Best Quotes About Inspirations

Most creative work is a process of people passing ideas and inspirations from the past into the future and adding their own creativity along the way. -Joichi Ito

Indeed, we are privileged to have been afforded the opportunity to study Nature and to follow our own thoughts and inspirations in a time of relative tranquillity and in a land with a generous and forward-looking government. -Sidney Altman

As for the historical inspirations I drew on in writing The Snow Queen, I suppose I would call them more cross-cultural inspirations, though they frequently involve past societies as well as present day ones. -Joan D. Vinge

I have enormous respect for Steve Johnson, and as I've told him, Feed was one of the inspirations for Salon. They were up there before we were. And also for Joey and the Suck people. -David Talbot

I'd usually read the Bible a lot. Read little short Bible stories. And today, whenever I give speeches, I bring up a few of those Bible stories, because those are inspirations to me. -Herschel Walker

Love is one of my main inspirations. -Enrique Iglesias

True music must repeat the thought and inspirations of the people and the time. -George Gershwin

I really didn't try to make an effort to make urban music, but I am a product of my inspirations. -Justin Timberlake

Wherever you look there are inspirations, books, literature, paintings, landscapes, everything. Just living is an inspiration. -Gavin Rossdale

My decision to start a new one is just that, a decision, since I never get inspirations. -Anne Tyler

The longing to produce great inspirations didn't produce anything but more longing. -Sophie Kerr

Witty inspirations are the proverbs of the educated. -Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

Tim Tebow is one of my biggest inspirations. I actually want to be able to do some of the things that he does in terms of the amount of charity work and the non-profit work, and the way he impacts people off the field. I think that is what is most inspiring to me about him. -Jeremy Lin

I have many musical inspirations, but I would really love to just be me. My very own artist. -Thia Megia

When people ask about inspirations, and you're like 'oh, it was a flower or a mountain or a pony', some people just think you're insane. I'm worried to come across that way. -Phillip Lim

'Sweet Genius' viewers will be on the edge of their seats as we continue to push the limits with inspirations and ingredients, while showcasing the talents of some of the best pastry chefs around. As a result, the desserts that the chefs create are truly outrageous. -Ron Ben-Israel

I've always believed that there are funny people everywhere, but they're just not comedians. In fact, some of my best comedic inspirations were not professional entertainers. -Steve Martin

Francis Bacon is one of my giant inspirations. I just love him to pieces. -David Lynch

I go back and forth between input phases where I'm reading a lot or trying to get out and explore the world a bit and soak up inspirations and then I'll get back into output mode and write and write and write. -Erin Morgenstern

One of the inspirations for my becoming a writer was the baseball board game Strat-O-Matic. -H. G. Bissinger

In terms of style I typically veer toward a certain masculinity. My style inspirations range from images of my father in his 1970s suits, to Tilda Swinton, to Hugh Hefner, to Sharon Stone and her ferocious sexuality, to handsome men I see on the streets of New York. -Rachael Taylor

One of my inspirations, Harry Houdini, remains an icon of the art because he defied our primal fears. His demonstrations in the early 20th century, especially his escape from the Chinese water torture cell, represented triumph over suffocation, drowning, disorientation and helplessness. -Criss Angel

As far as songwriting, my inspirations came from love, life and death, and viewing other people's situations. -Ed Sheeran

The fact is that at different stages of your life, and under the influence of different inspirations, you write different things. The point is not necessarily to find your voice, which grinds out the same sort of thing again and again, but to find a vehicle for people who are far more important than the author: the characters. -Vikram Seth

Beyonce is one of my inspirations. Her attitude, her style, her voice… she's perfect. -Charice Pempengco

I like listening to old soul music. I like Sam Cooke. When I was growing up, the first things I was listening to was Whitney Houston and Cher. They were really big inspirations for me. -Rebecca Ferguson

Why is it that English, drama and music teachers are most often recalled as our mentors and inspirations? Maybe because artists are rarely members of the popular crowd. -Roger Ebert

