Best Quotes About Masterpiece

A masterpiece… may be unwelcome but it is never dull. -Gertrude Stein

A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life is denied by lack of attention, whether it be to cleaning windows or trying to write a masterpiece. -Nadia Boulanger

The true function of a writer is to produce a masterpiece and no other task is of any consequence. -Cyril Connolly

To the humblest among them, who may be listening to me now, I want to say that the masterpiece to which you are paying historic homage this evening is a painting which he has saved. -Andre Malraux

He wants to live on through something-and in his case, his masterpiece is his son. all of us want that, and it gets more poignant as we get more anonymous in this world. -Arthur Miller

Of all those arts in which the wise excel, Nature's chief masterpiece is writing well. -Andre Breton

A book is never a masterpiece: it becomes one. Genius is the talent of a dead man. -Carl Sandburg

When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece. -John Ruskin

Respect the masterpiece. It is true reverence to man. There is no quality so great, none so much needed now. -Frank Lloyd Wright

The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art. -Leonardo da Vinci

The family is one of nature's masterpieces. -George Santayana

The ancient Romans built their greatest masterpieces of architecture, their amphitheaters, for wild beasts to fight in. -Voltaire

Winners have the ability to step back from the canvas of their lives like an artist gaining perspective. They make their lives a work of art – an individual masterpiece. -Denis Waitley

A masterpiece is something said once and for all, stated, finished, so that it's there complete in the mind, if only at the back. -Virginia Woolf

I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk. -Tony Robbins

The good critic is he who relates the adventures of his soul among masterpieces. -Anatole France

There is a sacred horror about everything grand. It is easy to admire mediocrity and hills; but whatever is too lofty, a genius as well as a mountain, an assembly as well as a masterpiece, seen too near, is appalling. -Victor Hugo

The greatest masterpiece in literature is only a dictionary out of order. -Jean Cocteau

It is a masterpiece of the devil to make us believe that children cannot understand religion. Would Christ have made a child the standard of faith if He had known that it was not capable of understanding His words? -Dwight L. Moody

Nature's great masterpiece, an elephant; the only harmless great thing. -John Donne

We are similar to a museum. My function is to present old masterpieces in modern frames. -Rudolf Bing

Art begins with resistance – at the point where resistance is overcome. No human masterpiece has ever been created without great labor. -Andre Gide

There are no rules and regulations for perfect composition. If there were we would be able to put all the information into a computer and would come out with a masterpiece. We know that's impossible. You have to compose by the seat of your pants. -Arnold Newman

I'm fairly competant as a director and actor, but I am Mr. Neurotic as a writer. I just don't have enough confidence in my abilities to take criticism well. I take it personally. Start with 'It's a masterpiece,' and then tell me what you think could be changed. -Tim Robbins

If I belong to a tradition, it is a tradition that makes the masterpiece tell the performer what to do, and not the performer telling the piece what it should be like, or the composer what he ought to have composed. -Alfred Brendel

For hundreds of years people have talked about artists having inspiration, but often, some persons would say, write us a symphony or write us a song, on commission. The artists would come up with a masterpiece without waiting to have their muse inspire them. -Tom Glazer

Nowadays, if a studio assumes that his film is bad, there is always an executive that gets more nervous than usual and thinks that if they change the music, the film will become a masterpiece. -Maurice Jarre

Introductions, that is, belong to the masterpieces and classics of the world, to the great and ancient and accepted things; and I am here introducing a short, small story of my own which appeared in The Evening News about ten months ago. -Arthur Machen

For any director with a little lucidity, masterpieces are films that come to you by accident. -Sidney Lumet

Trees Lounge is based on my own life. Both my parents like the movie. My father, of course, thinks it's a masterpiece. -Steve Buscemi

I always carry lots of stuff with me wherever I roam, always weighted down with books, with cassettes, with pens and paper, just in case I get the urge to sit down somewhere, and oh, I don't know, read something or write my masterpiece. -Elizabeth Wurtzel

My only fantasy about writing was that in my old days, after directing many masterpieces, I would write my memoirs. -Manuel Puig

Clint Eastwood. Here's a guy who's been involved in so many movies, lots of them masterpieces, and now he's a director. I just like everything I know about him. He's very decisive, he makes up his mind real quick. -Bobby Farrelly

