Best Quotes About Heroin

To be a hero or a heroine, one must give an order to oneself. -Simone Weil

There's no excuse for the young people not knowing who the heroes and heroines are or were. -Nina Simone

It was never really my choice to be an action heroine. -Izabella Scorupco

The key element in tragedy is that heroes and heroines are destroyed by that which appears to be their greatest strength. -Robert Shea

First you wonder if they're separate stories, but no, they're not, they're contingent stories and they form a pattern. And you begin with some of the island as the place to which the heroine of the book returns. -Robert Creeley

Heaven knows, I've exposed myself in my novels through the use of fantasy and imagination… now my new book is about what really happened to me… not my heroines. -Judith Krantz

There is this idea that you have to play heroines or women who succeed. -Isabella Rossellini

Aren't most romance heros, or heros in fiction of any kind, generally superior to real men? Same goes for heroines and real women. -Nora Roberts

Daffy, of course, wants to go on the journey with him but the studio decides they want Daffy back, so Bugs and a young studio executive heroine have to go out and try to bring him back. -Joe Dante

I think, with the gay liberation movement has had need for heroes and heroines, and it would be rather nice to have Abraham Lincoln as your poster boy, wouldn't it? -David Herbert Donald

I'm a heroine addict. I need to have sex with women who have saved someone's life. -Mitch Hedberg

The beautiful heroine might be thinking, How long must I bury my face on this wretched man's shoulder? Such is not the always the case, but quite often it is. -Ivor Novello

I was pretty taken with Patti Smith, she was my heroine. -Gavin Rossdale

It is said that no star is a heroine to her makeup artist. -Richard Corliss

I wanted to create a heroine that was flawed. I wanted her to be a real person. She's selfish, she's childish, she's immature and because I'm doing a three-book arc I really played that up in the first book. I wanted the reader to be annoyed with her at times. -Amber Benson

It's difficult for a young girl like me. Because there's a certain time for young actresses, which is like a really juicy period when all the parts are love interests and young heroines. Of course, there's always work for men whatever age they are. -Gemma Arterton

Perfect heroines, like perfect heroes, aren't relatable, and if you can't put yourself in the protagonist's shoes, not only will they not inspire you, but the book will be pretty boring. -Cassandra Clare

I just don't see myself as the heroine in my own narrative. -Cate Blanchett

Male authors always take care to make their heroes at least one inch taller than they are, and considerably more muscular. Just as female authors give their heroines better hair and slimmer thighs. -Lee Child

I'd always wanted to be an action heroine. That's a chick dream, getting to wear a leather bodysuit and be blonde and kick ass. But, what really attracted me to 'Dredd' was the script. It was fantastic! It was about people and characters, and not just about explosions and fighting. -Olivia Thirlby

Mystery writing involves solving a puzzle, but 'high suspense' writing is a situation whereby the writer thrusts the hero/heroine into high drama. -Iris Johansen

My heroines, more often than not, are the ones who are troubled and resistant. -Sylvia Day

The heroines in 'That's What She Said' are flawed, messy, damaged, hilarious and culpable and not really concerned about being acceptable to the audience in any traditional sense, which for me is what makes them all the more gorgeous. And the fearless truth of that is what makes it funny. -Carrie Preston

You have to be brave and not always play likeable people. It's difficult, because there's a demand for the hero or heroine to be very likeable. -Felicity Jones

I'm obsessed with Greek mythology. My favorite goddess is Artemis. She's strong and reminds me of Katniss, the heroine of 'The Hunger Games.' -Isabelle Fuhrman

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is just perfect in 'Veep.' She gets to show off the spiky claws beneath her patrician finesse. The obvious way to play 'Veep' would be to make Louis-Dreyfus a folksy heroine, one with more common sense or populist heart than her enemies. But she isn't one. -Rob Sheffield

Most mainstream male fiction is littered with heroines, and female characters are basically so great, you want to fall in love with them. -Iain Banks

I've found in the past that the more closely I identify with the heroine, the less completely she emerges as a person. So from the first novel I've been learning techniques to distance myself from the characters so that they are not me and I don't try to protect them in ways that aren't good for the story. -Beth Gutcheon

