Best Quotes About Gym

It will never be mistaken for a high school gymnasium or a meeting room in a Midwestern motel. -Donal Henahan

The word 'aerobics' came about when the gym instructors got together and said: If we're going to charge $10 an hour, we can't call it Jumping up and down. -Rita Rudner

A mother is neither cocky, nor proud, because she knows the school principal may call at any minute to report that her child had just driven a motorcycle through the gymnasium. -Mary Kay Blakely

The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights. -Muhammad Ali

The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character. -Arnold Schwarzenegger

There is not in the universe a more ridiculous, nor a more contemptible animal, than a proud clergyman. -Henry Fielding

All the world's a stage, and all the clergymen critics. -Gregory Nunn

As the French say, there are three sexes – men, women, and clergymen. -Sydney Smith

There is a species of person called a 'Modern Churchman' who draws the full salary of a beneficed clergyman and need not commit himself to any religious belief. -Evelyn Waugh

Rather than go to the gym, I would prefer to do martial arts because the time goes by quicker. -Milla Jovovich

I've done a lot of basketball drills, not a whole lot of competitive stuff. I have basically been in the gym everyday working on my game, working on the time off that I've had from the game, just getting myself prepared mentally and physically for the season. -Grant Hill

To keep it simple you run your gym like you run your house. Keep it clean and in good running order. No jerks allowed, members pay on time and if they give you any crap, throw them out. There's peace where there's order. -Joe Gold

I'm sick of very white teeth and lots of gymnasium practice. I'm bored, you know, send in the next one. I wanted a real man that I could believe was my brother, my father, you know, my next-door neighbor – a real person. -Tim Roth

Captain Hale, alone, without sympathy or support, save that from above, on the near approach of death asked for a clergyman to attend him. It was refused. He then requested a Bible; that too was refused by his inhuman jailer. -William Hull

I'm either shooting nine grams of coke a day or spending two hours at the gym. There's no middle ground. -Dave Navarro

Chess is intellectual gymnastics. -Wilhelm Steinitz

I wanted a NBA basketball gym at my house and that's what I worked hard for and I was able to achieve that. -Terrell Owens

The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong. -Swami Vivekananda

I got a gymnastics scholarship to college, fell in love with my true love of my whole life – who I'm married to now – and he was a virgin too. It was very romantic. -Victoria Jackson

I grew up in a big Irish, Catholic family. My dad was a pretty rough guy. So one of my brothers left home when he was 15 and found his way to the gym. It gave me the opportunity to go and spend some time with him and work out in the gym. -Gerry Cooney

Yes I never go to the gym otherwise because I think it's a waste of time and the most boring thing on earth. -Izabella Scorupco

In regard to education, something has been done by the Provincial Legislature; but to build churches, and to place clergymen is a work of greater difficulty. -John Strachan

On gym days, I don't get to my desk until 4 in the afternoon, and everything except bedtime and the appointment with the liquid narcotic is pushed back a bit. -Peter Straub

We played soccer a lot with our friends and at school. We weren't on an official team or anything, but we'd definitely be up for it in gym or in after-school pickup games where we live. -Mary-Kate Olsen

I don't like going to the gym because I don't like being with people I don't know in that intense environment. -Utada Hikaru

I spent, as you know, a year and a half in a clergyman's family and heard almost every Tuesday the very best, most earnest and most impressive preacher it has ever been my fortune to meet with, but it produced no effect whatever on my mind. -Alfred Russel Wallace

Back before I injured my hip, I thought going to the gym was for wimps. -Bo Jackson

The biggest reason most people fail is that they try to fix too much at once – join a gym, get out of debt, floss after meals and have thinner thighs in 30 days. -Marilu Henner

Rookies are also coming in from college programs as big stars, whereas when we came in, we were just happy to be there. We were happy to be playing in a big gym, to be on television, to be playing in America. -Sue Wicks

I have had a few turning points, the first day I entered a gymnastics school at age 6. -Nadia Comaneci

Of course, most people remember that I received the first perfect 10 in Olympic gymnastics competition. -Nadia Comaneci

I worked hard in gymnastics since the time I was six years old until I retired at 23 years of age. -Nadia Comaneci

As an Olympic champion gymnast, I have always stayed involved in my sport. -Nadia Comaneci

I want more muscles! I go to the gym three or four times a week with a personal trainer. I can afford that now. I can't put on weight though, no matter how much I eat. -Christopher Parker

I've been in a gym probably nine days of my life. -Tea Leoni

Gold's was the first bodybuilding gym made for bodybuilders. -Joe Gold

I nicknamed everyone in the gym. It was easier than remembering their names. -Joe Gold

That's the object of going to a gym, having fun. -Joe Gold

It's like going to the gym everyday. It really is. I work hard on my craft, I sweat a little bit, I run a little bit, I might sprain an ankle every now and them, but it's all good and the more you do it, the more in shape you are and it's like a machine. -Nia Long

Some people like going to the pub; I enjoy going to the gym. -Frank Bruno

I like going to the gym every day. -Frank Bruno

I was a gymnast for years. -Kelly Preston

I've never been to the gym. I do nothing. -Adriana Lima

I actually have never been to a gym. I haven't had time. I have been working for the last 25 years. I just don't have time to put on a little outfit and go to the gym and work out and clean up and come home. -Suzanne Somers

Most of the time I meet my trainer at the gym and we do a lot of everything: weights circuit with cardio, football drills, sprinting with weights on the treadmill. -Charisma Carpenter

I learned Tae Kwon Do and gymnastics and I have a trainer. -Ashley Scott

It's not being superficial, but looks do attract me from across the gym. -Kiana Tom

I go to the gym five days a week and I have a personal trainer. I am on a strict diet, which is kind of hard to keep up with on the road, but I stick to it as well as I can. -Lou Gramm

I have been going to the gym instead of the bar, trying to get back down to my fighting weight. -Gregg Allman

I never mind scrubbing floors, vacuuming or bending and carrying stuff. Each time I do it I think, this is instead of going to the gym. -Joanna Lumley

We are cutting things kids like-music, art, and gym classes; stuff that kept me in school. This country can't survive without you kids. It's all about you kids. -Tony Danza

I would never go to a gym. How could I do it? So I tried to do it in my house and it doesn't work. -Warren Cuccurullo

I'm doing it by enjoying what I do in the gym, really enjoying my foods. -Warren Cuccurullo

It's easy to get four days a week of training in and I don't spend more than 55-60 minutes in the gym. -Warren Cuccurullo

Once you are over 30, 35 years old, I think everyone should get down to the gym and start moving again. -Warren Cuccurullo

Most of the hotel gym's are not adequate. I mean you might be able to train your arms, but you aren't going to be able to train legs, back, or even chest if they don't have dumbbells and benches. -Warren Cuccurullo

It is to be deeply regretted that the clergymen would oppose an effort to teach the people the Bible truths; nevertheless, we find much opposition everywhere, and many clergymen will attempt to prevent the people from reading what is here written. -Joseph Franklin Rutherford

I couldn't get as big as a bodybuilder. I tried to put on as much weight in the right places as I could. My weightlifting was impressive for me, but not for some of the guys I see down at the gym. -Ralph Fiennes

Juan Hernandez was an actor out of New York, but what made Juan so great and what made Omar so great was that they both already knew how to box, so we didn't have to take them into a gym and teach them how to throw a left jab. -Charles S. Dutton

I made a gym, it's the best gym in Nicaragua, I have kids that this year July 6th through the 11th will be fighting and then will go on to the Central American Games and I'm sure at least one will win a gold medal. -Alexis Arguello

I had to get up run in the morning for 2 hours, go to the gym and also get good opponents as sparring partners because I'm a big believer in that how you train is how you will fight at least when it came to me that's how it worked. -Alexis Arguello

A lot of late nights in the gym, a lot of early mornings, especially when your friends are going out, you're going to the gym, those are the sacrifices that you have to make if you want to be an NBA basketball player. -Jason Kidd

So, rap has that quality, for youth anyway; it's a kind of blues element. It's physical, almost gymnastic. It speaks to you organically. Rap grows out of what young people really are today, not only black youth, but white – everybody. -Archie Shepp

For me, it's like biking around the neighborhood, the walks and stuff, because I have never enjoyed the gym. Or I'll do, since I used to dance a lot, all the old dance exercises. -Delta Burke

To put it another way, Michael Jordan was a gym rat. -Frank Shorter

I try to go to the gym three times a week. And I have to watch what I eat. I'm a normal person. -Jamie Lee Curtis

I don't smoke, don't drink much, and go to the gym five times a week. I live a healthy lifestyle and feel great. I can run a marathon, you know. -Sarah Michelle Gellar

With Aerobic Strip Tease, you can do it at home – it makes it easier for women that don't want to go to the gym. -Carmen Electra

I want to bring more gymnastics on television. -Shannon Miller

I will be talking with gymnasts from some of the other countries. I will be getting a feel for what they're thinking and what they're doing. It should be a really great meet. -Shannon Miller

In gymnastics, the longest routine you do is a minute and a half, and that's pretty tough to get through. -Shannon Miller

In gymnastics, you have to be perfect every step along the way. -Shannon Miller

When I go in to compete, whether it's gymnastics or anything else, I do my own thing. I compete with myself. -Shannon Miller

But, I couldn't live without creation gymnastics. -Olga Korbut

But let me do I will show the world what gymnastics looks like. Well may be this is a future gymnastics. -Olga Korbut

Finally I almost dropped gymnastics because I couldn't live without create, and you know, and then, all public in the world start to say, we don't want to see gymnastics without OLGA. -Olga Korbut

How many people in the world is, each of them is individual. And I like to eat bread, somebody don't like that. You know this is the same in gymnastics. -Olga Korbut

Remember before nineteen seventy two Olympic Games I was total skinny, I was small, very strong, they may be don't like to see a gymnastics like that. I don't know but, gymnastics, might. Nineteen seventy two supposed to be change somewhere. -Olga Korbut

Because up to sixteen years old you feel gymnastics more. You can show your emotion, grace, like woman gymnastics, not kid's gymnastics. I feel I have good shape, and I can do it elements everything, but, it's not competition for me. -Olga Korbut

And we lost a lot because of that, and I think this is future gymnastics to separate ages. Because kids can do it more than adult. A woman and adult woman can show more than the small kids. -Olga Korbut

I think this is all my life. Because if I was split gymnastics and something else like far, fun or to go with friends. No, this, you're supposed to one go, one straight road and to do every day. And touch the wall, of the goal. -Olga Korbut

Anyway I will go same road because I, I was born in gymnastics. This is my, how to say, my life and my duty. -Olga Korbut

Up to nineteen seventy six when I quit gymnastics I was very, disappointed because I didn't have anything which is, live with. I didn't have a friend so I didn't have a coach anymore. -Olga Korbut

I would say this is not negative this is h, a hard part in gymnastics. You can't eat, whatever you want to eat. And what kind of meal you're supposed to have, you can't. -Olga Korbut

There's not much to do in Atlanta, so the cast went to the gym together, went shopping together, and dinner was always a group thing. It's that whole summer-camp experience that making movies tends to be anyway. -Timothy Olyphant

Acting is like going to the gym. You have to keep yourself in shape and concentrate on your core. -Anthony Rapp

Is there in all the history of human folly a greater fool than a clergymen in politics? -Pat Robertson

Many a thief is a better man than many a clergyman, and miles nearer to the gate of the kingdom. -George MacDonald

I don't know what that gas is made of, but it can't smell any worse than Ernie Johnson 's gym bag. -Charles Barkley

To be a clergyman, and all that is compassionate and virtuous, ought to be the same thing. -Samuel Richardson

Truth is the silliest thing under the sun. Try to get a living by the Truth and go to the Soup Societies. Heavens! Let any clergyman try to preach the Truth from its very stronghold, the pulpit, and they would ride him out of his church on his own pulpit bannister. -Herman Melville

An artist needn't be a clergyman or a churchwarden, but he certainly must have a warm heart for his fellow men. -Vincent Van Gogh

I did gymnastics when I was growing up and to this day I can still do the splits. -Kristin Kreuk

I do a couple of hundred press-ups a day but I haven't been to a gym in years. -Simon Cowell

I broke my nose in gym when a ball hit me. I took a girl to her debutante ball the next week wearing a tux and a big, honking bandage. Not the romantic night she had in mind. -Wentworth Miller

When future archaeologists dig up the remains of California, they're going to find all of those gyms their scary-looking gym equipment, and they're going to assume that we were a culture obsessed with torture. -Douglas Coupland

Exercise is really important to me – it's therapeutic. So if I'm ever feeling tense or stressed or like I'm about to have a meltdown, I'll put on my iPod and head to the gym or out on a bike ride along Lake Michigan with the girls. -Michelle Obama

Figure skating is an unlikely Olympic event but its good television. It's sort of a combination of gymnastics and ballet. A little sexy too which doesn't hurt. -Andy Rooney

The actual getting into the gym and working out process was easier, but the eating was harder. I had to eat every two hours. At one point, my trainer said, 'Put anything in your mouth. Go to McDonald's, get the biggest shake possible. I just need to get calories in you.' Because my body fat at the time was only, like, 7.5%. -Taylor Lautner

So I said to the gym instructor: 'Can you teach me to do the splits?' He said: 'How flexible are you?' I said: I can't make Tuesdays.' -Tim Vine

If any of you have seen my shows, you know that I don't skimp on them and the same is true for the gym. We spend what it takes to make a globally first-class gym. -Madonna Ciccone

I also get fed up with the fact that casting agents and directors have this impression of me as being frail and petite. I find it very patronizing. I'm quite beefy and strong. I was a gymnast in school and I have lots of muscles. -Helena Bonham Carter

I'm not really into clubbing, I like to go to parties after events, and those do end up at clubs or bars. But in my free time I go grocery shopping or to the gym, or I talk on the phone. -Amanda Seyfried

I hate going to the gym and doing it the old-fashioned way. I hate anything that's too straightforward, too routine, too familiar. I get bored really, really quickly. -Rihanna

I was in the gym five days a week, two hours a day. At one point, I was going seven days straight. I had put on a lot of weight, and then I started losing it drastically, so I was worried. It turned out I was overworking myself. My trainer told me that I couldn't break a sweat, because I was burning more calories than I was putting on. -Taylor Lautner

I lived in a town of 400 until I was like nine or ten. My dad coached all the sports – he was a gym teacher and health teacher for grades K-12. -January Jones

I had to wear that suit, so I put in my required time in the gym. But I'm not one of those actors who romanticizes his trials working out and brags that he can bench press a panda now. -Ryan Reynolds

I like looking nice, but I always put comfort over fashion. I don't find thin girls attractive; be happy and healthy. I've never had a problem with the way I look. I'd rather have lunch with my friends than go to a gym. -Adele

I like science and I love gym. Oh, and I like art, but I'm really bad at it. I'm just a terrible drawer. I can't draw a circle. Even with a ruler, I can't draw a straight line. -Daniel Radcliffe

I would love to tell you I've found the secret to eternal youth. I go to the gym and avoid too many chips. I love to eat, hate to work out, but if you can't count all your ribs from a distance you're considered obese. -Jason Isaacs

I'm still spending my working life trying to mine people's souls and now they're complimenting me in reviews on the amount of time I spend in the gym. On the definition of my triceps. -Jason Isaacs

Going to the gym wouldn't be on my list of favorite things to do. -Kate Moss

I actually go to the gym much more now than I did when I was on Buffy. I like to stay fit, because that's when I feel really healthy. But I never worked out for any kind of image. People have said to me, 'Do you starve yourself before photo shoots?' And I always say, 'No way.! That's what airbrushing is for. I had french fries last night.' -Sarah Michelle Gellar

Being the only girl, I feel a lot of pressure. I try not to think about it, but I definitely get in the gym a lot more frequently towards awards season. The guys always look great. They're both great looking and wear a good suit and a great tie and some awesome shoes and they're good to go. I'm like, 'I don't know what to do!' -Hillary Scott

You've got to find ways to breathe while you're dancing so that when it comes time for you to stop and sing again, you have it. To prepare, I do a lot of aerobic activity. Many times at the gym, people will look at me because I'll be on the treadmill humming. -Kristin Chenoweth

I've just been growing right along. It's painful, but it's a great pain, and I like suffering for great results. It's like going to the gym. It hurts really bad at first, but after a couple of months and after that diet, you're looking so hot. -Mary J. Blige

I try to stay in shape, I work out in the gym, take my vitamins every day, and I guess maybe I have some good genes, but lately I've been feeling it. You know, after all these years it does catch up with you. But just for now. -Regis Philbin

Sex keeps me fit and healthy. What can be better than that? It's not about crazy diets or gym workouts. -Kelly Brook

People only see gymnastics on TV and in the Olympics at such an extreme. So it can be intimidating. -Shawn Johnson

A comeback in gymnastics is almost impossible in itself. -Shawn Johnson

It might have been easier to retire, to say my knee couldn't handle it and let that be that. At the same time, the prospect of not being able to compete in gymnastics anymore was heartbreaking. -Shawn Johnson

After 13 years of hard landings in gymnastics, one ski run had delivered the biggest injury of my career. -Shawn Johnson

I started from zero and went back to the basics in gymnastics. -Shawn Johnson

I had surgery to repair the ACL in February 2010 and was back in the gym by June, but rushed things too quickly and ended up re-tearing my MCL in September. -Shawn Johnson

I told myself after 2008 that I was done for good. But they say you can't keep a gymnast away from her sport. -Shawn Johnson

I love being in the gym. -Scott Brooks

In some ways the ACL tear was a blessing. I had hesitated to return to elite gymnastics after the 2008 Olympics. I told myself I had already accomplished so much, and the road was just going to get harder if I continued. -Shawn Johnson

I awake, I meditate, get the kids off to school, go to the gym, go to the Favored Nations office, and usually at around 1 pm I'm home and do music the rest of the day. -Steve Vai

I watch what I eat obviously. I'm not a regular gym-goer but I'm conscious of it. -Elisha Cuthbert

There's no reason to stereotype yourself. Doing math is like going to the gym – it's a workout for your brain and it makes you smarter. -Danica McKellar

I can't be bothered to go to the gym, though. I honestly just can't be bothered – it's the most boring thing on Earth. I have tried and every six months I go 'right, I'm going to the gym'. Then I do it for two weeks and get so bored by it. -Carol Vorderman

My daughter is exceptionally chatty. I'm not a braggy mother but she is gifted – with the personality of a Russian gymnastics coach. -Caroline Rhea

