Best Quotes About Masculine

Fighting is essentially a masculine idea; a woman's weapon is her tongue. -Hermione Gingold

Male and female represent the two sides of the great radical dualism. But in fact they are perpetually passing into one another. Fluid hardens to solid, solid rushes to fluid. There is no wholly masculine man, no purely feminine woman. -Margaret Fuller

What is the most beautiful in virile men is something feminine; what is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine. -Susan Sontag

Androgyny refers to a specific way of joining the 'masculine' and 'feminine' aspects of a single human being. -June Singer

The most casual examination will reveal the fact that all the jokes about the horrible results of masculine cooking and sewing are written by men. It is all part of a great scheme of sex propaganda. -Heywood Broun

Once, power was considered a masculine attribute. In fact, power has no sex. -Katharine Graham

If any human being is to reach full maturity both the masculine and feminine sides of the personality must be brought up into consciousness. -M. Esther Harding

Men weren't really the enemy – they were fellow victims suffering from an outmoded masculine mystique that made them feel unnecessarily inadequate when there were no bears to kill. -Betty Friedan

Debate is masculine, conversation is feminine. -Amos Bronson Alcott

All societies on the verge of death are masculine. A society can survive with only one man; no society will survive a shortage of women. -Germaine Greer

It would be futile to attempt to fit women into a masculine pattern of attitudes, skills and abilities and disastrous to force them to suppress their specifically female characteristics and abilities by keeping up the pretense that there are no differences between the sexes. -Arianna Huffington

Nothing is either all masculine or all feminine except having sex. -Marlo Thomas

Like a French poem is life; being only perfect in structure when with the masculine rhymes mingled the feminine are. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

There's nothing masculine about being competitive. There's nothing masculine about trying to be the best at everything you do, nor is there anything wrong with it. I don't know why a female athlete has to defend her femininity just because she chooses to play sports. -Rebecca Lobo

Of the many forms of false culture, a premature converse with abstractions is perhaps the most likely to prove fatal to the growth of a masculine vigour of intellect. -George Boole

Ideally, people find mates with whom they can express both their masculine and feminine sides. -Scott Bakula

At no point do I wish to be in conflict with any man or masculine thought. It doesn't enter my consciousness. Art is anonymous. It's not competitive with men. It's a complementary contribution. -Barbara Hepworth

As regards the individual nature, woman is defective and misbegotten, for the active power of the male seed tends to the production of a perfect likeness in the masculine sex; while the production of a woman comes from defect in the active power. -Thomas Aquinas

I love young men, lots of them, your ancient masculine double standard. -Vera Miles

Wit is a weapon. Jokes are a masculine way of inflicting superiority. But humor is the pursuit of a gentle grin, usually in solitude. -Frank Muir

A masculine education cannot spare from professional study and the necessary acquisition of languages, the time and attention which I have bestowed on the compositions of my countrymen. -Anna Seward

You know, God, the power that makes life, whatever it is, had just to make two things, masculine and feminine, for all this mischief. And made them so there is this entirely different point of view about love and sex. -Beatrice Wood

Dirt makes a man look masculine. Let your hair blow in the wind, and all that. It's OK. All you have to do is look neat when you have to look neat. -Hedy Lamarr

Lesbians are likely to be drawn to stand-up, if only because it's cheaper to produce and therefore more accessible for women. But the very form of stand-up is masculine. -Kate Clinton

Why does everyone cling to the masculine imagery and pronouns even though they are a mere linguistic device that has never meant that God is male? -Carol P. Christ

If we do no mean that God is male when we use masculine pronouns and imagery, then why should there be any objections to using female imagery and pronouns as well? -Carol P. Christ

Sports nurtures dreams of achieving self confidence and masculine striving for the skinny kid watching a boxer dance around the ring with sublime ease. -Armstrong Williams

I have no objection to a man being a man, however masculine that may be. -Agnes Smedley

I have no right to beauty. I had been condemned to masculine ugliness. -Renee Vivien

A lot of times I can across as too masculine to men, and they couldn't handle me, they stayed away. -Brenda Holloway

Has feminism made us all more conscious? I think it has. Feminist critiques of anthropological masculine bias have been quite important, and they have increased my sensitivity to that kind of issue. -Clifford Geertz

Maybe I'm too masculine. Casting directors cast in their own, or an idealized image. Maybe I don't look like anybody's ideal. -Charles Bronson

Purity is the feminine, truth the masculine of honor. -David Hare

Feminine passion is to masculine as an epic is to an epigram. -Karl Kraus

Women's liberation is the liberation of the feminine in the man and the masculine in the woman. -Corita Kent

Feminine virtue is nothing but a convenient masculine invention. -Ninon de L'Enclos

Thrillers have been traditionally very masculine books; the women characters often rather decorative. -Ken Follett

