Best Quotes About Heels

Drag your thoughts away from your troubles… by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it. -Mark Twain

I don't think it's the function of Congress to function well. It should drag its heels on the way to decision. -Barber Conable

Wheels of fire, cosmic, rich, full-bodied honest victories over desperation. -Thomas Merton

Truth is a good dog; but always beware of barking too close to the heels of an error, lest you get your brains kicked out. -Francis Bacon

Blood alone moves the wheels of history. -Martin Luther

The best actors do not let the wheels show. -Milan Kundera

Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have always had strong maternal instincts. Even when I was still a child I cut out pictures of prams from newspapers and imagined the feeling of pushing my own pram through fresh winter snow and seeing the wheels' tracks behind me in the snow. -Agnetha Faltskog

If they ever do my life story, whoever plays me needs lots of hair color and high heels. -Charlize Theron

If you haven't got it. Fake it! Too short? Wear big high heels, but do practice walking! -Victoria Beckham

Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance. -Brian Tracy

If high heels were so wonderful, men would be wearing them. -Sue Grafton

A cause may be inconvenient, but it's magnificent. It's like champagne or high heels, and one must be prepared to suffer for it. -Arnold Bennett

Enemies are necessary for the wheels of the U.S. military machine to turn. -John Stockwell

Time wounds all heels. -Jane Sherwood Ace

Satiety is a mongrel that barks at the heels of plenty. -Minna Antrim

Let a man find himself, in distinction from others, on top of two wheels with a chain – at least in a poor country like Russia – and his vanity begins to swell out like his tires. In America it takes an automobile to produce this effect. -Leon Trotsky

Grief walks upon the heels of pleasure; married in haste, we repent at leisure. -William Congreve

High heels were invented by a woman who had been kissed on the forehead. -Christopher Morley

Nothing is so beautiful as spring – when weeds, in wheels, shoot long and lovely and lush; Thrush's eggs look little low heavens, and thrush through the echoing timber does so rinse and wring the ear, it strikes like lightning to hear him sing. -Gerard Manley Hopkins

Just advertising departments with legs and high heels. -Richard Avedon

Inventor: A person who makes an ingenious arrangement of wheels, levers and springs, and believes it civilization. -Ambrose Bierce

People who make no mistakes lack boldness and the spirit of adventure. They are the brakes on the wheels of progress. -Dale Turner

We won't just automatically click our heels and follow the Americans. -John Howard

My wheels are running. My investments are local, regional and international. -Al-Waleed bin Talal

All I demand for the black man is, that the white people shall take their heels off his neck, and let him have a chance to rise by his own efforts. -William Wells Brown

A cruel story runs on wheels, and every hand oils the wheels as they run. -Ouida

If you own a home with wheels on it and several cars without, you just might be a redneck. -Jeff Foxworthy

These guys are so old they're eligible for meals on wheels. -Mickey Rivers

When steam first began to pump and wheels go round at so many revolutions per minute, what are called business habits were intended to make the life of man run in harmony with the steam engine, and his movement rival the train in punctuality. -George William Russell

I think there are a lot of technocrats in the business who would much rather work with just wheels and gears and machinery. Those things interest them more than humanity and I wish them the best of luck. -Ron Perlman

Touch but a cobweb in Westminster Hall, and the old spider of the law is out upon you with all his vermin at his heels. -Henry Fox

Sometimes, when I'm alone, I put on six inch heels and wear nothing else and dance around in front of the mirror and do my little stripper dance. -Tori Spelling

Although a lot of pain for a little screen time; Shaving legs, waxing eyebrows, high heels, trying to put on a bra, losing weight because women's clothes are SO revealing – Ladies you have my respect. -Lou Diamond Phillips

People know me. I'm not going to produce any cartwheels out there. I'm not going to belong on Comedy Central. I'll always be a tennis player, not a celebrity. -Pete Sampras

I used to love to play dress-up, where you get your mother's or your grandmother's dresses and high heels. -Suzanne Farrell

I always wore the highest heels possible, because the other women on the show were tall. -Donna Mills

Projecting a persuasive image of a desirable and practical future is extremely important to high morale, to dynamism, to consensus, and in general to help the wheels of society turn smoothly. -Herman Kahn

I've also committed my time and resources to many local organizations like Christmas in April, Catholic Community Services, and Hudson County Meals on Wheels. -Vincent Frank

I'm always the girl at the party who, within five minutes, has taken my heels off, hitched up my dress in my knickers, and probably spilt drink down my cleavage. -Sadie Frost

I was the good Bond girl, but I wanted to have the dresses and the high heels. I wanted the funky, sexy name. -Izabella Scorupco

Oh, completely liberating because even if you don't do a woman right, you just have to put on high heels a wig, a bra and a dress, and I feel liberated. -Kevin McDonald

It is smarter to borrow from nature than to reinvent the wheels. -Philip Emeagwali

The original item looked like a little hand cart with the figure of a man mounted on a platform between the wheels. The man's outstretched arm always pointed south. -Kit Williams

I was born in high heels and I've worn them ever since. -Helena Christensen

To me, being grown-up meant smoking cigarettes, drinking cocktails, and dressing up in high heels and glamourous outfits. -Lorna Luft

I've just been fortunate to havehad a lot of hit records, though Human Wheels doesn't qualify as a hit record-but it's really the best single I've ever had. -John Mellencamp

I'd like to get four people who do cart wheels very good, and make a cart. -Mitch Hedberg

When I came off the boat I was very proud of the thick calluses which had developed on my feet. But now, I am struggling to get into my favourite high heels which is a shame, as I have so many. -Pamela Stephenson

The half minute which we daily devote to the winding-up of our watches is an exertion of labour almost insensible; yet, by the aid of a few wheels, its effect is spread over the whole twenty-four hours. -Charles Babbage

When my kids are in college, maybe I'll drag my fishnets and high heels out. -Sheena Easton

When you fall head over heels for someone, you're not falling in love with who they are as a person; you're falling in love with your idea of love. -Elisabeth Rohm

People think I must have been turning cartwheels on the night I sealed the movie deal – which was only two days after sealing the book deal – but I was really quite terrified. -Laura Hillenbrand

I wrote two plotted books, got some of the fundamentals of storytelling down, then… it's sort of like taking the training wheels off, trying to write a book that's fun in the same way without relying on quite such mechanical or external beats. -Jonathan Franzen

I used to wear heels because I wanted to show people I wasn't ashamed of being tall. But I don't wear them any more because you don't have to wear heels to be beautiful. I can't even remember the last time I wore heels. -Elle Macpherson

It was so quiet that morning in Paris that the heels of my two companions and myself were loud on the deserted pavements. It was a city of shuttered shops, and barred windows, and deserted avenues. -Philip Gibbs

All I want are high heels, high heels. If I was a girl, I'd wear a lot of high heels. High, stiletto heels. -Isaac Mizrahi

When I wear high heels I have a great vocabulary and I speak in paragraphs. I'm more eloquent. I plan to wear them more often. -Meg Ryan

What doctor does not need platform heels and dark black eyeliner to treat their patients? -Sarah Chalke

I'm not really a girlie. I can be once in a while, but then I tend to fall off the heels. -Rhona Mitra

If I went out in killer heels and full makeup, blow dry, the whole thing – anyone dressed up like that could be intimidating to men and women, really. It's so, look at me. Do you know what I mean? But I love women. -Rachel Weisz

Hurricane Katrina, coupled with Hurricane Rita, which came promptly on Katrina's heels, claimed more than 1,200 American lives. Together, they caused more than $200 billion in damage. -Ellen Tauscher

Be able to suffer wearing a necktie or slightly high heels for an entire evening without complaint or early removal. -Marilyn vos Savant

At first I threw my weight upon my heels, as one does naturally in a boot, and was a good deal bruised, but after a few hours I learned the natural walk of man, and could follow my guide in any portion of the island. -John Millington Synge

Supply always comes on the heels of demand. -Robert Collier

Heaven wheels above you, displaying to you her eternal glories, and still your eyes are on the ground. -Dante Alighieri

The idealist walks on tiptoe, the materialist on his heels. -Malcolm de Chazal

Sometimes you have to sacrifice your performance for high heels. -Gwen Stefani

I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot. -Marilyn Monroe

Everyone chases after happiness, not noticing that happiness is right at their heels. -Bertolt Brecht

They asked me why I was wearing heels, and I said, I'm trying to hide my ass. They gave me a prosthetic behind. -Michael Rosenbaum

You put high heels on and you change. -Manolo Blahnik

Sometimes the wheels of justice grind slowly. -Terry Waite

Tis not seasonable to call a man traitor, that has an army at his heels. -John Selden

Whosoever, in writing a modern history, shall follow truth too near the heels, it may happily strike out his teeth. -Walter Raleigh

I do love shoes that make my legs longer. I have the upper body of someone who's 5ft 8in, so high heels help me even out the discrepancy. -Amy Adams

When I'm not working, I just like to be comfortable: I love black, nothing tight, no heels, no make-up – it's nice to be able to breathe! -Eva Green

I just want to say, that if Jesus were alive, what would he be doing? Well, he would probably be accepting and loving people how they're made. And I always say this and it's really the truth. If being 4'11 was a sin, what would I do? Well, I could wear heels and I could add a wig. -Kristin Chenoweth

I'm a big fan of glamour. It's something I don't think there's enough of in Hollywood anymore. I enjoy putting on a sexy dress and heels. I want to work it. -Ali Larter

I always wear high heels. -Emily Procter

There's nothing like a good pair of heels. -Bridget Moynahan

I have a lot of looks but right now I'm really into grunge. Messy hair, black heels. I get Michelle Pfeiffer with it. -Chloe Grace Moretz

I wore my first pair of Louboutins during this press tour. It was absolutely amazing, they weren't heels, they were little shoes, but they were velvet and they were blue. -Chloe Grace Moretz

I don't normally do shoots in bikinis – I'm just not that kind of girl. But for 'Maxim' I was like, 'Bring it on!' I wanted to wear the higher heels and the skimpier bathing suit. I figured I'd go for it! -Krysten Ritter

You know, I love wearing heels. I wish I could wear them all the time, but, you know, my sport doesn't really permit it. -Allyson Felix

Like at home, I don't wear heels. But everywhere else I go, I wear heels. -Nastia Liukin

Sometimes it's so weird just to do an interview. This morning I was back in my parents' house, with my brother, and we went for a jog together, then had breakfast as a family. And a couple of hours later I'm wearing high heels and a dress and makeup, and talking about my job. -Carey Mulligan

I originally envisioned myself doing something with the suffix 'ology' at the end of it, like marine biology or entomology. But after I started to do some acting gigs, I thought it wasn't a bad thing… I said to myself, 'I might as well keep riding this bus until the wheels fall off.' -Callan McAuliffe

My mother has never approved of high heels. As a result, I have never been able to walk in high heels – and they were all I ever wanted. So of course, my daughter has two pairs. -Emma Thompson

I like to keep my wheels on the ground. -Marianne Vos

I like so much wearing heels, legs look so much better, everything looks better. But it's only recently I've had the courage to do that. -Blanka Vlasic

I've got no anti-America or anti-Hollywood kick, it's just that I never wanted to go and kick my heels around L.A. for six months hoping something would happen. -Martin Freeman

The hedonistic lifestyle is difficult to achieve when you're still carrying your own gear. Trust me that you don't feel glamorous with a 60-pound amp in your arms; it's a lot less sexy than toting a vodka gimlet and impossible to do in heels. -Carrie Brownstein

I'm working on a second cookbook and am working on my love story, 'Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.' -Ree Drummond

I think if I could be any superhero, it'd probably be my mom… but I don't think I'd look too good in high heels, so it's not gonna happen. -Jason Behr

