Best Quotes About Metaphor

Metaphors are dangerous. Love begins with a metaphor. Which is to say, love begins at the point when a woman enters her first word into our poetic memory. -Milan Kundera

A library, to modify the famous metaphor of Socrates, should be the delivery room for the birth of ideas – a place where history comes to life. -Norman Cousins

The folly of mistaking a paradox for a discovery, a metaphor for a proof, a torrent of verbiage for a spring of capital truths, and oneself for an oracle, is inborn in us. -Paul Valery

The metaphor is perhaps one of man's most fruitful potentialities. Its efficacy verges on magic, and it seems a tool for creation which God forgot inside one of His creatures when He made him. -Jose Ortega y Gasset

Every religion is true one way or another. It is true when understood metaphorically. But when it gets stuck in its own metaphors, interpreting them as facts, then you are in trouble. -Joseph Campbell

God is a metaphor for that which transcends all levels of intellectual thought. It's as simple as that. -Joseph Campbell

The Holocaust is a central event in many people's lives, but it also has become a metaphor for our century. There cannot be an end to speaking and writing about it. Besides, in Israel, everyone carries a biography deep inside him. -Aharon Appelfeld

A poem records emotions and moods that lie beyond normal language, that can only be patched together and hinted at metaphorically. -Diane Ackerman

The metaphor of the king as the shepherd of his people goes back to ancient Egypt. Perhaps the use of this particular convention is due to the fact that, being stupid, affectionate, gregarious, and easily stampeded, the societies formed by sheep are most like human ones. -Northrop Frye

All slang is metaphor, and all metaphor is poetry. -Gilbert K. Chesterton

Science is all metaphor. -Timothy Leary

If we are a metaphor of the universe, the human couple is the metaphor par excellence, the point of intersection of all forces and the seed of all forms. The couple is time recaptured, the return to the time before time. -Octavio Paz

I heard my name associated with the Peter Pan syndrome more than once. But really, what's so wrong with Peter Pan? Peter Pan flies. He is a metaphor for dreams and faith. -Mark Burnett

The Olympics are a wonderful metaphor for world cooperation, the kind of international competition that's wholesome and healthy, an interplay between countries that represents the best in all of us. -John Williams

Poetry teaches us music, metaphor, condensation and specificity. -Walter Mosley

We are such materialists that all our metaphors are going to be material. -J. T. Walsh

LOVE: A word properly applied to our delight in particular kinds of food; sometimes metaphorically spoken of the favorite objects of all our appetites. -Henry Fielding

The fundamental sense of freedom is freedom from chains, from imprisonment, from enslavement by others. The rest is extension of this sense, or else metaphor. -Isaiah Berlin

Some say Hollywood movies that are made about boxing are just metaphors for other things, I think I've made one that's actually about boxing and not a metaphor. -Walter Hill

Their scrambled attention spans struck me as a metaphor for the way we get our doses of reality these days. -Bill Griffith

Our job as writers and thinkers in the time is how to bring about the occasions that let people have that first-person experience – or the metaphoric experience that allows them to see human continuity as opposed to total threat, total willingness to do violence. -Stanley Crouch

Alan Moore does have a sheen of class. He's a smart guy, and I'm sure there was a metaphoric level, I'm not denying that, but let's face it. the main reason he was doing a super-hero comic was because he was working for a super-hero comic book company. -Chester Brown

Most people like to read about intrigue and spies. I hope to provide a metaphor for the average reader's daily life. Most of us live in a slightly conspiratorial relationship with our employer and perhaps with our marriage. -John le Carre

I would suggest, merely as a metaphor here, but also as the basis for a scientific program to investigate the computational capacity of the universe, that this is also a reasonable explanation for why the universe is complex. -Seth Lloyd

In this metaphor we actually have a picture of the computational universe, a metaphor which I hope to make scientifically precise as part of a research program. -Seth Lloyd

We often attribute 'understanding' and other cognitive predicates by metaphor and analogy to cars, adding machines, and other artifacts, but nothing is proved by such attributions. -John Searle

Our tools are extensions of our purposes, and so we find it natural to make metaphorical attributions of intentionality to them; but I take it no philosophical ice is cut by such examples. -John Searle

Maybe we can use a metaphor for it, out of dance. I think for many years I was aware of the need, in dance and in life, to breathe deeply and to take in more air than we usually take in. -Sharon Olds

There is no more reason why the features belonging to a picture should be distorted for the purpose of such imaginative suggestion than that the poet's metaphors should spoil his words for the ordinary uses of man. -William H. Hunt

Flower was a good metaphor for growth. The song is obviously about sexual responsibility, so that was the main metaphor. Also, it's like knowing who someone has been and remembering and appreciating that, but really appreciating what they are now even more. -Jody Watley

I couldn't have come up with a better metaphor for my life and my internal conflict. It amazes me how quickly we can manifest our fears; not only had I created my 'I'm never satisfied, I'll drive her away' nightmare. -Kenny Loggins

Language operates between literal and metaphorical signification. -Robert Smithson

I'm not interested in a film about golf but I am interested in golf as a metaphor. -Robert Redford

Sport is a wonderful metaphor for life. Of all the sports that I played – skiing, baseball, fishing – there is no greater example than golf, because you're playing against yourself and nature. -Robert Redford

You can't completely control the sport – Tiger Woods comes close. The test is against yourself and nature's own way. I find golf a particularly good metaphor for this story. -Robert Redford

I wanted to define the vocabulary of a wedding both visually and intellectually. The book is about more than weddings or wedding dresses. It's a metaphor for women's lives, their creativity. -Vera Wang

It became a metaphor for the lives of the people in this film and for the Old West, for the abandonment that occurred in the early part of the 20th century. -Dwight Yoakam

It is also difficult to articulate the subtleties in cinema, because there aren't words or metaphors which describe many of the emotions you are attempting to evoke. -Conrad Hall

The metaphor of Exodus is one that has dogged the Jews from the outset. Their very success attracts resentment. -Jack Schwartz

Key metaphors help determine what and how we perceive and how we think about our perceptions. -M. H. Abrams

A poem in form still has to have voice, gesture, a sense of discovery, a metaphoric connection, as any poetry does. -Robert Morgan

Science always uses metaphor. -James Lovelock

The cartoon is a metaphor really for the fact that it's almost impossible in our celebrity obsessed culture to move around genres and sort of change you ideas, change your face, you know? -Damon Albarn

2006 is all about getting your house in order and I mean that metaphorically. -LaToya London

While one man can discover a certain thing by himself, another is never able to understand it, even if taught by means of all possible expressions and metaphors, and during a long period; his mind can in no way grasp it, his capacity is insufficient for it. -Maimonides

I think that we give the impression, to carry on your metaphor, that we go a little faster than we actually do. I'm fairly lazy so I'm always interested in slowing down. -Ashley Judd

The vampires have always been metaphors for me. They've always been vehicles through which I can express things I have felt very, very deeply. -Anne Rice

The whole concept of the devil is a metaphor on one level. -Taylor Hackford

But it then very soon became clear that the response of a war against terrorism, initially conceived of in a metaphorical sense, began to be taken increasingly seriously and came to entail waging a real war. -Ulrich Beck

Quest is at the heart of what I do-the holy grail, and the terror that you'll never find it, seemed a perfect metaphor for life. -Jeanette Winterson

I was in the studio so much, it was about the search for air in a metaphoric sense, and the breathing has more to do with travel for me, about the search musically for open air. -Keren Ann

I am heartbroken that this movie would cause anyone pain. It should be a source of joy. The story is a metaphor about how we try to stay in our own little bubbles, we don't let life in, we don't take the journey. -Swoosie Kurtz

But in fact if you look at film as a metaphor, only through the negative can you have the positive print. What I'm trying to get to is the positive value of negation. -Godfrey Reggio

The strangest thing that human speech and human writing can do is create a metaphor. That is an amazing leap, is it not? -Dennis Potter

It's possible to take that as a personal metaphor and then multiply it to a people, a race, a sex, a time. If we can keep this thing going long enough, if we can survive and teach what we know, we'll make it. -Audre Lorde

No one bothered reading the books and understanding – and again, I'm not being high-falutin' about it – but I think our books are great literature with great metaphors of real life dealing with fears and hopes. -Avi Arad

I had then and still retain an interest in science for its own sake and as a metaphor for our current lives. -Peter Hammill

When I can't talk sense, I talk metaphor. -John Philpot Curran

There are few things as toxic as a bad metaphor. You can't think without metaphors. -Mary Catherine Bateson

Language is memory and metaphor. -Storm Jameson

The family is changing, not disappearing. We have to broaden our understanding of it, look for the new metaphors. -Mary Catherine Bateson

Writers who have nothing to say always strain for metaphors to say it in. -Florence King

The fatal metaphor of progress, which means leaving things behind us, has utterly obscured the real idea of growth, which means leaving things inside us. -Gilbert K. Chesterton

