Best Quotes About Introvert

I lead an introverted and boring life here in California. -Brian Bosworth

I was very introverted. I had glasses and was kind of weird. A lot of actors are pretty weird people. -Jennifer Sky

I was a quiet teenager, introverted, full of angst. -Nigella Lawson

I'm probably the most introverted extrovert you'll ever meet. Up until I got this show I was constantly told, 'She was really good, but she's just not cute enough.' -Nikki Cox

I was an extremely reclusive and introverted boy. -Robert B. Laughlin

What I loved about 'Summer' was that they were these four bright kids with a wonderful future. In a way, she was the one with the brains, and then you have the beauty queen and the jock and the introvert. -Kevin Williamson

I wasn't always this introverted. -Syd Barrett

In America, life is introverted, self-absorbed – and so is their music. -Chris Barber

I was a very shy and introverted person, and it was hard for me to talk to people and make relationships. -Gabriela Sabatini

I was introverted, shy. But if you win a lot you need to be extroverted, or they'll think you're arrogant. -Alberto Tomba

I'm an introvert at heart… And show business – even though I've loved it so much – has always been hard for me. -Roy Rogers

For an introvert his environment is himself and can never be subject to startling or unforeseen change. -Quentin Crisp

I think that you may find that Tamera's a little more vibrant and energetic, but I'm much more likely to go up to a person and say, 'Hi, I'm Tia, nice to meet you.' Whereas Tamera is like… well… she's a little shy. She's down to earth. I'm more extroverted and she's more introverted when meeting people. -Tia Mowry

I'm an introvert… I love being by myself, love being outdoors, love taking a long walk with my dogs and looking at the trees, flowers, the sky. -Audrey Hepburn

You use words like 'introvert' and 'extrovert,' various traits of a personality. A lot of that stuff, we used in drama school, and that was kind of interesting, to realize my teachers sort of ripped off a lot of Jung. And how much of it is part of our society now, these phrases, introvert and extrovert, where it actually came from. -Michael Fassbender

I'm really an inner spirit that only makes itself known through the music. A lot of people think I'm an introvert, or quiet and moody. I've even heard some people say that there's a certain mystery or darkness about me. I'm not that way. I'm just really into what I do. -Faith Evans

I tend to get cast as a certain type of quiet, almost introverted person who's strong on the inside, but the characters are so very different I don't see it as any kind of typecasting. -Kelly Macdonald

Just as we were finishing 'Paul's Boutique' we got our own places, and I was going out to clubs a lot less. I got a bit more introverted and spent a lot more time on my own reading. I would just go down to the esoteric bookstore and wander around. -Adam Yauch

I am a very shy, introverted guy. -Dave Pelzer

Everything about the music industry takes away from you as an artist. They're always wondering what the next thing is: 'What do you have?' It's a very introverted process. -Gary Allan

I'm self-loathing, introverted, and neurotic. -Megan Fox

I always try to be myself. Ever since I was an introverted kid, I'd get on stage and be able to break out of my shell. -Beyonce Knowles

I think any branding for me is band-related. It's really weird to get used to the exposure, because I am a naturally introverted person, and I'm not exactly social. Occasionally I can get comfortable enough to talk, but I spend a lot of my days not talking, especially when I'm at home and not on tour. -Nate Ruess

I'm actually very introverted. I'm very shy. I'm very emotional. -Tom Ford

I'm a very introverted person. Nothing that's happened has changed that, but one of the reasons I write for teens is it's a real privilege to have a seat at the table in the lives of young people when they're figuring out what matters to them. -John Green

But looking back, the fact was that I had a couple of big hits too quickly and it was simply too much for an introvert like me to handle. -Paula Cole

Being a writer is a very private, internal process. Ultimately I am more the writer, being an introvert. -Paula Cole

I lost my mind at 15. I'd been shown a world where there were no boundaries, where everyone gave me all the power. And I was like, 'This is great!' Then that was gone. But I was like, 'Yeah, but I still want that.' I'd lost my humble, very quiet, introverted sensibilities which I think I definitely had as a kid. -Jamie Bell

