Best Quotes About Hockey

I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out. -Rodney Dangerfield

Baseball happens to be a game of cumulative tension but football, basketball and hockey are played with hand grenades and machine guns. -John Leonard

All hockey players are bilingual. They know English and profanity. -Gordie Howe

A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be. -Wayne Gretzky

That's the awesome part. Little girls now have a chance to look up and see women playing soccer, basketball, softball and now hockey – and know they can win a gold medal, too. -Angela Ruggiero

I don't like my hockey sticks touching other sticks, and I don't like them crossing one another, and I kind of have them hidden in the corner. I put baby powder on the ends. I think it's essentially a matter of taking care of what takes care of you. -Wayne Gretzky

My message to the kids and our fans is hockey's a great game. There's a lot of hockey being played at all levels. Get involved, do it. We will be back and we will be back better than ever and hopefully as soon as possible. Don't give up on the game. It's too good. -Gary Bettman

The greatest hockey player who ever lived: Bobby Orr, and I love him. -Donald Stewart Cherry

My job is to suggest and ratify and use any expertise that I might have gained over the 23 years in professional hockey to make our game a better game. -Bobby Hull

I had all the usual ambition growing up. I wanted to be a writer, a musician, a hockey player. I wanted to do something that wasn't nine to five. Acting was the first thing I tried that clicked. -Michael J. Fox

I used to collect hockey cards. It was like Vegas at my school. You'd go to school with your box of cards, and at recess and lunchtime there were all these games we'd play. -Steve Nash

My goal was to play in the NHL, because that is the best hockey in the world. -Jaromir Jagr

Since the beginning, I always loved the game. When you grow up in Montreal, one day you want to be a professional hockey player. When I was six or seven, I knew that was what I wanted. -Mario Lemieux

Every day is a great day for hockey. -Mario Lemieux

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a professional hockey player. -Mario Lemieux

Canadian hockey fans… They boo me every time I go anywhere. Because I play for Team USA. -Brett Hull

Sometimes guys need to cry. Some hockey players think they're too tough to cry. -Brett Hull

You can't get big in hockey. You need to be pliable… they've even taken fighting out of the game, so there's no more of those big huge guys who just fight. -Brett Hull

If you're going to play hockey now, you have to be able to play. If you have the ability to fight and play, you're an unbelievable commodity. But if you can only fight, there might be six of those guys left in the league, and I can guarantee they're going fast. -Brett Hull

Probably the biggest thing that surprises people is that I am obsessed with hockey. I grew up in the Boston area so I am obsessed with hockey since I was a little kid. -Rob Zombie

I am like the Jack Nicholson of the Kings – every single game. If there was a game tonight I wouldn't be here. I used to play hockey. That was my original thing. My first thing, I wanted to play professional hockey. -Rob Zombie

People ask if I regret not winning a Stanley Cup, but winning the series against the Soviet Union was the best. It was the greatest experience of my hockey career by far. -Marcel Dionne

I love extreme sports, I like snowboarding and motorcross and rollerblading and hockey. -Jeremy London

It's not only hockey, it's every sport. You know, it's a big event. -Peter Forsberg

It's only 60,000. It's not a big town. It's a big hockey town. Everybody plays hockey when you grow up. -Peter Forsberg

But if kids take up things like hockey and football they will go back to it. -Daley Thompson

I wish I were a character actor. Of course, if I played hockey without a mask, I could become one. -Michael Vartan

But the truth is, growing up in California, we knew nothing about hockey. -Leigh Steinberg

I think now what you're seeing is guys that are in the peaks of their careers anywhere from 27 to 35 years old, seems to be when they play their best hockey. -Mark Messier

Like I said, a 30-year-old hockey player, even when I came to New York when I was 30, I was on the downside of my career, pretty much the end of my career. -Mark Messier

There was a time there in the mid '80s to the '90s there that we played six finals, three Canada Cups, we were playing hockey almost 10 months a year for a long time there. -Mark Messier

I think the thing you always got to keep in mind, you know, hockey is a game of one-on-one battles. -Mark Messier

I went on and was still able to play some good hockey. -Paul Coffey

That's another thing, we made up games. We didn't have equipment. When it snowed, we would play slow motion tackle football. We would play hockey, but we wouldn't skate. We just made things up. I loved doing that. -Mike Krzyzewski

A series of rumors about my attitude, as well as derogatory remarks about myself and my family showed me that the personal resentment of the Detroit general manager toward me would make it impossible for me to continue playing hockey in Detroit. -Ted Lindsay

By 1946, I knew Detroit was the best hockey city in the Original Six. -Ted Lindsay

I watch a lot of hockey. There are some good hockey players and there are some awfully stupid hockey players. -Ted Lindsay

It's not a sport you get famous at. If I wanted to be famous, I would have stuck with hockey. -Eric Heiden

I was thrilled one year when I was younger when not only did my brothers get hockey sticks for Christmas – but I did too! -Nancy Kerrigan

Right now I like baseball, hockey and tennis players. And horseback riders. -Martina Hingis

Canada is hockey. -Mike Weir

Playing hockey, there were a lot of guys bigger than me, so I knew I was going to get hit and have to deal with it. Gotta hit back. -Mike Weir

Canadians send us great hockey players. You also send us wonderful performers, from the beginning, with Mary Pickford. -Jamie Farr

I also developed an interest in sports, and played in informal games at a nearby school yard where the neighborhood children met to play touch football, baseball, basketball and occasionally, ice hockey. -Steven Chu

People on the streets are ready for hockey. -Eric Lindros

Usually when I wielded a hockey stick, it meant somebody was going to get hurt. This is just a friendly match. -Stan Mikita

Nobody gives a crap about hockey down here – nobody. I coach kids' hockey down here and you can start to see the disinterest in the game here with the kids. -Bobby Hull

Growing up, if I hadn't had sports, I don't know where I'd be. God only knows what street corners I'd have been standing on and God only knows what I'd have been doing, but instead I played hockey and went to school and stayed out of trouble. -Bobby Orr

The biggest thing we get out of it is seeing the kids smile. And hopefully we will also see that the lessons we're teaching – not only the fundamentals of hockey, but also the life values – are sinking in. -Bobby Orr

For the next approximately three years, I have got Nathan to take care of. I know that once he graduates from high school, he will be off doing whatever it is he is going to be doing – probably playing ice hockey. -Barbara Mandrell

Of course, my family has been a big reason for me to come back, especially my son who loves the game of hockey – he was a big reason for me coming back. -Mario Lemieux

I had a hard time with that hockey. I hadn't grown up skating, so that was my biggest challenge. We worked on it and worked on it. But then when we first shot it, it was so hard for me. -Woody Harrelson

I think we have our sports within our own culture that are huge with baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. Those are the sports in America that we grow up with and soccer isn't really there yet. -Claudio Reyna

I love hockey, and I don't love it for any other reason than when I get out there and play, I enjoy it. -Brendan Fehr

I wasn't naturally gifted in terms of size and speed; everything I did in hockey I worked for, and that's the way I'll be as a coach. -Wayne Gretzky

When you think of hockey, when you think of Canada, you think of Wayne Gretzky. -Joe Sakic

I would be surprised if there weren't some owners who didn't want to get a deal done right now and get back to playing hockey. -Luke Richardson

It was a fun ride. I've enjoyed my time on the ice and I've enjoyed more and more people getting interested in the game of hockey. -Ron Francis

When I was a kid, I remember playing hockey outside and whenever you did, you thought about playing for Finland vs. Sweden. That's just the way it was. -Teemu Selanne

I love those hockey moms. You know what they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is? Lipstick. -Sarah Palin

I like ice hockey, but it's a frustrating game to watch. It's hard to keep your eyes on both the puck and the players and too much time passes between scoring in hockey. There are usually more fights than there are points. -Andy Rooney

You need a lot of leaders, but a hockey team needs a voice, not only in the community, but more importantly between the coaching staff and the players. There are always ups and downs in a season; the captain is the guy players look to in those situations. -Joe Sakic

When you think of Canada, you think of hockey and you think of Wayne Gretzky. -Joe Sakic