Sports is a metaphor for overcoming obstacles and achieving against great odds. Athletes, in times of difficulty, can be important role models. -Bill Bradley

Unregulated competition is a naive metaphor for anarchy. -John Ralston Saul

Again, one of the problems I have with television, as I mentioned before, is it's trivial in many ways, and I think that a lot of folks out there are looking for new metaphors and new ways of thinking about things. -J. Michael Straczynski

We all perform our lives in a way. And the actor is a perfect metaphor to get at that theme of 'how do we find our authentic selves?' And that we all – whether we're actors or not – perform ourselves. As a way of searching. As a way of fumbling around and trying to say, is this my voice? Is this who I am? -Annette Bening

Pointing is a metaphor we all know. We've done a lot of studies and tests on that, and it's much faster to do all kinds of functions, such as cutting and pasting, with a mouse, so it's not only easier to use but more efficient. -Steve Jobs

The desktop metaphor was invented because one, you were a stand-alone device, and two, you had to manage your own storage. That's a very big thing in a desktop world. And that may go away. You may not have to manage your own storage. You may not store much before too long. -Steve Jobs

Right now, I'm standing behind the glass, and I guess that's a metaphor for how my life will be going forward. -Angela Ruggiero

Many smart folks seem to think that if you just get your metaphors and messages right, you'll win. That if you start describing what you favor as a 'moral value' – 'affordable health care is a moral value' etc., – then you'll appeal to red-state voters. -Eric Liu

There are things that I love in Iranian cinema and things that I don't. In Iranian cinema, you have to use metaphor because you are living under a dictatorship. -Marjane Satrapi

The funny thing is musicians often love to go to see visual art because you've got all these pictures to turn into metaphors. -Dar Williams

I think the reason my stories have been so successful is that I have a strong sense of metaphor. -Ray Bradbury

Bill Clinton sitting on Air Force One getting his hair cut while people around the country cooled their heels and waited for him, became a metaphor for a populist president who had gotten drunk with the perks of his own power and was sort of, you know, not sensitive to what people wanted. -Dee Dee Myers

I went out on a date with Simile. I don't know what I metaphor. -Tim Vine

Also I just think I've been lucky enough to have great parents, and I've had good people around me who have always been honest with me, who would give me a purely metaphorical slap if I ever got too big for my boots. -Daniel Radcliffe

If there's a silver bullet in the battle to recapture Albany, it is the re-engagement of our citizens. This capital has become a physical metaphor for the isolation and alienation of our people. -Andrew Cuomo

All of a sudden I discovered that I'm allergic to caviar. It was the perfect metaphor for my life. When I was only able to afford bad caviar, I could certainly eat my fill of it. -Larry David

We're still living with the old paradigm of age as an arch. That's the old metaphor: You're born, you peak at midlife and decline into decrepitude. -Jane Fonda

If I'm writing, I'll say something metaphorical or approximate, whereas scientists are very precise. -Joyce Carol Oates

Some people may say my curved panels look like sails. Well, I am a sailor, so I guess I probably do use that metaphor in my work – though not consciously. -Frank Gehry

Literature, not scripture, sustains the mind and – since there is no other metaphor – also the soul. -Christopher Hitchens

It's a wonderful metaphor, catching a wave, for how you can look at other challenges in your life. -Jeff Bridges

I love sports. Anytime I can combine sports with a film I'm a happy guy. It's such a natural fit, because sports always seems to be a metaphor for life. Always, always, always. -Dean Cain

I think people's perception of a rich girl is literal, but metaphorically I embrace it as being rich in love, spirit, joy and religion. So it's not about money. -Angie Stone

Creativity itself doesn't care at all about results – the only thing it craves is the process. Learn to love the process and let whatever happens next happen, without fussing too much about it. Work like a monk, or a mule, or some other representative metaphor for diligence. Love the work. Destiny will do what it wants with you, regardless. -Elizabeth Gilbert

I've never felt the breath of God – you can take that statement literally or metaphorically – more than when I was yearning for a personal, intimate connection to something bigger than me. -Vera Farmiga

For every album, I look at where I'm at in my career and think of a title that kind of represents that. And for me, 'Night Train' was kind of a metaphor for where things have gone, from being on one bus with 12 other guys, pulling a trailer my first few years on the road, to now. We're out here with six or seven buses and eight or nine semis. -Jason Aldean

Football is very masculine and, to me, a metaphor for war. -Jane Lynch

Religious speech is extreme, emotional, and motivational. It is anti-literal, relying on metaphor, allusion, and other rhetorical devices, and it assumes knowledge within a community of believers. -Amy Waldman

A tree is such a rich metaphor in a million beautiful ways. You can consider a tree growing and consider its connectedness to all things above and under the ground. -Ann Brashares

I remember from my father's funeral that the minister kept using a metaphor about life of a prism. And I took that away like a cherished image. -Anna Deavere Smith

Sometimes I think that creativity is a matter of seeing, or stumbling over, unobvious similarities between things – like composing a fresh metaphor, but on a more complex scale. -David Mitchell

I think zombies have always been an easy metaphor for hard times. Because they're this big, faceless, brainless group of evil things that will work tirelessly to destroy you and think of nothing else. -Seth Grahame-Smith

My father died when I was seven. I guess I am interested in fatherlessness as a metaphor for vulnerability and unprotectedness. Being on your own in the world in a way you're not quite ready for, ever. -Mary Gordon

A theory of creativity is actually just a metaphor. A pool of ideas, a well of memories, a voice. -Jane Smiley

I discovered that the horse is life itself, a metaphor but also an example of life's mystery and unpredictability, of life's generosity and beauty, a worthy object of repeated and ever changing contemplation. -Jane Smiley

Most students of literature can pick apart a metaphor or spot an ethnic stereotype, but not many of them can say things like: 'The poem's sardonic tone is curiously at odds with its plodding syntax.' -Terry Eagleton

I always thought of vampires, especially the young-adult ones, as a metaphor for sex – sucking blood, forbidden, taboo. I think they just ooze sex. Vampires are all the big themes in life in one attractive, bloodsucking package. -Melissa de la Cruz

I'm interested in painting the most beautifully compelling pictures and images and metaphors and stories and explanations possible that will put Jesus in language for a world that desperately needs to hear it. -Rob Bell

Drake, I'd like to collaborate with. He's a phenomenal lyricist. Probably the best rapper in the world at the moment. I love Kanye but there's something about Drake; he's more straight up, really clever and really poetic and metaphorical – I love that. He's just clever. -Ellie Goulding

'Matterhorn' is my metaphor of the Vietnam War – we built it, we abandoned it, we assaulted it, we lost, and then we abandoned it again. -Karl Marlantes

That's the secret of 'True Blood' – all the creatures that roam Bon Temps become a metaphor for our insatiable lusts and inner desires. Humans craving what they can't have and those secret appetites transforming them into beasts, or even killers. -Rob Sheffield

I was initially planning to write about grief in terms of Eurydice and the myth thereof. By that point the overall metaphor of height and depth and flat and falling and rising was coming into being in my mind. -Julian Barnes

I do genuinely believe that young people who play sport at a competitive level, sensibly controlled, sensibly organised, that has to be a good thing. It will teach them to win, it will teach them to lose with dignity and magnanimity – all the things you want. It's a pretty good metaphor for life. -Sebastian Coe

I said it's a cold universe and I don't mean that metaphorically. If you go out into space, it's cold. It's really cold and we don't know what's up there. We happen to be in this little pocket where there's a sun. What have we got except love and each other to guard against all that isolation and loneliness? -David Chase

I don't like seeing myself on television and I don't enjoy filming. What I actually enjoy is thinking about how I am going to express something or how we are going to make the visual metaphor. -Robert Winston

For myself, the only way I know how to make a book is to construct it like a collage: a bit of dialogue here, a scrap of narrative, an isolated description of a common object, an elaborate running metaphor which threads between the sequences and holds different narrative lines together. -Hilary Mantel

Fiction isn't made by scraping the bones of topicality for the last shreds and sinews, to be processed into mechanically recovered prose. Like journalism, it deals in ideas as well as facts, but also in metaphors, symbols and myths. -Hilary Mantel

I am always coming up with architectural metaphors when I think about writing. But I think one of the things that draw us to literature is that it gives us this very attractive illusion that there is meaning in the world – things connect. -Nicole Krauss

I somewhat resist the whole gay rights-vampire rights metaphor because it is fraught with problems. I don't want to be seen as a gay man as a blood-sucking killer. I don't think it is the way to win hearts and minds. -Denis O'Hare

If you want to relate me to the newer cats, let's go. Let's go line for line and bar for bar. If it's all about spitting and metaphors and MCing and lyrics and entendres, I will eat 99 percent of you dudes up. -Lupe Fiasco

