Best Quotes About Irony

Neither irony or sarcasm is argument. -Samuel Butler

The supreme irony of life is that hardly anyone gets out of it alive. -Robert A. Heinlein

A taste for irony has kept more hearts from breaking than a sense of humor, for it takes irony to appreciate the joke which is on oneself. -Jessamyn West

If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom, and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money that it values more, it will lose that too. -W. Somerset Maugham

Probably it is impossible for humor to be ever a revolutionary weapon. Candide can do little more than generate irony. -Lionel Trilling

We are all tourists in history, and irony is what we win in wars. -Anatole Broyard

Without a trace of irony I can say I have been blessed with brilliant enemies. I owe them a great debt, because they redoubled my energies and drove me in new directions. -E. O. Wilson

Humor is everywhere in that there's irony in just about anything a human does. -Bill Nye

I love the irony. I'm perceived as being really young and yet I have the clinical condition of an old man. -Michael J. Fox

The Academy Awards ceremony is designed to be without irony, but Chris Rock supplied it anyway with filmed movie-theater interviews with black men and women who had never heard of the movies nominated for Best Picture. -Suzanne Fields

I think that you can fall into bad habits with comedy… It's a tightrope to stay true to the character, true to the irony, and allow the irony to happen. -Ben Kingsley

At a time like this, scorching irony, not convincing argument, is needed. -Frederick Douglass

Certainly, it seems true enough that there's a good deal of irony in the world… I mean, if you live in a world full of politicians and advertising, there's obviously a lot of deception. -Kenneth Koch

And the irony is that they wrote better without access to my quotes. -Steve Carlton

You know the great irony is that people think you have to have money to enjoy fine food, which is a shame. -Ted Allen

The irony is, going to work every day became the subject of probably my best poetry. -Philip Levine

But the irony is that because the band isn't the focus any more, it allows me the chance to enjoy being a member of Def Leppard much more. -Rick Allen

Yes, of course that's true but you know, the irony of all that is that before the accident, I'd pretty much lost interest in playing drums. -Rick Allen

The grand irony, however, is that Southern segregation was not brought to an end, nor redneck violence dramatically reduced, by violence. -Stanley Crouch

Listen: our culture is saturated with irony whether we know it or not. -Barbara Kruger

The great thing about irony is that it splits things apart, gets up above them so we can see the flaws and hypocrisies and duplicates. -David Foster Wallace

The problem is that once the rules of art are debunked, and once the unpleasant realities the irony diagnoses are revealed and diagnosed, 'then' what do we do? -David Foster Wallace

The irony of the Supreme Court hearing on these cases last week and of the outright hostility that the Court has displayed against religion in recent years is that above the head of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is a concrete display of the Ten Commandments. -Cliff Stearns

The irony of our social group is that so often everyone feels this, but there's no company whatsoever in that feeling. Think of Pound's great emphasis, the way out is via the door. -Robert Creeley

It could draw from a greater reservoir of freedom. The irony could develop an even greater ease. -Elfriede Jelinek

That is where the irony of the film comes off, in terms of the language it employs – where he tries desperately to be a 'TV Dad,' to give advice and it's so pat it becomes ridiculous. -Atom Egoyan

The irony here is this administration is spending more money on climate change research and development than any administration in all the rest of the industrialized world combined. -Christine Todd Whitman

It's no small irony that the government inevitably and invariably ends up promoting precisely that which they would most like to repress. -Jock Sturges

My book has a very simple surface, but there are layers of irony and paradox all the way through it. -Mark Haddon

I love Sell Out, I think it's great. I love the jingles. The whole thing as an album is a wonderful piece of work. The cover. Everything about it. It's got humor, great songs, irony. -Roger Daltrey

Making a film that's supposed to be fun to watch is really hard – that's the weird irony of it. -Steven Soderbergh

Which is a wonderful irony, I have property there. I go back every chance I get. One of the main reasons I actually wrote the book, agreed to write it having never wanted to do that in my life, very intimidating by the way to write a book. -Sela Ward

I have wit in my work and a sense of humor, but I do not use irony in any way. -John Zorn

The accident was a horrible thing – but that horrible thing made Chris, at the end of his life, Superman. It's a happy irony if there is such a thing. I'm proud to have known him. -Morgan Freeman

There is not much irony when people are being happy on screen. -Carter Burwell

This commitment to truth is something one senses more and more Americans yearning for, just as they are becoming more and more sophisticated at knowing when the truth is being obscured – an irony that seems to elude most of today's elected officials. -Michael Musto

We should try to understand our innermost needs. We shouldn't use irony to reduce their power. -Manuel Puig