I'm leaving the game of hockey with nothing but great memories. -Joe Sakic

You can't play hockey with a bald spot, so I'm hanging up the skates. -Joe Sakic

I didn't know that I'd like it this much, coaching both boys and coming out all the time and seeing how excited they are to play hockey. It reminds you of when you were that age and you wanted to be out on the ice. -Joe Sakic

Figure skaters have awful perceptions of hockey players. -Kristi Yamaguchi

I found my prince – he's a hockey player and we met at an NHL event, the last place I'd ever expect to meet someone, but there he was. -Carol Alt

In a way, by being fully committed to the Olympic movement globally, I'm better able to promote women's hockey and talk about women's hockey and put a face to women's hockey, to all the IOC members. -Angela Ruggiero

I still love hockey. It's just I'm at a different stage of my life and I think I'm just ready to grow in other ways outside of just being a hockey player. -Angela Ruggiero

But inside of me I knew that the Olympics were still there. I was still young enough. I knew that once I transitioned out of hockey, it would be really hard to go back. -Angela Ruggiero

I find that I've tried to become a better hockey player every year and not just hold on. At the same time, I've also made it a point to increase or grow in some other area of my life. If I were just playing hockey, I would probably be done with the sport. -Angela Ruggiero

There were no women's players I knew of. I didn't even know women's hockey existed. -Angela Ruggiero

I grew up in the Midwest, so we really didn't have much hockey going on. -Bill Goldberg

Free agency screws everybody's allegiances up. Whether it be football, baseball, hockey, basketball, whatever it may be. It's really hard. -Bill Goldberg

I'm so busy right now, it's the beginning of the hockey season for my kids. -Curtis Joseph

We have a lot of rookies in the lineup. More than anybody, I would say. Its going to be something new for them. They have to understand that it's totally different hockey in the playoffs. Starting with the fans, the intensity of the game, every mistake counts. -Jaromir Jagr

I love my hockey, but if you can do that and go home and just be a dad and husband, then you have the best of both worlds. -Curtis Joseph

I played pretty darn competitive-level hockey. Then the good old knee injury. Obviously, it's a blessing in disguise, but growing up Canadian, that's our religion, that's our football. -Taylor Kitsch

I somewhere along the way became fascinated with exploring characters who are willing to put themselves into violent situations, whether it's football, hockey, boxing, being a cop, being a soldier. There's not a lot of people who are willing to put themselves into those situations. -Peter Berg

It's been a good hockey life for me anyway. -Peter Forsberg

When I'm not acting, I try to be normal, play golf, play hockey. It's funny because you're in this little bubble when you're working – you don't read books, you don't really keep up with the news, you're just living that life. -Taylor Kitsch

The excitement of the fans in Montreal, especially in the playoffs, I don't think you can get that anywhere else. For a hockey player, I kind of wish everyone could go through that and experience what it is to play there. It's very unique. -Saku Koivu

It is so important to me to have my time away from hockey. Obviously, hockey is my passion; I love it. But definitely for me, time away from the rink and time when my mind isn't thinking about hockey is important. -Sidney Crosby

It's really football, tennis, and golf that I watch other than hockey. -Sidney Crosby

I think as a Canadian hockey player, you go through it in your mind so many times, being able to stand on that blue line and hear your national anthem play and being a gold medal champion, you dream of that. And then to be able to accomplish that and actually win a gold medal and represent your country its an amazing feeling. -Sidney Crosby

Skating is big in Chicago. There's a lot of hockey; a lot of the boys play hockey. And figure skating is big. -Joan Cusack

I sort of always had an inkling towards some kind of an art form. I grew up in a very small town, and I just figure-skated. My dad played hockey and I was surrounded by sports, but it wasn't quite doing it for me. I wasn't totally fulfilled, and I did a lot of skating. -Rachel McAdams

When it comes to hockey, it's been in my blood since I was 3 or 4 years old. I love coaching the kids, especially at that level. -Mario Lemieux

My son, he is the reason I got involved. It's been a joy to be around him and teach him the stuff that I know, and to the other kids as well. When he started playing I wanted to be involved in his hockey career. It's a lot of fun for both of us. -Mario Lemieux

The trouble is that the hockey stick graph become an icon and deniers reckoned if they could smash the icon, the whole concept of global warming would be destroyed with it. -Michael E. Mann

I've always loved sports and hockey is a sport I play as much as I can. I love it. In a weird way it's like church and therapy and exercise all rolled up into one. I mean when I play hockey I don't think about anything. -Michael Vartan

I always said put me in front of 40 or 50,000 people and play hockey, I'm comfortable there. Put me in front of 50 people to talk or get in front of, and that's where I'm probably the least comfortable. -Ron Francis

I think I'm a mama's boy who wanted to be a hockey player, who failed, and had to become a singer. I think that I'm a generous, impatient, kind, jerk. -Michael Buble

Our economics are not baseball's economics. Our game is not baseball's game. Our owners are not baseball's owners, with one or two exceptions. Our union is not baseball's union. What we do has to be crafted and suited to address hockey, to address the NHL, to address our 30 teams and our 700-plus players. -Gary Bettman

The Canadian franchises and Canada as a market for NHL hockey has always been a priority for us. -Gary Bettman

Ninety percent of hockey is mental and the other half is physical. -Wayne Gretzky

I knew at a young age, whether I was playing baseball or hockey or lacrosse, that my teammates were counting on me, whether it be to strike the last batter out in a baseball game or score a big goal in a hockey game. -Wayne Gretzky

Listen, everything I have in my life is because of the NHL and because of hockey, and I love the game and I loved every minute of being a player, I loved coaching, I loved being involved in the NHL. -Wayne Gretzky

And people who know me would tell you that away from hockey I'm really not that competitive. -Wayne Gretzky

I was 19 years old, pumping gas and going nowhere. I was kind of a high school dropout at that point because I had left school to play hockey, but no one drafted me. -Adam Oates

I grew up playing field hockey and lacrosse – prep school sport – and I was terrible at them. -Julie Bowen

It's odd, that's why I don't like telling people I played field hockey. It's real big in Australia for guys. But I say I played in America, and everybody goes, 'Oh, you girl!' -Heath Ledger

I still play hockey every now and then, and I still golf. But my biggest exercise is walking my big dog in the park every day. -Michael J. Fox

I give a speech to the black freshmen at Harvard each year, and I say, 'You can like Mozart and ice hockey…' – and then I used to say 'golf,' but Tiger took over golf! – 'and Picasso and still be as black as the ace of spades.' -Henry Louis Gates

I dance a lot and I run and do yoga and play field hockey and tennis. I like to be active. I don't always have time for that stuff, but I do always feel better afterward. -Emma Watson

Field hockey is my strongest sport, and if I lose a game, I take a long, hot bath and moan about it. -Emma Watson

I mean, I went to a Catholic boys' school for a year, but that was to play hockey. Religion class was quite contentious for me. -Keanu Reeves

You see a hockey player, you'd never know he's a professional athlete. But you put the skates on him, and he becomes a beast. -Junior Seau

Baseball and American football and hockey are all ahead because they have a history. The MLS is kind of new. So hopefully, in time, and with players coming and trying to develop the game, and the U.S. team also doing well – at the last World Cup, they finished above England and created some buzz. -Thierry Henry

The only other time I can recall my dad getting upset at me was when I missed a hockey practice. My parents were away, so my buddy and I decided to skip it. I never told my dad about it, but he found out from the coach. -Mike Weir

I'm awful at hockey. -Seann William Scott

I don't know where the loyalty lies in baseball. You really don't have to protect each other much, unless there's like a bench-clearing brawl. In hockey, it's important that they look out for each other. -Seann William Scott

I liked hockey, and I still like hockey. -Kevin Smith

You watch a hockey game, and the hand-eye coordination and the speed is really miraculous; how those guys track the puck alone, just following it with their eyes. -Liev Schreiber

No, I grew up admiring people who played ice hockey. -Liev Schreiber

The skill set for hockey is so specific to skating and if you haven't been skating as a kid it's impossible to play – and I wasn't a skater. -Liev Schreiber

I played ice hockey obsessively for 14 years of my life. -Paul Wesley

I grew up in Michigan, so I played hockey, football and basketball. I played a little bit of lacrosse, too. My brother played more lacrosse and ran track. -Steven Yeun

And if I want to get involved in choosing sides, I usually pick hockey or football. -Dierks Bentley