I eat as much as the next girl, but I work my butt of in the gym every morning! The key is moderation. I splurge on the weekend. A big bowl of pasta and a delicious slice of cake for dessert are my favorites. -Giuliana Rancic

I'm one of those strange people: I really love going to the gym. -Julianna Margulies

When I've done gymnastics, ballet or soccer – I was always trying to be the best. I'm really driven. Really driven. -Chloe Grace Moretz

When I found out I had to take off my shirt in 'Teen' movie, I panicked and hit the gym. I was like, 'It's going to be on film, documented, for my children to see. I can't be 140 pounds. I need to put on a little bit of muscle.' -Chris Evans

I never go to a gym unless I have to for a role, a contract. I try to take care of myself as a human being, not because I have to be in front of the camera. -Elena Anaya

I have my own gym. When you do jokes and they sell, you get a gym. -Don Rickles

Math is like going to the gym for your brain. It sharpens your mind. -Danica McKellar

I'm very rarely in the gym. My workouts are predominantly outside, in nature. -Ryan Kwanten

I'm not a big fan of the gym, I do lots of outdoor aerobics – yoga, swimming, running – but I kinda hate talking about it. We have a term in Australia, it makes you sound like a wanker. -Ryan Kwanten

As for swimming, I'm now in the pool 5 days a week from 8 to 10 a.m. And I'm in the gym for an hour and a half, 4 days a week. Two days upper body, two days lower. -Dana Torres

My coach, Liang Chow, had one rule while I was training for the 2008 Olympics: no skiing. I could do anything I wanted outside the gym, he said, except ski. -Shawn Johnson

When I was younger, my coach, Liang Chow, made all the decisions. I would go to the gym for practice, do exactly what Chow told me to do, go home, come back and start all over again. If Chow told me to do 50 squat jumps, I did 50 squat jumps. -Shawn Johnson

It sounds funny, but the 2008 Olympics were something that just kind of happened, and I was lucky they came at a point when I was uninjured and well prepared. As a gymnast, you can't ask for much more. -Shawn Johnson

My approach to gymnastics in Beijing was heavily based on the amount of difficulty I could do. -Shawn Johnson

I'm doing four hours of gymnastics training a day, six days a week and then an extra two to three hours in a fitness center as well. -Shawn Johnson

Growing up I definitely looked up to Dominique Moceanu. She was my favorite gymnast and she was on that '96 Olympic team. She was always so fun to watch. I kind of wanted to model my career after hers. -Alicia Sacramone

During the week I have workout every day from 9 to noon, then I get to rest, then back to the gym from 4:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. -Alicia Sacramone

As a gymnast, you always wear spandex. Being a teenager wearing spandex? It was tough accepting how my body looked, especially if there was any weight gain. -Alicia Sacramone

I had ridiculous amounts of energy. Mom's like, you're driving me crazy – do you want to try gymnastics? From the moment I started it, I loved it and it kind of was like storybook from there. -Alicia Sacramone

Growing up, I looked up to major league baseball players, and now these young women have amazing, incredible women all across the board, from swimming to gymnastics to softball to basketball. -Jennie Finch

I've always lived my gymnastics career with a lot of passion and a lot of purpose. -Kyle Shewfelt

I appreciate my time in the gym. -Melanie Roach

When I'm in the gym, I'm in the gym, and that is my focus. But when I'm not in the gym, I'm enjoying being a mom and taking care of those responsibilities .. They really do provide me with the balance that I need to be a more complete athlete. -Melanie Roach

I don't go to a gym. I find that really hard to do. -Sienna Miller

You never walk out of the gym and say, 'I shouldn't have gone.' -Taylor Kitsch

I get insecure about a lot of things. In my line of work, unfortunately, your appearance is important, and I'm always like, 'Am I going to the gym enough this month? Have I been taking care of myself?' I get insecure about things from time to time. -Jesse McCartney

I can put my legs behind my head and sing 'Happy Birthday.' Because that's something that me and my friends used to do when we were in gymnastics class as kids, and I can still do it. I was doing it since I was 8 and 9. They used to call me Gumby. Very bendy. -Emmy Rossum

I've had boxing gloves on since before I could walk and been in gyms all of my life. -Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

When I was a model, everybody was scrutinising me and I felt I had to go to the gym because my figure had to be fantastic. Now that I'm a singer, I've got a different kind of body – it's more athletic. -Samantha Fox

For me to train and get ready for racing, I can't just sit in the gym all the time and that's the way it is. Responsibility starts and stops with me. My main gig is grand prix driving, that's what I do and I need to keep that in the forefront of my mind. -Mark Webber

I started running 3 miles every morning after throat surgery to remove a cyst last year. The gym used to be my adversary. But that has all changed. Now, I look forward to it every morning. -Rachael Ray

I'm already a tiny person, so now I'm trying to go to the gym to add muscle. I need it! -Alexa Vega

The U.N. bureaucracy has grown to elephantine proportions. Now that the Cold War is over, we are asking that elephant to do gymnastics. -Madeleine Albright

I'm not a huge gym person, so I try to stay away from the gym. But I love to run on the beach or go for a walk. It's better than riding a stationary bike. -Maria Sharapova

I freak out if I go a little too long without being in the gym. For a long time it was all about getting the weight off because I was 240 pounds at my heaviest, and now I'm around 175, so the majority of that weight loss was due to diet and exercise. -Nick Carter

But on average, I go to the gym about four or five times a week. Today, I'm so experienced in training – I'm actually listening to my body now. My body needs freedom. When I train I create serenity and I produce oxygen in my blood. It helps me to think better and relax. By training, you accentuate the problem. -Jean-Claude Van Damme

You know, I looked at my face in the mirror this morning, and I like being old. My face has more content and when I train in the gym now, I am not training to be strong or handsome – just better than I was yesterday. These days the race is just against myself. -Jean-Claude Van Damme

I occasionally go to the gym and I lift free weights, I don't use machines. -Eric Bana

A boxing workout is the heaviest thing, but it's the best. The worst part is that boxing gyms are the smelliest things in the universe. You have to lie down on the floor, where everyone has been sweating and spitting, and do 1,000 situps and push-ups. -Gael Garcia Bernal

In high school I never went to the prom because I was too consumed with gymnastics. Also, with my hair in pigtails and looking about 10, I wasn't exactly date material. -Cathy Rigby

There's so much denial in gymnastics. It's a beautiful sport but the other part is numbing. You become machinelike. They'll refute this, but I've been around it. I know. -Cathy Rigby

If we are now holding late-night talk-show hosts to the same moral accountability as we hold politicians or clergymen, I'm out. I'm gone. -Craig Ferguson

I have to hit the gym. I have beauty appointments. I have to work toward my next job and maintaining my image, just like an athlete. -Linda Evangelista

When you are a journalist in the music business, as I was, you end up dying or going to the gym – I chose the gym. -Tony Parsons

Yoga has trimmed my body in a way that the gym never could. I used to be a gym rat, but I switched to yoga and am now almost 10 pounds lighter. One important thing I've gotten from yoga is breathing. When I'm cooking, the top part of my body collapses down. It cuts off my diaphragm. -Giada De Laurentiis

These days I travel so much it's hard to get into a routine. When I'm on the road, I tend to use hotel gyms. When I'm home in L.A., I like to hike and hit the surf. All in all, I try to keep a balanced diet and exercise routine, which has stood me in good stead to date. -Curtis Stone

I've done a lot of work in the gym preparing myself for what is certain to be pretty strenuous pre-season training – something I've not previously experienced. And I knocked local football on the head this winter, simply to ensure I didn't pick up any injuries. -James Hibberd

I just stay focused, and I always think about gymnastics. I am just doing what I always do… working really hard and pushing myself to the maximum and keeping myself motivated. -Aly Raisman

Especially in the car ride to and from gym. I find myself spacing out a lot, just visualizing what the Olympics would be like and just having such great role models. -Aly Raisman

When I first turned elite in gymnastics, when I was 14, that's when I really became more inspired than ever. I just always kept that in the back of my mind, and always thought about making the 2012 team. -Aly Raisman

I feel like I'm really blessed and lucky that I have a very good social life outside of the gym, and I have a really amazing family. My parents are so supportive. I have a younger brother and two younger sisters, and they're really awesome. So I feel like I get the best of both worlds. -Aly Raisman

My school friends are really understanding and still want to hang out with me. Ever since I was in sixth grade, I was at the gym every day to work out while my friends were getting their nails done or going to the mall. I used to feel left out, but I don't anymore. -Aly Raisman

I was so happy to go to prom so I could have a mental break because I've been working so hard. It felt so good to feel normal for once, and then the next day, I was in the gym again. -Aly Raisman

By the Obama administration's reasoning, it would be constitutionally permissible to make Americans purchase nearly any product (broccoli, gym membership) that improved their health and thereby contributed to lower health-care costs. -John Cornyn

I exercise everyday. I swim, I bike, I run and I go to the gym. -Lance Armstrong

I started taking gymnastic classes when I was 3 years old. -Shawn Johnson

A typical practice consists of practicing every event for about an hour. A lot of people assume I have private coaching, but I work out with 13 other girls at the gym! -Shawn Johnson

I pay attention to my diet to be a healthier gymnast, but I'm not obsessive over it. -Shawn Johnson

When I was 3 my parents put me in gymnastics because I was a bundle of energy and they just didn't know what to do with me! They put me in a Tots class and I just fell in love with it. -Shawn Johnson

Every year I just kept going back to gymnastics, but I didn't start out training 10 hours a day. When I turned 10 or 11, I got more serious and I focused a lot on making it to the elite level, and from there I just kept going. -Shawn Johnson

I think about my goals. There were a lot of times in gymnastics when I really didn't want to go in and train, but you can't make it to the Olympics if you don't train! -Shawn Johnson

Everything is about your movements and precision and timing, which is what gymnastics is about. -Shawn Johnson

Retiring was scary and it was tough to give up gymnastics, but so many great opportunities have come from it that I never expected. -Shawn Johnson

Gold medals are made out of sweat, blood and tears and effort in the gym every day. -Gabby Douglas

I just want to continue with gymnastics because I'm still young and fresh. I think can get some more titles under my belt. -Gabby Douglas

My goal is to hit the gym every day I'm on vacation. Usually I just end up sleeping and drinking beer. -Gary Allan

Some people might go to the gym and swim laps, but I write songs. Every single day, I write something new and record it. -Glenn Hughes

Behind every small business, there's a story worth knowing. All the corner shops in our towns and cities, the restaurants, cleaners, gyms, hair salons, hardware stores – these didn't come out of nowhere. -Paul Ryan

I didn't want to be a dancer. I just did it to work my way through college. But I was always an athlete and gymnast, so it came naturally. -Gene Kelly

I love watching gymnastics, swimming, and track and field. -Mia Hamm

I could have gone to the gym for three hours a day and bought into all that, but I just wasn't interested. -Laura Linney

I like going to the gym every day because I'm in physiotherapy every day. -Daniel Craig

I train all the time and the weird thing is I'm in the gym with people between 20 and 25 years old and I look in the mirror and I look better than they do and they are young kids – either they haven't trained hard enough or they aren't serious enough. -Hulk Hogan

Going to the gym is great for your body, but it's also great for your mind. -Rory McIlroy

I used to not really like going to the gym when I was playing tournaments because I'd be sore and stiff. But the more you keep doing it, the less soreness you have. And you actually start to enjoy it. -Rory McIlroy

I try to make myself walk around a bit, but I probably think about it more than I actually do it. Years ago, I did think about joining a gym. -Clive Anderson

I don't do the gym and I don't diet. I'm vegetarian but I don't diet. -Pamela Anderson

Madonna remains the most visible performer on the planet, as well as one of the wealthiest, but would anyone seriously say that artistic self-development is her primary motivating principle? She is too busy with Kabbalah, fashion merchandising, adoption melodramas, the gym, and ill-starred horseback riding to study art. -Camille Paglia

My father was a clergyman and always said: 'Hate the sin but love the sinner.' -George McGovern

If I do a film and have to get naked, that tends to dictate how often I go to the gym. Acting in 'Richard II' on stage was a huge physical workout, so I ended up more toned than I normally am. -Eddie Redmayne

When I went to school, you had to take art, you had to play an instrument. You had to play an instrument. But it's all degraded since then. I do not know what kind of nation we are that is cutting art, music, and gym out of the public-school curriculum. -Spike Lee

When I'm touring, I have to think of workouts that don't require a gym. -Miranda Lambert

When I was in elementary school, we weren't allowed to do sports other than cheerleading. By junior high, they let us play, but we had to come back after 6:30 p.m. to practice because there was only one gymnasium and the boys used it first. -Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Yeah, Jacob transforms a lot in 'New Moon.' Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. So it was a matter of getting to the gym and eating the right foods and a lot of it. But also, reading and studying the book and my character over and over and over again so I could have his character down as well. -Taylor Lautner

I've always kept fit but I've been doing gym and yoga and will be throwing my stilettoes away for a while! -Francesca Annis

Now I think that going to the gym is the best drug. I go four times a week and it gives me the buzz I need. -Amy Winehouse

I started mountain-bike riding two years ago, which is much better than riding a stationary bike in the gym. Mountain biking is a total body workout. -Samantha Stosur

Core strength and stability is very important to me. Tennis is all about rotation of the body and my ability to create power. I incorporate a lot of abdominal, back and glute exercises into my gym sessions. -Samantha Stosur

If there is one abiding theme in the gym, it's the withering work in the ring. Those not fit do not survive. -Emanuel Steward

There's not as much oxygen in that hot gym and I think it's great for conditioning. I believe in a lot of boxing. You can train and work on the speed bag and heavy bag, but when you get in the ring with another fighter, it's a different story. Punches are coming at you, there's physical contact, muscle against muscle. -Emanuel Steward

With 'Django Unchained,' when you're dealing with slavery, it's like a gymnastics routine with the highest amount of difficulty. Quentin Tarantino is not going to do a movie that's just going to lay there and be safe. There's going to be twists and flips. -Jamie Foxx

The gym of life has a free membership. Build powerful life-muscles through family gatherings from hell. Do you really want to be a happy, peaceful blob? -Jane Siberry

To be really honest, I don't love the gym. -Anna Torv

My family belongs to a tennis club in Valencia, California, so I always go there. I play a lot of tennis with my dad and swim. And I like to go to the gym there. -Ashley Tisdale

If you are thinking every day, 'I have to get to the gym' and 'I have to lose this weight,' and that's all you think about and you obsess over it, it's not healthy. -Carmen Electra

One of the big misconceptions about me is that I walk around in mini-skirts and high heels twenty-four seven and go to the gym in heels. -Carmen Electra

I don't go to a gym, I don't do yoga. I don't do personal training. -Mikhail Baryshnikov

On the average, I don't spend more than 15 minutes in the car – to go to the golf course or the gym. And that's the only time I listen to the radio. -Dweezil Zappa

I listen to music I'm looking to record or catch up on news and TV, whatever is on the TV at the gym! -Martina McBride

I've been into golf, trying to get into the gym to stay somewhat fit. I've got two boys now, they're active kids. -Pete Sampras

When I grew up we had gym at school, two or three dance classes after school, ice skating lessons, and all sorts of sports at our finger tips. We weren't glued to computers because they didn't exist, so being active was all we knew. -Lisa Loeb

I used to be absolutely addicted to the gym and I do still love it. -Freema Agyeman

I was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. I was very athletic, playing volleyball and softball. I did gymnastics for about ten years, too. -Jasmine Tookes

Guys, particularly in the West, go to the gym and train for hours and hours to pick up something that is heavier than them. Why would you want to do that? -Robert Carlyle

In Western lands there is a distinct division between the religious and the secular life. There is one rule of conduct for laymen and another for clergymen. This distinction has never found its place in the life of the people of India. There, all of life is included in the word 'religion.' -Virchand Gandhi

Aside from performing in 'Peepshow,' I do yoga once a week and I like Pilates. I'm more into toning exercises over aerobics. I like working with a trainer at a private gym, but I also like going with friends because you don't get bored or distracted. -Holly Madison

I work out at Will Space four times a week. It's a private training gym. It's owned by my trainer, Will Torres. I just came from there, actually. I turned Mark Consuelos onto Will, so he goes there too. Today we boxed. It's every kind of cross-training you can do. -Andy Cohen

I'm in my best shape when I'm really anxious, because I have to get to the gym. Physically I'm in the best shape. -Vinny Guadagnino

I'm simple. I love hiking, going to the gym, doing some simple stuff. I love being outdoors, I love bike riding. Just stuff that's fun! -Lea Michele

The electro scene is all over the clubs now: groups like Duck Sauce, Empire of the Sun, even MGMT. But I get inspiration from everywhere. I'll go to the gym and put on old albums – Guns N' Roses or old Jay-Z. -Fergie

Men scream and go crazy in the gym. I'm a silent workout partner, but when my adrenaline gets up, I talk trash. -Fergie

I had a classic gym teacher in junior high who wore a weightlifter's belt all the time. -Danny McBride

In my school, people liked the gym teachers because they were the football or soccer coaches. But look, if they're cool, they get respect. -Danny McBride

In my gym class, we had something called The Pit, this little alcove where we had to sit if we forgot our gym clothes. It was usually just the crippled kid, the pregnant girl, and me. It was pretty awkward, just hanging with all these freaks who didn't want to show their legs. -Danny McBride

My sport is biking. I'm not much of a gym person, but I like being outside – hiking, canoeing, camping. -Diane Kruger

I look after myself. I train and go to the gym. -Bruno Tonioli

It's been great having my little girl. It's like having a workout 24 hours a day. I don't need to go to the gym! I'm chasing after my daughter everywhere she goes. -Cam Gigandet

Pilates is my favorite meditative way to get in shape. I don't like the gym and I don't like running, so I just lay on my Pilates reformer. It's great. -Lyndsy Fonseca

It's very hard to maintain focus in the gym. -Patrick Wilson

I eat meat. I don't go to the gym. -Alice Englert

I actually just rock-climbed when I was away on vacation and now I'm searching out rock climbing gyms. That's my new obsession for 2013. -Shay Mitchell

With fitness, I do Bikrams hot yoga. The gym that I have in my building is amazing. I love to do cardio and weights there. -Shay Mitchell

I've never really talked about this, but I would go days without eating. Or maybe I'd have some fruit and then go to the gym for three hours. I knew I had a problem… It was a gradual process but I changed myself. -Lucy Hale

I'm lucky to have parents who used to be bodybuilders! They help me keep fit by going to the gym and training with me. I'm also addicted to Cardio Barre classes and hiking. -Janel Parrish