I don't wear a lot of high heels. -Kesha

I can't walk in high heels, never mind dance in them. -Kesha

I am so not a proper, good female. I can't dance in high heels and I'm just so not girly, but then I see these men with these banging bodies, dancing in heels, singing, and having so much fun with so much make-up on. That makes me honestly want to be a better woman. -Kesha

I think it's so cool to be tall. Even when I'm not wearing heels people tell me I'm tall and I always take it as a complement. The good thing is I can always see everybody in the room. -Maria Sharapova

When I moved to New York, I fell head over heels back into country music and probably 'cause I missed something about Texas. -Norah Jones

I'm very sensitive. Because my mum was my primary emotional caregiver growing up, I found myself being pinned into dresses, darting her dresses, choosing her high heels for the evening or what to wear. I'm very much a mommy's boy. -Tom Hardy

I was inspired more by early Bette Midler. I do wear a fancy dress and very high heels – and extra high hair. My goal is to obliterate all earnestness. -Ana Gasteyer

I understand that if I really need my hair to be nice, now I hire someone to do it, and I understand that putting on a pair of heels really makes a difference. -Cynthia Nixon

When you fall head over heels for someone, you're not falling in love with who they are as a person; you're falling in love with your idea of love. -Maria Bello

I'm a girl who loves fashion. I'm such a Cinderella – I love to put on a great dress and heels. It's fun! -Maria Bello

On my first album I was wearing a lot of guys pants, baggy clothes and stuff like that. I was 17 and I was a little tomboy. And you would never see me wearing a dress or heels on my first record. -Avril Lavigne

If I hadn't been a woman, I'd be a drag queen for sure. I like all that flair and I'd be dressing up in them high heels and putting on the big hair. I'd be like Ru Paul. -Dolly Parton

Of course, I'm older now. I'm in a different place in my life than when I wrote the songs for 'Car Wheels' or 'Essence' or whatever. Different things were going on. -Lucinda Williams

High heels are pleasure with pain. -Christian Louboutin

A naked woman in heels is a beautiful thing. A naked man in shoes looks like a fool. -Christian Louboutin

I hate the idea of natural. For example, I prefer gardens to wild nature. I like to see the human touch. High heels are a complete invention – an extravagance. They're far from natural, but it's the impracticality that I adore. I prefer the useless to the useful, the sophisticated to the natural. -Christian Louboutin

What was called extreme 20 years ago definitely isn't extreme anymore. When I started, I remember people saying, 'Oh my God, I can't walk in that!' It was like, three inches – they look like kitten heels now. -Christian Louboutin

I wouldn't take it as a compliment if someone looked at one of my shoes and said, 'Oh, that looks like a comfortable shoe.' There is a heel that is too high to walk in, certainly. But who cares? You don't have to walk in high heels. -Christian Louboutin

I have this fear of falling in front of large groups of people. That's why I tend not to wear heels. -Taylor Swift

I'm like 6'2 when I wear heels, so I tend to wear cowboy boots a lot. -Taylor Swift

I love heels, I'm telling you. When I walk in flats, I get knee pain. -Sofia Vergara

Bill Clinton sitting on Air Force One getting his hair cut while people around the country cooled their heels and waited for him, became a metaphor for a populist president who had gotten drunk with the perks of his own power and was sort of, you know, not sensitive to what people wanted. -Dee Dee Myers

The sneaker heels thing is a myth. They were saying, 'They're like sneakers.' No, they're like heels is what they're like. That's like saying a denim skirt is like jeans. It's not. -Anna Kendrick

I am not the sort of woman who would wear high heels with a bathing suit. Let's get that straight right now. -Vera Wang

It's very important with an artificial leg that all high heels are exactly the same height. -Heather Mills

My job requires me to put on a little dress and run around the streets of New York in heels. But I also had the financial means to hire a yoga teacher to come to my house while my sitter watched the newborn. For 95 percent of the world, that's not realistic. -Sarah Jessica Parker

I love a pair of sexy heels with jeans, a nice jacket, or a little dress. -Beyonce Knowles

I'm a soccer mom. I'm T-ball, soccer, karate, homework, keeping them on their schedules. I love being the snack mom, when I get to bring the cut oranges. I have one of those coolers with wheels. I'm at every game, every practice, sitting on my blanket. I love it. -Pamela Anderson

The danger in promiscuity is that it's always barking at your heels. -Rick Springfield

If I had done what I was programmed to do, I would now be sitting in a car factory looking at the sizes of wheels, or wondering how to get credit to start a new factory in Russia. -Jean Pigozzi

I empathize with women in their high heels so I'll be there in my kilt and T-shirt and I'll walk around all day just to prove that if I can wear the shoes for 36 hours then certainly our customer can wear them. -Marc Jacobs

I've always been really good with my heels. Even pregnant, I could perform in heels. -Christina Aguilera

I don't wear heels. -Jourdan Dunn

I still get butterflies when I'm doing a runway show. The music starts, you're wearing these gorgeous clothes and your nervous about your high heels, if your shoes are going to break, if your going to slip or do something wrong. -Karlie Kloss

I would literally have to go meet people so they could see I didn't have big red hair and wear high heels constantly. It was just really ingrained in people. -Katey Sagal

Skinny jeans are usually my go to jean. I do bootleg every once in a while, boyfriend jeans I feel like are so hard to pull off! Skinny jeans are very easy and you can kind of pair anything with them and it will work: heels and boots or nice top or flouncy top. -Ashley Greene

The science of booby-trapping has taken a good deal of the fun out of following hot on the enemy's heels. -A. J. Liebling

If you are a nurturing mother, and a good one, you can go to play groups, sit on the floor and play all the games, and have tea with the other mothers, but wouldn't you like to think that's not all there is? That you haven't hung up your high heels without knowing how to walk in them? -Tori Amos

It is quite widely known that I like shoes. This is not something that defines me as either a woman or a politician, but it has come to define me in the eyes of the newspapers. I wore a pair of leopard-print kitten heels to a Conservative Party Conference a few years ago and the papers have continued to focus on my feet ever since. -Theresa May

The hoopla with all the award season is kind of mind-boggling. It kind of puts you on your heels. -Jeff Bridges

People walk differently in high heels. Your body sways to a different kind of tempo. -Manolo Blahnik

One of the big misconceptions about me is that I walk around in mini-skirts and high heels twenty-four seven and go to the gym in heels. -Carmen Electra

Once we are fed, heated, housed and healthy, our extra consumption inevitably has an element of luxury about it. And once luxury enters the scene, the practicalities are in trouble, as women who wear expensive stiletto heels can testify. -Evan Davis

I couldn't wait until I grew up. I used to look at my mom's stockings and put them on with her high heels and mess with my hair. -Florence Griffith Joyner

There's tons of little tricks that that go into making the perfect shoe, but I think color, comfort is really important and different sizes of heels. -Jessica Simpson

I don't know any neighborhoods where everyone's walking around in seven-inch heels and perfect makeup. -Melissa McCarthy

I still get butterflies when I'm doing a runway show. The music starts, you're wearing these gorgeous clothes and your nervous about your high heels, if your shoes are going to break, if your going to slip or do something wrong. -Joan Smalls

I'm not a fan of chrome wheels. I sort of like brushed, brushed steel, more European style. -Brooke Burke

I'm amazed when I see mothers wearing high heels. If your kids run off you can't run after them. -Claudia Schiffer

Actually… I'm starting a new thing and rebelling against ridiculously high heels. It's inhumane. -Nina Dobrev

I think I'm probably much better at the boots and pocket knife thing than I am at the high heels and martini thing. -Sarah Wayne Callies

My hubby is such a sneaker king… and I am a stiletto queen! He always wants to see me in sneakers, but I believe I can do anything in heels. -Khloe Kardashian

I think it's important for kids to express themselves with bad fashion. I struggle a little bit now because I have a daughter and I feel with fashion, like they're sexualizing the kids so young. Little kids in high heels and that kind of thing is really difficult for me to wrap my head around. -Busy Philipps

My biggest thing has always been privacy. With an interview such as this where the questions are about me, I struggle to express myself. I have an immediate answer in my head of what I'd say, but sometimes I feel that it would be too honest. So these wheels of censorship start going around my head. -Garrett Hedlund

I would certainly never consider myself a Renaissance Man; I'm not fit to look at the dust from the chariot wheels of many of those who have gone before me. -Alexander McCall Smith

Heels are really hard to wear. I feel bad for every girl that has to wear heels or chooses to wear heels. They're not fun. -Joe Jonas

I always like to sing barefoot, but when I first started doing these dates with the symphonies, I of course thought I should clean up my act, being a Jewish girl from Long Island with a little bit of a trucker mouth. So I wore a gown and some high heels. -Idina Menzel

Personally, I don't really have a set style or look. It's pretty much what I feel like wearing that day, from a floral-print dress and high heels to ripped jeans and army boots. -Shay Mitchell

I'm more comfortable in heels than I am in sneakers. -Shay Mitchell

I like individuality in fashion – it annoys me when celebrities put on a bodycon dress and a pair of high heels and suddenly they are 'style icons.' -Georgie Henley

I think it would be a lot easier if I said, 'I feel like a dude,' but I was raised by a southern mom, so I know how to put on lipstick and walk in heels and rock that look. It's exactly that juxtaposition that confuses people. -Saskia de Brauw

I only wear heels when a stylist puts me in them. -Ginnifer Goodwin

I'm obsessed with heels. -Emma Roberts

When I was 22, I thought I couldn't wear heels because of my height. -Rebecca Hall

I'm very honest in my music and I'm often asked to explain the lyrics; as an introvert, I find that quite hard. And I always wear high heels on stage, which can be painful. -Natasha Bedingfield

I'd rather kill myself than dress like Victoria Beckham in towering heels day after day. -Britt Ekland

I broke my ankle ten years ago so high heels are not an option unless I'm literally going door to door for a function. -Britt Ekland

I'm never satisfied, man. I'm Virgo. We overanalyze and we're never satisfied. So I'm gonna keep going 'til the wheels fall off. -Wale

Sometimes there are paparazzi that take photos and you don't know they're there. So you're laughing, kicking up your heels and doing silly things. You don't even realize it. And then there's other times where they're two feet away from your face and it's invasive and it feels threatening, so you don't want to be smiling. -Dianna Agron

I might put a nicer pair of heels on and a cooler outfit, but I'm still that naughty girl who likes a slice of cheesecake on my day off. -Jessie J

I think any woman can be transformed by a beautiful dress and high heels. -Linda Gray

It was only when I started to dig my heels in that I started to realize that's what I needed to do – that nobody was going to open the door for me, that I had to make some space. -Dave Holland

I'm terrible in high heels. I'm so bad. -Lara Stone

I volunteer with School on Wheels in Los Angeles, and I also tutor with Koreh L.A. -Rachelle Lefevre

My mum's really short so she always wears really tall heels, and I used to steal them and now it's just a part of my everyday life. -Taylor Momsen

Bono told me how to dance in high heels and he also told me about U2's Glastonbury performance and how everything that could have possibly gone wrong went wrong, including him ripping his trousers on stage. I think he was lunging and his trousers ripped! He was telling me how he had to find a new way of performing that didn't involve moving. -Florence Welch

I never wore high heels in my hometown. -Liu Wen

Nothing burns more calories than dancing in 5-inch heels… try it! -Ariana Grande

I have been obsessed with seamed stockings my whole life, and I would collect vintage ones that were made in the '40s and '50s with the authentic styling of the keyhole, the welt, the reinforced toe and heels, French or Cuban heels, and hand-stitched seams. -Dita Von Teese