We all know that the great memories of our childhood are the little triumphs – it doesn't really matter whether that was in writing, art, on the hockey field or on the football field. It's something that makes you feel – 'I can do this stuff.' -Michael Morpurgo

The media has changed. We now give broadcast licenses to philosophies instead of people. People get confused and think there is no difference between news and entertainment. People who project themselves as journalists on television don't know the first thing about journalism. They are just there stirring up a hockey game. -Gary Ackerman

After I started to understand the spiritual dimension of life, I understood the responsibilities you have as a husband, a father, a friend and a hockey player. -Paul Henderson

People who wave digital cameras at shows are the same people who sit in front of you at hockey games and wear those giant foam-rubber fingers that say, We're number one!' -Rob Sheffield

Comedy is similar to hockey… in only one way. You get a lot of credit for assists. So I try to serve whatever the intention is, be it the joke or the story or the scene or the moment or the kiss, even if it's not my joke or moment. -Johnny Galecki

I wasn't a jock in school, and by the 10th grade, when I was in boarding school I was carrying water buckets for the girls' hockey team. I was the kid with long hair and glasses and acne trying to learn how to play guitar and piano in the music center. I was not an athlete past the age of 13 or 14 when they start throwing the ball really fast. -Michael Weatherly

I'm not a hockey fan. I'm not a golf fan. -Penny Marshall

I'm an absolutely dreadful hockey player. -Christopher Heyerdahl

I wear whatever makes me comfortable on stage, so that I feel confident. Some days it's a plaid skirt with a button-up and other days it's jeans with a hockey jersey and platforms. -Sky Ferreira

I'm not stereotypically Canadian. I don't really follow hockey. I don't feel like anything other than myself, basically. -Michael Cera

I'm always working out; I did ice hockey in high school, but I'm not a dance person. I mean, this was horrible, but I had a dance double in my high-school musical. -Eliza Coupe

My dad actually taught me to box when I was, like, nine years old, because I got picked on at school all of the time. I was on a boys' hockey team, so I would get all of my aggression out there. -Eliza Coupe

I always played hockey, I was always a hockey fan, but I was never bitten by the hockey bug… I never looked into playing it professionally. -Chris Jericho

I'm extremely well recognized in Korea just because of what I do on the ice, and there is a lack of that in Canada because hockey is our sport and it will be for eternity. -Patrick Chan

I know that, in hockey, the object of the game is simple in that you have to get the puck into the net. With figure skating, it's not as simple, and there is a ton of work that goes into it. -Patrick Chan

I tried all kinds of sports when I was a kid, like soccer and tennis and golf, and, in fact, started skating to be able to play hockey. -Patrick Chan

As a kid in New Zealand, you play cricket in summer and rugby in winter. I played cricket and hockey. Not rugby. I wasn't brawny enough for it. Or silly enough, perhaps. -Glenn Turner

Coming to another hockey Mecca like Toronto makes you a better coach. I want to have fun again. I want to make it fun for everybody, and it's fun when you win. -Pat Burns

Toronto was a great place to work, a fun place to work. People were so hockey-oriented, hockey-minded, without being too critical. In Montreal, they got downright nasty sometimes. -Pat Burns

I applied a lot of the same principles I used in hockey into my acting. I might have had some naive ambitions of making the NHL, but thank God, playing hockey gave me a good foundation for everything else. -Vincent Piazza

I've been acting since I was 8 – I used to play hockey and there was a kids' theatre down the street from my house and one day I just walked in and signed up for auditions for 'The Wizard Of Oz.' -Nico Tortorella

The hockey I was raised on, the hockey I understand, the hockey that my dad taught me about when I was a boy was intrinsically connected with fighting. I grew up in a house where we revered tough guys. -Jay Baruchel

I was sporty in high school. I played tennis and hockey, and was basketball captain. Then I went to university and stopped doing sport and started eating ice cream. -Rebel Wilson

I'm a little bit superstitious, and I think that just comes from playing hockey. I won't avoid the number thirteen. A big one for me, though, is walking under a ladder. I've always felt like that's tempting fate. That's just throwing it right in their face. Check me out. I just walked under a ladder. What are you going to do about it? -James Badge Dale

If Colleen Howe had been a hockey player, she would have been a centremen. I can see her as a centreman because you can do what you want and go wherever you want to go. -Gordie Howe

I played street hockey in Riverside Park when I was a kid. I played goalie. I didn't make the hockey team in college, so I played lacrosse instead. I didn't play hockey again for 20 to 25 years, and then my son became interested in the game. I decided to pick it up again. A friend let me play backup on his team. -John Katzman

Here's how much I know about hockey. Mike Royko and I were in a tiny bar one winter night, and the radio kept reporting goals by the Blackhawks. I mentioned how frequently the team was scoring. 'You're listening to the highlights,' Royko observed. -Roger Ebert

L.A. will never be a hockey town. I'm a huge hockey fan, and people out here do not appreciate hockey as much as they should. I've always been into it. I'm Canadian; that's my sport for sure. -Jean-Luc Bilodeau

I was a hockey player growing up. Being a big guy and being imposing, I had to use my size to protect my teammates. -Kevin Durand

A lot of my friends growing up were hunters, but I spent all my time on the ice hurting actual humans playing hockey. I never had the chance to run through the woods and shoot at a moose or deer. I was shooting pucks at goaltender's heads. -Kevin Durand

I'm not a hockey fan, which is probably why I had to leave Canada in the first place. -Ryan Reynolds

I started ice-skating when I was about 12 or 13 and I was selected in the Australian team for ice hockey. I met my wife at St Moritz Ice Skating about 1955. -Lindsay Fox

I like ice hockey. No one is ever going to ask me to write about that as a metaphor for life. -Steven Pinker

We can make fun of hockey fans, but someone who enjoys Homer is indulging the same kind of vicarious bloodlust. -Steven Pinker

It was okay for Wayne Gretzky's dad, for instance, to give him a hockey stick, or Joe Montana's dad to give him a football, or Larry Bird's dad to give him a basketball, but it wasn't okay for Gloria Connors to give her son a tennis racquet. -Jimmy Connors

My dad had this thing – everyone in Canada wants to play hockey; that's all they want to do. So when I was a kid, whenever we skated my dad would not let us on the ice without hockey sticks, because of this insane fear we would become figure skaters! -Norm MacDonald

I wanted to be a hockey player. Where I grew up, the basketball courts were rarely used. I was terrible in school and actually said, 'I'm going to be a hockey player.' -Denis Leary

I played basketball in high school, and I love watching sports – I'll watch everything except maybe hockey. -Andy Roddick

I probably follow all sports a little bit. I like hockey quite a bit. I like football. I like college basketball when it gets down to March Madness. I like baseball. I enjoy them all. I watch them all. -Vince Vaughn

For me, baseball is more comparable to chess than it is to hockey. -Jeff Garlin

Thank you for reminding Canada that I'm a disappointment to them. I like hockey, I love it, but I'm not an avid hockey – let's face it, true Canadian – fan. I've always been more into snowboarding and skateboarding and sort of the alternative sports, I'm not crazy about hockey – but love it! -Dustin Milligan

I wanted to emulate my parents – Mum captained India in basketball, and Dad won a bronze in hockey in 1972 Olympics. My focus has always been to achieve excellence whether in the field of tennis, in the corporate field, in the art of acting or in motivating youngsters. -Leander Paes

I wanted to play professional hockey, man. But when I acted, I thought, 'Well, okay, maybe I do have something here.' -Corey Haim

I was playing a relatively high level of hockey, and I thought that's what I wanted to do. But I had my first movie audition, and I was hooked. -Robbie Amell

I belong to an improv group, I play cello, I have these phases – fencing, tae kwon do, baseball, ice hockey, boogie boarding in the summer, snowboarding in the winter. -Ty Simpkins

I was in the hockey team in school, played football. One of the challenges for me was to make the team feel better. It helped me evolve, so batting at different positions was never a problem. -Rahul Dravid

I used to practice at the hockey ground on synthetic surface while I was in the sports hostel, so Test cricket is certainly going to be a challenge for me. -Suresh Raina

I think whenever anyone asked me why I wanted to be a hockey player, that's where it all started, watching the Winnipeg Jets play as a young kid. -Jonathan Toews