I saw this thing years ago, where somebody filled a gymnasium with ping-pong balls and mousetraps. And then somebody threw just one more ping-pong ball in there, and literally, in five seconds, the room was popping. And then it was dead. And that's how it was with 'Dallas.' Just… 'boom!' -Patrick Duffy

Working towards something you're excited about – as opposed to something that makes you feel badly about yourself – is what will keep you going back to the gym. -Alison Sweeney

It's not weird to look at yourself in the mirror at the gym – that's why they're there! You have to make sure that you're doing things right. -Alison Sweeney

I'm so busy and there's so much going on, that the gym or a workout can't be a last minute thought, like, 'I have nothing to do today I'm going to go to the gym.' Now it's, 'When am I going to find time to work out tomorrow?' -Alison Sweeney

I did gymnastics when I was a kid. I wasn't very good at it. -Lindsey Vonn

There's this certain caliber of dancing I was striving for when I was younger, and it's very hard for me to go back and just do it for fun. But I take all other kinds of classes: I take jazz classes, modern classes, and I love doing that instead of going to the gym. The gym is not very much fun. -Summer Glau

Gotta stay in the gym, stay funny, stay sharp. I just love working. -Marlon Wayans

After being in a gym, you're super hungry all the time because you're burning all these calories. -Jessica Szohr

I was happier going back to my roots: training like men do in my hometown of Pittsburgh. Back home the guys in the gyms don't lift to look good; they're lifting to lift. They do it because they want to squat more and bench more. -Joe Manganiello

I wake up at the same time every day to get to the gym. -Joe Manganiello

I mean, everyone walks into the gym on day one skinny or fat. Arnold Schwarzenegger walked into the gym skinny at 15 or 16, and I was that way, too. -Joe Manganiello

There is always tension in women's gymnastics between athleticism, grace, performance, and eros. -Meghan O'Rourke

It's all too easy when talking about female gymnasts to fall into the trap of infantilizing them, spending more time worrying more about female vulnerability than we do celebrating female strength. -Meghan O'Rourke

What's endlessly complicated in thinking about women's gymnastics is the way that vulnerability and power are threaded through the sport. -Meghan O'Rourke

I'm a workaholic. I also go to the gym a lot – it's my new thing. Yes, I am a compulsive person. -Jonathan Rhys Meyers

I like reading, going to the gym, hanging out with my family. That's it. -Jonathan Rhys Meyers

I love hot yoga. I go to a sculpt class with weights. That's really good for the core and it's obviously super hot. I love cardio bar. I'm not a big gym fan, so I like to go to classes. -Naya Rivera

On the rare occasions I go to the gym, I prefer silence. -Bebe Neuwirth

Well, I'm not a natural gym person myself, anyway. -Ray Stevenson

If it wasn't for my trainer – who comes looking for me three times a week before 7 A.M. – I wouldn't get my butt out of bed and into the gym. There are many mornings when I think about faking a sprained ankle, but I just put it out of my head and make myself go. -Sherri Shepherd

I want to know how to feel good while I'm in the gym, because I'm mad while I'm on the treadmill. I've got that angry-lady face the entire time. -Sherri Shepherd

My mom passed away at 41 from diabetes. And I'm 42, thank you. I didn't want to do that to my son. So any time I was at the gym, that thing that helped me do that last squat was my son calling some other woman mommy. And that would just give me that extra oomph to do that last squat. I want to be around for him. -Sherri Shepherd

I wake up at 4:15 A.M., get some coffee, turn on the news, see what's happening, go clickety-clack on the web to see what I missed overnight. Then I go to the gym, around 5:15, and I do what appears to be a very light workout, but who cares. I'm socializing with other nice people at the gym. Then I go into work, and I'm really awake. -Hoda Kotb

I've had weight issues all my life. I've been on all the diets: Atkins, liquid protein, Scarsdale diet. Now I go to the gym often. I'm always on the StairMaster, and I do weights. -Hoda Kotb

I don't have an iPod. I mean, I have a couple. Doesn't everyone? But I don't use it. I need to because I go to the gym now, and I'm tired of listening to morning radio. I want some music! I do have a video iPod, but I don't use it either. -Ricky Schroder

My bike is my gym, my wheelchair and my church all in one. I'd like to ride my bike all day long but I've got this thing called a job that keeps getting in the way. -Bill Walton

I'm not into the gym. I prefer dancing or tennis. -Rachel Bilson

Gym class was, of course, where the strongest, best-looking kids were made captains and chose us spazzes last. More important, it was where the figures of supposed authority allowed them to do so. Forget the work our parents did molding our minds and values. Everything fell apart as soon as we put on those maroon polyester gym suits. -Ayelet Waldman

If you think of exercise as a 60-minute commitment 3 times a week at the gym, you're missing the point completely. If you think that going on a diet has something to do with nutrition, you don't see the forest through the trees. It is a lifestyle. I know it sounds cliche, but you have to find things you love to do. -Brett Hoebel

When I first moved to L.A., I didn't have a lot of money to join a gym or take classes, so I improvised. My sister and I went to the library and looked over their DVD collection and discovered Neena and Veena, these Egyptian twins who have a whole series of belly dancing routines. We did them all. -AnnaLynne McCord

I'm not a guy who has ever seen the inside of a gym. -Billy Burke

My mom was a professional fitness competitor, so I go into the gym with her. I train with my dad and mother. It's embarrassing, because she's really strong. -Booboo Stewart

When I'm in L.A., I try to run the canyons or play tennis with friends a few times a week. I've tried working out with a trainer and going to the gym, but I'd just much rather be outside. -Julia Jones

I'm just not a fan of the gym. In fact, I hate it. I understand loving the feeling you get after working out all those endorphins. But going there? It's the worst. -Lauren Conrad

My thing about going to the gym is that I leave my bracelets on, and I put on my makeup the way I would do it in real life, and I wear cute clothes, because if I don't feel good when I leave the house, then I'm not motivated to do it. I need to like how I look while I'm doing it. -Taylor Momsen

I don't really like the gym. I like to fool my body. I run around the beach and then there's scaffolding so I can just do different pulls-ups there. -Kellan Lutz

If I had a reality show, it would probably be called 'Keeping Fit with Jesse Tyler Ferguson' because then I'd be forced to hit the gym every day. -Jesse Tyler Ferguson

I'm always looking for something different to do at the gym. -Jenna Ushkowitz

You'll find that fellow gym go-ers are super supportive and friendly. It must be all those endorphins going around! -Jenna Ushkowitz

When I was young I wanted to be a gymnast. I used to compete at it, but then I grew too tall. -Miranda Kerr

By the time I was 15 and I stepped in the high school gym, I was just stronger than everybody. -John Cena

What I have yet to see is a real woman choose a younger man because he spent six hours a day at the gym trying to sculpt his abs. -Candace Bushnell

I try to go to the gym three times a week, and I swim, too. -Philippa Gregory

I had a couple friends from all the different cliques in school, but my true friends were my gymnastics teammates. I grew up competing with them for ten years. -Nicole Gale Anderson

Because I used to play a lot of sport, I've always been in decent enough shape. When I used to get asked to do a bit of body work before a photo shoot I'd lie and say, 'Yeah, I'm going to the gym.' I literally never did anything. -Jamie Dornan

For a good workout, I go to At One Fitness in North Hollywood, where my trainer, Jon Allsop, puts me through it all. I like it because it's a small gym and I've known the people for a long time. Jon will have me do cross-training where I'll lift weights, jump rope, throw around a medicine ball and I never get to stop. -Tim DeKay

Being fit is the easiest part of being a dance professional. I used to just throw on a backpack full of rocks and run up a hill. You don't even have to go to a gym. -Anton du Beke

I'm actually going to the gym, working on getting not fatter, just a bit bulkier. -Tinie Tempah

I don't go to a psychiatrist. I don't go to a gym. I run away from my accountant, I run away from my dentist. They are all supposed to help you, but I like to stay in bed, where I have a chance to reflect, like Rossellini. -Marlene Dumas

I had old bunk beds that my dad got from Seabrook Farms. They were first used by German prisoners during World War II, who were sent to work the farms during the war. The metal beds with their thin mattresses could easily be used as a jungle gym and I loved them. -David Mixner

I'm a writer, so whatever gymnastics jump through my head, I write about it. -Earl King

I was a very focused kid. I always had this crazy lifestyle… billions of jobs, two hours of gymnastics every day, handball, anything with a ball, really. I must have had ADHD or something. I was very energetic, and very small. I didn't start growing until the last year of high school. -Mads Mikkelsen

I love boxing. I box in a local boxing gym in London. I usually spar. But I've done two fights and I lost both of them admirably. I didn't realize how much it would hurt for them to actually hit me. -Oona Chaplin

I love spin classes. I'm also very big on music, so I make a mix on my iPod that's 45 minutes to an hour long of music that pumps me up so I know how much time I've been at the gym without looking at the clock. Put your favorite songs towards the end of the mix, so this way you keep going until you hear your favorite song. -Candice Accola

Think about it – pro wrestling as an Olympic sport would be pretty cool. Look at figure skating or gymnastics – what is it? It's a choreographed performance that is judged. -Chris Jericho

You'll never find me in a gym. -Ellen Hollman

Although it's hard some days to wake up an hour earlier to do the gym workout as opposed to other skaters who just show up to the rink, I know that if I don't do it, my day will be much worse. I might as well not even skate, actually. -Patrick Chan

If I had a partner who asked when I was going to the gym or commented that I was eating too much or asked if I really needed an extra potato, that would make me feel awful. It would be terrible. -Penny Lancaster

I go to the gym in the morning without any makeup on. Sorry, guys, if you think I'm ugly, but I don't know anybody who goes to the gym with makeup on. -Shenae Grimes

When I was younger I wanted to be a gymnast, but they have to be quite short – I was tall. -Tamara Ecclestone

I don't really like the gym. -Viva Bianca

I was blessed to grow up on a farm, and when you're a farm boy, exercise is part of your lifestyle. Like it or not, that environment makes you work out. On the farm, nature is your gym. You walk and run and swim and have to do a lot of work with animals too. -Cesar Millan

When I'm having a really rough day, I take it out in the gym. It releases so many endorphins in your body. -Wendy Raquel Robinson

I used to bring my sketchbook to gym class and doodle, because I am a very uncoordinated athlete. -Kate Voegele

No child wants to fall off a jungle gym or slide. Accidents are an unfortunate fact of life, but to lower every last slide and jungle gym to a height that would only interest a toddler is doing our children a grave disservice. -Darell Hammond

Our country's growing obsession with organized sports isn't just hurting our children, but also our communities. As play is siphoned off to gyms and fields, fewer kids are playing in our streets, parks, and playgrounds. -Darell Hammond

Toddlers need to get off the soccer field and onto the playground. Children need to get out of the gym and into neighborhood stickball games. We need to give kids room to create their own rules, set their own terms, and move their bodies in their own ways. -Darell Hammond

I travel every single day, but I make it a point to hit the gym. I want to look good for the summer. -Pauly D

The first thing I do when I walk into a hotel is find the gym, and if they don't have a gym, I start looking for a handhold where I can do my pull-ups. Sometimes if a shower curtain rod is sturdy enough, I'll do them there. -Dean Karnazes

Give me one hundred preachers who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God, and I care not whether they be clergymen or laymen, they alone will shake the gates of Hell and set up the kingdom of Heaven upon Earth. -John Wesley

I've always worked out. I've always gone to the gym. But it was always a chore, and it was always, like, 'Man, I've gotta go do this because if I don't I'll get all dumpy and out of shape and then no one will hire me for good roles.' -Michael Cudlitz

My favorite part about going to the gym used to be leaving. -Michael Cudlitz

One aspect of fast London life I have never understood, for example, is the custom of the gym. Why do people go to gyms? -Tom Hodgkinson

I would like to propose slow cycling. Commute by bike. At a stroke, you remove the need for and absurd cost of public transport. Cycling is almost completely free. There is no longer any need for the gym as you get fit by cycling. And you can go at your own pace. -Tom Hodgkinson

I did archery when I was in high school. In our gym class we had two weeks of archery, and I remember taking the bow and arrow and firing it up and across the street into a car parking lot. -John Barrowman

If I can go every day of the week, that's great and I'll do it. Usually I can't, so it's about 4 or 5 times a week that I'll go to the gym. I just do cardio and make sure I tone. I love spin class and yoga and I work a lot on my legs and my abs and my arms. -Sasha Pieterse

Nature builds things that are antifragile. In the case of evolution, nature uses disorder to grow stronger. Occasional starvation or going to the gym also makes you stronger, because you subject your body to stressors and gain from them. -Nassim Nicholas Taleb

I try and sweat every day even though I can't always get to the gym. I do a lot of running, which is a great way to see a city, and I try to bike to work. -Blake Mycoskie

I was a fat kid who didn't discover the joys of active play at the time of life when we're supposed to be imprinted with a love of movement. That means that I'd rather be called for jury duty than go to the gym, but I go anyway. -Victoria Moran

Realism hasn't fallen out of favor with most people, who are interested in people's lives rather than gymnastics of style or literary trends. It's a certain kind of academic who undervalues realism, largely because it is not amenable to endless exegesis. -Vikram Seth

I grew up in a martial arts gym surrounded by men and boys, and I pretty much call myself a tomboy. -Katheryn Winnick

I was a semi-professional gymnast as a child. I did rhythmic gymnastics, but I sustained an injury and strained all the muscles in my spine. -Gwendoline Christie

I was lucky enough, when I was younger, to have the chance to do as much as possible, and I found what I wanted to do. I did swimming, gymnastics, kickboxing and the one that took off more than the others was acting. -Aaron Taylor-Johnson

I don't like junk food, just because I don't like the taste of it, but I don't go to the gym – ever. -Isla Fisher

I try to go to the gym a few times a week, but I admit, I cheat sometimes, and sometimes I don't go as often. I usually do more cardio and little bit of weights. -Helena Mattsson

I am a gym rat who loves to work out, particularly running, Zumba, yoga, cycling, and kickboxing. -Aprilynne Pike

I took lessons for about everything you could imagine – gymnastics to karate to flute and piano. My mom always definitely kept me in some kind of class or program, but for guitar, I kinda gave up on then kinda just taught myself. Same thing with piano. I've never been good with following lessons. -Elle Varner

I know gymnastics. It's always been a subjective appreciation. -Bela Karolyi

In gymnastics, smaller will always be better in many ways. The stress in the head, that will be the same for all. But the stress on the body and the concussions it must endure, that will always be easier for the little ones. -Bela Karolyi

The ideal gymnast would be between 4 feet 7 and 5-2. I wouldn't be able to pinpoint an ideal height, however. It would be foolish to say that a gymnast above 5-2 could not be great. -Bela Karolyi

My gymnasts are always the best-prepared in the world. And they win. In the end, that's what matters. -Bela Karolyi

The rest of the world laughed at American gymnastics before I came. -Bela Karolyi

The Olympics shows the community what gymnastics is all about. -Bela Karolyi

Without the lessons I learned in gymnastics, I would be crushed. -Liang Chow

I feel there are tone singers, and there are more vocal gymnastics singers. And I think that's amazing when people can do that, but I think there's room for the tone singers. And there aren't a lot of them. -Zooey Deschanel

I used to dance for seventeen years -classical ballet, which was very disciplined. I like yoga and Pilates, but I don't have the discipline to go to the gym. -Penelope Cruz

From a dramatic viewpoint, there are few professions that grant their members entry into other lives, high among them cops, doctors, clergymen, journalists and prostitutes. Perhaps that explains why they figure in so much television and cinema. Their lives are lived in the midst of human drama. -Roger Ebert

A lot of times, I'm traveling or have appointments, so I don't get to work out every day, but I try to get to the gym as much as I can. -Brody Jenner

I played baseball my entire life, up through college and everything, so working out and being physically active was always a huge part of my life. I'll spend at least a couple of hours in the gym a day. -Tyler Hoechlin

If I'm in the gym I'll stay for a while, and I'm not usually in a hurry to leave. -Tyler Hoechlin

I see so many people in the gym just slinging weight around. You can accomplish more if you squeeze the reps out in perfect form, instead of going big and trying to kill it every time. -Sean Faris

I've spent half my life in gyms, if not more, and I love physical fitness and health; couple that with the fact that I love for people to be healthy, whether it's mentally, physically, or emotionally, and it's just a great opportunity for me to do something I love and have an impact on people's health. -Steve Nash

I work out and go to the gym, but I still enjoy my soul food and snacks. But I'm a pretty petite young woman, and I just do everything in moderation and make sure that I just keep everything together. -Naturi Naughton

My day, normally speaking, is: I go the gym in the morning, I go and work for 10 or 12 hours, I have dinner, I go to sleep. -Chris Liddell

I'm such a fanatic about exercise that I opened my own gym, 3Sixty Cycling Studio, and I exercise almost every single day. -Bobbi Brown

When I go to the gym, stretching is very important. For polo, you don't need too much strength so you don't want to build yourself up too much. It's all about flexibility. -Nacho Figueras

The gymnastic events are really what I tune into the Summer Olympics for. -Johnny Weir

I don't force myself to exercise; I find going to gyms really boring. I find it easier to go for a fast walk or a jog in Central Park. I wear sensible shoes because my ballet dancing left me with a bunion on one foot after all the pointe exercises. -Sarah Brightman

I eat super healthy and I'm super fit. I dabble in every type of fitness. I have a trainer and I go to the gym. I do yoga as well. -Linda Evangelista

On days when I do not work, I am working on my image. I have to hit the gym. I have beauty appointments. I have to work toward my next job and maintaining my image, just like an athlete. -Linda Evangelista

I just loved being in the gym. It was tough at times. Sometimes I wanted to quit, but I'm glad I stuck with it. -Kevin Durant

I like to use the analogy of going to the gym. If you go to the gym and your goal is, 'I want to look just like David Beckham,' then that drives you to do certain things. You may never look like Beckham, but it is a goal. Cities need the same thing. They need a vision and a plan for their ideal physique. -Mitchell Joachim

I grew up in a gym in Miami, the one where Muhammad Ali trained. I had 142 amateur fights and lost three. -Mickey Rourke

I am just your everyday, average girl. I live by the beach. I wear flip flops. I don't wear make-up. I go to the gym. -A. J. Cook

Oh God, I'm awful at sports. In gym I just try and avoid getting hit in the face. -Tavi Gevinson

Traits acquired during one's lifetime – muscles built up in the gym, for example – cannot be passed on to the next generation. Now with technology, as it happens, we might indeed be able to transfer some of our acquired traits on to our selected offspring by genetic engineering. -Nick Bostrom