One of my biggest inspirations growing up was Whitney Houston, so I was devastated to hear about her passing. I'm from East Orange, New Jersey, and started singing at New Hope Baptist Church, so she was like my fellow Jersey girl. -Naturi Naughton

'Radioactive' is the fall out of my life's inspirations, a testament to my ability to survive it all and to tell the story. -Yelawolf

I didn't start doing graffiti until two years after I got to New York. Jean Michel Basquiat was one of my main inspirations for doing graffiti. For a year I didn't know who Jean Michel was, but I knew his work. -Keith Haring

My inspirations include the Beatles – love, love, love them – Elton John, Carole King, and Stevie Wonder. -Gloria Estefan

I am grateful I got the chance to meet Stevie Wonder! He's like royalty to me and is one of my biggest inspirations. -Hunter Hayes

Wintertime for me is a time when I do a lot of my writing in the studio. It's a time I enjoy. And it's very reflective and a very calming time of the year. Throughout the year I gather a lot of musical inspirations, and this is where I bring them to the studio and see what will evolve musically. -Enya

Inspiration can hit you in the head at any time in any context. It could happen in a conversation. Talking to someone at a party, you can get an idea. But you've got to remember those inspirations. -James Cameron

I have my own voice and can focus only on that. I know what I like; I find my inspirations in so many other places than just online and bring that into my work. -Hanneli Mustaparta

'Master Blaster,' by Stevie Wonder, is up-tempo and fun, like Stevie himself. Stevie's always making jokes; he really knows how to put people at ease. He's one of my inspirations, as a musician and a person. -Ziggy Marley

My father, obviously, and my mother were inspirations. My uncle, Frank Harper, he was an absolute mentor for me. -Hill Harper

My inspirations come from everywhere. It's important to look at everything and anything. I think what I create is serious fashion, but I don't want to keep my focus on that. You have to look at a lot of different things. I mean, people are always surprised when they find out that my favorite show is 'RuPaul's Drag Race.' -Jason Wu

Since Brooks Brothers is a 189-year-old company, there are plenty of references and inspirations I can draw from their archives and catalogs. The wearer of Black Fleece may not be all that different from mine, in that I imagine that it would be someone who is a true individual, and independent thinker. This is for both men and women. -Thom Browne

I love finding out-of-the-box inspirations and blending them with what I've done in the past. And when I started to experiment with genres, it didn't sound forced. Maybe that's because it's all music that I listened to growing up, and it's all music that I love. -Avicii

I want to have a record with Beyonce or Lady Gaga. They are both my inspirations. Especially Beyonce. -Charice Pempengco

My biggest style inspirations come from the '90s. I'm really inspired by TLC, Janet Jackson, and designers like Jeremy Scott. I'm hugely inspired by Club Kids from New York back in the '90s. I'm inspired by the drag queen scene. Combat boots and the torn off jeans and a baggy shirt – I love that look. -Kat Graham

Personal relationships are usually my biggest inspirations for writing my songs. The best way for me to write a song is to visualise the story in my head, and I start humming a melody, and before you know it, a song is born. -Nadia Ali

It wasn't until I was in my teens that I started admiring writers as inspirations for my own work, and my earliest influences there were Stephen King, Marion Zimmer Bradley and Richard Adams. -Kelley Armstrong

Words outlive people, institutions, civilizations. Words spur images, associations, memories, inspirations and synapse pulsations. Words send off physical resonations of thought into the nethersphere. Words hurt, soothe, inspire, demean, demand, incite, pacify, teach, romance, pervert, unite, divide. Words be powerful. -Inga Muscio

One of my biggest inspirations is President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Yea, President Hugo. -Cindy Sheehan

I am trying to persuade my family to spend more time in China. It's no fun to be in exile. I can't even figure out the basic 26 letters, let alone operate, in English. I often feel that although I've found the sky of freedom above my head, I've lost the soil I stand on. I need to be back in my motherland, where I can find inspirations. -Ma Jian

One of my greatest inspirations for stand-up was Jonathan Winters. He was a genius. One thing about him, and also Lenny Bruce, is that they were in the tradition of the one-man show. That's why Richard Pryor was so great, and George Carlin, too. They prowled the stage, they used voices, they were really talents. -Robert Klein