I'm back in Boston. I own an outdoor deck hockey rink, and I own a boxing gym here also. -Micky Ward

In an individual sport, yes, you have to win titles. Baseball's different. But basketball, hockey? One person can control the tempo of a game, can completely alter the momentum of a series. There's a lot of great individual talent. -Kobe Bryant

I never wanted to be an actor as a kid. I wanted to play hockey, like every other kid in Canada. I had a pretty good shot at it until I was 15 and badly injured myself. -Matt Frewer

My dad was very much a John Wayne kind of guy, but he was also a great guy, great sense of humor, a real dedicated dad. I don't think he ever missed a hockey game I was in. -Denis Leary

I never looked at hockey as work. Now that I'd finished playing, I had to go to work. -Bobby Orr

Minor sports in the community is fun and recreation for everyone, not just the elite. I think back to my days in minor hockey and those are my fondest memories, having fun. -Bobby Orr

I have six brothers and one sister, and I was an ice hockey player when I was younger. I think my dad thought I was going to be in the women's league for ice hockey. But, I totally fell in love with drama in grade school, and I asked my mom if I could get involved with it. -Nicola Peltz

I have a huge interest in hockey because I grew up in Canada, where it's kind of the law that you love hockey. -Matthew Perry

I will openly admit that I've never really followed hockey. Given my New England upbringing, I have always adhered to the Celtics, Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins mantra of professional sports fandom, but hockey was definitely the lowest sport on the totem pole – even when the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. -Rachel Nichols

I am a huge hockey fan. -Serinda Swan

I'm Canadian. The only difference between dating American and Canadian guys is whether you'll be watching football or hockey. I have no preference. -Serinda Swan

I played hockey in North Dakota growing up and watch a lot of that. -Phil Jackson

I am addicted to hockey now. I've seen it on TV, but to be there? I had no idea that white people were having so much fun without me. -J. B. Smoove

When I try to relax, it's more Swedish rock, softer music, and I go out and do fun stuff. I play guitar, but it doesn't matter really what it is – just something that keeps you away from hockey. -Henrik Lundqvist

Sometimes it just feels like the only thing you do is play hockey and eat. -Henrik Lundqvist

Whether somebody is really competent – whether he has a good hockey mind, whether he's a good person to lead a hockey club – is something determined over a long period of time, not one tournament. -Steve Yzerman

It's true that in Canada, we pride ourselves on the game, and we like to think we're the dominant hockey nation in the world. -Steve Yzerman

Playoff hockey is the best way to market your team. It's the best way to grow your fan base and give hope to your players and for them to develop. -Steve Yzerman

I'm excited to watch slope style and halfpipe. And then, of course, when my events are done, I get to go to hockey, which is always entertaining. I also like figure skating. I think every girl grew up watching figure skating. -Julia Mancuso

I'm not looking for anything more than any other guy. I like a good smile. Pretty eyes. She has to be active, like not play-sports active, but she'll play air hockey, do some pool, go for rides on the Santa Monica Pier. I would much rather have fun with her than do the cool thing. -Mitchel Musso

As the Olympic torch neared Lake Placid, N.Y., in 1980, signaling the opening of that year's Winter Olympics, newspapers and magazines throughout the world offered predictions on who would win medals in the major sports. Not a single publication gave the American men's hockey team a chance against the world powers. -Don Yaeger

I always wanted to be a professional athlete, it just took me a while to realise it would be in racing. I played field hockey competitively for Ontario since I was 13, 14. Then I tried for the national side and made it. But it was so competitive. The girls were just so big and strong. I was getting crushed. -Chantal Sutherland

When I was a kid, I played sports a lot. My mom and dad were divorced, but I hung out in the neighborhood a lot, and it was all about sports. I would be out all day on the sand lot or on the hockey rink. My dad would take me to baseball games, but he worked so hard, and he would always fall asleep. -Alex Gibney

Back in the NBA's pre-mask era, ballers with busted noses or orbital bones had two unappealing options: Sit out and heal, or strap on a Michael Myers-looking opaque face shield closely related to that worn by hockey goalies. -Brendan I. Koerner

I am a sports enthusiast, and if given an opportunity, I want to be a sportsman, even today. I want to promote the sport that is indigenous to India. Kabaddi is a matter of national pride. Why can't cricket, hockey, football and kabaddi be given equal platforms and co-exist? I believe that can happen. -Abhishek Bachchan

My sports were team sports: ice hockey and baseball. The whole team dynamic is similar in business. Leadership is earned – the captain earns that role; it's not because he's the coach's son. These are all things we know, but in today's world, it's not a bad idea to remind ourselves. -James McNerney

Never mind what makes Canada's constitution so special. Probably something to do with hockey, or the inalienable right to poutine, or securing the blessings of Rick Moranis. -Kevin Bleyer

The emails and the tweets and the Facebook posts and the fan mail that we get from young people all over America that are on the football team or on the hockey team are so touching. They tell me, 'Hey, this is me. I still have to remain in the closet, but your role in '90210' makes me feel better the way being gay is being portrayed.' -Trevor Donovan

In Canada, for boys, your identity is built on hockey. It's your social position; it's everything. And I was the worst hockey player of Canada. -Denis Villeneuve

I have six brothers and one sister. I grew up playing ice hockey, a total tomboy, and that's what I thought I was going to do – be an ice-hockey player. -Nicola Peltz

When I walk down the street in New York, I swear to God, the building constructor, the guy pounding cement and what not, will yell, 'Hey, you hockey puck!' -Don Rickles

You do not play hockey for good seasons. You play to win the Stanley Cup. It has to be the objective. -Guy Lafleur

The biggest thing for me is the passion that I've always had for hockey. I remember growing up, no matter what I did in life, my parents always told me to try to do my best at it and be my best. I can say going through different things that that passion is the most important part. It's not skills or talent or any of that stuff. -Sidney Crosby

Whether you're trying to learn in hockey or trying to learn in life, I've always tried to be observant and tried to learn more, tried to evolve, whether it's as a hockey player or as a person. With each year, I try to do that. -Sidney Crosby

In football, every play, play after play, there's that physicality. Football players only play once a week, so they must really need to rest. That does kind of tell you how physical the sport is. But in hockey, you have the boards. I just couldn't say which is more physical. -Sidney Crosby

I didn't realize the connection between the mullet and success. For sure, you have to have a little bit of hockey hair – a little bit of flow, as they say. A lot of guys have fun with their hockey hair, so I'll try to keep it a little long. -Sidney Crosby

I love both sports, but the deciding factor was, being a left-handed pitcher, I had a huge advantage in baseball because of that, and I didn't have that type of advantage in hockey. -Tom Glavine

That was my pride and joy – that I made it through all those years of minor hockey without losing any of my teeth; then, I ended up losing them in a car accident in New York when I was riding in a taxi. So, I end up losing my teeth, but not in the glamorous fashion I envisioned. -Tom Glavine

If you're giving me tickets to the football game, baseball game or hockey game, I'm taking the tickets to the hockey game. For me, it's by far the most fun sport to go and watch live and be part of. I just don't know why it doesn't translate as well on TV. -Tom Glavine

The baseball fights, you don't ever see the squaring off like you do in hockey, and in some instances, that's where baseball fights can be potentially more dangerous because you've got guys running all over the place and people throwing punches at you that you don't even see half the time. -Tom Glavine

In a hockey fight, barring the occasional brawl, there's actually some etiquette that goes into it. Honor, too, absolutely. Most of those guys that do it, that's their job, and they follow a certain code of conduct in doing it. -Tom Glavine

I was happy to ski and play a lot of ice hockey. But I've come back because I was – and am – a racing driver. This is what I do. -Jacques Villeneuve

I'm a hockey coach and a single mother of two who commutes. I don't watch TV. I watch news, and that's it! -Ashleigh Banfield

You have to realize I grew up in a real hockey town. And there I was wearing bow ties and watching the gayest movies on the face of Earth, like 'Clueless.' -Brad Goreski

It was always so nice to step away from figure skating and school with hockey. To this day I'm still a huge fan. -Charlie White

I know netball is the number one female sport in Australia, but hockey also offers a lot. -Casey Eastham

My hockey comes first compared to everything else. -Casey Eastham

I always wanted to be known as the girl who was good at hockey rather than the girl you see in magazines. -Casey Eastham