I'm really into strong, female roles – but they don't have to necessarily be loud – I'm just as interested in introverts too. -Jessica Brown Findlay

I'm one of the biggest introverts you could ever meet. -Tim Gunn

I know I seem really friendly, but I'm a closet introvert. -Lauren Myracle

I'm actually introverted and shy. -Ryan Tedder

I've become more introverted as I've got older. I used to be an outgoing person who joked around a lot, but as the amount of energy I expend by sharing my music has increased, I like to balance it by spending time by myself and recuperating. -Aloe Blacc

I'm very honest in my music and I'm often asked to explain the lyrics; as an introvert, I find that quite hard. And I always wear high heels on stage, which can be painful. -Natasha Bedingfield

I am an introvert. I should get that out there now. -Maggie Stiefvater

I've always been the DJ or the bass player or the drummer, somebody in the background. I don't think anybody who knows me personally would say that I'm particularly shy or introverted, but I'm definitely not like Mr. Attention. -Mayer Hawthorne

My dad is like a cactus – introverted and tough. I'm a people person, like my mom, but I got my competitiveness from my dad. He came to this country from Belarus with nothing and built a real business. He's my hero for giving me that need to run a business and for having enormous confidence in me. -Gary Vaynerchuk

A lot of good actors tend to be quite introverted as people. -Antony Sher

I'm not an introvert. I'm media shy. -Steven A. Cohen

Spare a thought for the poor introverts among us. In a world of party animals and glad-handers, they're the ones who stand by the punch bowl. In a world of mixers and pub crawls, they prefer to stay home with a book. Everywhere around them, cell phones ring and e-mails chime and they just want a little quiet. -Jeffrey Kluger

Basically, I'm a shy human being. Very introverted. -George Hamilton

I'm a super-introverted person. -Grimes

I'm quite introverted but I'm not shy. -Marian Keyes

I was very shy and I was very introverted as a kid, but whenever I set foot on stage, I kind of opened up, and I think a lot of kids need an outlet to express their creativity. And a lot of kids are scared to do that if there's not a safe environment for that. -Jeremy Jordan

It's amazing how many introverts go into the ministry. It's amazing how many people go into the ministry who don't really like to be with people. -John Piper

There was a point when I was 15 or 16 that I realized that my father wanted me to be a loner. I decided, 'It's okay to be an introvert, but I don't want to be a loner. I want a few other people in my life.' -Mark Vonnegut

Where I feel the most productive and engaged is when I'm buried in code, buried in some project, tweaking some designs. I'm certainly introverted. -David Karp

We all serve a purpose. My purpose isn't to be rejected. My purpose isn't to think small or to be introverted. This door closed is literally pushing me to the next door. -Nate Parker

Many people believe that introversion is about being antisocial, and that's really a misperception. Because actually it's just that introverts are differently social. So they would prefer to have a glass of wine with a close friend as opposed to going to a loud party full of strangers. -Susan Cain

I get a lot of letters from introverts asking how they can meet people. The key is to make sure that you are doing things you enjoy. -Susan Cain

Shyness is about the fear of social judgments – at a job interview or a party you might be excessively worried about what people think of you. Whereas an introvert might not feel any of those things at all, they simply have the preference to be in a quieter setting. -Susan Cain

Men are more likely to be introverted than women are, but it's really very slight. But the real difference I think is in how it plays out, how it relates to cultural stereotypes. -Susan Cain

Many introverts feel there's something wrong with them, and try to pass as extroverts. But whenever you try to pass as something you're not, you lose a part of yourself along the way. You especially lose a sense of how to spend your time. -Susan Cain

It's never a good idea to organize society in a way that depletes the energy of half the population. We discovered this with women decades ago, and now it's time to realize it with introverts. -Susan Cain

