Best Quotes About Irrelevant

May we agree that private life is irrelevant? Multiple, mixed, ambiguous at best – out of it we try to fashion the crystal clear, the singular, the absolute, and that is what is relevant; that is what matters. -May Sarton

Whether they are defending the Soviet Union or bleating for Saddam Hussein, liberals are always against America. They are either traitors or idiots, and on the matter of America's self-preservation, the difference is irrelevant. -Ann Coulter

Men are irrelevant. -Fay Weldon

A programming language is low level when its programs require attention to the irrelevant. -Alan Perlis

Some artists claim praise is irrelevant in measuring the success of art, but I think it's quite relevant. Besides, it makes me feel great. -Chris Van Allsburg

Ugly. Is irrelevant. It is an immeasurable insult to a woman, and then supposedly the worst crime you can commit as a woman. But ugly, as beautiful, is an illusion. -Margaret Cho

People have always doubted whether I was good enough to play this game at this level. I thought I was, and I thought I could be. What other people thought was really always irrelevant to me. -Steve Nash

So, in a sense, the verification piece is irrelevant to the format issue. -Mitchell Reiss

A theory has only the alternative of being right or wrong. A model has a third possibility: it may be right, but irrelevant. -Manfred Eigen

Genre categories are irrelevant. I dislike them, but I do not have the casting vote. -Tanith Lee

Why they vote for me is irrelevant, but if they do, they're in safe hands. -Pim Fortuyn

I soon discovered, after I became chairman of the NEH, that, for a number of academics, the truth was not merely irrelevant – it no longer existed. -Lynne Cheney

Myths are stories that express meaning, morality or motivation. Whether they are true or not is irrelevant. -Michael Shermer

But that incessant drive to be out there in the literary universe that was important to me when I was in my twenties, like going to a Paris Review party or whatever, that seems totally irrelevant now. -Rick Moody

It's a question of why they come for your advice. Whatever I tell you, it doesn't matter, it is completely irrelevant in a way. I know so many actors who were discouraged and put that aside. You will get half-baked opinions. -Michael York

The United Nations has become a largely irrelevant, if not positively destructive institution, and the just-released U.N. report on the atrocities in Darfur, Sudan, proves the point. -Linda Chavez

The fact that I have such a problem that people… that that has to, you know, be on people's mind, what my personal background is. To me, to be very frank with you, is a totally irrelevant thing. -Werner Klemperer

I love being irreverent. But I hate being irrelevant. I love being irreverent because at the end of the day your actions belie your intentions. -Esai Morales

We are ready to say that we rule the entire Elgin enterprise as irrelevant to the present. -Melina Mercouri

To me, the technique was almost irrelevant; it was what was coming across. -Bill Sienkiewicz

I deliberately did not read anything about the Vietnam War because I felt the politics of the war eclipsed what happened to the veterans. The politics were irrelevant to what this memorial was. -Maya Lin

Well, if the NATO countries don't make more of their troops usable and don't get the equipment to get them fast where the action is, then the organisation will suffer and will increasingly become irrelevant. -Lord Robertson

We shall all die, and our lives will be irrelevant then. -Jeanette Winterson

Age is just a number. It's totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine. -Joan Collins

There are neither good nor bad subjects. From the point of view of pure Art, you could almost establish it as an axiom that the subject is irrelevant, style itself being an absolute manner of seeing things. -Gustave Flaubert

Experience has shown, and a true philosophy will always show, that a vast, perhaps the larger portion of the truth arises from the seemingly irrelevant. -Edgar Allan Poe

Social movements are at once the symptoms and the instruments of progress. Ignore them and statesmanship is irrelevant; fail to use them and it is weak. -Walter Lippmann

And what my constitutional values are are wholly irrelevant to the job, and so neither you nor anyone else will know what they are. -Elena Kagan

I would love to continue in music, with writing… but I am not the kind of person who will hang around if I start to become irrelevant. If that happens, I will bow down gracefully, raise my kids, and have a garden. And I am going to let my hair go gray when I am older. I don't need to be blonde when I'm 60! -Taylor Swift