Every time you have a carrot instead of a cookie, every time you go to the gym instead of going to the movies, that's a costly investment in your health. But how much you want to invest is going to depend on how much longer you expect to live in the future, even if you don't make those investments. -Emily Oster

Waking up sober is a good day. I love being able to wake up and do positive things, to go to the gym. -Rodney King

If I'm in Maui, I play soccer and tennis and go kite-surfing. I prefer doing a sport as opposed to going to a gym. I'm not big on gyms. When I did 'Rampart,' I lost 30 pounds because I felt it was better for the character. I worked out constantly, maybe twice a day, and minimized caloric intake. -Woody Harrelson

I have a ballet barre in my gym. I turn the music up so loud that the walls are pulsating, and I go for it for an hour. -Catherine Zeta-Jones

I find this wave of super-skinny women scary. I'm not going to lie to you, I've got to drag myself down to the gym like everybody else. But I look at the red carpet sometimes and it's like a pageant. -Catherine Zeta-Jones

I'm really good at gymnastics, and that's about it. -Amy Adams

For a workout, I love to hike or take a long walk. Being outside is crucial; I can't stand gyms. -Alice Greczyn

I do Pilates twice a week; I hike and I go to the gym. My days of being that hardcore-workout person are over. Don't get me wrong, I still want to be the hot mom! -Alicia Coppola

I take ballet class as often as possible – up to 5 times a week – and try to go to the gym on the days that I don't take class. I also do a floor barre/Pilates mat class almost everyday. -Amanda Schull

I like how I feel when I am in shape. I don't go to a gym; I run. -Amy Locane

I try to walk at least three times a week for 40 minutes or an hour. I do it at the gym on the treadmill, or I go hiking outside. -Ana de la Reguera

I lead a very active lifestyle. When I am not working, I enjoy snowboarding in winter. I golf and swim in the summer months. However, trying to find the time to exercise when I am traveling is quite a challenge. I find myself working out at hotel gyms quite regularly – just so that I can keep up with my training. -Lee Byung-hun

I like to hit the gym early in the morning. I feel better throughout the day when I get in a workout first thing in the morning. -Derek Jeter

When you're in the throes of this romantic love, it's overwhelming – you're out of control, you're irrational, you're going to the gym at 6 A.M. every day – Why? Because she's there. -Helen Fisher

I'm a competitive person. I love the game of basketball. I'm a gym rat. -Paul Pierce

Young people, some of whom are not born into the faith, are being fired up by preachers using basic Islamic scripture and mobilized to wage jihad by radical imams who represent themselves as legitimate Muslim clergymen. -Ayaan Hirsi Ali

If I don't go to the gym and work out, I look like a bag of bones. I go three times a week usually and it's nearly all weights work to help with definition. -Jonas Armstrong

There is a little chubby kid in me just waiting to bust out. I usually go running but am looking for a good gym. -Jason Earles

I had been in the gym training for many, many years, but I definitely stepped it up when it was time to get into shape to play 'Lights'. I began trying to live the life of a boxer, and that means everything that you would expect. -Holt McCallany

One of the questions I get asked a lot is, 'What do you do to stay in shape?' My glib answer is, 'I play.' But I mean it. Sure, I go to the gym, but I don't spend my life there. Most of my activity is outdoors, whether it's basketball or mountain biking or rock climbing. -Jason Lewis

Since I'm homeschooled, I don't get much kid interaction, so I started at this gym and I got to meet other kids. I actually met one of my best friends there; we hang out all the time. -Jake Short

I do tumbling and flips; there's a gym I go to for that. -Jake Short

I've never boxed before in my life. I've had one day's training at a boxing gym, and it's an incredibly difficult sport. -Rupert Penry-Jones

We don't get the Tony gift basket anymore. You used to get incredible swag – there was like $5,000 worth of stuff. I remember getting an MP3 player, gift certificates to restaurants, a three-year gym membership. -Kevin Chamberlin

I'm 53, and it's hard to get to the gym every day. If I know on Friday I'm going to be wrestling, then I don't want to look bad, so it gives me motivation. Plus, once you're in motion, it's a lot easier to stay in motion. -Kevin Nash

What I'm interested in is the fascinating image of young leaders… you know, young people leading in different fields. You see athletes and people in gymnastics, where the requirement is that you are supple and very, very young… 11… and by the time you're 14, you're already over the hill. -Salman Khurshid

Working out makes me feel good. When I don't work out for a few days, I start feeling grumpy. When I'm at the gym, it wakes me up. My spirits are higher. I just feel happier and more motivated to do things. -Elisabeth Harnois

I love to go hiking. I hike every day for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours in the hills around LA. I go to the gym every day, too. -Emmanuelle Vaugier

When I have a little down time, I like to go to the gym and try to bank some hours there. I like to spend time with my dogs, go hiking, do a little traveling. -Emmanuelle Vaugier

I was a gymnast when I was younger. My parents put me in gymnastics, and I was actually only good at the floor. I was terrible at everything else, especially beam. Unfortunately, you can't be a gymnast unless you're good at all of the apparatuses, so I became a competitive cheerleader. I was just the main tumbler for my squad. -Josie Loren

I've never loved spending time on the machines at the gym. But I have discovered an exercise regimen I can dedicate myself to: yoga. It's changed my body. -Judy Reyes

People are always asking me if I work out, but to be honest, I'm doing very little at the moment. The only time I really go to the gym is if I'm staying in a hotel. -Ashley Jensen

I'm at the gym at 6, so I'm usually in my office by 7:15. And I try to not schedule a lot of meetings before 8. So I've got that first hour to get myself organized for the day and to make sure that I've structured what I want to do. -Anne M. Mulcahy

Gold medals are made out of your sweat, blood and tears, and effort in the gym every day, and sacrificing a lot. -Gabby Douglas

I love all the attention, people noticing me. 'There's the gymnast. There she is!' -Gabby Douglas

Growing up, I looked up to major league baseball players, and now these young women have amazing, incredible women all across the board, from swimming to gymnastics to softball to basketball. It is incredible how far women have come and women in sports have come. -Jennie Finch

A lot of us lead relatively sedentary lifestyles, so you have to motivate yourself and force yourself to go to the gym and do active things. The folks that have figured it out, found that thing that they love and made it a big part of their lives, it's easy for them to stay in shape. -Randy Couture

I am much more wired to be an athlete than anything else. I understand the 'hard work = payoff' equation in sports. I run marathons and I box. And that's my Puerto Rican flag hanging in Freddie Roach's Wild Card Boxing gym. I gave it to him. My last N.Y.C. marathon time I ran in three hours flat. -Kirk Acevedo

I was working out at a gym in Montreal when I was doing 'The Bone Collector.' I walked in and said 'Where do I sign in?' Somebody behind me, without even seeing my face, said 'Excuse me, are you on 'Star Trek'?' They recognized me from my voice. -Leland Orser

I go to the gym in a baseball cap, sweats and then run into a boy I like. It happens – so what? -Azita Ghanizada

This one fellow I met at the gym. I went out to dinner with him and he said, 'I've been watching you for a year and I never thought you'd go out with me!' Then he fainted at the dinner table. I didn't know what the hell to make of that. -Beth Broderick

I enjoy doing fun things outdoors with my son to stay in shape. We like camping together. After a weekend in the woods, I'm sorer than after a week at the gym! -Beth Riesgraf

I love to go to the gym for a couple of hours daily. Besides, I love my dancing routines; dance helps me unwind, de-stress, and introspect. -Terence Lewis

As a kid, what brought me in the gym, what got me in there every day was a chance to break your personal best, a chance to be strong; I just really, really dig that. -John Cena

I'm the guy who'll drive 250 miles tonight and be at the gym tomorrow at 10 A.M., when people are still sleeping in. I'm the guy who'll fly to Australia and find a gym. Fly back and first thing I do off the plane is work out before I shower or eat. -John Cena

As a child, I was very active. I was a gymnast, I played touch football, netball and basketball. When I was 16 years old, I started yoga. I started working out at an early age. -Miranda Kerr

Coming where I'm coming from, really, my family name isn't a pressure because, you know, music is not like sports, where you can go and do a hundred reps in a gym and come out and be all buffed up. Music is an expression of what's inside of you. And that's how I make music. -Damian Marley

I used to go to the gym regularly and swim an awful lot, but that was when I was unemployed and knew leisure intimately. -Mark Gatiss

I think I started toddler gymnastics when I was around 3 or 4, and I began taking it seriously when I was 6. -Nolan Gerard Funk

Kids will come into my boxing gym with no discipline, and then you teach them how to focus and love what they're doing, which then travels outside into their home and work life. -Tamer Hassan

I do sport at the gym a few times a week, but I hate it. Work is my only remedy. I feel so twisted and horrible in the morning, but then I go to the office and I start feeling better. Work is my Tylenol. Extra-strength. -Alber Elbaz

I do like all different kinds of sports and stuff. I've taken up gymnastics and slacklining – you know, tightroping, basically. -Wilson Bethel

I am doing everything to be fit – like not eating oily food, doing yoga, gymming and consulting my doc. -Suresh Raina

I think it is easier for thinner people to build on a frame once you get lean muscle. I get bored lifting weights at the gym, and it isn't enough as your body becomes stiff. So I train in different ways such as core training, cardio with weights, playing sports such as tennis, cycling, swimming and running 10 km once a week. -Arjun Rampal

I haven't acquired a taste for green tea, and I don't intend to. I like my coffee black with a little sugar, and it keeps my metabolism up! I don't mind the occasional Gatorade while I'm gymming. -Arjun Rampal

I'm an athlete, so I can get up one day and run and it wouldn't bother me. I don't get the time because I work for long hours every day. Being constantly on the move itself helps me stay fit. I don't go to a gym. I use the stairs, not the lift. I'm not into fitness, but I feel I should start, as it's healthy. -Genelia D'Souza

I'm back in Boston. I own an outdoor deck hockey rink, and I own a boxing gym here also. -Micky Ward

I know that I'm very comfortable with my body. I'm not in insane shape or anything. I run, but I'm not a gym guy or anything. I wish I had washboard abs, but I don't. -Brady Corbet

If you want to play the good roles, spend more time in in college and in acting class than you do in the gym, and you'll have the career you want. -Wendi McLendon-Covey

I tend to go with a daytime look, pretty natural, but I always fill in my eyebrows – I hate if I leave the gym and my eyebrows aren't done; I'm just very uncomfortable with myself. -Olivia Wilde

I began dancing when I was 7 years old. I was told that I had the perfect ballet dancer's body and had these crazy high arches in my feet that resulted in an amazing point. Ballet was very disciplined and, frankly, a little boring, so I eventually transitioned to gymnastics. I loved that, although I never reached a competitive level. -Catherine Mary Stewart

I want to play the Green Lantern. I'd love to do a comic book hero. Go to the gym, get all buff, puff up. That would be a lot of fun. -Matthew Settle

I go to the gym every day. That tends to taper off when I'm at a tournament. During tournaments, I'm not trying to build fitness. I'm simply trying to keep away any kind of tension. I go for long walks to clear my head. -Viswanathan Anand

I attend to my fitness. I go the gym every day and try to maintain my physical fitness; without that, it is tough to take challenges on the chess board. -Viswanathan Anand

Hip hop classes and ballet are what I've been keeping up with, and of course my usual abdominal workout, which consists of 500 sit-ups a session. Or I take a 30-minute abs class at my gym. But dance classes are a full-body cardio workout, which always brings me success and keeps me feeling great. -Briana Evigan

I go to the gym a lot, and I see these guys, these young actors or models there, really punishing themselves – I mean, just killing themselves. And then I'll see one of them on a billboard, with the artfully messy hair, looking as though it's just natural and easy to have a body like that. -Bronson Pinchot

I try to do an hour of cardio on the days that I have off, and then I'll do 30 to 45 minutes on show days. That's the first thing I do when I wake up, I have breakfast and then I'll hit the gym. -Travis Barker

I love working out at the gym, especially weight training. Therefore, my personal de-stress mantra is exercising. -Sunidhi Chauhan

I just hate going to the gym, unless I need to do cardio once in a while. I think gymming makes you stiff and takes your aura away. -Esha Gupta

I hate going to the gym, so sweating outdoors sure beats sitting on a stationary bike staring at my navel. -Tom Selleck

I go to the gym three days a week. You have to or else – I don't want to be the guy that dies shoveling snow. -Douglas Coupland

I wish I had thought of Velcro muscles myself. I didn't have to go to the gym for all those years, all the hours wedded to the iron game, as we call it. -Sylvester Stallone

Every morning, I crawl out of bed. I sit there and think, 'Do I really need this?' And I drag myself to the gym in my garage. It's not fun. I hate it. I work out alone. Weights. -Sylvester Stallone

I go to the gym, I swim daily and from time to time I meet with friends and do extra-curricular stuff. -Vladimir Putin

I grew up dancing, and for a while in college, I was a gym rat. I finally realized… I'm going to create a little more balance in my life and make exercise something that I enjoy doing. So I went back to dance when I started doing more musical theatre, and I've just found that it's the best thing that works for my body. -Christine Lakin

One should eat everything especially healthy and not junk food. I don't like the idea of starving. I would eat and burn it out in gym. The amount of intake is what matters. -Kareena Kapoor Khan

I go to this gym full of stunt men. There aren't any TVs or treadmills there. This is a spit-and-sawdust kind of place. It has a lot of great training aids – trampolines and bags and every weapon ever invented to do harm to a human being. If you want to know how to throw a knife, it's great. -Jason Statham

I box a lot, I spin and I surf. I try to mix it up. I obviously have to be in shape 24 hours and the gym can be super monotonous, so I just get outside and try to make it fun so my body doesn't get bored. -Marisa Miller

I got kicked out of a club for sticking up for my sister. And I got into a fight that was basically hair pulling and rolling around on the gym floor. The fights make me sound like a hell-raiser, but I'm not proud of them. -Nadine Velazquez

'Back to Blood' really took it out of me. While I was writing it, I just never went out anywhere, except to the gym. -Tom Wolfe

I think when I started to get in shape and spend time at the gym, I could be better to other people and be better to myself and get back to loving fashion and experience it myself. I started to wear kilts and lace dresses. -Marc Jacobs

I was a gymnast when I was little, like 8, 9, 10. -Pamela Anderson

Lets talk about the holidays, more specifically, consumption during the holidays. If it's true that 'We are what we eat,' most of us would be unrecognizable during the period that ranges from the night before Thanksgiving through that day in early January when everyone decides to return to the gym. -Rachel Nichols

The thing I can't figure out is why I have an undeniable compulsion to clean public spaces, airplane bathrooms, restaurant flatware, hotel gyms and Chapstick containers… yet I have no desire to make my own bed. Ever. Seriously, who made me, and where am I from? -Rachel Nichols

I go through phases as far as working out goes. I'll do yoga for a few months or then work out at the gym, and then if I'm not doing either, there are things that I usually try and do something active, whether it's trying to jump in the ocean with the surfboard or go hiking. -Sarah Roemer

Because I did gymnastics for such a long time, it's allowed me to stay really physical, and with the krav maga and all that, I can actually do a lot of my own stunts. -Serinda Swan

I pole-dance. I do. I do it at an aerobics center. Having done gymnastics for 13 years, I find it's one of the only things where I can still use my core and all my muscles. Plus, it's fun: You're a girl, and you get to dance around a pole! -Serinda Swan

I was an extreme tomboy. I did competitive gymnastics for over 10 years. I cut my hair like Winona Ryder, with that little pixie cut. -Serinda Swan

I get up 5:30-6 every morning. I'm in the gym. I run a couple miles. -Magic Johnson

I was a world champion on the trampoline at an international level, and gymnastics competitor. -Dan Millman

I have to admit, I go through phases of being good and bad. When I'm being good, I go to the gym three to four times a week. I do much better in a class with other people. I like aerobics and circuit training. -Joanne Froggatt

I don't like going to the gym. -Adele

I've never changed my life since I was 4 and went to the YMCA with a gym bag. I still have that philosophy. In fact, I still have that gym bag. -Dan Gable

I loved performing in the 'High School Musical' movies – that didn't seem like work – but the gym felt like torture! -Ashley Tisdale

I love ballet, and it's a little boring for me to go to the gym because I'm used to the dancing discipline – it's really hard but much more fun. -Penelope Cruz

I'm opening gyms around the world to encourage people to get in shape and feel good about themselves; bringing art through dance to gyms to make my gyms different from other people's. -Madonna Ciccone

I go to gyms quite a bit, martial arts gyms, MMA gyms. I try to train with the best people, with who's who in the martial arts, just to keep myself sharp. -Michael Jai White

I hate the fact that we all feel the pressure to go to gyms, have a trainer if money allows, get jogging – all those societal pressures to keep fit and look a certain way. -Miranda Hart

I was just such a quiet kid. I found boxing when I was 14 years old. I went down to the gym because my brother, who used to beat me up all the time, introduced me to boxing. I found boxing to be a sport that I felt safe in because I controlled what was in those four squares. -Sugar Ray Leonard

I was not athletically inclined. I was very quiet, introverted, non-confrontational. My three older brothers were athletes – basketball, football – but I was kind of a momma's boy. Then one day, my brother Roger encouraged me to go to the boxing gym with him. I tried the gloves on, and it just felt so natural. -Sugar Ray Leonard

I try to go to the gym three to four times a week and mix it up with yoga or a personal trainer. -Nicole Trunfio

I am rubbish at the gym. I prefer to exercise by moving around – it doesn't matter whether I am dancing on a Friday night or on my bike getting from A to B. -Erin O'Connor

I eat tons, three full meals a day, and I never go to the gym. When I was a child, my geography teacher said, 'You may be slim now but if you carry on eating like that, you'll end up being really fat.' Fortunately, I really don't think I've changed much in the past two decades, so that teacher was an idiot. -Gina Bellman

Exercise is important, but exercise in a gym is not important. Go and take a walk outside. Skip the umpteenth coffee date and go for a hike instead. Take the stairs. Walk your errands. -Daphne Oz

For me, working out is a form of therapy. It's cathartic for me; it's a good stress reliever. I know that when I go to the gym I am taking care of myself, and I know I'll feel so much better afterwards. -Bob Harper

Even though you really don't feel like you're motivated to go to the gym, remember how good you felt after the last time you went. Keep that in the forefront of your brain. -Bob Harper

I love race car drivers, I love gymnastics, I love UFC, I love police officers, I love firefighters. I just try to give them the same enjoyment they give me. -Shaquille O'Neal