Most people who have grown up introverted in this very extroverted culture of ours have had painful experiences of feeling like they are out of step with what's expected of them. Parenting can pose unique challenges for introverted parents, who fear that their own painful experiences will be repeated in their children's lives. -Susan Cain

It's important for a parent to learn to take delight in a child whose behavior might seem mystifying. In the case of an extroverted parent with an introverted child, it can be learning to see the inner riches of your child that may not always be expressed on the surface – but are there. -Susan Cain

Originally, technology was pretty clearly on the side of introversion. It allowed introverts to connect with people, to express their ideas in a less stimulating way: you're sitting alone behind a computer. But I'm starting to think that the pressure to self-present constantly online is becoming so extreme. -Susan Cain

Some introverts are perfectly comfortable with public speaking; I'm not one of them. -Susan Cain

I'm continually amazed by how many people who appear to be extroverts are actually introverts. -Susan Cain

I think I was very shy and introverted when I was younger, and yet, when I got in front of the camera or went out on the town, I was able to go out half-naked and do anything. -Marisa Berenson

Everyone at school knew who my dad was. It made me a little self-conscious a little introverted because I had a lot of attention drawn towards me, but in a way I guess it gives you a little bit of a celebrity skin, even though I wasn't a celebrity. -James McCartney

All of us introverts aspire to be more outgoing, but it's not in our nature. When I was nearly 50, I discovered that the best thing to do was to tell everyone I worked with that I'm just shy. People are not mind readers – you need to let them know. -Douglas Conant

Extroverts may get places faster, but for introverts it's all about working at the pace you need and, at the end of the day, performing at your best. -Douglas Conant

Most people think of leaders as being these outgoing, very visible, and charismatic people, which I find to be a very narrow perception. The key challenge for managers today is to get beyond the surface of your colleagues. You might just find that you have introverts embedded within your organization who are natural-born leaders. -Douglas Conant

My dad could be beyond brilliant but totally introverted. If we're talking about computers, he's on. Otherwise, he's a total recluse – he stays in the house and won't leave, and I'm like that. If I'm not working, I'm locked up in my room. -Alessandra Torresani

Magicians are typically introverted; they don't tend to work with others, but I work with software programmers, composers, designers, so it's a very diverse group and the result is always more interesting than something I could have done by myself. -Marco Tempest

Magic is, in its core, introverted and closed; it's the most closed community ever, and I want to change all that and make it more open. If we want things to change, we have to be more open-minded. -Marco Tempest

Surprisingly, I think if you're known on the Internet, you're probably an introvert. -Felicia Day

I've been stopped a few times by people who want to say, 'Hi.' But I'm an introverted person, and the idea that I'd have to talk to people all the time seems a little overwhelming. -Maria Bamford

Childhood was very nice. The only thing wrong was that I was so introverted, everything became a big deal… 'Oh, no, here comes the bus. Where am I gonna sit on the bus?' -Steven Wright

When I first read the words 'introvert' and 'extrovert' when I was 10, I thought I was both. -Annie Dillard

My mother was an introvert and quite religious. And we were brought up in the church. And when she learned that I wanted to act, she simply said: 'You cannot live here and do that.' -Cicely Tyson

I have always been a bit of an introvert. In fact, my dad used to force me to meet people so that my interpersonal skills improve. As an individual, I was happiest when left alone. -Ashwin Sanghi

Extroverts never understand introverts, and it was like that in school days. I read recently that all of us can be defined in adult life by the way others perceived us in high school. -Neil Peart

People that want to be in the tabloids will get into the tabloids. I just stay home and don't go out much. My personality is not an introvert, but that's how I am as far as going out to parties. I just stay in my house and hang out with friends. -Keke Palmer

I was not athletically inclined. I was very quiet, introverted, non-confrontational. My three older brothers were athletes – basketball, football – but I was kind of a momma's boy. Then one day, my brother Roger encouraged me to go to the boxing gym with him. I tried the gloves on, and it just felt so natural. -Sugar Ray Leonard