There's a great metaphor that one of my doctors uses: If a fish is swimming in a dirty tank and it gets sick, do you take it to the vet and amputate the fin? No, you clean the water. So, I cleaned up my system. By eating organic raw greens, nuts and healthy fats, I am flooding my body with enzymes, vitamins and oxygen. -Kris Carr

My belief is that 'heaven' and 'hell' are metaphorical terms for what you make of your life. In any instant, you have the ability to make your life total pleasure or total hell. -Kelly Slater

It used to be that readers were relegated because they considered themselves far above society, and so the metaphor of the ivory tower developed. Now there's still this idea that the reader doesn't take part in the social game and in politics, the res publica, but for other reasons: he doesn't do it because he's not making any money. -Alberto Manguel

The Cemetery of Forgotten Books is a metaphor, not just for books but for ideas, for language, for knowledge, for beauty, for all the things that make us human, for collecting memory. -Carlos Ruiz Zafon

There is something about the way that Greek poets, say Aeschylus, use metaphor that really attracts me. I don't think I can imitate it, but there's a density to it that I think I'm always trying to push towards in English. -Anne Carson

As a young physician in the mid-'80s, caring for people who had contracted H.I.V., I lost two of my patients to suicide at a time when the virus was doing very little harm to them. I have always thought of them as having been killed by a metaphor, by the burden of secrecy and shame associated with the disease. -Abraham Verghese

When I went to college, I majored in American literature, which was unusual then. But it meant that I was broadly exposed to nineteenth-century American literature. I became interested in the way that American writers used metaphoric language, starting with Emerson. -Marilynne Robinson

I'm just fascinated by houses. In another life, I'd have probably trained as an architect. If I had enough money, I'd collect them like other people collect teapots. I don't know why I love them so much. I'm just very interested in the idea of a house as a metaphor for the way one lives. -Frances Mayes

Of course I didn't pioneer the use of food in fiction: it has been a standard literary device since Chaucer and Rabelais, who used food wonderfully as a metaphor for sensuality. -Joanne Harris

The metaphor for Palestine is stronger than the Palestine of reality. -Mahmoud Darwish

Mothers tend to be more direct. Fathers talk to other fathers about their kids more metaphorically. It's a different way of communication. -Richard Louv

Burnout is grist to the mill. I write every day, for most of the day, so it's just about turning into metaphor whatever's going on in my life, in the world, and in my head. Every nightmare, every moment of grief or joy or failure, is a moment I can convert into cash via words. -Grant Morrison

People have been told so often that resurrection is just a metaphor, and means Jesus died and was glorified – in other words, he went to Heaven, whatever that means. And they've never realized that the word 'resurrection' simply didn't mean that. -N. T. Wright

As a direct line to human feeling, empathic experience, genuine language and detail, poetry is everything that headline news is not. It takes us inside situations, helps us imagine life from more than one perspective, honors imagery and metaphor – those great tools of thought – and deepens our confidence in a meaningful world. -Naomi Shihab Nye

'Cyberspace' is a metaphorical idea which is supposed to be the space where your consciousness is located when you're using computer technology on the Internet, for example, and I'm not entirely sure it's such a useful term, but I think that's what most people mean by it. -Neil Postman

Fascist movements kill off their critics, literally or metaphorically, while democratic movements value, invite and even welcome criticism. -Parker Palmer

My poems always begin with a metaphor, but my way into the metaphor may be a word, an image, even a sound. And I rarely know the nature of the metaphor when I begin to write, but there is an attentiveness that a writer develops, a sudden alertness that is much like the feel of a fish brushing against a hook. -Stephen Dobyns

I've spoken often of how the fantasy genre is able to, with the greatest freedom among all the genres, take a metaphor and make it real. But of course that's only the starting point. -Steven Erikson

In literature, the ghost is almost always a metaphor for the weight of the past. I don't believe in them in the traditional sense. -Tabitha King

I have frequently noticed in myself a tendency to a diffuse style; a disposition to push my metaphors too far, employing a multitude of words to heighten the patness of the image, and so making of it a conceit rather than a metaphor, a fault copiously illustrated in the poetry of Cowley, Waller, Donne, and others of that ilk. -Sidney Lanier

Everyone knows that metaphors are important, yet we have no idea why. -Vilayanur S. Ramachandran

Death, the real simile for disease – for when we are ill, do we not always feel like we are dying, even if it's only a little? – remains, despite our secularism, the most metaphoricised phenomenon of all. -Will Self

Instead of looking at individual buildings, it makes more metaphorical sense to think of New York as one enormous chunk of masonry that has been cut up and carved away. It says, 'This is the ultimate polis, through which humans move like nematodes.' -Will Self

When I first started painting candyland imagery, I was looking for the best possible metaphor for everything that is pleasure, desire and insatiability. -Will Cotton

I find the attempt to find things out, which scientists are possessed by, to be as human as breathing, or feeding, or sex. And so the science has to be in the novels as science and not just as metaphors. -A. S. Byatt

I like to write about painting because I think visually. I see my writing as blocks of color before it forms itself. I think I also care about painting because I'm not musical. Painting to me is not a metaphor for writing, but something people do that can never be reduced to words. -A. S. Byatt

I wanted to explore cancer not just biologically, but metaphorically. The idea that tuberculosis in the 19th century possessed the same kind of frightening and decaying quality was very interesting to me, and it seemed that one could explore the idea that every age defined its own illness. -Siddhartha Mukherjee

Web media needs to move to TV metaphor – with full-screen imagery and other content interrupted with full-screen ads. -Nick Denton

Vampires are total sexual metaphors; there's just no way around that. -Alan Ball

It's easy to look at the vampires as a metaphor for any feared or misunderstood group. It's also easy to look at them as a metaphor for a shadow organization that says one thing and has a completely different agenda on their mind, and anybody who gets in their way, they just get rid of them. Does that sound familiar? -Alan Ball

I don't really know what it is about vampires that makes them such a powerful symbol, metaphor, whatever in people's consciousness. But I do know they're tremendously powerful. I mean, there's a vampire on 'Sesame Street.' And Count Chocula. I don't know why it's so powerful. -Alan Ball

I like ice hockey. No one is ever going to ask me to write about that as a metaphor for life. -Steven Pinker

An enormous amount of scientific language is metaphorical. We talk about a genetic code, where code originally meant a cipher; we talk about the solar system model of the atom as though the atom were like a sun and moon and planets. -Steven Pinker

Look at almost any passage, and you'll find that a paragraph has five or six metaphors in it. It's not that the speaker is trying to be poetic, it's just that that's the way language works. -Steven Pinker

I had very literal parents and I wanted to survive with metaphor and art, and there was a real sense of shame around it. -Amanda Palmer

If you worry about financial Armageddon, it is indeed metaphorically the time to stock your bunker with guns, ammunition, canned food and gold bars. -Nouriel Roubini

As adults, when we attend to something in the world we are vividly conscious of that particular thing, and we shut out the surrounding world. The classic metaphor is that attention is like a spotlight, illuminating one part of the world and leaving the rest in darkness. -Alison Gopnik

The use of food metaphors is really well established English… Somebody is a peach, a hot tamale. -Erin McKean

Science is a victim of its own reductive metaphors: 'Big Bang,' 'selfish gene' and so on. Richard Dawkins' selfish gene fitted with the Thatcherite politics of the time. It should actually be the 'altruistic gene,' but he'd never have sold as many books with a title like that. -Charles Jencks

Cities are obvious metaphors for life. We call roads 'arteries' and so forth. -Geoffrey West

The world appears rectilinear, but is in fact curvilinear – a literal truth in physics, and a metaphorical one in metaphysics. -Iain McGilchrist

There is no aspect of our experience not molded in some way by metaphor's almost imperceptible touch. -James Geary

Metaphor lives a secret life all around us. We utter about six metaphors a minute. -James Geary

The metaphor I've used is… somebody's going to push my family off a cliff pretty soon, and I won't be there to catch them. And that breaks my heart. But I have some time to sew some nets to cushion the fall. So, I can curl up in a ball and cry, or I can get to work on the nets. -Randy Pausch

I'm a person of faith, and the language that I use to define my faith, the symbols and metaphors that I rely upon to express my faith, are those provided by Islam because they make the most sense to me. -Reza Aslan

I believe in God, which means I am open to some absurd possibilities. But I understand the power of that faith, and I understand the metaphor of that belief. -Reza Aslan

There are two metaphors for Mario the person and not Mario the footballer. I think I am a man, but I don't believe I need to say it. But I could also be Peter Pan because I do things my own way and I am free. So, yes, maybe I should say that I am Peter Pan – although I am much more of a man. -Mario Balotelli

Some of my favorite media is the still cartoon that you can sit and study. You can get amazing metaphors across really quickly. I'm in awe of a Charles Schulz. -Bob Peterson