My heroes and heroines are often unlikely people who are dragged into situations without meaning to become involved, or people with a past that has never quite left them. They are often isolated, introspective people, often confrontational or anarchic in some way, often damaged or secretly unhappy or incomplete. -Joanne Harris

Some of our national heroines were defined by the fact that they never nested – they were peripatetic crusaders like Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, Sojourner Truth, Dorothy Dix. -Gail Collins

I think there need to be more female action heroines out there that are intelligent and not overly masculine and things like that so I'd love to find – and real too. Not necessarily the superhero perfect archetype of what an action hero is represented as a lot of times. I would love to find that kind of action heroine role to play. -Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kris Humphries famously lasted 72 days, and was reported in the tabloids as being all about the big bucks paid by magazines for the bridal photos: it is a spectacle of a bride-to-be as entrepreneur, not as romantic heroine; the groom, in this scenario, is nothing but a prop. -Naomi Wolf

Whether I'll get the chance to write fiction, I don't know. I could do political conspiracy thrillers, couldn't I? With an investigative journalist as the heroine. -Heather Brooke

I don't want to be typecast as a heroine who does a certain kind of cinema, which is why I experiment with the types of films that I do. But yes, I won't deny that romantic love stories or romantic comedies are what I enjoy doing the most, because as an audience those are the kind of films that I like watching. -Deepika Padukone

Historically, in my generation, all of my heroes and heroines have had issues and problems. We all do. -Anita Baker

I've always scribbled, and I still do it. I've written numerous scripts for films for which I think I'd be perfect as the complex, intelligent and, yes, modern heroine. Embarrassingly bad, all of them. I've had to come to terms with the fact that I'm not a writer. -Romola Garai

I am always naturally drawn to heroines that have human flaws because I enjoy people that have lived their life with courage and make big successes and big failures. -Romola Garai

The one person whom I would like to be is Meryl Streep. Even at her age, she sits alongside the younger heroines at the Oscars with her name in the nominee list, and others around her wonder whether they still stand a chance. -Rani Mukerji

When kids were busy playing at the age of 11, I was singing for the heroine of 'Shastra.' -Sunidhi Chauhan

What is important to me as an actor is that, even if I have to spread my arms, take my shirt off on a mountain top with my heroine in a chiffon sari, it still has to be me and my twist or my funny take on it. -Vir Das

In sports, I refused to do any interviews that were just going to become human-interest stories. Don't turn me into a tragic heroine. -Aimee Mullins

My favorite literary heroine is Jo March. It is hard to overstate what she meant to a small, plain girl called Jo, who had a hot temper and a burning ambition to be a writer. -J. K. Rowling

Because I never plan anything out ahead of time, I'm always in the process of learning about my characters. Without a biographical sketch to guide me, I discover things about my heroines as the stories unfold. Only in 'Body Double' did I discover that Maura's mother was a serial killer. -Tess Gerritsen

I'm sorry, but to ask an audience these days to invest three hours in a show requires your heroine be an understandable and fully rounded character. -Diane Paulus

Great battles can make great heroes and heroines. -Ezra Taft Benson

'Emma' is my favorite Jane Austen novel – one of my favorite novels period; a novel about intelligence outsmarting itself, about a complicated, nuanced, irresistible heroine who does everything wrong. -Cathleen Schine

I had lost my way for some time, so I need to do things that I am happy with. It's not about being the number one heroine or money. It's about doing roles that I enjoy. My biggest ambition is happiness. -Sonam Kapoor

I do gravitate toward 19th century writers, and I never mind being compared with some of the most memorable writers from that era. I mean, George Eliot is my absolute heroine. -Julia Glass

I loved 'Homeland' – it's such an intriguing, intelligent piece of television, and I am fascinated by them making a hero and heroine that are so odd, so flawed and so complicated. It is a programme that really draws you in. -Lindsay Duncan

It's so reassuring to have a woman heroine who triumphs with more than just what she has on the outside… who has more to offer the world than just a pretty picture. -America Ferrera

We all know that small cars are good for us. But so is cod liver oil. And jogging. I want to drive around in a Terminator, not the heroine in an E. M. Forster novel. -Jeremy Clarkson