I never met a person as determined as my mother. From working hard for six kids to just trying to keep the household down or maintain my father's discipline, my dad, I'm so much like my father too. My father was so introverted, quiet, shy, nice. I got attributes from my father and mother. -Sugar Ray Leonard

I've always been kind of an introvert growing up. -Melissa De Sousa

It's amazing how many introverts go into the ministry. -John Piper

Some directors are really strong on action, manhandling you around the set; others are very focused on setting up the camera shots and practically ignore you. You have to get used to introverts, extroverts, directors who clown around for the crew, and the odd one who's monosyllabic. -Gina Bellman

I arrived at school pensive, introverted, and not very sporty, so magic became a place of mystery and intrigue, an escape for my boyish mind. -Drummond Money-Coutts

Classical pianist Awadagin Pratt. I first heard this eccentric and introverted performer when I was living in the Midwest. He was playing Brahms ballades – haunting. -Daniel Breaker

Batman and the Flash have a whole lot in common behind the mask. They've both experienced loss, know forensic science, and are both a bit introverted. In 'Flashpoint,' Thomas Wayne thinks Barry is crazy, but Barry thinks Thomas is crazy. It'll be really fun seeing those two trying to figure things out. -Geoff Johns

I'm an introvert. I get my energy by spending time alone. I need that hour or two to myself every day. -Amit Bhatia

I'm introverted by nature, and I need to have some things of my own. -Debby Ryan

I am very troubled by the tendency to define introverts by what they lack. Introversion is a preference, not a fallback plan. -Laurie Helgoe

Introverts like being introverts. We are drawn to ideas, we are passionate observers, and for us, solitude is rich and generative. -Laurie Helgoe

When an introvert is quiet, don't assume he is depressed, snobbish or socially deficient. -Laurie Helgoe

If you ask an introvert a question, wait until she thinks about it. Introverts think before speaking, not through speaking. If you want to get to the good stuff, you need to slow down. -Laurie Helgoe

Often confused with shyness, introversion does not imply social reticence or discomfort. Rather than being averse to social engagement, introverts become overwhelmed by too much of it, which explains why the introvert is ready to leave a party after an hour and the extravert gains steam as the night goes on. -Laurie Helgoe

America is a noisy culture, unlike, say, Finland, which values silence. Individualism, dominant in the U.S. and Germany, promotes the direct, fast-paced style of communication associated with extraversion. Collectivistic societies, such as those in East Asia, value privacy and restraint, qualities more characteristic of introverts. -Laurie Helgoe

There's a lot to love about America – freedom, the melting pot of diversity, individualism – all attractive concepts, especially to an introvert. In fact, the introverts were probably the first to feel crowded in England and to daydream about all the space they would find in the New World. Peace! Quiet! -Laurie Helgoe

A shy kid might look longingly at other kids playing in the schoolyard, afraid and unsure about how to approach them, but an introvert is perfectly content on her own. -Laurie Helgoe

When someone speaks to an introvert, her brain responds with a high level of activity. It is as if several lights start flashing on a control panel. -Laurie Helgoe

Introverts are more effective leaders of proactive employees. When you have a creative, energetic work force, an introvert is going to draw out that energy better. -Laurie Helgoe

I was always an introvert as a kid. Then, when I first kind of came out as a human being, I used to be one of those guys who'd go nuts on the dance floor, and people would gather around. -Daryl Hall

When I was growing up, I wasn't an extrovert. If anything, I was an introverted kid and a very average pupil at school. I was very quiet. -Clint Eastwood

As a young man, I was very introverted and quiet, but with a lot of intensity and feelings. -Om Puri

I was a bit of an introvert growing up, and I tended to do better in math and science at school, so I went with it. -Keahu Kahuanui

I would admit I'm an introvert. I don't know why introverts have to apologize. -Bill Gross

