Best Quotes About Heat

Boxing has become America's tragic theater. -Joyce Carol Oates

Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths pure theatre. -Gail Godwin

Every person on the streets of New York is a type. The city is one big theater where everyone is on display. -Jerry Rubin

Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater. -Roman Polanski

The gross heathenism of civilization has generally destroyed nature, and poetry, and all that is spiritual. -John Muir

Once a woman has forgiven her man, she must not reheat his sins for breakfast. -Marlene Dietrich

Do not be too moral. You may cheat yourself out of much life so. -Henry David Thoreau

I am not bound for any public place, but for ground of my own where I have planted vines and orchard trees, and in the heat of the day climbed up into the healing shadow of the woods. -Wendell Berry

Where it is a duty to worship the sun it is pretty sure to be a crime to examine the laws of heat. -John Morley

An editor is someone who separates the wheat from the chaff and then prints the chaff. -Adlai Stevenson I

Look, I'm 40, I'm single, and I work in musical theater – you do the math! -Nathan Lane

I have the terrible feeling that, because I am wearing a white beard and am sitting in the back of the theatre, you expect me to tell you the truth about something. These are the cheap seats, not Mount Sinai. -Orson Welles

People never know how strong is their lust for being cheated. -Joe Chung

One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty counsels. The thing to do is to supply light and not heat. -Woodrow Wilson

If you are as happy in entering the White House as I shall feel on returning to Wheatland, you are a happy man indeed. -James Buchanan

In the strange heat all litigation brings to bear on things, the very process of litigation fosters the most profound misunderstandings in the world. -Renata Adler

What people really want in the theater is fantasy involvement and not reality involvement. -Edward Albee

Today's restaurant is theater on a grand scale. -Marian Burros

I adore the theater and I am a painter. I think the two are made for a marriage of love. I will give all my soul to prove this once more. -Marc Chagall

Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad. -Salvador Dali

The drama may be called that part of theatrical art which lends itself most readily to intellectual discussion: what is left is theater. -Robertson Davies

The theater needs continual reminders that there is nothing more debasing than the work of those who do well what is not worth doing at all. -Gore Vidal

I'm married to the theater but my mistress is the films. -Oskar Werner

Journalism as theater is what TV news is. -Thomas Griffith

God comes to us in theater in the way we communicate with each other, whether it be a symphony orchestra, or a wonderful ballet, or a beautiful painting, or a play. It's a way of expressing our humanity. -Julie Harris

Charity in the theater begins and ends with those who have a play opening within a week of one's own. -Moss Hart

Theater is, of course, a reflection of life. Maybe we have to improve life before we can hope to improve theater. -William Inge

Politics, like theater, is one of those things where you've got to be wise enough to know when to leave. -Richard Lamm

The monsters of our childhood do not fade away, neither are they ever wholly monstrous. But neither, in my experience, do we ever reach a plane of detachment regarding our parents, however wise and old we may become. To pretend otherwise is to cheat. -John le Carre

Our real work is prayer. What good is the cold iron of our frantic little efforts unless first we heat it in the furnace of our prayer? Only heat will diffuse heat. -Mother Maribel

In the theater, while you recognized that you were looking at a house, it was a house in quotation marks. On screen, the quotation marks tend to be blotted out by the camera. -Arthur Miller

The problem was to sustain at any cost the feeling you had in the theater that you were watching a real person, yes, but an intense condensation of his experience, not simply a realistic series of episodes. -Arthur Miller

The theater is so endlessly fascinating because it's so accidental. It's so much like life. -Arthur Miller

So long as there is one pretty girl left on the stage, the professional undertakers may hold up their burial of the theater. -George Jean Nathan

I believe that in a great city, or even in a small city or a village, a great theater is the outward and visible sign of an inward and probable culture. -Laurence Olivier

January, month of empty pockets! let us endure this evil month, anxious as a theatrical producer's forehead. -Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

I am so used to seeing the sort of play which deals with one man and two women. They do not leave me with the feeling I have made a full theatrical meal they do not give me the experience of the multiplicity of life. -E. M. Forster

Art, whose honesty must work through artifice, cannot avoid cheating truth. -Adrienne Rich

As threshing separates the wheat from the chaff, so does affliction purify virtue. -Christian Nestell Bovee

The moment you cheat for the sake of beauty, you know you're an artist. -David Hockney

Someone who thinks the world is always cheating him is right. He is missing that wonderful feeling of trust in someone or something. -Eric Hoffer

Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute! Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Only engage, and then the mind grows heated. Begin, and then the work will be completed. -Jean Anouilh

Corporations are social organizations, the theater in which men and women realize or fail to realize purposeful and productive lives. -Lester Bangs

I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being. -Thornton Wilder

For the theatre one needs long arms; it is better to have them too long than too short. An artiste with short arms can never, never make a fine gesture. -Roland Barthes

Truth often suffers more by the heat of its defenders than the arguments of its opposers. -William Penn

Children are the most desirable opponents at scrabble as they are both easy to beat and fun to cheat. -Fran Lebowitz

I have good looking kids. Thank goodness my wife cheats on me. -Rodney Dangerfield

I don't always wear underwear. When I'm in the heat, especially, I can't wear it. Like, if I'm wearing a flower dress, why do I have to wear underwear? -Naomi Campbell

I've told Billy if I ever caught him cheating, I wouldn't kill him because I love his children and they need a dad. But I would beat him up. I know where all of his sports injuries are. -Angelina Jolie

CNN found that Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in America. Women admire her because she's strong and successful. Men admire her because she allows her husband to cheat and get away with it. -Jay Leno

A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it. -Alfred Hitchcock

Editor: a person employed by a newspaper, whose business it is to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to see that the chaff is printed. -Elbert Hubbard

I would not attack the faith of a heathen without being sure I had a better one to put in its place. -Harriet Beecher Stowe

In the theatre the audience wants to be surprised – but by things that they expect. -Tristan Bernard

The Declaration of Independence I always considered as a theatrical show. Jefferson ran away with all the stage effect of that… and all the glory of it. -John Adams

It is better to suffer wrong than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust. -Samuel Johnson

When the water starts boiling it is foolish to turn off the heat. -Nelson Mandela

If you marry a man who cheats on his wife, you'll be married to a man who cheats on his wife. -Ann Landers

No more duty can be urged upon those who are entering the great theater of life than simple loyalty to their best convictions. -Edwin Hubbel Chapin

One of the great attractions of patriotism – it fulfills our worst wishes. In the person of our nation we are able, vicariously, to bully and cheat. Bully and cheat, what's more, with a feeling that we are profoundly virtuous. -Aldous Huxley

You have undertaken to cheat me. I won't sue you, for the law is too slow. I'll ruin you. -Cornelius Vanderbilt

If I ever find a pitcher who has heat, a good curve, and a slider, I might seriously consider marrying him, or at least proposing. -Sparky Anderson

I only had a high school education and believe me, I had to cheat to get that. -Sparky Anderson

No, we don't cheat. And even if we did, I'd never tell you. -Tommy Lasorda

Do what you love to do and give it your very best. Whether it's business or baseball, or the theater, or any field. If you don't love what you're doing and you can't give it your best, get out of it. Life is too short. You'll be an old man before you know it. -Al Lopez

A young ballplayer looks on his first spring training trip as a stage struck young woman regards the theater. -Christy Mathewson

It ain't the heat, it's the humility. -Yogi Berra

I never had to cheat, I get them with what I got. -Dave Winfield

If you can't stand the heat in the dressing room, get out of the kitchen. -Terry Venables

I'd rather do theatre and British films than move to L.A. in hopes of getting small roles in American films. -Kate Winslet

Newspaper editors are men who separate the wheat from the chaff, and then print the chaff. -Adlai Stevenson I

The ancient Romans built their greatest masterpieces of architecture, their amphitheaters, for wild beasts to fight in. -Voltaire

Integrity is not a conditional word. It doesn't blow in the wind or change with the weather. It is your inner image of yourself, and if you look in there and see a man who won't cheat, then you know he never will. -John D. MacDonald

The first and worst of all frauds is to cheat one's self. All sin is easy after that. -Pearl Bailey

If you really want to help the American theater, don't be an actress, dahling. Be an audience. -Tallulah Bankhead

If you haven't had at least a slight poetic crack in the heart, you have been cheated by nature. -Phyllis Battelle

Will the theater disappear? No. Is it healthy? Also no. -Emanuel Azenberg

Iteration, like friction, is likely to generate heat instead of progress. -George Eliot

Memory is not an instrument for exploring the past but its theatre. It is the medium of past experience, as the ground is the medium in which dead cities lie interred. -Walter Benjamin

What is a wife and what is a harlot? What is a church and what is a theatre? are they two and not one? Can they exist separate? Are not religion and politics the same thing? Brotherhood is religion. O demonstrations of reason dividing families in cruelty and pride! -William Blake

Old hands soil, it seems, whatever they caress, but they too have their beauty when they are joined in prayer. Young hands were made for caresses and the sheathing of love. It is a pity to make them join too soon. -Andre Gide

Men are apt to mistake the strength of their feeling for the strength of their argument. The heated mind resents the chill touch and relentless scrutiny of logic. -William E. Gladstone

There are very honest people who do not think that they have had a bargain unless they have cheated a merchant. -Anatole France

Nature cannot be tricked or cheated. She will give up to you the object of your struggles only after you have paid her price. -Napoleon Hill

My peers, lately, have found companionship through means of intoxication – it makes them sociable. I, however, cannot force myself to use drugs to cheat on my loneliness – it is all that I have – and when the drugs and alcohol dissipate, will be all that my peers have as well. -Franz Kafka

I think theatre should always be somewhat suspect. -Vaclav Havel

One sword keeps another in the sheath. -George Herbert

When I consider life, it is all a cheat. Yet fooled with hope, people favor this deceit. -John Dryden

All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy. -Scott Alexander

I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating. -Sophocles

Unless the theatre can ennoble you, make you a better person, you should flee from it. -Constantin Stanislavski

It is veneer, rouge, aestheticism, art museums, new theaters, etc. that make America impotent. The good things are football, kindness, and jazz bands. -George Santayana

Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. It may not be difficult to store up in the mind a vast quantity of facts within a comparatively short time, but the ability to form judgments requires the severe discipline of hard work and the tempering heat of experience and maturity. -Calvin Coolidge

The theater, bringing impersonal masks to life, is only for those who are virile enough to create new life: either as a conflict of passions subtler than those we already know, or as a complete new character. -Alfred Jarry

I'm the end of the line; absurd and appalling as it may seem, serious New York theater has died in my lifetime. -Arthur Miller

Each day a few more lies eat into the seed with which we are born, little institutional lies from the print of newspapers, the shock waves of television, and the sentimental cheats of the movie screen. -Norman Mailer

The language of the younger generation has the brutality of the city and an assertion of threatening power at hand, not to come. It is military, theatrical, and at its most coherent probably a lasting repudiation of empty courtesy and bureaucratic euphemism. -Elizabeth Hardwick

So stick up ivy and the bays, and then restore the heathen ways, green will remind you of the Spring, though this great day denies the thing, and mortifies the earth, and all, but your wild revels, and loose hall. -Henry Vaughan

A good drama critic is one who perceives what is happening in the theatre of his time. A great drama critic also perceives what is not happening. -Kenneth Tynan

Chicago is not the most corrupt American city. It's the most theatrically corrupt. -Studs Terkel

If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back? -Steven Wright

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. -Harry S Truman

I think now that the great thing is not so much the formulation of an answer for myself, for the theater, or the play-but rather the most accurate possible statement of the problem. -Arthur Miller

As to those who hoard gold and silver and spend it not in God's path, give them, then, the tidings of a painful agony: on a day when these things shall be heated in hell-fire, and their foreheads, and their sides, and their backs shall be branded therewith. -Kin Hubbard

It's one of the tragic ironies of the theatre that only one man in it can count on steady work – the night watchman. -Tallulah Bankhead

Extremes, though contrary, have the like effects. Extreme heat kills, and so extreme cold: extreme love breeds satiety, and so extreme hatred; and too violent rigor tempts chastity, as does too much license. -George Chapman

I want to give the audience a hint of a scene. No more than that. Give them too much and they won't contribute anything themselves. Give them just a suggestion and you get them working with you. That's what gives the theater meaning: when it becomes a social act. -Orson Welles

The theatre is a gross art, built in sweeps and over-emphasis. Compromise is its second name. -Enid Bagnold

The sure way to be cheated is to think one's self more cunning than others. -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

It is difficult to discriminate the voice of truth from amid the clamor raised by heated partisans. -Friedrich Schiller

If that vital spark that we find in a grain of wheat can pass unchanged through countless deaths and resurrections, will the spirit of man be unable to pass from this body to another? -William Jennings Bryan

But men must know, that in this theatre of man's life it is reserved only for God and angels to be lookers on. -Francis Bacon

Theater is a verb before it is a noun, an act before it is a place. -Martha Graham

The theater is the only branch of art much cared for by people of wealth; like canasta, it does away with the brother of talk after dinner. -Mary McCarthy

Failure in the theater is more dramatic and uglier than any other form of writing. It costs so much, you feel so guilty. -Lillian Hellman

This is a ridiculous heat wave we're in right now, and to contribute, Newt Gingrich said that for the entire month of June, he will stop blowing hot air. -Bill Maher

When you combine the men and women deployed from our military installations with activated reservists and members of the National Guard, Georgia is contributing more personnel to the theatre than any other State in our Union. -Sonny Perdue

Petroleum is a more likely cause of international conflict than wheat. -Simone Weil

I would love to be in musical theater and be on Broadway. If someone were to offer me a position to do something like that, I wouldnt pass it down. Im a huge fan of musicals and I really want to do that. -Michelle Branch

Iron till it be thoroughly heated is incapable to be wrought; so God sees good to cast some men into the furnace of affliction, and then beats them on his anvil into what frame he pleases. -Anne Bradstreet

The first and worst of all frauds is to cheat oneself. -Gamaliel Bailey

We first fought the heathens in the name of religion, then Communism, and now in the name of drugs and terrorism. Our excuses for global domination always change. -Serj Tankian

Running those poor steers back and forth in the heat is ridiculous. What they ought to do is put the steers in the convention hall and run the delegates. -Stanley Marcus

I had to work out where I was going, what type of films I wanted to make. For that reason, I decided to choose independent productions, less important roles, and I tried theater, too. -Elizabeth Berkley

I work constantly but I work at a lot of different things. You know, I run a theater company in New York, I direct plays, act in plays, in movies, so I try to keep it eclectic. -Philip Seymour Hoffman

My love for the theater has always been a priority. That hasn't changed. I got into acting that way. The film work that came up was really a surprise. -Philip Seymour Hoffman

Sometimes I have a great day of filming and sometimes the theater strikes me better. It just depends. -Philip Seymour Hoffman

I come from the New York theatre world, and I have a lot of gay male friends, so this friendship of Will and Grace's isn't such a stretch. -Debra Messing

To me, nothing is more fascinating or theatrical than real life. These people are in dire situations, where something extreme has happened in their lives. -Debra Messing

In Mexico, theater is very underground, so if you're a theater actor it's very difficult to make a living. But it's also a very beautiful pathway to knowledge and to an open education. -Gael Garcia Bernal

I get bored at the theatre a lot because I notice that there's not always a connection between the actors. They may be technically proficient, but they're not surprising each other. I'm thrilled by actors who make choices that are surprising. -Lusia Strus

I realized that I wanted to play characters and do traditional theatre. I wanted to make believe again. I like putting on a costume and pretending to be someone else for a few hours, and I have a great respect for playwrights. -Lusia Strus

What draws me to the theatre, and what appealed to me about Too Much Light, is that you have no idea what's going to happen. That's the most exciting part of theatre, it's never the same. If it were, it would be like watching a movie. -Lusia Strus