It is a juggling act and I have been in it for 12 years now, which is about 11 years longer than I thought I would be, and then the priority there is thinking how can I stay somewhat irrelevant so that you can continue to survive and can continue to work and put yourself in a position to get to do the work you are truly passionate about. -Edward Burns

I think that if you walk through this life and I end up being a bad father, then it won't matter anything else I achieved in my life. It will all be irrelevant. -Ethan Hawke

We live in a funny time. If you don't go corporate, you can't compete. You're relegated as irrelevant. People used to admire that. -Ethan Hawke

If the Net becomes the center of the universe, which is what seems to be happening, then the dizzying array of machines that will be plugged into it will virtually guarantee that the specifics of which chip and which operating system you've got will be irrelevant. -Marc Andreessen

I remember being in China and realising how irrelevant not even Britain is, but also Europe. We're just another remote country that hardly impinges on some places at all. -Clive Anderson

Silicon Valley is constantly saying that the government is irrelevant and powerless. But that's because most people there have never seen it get serious. -Dan Farmer

No matter how close to personal experience a story might be, inevitably you are going to get to a part that isn't yours and, actually, whether it happened or not becomes irrelevant. It is all about choosing the right words. -Roddy Doyle

If you're not ready the moment things happen, then you're irrelevant, you might as well not go. -James F. Amos

There are big lines between those who play video games and those who do not. For those who don't, video games are irrelevant. They think all video games must be too difficult. -Shigeru Miyamoto

It's irrelevant who or what directed a movie; the important thing is that you either respond to it or you don't. -Kathryn Bigelow

The Republican Party, which John McCain led as our nominee in 2008, is going to become irrelevant if we become the party of intolerance and hate. The party founded by Abraham Lincoln was a party that fought slavery and intolerance at every level. -Ed Rollins

Just as the Security Council was largely irrelevant to the great struggle of the last half of the twentieth century – freedom against Communism – so too it is largely on the sidelines in our contemporary struggles against international terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. -John Bolton

The most striking thing is that even before Osama bin Laden was killed, he seemed largely irrelevant to the Arab Spring. -Paul Wolfowitz

Real biologists who actually do the research will tell you that they almost never find a phenomenon, no matter how odd or irrelevant it looks when they first see it, that doesn't prove to serve a function. The outcome itself may be due to small accidents of evolution. -E. O. Wilson

Evangelical Christians, who once were a ridiculed irrelevant sectarian movement, have, over just three decades, become a powerful voting bloc that can no longer be ignored. -Tony Campolo

Every book I've written has been a different attempt to understand something, and the success or failure of the previous one is irrelevant. I write the book I want. -Yann Martel

For the longest time in Denmark I didn't want to say what I was politically. I thought it was irrelevant. -Bjorn Lomborg

I think that having comedy where people talk the way they really talk, when you talk with your friends and whatever, it's really, it's important. Or else you're making stuff that's a little bit watered down and irrelevant. -Seth Gordon

Biennial culture is already almost irrelevant, because so many more people are providing so many better opportunities for artists to exhibit their work. -Jerry Saltz

I suddenly think the job of acting is a difficult one. It's not as flip, irrelevant and shallow a calling as I thought it was in the Eighties. -Rowan Atkinson

These little daily choices that we're so used to thinking are irrelevant are the most important thing we do all day long. -Jonathan Safran Foer

I feel increasingly like age is very irrelevant. Quite often, cynicism is confused with wisdom, and my scorn is confused with a knowing, which I don't have. -Laura Marling

It's interesting because with a lot of people who I've met in comedy, it seems not to matter what your background is. In terms of formal schooling – I feel like that's a nineteenth century term – but in terms of where you went to high school or college, or wherever, all that really is irrelevant, I have found, in comedy. -Ellie Kemper

I don't like the word 'experiment' in the context of art in general. It implies something immature, unfinished, something entertaining for a moment before it becomes irrelevant. -Abel Korzeniowski

Engineering is treated with disdain, on the whole. It's considered to be rather boring and irrelevant, yet neither of those is true. -James Dyson

