Best Quotes About Hindsight

Traditional scientific method has always been at the very best, 20 – 20 hindsight. It's good for seeing where you've been. It's good for testing the truth of what you think you know, but it can't tell you where you ought to go. -Robert M. Pirsig

I began demonstrating against serious culture. In hindsight, the actual course of events has been very humiliating for me, because no one picked up on the intellectual critique I made. -Henry Flynt

The bad press came because they thought I should fight more. I couldn't get the fights because if I would sign to fight one of King's guys I would be signed to him. I chose not to do that. In hindsight, that might have been a mistake. -Gerry Cooney

This is easy to say with the benefit of hindsight, but I think it once again points out how very important style of leadership, that is the way he does what he does, is to his perception. -Robert Teeter

In hindsight it may even seem inevitable that a socialist society will starve when it runs out of capitalists. -Larry Niven

Whether it is successful or not is not the exercise for me. It is not up to me. It is out of my hands now. I am not going to in two years have hindsight and say I made a big mistake. -Vince Gill

It's only in hindsight that you realize what indeed your childhood was really like. -Maya Lin

Collecting intelligence information is like trying to drink water out of a fire hydrant. You know, in hindsight It's great. The problem is there's a million dots at the time. -Louis Freeh

With hindsight, we see that the Soviet Union never had a chance of world domination, but we didn't know that then. -Ken Follett

To all those who have suffered as a consequence of our troubled past I extend my sincere thoughts and deep sympathy. With the benefit of historical hindsight we can all see things which we would wish had been done differently or not at all. -Queen Elizabeth II

In hindsight, that time out of football gives you the hunger to want to get back to basics and play football. -Alan Smith

We all pine for a time in life when things were simpler. Even when they weren't necessarily simpler, hindsight makes them look a lot simpler. The reality of it was that it wasn't. -Ben Gibbard

I always enjoyed movies and in hindsight I realise how captivating they were to me. -Adam Brody

In hindsight, I slid into arrogance based upon past success. -Reed Hastings

When I was four, I just wanted to drive, I collected toy cars. Where does that sort of thing come from? In hindsight you go, 'Oh, liked it because of this.' Maybe it's just the wheel. -Michael Fassbender

At the time, when you're being dissected and judged it's pretty brutal, but in hindsight it's great and – it sounds cliched – you do come out the other side better and stronger. -Kate Bosworth

We, of course, have the power of hindsight in our arsenal, but people living in Berlin in that era didn't. What would that have been like as this darkness fell over Germany? -Erik Larson

And obviously, with hindsight now, now knowing what went on in the company, it would have been absolutely appropriate back then for us to have the chief executive of the company, most senior person in the United Kingdom, come and answer for the policy they were pursuing. And we ducked that, and frankly that's a failure of Parliament. -Tom A. Watson

Cliff Stearns talks about what he did to Planned Parenthood, making Solyndra a household name – why didn't he do this sooner? Why didn't he see it coming? It's the oversight committee, not the hindsight committee. -Ted Yoho

You have to read scripts and audition and develop relationships. It takes a long time to develop a body of work but over the last 25 years I guess I've done that many movies. In hindsight it may seem effortless, but there's a lot of work that goes into it. -Harry Connick, Jr.

I've had a lot of books rejected in my time. My first novel, which didn't get published, was, with hindsight, crashingly dull. -Helen Fielding

I once called the head of a network a liar. In hindsight, I should have called him an incompetent liar. -Steven Levitan

When I was younger, I made some decisions that I shouldn't have. And, in hindsight, I've almost always been wrong when I haven't listened to myself. -Daniel Day-Lewis

You can't help but… with 20/20 hindsight, go back and say, 'Look, had we done something different, we probably wouldn't be facing what we are facing today.' -Norman Schwarzkopf

Writing my first book, I think in hindsight I went into it saying, 'It's gonna sell.' I was earning enough to scrape by sometime around a book or two before 'Tell No One.' I moved up from $50,000 to $75,000, then $150,000 for each book. I had never thought I would be doing anything else. I had enough encouragement. -Harlan Coben

Newspapers are busily experimenting with different models. Traditionally, and I suspect in hindsight very mistakenly, online news was free. And once given free access readers felt it was their entitlement. -Malcolm Turnbull

I've come to recognize what I call my 'inside interests.' Telling stories. And helping people tell their stories is a sort of interpersonal gardening. My work at NBC News was to report the news, but in hindsight, I often tried to look for some insight to share that might spark a moment of recognition in a viewer. -Jane Pauley

