Best Quotes About Irrational

It is by no means an irrational fancy that, in a future existence, we shall look upon what we think our present existence, as a dream. -Edgar Allan Poe

Human beings are the only creatures who are able to behave irrationally in the name of reason. -Ashley Montagu

You must strive to multiply bread so that it suffices for the tables of mankind, and not rather favor an artificial control of birth, which would be irrational, in order to diminish the number of guests at the banquet of life. -Pope Paul VI

Fear of serious injury alone cannot justify oppression of free speech and assembly. Men feared witches and burnt women. It is the function of speech to free men from the bondage of irrational fears. -Louis D. Brandeis

Great art is as irrational as great music. It is mad with its own loveliness. -George Jean Nathan

The fact that logic cannot satisfy us awakens an almost insatiable hunger for the irrational. -A. N. Wilson

The irrational in the human has something about it altogether repulsive and terrible, as we see in the maniac, the miser, the drunkard or the ape. -George Santayana

The irrationality of a thing is no argument against its existence, rather a condition of it. -Friedrich Nietzsche

The more I work with the body, keeping my assumptions in a temporary state of reservation, the more I appreciate and sympathize with a given disease. The body no longer appears as a sick or irrational demon, but as a process with its own inner logic and wisdom. -George MacDonald

Most of the time common stocks are subject to irrational and excessive price fluctuations in both directions as the consequence of the ingrained tendency of most people to speculate or gamble… to give way to hope, fear and greed. -Benjamin Graham

You're an actor, are you? Well, all that means is: you are irresponsible, irrational, romantic, and incapable of handling an adult emotion or a universal concept without first reducing it to something personal, material, sensational – and probably sexual! -George Herman

When I was old enough to realize all meat was killed, I saw it as an irrational way of using our power, to take a weaker thing and mutilate it. It was like the way bullies would take control of younger kids in the schoolyard. -River Phoenix

The poetry of a people comes from the deep recesses of the unconscious, the irrational and the collective body of our ancestral memories. -Margaret Walker

It is even possible that laws which have not their origin in the mind may be irrational, and we can never succeed in formulating them. -Arthur Eddington

We must not demonstrate any arrogance, and we must refrain from any irrational or undemocratic behavior. -Chen Shui-bian

Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes are uncertain. People are irrational. -Hugh Mackay

You could argue that war is always an irrational act, and yet many states enter into military conflict out of rational calculation or national interest or the stability or longevity of their regime. -William C. Kirby

Orwell was the sort of man who was full of grievances. He was very loyal. Once he got to know you, he was extremely loyal. He hated passionately and irrationally. -George Woodcock

Bin Laden does reprehensible activities, and we should surely take care of that by killing him as soon as we can. But he's not an irrational man. He's a very worthy enemy. He's an enemy to worry about. -Michael Scheuer

I approach my character with the question: What would an animal think? How would an animal respond? A lot of times, it's quick action and no fear, and sometimes it's irrational fear. You don't always know. -Victoria Pratt

I think life's an irrational obsession. -Sean Penn

By the way, the point between rationality and what we would call the irrational is a very difficult point to establish. There's no specific line, as you know. -Leo Ornstein

I have been primarily interested in how and why ordinary people do unusual things, things that seem alien to their natures. Why do good people sometimes act evil? Why do smart people sometimes do dumb or irrational things? -Philip Zimbardo

For centuries many of the world's distinguished philosophers have assaulted Christianity as being irrational, superstitious and absurd. -Josh McDowell

You have to think an awful lot about your motivations or people's behavioral intentions or what their body language can indicate or what's really going on or what makes people sometimes do, sometimes, the irrational things they do. -Ron Silver

Symptoms, those you believe you recognize, seem to you irrational because you take them in an isolated manner, and you want to interpret them directly. -Jacques Lacan

If something is irrational, that means it won't work. It's usually unrealistic. -Albert Ellis

There's no evidence whatsoever that men are more rational than women. Both sexes seem to be equally irrational. -Albert Ellis

Violence and irrationality were so long and thoroughly cultivated among the Irish, and so perfectly ingrained into their nature, that modern civilization has as yet been unable to extract the virus. -Thomas Mellon

Racists are irrational and illogical in their attempts to justify their prejudices. -Sargent Shriver

I think it would be very foolish not to take the irrational seriously. -Jeanette Winterson

It's the irrational things that interest me. -Harrison Birtwistle

The more irrational of us are worried about the millennium ending – as if a date would really matter. -Sting