I was not interested in irony; I wanted to emphasize the primacy of the idea in making art. -Sol LeWitt

The irony of that is, what makes it kind of ironic, is when you do become successful as a professional athlete in particular, a lot of the young children who are emulating these stars do have a different perspective. -Frank Shorter

Clap an extinguisher upon your irony if you are unhappily blessed with a vein of it. -Charles Lamb

Two fundamental literary qualities: supernaturalism and irony. -Charles Baudelaire

A tragic irony of life is that we so often achieve success or financial independence after the chief reason for which we sought it has passed away. -Ellen Glasgow

Brain research tells us that only twenty percent of human beings have a sense of irony, which means that eighty percent of the world takes everything at face value. -Douglas Coupland

I always thought the biggest failing of Americans was their lack of irony. They are very serious there! Naturally, there are exceptions… the Jewish, Italian, and Irish humor of the East Coast. -Colin Firth

The irony is that the more unapologetically sexist men are in movies, the more women tend to be attracted to them in person. -Jon Favreau

To me the biggest irony of this lifetime that I'm living is that for someone who thrives in the public eye in the creative ways that I do, I actually don't enjoy being in the public eye. -Alanis Morissette

That's the irony in the work: the best stories are the worst things that happen. My best times were somebody else's worst. -Michael Connelly

I don't mock things, which makes me more vulnerable to mockery myself. If you're cynical, you're protected from mockery. But I have to be nice. I don't think I have irony. A sense of humour, yes, but not irony. -Michel Gondry

You know, in my music career there was a moment where the irony was just so heavy. There were people in my audience that were the reason I developed neuroses. These people that tortured my life were using my art, my poetry, as fuel for them, to torture other people. -Fred Durst

I like the irony in my work. -Miuccia Prada

Richard Branson once said: 'Tony's very good at selling bands and he's very good at making television programmes. But he'll never be great at either, until he decides which one he wants to do.' I entirely accept that. That doesn't matter to me very much. I like the irony of the two lives. -Tony Wilson

It would no doubt be very sentimental to argue – but I would argue it nevertheless – that the peculiar combination of joy and sadness in bell music – both of clock chimes, and of change-ringing – is very typical of England. It is of a piece with the irony in which English people habitually address one another. -A. N. Wilson

Skype is a wonderful thing. The irony is that you never Skype when you're in the same country as someone. -Richard Fleeshman

It is hard to miss the irony in the fact that the very same week that Republicans were publicly heralding Congressman Paul Ryan's plan to inject market forces into the American health care system, they were crafting a budget deal to strip them from the health reform law. -Ron Wyden

The irony is of course that my career has lasted a whole lot longer than some of the people I've parodied over the years. -Al Yankovic

The irony is that you can't use real rain to make movies. -Greg Kinnear

The unhappy irony is that, while 'Glee' is hitting the heights, school arts funding is being slashed across the country due to the steep recession and declining tax revenues. -James Wolcott

My father could be very witty, even if the humor was always on the darker side of irony. -Maurice Sendak

People use irony as a defense mechanism. -David Byrne

The irony is that it was tougher to rent a car from Cerberus when it owned Alamo than to buy a semi-automatic. To rent a car, one had to provide ID, a drivers' license, and get insurance coverage. To buy a gun? Cash and carry, from the back of a station wagon at a gun show. No concerns about downstream liability or risk. -Eliot Spitzer

As you watch the world crumble, try taking your Armageddon with this sprinkling of irony: Over the last three decades, business has got virtually everything it wanted, and its doomsday scenario from the 1970s has come true because of it. -Thomas Frank

What people adore about superhero movies is the signal quality of the Christopher Nolan films – their complete lack of irony when it comes to the portrayal of heroism and the need for heroes to confront evil. -John Podhoretz

In the end, we know what makes us happy. We also know what makes us unhappy. That's the irony. We know and yet we still mess it up. That's part of the human condition, no, and why we need to work on it. -Harlan Coben

Pictures artists staged their own images or copied or cut out others already in existence. The viewer took them in separately, in sometimes paradoxical waves: an original image, then the manipulations of it, then the places where image and idea intersected. This created a crucial perceptual glitch that irony and understanding filled. -Jerry Saltz

The kind of funny irony is that a lot of people talk about ethical meat eating as if it's a way to care about things, but also not to alienate yourself from the rest of the world. But it's so much more alienating than vegetarianism. -Jonathan Safran Foer

You don't service a big, fun premise comedy and then shoot yourself in the foot with too much irony. You need the audience to invest in the fun and the warmth and generally care about the characters. -Shawn Levy

