Best Quotes About Mastermind

Once again the mastermind was Lionel Curtis, and the earlier Round Table Groups and Institutes of International Affairs were used as nuclei for the new network. -Carroll Quigley

If the practice is torture for the al Qaeda operative who masterminded the killing of three thousand Americans, why weren't there court-martials in the cases of those thousands of servicemen similarly treated as part of their training? -Jose Rodriguez

My dad is a marketing mastermind. -Serena Williams

Whether things turn out for the better depends on what we do. We ought not spend our time masterminding the future, but recognize our marching orders: to do the best we can for history and the planet. -Huston Smith

Former President Bill Clinton, who is widely regarded as a political mastermind, may have sounded like a traditional liberal at the beginning of his term in office. But what ultimately defined his presidency was his amazing pliability on matters of principle. -Thomas Frank

From stoplights to skyscrapers, turn anywhere in civilization and you will see imagination at work. It's in our inventions, advances and remedies and how a single parent masterminds each day. Imagination is boundless, surrounds us and resides in us all. -Geoffrey S. Fletcher

You know, Leonard Cohen is amazing, just a mastermind, and really one of the great geniuses of our time. -Jake Shimabukuro

Some of the best ideas come from sheer discovery, and not by some masterminded, preconceived genius. -Spike Jonze

Under the cover of encryption, terror masterminds provide recruits with the tactics and tools necessary to carry out attacks using small arms and explosives. None of this requires any overseas travel. -Tom Cotton

The habit of doing more than you are paid for can benefit any business that sells a product or service. Learning and understanding the principle of the mastermind philosophy of networking can increase the value of your network and your net worth. -Clay Clark

We like layers of character and personality in our storytelling. We like very distinctive, unique personalities interacting with each other. And I think, because there are two of us, and we're a collective, we identify with that. We call it the mastermind principle: Two minds aren't doubly better than one – they're exponentially better than one. -Joe Russo

If the Russians masterminded fraud for 40 years at the highest state level in sports, operating behind the scenes to corrupt sports, what else are they capable of? -Bryan Fogel

Howard Dean is no longer the brilliant mastermind of the Fifty State Strategy that enabled the Democrats to storm the White House and Congress. He's the idiot wearing an ugly sweatshirt. -Nell Scovell

While I oppose the death penalty as a policy matter, in a legal culture in which we reserve the right to execute people for relatively routine street crimes, it seems quite absurd for the justice system to get squeamish about executing the operational masterminds of Sept. 11. -Benjamin Wittes

Nnutthowze was a group I was in back when I wa,s like, 18, 19 maybe. It was DJ Icy Rock, my deceased friend Brian Dennis, the mastermind behind it, and a host of other cats. -Tech N9ne

Phil Jackson is a mastermind, and he knows how to keep his team from being complacent. -Kenny Smith

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