What I love about theatre is that it disappears as it happens. -Lusia Strus

I'm really keen to go back and do some theatre, but I can't afford to at the moment because we're getting married in September. And then I'm hoping to direct a film at the end of this year, and that means a year of your life without pay. -Richard Roxburgh

I love film and TV, the medium of them, just because it's such a smaller screen. It's much more precise. Ideally, I'd like to do maybe a film a year of some sort and use that to work more in the theatre because theatre really is my first love. -Shuler Hensley

In a sense I feel very much a part of the cinema now in a way where when I come back to the theater now I feel like a visitor. The cinema is really what I enjoy. I want to do more independent movies. -Brian Cox

At heart, this job is about continuing to make great theatre for the people of Sheffield – a city I've known and loved since childhood. -Samuel West

My background is somewhat unusual, as I trained to be a ballet dancer. I worked in the theatre for eight or nine years as a contemporary dancer. But as an actor one does read Shakespeare and does try to learn the classics. -William Kempe

It is better to have a relationship with someone who cheats on you than with someone who does not flush the toilet. -Uma Thurman

As the temperature drops, the need for heating oil goes up. -Christopher Dodd

I'm angry when we have to use state dollars to fill holes in our low-income heating assistance program because there isn't enough support from Washington. -Jodi Rell

Let's put aside the politics and trust the people. Let's embrace the unique opportunity we all have; take the heat and make the hard and difficult decisions, knowing that we're doing it to make things better for the people of Illinois. -Rod Blagojevich

I think the wonderful thing about doing theater is that it's more of an actor's medium. I think that film is more of a director's medium. You can't edit something out on stage. It's there. -Kim Cattrall

I was always a drama queen. I remember playing in the kitchen, trying to get my mom to think I was dead and call the police. When she didn't, I would cry. I was always theatrical. I don't think any of my relatives are surprised. -Amy Lee

But this is Miami, you can't come to Miami and not show any skin. You gotta show something. If you're all covered up in this heat, you're gonna make me pass out out just to look at you. It's sweaty in Miami-but the diamonds will keep me cool. -Lil' Kim

I knew there was something special about the theater for me something beyond the regular reality, something that I could get into and transcend and become something other than myself. -Raul Julia

In the heat of our campaigns, we have all become accustomed to a little anger and exaggeration. Yet, on the whole, our political process has served us well. -Edmund S. Muskie

If ever I feel I might be able to tackle it, I'd love to try holding a spear or something in the theater, or opening a door, or anything, just to try it, you know, because it must be some marvelous magic thing. -Hayley Mills

I could never do a show, or be a personality like Howard Stern, where you take all that heat from critics. What he does, he does, but the critical heat would crucify me. -Chuck Barris

I've done both theatre and film and the fact is if you start believing, if you start reading things and they're good reviews – you believe that and you're lost, and then you read bad reviews and you think that's true and you read that and you're lost. -Jenny Agutter

When I first saw a Fellini movie, I came out of the movie theatre and decided to become a lawyer! I thought to myself, it's impossible to make something so beautiful! -Roberto Benigni

I don't know what it was, maybe the movie theaters in my immediate surrounding neighbourhood in Burbank, but I never saw what would be considered A movies. -Tim Burton

I've been acting for 25 years, living out of suitcases on theater tours or film locations. -Alfred Molina

I thought that my movie career was finished. I was quite happy to dedicate myself 100% to the theater. Surprisingly enough, I've never gotten so many work offers. It's so exciting, this feeling of a new beginning after 40. -Amy Irving

I trained as a theater actor and you had a bare stage and you had to pretend, one prop and you are in the middle of 8th Ave. and traffic is just going by. -Benicio Del Toro

Let's put it this way: art house theaters are vanishing. They have almost disappeared completely, and that means there's a shift in what audiences want to see. And they have to be aware of that and be realistic. It's as simple as that. -Werner Herzog

For too long, our country's version of an energy policy has consisted of Americans waking up every day and wondering how much it will cost to drive to work, how much it will cost to keep their business running, how much it will cost to heat or cool their homes. -Bob Beauprez

Film is fragmented and gets into lots of other people's hands. There are a lot of pleasures that theatre gives me. You get to perform uninterrupted. -Willem Dafoe

At the entrance, my bare feet on the dirt floor, Here, gusts of heat; at my back, white clouds. I stare and stare. It seems I was called for this: To glorify things just because they are. -Czeslaw Milosz

I believe that my art gets across the point that I'm in this morality theater trying to help the underdog, and I'm speaking socially here, showing concern and making psychological and philosophical statements for the underdog. -Jeff Koons

It's great to be in a film that's able to have people really want to become socially conscious, to walk out of the theatre and want to do something. -Don Cheadle

When I started in the late 1950s, every film I made – no matter how low the budget – got a theatrical release. Today, less that 20-percent of our films get a theatrical release. -Roger Corman

The people on the business side in the music business are kind of different from the theatre business. I think it's partly because there are different pressures on the industries. -Tim Curry

Absence does not make the heart grow fonder, but it sure heats up the blood. -Elizabeth Ashley

There's not a thing that any of you guys can say bad about me that would hurt my feelings… I'm not coming at you, what I'm saying is that, I'm willing to take that heat for my team, if we're playing well or if we're not playing well. -Vince Carter

Always keep your mind as bright and clear as the vast sky, the great ocean, and the highest peak, empty of all thoughts. Always keep your body filled with light and heat. Fill yourself with the power of wisdom and enlightenment. -Morihei Ueshiba

She would sit by herself in the middle of the old stoe amphitheatre, with the sky's starry vault overhead, and simply listen to the great silence around her. -Michael Ende

I was interested in opera and it seemed to me that the only possible theatre for contemporary opera would be television. So I started working towards a kind of television kind of opera. -Robert Ashley

I didn't think that a career in theater was very realistic so I thought the only thing I could make money doing and still be somewhat artistic was, god help me, advertising. -Liev Schreiber

In the heat of the Russian summer a sleeping car is the most horrible instrument of martyrdom imaginable. -Manfred von Richthofen

When I used to do musical theatre, my dad refused to come backstage. He never wanted to see the props up close or the sets up close. He didn't want to see the magic. -Nia Vardalos

Well, the way things are going, aside from wheat and auto parts, America's biggest export is now the Oscar. -Billy Crystal

The last thing in the world I should have done was go into the theater because was inordinately shy as a young man. I couldn't open my mouth. At a party, I was the one stuck up against the wall. I was embarrassed about talking. I felt that I couldn't talk well. -Gale Gordon

I think anybody who has been in the theater, prefers it. Television is a… factory. You turn out things on a revolving assembly line. You don't have time to perfect anything in television. -Gale Gordon

My first interest was always music, and somehow that channelled itself into films and acting. I don't know what the natural transition of it was. I mean I acted a little bit when I was young and like any kid would in a community theatre. -Andy Garcia

I first got involved in theater in 1968, at the height of a social tumult. I was a poet. -August Wilson

As soon as white folks say a play's good, the theater is jammed with blacks and whites. -August Wilson

I read and watch movies. I can't go to the movie theater much anymore, though, because I get recognized. It's worse sometimes if I wear a costume and try not to get recognized. I watch most of my films on airplanes. -Ayumi Hamasaki

In the middle 1940s… I heard everyone live. Painting, the theater; everything was happening. It was an exciting time when New York was the place to be. -Bill Dixon

I think people who sample are cheating. It is like people who do collages. Use all of your own stuff. -Bill Dixon

Amplifying acoustic instruments more than a little is really cheating, and everything becomes a compromise. -Richard Thompson

There are all sorts of reasons why I don't do much work in the theatre, the main one being that after two performances I feel I've given all I can. I hate repetition, I really do. It's like asking a painter to paint he same picture every day of his life. -Peter Cushing

I was going to be an architect. I graduated with a degree in architecture and I had a scholarship to go back to Princeton and get my Masters in architecture. I'd done theatricals in college, but I'd done them because it was fun. -James Stewart

I like the ephemeral thing about theatre, every performance is like a ghost – it's there and then it's gone. -Maggie Smith

The theatre fulfills, whereas the cinema is empty. -Marie Trintignant

At early previews, the theater gossips are there, wishing you ill every night. They don't grant you any slack. Agents are in from Hollywood. Your friends are there. People who are going to spread the word-of-mouth. If something doesn't work, everyone will know. -Peter Stone

Is it possible that my people live in such awful conditions? I tell you, Mr Wheatley, that if I had to live in conditions like that I would be a revolutionary myself. -King George V

The oldest form of theater is the dinner table. It's got five or six people, new show every night, same players. Good ensemble; the people have worked together a lot. -Michael J. Fox

In restoring man from evil sovereignty, we must cheat. -Sun Myung Moon

One of the things I love about theater, one of the reasons I'll never give it up, is that it's fifty percent the audience's responsibility. -William Petersen

Most of my career up until the last couple of years has basically been a training ground for me. Actors that came up in the '50s and '60s, they had the theater, and television was in its infancy. -Thomas Jane

The Washington black community was able to succeed beyond his wildest dreams. I mean, we had our own newspapers, our own restaurants, our own theaters, our own small shops, our own clubs, our own Masonic lodges. -Ed Smith

If I'm in theatre, cinema doesn't even cross my mind. Similarly when I'm making a film, theatre doesn't cross my mind. -John Hurt

It's important to move the theatre into the 21st Century. -David Soul

One of my beliefs is that there are certain institutions within a community which stand for the spirit and heart of that community, there's the church, the local football team, the local pub and the theatre. -David Soul

If these theatres didn't exist, the tradition of British theatre would cease to exist. -David Soul

The Academy Awards ceremony is designed to be without irony, but Chris Rock supplied it anyway with filmed movie-theater interviews with black men and women who had never heard of the movies nominated for Best Picture. -Suzanne Fields

The old studios that mass-produced dreams are gone with the wind, just like the old downtown theaters that were the temples of the dreams. -Suzanne Fields

Keep up you conjugal love in constant heat and vigor. -Richard Baxter

If you don't quit, and don't cheat, and don't run home when trouble arrives, you can only win. -Shelley Long

It's a whole different kind of anxiety. But the great thing about doing a theatre job is that once the ball starts rolling you just have to go with it, it's inexorable. -Emily Watson

I come from a TV background, so for me this more like doing a freeing theatre piece because we'd go into a room and do the scene, instead of doing it as a wide shot, medium shot, and close up with only the odd line of dialogue. -Jennifer Sky

I did a little theatre work after that and the following year I got another part in a television series. Then it was almost to the end of the year before I got more work. That was coming to terms with the reality of the vocation I had chosen. -Karl Urban

I loved living and breathing theatre so much that I decided I had to find a way to bring my desire to act and my ability to support myself together. I'd run through the possibilities in Washington, so that meant moving to New York. -Karen Allen

I had never done any theater in high school, which actually worked to my benefit. I didn't develop any bad habits. -David James Elliott

I was obsessed with romance. When I was in high school, I saw 'Doctor Zhivago' every day from the day it opened until the day it left the theater. -John Hughes

I directed before I was even in television; I directed in the theatre for seven years, so that was my trade anyway. But in the UK, I've given up any hope of being considered a director. -Mel Smith

When I was twenty-two it was a lot harder to get hurt by women. It was easier for me to, you know, cheat on a girlfriend. I can't lie like that anymore. -Matt Dillon

Fifteen years before I became a screen actor, I was in the theatre. A lot of my work was comedy, which I loved doing. It's harder. -Ben Kingsley

I think the cinema you like has more to do with silence, and the theater you like has more to do with language. -Ben Kingsley

I could feel it in my bones, how I missed the heat of my country and the love of my family. -Tony Perez

Grandma cheated whenever she could. She cheated because it was a much more scientific and surer way of winning than trusting to luck. -Allan Sherman

I'm looking for one of two things and sometimes they dovetail: I'm looking to go into a theatre and see a certain kind of show. And if it's not there, I'd like to do it myself so it would be there. -Hal Price

He's a TV producer, a theatrical impresario, and he wants to be treated as Mr. Windsor but when the going gets rough he wants to be treated like a member of the Royal Family. -Andrew Morton

I am not a demon. I am a lizard, a shark, a heat-seeking panther. I want to be Bob Denver on acid playing the accordion. -Nicolas Cage

Performance art can involve the audience with taste, smell and sounds not available with electronic media and not practical with conventional theater. This is due to the usually small audience. -Jack Bowman

All good performance pieces have some philosophical validity. That's the difference between mere theater and performance art. -Jack Bowman

We talk about theatre museums filled with old costumes and things. What we also need is a theatre museum of the old routines on videotape. We are only the custodians of those techniques, and they should be preserved. -Jim Dale

A career in the theatre demands so much commitment. -Jim Dale

The entrance into Jerusalem has all the elements of the theatre of the absurd: the poor king; truth comes riding on a donkey; symbolic actions – even parading without a permit! -David Kirk

We are suffocated by writers who want to enlighten us with their truths. For me, the theatre is beautiful because it is a secret, and secrets seduce us, we all want to share secrets. -Howard Barker

I am so far as I am aware not at all influenced by dramatists, expect for Shakespeare, who I have to say, it is impossible not to be influenced by if you hold language to be the major element of theatre. -Howard Barker

When I write, I am not giving a lecture, I am speculating on behavior. Sometimes this is dangerous, but it should be. As I say often, theatre is a dark place and we should keep the light out of it. -Howard Barker

I submit all my plays to the National Theatre for rejection. To assure myself I am seeing clearly. -Howard Barker

If we allow the consideration of heathen morality and heathen religion to absolve us from the duty of preaching the gospel we are really deposing Christ from His throne in our own souls. -Roland Allen

This is very clever. They have created a system to cheat. -Charles Davenport

With acting, it was really more of a general kind of experience of really just loving being in the theater. -Marisa Tomei

I am really not of the school of naturalism. I like style, and you can use more style in theater than in film roles. I love to sink my teeth into a part. -Marisa Tomei

I have so much respect for people in the theater. You can't do 10 or 15 takes. It's all live. It's like life in motion. -Sean Combs

I was as happy doing theater in New York for little or no money as I am now doing television for more money. The happiness, I guess, comes out of it being a good job. The success has to do with the fact that it's a good job that will continue. -David Hyde Pierce

Independence I have long considered as the grand blessing of life, the basis of every virtue; and independence I will ever secure by contracting my wants, though I were to live on a barren heath. -Mary Wollstonecraft

A man that ain't willin' to cheat for a poke don't want it bad enough. -Larry McMurtry

You can't go around the theatres handing out cards saying, 'It isn't my fault'. You go onto the next one. -Preston Sturges

I need to run every day. If I don't I feel cheated. -Joan Van Ark

I've directed enough in the theatre and a couple of films to know that – to feel fairly secure that if I find a story that I really like I can probably get it done somewhat. -Gary Sinise

I started a theater called Steppenwolf. We've been very supportive of the veterans there. -Gary Sinise

Mere heathen morality, and not Jesus Christ, is preached in most of our churches. -George Whitefield

Movies are a complicated collision of literature, theatre, music and all the visual arts. -Yahoo Serious

Acting must be scaled down for the screen. A drawing room is a lot smaller than a theatre auditorium. -Arthur Lowe

In the theatre, the actor is given immediate feedback. -Charles Keating

I had such extraordinary breaks from the moment I entered the theater. -Dorothy McGuire

Theater dates very quickly. -Fiona Shaw

There was no professional theater in Cork, but still I did a lot of performing. -Fiona Shaw

Theater is dangerously open to repetition. It's exciting when you hit on a new way. -Fiona Shaw

I take the theater seriously in that I loathe it, I'm bored by it. -Fiona Shaw

I'd also like to do a play. I've never done theater, and constantly changing and refining a performance is something I'd like to do, even though it may sound like work to some people – and it probably is work. -Nastassja Kinski