I live a very ordinary life. The rare awards ceremonies I go to are quite fun, because I can enjoy the irony of one minute walking to the tube, and the next being driven along the same stretch of road in a limo. -Jonathan Pryce

I love the irony of movies. I really do. For whatever reason, I'm incredibly intrigued by the irony of reality in a motion picture. -Zack Snyder

United Nations peacekeepers are going all over the world spreading AIDS even while they're trying to bring peace. What a supreme irony. -Richard Holbrooke

There's a delicious irony in seeing private luxury jets flying in to Washington, D.C., and people coming off of them with tin cups in their hands saying that they're going to be trimming down and streamlining their businesses. There's a message there. -Gary Ackerman

You know, there's a real irony in U.S. assistance programs. First of all, I think it's misnamed. We're not so much trying to help people as we're trying to help ourselves. So let's be clear about this. So these are – in my view, they're cold calculations of national security and not aid programs. -Richard Armitage

We all want to be special, to stand out; there's nothing wrong with this. The irony is that every human being is special to start with, because we're unique to start with. But we then go through some sort of boot camp from the age of zero to about 18 where we learn everything we can about how not to be unique. -Karl Marlantes

So, I'm on 'Sesame Street,' walking around with all these monsters, Elmo and his buddies, a whole bunch of chickens, a whole bunch of penguins and a number four dancing about. It was just pure joy, simple, ridiculous fun, stupid joy. There's no irony. 'Sesame Street' is just a crazy great place to be. -Feist

I've learned not to hide behind a veil of irony – to talk about my work in a more honest way. -Florence Welch

I'm so sick of sarcasm and irony, I could kill! Sincerely, the real root of things is love and sacrifice. -Ben Foster

The irony is that the people we tend to vote for actually look down on voters and voting. That's just idiotic, right? That's like a snake eating its own tail! A wolf in a trap gnawing off its own head to escape! -Steven Weber

The act of seeing any film generally is you knowing more than the characters, even if it's the classic Hitchcock shot of two people talking and a bomb being under the table. Part of the pleasure of it is seeing where people go wrong, and the irony of situations. -Richard Ayoade

As I write, I control my anxiety and anguish thanks to the invaluable aid of irony and humor. But every night I am subdued by an anxiety that knows no irony, and I must wait until the next day to rediscover the blend of anguish and humor that characterizes my writing and that generates my style. -Enrique Vila-Matas

The irony of environmental opposition to the Keystone XL project is that stopping the pipeline to the U.S. will not stop production in the oil sands of Canada. Instead of coming to the United States, the oil will still be produced and shipped by rail or a pipeline similar to the Keystone XL to Canada's Pacific Coast. -John Hoeven

I think I would explode in flames of irony if I were to option an idea that I was satirizing in a novel. -Jess Walter

I remember my fourth grade teacher reading 'Charlotte's Web' and 'Stuart Little' to us – both, of course, by E. B. White. His stories were genuinely funny, thought provoking and full of irony and charm. He didn't condescend to his readers, which was why I liked his books, and why I wasn't a big reader of other children's' books. -Louis Sachar

I love Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart because they're bringing irony back into American humor, which is a delicious treat. The entire Colbert persona of being extreme right-wing when he's not at all is highly amusing. He does it so well, but sometimes a little too well. My wife is convinced he's completely that way. -John Lydon

Well, it'd certainly be fascinating if we discovered that gays were better at being married than heterosexuals are. Talk about irony. -Gail Collins

I don't embrace irony, but I do think it's a pre-existing condition; we manage it as best we can. -Fred Tomaselli

Here's the irony in what I do: When I go out to eat, I like classic French food. I like amazing Japanese food that has such a history that it goes back hundreds of years. And I also like really innovative food as well. -Grant Achatz

Hollywood is a place of great irony at all times. -Mark Canton

Henry Blodget does occasionally have a new idea. If you're making a point about aggregation or the emptiness of modern journalism, he's far from the best target. Try Huffpo – or Gawker writers whose souls have been corroded by irony. -Nick Denton

I think the French have a romantic cliche that Englishmen have great style, great music, irony and sense of humour. Well, sometimes cliches are true. -Josephine de La Baume

There's been this strange irony to my whole life. All my original bandmates have died, when I was the most wild and most reckless of us all. But I'm still here. -Nile Rodgers

Americans are not renowned for having a sense of irony. -Andrew Dominik

When people affected by epilepsy are reluctant to expose their condition, the public remains in the dark about it – a tragic irony that has made patient care and raising funds for research more than challenging. -Lynda Resnick

