Best Quotes About Karate

To be trained in karate is something because karate is a vicious thing. If you are any good at it, you can kill somebody with it. It is a vicious way to fight. -Thomas Foran

We got to jump on, like, trampolines, learn flips, learn karate, kung fu, Hong Kong street fighting. -Jaime King

I really love the karate thing I did on CHIPs. I studied with a trainer because I knew we'd do episodes that had karate. -Erik Estrada

When I grew up, I studied karate for years. I got pretty strong, but eventually I had to acknowledge that I really didn't like fighting at all, so I quit. -Alison Bechdel

My other brother-in-law died. He was a karate expert, then joined the army. The first time he saluted, he killed himself. -Henny Youngman

I quit karate originally because it wasn't something that I was initially passionate about. -Kristin Kreuk

You need at least six or seven years to understand the philosophy and concentration of karate to know to clean your spirit of everything and dedicate your mind and body to the sport. -Jean-Claude Van Damme

Whatever luck I had, I made. I was never a natural athlete, but I paid my dues in sweat and concentration and took the time necessary to learn karate and become world champion. -Chuck Norris

I'm a soccer mom. I'm T-ball, soccer, karate, homework, keeping them on their schedules. I love being the snack mom, when I get to bring the cut oranges. I have one of those coolers with wheels. I'm at every game, every practice, sitting on my blanket. I love it. -Pamela Anderson

I never was able to do karate. That's calling me a good actor. I act like I can do anything. -Pat Morita

Each culture has its own form of staged combat, evolved from its particular method of street fighting and cleaned up for presentation as a spectacle, e.g. savate, Cornish wrestling, karate, kung-fu. -David Mamet

I was mugged when I was 12. I had a portable radio, and I ran into this building and these two guys came in and hit me, busted me up and took the radio. After that I was very paranoid and I started taking kung fu and karate. But I didn't want to fight. -Freddie Prinze

I always loved the idea of learning martial arts, but it wasn't until I was in my 20s that I really started doing it and taking up karate. -Kelly Hu

I started doing karate at four, my parents were karatekas. I stopped when I was 17 and went to Julliard and had a lot of stage combat there. -Lynn Collins

I earned a black belt when I was in high school. And I did a lot of boxing and full contact karate in college. -Dean Norris

I discovered martial arts, first judo and then karate, and I became quite good at it, because I had something to prove. And more than anything, I needed to feel safe. -Dolph Lundgren

My sensei was a British karate champion named Brian Fitkin. He was my mentor and because I had a hard relationship with my dad, he became a father figure to me. -Dolph Lundgren

Well I think everything up to this point that I've been exposed to in my life has had an influence on me in some way, shape, or form even if I'm not conscious of it. So I definitely think that my studies in wu-shu, kung-fu, karate, kenpo, taikwando, all of that stuff certainly has an affect. I don't think I follow any discipline traditionally. -Criss Angel

Before my father would open up a karate school in a particular neighborhood, he'd clean up the block – kick all the drug dealers and gang bangers off the block. My father was very clear: 'I've got guns too, and I'll kill you just as much as a rival gang would.' And he meant it. He was a man of many facets and complexities. -Lupe Fiasco

I don't like creating software anymore. It's too exact. It's like karate; there's no room for error. -John Maeda

I'm a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and 2nd degree in karate, and I'm a licensed bodyguard. -Katheryn Winnick

When I was younger I did karate and martial arts, and I think it's really cool for girls to have those kinds of abilities. -Rebel Wilson

I took lessons for about everything you could imagine – gymnastics to karate to flute and piano. My mom always definitely kept me in some kind of class or program, but for guitar, I kinda gave up on then kinda just taught myself. Same thing with piano. I've never been good with following lessons. -Elle Varner

When I was a kid, I used to think pork chops and karate chops were the same thing. -Shane Koyczan

I took three years of karate because of Bruce Lee, you know. I was a green belt. -Marjane Satrapi

Hey, I took karate when I was 17 years old; I am dangerous. -Michele Bachmann

I've been very physical my whole life. I've done a lot of ballet, fencing and karate, and everything. -Ashley Bell

One thing I've done in my life is train year-round to compete at anything, anything. I've got an invitation now to maybe be on the karate team for the Barcelona Olympics. I'm debating whether I want to do that. I just love to compete, and I want to win. -Herschel Walker

My father was one of the first Tae Kwon Do Masters to come to the states in the '60s. He had one of the first all-African-American fighting teams, and I was basically raised in a karate studio since I was 3. It's part of my blood, competing, and all that stuff was responsible for a lot of me just growing up. -Will Yun Lee