The final cover for 'Heroes Are My Weakness' feels exactly right. It reflects the cold, wintry setting of an isolated island off the coast of Maine and the feisty spirit of a heroine who refuses to give up, even when the odds are stacked against her. -Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I'm interested in female friendships and family relationships. So I don't write the traditional romance, where you just have the hero and the heroine's love story. I like intertwining relationships. -Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I think as women we've always been very used to growing up reading and identifying with male protagonists, especially in fantasy. There's a saying in publishing that girls will read about boys, but boys will only read about boys, and it's important to give women strong heroines. -Cassandra Clare

I really like writing heroes who aren't necessarily 'Hollywood handsome.' Personally, I think men who are self-confident, intelligent, and funny are outrageously attractive – and my heroines tend to think that, too! -Suzanne Brockmann

If you're a woman doing classic theater, the big roles are often destroyers. I've played Hedda Gabler, Lady Macbeth, some of the Chekhovian heroines, Electra, Phaedra – they're all powerful women, but they're forces of negativity. -Eve Best

I want to play a villain. I want to play a romantic heroine. -Allison Williams

We are all the heroes and heroines of our own lives. Our love stories are amazingly romantic; our losses and betrayals and disappointments are gigantic in our own minds. -Maeve Binchy

I have a lot in common with Lewis Carroll's Alice (my favorite female literary heroine, besides Becky Sharp). I've been sent on a journey to places even bleach can't reach. -Lance Loud

I always favor the hero and heroine from whichever book I've completed most recently. Yes, I'm faithless and fickle! -Kresley Cole

I was thrilled to play a role on 'Dora the Explorer,' a show that has touched the lives of many children around the world, including my own child. Dora is such an iconic and important Latina heroine, and I'm proud to now be a part of the show's ever-growing legacy. -Thalia

I enjoy heroines who grow and come into their own during the course of a story. -Maggie Shayne

I did a great deal of research to write 'The Irish Duke.' Since all the people in this Lords of the Realm series are real historical characters, everything had to be authentic. I researched Woburn Abbey, where my heroine lived, and everything about Barons Court in Ireland, which was the ancestral home of Abercorn. -Virginia Henley

I've always thought that, as a romance writer, I had the best job in the world. I sit around all day making up emotion-drenched, conflict-laden stories that push my heroes and heroines to the edge of sanity. Then I give them a happy ending. -Ruth Glick

The paranormal bad boy is usually a fiercely loyal partner for the heroine. Once his sights are set on her, he doesn't notice other women, and he's utterly unconcerned with what anyone else thinks of his choice. -Jeaniene Frost

How it works for me is that a scene comes to mind, usually a scene between the hero and heroine, that depicts the emotional conflict. From that scene, the characters come alive for me. I don't do a lot of preplanning in any way when I write. -Lori Foster

There are certain things I couldn't write because they're not intrinsic to my beliefs. For instance, I couldn't write a hero or heroine who didn't put children first. -Lori Foster

Boring heroines are, in my opinion, the most common romance mistake. We loathe hanging out with women who define themselves purely through their relationships… why would we want to read about them? -Sarah MacLean

That first meeting – the one where the hero and heroine start the slow burn that takes the whole story to turn into true love – is the single most important part of the whole book. Nail it, and you've won yourself readers. -Sarah MacLean

There is perhaps no more rewarding romance heroine than she who is not expected to find love. The archetype comes in many disguises – the wallflower, the spinster, the governess, the single mom – but always with one sad claim: Love is not in her cards. -Sarah MacLean

No doubt, much of the joy of a great romance is the moment when these stoic heroes crack open and reveal themselves to their heroines – the only women strong enough to match them. -Sarah MacLean

At the heart of every successful romance novel lies the evolution of its characters. Through love, heroes and heroines grow not only into a perfect match, but into stronger, better, more admirable people. -Sarah MacLean

In fiction, as in real life, love might inspire acts that are at best foolish and at worst life-threatening, but in the best romances, love is the final, secret ingredient that turns mere mortals into heroes and heroines. -Sarah MacLean