My style during the day is very casual – boyfriend jeans, T-shirts, Converse, Uggs, whatever. At night, I love heels and thigh-highs, I like something fresh and new, and I'm not afraid to push the envelope. -Katie Cassidy

I love heels… whoever created heels is amazing! -Katie Cassidy

My favorite thing about playing a vampire is the stunts. It's just a new, fun thing to do. Especially as a girl, being able to be all dolled up in heels and little outfits and be able to kick boys' butts, I think it's a really fun, make-believe world to play. -Candice Accola

I don't even wear shoes with heels because I hate making a noise when I walk and people looking at me. -Grimes

I grew up on two wheels in the dirt. -Jimmie Johnson

I write simply because I hear voices of people in my head who won't give me peace until I convey their stories to the rest of the world. Seriously. They've always been with me. While other girls played with dolls, and my brothers with Hot Wheels, I was busy traveling through space or traipsing through graveyards with my imaginary playmates. -Sherrilyn Kenyon

In real life I am a bit of a tomboy. I like the footy and sports. I am more comfortable in running gear than I am in heels, because I usually trip up in them. -Anna Hutchison

You know, I agree with President Obama that in Iraq and Afghanistan, at some point in time, we have to take the training wheels off and we have to allow those countries to stand on their own two feet. -Josh Mandel

I can be an incredibly fabulous person, and I don't have to be in the highest heels, the tallest wig, the skimpiest outfit. -James St. James

I'm really quite conscious of clothes and the way they fit and don't regret wearing anything. Not even the five-inch stack heels I wore with three-button high-waisters at comprehensive school. Regret is for wimps. -Kevin McCloud

Inspiration is some mysterious blessing which happens when the wheels are turning smoothly. -Quentin Blake

I was the one who taught my sister and my niece how to walk in high heels. -John Barrowman

When you elevate the heels more so than you elevate the sole of the foot, you trigger a cascade of compensations in the knees and hips that cause tight hip flexors, and then those hip flexors cause lower-back pain. -Tim Ferriss

I got my heel stuck in a drain as I was crossing the street and cars were coming. It was really scary. A girl in heels in New York is a hard combination. -Sasha Pieterse

I wish that I wasn't such an odd mixture. I wish I was serious, but I do love high heels and romantic comedies: being in them and watching them. -Alice Eve

I am very much against makeup and high heels and all that we inherit as 'beauty.' -Nawal El Saadawi

High heels weren't always a girl thing. In the fifteen-hundreds, the riding shoes of French noblemen were fitted with raised heels so that their feet stayed put in the stirrups. Over the next few decades, heels inched higher on dress shoes, particularly among men of privilege. -Patricia Marx

I am really into color and bright clothing. When I'm wearing heels, I always like to throw some different colors into my outfit, so it doesn't match. That gives my look a retro and funky feel. -Leah LaBelle

I really don't have a lot of interest in national politics, and it's because I'm a skeptic. I think you can accomplish a lot more locally. I don't want to spin the wheels and not get anything done. -Ron Conway

My concept of a 'Doctor Who' girl was that you screamed a lot and ran around quarries in unsuitable footwear. Of course you fell over and twisted your ankle, because you had high heels on. -Sophie Aldred

I don't actually do any exercise, which is really bad. But I wear heels a lot. My theory is that it's painful, so it's gotta do something. -Karen Gillan

I have a black pair of suede Jimmy Choos. I've only worn them once to a Sony event. The heels have these arrow plates in a pattern. There's gold, black and white and they're amazing! -Jessica Mauboy

I would splurge on a great pair of high heels, because you can wear them to something fancy, but regular clothes? I'd rather go on a trip than spend $10,000 on clothes, and fly first class as a treat. -Keri Russell

If you don't feel comfortable in a plunging sweater, skin-tight jeans and killer heels, go home and change. -Ines de La Fressange

My job involves a lot of sitting on aeroplanes and a lot of walking in high heels! I find yoga helps with both. -Anja Rubik

Uggs can be as chic as heels for women. -Andre Leon Talley

I love heels. I remember the first time I saw a pair of heels my mum said: 'You're not wearing those. They're too high!' -Dionne Bromfield

We do things on an exchange basis in the music business – it keeps the wheels turning. That's how I can get people like Slash, Flea and Kris Kristofferson on my album. Collaboration should be done through trades rather than charging each other a fortune. -Ronnie Wood

I'm a master of heels. I'm used to them. I'm tiny, so I wear them all the time. Apart from to the beach. That would be slightly psycho. I'm over the top, but not that much yet. -Josephine de La Baume

My engineer dad is where my technical acumen comes from. I remember him taking me to the factories to see how what works. Often he used to open up his motorbike to fix things and I saw how the wheels worked. His car used to be open for dissection very regularly. All this taught me and inspired me to look beyond what I could see on the skin. -Bibhu Mohapatra

The topic of trust is an important factor in all matters of the heart – and here's why. Men lie to women. Women lie to men. And most people agree that some lying is even necessary – to avoid petty squabbles and to grease the wheels of a relationship. -Joyce Brothers

Know what suits you. I would never wear brown, because it just doesn't work with my pale skin and dark hair. Also I wouldn't wear flats at night, because I love heels. -Leigh Lezark

I plan my golf outfits for the tournaments, I recycle some for the practice rounds, but I always have new ideas for my golf attire, and I like to dress nice after the rounds, so I have to bring all my heels. It's terrible. The worst part about being on tour is living out of a suitcase. -Paula Creamer

Although most Americans apparently loathe inflation, Yale economists have argued that a little inflation may be necessary to grease the wheels of the labor market and enable efficiency-enhancing changes in relative pay to occur without requiring nominal wage cuts by workers. -Janet Yellen

I have high heels in my bags if I need them for a shoot. But I like sneakers. I like being comfortable. I like to sit on the floor with my team and work. I don't like to sit in fancy chairs. It's really important to the culture of my company that people understand who they're working for. -Bobbi Brown

Do you know how hard it is to play a character where you're always in heels? Oh, my goodness! -Serinda Swan

I really like the look of the 1950s, lots of suburban Americana influences. I'm 5'4', so I like kitten heels occasionally because I can move around a bit easier, but pointy-toed pumps are very elongating. -Marina and the Diamonds

I often look at women who wear great jeans and high heels and nice little T-shirts wandering around the city, and I think, 'I should make more of an effort. I should look like that.' But then I think, 'They can't be happy in those heels.' -Kate Winslet

I was born in platform heels. I actually always fall down when I'm wearing flip-flops. -Eva Longoria

I was raised in a family where vulnerability was barely tolerated: no training wheels on our bicycles, no goggles in the pool, just get it done. And so I grew up not only with discomfort about my own vulnerability, I didn't care for it in other people either. -Brene Brown

Our family room, where we live, is about togetherness and ease. Nothing in my house is too formal. There are no coasters on tables; the kids can eat Popsicles on the couch if they want to. I let them ride these little cycles we got for them when they were 3 that have rubber wheels and no pedals. -Cindy Crawford

Some tell me I'll break my ankle on my high heels – but I live in them. I'm known for doing speed dashes and leaps and bounds in heels. No problem. -Kylie Bax

If I had my way, I'd wear jewelry, a great pair of heels and nothing else. -Jada Pinkett Smith

I always wear high heels – I simply feel naked without them. -Donatella Versace

My family originally lived in Brooklyn. Our first apartment was a little place above my father and uncle's hardware store in Coney Island. Now, don't get the impression that we were surrounded by merry-go-rounds, roller coasters and Ferris wheels. Nope, this was a little side street. -Gilbert Gottfried

I'm such a huge fan of fan fiction, to me it's a great way for readers to become writers. It's like putting the training wheels on for writing. -Hugh Howey

Whatever I feel comfortable in is usually what I'll wear. I go to different events and premieres and walk the red carpet… those things are awkward enough on their own. You don't want to be pulling up a top all night. I will sacrifice foot comfort though. I love high heels. -Mandy Moore

The more moral the people are in their business dealings, the less paperwork you need, the more handshakes you can have, the more the wheels of capitalism work better because there's trust in the marketplace. Business ethics is not a joke. And, in fact, I think most businesses that I've dealt with encourage exactly that type of behavior. -Rick Santorum

I have to be honest, I don't pay as much attention to women's fashion, but being a sneaker head, I do like it when a girl can rock a nice pair of sneakers. Not every girl can do it. Every girl looks good in heels – that's a given – but not every girl can look good in fresh kicks. -Bryan Greenberg

A lot of female comedians will go up there in a sweatshirt and Converses, trying to dress themselves down, because it is sort of a boy's club. I'll go up in my heels. I like that people don't think I'll be funny. I'll take that on. I don't do standup comedy – I do standup and I do comedy, but I don't go up there and do jokes. -Carly Craig

Men in high heels? That's a prosthesis. But I sympathise. Women have these giant heels. They get taller and taller. The men need help. But a man in heels is ridiculous. -Christian Louboutin

I'd already decided I wanted to design shoes after I saw a sign in the Museum of African and Oceanic Art forbidding high heels. Well, who could resist? -Christian Louboutin

One moves more slowly in heels. Walking fast is neither sexy nor engaging. Nobody notices the people who race around. If you're walking in heels, you've got time. It's much more attractive. -Christian Louboutin

People say I am the king of painful shoes. I don't want to create painful shoes, but it is not my job to create something comfortable. I try to make high heels as comfortable as they can be, but my priority is design, beauty and sexiness. I'm not against them, but comfort is not my focus. -Christian Louboutin

The higher the better. It's more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way. -Christian Louboutin

The highest heels I do are six-inch heels – but mostly only dancers can wear them, since they are used to being on point in ballet shoes. Their feet are arched. -Christian Louboutin

I can tell women's confidence levels rise when they wear heels. -Eric Mabius

If a woman is bed-heady and it doesn't look put on, it's pretty sexy. But when a woman is wearing a really smart dress with great heels and her hair is pulled back, that's terribly sexy too – like an Audrey Hepburn kind of thing. -Eric Mabius

I think a lot of people know me for just wearing cut-off denim shorts, an oversized white T-shirt with a pair of high-heels. I usually do wear basic stuff. Jeans and a white T is my go-to look. -Erin Wasson

I'm not a short person; I'm 5'10 and I was wearing heels, and I felt like a tiny little creature next to Shaquille O'Neal. -Erinn Hayes

I used to write on my resume that I was shorter than I was because I thought it would inhibit my roles, and as soon as I embraced that I am a tall female, I started getting really fantastic roles and really didn't even worry about wearing heels. -Heather Doerksen

I believe time wounds all heels. -John Lennon

One of the biggest misconceptions that a woman has is that a man has to accept her the way she is. No, we don't. I don't know who told you that. We like the bright and shiny. If you stop wearing the makeup, stop putting on nail polish, stop wearing high heels, you'll lose us. -Steve Harvey

Cole Haan is like high fashion Nike, so you feel like you're wearing Nike shoes, but you're wearing heels. Every time I'm on a red carpet, I always either wear Cole Haan or Stuart Weitzman. You end up having to walk around all night in these heels and you want to be comfortable and not look like you're in pain. It definitely shows in pictures. -Nina Dobrev

I don't wear heels. I'm all about flats from Chanel and wedges. I love my Gucci wedge boots. -Jourdan Dunn

As a little girl, I was athletic: 'Oh, mom, look at me. I can do cartwheels.' I was one of those annoying kids. I craved the spotlight. I had the feeling since I was little that the stage was my home. -Ashley Leggat

I like my heels as high as we can get them. I show skin where it is appropriate. -Ashley Leggat

There is a heel that is too high to walk in, certainly. But who cares? You don't have to walk in high heels. -Christian Louboutin

For women raised in the '70s, high heels can still carry a stigma; they're associated with being stupid, with just wanting to please a man. Other women find them empowering. -Christian Louboutin

