Best Quotes About Insignificant

The person you consider ignorant and insignificant is the one who came from God, that he might learn bliss from grief and knowledge from gloom. -Khalil Gibran

Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people. -Carl Sagan

People seldom see the halting and painful steps by which the most insignificant success is achieved. -Anne Sullivan

Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is most important that you do it. -Mahatma Gandhi

Wars spring from unseen and generally insignificant causes, the first outbreak being often but an explosion of anger. -Thucydides

Success is not greedy, as people think, but insignificant. That is why it satisfies nobody. -Lucius Annaeus Seneca

There is hardly any one so insignificant that he does not seem imposing to some one at some time. -Charles Horton Cooley

This is an important book, the critic assumes, because it deals with war. This is an insignificant book because it deals with the feelings of women in a drawing-room. -Virginia Woolf

My country has contrived for me the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived. -John Adams

The development of civilization and industry in general has always shown itself so active in the destruction of forests that everything that has been done for their conservation and production is completely insignificant in comparison. -Karl Marx

To venture upon an undertaking of any kind, even the most insignificant, is to sacrifice to envy. -Emil Cioran

Life is a series of steps. Things are done gradually. Once in a while there is a giant step, but most of the time we are taking small, seemingly insignificant steps on the stairway of life. -Ralph Ransom

Am I foolish and insignificant or am I great? I gave all the individuals in the world cause to kneel down in front of me. -Sun Myung Moon

When many astronauts go to space, they see the insignificant size of the earth and vastness of space, and they become very religious, because they have seen the Signs of Allah. -Cat Stevens

Flight by machines heavier than air is unpractical and insignificant, if not utterly impossible. -Simon Newcomb

Scripture suggests that the elements in space were created for the benefit of earth, while evolution suggests that earth is an insignificant speck in vast space. -Walter Lang

The relation between a poet and audience is really insignificant. What matters is the poet is hearing something that he is broadcasting. And whether there is anybody with a receiver isn't the reason he does it. He hopes there is somebody receiving it. -Peter Davison

I know that the work is good and they're excited over at ABC and Disney and it's getting some really good feedback. It's not just a little, insignificant kind of role. It's meaty, which is good. -Josh Holloway

On a cosmic scale, our life is insignificant, yet this brief period when we appear in the world is the time in which all meaningful questions arise. -Paul Ricoeur

Celebrities, even insignificant ones like me, are created to be abused by the Great Unwashed. -Poppy Z. Brite

Nothing in medicine is so insignificant as to merit attention. -Thomas Sydenham

The world is shrinking as we see more and more of it in the media, and the more we see of the world, the smaller we are, the more aware we are of how insignificant any one of us is. -Jock Sturges

So it is in poetry. All we ask is that the mood recorded shall impress us as having been of the kind that exhausts the imaginative capacity; if it fails to do this the failure will announce itself either in prose or in insignificant verse. -John Drinkwater

Throughout this evolution from left to right, Beard always detested war. Hence his writings were slanted to show that the military side of history was insignificant or a mere reflection of economic forces. -Samuel E. Morison

Who will grieve for this woman? Does she not seem too insignificant for our concern? Yet in my heart I never will deny her, Who suffered death because she chose to turn. -Anna Akhmatova

At one time I thought the Editor of the Lancet would kindly publish a letter from me on the subject, but further reflection led me to doubt whether so insignificant an individual would be noticed without some special introduction. -William Banting

Nothing is insignificant in the history of a young community, and – above all – nothing seems impossible. -Catherine Helen Spence

Drink and be thankful to the host! What seems insignificant when you have it, is important when you need it. -Franz Grillparzer

There is nothing insignificant in the world. It all depends on the point of view. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

What an insignificant life is this which I am now leading! -James Boswell

What characterizes a member of a minority group is that he is forced to see himself as both exceptional and insignificant, marvelous and awful, good and evil. -Norman Mailer

I demonstrate by means of philosophy that the earth is round, and is inhabited on all sides; that it is insignificantly small, and is borne through the stars. -Johannes Kepler

The most insignificant people are the most apt to sneer at others. They are safe from reprisals. And have no hope of rising in their own self esteem but by lowering their neighbors. -William Hazlitt

I learned, too, how it was possible with the help of the picture and action to transform an apparently insignificant violin passage into an incident, and to lift a simple horn call into a thing of stupendous significance by means of scenic emphasis. -Anton Seidl