I love the French for their sarcasm, their irony. I love them for their bad moods. -Marjane Satrapi

I do think we've become so reliant that the phones are never out of our reach. We're always trying to stay connected that way and the irony is that it's actually disconnecting us from everything else because we're not just focused on what's in front of us; we focus on what's in our hand or off to the side. -Carly Pope

It's an irony that growing inequality could mean more money for philanthropy. In the U.S., quite a few of the ultra-rich have taken to heart the 19th century industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie's comment that it's a disgrace to die wealthy. -Geoff Mulgan

People in the U.K. share my bemusement with the United States that America doesn't share with itself. They have a sense of irony, which America doesn't have, seeing as it's being run by fundamentalists who take things literally. -Bill Hicks

We didn't understand irony yet in the '80s; we just kind of existed at face value, so there was no nerd cool yet because the digital revolution was still in its infancy. -Chris Hardwick

The irony is, the advertising industry knows everyone hates what they produce. This is why they keep looking for new ways to force people to stay tuned. -Simon Sinek

We think craft is important, and the irony has always been that horror may be disregarded by critics, but often they are the best-made movies you're going to find in terms of craft. You can't scare people if they see the seams. -James Wan

I think, in a written novel, the way in which you play with the readers' emotion or the way in which you engage the readers' emotions can be very indirect. You could come at it through irony or comedy, etcetera, and you could capture people's sympathies and feelings kind of by stealth if you like. -Salman Rushdie

I think that televisions are unnecessarily complex. The irony is that as the pictures get better and the choice of content gets broader, that the complexity of the experience of using the television gets more and more complicated. -John Sculley

A vast percentage of the human race is literally not wired neurologically to get irony. Well more than half of humanity takes life at face value, which is to me terrifying. -Douglas Coupland

The Internet has destroyed irony in the world, or at least wounded it considerably. What are we to do about an invention whose end result is that starving people in China are looking up things on -Douglas Coupland

I think people under age 55 come to Vegas with a certain sense of irony. -Penn Jillette

John Wells and Christopher Chulack were pretty honest from the get-go in our first meeting about 'Southland.' They were looking to create characters that were believable in the environment of the LAPD – multi-dimensional, layered characters with real flaws; good-hearted cops mixed with the perfect amount of heroism and irony. -Shawn Hatosy

I don't think I see the world in terms of stupid or clever, but in terms of being able to get irony. There's some awful statistic about only 20 per cent of Americans being able to understand irony. -Douglas Coupland

Bad Religion has never been about criticizing people who are Christian. But we've always been about pointing out the irony and contradictions in Christian theology and the more extreme versions of Christians that seek to challenge modern secularism. -Greg Graffin

Nobody gets irony anymore, as we are now living in the post-ironic age. Once George Bush gets a library, our irony is dead. -Eric Idle

I have survivor skills. Some of that is superficial – what I present to people outwardly – but what makes people resilient is the ability to find humour and irony in situations that would otherwise overpower you. -Amy Tan

By an irony of fate, my first employment was as a draughtsman. I hated drawing; it was for me the very worst of annoyances. Fortunately, it was not long before I secured the position I sought, that of chief electrician to the telephone company. -Nikola Tesla

I am aware it's easy and may be fashionable to pose with a slum child, and the irony of getting the media along means that it can come across as disingenuous. But you take these things on board, and you hope you mean it whenever you get stuck into something. -Erin O'Connor

Perhaps the saddest irony of depression is that suicide happens when the patient gets a little better and can again function sufficiently. -Dick Cavett

There are elements of irony in my work, of course. -Martin Parr

Each day of the Obama presidency seems to bring a new, perversely delicious irony. -Monica Crowley

I want to see Brian Williams with no irony wearing a mustache. -Adam McKay

My dad is so unique in what he does. It's not like I'm taking a torch from him and doing his thing. I hope I've carried from him a little bit of a sense of irony, a little bit of a wink. -Willie Geist

I love the idea of things being strict and things being uniform. That's the reason why I surround each collection with humor or irony. I want to make sure that it's not too serious and that there is some element that throws it off because otherwise that would make it really boring. There's always a story that's somewhat fantastical. -Thom Browne

During my theatre days, I was more comfortable doing comedy. It's such an irony. I have always played a buffoon on stage, and yet I don't have any comic role to my credit. -Randeep Hooda

Death metal uses a lot of white face paint and black hair dye to make its point. I quite enjoy this genre for its intensity, extremism and underlying irony: You have to be alive to play it and listen to it. -Henry Rollins