Poetry involves the mysteries of the irrational perceived through rational words. -Vladimir Nabokov

Since all life is futility, then the decision to exist must be the most irrational of all. -Emil Cioran

Having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit. -Bill Cosby

Nothing defines humans better than their willingness to do irrational things in the pursuit of phenomenally unlikely payoffs. This is the principle behind lotteries, dating, and religion. -Scott Adams

Superstition is foolish, childish, primitive and irrational – but how much does it cost you to knock on wood? -Judith Viorst

What lingers from the parent's individual past, unresolved or incomplete, often becomes part of her or his irrational parenting. -Virginia Satir

It is the mission of the twentieth century to elucidate the irrational. -Maurice Merleau-Ponty

The scientific spirit is of more value than its products, and irrationally held truths may be more harmful than reasoned errors. -Thomas Huxley

It is not to be forgotten that what we call rational grounds for our beliefs are often extremely irrational attempts to justify our instincts. -Thomas Huxley

As repressed sadists are supposed to become policemen or butchers so those with an irrational fear of life become publishers. -Cyril Connolly

Nine-tenths of tactics are certain, and taught in books: but the irrational tenth is like the kingfisher flashing across the pool, and that is the test of generals. -T. E. Lawrence

I don't think you can rely on Iran. I don't think you can rely on other radicals like the Taliban. They dispatched Al Qaida to bomb New York and Washington. What were they thinking? Were they that stupid? They weren't stupid. There is an irrationality there, and there is madness in this method. -Benjamin Netanyahu

I think anybody who has been abused as a kid – and I was abused as a kid, by various people – will say it's irrational because violence is irrational. -Samantha Morton

I am bundle of nerves riddled with irrational fears. -Tori Spelling

I suppose if you look back to your early childhood you accept everything people tell you, and that includes a heavy dose of irrationality – you're told about tooth fairies and Father Christmas and things. -Richard Dawkins

I have irrational fears, and they all go back to losing my father as a kid. I've never gotten over it. -Tim Allen

I still believe that any country understands that if they use nuclear weapons, they will be wiped out of existence. They could be irrational in many ways, but I don't think they're irrational to the point that they're ready to annihilate their own country. -Mohamed ElBaradei

To criticize a person for their race is manifestly irrational and ridiculous, but to criticize their religion, that is a right. That is a freedom. -Rowan Atkinson

I see no reason to have my shirts ironed. It's irrational. -Barry Commoner

Distortions control my self-image, like they do for a lot of us. It's irrational. -Ron Perlman

I have thought sometimes that the sanest people, the people who are just very balanced, very happy, are probably lower achieving than other people. My kind of irrationality happens to be fear or anxiety. -Jon Ronson

Today mythical thinking has fallen into disrepute; we often dismiss it as irrational and self-indulgent. But the imagination is also the faculty that has enabled scientists to bring new knowledge to light and to invent technology that has made us immeasurably more effective. -Karen Armstrong

Interestingly, human irrationality is a hot topic in economics at the moment. Behavioural economics it's called, on the cusp of economics and psychology. -Evan Davis

Every song has a composer, every book has an author, every car has a maker, every painting has a painter, and every building has a builder. So it isn't irrational to take this simple logic a little further and say that nature must have had a Maker. It would be irrational to believe that it made itself. -Ray Comfort

I read the Bible when I was 12 while studying for my bar mitzvah. I was also reading a lot of Dilbert comics at the time, and I guess the two kind of got fused in my mind. I've always imagined God as an irrational, distractible boss. It's my best explanation for our planet. -Simon Rich

We face a conflict between civilisation and culture, which used to be on the same side. Civilisation means rational reflection, material wellbeing, individual autonomy and ironic self-doubt; culture means a form of life that is customary, collective, passionate, spontaneous, unreflective and irrational. -Terry Eagleton

I love my early movies, but naturalism is an artist's early style. Now I want to deal with feelings, dreams, an acceptance of irrationality. -Irvin Kershner

I started in business journalism from the outside, so when I started writing about markets and business, I was struck by the fact that markets seemed to work well even though people are often irrational, lack good information and are not perfect in the way they think about decisions. -James Surowiecki

I often worry that my idea of personhood is nostalgic, irrational, inaccurate. -Zadie Smith