Whether it's soundtracking a moment in my life or just motivating me to hit the gym, I constantly have music playing. Even if it's just in my head. -Reid Scott

My entire adolescence was geared toward one thing: gymnastics. -Kerri Strug

At the end of the 1960s, I was part of the downtown theatrical movement in New York that was making work in alleyways, garages, gyms, churches, non-traditional spaces. The idea was to get away from the illusion of the conventional theatre. But then I thought, what's wrong with illusion? -Robert Wilson

Just because they're going to the gym, a lot of guys wear old T-shirts that look like they've been lying in the closet for 15 years. My workout clothes have to work. -Henrik Lundqvist

I love exercise, but I find it boring doing the same thing all the time, so I fluctuate between going to the gym, doing Pilates, and taking dance lessons. -Twiggy

Sit-ups and push-ups work without a gym. -John Varvatos

I surf; that's how I stay healthy – not because of the gym. -River Viiperi

I struggled with self-esteem issues as a young girl, and it was not until my gymnastics career was completed in 2000 that I realized my accomplishments would not have been possible without my type of body, and I finally started to appreciate and celebrate myself. -Dominique Dawes

Eleven years old is not an early age to set your sight on the Olympics for a gymnast, because we normally peak in high school. I first qualified for the Olympics team during my sophomore year in high school, when I was 15 years old. -Dominique Dawes

The majority of people who get in the sport of gymnastics do not go to the Olympics or get a Division 1 scholarship, but it doesn't mean that they can't get something positive from the sport. -Dominique Dawes

My first memory in the world is my gym teacher ripping my mother's necklace off her neck and throwing it out the window and her running downstairs to go after it. I have no memory before that. I was 4. My father had a lot of girlfriends and my mother had a lot of boyfriends. -Mike Nichols

The last time I was in a gym, Dukakis was running for president. -Daniel Breaker

It is instilled in thousands of American males from an early age that one of their requirements is to be able to both dish out and take a lot of pain. They are taught the rules of this road in gyms, rings, backyards and fields all over America. -Henry Rollins

Actually, I'm not a gym rat. I'm not a gym person – I've never been. I've always been blessed to be thin. If I'm waiting for the kettle to boil, I'm doing 15 lunges. -Paige Butcher

I'm going to the gym six days a week. I'm eating right. Well-balanced diet. I drink a juice smoothie every morning. -Chumlee

If you're trying to diet, what do you do? You grab your two friends and say, 'We're going to the gym; let's do this together.' Money shouldn't be any different. If you're trying to make progress, if you're trying to save more, we really need to be able to get support. -Alexa Von Tobel

Just as you go to the gym regularly to keep your body fit, regular couples counseling can keep your relationship fit as well. -Laura Wasser

I go to the gym, do some martial arts, and I love poetry. I have a tattoo of my family crest, and another on my back that says 'The Road Not Taken,' which is a poem by Robert Frost. -Steven R. McQueen

I work out at home. I don't have a gym, but I use light weights. I do calisthenics, which is basically using your own body weight, like you do in yoga, to strengthen your core. I also do a bit of cardio. -Vidya Balan

I am the kind of person who hates the gym. I am allergic to the gym. I want to run away from it. -Sonakshi Sinha

I love figure skating, so I do that as often as I can. Other than that I just go to the gym or swim. I love swimming. -Jennette McCurdy

Get a gym membership! If you have a membership, you're bound to go. If you say, like, 'Oh, I'll get it one day,' you're never going to do it. -Jennette McCurdy

Everyone needs a coach. It doesn't matter whether you're a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player. -Bill Gates

The thing that alarms me is that there are so many clergymen who say that the so-called 'new morality' is all right. They say we're living in a new generation; let's be relevant, let's change God's law. Let's say that adultery is all right under certain circumstances; fornication's all right under certain circumstances. If it's 'meaningful.' -Billy Graham

I roll out of bed, walk into the garage, work out, and go about my day. I'll bring my daughter out there in her ExerSaucer. I don't know if I'll ever go back to a gym. -Mike Vogel

I don't really work out that much. I don't go to the gym. -Bregje Heinen

I used to have a gym in the house. I thought that was a fantastic luxury. -Lyor Cohen

I'm sort of a gym buff. It's a stress relief for me. But I only go for 20 minutes at a time. -Kayla Ewell

I would love to learn popping, locking and robotics, gymnastics and acrobatics; it is amazing to learn these things. -Malaika Arora Khan

I'm truly blessed with great genes. I've never done anything drastic in my life, and I can proudly say I haven't tried any of those crazy fad diets, either. I believe in eating right and living healthy. Plus, I love going to the gym, and I enjoy yoga because it streamlines your body. -Malaika Arora Khan

I loved gymnastics. I was eager to compete. I was hungry to go out there and be the best in the world, and I had that determination. -Dominique Moceanu

I prayed a lot. That's all I had in the gym; that was the thing I could turn to. -Dominique Moceanu

I was able to represent my country and put on the red, white, and blue – how many people in the world get to do that? Standing on the podium with my teammates, and being the first women's gymnastics team to win this gold medal, it was life-changing! -Dominique Moceanu

I believe you can be young and compete in gymnastics if you have a coach who is looking out for you and if there is a good gym environment where the coaches are taking care of you emotionally and physically. -Dominique Moceanu

My parents enrolled me in a gymnastics class when I was three years old, and I just was drawn to gymnastics. I loved it. It was my playground, and I could run around and be free there. -Dominique Moceanu

In football, you're dealing with grown men. In gymnastics, you're dealing with prepubescent teenage girls. There's a huge difference. At that age, you're not confident enough to have a voice. -Dominique Moceanu

In Romania, of course, gymnastics is among the most popular sports, and my parents had a dream of escaping the Ceausescu regime and giving their child a better life. So they came to the United States and put me in gymnastics. -Dominique Moceanu

As a competitive gymnast, my life has always been filled with challenges that would ultimately define my future. From day one, I was taught to be prepared at all costs. -Dominique Moceanu

My parents, Romanian immigrants, struggled to provide me a better life than the ones they had left in their homeland. They worked hard to give me every opportunity in life, and once I showed natural talent as a young gymnast, they spent every last penny on my training. -Dominique Moceanu

Standing on the podium at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and receiving a gold medal was the crowning jewel in a successful gymnastics career and, most certainly, the confirmation that my parents' sacrifices were not in vain. -Dominique Moceanu

I was awkward-looking with huge brown eyes, dark brown, pencil-straight hair styled into an old-school Romanian bowl haircut from the 1980s. And I was very, very small. I was always the tiniest kid on my street and in my classes at school… The gym was the one place I didn't have to worry about feeling awkward for being so petite. -Dominique Moceanu

I have never been able to hold onto a really strict gym regime because I get bored. -Seth Numrich

In our game, it's your vanity that keeps you in shape. I've got a little gym set up, and I ride a single-speed bike up the hills behind my house. Lately I've been kind of a slacker. Usually it's a film role that makes me start getting in shape. Between roles, I try to do a little maintenance, but I'm not a workout fanatic at all. -Bill Paxton

The Olympics are what I work for. They're why I spend so much time in the gym. -Lindsey Vonn

Especially when I'm in the gym, I get really motivated by hip-hop. -Lindsey Vonn

I was proud of 'Robin Hood,' even though critics wrote negative things. But I had to laugh when this big, shaven-headed Hungarian stunt guy first saw me. He said, 'You Jonas? You playing Robin Hood? You need to go to the gym today.' So I thought, 'I'm going to show people.' -Jonas Armstrong

I'm never sloppy, and I never wear jeans. I don't work one look in particular, but it's usually retro – I'm a flea-market freak. And detailed – I'm always very done, even at the gym. -Debi Mazar

It's just as important to work on the little muscle groups as well as the big muscle groups. People, when they train, go to gyms. I call them 'nightclub bodies' – ginormous up top, and legs are little sticks. You see a lot of people, and they forget you can't leave the little muscles behind. -Misty May-Treanor

I have my guy Semi who is my on the road – he's my personal trainer. He helps me out with training and stuff like that, and he's shown me a lot of things I can do on the road. We were trying to figure out something that I can do everywhere, like in my hotel room, so I don't have to have a gym. -Avicii

My only personal time is a couple of hours in the gym in the morning. -Aaron Schock

I'm not to eager to play tennis in my spare time. I'm more interested in doing gym work and stuff like that. We have a lot of schools and courts around where I live, so if I really want to play, I don't need to go too far. -Lleyton Hewitt

I basically go to the gym three times a week to do weight training for one or two hours. -Takeru Kobayashi

It's like a prize fighter. He knows he has a fight coming up, so he gets in the gym and trains. So when I have a show coming up, I practice yodeling. -Slim Whitman

I was never invited to the White House. They invited that Olympic Russian gymnast – that little Communist, Olga Korbut. -Bobby Fischer

Just being aware of what you are about to do greatly diminishes the tendency to do what you don't want to. You will pull your hand back from that pizza slice, tell the waitress that you are passing on dessert, put on your gym shoes instead of going under the comforter, and take several deep breaths instead of screaming at your daughter. -Srikumar Rao

There was a kind of physical anarchy that dominated most of my younger life. I was always too skinny, not hairy enough, my voice jumped around. It was a thing that drove me away from towel lines in gym class. -Adam Rapp

My parents are still married. They don't weigh 350 pounds; they go to the gym all the time. -Jami Attenberg

I don't think my natural talent is much different to the other gymnasts. It is a matter of how I train and how I think about my training. I also give a lot of thought to my routines. -Kohei Uchimura

I would like beautiful gymnastics to be recognized as the best. I want the judges to appreciate things that are not necessarily winning points. -Kohei Uchimura

I go eat a sandwich for lunch and have a milk shake and miss going to the gym for 10 days, and somebody snaps a picture of me on the beach, and all of a sudden, I've lost it. Why do I need to be perfect all the time? -Eric Dane

Going to the gym and looking for a specific result is a short-lived existence, as opposed to going to the gym and adopting it as a lifestyle. Develop a routine, because it's much harder to break it if you have one. If you have no routine, you have nothing to break, so discipline goes out the window. -Eric Dane

Whenever I am not traveling during the winter, I am pushing hard in the gym. Even when I am traveling, I try to fit a workout in at the hotel. And if the hotel doesn't have a gym? You can get a good workout in your room with an exercise band and some imagination. -Charlie Kimball

I have a routine for a day I'm in the office and not really physically active. Or a day when I'm in the gym once or in the gym twice. Then I've got a road course routine and an oval routine because they're different physically. -Charlie Kimball

I like to go to the gym with my girls, practice yoga, try new recipes, bake, have slumber parties, go to the beach, have adventures, book hunt, shop for new records, or road trip somewhere… anything that keeps me laughing and excited about the day, really. I like feeling free to do what I or my friends want to do on our days off. -Lindsay Pearce

I train hard Monday to Friday. I'll do weights and cardio in the gym most mornings and do a spinning class, too. -Amy Childs

At noon I get to the gym to do my boxing workout. Three hours there. Rest. Once in a while I get a massage, because I need it once in while. -Juan Manuel Marquez

I was a rhythmic and athletic gymnast for a little while. Then, when I quit gymnastics, I fell in love with yoga. So sometimes I think I'd like to open up a yoga studio. -Nina Dobrev

My dad put up a great hoop in our front yard in our driveway. I was in Oregon, so I had to be out there in the rain. We didn't always have a gym to go to. -Kevin Love

My eighth-grade year, I was home-schooled. I'd basically wake up, go to the gym in the morning, do a little bit of school, go to practice, do a little more school, then go back to practice. My mom had a crockpot and a mini traveling oven, so we'd be cooking and eating dinners at the gym. -Jacob Dalton

I don't like messing up. I think that's just a part of my personality. I don't like to mess up or do anything wrong. When I'm in gymnastics, I like to see my hit percent as high as possible. -Jacob Dalton

It's definitely a necessity to make split-second decisions when you're doing gymnastics because things don't always go perfect. -Jacob Dalton

It is fine to be all focused on gymnastics if that is what you want to do, but once you are finished with gymnastics, what are you going to do? -Amy Chow

When I compete, I tell myself to be calm. It's not something that's the rest of your life. You're in gymnastics for fun. -Amy Chow

Not far from my apartment, within a stretch of no more than 500 feet, there are two doggie gyms where Gotham's canines who aren't getting enough exercise running through the city's parks, or are neglecting their all-important doggie glutes and abs, can go for a workout. What can I say? This appalls me. -David Rakoff

When you're a child, you take things for granted. For instance, my mum didn't have a lot of money, but I went to piano, ballet and gymnastics lessons, and tae kwon do. -Holliday Grainger

I like playing basketball and going to the gym. I don't box, but I'll ride my bike and go jogging or running in the park. Sometimes my lady and I go hiking. -Kevin Hart

I kind of became a gym rat. The more results I saw, the more dedicated I became. It is such a great feeling to see your hard work pay off. I mean, if I'm gonna skip the In-N-Out burgers, there better be light at the end of the tunnel! -Jonathan Lipnicki

I never coast through a workout. This is been great for me physically, but it's also become a problem in two ways. One is that no matter how I'm feeling on a given day, I will absolutely kill myself in the gym, and it takes a huge amount of energy do that. I commit 110 percent. The other problem is that finding a workout partner is impossible. -Joseph Gatt

I have days when I go to the gym and I can't push that 315, but then I look at my video of me benching 6 reps at 315, and I know I did do that. That wasn't a dream. That wasn't some weird fantasy. So I know that next time I'll go in and I'll do that. -Joseph Gatt

I honestly eat chocolate all day long. I do realize how blessed I am to be able to eat what I want and not have to live in the gym. -Joyce Giraud

I do go to the gym five days a week. -J. R. Bourne

Doing nothing would stress me out. So I am still pretty much active practicing judo with my friends, who are former judo athletes, to maintain our fitness as well as the friendships among us. In my spare time, I usually go jogging around the Gelora Bung Karno stadium or head to the gym. -Joe Taslim

You don't need to go to the gym; all you need is a pair of shoes. -Joe Taslim

I tried to go to the gym a while ago and hurt my foot. I thought, 'Well, exercise and I just aren't meant to be.' -Sophie Winkleman

Here's how it goes: I'm up at the stroke of 10 or 10:30. I have breakfast and read the papers, and then it's lunchtime. Then maybe a little nap after lunch and out to the gym, and before I know it, it's time to have a drink. -E. L. Doctorow

Probably Lloyd in 'Say Anything' is the closest to me – or to who I was at the time. It was just a great love story about people in the '80s, and we all tried to make it feel as real as possible. It was such a wonderful time. We didn't leave anything in the gym; we put it all out there. -John Cusack

At the school I attended, the clergyman who ran the cathedral school in Shanghai would give lines to the boys as a punishment. They expected you to copy out, say, 20 or 30 pages from one of the school texts. But I found that rather than laboriously copying out something from a novel by Charles Dickens, it was easier if I made it up myself. -J. G. Ballard

I ran into a couple of guys who were boxers. They talked me into working out at their gym. I became obsessed with boxing and the idea of becoming a champion. -Jon Seda

The gym can serve as an excellent place where kids and young men and women can really empty their issues right on the floor. -Djimon Hounsou

I'm definitely an outdoorsy guy. I like hiking, outdoor workouts with body weight. But when it comes to getting it done, I can just get in the gym and pound it out. -Derek Theler

I love to run. When the weather's bad, I should get on the treadmill in the basement gym of my apartment building, but I lack the motivation. -Tom Riley

At the gym, I do full-body circuits with low weights and high repetitions, as well as four or five cardio intervals thrown into the mix. I put a lot of emphasis on core strength and flexibility training. I also do a lot of running in my free time. Anytime I can move my cardio outside in the sunshine, I do. -Jill Wagner

It's really, really easy to make excuses as to why we can't go to the gym. If you can find time to sit in front of the TV for 45 minutes, you can find time to work out. -Jill Wagner

I used to sleep in the T-shirt I wore during the day and whatever ratty old gym shorts I could find on the floor. But one year for Christmas, someone gave me a very chic, comfortable pair of pajamas from Brooks Brothers, and I realized the error of my ways. -Derek Blasberg

It's rewarding to know that I have young people in the gym who have the same goals as I had, and now I can help them reach those goals. -Jaycie Phelps

If Luna Marie is at the park, my child is not happy unless she's on the highest bar of the jungle gym or the tallest branch of a tree or jumping over the biggest, deepest hole. -Constance Marie

I'm the type of person that will do triple sessions in one day. I'll do Pilates, I'll do spinning, and then I'll go to the gym and do weights – which is insane. -Laura Prepon

I met the man of my dreams at a gym, and then we got married in Vegas – because we're classy. When you meet at a gym, where else do you get married? -Megan Hilty

My family's support and the negative environment of the day toward blacks in South Carolina became the forces that led me out of the South – first to New York, then to Philadelphia, where I found opportunity in the form of a PAL gym and my trainer, Yank Durham. -Joe Frazier

I like a lot of things about yoga – its an intro to good music; with each good teacher you study with, you learn a lot about them personally; it's not just about specific technique or poses. I also like Shavasana – not too many exercise routines let you nap at the end of them. You don't see nap pods in CrossFit gyms. -Charles Michael Davis

When it comes to working out, I really don't like the gym. I go because I have to, but I'm usually not happy about it. I do what my trainer and coaches tell me to do, but I'm always anxious to get outside. -Nate Holland

I try and find fun activities like mountain biking, hiking, or water sports for a workout rather than pushing weight in the gym. -Nate Holland

I think gymnastics trained me as a person, too. Without the lessons I learned in gymnastics, I would be crushed. -Liang Chow

I enjoy every second I'm in the gym. I love to challenge myself, push myself; obviously there's a lot of different routines and a lot of different stuff we do – love cycling, and again, it's part of my lifestyle. -Camilo Villegas

I'm not a fan of aggressive meathead dudes who spend three hours at the gym, drink protein shakes, talk about lifting and what juice they're trying. -Sarah Wright

I'm in the gym three to four days a week, depending on how I'm feeling. With chest, legs and back being the most important parts of any athlete's body, I try to train these on separate days with at least a day off in between. -Albert Pujols

When I'm on the road, restaurants are like gyms: I know where I want to be in each city. -Triple H

To combat the monotony of gym workouts, I started playing soccer. I looked at workouts as training sessions. My soccer training includes squats, pushups, resistance-band work, and sprints. Ninety minutes of running became part of my love of the game rather than a chore. -Adam Richman