I just… my childhood seems, when I look back, to be largely composed of reading, lying on the bed. I mean, my mother was always shouting, 'Go outside!' But she shouted it at all of us. I think I was just kind of… rather an introverted child, probably. -Helen Garner

I'm introverted, and I pay attention to my muse… Record companies used to go mad and say 'We don't know the deal with you. You have no continuity at all. You give us 'Addicted to Love,' and you're a rock n' roll star, then you give us 'She Makes My Day,' and what's that?' But that was a hit, too. It either gets across or it doesn't. -Robert Palmer

I was very introverted. You know, I had my close group of friends, but I really didn't care what the cool kids were doing. -Kim Harrison

Either you are extrovert or introvert, and so I am an introvert in that sense. I'm not a social person that wants to go to parties. -Gautam Adani

I'm extremely introverted. I used to think it was shyness, but I got over that, so it must be door No. 2. It's still hard for me to be away from home much, and I have to make sure I get lots of time alone in my room when I'm touring. -Karin Slaughter

Our audience is really upbeat. Likes to have a good time. They're not introverted or shy. -Jerry Jeff Walker

My husband and I get along great. We're both introverts, and it's hard to make new friends. -S. E. Hinton

I was an undergrad math major and a grad student in computer science. I'm hugely introverted, not atypical of math majors. -Judith Faulkner

John Fahey, thought during his lifetime to be possibly more than a little crazy, was the author of some thirty albums of gnomically introverted droning guitar instrumentals, which I listened to heavily in my teens and twenties; I even produced an hour or so of banjo music in an imitative John Fahey style. -Madison Smartt Bell

I was an introverted kid; I liked my time alone. And the rest of my family is pretty extroverted, so I felt like a bit of an oddball. They're very gregarious and charming and charismatic people. I always felt like I was struggling as a young person. I think everyone was very surprised to hear that I wanted to be an actor. -Mark Ruffalo

I wasn't an extroverted kid. I was very academic and very introverted. -Rebel Wilson

It was easy for me in my bathrobe to provide really great customer service. As an introvert, it's really much easier to do than when standing in a retail store. -Sophia Amoruso

Much of the time I'm an introvert, by choice spending a lot of time on my own. I suppose liking my solitude is part of a writer's sensibility. -Robyn Davidson

Just as we might take Darwin as an example of the normal extraverted thinking type, the normal introverted thinking type could be represented by Kant. The one speaks with facts, the other relies on the subjective factor. Darwin ranges over the wide field of objective reality, Kant restricts himself to a critique of knowledge. -Carl Jung

By nature I'm sort of an introvert. -Paolo Bacigalupi

Once you get over the culture shock, Filey is a pleasant spot, particularly at the beginning or end of the summer, when the hotels are half full. The brave go in winter, when the wind can be bitter and biting and Filey resumes its real life as a tiny, introverted fishing community. -David Hewson

There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum. -Carl Jung

I'm an off-the-charts introvert. To me, being around groups of strangers is exhausting. I've had to sort of train myself to think about two tactics: finding common ground and invoking humor. -Sam Yagan

I'm quiet and introverted, and I like to just be by myself a lot. I like to read and just get away and surf. I have a lot of alone time. -Manny Montana

I'm not a big 'cry on a shoulder' person. I'm very introverted when it comes to my own stuff. -Khloe Kardashian

As evidenced during my failed audition, I'm a thorough introvert who would completely hate living in a 'Real World' house. I would have taken my Ikea comforter to the confessional room and never come out. -Andrea Seigel

When I left for college, I told myself that this was a chance for reinvention. No one on the other side of the country knew that I was an introvert, so maybe if I tried not acting like an introvert, I wouldn't be one. -Andrea Seigel

Irish novelist John Banville has a creepy, introverted imagination. -Floyd Skloot

I don't like applause, I must admit. Ultimately, artists are shy creatures; they're introverts. -Cat Stevens

