Best Quotes About Hedonism

I succumbed to hedonism. -Simon Le Bon

When I was a student I was very, very ambitious, completely immersed in my comedy career. I never had that period of reckless hedonism that you should get out of your system in your youth. -Steve Coogan

I do not understand how you can associate abortion with an idea of hedonism or the good life. -Italo Calvino

It kills me when people talk about California hedonism. Anybody who talks about California hedonism has never spent a Christmas in Sacramento. -Joan Didion

I think it's important if you are an actor, if you are portraying human life, you have to connect with what is human. It's not easy if you spend a lot of time in L.A. and get sucked into the hedonism of the industry. -Orlando Bloom

Gone are the days when the upper classes were terrified of the angry mob wanting to smash their skulls and confiscate their properties. Now their biggest enemy is the army of lazy bums, whose lifestyle of indolence and hedonism, financed by crippling taxes on the rich, is sucking the lifeblood out of the economy. -Ha-Joon Chang

I'm a big believer that you can try to change the world based on philosophy, doctrine, and belief. But I think the thing that really drives the world is hedonism, the pleasure factor. -Danny Meyer

The history of New Orleans was always a fascination to me – such a blend of light and darkness and plague and pleasure and hedonism and fear and death. It's just a very, very intriguing city. I have this strange love relationship with it. -Beth Moore

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