I had more friends on my hockey team than I did on my soccer team. I might have been better at soccer, to be honest. But I think it was more the friendship, and my family was more of a hockey family than a soccer family, so when I had to make a decision, I tried hockey, and it turned out to be a good decision. -Carl Hagelin

Being surrounded by hockey, I got forced into it as a kid. I started skating when I was 4 and had a rink only 10 minutes from my home. In my town, we had one outdoor rink and one indoor rink, so you could skate all year long. I lived by a lake, too, so we did a lot of skating on the lake. -Carl Hagelin

I went to hockey camp at Michigan because my dad has some relatives in the Ann Arbor area. We went to visit them as kids, and you start to learn the language from being around people. At the same time, when I got to college, I thought my English was better than it really was. I learned a lot over my four years. -Carl Hagelin

As a hockey player, playing for an Original Six team at Madison Square Garden, where it's packed every night, there's nothing like it. -Carl Hagelin

Not just cricket, we are doing clothing for football, hockey etc. It's basic stuff, but good designing is what I am looking to do. -Harbhajan Singh

I grew up playing hockey and baseball, so I wish I had time to get back into it, but living in L.A. and North Carolina, you have to take advantage of the golf. -Diego Klattenhoff

I played 15 years of hockey, and I got more injured doing two weeks of cheer camp. -Eric Christian Olsen

I've broken my wrist, dislocated toes and shoulders, gotten stitches, you name it. However, the worst was a severely bruised femur. I got body checked into an open gate while playing hockey. The doctor couldn't believe I didn't shatter my femur. -Robbie Amell

I'm a hockey fan; I watch hockey, and I listen to the news. -Enrico Colantoni

I went to an all-girls private school, where we played field hockey and lacrosse. -Nicole Ari Parker

I love Boston. I come here all the time and play pick-up ice hockey with friends in Concord and Bedford. -William Quigley

4chan's culture is unique and spreads and draws people in like no other. It's also important to realize that 4chan wasn't some overnight success, and there was never 'hockey stick' – like growth. -Christopher Poole

If you're skinny and you can't play hockey in Canada, you aren't left with a lot of options. I was left with running. -Malcolm Gladwell

Drama is played at the pace of chess… or billiards… or poker. Engrossing? Sure. But comedy is played at the jubilant, high-octane speed of sports like basketball or hockey. -Mark Waters

I am a pretty tough guy. I'm an old hockey player. -Jim Flaherty

I still have my teeth. I don't want to lose them at age 61 in some hockey game. -Jim Flaherty

I grew up playing hockey and some football, and I always think about the first time you walk into the locker room on a new team. The cliques are looking at you funny, and you make one friend, but then they're trying to stab you in the back. -Aaron Douglas

My back has been compressed and operated on, my feet have been surgically cut up, and I have a knee that's just going wacky. So I do my own driving, and I ski and skate. I'm playing hockey again. Anything that immobilizes my feet I'm OK with. -Richard Dean Anderson

My favorite personal hockey moment was probably when Mike Bossy scored fifty goals in fifty games. He was the first one to do it since Rocket Richard. I was young when it happened, but I remember it very distinctly. -Kevin Connolly

My wife likes the hockey smell because it's the smell of a warrior. -David Walton

If you don't know how to play hockey, learn. If you quit, get back out there. -David Walton

It wasn't until I was at 39 that I joined my first real hockey team. Which was great. I scored a couple of goals here and there, but I wasn't the most graceful thing you've ever seen. -Aden Young

We grew up very poor, and I hated being poor. I was the oldest of five kids, and I never got a pair of skates until I was nine. It was very difficult to get an education back then and play junior hockey. -Paul Henderson

I love hockey. That's actually one of my favorite sports. -Ashley Wagner

Like all teenagers in the early '60s, I put down my hockey stick when the Beatles got big and picked up a guitar. We all thought we'd be rock stars. Then I got into comedy, but I'd always find a way to use my guitar, such as writing songs and doing musical parodies. -Rick Moranis

People know me from a hockey game, from an earthquake, from the O.J case. -Al Michaels

You learn by playing a great team, and I'm talking about character things, not hockey technique. -Paul Coffey

There are certain guys that think they know hockey because they follow it on the Internet. -Paul Coffey

Outdoor hockey is what it is all about. -Paul Coffey

We're not only hockey players. A lot of guys have families and girlfriends. You can't just think about hockey 24-7. -Mike Comrie

You cannot make money with a hockey team. You cannot make money with a hotel, either, and you cannot make money with a golf club. I have all three of them. When you have a certain amount of money, you do silly things – because it's pretty to have a golf course and it's interesting to have a hockey team. -Hasso Plattner

I create, for whatever reason, a busy schedule, but I watch hockey, all the games, either on the PC or TV. The world is now HD, and this is very good. -Hasso Plattner

It wasn't very satisfying playing the big arenas, but it was good as far as a paycheck. But the sound was terrible, especially in hockey arenas – the sound would go on for 30 seconds after we quit playing. -Alvin Lee

I was kind of smart enough when I was young, 14 or 15 years old, to realize that if you're ever going to do anything and step out of the shadow of your own dad – not only in hockey, but in life itself – you're going to have to learn you're Brett and not 'Bobby's son.' -Brett Hull

I admire Miken's exceptional engineering capabilities and was drawn to their passion for hockey and drive to be the best in all they do. -Brett Hull

I always wanted to play ice hockey back in Australia, I'm not sure why, but we didn't have any ice where I lived. It was very hot – a coastal town. -Margot Robbie

My hockey is good, but my ice skating is terrible. It's a bit of a mess to watch! -Margot Robbie

As much as I enjoy TV, I've always loved radio. And I love doing the NFL games, the Monday night games, on radio. Because you are the game. I really enjoyed calling basketball and hockey on the radio, but the presentation is more specific – you're talking all the time. -Marv Albert

I saw a hockey game where they threw the puck aside and just started fighting. I saw that, and I'm like, 'So I'm the thug?' -Richard Sherman

The biggest downside of my current job is that I have to wear a suit to work. Wearing uncomfortable clothes on purpose is an example of what former Princeton hockey player and Nobel Prize winner Michael Spence taught economists to call 'signaling.' -Ben Bernanke

I wasn't into sports when I was younger. I was one of those kids who always tried to get a note from the doctor to say I had a cold so I didn't have to go play hockey in bad weather and be miserable. -Eliza Doolittle

If you're dating the quarterback and then you go out with the hockey player, you just go to the hockey games. I don't think I'll still go to the football games. -Nicolle Wallace

The first year I started hockey, I didn't know how to skate, so I got on the ice with all of the hockey players, and we were doing drills where we had to go backwards in figure eights. And I could not skate, and I just kept falling on my butt, and it was very embarrassing. -Shawn Mendes

'Top Chef' is always entertaining – it's hard to stop watching, like a good hockey fight, but no one gets hurt. It's great that the format is so inherently dramatic and can make cooking so entertaining to people who might not ordinarily be interested in a cooking show. Good for the industry all round. -Wylie Dufresne

Just getting young kids excited about hockey, then they'll want to skate, they'll want to start joining junior leagues, they'll want to play in high school, etc., so we're trying to expand at all levels. That's good for the sport, and it's good for the Ducks long term. -Henry Samueli

To succeed in hockey, you need teamwork. -Henry Samueli

The owner's job is to hire the general manager. The general manager's job is to run the hockey team. -Henry Samueli

My dad was a real man's man, and so were my brothers, in a small town where hockey is king. It's a masculine culture. It made me really attentive to what it meant to be a guy. -Lynn Coady

Some anthems are great for sports. You've got the Russian national anthem… 'O Canada,' how wonderful is that for hockey… but I chose the Italian national song because at my first World Cup, I saw the Italians play four times, and they won all four times – they won the championship. -George Vecsey

I would never tell anybody to give up hockey – the great sports we have here – basketball, lacrosse – rugby coming into its own – we've got so many great team sports, and I say hold on to them. -George Vecsey

I love hockey because of the respect for history and for the game itself. -George Vecsey

Every spring, this happens: People discover hockey when daylight lasts longer and men grow beards and tie games do not end in shootouts but rather continue until a goal is scored. The seventh game only heightens the mood for players and fans alike. -George Vecsey