The genesis of a poem for me is usually a cluster of words. The only good metaphor I can think of is a scientific one: dipping a thread into a supersaturated solution to induce crystal formation. I don't think I solve problems in my poetry; I think I uncover the problems. -Margaret Atwood

If you're gonna use simile, analogy, metaphor, be descriptive and have some flowery adjectives and a few odd nouns and some engaging bits of dialogue or sentiment, then you're sort of writing a novel, really. But rock lyrics are not really known for their sophistication. -Ian Anderson

I've simplified much more in my writing. I say what I've got to say, not in metaphor. -Marianne Faithfull

Obviously I don't want to make a film that offends people, but the whole world is so politically correct – I'm not going to not do something because it may be politically incorrect. At some point, the metaphors and allegories break down. They disappear, and you just have science fiction. -Neill Blomkamp

There's no question that how Johannesburg operates is what made me interested in the idea of wealth discrepancy. 'Elysium' could be a metaphor for just Jo'burg, but it's also a metaphor for the Third World and the First World. And in science fiction, separation of wealth is a really interesting idea to mess with. -Neill Blomkamp

I think that 'Elysium' the movie is unrealistic, with the space station and everything. I think 'Elysium' the metaphor is completely realistic: it's exactly where we're going. -Neill Blomkamp

'District 9' was a singular anti-Apartheid metaphor, and 'Elysium' is a more general metaphor about immigration and how the First World and Third World meet. But the thing that I like the most about the metaphor is that it can be scaled to suit almost any scenario. -Neill Blomkamp

Human beings, you see, do absolutely two primary things. We see like and unlike. Like becomes, in literature, simile and metaphor. Unlike becomes uniqueness and difference, from which I believe, the novel is born. -Salman Rushdie

I believe that a work of art, like metaphors in language, can ask the most serious, difficult questions in a way which really makes the readers answer for themselves; that the work of art far more than an essay or a tract involves the reader, challenges him directly and brings him into the argument. -George Steiner

In theory, at least, all presidents are servants of the people who elected them. In the case of Barack Obama, it has seemed from the start that the idea as applied to him was more than mere metaphor. He is the first president in my lifetime whom the country felt obligated to remind that he know his place. -Charlie Pierce

Most songwriters who have been lucky enough to have their song on the radio or be heard widely don't know anything about science. The best songs have a strong dose of metaphor. Most songs about science don't have that. Like 'She Blinded Me With Science.' It's a stupid song, no offense to Thomas Dolby. -Greg Graffin

New Orleans invented the brown paper bag party – usually at a gathering in a home – where anyone darker than the bag attached to the door was denied entrance. The brown bag criterion survives as a metaphor for how the black cultural elite quite literally establishes caste along color lines within black life. -Michael Eric Dyson

What I love about the theatre is that it's always metaphorical. It's like going back to being a kid again, and we're all pretending in a room. Sometimes, when the pretending really works, I find it much, much more moving than something on film. -Mark Haddon

Mysticism and the supernatural are embedded in the show – it's called 'Da Vinci's Demons' for a reason, and it's not just metaphorical. -David S. Goyer

My hope is that the music will serve as a metaphor for the actions taken by the inhabitants of this wonderful planet as a call for world harmony on all levels. -Herbie Hancock

Drawing is a way of coming upon the connection between things, just like metaphor in poetry reconnects what has become separated. -John Berger

Having a Nobel Prize or being a famous scientist will get you a week to a week and a half, metaphorically speaking, of a hearing for your new idea, but after that, it's going to tank if you don't have the evidence and support for it. -Michael Shermer

There's something about the superheroes and the idea behind their relationship with humans, whether it's a metaphor for the better part of ourselves, or the more flawed part of ourselves. So it seems to really be our own pop-culture version of Greek mythology. -Clark Gregg

In 'Gravity,' nearly everything is a metaphor for the main character. The way I tend to approach a film is that character and background are equally important; one informs the other. Here, Sandra Bullock is caught between Earth and the void of the universe, just floating there in between. We use the debris as a metaphor for adversity. -Alfonso Cuaron

What draws me in is that a trip is a leap in the dark. It's like a metaphor for life. You set off from home, and in the classic travel book, you go to an unknown place. You discover a different world, and you discover yourself. -Paul Theroux

There are receptors to these molecules in your immune system, in your gut and in your heart. So when you say, 'I have a gut feeling' or 'my heart is sad' or 'I am bursting with joy,' you're not speaking metaphorically. You're speaking literally. -Deepak Chopra

I loved the world of roller derby because I thought it was such an empowering metaphor, that you get out there and do it. It's such a rocker, athletic, capable, cool exhibitionist sport; it's about this great sort of camaraderie. -Drew Barrymore

I just like, when you look at people who have long careers in film, they're able to make films that are far away from themselves, because they're metaphorical. It creates more opportunities, I think. -Mike Birbiglia

The doctor I would want for myself or for anyone else I cared about would be one who understands that disease is more than just a clinical entity; it is an experience and a metaphor, with a message that must be listened to. -Bernie Siegel

I think you need a concrete, real-world metaphor to talk about inner life without feeling like a jerk. -Tift Merritt

I don't eschew autobiographical writing, but I'm not interested in mine to be so straightforward. The things that tend to move me the most are often those that I have to figure out its meaning for myself. The human being's ability to make a metaphor to describe a human experience is just really cool. -Aimee Bender

I'm more comfortable revealing myself than hiding behind metaphors. I respond to artists who reveal something of themselves. -Idina Menzel

I know that I'm going to die and that you're going to die. I can't do anything about that. But I can explore it through a metaphor and make a kind of funny, dark story about it, and in doing so, really exhaust and research as many aspects of it as I can imagine. And in a way, that does give me some closure. -Chuck Palahniuk

My goal is to create a metaphor that changes our reality by charming people into considering their world in a different way. -Chuck Palahniuk

I like zombie movies. I like 'The Walking Dead;' I like the metaphor of it, simply because when we go with the zombie concept – if you're bitten by a zombie, you don't transform into something else like a vampire or a werewolf or whatever. You become something that's not you. -Marilyn Manson

In my own life, I believe it was an early education in poetical metaphor that helped me to grapple with and make sense of all the difficult and traumatic things that were to come. -Natasha Trethewey

Cinema is a visual language, and you're always looking for visual metaphors for things. You know, if I was writing a play about Howard Hughes, I could have him give a monologue about how he's terrified to touch a doorknob. But on screen, you know, working with Marty Scorsese in 'The Aviator,' that became the series of images that told a story. -John Logan

In a way, the road between Huaraz and the lodge is a metaphor for Peruvian politics. It used to be in good repair, and in some places still is. -Mark Barrowcliffe

Apollo 11 was the movie premiere of moon landings, with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Neil was a bit of a mystic, but also a taciturn guy from what I can tell. He really saw the moon as looking like the American high desert. He wasn't someone who dealt in metaphors. -Lily Koppel

I think you sense the metaphorical resonance of what you're writing without analysing it too carefully. That leads you down dead ends. You stop imagining things and start writing towards these themes. -Joseph O'Neill

My parents were both storytellers. They always spoke with metaphorical richness. -Alice Walker

I think that I do feel that my nature is to express what this self, this particular self at this time, experiences in the world. And that is so organic – I use this metaphor a lot but I'll use it again – it's like a pine tree producing pine cones, or a blackberry bush producing blackberries – it's just what happens with this being, now. -Alice Walker

Scientists have to have a metaphor. All scientists start with imagination. -Ray Bradbury

In the original introduction to the word meme in the last chapter of 'The Selfish Gene,' I did actually use the metaphor of a 'virus.' So when anybody talks about something going viral on the Internet, that is exactly what a meme is, and it looks as though the word has been appropriated for a subset of that. -Richard Dawkins

The Dome is a metaphor that could mean anything – it could be nuclear fallout, terrorists – I've always been fascinated with stories where people's roles are flipped on their heads, be it the Wall Street guy, the techno guy, etc. All of those things are only successful when there are people and money around. -Mike Vogel

I'm a product of a military dictatorship. Under a dictatorship, you cannot trust information or dispense it freely because of censorship. So Brazilians become very flexible in the use of metaphors. They learn to communicate with double meanings. -Vik Muniz

For 16 years I spoke in trial metaphors, and perhaps I need to get out of that habit. -Trey Gowdy

The American model was celebrated by Thatcherites and New Labour alike, California worshipped as the model of the future, 'Anglo-Saxon' embalmed as the fitting metaphor for the shared Anglo-American legacy, Europe denigrated and the rest of the world ignored. -Martin Jacques

Google will be obliged either to accept Chinese regulations or exit the world's largest Internet market, with serious consequences for its long-term global ambitions. This is a metaphor for our times: America's most dynamic company cannot take on the Chinese government – even on an issue like free and open information – and win. -Martin Jacques