The highest heels I do are six-inch heels – but mostly only dancers can wear them, since they are used to being on point in ballet shoes. -Christian Louboutin

High heels empower women in a way. -Christian Louboutin

I like sundresses with cowboy boots, little shorts with big wedge heels and a big piece of turquoise. I also love classic, Old Hollywood romantic styles. I'm 'country girl meets city girl' circa 1930. -Kirsten Prout

I couldn't care less about walking down the red carpet in a pair of heels and a posh frock. I'd rather be in my pyjamas at home. -Sophia Myles

My style is ghetto chic. I love tacky jewelry, mega heels, high-waisted shorts, catsuits. -Jessie J

To look long and lean, wear a wide-leg trouser with high heels. -Rebecca Gayheart

Appearing in 'Legally Blonde' has helped me find my inner girl, although at the beginning the director was constantly telling me off for sitting like a boy, with my legs apart, while wearing a cocktail dress and heels! -Sheridan Smith

The wheels are spinning in my head all the time. -Justin Berfield

Dancing in high heels is kind of tough. I learn the dances without the heels, and then we add them. We just practice, and I get used to it. My feet hurt really badly at the end of the shows, but it's fun. While it's happening it's fun. I feel tall. -Ariana Grande

I'm the girl who's like, 'Why wear heels when I can wear tennis shoes and be comfortable?' I've always been the girl who's like, 'Let's go play basketball.' -Kyla Pratt

I'm liking the different types of tights that you can wear with high heels. There are lots of different colors and textures. -Lindsay Price

I collect Hot Wheels. I collect glass. I collect coins. And I collect cards. -Nolan Gould

I think, aesthetically, car design is so interesting – the dashboards, the steering wheels, and the beauty of the mechanics. I don't know how any of it works, I don't want to know, but it's inspirational. -Paloma Picasso

I was very young when I saw 'Gone With the Wind,' but I fell in love with Clark Gable. And when I got to work with him, I couldn't believe it. I still had a crush on him. He was quite an old man by then; he must have seen that I was head over heels, even though I was married. -Carroll Baker

There's a real power in heels and a good dress. -Talulah Riley

I'm 5'11, so when I wear heels, it's definitely a really good view that I have. I'm, like, 6'2 when I wear heels, so I tend to wear cowboy boots a lot. -Taylor Swift

Feeling I'd scarcely arrived at a style, I now find I'm near the end of it. I'm not quite sure what Late Style means except that it's some sort of licence, a permit for ageing practitioners to kick their heels up. -Alan Bennett

I throw on a dress and heels and I'm good to go. -Sue Naegle

The brutal truth is, we're scarcely 'educating' children at all. Even if you overlook the guilt, fear, bigotry, and dangerous anti-intellectual flapdoodle being funneled into young brains by schools on the religious right, what we're doing is training kids to be cogs in the wheels of commerce. -Tom Robbins

I like to get a rise out of my mom with what I wear – I always go for the tallest heels or something super trendy. -Christa B. Allen

It's unarguable that the right shoes can really add elegance to an outfit and to the person who's wearing them. Take a pair of high heels, for instance. Suddenly, you're looking taller, shoulders back, body curved. -Kareena Kapoor Khan

When I'm wearing too-high heels and swaying my hips, I do that Sharon Stone kind of thing – she has the sexiest walk, a New York cool thing that throws you back. -Queen Latifah

My style is not that big. I wear heels, tight pants, and I wear diamonds. -Donatella Versace

I'm quite British; I've got big, flat feet, and I can't wear heels. I've got very, very pale Celtic skin, so my legs are always a frightening blue color. So when you take out clothes that reveal your legs, shoes that have any kind of heel, no shop will actually take my money. -Caitlin Moran

If it wasn't because of my high heels, I would still be in Coatzacoalcos with 10 children. -Salma Hayek

I'm used to a lot of love scenes. I'm used to something that requires me to kick up my heels and wink-wink, flirt-flirt with a twirl of my skirt. -Sarah Shahi

I'm really excited for people to be able to see what else I can do besides high heels and magic powers. -Serinda Swan

I can never tell what I'm gonna wear. I kind of just put on whatever feels right. Sometimes that's Converse and a T-shirt, sometimes it's Givenchy heels and leather pants. -Willow Smith

It's hard enough for women to walk on high heels. And I'm on stilts! -Aimee Mullins

My style offstage is so different from onstage. I love a pair of sexy heels with jeans, a nice jacket, or a little dress. -Beyonce Knowles

Life's too short to wear high heels. -Eva Green

I love heels! I especially like heels by Nicholas Kirkwood, Jimmy Choo and Moschino. -Joanne Froggatt

Barbie ruined my life! It's a really bad image for women. For a long time I thought I was deformed – because my heels didn't touch the ground. I was walking around on tiptoes. What's up with that? I think that it's a bad thing for a woman to try to emulate. -Rita Rudner

I wear a lot of black, knitwear, skinny jeans and very high heels. My mum used to work for a fashion designer making knitwear, so she knits me lots of chunky scarves, hats and gloves, which I love. -Katie McGrath

I volunteered at Meals on Wheels, which is a place where you go and deliver healthy meals to people who are more homebound. I did that, and I had so much fun doing it, and I'm definitely planning on doing it again. -Kendall Jenner

People will dig their heels in and fight for the things they love and against the things they hate. -Matt Berninger

I pretty much only wear high heels. -Toks Olagundoye

I imagine how hard it might be to walk down the runway. Me in heels is, like, deforesting the forest, knocking trees, completely 'timber!' -Ireland Baldwin

What I wear is everything – from how I carry my hair to what I'm wearing on my feet. I have to feel comfortable on stage, so I like to wear things that have room. My mood changes a lot, so sometimes I wear 6-inch heels, and other times I'll perform in bare feet. -Laura Mvula

I don't like to be too submissive in the way I dress. I like quite boyish things, so I hardly ever wear high heels. -Bat for Lashes

I wear high heels for long legs. -Georgia May Jagger

I honestly find it easier to dance about in heels than I do to walk down the street in them. -Alison Goldfrapp

I am the living death, a Memorial Day on wheels. I am your Yankee Doodle Dandy, your John Wayne come home, your Fourth of July firecracker exploding in the grave. -Ron Kovic

I build engines and attach wheels to them. -Enzo Ferrari

I started wearing high heels when I first worked with Mario Testino. He is tall; I had to be at his height. And I have never stopped since then. -Carine Roitfeld

It's true I always like to mix femininity and something a bit masculine. It's the reason I love skirts with high heels and tights, and no handbag because I love having my hands in my pockets. -Carine Roitfeld

I have good legs, so I prefer my skirt lengths and my high heels. It's like my uniform. -Carine Roitfeld

I don't like kitten heels. I just don't think they are an attractive shoe because they always look so stumpy. And I would never wear cowboy boots: a pointy toe and little heel is just not my thing. -Jessica Hart

If you've got the body and the chutzpah, a pencil skirt is so sexy on older women. Look for ones that fall just below the knee. Think 1940s, cinched-in jackets – imagine you are Lauren Bacall on a date with Humphrey Bogart and you just absolutely have to wear very high heels. -Twiggy

I love flat shoes, more so than heels. One of my obsessions is men's co-respondent lace-ups. -Twiggy

You won't often find me in a pair of killer heels: my heel height doesn't rise above two and a half inches, as I would just fall over! -Twiggy

I noticed, when I taught elementary school, how true the squeaky wheel thing is, and how endearing squeaky wheels can be! Because when you're being a squeaky wheel, you're also really letting people know who you are. -Aimee Bender

Despite my love affair with skyscraper heels, luckily for my feet I rarely wear them – preferring, instead, the comfort and child-handling practicalities of a pair of trainers. -Sheherazade Goldsmith

People get into debt head over heels because banks make it so easy to do so. Then the banks come along and act like these people who can't or won't pay their bills are the dregs of society. -Jonathan Raymond

Man, your head is haunted; you have wheels in your head! You imagine great things, and depict to yourself a whole world of gods that has an existence for you, a spirit-realm to which you suppose yourself to be called, an ideal that beckons to you. You have a fixed idea! -Max Stirner

Shoes? I have loved them all: '60s pumps; white Courreges ankle boots; platform soles from the first time around, in the '70s; more boots – ankle, calf, and knee-high; 1980s sneakers; pin heels and wedges; Mary Janes and stilettos. -Suzy Menkes

If I'm DJing a show, I will normally wear the designer I'm DJing for; if I'm DJing a party, I will most likely be wearing very high heels. -Chelsea Leyland

Since having kids, I am more careful about saving rather than splurging. I used to spend all my money on trainers and high heels that I couldn't walk in. -Jasmine Guinness

High heels are like a beauty lift. In a flat, you can feel beautiful, but a stiletto changes your mood, how you move – like a wild, beautiful animal. The idea was always to follow a woman's wardrobe, her desires. -Giuseppe Zanotti

Already 2008 has proved a tumultuous year in terms of global perceptions of China, and there are still 59 days to go until the Beijing Olympics. The tragedy of the Sichuan earthquake followed hard on the heels of the riots in Tibet and the demonstrations surrounding the Olympic torch relay. -Martin Jacques

I have that love for music, when you are finding either old gems that you never heard or newer stuff that perks your ear. It keeps you trying to look for new stuff to write about it. You don't spin your wheels. I take that same approach to music and books. -Corey Taylor

At my funeral, if one said, 'Nick was a generous person,' trust me I won't be doing cartwheels in my coffin. Recognition from people is never and never will be a goal. Some people strive for that respect or honor. Living a life to just reach for the position and status is vanity and sin. -Nick Vujicic

I have tennis shoes with little rhinestones that I slip on if I exercise. But I always wear heels, even around the house. I'm such a short little thing, I can't reach my kitchen cabinets. -Dolly Parton

I want to go and go, and then drop dead in the middle of something I'm loving to do. And if that doesn't happen, if I wind up sitting in a wheelchair, at least I'll have my high heels on. -Dolly Parton

I enjoy just showing people other sides of me, especially everyone always sees me in my helmet and ski suit. It's nice to just show everyone me, just me in my everyday clothes or just me in high heels or just me not in my ski gear, basically. -Lindsey Vonn

The notion that the 'leader' has the right to ask huge sacrifices of your generation for a notional future paradise – if you'd be good enough to lie down under the wheels of the juggernaut – that sentimental and self-aggrandising rationalisation for brute force and cowardice I felt from adolescence was wrong. -Tom Stoppard

By five or six, when the heels start to hurt, I kick off my shoes and walk bare feet. But that's not a big deal. Nobody else is at the office at that time, and as for singing loudly, I don't sing loudly. I might hum a tune at times when I am thinking about something, but that's all fine. -Indra Nooyi

I'm a director, but I gotta have the hair, the makeup and the heels. My mother would be appalled if I didn't dress up. -Nicole Holofcener

You need to let the drivers go for it, and if they bang wheels, too bad. It's fun, it's a good show, the fans are up in the grandstands, and they can scream and shout about it… that's good; that's what you want. -Jacques Villeneuve

Although my mother didn't necessarily approve of teenage girls wearing heels, she made an exception for me when I was 14 because she didn't want me to be self-conscious about my height – or to slouch. -L'Wren Scott

I tested in the top percentile for IQ, but I couldn't tie my shoes or really ride a bike without training wheels until I was almost 7. -Stephen Rodrick

Some girls say they don't feel comfortable in flats, they only feel comfortable in heels; I am not one of those girls. -Gillian Jacobs

I wish I were shyly, quietly intriguing, like Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, like someone French and fashionable who knows how to twirl her ladylike locks just so and walk adroitly on kitten heels, who is all gesture and whisper – but I am unfortunately forward and forthright: When I am interested in a man, he absolutely knows it. -Elizabeth Wurtzel