All our lives are enriched by the leadership and excellence and confidence of female athletes, whether the Mia Hamms and Maya Moores we know or the field hockey, lacrosse and track and field athletes we do not necessarily know. -George Vecsey

For good reasons, there are no ties during the Stanley Cup season. Somebody needs to win so the lads can get out to their cottages on the lakes, where all hockey players spend their summers, or so I have been told. -George Vecsey

Some of us love hockey not just for its ferocity and skill but for its underlying code of civility off the ice. -George Vecsey

Stanley Cup hockey comes around every year, when games start to count in multiples of best-of-seven series, and the players seem to put more attention into every pass, every check, every annoying little trick. -George Vecsey

Hockey suffers from being compared to itself in ways that other sports are not. Every four years, some of us fawn over Olympic hockey, a great event with bigger rinks, minimal goonishness and national pride in addition to the heightened skills of veritable all-star squads. -George Vecsey

It is no fun lining up in your own building – as the hockey players say – and touching the hands of fellow stubbly louts who have just sent you off to the proverbial cabin on the lake. -George Vecsey

I covered hockey for a few years in the late '90s and early 2000s for the 'Colorado Springs Gazette,' and I covered the Avalanche for some of the glory years. I've done hockey off and on as a sportswriter but never played it. -John Branch

When I was a kid, I loved figure skating. But in Mexico, they kind of push you toward hockey. -Christian Cota

I stickhandle a lot at practice. I watch a lot of hockey, so I try to either pick up something from other players or watch some video and see what kind of move would work in the same situation. -Patrick Kane

I think the big thing is you really have one chance to do this… to play hockey for a living, you have one chance at your career, and you have to take full advantage of it. -Patrick Kane

There are some guys you definitely would not want dating your sister – especially hockey players. -Patrick Kane

I love the game of hockey. I love being part of it. I think I know a lot about the game. -Patrick Kane

It's good to get out there and kind of move the body around a little bit, play some hockey, enjoy Nashville as a city and spend some time with family and friends. -Patrick Kane

My favorite thing to do in this world is to be on the ice playing hockey and try to entertain fans and bring wins to the Chicago Blackhawks. -Patrick Kane

I think for me, personally, I'm a guy who has watched ESPN ever since I've been growing up. You turn it on, and it's one of the first stories – the Blackhawks and hockey, which you don't really see on that station. That's cool to see. -Patrick Kane

I know hockey is growing in the U.S., and it's becoming more popular, but anything to get the game out there and see how we view it. We view it as the best game in the world. -Patrick Kane

It's cool that I'm 20 and am on the cover of the video game. A lot of kids play hockey, and a few get drafted, and only a few get to be on the cover. It's a great feeling. -Patrick Kane

We continue to see more and more of that – games we didn't necessarily know would work in VR until a developer goes in and discovers the game mechanic that makes it come together. Sure enough, hockey can be a great VR experience. -Brendan Iribe

Football has end zones and goal posts; basketball has the hoop, and hockey the goal cage. Baseball is the only game with an imaginary box: the strike zone, which the umpire determines at his own discretion. -Richard Corliss

I went by Kyle, and I made friends on the team as Kyle. It went on for a pretty long time, until I went to a birthday party in a dress and all the hockey players were like… 'Kyle?' -Katie Nolan

The message growth rate in Brazil – it's not like a hockey stick: it's like a vertical line. -Jan Koum

I grew up watching North American sport – basketball, hockey – so I like it when it's a little bit more energetic, rowdier, heckling either for you or against you. I think it's fun to have that in sport. -Milos Raonic

Even in Canada, I never even played ice hockey. I never skated in my life; I always did rollerblade street hockey. -Milos Raonic

It's important to me to defend the Canadian colours. And I don't just do it in tennis. I might now follow hockey as much as the average Canadian, but I support several Canadian teams. I'm a big fan of the Toronto Raptors. On top of that, I love my country, simple as that. It's a magnificent country; the people are really welcoming. -Milos Raonic

I started playing street hockey, but there were tennis courts near my house, and it was my father who suggested I try. I don't really know why. -Milos Raonic

I was always a decent hockey player, but I'd have never made the NHL. -Graham DeLaet

I played hockey in the winter, and then I would play golf in the summer. But I always knew I'd be a golfer. -David Hearn

Definitely, I got a reputation growing up playing on the guys' hockey teams. The guys knew how tough I was because I played with them. I got quite a good reputation for beating up boys going up through school. -Kelita Zupancic

My father is a Marine. My brother is a Marine. I almost became a Marine. I'm no stranger to fight training. I used to do jujitsu and boxing as a kid. I was a running back in football for my high school and my college. I played ice hockey as well as did theater. So, there's always been a physical nature to me. -Zach McGowan

I was very into football in my early teens and spent six months with Aston Villa, but I never really got further than having trials. I'm also into ice hockey. -Greg Rutherford

I was in Toronto with my parents, and my dad took me to an outdoor hockey rink. I was 3 or 4, and I just remember everything about that day. For some reason, I thought, 'This is it. This is what I'm supposed to do.' And this is around the time that Gretzky came to L.A., so I immediately joined a hockey league. -Wyatt Russell

In hockey, it was a freak show. I'm the son of actors and from California, and in Canada, hockey is a religion, so me coming in, it was like, 'Who the hell is this guy?' I just had to put my head down and work really hard, and it was difficult, but it made me who I am and gave me a backbone. -Wyatt Russell

I had been pulling my groins in college a lot and missed my whole freshman year of college because of groin pulls. It was chronic, and I couldn't figure it out. I went to the doctor, and he told me I had hip dysplasia. So I knew my hockey days were sorta limited at that point. -Wyatt Russell

Recently, my dad has been teaching me a lot – like how to read a script. It used to just be about hockey or baseball or sports of whatever. We don't have glitzy or glamour-y Hollywood-type talk, like, 'Isn't that person great?' It's more about the process of how it works. -Wyatt Russell

In hockey, there are no second chances, but the great thing about acting is that there actually are. If you do a scene and you think you can do better – take two! -Wyatt Russell

When I stopped playing hockey and started acting, the last person I was going to ask for help was my dad. He's the king of being like, 'I don't know. It's good work if you can get it. Good luck.' -Wyatt Russell

I was a hockey player. I played hockey forever. That was my life and my job until I got injured, so I get sports, and I get the sports atmosphere, the feeling around other athletes, but I never played football. -Wyatt Russell

I played professional hockey in Europe. I played in the German third league and the Dutch elite league. -Wyatt Russell

We will play football. We will box and play lacrosse and ice hockey and snowboard and surf and drive fast cars, climb trees, and do dozens of things that we know are potentially concussive. We will do this because we are human and animals, and we like speed and contact and aggressive maneuvering and all such things. -Peter Berg

I've been up in the Arctic Circle where they have hockey rinks that don't have any heating. So it's – 40 C outside, it's – 55 inside. Or there's a social centre but no budget for anybody to run any programs. Stuff we wouldn't accept in Winnipeg, but we let it go on and on and on. -John Ralston Saul

You don't love hockey for the scores, you love hockey for the fights, right? -DeAngelo Williams

I would be trying to play hockey with my friends, but most of the time, the coach put me on the bench. Because I was too dreamy – I was dreaming all of the time. I was super bad on the ice because I was just thinking about something else. -Denis Villeneuve

I'm not getting caught in a club at 2 o'clock in the morning. I'm going to basketball games and hockey games and going to events and dinners. -Matt Harvey

I really did love hockey. It was one of my favorite things to do. -Sam Bradford

I'm a dad first and foremost, then it goes hockey and then work, in that order. -Will Arnett

I always love the smell of a bat and a glove, or a hockey puck in the winter time. -Tiny Tim

I would love to do another hockey movie. There are a lot of people in Hollywood looking for the right hockey script. -D. B. Sweeney

I grew up in Wisconsin loving hockey. I mean, I started when I was three years old on skates. -J. J. Watt

My family is a middle-class family. When I grew up and learned how much it actually cost for us to play hockey, I could not believe that my parents let us play as long as they did. -J. J. Watt

Would you believe I never went to a hockey game when I was living in Canada? -Becky Lynch