Everything has seasons, and we have to be able to recognize when something's time has passed and be able to move into the next season. Everything that is alive requires pruning as well, which is a great metaphor for endings. -Henry Cloud

You can't write an image, a metaphor, a story, a phrase, without leaning a little further into the shared world, without recognizing that your supposed solitude is at every point of its perimeter touching some other. -Jane Hirshfield

Our home, just like our garden, evolves. We experiment, try out different things and new colors until we feel content. Try to keep the metaphor of home as garden in your consciousness. -Alexandra Stoddard

In all of my books, I've emphasized that the fundamental difference between civilized and indigenous ways of being is that, for even the most open-minded of the civilized, listening to the natural world is a metaphor. -Derrick Jensen

My fans have always loved my metaphors. -R. Kelly

Why take notes? The obvious reason is to remember. Visual note-taking translates what we hear into pictures that give context, color, and meaning. By adding symbols, visual metaphors, likenesses of people, and room layouts, we add several dimensions. -Tom Wujec

The vampire movies I embraced as a kid used vampirism as a metaphor that expressed deep sadness and a lot of human qualities. -Alexandra Cassavetes

Longing, for everyone, is always there, isn't it? More intense at some times than others. You get closer to less longing – an odd metaphoric phrasing, I realize – then, you are further and longing more than ever again. -Susan Minot

We speak of 'software eating the world,' 'the Internet of Things,' and we massify 'data' by declaring it 'Big.' But these concepts remain for the most part abstract. It's hard for many of us to grasp the impact of digital technology on the 'real world' of things like rocks, homes, cars, and trees. We lack a metaphor that hits home. -John Battelle

I don't really have a metaphor for how I write, but it kinda feels like chipping away at a big dark object that I can't really see. -Bryan Lee O'Malley

You can approach 'The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death' in a variety or combination of ways: as a startlingly eccentric hobby; as a series of unresolved murder mysteries; as the manifestation of one woman's peculiar psychic life; as a lesson in forensics; as a metaphor for the fate of women; as a photographic study. -Robert Gottlieb

Presumably all obsessions are extreme metaphors waiting to be born. That whole private mythology, in which I believe totally, is a collaboration between one's conscious mind and those obsessions that, one by one, present themselves as stepping-stones. -J. G. Ballard

'Crash' is a metaphor for what I see as the dehumanizing elements that are present in the world in which we live. We're distanced by the nature of the society we inhabit from a normal human reaction. -J. G. Ballard

I started to think of Grace of Monaco as a metaphor for women in general. -Olivier Dahan

It's like dance is a metaphor for going beyond where you think you can go. -Jennifer Grey

I discovered the fun of genre is… you get to explore your fears, and you get to use the metaphor of the genre – whether it's a giant monster or a… 12-year-old vampire. Whatever it is, you can sink something underneath the surface and make a personal film under the guise of great fun romp. -Matt Reeves

Why would one ever be so insane as to ditch a perfectly beautiful metaphor? Cut back, of course, prune if you like, so that the best metaphors are clear and sparkling. But I will throw out unread the book that promises me no metaphors inside. -Marie Rutkoski

That term, 'David and Goliath,' has entered our language as a metaphor for improbable victories by some weak party over someone far stronger. -Malcolm Gladwell

When I'm directing actors, I often find myself slipping in sports metaphors, like: 'Don't go for the punch line here, just put it up on a T-ball stand so she can hit it out of the park.' -Mark Waters

I'm a believer in getting punched in the face. I know it sounds cliched, but to me, fighting is a metaphor for life. -Frank Grillo

American art in general… takes to surreal exaggerations and metaphors; but its Puritan work ethic has little use for the playful self-indulgence behind Parisian Surrealism. -John Updike

I feel as much of a stud as… I can't come up with a metaphor. That's how lacking in studliness I am. -Dan Wakefield

I explain at the parties that I believe knitting is a transformative and intriguing act that can change the life and brain of the person doing it, and that knitting is a perfect metaphor for life and insight into some better ways through it. -Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

I've gotten very alert not just to mixed metaphor but to any writing mistake. -Lydia Davis

In mainstream literature, a trope is a figure of speech: metaphor, simile, irony, or the like. Words used other than literally. In SF, a trope – at least as I understand the usage – is more: science used other than literally. -Edward M. Lerner

'Blade Runner' was a comic strip. It was a comic strip! It was a very dark comic strip. Comic metaphorically. -Ridley Scott

I feel very comfortable – literally and metaphorically – in my skin. -Cate Blanchett

We Americans love to cite the 'political spectrum' as the best way to classify ideologies. The metaphor is incorrect: it implies symmetry. -Rick Perlstein

Hiroshima has become a metaphor not just for nuclear war but for war and destruction and violence toward civilians. It's not just the idea we should not use nuclear arms. We should not start another war because it's madness. -Max von Sydow

Light is a metaphoric thing. There is green light and red light. Then there is black light, which is mostly danger. -Sigmar Polke

'Safe Harbor' is a state of mind… it's the place – in reality or metaphor – to which one goes in times of trouble or worry. It can be a friendship, marriage, church, garden, beach, poem, prayer, or song. -Luanne Rice

We say that time passes, time goes by, and time flows. Those are metaphors. We also think of time as a medium in which we exist. -James Gleick

We are all shaped by where we grow up, though that shaping takes different forms. I don't think there's any doubt that coming of age in Winnipeg both opened my eyes and made me hungry – if I can subvert all claims to be a real writer by mixing metaphors like that. -Guy Gavriel Kay

I feel as much of a stud as… I can't come up with a metaphor. That's how lacking in studliness I am. -Peter Dinklage

Perhaps things are not things but words: metaphors, words for other things. -Octavio Paz

Human writing reflects that of the universe; it is its translation, but also its metaphor: it says something totally different, and it says the same thing. -Octavio Paz

Wit invents; inspiration reveals. The inventions of wit are conceits – metaphors and paradoxes – that discover the secret correspondences that unite beings and things among and with themselves; inspiration is condemned to dissipate its revelations – unless a form can be found to contain them. -Octavio Paz

I spent the first 22 years of my life absorbing everything, like a big disgusting cell, and now I'm disgorging it with jokes added out into the world. That's a really gross metaphor. -Daniel Mallory Ortberg

Be aware of textural elements throughout a party, like silverware, stemware, and linens. But the biggest element is metaphorical: it's your own touch. How are you making people feel? -Danny Meyer

The problem is Twitter is designing the metaphorical equivalent of a Toyota Prius. A car for the masses. While I want a Formula One race car. -Robert Scoble

People think genes are an absolute cause of traits. But the notion that the genome is the blueprint for humanity is a very bad metaphor. If you think we're hard-wired and deterministic, there should indeed be a lot more genes. -Craig Venter

I've tried every which way for writing lyrics – everything from using really bizarre imagery and metaphors, sort of obscuring the facts of what I'm singing about, all the way over to a song like 'Losing My Mind,' where you're just reading my thoughts as they're occurring. -Rivers Cuomo

The more I photographed Muslim women, the more I was able to metaphorically strip away the burqas and hijabs, and start chipping away at the profound misconceptions that existed in other parts of the world about these women and their culture. -Lynsey Addario

Hip-hop is not all '2 Chainz' – although '2 Chainz' is awesome. How he does that with metaphors, I don't know. -Lakeith Stanfield

The poet, being an imitator like a painter or any other artist, must of necessity imitate one of three objects – things as they were or are, things as they are said or thought to be, or things as they ought to be. The vehicle of expression is language – either current terms or, it may be, rare words or metaphors. -Aristotle

I know my 17-year-old self would read my bourgeois fiction, full of metaphors and rhythmic prose, with a sinking heart. -Jim Crace

When you start a novel, it is always like pushing a boulder uphill. Then, after a while, to mangle the metaphor, the boulder fills with helium and becomes a balloon that carries you the rest of the way to the top. You just have to hold your nerve and trust to narrative. -Jim Crace

Loser lit antiheroes aren't well intentioned or earnest; they don't care whether you like them or not. They're self-mocking, ironic and inventive; they narrate their downfalls with manic wordplay, rampant metaphors, wisecracks, and escalating flights of spleen-fueled lyricism. -Kate Christensen

Language description and metaphors seem readily available. The things I have to work harder at are plot, pacing, and form. -Sarah Hall

It's been noted that writing about the production of art is a masquerade or metaphor for writing about writing. This may be true, there are similarities – both the verbal and the visual represent the thing or the concept. -Sarah Hall

A tendency to make metaphorical connections is an occupational hazard for those of us who write. -Alice McDermott

When I was researching the Victorian anti-vaccination movement, those activists often used a vampire as a metaphor for the vaccinator. -Eula Biss

What you look for in a picture is a metaphor, something that means something more, that makes you think about things you've seen or thought about. -Mary Ellen Mark

My favorite monster has always been the zombie. They are so much fun. They can be scary, pathetic, sad, funny, tragic, even heroic. They are the most elastic monster because, even with all of that, they don't interfere with telling stories about the humans. They serve as threats and metaphors, but they allow the story to be about people. -Jonathan Maberry

'Fargo' becomes a metaphor for a type of true crime case where truth is stranger than fiction. So, there's no reason that there isn't another 10-hour true crime story that could be told in this region. -Noah Hawley

I realized that food was actually a metaphor for bringing us all together. It's about us communicating and being like family. -George Tillman, Jr.