Fashion somehow, for me, is purely and happily irrational. -Hedi Slimane

Work takes different forms. I can spend two or three days without completing anything, and it's choppy: it's filled with all kinds of irrationalities and stupid actions. I have some notion, and then I drop it because something else comes along. I'm forever darting from one side of the room to the other. -Edward Ruscha

Among irrational animals the love of the offspring and of the parents for each other is extraordinary because God, who created them, compensated for the deficiency of reason by the superiority of their senses. -Saint Basil

I don't know if it's irrational, and I would never say this before, but I think I'm a little bit agoraphobic when I'm in huge crowds of people. I mean, it's claustrophobic, probably – small spaces and large groups of people, anxiety rises for me. -Taylor Hanson

What do you call an electorate that seems prone to acting out irrationally, is full of inchoate rage, and is constantly throwing fits and tantrums? You call it teenaged. -Graydon Carter

Theology is in disrepute among most Western intellectuals. The word is taken to mean a passe form of religious thinking that embraces irrationality and dogmatism. So too, Scholasticism. -Rodney Stark

What strikes the historian surveying anti-Semitism worldwide over more than two millennia is its fundamental irrationality. It seems to make no sense, any more than malaria or meningitis makes sense. -Paul Johnson

What we need to understand is, one, that there are market failures; and two, that there are things like asset bubbles and irrational exuberance. There are periods of booms, bubbles, and manias. These things, if left to themselves, can lead to crashes, to busts, to panics. -Nouriel Roubini

Even the most analytical thinkers are predictably irrational; the really smart ones acknowledge and address their irrationalities. -Dan Ariely

It is true that from a behavioral economics perspective we are fallible, easily confused, not that smart, and often irrational. We are more like Homer Simpson than Superman. So from this perspective it is rather depressing. But at the same time there is also a silver lining. There are free lunches! -Dan Ariely

The traits the word 'childish' addresses are seen so often in adults that we should abolish this age-discriminatory word when it comes to criticizing behavior associated with irresponsibility and irrational thinking. -Adora Svitak

Great creativity is astonishingly, absurdly, rationally, irrationally powerful. -Andy Hobsbawm

There's absolutely nothing irrational about me; insane, yes, irrational, no. But my dumbest fear would be spinning in the magic tea cups. Who the hell wants to pay to spin around like a bent yoyo for laughs? -Akshay Kumar

When you're in the throes of this romantic love, it's overwhelming – you're out of control, you're irrational, you're going to the gym at 6 A.M. every day – Why? Because she's there. -Helen Fisher

I'm not a monarchist. But I'm English. And I have an irrational emotion for my country. -Damon Albarn

For kids like me, being called childish can be a frequent occurrence. Every time we make irrational demands, exhibit irresponsible behavior, or display any other signs of being normal American citizens, we are called childish. -Adora Svitak

I'm irrational about all things creative, and I'm always late! -Iggy Azalea

If you simply announce that things are irrational, then that alone doesn't get you very far. You have to replace rational agents with some concrete notion of what it means to be irrational. -Lars Peter Hansen

Flowers make me irrationally happy. -Alexa Von Tobel

I don't want to be in a position that could make me vomit, like air travel. I've purloined airsick bags and stuffed them everywhere, just in case I ever feel the need to throw up. I haven't vomited since 1977, but I think about it all the time. I recognize that it's irrational, but I'd rather jump out of a window than vomit. -Scott Stossel

I am never excited to play through a song all the way, because it can reveal more flaws that mean more work. For some reason, I always have an irrational fear that the song will never be finished. -Robert Lopez

Superstition is the irrational belief that an object or behavior has the power to influence an outcome, when there's no logical connection between them. Most of us aren't superstitious – but most of us are a 'littlestitious.' -Gretchen Rubin

In medicine as well as in romantic poetry, it is the heart that is the center and controlling mechanics of life. If the heart stops, life stops. The loss of sight doesn't not mean death. Yet for ages, the eyes was believed to contain a human being's vital essence – a not wholly irrational belief. -Henry Grunwald

It is economically irrational to exclude large environmental costs from the balance sheets of the producers and the consumers. You are only kidding yourself if you export those costs on to society as a whole. -John Holdren

I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm still scared of the dark. I have to have a light on all night. It's completely irrational, and my son is the same. I just hate the dark. -Louise Nurding

I like to take certain aspects of genre fiction and modify them in my own way. 'Your Republic Is Calling You' follows the form of a spy novel, but it leads readers into a world of Kafkaesque irrationality. -Kim Young-ha