To me, theater is the mecca; if you really love to act, that's where it's the most fun, by a long shot. -Scott Caan

I decided at age 9, but I was reinforced at age 13 when a teacher told me I had talent. I can't say she really motivated me because I already knew. I knew I had talent. I went to the Jewish community theater and got in plays there. Then I went for the movies.' -Richard Dreyfuss

We don't make movies for critics. I've done four movies; there's millions upon millions upon millions of people who've paid to see them. Somebody likes them. My greatest joy is to sit anonymously in a dark theater and watch it with an audience, a paying audience. -Michael Bay

I realize I'm a very lucky man. I love what I do, I love films, TV and theater, and the fact that I'm able to make a living at it staggers me. -Eric Stoltz

I never thought of myself in comedy at all… I loved going to the theatre and seeing people wearing beautiful clothes come down the staircase and start to dance. -Imogene Coca

Because of the power of television, I was visible to everybody all over the world. But there are many things in the theater that are more fulfilling and that I look forward to doing more. But really, I love it all: theater, film, television. -Charlotte Rae

I never let politics get personal. You can have the most intense, heated debate on issues, and so long as you keep it on issues, you can go out and have coffee afterwards and you're good friends. -Phil Crane

I need to go someplace faraway that doesn't have telephones and doesn't have a record player and doesn't have movie theaters and people walking down the street in order to not do anything. -Will Oldham

I'm trying to bring a new generation into the musical theater and to create a new audience. -Jerry Herman

I don't want the kind of theater that I love and grew up seeing to die out. -Jerry Herman

Well, when I think of steroids I think of an image. You have the advantage over someone, which is a form of cheating. I guess it wouldn't be right unless it was legal for everybody. Reason it's not legal for everybody is because it can hurt people seriously. -Evander Holyfield

Every week it's another opportunity to really make that work and figure out how to make it work better. And I love that it's like theater, too, and the audience, and it's so short. It's only 20 minutes. It's like a haiku or something. -Joan Cusack

I'm working on a snow scene right now, and it's summer. It's hot, and I will get chilly. I'll have to turn on the heat. My wife walks in, and it's 95 degrees in the studio. I know it's nutty, but it's a projection you have where you step into the painting. -Thomas Kinkade

In the theater, it's about taking time in a musical segment, a pause in a musical way and then moving on. -Marcia Gay Harden

In theater, you have a rehearsal period and you know just who to be. -Marcia Gay Harden

Actors get pigeonholed very quickly, particularly movie actors. In the theater, one is more used to casting people against type and trusting that their talent and skill will get them through. -Sam Mendes

I think movies are a director's medium in the end. Theater is the actor's medium. Theater is fast, and enjoyable, and truly rewarding. I believe in great live performance. -Sam Mendes

Now I'm back home, living in London, running my theater. I just want to enjoy all that. -Sam Mendes

Words can sometimes be used to confuse, but it's up to the practitioners of the study of language to apply them for good and not for evil. It is just like fire; fire can heat your house or burn it down. -Frank Luntz

I have never seen a game's graphics look so sharp and clean. The sound design for the game is also unique on the Xbox. The memory on this system allowed us to provide the user with 5.1 Dolby surround sound for home theatre owners. -Don Bluth

Cheating on a quiz show? That's sort of like plagiarizing a comic strip. -Paul Scofield

I went to the Glasgow Youth Theatre and they just let me in. But I was so shy that I was there for about six weeks without actually introducing myself. -Bill Forsyth

I think every actor should go back and do theater periodically. -Chad Lowe

I believe that the story is the most important element of any medium whether it's theater, film, TV. -Chad Lowe

Musical theatre is something I'm familiar with, I've been doing that. -David Naughton

Whether it was working on theatre sets or stage lighting, I didn't realize most all of the skills I was exposed to were going to come in handy later on when I became a designer. -Douglas Wilson

Black Books adheres to a more old fashioned, traditional sitcom format, which I think works, because in its own way, it's quite theatrical. -Dylan Moran

Now, when I started my theater, the modus operandi was having the actors stare right into the audience. -Richard Foreman

I'm there to make a kind of theatrical music that is desperately missing in my life. And if other people don't like it, I'm very unhappy, but I can't do anything about that. -Richard Foreman

If I wasn't in the theater, I would be a hermit. -Richard Foreman

As I told you, from the time I was fifteen, I thought the theater was too much involved with actors trying to make the audience love them, being over emotional. -Richard Foreman

Inside I never said I wanted to do theatre or be an actor. -Sebastian Bach

Console game publishing has become more like theatrical release film-making and it is very hard if you are not one of the major publishers, and even for them it is hard unless they are working with major game brands. -Trip Hawkins

As a working actor, all I want to do is work. That's it. It's terrifying when you don't work. It's very hard when you don't work. There have been times when I've been out of work for like six months. I feel theatre to me is like manna. -Sandra Oh

Theatre sports is the best improv training period. -Wayne Brady

There is a lot of interest in the arts, music, theatre, filmmaking, engineering, architecture and software design. I think we have now transitioned the modern-day version of the entrepreneur into the creative economy. -John Baldacci

People know that they're going to see something which is entertaining but challenging as well because of the form it's in. It's dance theatre and it requires you to use your imagination – it's not straight forward. -Matthew Bourne

First of all, my persuasion is what really breeds violence is political differences. But because religion serves as the soul of community, it gets drawn into the fracas and turns up the heat. -Huston Smith

The first perk of theater is the girls. -James Spader

I really would rather have gone to New York, since all my training had been in theater, but I didn't have the guts to go there alone. I knew only one person in New York, and that was a man. What I needed was a woman. That's the way Southern girls thought. -Louise Fletcher

Live television drama was like live theater, because you moved without thinking about the camera. It followed you around. In film you have to be more aware of what the camera is doing. -Louise Fletcher

I am musical and I enjoy theatre, but I never wanted to just do theatre. I always wanted to go into film. I love film. I loved growing up in the theatre, but I always wanted to do film all along. But, I still pursue music separately. -Sabrina Lloyd

I come from a traditional theater background. -Mark Ruffalo

Do theater. Because you'll develop a craft that you'll always have. It'll give you a chance to really learn how to act and you won't go into the world with a few measly tricks that will only carry you so far. -Mark Ruffalo

Actually, my favourite roles have been in theatre, but on TV, my faves were Slap Maxwell and Larry Sanders. -Megan Gallagher

My dream is to eventually open a children's theatre. -Moira Kelly

Thirty years ago dinner theatre used to be much more of a going concern than it is now. -Ted Shackelford

Theater to me is acting but it's more real on film. -Ted Shackelford

With my background, I came out of the theater. -Joe Morton

I love doing movies but I loved doing theatre just as much. -Joe Morton

Film and television is just a different technique in terms of how to approach the camera but basically the job is the same; but what you learn as a craft in theater, you can then learn to translate that into any mediums. -Joe Morton

I am extraordinarily lucky, I was born in a family of strong moral values, and in my life I was able to do what I liked best: debuts, great theatres, but above all, inner and deep satisfaction. -Jose Carreras

I spent 10 years in New York doing theater. -Kristen Johnston

I've always just gone with the best role, and I don't care if it's in theater, film or television. -Kristen Johnston

I did theater at Carnegie, and in Pittsburgh and New York. -Laura San Giacomo

I can't do theatre in the US,' she says, 'because I don't have a green card. -Jacqueline McKenzie

By obtaining a sense of its place in the unfolding drama of life, set in an ecological theatre, so we can understand why it has become one of the leading players. -Simon Conway Morris

I'm definitely nervous and excited. I feel like I've been playing off-Broadway, not to say that Boston doesn't have a great theatre district or great theatre, but it's not going to Broadway; it's just a different city. -Todd English

Fundamentally, whether directing in the theatre or a film, you have to be a good storyteller, regardless of the form. The thing I had to work hardest at was thinking in shots. -John Crowley

Like Afghanistan before it, Iraq is only one theater in a regional war. We were attacked by a network of terrorist organizations supported by several countries, of whom the most important were Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. -Michael Ledeen

I have a cheat-sheet for each one of my characters about their personality, the way they look, etc. So there is no possible way that I could have writer's block. -R. L. Stine

There's nothing like a good cheating song to make me want to run home to be with my wife. -Steven Curtis Chapman

Well I'm not much of a singer. But it's been a really nice time to do film, television, theater and have it all happening at once. That wasn't planned but it just happens. -Peter Krause

NC-17 means that you get it in like 3 theaters. They won't run the spots on MTV, won't run the advertising. It's the kiss of death so there was really no other choice. -Rob Zombie

I remember, especially like when I was in high school, going to see like Dawn of the Dead and it was like mayhem in the theater and you could barely even watch the movie. It was so fun. -Rob Zombie

My dad had a movie theater so I was there every night. -Brion James

When I entered college, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. My advisor happened to be from the theater department, and he encouraged me to take some classes there, which I did. -David Selby

It's really hard to say how long the show will last and will continue. I hope it lasts for a very long time. As long as kids watch it, anyway. But beyond this, sure, I would love to be doing film. I'd love to be doing more theater and perhaps even writing. -Steve Burns

I think film likes me better than the theatre does for some reason. -Miranda Otto

I want to do theater and I am looking forward to doing more Television and Movies. I also want to direct some plays in theater workshops for people with disabilities. -Chris Burke

I love making people laugh. It's an addiction and it's probably dysfunctional, but I am addicted to it and there's no greater pleasure for me than sitting in a theater and feeling a lot of people losing control of themselves. -Jay Roach

This empire, unlike any other in the history of the world, has been built primarily through economic manipulation, through cheating, through fraud, through seducing people into our way of life, through the economic hit men. I was very much a part of that. -John Perkins

I had a brief theater background and loved the backstage world there's more backstage work in television, so I saw a job advertised and applied, and got it. That was back in 1977, when getting jobs was easy. -Lee Child

Fire is the origin of stone. By working the stone with heat, I am returning it to its source. -Andy Goldsworthy

I soon realised that what had happened on a small scale cannot necessarily be repeated on a larger scale. The stones were so big that the amount of heat required was prohibitively expensive and wasteful. -Andy Goldsworthy

I'm cautious about using fire. It can become theatrical. I am interested in the heat, not the flames. -Andy Goldsworthy

The difference between a theatre with and without an audience is enormous. There is a palpable, critical energy created by the presence of the audience. -Andy Goldsworthy

I grew up in Washington, D.C. But also loving the theater. -Frank Rich

I'm always struck by the kids who turn up in New York and LA, and places in between. Chicago. Wanting to do theater, wanting to do independent film. Wanting to break into television or radio. -Frank Rich

I am drawn to writing and directing as it is most like the feeling I had when I was a teenager with my puppet theatre. You are more in control of everything and involved in every aspect of production, so more challenged and fulfilled. -Richard E. Grant

It's exciting to do something like this because usually what happens in theater is that, after the first or second reading of a play, it falls apart completely and the rehearsal process is such that you begin to pick up the pieces and put it back together again. -Treat Williams

The wonderful thing about Food for Thought is that it lets you keep your hand in theater and be in front of a live audience without a commitment of six months, or even three months. -Treat Williams

Also, if you're in a TV show that does turn out to be very successful, you then can do whatever you want to do in theater for a very long time. -Treat Williams

I jump at any chance to go back into theater. -Taye Diggs

Yes, it is a rehearsed show, yes, it was analogy of going to see a play at the theatre, where everything has to be in place and whole things, everything being works, all works together to get the best effect you know it's more like an actor learning a part. -John Deacon

If you look at the timing of many of the Greek dramas from the theatrical point of view, it's all off, and I think the reason for that is that music played a very important part. -John Eaton

I'm trying to do the kind of projects that I want to see in the theatre. -Nicholas Lea

This led to the discovery that long chain fatty acids would remarkably stabilize serum albumin to heat denaturation, and would even reverse the denaturation by heat or concentrated urea solutions. -Paul D. Boyer

My childhood home backed onto wheat and cotton fields. -Robert B. Laughlin

I had an interest, for as long as I could remember, in theater. -Antoinette Perry

When I owned the theater, I had the Glen Miller Orchestra. I had 20 girls singing and dancing. I had a cast of characters. It was a big group production, as well as ushers, ticket takers. -Bobby Vinton

What's even more unsettling is the way these people hide what they're doing from the public. They strip the labels off miracle wheat when they ship it, for instance, and say, 'Watch out. Don't plant too much and don't depend on it too much.' -David R. Brower

I get to the theatre in plenty of time; I prepare my shoes in advance; I eat and drink the right things at the right time. The rest you have to leave to luck! -Deborah Bull

My first thought was always a cigarette. It still is, but I haven't cheated. -Frederik Pohl

I feel that David took a risk with me. I have a sense that by starting off in the theatre and going off to do films you are seen to sell out in some way. I don't hold truck with that, but you can't stop people from feeling it. -Julia Ormond

My husband came up to Hot Rocks to check up on me, why is still unknown to me because if I was to cheat on him it wouldn't be in a neighborhood bar where he knows I am. -Kim Mathers

As soon as I read that, it clicked: that's my theater of war. It was exciting to think that I could write about World War Two from a totally new place. -Michael Chabon

That was a surprise. I just had wished that Wil Wheaton was there. He was missing from the last show and it would have been nice if everyone could have been there. -Denise Crosby

Now a movie goes out to two, three thousand theaters and by Friday night at 10 o'clock they know if you are in or out. That desperate competition is, I think, horrendous. It's awful. -Mark Rydell

They would have been very let down if they had to leave the theater and he had missed. He would feel badly. Everyone would feel badly. But he never let them down. -James Randi

We can guess that the unacceptable conduct of the soldiers at Abu Ghraib resulted in part from the dangerous state of affairs on the ground in a theater of war. -John Yoo

I'm a perfectionist. I'm not going to cheat the people. -Dick Dale

A few years later, my Uncle David took me to the Earle Theatre to hear Duke Ellington. -David Amram

Normally our season is seven weeks in the Drama Theatre and four weeks in the Opera Theater. -Graeme Murphy

It's street theater. You have to make it entertaining so people don't get bored and walk away. -Jason Statham

People who are interested in the arts and theater are such a minority. -Carol Kane

My family is very theatrical. -Debra Wilson

I got into theatre very early, so yes I was surrounded by gay people quite early and frequently. -Judith Light

I happen to love working in cinema, but the theater is always there… you know, and I would never shut the door on it. Even though it's been quite a bit of time since I've done a play, last one was in New York. -Michael York

Every time I listened to Lux Radio Theatre, I wanted to vomit. -Dick York

I joined Tommy Dorsey at the Paramount Theater in New York as a singer. I replaced Frank Sinatra. -Ken Curtis

I am both proud and honored to be on the Board of Directors for the Texas Ballet Theater. -Janine Turner

My college degree was in theater. But the real reason, if I have any success in that milieu, so to speak, is because I spent a lot of years directing, I spent a lot of years behind the camera. -Alton Brown

My first book is really about heat. That book, for me, was an exploration of heat as ingredient. Why we don't talk about heat as an ingredient, I don't quite understand, because it is the common ingredient to all cooking processes. -Alton Brown

Recipe writers hate to write about heat. They despise it. Because there aren't proper words for communicating what should be done with it. -Alton Brown

Last year, I made a refrigerator in my basement. And I needed to because I needed to figure how – you know there is no such thing as 'cold.' There is only less heat. -Alton Brown

We didn't have a drill so he would burn the holes through the wood with a metal rod that he heated up in a fire. Can you imagine an ordinary crew doing that? -Marc Singer

My parents certainly didn't have anything to do with the theater. I'm some kind of accident. -Alan Rickman

You learn more discipline in the theatre than you do in movies or TV. You're on stage every night and you have to sustain your energy level tor several hours. -Blythe Danner