I would find myself getting deeply distressed if I lived in hindsight all the time. -Andrew Lincoln

People can do all kinds of things that maybe aren't wise in hindsight because of jealousy. -Kristin Bauer van Straten

To me, the question of inspiration is an exercise in hindsight. The truth is, inspiration is mysterious at the time. I don't think it's ever a rational process. -Julia Leigh

Frankly, to be honest, I hadn't worked for two years before 'Murphy Brown.' It's a nice illusion now to think of all of us as terribly successful and talented people at the top of our profession, but that's hindsight. I had to pray for a job like this. -Charles Kimbrough

I have questioned myself about the brutality in the last few novels. Actually in 'The Leopard,' in hindsight, I feel I went a little bit too far with screaming blood. There are a couple of scenes that I regret and wish I had the chance to rewrite. 'Phantom' has less blood. -Jo Nesbo

As the First World War made painfully clear, when politicians and generals lead nations into war, they almost invariably assume swift victory, and have a remarkably enduring tendency not to foresee problems that, in hindsight, seem obvious. -Adam Hochschild

I stay true to my lyrics. If I go back and look at them in hindsight, the emotions I had when I wrote them have passed. It feels unjustified to change them. -Paloma Faith

It's difficult to choose a Word of the Year in the year that you're in. It's one of those things that hindsight makes more apparent. It's like looking at pictures from 10 years ago, and you notice the flannel and the ripped jeans. At the time, it didn't look to you like a real fashion trend. -Erin McKean

'Life's That Way' was an extraordinarily difficult book to write, because it wasn't written as a book. It was written as a journal of events that were happening as I wrote it, without the space or time either to digest or analyze those events and without the hindsight and peace that writing in the aftermath would have provided. -Jim Beaver

I went to high school in Lexington, Massachusetts, which in hindsight was very nice. -Eugene Mirman

I came seriously close to getting married four times, and each time I backed off in fear or for one reason or another. Each occasion was different, but in hindsight when I look at the people involved, it wasn't a bad thing what I did. I think it may have been more complex had the marriage taken place. -Ratan Tata

In hindsight, I see the great value of family and how it moulded my life and kept me together. So now family means everything to me. -Jimmy Cliff

I would be hard-pressed to look back at anything that I have done in my career and not say, 'I would have done that a little different' because hindsight is 20/20. -Sam Huntington

I'm always surprised when the corporate world does stupid things, because they're often not very stupid in hindsight. -Penn Jillette

I grew up in Ohio, where civil-rights accomplishments had already begun to accelerate before Martin Luther King appeared. In hindsight, we know that many people, black and white, were instrumental in changing the Jim Crow status quo on all levels. -Rita Dove

I was cursed with age, really. You do that stupid thing at 12 years old when you say something and it kind of sticks with you for the rest of your life. So, I believe I said I wanted to be a fishery manager. In hindsight, I think acting could be a better route. -Tom Felton

My mother used to dress rather risque when I was a kid, and that sort of shocked me. I always thought moms were supposed to wear cardigans and flats, but she was in leather bracelets and minidresses. In hindsight, it was pretty cool, but I'm probably more conservative because of it. -Drew Barrymore

If you're an artist, it's OK to put your money into your art. The advantage, in hindsight, is that you become the film, and the film becomes you; you breathe it. -Anton Corbijn

Going into Somalia, I didn't anticipate how many people's lives would be affected by it. In hindsight, I certainly wish I had taken more time to think about that, but I can't change it. -Amanda Lindhout

From as far back as I can remember, I was always insecure about my looks, whether it was my flat chest, my skinny legs, or how to cope with my body as it changed. With hindsight, I can see I was different. I was given a body that worked for photographic modelling and a photogenic face. -Twiggy

I was 13 years old at music school talking to my teacher. I can't quite remember what it was I was trying to describe, but I do remember my music teacher saying to me, 'Do you have synesthesia?' In hindsight, it seems a little presumptuous of her to think a little boy in Essex would know what synesthesia was. -Dev Hynes

I've developed a much greater respect for our politicians and every high-tech CEO. It's very easy to read about the things they did that you, of course, would have avoided in hindsight. -Michael J. Saylor

In hindsight, Watergate was a curse as well as a blessing for American journalism. The courageous reporting of the 'Post' and the 'New York Times' – coupled with the favourable Supreme Court rulings on publication of the Pentagon Papers – were landmarks for the interpretation of First Amendment rights and the freedom of the press. -Lionel Barber