I was a dancer until I was 19. I never had to worry about working out or what I ate. So I've really had to train myself to get down to the gym. -Christina Hendricks

My father's a clergyman, and he was in the mission field for a certain amount of time in British Honduras, which is now Belize. -John Hurt

I go to the gym in the morning to warm up, and then I go to the mountain and train. Then I come home and go to the gym again to recover. But on travel days, you get pretty much no physical exertion. -Hannah Kearney

In gymnastics, everything is a competition. You want to have your hair look the best and your makeup look the best. You want to be the best, and you want to have the prettiest leotard. -McKayla Maroney

You're in the gym eight hours a day; you're not preparing for cameras and running around and doing tour stops and making acting appearances. -McKayla Maroney

The thing with gymnastics is people don't always know the events. So they'll ask me about the rings, and I'll have to say, 'Women don't do that.' Or they'll use the wrong words, like horse instead of vault. They get confused. -McKayla Maroney

I go to the gym regularly, not just for the way I look but because it makes me less cranky, too. -Bonnie Langford

I don't have a gym membership. I usually do a bit of basic yoga or stretches at home or in my dressing room before the show. I've done plank for 60 seconds almost every day since 2009, when I had to wear a bikini onstage in 'South Pacific.' -Laura Osnes

The older I've gotten, the more I try to stay out of the gym. -Geoff Stults

I go to this gym in Hollywood: it's a Cross Fit gym. It's basically just a really high intensity, sort of, athletic movements. I'm sure Cross Fit is going to be mad at me for not giving their definition of what Cross Fit is. -Parker Young

Discipline is the quality that carries over from gymnastics to acting. -Mitch Gaylord

I don't want to be considered a gymnast anymore. -Mitch Gaylord

Being a person who has had plastic surgery and goes to the gym five days a week to work my muscles up so they don't look atrophied as a 60-year-old, I don't disparage people who want to maintain their appearance. But what I don't want is a society that tells me I have to. -Faye Wattleton

When I'm in the gym, I always try and pair a push and a pull motion. I'll then follow that with a lot of shoulder stability work. -Andrew Luck

The harder I train every day on the track and in the gym, the more trust I gain in myself. -Miguel Cotto

I try to do a variety of physical activities. I spin, take classes at Barry's Boot Camp, go to the gym, use home DVD's of ChaLEAN Extreme workouts, which I think are brilliant, and I run around after my three girls. Also, let's be honest. The amount of laundry I do is an exercise in and of itself! -Alicia Coppola

I actually sing horribly, but I used to dance pretty good. I was a gymnast, and you can usually use those gymnastic tricks with dance. Plus, they're so much fun to do. That wasn't really a big part of my career. It was just a phase. -Robert Englund

I didn't feel like gymnastics were part of The Cars. I certainly philosophically didn't want to prod the audience to react to anything. To me, it was more like negative theater. We didn't really talk to the audience. I didn't see that being a part of this band. -Ric Ocasek

Throughout my life, I have tried to share my philosophy that getting and staying healthy doesn't have to feel like work. I don't diet or slave away in a gym – what I do is make excellent food choices. -Suzanne Somers

Throughout my life, I have tried to share my belief that getting and staying healthy doesn't have to feel like work. My life is not about deprivation; I don't diet or slave away in a gym. What I do is eat clean, nutritious, real food. I enjoy delicious meals with healthy fats, I eat until I am full and satisfied, and I remain thin. -Suzanne Somers

I dislike the gym, but I'll chase a tennis ball all day. -Matt Kuchar

I always request a king-size bed, and if I can't, I try to work that out right after I land. I unpack immediately so the clothes don't get wrinkled. I go the gym. I adjust the temperature; I like the room kind of warm. And then turn on CNBC. -Geoffrey Zakarian

I usually get all my stress and anger out at the gym. But when I get out, I'm kind of a pleasant person – really. -Natalie Martinez

I really feel it when I can't get to the gym for a few weeks. I like to run on a treadmill in the gym so I can keep track of what I'm doing. -Donna Air

A lot of actresses feel the pressure to constantly look good, to constantly show how well-toned every inch of their bodies are and how much they've been to the gym, not necessarily to do justice to the role they're in, but to point out to the producers out there, 'Hey, look what I've got – remember me for your next project.' -Caroline Goodall

I'm totally active. I am just this side of hyper. I jog and go to the gym every day. When I'm on the computer, I'm reading, I'm writing, I'm never quiet. My brain is very rarely not engaged. Every now and again I will fall asleep under the parasol in the sun, but that's a rarity. -Suzi Quatro

I love going to the gym, sweating, running around, feeling like I'm having a heart attack. -Liam Hemsworth

The gym is somewhere you can go to just forget for an hour what you do for a living, what you are doing on a daily basis. You just turn up and get on with it. -Luke Evans

I don't think you should spend that much time in the gym. Don't sit around between sets too long. If you want to burn some calories, keep the sets tight. Give yourself 30 seconds to a minute between each set. Supersetting is brilliant. -Luke Evans

The gym is where I get my chill-out time. I try to go six days a week, but when I'm working, that goes down to about three. -Felicity Kendal

I never go to the gym – I can't be doing with it. But I run up and down the stairs, wash my feet in the basin to keep supple, and I don't eat things that have a pulse. -Joanna Lumley

I try to frighten my very young colleagues into studying and understanding their voices before they attempt things that are beyond them. It's wise to take gymnastics and swimming to strengthen the body, because people don't realise what an athletic undertaking singing actually is. -Jessye Norman

I was exposed to the gym at about 28. I never had a huge love or appetite for it – it was just a means to an end. -Brian O'Driscoll

The Polynesian guys are pretty strong without going to the gym. -Brian O'Driscoll

I like the idea of young readers using my stories as a sort of moral gym, where they can flex and develop their newly developed moral muscle. -Morris Gleitzman

I did ballet and gymnastics, and then I started acting when I was eight – just doing amateur theater at a place called Oldham Theatre Workshop in my hometown. -Olivia Cooke

When I wake up on a Sunday morning with a slight hangover, in the gym with no makeup on, that's who Natalie Dormer really is. The girl next door who gets a spot on her forehead occasionally. -Natalie Dormer

Therapy's like going to the gym. -Chris Pine

It's a form of mental and verbal gymnastics, and one of the things that appeals to me most about commenting on darts is that no one knows exactly what I'm going to come out with next – and neither do I. -Sid Waddell

Going to the gym on my own I struggle with, but when I'm in there with a teammate or a group of guys, it's the ultimate environment. -James Spithill

When I arrive at my destination, I like to hit the gym, as I find exercise helps combat jet lag. -Orlando Bloom

I'm a gym rat; I love my hour-long afternoon sessions with my trainer. -Tim Howard

I hate the gym, so I try to diversify my workouts with swimming and basketball. Indoors, it's less boring than running. I do find that diet is key. I eat lots of lean protein, no soda, no fast food or fried foods, and a lot of water. But I love food and often cook. -Mike Colter

I really don't like the gym. I like experiences, so I take any chance I get to go on a bicycle or on a hike. -Blake Lively

Going to the gym is something I haven't done regularly since I was a child. -Gwendoline Christie

What I've always loved about gymnastics and one of the many reasons I love watching it now is the combination of skill and freedom it has – the discipline and expression – letting you dance. -Gwendoline Christie

If you're chained to a computer all day, you're not using up much energy, even if you drag yourself to the gym a couple of days a week. And to make matters worse for me, I've had a secondary career right along with my romance writing – cookbook author, under my real name, Ruth Glick. -Ruth Glick

I try to get to the gym whenever I can, eat healthy, mostly protein and vegetables, avoid processed sugar and minimize carbs, but I don't feel like I need to go crazy if I want pasta now and then. -Nathan Parsons

I have a terrible habit of shopping after I go to the gym or hitting eBay. -Edie Campbell

My routine definitely starts with brows. I do add a little bit of mascara – even to the gym. I have to! I love Maybelline and Covergirl, just drugstore brands. I'm telling you, they're the best. -Selenis Leyva

With physical prep work, you know if you go to the gym, you will get size. There's no chance it won't happen. The emotional prep work is a variable. You could step onto the set one day and have a disconnect with your thoughts and feelings and have a rough day acting because you can't quite tap into what you need. -Chris Evans

I'm not someone who likes to live in the gym. -Jai Courtney

I don't like to go to the gym very much if I can help it. -Mark Ruffalo

As professional soccer players, we take our bodies to the extreme. We're the people at the gym that look like we're breaking the machines. Pushing our bodies to the limits is what makes us so strong and capable and Olympians. It's not an easy thing to consistently do over and over again to your body. -Abby Wambach

I love the gym; I love basketball. I'm really passionate about it. -Kyrie Irving

I've worked countless hours in the gym, so I feel like I'm already prepared for the game. So when I'm listening to music pregame, it's really just about personal enjoyment. -Kyrie Irving

When I was in Grade 9, there was an election for high school president, and one of the candidates told us that if we elected him, he would abolish homework. He promised this to the entire student body from the stage in the school gymnasium. -Martin O'Malley

I go to the gym pretty regularly. -Martin O'Malley

If I'm going to the gym or the shops to get food, then I don't need to do anything – I'll just put on a pair of sunnies, and that's enough. -Mallory Jansen

I grew up doing gymnastics. It requires discipline, eating right, getting sleep, lots of sacrifice. But the pros outweigh the sacrifice. -Kacy Catanzaro

I'm not just a normal guy. I'm a gymnast. -Action Bronson

The great thing about 'Skins' is that it's not '90210.' We don't have to look stick-thin and ripped. Those shows send out the wrong messages by showing body-perfect people but not mentioning that they spend four hours a day in the gym to look that way. -Kathryn Prescott

I don't go to the gym because I don't have time, but I do Pilates workout DVDs for 20 minutes or more every day at home. -Kate Winslet

My kids are exhausted every day, and I keep them that way. It's gym, ice, homework. They're too tired to get in trouble. -Nelson Peltz

I trained with Olympics Athlete Jeanette Kwakye – who is amazing! And Shani Anderson, who is an excellent Olympic runner. We trained five times a week; running, circuits, weights, working out in the gym, and on the track. It was an insane time. -Lily James

I do this system called TRX. It was developed by a Navy SEAL and is basically a simple cord that you can wrap around something anywhere, anytime, and you use your body weight as resistance. We installed one in our home gym, but you can also attach it to a tree. It's very easy to travel with. -Elizabeth Banks

I go to the gym three times a week and do Pilates three times a week, but not for more than an hour. It's not healthy. -Brittany Snow

Sometimes I wake up and stretch and do 20 minutes on the treadmill, or anything to just break a sweat. And then I have the weekends where I can get out and play nine holes and maybe go to the gym. -Justin Timberlake

I wasn't in shape at all before I decided to do boxing. I wasn't an athlete. Before boxing, I would go to the gym for a month and stop. -Laila Ali

I was not allowed to take spherical trigonometry because I'd sprained my ankle. Because I'd sprained my ankle, I had an incomplete in gym, phys ed. And the rule was that if you had an incomplete in anything, you were not allowed to take an overload. -William Shockley

I was a gymnast for many years before I was a dancer, so it comes in pretty handy when we do stunts. -Mads Mikkelsen

I was into sports and swimming as a kid and didn't spend a whole lot of time sitting down. I was a gymnast. -Mads Mikkelsen

I never even thought about being an actor. Somebody asked me if I'd like to learn the craft, and I said, 'Okay.' I was a gymnast in a show at that time, and somebody asked me afterwards one night. I performed as a gymnast for nine years, and then I did acting after that. -Mads Mikkelsen

I've always been extremely physical. I was a gymnast for 15 years, and then I was a dancer for nine, so I was kind of looking for these parts. But we have a tendency in Denmark not to do many action films. -Mads Mikkelsen

I work out in the gym three times a week on top of my dancing, so I have to eat a lot to keep my weight and energy up: a big breakfast, and little and often throughout the day. -Anton du Beke

The biggest reason people don't do things is knowledge. Many people don't go to the gym because they don't know what the heck they're doing. -Jessie Pavelka

I've built employee perks programs before and it's impossible to manually build a program that makes everyone happy. I'd make a deal with one gym then hear about another gym an employee would prefer. As a small business owner, I didn't have the time or leverage to negotiate and manage dozens of vendor relationships. -Paige Craig

I love weights, but it's too far to get to the gym. So I make the farm my gym: I split wood and haul tires and do work on the farm, and that's sort of my weight training portion. -Ann Bancroft

My dad was always super-active and got me in the gym at a young age. He wanted me to be health-conscious. 'Healthy body, healthy mind'; that's what he preached to me. -Scott Eastwood

To be really in shape, it's dynamic. It's got to be a lot of different everything, always switching it up. So a good day for me would be hit the gym, do some sort of cross training in the gym and then go surfing and then maybe take a jiu-jitsu class at night or go swimming at night or go stand up paddle boarding in the evening. -Scott Eastwood

I love it right now. I love being retired. I think I retired at a perfect time in my career. Now I get an opportunity to spend time with my wife and kids and get to be very supportive of them. My son is playing football right now. My daughter is in gymnastics. Both are competing at a high level. So it came at the right time. -Donald Driver

My father, Dines Pontoppidan, belonged to an old family of clergymen and was himself a minister. -Henrik Pontoppidan

I do have to go to the gym, which I don't enjoy that much. -Henry Ian Cusick

I would love to be a professional athlete. When I was living in Mexico as a teenager, I did seven years of gymnastics and went to the Junior Olympics. I was getting to the level of going to the international competitions, but I was only 14, and my parents were really worried because they did not want that to be my life. -Karla Souza

I grew up in Indiana. My first four years of elementary were in the gym where Coach Wooden went to high school. -Steve Alford

On a normal day, I crawl out of bed before 8 A.M., have a protein shake, chuck my gym kit on, and go for a class or personal-training session. When I'm back, I'll have poached eggs with salmon or spinach for breakfast before my stylists arrive to do my hair – which takes ages. I then go wherever I am needed. -Ella Eyre

My dance teacher will show me pictures of girls who are rhythmic gymnasts, and they are super skinny. But I don't want to be too skinny. I think that looks a little gross when you are dancing. You don't want to be a scrawny, bony thing. -Maddie Ziegler

I live three blocks away from the beach, so every day I walk down to the beach to run or go swimming. Hiking is a big one for me – so long as it's something where I'm not thinking about working out, like in a contrived class or the gym. -Dylan Penn

Our gymnasium was remarkable and had more stuff in it than one could dream up in a nightmare. Furthermore, every boy had to use every piece of it during gymnasium class. -Preston Sturges

When every church becomes a school, every cathedral a university, every clergyman a teacher, and all their hearers brave and honest thinkers, then – and not until then – will the dream of poet, patriot, philanthropist and philosopher become a real and blessed truth. -Robert Green Ingersoll

Voltaire! A name that excites the admiration of men, the malignity of priests. Pronounce that name in the presence of a clergyman, and you will find that you have made a declaration of war. -Robert Green Ingersoll

I play golf, and I play chess, and sometimes I go to the gym. On the airplane or between acts when I do the performance, I play Candy Crush to forget what happens around me, just to be alone, not thinking… You need to clear your brain. -Ildar Abdrazakov

I get antsy if a year goes by without doing a play. I don't go to the gym, so this is my way of trying to live longer. -Rory Kinnear

I attend dance class every alternate day, and it works like a cardio workout for me. I also do weight training in the gym every alternate day. -Tena Desae

I like eating the right way, doing things the right way. I never had to have my dad come and say, 'Hey, you have to get back to the gym' or, 'Hey, you're eating wrong.' -Bryce Harper

I always think, what type of 11th grader would I be if I was still at school? Or if I was home all the time, would I be at the gym 24/7? Would I be as good at guitar? I know I wouldn't be as mature as I am. -Shawn Mendes

I travel and climb about eight months a year. That's pretty great training in itself. When I am home, I do a lot of bouldering, gym climbing, and specific strength training in a effort to get stronger for climbing. -Tommy Caldwell

I'm living on this positive mind frame where I'm only attracting positive things. I'm controlling my energy, I'm eating right, I'm meditating, I'm in the gym, I'm doing all this stuff I'm supposed to be doing. I'm past that young, immature way of thinking. I just want to be great. -Shameik Moore

I've still got a few moves from my days as a gymnast. -Laura Donnelly

In L.A., you just kind of come and have a nice hiking-yoga-gym life. -Darren Star

I'd grown up an athletic child, a competitive soccer player since age 4, with stints ranging from months to years in gymnastics, softball, volleyball. -V. E. Schwab

After finishing the gymnasium in Muenchen with 9 years of Latin and 6 years of ancient Greek, history and philosophy, I decided to become a physicist. The great theoretical physicist Arnold Sommerfeld, an university colleague of my late father, advised me to begin with an apprenticeship in precision mechanics. -Wolfgang Paul

The woman pastor would often be, especially for women and children, a better minister than the clergyman; for them also, the woman judge might often surpass the man in penetration and understanding. -Ellen Key

We see North Koreans as automatons, goose-steeping at parades, doing mass gymnastics with fixed smiles on their faces – but beneath all that, real life goes on with the same complexity of human emotion as anywhere else. -Barbara Demick

While Person A might believe the kitchen counter provides a reasonable surface on which to place one's balled-up sweatsocks post-gym, Person B – about to cut up some vegetables on that same counter, perhaps for a meal intended to be shared with Person A – can only read the sockball as a message that says, 'Hi! I have contempt for you!' -Lynn Coady

The gym was my only refuge. I could put music on and dance around with my girlfriends and be silly. -Khloe Kardashian

I promise you, the gym has taken away so much of my stress. It has helped calm me down. -Khloe Kardashian

When I'm fidgety, and I just feel like everything is closing in, I go to the gym. You're building endorphins and feeling good about yourself. It's saved me. -Khloe Kardashian

On the weekend, I have a gym in my community. I try to do cardio. You just turn on some junk TV, and you don't realize what you're doing, and I love that. -Khloe Kardashian

I wrote poetry off and on in high school, when I could manage to get out of gym classes and sports – using my allergies as an excuse – and climb the hill behind school till I found a nice place to settle down with a notebook and look at Spokane spread out below. -Carolyn Kizer

You don't always have to get an expensive gym membership. The important thing is to keep moving and to make it fun and have variety – it's the spice of life. -Christie Brinkley

The person earning the federal minimum wage of $7.25 isn't going out to eat at restaurants. They're not taking piano lessons. They're not going to the gym or the yoga studio. They're not sending mom flowers on Mother's day. What good is this person in the economy? If you raise it to $15 an hour, they're doing all of those things. -Nick Hanauer