My favorite venues are the 2,000 seat theaters, like the Warfield. If there was a Warfield in every city, I would play it. That's all I would do. I love venues like that. -Les Claypool

Theaters are great. They're designed to sound good, not for basketball. -Les Claypool

So I've done my fair share of theater. I have also been very fortunate in that I've been able to come to New York two or three times a year just to see as many shows as possible. I think the live theater culture here is incredible. -Neil Patrick Harris

Once you get into your stride, the camera becomes like another person in the room. It's like being in a very small theatre where there is no getting away with anything because the audience is centimetres away from you. -Saffron Burrows

My mother is an actress, and she used to drag me from theater to theater and reading to reading. -Alicia Keys

But, you see, the theatre is not always art in America. -Beatrice Wood

I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, really in suburbia, so my mother was in community theatre plays. -Beth Henley

I tried to start a theatre in LA and failed miserably, but I was probably not meant to raise money. -Beth Henley

Then I went off to Southern Methodist University in Dallas. They had a really wonderful theatre department. -Beth Henley

At the turn of the century theatre does not have to be prescriptive. -Edward Bond

First there was the theatre of people and animals, then of people and the devil. Now we need the theatre of people and people. -Edward Bond

I don't think it's the job of theatre at the moment to provide political propaganda; that would be simplistic. We have to explore our situation further before we will understand it. -Edward Bond

I think there is no world without theatre. -Edward Bond

In the end I think theatre has only one subject: justice. -Edward Bond

Now, drama is quite useful at helping us to understand what our position is and, conversely, we might then understand why our theatre is being destroyed. -Edward Bond

The theatre, our theatre, comes from the Greeks. -Edward Bond

I think the same way about theatre, you go out there and you are creating a world for a moment that can actually have a real impact on people, present some kind of story that gives you something to think about when you walk away, feeling enriched – if it works out well. -Jeffrey Jones

I've gotten to go wonderful places, meet interesting and intelligent people, and I started of course in the theatre and continue to work in the theatre where there is some intelligence involved in it. -Jeffrey Jones

This outfit called Los Angeles Theatre Works does readings of plays. -Jeffrey Jones

Another night, I dreamed I saw my father sweeping out the barn floor clean, and would not suffer the wheat to be brought in the barn. He appeared to me to be in anger. -Joanna Southcott

Steroids are for guys who want to cheat opponents. -Lawrence Taylor

In fact, one was so booked out we went from March and were to go till November, but the pantomime was booked so they transferred the show to the Prince of Wales Theatre because it was so packed out, and it ran on from there. -Norman Wisdom

Serial killers are everywhere! Well, perhaps not in our neighborhood, but on our television screens, at the movie theatres, and in rows and rows of books at our local Borders or Barnes and Noble Booksellers. -Pat Brown

Here we grow the flax and grain; here we raise the meat they eat, and the wool to keep them warm; we cut trees to build their houses and firewood to heat their stoves. -Ernest Poole

I love using gas grills because they are easier to heat and it's much easier to control the flames with a gas grill than with a charcoal fire. Grilling is not just about lighting a fire. -Bobby Flay

Two packed houses. I guess the theater sat 2,700 people every night so it was an amazing experience. -Blair Underwood

The hope is they would like to bring it to Broadway next year, so we'll see that's to come in the end of the finance year and everybody else and also real estate and what theaters are available at the time but I would like to come back with it. -Blair Underwood

When I doing dinner theater in high school, I was talking to a woman who had been in the business for a while and I said I want to act, that's all I want to do with my life and she said if you're serious then you need to hone every discipline you can. -Blair Underwood

I'm doing 5000 seat theaters and audiences are going nuts, it's fantastic and it makes me very happy. I'm dirty, but not like this; I just do comedy that I find funny. I'm working on a new tv show for cable and it's not set up yet. -Bob Saget

They were totally supportive, always saw everything I did. One of the thrills of my life was when they went to the theater to see something that I wasn't in. It opened doors for them that otherwise would have been totally closed. -Derek Jacobi

Sir Larry could be very strict and a disciplinarian, too. He had many faces; he wore many hats. But, ultimately, he loved the theater and he loved actors. -Derek Jacobi

Cary Grant was wonderful to work with on stage. He would move downstage, so that as he looked at me the audience had to look at me, too. He knew a lot about the theater and how to move around. He was very secure. -Fay Wray

I just love the hours of the theatre, I love the way it operates. I always say that when you're doing a play it's like getting a shot of B12, and when you do television for a long series you need a shot of B12. -Gavin MacLeod

This is a group effort. This is group theatre. This is no big star turn. You could do things with it to do that but it would just be out of kilter. This is one reason I like this play. This is a unit. -Gavin MacLeod

All TV can do is capture the spirit of a book because the medium is so utterly different. But I'm very grateful for the readers that Masterpiece Theatre has undoubtedly brought me. -Joanna Trollope

I think it's one of my favourite theatres ever, so quirky and wonderful and steeped in history. The space is wonderful and the acoustics are brilliant. -Louise Jameson

Since we started, Chris and I had theatrical ambitions. -Neil Tennant

When we did concerts, we wanted them to be theatrical events – collaborations with designers, choreographers, and directors – because we thought traditional rock concerts were boring. -Neil Tennant

We thought it would be great to see if you could put pop music back into musical theater. -Neil Tennant

At one time musical theater, particularly in the '40s and '50s, was a big source of pop songs. That's how musical theater started, really – it was just a way of linking several pop songs for the stage. -Neil Tennant

I like going to New York. I like the galleries and the theatre and the restaurants and bars and music. I think that city is more alive than Los Angeles. -Sara Gilbert

There are a few directors around who I have some excitement about spending my $7 at the theatre watching their movies. -Sean Penn

Many of the Universities have very good Theatre Departments these days. -Tony Randall

Everyone town of 100,000 in the United States should have a Classical Theater supported by the town, or the state of the county, or the Federal Government, as they have in every civilized country. -Tony Randall

I never achieved my first goal in the National Actors Theatre, which is to have a permanent Acting Company. -Tony Randall

I would have started the National Actors Theatre 30 years earlier. -Tony Randall

The real thing is, you should be seeing these plays in the Theatre. That's what they were written for. That's where the enjoyment is. Studying them is no enjoyment whatsoever. -Tony Randall

No, I knew when I was doing theater in New York that this was what I was supposed to be doing. -Vincent D'Onofrio

I'd like to be for cinema what Shakespeare was for theatre, Marx for politics and Freud for psychology: someone after whom nothing is as it used to be. -Rainer Werner Fassbinder

I came out of repertory theater, where I worked 50 weeks a year, and I loved working with the people. -Rene Auberjonois

At this point we've answered about every question you could possibly imagine about Deep Space Nine, so we do this thing called Theatrical Jazz, where we do a show of bits and pieces of things from plays and literature, poetry… stuff that we like. It's fun. -Rene Auberjonois

And so I've always been fascinated by the technical end of theater, and a lot of my closest friends are not actors, but in the other end of the business. -Rene Auberjonois

If I have to, I'll go and direct theater and talk till the cows come home. -Ridley Scott

Working on a film, you don't get time to develop rivalries, but the theatre is like a little village, and the differences between me, Lionel and Georgia grew. -Ron Moody

People wear shorts to the Broadway theater. There should be a law against that. -Stanley Tucci

We went to see all the shows. American musical theater and jazz were very big. -Carly Simon

I believe in things that move people, if the audience isn't deeply caught up and moved to either laughter or tears then I don't think it is theater. -Estelle Parsons

In theater, the wellspring of the character comes from the doing of it, like a trial by fire, but in front of an audience. -Estelle Parsons

At this point the theater America is in such a precarious place. -Estelle Parsons

We all need to go to good theater; that is what I believe will save it. -Estelle Parsons

All of the generations go to what is chic for them, and theater seems to be an older generation's art form. -Estelle Parsons

Don't forget the prices are so high in theater; it isn't really where a young person can go on a date and buy two tickets and take someone out anymore. -Estelle Parsons

Getting work in theater has always been sort of cyclical. -Estelle Parsons

I like time off because I also have a life outside of theater. -Estelle Parsons

The corn law was intended to keep wheat at the price of 80s. the quarter; it is now under 40s. the quarter. -John Bright

I always wondered if you clone your wife and have the cloned wife on the moon and the real wife down here, would that be considered cheating? -Luis Guzman

Socrates didn't care to visit the theater, as a rule, except when the plays of Euripides (which some think, he himself had helped to compose), were performed. -Moses Mendelssohn

In spite of holidays when I was free to visit London theatres and explore the countryside, I spent four very miserable years as a colonial at an English school. -Patrick White

I had a feeling it was gonna work out because not only did I enjoy the music and hit it off with the guys, but I was into theatrical rock and was willing to wear makeup and do anything to make it. -Ace Frehley

I still think of myself as a stage actor. When I do film and television I try to implement what I was taught to do in theatre, to try to stretch into characters that are far from myself. -Tony Shalhoub

I was mostly interested in it as a theatrical film. Personally, I am not so interested in television, simply because I don't watch television myself. I'm into movies. -Bille August

I wanted to make Jerusalem as feature film. But we couldn't finance it only through theatrical release, we couldn't get all the money we needed. We had to get some money from television. So we said, ok, let's do it both ways. So we did it in four parts. -Bille August

He considers the theatrical version of Fanny and Alexander an amputated version of what his original film was, and he doesn't really like the shorter film. -Bille August

Well, I've always thought that my career was in England, really. I used to do more in the theatre, and I felt that I should be there. It's not far is it? It's amazing the way that special FX have taken a quantum leap in what they're capable of doing. -Albert Finney

We started combining the use of light and the use of theatrics and the use of as many art forms as possible, and it's still growing – that's the whole idea of it. -Alice Cooper

I've always found it not only easy, but enjoyable. It's necessary for us to reach out and I'm speaking for myself here. I certainly have a sense of responsibility to reach out to these people in the theatre who might look to someone like me for some guidance. -Harvey Keitel

Then I heard this genius teacher Stella Adler – I recommend you read anything you might find about her and if you have anyone interested in theatre, you get them one of her books. -Harvey Keitel

I think I'm a better actress for having friends and interests outside the theatre. I wouldn't want to live my life surrounded by other actors all the time. -Penelope Keith

I did a play called Throne of Straw when I was 11, at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles. It became really clear to me at that point that I enjoyed acting more than any other experience I was having. -Kiefer Sutherland

You know, this isn't theatre like it used to be. -Katherine Dunham

We have a group of friends of the museum who try to raise, if they can, periodically something to help us. Of course, the main thing about a building like this is its upkeep. It needs central heating and it needs central air conditioning. -Katherine Dunham

What theatre started to look at much earlier than any other form was the internal operations of ordinary people, sometimes using mythic models in order to tell the story. -Pete Townshend

Early British pop was helped tremendously by the writing of Bob Dylan who had proved you could write about political and quite controversial subjects. Certainly what we did followed on from what was happening with the angry young men in the theatre. -Pete Townshend

What I took back, because of my exposure to the Jewish music of the 30s and the 40s in my upbringing with my father, was that kind of theatrical songwriting. It was always a part of my character. This desire to make people laugh. -Pete Townshend

What I'm trying to do is find either existing properties or come up with properties or angles or stories which will create music drama. It's my obsession and most of all I would like to remain working in theatre. I think it's very much alive. -Pete Townshend

For far too long, America has been without a comprehensive energy plan, and today consumers are paying the price – literally – at the pump and in their heating bills. -Chris Chocola

I started off in a small theatre performance company and worked my way into commercials. -Devon Sawa

The Cube can seem alive as it heats up in your hand. The fact that each face of the Cube is made of three layers of three blocks has an important meaning. -Erno Rubik

Soon I worked during twelve years in theater works of the prestigious Theatre National Populaire. It was the best time of my life, the most difficult, the most interesting, the most exciting. -Maurice Jarre

Hundreds and hundreds of the dead were so badly burned in the terrific heat generated by the bomb that it was not even possible to tell whether they were men or women, old or young. -Wilfred Burchett

Of thousands of others, nearer the centre of the explosion, there was no trace. They vanished. The theory in Hiroshima is that the atomic heat was so great that they burned instantly to ashes – except that there were no ashes. -Wilfred Burchett

The perfection in theater is that it's over the second it's done. -William Hurt

I guess we've had a very close relationship because I don't pretend to know about cinema and I think I do know a bit about theatre but he does, he respected that and so we really just had a collaboration which went completely like this. -Andrew Lloyd Webber

I knew nothing about film at all. I suppose the biggest surprise is all these things. In the theatre we sort of do, I might do two or three key interviews and that would be it. -Andrew Lloyd Webber

I think that the wonderful advantage we have in the film of being able to cast a girl as young as Emmy and which we couldn't do in the theatre of course because no girl of 16 or 17 could sing 8 shows a week, couldn't sing two. -Andrew Lloyd Webber

It must have been an extraordinary time. I guess the worrying thing about musical theatre to me, is if you look at the London season this year, mine is actually the only one to have come in. -Andrew Lloyd Webber

Well the least favourite question is the one that one's asked particularly about in Japan is what's the difference between theatre and cinema and I think, well, that's about eighty bucks. -Andrew Lloyd Webber

People come to the theatre to be excited and uplifted – I want to inspire my audience. -Edward Hall

Theatre is about people, not buildings. Incalculable damage has been done to the expert talent a company needs – from wardrobe to lighting technicians. -Edward Hall

I had one of the best days of my life. I spent the afternoon with my two kids and my ex-wife at Serendipity. Then I came to the theater, and you know, I think I did the play the best I've ever done it. -Gabriel Byrne

And it was out in the theaters in two weeks. This is not, 'We're going to develop twenty-five and maybe one's going to get made,' so the first three things I wrote got up on the screen and, good, bad or indifferent, I got to see them on their feet. -John Sayles

I did loads of student films and fringe theatre. I worked for free a lot. -Christopher Parker

That's one of the great things about DVD: In addition to reaching people who didn't catch the movie in theaters, you get to have this interaction of sorts. -Harold Ramis

We were tremendously encouraged by the testing of Analyze That. Audiences loved it. They were telling us that they liked it as much as the original. We recorded the laughs in the theater. -Harold Ramis

I really loved Twin Peaks. When I saw the two-hour pilot, they screened it in the big theatre. I said, I don't know what is going to happen. I'm in this and I don't understand it. This is never going to sell. Who's going to watch this thing? -Sherilyn Fenn

You say a line and you wait for them to laugh, then you say another line and you wait… It felt weird to me. But it's interesting and the energy is almost like theatre, I suppose, with all the people there. -Sherilyn Fenn

The story of my very first sale is the fact that I dreamed up a foolproof paper to cheat an insurance company out of several hundred thousand dollars. -Theodore Sturgeon

I started out to be a painter and was born into the theater. -Vincente Minnelli

I had given up the theater and everything propelled me into entertainment. And I didn't resist it. -Vincente Minnelli

I did a theatrical musical, Annie Warbucks, when I was 11. We did a tour and we stopped by Los Angeles. -Christina Milian

I've done a lot of costume drama and theatre – the National Theatre and In fact, most of my work at the theatre, at the National Theatre anyway, was period. -Brenda Blethyn

It's a real leveller, you know, to do theatre at least once every two years. -Brenda Blethyn

Everyone the world over talks about British actors and British talent and I think that's because we were trained – until now – in theatre. -Brenda Blethyn

When I left drama school, there were dozens of rep theatres you could apply to where you got a good training. -Brenda Blethyn

I hate that people think going to the theatre is a special occasion. I wish people would treat it as normally as going to the cinema. -Brenda Blethyn

I've made six films since I made Secrets and Lies but I still live in London and I'd love to do theater. -Brenda Blethyn

I'm hoping that word-of-mouth on the film – people seeing it and liking it – that that will drive more people to the theaters, because I haven't seen the billboards or the posters or anything. -Craig McCracken