Here's the thing about romance novels: The moment when the hero and heroine discover that they're perfect for each other is often the moment when it's them against the world. -Sarah MacLean

In books by women and for women, it should come as no surprise that heroines are the heroes of the action, finding themselves, their power and their future through love. -Sarah MacLean

Okay, I am happy with the way I look, but I have never, never, ever thought of myself as a 'pretty girl.' Honestly. When I read some of these scripts I'm sent, and they describe the heroine as 'incredibly beautiful,' I wonder why they sent it to me. -Anna Kendrick

Plot is a framework on which to drape other things. So once that's working, I can just let it go and do all the stuff that I love – 'Trojan horse' it. There are so many great YA heroines, and that's fantastic, but what about the emotionally complex boy out there? That's who I tend to write about. -Patrick Ness

It's true that romance novels do detail the courtship phase of a relationship. We usually write 'And they lived happily ever after' before our heroine starts snoring or our hero starts tossing his socks over the hamper. -Teresa Medeiros

A lot of what I was wanting to do in my work and what I have been doing has been about the unexpected… that unexpected situation of wanting to be the heroine and yet wanting to kill the heroine at the same time. -Kara Walker

I'm a sucker for the big, gruff, distant, emotionally closed-off hero who sloooowly warms up to the feisty, awesome, sweet heroine. -MaryJanice Davidson

Unlike novels with a hero or two heroines, in 'One Amazing Thing,' all the characters tell stories they've never told anyone before, so all the voices become equally important. -Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

I've tried to be inclusive in my '2B' series. Over the course of three books, I wrote African-American characters, a paraplegic character, gay and lesbian characters, a bisexual, Jewish heroine, a multiracial hero, Korean and Chinese-American characters, and a multiracial supporting character. -Ann Aguirre

Iris Johansen's lovers weathered the sack of city states and the vagaries of the French Revolution; Judith McNaught's heroines endured amnesia, social ostracism and misunderstandings so big they deserved their own ZIP code. -Lauren Willig

You need not go back four thousand years for heroines. The world is filled with them today. They do not belong to any nation, nor to any religion, nor exclusively to any race. Wherever woman is found, they are found. -Robert Green Ingersoll

She doesn't do the things heroines are supposed to. Which is rather Jane Austen's point – Fanny is her subversive heroine. She is gentle and self-doubting and utterly feminine; and given the right circumstances, she would defy an army. -Susanna Clarke

Don't forget to let your reader feel the emotions of the scene. If you get all tied up with the mechanics of where the hero's hands are and not about how they make the heroine feel, then the scene will read flat. -Catherine Bybee

Alpha heroes, even uberalpha heroes, still win readers' hearts. I like a masterful hero myself, but I also enjoy the idea that sometimes the heroine can be in charge. -Emma Holly

I've dreamed of having my French bulldog become a bestselling children's heroine. -Andrea Seigel

My parents told me any and every fairy-tale from all around the world. I usually gravitated towards ones with interesting, strong heroines. -Sarah J. Maas

'The Notebook' was beautiful, and I was crying because its hero and heroine had died together. -R. Kelly

You know the fairy-tale drill, especially from the Disney versions: the heroines endure awful stuff in rites of passage that lead to a joyous resolution of, usually, marriage to a prince. 'Into the Woods' follows that template, then asks, 'What happens after Happy Ever After?' -Richard Corliss

You may debate whether the Disney heroines fit the feminist standard, but they don't live in a democracy. Remember, they're princesses. -Richard Corliss

From her first superheroine role in 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider' – which earned $275 million globally in 2001, back when that was real money – Jolie has been the one actress who can stand up to any male star and stare him down. -Richard Corliss

Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim. -Nora Ephron

I loved everything about being ten, eleven, and twelve years old, and seem to make most of my heroines and heroes that age so I can reexperience all those pitfalls and wonderful discoveries. It helps me to figure out my own life when I write from that eleven year old place! -Deborah Wiles

You can either be in the Ron Paul tradition and say there's nothing wrong with heroin and cocaine, or you can be in the tradition that says, 'These kind of addictive drugs are terrible; they deprive you of full citizenship, and they lead you to a dependency which is antithetical to being an American.' -Newt Gingrich