I'm much more interested in what an actor has to say about something substantial and important than who they're dating or what clothes they're wearing or some other asinine, insignificant aspect of their life. -Ben Affleck

The first time I landed in New York and got a cab to my hotel, I was completely struck by it: a feeling of life and chaos, 24 hours around the clock, just like in London. And whatever your problem is, it's insignificant. You're just a small part of something very big. -America Ferrera

The message is that all brilliance emanates from the top; that the worker on the floor of the store or the factory is insignificant. -James Sinegal

Everybody's life has these moments, where one thing leads to another. Some are big and obvious and some are small and seemingly insignificant. -Peter Jackson

The most insignificant score is the score at halftime. -Gresham Barrett

We have a tendency to condemn people who are different from us, to define their sins as paramount and our own sinfulness as being insignificant. -Jimmy Carter

Baseball is only a game, a game of inches and a lot of luck. During a time of all-out war, sports are very insignificant. -Bob Feller

Productivity is a relative matter. And it's really insignificant: What is ultimately important is a writer's strongest books. -Joyce Carol Oates

I was quite able at the insignificant work I did in MI6, but absolutely dysfunctional in my domestic life. I had no experience of fatherhood. I had no example of marital bliss or the family unit. -John le Carre

I'm not a weight lifter. I'm a seeker. Weight lifting is so insignificant in my life. -Sri Chinmoy

Now here's what I'm saying: I've always believed that every other month we hear about compromisation of bank records, I think that's the CIA and the FBI. Now let me tell you why I'm saying this. I don't believe no insignificant pip-squeak is going to be able to pull this off month after month and we can't find out what's going on. -Dick Gregory

It's like you have a child and you think, 'Everything that I've done up until this point is insignificant in comparison to being a father.' It's a beautiful, beautiful thing. -Vin Diesel

People equate success with youth. And if you haven't had a certain amount of success by a certain time in your life, it's never going to happen. There's a fear about that. So people start lying about their age really young. I've never done that because I think it's so insignificant. -Jennifer Jason Leigh

The rite of passage of learning to build a fire that will burn all night with one match is not an insignificant one in my husband's family, and I grew up camping and backpacking. I love to camp. -Sarah Wayne Callies

Obscene salaries send the wrong message through a company. The message is that all brilliance emanates from the top; that the worker on the floor of the store or the factory is insignificant. -James Sinegal

Most people get overwhelmed by the insignificant decisions of their lives. I'm urging people to minimize the time spent on these when they're not critical to their most important goals. -Robert Pozen

I don't have hard numbers about this, but the impression I get is that the amount of eyeballs you get from being on the humor shelf at Barnes & Noble – it is almost insignificant. -Randall Munroe

Panic is rare, looting is essentially insignificant, people are not terrified and trampling each other to flee from a disaster scene, but in fact are trying to manage a situation. We may in fact revert to some sort of primordial civility. -Rebecca Solnit

I go to the Natural History Museum and look at the cage of stuffed starlings there. But my favourite thing is the big blue whale. The scale of it is unbelievable, and makes you feel how insignificant you are as a human being. -Arthur Darvill

Art collectors are pretty insignificant in the scheme of things. What matters and survives is the art. I buy art that I like. I buy it to show it off in exhibitions. Then, if I feel like it, I sell it and buy more art. -Charles Saatchi

If you're not the brightest or if you're not great at sports, or if you're not artistic, then you've got to find a way to make your mark; otherwise you're just this tiny little insignificant dot. I didn't want to be insignificant, so I made people laugh. -Sharon Horgan

One of the main ways that leadership stays in power is by, in various ways, convincing people that they should just let those who are in government govern: 'Trust us. Trust me. Just let us take care of things. Stay out of it.' Your opinions don't really matter. You are isolated. You are insignificant. -Viggo Mortensen

If we were handling a bomb which could go off at any minute as a result of our actions, we would mind ourselves and be delicate. Our words have the same power, yet we wield them around as though they were powerless and insignificant. -Yehuda Berg

The black characters on TV are the sidekicks, or they're insignificant. You could put all the black sidekicks on one show, and it would be the most boring, one-dimensional show ever. Even look at the black women on 'Community' and 'Parks and Recreation' – they are the archetype of the large black women on television. Snide and sassy. -Issa Rae

I used to go to the Improvisation Comedy Club every night in Times Square. How I didn't get killed in that area either means that 1) God is watching over me or 2) I am so insignificant to God that he didn't bother having me killed. -Gilbert Gottfried