My books tend to have a lot of questions in them, and they tend to avoid black and white, for lack of a better metaphor. -Rebecca Stead

The ogres and witches and giants of fairytales stand in as metaphors for those obstacles that we all face in our own lives. -Kate Forsyth

The thing about metaphors is that, if you give them away, you give away the mystery. -OMI

Bradbury would have said his plots are myths and metaphors that tell stories about the human condition. That's what sets him apart from other science-fiction writers: He doesn't write about technology, but about the human heart and psyche. -Sam Weller

Everything I do is a metaphor of the universal order. -Ruth Bernhard

I think what's fun about the Western genre is the character arcs are very strong and, arguably, more interesting and exciting than the action that is metaphorically representational of those arcs. -Jon Favreau

Instead of using the machine as a metaphor for architecture, as Le Corbusier did, I use the human body. I want the public to know that it's them I'm designing for. -Michael Graves

The very name 'Manson' has become a metaphor for evil… He has come to represent the dark and malignant side of humanity, and for whatever reason, there is a side of human nature that is fascinated with ultimate evil. -Vincent Bugliosi

We all struggle. Life is not fun. A lot of times, it's really painful and hard. Sometimes it's really funny. 'Foxcatcher' is kind of like a metaphor for that. -Mark Schultz

In a way, all Scandinavian movies are descendants of the original Scandinavian Christian-metaphor movie, Danish director Carl Dreyer's 1928 'The Passion of Joan of Arc,' one of the seven or eight best films ever made and impossible to watch more than once. -Steve Erickson

When a crime is committed, only the victim and the victim's close circle experience the event as pain, terror, death. To people hearing or reading about it, crime is a metaphor, a symbol of the ancient battles fought every day: evil versus good, chaos versus order. -S. J. Rozan

Whether it's New York or somewhere else, the metaphor of 'Avenue Q,' which is the place you live when you can't afford to live anywhere else – and we've all been through that in our journey. As I always say, at any moment I could be back on Avenue Q if I pick the wrong show. -Kevin McCollum

In the struggle against sexual discrimination on Wall Street, Pamela K. Martens is a latter-day Rosa Parks – a woman who, metaphorically speaking, refused to sit in the back of the bus. -Gary Weiss

I ought to be more hardboiled; I'd like to be. I don't think I have it in me. To write in clipped sentences. To employ gritty metaphor in the introduction of sultry blondes… I can't do it, so why bother trying? -Jesse Kellerman

Quest stories are about the oldest form of narrative there is, and they're also the perfect metaphor for life because we're all on a journey trying to figure out where we're going and who we are. 'Solomon Creed' is just doing it with more danger and guns involved. -Simon Toyne

The typical baseball play is a pitcher throwing a ball and the batter not swinging at it, while the other players watch. Even a home run, the sport's defining big blast, is only metaphorically exciting; a fly ball that leaves the yard changes the score but may offer no more compelling view than an outfielder staring up. -Richard Corliss

In music, you can use metaphors with ease – if a person doesn't understand the parable, they can still enjoy the melody of the music. If, however, a person reads a book and misses the meaning of its metaphors, this will be extremely disheartening for both the reader as well as the author. -Cat Stevens

I force myself to outline, but not too closely, so I guess I plot by the seat of my pants? My natural instinct is to dive right in, but I know I'll get stuck. I like to stick with the architect vs. gardener metaphor. I guess I'm a gardener who plants tomatoes. I have the sticks in the ground and let the vines grow along those parameters. -Victoria Aveyard

It's like how science fiction in the '50s was a way of talking about war without actually having to risk any political capital. The obvious metaphor is power and powerlessness, but I also think it's a way of experimenting with dangerous feelings in a safe arena and trying things out. -Margaret Stohl

New poems no longer come to me with their prodigies of metaphor and assonance. Prose endures. I feel the circles grow smaller, and old age is a ceremony of losses, which is, on the whole, preferable to dying at forty-seven or fifty-two. -Donald Hall

I made up 'Badlands'; anything I say, goes. I came to realize I was materializing a metaphor for my mental state. -Halsey

Beyond diversity, the story of Obama's influence on the courts is more complex. Indeed, it could serve as a metaphor for his Presidency: symbolically rich but substantively hazy. Obama took office after years of intense conservative focus on the courts. -Jeffrey Toobin

The travel book is a convenient metaphor for life, with its optimistic beginning or departure, its determined striving, and its reflective conclusion. Journeys change travellers just as a good travel book can change readers. -Rory MacLean

Gene Roddenberry continually reminded us that the Star Trek Enterprise was a metaphor for starship Earth. And the strength in this starship came from its diversity, coming together and working in concert as a team. That is the strength of our countries, Canada and the United States. We are nations of diversity. -George Takei

When I write in Italian – this is just the metaphor that came to me immediately, and I really think this is what it is – I feel like I'm writing with my left hand. Because of that weakness, there is this enormous freedom that comes with it. -Jhumpa Lahiri

Running is a great metaphor for life. You set a goal, and then you get to work. How well you do is a direct reflection of how hard you work. It's a mental game, too. There are setbacks along the way, but the true test of a runner is how you overcome and push past them. -Ivanka Trump

I hope to stay light on my feet, to work in many modes, to seek inspiration always, and avoid the fatal. But, as we all know, it is the price of life to burn out, both metaphorically and literally. -T. C. Boyle

I associate the metaphor of sport with war. The unrest in the former Yugoslavia, after all, started with a football match that then became charged in nationalist ways and ended in violence. -Elfriede Jelinek

James Brown's life was really a metaphor for our inability to talk about matters like race and class in America. -James McBride

I have always considered it a beautiful metaphor that Cervantes had no fixed address in Spain. He is thus everywhere and nowhere. There are a number of sites connected with his life, but none attract hordes of travellers the way Stratford-upon-Avon and the Globe Theatre in London draw Shakespeare aficionados. -Ilan Stavans

Bob Dole is not a romantic, at least not an immediate one. Bob Dole is not one to waste a lot of time on metaphor. -Jeanne Marie Laskas

I think rap in general allows you to be more lyrically expressive. It's a lot easier to state your identity, as opposed to with a guitar making all these weird metaphors. -Awkwafina

In the 1960s, reaching for the moon meant just that. It was a metaphor for attempting the impossible, and we attempted it, and we did it. And it inspired millions of people in every way. The number of science graduates in this country doubled in the 1960s at every level – high school, college, Ph.D. -Robert Zubrin

To me, onions are the metaphor for kitchen drudgery. Cutting them is hard to do well, and they fight you the whole way. -Michael Pollan

The transparency of a metaphor displays the glint of truth. But if a metaphor is taken for a reality, it then becomes dense and masks the truth it is meant to display. -Said Nursi

Peter Pan is kind of this metaphor for someone or something that makes you feel at home, that brings you out of loneliness, that makes you free. And that's exactly what music does for me. -Ruth B

I think 'Lost Boy' is more of a metaphor for oneself. When I listen to that song, I don't picture someone else. I kind of wrote it from a very honest place. -Ruth B

I think the song itself, 'Smoke and Fire,' is just a metaphor for the feelings that you feel in a relationship. -Sabrina Carpenter

I think of myself as a writer as much as I think of myself as a linguist and an academic. I really enjoy writing – playing with language and getting just the right metaphor. -Deborah Tannen

What life throws at you – you just have to learn how to hit it, which is a baseball metaphor. The ball's outside, you hit to the right. You don't let them go by. -Billy Crystal

As a political metaphor, a revolution could, in that sense, mean only a return to better times, or to the true constitution: a ridding of excess or usurpers. -Ian Hacking

Speed bumps, I was thinking, you know, you're driving along, everything's OK, and then there's a speed bump to go, 'Slow down.' Go over it real slowly, and you hit the pedal, and you keep going, and I just thought it was kind of a nice metaphor for life. -Teri Garr

I resist and resent the idea of California as a metaphor. It's something thrust upon us, usually by people in the East. -John Gregory Dunne

I'm trying to use myself and my own flawedness as a metaphor for general human experience. I'm trying to 'stand next to' a subject, whether it's Bobby Knight or Vince Carter, and use that subject to meditate on both him and me. -David Shields

Basically, I really love work that puts the reader into a kind of vertigo, into a real doubt, and a beautiful way to convey that, a really perfect metaphor for that, is to make the reader also experience doubt. -David Shields