For those of us who aren't great with people, we figure that silence is always the safest bet. If you're an introvert, you spend so much of your time wishing that other people would just shut the hell up that you figure you're doing everyone a favor. -David Wong

I think writing in a group, even though it can be a challenge – you have to be on your toes all the time – is the way the best comedy gets written. It's very, very collaborative. A lot of comedy writers are definitely introverted nerds. -Megan Amram

I still consider myself to be introverted, but everyone has a side of themselves that is amplified. Performers have to learn to tap into that, even if it's not natural. -Jon Batiste

I am introverted and a complete klutz. -Amy Gerstler

I'm an introvert on the Myers-Briggs. I've got to have time by myself to recharge. My philosophy is sort of that humans are weak, frail, imperfect, and generally kind of bad, but every day I meet somebody who's good, and that inspires me. -Tim Kaine

Most people don't think of actors and people like us that are performers and out in the world as introverts, but I like to know I can trust someone first. -Eric Stonestreet

I'm one of those introverted people who simply feels a lot better after spending time alone thinking through ideas and emotions. This is a sign, I've come to think, of a kind of emotional disturbance – a reaction to inner fragility. I wish I were more able to just act and do, rather than constantly have to retreat and examine and think. -Alain de Botton

I'm an introverted extrovert. My job sets me apart, but I'm not hammy and don't need attention. -Jeremy Scott

I would like to believe that I still am a shy person; I am very introverted. I have a problem communicating. -Amitabh Bachchan

I am who I am. I am not very complicated. I am simple and an introvert. -Tiger Shroff

I was always a strong personality. I was never an introvert. -Megyn Kelly

I'm an introvert. -Sarah Dunn

I'm very much an introvert. -Tituss Burgess

I used to be really insular, really introverted. I couldn't articulate myself. -Juliette Lewis

By nature, my default place is a very introverted one, so it's funny to be in such an extroverted profession. I'm a little inappropriately in it. -Elizabeth Marvel

By nature, I'm an awkward person; I'm a gangly introvert. -Hozier

'Kiss Land' wasn't about what people wanted to hear on the radio. It was the state of mind I was in – introverted, like David Cronenberg's 'Naked Lunch.' You didn't know if you were hearing a chorus or a verse. It was just my thoughts. -The Weeknd

We lie more to strangers than we lie to co-workers. Extroverts lie more than introverts. Men lie eight times more about themselves than they do other people. Women lie more to protect other people. -Pamela Meyer

I felt like an ugly duckling back in school. I was a complete tomboy with short hair. Never in my dreams did I imagine that I would walk the ramp with 6-inch heels. My friends can't believe that I'm an actor, because I was such an introvert in school. -Pooja Hegde

I'm an introvert somewhat. There could be a room full of people, I'll go stand in the corner. -Kevin Gates

At Uber, we say, 'Always be hustling.' Even if you are an introvert and you haven't got hustle in you, you better get a co-founder who does. And if you haven't got enough hustle to find a co-founder who's got hustle, it's going to be tough. You've got to have a little hustle in you. -Travis Kalanick

I have a Twitter profile, but I avoid red carpets and all that kind of stuff. I'd rather no one talk about me ever, and I just get to do my thing. I'm an introvert. -Greg Berlanti

One of the big surprises for me about Einstein was… that he wasn't this big introvert; he was more like a novelist or a painter. It's amazing how close society came to not benefiting from Albert Einstein's genius. -Ron Howard

When it comes to creativity and to leadership, we need introverts doing what they do best. -Christine Tsai

There's a really positive side of being an introvert – you really pick up on things a lot more than your extroverted counterparts. -Jessica Williams

I'm fairly introverted, but when I do stuff like a Maxim shoot, there's a side of me I call Gillian. -Erica Durance

High school was interesting because I'm an extroverted introvert, meaning I'm sociably anti-social. I spent a lot of time saying I hated it, but truthfully, I enjoyed it for what it is. -Selah Louise Marley

When I was a kid, I was a really bad collaborator. I was pretty introverted. -GRiZ