With a theatre audience there's always the additional sense of a sustained challenge of which I'm acutely aware and for which you need to have the tools ready – your voice, physicality, brain. -Greta Scacchi

Theatre is a sacred space for actors. You are responsible; you are in the driving-seat. -Greta Scacchi

I'm a heathen when it comes to marriage. -Greta Scacchi

The costermongers' boys will, I am informed, cheat their employers, but they do not steal from them. -Henry Mayhew

I was very interested in theatre, mostly in stage design. I did a little bit of acting. -Jim Henson

At the University of Maryland, my first year I started off planning to major in art because I was interested in theatre design, stage design or television design. -Jim Henson

Mystery Science Theater is really a postmodern show, it's really derived of many influences. -Joel Hodgson

Well, really the way worked was that I had probably built fifty robots before Mystery Science Theater, and I had sold them in a store in Minneapolis in a store called Props, which was kind of a high end gift shop. -Joel Hodgson

A lot of the shows that really become hit shows are often demonstrated, like Mystery Science Theater. -Joel Hodgson

I was trained as a neurologist, and then I went into the theater, and if you're brought up to think of yourself as a biological scientist of some sort, pretty well everything else seems frivolous by comparison. -Jonathan Miller

Between parts I was too old for and roles that were too overwhelming, out of reach then for my voice. I carved out a niche with the Wagnerian repertoire since I am attracted by its theatrical intensity. -Placido Domingo

The atmosphere of the theater is my oxygen. -Placido Domingo

At times as a performer they segregated us in some of theatres. -Cab Calloway

They pulled Resurrection out of the theatres, so it was running in New York and I was nominated for the Oscar and there was no ad in the newspapers to say it was running. So it was literally killed. -Ellen Burstyn

I see only defects because I'm not following the scene as it were. I'm not following the other person. It's like the best thing to clarify this is the theater. -Omar Sharif

I don't think it's the job of filmmakers to give anybody answers. I do think, though, that a good film makes you ask questions of yourself as you leave the theatre. -Paul Haggis

I don't know why his lawyers didn't tell him, 'You don't have to answer any questions about your private life, Mr. President. Let them sue you. Take the heat. You don't have to answer.' -Chris Matthews

I always thought that it was every performer's dream. That's the epitome of being an artist, being able to express song, dance and acting in a live theatre setting and really connecting with an audience on that level. -Deborah Cox

It's really a grand old, legendary theatre where the spirits of like Judy Garland and all these great performers have been. The clubs are way more underground. -Deborah Cox

The club shows are really intense and powerful, but for a shorter time, and the audiences are in close proximity than when I'm performing at The Palace Theatre. -Deborah Cox

Where every moment is about truth and I think it's a great challenge every night. That's what really drove me to wanting to do theatre, and it's great. -Deborah Cox

Do some work in the theater if you can. It is the best training you can get. -Juliet Mills

To do theater you need to block off a hunk of time. -George Takei

Toward the end of school I started watching movies. Got a job in a movie theater in Brookline, Massachusetts. -Jim McKay

I want people to feel the heat while they walk down the street and they're just kickin' it. -Missy Elliott

Revenge is a way of life and definitely some thing that we identify with. We all feel cheated in some way about some thing and how nice it would be to do something about it. I mean ultimately it's not the most Christian of sentiments. -Radha Mitchell

There is an intimacy about the Opry Theater that gives an entertainer a special charge. -Charley Pride

I think film and television are really a director's medium, whereas theatre is the actor's medium. -Christopher Eccleston

I think theatre is by far the most rewarding experience for an actor. You get 4 weeks to rehearse your character and then at 7:30 pm you start acting and nobody stops you, acting with your entire soul. -Christopher Eccleston

Rather than disliking theatre, I've expressed a preference for television because it tends to deal in its small way much more with issues and is able to reach a broader church of people than theatre. -Christopher Eccleston

The money is better in films and television. But in terms of acting, theatre is more rewarding. -Christopher Eccleston

Theatre is expensive to go to. I certainly felt when I was growing up that theatre wasn't for us. Theatre still has that stigma to it. A lot of people feel intimidated and underrepresented in theatre. -Christopher Eccleston

Judi Dench and Ian McKellen taught me how to work hard and respect the theatre. -Francesca Annis

Thirty years ago, we were in a movie theater and thought it was so cool because we were finally delivered from the horrors of stained glass and wooden pews. -Bill Hybels

More than anything, people want the reality of the discussion at hand. If what is going on in that building is the real thing, if the transforming love and power of Jesus Christ is being experienced, you can sit on a metal folding chair or in a plush theater seat. -Bill Hybels

The word theatre comes from the Greeks. It means the seeing place. It is the place people come to see the truth about life and the social situation. -Stella Adler

The theatre is a spiritual and social X-ray of its time. -Stella Adler

The theatre was created to tell people the truth about life and the social situation. -Stella Adler

We should have done more damage to the Iraqi forces before they withdrew from the Kuwaiti theater. -Les Aspin

Before we had the kids, my husband and I were traveling a lot and working and really enjoying our lives and each other. We both love the theater and books and travel and so we were really having a lot of fun. -Patricia Heaton

And I started as a journalism major at Ohio State, ended up in theater and I love to read. -Patricia Heaton

What I'd really like to do is do a film or two a year and then do theater in New York the rest of the year. -Piper Perabo

No, my step-daughter just opened a theatre school for children, I have another daughter who works in the record industry and another who is going back to collage and I have two little ones at home. -Rosanne Cash

I want to make movies that people talk about when they leave the theater, that aren't clear-cut, but effective and fulfilling in some sense. -Ryan Phillippe

In some European theaters, it's still not uncommon to have a late start and three LONG intermissions, because people actually eat and drink and converse during the intermissions. -Joe Bob Briggs

Faith is like a kernel of wheat. -Joe Bob Briggs

I don't think there has been any increase in sophistication in the audience. When people are aware of a concept that's easy to understand, and there's an actor who will attract them to the theater and it's a movie that's funny three-quarters of the time, it will be successful. -David Zucker

I'm not photographing the model in the classic sense; the model is playing a part in my photographs. It's more like theater. I always work with models I know, and I let them participate in deciding how to act their part. -Kim Weston

Kerri and I met at theatre camp when were 16 years old, which is pretty lame. The rest of us met when we founded the State at New York University in 1988. Most of our adult lives have been spent bickering with these people. -Thomas Lennon

I like doing theaters. I like being up close and personal with the fans. It's really cool. -Ruben Studdard

I worked in rep for six years, then I came to London and to the National Theatre. What's better than that? -Imelda Staunton

When I first started acting, I started in opera and had a great desire to play grand, tragic characters. I got sidetracked in musical theater and ended up doing a lot of comedy. -Leslie Easterbrook

Nearly all of our existing power sources are generators which use a heat cycle. This includes our coal, oil, and gas fired utilities, our automobiles, trucks, and trains, and even our nuclear fission utility power plants. -Wilson Greatbatch

When you buy a gallon of gas, over 60 percent of the energy you pay for goes out the radiator in the form of waste heat? That's why you have a radiator in your car in the first place. -Wilson Greatbatch

The only way to ensure a film is going to sell is put Will Smith in it and you open it in 3,000 theaters and make sure we have all the top promotional spots in each venue. -Omar Epps

I like the theatre because you paint with broad strokes. To me the theatre is stretching its definition really far. -Ajay Naidu

I've always tried to not let movie, television or theatre be all that my life is about. I've always tried to get involved in the community or my family now I have kids. -David Morse

As much as we love playing the small clubs, we'd really like to get ourselves in front of a larger audience. I'm not talking about arenas or anything, but nice theaters and larger clubs. -Chris Frantz

Being out in that heat for two weeks definitely drains your energy. -Cobi Jones

Even though I was theatrically trained, learning to develop a character was an awesome experience. -Corin Nemec

I've been doing my big theater projects, which take years, and writing a song here and there. -David Friedman

The play is on top of me all the time, and I am constantly thinking about it. Even when I leave the theatre, I'll mumble the lines to myself or think about the way the character walks or holds himself. -Donald Pleasence

Doing that, then doing a lot of theater, which I love. Doing guest stars, did two independent films that are going around to all these festivals. Both of them are going to be at the Lake Tahoe Film Festival. -Austin Peck

Ever since I got on Days I've been doing theater. -Austin Peck

I did a play I think my first six months on the show, called Bullpen. Then I got involved with Theater Forty and did this play called Plastic which is about two male models coming to a casting call. -Austin Peck

I think any actor would agree that you can't replace theater. It's immediate. You have the energy of the crowd and every single night it's different. -Austin Peck

Buckwheat may be planted later than any similar crop, and often does well on old meadows or waste land that can be broken after the more exacting crops are planted. -David F. Houston

The ease with which barley may be substituted directly for wheat in human food and its usefulness to replace wheat milling by-products as feed in the production of the milk supply render its abundant production important. -David F. Houston

What this loss means will be appreciated from the statement that one bushel of wheat contains sufficient energy to support the average working man for 15 days. -David F. Houston

I had done a lot of plays, particularly at my own theater in LA, and it was the first time in my theatrical life where I didn't feel that my role was also to keep everybody else working hard. -Gregory Harrison

In musical theater you have to be very big and very animated, while film and television are more toned down. -Kevin Richardson

I met my wife Anne who was a sociology student, and her influence together with activities associated with the student movement of the time opened up my interests amongst other things into the theatre, art, music, politics and philosophy. -Paul Nurse

I had met a young lady who wanted to be in the theater. It was Judy Holliday. She had somehow fallen down the steps of the Village Vanguard, which still exists today. -Adolph Green

You have to transmit to them what it's like being in the theater. And it has to come from somewhere inside you and not by being like what somebody did last year. -Adolph Green

Lost In Space fans are going to get organized, because we'll see them showing up in all the theatres. -Mark Goddard

I grew up in the theater and danced ballet atrociously. -Maureen O'Hara

I tell my children to avoid theatre and go into cinema and TV. -Peter O'Toole

You come in off the street, through the doors of the theater. You sit down. The lights go down and the curtain goes up. And you're in another world. -Robert Caro

Film actors reach a certain level, but they don't get beyond it unless they work in the theater. -Shirley Knight

I moved to LA and decided to do films and television, mainly because the theater in New York is totally dead. -Shirley Knight

My goal was not to be famous or rich but to be good at what I did. And that required going to New York and studying and working in the theater. -Shirley Knight

I'll be going to the granddaddy of the Los Angeles theaters. -Michael Ritchie

The trick is to have my own particular taste and feel for the theater to audiences who have been used to one particular style and taste for nearly 40 years. -Michael Ritchie

I had no training in the theater. I did not study it but just did it. -Michael Ritchie

Suddenly we saw that you could do plays about real life, and people had been doing them for some time, but they weren't always getting to the audiences. They were performed in little, tiny, theatres. -Timothy West

There was no real fringe theatre in London until way after the war, so either a play was done secretly with a club licence or it was done openly and had to be assessed along with everything else. -Timothy West

In 1968 the Arts Council managed to get a grant from the treasury to buy up a lot of derelict touring theatres and put them back in the hands of the local authorities. -Timothy West

The newly decorated theatres produced things like car parks and restaurants, so you could have a good night out, quite cheaply without all that bother of having to go somewhere else. -Timothy West

And to Shakespeare I owe my vision of the world as a theater, wherein all humans are acting out their parts. -James Broughton

Dance, vaudeville, drama, movies – as a child I loved everything that went on in a theater. -James Broughton

I had a toy theater and a magic lantern, and when I was eight I built a stage for theatricals in the attic. -James Broughton

Work in the theater sharpened my verse and my cinema. -James Broughton

The award is important in order to bring people to the movie theater. That's the only principle meaning of any award. -Javier Bardem

But I loved the theatre and I was just doing theatre 24/7 and kept dropping courses because I didn't have the time and the chancellor thought that wasn't a good idea after awhile. -Mandy Patinkin

We did a different show every night. We'd open a show, and then two weeks later we'd open the next show. And two weeks later we'd open the third show until we had all eight running. And it was just one of the richest experiences I'd ever had in my theatrical life. -Mandy Patinkin

Sondheim is the Shakespeare of the musical theater world. -Mandy Patinkin

I'm theater trained. -Steve Zahn

You know what you are getting into, but being out in that heat for two weeks definitely drains your energy. -Cobi Jones

I couldn't feel good about myself hanging out in Armani clothes when my girlfriend can't even pay her heating bill. I'd feel foul and I'd be embarrassed. -Shirley Manson

A concert is not a live rendition of our album. It's a theatrica! event. -Freddie Mercury

I never had any classes or went to theatre school like a lot of actors, so all of my training has been on stage with different directors. That was a pretty good school room. -James Denton

I think theatre helped, only because it was acting experience. I got to work with a lot of directors. -James Denton

The difference – the fundamental difference between theater acting and film acting is that film acting is disjunctive. -James Lipton

In contrast, the control you have in a theatre is very attractive to me. -Judi Dench

The Lord Chamberlin was censoring scripts when I first came into the theater. -Judi Dench

The theater is the thing I love doing most. -Judi Dench

We have to make some radical move to get the attention of everyone. Cheaters can't win and steroids has put us in the position that it's OK to cheat. -Lou Brock

I fell in love with theater there, and after graduation I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. -Olivia Wilde

I wasn't hanging around the movie theaters in New York where I grew up, a Manhattan brat. -Peter Bart

I was inspired by a lot of people when I was young. Every band that came through town, to the theater, or the dance hall. I was at every dance, every night club, listened to every band that came through, because in those days we didn't have MTV, we didn't have television. -Quincy Jones

I got tackled once in a movie theater. I was with my mom and brother, and then suddenly I got hit from behind and sort of sprawled out on the candy counter. -Scott Wolf

I am a nationalist… my native soil is the theatre. -Cyril Cusack

I love the theatre and theatre people. -Cyril Cusack

Theatre has no national identity. It is something for the world, whether it is Irish, English, or French. -Cyril Cusack

To maintain one's individuality, integrity, and true personality in the theatre is a big task. -Cyril Cusack

Theater is not to make a living, so I don't have the money pressure. -Dianne Wiest

In the theatrical works we love and admire the most, the ending of the drama generally takes place offstage. -Gustav Mahler

I don't like sitting around in my dressing room very much. It feels a lot like theater. -Jill Clayburgh

I can pay my rent now. I guess I could always do that, but now I can get an apartment with heat. -Kevin Eubanks

In a theater, the part is mine and I can control it as I want to. In the movies, I don't have direct contact, and I am fighting technical machinery. -Max von Sydow

In this country, you have movie actors and theatre actors and television actors. -Max von Sydow

These days, you can do a TV series for five years and all of a sudden be on top of the business. Features don't even run in theaters very long anymore before going right to television. -Tom Berenger

I am a leader. Leaders always get heat. They're always going against the grain. Jimi Hendrix got heat; Bob Marley got heat; Miles Davis got heat. Every great artist got heat. Heat means you're doing something right. -Ziggy Marley

Theatre is more exciting in the sense that you can actually see the audience in the eye. You know there are no takes and retakes. You have one chance to do your job… and you better do it well! -Christine Lahti

Most Americans would agree that Plowshares is a Theatre of the Absurd. -Daniel Berrigan

I might be doing a lot more theater, which is kind of what I love, but there's simply no time for. -Erika Slezak

These rough sketches, which are born in an instant in the heat of inspiration, express the idea of their author in a few strokes, while on the other hand too much effort and diligence sometimes saps the vitality and powers of those who never know when to leave off. -Giorgio Vasari

I stuck with that size because I could bend the strings so well, and somewhere along the line I must have gotten it into my mind that I had small hands, so I was thinking I'd never be able to play a full-scale guitar, but I also felt like I was cheating or cutting corners. -John Fogerty