I only box. It's the only thing that keeps me sane. I can't just go to the gym and run. I'd rather die. I played volleyball and rode horses my entire life, so just, like, moving to a city and having to go the gym was just, like, so weird for me. -Gigi Hadid

I'm really interested in finding good tips to stay in shape, and I love being in the gym, and I love doing yoga. -Charlotte McKinney

I proposed abolishing boxing because it was bad for the brain, but boxers were generally so decent that I loved being around the gyms. -George Vecsey

Title IX, whether voluntarily or via court cases, opened gymnasiums to women, produced uniforms and schedules and buses. -George Vecsey

After attending the gymnasium between my eighth and seventeenth years, I studied classical philology at Berlin University for two years under Boeckh and Lachmann, and with the friendly support of Emanuel Geibel and Franz Kugler, I dabbled in all sorts of poetry. -Paul Heyse

A lot of people in my family have high blood pressure. Dre told me I better start hitting the gym… so I took his advice. -Warren G

Music can be useful during training to help get you psyched, and I still listen to music on easy climbs or in the gym. But during cutting-edge solos or really hard climbs, I unplug. There shouldn't be a need for extra motivation on big days, be it music or anything else. It should come from within. -Alex Honnold

Pretty much every gym I go into, I feel very comfortable. I dump my stuff, take my shoes off, do my thing. -Alex Honnold

We have a fair on our farm every year – a gymkhana and a dog show and a funfair and a heavy-horse show. It was my idea. Be careful what you wish for – it's a monster. -Martin Clunes

I last went to a gym when I was a teenager to make sure I could lift ballerinas. -Damian Woetzel

The group who really could benefit from more protein is not fit young gym-goers but older people, who seem to be at much greater risk of protein deficiency. -Bee Wilson

When I don't have a fight scheduled, training is even more fun. I can come into the gym and work on stuff that isn't generated for a specific game plan. I can just play around with it and have a good time. I never want to get to the point where I'm sick of it. -Holly Holm

I work out seven days a week, and I love every minute of it. It really is a way just to get away. I weight train and do cardio and stay active as much as possible every day; I have to just to clear my head. I love to get into the gym. -Matt Cohen

I don't go to the gym. I've always been very athletic and kept very active. I used to run track. I literally have no desire to get a gym membership. -Dawnn Lewis

Your voice is important – it gives away everything about you. The mouth is a muscle you have to work like you'd work at the gym. -Jason Clarke

For me, motivation is easy. I enjoy what I'm doing, and I'm lucky to play tennis. I enjoy the suffering. It's something quite natural for me to go on the court and suffer, and to go in the gym and to suffer, and to know the only way to get better is to work out – that's what I like. -Stan Wawrinka

I'm not someone who wakes up at 6 A.M. to go to the gym. -Monica Bellucci

I go to the gym four times a week for 45 minutes to an hour without fail; I like using weights for muscle tone and the bike and rower for my heart rate. I do quite a lot of floor exercises. -Marie Helvin

I have to look after myself. I go to the gym every day; I have physio every day, I have a couple of guys that work with my body a lot. -Adolfo Cambiaso

I'm going to the gym and really taking care of myself and trying to stay fit, eating properly. -Sondra Radvanovsky

You go to the gym to make sure you have the stamina to breathe in the corsets. -Sondra Radvanovsky

HD is not forgiving. Once you see your face for the first time in a movie cinema, you run straight to the gym. -Sondra Radvanovsky

We have two trainers at the polo ground and do a mix of aerobics, gymnastics and stretches before we start riding. As polo players, it's very important for us to keep in shape. We do a bit of yoga and Pilates sometimes, too. -Facundo Pieres

My first ballet class was on a basketball court. I'm in my gym clothes and my socks trying to do this thing called ballet. I didn't know anything about it. -Misty Copeland

My family didn't have very much money, so ballet wasn't even on my radar; I just found it randomly when I was 13 at a Boys & Girls Club. We were practicing in a basketball court in gym clothes with some old socks on. Even though it terrified me at first, I found that I really liked it. -Misty Copeland

Growing up, I was surrounded by R&B and Hip-Hop, and the closest thing I could find to dance was gymnastics which I watched on TV. So, I just used those avenues I found available right in my milieu to express what was inside of me. -Misty Copeland

I normally hit the gym five times a week. I tend to do half an hour of cardio – on the treadmill or a spin class – then head for the weights. I do a lot of core work, obviously! -Fleur East

I box two to three times a week. I don't like going to the gym because it's boring. I really like boxing because you have to combine concentration and imagination. I feel like I'm actually learning something that's useful. -Stephanie Sigman

There are much more important things than a man going to the gym. Of course they have to take care of themselves on a certain level, but it's not essential. I think men do it more to impress other men. -Stephanie Sigman

Sports have always been a big part of my life. At school, I played a lot of different sports, and I was competing with other schools. I did everything: running, volleyball, basketball, soccer, Olympic-style gymnastics, and more! My history with sports gave me good concentration, focus, strength, and motivation to stay healthy. -Izabel Goulart

My favorite outdoor activities are running, yoga, and functional training. My favorite indoor workouts are Pilates, kickboxing, functional training, and a lot of different exercises at the gym with and without weights – including TRX. -Izabel Goulart

I do some 400 m. repetition running for endurance on the court. I'll be in the gym lifting weights, or I'll be putting in a lot of core stability to work to improve my balance. -Andy Murray

Earlier in my career, I used to spend a lot of time practising my tennis on court. Now I've learned that it's better to do just a couple of hours on court and two gym sessions a day. That's what's made me fitter and stronger. -Andy Murray

Guys are bigger, stronger, just like in singles, serving bigger, returning better, and more athletic for sure. I think from my standpoint, just spending more time in the gym has enabled me to hang in there. -Daniel Nestor

I got into rhythmic gymnastics when I was four years old. -Yana Kudryavtseva

For a gymnast to be successful, she needs to strike a balance of everything within herself. She needs to be graceful, flexible, perform all elements, turns, maintain co-ordination – she has to have all of that. If, for example, she only has co-ordination and nothing else, she will not succeed. -Yana Kudryavtseva

Some of the authorities would like to remove rhythmic gymnastics from the list of Olympic sports and turn it into art. I think this would be wrong, as rhythmic gymnastics is a true sport – we train around six hours per day and sometimes spend entire days in the gym. -Yana Kudryavtseva

Mum and dad would drive me to the ACT Academy of Sport gym at 5 A.M., sit in the car and read a book, and then drive me to school. I appreciated it when I was younger, but I didn't really understand how much they were putting into it. Now I look at budgets of $70,000 to compete, and I think, 'Wow, they've put so much into this.' -Caroline Buchanan

I can't deal with the gym too much if I don't have somebody telling me what to do. -Behati Prinsloo

I know the first thing I want to do when I come back from a loss is to get in the gym and get better. -Miesha Tate

Trejo is one of the oldest boxing gyms in Cuba; it's outdoor, and every great champion the country has produced has passed through and was forged in the open air. -Brin-Jonathan Butler

I had never heard of Cingular, but they needed people to jump on trampolines. Well, when I was 13, I was a trampoline gymnast. I had actually won nationals in my age group. So it was like one of those perfect, unbelievable miracles. -Nate Torrence

I only went into a gym by accident. My mum couldn't get a babysitter and wanted to do aerobics, so she took me and Kurtis, my younger brother, down to the gym. There was an after-school boxing class on with some of the kids from school. There weren't any other girls there, but I didn't mind. I loved it. -Nicola Adams

If you ever see The Rock working out in the gym, don't think you can just go up and disturb his workout and expect him to take a picture. He's there to work, so kindly just pass the silverback on by or he'll rip your face off. -Dwayne Johnson

The physical DNA has always been part of our family. My dad was a good boxer and gymnast; my mum is a ballroom dancer, and my brother does martial arts. -Jason Statham

I like to meditate. But I get rid of my stress at the gym. -Jason Statham

I don't go in for the high-end gyms with the high-tech equipment and all the fancy stuff. -Jason Statham

I'm not an everyday fragrance person usually. I wouldn't put fragrance on before dropping off my kids or going to the gym. -Christy Turlington

I swim, go to the gym, and do a little dancing every day and a little singing. -Dick Van Dyke

I have always been a huge fan of gymnastics. -Melissa Rauch

I have great Indian genes! You know, I'm lazy. I want to take advantage of the fact that I have a great metabolism. When I start getting fat, I'll work on it! I like food, and I don't like the gym, and as long as I look like this without doing anything, why bother? -Priyanka Chopra

It's a terrible thing to say, and I probably shouldn't say it, but I'm a lazy person when it comes to physical exertion. I don't like gyms unless I need to for a movie or a part or a show. -Priyanka Chopra

I'm pretty sure 'Nutty Professor' will happen to me at some point. And when it does, I will go to the gym. -Priyanka Chopra

I get bored easily, so in general, I tend to mix up my workouts. I exercise in the gym with a trainer once a week when I'm in town, and I love yoga, golf and tennis. -Ivanka Trump

When we first started in Huntington Recreation with John Capobianco, we put four kids in the Golden Gloves finals. We didn't even have a ring. We trained at Stimson Junior High School. They give us the gym three nights a week. We used to box in the gym – no ring, just on the gym floor. -Gerry Cooney

One of my strengths is my explosive power. Especially at the start line, where you have to accelerate faster than your competitor. I train for that by lifting barbells. It helps your hips thrust and your muscles twitch faster, and it builds strength. But I don't do too much gym work because I don't want to bulk up. -Bryony Shaw

I like all kinds of music. On my playlist at the minute is Professor Green, Tinie Tempah, Maroon 5, Stereophonics, Jay-Z, Drake, and lots more. I always listen to music when I'm in the gym; it helps me to get pumped up. -Kyle Edmund

I generally don't use an iPod for track work, as I'm focusing on heart rate and times. When I'm in the gym or running alone, there's always music. If I'm in the weights gym, I usually go for rap or rock music; for running, it's dance or cheesy pop. -Laura Robson

I'm in the gym every morning and have lockers by Democrats. You know, I don't ask person X or person Y to go out to dinner. Not because they're bad people – I just have very little in common with them. -Tim Griffin

I don't necessarily enjoy being at the gym. It's something I have to do, more than something I look forward to doing. But it does enable me to do fun things. -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

I always wake up early Saturday morning, and I have a little bit more time, so I go to the gym. -Ehud Olmert

Drake's home is its own fantasia, a single-level ranch that sprawls in various wings over 7,500 square feet, from the game room to the gym to Drake's master bedroom with Jacuzzi. The pool is like a scene out of Waterworld, with a bar inside a grotto, waterfalls, and a slide that drops thirty feet through the rock. -Michael Paterniti

I don't see myself coaching gymnastics. I see myself involved in the sport in the future but involved in other things as well. -Aly Raisman

I always feel that most people out there who aren't sure if the gym is really for them aren't prepared to pay and find out. -Victoria Pendleton

If I thought of gymnastics as a job, it would put too much stress on me. -Simone Biles

Everything I do is in the gym, so I'm always in gym clothes. I'm excited to explore lifestyle clothes for a little bit. -Simone Biles

I started gymnastics when I was six years old. I was at day care, and they took us on a field trip to a gym club, Bannon's Gymnastix in Houston, and that's how I got started. -Simone Biles

The sport is called artistic gymnastics. So you do have to be a little bit of an actress. -Simone Biles

I'm very fortunate to have a coach that I got to stay with all this time. Every year the bond gets stronger and better, and we understand each other more. And it's like she can tell if I walk into the gym what kind of mood I'm in, what she has to fix for the practice I need, or how I'm feeling. -Simone Biles

It hurts my head, but it's fine because it's something I do every day. You can't avoid the gymnastics questions. -Simone Biles

My first experience with gymnastics was when I was in daycare. We took a field trip to a gym, and I was hooked. -Simone Biles

I make breakfast, which is usually Kellogg's Red Berries or egg whites, and then I go to the gym that's only 10 minutes away. -Simone Biles

I spend a lot of time in the gym training, and Core Power is a great fit for my nutritional needs. -Simone Biles

If you live in the States, you have to join a gym. -Roger Rees

Jumping isn't as important to my training as you might think; I'm only in the sandpit once a week. There's a high risk factor of injury doing it, so instead, I rely on my progress in the gym to judge how far I'll jump on the big day. -Greg Rutherford

I do a lot of things like running hills and larger amounts of reps in the gym. -Greg Rutherford

An example of my average week would be the gym on Monday; Tuesday will be a technical session. I practice running and high jump on Thursday and then have another technical session at the weekend. -Katarina Johnson-Thompson

You can exercise anytime, anywhere. It doesn't have to be the gym. -Katarina Johnson-Thompson

It's so true: the fight is won or lost in the gym, and those words really stuck with me throughout my career. -Katie Taylor

Back in Oakland, we have a lot of food in the locker room, but on the road, it's mostly just fruit. So we have to prepare differently. But really, once you get to the gym, everything on the road is pretty much the same. -Stephen Curry

Right after the draft, when I came out to Oakland, there was a press conference and a dinner with the owner, GM, and Coach Nelson. We did some sightseeing and some house searching the next day, but to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing. I tried to find a spot close to our gym, because I figured that's where I'd spend most of my time. -Stephen Curry

If I don't go to the gym for a week, I just get thinner and thinner. -Venus Williams

It's like someone important is missing from a party because you can't imagine an Olympic gymnastics competition without Romania. -Nadia Comaneci

We developed a system in Romania that was very successfully continued for a number of years, but I don't know if it was because of some conflict in the organisation or whether there was government interference… but somehow, they have forgotten the importance of raising gymnasts to be ready for every Olympics. -Nadia Comaneci

I was a perfectionist in gymnastics. -Nadia Comaneci

At 14, you think you compete, you retire and you get a job. I didn't think gymnastics was a career that was going to change my life. -Nadia Comaneci

I didn't know I wanted to be a gymnast; I was just introduced to the gym. I loved the place because it looked like a hi-tech playground with mats and a lot of things I can hang from. -Nadia Comaneci

I had more pressure when I competed in Moscow. I had no pressure in Montreal because I only went to do my routines and hoping I didn't mess it up when I was on the bar. When I came back, 10,000 people were at the airport and I thought, 'Why?' because, in my mind, I hadn't done anything different from what I used to do in my gym. -Nadia Comaneci

We used to exchange leotards with gymnasts from other countries. I don't remember who I got my most prized leotard from, but it was one with a lot of stars on it. -Nadia Comaneci

Yes, gymnasts aim for perfection, but I never thought about the score. If that's what's in your mind, it will probably mess you up. -Nadia Comaneci

Romania doesn't have a big tradition of gymnastics as a fun activity. We were a little behind in this aspect. -Nadia Comaneci

I like seeing advanced acrobatics, but I also like to see more than tumbling. It's important to combine the artistry of gymnastics with the tough skills. It's called artistic gymnastics. We should stand by the name. -Nadia Comaneci

It was my mother who got me involved in gymnastics, sending me to classes when I was six just to stop me doing back flips on the couch and destroying the furniture. -Nadia Comaneci

See, when I went to the Olympics in '76, the gymnastics people knew that I was good, but everybody else, after I won, everybody was like, 'Where's she coming from? Who is she? What is Romania?' -Nadia Comaneci

People assume a lot of things about gymnasts – that the girls work too hard, it's way too much for them, they are too young to work so hard. -Nadia Comaneci

When I look back, I am happy that my mum took me to the gymnastics club. I didn't join gymnastics to become a famous athlete or celebrity; it just happened – I did more than I expected, of course. -Nadia Comaneci

Maybe that's why I like gymnastics – because I like to fly. -Nadia Comaneci

At the end of the day, I just want to see good gymnastics! -Nadia Comaneci

I think gymnastics was associated with the 10. I thought that belonged to the sport, and somehow we gave it way. -Nadia Comaneci

The fans had become used to looking toward the scoreboard whenever a gymnast stuck a landing. You could tell they were thinking, 'Was that good enough? Would the numbers read 10.00?' The athlete was looking, too. -Nadia Comaneci

I'm not much of a gym rat; I'd rather be running, but if it enables me to run faster, then I guess I can tough it out. -Ashton Eaton

I'm only four weeks out from birth, so I still have a couple more weeks before I can work out – which is fine with me. I love the feeling of working out, but I've never been a gym rat, ever, so now, it's all about taking in what I can if it's good for the baby, because it all translates to her in a way. -Chrissy Teigen

I'm a high-strung personality, and I love checking off my to-do list – it's my way of relaxing. I also genuinely love working out. If I have an hour to kill, I love to go to the gym. It's a stress-release for me. -Georgina Bloomberg

I had a stunt double for 'The Bronze.' She's literally the most amazing human being I've ever seen. She's NCAA women's gymnastics champion. She was incredible. I would poke her thighs, and my nail would break because it was like poking a rock. -Haley Lu Richardson

Without doubt, without hesitation, I choose gardening over the gym. I can't stand going to the gym. It doesn't appeal to me at all. Give me gardening every time. -Mary Berry

On the road, I might go to the hotel gym. When I know I won't be dancing or working out, I spend time stretching. You have to stretch every day as a dancer. I do it whenever I can when it's not weird. -Jillian Hervey

I looked to my mom as an example. And this is what I try to tell so many women: that my mom had a career, and she went to the gym. She took care of herself. -Jillian Michaels

I could open up a little gym, and I would be blissfully happy. -Jillian Michaels

People of Baltimore, if you want to simply learn a new trade, if you want to join the Foundry, it's a membership. It's like joining a gym, and you can go and meet other entrepreneurs like you. You can talk about how to get financing. You can take a class on how to sew. You can take a class and say, 'I want to be an electrician.' -Kevin Plank

I was never a gym person before 'Game Of Thrones.' The idea of it was a bore to me – and it kind of still is – but I had a problem with my knee, so I can't play sport as much as I'd like to. -Alfie Allen

You can't spend three hours at a gym and then go eat everything. -Sara Sampaio

Gran Metalik was a student in CMLL when I was there as a teenager, and I was in main events and big time matches, so I used to see him in the gym all the time. -T. J. Perkins

When I first stepped into the boxing gym, I loved it. I knew it was what I was going to do. -Canelo Alvarez

My sister has kids, including two in baby seats, and she drives a minivan. I had to climb over the car seats to get into the back seat, and it seemed ridiculous to have to do gymnastics to get in and out of the car. -Franz von Holzhausen