Words are beautiful but restricted. They're very masculine, with a compact frame. But voice is over the dark, the place where there's nothing to hang on: it comes from a part of yourself that simply knows, expresses itself, and is. -Jeff Buckley

What is most beautiful in virile men is something feminine; what is most beautiful in feminine women is something masculine. -Susan Sontag

It would be difficult for me not to conclude that the most perfect type of masculine beauty is Satan, as portrayed by Milton. -Charles Baudelaire

Curiosity, n. An objectionable quality of the female mind. The desire to know whether or not a woman is cursed with curiosity is one of the most active and insatiable passions of the masculine soul. -Ambrose Bierce

Dance with a girl three times, and if you like the light of her eye and the tone of voice with which she, breathless, answers your little questions about horseflesh and music about affairs masculine and feminine, then take the leap in the dark. -Anthony Trollope

The earth is ready, the time is ripe, for the authoritative expression of the feminine as well as the masculine interpretation of that common social consensus which is slowly writing justice in the State and fraternity in the social order. -Anna Garlin Spencer

I grew up in a very masculine environment. So I was around a lot of men, my brothers and their friends. There was just a lot of guys around. -Alanis Morissette

I want a guy who is masculine, good with his hands and able to build stuff and who has survival skills. Facial hair is a big turn-on. Most of the kids I hang out with in New York are hipster arty types, but I like a stronger, more physically imposing man – like a lumberjack. -Chloe Sevigny

I also like men who have hands with big masculine veins that you can squish and move. -Jolene Blalock

It's important to have masculine energy around your child. -Samantha Morton

I love being a woman and I was not one of these women who rose through professional life by wearing men's clothes or looking masculine. I loved wearing bright colors and being who I am. -Madeleine Albright

I've come to the conclusion that beautiful women in the West aren't comfortable finding strength in their femininity. They want to do masculine-oriented things to establish their femininity. It's a contradiction. -Wesley Snipes

A lot of people say I seem masculine, but I don't feel it. I feel intrinsically feminine. I'd love to be one of the boys but I always felt a bit on the outside. Maybe my masculine qualities come from overcompensating because I'm not one of the boys. -Tom Hardy

A lot of kids are bullied because of their sexual identity or expression. It's often the effeminate boys and the masculine girls, the ones who violate gender norms and expectations, who get bullied. -Dan Savage

I think that women can tend to look so feminine so easily. So it's interesting to see how we can look masculine and strong, too. -Rachel Roy

I'm a female but I have a masculine side and I'm not going to negate that part of myself. -Annie Lennox

The masculine energy was about survival. The male was the hunter who risked his life and had to be in the fight-flight mode. -Deepak Chopra

We just got a tour bus. I didn't know tour buses could be this nice. It's just me, Brian Haner the guitar guy, the tour manager and a writer. We laugh ourselves silly. Apparently we're going to have a road dog, a miniature pincher. It's the smallest they've ever seen. How masculine am I going to look, working with dolls and a miniature dog? -Jeff Dunham

The three actors I admire the most are all dead. Humphrey Bogart, Spencer Tracy and the French actor, Jean Gabin. They're all very natural, sort of masculine without being overly macho. -Michael Caine

Humility is considered an un-masculine quality. -David Duchovny

I have a problem with a lot of men's fragrances because they are very strong. Somebody somewhere thinks that masculine means powerful smells, and I find them overbearing and not very pleasant. -Clive Owen

I feel a terrifically painful disturbance in the natural law of things between men and women that must be balanced in the next few thousand years. What has been done in the name of holding up masculine energy as God and feminine energy as subservient has really wiped out everything. -Rebecca De Mornay

The cello is a hero because of its register – its tenor voice. It is a masculine instrument, whereas the violin is feminine because of its soprano pitch. When the cello enters in the Dvorak Concerto, it is like a great orator. -Mstislav Rostropovich

I don't burn any calories trying to be masculine; I just happen to be from that world. -Adam Carolla

I'm a giant softy, for sure, but I honestly think these days it's probably considered more masculine to be emotionally connected. -Henry Cavill

My writing voice is very much like 'Thank You for Smoking.' It's a guy's voice. It's very masculine. -Jason Reitman

I think the men in L.A. are very rugged, good-looking. Men in New York look metro with their manis and pedis and their Bruno Magli loafers, but inside they're very masculine – aside from the Meatpacking District. The problem is the men in New York are five to one: five women to one man. -Patti Stanger

Football is very masculine and, to me, a metaphor for war. -Jane Lynch

I always wear something slightly masculine. -Evangeline Lilly

I was a dancer, and it's not really cool for a boy to dance, so it was inspiring to see a movie like 'Footloose' where a guy is dancing masculine and had a proper reason behind it. It made me feel cool, and when these kids would make fun of me, I'd be like, 'Oh, didn't you see 'Footloose,' man?' -Kenny Wormald

