Best Quotes About Hippy

If anything I consider myself non-violent, I'm from the hippy era, peace, love, groovy. -Rick James

I hate the word 'hippy'. I hate a lot of people, and hippies don't do that! -Shannon Hoon

Nothing had changed in my routine, except that when I went down the chippy and got me special fried rice, it would be wrapped in a newspaper that had my picture all over it. -Robbie Fowler

Richard was in heavy, heavy costume, he could hardly sit, you know, and I turned up and they put me in two layers of silk, so I played him much lighter – you know, floating around in a pair of slippers, a bit of a hippy. -Michael Gambon

No, I come for a hippy lifestyle, it's very open; my parents are both hippies. -Shia LaBeouf

I don't know, I just want to be happy. I could be in a hole somewhere. Or I could completely lose it and be some hippy living in the woods with my dad. -Shia LaBeouf

At the time of Woodstock, I was just 13, but I used to see these exotic hippy creatures and I did look on with envy. How could you not? In an ideal world, I would have loved to have been a hippy – but I might have been a bit strait-laced. It was my fantasy. -Imelda Staunton

I went through bits of the 60s and thought myself a bit of a hippy. -Julie Walters

Hippy people had a hopeful idea of what they wanted the world to be like, then most of them changed into corporate Yuppies. But I still have that hippy thing underneath somewhere. -Patricia Arquette

The only good political movement I've seen lately was Occupy Wall Street. They had no leaders, which was genius. But unfortunately it always ends up with some hippy playing a flute. -John Lydon

Historically, Hollywood comedy has arrived in skinny envelopes. From fence post Buster Keaton to herky-jerky Jerry Lewis to wiry nerve-bundle Woody Allen to hung-loose Richard Pryor to whippy contortionist Jim Carrey, its comics and clowns have tended to be sliced thin and bendable. -James Wolcott

The hippy movement was a failure. -Joe Strummer

I've always had an eye for nature, but it's the sort of thing to keep quiet about, because I don't want to come across as a mad hippy. But it makes sense to appreciate those things. -Jarvis Cocker

People seem to like this image of me being all boho and hippy. It's either that or I'm down on my luck, I've got no money, the work's dried up. -Minnie Driver

My house feels like a proper home. It's very relaxed with a hippyish vibe. -Cat Deeley

I'm a big fan of Kate Moss's style – no-one nails boho meets hippy chic like she does. -Kristin Cavallari

In fact, in many ways my mother was quite hippy-dippy, serving macrobiotic food and reading 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.' -Kristin Scott Thomas

I hate the word 'hippy.' -Robert Carlyle

Well I don't feel sectarian against sparseness, although I sometimes get a little chippy about this. I resent the way that a certain notion of parsimony has become the norm for skilful literary writing. -China Mieville

I was never a hippy, per se. -Bill Nighy

Haagen-Dazs (a clever Scandi-sounding name invented by Americans in 1961) was bought for its Euro-sounding sophistication by the kind of Americans who first bought those Mercs and Beemers, while Ben & Jerry's (now owned by Unilever) brought a post-hippy sensibility to bear. Buyers saw the brand as saying 'all-natural, organic and Fairtrade.' -Peter York

Regardless of the gender of the highest wage earner, the balance of power in the relationship will suffer if the higher earner uses control of the purse strings as a system of reward and punishment. It will also suffer if the lower earner takes a chippy, haughty attitude to spending money they haven't actually generated themselves. -Marian Keyes

Meditation, especially for people who don't know very much about it and think it's this very hippy dippy thing, can really be powerful, terrifying even, as it lifts the rug up on your subconscious and the dust comes flying out. -Amanda Palmer

I'm actually a hippy in real life. I had three dreadlocks on the back of my head once. They were spawning. -Jack O'Connell

L.A. interests me, the whole band scene and relaxed carefree feel, but it does not mean you have to dress like a hippy. -Raf Simons

In the early '70s, coming out of the '60s, it was very hippy or it was very uniform, like The Beatles all wearing the same suit. Into the '70s, it became much more about a personal style. You had the glam period, which was a lot of fun, and then you went into punk. -John Varvatos

I think of myself as kind of a hippy. Everyone around me says that's not the impression they get. They think I'm sassy. Apparently, I think I'm nicer than I really am. -Cecily Strong

How I hate the Beautiful Game! I hate its cry-baby players and its gruff, joyless managers, its blokish supporters and its sinister owners, its whistle-peeping referees and its chippy little linesmen, its excitable commentators and – perhaps most of all – its unpluggable 'analysts.' -Craig Brown

I grew up on the East Coast and was going to go to an Ivy League School, but at the last minute I decided to be a hippy. It was the protest movements on the war, peace movements were going on at our university. It was a fantastic time. -Michael Douglas

I really want to do everything I can to try to win a game or win on a play. You get fiery; you get chippy out there, but a lot of respect, I never have anybody, like, talk trash in my career in the league, or I don't talk trash. I think guys respect the fact that I'm coming. -Jon Beason

Being a hippy was the most natural thing in the world to me. -David Crosby

We are all a little bit hippy, a little bohemian. We take that from the culture we knew, from the '70s and the '80s. -Nicolas Maduro

I spent loads of time in Scotland as a kid. My dad would take us back up to Aberdeen loads, and I have very fond memories of getting chips from his favourite chippy and heading down to the beach to eat Baskin Robbins ice cream. -Andrew Buchan

Yes, I was a hippy – absolutely a hippy. -Brunello Cucinelli

My father Bill had a problem with Christmas. Although he appears in old photographs to possess a whippy, muscular frame, he was actually a frail man and usually managed to cause some kind of drama just before the festivities began. -Christopher Fowler

I was brought up with a whole bunch of cousins in the Wye Valley during the hippy days of the 1970s. -Saul David

I might sound like the weird artist hippy girl or whatever, but I don't have a complaint about what jazz is or what I'm doing with music. And that's more of a philosophy on my life. I could find things that maybe could shift or change, but ultimately, it's like that's not a good way to live our lives and think about what we do. -Gretchen Parlato

I went through a little hippy dippy program at Brandeis and was bat mizvahed by the rabbi who married my parents. We celebrated the High Holidays and had the traditional Rosh Hashanah dinner. -Ari Graynor

I grew up in a hippy town, so I did my playing outdoors and skiing and all that, but then I also had my nerd friends that I went and hosted LAN parties with, get my 'Counter-Strike' on. -Thomas Middleditch

People think of me and think, 'Ibiza and hippy look.' I'm trying to expand. -Matthew Williamson

I'm kind of a brown-rice hippy. I don't think I'd have much success if I tried a dinner party, but I'm not going to have one, and I've never been invited to one, and that's just fine. -Chrissie Hynde

I love the title of 'hippy' because it means someone who is thinking cosmic and futuristic. -Peter Max

My mum and dad are quite hippyish, so I'm pretty naive. I take everyone at face value. -Noel Fielding

I don't believe in a new-age movement; I'm not a hippy. -Richard Ashcroft

It's interesting what happens when you take on a role, I think. What happens to me – without sounding too spiritual or too hippy, I guess – what happens, most of the time, you do a lot of research, and you get into the character, and at a certain moment, it's like the character takes over. -Sylvia Hoeks

When I was in junior high, I went to a really hippy dippy Quaker school where we called our teachers by their first names and stuff. -Pete Holmes

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