I feel like there's an obsession with pace right now in theater, with things being very fast and very witty and very loud, and I think we're all so freaked out about theater keeping audiences interested because everybody's so freaked out about theater becoming irrelevant. -Annie Baker

When I arrived in America, I experienced serious culture shock. For someone with a religious upbringing, the 1960s were an extremely difficult time. Even though religion was a big part of the civil rights and peace movements, in my college religion was treated as irrelevant, hopelessly stodgy, and behind the times. -Feisal Abdul Rauf

The Booker 2011 is of no more interest to me than the world heavyweight championship, which I'm not going to win either. It's irrelevant. -Edward St Aubyn

Conservatives conserve and that is why they became irrelevant. -John Reid

Mindfulness is so powerful that the fact that it comes out of Buddhism is irrelevant. -Jon Kabat-Zinn

While the older generation is content to sit around and critique culture, that culture is moving beyond them. At some point the traditional church and all of the expressions of that church will become essentially irrelevant. -Ted Dekker

When I started, there was more of a cultural assumption that many readers would find gay characters irrelevant or repugnant. -Carol Anshaw

Every time you look at a house in Los Angeles, the real-estate agent will tell you that someone famous once lived there. It always seemed irrelevant to me: Does a property gain value just because Alfred Hitchcock used to eat breakfast there? -Claire Scovell LaZebnik

It is the artist's function not to copy but to synthesise: to eliminate from that gross confusion of actuality which is his raw material whatever is accidental, idle, irrelevant, and select for perpetuation that only which is appropriate and immortal. -William Ernest Henley

Graphic Design, which fulfills aesthetic needs, complies with the laws of form and exigencies of two-dimensional space; which speaks in semiotics, sans-serifs, and geometrics; which abstracts, transforms, translates, rotates, dilates, repeats, mirrors, groups, and regroups, is not good design if it is irrelevant. -Paul Rand

Any system that sees aesthetics as irrelevant, that separates the artist from his product, that fragments the work of the individual, or creates by committee, or makes mincemeat of the creative process will, in the long run, diminish not only the product but the maker as well. -Paul Rand

I've always said, 'I don't want to be irrelevant.' -Henry Paulson

I don't care what reviewers think. If somebody hates a performance of mine, I kind of get a kick out of it. It amuses me when critics take something so irrelevant as a movie so seriously. -Stephen Baldwin

The No. 1 quote critics give me is, 'Thom, your work is irrelevant.' Now, that's a fascinating, fascinating comment. Yes, irrelevant to the little subculture, this microculture, of modern art. But here's the point: My art is relevant because it's relevant to 10 million people. That makes me the most relevant artist in this culture. -Thomas Kinkade

Ocean rowing is very much what you make it. Rowing technique is pretty irrelevant on the ocean. It's the psychology that's important. -Roz Savage

Most architects work in studios largely divorced from academia, as if ideas, criticism and historical research were irrelevant. -David Chipperfield

I believe that worrying about the problems plaguing our planet without taking steps to confront them is absolutely irrelevant. The only thing that changes this world is taking action. -Jody Williams

If you're watching a film on your television, is it no longer a film because you're not watching it in a theatre? If you watch a TV show on your iPad, is it no longer a TV show? The device and the length are irrelevant; the labels are useless, except perhaps to agents and managers and lawyers, who use these labels to conduct business deals. -Kevin Spacey

You don't look at a painting and ask if the artist was gay or straight. I think it's irrelevant in any situation – I don't care if my garbageman is gay or straight as long as he picks up the garbage. -Bryan Batt

Some Christians feel guilty when they are doing something that isn't 'spiritual.' Somehow or another, they feel the need to hurry through the grocery store, dash through the house cleaning, and rush through all the daily aspects of life that seem irrelevant to their faith. -Joyce Meyer

General reader feedback is usually pretty worthless. 99% of people give feedback that is irrelevant, stupid, or just flat out wrong. But that 1% of people who give good feedback are invaluable. -Tucker Max