Growing up in Canada, none of my family were performers or anything like that, but I was terrible at hockey, so they needed something for me to do on Saturdays for me to get out of the house. I signed up for theater school on Saturdays, and I'd go for four-and-a-half hours every Saturday morning and learn about theater. -Eric Johnson

I know that meeting a black woman with a love for hockey is a bit like stumbling upon a unicorn in the woods… or a unicorn anywhere. I'm sure it'd be just as surreal finding a unicorn in downtown Chicago. But here I am. -Retta

The problem is my movie career is hindering my hockey schedule. -Cobie Smulders

Growing up in Canada, I dated a few ice hockey players. -Katherine Ryan

I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. And I'll tell you a real quick thing: we didn't have a pro hockey team when I was growing up, so I adopted the Red Wings as my hockey team just so I could, you know, be amused and enjoy playoff hockey every single year. I really get into it. Detroit is my team. -Dolph Ziggler

Where most kids play stickball and hockey, I'd walk down the streets with two sets of boxing gloves and knock on my friend's door and see if he wanted to box. There were boxing gyms on every corner. -Eddie Alvarez

Where in normal neighborhoods, they would play stick ball and hockey and baseball, we used to slap box and bring boxing gloves down the street and box each other. -Eddie Alvarez

I played hockey, basketball, and baseball. -Gordie Gronkowski, Jr.

I couldn't tell you why I never played. I played basketball, hockey. I just never got into football. -Gordie Gronkowski, Jr.

My dad was always at work running a business, so our mom really took care of us. She'd bring us all to our practices, and we all basically played four sports: baseball, hockey, football, and basketball. -Dan Gronkowski

Growing up as a kid, I watched Jeremy Shockey… Tony Gonzalez… Antonio Gates. I looked up to them. I watched what they did to be successful. -Rob Gronkowski

I actually played hockey my whole life, all the way up until ninth grade. -Rob Gronkowski

Much more a skiing family than a hockey family, my dad wasn't a big fan of the arenas early in the morning on the weekends. -Justin Trudeau

Even when you're being safe, eight hours of choreography makes you look like you've been through a war. It's hard. It's like playing hockey for eight hours. -David Leitch

When I did play team sports, I was into soccer and hockey. I loved hockey. And then rock climbing became the thing that got me out of Iowa, and I traveled the world for rock climbing. I really loved the, I guess you would say, dirtbag lifestyle of not eating much and traveling the world and slipping into different cultures and just observing. -Jason Momoa

I think it's fairly clear that playing hockey isn't the same as playing football. -Gary Bettman

My rooting interest these days is first and foremost competitive hockey, and secondly in officials not making a mistake. -Gary Bettman

If the IOC would move the Olympic hockey tournament to the summer, that would be great. We'd be thrilled to have our players participate because then it doesn't affect our season. -Gary Bettman

I believe that the Greater Phoenix Area is a terrific sports market; it's a terrific hockey market. -Gary Bettman

Relatively, a very small percentage of betting takes place on hockey and even baseball because of the nature of the game and the scoring. -Gary Bettman

We encourage the growth of women's hockey. -Gary Bettman

We'll have clinics and educational events and conferences to get more and more young players developing as hockey players. -Gary Bettman

If you're a sports fan, it is really cool when you see the best-on-best for hockey at the Olympics. -Gary Bettman

American leagues – baseball, ice hockey, American football and basketball – you are the best. But in a global sport like soccer, you're not. -Bastian Schweinsteiger

I just want to play well, have the people in Chicago enjoy watching soccer. You have a very good baseball team, a very good ice hockey team, and a very good football team. Hopefully you'll have a very good soccer team. -Bastian Schweinsteiger

I grew up a huge jock, a lot of basketball and football. We had a pond in my back yard growing up, and we played a lot of hockey, too. I loved to score goals. -Andy Grammer

I am very passionate about Indian hockey. -Gautam Gambhir

If there is hockey or football and cricket on my television, I prefer to watch hockey. -Gautam Gambhir

With superstars like Aamirji and Salmanji playing real-life wrestlers, the sport will get some positive attention. Just like hockey did when Shah Rukhji played a hockey player in 'Chak De.' -Sangram Singh

I've always been active: netball, hockey, rounders, athletics. -Lara Pulver

There are more kids playing hockey, and the game has become more diverse from a cultural, ethnic and geographic point of view, but we still don't have a lot of congressmen. -Mike Quigley

The excitement you can get in classical concert is as big, in a different sense, as you can get when you go to the ice hockey or baseball game. -Andris Nelsons

I was in a very multi-racial, multi-cultural schooling system. I had a really delightful childhood. I was a jock. I became a very competitive swimmer in Zimbabwe. I was a swimmer, a tennis player, a hockey player. Then, when I was 13, I joined a Children's Performing Arts workshop in Zimbabwe. -Danai Gurira

In Japan, skating is like NHL hockey in Canada or baseball in the U.S., so pushing the limit is very enticing. Skating is their lives. -Patrick Chan

I get mad at my mom. I really wish she'd put me into hockey. I'm not gifted with height, but look at Martin St-Louis. He's unbelievable. He's small, but he's so fast, so skilful. I think I could have been pretty good. -Patrick Chan

I really wanted to play hockey. My mom thought figure skates looked easier to use, so she put me in the learn-to-skate program. -Nathan Chen

It's a great culture to be a part of: there are hockey players all over the world. It has taken me to an education, getting an education at Wisconsin. I've been able to travel the world. -Hilary Knight

Obviously, different people identify me as the face of women's hockey and whatnot, but like my teammates, I'm just there to perform and compete. -Hilary Knight

People don't know how fantastic women's ice hockey is. People don't know how fantastic hockey is in general. -Hilary Knight

I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to play hockey, especially when there weren't equal opportunities as there are now. But at times, it was challenging. -Hilary Knight

When I was 5, I'm like,' I'm doing this,' whether there's women's ice hockey, men's ice hockey, whatever it was in my future. -Hilary Knight

I saw the older kids entering the rink carrying hockey sticks and bags, and I was fascinated by the equipment. Once I started skating faster, I was attracted to the speed and dynamics of hockey. I never looked back! -Hilary Knight

When I was 5 years old, I told my grandmother I was going to play hockey in the Olympics. Fifteen years later, I competed in my first Olympics. -Hilary Knight

I know there are sort of misnomers that women's hockey isn't as physical or fast as the guys, but women's hockey is very dynamic and tactful in its own ways. It's just as respectable of a sport as any male counterpart. -Hilary Knight

How do we make hockey more affordable? How do we get it into more households? How do we keep it part of the conversation? Those are things that will help us not only increase registration numbers from a grassroots level but also deepen the player pool from the senior national team and the elite level. -Hilary Knight

At first, I felt like I was put into this box because I played hockey. I thought that I was viewed a certain way, and I shouldn't wear certain clothes. Finally, I stepped aside and said, 'That's someone else's creation of me. I can be feminine and be strong.' -Hilary Knight

It took me a long time to adapt to the West Coast. I lived eight years in New York before California and might have gone back. Then I discovered surfing. It's the California equivalent of ice hockey, I guess. It gave me a real sense of place. -Rachel Morrison

In any other context, 'icing' is a great and exciting word: The proverbial icing on the cake, for instance, is a bonus – a wonderful thing on top of another wonderful thing. But in hockey, icing merely results in the referee's raising his right hand, as if swearing an oath to the deity of downtime. -Steve Rushin

The Himalayan glaciers, China's trade surplus, Olympic ice hockey – the world is full of pressing subjects that people never consult me about. -Elif Batuman

In hockey, sometimes a shift can go for a minute and a half, full out. -Max Aaron

Before I broke my back, I was really looking forward to playing hockey at the University of Michigan. That was my biggest goal. -Max Aaron

Maybe at the end of my figure skating career, I'll be able to have just the one game I always dreamed of having. I've still got the skill, I think. I'd have to work on my stick-handling skills, but the speed and my hockey smarts are still there. -Max Aaron

Growing up, I was the only Indian kid around for miles, so I ached to belong. I had a neighborhood pack of nine guys and two girls, and we hung out all the time. We played football, baseball, and broom-hockey on the iced-up lake. -Jay Chandrasekhar