One of my big inspirations was Chuck Berry, and his playing was always about the rhythm and the lyrics. So I've always been that way in my playing, really. -Mick Ralphs

Alas, those six unfortunate souls who have made their way through my books know that every one of them is about Emerson and Thoreau and their dark counters, Melville and Emily Dickinson. Try as I might, I can't get their inspirations, their challenges and sentences and wisdom and questions out of my head. -Pico Iyer

We're huge fans of 'Game of Thrones' for example, 'Orphan Black.' And even though those shows don't necessarily correlate directly with 'Arrow,' I'm a very big believer that writers are the product of their inspirations. -Marc Guggenheim

I've got quite a few inspirations – the list is kind of endless! -Jess Glynne

My grandmother is one of the biggest inspirations of my life. She was my biggest fan, and she made sure everybody knew it. Her never-ending joy was infectious, and there wasn't anyone who could beat her at partying and having fun. -Roberto Aguire

My daughter is one of my greatest inspirations. She's an environmentalist, she plays piano, she's raising money for the earthquake victims in Nepal. Every day she surprises me and teaches me something. -Patti Smith

If drummers are 'anti-solo,' that's up to them. They're musicians, and they can play whatever they want. But my inspirations early on were people like Buddy Rich, seeing him on 'The Tonight Show', or Gene Krupa. -Neil Peart

Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Sofia Lauren are my style inspirations. In terms of modern day actresses who I find inspiring, I love Emma Stone, Rooney Mara, Kirsten Dunst and Evan Rachel Wood. They aren't afraid to take risks and make edgy. -Carly Steel

Paul Giamatti is truly one of my biggest inspirations, and even more so now that I've gotten to work with him. Every single thing he does, he completely transforms into it. When I watch a film with Paul in it, I'm not like, 'Oh, there's Paul.' I'm completely into whatever character he's in, and I'm not thinking about him as an actor. -Condola Rashad

Dave Chappelle is one of my comedic inspirations. His perspective is crazy, and he's super sharp. -Hannibal Buress

I try to pull my inspirations from everyday life. If I came across a situation that is like, 'Oh, that's going to be scary, that's going to be frightening,' that's when I get inspired, and I put that into my films. -James Wan

I must listen as God speaks to my soul through good thoughts, inspirations, and intuitions. -Mother Angelica

Lemaitre has been one of my inspirations ever since I started making music. -Kygo

Elton John and Billy Joel, I find them both to be huge inspirations, those guys are so talented. -Kygo

My main inspirations come from early '90s Trance, the French electro movement round '06, then a bunch of artists like Flying Lotus, J Dilla, Moby, The Prodigy. So I'd say it's some kind of experimental electronica with a strong hip hop influence. It's chilled, but people can still get super crazy and dance to it. -Flume

Amazingly enough, athletic achievement is one of those things that seems larger than life at points. I think we all look to sport for inspirations. -John Cena

One of my biggest inspirations was Alanis Morissette's 'Jagged Little Pill.' -Bebe Rexha

Growing up, my inspirations were Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, all these martial arts legends. I wanted to express my talent on screen in a certain way. I felt that it made me a little different. -Tiger Shroff

My dad is easily one of my biggest inspirations to play this game. To hear people talk bad about me, it hurt me because I know it hurts him, and that's not who I am. I know he raised better, and I know I want to do better. -J. R. Smith

We performed at the VMAs, which is crazy because we grew up watching that show and all of our inspirations and idols were there. -Normani Kordei

Acting – you're taking someone else's visions and someone else's inspirations, and it's up to you to portray that to everyone watching the film. -Cameron Dallas

People ask what my influences are, and for me, it's not always obvious. One of my biggest inspirations was Chrissie Hynde from the Pretenders. That's based on how she just does whatever she wants to do, and I love her attitude about everything. It bleeds over into my way of thinking and comedy. -Tig Notaro

Early inspirations included Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Lionel Richie… Those were the people I actually wound up studying just to hone my craft. -Ne-Yo