You can't talk about life without talking about politics. You have to have both. If you're just a political person, you're going to burn out. If you, as an artist, are just focused inward, you're going to eventually be irrelevant. -Robert Adams

Being made to feel like an irrelevant child was probably an asset. Benign negligence is not a bad parental attitude or at least a cross between a benevolent dictator and benign negligence – you should just let kids crack on with it. -Clare Balding

It's not always easy being a full-time feminist – especially as a young woman – when you're constantly being told that what you do is irrelevant. I'm on the defense all the time. -Jessica Valenti

The Christian leader of the future is called to be completely irrelevant and to stand in this world with nothing to offer but his or her own vulnerable self. God loves us, not because of what we do or accomplish, but because God has created and redeemed us in love. -Henri Nouwen

I'm sure I've lost a few jobs because I'm a Christian. That's irrelevant. I can honestly say that of everything I have, of everything I've experienced, nothing compares to the joy of knowing Christ. Because I've been given a glimpse of Heaven and it outshines all of the rest. -Kirk Cameron

People can say or think whatever they want… so in my reality, it's kind of irrelevant. I'm always the kind of person that does the right thing and keeps my side of the street clean. -Joel Madden

I'm constantly tortured, and that's why I say happiness is irrelevant. Happiness is for children and yuppies. -John Zorn

If your customer base is aging with you, then eventually you are going to become obsolete or irrelevant. You need to be constantly figuring out who are your new customers and what are you doing to stay forever young. -Jeff Bezos

For women in my family, in Korean culture, women are really valued in their youth, and then when they get older, it's like they almost become irrelevant. -Margaret Cho

I never use the word 'I' when I interview someone. I think it's irrelevant. -Larry King

Sport is a great equalizer that can build bridges, transcend borders and cultures, and render even the fiercest conflicts temporarily irrelevant. -Richard Attias

A lot of the time we think finances are immediately linked to experience, opportunities, image, and all sorts of important things that can progress us in life. Sometimes they're not. Finances can be completely irrelevant if you allow yourself to feel like things are going well. -Natalia Kills

Social media, for all of its limitations, is rarely irrelevant. The stream of updates on your Facebook page, for instance, is algorithmically engineered to be darn-near irresistible. -Ryan Holmes

There are wonderfully intrinsic moments when life makes sense, and doubts are banished as irrelevant in those moments. Of course, we can't stay in that state. We're not here to be blissed out all the time. -Huston Smith

I loved Dad more for treating the biological reality as trivial, irrelevant. He loved me no less than his other three children. -Allegra Huston

Why do we even need WikiLeaks? They're not the only organization that publishes leaks. And they don't have some special technology that allows them to post on the Internet with mirrored sites. The idea of WikiLeaks lives on, but as an organization, it's become increasingly irrelevant. -Alex Gibney

No, I never saw an angel, but it is irrelevant whether I saw one or not. I feel their presence around me. -Paulo Coelho

Women don't need to have our own little corner of the church where we can feel precious or, alternatively, cranky. In every essential thing, as far as life in Christ is concerned, the differences between men and women are irrelevant. -Frederica Mathewes-Green

When I was in middle school, and teachers lectured about World War II, the conflict seemed impossibly distant and irrelevant. And it had only happened 15 years earlier. -Don Kardong

The dissolution of the Oslo Accords would serve as the official act validating what we already know – that this failed framework is totally irrelevant in 2013. -Danny Danon

For Mitt Romney, the complex question of anti-Mormon bias boils down to the practical matter of how he can make it go away. Facing a traditional American anti-Catholicism, John F. Kennedy gave a speech during the 1960 presidential campaign declaring his private religion irrelevant to his qualifications for public office. -Noah Feldman

When we put our trust in diplomacy, it is not because it is an inspiring or uplifting discourse or because it helps us see the common humanity in others. The stylized circumlocutions of diplomats can make them seem ridiculous or irrelevant: they never seem to be talking about what is really going on. -Noah Feldman

It is easy to dismiss the world as 'irrelevant,' or consumed by 'paranoid anti-Americanism,' but perhaps not wise. -Noam Chomsky