Romantic heroes and heroines are a bit different from the sort of people we run into every day. -Leigh Michaels

Heroes and heroines don't commit adultery. -Leigh Michaels

Ariel got me into animation. She was the first Disney heroine that really felt alive. She felt like a real young woman. -Byron Howard

Being sad and being depressed are two different things. Also, people going through depression don't look so, while someone sad will look sad. The most common reaction is, 'How can you be depressed? You have everything going for you. You are the supposed number one heroine and have a plush home, car, movies… What else do you want?' -Deepika Padukone

I feel that, historically, the Art Deco period has the most resonance for me. As a person, it has to be the plucky Clara Bow, the heroine of American silent movies of the 1920s. She embodied feminine dressing mixed with men's style. All this then evolved into the exquisite style and simplicity of Coco Chanel. -Anouska Hempel

I was amazed to realize that for many Westerners, Scheherezade was considered a lovely but simple-minded entertainer, someone who relates innocuous tales and dresses fabulously. In our part of the world, Scheherezade is perceived as a courageous heroine and is one of our rare female mythological figures. -Fatema Mernissi

It is said the boundless steppes of Asia gave flight to tales of heroes and heroines because the conditions there are so harsh. -Adrienne Mayor

Ariel may look a lot like Barbie, and her adventure may be limited to romance and over with the wedding bells, but unlike, say, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, she's active, brave and determined, the heroine of her own life. She even rescues the prince. And that makes her a rare fish, indeed, in the world of preschool culture. -Katha Pollitt

I do mourn my characters. I wrote an essay once where I was sure that far back in a marsh there was a hummock – a little hill of hardwoods – and an old farm house, where all the heroines in my novels lived together with all my beloved dead dogs. I've discussed this with my therapist, naturally. He says it's okay in fair amounts. -Jim Harrison

I think lawyers who engage in pro bono service to protect those who cannot help themselves are truly the heroes and the heroines of the legal profession. -Janet Reno

Moana is definitely a Disney heroine. She's wonderful, empowered, empowering. -Auli'i Cravalho

Moana is an incredible heroine. She's strong… She's got her two feet firmly planted. She's definitely grounded. -Auli'i Cravalho

I love that Moana is a heroine, and I hope people take that away, and that you most certainly can be the heroine, or hero, of your own story. -Auli'i Cravalho

In those early days, the important thing was the happy ending. I did not tolerate unhappy endings – for my heroines, anyway. And later on, I began to read things like 'Wuthering Heights,' and very, very unhappy endings would take place, so I changed my ideas completely and went in for the tragic, which I enjoyed. -Alice Munro

Lisbeth Salander is one of the most compelling heroines of 21st century crime literature, and I am thrilled to see readers have welcomed her return. -Sonny Mehta

Female users are the unsung heroines behind the most engaging, fastest growing, and most valuable consumer Internet and e-commerce companies. -Aileen Lee

When 'I' released, I gave a couple of interviews in which I expressed my interest to play an action heroine. -Amy Jackson

I am not against two-heroine films. -Anushka Sharma

I know I'm not the consummate Bollywood heroine. But I'm working hard on it. -Nargis Fakhri

People often ask me why I don't take up more heroine-oriented roles. My question is, 'Where are these roles?' I really appreciate actresses who sign only films with meaty roles. However, there aren't too many of them. The industry is simply male-dominated. -Samantha Akkineni

I am done with the cliched heroine roles. I can't go to work without a challenge. I want to do films that drive me, films in which I am a part of the main plot. -Samantha Akkineni

There are thousands of good-looking women out there. Longevity for a heroine doesn't come only with good looks: talent matters. -Samantha Akkineni

How many big American films do you see where the heroine has no vanity whatsoever? -Stellan Skarsgard

How long will we keep making films where hero-heroine is dancing around trees? -Nawazuddin Siddiqui

You will never see me dancing around the trees, chasing a heroine; I will never do films, no matter what the budget, for the heck of it. -Nawazuddin Siddiqui