When people really understand the Big Bang and the whole sweep of the evolution of the universe, it will be clear that humans are fairly insignificant. -George Smoot

We must reduce the emissions 100 percent. In Venezuela, the emissions are currently insignificant compared to the emissions of the developed countries. -Hugo Chavez

Nothing is too small. Nothing is too, quote-unquote, ordinary or insignificant. Those are the things that make up the measure of our days, and they're the things that sustain us. And they're the things that certainly can become worthy of poetry. -Rita Dove

Productivity is a relative matter. And it's really insignificant: What is ultimately important is a writer's strongest books. It may be the case that we all must write many books in order to achieve a few lasting ones – just as a young writer or poet might have to write hundreds of poems before writing his first significant one. -Joyce Carol Oates

My joy in life is not because I have not had any problems. I have joy because I have learned there is nothing too great for God's power to deal with, nor anything too small or insignificant for His love to be concerned about. -Josh McDowell

Growing up, I was discouraged from telling personal stories. My dad often used the phrase 'Don't tell anyone.' But not about creepy things. I don't want to lead you down the wrong path. It would be about insignificant things. Like, I wouldn't make the soccer team, and my father would say, 'Don't tell anyone.' -Mike Birbiglia

I am pleased to say that I am not a tortured comedian – I laugh a lot. My twenties weren't particularly happy, but it's the same for a lot of people. In your thirties, you realise that your life and your worries are really insignificant, and you have to force yourself to be more positive and take each day as a gift. -Miranda Hart

Sometimes, counter-intuitively, it's easier to make a major change than a minor change. When a habit is changing very gradually, we may lose interest, give way under stress, or dismiss the change as insignificant. There's an excitement and an energy that comes from a big transformation, and that helps to create a habit. -Gretchen Rubin

In the pain, the agony, and the heroic endeavors of life, we pass through a refiner's fire, and the insignificant and the unimportant in our lives can melt away like dross and make our faith bright, intact, and strong. -James E. Faust

Because of the active principle and spirit or universal soul, nothing is so incomplete, defective or imperfect, or, according to common opinion, so completely insignificant that it could not become the source of great events. -Giordano Bruno

Why e-mail a full emotional statement when, instead, you can text a totally insignificant and ambiguous half-considered phrase? -Jami Attenberg

Looking out at the ocean, it's easy to feel small – and to imagine all your troubles, suddenly insignificant, slipping away. Earth's seven oceans seem vast and impenetrable, but a closer look tells another story. -Ted Danson

An aging writer has the not insignificant satisfaction of a shelf of books behind him that, as they wait for their ideal readers to discover them, will outlast him for a while. -John Updike

If I make a wrong decision, I worry what might have been. I stress out over very insignificant things. -Courtney Barnett

Men and women who sell their birthright for a mess of pottage will tell you that their demise began with something small, with some seemingly insignificant breach of integrity that escalated. The little things do matter. It is not possible to profess righteousness while flirting with sin. -Sheri L. Dew

How can you look at the galaxy and not feel insignificant? -Ridley Scott

It takes the same effort to think small than to think big. But to think big frees you from the insignificant details. -Jorge Paulo Lemann

No design, no matter how common or seemingly insignificant, is without its adamant critics as well as its ardent admirers. -Henry Petroski

We have cellphones and smartphones and iDevices and laptops and the ability to be perpetually connected. We never have to miss anything, significant or insignificant. -Roxane Gay

'Tiempos del Mundo' is insignificant as far as the newspaper market is concerned here in Buenos Aires. -Pepe Eliaschev

We may seem insignificantly small, but we exist. So I remain optimistic. -James Rosenquist

The Toast's audience is about 30-35 percent male, which shocked me because I would say that we actively try to discourage men from reading our site. Apparently, there's not insignificant number of dudes out there who think that what we are doing is okay. -Daniel Mallory Ortberg

Sometimes God presents opportunities that look insignificant or rather ordinary. Perhaps you don't see how they fit into the big picture for your life. But if God is asking you to do something, He has a purpose for it. -Victoria Osteen

Countries that are agricultural can, at a low standard of living, sustain themselves. You can be self-sufficient; the money economy is a relatively insignificant part of the total economy. Singapore never was an agricultural country. -Lee Kuan Yew

There is nothing as dead and as damned as an important thing. The things that really matter are casual, insignificant little things. -Patrick Kavanagh