One of the hardest things I've encountered whilst working on 'Pippin' is the consistent irony, as a reflection from the core material of the show, within my own life. -Matthew James Thomas

Irony has seeped into the felt of any fedora hat I have ever owned – not out of any wish of mine, but out of necessity. A fedora hat worn by me without the necessary protective irony would eat through my head and kill me. -George W. S. Trow

Most of all, I am struck by an irony central to the lot of a purebred dog: As it attains the hallmarks of its breed, it seems to simultaneously relinquish its basic dogginess, until it is less a dog than a Pomeranian, Collie or Bloodhound. -Jean Hanff Korelitz

My dad moved to London in his early 20s and didn't really go back. So the irony is I've spent lots and lots of time in Ireland, but not with my dad. I've shot films in Belfast, where he's from. And I've shot in Dun Laoghaire. Which is great. And I've shot in Dublin. -Imogen Poots

It's kind of a terrible irony, in a way, that the solution to America's problems was World War II. -William O'Neill

I'm not much given to straight, irony-free hero-worship. -Richard Dawkins

I've always gravitated towards those ultimate lines in songs, the line you grab on to. That line in 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,' 'Here we are now/Entertain us' – the irony, the antagonism; that's always stuck with me. -Corey Taylor

In the end, there is no absence of irony: the integrity of what is sacred to Native Americans will be determined by the government that has been responsible for doing everything in its power to destroy Native American cultures. -Winona LaDuke

There's something about Vonnegut's deadpan irony that I really like. And I like Borges' puzzle structure. -Ruth Ozeki

I'm really into the irony of writing vaguely radical plays that instantly win huge establishment awards. It's really amusing. -Israel Horovitz

Cervantes is the most important Spanish writer. But he is not the most representative of the Spanish. His irony, his sense of humor – they are too subtle to seem Spanish. -Antonio Munoz Molina

Many people think making a film about history… about war… about the Holocaust, it might be heavy, dramatic and traumatic. I don't see things like that… you can find irony everywhere. It's how I look at life. -Arnon Goldfinger

The irony is that we're really good at comedy in Britain, but for some reason, we make very few comedy films. And when we do, they're either quite American in style, or very Richard Curtis. And I like Richard Curtis, but I think only Richard Curtis should write Richard Curtis films, and other people should try and find their own style. -Alice Lowe

I am obsessed with story. I had a late awakening in life. In college was the first time that I understood what you could do with a story and what a good novel is – literary value and subtext and irony and everything. -Shane Carruth

If you have a sense of irony or humour, you're usually cut down, as you're usually distorted or misinterpreted. So it does lead to us being slightly more dour and staid and predictable than would otherwise be the case, which I personally find quite frustrating – because if you don't laugh occasionally in my job, you cry most of the time. -David Blunkett

I like to have my characters talking in an up-to-date way, and I like their essentially modern self-awareness, which means we can have lots of irony and jokes. -Jonathan Stroud

The irony is that 'looking down on everybody else' is a violation of the law of love, which, according to Jesus, is the absolute essence of righteousness. -John Ortberg

In mainstream literature, a trope is a figure of speech: metaphor, simile, irony, or the like. Words used other than literally. In SF, a trope – at least as I understand the usage – is more: science used other than literally. -Edward M. Lerner

Everyone is tearing each other apart in the name of their personal god. And the irony is, by definition, they're probably worshiping the same god. -Ridley Scott

There's some irony in playing a journalist after some of the stuff that has been written about me, but it's a great profession, particularly investigative journalism. -James Nesbitt

The irony is that the more we fight age, the more it shows. Paint on a 50-year-old face brings to mind a Gilbert and Sullivan comic figure. Smooth the cheeks, and suddenly the ear lobes and hands look out of place. Do we run around in October, painting the gold leaves green? -Karen DeCrow

Here's an irony of the history of conservatism's relationship with business and business's relationship with conservatism: 'Wall Street' used to be the right-wing industrialists of the forties and fifties' greatest term of derision. (Wall Street was the place that humiliated them by forcing them, hat in hand, to beg for capital). -Rick Perlstein

In a world where irony reigns, where you have to separate, protect and laugh at anything that is honest or has an emotional charge, I bet for catharsis. I like to invest emotionally in things. And catharsis, when it touches the emotional vein, can open the doors of even those who protect themselves. -Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

My career progressed slowly. Real slow at a time. The irony of it was I had the best part of my career between when I was 45 and 49 years old. That's when most people are in their twilight, waiting to get to the Champions Tour. And that's when I made most of my hay. -Fred Funk

Melodrama is one of the most stunning art forms. These are stories where the emotions are big, and the situations are big, and the artists believe in the situation dramatically. There's no irony or distance. -James Gray