Many artists and writers have used cannabis for creative stimulation – from the writers of the world's religious masterpieces to our most irreverent satirists. -Jack Herer

Below us the Thames grew lighter, and all around below were the shadows – the dark shadows of buildings and bridges that formed the base of this dreadful masterpiece. -Ernie Pyle

The Vietnam memorial is a masterpiece. The names of the dead are listed there, chronologically. Just the names. -William Westmoreland

The smallest feline is a masterpiece. -Leonardo da Vinci

Existence is a series of footnotes to a vast, obscure, unfinished masterpiece. -Vladimir Nabokov

Religion is the masterpiece of the art of animal training, for it trains people as to how they shall think. -Arthur Schopenhauer

Everything great in the world comes from neurotics. They alone have founded our religions and composed our masterpieces. -Marcel Proust

A masterpiece of fiction is an original world and as such is not likely to fit the world of the reader. -Vladimir Nabokov

The effect of studying masterpieces is to make me admire and do otherwise. -Gerard Manley Hopkins

The more books we read, the clearer it becomes that the true function of a writer is to produce a masterpiece and that no other task is of any consequence. -Cyril Connolly

Man is a masterpiece of creation if for no other reason than that, all the weight of evidence for determinism notwithstanding, he believes he has free will. -Georg C. Lichtenberg

I couldn't be happier about being a part of 'Hunger Games' and to play Katniss. I have a huge responsibility to the fans of this incredible book and I don't take it lightly. I will give everything I have to these movies and to this role to make it worthy of Suzanne Collins' masterpiece. -Jennifer Lawrence

You can't write masterpieces in your 80s and be happy too. -Maurice Sendak

Be true to yourself, help others, make each day your masterpiece, make friendship a fine art, drink deeply from good books – especially the Bible, build a shelter against a rainy day, give thanks for your blessings and pray for guidance every day. -John Wooden

There is no finer sonic-producing weapon for a guitar slayer than a hand crafter Gibson masterpiece. -Ted Nugent

I have worked on very good movies that have been buried, and I've worked on some resounding mediocrities that have been paraded through the marketplace like they were masterpieces. -Tommy Lee Jones

One challenge to the arts in America is the need to make the arts, especially the classic masterpieces, accessible and relevant to today's audience. -William Safire

An uninspiring canvas becomes a glamorous masterpiece when it is reattributed to a better-known artist. -Arthur Smith

As an actor you have to bring to the table your creative input. But when a director like Ridley Scott says I want you to do this this way, you know when he gets to the editing room he has a reason for it. It's like watching a masterpiece. -Cuba Gooding, Jr.

I love silent cinema but don't hold it sacred. Like any branch of film there are some very boring films alongside the masterpieces. -Michel Hazanavicius

My nominee for Best Picture of the year – maybe the best picture ever, because it's essentially made up of and is an ecstatic love letter to all other movies – is Christian Marclay's endlessly enticing must-see masterpiece 'The Clock.' -Jerry Saltz

You find a lot of junk when you're searching through lost and tossed photo ephemera, but every so often you'll find a gem, a wallet-sized masterpiece you're certain could hang on the wall of a gallery if only someone with a name had taken it. Find one or two of those and you're hooked for life. -Ransom Riggs

'The Good Soldier' is an odd and maybe even unique book. That it is a masterpiece, almost a perfect novel, comes as a repeated surprise even to readers who have read it before. -Jane Smiley

George Orwell's '1984' frequently tops surveys of our greatest books: it's not a celebration of poetic language. It's decidedly anti-literary, a masterpiece of personal and political narrative sequence. And its subject matter is crucial, because what '1984' shows is that language can be a dirty trick. -Graham Joyce

I love the Japanese director Shohei Imamura. His masterpiece in 1979 called, the English title was 'Vengeance is Mine.' -Bong Joon-ho

I look at people like Picasso and Da Vinci and Escher and Miles Davis, and they'll write or paint that one definitive masterpiece of maybe 50 that they have that's really trying to go outside the box, trying to do something that's tough. And then when you accomplish it, you look back and go, 'Yeeaaaah – masterpiece.' -Lupe Fiasco

