Best Quotes About Lacrosse

I think the greatest all-around athlete ever was Jim Brown. He played lacrosse, basketball and ran track at Syracuse. He played professional football for the Browns. -Will McDonough

I knew at a young age, whether I was playing baseball or hockey or lacrosse, that my teammates were counting on me, whether it be to strike the last batter out in a baseball game or score a big goal in a hockey game. -Wayne Gretzky

I grew up playing field hockey and lacrosse – prep school sport – and I was terrible at them. -Julie Bowen

I grew up in Michigan, so I played hockey, football and basketball. I played a little bit of lacrosse, too. My brother played more lacrosse and ran track. -Steven Yeun

Whirlyball is only the most awesome sport on the planet! It's like bumper cars plus lacrosse meets basketball. -St. Vincent

I grew up with lacrosse in my life because my dad played lacrosse all throughout college, so I grew up with the gear in my house – like the sticks, the helmet. -Tyler Posey

I played street hockey in Riverside Park when I was a kid. I played goalie. I didn't make the hockey team in college, so I played lacrosse instead. I didn't play hockey again for 20 to 25 years, and then my son became interested in the game. I decided to pick it up again. A friend let me play backup on his team. -John Katzman

I played lacrosse for a hot second, but I was mainly a swimmer – captain of my swim team. -Grace Gummer

You know you have a gambling problem when it's 4 A.M. at the Mirage Sports Book and you're walking around going, 'Hey you get the lacrosse scores?' -Artie Lange

I went to Dartmouth College, graduated, and had the opportunity to play two professional sports – I played for the New England Patriots in the NFL and professional lacrosse for the Boston Blazers. I had an injury, so I had to stop so I could heal. But when I was playing football, I wasn't making a lot of money; I wasn't a superstar. -Brian J. White

I loved school. Not sure how much I focused on the education; just had fun and played lacrosse for seven years. It was lucky I had sport, which I was good at, so it didn't matter that I wasn't great on the academic side, or not brilliant at drama. Although I am still bitter about not being in the school choir. Furious, actually. -Miranda Hart

I don't consider lacrosse a sport. To me that's just a frat activity that got out of hand. -Judah Friedlander

I went to an all-girls private school, where we played field hockey and lacrosse. -Nicole Ari Parker

I was a wrestler. I played football, lacrosse. After high school, I got into jujitsu. I boxed my whole adult life. -Frank Grillo

I was a sullen kid who smoked cigarettes and wore black every day, and I went to a school that was lacrosse players and Izods. -Peter Dinklage

You can play professional lacrosse, but they make less than a teacher's salary now. I always thought about that. And it's a very difficult career, a short career, as a pro athlete. -Nash Grier

I'm a championship handball player. I'm a championship softball and baseball player. I used to be an extremely talented center in high school in football. I also dabbled in lacrosse and soccer. I'm really good at billiards, darts, shuffleboard. -Action Bronson

I would never tell anybody to give up hockey – the great sports we have here – basketball, lacrosse – rugby coming into its own – we've got so many great team sports, and I say hold on to them. -George Vecsey

All our lives are enriched by the leadership and excellence and confidence of female athletes, whether the Mia Hamms and Maya Moores we know or the field hockey, lacrosse and track and field athletes we do not necessarily know. -George Vecsey

My daughters are both funny and smart and lots of fun. They play lacrosse, soccer, musical instruments, like to cook with me, and are naturals in the swimming pool. Honestly, though, what I like doing most with them is eating. I've worked really hard to make sure they are willing to try all sorts of different foods. -Alexi Zentner

We will play football. We will box and play lacrosse and ice hockey and snowboard and surf and drive fast cars, climb trees, and do dozens of things that we know are potentially concussive. We will do this because we are human and animals, and we like speed and contact and aggressive maneuvering and all such things. -Peter Berg

I've played lacrosse players, football players, basketball players. I think that's just because of how I'm built. I look young, and I'm also a big person. -Ross Butler

From my early days of playing 2:2 in basketball against my three older brothers to my years playing Division 1 college basketball and lacrosse, sports have played a big role in my leadership development. -Cathy Engelbert

I grew up in a conservative New England town and showed up to my middle school orientation dressed like 'Clueless' while everyone else was wearing J. Crew and lacrosse uniforms. I never really fit into that preppy look. -Emily Weiss

Most people watch a game because they're excited about it; I'll sit there and watch lacrosse championships to try to find a female who could be a bobsledder. -Elana Meyers

As far as exercise, I play a lot of lacrosse and rugby, and I'm an avid distance swimmer. Nope, none of that is true. I do walk a lot, though. -Joshua Malina

When I first moved out to L.A. to be an actor, this family knew that I was a pretty big athlete back in Texas, and they said, 'You can live in our house for free if you coach our kid in football, basketball, and lacrosse.' So I was coaching all these sports teams, and I got to live at this house in Bel Air – this nine-acre estate – for free. -Glen Powell

My three children played soccer and lacrosse. I grew up as a Green Bay Packers fan. I am not against sports. We want kids to play sports, but we want them to be safe. -Ann McKee

The support from back home has been more than I ever expected. They always knew me as the lacrosse player or the girl playing field hockey. Now they're seeing me on national TV, and they've been so supportive. -Brynn Cartelli

I started acting when I was at Amherst my junior year, and my lacrosse career kind of started to flop sideways after that. -Jeffrey Wright

I played football and lacrosse in high school. They wanted me to play football at Amherst, which I did not do because my schedule was full enough as it was. But over the course of my student days, I played pretty much every sport out there. -Jeffrey Wright

When I was at school, I was forced to play lacrosse, a game in which tiny, rock-hard missiles fly at your head, and you must catch them with a stick to avoid a brain haemorrhage. I was regularly punished for not taking part more wholeheartedly. -Victoria Coren Mitchell

I was super sporty in high school. I played tennis, field hockey, and lacrosse. -Devon Windsor

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