In the 1990s, from the estates of Scotland came the phenomenon of Irvine Welsh. 'Trainspotting' demanded its place not only in the high ranks of contemporary fiction but as a describer of a Britain that literally and metaphorically was in a deep mess. -Melvyn Bragg

The real biographies of poets are like those of birds, almost identical – their data are in the way they sound. A poet's biography lies in his twists of language, in his meters, rhymes, and metaphors. -Joseph Brodsky

When you are trying to express things with metaphors and much more subtlety, that's when you are doing yourself a disservice by making a video. -George Michael

That's what happens in a good horror movie: there are always metaphors of greater subjects like humanity and empathy and compassion. It's not about the action and scary moments: You really care about these characters because they're mirrors of our own reflections. -Edgar Ramirez

The metaphor of the subterranean is at work in a lot of Northwest writers and artists. Zooming in closer and closer and closer, then below, to the worms and the centipede. -Katherine Dunn

'The Iliad' includes some snappy sports reporting, and writers ever since have been probing athletes for signifiers, for metaphor amped by grit under pressure. -Katherine Dunn

Golf is a great example to me. Golf is a metaphor of life. I mean, every shot. You have this beautiful hole, this beautiful opportunity to get a good score. -Nick Saban

Buildings in modern cities have lost their metaphoric aspect. Much contemporary architecture is very fragmented and busy on the outside. It's like a skin or a skull, but you don't know what's inside. -Mario Botta

'Hedwig' is not autobiographical, but what she goes through is clearly a big metaphor. She doesn't want to be what she is, but she comes to an understanding that what happened to her has actually made her whole. -John Cameron Mitchell

The sci-fi movies I grew up with, the metaphor was very rich, and they used to really mean something: David Cronenberg's films, or John Carpenter's films, or the Phil Kaufman and Don Segel versions of 'Invasion Of The Body Snatchers,' or George Romero's early zombie films. -Edgar Wright

Science fiction has always used metaphors and disguises, talking about alien civilizations or the future. -Robert J. Sawyer

One of the standard story-generating engines for science fiction is to take something we normally think of as metaphoric and treat it as if it were literal. -Robert J. Sawyer

The Bay of Pigs became a metaphor for feckless folly and failure. -Pat Buchanan

Being a dancer is my metaphor for life because you have to know your body. Being a dancer and paying attention to fitness is all about moving in balance. -Goldie Hawn

The songs that work best are broad lyrically and have one strong concept in the metaphor. -Sia

Our songs aren't metaphorical, normally: they're literal in their interpretation. -Brad Paisley

I feel like 'Birds in the Trap' seem united; it's just metaphor for ones in their box that are stuck and can't get their creative idea out. -Travis Scott

If you add up all the promises any politician makes, the math doesn't work. Hillary Clinton's math doesn't work; Donald's math probably doesn't work. I think you have to listen to their campaign pitches more as symbolic, more as metaphors. -Wilbur Ross

For me, all fiction is about prizing the logic of metaphors – which is the logic of narratives in general – over reality, which is irreducibly random and senseless. -Ken Liu

My metaphor for translation has always been that translation is really a performance art. You take the original and try to perform it, really, in a different medium. Part of that is about interpretation and what you think the author's voice really is. -Ken Liu

The way a story makes an argument is quite different from the way a persuasive essay does it. Emotional truth and the logic of metaphors dominate. -Ken Liu

If what you're writing is genuine, regardless of whether it sounds cliche or people wouldn't necessarily think it's the most brilliant metaphor in the world, it's always important to be genuine with what you're writing; at least, that's how I feel. -Andy Biersack

Superhero movies are so famous because of the metaphor that they trigger in one's self about who you could be if things were different. -Patty Jenkins

The beauty of the original monster movies is that you were able to relate to every single character, or even to treat their monstrosity as an emotional metaphor. -Sofia Boutella

Isaac Cline was a creature of his times. He embodied the hubris of his times and, in many ways, was a victim of the storm, not just in material ways – loss of a family member and damage to the town – but also in metaphoric terms. -Erik Larson

I do believe that our ability to jam the Trump brand is somewhat limited. I think we can chip away at it, but ultimately, the way to undermine the Trump brand is a better product in the political marketplace, if you'll forgive the capitalist metaphor. -Naomi Klein

In Judaism, the temple was the most holy site in the world. But if you extend that argument as a metaphor, and you say 'The world is a holy place,' and you're treating this holy place like a money-lending psycho, then Jesus says, 'This is hypocrisy!' and he'd point it out and flip it over. -Jeff Baena

An asteroid impact in the worst case scenario is a terrifying thing. It seems very uncontrollable: in popular culture, it's often a metaphor for human powerlessness over the world. -Carrie Nugent

I think the public perception about asteroids is that they're kind of metaphors for acts of God, the fact that we have no control over the universe. They're always seen as these uncontrollable events. But when you look at the science, they're actually the exact opposite. -Carrie Nugent

I'm surely not the only one to notice we employ metaphors to make sense of the news. I always like to take note of who hides their origins and who shows them off. -Jenny Zhang

I am angry when I hear things like Cheney whispering into Bush's ear on the way to Obama's inauguration to ask him to pardon 'Scooter' Libby and not to 'leave a soldier on the battlefield'. What kind of metaphor is that for his petty partisan views, when you have men and women giving the ultimate sacrifice? I have nothing but contempt. -Valerie Plame

I think our path to the Olympics is a good metaphor for how you build a company. Our skill and commitment grew over time, day by day, stroke by stroke. So, sports are tied well with our entrepreneurial pursuits because you train for a few years, but there is no guarantee that you will succeed. -Tyler Winklevoss

Baseball, of course, has long been played under the burden of metaphor. More so than basketball or football, it is supposed to represent something larger than itself. -David Grann

The biggest problem is that people have stopped being critical about the role of the computer in their lives. These machines went from being feared as Big Brother surrogates to being thought of as metaphors for liberty and individual freedom. -Ellen Ullman

One of the metaphors that I use for start-ups is, you throw yourself off a cliff and assemble your airplane on the way down. If you don't solve the right problem at the right time, that's the end. Mortality puts priorities into sharp focus. -Reid Hoffman

The cloud, for a while more of a metaphor than a giant business, is re-ordering all sorts of industries. -Adam Lashinsky

For many years, when people described how the Internet worked – whether they were talking about shopping, communicating, or starting a business there – they inevitably invoked a single metaphor. The Internet, said just about everybody, was a contemporary incarnation of the wild, wild West. -Steven Levy

Dick Gregory used every syllable, every metaphor, every joke, every march, every incarceration, every hour of his life, to embarrass this country into providing a more perfect, perfect union. -Joe Morton

Sports is a terrific metaphor that's hardly been touched on TV. -Ken Howard

That's what I like most about writing fiction over journalism: the easy metaphors! -Michael Connelly

There's a style in modern dance right now called Release Technique. It's based on a feeling of falling and catching yourself, and I thought it was such a good metaphor for the way life feels. -Greta Gerwig

Everybody says, 'I want to change,' but they're not willing to pay the price of it. That was the metaphor of 'Life's Golden Ticket'… Life is some kind of a ride, and if you want that ride to be exhilarating and amazing, you've got to pay to get in. And the price is a willingness to change above and beyond what most people will do. -Brendon Burchard

As a story writer, you have work with sharp but relatively small tools, the picks of metaphor, the shovel blade of images, the trowel of point of view, and then you delicately lift and brush in the revision with love and care knowing that one slip, and you might damage an extremely delicate thing. -David Means

Insects are living metaphors for me. They are so alien and so remote and so perfect, but also they are emotionless; they don't have any human or mammalian instincts. They'll eat their young at the drop of a hat; they can eat your house! There's no empathy – none. -Guillermo del Toro

The 'X-Men' stories are the stories of outsiders: people who don't fit into normal society and are ostracised; it's a metaphor for gender, race, or sexual orientation. -Noah Hawley

What's a good metaphor for a Harvard student? A talking, gold-plated pile of manure, wearing a fleece. -David Fahrenthold

I did write more mainstream stuff with DK. But you could always tell the records that I wrote in contrast with everybody else's because the format was a bit different. The harmonies were used in a different type of way. Way more metaphors in the mix. -Dawn Richard

I come from an era where lyrics were full of imagery and metaphor, and that's all I know. I think people miss that. -Dawn Richard

Pachinko, like all gambling, is rigged. The house always wins. It's a central metaphor of life. It's rigged, but you keep playing. -Min Jin Lee

We use metaphors to express our own truths. -Lynn Nottage

I was allowed to write about race using an elevator metaphor because of Toni Morrison and David Bradley and Ralph Ellison. Hopefully, me being weird allows someone who's 16 and wanting to write inspires them to have their own weird take on the world, and they can see the different kinds of African American voices being published. -Colson Whitehead