I never have had blonde hair. I have never had straight hair. I never wear pink clothes or spray tan and I never wore heels to school. -Carly Chaikin

Part of what made 'The Bling Ring' such a fun, freeing experience was that we got to wear these really over-the-top clothes we'd never pick in real life – like for the nightclub scenes, we'd have on these really short, really tight dresses. But you know what – I actually learned how to walk in heels on that set! -Taissa Farmiga

I'm like one of the tallest ones on 'Scandal.' If I'm wearing my four-inch Abby Whelan high heels, I hover over everybody. I literally have a lower pair of high heels that I wear when I do one of the scenes with the guys. -Darby Stanchfield

One time, I was posing on a car for a calendar shoot. I was doused with oil and literally slid off the car, bikini, heels and all! -Candace Kita

Every time I put on high heels, I think: 'Well, I'll fall over today.' Almost always, I don't. Almost. But all high-heel-wearing women live in constant peril. -Kate Reardon

In falling over in heels while trying to look attractive, you don't just hurt your body, you bear the humiliation of injuring your very soul. Physical pain? Whatever, bring it on. But the humiliation? Oh, you have seen to the very weakest part of me. -Kate Reardon

I do have too many eight-inch heels which I never get to wear. -Cameron Russell

I run around my house naked with heels all the time. It's so funny. -Mary-Kate Olsen

Not everybody can say they wore heels in Paris Hilton's closet. -Israel Broussard

Sometimes, as a guest actor, when you come on, you're coming into a show that's already been established, and the wheels are already in motion. It can be very nerve-wracking, jumping in as a newcomer, but everyone on 'Saving Hope' was so welcoming. -Erin Karpluk

I don't really know on the jobs I don't get – nobody calls me up and says, 'Yeah, you were too tall!' I don't know if it was that or one of a bunch of other factors. But it is awkward. I can't wear heels. -Anne Dudek

I feel most bossy in jeans, a white t-shirt, a leather jacket and some heels. I just feel bossy that way. I also feel confident in a sick dress at a premiere. Like most women, as long as I'm comfortable in it, I feel confident. -Tika Sumpter

On the 'Revenge' set, even if they're not showing my feet, I'll still wear my heels because it gets me in the feeling of Ashley Davenport. -Ashley Madekwe

I'm a sneaker head. You'll find more sneakers than heels in my closet. -Rutina Wesley

I'm really good with sweats, not really good with heels, and not really good with accessorizing yet. -Annie Ilonzeh

I love heels, and as a size 36, I've accumulated a wall of amazing high heels from catwalk shows over the years where designers had to make especially small shoes. Tom Ford's golden versions are my favourite. I do, however, also live in my flat Saint Laurent Chelsea boots or Givenchy sneakers. -Liberty Ross

Some of my biggest complaints about acting in television were that I was always wearing a tight dress or pencil skirt, and I was always wearing heels. -Trieste Kelly Dunn

Usually, like, on 'Mean Girls,' the task that Tina Fey and I set for ourselves was we wanted to maintain a comic intensity throughout the movie, where people just don't really get a break from laughing. And if they do, it's for a brief emotional scene, and then we're going to once again try to knock them on their heels again with comedy. -Mark Waters

If you skate with an Olympic level skater, they make you so much better because you're skating behind them, and you're trying to imitate their stride and their stance. It's like having the world's greatest training wheels. -D. B. Sweeney

Research suggests that investment bankers are more prone to commit fraud when they feel the competitor at their heels. -Charles Duhigg

I really do love being outdoors – I mean, you'd never think it in my high heels and pencil skirt! But I really do miss the smell of hay and farms, and I like milking a cow. -Christina Hendricks

I'm either in heels or barefoot. -Christina Hendricks

I like to go hiking. I like to go rappelling, swimming, biking. I go boogie-boarding. I collect Hot Wheels. I collect glass. I collect coins. And I collect cards. -Nolan Gould

I really like crop tops. I like how you can dress them up or down, with jeans or a skirt and heels. I like to be showy and cute. I don't want to be in just a jacket and pants and boots. -McKayla Maroney

There's still nothing I love more than being in the air. I've always liked speed and things on wheels, going out there and putting it all out there, being on the edge. -Rickie Fowler

My goal is to do cartwheels for the rest of my life. -Andie MacDowell

I'm always stressed when I have to wear a long dress, especially with those high heels. I'm like, 'Oh my God, I'm going to fall! My feet are going to get caught in the dress!' -Sigrid Agren

Tatiana Alvarez, who also became a queen of the wheels of steel in L.A., has now sold her incredible cross-dressing, reverse 'Tootsie' story to Warner Bros. in Hollywood, and hotshot producers Mike Medavoy, Brian Medavoy and Erwin More have reunited to turn it into a movie. -Robin Leach

Being steadfast and immovable with our heels in tar on the Lord's side of the line is the only strategy that works long-term against Lucifer. -Sheri L. Dew

The only thing I learn on a daily basis from law school is that I disliked it and the law so much that it's constantly this fire at my heels. -Stephan Pastis

Tithing is like training wheels when it comes to giving. It's intended to help you get started, but not recommended for the Tour de France. -John Ortberg

The one test I have for every completed book is if I feel head over heels in love with the hero. If he hasn't stolen my heart from the previous hero, I know the book isn't right. -Kresley Cole

Seldom in the history of medicine has the recognition of the most effective cure followed as swiftly on the heels of the discovery of a disease as the establishment of the complete effectiveness of iodothyrin and thyroidin followed the recognition of cachexia thyreopriva. -Emil Theodor Kocher

Instead of inventing imaginary friends, I invented whole imaginary worlds. They were elaborate scenarios about spies and adventurers and top secret missions. I crawled along my swing set, searching for escape routes from my maximum-security prison; I biked through the neighborhood, the wind in my hair and a fleet of evildoers on my heels. -Robin Wasserman

As a child, I was prancing around in my mother's high heels and a ra-ra skirt, singing 'Material Girl' into my hairbrush. -Natalie Dormer

I'm like a dude. Jordans are my favorite. I wear them all the time for shows. I can get girly-girly when I want to, but I can't perform in heels. I would bust my face open on stage, and we don't want that. -Rita Ora

My women students openly admit that they dress for interviews like dates, hoping to look their best: makeup, high heels, a well-fitting suit that shows off their figure. And I always tell them to make sure to wear a shirt under the suit jacket. Form fitting, yes. Cleavage, no. -Susan Estrich

The wheels of publishing never slow down. -Laurie Graham

Outlining is like putting on training wheels. It gives me the courage to write, but we always go off the outline. -Hallie Ephron

I feel like heels must be a workout! I know that they're really bad for you, but I run around in heels a lot and go up a lot of stairs, so maybe that's my terrible workout. I know that's not really a workout. -Blake Lively

What can I say? I feel good when I'm wearing heels. I feel sexier, attractive. -Blake Lively

Me and heels are very good friends. -Emilia Clarke

I was riding dirt bikes when I was a little kid. I got my first Harley Davidson when I was 17 years old. It was a frame with wheels and a tank on it and all the parts in a box. -David Labrava

As I try to get around with a guitar, a banjo and a suitcase of high heels and dresses, I treasure that little ukulele. -Valerie June

I like to be creative with my red carpet outfits, but equally, sometimes I am just in the mood to go all out with a ball gown and heels – but only If you get me on the right day! -Kiesza

To be honest, I'm more of a sneaker person. My legs hurt if I wear heels for too long. -Kiesza

I'm typically not a heels person. -Jenny Lewis

I love the shape of '50s fashion: the clothes are very flattering; they let you out in the right places. I love high heels, too, as I'm only five foot three, although I always tell people I'm five foot five. -Imelda May

Our TV and movie cops are usually in heels and pencil skirts. -Allison Tolman

Some people can go out in a tight, short dress and heels, and it works, but even if I'm going to a club, I've got to throw on a big hoodie or something. And that's if you can get me into something tight in the first place. -Suki Waterhouse

When I have a big enough handbag to carry a little pair of booties with, I always do – those pointy Christian Louboutin heels are just no fun to walk around in. -Anna Kendrick

I like to wear colourful clothes because they make me feel happy: short-shorts with funky tights and big jumpers are what I'm into. And I wear most things with hi-top trainers – I'm not a huge fan of heels. -Eliza Doolittle

Chick-lit may be staggering on its heels, but women's fiction is alive and kicking. -Jojo Moyes

It's great to fall head over heels in love at a fast pace, and nothing's more romantic, but you need to look after yourself. -Douglas Booth

I can be an incredibly fabulous person, and I don't have to be in the highest heels, the tallest wig, the skimpiest outfit. I can let other things speak for me now. -James St. James

I didn't bother with television myself because it consisted largely of windmills, puppets and pottery wheels, interspersed with elderly men smoking pipes while they discussed Harold Macmillan in Old Etonian accents. -Christopher Fowler

I like to have the widest part of the car being the wheels and not the body. It gives it a more athletic look and, with the sculpture, helps make a car look sexy. -Henrik Fisker

For a long time, because I'm pretty tall, I was scared to wear heels, but now I wear them all the time. I feel like I'm still discovering my stage style, but I love – well, I'm not a huge color person onstage, but I am in real life. I like short stuff, big heels, fringe, lots of fringe, sometimes sparkle, yeah! -Kelsea Ballerini

I've never hidden my faith, but there are only a couple of issues I would die for. There are a few others I would dig my heels in on, and I've told my caucus that what they see is what they get. -Dan Webster

I would love to design my own shoe line. Women suffer too much in heels. I want to design a line of sexy platform heels that don't hurt. -Wynter Gordon

You don't need to have Asperger's to feel bewildered in a culture that relies so heavily on inconsequential chit-chat to grease the wheels of day-to-day life. -Lynn Coady

I didn't really know how to write jokes, so I just told weird, long stories about being tall and beautiful and wealthy in New York. I'd tell them very seriously, but I kind of looked like a drag queen at the time with big wigs and crazy 12-inch platform heels. -Melissa McCarthy

I like a bit quirky, a bit strange, but then at the same time, I love putting a dress on… and a pair of high heels. It's like a costume. -Sarah Snook

Most people feel weird about white heels, but I love them and wear them with everything, especially when I need to mix up an all-black outfit. -Katherine Schwarzenegger

My go-to shoes for red-carpet events are usually always black, but I mix between my pointed stilettos and platform heels. -Katherine Schwarzenegger

I'm a heel man. There's no doubt about that. I've always done heels for my shows, ever since the first in 2008. -Christian Cota

Looking good is a commitment to yourself and to others. Wigs, killer heels, Pilates, even fillers – whatever works for you, honey. -Iman

For me, I am a really tall woman, and I am really tall in heels, and I feel bigger, and I like being bigger. I think I was a king in a past life. -Alysia Reiner

One hot summer night in San Francisco, roughly 10 years ago, I was sitting in a crowded Pacific Heights restaurant when Alice Adams walked in with a man. She was about 60 at the time, and she was wearing a skirt that fell an inch or so above her knees and flat heels without stockings. -Mary Gaitskill

In business, I believe that if you focus only on the journey, you'll miss the whole point of the enterprise. There has to be a goal, an end game of some kind; otherwise, you're just spinning your wheels. Yes, the journey is important, but the destination is important, too. -Ivanka Trump

It's better not to wear too much jewellery – just a couple of nice things, nothing too rattly – and stick to kitten heels or flats. Women let themselves down with tall heels. I think they're kind of vulgar. I see women sinking into grass at outdoor parties or tiptoeing over gravel at weddings. It's silly. You need to be practical. -Jerry Hall