We manufacture automotive components including critical engine and axle parts for passenger cars, diesel engines and medium & heavy commercial vehicles. Till 1997, our focus was almost entirely on the domestic market with a relatively insignificant portion of revenues from exports. -Baba Kalyani

Every other piece of industrial design is a pot or a dish or something insignificant. But when you have a chair, it's like a sculpture of a person: it's alive. It's big. You can't miss it. It's a 'look at me!' item. -Charles Pollock

From the dust of the earth, from the common elementary fund, the Creator has made Homo sapiens. From the same material he has made every other creature, however noxious and insignificant to us. They are earth-born companions and our fellow mortals. -John Muir

Most actions derive not from your own initiative but from your family circumstances, your education, your calling, and so on. You must therefore give up a little time to performing actions which derive from yourself alone. They need not be important; quite insignificant actions fulfill the same purpose. -Rudolf Steiner

My age is very insignificant to me. I don't think about it, but the world does. The world likes young people in general. -Aurora

I learned the significance of my own insignificant life. -Frank McCourt

I had nothing and lived in the most insignificant place. -James Arthur

Know that the tattoos are all significant. They're all extremely insignificant. I can't break each one down, but it's 20 years. The first one was 21 years of age from a football teammate. -Omari Hardwick

It's almost impossible to explain how little the NBA amounted to when I started covering it in 1963. It wasn't fair to call it bush, although everybody did. It was simply small – only nine teams – and insignificant. -Frank Deford

Asians narratively in shows are insignificant. They're the cop or the waitress or whatever it is. You see them in the background. -John Cho

Texas is so big, and the place where I grew up was so little, and I was such a little thing growing up in the middle of it. I had two choices: I could either spend my life feeling insignificant, or I could look on the life I lived as a microcosm of the universe. -Sissy Spacek

When I finally got the chance to do 'The People v. O.J. Simpson,' my peers embraced me with the same attitude. They didn't make me feel small or insignificant. They treated me as a peer. It was a wonderful experience. -Sterling K. Brown

The best do sweat the small stuff. They get the seemingly insignificant details right. They have the discipline to shine at the baby things which they get gives birth to spectacular giant things. -Robin S. Sharma

Most of us aren't defeated in one decisive battle. We are defeated one tiny, seemingly insignificant surrender at a time that chips away at who we should really be. -Jocko Willink

Most of the stuff I've ever said is pretty insignificant and, by and large, has been said off the cuff and without much thought to the potential consequences. -James Carville

The sole purpose of a crown is to make anyone not wearing one feel like an insignificant pauper. They're obscene to the point of satire. -Charlie Brooker

I refuse to let something as insignificant as a size or number on a scale determine how I feel about myself. I am grateful for my body, my health, and the life that I have, and no arbitrary number should have any impact on that. -Iskra Lawrence

For most of us, our protective lies or omissions are so insignificant that being found out would be only mildly embarrassing. But for some of us, our secret may threaten to destroy everything. And that is food and drink to a novelist. -Fiona Barton

If I am honest with myself, a not-insignificant fraction of my enjoyment of any episode of 'Game of Thrones' is delivered in its opening moments. I sit down, settle in, and… BUM-bum, bah-dah-BUM-bum. -Robin Sloan

Being insignificant statistically doesn't mean it's right or wrong. It just means you don't have enough data to show yes or no. -Heidi Hammel

Small does not mean insignificant. -Theo Paphitis

Why would you spend your life and your time doing something that's insignificant? -Marcel Wanders

The universe is within us. We forget that and make up realities for ourselves that we are small and insignificant. Meditation brings us back to our natural state of consciousness. -Tara Stiles

My favourite thing about being in nature is that I feel so small and kind of insignificant. -Sigrid

Electorally, the number of women who want to wear a burka is insignificant, yet it is important to defend such a minority against the tyranny of the majority. -Jacob Rees-Mogg

Racism is a problem, economic inequality is a problem, not enough rock n' roll on the radio is a problem. But all those problems will become insignificant when the oceans rise in a way that threatens organised human activity. -Tom Morello

All Americans deserve to see, speak to, and hear from our candidates. No county is insignificant, no community too small, and each person's vote is important. -Richard Ojeda

The Congress party is insignificant in our state. -Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy

I like to peruse the Full Contact Poker online forums to read and comment on posts about interesting poker hands and whether they were played properly. I find that many of the contributors consistently suffer from the same problem: they are far too preoccupied with statistically insignificant aspects of a poker hand. -Daniel Negreanu

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