The Tamil industry, while being better than all the other film industries when it comes to treating female actors, is still dominated by men. So, I can only work within the space offered to heroines, and I think I am doing that. -Hansika Motwani

I'm happy with my commercial heroine tag. -Hansika Motwani

Every good movie I watch, the hero becomes my favourite. I start blushing every time a hero romances a heroine. -Hansika Motwani

Theron says that she was intrigued by the psychological demands of the material in playing the complicated 'Queen Ravenna', and Stewart's performance as 'Snow White', the fairest of them all, in her first action-heroine role, kept her literally in constant motion. -Elvis Mitchell

I have had unattractive heroes – broken noses, scars, crooked teeth. You want to give them something that is human. My heroines struggle with being too short or fat or old. Some are older than the heroes. You try to cover all spectrums. -Sylvia Day

For the most part, romance is written in third person, and it's written in multiple points of view, so you're in the hero's head, and you're in the heroine's head. I've always said that I'm more of a narrator than a creator. -Sylvia Day

I love 'The Guardian' series. Bianca St. Ives is one of my favorite heroines ever, and the combination of action, suspense, and romance makes her story pure fun to write. -Karen Robards

Good looks may be enough for a heroine, but to become an artiste, you need at least a working knowledge of the language. -Radha Ravi

Maybe actors are more passionate about cinema than actresses. Many heroines today seem unable to look beyond glamour. -Radha Ravi

Item song dancers like Silk Smitha and Jayamalini have become irrelevant. The heroines are doing those dances themselves. -Radha Ravi

I'm not insecure. Give me a good role, and I'll perform even for a multi-starrer with half a dozen other heroines! -Nithya Menen

There haven't been a lot of superhero movies with female leads, and there have been even fewer – if any – that were truly funny. I heard Ant-Man was, but I haven't seen that yet. So, that would be my goal, my dream – to be a super-heroine who's not afraid to be feminine and also not afraid to make people laugh. -Abbi Jacobson

Audiences want to watch heroine-oriented films, and even writers are writing scripts for women. I am very happy to see this change. -Sridevi

I always found the witches and wicked stepmothers far more interesting than the 'heroines' – at least they actually did something. -Sarah Pinborough

Red Sonja, she was a hellraiser before Buffy, Xena, and Ripley even existed. When so many heroines in comics were all hung up on romance and the bizarre gender politics of comics at the time, Sonja was out cutting off the heads of dragons and pirates. -Gail Simone

My hope is that we can spread the word: Wonder Woman is not some unapproachable goddess. She's funny, dangerous, intimidating, brilliant, and compassionate. In many ways, I think she's the most human superheroine there is. -Gail Simone

I think one of the problems that comics has in dealing with superheroines is that they try to hard to make them superheroes. All they're doing is the same thing that men do. Just the idea that they're no different than men, except in how they look, always seemed a bit off to me. -George Perez

I have lots of heroes and heroines, mostly unsung and including my husband. -Mary Beard

I think we worry way too much about where books should fit inside genres. In a romance, the hero and heroine are on a journey together, and no matter how awful it gets, by the end of the book they'll be in love, with the probability of a happy ending. -Marjorie Liu

I don't start a film with the heroine but with the cinema subject. If there is a woman in the story, she has to be of a particular type. It's not as if I start with Madhuri Dixit and then think what kind of film. -Satyajit Ray

Darcy, the heroine of 'Something Blue,' is quite shallow and opinionated. At one point, she commented that she dislikes 'gingers,' i.e., men with red hair. I received several emails from fiery redheads who said they were offended by 'my' comments. I had to remind them that it is fiction. -Emily Giffin

I think that once you become a parent, you cease to think of yourself as a hero or heroine. -Amanda Foreman

As her life became more unhappy, acting attracted Marie-Antoinette because it fulfilled unmet emotional needs. By all accounts, she was quite good in her little private theatricals. But her desire to be a heroine, both literally and figuratively, was shocking to the French. -Amanda Foreman

I'm a fairly mature woman, and I've realised that I'm not going to grow if I keep thinking, 'The other heroine in the film is so much better than me.' I would rather take inspiration from them. -Ileana D'Cruz