I'm not a culture snob. So while, of course, I think the Mozart 'Requiem' or, say, Beethoven's 'Ninth' are some of the greatest works of art in the history of humankind, that's not to say the Beatles or Queen or Simon and Garfunkel aren't brilliant, beautiful, important works of art that should be sung without a sense of irony. -Eric Whitacre

In the works of Duchamp, space begins to walk and take on form; it becomes a machine that spins arguments and philosophizes; it resists movement with delay and delay with irony. -Octavio Paz

Art for Duchamp, all the arts, obey the same law: meta-irony is inherent in their very spirit. It is an irony that destroys its own negation and, hence, returns in the affirmative. -Octavio Paz

Although my life is far from perfect, the irony is that in a divorced parent's custody schedule – with days on and days off – instead of like it was before, when I felt ragged and still oddly guilty all the time, now I feel guilty but not ragged. -Sandra Tsing Loh

I am a member of the human race. There's a certain irony about the cyberworld. You don't know who is talking to you, if it's a machine, so I tend to try to reach out to those fellow humans. -Tim Daly

England and Denmark have a sense of irony and a darker sense of humour that you don't necessarily find in Germany and Sweden. -Mads Mikkelsen

'Sabotage' was an opportunity. That was journeyman work, but the irony is I learned more off that movie on what filmmaking is and isn't than everything else combined. A lot of lessons, and it will impact me for the rest of my career. -David Ayer

The irony of the media and people in big cities is that they're charged with defining the entire culture, when in reality they don't even live in that culture. They live in such a rarified, tiny world. -Meghan Daum

I have three sons, as different from each other as any three humans could be but connected by their shared love of Guitar Hero. I'm lucky to be married to a man I can call my soulmate without any irony whatsoever. -Christina Baker Kline

I still see the world as a place of bitter irony and black humour, failed hopes, dashed plans. I hope to make my work sparer, to outgrow my desire to show off. -Clive Sinclair

Of course the 19th century remained in blissful ignorance of post-modern irony, and the dime novels were made without end. -Clive Sinclair

I don't have a constituency, and I'm not autobiographical in any way. I write these deeply moral books in a country which would prefer irony to anything with a moral tone. -Jim Crace

I'm most interested in finding the strangeness and irony in reality. That's my forte. -Mary Ellen Mark

The great irony of management is that the higher up you go, the less actual control you have. When you are but a humble coder, you make the computer do exactly what you want; when you're a manager, you only hope that people understand what you want, and then trust/pray that they do it both correctly and in a timely manner. -Jon Evans

People are tough. We're evolved for less food; more exercise; less sleep; less security; more paranoia. The irony is that we're so good at what we do. We strive for more food; less exercise; more sleep; more security; less paranoia – and we've succeeded. -Jeff Carlson

I used to get so many letters from students about the ending of 'Pro Femina.' So I had a stamp made that said 'irony, irony, irony' to put on a postcard and mail it back. -Carolyn Kizer

I think irony precludes really feeling deeply about anything. I just didn't want to be that kind of writer who found nothing that wasn't worth indictment. I admire Willa Cather so much because she was unafraid to have big feelings and put them on the page. I just want to be able to believe in things. -Tony Earley

We're not big on irony in Jamaica, sarcasm and double-talk. We tend to say things plainly, sometimes to the point of boredom. -Marlon James

The exact meaning of irony is so narrow that the word is hardly worth using; in its broad, current definition, it's a euphemism for sarcasm. 'I'm not being sarcastic; I'm being ironic.' No, you're not. You're evading the responsibility for being sarcastic. -Richard Corliss

From even the greatest of horrors, irony is seldom absent. -H. P. Lovecraft

The irony is that kids are treated equally when it comes to tests and standards and expectations but not treated equally when providing funds to meet those standards and expectations. -Pete Gallego

Acting is a craft to me: I just think you get better the more you do it. And then the irony to that is your doing it is not in your control. If it was up to most actors, we'd work all the time, and we'd always get better. But it's not in our control, so we have to wait to be given parts to do. -Elizabeth Debicki

My generation has a hard time being genuine and enthusiastic. There's a lot of irony in our culture. -Christopher McCulloch

The irony is that I'm actually a very empathetic person, but I don't believe in sympathy at all. -Jillian Michaels

Am I disappointed occasionally by the lack of irony in some movies? Yes. -Isla Fisher

The main business of a lawyer is to take the romance, the mystery, the irony, the ambiguity out of everything he touches. -Antonin Scalia