To me, 'Scream' is a masterpiece on every level – the performances, the humor, the tone – it's just flawless. -Marley Shelton

Stanley Kubrick went with his gut feeling: he directed 'Dr. Strangelove' as a black comedy. The film is routinely described as a masterpiece. -Tim Cahill

'Rigoletto' has long been one of my favorite operas, and it was on my short list way back when I first talked to Peter Gelb. I started thinking about what I could bring to this masterpiece, which has been seen all over the world for so many years. -Michael Mayer

'Olive Kitteridge' is a masterpiece: The writing is so perfect you don't even notice it; the story is so vivid it's less like reading a story than experiencing it firsthand. -Melissa Bank

There is no intellectual or emotional substitute for the authentic, the original, the unique masterpiece. -Paul Mellon

My mother's songs are really turning out to be masterpieces. I have inherited this incredible legacy and am so fortunate to bathe in her sensibilities. It is tinged with tragedy. I'd much rather she was here in person, but there is still a positive force to come out of her death and that is having the gift of music that she gave. -Rufus Wainwright

The work that launched Snohetta into the architectural big leagues was their Oslo Opera House, which will certainly rank among the firm's highlights whatever else they may do. Although this is by any measure a triumph of city planning, the building itself is not quite a masterpiece, though very fine indeed. -Martin Filler

'Tailgate Blues' is kind of a lyrical masterpiece of a country song. -Luke Bryan

Celebrate your child's achievement, then rotate it when the next mini-masterpiece comes along. Then chuck the old picture. Don't worry that you're throwing away a memory. Your children will remember your praise more than they will remember the picture with macaroni and glitter glued on it. -Niecy Nash

God made you a masterpiece – be blessed, secure, disciplined and equipped. -Joel Osteen

I don't ascribe to the idea of the ivory tower composer who sits alone in a room composing his masterpieces and then comes down from Mount Sinai with the tablets. It doesn't work like that. The job of a composer is putting something down on a piece of paper that will inspire the person who's playing. -John Zorn

The Coke bottle is a masterpiece of scientific, functional planning. In simpler terms, I would describe the bottle as well thought out, logical, sparing of material and pleasant to look at. -Raymond Loewy

Even just a few spices or ethnic condiments that you can keep in your pantry can turn your mundane dishes into a culinary masterpiece. -Marcus Samuelsson

'SMiLE' is perhaps the Beach Boys' most legendary album. It was recorded in 1966 and 1967 but only saw a formal release in 2011. That's a long time to wait for what was said to be Brian Wilson's masterpiece. -Henry Rollins

Bergman made countless masterpieces, but for one reason or another, 'Winter Light' stays closest to my heart. -Jake Paltrow

Be true to yourself. Make each day a masterpiece. Help others. Drink deeply from good books. Make friendship a fine art. Build a shelter against a rainy day. -John Wooden

At the time that they were shown, the Brillo Boxes were underappreciated. It's only now, with the patina of history, that we can really see these masterpieces in a clear light. -Mike Bidlo

I'm not saying it never occurred to me to want to write a masterpiece, but I really doubt I could. -Lucy Hawking

Many writers are afraid of writing something bad, so they don't try or give up when their efforts don't lead to a masterpiece right away. If you work at it, you will improve. -Lauren Tarshis

On reading the first part of Anthony Powell's four-part masterpiece, 'A Dance to the Music of Time,' I was struck by one of the characters – an irritating peripheral character- who keeps showing up in the main protagonist's life. -Rebecca Pidgeon

I never cared about making one coherent masterpiece with a conventional narrative. I always wanted my movies to have images falling from all directions in a vaudevillian way. If you didn't like what was happening in one scene, you could just snooze through it until the next scene. -Harmony Korine

I thought 'Dead Man's Shoes' was a masterpiece. -Neil Marshall

Picasso was hugely innovative, and, wow, did he have facility, amazing ability, but I don't think he painted a masterpiece. -John Hurt

Honestly, I envy painters, who can have a masterpiece in one morning. Or musicians, who can write something in 30 minutes and arrange it in an hour, sometimes. 'Cause with this, with writing, you can occasionally feel like a caveman, like you've been working with pitch and tar on this brush. -Barry Hannah