I think audiences like to see their favorite actor handle himself physically on screen, however he does it. He can wrestle, or box, or he can know karate. -Thomas Ian Griffith

My karate skills are very limited. I'm a green belt. -Molly Quinn

I did karate for about three years. When I was going into Miss Texas, my mom said, 'Let's not do karate this year. Let's not have any knocked-out teeth on the stage.' -Sarah Shahi

It's amazing because people come up to me and say, 'Chuck, you're the luckiest guy in the world to be a world karate champion and a movie and TV star.' When they say this to me, I kind of smile because luck had nothing to do with it; God had everything to do with it. -Chuck Norris

No, don't learn at karate schools. They overcharge you for karate uniforms. They make you pay, like, fifty or seventy-five bucks just for a karate uniform, and you don't wear a uniform in everyday life, so why train in one? Most fights take place outdoors, not inside with perfect lighting and mats. -Judah Friedlander

I learned from my father how to swear right and how to string it together for optimum effect/affect. I use it like karate. I bring it out when it's needed. -Ross Mathews

I tried a little of everything when I was little. I tried karate, I tried ballet, I tried piano lessons and singing lessons… I was a pretty normal kid, for the most part. -Cassie Ventura

Cheerfully fessing up to our failures turns crazy mind off, humility and compassion on. I learned this in a karate dojo that had a strange tradition. Everyone there loved recounting failure stories, and after an evening of smacking one another, we'd sit and have a beer while the students swapped tales of martial arts disaster. -Martha Beck

I actually take karate and tae-kwon-do. And so I love sparring and grappling and all that physical stuff. I studied a hybrid form of grappling, sparring, and self defense; it's more of a 'get yourself in shape,' and if you want to take it to the next level, so you're really learning valuable skills with self defense, and I really enjoy it. -Daniella Alonso

I've been taking martial arts for a long time. I started with tae kwon do, and then I started taking karate and mixed martial arts. -Daniella Alonso

My first tic was to shake my head violently. I was in karate class, and I was shaking violently. All of a sudden, I just started to notice that the teacher was looking at me, and all the kids were wondering what I was doing. I suddenly felt really strange. -Dash Mihok

I did martial arts and karate for eight years when I was growing up. -Antony Starr

I went to karate classes where it was basically a line-up of hulking man, hulking man, small nine-year-old girl, hulking man, hulking man. -Rhianna Pratchett

I had a bit of a martial arts background from when I was a teenager: I did a bit of karate. -Joel Edgerton

I'm quite strong for a girl. I studied karate growing up – I'm a brown belt – and me and my sister used to beat the crap out of each other. -Suki Waterhouse

I did karate for years and years and years. -Bryce Dallas Howard

There's a number of years that went by going from a white belt to a black belt. And I think, in a similar respect, years go by with your maturation process, and it's just as important to be disciplined with that as it was in karate. -D'Brickashaw Ferguson

We constantly had family conversations. A lot of conversations about life. We've always been a family to where we did everything together, whether it was karate or Bible study… I just really had a chance to look and learn. -D'Brickashaw Ferguson

I wasn't always the most fashionable, and I would come to school with cauliflower ear and ringworm. I got made fun of a lot. People called me 'Miss Man' and 'Guns,' and people directed a lot of karate jokes at me. I wish that I was at school now that MMA and martial arts is cool, but back when I was in school, people associated it with nerdy stuff. -Ronda Rousey

I took karate classes for a few years. Taekwondo. I'd love to do a movie role where I could do some karate. -Heather Graham

When I was nine, my father said 'You can take piano lessons or do karate' – I had a black belt and was competing before I was 19. -Elodie Yung

I'm a black belt in karate. I grew up on the outskirts of Paris, and it was rough. -Elodie Yung

As six-time world karate champion and then a movie star, I put too much trust in who I was, what I could do, and what I acquired. I forgot how much I needed others and especially God. -Chuck Norris

From 1964 to 1968, I won many state, national and international amateur karate titles. -Chuck Norris

In 1968, I fought and won the world middleweight karate championship by defeating the world's top fighters. I then held that title until 1974, when I retired undefeated. -Chuck Norris

I think I only went to college because it was close to the karate school. -Michael Israel

I did a bit of karate – I'm a blackbelt – so I know how to move. -Elodie Yung

I'm in the game of spinning plates. I'm spinning a boxing plate. I'm spinning a Tae Kwon Do plate. I'm spinning a Jujitsu plate. I'm spinning a freestyle wrestling plate. I'm spinning a karate plate. If I was to put all them down and have one boxing plate spinning, it would be like a load off my shoulders. -Conor McGregor