I don't know why I've always been uncomfortable being too feminine. If a dress has too many flowers on it, if I'm giggling too much, I'm like ugh, put some combat boots on. I love masculine women. I think it's because I'm like a fake lesbian, I don't know. -Moon Bloodgood

You don't have to play masculine to be a strong woman. -Mary Elizabeth Winstead

In fact, my popularity seems almost entirely a masculine phenomenon. -Marilyn Monroe

But I will say that Harve Presnell… he was one of those guys who, when you're standing in a room with him… he's such an older masculine force that I remember thinking, 'Wow, his voice makes me sound like Pee-Wee Herman.' -Tony Hale

I think part of being masculine is not needing to prove it and not needing to answer for it. -Corey Stoll

It's funny; I'm in some ways hopelessly masculine, but I don't fish, I don't hunt, I'm not that into sports. I can't fix a car. I think it's my point of view and the way I see the world. -Corey Stoll

I'd like to do a really masculine film. -Park Chan-wook

The basic rhymes in English are masculine, which is to say that the last syllable of the line is stressed: 'lane' rhymes with 'pain,' but it also rhymes with 'urbane' since the last syllable of 'urbane' is stressed. 'Lane' does not rhyme with 'methane.' -James Fenton

I say to the young, be happy that you were born in Italy because of the beauty of the human capital, both masculine and feminine, of this country… No other country has such human capital. -Rita Levi-Montalcini

Nothing's too girly and nothing's too masculine. But I do love color, and maybe that's a little girly – especially pink. -Stacy London

Women should not have to adopt masculine traits in order to succeed. You should be able to stay as a woman, and in tune with your femininity, and still be equal. -Isla Fisher

I think there need to be more female action heroines out there that are intelligent and not overly masculine and things like that so I'd love to find – and real too. Not necessarily the superhero perfect archetype of what an action hero is represented as a lot of times. I would love to find that kind of action heroine role to play. -Mary Elizabeth Winstead

I like the idea of paradox, between the authentic fabrics and sophisticated shapes and between masculine and feminine. I'm not so much for sportswear. I think it's over. -Hedi Slimane

My parents were inspired by Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas when naming me. They specifically saved this masculine name for their only girl. -Dylan Lauren

When I was in school, martial arts made you a dork, and I became self-conscious that I was too masculine. I was a 16-year-old girl with ringworm and cauliflower ears. People made fun of my arms and called me 'Miss Man.' It wasn't until I got older that I realized: These people are idiots. I'm fabulous. -Ronda Rousey

For me, I skate as masculine as I can. I'm not a big strong guy. I'm not interested in fighting or throwing punches or balling my hands in fists all day. I'm not interested in guns, I'm not interested in football or stereotypically masculine things, so I'm going to skate in a fashion that is manly for Johnny Weir. -Johnny Weir

I'm not really one to go out in public in dresses too often. I definitely mix it up between masculine and feminine all the time, but wearing a dress goes a little bit too far. -Johnny Weir

American sports are quite masculine. And football – although it's still played by men all over the world – football compared to American football is quite feminine in its artistry. And there's no padding. It's America's loss, though. -Noel Gallagher

In the Pythagorean system, thinking about numbers, or doing mathematics, was an inherently masculine task. Mathematics was associated with the gods, and with transcendence from the material world; women, by their nature, were supposedly rooted in this latter, baser realm. -Margaret Wertheim

I don't think most men do hate women at all – I think most men are trying their best and facing a culturation into masculine behaviour that forces them to deny their own humanity and to exaggerate distance from the world of women. -Naomi Wolf

Everywhere, people are beginning to question masculine notions of control, aggression and black-and-white thinking – and instead are favoring more empathetic, nurturing and collaborative approaches. -John Gerzema

The strong emergence of pro-feminine values in highly masculine societies signals that traditional masculine structures will continue to be challenged as the Millennial generation grows up and gains even more influence. -John Gerzema

Women have taken on traditionally masculine roles and professions, and there is no real equivalent for men. Men are still extremely reluctant, as we all are reluctant to see them, take on traditionally feminine roles or professions. That is just not something that they do easily. -Hanna Rosin

Evolutionary psychology tells us that men, especially powerful men, feel invincible and entitled to spread their seed, and that women can't resist the scent of masculine power. Women, by contrast, are said to be more altruistic and collaborative, seeking power so that they can share it with others. -Hanna Rosin

I have always loved tartans – such an ornamented type of weaving, so vivid in colour, and such a masculine aspect. But actually, I think tartans can be feminine or masculine. -Christian Louboutin

I think I have a part of myself which is a woman. When girls are together, they speak completely differently than when there is a guy around. But, with me, they don't see this masculine thing stopping them, and there is not this boundary. -Christian Louboutin

There aren't a whole lot of people in culture that are unapologetically masculine. -Tucker Max

I always try to bring a certain masculine presence to what I do. That is part of the dynamic. -Mekhi Phifer