I like grit. I like love and death. I'm tired of irony. -Jim Harrison

I love irony. -Lydia Millet

The problem with Google is you have 360 degrees of omnidirectional information on a linear basis, but the algorithms for irony and ambiguity are not there. And those are the algorithms of wisdom. -William Hurt

The irony is that the more specific you are in the portrayal of character, the more like other people you are. In the same way, the more you think about how alone you are in this life, you realise how much a brother and sister everyone else is. -William Hurt

The irony is that Washington was, in reality, very much like Benedict Arnold. The big difference was that Washington was ultimately able to control his emotions, something Arnold never learned to do. -Nathaniel Philbrick

My partner of 45 years is Australian, and a big part of her character is that marvellous quality of irony which Aussies possess. I relish their humour and sense of fairness. -Miriam Margolyes

That's the great irony of allowing passionate people to work from home. A manager's natural instinct is to worry that her workers aren't getting enough work done. But the real threat is that they will wind up working too hard. And because the manager isn't sitting across from her worker anymore, she can't look in the person's eyes and see burnout. -Jason Fried

I think the great irony of history will be that it was a secular billionaire from New York who turned out the be the most faith-friendly president in history. -Robert Jeffress

I don't like irony and sarcasm very much. But I do like it when you think someone is telling you a joke, and then you discover it's serious. -Jens Lekman

The irony is that, coming from a white-collar British background, I tend to play blue-collar Americans! -Damian Lewis

I have a huge fear of crowds. The irony is that my band is a therapeutic exercise. I hurl myself into thousands of people. -Juliette Lewis

In acting, you have a writer, a director, a character – you're working through being another person – and the irony I always tell people is when I acted early on as a teenager, it actually kept me out of trouble. -Juliette Lewis

The irony of the political rise of the plutocrats is that, like Venice's oligarchs, they threaten the system that created them. -Chrystia Freeland

The novel is a thing of irony and ambiguity. That's at the heart of 'J', a world that has stopped arguing with itself. We have to keep our equilibrium of hate, which is argument. But on the Internet, you find a unanimity of response, and in 'J,' there's a fear of that, that discourse becomes a statement of political or ideological belief. -Howard Jacobson

One of the major issues that's constantly batted around Hollywood and the media is my industry's responsibility toward the portrayal of violence. There's the irony of the films that glorify it and the individuals taking positions against it. It's a very confusing, confounding place. -Taylor Sheridan

When I was 16, I'd ping pong between AC/DC and Barry Manilow without any sense of irony. -Eric McCormack

ISIS and radical Islam have declared war on us not because of anything we have done – not because we are a friend to Israel and not because we have not yet toppled the bloody Syrian dictator Assad. ISIS and radical Islamists hate us for who we are. The irony is, we ourselves do not know who we are. -Tom Tancredo

As irony would have it, the very person who inspired me to write a memoir… was the only person to be ejected from it. My brother didn't appear in 'Out of Egypt.' -Andre Aciman

People are always saying, 'You use irony,' and it's like, actually, we don't use irony: we use wit and playfulness and irreverence. -Giles Deacon

We like to think, in our anthropocentric way, that irony means that you transcended something, but actually, what it means is that you've realised that you're stuck in something, and you have this kind of uncanny awareness of that, and there's not much you can do about that feeling of stuckness. -Timothy Morton

Whether it's Shakespeare or Moliere, irony is a key component in the construction of theatre. A script would be pretty bad if it was devoid of irony. -Jiang Wen

It's a delightful thing to do, to entertain kids. They're a completely different audience because of their total lack of irony. You're always after a total suspension of disbelief, but the only people you can really achieve it with is children. -John Lithgow

Irony is going to be hard to get. You have to be master of the literal first. But then, Americans don't get irony either. Computers are going to reach the level of Americans before Brits. -Geoffrey Hinton

The irony of what I do is that the more you reveal someone in their frailties and shortcomings, the more we feel drawn to them and forgiving we feel of them. -Peter Morgan

With silent films, you're better off avoiding irony, because the spectator is your accomplice. It's this pact that leads to emotion being created. -Michel Hazanavicius

As a kid, I didn't know that 'All in the Family' was satirizing male chauvinism or that Bobby Riggs was a self-promoting put-on. Many of us didn't get the irony and went on making fun of women and girls who wanted to play sports, especially the same sports that men and boys traditionally played. -Steve Rushin

Instagram is not a place for tone or irony. -Mary H.K. Choi

I adore jokes. They're a theatrical contrivance, but the irony of all fiction is that you approach reality by avoiding it a bit; you spoof it a bit. -Paul Morrissey

