Best Quotes About Landscaping

I'd be curious to find out, but I don't think people in the entertainment industry are proportionally more or less serious politically than anyone in the landscaping industry. -David Cross

I mean, the shoe – there is a music to it, there is attitude, there is sound, it's a movement. Clothes – it's a different story. There are a million things I'd rather do before designing clothes: directing, landscaping. -Christian Louboutin

I don't think I would ever quit acting, but there are other things I am interested in. I wanted to be an architect, and I wish I knew more about landscaping. -Courteney Cox

There are a million things I'd rather do before designing clothes: directing, landscaping. -Christian Louboutin

I went to college in Connecticut, which was when I still lived at home. I worked at a video store, a wine store, and did odd jobs here and there like landscaping. -Christopher Abbott

Vaults and caskets are not the law; they are the policy of individual cemeteries. Vaults prevent the settling of the dirt around the body, thus making landscaping more uniform and cost effective. As an added bonus, vaults can be customized and sold at a markup. Faux marble? Bronze? Take your pick, family. -Caitlin Doughty

I was working two landscaping jobs; I was recording songs in the spare bedroom. I would get up at 4 A.M., go to work, get back at 6 P.M., have nap, then start recording, just go until I fell asleep. -Joshua Ostrander

You can't be the accountant in your accounting firm. You can't cut the grass in your landscaping business. You can't work on the vehicles in your auto repair shop… And you really can't spend all of your time managing those actions, either. -Michael Gerber

I graduated college and moved back home, started helping my dad, did landscaping for a living. -Chris Lane

I helped my dad do landscaping from when I was 14, and then every summer when I'd come home for college, I'd play on a travel baseball team, but during the day, I'd do landscaping. -Chris Lane

When I was young and used to look at Chinese architecture, there was no clear definition between what was landscaping and what was architecture. -Ma Yansong

I was landscaping not too long ago, so I'm extremely grateful for the people supporting me in wrestling. Not that landscaping is terrible, but I'd rather be suplexing and punching people. -Matt Riddle

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