My style is schizophrenic! One minute I'll be wearing bright girly dresses, and the next I'll be swinging towards more structured masculine things. -Tamsin Egerton

I don't have a very 'masculine' taste in music. I get a lot of heat from my friends about that. -Matthew Perry

Women fight for democracy and engage in the world. But they shouldn't try and be copying men and be masculine; they should anchor on the home and build on those fundamentals. -Vivienne Westwood

The worst is when men try too hard, because it's not very masculine. Your outfit has to look like 'Oh, I just grabbed that.' Not too calculated. Jeans, a t-shirt: the simpler the better. -Eva Green

When I was trying to come up with a stage name, I thought 'Lord' was super rad, but really masculine – ever since I was a little kid, I have been really into royals and aristocracy. So to make Lord more feminine, I just put an 'e' on the end! Some people think it's religious, but it's not. -Lorde

If we have a situation where a man is particularly graceful in a sport that rewards grace – say, for example, figure skating – why is it that we don't say to the man, 'Well, you're too feminine to compete?'… I don't understand why we don't find it offensive also to say to a women who's very strong, 'You're too masculine to compete.' -Alice Dreger

I go feminine, I go masculine. I am both, actually. I think the male side is a bit stronger in me, and I have to tone it down sometimes. I'm not like a normal woman, that's for sure. -Grace Jones

I like very masculine smells. I like wood scents on men. I just like a man to smell great, but I don't like very strong cologne. I don't like when a man is overpowered by cologne. I think subtle and sexy is always best. -Jessica White

It's true I always like to mix femininity and something a bit masculine. It's the reason I love skirts with high heels and tights, and no handbag because I love having my hands in my pockets. -Carine Roitfeld

I don't believe that you have to dress in a masculine way to seem powerful. I think that the way a woman dresses doesn't have to be so aggressive. Being feminine is a powerful feature in itself. Power is in a person's demeanor. -Jason Wu

Adam was the image of God, he was man and woman, and yet neither of them before his Eve, but a masculine virgin in peculiar love, full of chastity and purity. -Jakob Bohme

The positive and negative poles of a battery create an electrical flow. The masculine and feminine poles between people create a flow of sexual energy in motion. -David Deida

I think of masculine and feminine energy like two sides to a battery. There's a plus side and a minus side, and in order to make something turn on, you need to have opposites touching. It's the same in relationships. -Tracy McMillan

In Taoist philosophy, 'yin' is the feminine principle, representing the forces of earth, while 'yang' is the masculine principle, representing spirit. -Marianne Williamson

In Scotland, I'm just like a lot of other guys, but in America, I'm seen as a very strong, masculine guy. -Gerard Butler

Yes, the hunky barista looks even more terrifically masculine with three days' growth on his chin. Guys under 50 mostly do. But when your beard is partly or largely grey, that stubble can just look a little unwashed. Sadly, when you're over 50, different rules apply. -Russell Smith

From the days of biplanes and silk scarves, the aviator has been the archetype of masculine glamour. Aviators have personified national ideals, from French elan to Soviet party discipline. They've inspired lust and admiration. They've turned sunglasses and short, utilitarian leather jackets into fashion statements. -Virginia Postrel

Football in Brazil is seen as a masculine sport, even with a lot of people accepting the female sport. -Marta

I have a lot of Breton striped top and silk shirts that always feel good. I also like things with a masculine edge and dislike anything too girly. -Jessica Raine

My style very much leans towards the masculine, but I think I am feminine in it – I like the feminine body in masculine shapes. The androgynous look suits me. -Charlotte Rampling

For me, there's nothing more masculine than when I'm completely in control of my body and can call upon my body to do whatever I want it to do. -Derek Hough

I'm undeniably very nerdy, but I'm trying to recognize and pursue more masculine pursuits. -Thomas Middleditch

I'm not imperceptible to masculine charm, but, well, you know, I can flirt. -Raquel Welch

I was a total floral hippie as a child so when I finally could make my own choices, I've been living in different black suit jackets and been really drawn to masculine clothes. -Lykke Li

Some actors, they have to carry this macho, very masculine element to them, but it's difficult for me to understand that. -Romain Duris

I love masculine cuts with suits and chunky jewellery. My hair is so glam, it balances it out, and it's comfy! -Rita Ora

Until the masculine role is humanized, women will tend to be much better at solving dangerous conflicts. -Gloria Steinem

When I'm talking to groups that are all men, we talk about how the masculine role limits them. They often want to talk about how they missed having real fathers, real loving, present fathers, because of the way that they tried to fit the picture of masculinity. -Gloria Steinem

It's very hard as a tall woman to remove your deliberately pronounced feminine aspects and look more masculine. -Gwendoline Christie

We all live in a culture that is continually isolating feminine and masculine aspects, even when they're not related to people. -Siri Hustvedt