My father's parents were carpenters. They were also builders partly. They were painters. And several of them were very, active in the theatre and all such nonsense, you know. -Josef Albers

Movies are not scripts – movies are films; they're not books, they're not the theatre. -Nicolas Roeg

The great difference between screen acting and theatre acting is that screen acting is about reacting – 75% of the time, great screen actors are great reactors. -Nicolas Roeg

Television has some lovely aspects to it – and some ghastly aspects – but the theater itself was a wonderful invention. -Patrick Macnee

I gave my life to the Group Theatre, because in it I'm building something for myself. What I build, I am. -Elia Kazan

Despite a large body of work in films, TV, theatre and concerts, I am viewed by many as a Jewish artist. I do not resent the label, except for the fact that I disapprove of labels in general. -Theodore Bikel

I directed a piece of theater in Italy. We took nine fables from the town and we created a play. -Vincent Schiavelli

It's all false pressure; you put the heat on yourself, you get it from the networks and record companies and movie studios. You put more pressure on yourself to make everything that much harder. -John Belushi

Except here it's more power, more energy, younger and also in Europe it's still not only entertainment. Theater or films are looked at as a moral institution. That's why maybe they're so poetic. Here it's clear entertainment. -Maximilian Schell

Unfortunately I put the opening date on the 5th of December 1941 and on the 7th of December the Japanese bombarded Pearl Harbour. My dream of a theater in Washington D.C. came to a prompt end. -Leon Askin

The interest of my mother was more in the entertainment field. She loved to go to concerts and to the theatre. -Leon Askin

But I think theatre in a repressive society is an immensely exciting event and theatre in a luxurious old, affluent old society like ours is an entertaining event. -Janet Suzman

I write for an audience that likes what I like, reads what I read, thinks about the things I think about. In many ways, this puts me in opposition to the people who go to the theater generally. -Eric Bogosian

And, I may add, from what totally unexpected sources come many of those who from the comparatively modest beginning in the chorus rise to the heights of really great achievement in the theatrical profession. -Florenz Ziegfeld

As I had collaborated with visual artists before whether on installations, on performance pieces, in the context of theatre works and as I had taught for a time in art colleges the idea of writing music in response to painting was not alien. -Gavin Bryars

But heat can also be produced by the friction of liquids, in which there could be no question of changes in structure, or of the liberation of latent heat. -Hermann von Helmholtz

The older view of the nature of heat was that it is a substance, very fine and imponderable indeed, but indestructible, and unchangeable in quantity, which is an essential fundamental property of all matter. -Hermann von Helmholtz

What appeared to the earlier physicists to be the constant quantity of heat is nothing more than the whole motive power of the motion of heat, which remains constant so long as it is not transformed into other forms of work, or results afresh from them. -Hermann von Helmholtz

Also watching a movie on DVD is different than watching it in the theater. -Ivan Reitman

Now why should the cinema follow the forms of theater and painting rather than the methodology of language, which allows wholly new concepts of ideas to arise from the combination of two concrete denotations of two concrete objects? -Sergei Eisenstein

But theater, because of its nature, both text, images, multimedia effects, has a wider base of communication with an audience. That's why I call it the most social of the various art forms. -Wole Soyinka

There's a kind of dynamic quality about theater and that dynamic quality expresses itself in relation to, first of all, the environment in which it's being staged; then the audience, the nature of the audience, the quality of the audience. -Wole Soyinka

There's something about the theater which makes my fingertips tingle. -Wole Soyinka

Well, first of all I'll say that I come alive best in theater. -Wole Soyinka

Characterization is integral to the theatrical experience. -Robert Ludlum

A theatre receives recognition through its initiative, which is indispensable for first-rate performances. -Franz Liszt

I had been a kid that moved so much, I didn't have a lot of friends. Theater really represented camaraderie. -Francis Ford Coppola

I had an older brother who was very interested in literature, so I had an early exposure to literature, and and theater. My father sometimes would work in musical comedies. -Francis Ford Coppola

After years in white theaters I dreaded working in colored houses. The noise, the stomping, whistling, and cheering that hadn't annoyed me when I was young was now something I dreaded. -Ethel Waters

There's such a thing as theater discipline. One player doesn't appropriate another's inventions. -Ethel Merman

I've made a wonderful living playing that theatrical character – the professional brassy dame. -Ethel Merman

I attend surprisingly few shows. The type of theater that is popular today just doesn't appeal to me. -Ethel Merman

In my freshman year in high school, I went to the only public high school in Boston with a theatre program. -Donnie Wahlberg

As filmmakers, we can show where a person's mind goes, as opposed to theater, which is more to sit back and watch it. -Darren Aronofsky

I studied at the Budapest Academy of Theatrical Arts for four years and emerged with a degree. -Bela Lugosi

Circumstances made me the theatrical personality I am, which many people believe is also a part of my personal life. -Bela Lugosi

There is something about New York City that in and of itself is so theatrical hat I use to think… I use to feel when I walked out of my apartment on the way to school or anywhere that I was walking out on stage. -Dabney Coleman

Eating coals of fire has always been one of the sensational feats of the Fire Kings, as it is quite generally known that charcoal burns with an extremely intense heat. -Harry Houdini

I made theater very important in the beginning of my career. -Marcello Mastroianni

Theater actors like to change character roles. They don't like to always do the same thing. -Marcello Mastroianni

The people among which I lived – and yet live, mainly – made their living from cotton, wheat, cattle, oil, with the usual percentage of business men and professional men. -Robert E. Howard

As long as my pictures go into theaters and we ask people to pay to see what I do on the screen, I should not object if customers want to know what kind of man I am. -Alan Ladd

Sheer flattery got me into the theater. Flattery always works with me, particularly the flattery of women. -Carroll O'Connor

I wouldn't say anything I ever did in film would be something I'd use the word proud about. I've done better work in the theater. -John Malkovich

I'm supposed to be a pretty good theater actor. -John Malkovich

A theater is being given over to market forces, which means that a whole generation that should be able to do theater as well as see it is being completely deprived. -Vanessa Redgrave

Theater and poetry were what helped people stay alive and want to go on living. -Vanessa Redgrave

I think any classical training in the theatre is of enormous value. -Vivien Leigh

When I come into the theatre I get a sense of security. I love an audience. I love people, and I act because I like trying to give pleasure to people. -Vivien Leigh

The question was heatedly debated of how much Western culture should be brought into China. -Chen-Ning Yang

There's something about doing theatre in London – it sinks a little bit deeper into your soul as an actor. It's something about the tradition of theatre, about performing on the West End stage. -Christian Slater

As a child I was taken to the pantomime or the theatre and I would always, always fall in love with somebody on the stage. And want to have sex with them. -Ewan McGregor

From there I did a one year theatre acting course in Fife, and then three years of drama school in London. -Ewan McGregor

I've had three novels published, and I was working a little bit in theater in Ireland. I wrote one film script just to see what it would turn out like. -Neil Jordan

Thank God for the theater. -Raul Julia

Then I left school at 16 and worked in Perth Repertory Theatre, which was quite nearby where I lived. And I worked there for about six or seven months, as part of the stage crew. -Ewan McGregor

In TV, and in particular in commercials, you don't really need to explain very much at all – you just say he's a spy and he's a little bit theatrical and overblown and smug and he's not very good at his job. -Rowan Atkinson

I figured as I got older, the good roles for women would be in the theatre. So 15 years ago I started building a Broadway career to try and develop the chops to be accepted as a great theatrical actress. -Kathleen Turner

I've always loved film more than theater. -Laura Dern

I don't think he cheated on me. During the marriage, I think he was there. -Marla Maples

Anybody that goes to the theater, I think we're all misfits, so we ended up on stage or in the audience. -Patti LuPone

The theater is a tough place. It's not cushioned the way it is in film and television. -Patti LuPone

When the cinematograph first made its appearance, we were told that the days of the ordinary theatre were numbered. -Ivor Novello

I think, by and large, the level of acting is mediocre. When I go to the theatre, I get so angry. I don't go. -Uta Hagen

TV is like theater. You can't enjoy it without a program. -Walter Annenberg

David Bowie and Boy George created a safely contained theatrical expression of gay style. -Lance Loud

Theatre demands different muscles and different aspects of one's personality. -Victor Garber

You can only do so much theatre. -Victor Garber

I had all the normal interests – I played basketball and I headed the school paper. But I also developed very early a great love for music and literature and the theater. -Carlisle Floyd

If an American audience is given a serious musical theater piece that is well produced, dramatically gripping and wonderfully acted, they'll respond to it. -Carlisle Floyd

With In the Company of Men, the misogynist label stuck early and firmly. In the end, it probably did hurt the film a bit, because getting women into the theaters was difficult. -Neil LaBute

Anyone who's tried to pay a heating bill, fill a prescription, or simply buy groceries knows all too well that the current minimum wage does not cut the mustard. -Sherrod Brown

Once in awhile, there's stuff that makes me say, That's what theatre's about. It has to be a human event on the stage, and that doesn't happen very often. -Uta Hagen

There is an atmosphere about the picture theatre that speaks of entertainment and relaxation. The charming surroundings, good music, and the fact that each visitor is determined to enjoy a few hours of holiday all exert an influence on the mind. -Ivor Novello

Thousands of Ohio families are going deeper and deeper in debt just trying to pay their heating bills, fill prescriptions, and buy groceries. The current minimum wage is simply not enough. -Sherrod Brown

It's communication – that's what theatre is all about. -Chita Rivera

Theatre is immediate gratification. -Chita Rivera

You take a plug and put it in a socket, and that's what the theatre is-it lights up right away. You speak, and they respond immediately. -Chita Rivera

Others are keen to see if natives other than us live better than we do, without heat in pipes, ice in boxes, sunshine in bulbs, music on disks, or images gliding over a pale screen. -Ella Maillart

I was probably never going to get to do the kind of things dramatically that I really wanted to do, so I returned to theater from time to time, and to write, and produce. It's by no means sour grapes. -Larry Hovis

Characters are an extreme form in Shakespeare's theater. -Michael Tippett

I am married to the theater, and the films are only my mistress. -Oskar Werner

The original Mickey Mouse Club, established in the '30s, was designed to attract children to movie theaters. -Annette Funicello

I was never any good in the school theatrical productions. I always got a role like the March Hare. -Jacqueline Bisset

This film business, perhaps more so in America than in Europe, has always been about young sexuality. It's not true of theatre, but in America, film audiences are young. It's not an intellectual cinema in America. -Jacqueline Bisset

I like simple things. I like to sneak in the theatre and watch movies. I'm a movie buff. -Justin Timberlake

I have ambitions to do a Broadway record one of these days and get in the studio with like, a real orchestra. I'm a big musical theatre geek. -Mandy Moore

Movies are getting more and more expensive to distribute. You need a lot of money to get people into theaters. -Robin Tunney

I'm doing a play, a musical. The musical follows the Mamma Mia concept. It's my first LA theater project. -Tatyana Ali

Our supporters can send the message that it's wrong for politically connected corporations to make millions while people doing an honest day's work are being cheated out of an honest day's pay. -Morris Dees

You get used to being lazy doing films, but classical theatre's going to finish me off. -Michael Gambon

I am a theatre actor, but the last ten years I've taken parts in movies because it keeps me in money. -Michael Gambon

We used to play in a theater club in London called The King's Head. When the theater let nut, around 10:00 P.M., we'd be ready to go and really get it on for about an hour or so. -Mark Knopfler

I've grown this mustache which saves me from having to glue on one every day in the heat. -Keith Carradine

You know, when we were kids, we had to go to a theater to see a movie. And then television came in and you had to wait until midnight to see the one you wanted to see. Now, all you've got to do is go to a store and buy it and you can watch it whenever you want! -John Zorn

It's a blast to watch. It's a lot more interesting live than it is on record. I mean, it really is a theatrical event. It's a sporting event! Cause you never know what's gonna happen. -John Zorn

It might be thematic work. It might be theatrical. I enjoy that kind of work. -John Sebastian

I showed my mom the movie then I told her the movie got bought and that it was gonna be shown in theatres and be on video. Everyone was really psyched about it. Everyone in my little town of hounds started to call me movie star. -Jason Mewes

All of a sudden Kevin told me that the movie got bought and was gonna be shown in a movie theatre. I was shocked. I was psyched. It was just weird. -Jason Mewes

People aren't just paying more to fill their gas tanks or when they pay for their heating bills for their home; they are paying more at the grocery store, on air travel and for many other daily expenses. -Dan Lipinski

And when these advances are made, hydrogen can fill critical energy needs beyond transportation. Hydrogen can also be used to heat and generate electricity for our homes. The future possibilities of this energy source are enormous. -Dan Lipinski

Oh, I was completely hooked on movies and plays and theater from the time I was a day old – I was very, very early on in love with movies and I loved plays. -Bob Balaban

I'm from Chicago, my family started a chain of movie theaters in Chicago that were around for 70 years and then one of them became the head of Paramount and the other was the head of production at MGM and we all came out of Chicago. -Bob Balaban

I mean, the whole idea of movies was it was special to go to see – you went to a movie theater to see something that was magical and amazing, in a very special location. -Bob Balaban

I go a lot to see young people downtown in little theaters. It's great. If you start somebody's career, it's so exciting. -Mikhail Baryshnikov

My real training as an actor was when I started doing theatre. -Steve Buscemi

I'm from the theater. I never wanted to be a star. -Sherry Stringfield

Kids now are so used to surround sound and the power in theater speakers, that the concert hall is a disappointment to them. -David Ogden Stiers

Live theater to me is much more free than the movies or television. -Eartha Kitt

Musicals are, by nature, theatrical, meaning poetic, meaning having to move the audience's imagination and create a suspension of disbelief, by which I mean there's no fourth wall. -Stephen Sondheim

All the best performers bring to their role something more, something different than what the author put on paper. That's what makes theatre live. That's why it persists. -Stephen Sondheim

I firmly believe lyrics have to breathe and give the audience's ear a chance to understand what's going on. Particularly in the theater, where you have costume, story, acting, orchestra. -Stephen Sondheim

When you end a successful sitcom, the most sensible thing to do is go back to the theater. -John Lithgow

Look at the darkest hit musicals – Cabaret, West Side Story, Carousel – they are exuberant experiences. They send you out of the theater filled with music. -John Lithgow

I'd like to do some more classical work if I do some more theatre. -Sarah Sutton

I do still like television very much, but the theatre does really have something special about it. -Sarah Sutton

I'm obviously very keen on the theater and I think it's inevitable that some of the orchestral and chamber pieces have got dramatic elements which might even suggest an unspecified dramatic plot of some kind or other, even though it's not in my mind at the time. -Peter Maxwell Davies

But how odd that in this heathen nation of empty pews, where churches' bare, ruined choirs are converted into luxury loft living, a Labour government – yes, a Labour government – is deliberately creating a huge expansion of faith schools. -Polly Toynbee

The talent that I was blessed with was really for the theater. -David Hasselhoff

Playing in front of an audience was just such a turn-on for me, and you have 200 people in the audience and it's like doing live theater. And filming something that goes to millions of people several weeks later, it's an interesting dynamic. -Jenna Elfman

St. Louis is more humid. But after a while, the heat started taking a toll on us, so we started rotating a little more up front trying to stay fresh out here. -Leonard Little

I seemed to belong to three countries: I had an apartment in Paris, a house in Hollywood, and when I married British theater director Peter Hall, I moved to London. -Leslie Caron

I'll eventually go back to theater because the feeling of being on stage where you have the audience right there, you can't replace that with anything. -Sanaa Lathan

When I was in college, all the pretty women were in the theatre, so I auditioned for a play. -Judd Nelson

I love the rehearsal process in the theatre, and the visceral sense of contact and communication with a live audience. -Judd Nelson