The greatest obstacle to the welfare state is not greed but private charity that makes the welfare state irrelevant; the greatest obstacle to re-education of children in the name of the collective is allegiance to a higher power. More than that, the greatest obstacle to the state as god is an actual God above the state. -Ben Shapiro

Maybe all theatre is going to be irrelevant for all time. -Israel Horovitz

No matter how irrelevant social class now is, even the most eager egalitarian must be quietly proud that the posh English rose is still an industry standard for peerlessly sophisticated beauty. -Kate Reardon

The point of theatre is transformation: to make an extraordinary event out of ordinary material right in front of an audience's eyes. Where the germ of the idea came from is pretty much irrelevant. What matters to every theatre maker I know is speaking clearly to the audience 'right now.' -Lee Hall

My age has so little to do with my image of myself because at a certain point, the number just didn't fit how I felt. It has become irrelevant to me. I just don't feel like that number is representative of my spirit, of my energy or my anything! -Christie Brinkley

When I was twelve or thirteen, if you liked something that was outside of your friend group genre, you had to rationalize and explain it in some way. It's totally irrelevant, I think, now. I don't think anybody cares. Not young people, at least. Maybe journalists. -Autre Ne Veut

Many think of memory as rote learning, a linear stuffing of the brain with facts, where understanding is irrelevant. When you teach it properly, with imagination and association, understanding becomes a part of it. -Tony Buzan

There is no part of the world that is irrelevant to the United States anymore. -Hillary Clinton

It's really irrelevant, but I wouldn't want to be stick thin. It's better to have bit of fat on your face when you get older. -Alison Moyet

In the workplace, employees should be judged on their merit and hard work and not on aspects that are irrelevant to their performance. -Paul Singer

Your lineage and surname become irrelevant after your first film. Audiences do not care. -Sanjay Dutt

Old-style management is irrelevant. -Peter Diamandis

Man – life in general – seems irrelevant to the workings of the universe: a mere smudge of water, grease, and carbon on a pinpoint planet circling a star of no special consequence. -Leonard Susskind

One of the sad things about retiring is that you just become increasingly irrelevant. The world flows around you, and you don't seem to be impacting it any longer. -John Mackey

Traditional ways of distinguishing populations are irrelevant in terms of genetic code. -Craig Venter

It's irrelevant to me what young Singaporeans think of me. I've lived long enough to know that you may be idealised in life and reviled after you're dead. -Lee Kuan Yew

History should belong to all of us, and it needs to include people from different cultural backgrounds. Otherwise, it risks becoming irrelevant to children, who could then become disenchanted with education. -Malorie Blackman

I get asked why there aren't more female directors all the time. I'm kind of reluctant to talk about it. That's not because I think the question is irrelevant or stupid. It's just that there are so many mitigating factors. -Lisa Cholodenko

I am told by others that I have a lateral-thinking, broad approach to problems, sometimes to my detriment. In school, my grades always suffered because I was continually mucking about with irrelevant side issues, which I often found to be more interesting. -Barry Marshall

Ideas are nothing. They're irrelevant. If you think your idea is so important, you're doomed. The reality is if you don't like one idea, I've got 299 more. If I tell you my idea, and you can execute better against that idea than I can – great; I get to play a terrific game. -Warren Spector

I don't distinguish between men and women. This is irrelevant to me, and I don't think in these terms. -Ada Yonath

The problem in a lot of low-income countries is that people take out loans to go and get degrees, which are then irrelevant in the job market. -Leila Janah

You never want to sound bitter about critics, because they're entitled to do their job, too, but I place much more trust in a person who I can look in the eye and someone who I know I share some kind of taste with – so my friends, for instance. For me, a critic is unknown and therefore irrelevant. -Laura Donnelly

Almost overnight, white people have gone from being very powerful to potentially irrelevant. Their future in South Africa is not what many had envisaged, so it involves a lot of reinvention. -Damon Galgut

That's all small talk is – a quick way to connect on a human level – which is why it is by no means as irrelevant as the people who are bad at it insist. In short, it's worth making the effort. -Lynn Coady