I don't worry about whether I'm making a masterpiece, because I know that if you get just one of those in a lifetime, you should get down on your knees and say 'Thank you!' -Malcolm McDowell

I see no intrinsic reason why a doubly talented artist might not arise and create a comic-strip novel masterpiece. -John Updike

'One Hundred Years of Solitude' is a masterpiece because it is an episodic novel that has a rigorous form – an unprecedented combination. From the very beginning we know the town of Macondo will endure only a century, so there is a limit to the length of the narrative. -Edmund White

No one wants a masterpiece knocking around when your own book is looking for attention. -Tibor Fischer

There is in the DNA of the Italians a bit of madness, which in the overwhelming majority of cases is positive. It is genius. It is talent. It's the masterpieces of art. It's the food, fashion, everything that makes Italy great in the world. -Matteo Renzi

My brother Max made my desk. It's a masterpiece, like a piano. Everybody who comes in my office loves my desk. -Reem Acra

I've stopped going to see art films because every critic gives them four stars and say things like 'masterpiece,' 'spellbinding' and 'mesmerizing.' I mean, they're doing that with my film, but I don't want to use those blurbs. Critical reviews aren't worth too much anymore because just about every film can get one or two of them. -Terry Zwigoff

There's nowhere like Detroit; it's a modern necropolis: all these art deco masterpieces crumbling away. -Malik Bendjelloul

At 10, I heard Neil Diamond's 'Solitary Man' and it moved me so deeply I stood, frozen in place during school recess, feeling such empathy for the narrator in Diamond's masterpiece that my heart was smashed. -Dan Hill

One of my favorite films is 'Big Fish,' which I think is a masterpiece. -George Clooney

You are God's own masterpiece! That means you are not ordinary or average; you are a one-of-a-kind original. -Victoria Osteen

Probably the biggest influence on my career was the late John Hersey, who, while he was at 'The New Yorker,' wrote one of the masterpieces of narrative non-fiction, 'Hiroshima.' Hersey was a teacher of mine at Yale, and a friend. He got me to see the possibility of journalism not just as a business but as an art form. -Hampton Sides

In the history of photography, we have many masterpieces in terms of black and white books. You have Bresson's 'Decisive Moment,' Frank's 'The Americans'… many masterpieces. But there is nothing to this caliber in color. Well, I think I'll waltz with my muse and hope that I might be able to produce something on this order in color. -Ralph Gibson

No matter where your lot may be cast, no power on earth can keep you from making a man of yourself, a superb character, a masterpiece. -Orison Swett Marden

No one can make the most of himself until he looks upon his life as a magnificent possibility, the materials for a great masterpiece, to mar or spoil which would be a great tragedy. -Orison Swett Marden

My own 'sentimental favorite' is always the novel I haven't yet written – I suppose that's the one I consider my 'masterpiece' as well. -Alice McDermott

It's certainly no secret that American students are taught less and less about the canonical literary masterpieces of the past, and there is no shortage of people who believe that what little they're required to learn in school is still too much. -Terry Teachout

Yes, translation is by definition an inadequate substitute for being able to read a masterpiece in the original. -Terry Teachout

A masterpiece doesn't push you around. It lets you make up your own mind about what it means – and change it as often as you like. -Terry Teachout

Bill Watterson argued with his medium even as he eclipsed it. He was all too aware that no artistic expression better exemplifies our disposable consumer culture than the daily newspaper comic strip: today's masterpiece is tomorrow's birdcage lining. -Anthony Marra

Go out and find a copy of 'The Shrinking Of Treehorn' and its sequel, 'Treehorn's Treasure.' Written by Florence Parry Heide and illustrated by the great Edward Gorey, master of the gothic and the macabre, these books are small masterpieces. -Chris Riddell

Misty Copeland is making history. During American Ballet Theatre's current season at the Metropolitan Opera House, Copeland will alight on that storied Lincoln Center stage, making her New York debut as the Swan Queen in the iconic masterpiece Swan Lake – a crowning achievement for any dancer, regardless of the color of her skin. -Heather Watts

When you think about 'The Grapes of Wrath,' it's an American masterpiece, and a very long process goes into the making of such a book. -Jay Parini