I have a very feminine voice when I write, a very womanly point of view. My last name feels strong and powerful. To me, it's almost a bit masculine. I like the dichotomy of the two. Two sides perfectly represented within my name. -Banks

The thing women must do to rise to power is to redefine their femininity. Once, power was considered a masculine attribute. In fact, power has no sex. -Katharine Graham

I liked masculine fabrics: Prince of Wales checks, city pinstripes, and flannels – worn with black tights, flattish shoes. -Mary Quant

I think I've always had that struggle my whole life, of feeling a little bit more gender-neutral, feeling more comfortable as a creative person when I'm dressed like a boy, when I'm dressed more masculine. -Jill Soloway

I don't think families can earn enough money with one wage-earner any more. I also think there are a lot of men who don't want to bust their butts and do that kind of work. They want to stay home with the kids, but guys who do want to do that aren't looked up to as the masculine kind of guy, and that's a shame. -Melanie Mayron

I thought Charlize Theron was awesome in 'Mad Max,' and that was a very masculine kind of hero. -Colin Trevorrow

I'm really into the Tom Ford lipsticks. I was always afraid to wear lip color because I thought it made me look too masculine, but my makeup artist Fiona Stiles got me into wearing coral, orange-y colors from his line, and now I wear lipstick all of the time. -Nikki Reed

In a family of all girls, I was always the 'boy' in my mind – the protector, the masculine one. No one would ever have to worry about me. -Kate Christensen

I love mixing and matching patterns, styles old and new, feminine and masculine and drawing inspiration from characters like Annie Hall. -Sydney Wayser

Think about a guy like Bob Mitchum, with his kind of chest gut not defining itself one way or the other. Was there anybody tougher? Lee Marvin was a marine sniper during the Second World War. They had this sense of themselves, and they had this product of being a man in a masculine way. -Joe Carnahan

Girls have always read comics. There's nothing intrinsically masculine about telling stories with pictures. -Kelly Sue DeConnick

If, in the coming thousand years, a feminine culture shall really supplement the masculine, then this will be exactly in the measure in which women have the courage to create and to act as most feminists now do not even dare think. -Ellen Key

I don't think working in superheroes is slumming it. I'm proud of this form. I like this. There's nothing inherently masculine about power fantasies. There's nothing inherently masculine about superhero comics. There's nothing inherently masculine about mythology. About science fiction. -Kelly Sue DeConnick

Ever since I was little, I showed traits of both masculine and feminine energies. Androgyny was never something that I thought about or tried for. -Shamir

My dad was a real man's man, and so were my brothers, in a small town where hockey is king. It's a masculine culture. It made me really attentive to what it meant to be a guy. -Lynn Coady

Somewhere in our cultural subconscious, we crave these figures that are big and strong and unassailable, like masculine fortresses. It's like how the 9/11 firemen were venerated. -Lynn Coady

I never wrote just straight women's roles. I liked the strong characters. I don't mean women who have masculine qualities about them, but something that has some intestinal fortitude, some guts to it. -Ida Lupino

Politics is terrifying, very masculine, and not particularly encouraging to young blonde women – as a career, that is – and it was only when I was working in parliament that I thought to myself, 'Well, this is a tough industry; can an acting career be any more intimidating?' and I applied to drama school. -Emily Berrington

I think it's hilarious if people say that my body looks masculine. -Ronda Rousey

In general, I hate films that are overtly either very masculine or very feminine, you know? The same way that I don't like a war movie about soldiers smashing people's heads. But a chick flick I like would be Cassavetes' movies. 'A Woman Under the Influence,' 'Husbands.' -Gael Garcia Bernal

I definitely think men prefer women more undone and natural than butch and masculine. They prefer a fresher, sexier, more feminine look. -Marie Helvin

I love – you know, I'm a big fan of Prince and Curtis Mayfield and Smoky Robinson. It's something to be said about a man who can be very masculine but still display that sensitive side, and that falsetto does it perfectly. -D'Angelo

I wholeheartedly rejected anything remotely feminine but was not enthusiastic about anything masculine, either. I did not want to cook and have babies, and I did not want to be an engineer or a baseball player or a soldier or a politician or any of the myriad careers open mostly or solely to men. I wanted to be a poet. -Pamela Dean

Women are about the best lovers of nature, after all; at least of nature in her milder and more familiar forms. The feminine character, the feminine perceptions, intuitions, delicacy, sympathy, quickness, are more responsive to natural forms and influences than is the masculine mind. -John Burroughs

We're coming into a new generation of women where there's the submissive woman, and then our reaction to it is, 'No, I'm a man, too, and I'm masculine,' and then we fight against it, which isn't the answer, either. -Brie Larson

You'd think true masculinity was just calm and collected happiness. So alpha male that it needs not or worries not. But typically masculine characters are always fighting, and most violence comes from some agitated level of fear and anxiety. -Liev Schreiber