The advance of science spares us from irrational dread. -Martin Rees

Strong moral arguments exist for why we should often try to ignore stereotypes or override them. But we shouldn't assume they represent some irrational quirk of the unconscious mind. In fact, they're largely the consequence of the mind's attempt to make a rational decision. -Paul Bloom

The irrationality of disgust suggests it is unreliable as a source of moral insight. There may be good arguments against gay marriage, partial-birth abortions and human cloning, but the fact that some people find such acts to be disgusting should carry no weight. -Paul Bloom

I actually have a very real, irrational fear of zombies. -Jessica De Gouw

I'm a Taurus, which sounds like the name of a pickup truck. I'd prefer to be born under the sign of the rock wallaby. If you're going to interpret your life pursuant to an utterly irrational dogma, why can't it have a cute mascot? Rock wallabies really are fabulous animals, and in any remotely just world, they would have their own star sign. -Elliot Perlman

I used to always prefer to text, and in fact got indignant when people called. This was totally irrational. -Matt Mullenweg

I have an irrational fear that something bad is going to happen to me when I'm drinking out of a water fountain. I have no idea why. -Andrew Luck

For people of color – especially African Americans – the idea that racist cops might frame members of their community is no abstract notion, let alone an exercise in irrational conspiracy theorizing. Rather, it speaks to a social reality about which blacks are acutely aware. -Tim Wise

It is important to value intellect and discipline, of course, but it is also important to recognize the power of irrationality, enthusiasm and vast energy. -Kay Redfield Jamison

Science fiction has always had a dark side. There has been a touch of the irrational and absurd in the genre from the very beginning. -Douglas Lain

I think irrationality is one of the scariest things in the world. -Marcia Gay Harden

In the battle between the sexes, men and women will go practically to the end of the earth in illogical, irrational ways to give each other pain. -Karen DeCrow

I'm quite a rational person, but I'm drawn to the irrational. I love coincidences, and I like to question that in fiction: 'Is this random, or is there something working underneath?' -Lisa Tuttle

Being irrational and out of control is what happens in real life. Not cautiously choreographing your anger or your emotions, losing yourself in them is what happens in real life. -Margot Robbie

I have an irrational fear that I'm going to have a gruesome and untimely death because so many wonderful things are happening to me. -Margot Robbie

Religion is an irrational construct. -Michel Onfray

Art is so wonderfully irrational, exuberantly pointless, but necessary all the same. Pointless and yet necessary, that's hard for a puritan to understand. -Gunter Grass

When hypocrisy is a character trait, it also affects one's thinking, because it consists in the negation of all the aspects of reality that one finds disagreeable, irrational or repugnant. -Octavio Paz

You get more irrationality within the family and in consumer behavior than you get, say, in the behavior of firms in their purchases. -Ronald Coase

Overcrowding in the cities is producing a collective madness in which irrational violence flourishes because man needs more space in which to be than the modern city allows. -Gore Vidal

I think we are intrinsically prone to being irrational and superstitious. A lot of it comes from our fear of the unknown and the fear of a lack of control over our fate. -Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

Often, when you look at history, at least through the lens that many of us have looked at history – high school and college courses – a lot of the color gets bled out of it. You're left with a time period that does not look as strange and irrational as the time you're actually living through. -Karen Joy Fowler

In principle, junk bonds are basically useful, but they are used excessively and irrationally, notably in takeovers. -Maurice Allais

When you grow up being taught to worship, whatever that means, there is an array of body-rich symbols: tears, blood, crucifixion, the stations of the cross, transubstantiation… Faith is a belief in something that is irrational, and so to have faith, there is some correlation there with the belief in the art. -Robert Gober

Poetry is a form of necessary speech… I have sought to restore the aura of sacred practice that accompanies true poetic creation, to honor both the rational and the irrational elements of poetry. -Edward Hirsch

When I hear theists and atheists pontificating on how they know God does or does not exist, I can only smile at the irrationality and, yes, vanity of the notion. -Vincent Bugliosi

I think great artists have no time to waste with having disproportionate egos and irrational requests. They're too focused on their work to actually lose themselves in hysterical spirals where they become monsters or tyrants. -Xavier Dolan

I find it completely irrational to say someone who stands up for life for children is taking the life of adult. It's completely inconsistent with the values of the pro-life movement that are very passionate about protecting life, not taking life. -James Lankford