We're always open to working with other writers, producers, and contributors for channelAPA. In hindsight, the goal is to develop our content and connect with people who have similar visions as we do. -Steve Nguyen

The psychiatric ward was a really creepy place and, hindsight being 20/20, the creepiest thing about it was that I truly belonged there. -Steve-O

I suppose it's true that most great television, literature, and other forms of high art (and basic cable) benefit from a little hindsight. 'M.A.S.H.' comes to mind. So does 'The Iliad.' -Kevin Bleyer

In hindsight, if I could go back in time and relay a message to my younger self, I would tell him to work on his time keeping, and that the job of a drummer is not to be the one that gets noticed the most on stage, or to be the fastest, or the loudest. Above all, it is to be the timekeeper. -Taylor Hawkins

What seems like a crazy idea today eventually grows. It's a 'with hindsight' thing. One day, someone will turn around and say, 'That was genius.' -Natalie Massenet

I don't think me walking away from modeling was scary for me. In hindsight, I think it was very risky, when you talk about risk. Because it paid the bills. -Tyra Banks

A moment of disruption is where the conversation about disruption often begins, even though determining that moment is entirely hindsight. -Steven Sinofsky

'Story of My Life' was essentially a two-man musical play. In hindsight, I don't know if there was room for a two-man musical on Broadway. -Will Chase

I believe in love at first sight and hindsight. -Richard Madden

I was in New York City for September 11th, and I was there for the 2003 blackout. I think in hindsight, you get a real perspective as to how unique those moments of crisis are in a place like New York City. -Casey Neistat

'Mixtape' sounds retro! I used to make lots of mixed tapes. It was one of those '90s things – every girl gave them to her best friend. I remember exchanging a few with a boy on a bus when I was 14. I thought he hated me, but in hindsight, maybe he was in love with me, because he gave me the best music. -Hannah Ware

Have you ever had that moment when you looked back on something and said, 'Well, gosh, that seems obvious now… why didn't I see it then?' I like to call this the Face Palm Epiphany. Oh, hindsight, you magical, humbling thing. -Alethea Kontis

For a lot of the time I was in Berkeley, I was single. I was living in a kind of collegiate apartment by myself – it was like a protracted summer vacation. So at least in hindsight, I have gloomy emotions attached to Berkeley, whereas I started coming to New York because I was dating someone, and it was very exciting and romantic. -Adrian Tomine

We do not agree that hindsight is required. The risks of internal strife in Iraq, active Iranian pursuit of its interests, regional instability, and al-Qaeda activity in Iraq, were each explicitly identified before the invasion. -John Chilcot

I try to live in the present. I learn from my mistakes in an effort not to repeat them, but I remain totally focused on today and tomorrow. Many of my mistakes turned out to be incredible opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally, and therefore, in hindsight, they were deeply valuable. -Ivanka Trump

Let us reflect on the obvious but often neglected lesson that state-sanctioned discrimination never looks good in hindsight. -Loretta Lynch

Why do we always have to see black people in hindsight? Why are the Hollywood movies always historical? What about the contemporary image of black people? -Ava DuVernay

The benefit of hindsight is we only really talk about those things that did work out. -Jonathan Ive

I think the bailouts in 2008 were wrong. And I think, you look in hindsight, it was a lot of misinformation that was presented about the bailouts of the banks in the West. -Steve Bannon

In many cases, if we knew what it would take, we might have thought twice about it, so it's often wonderful that we don't have hindsight. -James Turrell

You can't operate by hindsight. -Max Baucus

I probably would do over the Tom Cruise interview because I've thought of so many things I would have said in hindsight. -Matt Lauer

We just assumed that Walter Cronkite was unbiased. In hindsight, it is clear that Walter Cronkite was biased and that he used feigned objectivity as the cudgel to change the American narrative from being a right of center one to being a left of center one. -Andrew Breitbart

I was reading scripts, doing coverage, for CAA. Reading hundreds and hundreds of scripts across the board, from blind submissions to 'Brokeback Mountain'. It was not always a pleasant task but something, in hindsight, I'm glad I did. -D. B. Weiss

When you look back on anything in life, hindsight being 20/20, some things you'd like to have done a little differently. -Stone Cold Steve Austin

We sure didn't feel like refugees, but in hindsight, I guess we were – my father and mother left everything behind to come here – to be safe and give their boys a chance to rebuild a life. -Dara Khosrowshahi