I was very self-conscious about my body from a young age. At school, I played football and netball and did ballet as well so was very athletic. I wasn't curvaceous; I had muscles on my arms and shoulders. Often I felt like hiding them rather than showing them off, as I felt they were masculine. -Bryony Shaw

A lot of women in sport tend to take on a very masculine, aggressive look. They want to be perceived as being strong and powerful. I never lost that sense of wanting to retain my femininity. -Victoria Pendleton

Where are the Asian leading men? Well, we're being kicked to the ground; we're not being supported. We're not considered sexy or masculine, this or that. When you start hearing something enough, you start to believe it. But our world is changing, and I think we're starting to see that that's not the end-all be-all. -Vincent Rodriguez III

I like doing slightly masculine, Savile Row tailoring. A nice jacket. Wearable – it's almost a dirty word in fashion, wearable, but that's what I do. -Stella McCartney

Whenever you have to do a photo shoot with a woman, there is this weird competition. They need to prove something. They need to play games – maybe unconsciously – but women are so sensitive, and people call me more masculine sometimes. -Carice van Houten

As I see it, my focus has never been on masculine power rampant and triumphant but rather on the antithesis: masculine power impaired. -Philip Roth

I feel feminine when I feel feminine. I feel masculine when I feel masculine. I am a role switcher. -Grace Jones

I'm very sensitive about the fact that there's not a lot of good work for women in cinema that also deals with strong characters. But 'strong character' doesn't mean 'masculine character' – but something that finds the strength in femininity and the beauty in femininity. And something that says you can find femininity in men in some way. -Denis Villeneuve

Wagner is contrapuntal in a philosophical way as well as a musical way. What I mean by that is that every tendency has its opposite, and you see that in the man himself. He's a metaphysical hermaphrodite – he embraces hard and soft, masculine and feminine. -Daniel Barenboim

You've never seen anything until you've seen David Mamet be an Edwardian lady. He always conveys what he means, but he's so… masculine. -Mary Steenburgen

I have a really feminine voice, but I also feel quite powerful when I write. So my songs feel heavy, and that's how Banks sounds. It's a really short, powerful sound. It almost sounds masculine, and I like having that dichotomy. -Banks

I actually don't wear fragrance. I always feel like I smell cheap. I guess I just haven't found one that's not overpowering or too sweet. Even when I try one of the super masculine scents, I just think, 'I don't want to smell like a man.' Besides, I like my own scent. -Emily Ratajkowski

Men and women are different: we have different tendencies, skills, and behaviors. This should be accepted and fostered, not demonized. Because the end result is simply more effeminate men and more masculine women. Who wants that? -Milo Yiannopoulos

There is still a great deal of self-hatred that we refuse to deal with because we are still measuring ourselves against the norms of a masculine, heterosexual world. That is the backdrop with which we measure the man. -Tituss Burgess

Jeanne d'Arc was frowned upon for her masculine attire. -Marine Le Pen

Some people have strong opinions about women with short hair. They find it very masculine and severe. Others think it's soft and feminine and makes your features stand out. It can be an Audrey Hepburn kind of thing. -Morena Baccarin

I'm really into kind of finding different masculine pieces and making them feminine. Like cool oxfords. -Kat Graham

It's important not to make Spider-Man masculine because he's a kid. As soon as you make him masculine, it's harder to relate to him if you are younger and are in high school. I definitely was not masculine in high school. -Tom Holland

I wanted to do something a little bit more feminine after my second movie, 'Joshy,' which was so masculine. -Jeff Baena

It may be a masculine attitude to take lovers, but it's definitely prevalent. I'm certainly not the oldest person doing it – not that I'm doing it right now, but when I was. -Diana Rigg

In a way, I think science is the modern religion, and at times, I despise it as much as I despise other religions because it really will only accept stuff that fits its masculine ability to define the world. -Mark Rylance

The natures of men and women are very mixed, and for me, the most fascinating type of woman is the one who is a little masculine, has a little of the man in her, and the sort of man who is fabulous is the one who is a little woman, too. It's impossible not to mix them! -Sonia Rykiel

I think the gender norms of emotion are horrendous. Being masculine means showing zero emotions, but having the choice to be angry or depressed. Being female means you are one dimensional – if you show more than that, you are a psycho, hysterical, or historically, a witch. -Petra Collins

I want my sons to escape the pressure to be a particular kind of masculine that is so damaging to men and to the people around them. -Justin Trudeau

Have you noticed that they write parts for mute women but not for mute men? It must be a masculine dream: a woman who can feel and hear but not talk! -Yvette Mimieux

I carry a lot of feminine energy as well as masculine energy, and that's the hit that people are getting. That vulnerable thing is not what we assume with black males. You get it, and then they cease to become scary. They become human. You cease to have a bogeyman. -Laurence Fishburne

I think, in the past, being brave – being powerful, being strong – were qualities that people associated with being masculine. And I think… no, I don't think – I know that now we're realizing they can be feminine, too. -Jessica Chastain