Applying for a job after finishing a Ph.D is about turning yourself inside out. You've been involved in the most introverted process you've ever done, and now you have to show yourself to the world at large. -Timothy Morton

Reading and watching movies are the only two things I do. I'm moody, so at times I'm annoyingly introverted; at other times I'm annoyingly extroverted. So I think I'm an ambivert! -Sriti Jha

I don't have many friends in the television industry, as I am an introvert who likes her own set of friends. I also don't plan for the future and believe in living for the moment. -Kratika Sengar

I do give interviews, but I am generally media-shy because I am an introvert by nature. -Fawad Khan

My worst trait is that I'm an introvert. When I've led stuff, the hardest thing for me to overcome has been my natural desire to run and hide. I'm very proud of the fact that I have been able to do that. -Shonda Rhimes

I used to carry a briefcase instead of a school bag when going to school because I was shy and introverted then. But over the years, especially Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) helped me overcome these insecurities and scale greater heights. -Rajeev Suri

Pop music for introverts is an idea I wanted to explore. -Shura

G-Dragon is a fancy person. People don't expect the upright image of G-Dragon. Kwon Ji Yong is an introvert and has lots of things going on in his head. -G-Dragon

I tend to be a little bit more quiet and just to myself. I'm a little bit more introverted than extroverted. -Nathan Chen

I'm probably an overcompensating introvert. I live in Hollywood, but I don't go to parties where I have to work the room. I could do that, but I don't want to… I try and stay the same and live a fairly normal life. -James Bobin

Book tours are super hard for me as a raging introvert. I love humanity, but actual humans are hard for me. So something like a book tour – where I'm constantly on the road – scares the hell out of me. -Glennon Doyle Melton

Writing and producing television very much speaks to the extroverted part of my personality. I love collaboration, the joint effort of hundreds of people working together to create something. But the other part of who I am is extremely introverted. I love being alone and dreaming up ideas and writing novels. -Blake Crouch

I just knew I loved music, and I wanted to do something in music, but I couldn't sing, I can't dance, I am an introvert. So I was like, 'What exactly is there for me to do? What can I do?' There's all these questions, there's all these things that are telling you 'no' instead of 'yes.' Those are the things I dealt a lot with, my insecurity. -Karen Civil

One might think of investment managers as astronomers and CEOs as astronauts. The two roles are radically different with distinct personality traits. Like astronomers, investment managers tend to be introverted, skeptical, and very analytical. CEOs, like astronauts, are the exact opposite, typically being extroverts, optimists, and, well, leaders. -Mohnish Pabrai

I am a mild introvert. But I have learned to be a very successful extrovert because if you want impact, you have to work with people. -Patrick Pichette

On Imgur, introverts can be extroverts. They don't have to worry about curating their own brand and are able to express themselves more authentically. They can go on Imgur and be themselves. -Alan Schaaf

In fiction you're not often writing about the typical; you are interested in outliers, the points of interest. Part of it comes from feeling I was the only Asian or person of colour… another part comes from my personality: I'm an introvert, and my usual survival mode in a large group is to stand by a wall and watch everybody. -Celeste Ng

Directing is extrovert and gregarious; writing is isolating, introverted, and lonely. -David Farr

When you're the artsy, weirdo, introverted outsider growing up, you don't fit into your community. -Stephen Karam

As an introverted kid who lived in the middle of nowhere, my stories made up the whole of my social life. That meant that while other kids cultivated hobbies like skateboarding or playing the piano, I sat at home scribbling in notebooks. -Kameron Hurley

I have a very introverted real personality. -Ory Okolloh

For an interesting nonfiction read, I really enjoyed 'Quiet' by Susan Cain. I read it with my husband, who is a true introvert, whereas I am an introvert masquerading as an extrovert. -Emily Giffin

Signing autographs is weird. I'm an introvert, so it's been a strain in that way. -Amy Sherald