There's a tendency when we write history to do it with the power of hindsight and then assume almost god-like knowledge that nobody living through history has. -David Grann

I bobbed and weaved through my career. And in hindsight, though I'd like to say it was a plan – it was not – the bobbing and the weaving gave me a broad base from which to become an executive who could say, 'OK, I've done this, and I've done this, and I've done this.' And nobody could BS me, because I'd done most of it. -Bonnie Hammer

In hindsight, everything in my life looks a little rosy. But the reality is that with, say, 'Swingers,' when we finished, it was considered a total failure. -Doug Liman

As someone who has been wrong often, I can tell you one thing for sure: hindsight reminds you of your follies every day. -Om Malik

Most of what we know about human life we know from asking people to remember the past, and as we know, hindsight is anything but 20/20. We forget vast amounts of what happens to us in life, and sometimes memory is downright creative. -Robert J. Waldinger

Major organizational changes create uncertainty. But the point is to move quickly – faster than you are comfortable – because in hindsight, you will always wish you had made changes even sooner. -Irene Rosenfeld

What I didn't realize until much later, in hindsight, was I had subconsciously been choosing projects where the woman was in charge of her own destiny. -Geena Davis

In 1987, Merrill Lynch asked me to open a Swiss capital markets operation. I was 27. In hindsight, I was lucky enough to start a business from scratch. And I mean from zero – no offices, even, just a space with walls between different areas. We decided to tear down the walls. -Sergio Ermotti

In hindsight, I feel like I made the right decision to choose production that would get played on black radio. -India Arie

Going back, I wish I could have been in the moment a little bit more. I can't change it, but hindsight definitely makes me appreciative of the moment now – even if it's hard, or exhausting, it's all a part of the experience. -Lili Reinhart

We've all, you know, done things that we think at the time were bad, but actually, in hindsight, you look back and go, 'I'm really grateful that happened because I'm a stronger person.' -Jessie Buckley

There's a lot of clarity in hindsight. -Julia Hartz

I don't know what draws me to my films. In hindsight, my choices turn out OK. -Dulquer Salmaan

It's not hard to get into a teen's head, because it's all emotions. Their feelings are amplified; you have no luxury of hindsight. If you haven't had your heart broken before, you don't know that you'll be able to get back up again. -Jenny Han

Somebody once asked me, 'What do you do?' and I flippantly answered 'I'm a cultural engineer.' With hindsight, I kind of am – but if I got too self-conscious about it, it wouldn't work. -Genesis P-Orridge

I wouldn't trade the childhood we had because, A, It was normal to me, even though, in hindsight, it's not normal. It felt normal, and I think we maintained a pretty normal healthy attitude towards what we did. And B, I just wouldn't trade it, the experience that we had and the growth we've had. -AJ Michalka

I don't regret how I built the Cruiserweight division. Could I have done better? Sure. Absolutely. I'm sure I could have, especially with 20/20 hindsight. I just don't know of anybody that I talk to that looks back at that division and says, 'Oh, man, that sucked.' -Eric Bischoff

I feel like, a lot of times, you make music, and you don't really understand why until with hindsight. -Arca

'Balls of Fury' was a 45-day shoot when it probably – hindsight being 20/20 – probably should've been a 75-day shoot with all the ping-pong action. -Robert Ben Garant

'A Burglar's Guide to the City' makes disparate connections seem obvious in hindsight, and my worldview is altered a little bit more, and far for the better, as a result. We'll never know, but I suspect Donald Westlake would have enjoyed it – and perhaps been a little unsettled by it, too. -Sarah Weinman

Art is made in hindsight. -Virgil Abloh

In hindsight, I think my manager and I both knew that 'Someone You Loved' was a special song that we had to put out. But no one was expecting it to do so well. -Lewis Capaldi

I saw Spurs as being a very good fit for me – but we were unable to agree financial terms with them… With hindsight, though, that was not a disaster. -Georginio Wijnaldum

It's a huge honor to be put in the Hall of Fame… it's even better because I played there for six years, and I left on bad terms. To be able to come back and be recognized – in hindsight, I wish I would have stayed, because everyone understands my career was large in Orlando. -Penny Hardaway

I think bubbles are things people see with 20/20 hindsight. If you look at any particular period where prices go up and then they go down, you will always find people who predicted that they would go down. Those are the people you pay attention to. -Eugene Fama

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