Movie theaters still exist in spite of all of the alternatives that are available, video and video-on-demand and DVD and streaming video and all of these things. -Leonard Maltin

I received the most fantastic welcome to the Broadway Theatre community. I walked on stage to tremendous applause and a long standing ovation, wondering when I was ever going to be able to say my first line! -Elaine Paige

Films take up so much time, and with theatre, you do have to plan a period of time that you can be free. -Mike Figgis

I started using film as part of live theatre performance – what used to be called performance art – and I became intrigued by film. -Mike Figgis

I'd be cheating everyone here, the staff and rest of my teammates, if I wasn't able to stay on top of my work. It was almost like therapy, to come back and get in an environment I'm comfortable with. -Roger Clemens

I went on countless auditions. I begged my parents until I finally was allowed to be in a theatrical play when I was 13. It was the most important thing in my life. -Kate Hudson

I do like to be creative and I'm very lucky that I've been given different areas in which I'm able to do that – whether it be film or television or theatre or whatever. I'm also still into music and recording. -Richard O'Brien

I have done every job in the Theatre apart from wardrobe. I was out of work more times than I was in it. -Richard O'Brien

I paid my dues at drama school and worked backstage in every Theatre in London. -Richard O'Brien

I've just taken the decision that I'm going to now go full time back into the theater. -Trevor Nunn

I've never had any feeling of disconnection between the classical theater, or the contemporary theater, or musical theater, or the thing that we call opera. -Trevor Nunn

In the commercial theater, I've been pretty fortunate. The producers that I've worked with have allowed me to define the artistic integrity, the artistic limits of the work. -Trevor Nunn

My parents used to take me to a lot of theatre when I was young. -Lexa Doig

So, through all that early professional career I would occasionally do a musical, a pantomime or a play with songs. The next stop would be a Shakespeare, or an Ibsen, or a play by a brand new writer who had never done anything in the theater before. -Trevor Nunn

The coal industry has helped fuel this Nation for 150 years, and coal can be used to heat our homes, power our economy, and protect our Nation for at least another 150 years if we continue to use it. -Tim Murphy

The theater of the mind is impossible to compete with, and I like the idea that with a few suggestions, each reader forms in his or her own mind what a character or a place looks like. -Jerry B. Jenkins

The thing that I had saved up for myself and wanted most to bring off was a fully fledged professional production of Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Theater in Stratford. -Trevor Nunn

When I was 13 years old, a professional theater company in my town needed a kid actor. I auditioned, and I got the part, so for just a few weeks I became a member of the company and I met some professional actors. -Trevor Nunn

I used to say when I was working in the theater that if I ever had five seasons of a hit TV show I'd never have to worry about money and wouldn't have to do anything I didn't want to do. -Jerry Orbach

Well, we have theatrical parties. It's not me singing. People like to get up and jam on the piano. -Liza Minnelli

No, I'm a theatrical, live performer or a movie performer. -Liza Minnelli

I do think that, for instance, we've been very lucky to have theatrical careers and be associated with Shakespeare which sometimes gives you a kind of bogus kudos. -Kenneth Branagh

Music, art, theater. I'm just a big fan of beauty. -Jerry Hall

I love doing theater so much – being in front of an audience and seeing how a character grows and develops with every performance. -Jerry Hall

I have done a lot of theater. -Jerry Hall

Now in my theater training I showed no aptitude at all. -Jeremy Irons

I liked the theater. I liked the people. I liked the time that we worked. -Jeremy Irons

An acting assistant stage manager in a theater in Canterbury, a rep theater. A small wage but just enough to get by on, and I made props and I walked on, and I changed scenery, and I realized that I just loved it. -Jeremy Irons

On the last day of our five-day work week, we did two performances and we had an audience. It was similar to theatre; we went from beginning to end, and it was very pleasing. -Jean Stapleton

You weren't going to the theater to change the world, but you had a chance to affect the world, the thinking and the feelings of the world. -James Earl Jones

When I was in New York after I left the Army, I studied for two years at the American Theater Wing, studied acting, which involved dance and fencing and speech classes and history of theater, all that. -James Earl Jones

I was preparing myself for the theater, and… I got a little job here and a job there, but it wasn't going well, and I considered some time before the mid-60s that maybe I should consider something else. -James Earl Jones

I happened to happened to land in a time, in the middle '60s, that without knowing it, and without being told by the history of theater – which we now see from a historical point of view was an explosive time. -James Earl Jones

And Twin Peaks, the Film is the craziest film in the history of cinema. I have no idea what happened, I have no idea what I saw, all I know is that I left the theater floating six feet above the ground. -Jacques Rivette

Ultimately, it has been a struggle- but I was in Minneapolis and Austin a couple of weeks ago, sitting in theaters with complete strangers watching this weird movie that Kirk and I thought up and I was excited to be making film. -Donal Logue

Men are more prone to cheating, definitely. -Blu Cantrell

The difficulty of writing a good theatre play set in new reality was even greater given that the level of similitude to life that is allowed in a film would not work on the stage. -Andrzej Wajda

Television theatre, as is implied in its name, should rely on adaptations of scripts written for the theatre. -Andrzej Wajda

On the one hand, young theatre directors were coming to television theatre, because they wanted to get closer to the cinema, despite having studied and worked for the theatre. -Andrzej Wajda

Nevertheless, in the theatre, and in the cinema, the contemporary reality of Poland has been represented only to a minuscule degree in the last 12 years. -Andrzej Wajda

It was progressively more difficult to find work in the theatre, as well. -Andrzej Wajda

At the same time, television theatre became more visibly active. -Andrzej Wajda

When I was doing theater, I was very successful at believing that I was great, God's gift to the theater. -Morgan Freeman

When I was a teenager, I began to settle into school because I'd discovered the extracurricular activities that interested me: music and theater. -Morgan Freeman

During a trip to Iraq last fall, I visited our theater hospital at Balad Air Force Base and witnessed these skilled medical professionals in action and met the brave soldiers whose lives they saved. -Melissa Bean

I was prepared for the theatre, but not for the nuts and bolts. -Matthew Ashford

Because of my background in theater and radio acting, I knew that I could make a living as an actor. -Casey Kasem

Being a film actor is very different from a theatre actor. -Catherine Deneuve

It was considered that you were stepping down by doing television. I almost turned Cybill down because I so wanted to remain a theater actress. -Christine Baranski

As winter weather settles in around the country, millions of American families are facing skyrocketing home heating prices with even greater impact if cold temperatures persist into the spring. -Russ Carnahan

Theatre is how I first encountered art on any level. -Patrick Marber

It's not enough for me to cover theater, I have to throw myself around every other art form, and do so thoroughly and relentlessly. -Michael Musto

In '75, the year both A Chorus Line and Chicago hit Broadway, my head spun around and I became the ultimate theater queen for life. -Michael Musto

Look, it's a mainstream animated movie, and how often are those considered thought provoking? It's meant to be a great time at the theater, but it's also designed to work on more than one level. -Brad Bird

Nixon regarded himself as having been cheated by life. He never got my vote. -Stephen Ambrose

The theater is where I belonged; I simply wanted to be an actress my whole life. -Loni Anderson

Field of Dreams is the only movie – and I saw it in the theater – on an afternoon when I was on location somewhere, and there were like 12 people in the theater. I was just so devastated; I couldn't get out of my seat. And I sat and watched it a second time. -Paul Reiser

I used to go with my parents and loved it, I was in school plays, and I started reading plays before I started reading novels. I'll defend it to the hilt. When theatre is good it is fabulous. -Patrick Marber

I didn't really have an act per se – a theatrical performance, as opposed to just: here I am, folks, and you're all supposed to be dead quiet while I sing eight or nine songs, then get off the stage. -Mel Torme

Because Chicago was to radio what Hollywood was to films and Broadway was to the theatre: it was the hub of radio. -Mel Torme

The Greeks already understood that there was more interest in portraying an unusual character than a usual character – that is the purpose of films and theatre. -Isabelle Huppert

For me, making films is like being on vacation, it's a nice walk. But theatre is like mountaineering. You never know whether you're going to fall off or make it to the top. -Isabelle Huppert

Firstly I did it in this huge theatre in Avignon, then to smaller places, then bigger places. You have to change the volume of the voice, give more or less. The way you have to relate to space makes it like sculpture. -Isabelle Huppert

But theatre is always a difficult experience. -Isabelle Huppert

I met the Colonel when Elvis was recording some song I'd written for one of his movies. Elvis was just having fun with the gang and all the Memphis boys and Colonel Parker was sitting over here in like a theater seat. -Mac Davis

I started acting when I was 10, doing musical theater. I was a brunette at that time. I was always cast in all the exotic parts. -Loni Anderson

I didn't mind being unpopular at school, because everyone else was a heathen. -Jeanette Winterson

I've enjoyed doing Wolf Blitzer's program, and I even enjoyed having a heated debate with Bill O'Reilly. I will do it any time. -Bianca Jagger

I'm an actor, coming from New York theater. -Skeet Ulrich

It was in New York, and I've always wanted to film in New York. And the writer was a teenage friend of mine. We did youth theatre together when we were 16 and always had a dream of making a film together. And ten years later, we've done it. So it's great. -Rosamund Pike

It's like Branson. When I went to Branson there was only 4 acts in there. Now, you can't count 'em. There's so many theatres now, that only the strong will survive. -Mickey Gilley

I'm set to have my best year ever: I'm hiring some acts and there will be a show in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. I'm going to use my theater to its fullest potential. -Mickey Gilley

Miramax can buy a small independent movie that isn't very good, but because it has great relationships with different theaters, it can get into a big theater. -Marguerite Moreau

I started out doing theater and a soap in New York and that's… sort of what I got stuck in. I was blessed enough to have long runs, and it's sort of hard sometimes then to get out. -Susan Sullivan

They wasn't gonna give you nothin'. I didn't care as long as they let me play my music. Cash on the spot… You cheat me and I'm gonna get me some money, too. -John Lee Hooker

Since you knew they was goin' to cheat you anyway, I recorded under any name with all of 'em. -John Lee Hooker

We can also cut by heat – heat punch. And we also can cut by cold – extreme cold. When you cut with heat, it makes a mark. With cold, no mark. It depends on the fabric. -Issey Miyake

I began thinking I would do musical theater because in high school that was really the only sort of curriculum they had as far as getting onstage and doing anything that anybody would see. So that's what I did. -Gretchen Mol

Well, I go to the theater today, and its curtain – there is no curtain in this play; the lights go down and go up – and we start. And I live this character for two hours. There are only two of us in the play. And It's a complete experience. -Eli Wallach

A lot of the songs start with an image. I was sitting there playing the guitar and I pictured this old, dirty green car, with the window rolled down, in the hot, hot, hot Texas heat, and this beautiful woman I knew when I was a kid sitting behind the wheel, looking out at me. -Edie Brickell

In Hollywood people lie to each other and cheat each other and then go and play tennis. But I don't want to be a tennis player. -David Geffen

I just needed a job. Before being hired as an usher at the CBS Theatre, I didn't even know there was a show business! -David Geffen

Having started out in theatre, I feel an impulse to do it as much as I can. -Cillian Murphy

My plan is to have a theatre in some small town or something and I'll be manager. Ill be the crazy old movie guy. -Quentin Tarantino

I don't mind losing, but I don't like losing to cheats. -Pete Waterman

You can't really describe how difficult it is to deal with. It is any athlete's worst nightmare to be accused of cheating by taking drugs. It really is very difficult to put into words how it makes you feel. -Greg Rusedski

We do a lot of shows for young people who have probably never been to the theater before and they are learning about the Holocaust, which unhappily, many of them do not know about. -Linda Lavin

I prefer theatre but TV keeps you well known. -Richard Briers

We need more theatres, more art and more culture in this country. -Richard Briers

The deaf community is in a favorable position because they have a national theatre and training groups of their own to get them started. Deaf actors have often acquired very valuable skills and experience before they get their break. -Richard Masur

You could be going to have supper with someone who happens to be male, and all of a sudden he is your boyfriend of nine months… and I am cheating on my existing boyfriend. -Caprice Bourret

I grew up wanting to be a writer for theatre. -Christopher Durang

The best theatre I've done, I've done right here in this living room. -Jonathan Frid

I'm constantly watching people. Watching their strengths and weaknesses. I find myself going into theater less and less, let alone horror. I gave that up when I was seven or eight years old. -Jonathan Frid

I use cinematic things in a theatrical way on stage, and in film I use theatrical techniques in a cinematic way. -Julie Taymor

I have directed good actors and have gone through the process which is more detailed in theater in a way. You have to get people to stay for two or three hours in a performance. They need more talk and rehearsal than in films. -Julie Taymor

When I was thinking about The Lion King, I said, we have to do what theater does best. What theater does best is to be abstract and not to do literal reality. -Julie Taymor

Theater is far superior to film in poetry, in abstract poetry. -Julie Taymor

What I don't have in theater is editing. -Julie Taymor

I love the stage, I love the process of acting in theatre, but unfortunately, it doesn't pay the bills. -Kabir Bedi

My mother's side of the family was in the production side of theatre. My grandfather, Jose Vega, was a general manager for Neil Simon shows on Broadway. -Yancy Butler

I love old movies. The '40s theatre pace is fantastic. -Yancy Butler

The theatre only knows what it's doing next week, not like the opera, where they say: What are we going to do in five years' time? A completely different attitude. -Harrison Birtwistle

My operas and my theatre works are very formal pieces. -Harrison Birtwistle

People ask me if I ever feel outside the Hollywood loop, and I never do, because both of us do a lot of theatre, so it's great for New York and it's also half-way between Europe and the west coast, so it's the best of both worlds. -Liam Neeson

And I'm in favor of that because I have a gay son, who's a very successful theater designer. -Robert MacNeil

We were at the Schubert Theater for two years. And we were the first act. -Eydie Gorme

After that, I started going downtown and doing a lot of theater shows in Chicago. When you go downtown there, it's like you're in New York, it's like going to Broadway. -Kel Mitchell

I did a lot of theater in the South side of Chicago. -Kel Mitchell

If you assume that it was a valid experiment, then its disintegration reveals a very substantial part of what has been found since then, including the fact that you can get heat generation at high temperature. -Martin Fleischmann

I love the comradery of doing theatre that you don't get in film. -Andrea Martin

The truth of the matter is I stayed in L.A. raising my children, and when they went to college, I packed my bags along with them and came to New York and looked for parts in the theatre, because that's always what I preferred doing. -Andrea Martin

Part of the plot was a knock that V wanted to bring down the government and bring chaos. I don't know why I thought of Guy Fawkes, because it was during the summer. I thought that would be great if he looked like Guy Fawkes, kind of theatrical. -David Lloyd

I got into my very theatrical phase. I wore only black: a big black hat and wild hair and wild black clothes, and I carried a sword stick. I went there still looking like Miss Florida, and I came back looking very different. -Delta Burke

I was supposed to go to drama school and then go to New York and do theatre. But I grew up on all those fabulous movies and had read all the bold Hollywood books, and I thought I just had to take a look. -Delta Burke

If you're interested or like it, but could be just as happy living in a regular town, having a regular job, maybe doing little theatre, you're better off and you'll be a happier person. This is too gut-wrenching and heartbreaking. -Delta Burke

I hope to continue working in film, television and theatre. -Jeremy Bulloch

I love doing this day, and George was exactly as he's always been, very calm and very gentle, and if I'm in the final cut in the summer theater, I'll be thrilled. If I'm not, well that's the way things go. -Jeremy Bulloch

It's nice because working in England I'm know for working in television and theater when you get a chance to come out, it is quite fun to be out from behind the mask. You need to let people know who you are. -Jeremy Bulloch

I do it because I love acting, I love working, and whether it's radio, television, films, theater, I don't care as long as I can get out there and do it. -Joan Collins

