

There is a misconception that young Muslim women are oppressed. That simply isn't the case. I choose to dress modestly and choose to cover my hair with a hijab; not all Muslim women make that choice, and that's okay. We are all different! -Halima Aden

I think 'The Sopranos' probably solidifies the misconception that people have about New Jersey to begin with. Because you're from Jersey, and everybody has an accent, you are perceived a certain way. I don't know if they are jealous or in awe or look down their nose at you, but that's the way life is. If you don't like it, change the channel. -Frank Vincent

There were a lot of misperceptions that Sci Fi was for men: that it was for young men, and that it was for geeky young men. We had to broaden the channel to change the misconceptions of the genre. -Bonnie Hammer

There's a misconception in my opinion… and it's that we Latinos have to go do an American album, an English album, an Anglo production, to cross over. -Romeo Santos

I do proclaim myself king of bachata because I have to represent my genre. I have to always come out and put on the Superman cape. I'm pretty much representing my culture. I'm not going to change that. But I definitely don't want there to be a misconception where people are like, 'The only thing he likes to do is bachata.' -Romeo Santos

There's a misconception that actors with no background don't get any exposure from big production houses. I think people should start rethinking about it. -Harshvardhan Rane

It's a misconception that all singers need to portray a messed up, dirty look to prove their identity. -Harshvardhan Rane

It's a misconception that I compose songs for girls. I have sung a song for Bhagat Singh, too, but nobody knows about it. I have sung about boys, but all of them are super-duper flop. -Yo Yo Honey Singh

People have this misconception that people with six-pack abs can deliver hits, but that's not the case. Had I built six-pack abs for 'Tanu Weds Manu Returns,' I wouldn't have been able to justify myself. -R. Madhavan

It's just fantastic to have someone like the Duchess of Cambridge wear the brand. I think there are often misconceptions about who the brand is for, but it's not just a 20-year-old blonde girl on the beach, and Kate is testament to that. -Matthew Williamson

The biggest misconception is that the purpose of going to the gym is to change your body. We should be working out to be healthy. -Ashley Graham

I definitely carry a little bit of a burden with me, being a gay athlete going to the Olympics. I think that there's pressure on me… It presents an amazing opportunity, and I think that it kind of gives us a chance to shed people's misconceptions and just kind of, like, break down barriers. -Gus Kenworthy

The Bible is filled with stories about angels, but many of us have had our view of angels confused by popular misconceptions about them, the principal of which is that angels do not actually exist anymore than fairies do, or wood nymphs or water sprites. But they do exist, and the Bible attests to their existence innumerable times. -Eric Metaxas

It's a misconception that you don't have seasons in southern California. They are just very subtle. The vegetation is very different. Plants react differently. You just have to be a little more observant. -Christoph Waltz

One of the most common misconceptions about Olympic sports is that they only happen at the Olympics. -Lauren Gibbs

There's this misconception globally that the platform is about property groups and big property owners renting out entire buildings full-time. -Joe Gebbia

There's a misconception that you have to match your shoes and your bag. It can be so cool to add a patterned or off-color heel. -Tina Knowles

The biggest misconception about the homeless is that they got themselves in the mess – let them get themselves out. Many people think they are simply lazy. I urge those to make a friend at a local mission and find out how wrong these assumptions are. -Ron Hall

There is a misconception that I've experienced in my life about people that live in the South. I got sent away to school in Connecticut in the late Eighties, and kids were honestly asking me, 'Do people there wear shoes?' -Kristian Bush

One misconception I think is wrong is that being a larger size means, somehow, that you're neglecting your body, or you don't look after yourself, or you don't love yourself enough to lose weight. We've been saturated with the idea that to be happy you must be thin, or to be healthy you must be thin. -Philomena Kwao

People think, for some reason, that I don't care about creativity and art, or helping people. So I would say that the biggest misconception is, when you think about me, when you think about my name, I don't want you to think about design or clothes or music. I want you to think about a person that's just trying to help people. -Jaden Smith

A lot of people have this misconception that Indian food means heavy curries and complicated procedures. -Maneet Chauhan

I think a common misconception about a small town in rural America is that everyone believes the same way, and nothing could be further from the truth. -Ree Drummond

New technology creates a new marketplace of words, creating totally new words and changing the meaning and application of existing ones. In doing so, it has a potent opportunity to create new misconceptions and confusion. -Mark Walport

The biggest misconception about Black Lives Matter is that BLM is just one entity; Black Lives Matter is an organization and a network. We are a part of the movement, but we are not the movement. -Alicia Garza

So many transgender people in the community are being covered with this umbrella of misconception that we are going to hurt someone. But we are not trying to hurt anyone. -Jazz Jennings

I think it's a common misconception that because you're a woman, you can't command a set and have people respect you, and for some reason, Hollywood is really far behind every other industry. It's getting better; it's just slow. -Reed Morano

It's largely a misconception that Tame Impala is a band. We play as a band on stage, but it's really not how it is at all on the album. The album is just me. -Kevin Parker

The misconception about the record company is that they were the ones who got me wearing short skirts, or got me to do my hair blond, or got me to dance around onstage and start doing different things with my clothes. No, that was actually all me. -Grace Potter

Honestly, I don't think I ever really was a sweet country girl. I think that was a misconception about me. I was always bad. -Grace Potter