'Meek's Cutoff' by Kelly Reichardt – it's beautifully shot. It's a complex story. The filmmaker gave a very patient and feminine touch to a story that takes place during a period of history that's very masculine, without losing any of the unforgiving harshness of the reality where the characters found themselves in. -Chloe Zhao

It's very important for feminism for us to tell our daughters that they should be strong. But to tell our sons that they can be vulnerable, to have these characters on screen that are not perfectly masculine cowboys that never fail, for our boys to change their psyche as well, that's equally important for feminism. -Chloe Zhao

The demands of having to be 'masculine' are as damaging to men as the demands of having to be 'feminine' are to women. I wish we could all agree just to wash it all away. Begin again. -Naomi Alderman

There's a lot of black men running around with crazy trauma scars, and they should be going to therapy. They should be sitting down and talking to people. But they can't. If you've got the armor of being a man, and the armor of being a black man, that hyper-masculine thing can make those scars deeper. -Daniel Kaluuya

The transgender community has always been a part of Hawaiian society, where people who don't conform to the binary system of man/woman, masculine/feminine are accepted or, at minimum, tolerated. -Janet Mock

I'm an African-American man with an Afro who isn't your typical athlete – who wasn't as masculine as other guys. -Khalid

People come up and say, 'Thank you' for showing a black family loving their masculine-presenting child and for undoing the myth of black people as being rabidly homophobic. -Yance Ford

A v-neck T-shirt is the manliest of all upper-body garments. The defining feature of the style is a plummeting neckline that we normally associate with women's fashion, but when worn by a guy, it basically says, 'Here is a pie slice of chest hair that forms an arrow to my gut.' The deeper the 'V,' the more masculine the shirt. -Josh Gondelman

We need more balance in the world – more balance of the feminine and the masculine. -Gretchen Bleiler

What we're doing is we're chipping away at what it is to be a woman and to be feminine. And what it is to be a man and be masculine. We're chipping away at that. I wish we could go back to 'Mad Men' days. I love those days. Men were men. And I love them. -Stacey Dash

I never really felt like I quite fit in. Other boys were playing sports and into hunting and stereotypically masculine activities. I was always more attracted to the arts. I loved to dance, I loved to sing, and I always knew I would be an actor. I don't really know why. -Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman

People thought I wrote in a very 'masculine' way. -Ory Okolloh

Dressing in an androgynous way, mixing up the masculine and feminine, blurring those boundaries – I'm cool with that. No one should ever be limited by stereotypes of gender, just as no one should ever be limited by stereotypes of race. -Marley Dias

Networking is extremely masculine. It's a vulnerable thing to admit to, but even I experience feeling super insecure around certain masculine meetings. So, we put women in control. Women will make the first move on Bumble Bizz as well. -Whitney Wolfe Herd

Prince was outside his dressing room, shaking one of those little Easter egg maracas. His hair was straightened to a soft wave; his eyelashes were unfairly lovely. He smelled like the most expensive shelf in the Sephora perfume aisle. This man wearing eyeliner, heels and ladies' perfume somehow managed to be more masculine than the burly bodyguard. -Mayte Garcia

My style comes from a very masculine point, and Valentino has a very masculine fit. It's built for corn-fed guys like me. -Glen Powell

I do not feel that some things are masculine and others are feminine. -Elvira Nabiullina

There are a lot of women who direct in a way that is even more masculine sometimes than men – and that's not a bad thing, either. -Reed Morano

I really try to balance my feminine and masculine energy when I write. -Kali Uchis

When I first went to Milan, my agent said you have to give off a strong, masculine energy. They don't like campiness. They like boys to appear straight and to appear masculine. I quickly learned the game of it and how to navigate around it. -Andreja Pejic

I'll tell you this: you can look at all the masculine toughies you want – the Ben Roethlisbergers, the Russell Crowes, the David Petraeuses – but if you want to look at what a man should be – persevering, honest, a person who manifests his intellect into action – you need look no further than Roger Ebert. -Rod Lurie

There's so much toxic masculinity out there. I grew up with the notion that the more masculine you are and the less you show emotion, the more of a man you are. -Karamo Brown

The perpetuation of family and cultural pressures to conform to prescribed masculine behaviors is what creates social isolation and distress in many young gay and trans people of color. -Karamo Brown

Really, I think the extra layer of raising a son as a gay black man comes from trying to raise a son who doesn't subscribe to masculine stereotypes. -Karamo Brown

The masculine spirit is under assault. It's obvious. -Jordan Peterson

I disagree that an athlete can't be intelligent. Some people think that, in basketball, we have a bunch of masculine adults who don't know how to control themselves. They're feeble-minded and can't engage or articulate ideas. That's a narrative they keep trying to paint. -Jaylen Brown

Things that I now recognise as just part of my personality – willfulness and assertiveness, maybe even a bit of aggressiveness – these are things that I had been raised to think of as masculine features. I always thought there was probably something wrong with me. -Tara Westover