My first day at MGM they decided to bring this lion out, male, and it was not the best time for him to see me. All of a sudden he thought I was in heat and this lion went into the dressing room, which was just a trailer on the sound stage, and went crazy. -Kim Novak

I just loved being in the theatre with all those crazy, creative people. -Kristin Davis

I love theater. -Kristin Davis

I feel that I communicate best when I am not deliberately being linear. Along this same line, I feel some of the best sermons I've ever heard were in the theatre rather than the pulpit – as, for example, in the Theatre of the Absurd. -Malcolm Boyd

And then Dick called and said, I'm going to do a special called Dick Van Dyke and the other woman, that would be you, because every time I try to check into a hotel with my wife, they look at me as though I'm cheating on Laura. -Mary Tyler Moore

I just like the continue doing what I've been doing. A melange of funny, straight drama, television, movies, a little theater here and there wouldn't hurt. So if I can keep doing that, I'll be a very happy person. -Mary Tyler Moore

Because I wanted to have a place that I could create everything that I that I never had as a child. So, you see rides. You see animals. There's a movie theater. -Michael Jackson

I had studied theater for three years in London when someone suggested me for the role. -Orlando Bloom

I'm very resistant to most forms of theater. -Steven Berkoff

The great actors we had came from the actor-manager theaters. Not only did they create a team, they were the generals working with the soldiers. -Steven Berkoff

The mainstream is generally garbage. Look at the heavily subsidized theaters. -Steven Berkoff

I've been nominated twice before as actor in a leading part. Now I'm nominated as actor in a supporting part. If I don't win, I'll just wait until I'm nominated for being in the theater during the show. Do they have one like that? -Alan Alda

We can compare classical chess and rapid chess with theatre and cinema – some actors don't like the latter and prefer to work in the theatre. -Boris Spassky

I feel cheated never being able to know what it's like to get pregnant, carry a child and breast feed. -Dustin Hoffman

I have felt cats rubbing their faces against mine and touching my cheek with claws carefully sheathed. These things, to me, are expressions of love. -James Herriot

I'm preparing for a multimedia theater piece, Airport Music, that's coming up in New York City. -Jessica Hagedorn

Music is very influential to my writing, as are theater and film. -Jessica Hagedorn

Choosing to be in the theatre was a way to put my roots down somewhere with other people. It was a way to choose a new family. -Juliette Binoche

Actually, I didn't like Dartmouth very much, but the whole theater scene I really liked. -Rachel Dratch

I used to stand outside the theater knowing the truant officer was looking for me. I would stand there 'til someone came along and then ask them to buy my ticket. -Moe Howard

It will take very sophisticated marketing to achieve our aim of bringing more black people into the theater. -Alvin Ailey

My experiences in film and theatre in the States have been much more rigorous-in England there's an environment of, Let's try this. -Kim Cattrall

The roles for women in theatre are much better than they are in film. -Kim Cattrall

Theatre can't be done again and again and again and again – it's organic. -Kim Cattrall

A theater person should know what holds an audience and what does not. -Robert Ludlum

If you play the theatrics too much, you get in the way of your own cause. -Al Sharpton

I don't rehearse films as much as opera or theatre. When I began directing films I thought a long rehearsal was a good idea. Experience showed me that the best performance was often left in a rehearsal room. -Bruce Beresford

People who are powerless make an open theater of violence. -Don DeLillo

There's a tradition in British intellectual life of mocking any non-political force that gets involved in politics, especially within the sphere of the arts and the theatre. -Harold Pinter

Writing for the theater, you find yourself living a nocturnal life. -Irwin Shaw

This limited theatrical release was a nice little bonus that I never expected. -Rob Corddry

I've cheated myself: there are other things I could have done to fill out the bouquet of my career. -Robert Urich

New York is not conductive to theater. New York does not encourage its young. It does not encourage experimentation. -Tim Robbins

Yeah, well I've always played comedy. My background is musical comedy theatre and that's really where my training is. As an actor, that's my training. -Christopher Walken

You really, really, really have to love what you are going to do in theater because it is an unmerciful life. It's six days a week. It's eight performances a week. And that's doing the exact same thing over and over and over again. -Harvey Fierstein

Also, if you want to reach people, theatre is not always the best way to do it. -Harvey Fierstein

In the theater, characters have to cut the umbilical cord from the writer and talk in their own voices. -Irwin Shaw

Most of the competition was into bulk popcorn because of the major increases in the Drive-In Theatre Outlets. -Orville Redenbacher

I've worked for 27 years nonstop in theater and films. That's a lot of work. -Armand Assante

Recognition should come to the reporter who uncovers public cheating or proves a convicted man innocent. -Phil Donahue

In athletics there's always been a willingness to cheat if it looks like you're not cheating. I think that's just a quirk of human nature. -Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

I think I want to pursue a movie career and maybe even pursue some theatre. -Katie Holmes

The game of golf doesn't come rushing back to you. Last week I made a couple of fundamental mistakes that I probably wouldn't have made in the heat of the battle back when I was in my heyday, and those things have got to come back. -Greg Norman

You don't cheat anybody out of their experience, whatever it is. -Andre Agassi

Every baseball crowd, like every theatre audience, has its own distinctive attitude and atmosphere. -Bill Veeck

We have women working in the foundries, stripped to the waist, if you please, because of the heat. -Rose Schneiderman

I really miss the rehearsal process of theater. -Kurtwood Smith

Hating the Yankees is as American as pizza pie, unwed mothers, and cheating on your income tax. -Mike Royko

During the past three years spectacular progress has been made in increasing wheat, rice, and maize production in several of the most populous developing countries of southern Asia, where widespread famine appeared inevitable only five years ago. -Norman Borlaug

For, behind the scenes, halfway around the world in Mexico, were two decades of aggressive research on wheat that not only enabled Mexico to become self-sufficient with respect to wheat production but also paved the way to rapid increase in its production in other countries. -Norman Borlaug

My college training was primarily in theatre, with an eye to becoming a director, actor, or producer. -Orson Scott Card

Golf is like solitaire. When you cheat, you only cheat yourself. -Tony Lema

Edinburgh is my favourite city. We'll be doing a lot of children's theatre and galleries. -Carol Ann Duffy

There were wonderful moments when I was singing for the first time in the Olympia Theatre and I was pregnant with my son, which was very, very strange for a singer. -Nana Mouskouri

I still think my whole career was accidental. I didn't pursue it. I feel like I'm cheating sometimes. -Ben E. King

Our job is to make manifest the story, to be it. In a sense, the theatre is such a big star itself, bigger than any Shakespearean actor I could hire, that we should take the opportunity to fill it with voice and verse and movement, not interpretation. -Mark Rylance

I was on a founding members of the Canadian theatre movement in the late 60's till the mid 70's and performed theatre from Halifax to Vancouver and all places in between. -Nick Mancuso

The easiest way to be cheated is to believe yourself to be more cunning than others. -Pierre Charron

My family were broadminded enough to support me when I wanted to pursue a life in the theatre. -Peter Gallagher

I always go back to theatre. It's probably where I'll draw my last breath. -Peter Gallagher

I think theater is powerful. The best experiences I had in the theater are more powerful than the best experiences I had in movies. -William H. Macy

At the School of Visual Arts in New York, you can get your degree in Net art, which is really a fantastic way of thinking of theater in new ways. -Laurie Anderson

I never had any acting heroes. I never really went to the theatre. -Julie Walters

The adrenaline of a live performance is unlike anything in film or theater. I can see why it's so addictive. -Gwyneth Paltrow

In the theater, you go from point A to point Z, building your performance as the evening progresses. You have to relinquish that control on a film. -Gwyneth Paltrow

From there, I tried out for a community theatre play, joined an improv group… it all started opening up. -Kevin James

Whoever becomes the head of the National Theater finds himself in a position like that of Nelson's Column – pigeons dump on you because you're there. -Peter Hall

I wanted to be a theater actress, but I thought it would be easier to get to New York and the theater if I had a name than if I just walked the streets as a little girl from California. -Gloria Stuart

As a man sow, shall he reap. and I know that talk is cheap. But the heat of the battle is as sweet as the victory. -Bob Marley

I've been doing theatre since I was 5 years old. -Claudia Christian

I sometimes think that theatre is a torture. -Juliet Stevenson

Love is a game in which one always cheats. -Honore de Balzac

'Tis no sin to cheat the devil. -Daniel Defoe

For me working on the marriage and not making the easy choice of cheating was something that I could not do. -Al Goldstein

Many men swallow the being cheated, but no man can ever endure to chew it. -George Savile

I feel that film, as opposed to theatre, is about capturing that one, real moment. -Michael Pitt

I like the theater enormously, but I truly love films – the whole bizarre, boring process that it can be. -Minnie Driver

Women are like ovens. We need 5 to 15 minutes to heat up. -Sandra Bullock

I feel like I've been marinated in Australian theatre. -Cate Blanchett

There is a thin line between politics and theatricals. -Julian Bond

The real theater of the sex war is the domestic hearth. -Germaine Greer

The Lord said 'let there be wheat' and Saskatchewan was born. -Stephen Leacock

If you can't stand the heat, don't go to Cancun in the summer. -Ben Stein

Better to be occasionally cheated than perpetually suspicious. -B. C. Forbes

When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat. -Ronald Reagan

Free speech means the right to shout 'theatre' in a crowded fire. -Abbie Hoffman

Promises are like crying babies in a theater, they should be carried out at once. -Norman Vincent Peale

When I play, I feel like I'm in a theatre, why should I look ugly then, because I'm a tennis-player? -Anna Kournikova

The pit of a theatre is the one place where the tears of virtuous and wicked men alike are mingled. -Denis Diderot

Cities have always been the fireplaces of civilization, whence light and heat radiated out into the dark. -Theodore Parker

The theater is magical and addictive. -Angela Lansbury

I don't think about going back to the theater. -Angela Lansbury

For the theatre one needs long arms… an artiste with short arms can never make a fine gesture. -Sarah Bernhardt

I was a ballet dancer and that kind of bled into musical theater. I was constantly in rehearsal for one thing or another. -Jennifer Garner

Reason clears and plants the wilderness of the imagination to harvest the wheat of art. -Austin O'Malley

The good Lord made us all out of iron. Then he turns up the heat to forge some of us into steel. -Marie Osmond

What the American public wants in the theater is a tragedy with a happy ending. -William Dean Howells

My playground was the theatre. I'd sit and watch my mother pretend for a living. As a young girl, that's pretty seductive. -Gwyneth Paltrow

Although one may fail to find happiness in theatrical life, one never wishes to give it up after having once tasted its fruits. -Anna Pavlova

The primary function of a theater is not to please itself, or even to please its audience. It is to serve talent. -Robert Brustein

As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice. -Adolf Hitler

The truth, the absolute truth, is that the chief beauty for the theatre consists in fine bodily proportions. -Sarah Bernhardt

When I was about seven, I started touring the globe as part of New York's La MaMa theater company – without my parents! -Diane Lane

Being a blockhead is sometimes the best security against being cheated by a man of wit. -Francois de La Rochefoucauld

I know all about cheating. I've had six very successful marriages. -Bobby Heenan

Coughing in the theater is not a respiratory ailment. It is a criticism. -Alan Jay Lerner

Eighty percent of married men cheat in America. The rest cheat in Europe. -Jackie Mason

When you go to the theater, if you're really involved in the play, you don't think about it – you're in it. -William Kraft

When the theater gates open, a mob pours inside, and it is the poet's task to turn it into an audience. -Franz Grillparzer

This visible world is wonderfully to be delighted in, and highly to be esteemed, because it is the theatre of God's righteous Kingdom. -Thomas Traherne

I like to do theater and hopefully be effective. Most actors, at least contemporary actors of my generation, can't do it. They don't have the chops. -Jeffrey Wright

Any show that's bringing in a young audience is doing a good thing, because that's the only way that theater will continue to grow. All the other audience members are going to be dead soon! -Adam Pascal

Drug use, within entire teams continues unabated. It is planned and deliberate cheating, with complex methods, sophisticated substances and techniques, and the active complicity of doctors, scientists, team officials and riders. There is nothing accidental about it. -Richard Pound

I did theatrical caricatures. -Martin Landau

Actors didn't use to be celebrities. A hundred years ago, they put the theaters next to the brothels. -Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Theater people are always pining and agonizing because they're afraid that they'll be forgotten. And in America they're quite right. They will be. -Agnes de Mille

Frankly, no newspaper is set up to monitor for cheats and fabricators. -Howell Raines

Tim Robbins had real confidence in college. He literally stole actors from the theater department at UCLA to be in his plays. The department heads got so mad at him. -Daphne Zuniga

A guy who'd cheat on his wife would cheat at cards. -Texas Guinan

Men's indignation, it seems, is more excited by legal wrong than by violent wrong; the first looks like being cheated by an equal, the second like being compelled by a superior. -Thucydides

It's a scary thing going into the workforce with a $50,000 debt and you've been trained as a classical theatre actor. There's always a depression in the theatre. -Frances McDormand

The only way to see a movie is in a big theater, on a big screen, with a big bag of popcorn. -Dan Glickman

In some movies you feel like you're a very small part of a huge machine. Whereas in the theater you can have a very small part, but you can still feel the weight and the gravity of it. Given the nature of theater, it's a more concentrated and quiet experience. -Minnie Driver

In the courtroom, it's where a lawyer really becomes an actor. There's a very fine line between delivering a monologue in a play and delivering a monologue to a jury. I've always felt that way – I've been in a lot of courtrooms. The best lawyers are really theatrical. -Woody Harrelson

The first horror film I remember seeing in the theatre was Halloween and from the first scene when the kid puts on the mask and it is his POV, I was hooked. -David Arquette

You must not demand the failure of your peers, because the more good things that are around in film, in television, in theater – why the better it is for all of us. -Jerome Lawrence

Our only competition in the theater is boredom, because if I'm bored with a play, if I'm revolted by a play on stage, with the Broadway prices, especially today, I'm going to walk out and not come back and pay that price again. -Jerome Lawrence

Those who cannot understand how to put their thoughts on ice should not enter into the heat of debate. -Friedrich Nietzsche

Deal with the Devil if the Devil has a constituency – and don't complain about the heat. -C. J. Cherryh

One must not cheat anyone, not even the world of its victory. -Franz Kafka

I love working in the theater. -Didi Conn

Some people, and I am one of them, hate happy ends. We feel cheated. Harm is the norm. -Vladimir Nabokov

No treaty is ever an impediment to a cheat. -Sophocles

I never yet feared those men who set a place apart in the middle of their cities where they gather to cheat one another and swear oaths which they break. -Herodotus

The theatre is the involuntary reflex of the ideas of the crowd. -Sarah Bernhardt

Truth, like the juice of the poppy, in small quantities, calms men; in larger, heats and irritates them, and is attended by fatal consequences in excess. -Walter Savage Landor

This is an age of specialization, and in such an age the repertory theater is an anachronism, a ludicrous anachronism. -Minnie Maddern Fiske

What I want to give in the theatre is beauty, that's what I want to give. -Edith Evans

Nothing does reason more right, than the coolness of those that offer it: For Truth often suffers more by the heat of its defenders, than from the arguments of its opposers. -William Penn

The man who sows wrong thoughts and deeds and prays that God will bless him is in the position of a farmer who, having sown tares, asks God to bring forth for him a harvest of wheat. -James Allen

Life is essentially a cheat and its conditions are those of defeat; the redeeming things are not happiness and pleasure but the deeper satisfactions that come out of struggle. -F. Scott Fitzgerald

Such is the miraculous nature of the future of exiles: what is first uttered in the impotence of an overheated apartment becomes the fate of nations. -Salman Rushdie

The theatre is supremely fitted to say: 'Behold! These things are.' Yet most dramatists employ it to say: 'This moral truth can be learned from beholding this action.' -Thornton Wilder

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