If I'm going to get overshadowed in a film, it's because of something that I haven't done, not because of what the other heroine has done or because I've focused on the amount of scenes she had in the film. -Ileana D'Cruz

I knew that the only way to get noticed would be by doing something that was not expected of me. I was sure I wouldn't get noticed if I continued to play the heroine in films like 'Chashme Baddoor.' -Taapsee Pannu

I never think of myself as a heroine. -Sai Pallavi

I saw Mani sir's 'Bombay,' and I wanted to be a Mani sir heroine. -Aditi Rao Hydari

A lot of heroines ask me to make the dance steps easier. -Prabhu Deva

I want to develop women-oriented films because, in most of the films, 70 per cent of the focus is on heroes and the rest on the heroine. -Prabhu Deva

In commercial cinema, roles for heroines are limited to being simple or glamorous. I don't want to fall into an image trap. -Tamannaah

We don't have Latina heroines in theaters; I haven't seen Marvel doing it. -Isabela Moner

'Daddy' is an amazing Bollywood debut for me. I don't play a typical Bollywood heroine. It's a performance-oriented role. -Aishwarya Rajesh

I think for a heroine to do comedy and action and also be glamorous is a big thing. That's why 'Supreme' will be very close to my heart. -Raashi Khanna

I really want to do roles that have some substance, and I hope writers give us that importance. I can't alone stand up and demand roles like that. It's a collective thing. Writers have to believe in heroines and understand that there's more to a woman than just her curves. It's not that they can't do it. They just choose not to. -Raashi Khanna

For a woman who didn't want to be an actress, who is too tall, lanky, shy, and who didn't fit into a Hindi conventional heroine, I am overwhelmed that my audiences have accepted me in India and the world. -Sushmita Sen

I feel that a heroine or a leading character is someone who stays back with you, and I would like to believe that all my characters have stayed with people. -Bhumi Pednekar

Everywhere in the society, even my extended family, when they got to know that I am going to be an actor, they were very worried because there is a lot of negativity attached to my craft or being a heroine. -Bhumi Pednekar

What I'd look for are roles in which the heroine's character has substance rather than just glamour. -Radhika Pandit

Madhuri is the quintessential heroine of all time. -Huma Qureshi

I started my career with her. I was supposed to do my first film in Tamil in which she was the other heroine. The film was titled 'Vennira Aadai.' It was a love triangle, with Jayalalithaaji and I playing the hero's two love interests. But the director Sridhar removed me from the film after a few days' shooting. -Hema Malini

We heroines don't get good roles. -Hema Malini

I was never career-oriented, not in the way other heroines are. Of course, I took my work seriously. But I never solicited work and never sought fame or money. -Namrata Shirodkar

I do not want to do the regular heroine roles anymore. I am looking at working with good directors on interesting projects. -Namrata Shirodkar

I am not a heroine, I am an actor, and that's why I don't think there is any expiry to me. -Shweta Tripathi

People are quick to stereotype you and very lazy in their imagination to think beyond the first few films a heroine does. -Shweta Tripathi

I need a combination of attitude, sensuality, and vulnerability. I need a new kind of heroine. After Bipasha Basu and Sunny Leone, India now needs an even more unique fantasy figure. -Pooja Bhatt

I know I was known as a ladies man and all that, but even the thought of holding my heroine's hand made me break into a sweat. -Jackie Shroff

In this country, if a woman wants to work, she has very little choice. After you cross the age suitable for a heroine, there is nothing in the middle; the next thing you do is you become a mother. -Soni Razdan

Some people say heroines just have to look good and provide the glamour. Some say, from dance-n-song routines, heroines have come a long way. Today, the heroine's name adds weight to the film, though maybe they can't carry the whole film on their names. I believe, yes, we do contribute a lot to films. -Urmila Matondkar

I don't think about how many times how many heroines have said 'I love you' to how many heroes on screen and that I am also doing the same. It is how differently I can say the same thing in my own style or how I can bring a new element into it. -Urmila Matondkar

I have been very selective in the South because I was always offered the biggest films. In Bollywood, things are different because multi-starrers are a norm. All big heroines are happy to be part of a big movie. -Asin

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