'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,' while not nearly the masterpiece proclaimed by many critics, is certainly a fascinating cross-species: a big-budget summer action fantasy with a sylvan, indie-film vibe, and a war movie that dares ask its audience to root for the peacemakers. -Richard Corliss

'Georgia' is very personal to me. 'Anniversary Party' was great. 'Anomalisa' is also another one that, particularly, is in my heart and will be forever. I do think it's a masterpiece; I really do. -Jennifer Jason Leigh

If you go out and see a lot of movies in a given year, it's really hard to come up with a top ten, because you saw a lot of stuff that you liked. A top 20 is easier. You probably get one masterpiece a year, and I don't think you should expect more than one masterpiece a year, except in a really great year. -Quentin Tarantino

Is 'The Wind in the Willows' a children's book? Is 'Alice in Wonderland?' Is 'Treasure Island?' These are masterpieces which we read with pleasure as children, but with how much more pleasure when we are grown-up. -A. A. Milne

I am a huge, raving fan of writer Matt Fraction. His semi-indie 'Casanova' series is an ongoing masterpiece of 21st-century American comics – and his run on 'Immortal Iron Fist' with Ed Brubaker was pure, yummy martial-arts-fantasy deliciousness. -Michael Chabon

Each angel that God created was in himself a masterpiece. Each one possessed his own degree of intelligence and his own beauty. -Mother Angelica

Perhaps no General Council has been more naturally fitted than the Vatican Council to produce a masterpiece of religious thought and literature. No assembly of men since the time of Christ has ever been so representative of Christian and national thought. -Vincent McNabb

I was looking for some vintage furniture, and I came across this booth where they sold old pictures. This guy didn't just have things in a box; he had really curated his collection. Each image was like this little folk masterpiece. -Ransom Riggs

Obviously, a theatrical masterpiece needs more than a plot; many television shows are nothing but plot, and it is doubtful that they will stand the test of time. But I also don't think that making fun of plot or acting like we're all somehow 'above' structure is such a good idea. -Theresa Rebeck

A surprising number of scientific advances have been made and masterpieces of art created by individuals just on the threshold of adulthood. -Benjamin Spock

'Don't Look Now' is a masterpiece. I think it's the best-edited movie of all time. I adore it. -Edgar Wright

It was my great good fortune, while I was still a student at college, to have possessed a copy of an English translation of his great work 'The Sensations of Tone.' As is well known, this was one of Helmholtz's masterpieces. -C. V. Raman

To make a masterpiece would be my life's dream. -Patty Jenkins

George Saunders's 'Lincoln in the Bardo' is a hands-down masterpiece – the subject of Abraham Lincoln and the genius of this author is a perfect union. -Jeffrey Tambor

From my point of view, 'Stranger in a Strange Land' isn't just a science fiction masterpiece; it also happens to be one of my favorite books ever. -Bonnie Hammer

The vast masterpieces of art, business, science, and humanity were not constructed by practical people. -Robin S. Sharma

'Sandinista!' is a masterpiece. -Fred Armisen

'The Rising' isn't Springsteen's masterpiece. -David Means

From George Martin's classically inspired production of the Beatles to Peter Gabriel's early solo masterpieces, to Stereolab's beautiful loops and blips, U.K.-based bands have often found a way to squeeze warmth and compassion from the stone-cold – especially now that the tubes are gone – machinery of the recording studio. -David Means

Many people who don't like Rachmaninov's style consider the 'Rhapsody' his masterpiece. It's written fantastically well for orchestra and piano. He combines a lot of effervescence with a deep, Romantic spirit. -Stephen Hough

Lyrically, 'Nightmare' is an absolute masterpiece to me. -Synyster Gates

I'm a huge David Fincher fan, and to me, 'Zodiac' is a masterpiece. I re-watch that movie all the time. -Guillermo del Toro

I know a bit about selling books, and you need a good title – a catchy concoction with a little Cajun spice, something that will make folks stop in the aisles, turn away from the Grisham novels and the latest crazy diet fad, and pick up your masterpiece. -James Carville

I'm a big fan of 'Deadpool,' and Rob Liefeld masterpieces are among the other great comic creators and characters. -Stefan Kapicic

'Cannonball Run II' – you watch that, and it looks like they're having a good time, but it's not necessarily a masterpiece. -Paul Rust