All this size 0! A bit ridiculous. There's something creepy about fashion shows. The models look like they're going to be tortured. They do this strange pony walk; their heels are so high, they can hardly walk. Creepy! -Jerry Hall

I always felt that Nano should have been marketed towards the owner of a two-wheeler because it was conceived giving the people who rode on two wheels with the whole family an all-weather safe form of affordable transportation, not the cheapest. -Ratan Tata

The fact is, after a certain age, high heels can feel as painful as someone sticking hot pins into the soles of your feet. -Marie Helvin

When I do wear heels, I prefer to only wear them to dinner, where I'll be sitting down most of the time. -Marie Helvin

For me, my 50s was the decade when my tolerance for heels faded. I'm in good shape and, at 8 st. 3 lb., I'm still the same weight I was in my 30s, but as you get older, the weight of your body shifts somehow. -Marie Helvin

I love heels. I'm 5-foot-2, and I like feeling tall. -Misty Copeland

When I think about fashion and elegance, I imagine a woman from the 1950s, on an airplane, with seamed stockings and a garment belt underneath, a skirt, high heels, and her hair that she's done the night before, perfectly done eyeliner, lipstick, gloves, perhaps, and all this just to sit on an airplane for a transcontinental flight. -Liz Goldwyn

People say I'm wearing heels because I'm short. I wear heels because the women like 'em. -Prince

When you're performing, you just have to keep pushing through. You're human, and you're going to make mistakes. I think even Beyonce has tripped on stage, and she's Beyonce! We're all human beings, and sometimes we trip in our high heels! I barely perform in high heels. I don't know how those girls do it. -Megan Nicole

We've seen, time and again, when people focus on the outcome rather than what needs to be done to achieve a desirable result, then the wheels fall off. -Cate Campbell

Eight years ago, you may remember Hillary and I were rivals for the Democratic nomination. We battled for a year and a half. Let me tell you, it was tough, because Hillary was tough. I was worn out. She was doing everything I was doing, but just like Ginger Rogers, it was backwards in heels. -Barack Obama

I'm not sure if it's cause I'm getting old, but my heels have to be 3.5 inch or less, or a chunky heel. -Solange Knowles

I look at safety as, you know, there's active and passive. Passive is how do you survive a crash. Active is accident avoidance. And so that's real-time information to you, as a driver, and to your car, to the wheels of a car that will get you out of a bad situation. -William Clay Ford, Jr.

You want to enjoy your night, and you don't want to suffer in your heels too long. Lipstick compensates for the lack of heels. It's a good option, and it works. -Elodie Yung

I actually think I think better in high heels. -Theresa May

Women boxers prefer to focus on the win rather than the bravado. We've come a long way. In the '90s, you only ever saw women parading in heels and a bikini holding a scorecard. Now we're owning it; we should get some male models in Speedos to do the ring walk. -Nicola Adams

A movie, it's like a very complicated timepiece. There's a lot of wheels in a watch. And some of those wheels, if they don't turn right, then, you know, the watch ain't gonna tell the time. -Jason Statham

I prefer jeans to a suit, sneakers to high heels, markets to malls. -Tzipi Livni

When I'm sitting in bed watching 'Chopped' – that Brie I know. But I don't know the Brie in sky-high heels on a carpet with a bunch of people screaming at me. I wonder what she's like. -Brie Larson

I wear heels, and it's not for a fashion statement – it's ammunition. -Nikki Haley

I think because I was Miss World, and I modeled for a little while, I have – I just like heels, actually. I think that's the truth. I'm trying to find an excuse. -Priyanka Chopra

Who doesn't want to be, like, five inches taller whenever they can be? If boys could, they'd be wearing heels. -Priyanka Chopra

Men don't wear high heels, and they don't make allowances for women who do. Tottering down the corridors of power in beautiful but crippling stilettos telegraphs your preference for style over substance. -Donna Brazile

I'm always running up and down buildings or around 800-acre properties for work – you can't do that in heels or flip-flops! -Ivanka Trump

I think the sexiest thing about a woman is confidence, but confidence in a humble way, not in an arrogant way. Sense of humor is definitely important. And sunglasses always hide a multitude of sins. Sunglasses and a great pair of heels can turn most outfits around. -Victoria Beckham

I wear high heels and dresses. I am a total girly girl. -Katee Sackhoff

Through our own hard work and ingenuity, America has spent much of its history as the world's dominant economic power. But our dominance is not pre-ordained – history does not roll along on the wheels of inevitability. -Evan Bayh

With a franchise movie, it's got to turn the wheels of the industry, and the studio has to have them. So you start with a release date. They say we're going to make a new 'Bourne' film, and it comes out summer of X. Then they start on a script, and invariably, the script is not ready in time. -Paul Greengrass

I hate kitten heels; they're useless. Either wear heels that are dangerous, or don't wear them at all. -Deepika Padukone

In general, I'm rubbish in heels. I love them, and I own a lot because it's like being in a sweet shop: they're pretty. But I'm not good in them. I don't walk nicely in heels. -Olivia Colman

I like heels and make-up. -Victoria Pendleton

I got scouted for modeling, and it was really scary – I was walking my dog wearing heels for the first time ever because I had a party to go to the day after, and I wanted to practice, and this black car kind of started following me, so I, being dramatic, picked up the dog and started to run. -Anya Taylor-Joy

A lot of the bikes are carbon wheels now, and you don't have as good a braking surface on a carbon wheel in the wet weather as you do on the old aluminium rims. -Bradley Wiggins

A woman can slip on a pair of embellished cage heels one night and a pair of streamlined, lightweight sneakers the next day. The beauty of modern luxury is the absence of rules. -Giuseppe Zanotti

When you buy a new pair of heels, walk up and down the stairs 10 times. Stairs are the most difficult thing, so if you can do stairs, then you can do everything else. -Giuseppe Zanotti

You can do 'Hamlet' while performing cartwheels… as long as the audience sees your eyes – you can make the performance real. -James Dean

When I was learning to creep, my mother set me down on the beach to see what I thought of it. I crawled straight for the coming wave and was just through the wall of green when she caught my heels. -Sylvia Plath

I don't have any rules about what to wear when I go out. I go through phases. Sometimes I'll go out in jeans and a top and not even wear heels. Sometimes I want to be more sexy, in a dress and heels. -Sara Sampaio

We do high heels, and people know us for that, but the idea of wearing a flat from day to night feels special. -Edgardo Osorio

I started doing flats because women would always apologize for wearing them when they met me, as if they had to be in heels when meeting a shoe designer. -Edgardo Osorio

I wanted to create flats that are as chic as heels – flats you don't have to apologize for. -Edgardo Osorio

I design flats like I design heels: They must be seductive, beautiful and comfortable. -Edgardo Osorio

No one wears high heels all day, every day. -Edgardo Osorio

We're told that to be fly, you gotta have a fly car, the rims on your wheels, the fly jewels, and that to work a regular job and make legal money is uncool. -Missy Elliott

I just can't do heels any more. At least not when I'm working. I travel a lot. -Victoria Beckham

Fashion will take on added stature one day, but try not to be stifled by it. You will learn, as you mature, to swap heels for Stan Smith trainers, minidresses for crisp white shirts. And you will never be one of those people who just roll out of bed. -Victoria Beckham

Another solid run through Central Park. Admittedly, six miles turns out to be a bad idea after a full day in heels! -Meghan Markle

I was a millionaire twice over and half again before I was twenty-one. I stole every nickel of it and blew the bulk of the bundle on fine threads, gourmet foods, luxurious lodgings, fantastic foxes, fine wheels, and other sensual goodies. -Frank Abagnale

Wearing heels is no joke. -Ryan McCartan

It's so irritating, because male rappers don't have to have a look. A guy can look like a bum on the street, but as a male, people will accept him because he's a rapper. But females, they expect you to have a big booty. They expect you to walk in six-inch heels. -Tink

I'm inspired by all those women in the '60s – they look so put-together and cool at the same time, and they all were moms – moms and career women. I do wear heels, though. Pretty much always. I need to feel good about myself, so even if it's casual, I'll slip them on. -Julia Restoin Roitfeld

If a French woman wears jeans, it's never with flats – always heels. -Julia Restoin Roitfeld

Tom Ford gave me high heels for the baby. They're a little kitten heel with a velvet rope that you tie. It's like a collection piece. I have to put it on the bookshelf, framed. -Julia Restoin Roitfeld

It's so strange how people can be judgmental when they see a pregnant woman dressed in high heels and tight dresses. Being pregnant shouldn't make you feel less of a woman, but more of a woman! -Julia Restoin Roitfeld

I love thigh highs, heels, shorts, or a skirt. -Aja Naomi King

Once upon a time, I was morbidly sensitive about the impertinence born of sociology. Taxi drivers would not stop for me after dark; white girls jogged to keep ahead of my shadow thrown at their heels by the amber street lamps. Part of me didn't blame them, but most of me was hurt. -Darryl Pinckney

I smoked, I drank, I did all the kicking my heels up type things, but I went to Mass on Sunday. -Elaine Stritch

I am just as comfortable in sweats and sneakers as I am in a dress and heels. Attitude is everything! -Blac Chyna

The truth is that for a Democrat to triumph in a presidential election, it needs to come on the heels of 'the dark times' of an unpopular Republican administration. Carter followed the Nixon era, Clinton succeeded after 12 years of Reagan/Bush, and Obama was a direct result of eight years of Bush/Cheney. -Fabrizio Moreira

Mad or glad, Mr. Reagan is head over heels in love with Mrs. Reagan and can't even imagine a world without her – He loves her. -Ronald Reagan

I loved shoes. I had my little ballerina flats, and my mom never wore heels. But when I was about three or four, she got a job where she had to wear the tiniest heels. I was obsessed. -Chloe Gosselin

Beautiful feet are coveted by all women, everywhere of all ages, especially when they want to look their best and show off those strappy heels. -Jacqueline Fernandez

I would like a taller guy so I can wear high heels. -Caroline Wozniacki

I love high heels from the age of 10! Short skirts and then high heels. My classmates used to make fun of me. Like, 'Ooh, she's so skinny and she's wearing high heels.' But I just wore what I like, and I didn't care about people's opinions, the same as I don't care now. -Irina Shayk

What you wear – and it always starts with your shoes – determines what kind of character you are. A woman who wears high heels carries herself very different to a girl who wears sneakers or sandals. It really helps determine how you carry yourself. -Winona Ryder

Like most people, I have this sort of love-hate relationship with Pittsburgh. This is my home, and at times I miss it and find it tremendously exciting, and other times I want to catch the first thing out that has wheels. -August Wilson

I'm very grateful that I don't have to wear heels, because I can barely walk in heels. If I were to skip, it would be deadly. -AJ Lee

I am not looking for a life partner right now. But if I've to list out the requirements, I have a huge list. But the first requirement is he should be tall and should be taller than me; even I wear heels. -Rakul Preet Singh

People talk about 'date night,' and it is true: Sometimes you have to apply yourself, or at least apply lipstick to yourself. You kind of have to dress up, just because. You know, wear heels to your own dinner table. -Claire Danes

See, all actors pretend. I enjoy that pretence. I don't wear heels in real life, but if it is for a character, I love to get into the traits of the person I am playing. -Sarita Choudhury

My mother took my brother and I to a production of 'The Tempest', and it was in this very small – it could have been the basement of a church or a black box. The space was vast, but there were maybe 15 seats in the middle. Ariel came out wearing a nude sparkly thong and spike heels, and the muses had these gossamer see-through gowns on. -Phillipa Soo

High heels. I respect people who love them; they're just not for me! -Sophie Hawley-Weld