When I went into the conservatory at 17, then I was able to open up and accept everything about myself and show my feminine side as well as my masculine. -Robert Lepage

A lot of fitness has that very masculine energy and drive, and that never worked for me. I want to be challenged. I don't want to be told that I'm terrible and that I suck and that I'm not good enough – that's not motivating. -Mary Helen Bowers

A lot of people still have the idea that drag goes from one end of the gender spectrum to the other end of the gender spectrum, and they expect drag queens to be masculine out of drag and hyper-feminine in drag. I think that portrays a lot of binary thinking and, ultimately, a lot of misogyny. -Sasha Velour

Some of the most powerful female performers I've seen balance the feminine and the masculine and are incredibly strong. Like, I think Hayley Williams is one of the best rock performers. -Lauren Mayberry

I kind of dated a woman-ish, but there's just something about a man that's just masculine, and just there's things that women don't have that men do. -Karrueche Tran

In the past, rulers led their troops into battle and, even in peacetime, called themselves fathers of their people. And modern politics retains abundant masculine rituals. Prime minister's question time in Britain, for instance, is a stylised duel and tournament redolent of testosterone. -Linda Colley

Trump… has the 'strong father' masculine energy. -Mike Cernovich

It's not about living my life as a boy or a girl – but I'm also not trans – it's just that one day, you wake up feeling masculine, and one day, you wake up feeling feminine. The flickering in between those two states is what's most fertile for me. -Arca

With 'Lonely Thug,' I constructed a fantasy character who was very masculine and strong and almost threatening, but his demeanor belied some complication. -Arca

I think in industries riddled with bias, you tend to hire women only if their previous work is very masculine, which is hilarious given that this is not how male directors are chosen. -Lexi Alexander

I am pretty sure when Kenneth Branagh came up for 'Thor,' nobody at Marvel thought, 'Yes, that Kenneth Branagh is masculine enough to do action: just look at 'Henry V' and 'The Magic Flute.'' -Lexi Alexander

Hublot is a great high quality brand which represents modern, stylish, masculine look. -Gennady Golovkin

Fashion has always captivated me because, like I said, it has the potential to create narratives about what's beautiful, aspirational, chic, masculine, feminine, glamorous, etc. Generally, this power is dispatched in useless ways. -Hari Nef

Even though I've got this really brawny, masculine reputation, I'm a Shondaland Thursdays kind of guy. -Cheo Hodari Coker

I don't ever necessarily feel masculine or feminine. I just feel… I don't know. Like, when I'm wearing women's clothes, it's not like I'm dressing like a lady, a woman; it's just like I'm doing whatever I want. -Perfume Genius

I like female directors that gravitate toward masculine things. I think the danger of a male director is the over-fetishization of the masculinity. -James Ransone

I definitely do prefer more of masculine streetwear type of clothing, but I see a lot of young girls rocking the same type of stuff that I do. -James Charles

Masculinity involves feminine qualities, and femininity involves masculine qualities. -Dan Levy

Every masculine hero narrative I could find I wanted to steal for myself and twist to my size. -Christine and the Queens

Tapping into a more masculine, macho culture, I got in touch with my femininity, but differently. Macho culture is also pride of the body and showing it off – a relationship to theatricality, to construction. It's about owning your narrative again. -Christine and the Queens

It's interesting that people think that pants are masculine. Pants are pants. -Asia Kate Dillon

I think, almost, the film industry thinks that by making gay characters super masculine, it's an attempt at saying being gay is OK if you act like straight people. I don't think we should just have gay characters who are 100 percent femme, either. I just think it's about that mix and creating more diverse gay characters. -Josie Totah

I guess I'm not really into female vocals that sound masculine, I guess. A lot of times, the heavy female vocalists always end up sounding like they're screaming or whatever. -Devin Townsend

A ContraPoints video is never going to be framed as 'I'm so offended by this idea.' It's not, 'I'm so intimidated by my opponent's big, masculine brain.' It's more, 'I'm bored of you, and also, you're a dum-dum.' -ContraPoints

True transgenders do hypermasculine things. -Zoey Tur

There's a balance of feminine and masculine energy. Unfortunately, it's an imbalanced world because of the people that are in charge, and that's egotistical men. -Mya

The only thing that I've really noticed in my own experience is just people kind of saying that a woman, when they react to something exciting, 'Oh, that's a masculine way of reacting.' And to me, that's absurd. It's like, that's how humans – they get excited, and you yell, and you jump, and you flex. That's what you do. -Sue Bird

My father's death has given me a lot. It has given me a lifelong love of women, of their grittiness and hardness – traits that we are not supposed to value as feminine. It has also given me a love of men, of their vulnerability and tenderness – traits that we do not foster as masculine or allow ourselves to associate with masculinity. -Aisling Bea

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