We grew up in Woolton, Liverpool. We didn't have much, but it was irrelevant. We played out a lot with all the kids on the street. -Rebecca Ferguson

In my darker moments, I feel like the Queen of England, bound and gagged by reverence. Tin-crowned and irrelevant. -Stacey D'Erasmo

For us, it's a matter of just staying alive and getting the best deal we can now. Eventually, this will all straighten out. It may be two generations away or 10 generations away, but time is irrelevant in that sense. As long as we, as a people, stay alive, we will survive. -John Trudell

I have a nice house, nice cars, nice watches, nice things. I've got money in the bank. I'm not in need of a few quid – as it stands. It's all irrelevant to me. -Tyson Fury

If you lose, you can't lead. If you don't lead, you're irrelevant. Winning is what it's all about in politics. -Lionel Sosa

We all recall what is or was important to us and are astonished when it slips other people's minds. Perhaps we dismiss as irrelevant matters of crucial concern to those we love. That's life as most of us experience it, and which few movies document with such understated acuity as 'Boyhood' does. -Richard Corliss

One of the main things I know about O.J. Simpson is that he is a compulsive talker. So if I were to ask him one question, I would get 45 minutes on the history of the case. It would be irrelevant what I would ask him – he would just start talking. -Jeffrey Toobin

The World Wide Web went from zero to millions of web pages in a few years. Many revolutions look irrelevant just before they change everything swiftly. -George M. Church

Maybe the future of Syria will not be a presidential system where one person will have all the power, so, the discussion about who should and should not rule Syria will become irrelevant. Let the Syrian people decide. -Mohammad Javad Zarif

Time is irrelevant to me. I never wear a watch. -Mariah Carey

Nothing in the world causes more problems than concepts of ethnic virtue. It's irrelevant. -Jim Harrison

I believe that the worst thing the liberals did in this country was the Lyndon Johnson welfare system, which broke up millions of marriages by funneling taxpayers' money solely to the woman. That made the father and husband irrelevant. -Phyllis Schlafly

People are quick to be like, 'You're irrelevant. You're a flop; you're washed up.' -Missy Elliott

Gender is irrelevant. Certainly the tennis ball doesn't know what the gender was of the tennis coach. -Martina Navratilova

Is the American theatre allowing itself to become irrelevant? The problem isn't that playwrights aren't being paid enough. It's that theatres all over America are looking towards New York to tell them what new plays to do. -Theresa Rebeck

When it comes up with my age, I'm like, let's just end the conversation there. That's irrelevant to me. I'll pitch until I'm 40. -Jake Arrieta

Thackeray is an institution that cannot become irrelevant because of one election. -Sharad Pawar

'Hairspray' has never been irrelevant, which is, in some ways, heartbreaking. -Dove Cameron

I had all these singles come out within a two-month period, and then nothing for almost two years. You start to feel a little irrelevant. You realize how many people there are trying to be songwriters and how competitive it is and how political things can be. -Julia Michaels

When the state was going to tell you what your future would be, science fiction was irrelevant. -Robert J. Sawyer

Labels, boxes, and politically correct terminology all seem small and irrelevant when being compared to the violent and brutal attacks on the lives of people who are different than what society says we should be. -La'Porsha Renae

What I want to do is create jobs that make the minimum wage irrelevant. -Thom Tillis

Labels are irrelevant. It's the results. -Thom Tillis

Market mechanisms are totally irrelevant when resources are used to serve a larger purpose, especially for the underserved, unserved, or marginalised. -Kapil Sibal

The news as entertainment is the real danger, because the truth or accuracy of what it is reporting becomes irrelevant. -Ryan Holiday

You can have all the intentions you want and try and guide the narrative, but the narrative is irrelevant because it's how the public digests it that will be indicative of what the series will ultimately be. -Mike Colter

You know what somebody else's fundraise metrics are to you? Irrelevant. You know what your own last round post was? Irrelevant. Yes, I know, not legally, because of those pesky rights and preferences. But emotionally, trust me: it is irrelevant now. We even have a name for this – valuation nostalgia. -Heidi Roizen