Sometimes I like to be comfortable and wear black jeans with a blazer, a really comfortable t-shirt, and low boots with heels. Sometimes I like to be feminine and preppy. -Pom Klementieff

I haven't grown since I was 13, and every girl cast opposite me isn't allowed to wear heels on camera, for fear that I would look minuscule. In all of the casting calls for my best friends on every project, it says in big, bold, red letters: 'Please no high heels.' It's a little embarrassing. -Dove Cameron

I felt like an ugly duckling back in school. I was a complete tomboy with short hair. Never in my dreams did I imagine that I would walk the ramp with 6-inch heels. My friends can't believe that I'm an actor, because I was such an introvert in school. -Pooja Hegde

It's important to show that there's different ways of doing things. Some people like to be glamorous, and that's perfectly fine, and that's amazing. If I were that style, then I would do that. I'd wear heels every day, and I'd strut around in a dress, but that's not me. -Alessia Cara

My parents couldn't afford physical therapy, so they sent me to dancing school. I learned how to dance in heels, which means I can walk in heels. And I'm from Jersey, and we are really concerned with being chic, so if my friends wore heels, so did I. -Maysoon Zayid

Today, I am a touring standup comic who cannot stand up. Within three minutes, I begin to wilt, lose my balance, and topple over. I can tap dance and run in heels, but I need to use a wheelchair to navigate airports. -Maysoon Zayid

People know there's more than one side to me. You can have beauty and brains and athletic ability. You can switch up the cleats for heels once in a while. You can do both. -Alex Morgan

Once, I was going to a film event, and someone told me not to wear high heels to it. They said that it might intimidate the men. For some reason, I was ready to take their cue, but about an hour later, something in my head started ringing, and I thought, 'That is the worst advice anybody's ever given me.' -Evelyne Brochu

I grew up watching 'Ghostbusters' and 'Knight Rider' and Hot Wheels commercials. When I got to college, having never set foot in America, I knew more American pop-culture references than my friends did. -Kumail Nanjiani

You can't do TLC dances successfully in high heels. -Rozonda Thomas

I read Pamela Colloff's oral history about the campus shooting, '96 Minutes,' when it was first published, and my wheels immediately starting turning toward making a film and making it an animated re-telling. -Keith Maitland

In society at large, nerds are law-abiding, caring, fundamentally good folk who keep the wheels of civilization grinding. -Alexandra Petri

How can you live the high life if you do not wear high heels? I don't understand why women wear these ballet pumps. They are only good if you walk like a ballet dancer, and only ballet dancers do that. -Sonia Rykiel

I've never been one for color theory or color wheels or undertone rules or anything like that. I don't know if my red lipstick 'should' be more blue or more orange. -Emily Weiss

Not always trainers, but if I don't have to, I don't wear high heels. It's really just if something looks good on me, I'm going to buy it. It can be Zara or Chanel… I'm going to buy it. -Barbara Palvin

When I was seven and we lived in New York, I ran away. I took my dog and started out across the Brooklyn Bridge… I didn't get very far… It's rather difficult to run away in your mother's high heels. -Lee Radziwill

I was 100 percent tomboy. I had the biggest Big Wheels. -Katherine Moennig

I'd go to lesbian parties. I felt like I wasn't hard enough to be butch, but I wasn't wearing heels and a skirt – I wasn't femme – so I felt like I was sort of invisible. -Dee Rees

I feel far more empowered, sophisticated, and forward-thinking in flats than in high heels. Especially when I am working and hosting meetings. -Emilia Wickstead

It's hard to fight in high heels or even jeans that are too tight. You can't kick in skinny, skinny jeans. -Krysten Ritter

It was fun to dance in heels, and personally, I love dancing. -Rithvik Dhanjani

I never thought I would end up wearing heels someday. -Rithvik Dhanjani

It feels otherworldly to wear heels and makeup. Why fit in when you can stand out? -Ritika Singh

I'll never forget the dance number that I shot with Anushka. The choreography involved a lot of intricate dance moves. I'm at least 7 inches shorter than Anushka, so I had to wear the highest heels I've ever worn in my life; throughout the song, I even injured my knee a couple of times. -Nithya Menen

Every movie that I'm in is very different in terms of aesthetic and costume. I mean, from 'Mirror, Mirror' to 'Mortal Instruments,' I went from dressy dresses to leather and heels and tight, sexy, chic outfits. -Lily Collins

I dread my trial at the pearly gates – knowing my luck, I'll be hot on the heels of a blameless nun who will be ushered straight to a luscious cloud with prime sea views. -Robert Rinder

We can't spend money on programs just because they sound good… Meals on Wheels sounds great. -Mick Mulvaney

I was an avid reader as a child. I am losing that habit now, as my brain congeals into cabbage from wearing too many heels and too much foundation. -Swara Bhaskar

My faith in my filmmaking changed on the heels of 'Titan.' It allowed me to pursue things that I previously would have questioned. -Chris Meledandri

I don't know if there will ever be a day that I'm not wearing heels. I'm a very big personality, and I don't like to look up at other people. -Jessica Chastain

When I got the call from Chippendales, my jaw dropped, as it came on the heels of TMZ calling me fat on national TV. I am passionate about health and fitness, so I've kept in shape, and dancing is something I've always enjoyed, so I figured, why not? -Ian Ziering

I can't walk in heels at all. -Rachel Brosnahan

My day look is usually a good pair of jeans, my boots, and a cute T-shirt, but I love to get all dolled up in a dress and heels to go out. -Diana DeGarmo

Beyonce's music is like lipstick or a decidedly tall pair of heels: It's empowering. -Elaine Welteroth

I'm not good at dressing up. I always feel a bit out of place. It's just not me – high heels and designer dresses – and I can't seem to get used to it. -Kaya Scodelario

I have a Masters and a technology degree already. When I'm not in film or television, my wheels are spinning full time. -Lamman Rucker

You know, when you go to weddings, you see these guys wearing those dress shoes with extra inches of heels? I really don't like those. -Jessica Jung

Usually, what I do if I want to dress things up is I don't go for high heels, but I go for mid-heels instead. -Jessica Jung

Femininity in general is seen as frivolous. People often say feminine people are doing 'the most,' meaning that to don a dress, heels, lipstick and big hair is artifice, fake, and a distraction. But I knew even as a teenager that my femininity was more than just adornments: they were extensions of me, enabling me to express myself and my identity. -Janet Mock

The ANC must ensure that South Africa does not become a mafia state because once you reach that state, all the wheels have come off. -Cyril Ramaphosa

Rock stars love Cuban heels because a lot of them tend to be diminutive. And I've never met a man who doesn't mind having an extra inch or two anywhere on his body. -Patrick Cox

Falling head over heels in love with women was a habit I thought I'd thoroughly grown out of in middle school, when a group of about five girls and I color-coordinated our outfits and spent weekends and even some weeknights sprawled out in each others bedrooms. -Jenna Wortham

A self-driving car will have 200-plus CPUs. That's a data center on wheels. -Peter Levine

I think the weirdest question I've ever gotten was, 'If people had wheels and could fly, how would we differentiate them from airplanes?' -Randall Munroe

An orchestra can add some class, a historical vibe, but I believe you can get the same emotion from pottery wheels. -Brian Reitzell

I say I'm 5 feet 12 inches. I'm definitely 6 feet. In my heels, I'm 6 feet 3 inches. -Allison Janney

I wish I was a prolific writing wondrous boy genius – I wish I was Stevie Wonder – but I wasn't. I was me. I wrote terrible songs about girls I was head-over-heels about. As soon as a pretty girl looks at me, that's it – I'm in love, and I should probably write a song about it! -Jack Garratt

I wear trainers everywhere. Weddings, parties, definitely red carpets and fashion events. It's bad. And listen, I love shoes. I love high heels. But I buy trainers all the time. -Adwoa Aboah

A man in high heels is the most dangerous thing in the world. -Justin Tranter

My mom has a big ol' crush on Arne Duncan, so I hear about and see pics of him all the time. I think he could look great in heels! -Justin Tranter

People are always quick to judge SPW because of the fact that I wear heels. For me, I just have no choice. This is just how I feel beautiful and how I feel awesome. I would just be so uncomfortable onstage if I was wearing something else. -Justin Tranter

If I'm dancing, I'm definitely not wearing heels. I just don't love wearing heels. I feel it's just a thing you have to do to keep it sexy or whatever, but I really don't enjoy it. I just love wearing a sneaker. -Nina Agdal

Red carpet is always fun, but you're never going to see me on the street or in the grocery store in 6-inch heels. But I am always going to have big, fabulous hair and makeup. -Jessie James Decker

Though we endow them with human features – heads, faces, heels, toes – golf clubs are profoundly inhuman tools. -Steve Rushin

For my equipment, we're not about running. We're about wheels, action sports, and that type of thing. So we want range of motion and shock absorption. The foot itself has 28 degrees of ankle motion as you press into it or you put weight into it. A typical running or walking foot has kind of around 10 to 12, at max, flex at the toe. -Mike Schultz

I'm one of those girls that, day-to-day, I'm in trainers or Converse. I have about 50 pairs of trainers, so when I get the chance to dress up, I will definitely be in heels. 100 percent. I might take some battered Converse in my bag to wear at the after-party when my feet are tired. -Bel Powley

When I was growing up, everyone dressed the same. You had to have bootcut pants and chunky heels. -Sutton Foster

From the first time I harangued my mother into buying me a pair of platform sandals at the irascible and persistent age of 11, I've worn heels. -Mary H.K. Choi

When I moved to New York City from Texas at 22, amateur hour was over. As a newly grown-up person, I vowed I would wear dresses and skirts, wool trousers occasionally, and heels always. -Mary H.K. Choi

I don't want to be that girl hobbling around in heels, falling in snow. -Maia Mitchell

Fashion once meant dresses and heels, and I didn't know why I'd want to be dressed that way. Now I'm like, 'Oh my God, those Saint Laurent boots!' Those are not words I thought I'd ever say. A beautiful suit is nice. I get fashion now. In fact, I love it. -Ellen Page

This sounds crazy, but I was born in the fashion industry. So, I probably wore heels by the age of two. When I was two, I would steal my mom's heels. -Eiza Gonzalez

I would be doing anything to avoid a 9-5 job and high heels. Lifeguard, beach volleyball player, whatever. -Julie Foudy

I love winter clothes. For me, it is all about choosing great materials and getting the right cut for your body – and then styling it right. For example, I love an oversized manly jacket, but I'll team it with some girly heels. -Jeanne Damas

A trick for looking taller is to wear a top and pants in the same color family – and to hide heels underneath the pants! -Jeanne Damas

I live in Paris, a city where you have a lot of stylish women, so I learned a lot by observing the women in the street. But my mother was always a big influence as well; she is always very feminine in high heels and perfectly cut dresses, with perfect makeup but never too much. -Jeanne Damas

When I don't know what to wear for a night out, I always wear some high-wasted jeans, a fluid top, and high heels. -Jeanne Damas

I'm in heels more than flats, but when I wear very short dresses, I like small heels. -Jeanne Damas

Prince was outside his dressing room, shaking one of those little Easter egg maracas. His hair was straightened to a soft wave; his eyelashes were unfairly lovely. He smelled like the most expensive shelf in the Sephora perfume aisle. This man wearing eyeliner, heels and ladies' perfume somehow managed to be more masculine than the burly bodyguard. -Mayte Garcia

I got a bike – a fixed-gear with bright blue wheels, custom-made to my specifications. I am a San Francisco techno-hipster, so this selection was a bit of a self-caricature. But sometimes the predictable thing turns out to be the best thing, too, and you can't let that stop you. -Robin Sloan

For five years of my life, I was just getting by – every day was painful. I couldn't wear heels, I couldn't run, and I could only walk for, like, 20 minutes. That's not living. -Lauren Wasser