When I was a kid, I'd always wanted to take karate, but my parents wouldn't let me because I did a lot of other things, including ballet. -Adena Friedman

I went to karate for about four years, and I learned a lot about focus and listening very good. -Erik Per Sullivan

When my daughter Dixie gets out of school, I take her to ballet, soccer, or karate. Or if it's a free afternoon, we might bake together. I love our time together. There is nothing more important in my life than making her happy. -Lily Aldridge

To kids, I've always been more than just some big tough black guy. I train to be tough – I box and do karate – but underneath all that toughness is a tender man. -Mr. T

I was crazy about martial arts. At the age of three, I started training in karate. -Ritika Singh

I started karate in middle school when my parents wanted me to babysit my younger brother. He was a little troublemaker, so they wanted me to make sure the class was going okay. I ended up being way more into it than my brother. -Karen Fukuhara

I started doing karate when I was 11. -Ian Brown

I took boxing classes and karate when I was young. -J. R. Ramirez

I would be a very different person without karate. -Anne-Marie

People never believe it when they find out I'm a karate world champion. They don't see me as the type because I'm small and blonde. -Anne-Marie

I think I got nominated in the MTV Brand New Top 10 because I'm 3x world time karate champion, and I'd probably just beat everyone up if they didn't put me in it. They were all scared! -Anne-Marie

I'm so proud of my time in karate and what I achieved. It's part of me, so I don't want to leave it behind. -Anne-Marie

If singing weren't happening, then yeah, I definitely would still be working hard at karate. I already have some teaching diplomas in it so would've continued to do that and maybe eventually had opened my own club! Maybe one day I still can. -Anne-Marie

I enjoy watching the karate practitioners because of their high spiritual level. -Peter Tosh

Wrestlers tend to do good in MMA because they tend to be just some tough guys. It's not a karate situation where they grew up their whole life punching the air; in a wrestling situation, you grab a hold of another human being every day. -Chael Sonnen

I was into basketball, football, karate, boxing. -Charlie Murphy

My father is a Japanese Shotokan karate master, so I have been training karate with my family since I was three years old. I got my black belt in karate at 13 and got introduced to judo and sumo shortly after. -Lyoto Machida

In the mornings at around 5:30 A.M., I train karate with my family. -Lyoto Machida

Machida Karate is for real combat. Other karate may be not for real combat because there are many rules for the competition, and a lot of the rules aren't good for real combat – you can't do some takedowns, you can't finish the fight on the ground. Machida Karate is very different. -Lyoto Machida

My father is a master in karate. He always taught me the philosophy of Karate. When I'm talking about philosophy, I mean respect to willpower, self confidence. Those qualities, I think it's very important, not just for fighting, but for any person. -Lyoto Machida

My father was a very tough guy with me and my brothers. He wanted to teach us a lot of discipline and life philosophy. As I became more interested in martial arts, he started teaching a lot of fighting philosophy and karate philosophy. While he was a tough father, he also knew when to be sweet and show a softer side. -Lyoto Machida

One of my brothers teaches karate at our gym and also handles the administrative side of the gym. My other brother is a fighter like me and teaches a class at the gym. So my brothers are always at the gym together training. -Lyoto Machida

I feel that not only have I been out there promoting my style of karate, but just promoting the traditional martial arts, and it makes me very happy. -Lyoto Machida

We teach the karate methodology, bringing back the history of the martial art, the attacks that stopped being used when the martial art became a sport and that my brother and I use in the cage. -Lyoto Machida

In karate, there's a lot of respect. In fact, when an opponent accepts to fight me, he's giving me a chance to show my work, so I can't diminish him at all. -Lyoto Machida

I trained karate in 2001 to fight Heath Herring. -Vitor Belfort

I made some adaptations, as I combined karate with my boxing game. I'm adding a couple of nice things from Shotokan to my game. -Vitor Belfort

My parents split up when I was nine years old, and I started taking karate lessons at that point. I was very dedicated to my karate, and I looked up to my karate instructor kind of like a second father. -Adam Cole

I did karate. -Denzel Curry

People see a lot of my standup, and that's what I'm known for since I was trained in karate and kickboxing, but I also have ground game. -Sage Northcutt

My dad brought me up not to accept second place. I lost a karate tournament once and got a trophy for fourth place. My dad tossed that trophy out the window on the way home. -Baron Corbin

In No Limit Hold'em, much like video games and karate lessons, you need to master one level before you can move on to the next. -Daniel Negreanu

In karate, as your skill level increases, your instructor presents you with the next belt. But in poker, only you can decide when it's time to graduate to the next level. That's a tricky proposition for some players because it's difficult to assess your own progress. -Daniel Negreanu

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