You know those bumpers in the two lanes when you go bowling? I go out there with two of them, metaphorically, every day. -Andrea Riseborough

Contrary to the negative stereotype that folks who swear have poor vocabularies, a fluency in taboo language correlates with overall verbal fluency. The more words you know, the more you know… and the more colorfully you can express yourself, with nuance, metaphor, and emotion. -Faith Salie

Everyone's got a boulder in their life of one sort or another that they need to overcome. For most people, it's not a literal one, but there are certainly metaphorical ones. -Simon Beaufoy

The Greek tragic mask is one of my main metaphors for the role of the poet. The eyes of the tragic mask are always open to witness even the worst, and the mouth is always open to make poetry from it. Neither ever close. -Tony Harrison

Generally, people's fear and hesitancy regarding greater computerization comes from a George Orwell/'1984'-based metaphor of a single computer or data base where all your information is stored, knows everything about you, and can use this information at will and for evil purposes. -Toomas Hendrik Ilves

If, in the very first pages, I'm forced to read gratuitous phrases or banal metaphors, I won't be able to get inside the story. Only if the sentences 'sparkle' can I get hooked. -Herta Muller

The stupidity of militarized fences between two worlds is a metaphor for all the things that divide us as human beings. -Luis Alberto Urrea

Now, metaphorically, I sit at any table that I want. I can sit with the jocks, I can sit with the gang members, I can sit with the politicians, I can sit with the CEOs. My brand can fit anywhere. -Karen Civil

Infrastructures of power always inhabit the surface of the earth somehow, or the skies above the earth. They're material things, always, and even though the metaphors we use to describe them are often immaterial – for example, we might describe the Internet as the Cloud or cyberspace – those metaphors are wildly misleading. -Trevor Paglen

The South's cuisine is often likened to gumbo – a thick and bubbling melange, spiked with a little bit of this, a little bit of that – yet the metaphor, like the dish, comes from West Africa. -Jonathan Miles

I'm a little sad that they actually came up with the metaphor of waves for feminism. By definition, a wave goes in, and it comes out. I would really like it to be a tsunami that creates a flood that forever changes the landscape. -Nell Scovell

I've always loved color because it's a little bit like music. I love that it seems to be both physical and ephemeral and engages us as a metaphor for our feeling lives. -Jessica Stockholder

Being a superhero is a metaphor for a job that is overwhelming. -Laeta Kalogridis

I think I'm good at metaphors and descriptions. Plot doesn't come naturally to me, so I work really hard at it. -Celeste Ng

Some of the metaphors you find in 'Wicked' – how those in power can exploit fear in others to maintain their power – I think, as Jews, we've seen that historically on more than one occasion. -Marc Platt

Ray Bradbury taught me the importance of metaphor and simile and poetic style. -Joe R. Lansdale

You write three pages over six hours, and you don't feel like you've gotten anywhere, but if you've done a beautiful metaphor or a lovely sentence, or you finally got to some moment you wanted, then that's worth it. Then you can close your computer and get a little relief. -Andrew Sean Greer

Theatre tends to be more metaphorical and intense, as you're locked in one room and focused on one thing. Television can hop around, and you need to invest in its naturalistic reality more. But I love writing both, precisely because they're so different. -Mike Bartlett

Back in the 1980s, state-of-the-nation fictions were all set in Manhattan. Now, they're all in Trump country. Early in 'S-Town,' we're introduced to an actual maze, every branch of which leads to a further junction. This may also be a metaphor. -David Hepworth

I do think – the metaphor I always use – it's the role of intelligence community to stay down in the engine room and shovel that intelligence coal, and people on the bridge get to decide where to drive the ship and how fast and how to arrange all the deckchairs. -James Clapper

In my mind, there's usually a fairly definitive kind of narrative when I write. But I don't want to enforce that on other people. I think that's why I like using metaphor so much. -Johnny Flynn

I am a consummate metaphor addict. -Jason Reynolds

Every sense has the power to transport us through time, but it's taste I find the most mysterious, and writing about it often results in tortured metaphors. -Rumaan Alam

Is deciding what you like an instinct, a sense that arrives as swiftly as my autoimmune response to cat dander? Or is it the result of reasoned consideration, the way wine tasters swish pinot noir around in their mouths, spit it out, and reach for complex metaphors about chocolate and tobacco? -Rumaan Alam

For me, 'Angels in America' is not really about AIDS. For me, it's a metaphor for anybody who is struggling with serious illness or having to face their own demise. All of the characters face some form of destruction in themselves. -Marianne Elliott

Certainly, writing a book was challenging. It took me a long time to learn how to do it. It took me seven years to get a sense of how to wean myself off the process and trickery of songwriting. You realize that giant metaphors work in songs because you have so few words. Standing alone on a page, they threaten to be overblown in a hurry. -Rodney Crowell

As a songwriter, metaphor is instinctual. -Rodney Crowell

The tradition has always been that in Roman films, the Romans are always British, and it's usually posh British: Laurence Olivier and his ilk. My take on all this was that it's a metaphor for empire and the end of empire. -Kevin Macdonald

Science fiction, in its purest form, for me, it works the best when it's being used as metaphor to look at something from a one-step-removed process, to give a little objectivity and insight into something that, if you were applying it on the face of it, we'd all be too close to. -Noah Wyle

My husband was 50; I was in my late 30s. We had lived adulthoods that did not include infants, except as metaphors. And then, like so many in today's America, we had a baby in later life. -Alissa Quart

Mapping, both literal and metaphorical, has always been about our quest for knowing. -Priyamvada Natarajan

When I started, I was aware of using the black as a rhetorical device. It's understanding that black people come in a wide range of colors, but you find instances in a lot of black literature in which the blackness is used as a metaphor. In some places, you can find an extreme blackness used as a descriptive. -Kerry James Marshall

My favorite artist was probably Jay-Z. He's the one who inspired me to start writing music. He's a wordsmith. He's very clever. He uses a lot of similes and metaphors. He's a beast of a rapper. -Trip Lee

When we did 'Back In The Game' on the Wu-Tang 'Iron Flag' album, I did a verse about gambling. I didn't want to be 'back in the game' or 'back on the block' – that's typical. I made it all metaphorical. -Gza

I guess I have a weird habit of writing body part metaphors. -Lauren Mayberry

I'm terrified of the ocean. I think it's beautiful and magical, but I never go in. That deep, dark water, with no understanding of what goes on behind it – I think that's a metaphor for a lot of things. -David Harbour

The reason I keep making so many musical metaphors with 'Luke Cage' is that I don't view it as much a television show as I do a concept album with dialogue. -Cheo Hodari Coker

It's much easier to talk about racism when you're able to use mutants as a metaphor. People would much rather talk about Charles Xavier and Magneto than they would about Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. -Cheo Hodari Coker

When you're a black superhero, you can't erase the notion that you're black. If you're black, living in the community, and you want to change things, there are going to be things that happen. That's true of anybody. I mean, you could use celebrity as a similar metaphor. -Cheo Hodari Coker

The U.S. museums weren't looking at my paintings at all – they hated them, irredeemably. People metaphorically threw up when they saw my work! They thought I was enlarging comics, or just copying them. -Roy Lichtenstein

I remember when I started writing lyrics, I was very grand. I tried to use a lot of symbols,because I thought that's how songwriting should be – with imagery and metaphor. I figured, after a while, maybe I should just write it as I would say in real life. -Sigrid

Everyone has monsters and demons within themselves. They're metaphors for the human condition. -Mark Pellegrino

Good sci-fi and fantasy use fantastical situations to represent real-life issues. It really is all a metaphor for what we all go through as humans. -Stella Maeve

I never think in metaphors or fully make those kind of associations myself. I just lay down a complex situation and hope things arise from that. -Yorgos Lanthimos

I'm fascinated by the notion of a perpetual sound: a sound that won't dissipate over time. Essentially, the opposite of a piano, because the notes never fade. I suppose, in literary terms, it would be like a metaphor for eternity. -Ryuichi Sakamoto

For me, I can't play a metaphor or a symbol. -Cody Fern

I've always been comfortable being the first person at a party, metaphorically speaking – being the first person on the dance floor, saying, 'This is where it's happening, people, and if you don't think so, that's cool, but I think you're missing out.' That's my general philosophy, and it's served me pretty well. -Asia Kate Dillon

Theatre is more metaphorical where you have to be louder and larger than life, whereas film is more subtle and more real. -Kalki Koechlin

In baseball, you can't tell the players without a scorecard, but in political commentary, you need a metaphor. -Florence King

We've all been in that metaphoric place, having to scream out what you want in the face of your fears. -Catherine Reitman

The thing that's interesting about science fiction is that it is always, when it is done well, a lens on our world. And yet it is a metaphor. -Simon Kinberg

I love all my albums… I use the metaphor they're like my children: some do better than others, but you love them all equally. -Craig David

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