I always travel with a fun skirt, a go-to dress you can dress up or down; walking heels & flats are a must. -Ashley Nell Tipton

I'd like to be smart, fun, and real. It's very easy to just put together a pretty dress, some heels, and some jewels. I don't want to be that girl. It's all about being brave, taking risks. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. -Ella Purnell

I don't like high heels. -Sonita Alizadeh

While performing, I can't wear anything that I'm not going to be able to dance in or heels that don't have ankle support. -Kali Uchis

If you're looking for a dress to wear to an event, put it on with the heels that you're going to wear and walk around the room and make sure you feel comfortable in it. -Vanna White

I've gone from wearing jeans and cowboy boots to wearing miniskirts and gold tassels and high heels. I'm sure I'm not going to dress that way forever. It's going to change again and again. -Grace Potter

I went through this phase of Spandex, high heels, and fur coats when I was my late teens and early twenties; before then, I lived in overalls and baggy T-shirts. -SZA

That's my boy, Obama. I'm rocking with him until the end, 'til the wheels fall off. -Takeoff

My prom dress was very sweet, very puffy, but I also wore little stiletto, pointed-toe heels, nylon hosiery, the whole nine yards. -Betsey Johnson

I've worn my share of dresses and heels in my career. It's easy. It's not very challenging. It's not fulfilling. -Melanie Scrofano

Each employed immigrant has his or her place of work. It is only the taxi driver, forever moving on wheels, who occupies no fixed space. He represents the immigrant condition. -Amitava Kumar

Having watched 'The Lone Ranger,' I asked my dad, 'You think we can be on TV like that guy?' He said, 'Probably not. You have to be 6 feet and blond to work in TV and movies.' I said, 'But what about that guy? Jay Silverheels?' -Wes Studi

Keep it simple. Layer your leotard with high waisted skinny jeans, legwarmers, and heels or high boots. -Mary Helen Bowers

Even in a lot of hip-hop music, they tell you don't give your heart to a woman. But many of the most successful rappers are head-over-heels in love. -Raheem DeVaughn

Snowboarding is skateboarding without the wheels, just on snow. It's the same thing, just that one is on hard ground with the wheels, the other is on snow. You just have to know how to maneuver your board and do things you want to do. -Gza

People don't realize 'Drag Race' is a certain percent competition, but it's also a game show. There's a certain amount of throwing dice and spinning wheels, and there are twists and turns all the time. Part of it is also having the right idea and pulling the right look together that day. We're all making choices in the moment. -Trixie Mattel

I want to go out there and try as hard as I can to be the best in that ring. And for me, that doesn't mean cutting flips and cartwheels and not selling punches. -Randy Orton

I did ride a bike on the streets of Manhattan with four-and-a-half inch heels. Is that fun… or a death wish? You tell me. I was in severe pain, and everyone was laughing at me. That was great. I like when people laugh at me when I'm in pain. -Miriam Shor

Typically, I'm put in high heels and a tight top, which is not my personality at all. -Janet Varney

America wasn't made on blame; it was made on responsibility. Take off the training wheels in life and decide to take responsibility for your actions. -Gunnar Peterson

I just have these terrible memories of our first European tour back in 2007. We had hired this van and tour service from the former Czech Republic called Fluff Wheels, and they sent us out with this 19-year-old vegan driver kid who had no money and refused to eat anything. -David Longstreth

This movement that RuPaul has created and World of Wonder and Logo has allowed to be aired, it's so much than just gay men carrying on in high heels and wigs and fake fingernails. It's truly a story of courageous souls. And I'm grateful that I'm a part of this. -Alyssa Edwards

I can go from wearing Jordans and Toms to platforms and heels; it just depends on my mood. -Jeffree Star

I've always wanted to explore North America. I drive a motorbike and have always wanted to spend a couple of months exploring the continent on two wheels. -George Blagden

I have to plan all my meals and snacks every day, or the wheels come off, and I gain weight. -Maye Musk

I hate my feet. I don't like my hands, either: they're like lions' paws. When I was in the Boosh, in a catsuit and gold heels, I was constantly thinking, 'I hate the way I look.' I should have just enjoyed myself, because that was as good as it was going to get. -Noel Fielding

The fact is that Sarah Palin positively emanates strength. She gives off the aura of being a strong woman who doesn't back down, and she does it sporting heels and wearing her family like a badge of honour. I am sure there are a million other women out there who are doing the same thing. -Erin Brockovich

Wheels come off? Get on with it. Cope. Survive. -Eileen Atkins

I prefer flats to heels. I donate shoes I'm not wearing anymore. -Stella Maxwell

I used to go to school in heels every day. I thought I was a little grown woman. -Hennessy Carolina

I remember being about 14 when I started wearing shorts and heels. I hated the attention I got. I found it overwhelming. -Ruth Wilson

I'm not the type who parties regularly. I'm happy sitting at home, cooling my heels. -Naga Chaitanya

I have a song called 'Training Wheels,' and it's about being in love with someone and taking it to the next level by taking off the training wheels. -Melanie Martinez

I'm still a really shy performer and can't wear high heels and need to be with bare feet. -Domino Kirke

I try to wear a dress and heels when I want to make more of an effort and be a bit more feminine. -Domino Kirke

If you are confiding in someone, it needs to be the woman in your life. If that woman is your mother, you may as well scuttle back under her petticoats and let the real women in pencil skirts and tortuous heels get on with the job of husband-hunting. -Katie Hopkins

Myself and some kids on our estate became obsessed with the creation of the ultimate go-kart. This ambition culminated in the creation of a six-man super-cart, which was essentially a plank of wood with four wheels, and a failed attempt to jump a tributary of the River Severn powered only by Rex, our dog. -Greg Davies

To me, Stephen was my husband and the father of my children; one does not say to one's husband, 'Oh, you're so clever! I must worship the ground under your feet, or in this case, wheels.' -Jane Hawking

Having come so close to death, I now value just how precious life truly is and want to ride what God gave me until the wheels fall off. -Shaun King

When I played Candy Darling in 'I Shot Andy Warhol,' that was easy to play that part. They made me into a woman: I'm in heels; I'm waxed. I'm gonna find the femininity and lay on the bed and take the voice of an old movie star. -Stephen Dorff

I love wearing heels but don't wear it too often because I am comfortable about my height. And for me, comfort comes first. -Raashi Khanna

I kind of felt like maybe I didn't have what it took to look like a supermodel and wear high heels all the time and my nails. -Bayley

Sometimes the wheels just fall off a relationship. -Bobcat Goldthwait

My family can tell you I'm not really a guy that likes roller coasters. I don't like going on Ferris wheels. I've got a six-feet rule; I like my feet no more than five, six feet from the ground at all times. -Booger McFarland

Once in a while, it's fun to dress up for a premiere. But I'm not someone that's going to stick on heels and a dress every day. -Emilie de Ravin

At a massive club like Liverpool, people will come and go. It is our job to keep the wheels moving and momentum going. -Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Everyone likes a pair of comfy shoes. But is this an automatic right? Comfy shoes are clearly not allowed at the Oscars, for example. Why should criminals enjoy a treat that is denied to our favourite actresses? All prisoners, male and female, should be obliged to wear high heels. This would also make them easier to catch during riots. -Victoria Coren Mitchell

Before I had kids, my bag was clean. In case I need to occupy them, I like to have Hot Wheels cars, See's lollipops, and a deck of cards. -Betsy Brandt

I don't switch my act up to win over the crowd. I'm more like, 'You came here… this is what I do.' I dig my heels in harder if I feel like they are not on board. -Tom Segura

People say that Rooney could have been like Lionel Messi, a more prolific goalscorer who dribbles past opponents more. But they are different characters. You will never see Messi snapping around the heels of an opponent to win the ball back deep in his own half. Wayne does that all the time, and sometimes that enthusiasm will count against him. -Paul Scholes

I love wearing heels. -Bhumi Pednekar

It's only over time that you get to exploring or adding nuances to the character. Like my part in 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' – I am so not the person who wears high heels and totters about like a poodle. -Kalki Koechlin

When someone said, 'Let's go to a club' in New York, it often meant heels and tight dresses and money. -Maggie Rogers

I was known as a dogged, unflappable live reporter, the kind who runs barefoot to the camera, high heels in one hand, notebook in the other. -Katy Tur

The first time I ever came to fashion week, everyone was wearing heels. -Peyton List

I had to wear very high heels and dance in 'Aashiq Banaya Apne,' and that's very difficult. -Urvashi Rautela

I have a room full of shoes: heels and sneakers and everything. -Jennifer Winget

I was addicted to going fast, finding the big hills on the pushbike. It was just something I enjoyed a lot – things with wheels. -Daniel Ricciardo

Businesses always have competitors nipping at their heels. Historically, cities have not viewed themselves as subject to that same type of competition. But that's wrong. -Pete Buttigieg

I've embraced comfortable, but still chic, footwear. I don't know who I was wearing heels for – as much as I love the way they make my legs look and the power I feel when I choose to wear them – but I can do a longer and more pressing day if I'm in a shoe I can walk in. -Catherine Reitman

I was the meal delivery coordinator for Clarke County for Meals on Wheels. -Fred Schneider

If you are in the team, there is always going to be someone biting away at your heels trying to get in. -Ashley Young

I was fortunate to work on a few episodes of 'Barry' right before we shot 'Atlanta.' That was where I got my training wheels for action coverage. -Hiro Murai

When you're walking in heels in a long dress, you're bound to fall at some point. -Madison Beer

I really think that some of the best heels are also those people that can really get reactions as babyfaces, too. -Mickie James

I'm not someone who can do 10 stepovers or backheels – I'm not very interested in that. I'm more fascinated by the simplicity of play because the thing that makes this sport so beautiful. -Miralem Pjanic

I developed a passion for cars when I was a kid. I found a tyre on the street, and I figured that I could roll it successfully. That made me love wheels. -Jackie Shroff

One thing I quickly discovered as a female pilot – ditch the heels! -Zoey Tur

I can't understand it myself – how nervous I was when I took the floor for 'Strictly Come Dancing.' I walk out with 50,000 people gathered in the Millennium Stadium to fight Mikkel Kessler in the unification fight for the super middleweight division in 2007, and I feel great… and here I am, wearing tight pants and Cuban heels, and freaking out. -Joe Calzaghe

Comfort is number one for me with shoes. I like to do a test walk in heels to make sure I won't fall or get crazy blisters. -Sadie Sink

I wore Chuck Taylors for a couple shows, and the second show I wore the Chuck Taylors, that was the one and only time I fell onstage. I haven't really bit it onstage in high heels yet. It will happen. It's not about if, it's about when. -Lzzy Hale

I am holding on to every shred of femininity that I can with heels and dresses. -Lzzy Hale

I go back to the rock n' roll black leather jacket, red lips, smoky eyes. I like my high heels, maybe some leather pants or ripped jeans, things that have never really gone out of style. Again, it's very reflective of who I am as a bandmate in our band. -Lzzy Hale

If people know anything about Russians, we do things really over the top. We wear high heels everywhere. We show up in the most extravagant outfits. I am just embodying how I was raised and what I grew up in. Some people might think we're extra; I just think we're ravishing. -Lana

If y,ou do buy shoes from wherever you like wear the hell out of them, and go to your cobbler when the heels go and get them reheeled for a few quid. -Aisling Bea

My role models weren't holding steering wheels and mashing gears on Sunday. They wore burgundy and gold with names like Art Monk and Darrell Green. -Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Life is like a Lamborghini. A Lamborghini has an engine, a body, and wheels. No matter how strong your engine is, if you don't have any wheels, you're not going anywhere. -Fabio Lanzoni

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