Everyone that is not an ultra-conservative recognizes the irony of FOX's 'Fair and Balanced' moniker, which only accentuates its actual bias. -Daniel Lubetzky

I realized over the years if I'm writing about humor, irony, satire, I much prefer to do that in English. And if there is sorrow, melancholy, longing, I much prefer to do that in Turkish. Each language has its own strength to me, and I feel connected and attached to both Turkish and English. I dream in more than one language. -Elif Safak

'Friends' is easy to dismiss, but it's really good television – the art with which those actors play with comedy shouldn't be denigrated. And they also know how to play irony, which I think a lot of English actors might find quite difficult. -Marianne Elliott

You hear a lot of rap songs about spending money. I thought, wouldn't it be funny to make a song about saving money because it's ironic, but beyond irony, I genuinely have pride in saving money. -Lil Dicky

All of Vegas is false. There's a false Paris, a false Venice, a false Baghdad – in fact, all of the early Vegas aesthetic is Baghdad, which is also the irony. It's 'Aladdin,' the sands, 'One Thousand and One Nights.' -Robert Lepage

My first black-on-black picture was 'The Portrait of an Artist as a Shadow of His Former Self.' I started using it as an emblem of this undercurrent of wickedness, malevolence, and irony – all of that. -Kerry James Marshall

The great irony was that the punks were more conservative and narrow-minded and musically bigoted that anyone else. -Genesis P-Orridge

The great irony was that, while I was being portrayed as a monster, I was in Khatmandu with my children, doing soup kitchens for Tibetan refugees, using all the money from my records to feed three hundred people a day, and working with monks connected to the Sammye Ling Buddhist centre in Scotland. -Genesis P-Orridge

For me, true kitsch has nothing to do with irony. It's very honest. It represents what people like, their dreams. -Marcel Wanders

From my point of view, humour and irony include tragedy; they're two sides of the same coin. -Maurizio Cattelan

This is what the establishment is scared of: Of joy, the sense of humour, of irony. -Beppe Grillo

For years, young adults have adopted extremely liberal world views in their attempts to be different, ultimately failing to see the irony that they've all become the same. -Steven Crowder

In a broader sense, the irony in all of this is the single most necessary element for life to exist, in fact, is killing everything, from our ecosystems to potentially our food supply if we're poisoning fish and the foods that we eat. That is the broader sense. -Erin Brockovich

In any case, I would never make a film that was only one thing. Even if it's my warmest, most romantic film, I still want it to have the more cynical view of things, showing the irony and absurdity of things that we consider normal. -Yorgos Lanthimos

I think that true love, fairy tales, the positive messages of positive stories – I don't think those ever die. Sometimes we like to hide them in sarcasm or irony, but they are still there, and they still move us. -Jon M. Chu

People are apprehensive about finding 'The Leftovers' funny because it's such a dark circumstance, but I think, really, what the show is about is examining how different people deal with loss. There are elements of humour and levity and irony in that… just like in real life. -Emily Meade

It's an irony that with the physical decline of age comes more mental wellbeing. It's life's cruel trick. You've settled down as a person, you feel happier with who you are, and then you get a massive swollen prostate and have to go for a test every two weeks. It's life's way of saying the struggle isn't over. -Greg Davies

Looking around at the faces of the home support at Gillingham, the irony was never lost on me that these people had the cheek to call me a 'freak.' Perhaps they should have taken a look at themselves first. -Peter Crouch

I can't deny the impact of, obviously, becoming a father and having my son come into this world, and even becoming a husband. The irony is that, when people think that in certain ways it softens you, in many ways, I'm more defensive and more on guard and more frightened and more angry at everything in this world now that I have them to worry about. -David Draiman

I've done pretty well as a professional fed-up. The tools of my trade so far have been irony, tongue-in-cheek mockery, and supercilious contempt, but these are highly civilized weapons designed for 18th-century French salons. -Florence King

I love power ballads and the earnest lack of irony and emotion that exists in '80s music, along with synth guitars, of course. -Jessica Rothe

The formerly incarcerated – returning citizens – often face a cruel irony in America. Having paid their debt to society, too many are banned from the ballot box that could help them dismantle policies that essentially extend their sentences. -Stacey Abrams

Existing outside of irony is so hard. -Zal Batmanglij

The irony is, when people now compliment my ability to make something out of nothing on the football field, my mom is the one who's been doing so in real life all along. -Le'Veon Bell

When the Beatles were on 'Ed Sullivan,' life went from black and white to color like in 'The Wizard of Oz' – and the irony I'm in the band Toto is not lost on me. -Steve Lukather

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