We want an Afghanistan that is shaped by the dreams of the great Afghan people, not by irrational fears and overreaching ambitions of others. -Narendra Modi

Reagan cut through irrational federal regulations to allow children to live with their parents, where they could receive care that would cost the taxpayer one-sixth as much as institutional care. By contrast, Obamacare has added thousands of pages of bureaucratic regulations and will cost the federal government untold billions. -Edwin Meese

I became a Communist by studying capitalist political economy, and when I had some understanding of that problem, it actually seemed to me so absurd, so irrational, so inhuman, that I simply began to elaborate on my own formulas for production and distribution. -Fidel Castro

My dad likes to tease me over this. We weren't there at Fenway, and it wasn't a consequential game, but Trot Nixon let a ball go through his legs, and from that moment on, I hated Trot Nixon. Really irrational. Based in nothing. But did not like him. -Katie Nolan

To deprecate human reason by saying that none of us is or can be omniscient is absurd, for it takes an impossible standard as the judge of a possible and real condition. All of our knowledge we get from the exercise of our reason; to say that no man can be God and know everything is to take an irrational standard of evaluation. -Murray Rothbard

The most important thing when you study hypnosis is that you learn that humans are irrational. Until you understand that, hypnosis is hard to do… For me, it was this great awakening to understand that humans are deeply irrational, and it's probably the greatest influence on me in terms of my writing. -Scott Adams

The importance in what we're seeing in countries around the world is a poorly regulated and poorly functioning private sector using irrational and ineffective medications that result in the emergence of drug-resistance tuberculosis. What we've done is begun a program to rapidly improve infection control in places that are treating TB patients. -Tom Frieden

It really does not matter whether one believes a mystical entity created the universe 5,000 or 10,000 million years ago – both are equally irrational, unsubstantiated claims of no fundamental validity. -Harry Kroto

One of the essential and most valid objections against the act of faith is that it is irrational, inasmuch as it offends against the syllogistic rule that the conclusion of an argument shall contain nothing more than the premises. -Vincent McNabb

It is no more irrational for the mind to take the word of the Eternal Word than for the eye to use light and for the ear to welcome sound. -Vincent McNabb

All religions are, in some basic sense, irrational. -Louis Theroux

Asking for a royally appointed prime minister is undemocratic. It is, pardon me, a mess. It is irrational. -Bhumibol Adulyadej

Abortion opponents know full well that the public would not abide putting women in prison en masse. Politically, it's more palatable to portray them as irrational, ignorant, and childlike, perhaps even temporarily insane. -Katha Pollitt

I believe, in the stock market – that's one of my fields – that most people are irrational. And to be irrational, you can be irrational in so many different ways that, practically, the result is indeterminate. -Paul Samuelson

We need an adult in the White House. When making life-or-death, war-or-peace decisions, a president can't just pop off or lash out irrationally. -Michelle Obama

As commissioner, I will attempt to see that no man is judged by the irrational criteria of race, religion, or national origin. And I assure you, I use the word 'man' in the generic sense, for I mean to see that the principle of nondiscrimination becomes a reality for women as well. -Eleanor Holmes Norton

Given the opportunity to do another 9/11, our vicious enemy would do it today, tomorrow, and every day thereafter. I don't know why they hate us, and I frankly don't care, but they do hate us and are driven irrationally to our destruction. -John F. Kelly

Abnormal stresses and strains tend to accentuate man's animal instincts and provoke irrational and socially disruptive behavior among the less stable individuals in the maddening crowd. -Norman Borlaug

We must adjust our value systems and work to modify today's societies, in which economic interests are carried to the extreme and irrationally produce not merely objects, but weapons of war. These societies don't care about the destruction of the planet and mankind as long as they earn profits – it can't go on like this. -Laura Esquivel

It may be irrational, but if you're local, the client often feels that, if worse comes to worst, they can knock on your door. They 'know where you live.' But when you're remote, they're going to be more suspicious when phone calls go unreturned or emails keep getting 'lost.' Stay on top of communications, and you'll reap the benefits. -Jason Fried

Why are women always described as 'desperate,' while men are just… irrational? -Parker Posey

As an engineer, I learned that a long time ago: you don't want to get into a rational discussion about irrational subjects. -Shahid Khan

Passing on a full scholarship to MIT would be irrational for me, but to my father and his parents, what would have been the point of spending five years at one of the world's most prestigious universities if he just ended up back on the farm? -Vivienne Ming