For Lennon and me, we grew up with Laverne and Shirley or Lucy and Ethel. For us, those are our inspirations. And I think Amy Poehler and Tina Fey led the way for us to be fearless in the way we kept shoving our message and our comedy voice down people's throats until they listened. -Jessica St. Clair

My energy is undoubtedly my two sons Yatra and Linga, and they are my all-time inspirations. -Dhanush

What I read and what I go to the movies for is not to find a best friend, not to find inspirations, not necessarily for a hero's journey. It's to be involved with characters that are maybe incredibly different from me, that may be incredibly bad but that feel authentic. -Gillian Flynn

When I'm writing instrumental music, I try to find musical and non-musical inspirations. -Bryce Dessner

What's really astounding to me is a lot of the guys at Oculus VR and other companies who were creating VR tell me that 'Ready Player One' is one of their primary inspirations in getting into virtual reality. -Ernest Cline

I'm very passionate about making good films. I want to make good films for the whole world because I think it is one of the biggest inspirations for society. -Shaheer Sheikh

I take inspirations from newspaper strip cartoonists who look for ways of expanding their characters' worlds once they have established the initial concept of their strips. -Paul Dini

I now know that inspirations must come from everywhere. -G-Dragon

From the beginning of my career, I've used makeup as a vehicle to express my vision, my obsessions, inspirations, and addictions. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing young people recreate some of my iconic looks. -Pat McGrath

Makeup is an extraordinary tool that allows me to share my inspirations, my fantasies, and my vision with the world. -Pat McGrath

For me, one of my personal inspirations was designers in the mid-20th century named Charles and Ray Eames. -Joe Gebbia

Margaret Atwood and Ursula K. Le Guin were the biggest inspirations for my work because they trod into areas considered to be owned by male writers and created these worlds that are infused with an understanding of so much more than just technology. -Laeta Kalogridis

Getting older, getting married, buying a house, becoming a different person… I had to figure out what my new motivations, inspirations, and goals were. -Gretchen Bleiler

Viola Davis, Patti Smith, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Julianne Moore. I could go on forever listing names. However… my greatest inspirations have, without a doubt, been my teachers, friends, and family. -Maya Hawke

Amy Winehouse is one of my biggest inspirations. -Ella Purnell

I wear my inspirations on my sleeve. -Logic

Alanis Morissette – I think she's one of my biggest inspirations. -Anne-Marie

It is an honor for me to accept the position of men's artistic director for Louis Vuitton. I find the heritage and creative integrity of the house are key inspirations and will look to reference them both while drawing parallels to modern times. -Virgil Abloh

My inspirations were 'Macho Man' Randy Savage and Andre the Giant. It was easy to understand their character. -Shinsuke Nakamura

I'm listening to Tame Impala, Mac DeMarco, Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino. I'm just trying to just get as many different inspirations as I can. I love artists that can adapt and have different styles. -Rich Brian

I'm always pulling and really feeding off of my inspirations. I think most musicians do. -Robert Trujillo

If I've learned one thing from my mother, my teachers, my greatest female inspirations, it's that Boundaries Are Optional. -Merle Dandridge

You can see things growing up, be inspired by things. Just because they're not around anymore doesn't mean that you can't take those inspirations and bring them to life and bring them to the next generation. -Frankie Grande

Growing up, I didn't have any inspirations. -Marsai Martin

I wish I was agile like Spider-Man and everything we do that draws on the childhood inspirations and the adulthood inspirations, for that matter. They're definitely the reason how I am, how I am today, because I was a smaller kid who was a nerd. -Xavier Woods

I love storytellers. When I was growing up, my inspirations were watching Eddie Murphy, Dennis Wolfberg, and Louie Anderson. These guys were great at telling stories, and I made that my own style, talking about things that happened to me and trying to make them funny. -Jo Koy

My brother was a drummer, and he was always, like, smashing the kit around when I was a kid, and my dad was, like, one of them old musicians, and he played in, like, loads of different bands in the '70s and '80s. Him and my brother were kind of like my main inspirations. -Sam Fender

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