There are huge misconceptions about people on benefits. They are labelled scroungers or cheats. The reality is that many who need that level of support are working, but their income is not enough to get out of debt or pay for basics like food and household bills. It's so close to the way I grew up. -Theo Paphitis

This is a common misconception about antidepressants: many people believe they're simply 'happy pills' that will wipe a person's emotional slate clean. Used correctly, antidepressants can lift the fog of mental illness. -Andrew Shaffer

A big misconception is that women shouldn't be in the UFC because we fight 'like girls,' but I think women have some of the most exciting fights. -Rose Namajunas

The biggest misconception my whole life is that I'm rich, that I had all this money from my dad, which I did not. -Shooter Jennings

Part of what we did is change that misconception that reggaeton is machista and misogynist. On the contrary, women are our biggest fans, and they inspire us. -J Balvin

I don't know if this is necessarily a misconception, but I think people make way more a deal out of my sexuality than necessary. -Hunx

There's a misconception that I can't relate to the quote-unquote 'Asian-American experience' because I didn't grow up with an Asian mom and dad. And that's just not true. I am Asian American, and so playing a girl who is half Korean, half white, but her white dad tried really hard to connect with her mom's heritage – that's very familiar to me. -Lana Condor

I think there's a misconception that all Asian-American experiences are the same. My experiences with my family and the way they wanted me to know my culture are not the same as others. -Lana Condor

People have this misconception that I'm going to beat them up when I meet them. But it's like… no. Just 'cause I stand up for myself, and I'm honest, that doesn't mean I'm going to beat people up all the time. -Danielle Bregoli

I think our live shows dispelled any misconceptions people had about us. When you come see us live, you know we're anything but a boy band. -Jay DeMarcus

A lot of people had misconceptions that I throw tantrums and am very arrogant, and I knew 'Bigg Boss' will change that. You cannot pretend for 105 days in front of more than 100 cameras. I know myself, and I was confident that the world will also get to know and understand me through this show. -Shilpa Shinde

If you want to see your abs, you have to lose fat. I want to be sure there are no misconceptions that specific abs exercises will give you abs! I work with the core. Think about your abs and back working together to support your spine – that will give you an amazing physique! -Anna Kaiser

I think there's a misconception about the industry, that you have to change who you are to look 'cool' in order to succeed, and that's just not true. -Grace VanderWaal

I think that's the biggest misconception when people want to live a more clean, cruelty-free life is, 'I can't do that. It's going to be so hard.' But I say do some research. You'd be surprised! -Torrey DeVitto

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding the Bush tax cuts, all of them deliberately propagated by none other than President Obama and his pals. The biggest lie of them all is that these tax cuts will only affect the wealthiest two percent. -Steven Crowder

Television is often out ahead on social issues. With film, we've only recently proved that one of the oldest misconceptions in the book is wrong, which is the idea that girls will see films with boys as protagonists, but boys won't see movies with girls as protagonists. -Nina Jacobson

At the end of the day, one of the biggest misconceptions of Ghost is that it's just about the devil. It's always been about mankind and living. -Tobias Forge

The biggest misconception about my game is my love for it. This is what I want to do. I owe this thing my life. There's no other way around it. -Mohamed Bamba

One of the biggest misconceptions was, after I left Dream Theater, I went off and did, like, five different bands and side projects. Everyone was like, 'We thought you wanted a break.' And it was like, well, I didn't want a break from making music; I just needed a break from the Dream Theater camp. -Mike Portnoy

One of the biggest misconceptions is that players care about transfer fees. For a player, they do not care at all. They do not care if they move clubs for one million, 10 million, or 100 million Euros. That is just something a player leaves to his agent and the clubs. -Andrea Pirlo

I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that only gender non-conforming, non-binary, or trans people have a gender identity. But the truth is, everyone has a gender identity. -Asia Kate Dillon

I think there is a misconception that being open and honest and saying what it is you want is something we should be embarrassed about. But that's just not me. I am a very honest person. I always tell somebody what I am looking for, and I don't want people to waste my time, basically. -Mabel

A lot of people have ridiculous misconceptions about diet and workout routines. It is not about exotic greens and workouts from the western world. It is about what works for you the best. -Huma Qureshi

I feel like there's this misconception that immigrants come here and just don't care about the system and paying taxes, and that's not true. -Diane Guerrero

There is this massive misconception that young people have absolutely no interest in the news. Young people definitely do want to be informed, but they want to be informed by people they can relate to. -Ana Kasparian

I am very much available for singing. There's a misconception that I am too busy with my acting ventures, but, I think, I can manage both. -Andrea Jeremiah

I think there's this misconception about vegans, that it's impossible, and they're crazy or whatever. But it's not like that. You can be vegan and still be really chill. -Sadie Sink

Not to harp on too much about Ma, but it's a misconception that she is formidable. She calls herself a patsy. -Rachael Stirling

There's a misconception that, as you have success with a band for a long time, things get easier, and that's not necessarily true. It's harder to keep connecting with that fire that got you started in the first place when you're amongst all the politics in the business, and just having a little bit of that looming pressure. -Lzzy Hale

I've always felt like a lot of people's misconceptions of me have to do with how I grew up. I grew up poor, and I grew up rich. -Dale Earnhardt Jr.

I think some people who have never met me have a misconception that when I was living with my father when he was successful, that I was somehow adversely affected by his success or the money he had and was making at the time. -Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The public has this misconception that vaping is a safe alternative when compared to cigarettes. -Mikhail Varshavski

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