'Deadpool' was 'Alien.' It's brilliant. It completely works. It's a masterpiece. 'Deadpool 2' is 'Aliens.' -Rob Liefeld

Every first draft sucks, so when you have your favorite novel, and you're like, 'Wow, this is a masterpiece,' and then you write your first draft, and you're like, 'This is really bad,' and then you're like 'I can't do this because this is nowhere close.' When, in reality, the book you loved so much started out just as crappy. -Tomi Adeyemi

I'm a huge 'Harry Potter' fan, but I still think there is a lot of anime that is crazier than 'Harry Potter,' and that was a seven-book masterpiece. -Tomi Adeyemi

Garry Shandling's stand-up specials were masterpieces of tightly crafted stories that delivered both hard jokes and hard truths. He was neurotic and self-deprecating, and his observations on life cut deep. -Nell Scovell

I particularly remember with 'Casino,' everyone was like, 'It's not 'Goodfellas!'' No, it's not 'Goodfellas.' That's right: it's a different movie. Now, everyone thinks 'Casino' is a masterpiece. -Thelma Schoonmaker

I do think there's not enough film history being taught and appreciated. Maybe it's being taught, but I've heard from professors that young kids don't want to look at black-and-white movies. And that's 85 years of film history, with masterpiece after masterpiece. -Thelma Schoonmaker

'The Cherry Orchard' is a masterpiece, and there can never be too many adaptations. -Stephen Karam

Wishing there were more children's books like 'The Snowy Day' is a bit like wishing there were more grownup books like 'Anna Karenina.' There are only so many masterpieces out there. -Rumaan Alam

Your life is your canvas, and you are the masterpiece. There are a million ways to be kind, amazing, fabulous, creative, bold, and interesting. -Kerli

'The Man Who Loved Children,' Christina Stead's masterpiece, remains the most fabulous book that hardly anyone I know has read. -Jonathan Franzen

With Dr. Dre, he's a perfectionist. A lot of people ask why 'Detox' is taking so long. It's because Dre is somebody that is trying to top what he's done. Will he do it? I don't know if he ever will, but I respect that he's trying to do so. You have to wait for a masterpiece. -Mannie Fresh

If I have any basic motivation, it's to inspire people to make their life a masterpiece. -Marcel Wanders

I actually went back and watched all of 'True Detective''s Season One again, which I think is a true masterpiece. -David Harbour

I wasn't sure if I wanted to try the retro style in the first place, because many musicians have left masterpieces in the genre, and I felt burdened by this. -Hyuna

I don't want people to look back at my matches and say, 'When you did that move, it was good, and I liked it because it was cool.' I want people to sort of remember a rush of images and the emotion that they felt when they saw it. That's when I think you have a real masterpiece in your hands. -Kenny Omega

Imagine if Lin-Manuel Miranda had tried to do 'Hamilton' first in Hollywood. They would have told him, 'The forefathers weren't Latino or black. They didn't speak in hip hop.' That would never had gotten going in Hollywood ever. But theater let Lin-Manuel him do it, and he created an incredible masterpiece. -John Leguizamo

I hope to record the perfect album, my masterpiece, before I die. -Ryuichi Sakamoto

Art is often defined as a famous masterpiece in a gallery, and we are meant to visit the work and view it to appreciate it. But that is not all there is. -Ryuichi Sakamoto

I think 'Death Race 2000' is a classic, but it's a classic from the 1970s, and I think it's a particular kind of drive-in-exploitation movie satire masterpiece, and it was very much a movie of its time. -Paul W. S. Anderson

I think 'War Eternal' – if I'm allowed to say it – for me, it's a masterpiece. -Alissa White-Gluz

You don't have to compose a masterpiece every time, but I think the challenge of art is always searching for something different, searching for a new sensitivity, a new perspective, a new vision. -Ludovico Einaudi

I think 'Videodrome' was an absolute philosophical masterpiece. -Nicolas Winding Refn

Sometimes, the songs that really affected me were not from the artist catalogue of their music, like the song 'Thunder Road' by Bruce Springsteen. I never got into any of his other music, but that song, to this day, is in my top three lyrical masterpieces of all time. -Beth Hart

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