As far as my mental approach, I really think it's just knowing that the past is really irrelevant. -Jake Arrieta

I hate the new word processors that want to tell you, as you're typing, that you made a mistake. I have to turn off all that crap. It's like, shut up – I'm thinking now. I will worry about that sort of error later. I'm a human being. I can still read this, even though it's wrong. You stupid machine, the fact that you can't is irrelevant to me. -Ellen Ullman

There is no Left and Right any more. Left and Right is irrelevant… We need big change. We've got to get back control of our country. -Nigel Farage

Fascism says what you and I experience as facts or what reporters experience as facts are irrelevant. All that matters are impressions and emotions and myths. -Timothy D. Snyder

Fortunately, economists open to new ways of thinking are finding novel ways to use supposedly irrelevant factors to make the world a better place. -Richard Thaler

Censorship no longer works by hiding information from you; censorship works by flooding you with immense amounts of misinformation, of irrelevant information, of funny cat videos, until you're just unable to focus. -Yuval Noah Harari

The old 20th-century political model of Left vs. Right is now basically irrelevant, and the real divide today is between global and national, global or local. All over the world, this is not the main struggle. -Yuval Noah Harari

We believe the size is almost irrelevant to investment success. Our size has certainly not diminished our enthusiasm for investing in our funds, our ability to find or create opportunities, or our performance outlook. -John Paulson

Item song dancers like Silk Smitha and Jayamalini have become irrelevant. The heroines are doing those dances themselves. -Radha Ravi

My sexuality, in terms of 'Strictly' or whatever else I do in my life, ought to be as irrelevant as the length of my big toe. -Robert Rinder

Comparison is painful. Don't be cowed by other people's pretty pictures. When you feel unimpressive, or irrelevant, that has nothing to do with what you're actually capable of. -Jennifer Egan

I think my perspective on my age is really irrelevant. -Ian Ziering

I don't play golf. I don't play basketball. I don't really like cards. I don't think anybody questions whether or not I have a role to play here. And so I think it is irrelevant whether the president wants to do that in some of his free time. What's really important is, when we have something to say, does he listen to us? -Valerie Jarrett

Government, in many ways, is absolutely going to, if not already has, become irrelevant. It's not going to be in control anymore with the technologies that are coming down the pipe. -Shervin Pishevar

Part of what dressing for yourself means requires your understanding that the scrutiny of others is frankly irrelevant. -Leandra Medine

In a modern digitalized world, it is possible to paralyze a country without attacking its defense forces: The country can be ruined by simply bringing its SCADA systems to a halt. To impoverish a country, one can erase its banking records. The most sophisticated military technology can be rendered irrelevant. In cyberspace, no country is an island. -Toomas Hendrik Ilves

I genre-hop quite a lot. I love manipulating genre and deconstructing it and making it irrelevant. Genreless music is great because it means you get to write in any genre that you like. -Jack Garratt

In an economy increasingly dominated by network effects, peer-to-peer transactions, self-regulation, and contract labor, the old frameworks are woefully irrelevant. -Anand Giridharadas

Your body is not your art – it's your paintbrush. Whether your paintbrush is a tall paintbrush or a thin paintbrush or a stocky paintbrush or a scratched up paintbrush is completely irrelevant. -Glennon Doyle Melton

When your primary function is to be happy, then whatever comes to you is irrelevant. Happiness is your true manifestation. -Gabrielle Bernstein

We want to make the old fast food model irrelevant. We want to make great ingredients and classic cooking techniques accessible to everybody. -Steve Ells

I'm no longer the young woman I was playing before, and I'm in a profession where that continuum that is me is irrelevant to most people – they're meeting me for the first time, seeing me for the first time, and they're seeing an old woman, so that's what I've got to start being. -Harriet Walter

Age is irrelevant. -Frances Hesselbein

Carry a big basket. In other words, be open to new ideas, different partners, and new practices, and have a willingness to dump out the old and irrelevant to make room for new approaches. -Frances Hesselbein

Good leaders make people's strengths effective and their weaknesses irrelevant. -Frances Hesselbein