I don't have any irrational fears. Obviously, if I was walking through the outback, and I saw a snake, I wouldn't go up and stroke it, but I wouldn't run screaming from it, either. -Ophelia Lovibond

I don't get irrational about it, but I do have a deeply-rooted competitive spirit. Not necessarily towards other people, but towards any obstacle that I set for myself. -Sam Hunt

I'll never understand why people somehow support pollution. It's completely irrational, and I don't get it. Somewhere along the line, they bought into this fiction that one has to choose between the environment and business, which is just a complete falsehood and absurd. -Steven Van Zandt

What I like to say when you get into something that feels like a bubble or, at least, feels irrational is that you still want to build a company that has a strong discipline, business-building culture. -Travis Kalanick

Richard Nixon, famously, conducted his foreign policy according to the 'madman theory': he tried to convince enemy leaders that he was irrational and volatile in an attempt to intimidate them. But this was a potentially useful approach to foreign policy only because it was an act. -Lawrence M. Krauss

My mother endlessly told me I was too fat, that I wasn't a patch on my sister. It wasn't much fun growing up with her and her almost irrational social climbing in that huge house of my dull stepfather Hughdie Auchincloss in Washington. -Lee Radziwill

One term that's used in this industry a lot is this notion of 'feeding the beast.' You've got all of these people whose livelihoods are dependent on it. There are enormous pressures to keep material going into it, and the pressures to feed it are not irrational. They're the basis of your business. -Edwin Catmull

Tourette's has always been a tough one for many to digest because of its seeming irrationality: 'Why do you have to twitch or make noises? You seem normal, with no physical defects.' It's next to impossible to answer without living it. -Dash Mihok

I think tech lives inside of a society that still has a lot of systemic racism and doesn't stop at the boundaries of the tech industry. But neither is it especially exacerbated by being around technology. But it is maybe exacerbated by the irrational decision making of people who are trying to make money. -Stewart Butterfield

My job is making irrational people do rational things. -Scooter Braun

Humans are hard-wired to be irrational when it comes to financial decisions. We must understand that so we don't become the sucker at the poker table. -Whitney Tilson

While I take no pleasure in others' misfortunes, we've historically made most of our profits from other investors behaving in a panicked and irrational fashion and selling us certain stocks at prices far below their intrinsic value. More volatility equals cheaper stocks, which equals higher returns. -Whitney Tilson

It's totally irrational, patently insane to condemn an entire race – to despise an entire nation – to vilify an entire religion. -Stan Lee

I love talent because they are passionate. They can be emotional and irrational and unpredictable… and that's okay, because all we want is something exciting on the page and on the screen. -Kevin Reilly

If I thought about planning, I'd plan movies. If I thought about planning my life, I'd plan my life more rationally, not like New Yorkers who live their lives so irrationally, without reason. Maybe that's the connection between my movies and New York: the movies have the same kind of lack of overall design. -Paul Morrissey

Artists are those people who sit at the intersection between the known and unknown, the rational and irrational, coming to terms with some of the confusing histories we, as artists, deal with. -Kehinde Wiley

Your first company is like your first baby.You have this unconditional, irrational love. -Julia Hartz

Denying that race matters is irrational in the face of segregation and all of the other forms of obvious racial inequity in society… Maintaining this denial of reality takes tremendous emotional and psychic energy. -Robin DiAngelo

I am obsessed with trying to understand why there is such rampant denialism of science in our country. I find this exuberant irrationalism extremely disturbing. And this is particularly troubling, because I am a professional scientist. -Priyamvada Natarajan

Hate is irrational. I am a rational person. -Varg Vikernes

The more irrational you make your opponent, the more control you have over him in the ring. -Roy Jones Jr.

To all my young fans out there, I ask that you no longer consider me a role model. See me as an individual who had the opportunity to be a role model but blew it. Blew it with irresponsible, irrational, immature decisions. -Tommy Morrison

Tastes and behavior are important in economics. Nobody denies that. But the question is: How much of behavior is irrational, and how much of the irrational behavior really affects prices? It turns out that's very difficult to answer. -Eugene Fama

Our society is full of hypocrites and irrational people. -Vikrant Massey

I can't speak for everybody. But I will say that for me, when I've been depressed – and I get depressed. I have irrational bouts of anxiety. I have random FedEx deliveries of despondency. Just like, 'I didn't order this. Oh, well, keep the PJs on, cancel everything you're doing today. It's time to take a sad shower.' -Pete Holmes

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