I think it's hard for quieter, more introverted people to get into acting. -Jay Duplass

I think that I'm, like, an introverted extrovert. At the end of the day, when I get done doing hair at the salon or shooting a day of 'Queer Eye' or whatever, I definitely want to come home and, like, order pasta and sit with my cat or just one person or no people. -Jonathan Van Ness

I had this idea that being an introvert was a negative thing, that it had a negative connotation, and I really wanted, as a young person, to strive to be the life of the party and to be really outgoing and to have a million friends. And then I realized that an introvert isn't a negative. -Grace Helbig

I think standup is pretty good for an introvert because you are performing, but, I mean, it's on your own terms. There are so many people in the room, but it's a one-sided conversation. And you actually don't have to interact – unless you want to. -Amy Schumer

Being introverted, it doesn't mean necessarily being shy or being afraid of public speaking; it just means that it's hard for me to interact with people for too long. -Amy Schumer

I'm quite a loner. I realized that I'm very introverted, and I get energy by being alone instead of being with other people. -Candice Patton

I'm a writer. I'm naturally introverted, so being the public face of something, I don't think I do it well. -Kevin Kwan

With regards to the paint, I'm normally quite introverted and shy. I keep myself to myself, and I find that when I hide behind the paint, so to speak, I'm able to let myself go more and move more freely than I can without it. -Finn Balor

What was Freddie like then? Alongside the showman, he was a rather shy introvert. But if the attention was focused on him, he was a natural star, as we all saw after we put Queen together. Week by week, we saw him grow into this character, Freddie Mercury. -Roger Taylor

If somebody has something negative to say, I'm a very – I won't say introverted, because I'm not introverted – I'm a very, just, calm person. -Bobby Lashley

When I was making 'Xen,' I was surprised at how introverted some of the songs were. I wasn't deliberately trying to go quieter, but I had to embrace it. -Arca

I'm very introverted. Easily a few days could go by where I would not really leave the house or talk to anybody other than my partner. -Sally Rooney

I tend to be more of an introvert when I'm traveling. I do a lot of people-watching and espresso-drinking. -Antoni Porowski

An introvert as a child, I spent most of my younger years being bullied for my name. It took its toll on me, and by Class VI, I couldn't even have a proper conversation with anyone. -Kubra Sait

Growing up as a little, introverted boy, dance was the only way I could communicate. For me, it's the greatest language – no words. Sharing people's stories through the art of movement is magical. -Alyssa Edwards

Coming from a middle-class family in Hyderabad, I was an introvert. I chose to be the way I am. -Tabu

I'm naturally an introvert. -Marco Pierre White

People assume a lot about me. Some people come up and think I'm hard. I'm actually very, very shy. I'm bubbly in the right circumstances. But I'm a big introvert. -Amber Liu

I'm a very shy, introverted person. -Adam Cole

My mom says I was an introvert. I never saw myself that way, but I was always focused. I didn't spend a lot of time doing things that I didn't think would make me great. -Jason Derulo

I'm so extroverted. I wanna learn how to be introverted, though. -Denzel Curry

Theatre is something that keeps me very alert, and I am actively creating whether I am on stage or directing. In films, I feel I become more of an introvert, going deeper in the realism of a character. -Kalki Koechlin

I'm an introvert and phlegmatic, so I don't show my joy. -Karolina Pliskova

I was very introverted. I am still an introvert. -Simona Halep

As a person, I am an introvert. -Sobhita Dhulipala

I always considered myself really non-confrontational and shy and introverted. -Melissa Benoist

I'm definitely introverted, and I like my own company, and I can keep my head down while I'm going about my day, but then I do have spells of mad hyperactivity. -Jacob Anderson

I was an introvert. -Penny Hardaway

The producer role attracts introverts. Making music on your computer is so appealing to someone who just sits in their room all day. -Flying Lotus

I'm not driven by fame or success. I'm quite a shy, introverted person, and I could easily melt away into the background. -Richard Ashcroft

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