Timing is irrelevant when it comes to desire. -Marjorie Liu

The fact that, almost a century after refrigeration made salt-preserved foods irrelevant, we are still eating them demonstrates the affection we have for salt. -Mark Kurlansky

I think the FISA court's basically totally irrelevant. -William Binney

I think age is neither an asset nor challenge; it all depends on how you present yourself. Age is sort of irrelevant. -Lauren Bush

I've never understood why anyone would want to join the army, but that's irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that, as long as we go on voting in governments who are prepared to take troops into an illegal war, that army is a necessity. -John Tiffany

Whether or not you call it Black Lives Matter, whether or not you put a hashtag in front of it, whether or not you call it the Movement for Black Lives, all of that is irrelevant. Because there was resistance before Black Lives Matter, and there will be resistance after Black Lives Matter. -Alicia Garza

I've seen every idea. Ideas are irrelevant. You are judged on execution, and the number 1 way to prove that you can execute is by executing. -Michael Seibel

Wherever people come from, that's irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. What is important is that they bring a skill or a talent or something that's going to benefit America. -Corey Stewart

A show is good when there is a meeting of time and space, when time and space become irrelevant. -Robert Lepage

The gender is irrelevant; the identity is the one you should try and create for yourself by yourself, and the narrative of your own life becomes your own book. -Genesis P-Orridge

The fundamental dogma of Modernism – that, if the past is irrelevant to the future, then today is irrelevant to tomorrow – has created a throwaway society of disposable objects. That is sick. -Marcel Wanders

Modernism is an outmoded way of thinking about design: it just doesn't reflect the way we live now. It always puts forward this idea that the past is irrelevant to tomorrow – and tomorrow is all that matters. But the past is part of who we are. -Marcel Wanders

America's a gangbanger country. We got our gang, and everything else is irrelevant. -Michael Che

Everything else is irrelevant after the bliss of giving a perfect shot. -Prabhas

Gender is irrelevant, and if you love somebody, you love somebody. -Jeffree Star

I think records are irrelevant, but I'm being approached about it all the time. If I could avoid it, that would be great. -John Stockton

People shouting abuse has happened for a very long time, and I find it kind of amusing and irrelevant. -Tony Wilson

I reject this idea that who Bernie Sanders was in the 1960s is irrelevant. Who you are and what you do, what you fought for, and who and what you fought against, is always relevant. -Shaun King

It's irrelevant whether it's a big match or not. It's about focusing on your job at the time. You're still trying to do things as well as you can. -Owen Farrell

I did GCSE's and A-levels. I did my finals after the Lions tour in 2009 to get my law degree. So I've always had an eye on life beyond playing, irrelevant of the period in my career. -Alun Wyn Jones

Who is Allen West? What is Allen West doing with his time? He's the most irrelevant person in America. -Ana Kasparian

I know all the guys in NXT have a lot of talent, and that's the reason why they are there. But in this sport, you can see guys with a lot of talent in the minor leagues, when they move into the major leagues, they become irrelevant. -Alberto Del Rio

It's irrelevant how I prefer to play and what I want. It's all about what works for the team. -Georginio Wijnaldum

If I've learned anything from social media, it's truly that the most irrelevant people always say the most absurd stuff. -Pat McAfee

They've been irrelevant to me, the print media, because my link does not depend upon the menial minds of the scribblers in Canberra or anywhere else. -Bob Hawke

I do my research the same as everyone else – I watch games relentlessly and try to be the best that I can be. It should be irrelevant whether I'm male or female, so as long as I work hard and try my best at it, then more we keep speaking about it, then we can eradicate it from the game. -Karen Carney

Many young people don't vote because they feel unwelcome and irrelevant, and that's the system's fault… As much as MTV tries to get them to vote, politicians don't include young voters because young voters don't donate money. -Ken Hakuta

I've done strategic planning, all kind of cash flows, but in fad marketing, it is all really irrelevant. It is marketing by total gut feeling. There is no market research. You either sell 500 of something, and it is a total bomb, or you sell 500 million. -Ken Hakuta

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