I remember the day I met Cammi Granato, a former star on the U.S. women's hockey team. We were at a Women's Sports Foundation dinner in 1996, and she came over to introduce herself. She had watched the U.S. women's soccer team win gold at the Atlanta Olympics and was hopeful the U.S. women's hockey team could do the same. -Julie Foudy

We're a huge hockey family. I took to it really quickly, and I was in love with it. -Victoria Arlen

I played hockey my whole life until my ambition outstripped my ability, which happens to most Canadians around 15 or 16 years old. -Jason Priestley

I was a rugby player, I was a hockey player. You know, I just love to challenge myself, and I love to compete. -Jason Priestley

I've slept through a mild earthquake in Italy. And also a very tight hockey game where people were screaming their heads off. -Carl Kasell

Boxing should not let – we should not let – the people in business of boxing should not let a person to just walk right in and get the grand prize of boxing. You can't do it in basketball, football, hockey. -Bernard Hopkins

The support from back home has been more than I ever expected. They always knew me as the lacrosse player or the girl playing field hockey. Now they're seeing me on national TV, and they've been so supportive. -Brynn Cartelli

I'm not superstitious about anything in my life – except for playoff hockey. I get really kind of sketchy and weird about it. I don't like talking about it. I don't like making predictions. -CM Punk

Seriously, I faced a lot of anti-Semitism playing hockey as a kid. It motivated me to play well and to punch everyone who was anti-Semitic. I was taunted and called names. I'd either beat them with a goal or with my fists. -Harley Pasternak

I played hockey until I was 13 or 14 years old. -Kevin Owens

I adore Twitter to the end of time. It is a wonderful thing, mainly for professional hockey coverage. -Luke Harper

Signing to a major label was an experiment for us. It was a challenge: working in a big studio with a producer was a challenge in a lot of ways. It all shaped what the band went on to become through the '90s. After we made 'Goo,' we went out and toured with Neil Young in ice hockey arenas for three months, and that was the same kind of thing. -Lee Ranaldo

Canadians see the Americans as cousins. We love the same sports: Canadians are crazy about baseball and basketball, and our beloved game of hockey is played all over the U.S. -Margaret MacMillan

I've called all sports. I was a radio DJ, club DJ, talk show host, hockey, basketball, football; you name it, I've done it. -Mauro Ranallo

When I was playing street hockey, I really thought that I had some skills! -Sami Zayn

As a kid growing up in Montreal, I wanted to become either a hockey player or a wrestler. Since my family didn't have a lot of money, my parents never put me in a hockey league because it was so expensive. -Sami Zayn

I really love my family and kid, but first of all, it's my hockey, my career. My family is second, and my fans go third. Sometimes my fans go second, and my family is third. It's turning all the time. -Guy Lafleur

I was not the best student. Thank God I had a lot of hockey talent. -Guy Lafleur

I've been playing hockey since I was five years old. It's a part of my life. -Guy Lafleur

I was lucky enough to have a hockey career in the NHL. -Guy Lafleur

When you win in Montreal, it's the best place in the world to play hockey. -Guy Lafleur

I love hockey. Hockey is my go-to sport. It's my jam. -Alexa Bliss

I got into a car accident and couldn't play baseball, hockey, and basketball. We stuck with golf for a little while, and it's panned out. I think it was a blessing in disguise. -Brooks Koepka

As a kid, when the neighbors were out playing street hockey or tackle football, my friends and I were in my basement with the NES/SNES. -Kenny Omega

The wrestling is real, all the injuries are real, so much so that in no other sports, whether soccer or cricket or hockey, players get so many injuries as in WWE. -The Great Khali

In Canada, it's beer, hockey, and then everything else. -Edge

When I was growing up, I played a lot of different sports. There was a time when I was playing field hockey, tennis, and soccer at the same time. I was actually quite good at all of those sports. -Alexander Zverev

I've announced every kind of sporting event except hockey and demolition derby, and to be frank about it, I don't really care to ever do those. -Keith Jackson

I have always been interested in finding new ways to play and have looked at handball keepers and ice hockey goal-minders. It helps me. -Manuel Neuer

The shoot-and-chase approach had become big in hockey. Teams would come up to the blue line and shoot the puck around our boards deep in our zone, then swarm in after it forechecking, trying to regain possession. -Jacques Plante

I still believe it is important that children have a chance to play other sports because they all offer learning experiences. Soccer is a growing sport and would be a good complement to hockey. -Gordie Howe

I would say it is important to have a good education, as hockey is a career that does not last many years, and you need to be prepared for this. -Gordie Howe

I might have some quibbles with the way the game is played today, but at its core, I know that hockey will always be hockey no matter what year the calendar reads. -Gordie Howe

If I learned one thing by playing professional hockey for thirty-two years, it's that you have to love what you do. And that's not just true for sports. -Gordie Howe

I hated everybody I played against, and they hated me. That's the way hockey should be played. -Ted Lindsay

My father used to play ice hockey, though not at a high level, and my mother wasn't involved in sport at all, but they were keen that we played some sort of sport. They chose tennis because they thought it was a good sport for girls to play. -Karolina Pliskova

I didn't know any hockey fans in Dallas. -Troy Aikman

We have always been taught that hockey is our national game, but it is only in general knowledge books and not on official papers. -Sandeep Singh

India is known for hockey all over the world. -Sandeep Singh

I know everyone wants to see India winning on home soil, be it in hockey or cricket. But sometimes with expectations come pressure, which can affect our performance. -Sandeep Singh

I don't just want to be a drag-flicker. I want to be become a complete hockey player. -Sandeep Singh

HIL is a boon for Indian hockey. -Sandeep Singh

A competitive HIL can do wonders for India hockey. The tournament will promote young talents and give them the opportunity to play alongside and against some of the best in the business. -Sandeep Singh

Hockey is my first love, and I devote most of my time to hockey only. But if I get time, I won't mind working in films, too. -Sandeep Singh

I think I am the first hockey player in India to have a wax statue of his own. It is a great honour. -Sandeep Singh

I still remember the time when I visited the wax museum in London. While there were statues of many sports personalities, including that of Sachin Tendulkar, I didn't see a wax figure of any hockey player. I was a little disappointed at that time, and I hoped that one day, at least in India, someone would make a wax statue of a hockey player. -Sandeep Singh

I know hockey is not as popular as cricket in India, but I hope in future, every renowned hockey player should be given a fitting farewell rather than ignoring them. -Sandeep Singh

I have met people who have called me the god of hockey, but in my head, I know who I am. -Sandeep Singh

My brother, who is four years older to me, not only inspired me to take up hockey but also taught me every trick of the game. I give all credit to him for my success. -Sandeep Singh

My only ultimate aim is to bring back the lost glory of Indian hockey. -Sandeep Singh

People who know the game of hockey, who followed hockey, they know who Sandeep Singh is. They know I have been Indian Hockey team's captain, but they don't know about the struggle and the life after being shot. -Sandeep Singh

Diljit Dosanjh has been the best choice for playing me on screen. He has given a tremendous performance with true emotions and actions. He has not only delivered my feelings for each and every moment during my struggle post my injury but also worked hard to portray my personality as a hockey player. -Sandeep Singh

Because of so much fastness in the game, those who play hockey and those who have knowledge about it, they enjoy the game. But the normal public doesn't like it. -Sandeep Singh

I think Hero Hockey India League is the world's best hockey league. -Sandeep Singh

I grew up playing football. I'm a huge hockey and football fan. -Danielle Campbell

I was super sporty in high school. I played tennis, field hockey, and lacrosse. -Devon Windsor

To me, a hockey player has to be every sport rolled into one: ice skater, baseball player, football player, etc. It's just incredible to watch! -Vinnie Paul

My most visceral childhood memory is getting home from hockey. Much of our family time revolved around hockey, and it rains a lot in Perth, and we'd get home tired and wet in our tracksuits, and the smell I'd hold in my nose is of mother's vegetable soup. -Tim Minchin

When I was at the end of middle school and the beginning of high school, I fell in love with hockey in a serious way. -Adam F. Goldberg

I would make hockey movies: I would edit together Flyers games and do highlight reels of goals or fights, which I still have to this day. -Adam F. Goldberg

My brother Barry was into all sports, and so was my late father. For me, hockey was the one sport I loved and played. I didn't really pay much attention to the other sports. -Adam F. Goldberg

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