I like to turn the venue into a jungle gym, into my playground. -Tory Lanez

About six months after I moved to New York City, I was literally down to my last twenty dollars when a friend of mine from college got me a job at an Upper East side gym. I ran the cafe, and I was the janitor. It was an unfortunate combination of duties, to say the least. -Donna Lynne Champlin

I box every day. I have a gym built wherever I go, so I still got my gym. Every day, I try to get in there and work out the mitts. -Antoine Fuqua

I've learned a lot from trainers over the years, but mainly that you need discipline to stay in the gym and out of the many fine cupcake emporiums on every corner. -Lauren Graham

I'll do some running with the dogs, ride a bike; if I go to gym it's usually for cardio. I don't do weights as much; every once in while, I throw in some pushups and do leg exercises to strengthen my legs. -Martina Navratilova

I thought doubles was a good way for me to practice and get some reps in – I didn't like to train in the gym as much as players these days. -John McEnroe

If you are in a gym class with other women, and even if you are in shape, you feel like, 'Do they think my legs are not right?' Since you are supposed to be the perfect one, they look for the defects. It's such an embarrassment. -Isabelle Adjani

It's like being a gym rat, but you're a theater rat, and then that becomes your fraternity house. That becomes your extended family. -Billy Crystal

I go to the gym and work through a routine. But if you see someone with a personal trainer, you know they do 10 times more than you do. You give up your sense of identity. If you watch 'The Biggest Loser,' you see people give up their identity to become something else. -Irvine Welsh

A lot of people say writers start losing their powers after 60 or 65. But I look at the best-seller list and see a book by that 14-year-old gymnast, Dominique Moceanu, and I think, 'Now, what's she going to tell the world? And these 25-year-old rock stars, what are they going to tell the world?' -Frank McCourt

I try to work out, but a lot of hotels don't have gyms anymore, so I always try to find a local gym where there's not a ton of 'roid-heads, 'cause I can't stand them. It's tough. -Glenn Danzig

You might try the gym from time to time. It really is something you can incorporate into your life pretty seamlessly. -Anderson Cooper

Most gyms now have TVs. You can prop up reading material on the cardio equipment. -Anderson Cooper

A few weeks ago, I was at the gym, talking to a friend about politics. Overhearing the conversation, a young man – maybe 25 years old – interrupted to say, 'Obama? He hasn't done a single thing!' -Cass Sunstein

It has not been easy to wake up every single day at 6:30 in the morning to then head to the gym and start a full day of work. But you have to have that kind of dedication if you want to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. -Pablo Sandoval

I only hope that people understand that if I've just come from the gym or am fresh off a red-eye flight and look like a sweaty mess, I might not be super keen on photo ops! -Chris Wood

Bulking up for the Twilight films was one of the hardest things I've done… I had to give myself a lot of pep talks, as there was just so much gym time. -Taylor Lautner

Looking back, I realise it wasn't only gym I dreaded at school. Every class was a torment. It wasn't knowledge I objected to but instruction. Why couldn't they just tell us what books to read and leave us to get on and read them? -Howard Jacobson

I find myself working out at hotel gyms quite regularly – just so that I can keep up with my training. -Lee Byung-hun

People are living a lot longer these days and not preparing for it. I'm in the gym and, you know, using my voice. -Aaron Neville

I'm not a gym rat. I've got a gym membership, but my schedule is so crazy I just can't keep it regular. -Lisa Murkowski

I don't need anything to get me up at the gym other than 'Metallica' and 'AC/DC'. -Brock Lesnar

Just getting from the airport straight to the gym is gonna be your best bet to knock off that rust and wake yourself up and get that blood flowing. You sit in a car or a plane cramped up, you lose a lot of blood flow and get that swelling in your legs. There are all kinds of dangers in sitting still too long. -Roman Reigns

We play a lot of tennis, and we work out at the gym three or four times a week. As you get older, you feel those aches and pains, so Advil's become a friend in the house. -Regis Philbin

If I go in the gym, it will slow me down. I don't go in for weights or anything like that. Each and every person is different, and this is my way, and I'm sure if someone else tried doing what I do, then it probably wouldn't work for them. -Jamie Vardy

Hit the gym… Working out is the key to your life. All you need is a half an hour on the treadmill. -Grizz Chapman

I love to sing. I also had a band during my college days in Saudi Arabia called Thousand Decibels. If not an actor, I would have become a singer. I am very passionate about work. I am a fitness freak: I go to gym before doing my shoot. I also do yoga. -Karan Singh Grover

I worked in a gym. I was a trainer. I did all the crappy ex-football-player jobs. -Bill Goldberg

I like to train in my Muay Thai gym that I co-own. -Bill Goldberg

I play a lot of video games, and I go to the gym. -Lucas Till

Boxing gyms are more than training facilities. They are sanctuaries in bad neighborhoods for troubled kids and shrines to the traditions of the sport. The gym is home. For many, it's the safest place they know. -Katherine Dunn

A boxing gym is a place where men are allowed to be kind to one another. -Katherine Dunn

No, I've never competed. I did, however, train in a boxing gym with a good coach beginning in 1993. I'd been writing about the sport for a dozen years by then and wanted to know what boxers endured, what it felt like. I was too old to compete when I started, but I sparred enough to get a taste. -Katherine Dunn

The first time I joined the gym was during the Miss Sri Lanka pageant in 2006. Then, I went for the Miss Universe contest where I was exposed to girls who were very fit for their age. They could have joined the Olympics. They were doing crazy exercises. -Jacqueline Fernandez

I love a mix of kickboxing, gym, yoga, Pilates, horse riding, and dancing. I also do skinny rappelling, which is a quick cardio workout with music and lighting, so it's fun. -Amy Jackson

All I do is work out. Oh my God! Half my life is spent in a gym somewhere, sweating. -Tom Brady

It's a real strength for me that I've never minded the training process. It's something I enjoy. I really like being in the gym or, certainly, on the field. -Tom Brady

I'm not going to lie to you: I'd prefer not to go to the gym and not to run. -Corey Hawkins

I'm in hotel rooms most of the time, and it can be hard to find a hotel with a nice gym. It was important for me to have a workout I could do in my room. -Irina Shayk

While I can always use a break from the gym, I like to swim and dive to keep myself feeling good. -Irina Shayk

I believe in eating what I like and sweating it out in the gym. -Irina Shayk

You don't start out getting into the gym and bench pressing 300 pounds. You start out by doing the bar. -Thomas Rhett

I go into the gym and do 75 pullups, 75 dips, 150 squats, 150 pushups, and then 20 minutes of ab work. Done. It takes an hour; I'm in and out. I sweat the whole time. -Charlie Hunnam

I work 15 hours a day and still go to the gym. Most people work eight hours a day and say, 'I haven't got time to work out.' -Charlie Hunnam

I vent my anger in the gym, and it calms me down. -Samantha Akkineni

I can be the nice family man at home, and then when I go to the gym, maybe sparring with someone, I switch into beast mode. It ain't pretty. -Anthony Joshua

I don't like to run. You will not see me running on a treadmill ever. Ever! I like boxing, though, so if I can go to the gym and box for 30 minutes, I will. -Hailey Baldwin

My becoming an actor wasn't planned. My interest always lied in sports such as football, martial arts, gymnastics and dance. -Tiger Shroff

I am not a gym person, so I do walk a lot. I find gym is incredibly boring. Other thing I do is to devour books because I feel we need to feed our mind as well. -Twinkle Khanna

There is still so much room for me to get better. Everyone in this sport evolves so quickly. You could take six months off and come back to a totally different game. That's why I'm always in the gym working. Even if I don't have a fight lined up, I'm still in there working to improve my overall game. -Stipe Miocic

Four days a week, I do gymming, four days marital arts. Once a week I normally play lawn tennis, and once a week I horseride. -Sushant Singh Rajput

My exercise regime is a mix of gymming, marital arts, sports, etc. -Sushant Singh Rajput

If a gym is not available, wherever I am, I do my free hand exercises. -Akkineni Nagarjuna

I spar in the gym, and I take pride in my sparring. But I'm a better fighter when the lights come on because it's right now – there is no tomorrow. -Andre Ward

You don't have to get ready if you stay ready, alright? I'm always in the gym, always training, all the time. -Donald Cerrone

My confidence comes from knowing I do the right things in my life. I do the right things in the gym. I do the right things all together. -Daniel Cormier

Cain's an animal, man. Cain's a competitor. I want to spar with Cain because I know if I'm able to hang with him here in the gym, once I get out there in the cage and fight, I mean, I've already gone toe-to-toe with Cain Velasquez, you know? -Daniel Cormier

Just being in the gym every day with someone with goals in common is special. -Daniel Cormier

When I came into the gym, I wasn't just some guy. I was a two-time Olympian. -Daniel Cormier

I work very hard in the gym. Sometimes, I come home very late, around 1 A.M., but still I go and work out at the gym. I don't ever stop. -Arjun Kapoor

My dad grew up wrestling. He knew Ken Shamrock, and I didn't know who he was at the time. So, he found out that Shamrock was in a gym in Reno, and he wanted me to go try a class with him. I tried it and fell in love the first day. Ken told me that I had potential in this sport, and he's the reason I kept at it. -Paige VanZant

You have to try to grow between every fight: get back in the gym and keep working hard and find the areas that you need to work on. See what you did wrong and work on it. -Paige VanZant

I did swimming, gymnastics, dance, and the acting was just a small part. I didn't have pushy parents; it wasn't forced upon me. They just said, 'See if you like it. If you do, great; if you don't, don't worry about it.' I was really fortunate to have that guidance and supportive parents. -Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Only recently have I been introduced to the gym and heavy weightlifting and things like that. Before that, when I grew up, I just did a lot of gymnastics and dance. I had more of an athletic background, but nothing where I was in the gym or using any kind of weights. -Aaron Taylor-Johnson

People don't realize how sick Amanda Nunes is. She beats some of the UFC bantamweight males in the gym. -Tyron Woodley

I work out every day. My friends say that I became an actress by chance; I should have become a gym trainer. I am the most grumpiest and irritable person if I don't work out for two days. You cannot have a conversation with me. -Rakul Preet Singh

For me, fitness is not just about hitting the gym; it is also about an inner happiness and an overall well-being. -Rakul Preet Singh

The first thing I do when I get to any town is find a gym and a breakfast place, because I love breakfast. -Becky Lynch

Usually, it's the guys who want to get better so they can get more playing time who are always in the gym. -J. R. Smith

I want to do an action movie where they say, 'Go the gym and get ripped like Linda Hamilton.' -Erika Christensen

I go to the gym at five in the morning and then go do a hike. -RuPaul

I don't think anything can prepare you for the 'Strictly' experience. It really is insane. I mean, I played football, rugby, American football. I go to the gym. I like to think I'd be quite fit, and I don't have much fat on me to lose, and yet I still lost a stone and half and three inches off my waist. -Ricky Whittle

As a striker, you are playing against big defenders. They try to throw you around. I try to play in behind them, and I need power. I know that I have to go to the gym and train. I train all the time. -Robert Lewandowski

When I was a kid, I did many sports. Judo, like my dad, but also volleyball, handball, and gymnastics. We never played much football. -Robert Lewandowski

Food-wise, I'm trying to eat a lot of fruits. I take vitamin pills. For me, that's helpful. Luckily, if I don't go to the gym for two weeks, I'm not feeling it yet, but everybody is warning me, 'Just wait a few more years. You'll feel it.' -Martin Garrix

I'm a big believer in exercise. I'm a bigger believer in eating right, which is simply with plenty of fruits and vegetables. I'm not a gym girl, though. I've never had a gym membership. -Yvonne Strahovski

We all go to the gym, and we're thinking about how we look and what we're eating, but our brain is a muscle, and you have to train it! -Keith Barry

Boxing makes you kind of tight, so it's really good to mix that with barre, Pilates, or something that'll stretch you out and make you longer. I'm not the person that loves to be in the gym so much. I like to mix it up as much as possible; otherwise, I'll get bored. -Elsa Hosk

I have a boxing trainer at a gym, which is really fun. And I also try to complement it with flybarre, which is lengthening, strengthening, toning, just tightening everything up. -Elsa Hosk

I do the functional stuff. I go to the gym and do all these things by myself. I don't have a routine. I like to do new stuff all the times. -Isabeli Fontana

I work out two or three times a week, whether it be a run or a workout class, a hike… I really try and mix it up a little bit so that it keeps me interested. I have a gym in my house, so if all else fails, I'll get on the running machine and book a movie or some crappy reality TV and just zone out. -Mel B

Half the struggle is just getting yourself to the gym or getting yourself in your workout gear and ready for action. -Mel B

I always give myself a three-month period where I would just hibernate and wouldn't even think about the baby weight. I would just be with my baby in my own little world. And then, once I started getting more energy and wasn't so tired, then I would hit the gym. -Kristin Cavallari

I don't really use emojis. Is that weird? In the time it takes for me to even find the flexed-arm emoji, I could just type that I'm at the gym. -Ross Butler

If I didn't mind having a quarter of my car payment going towards a gym membership, I'd definitely go to Equinox. -Ross Butler

When I went to Hollywood, I had to work out in a gym. The idea was that I should look like Daniel Craig, though they hadn't even met him at that point. -Roger Moore

I'd occasionally do some exercises at home, but I never cared for gyms. -Roger Moore

My quiet place is in the gym. When I feel like going to church, it's for me the MSG training facility and working on my game. -Kristaps Porzingis

I try to stay away from carbs, but it can get cold in Chicago, and some sort of fettuccine Bolognese is right up my alley. That's why I try to get to the gym as much as possible! -Jesse Lee Soffer

When I lived in Louisiana, 'Django Unchained' was shot at my neighbor's house. They shot a Sly Stallone movie in my gym. -Ryan Holiday

I exercise at a great gym and do dance classes mixed with some calisthenics. I really enjoy that because it reminds me of '80s aerobics. It's fun! I also bike ride, or sometimes I swim. Because I stand a lot, I don't really like to walk long distances. Running or jogging is out of the question. -Alex Guarnaschelli

My assumption was that people are already motivated to go to a fitness class. That's who I am. I was already ready to go out there and get to class. All I needed was a search tool. But it turns out people need more than that, and that's why gym memberships exist. -Payal Kadakia

I pretty much spend most of my time in the gym bulking up and staying fit and putting muscle on so I can play the part of Luke Cage, but I've never been a gym rat. -Mike Colter

I'm a bit bored of going to the gym! I'm like, 'Someone put me out of my misery – I can't do this anymore!' -Mike Colter

My mom's whole life had been my gymnastics. We struggled to connect when I stopped. -Rachele Brooke Smith

I actually did not like to run. It was probably my least favorite thing that I had to do, and then in 1999, I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. It was really strange. One good thing to do for diabetes is to exercise. I don't really like gyms anymore, and I travel quite a bit, so I realized that you can just take shoes and shorts and run anywhere. -Paul Sparks

I can get a black eye, a bloody nose. I can have a bad day in the gym. At the end of the day, I don't have a bad payday, and I don't have a bad night under the lights… I get bumps, bruises… but I don't have a bad night. -Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Mike Tyson was one of the fighters who motivated me. How? We both used to train at the Golden Gloves boxing gym. I used to see his Rolls-Royce, his diamond Rolex on, and I said, 'You know what? Those are the things that I want.' -Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

I did ballet from the age of five, but what I loved was my gymnastics. I kept the ballet going because of the gymnastics, then found I was going to be too tall. -Darcey Bussell

I loved gymnastics, and my gymnastics teacher said ballet was essential to help my dance routines in competitions. I only really went because my friends were going as well. It wasn't this kind of hidden love. Then, slowly, my friends stopped going and I thought, 'I like this. I am going to stay.' -Darcey Bussell

I was incredibly supple and did gymnastics as well. So half of my injuries are because I am over-supple and the joints could always go that little bit further. But I was happy to push, and I have no regrets. That is important to say. -Darcey Bussell

People think hard sparring will get you sharp. And you do get sharp in the gym. But anytime I've trained that way, I've actually been a little bit flatter in the fight. And the knockout shot hasn't come. It's almost because my training has been too hard. -Conor McGregor

I used to pretend that my Peugeot driving to the gym in the rain in Dublin was a Ferrari on the Vegas strip. -Conor McGregor

I don't work my butt off at the gym in order to walk around covered from head to toe. Plus, my husband loves it when I dress sexy. -Joanna Krupa

Since I loathe the tedium of gym workouts, I take breaks for tennis with my eclectic group of tennis pals. -Erik Larson

Comedy chose me. I always had this urge to be silly that I couldn't control. I remember my father having me read 'The Three Little Pigs' to him, and I would improv all around the story, like when one pig's house got blown over, he put on his gym shoes and took off. -Craig Robinson

It's a really nice way to cut your teeth, doing live shows. It's like going to the gym because you do have to think fast. You are constantly under the threat of people not laughing. Instead of getting hit, people could just not laugh, so you really are trying to mine quickly for the funniest thing you could say in that moment. -Jessica Williams

I can't walk in an airport, walk into a gym, where the kids in the gym don't come to me and ask me about Allen and tell me he's their favorite player of all time. And everywhere I go in airports, people look at me, and they, 'You're Allen's coach.' -Larry Brown

The locker rooms that Donald Trump is in are not at the cut-rate gym with the broken treadmills – they are at his swish golf clubs. They are places of stature. -John Dickerson

While swimming was always a spotlight sport, I was, if you will, sort of present at the creation when gymnastics became the new star lead-off hitter. -Frank Deford

I loathe exercise. And I hate gyms. I've never had a personal trainer. -Gemma Chan

I go to the gym rather early with a workout pal. I get there at 7, or a little before, and do weights and a little cardio for an hour, five days a week. -Johnny Mathis

When you suffer a few losses in the playoffs, it forces you back into the gym early on. -Scottie Pippen

Everyone needs a reset button so you can start your day without anxiety. For some people, it's running; for some, it's going to the gym. For me, it's meditation. -Matt Bomer

I've never been the person who's like, 'I've got to get a four-pack of abs!' And I'm not the type to go to the gym and run on the treadmill for 45 minutes and then lift weights. -Cobie Smulders

My workout is ballet class and rehearsal – I've never belonged to a gym. -Yuan Yuan Tan

I always loved playing basketball. That was never a problem for me. You want to go to the park or the gym, I'll play with you all day, but working out, I didn't love. I hated it. -Draymond Green

I don't eat anything before, but I can still go kill it at the gym and be in and out in 45 minutes or an hour, even doing workouts in the sauna to get the blood and sweat flowing. -Dolph Ziggler

I really tried to play more intensely in practice and not play like maybe two, three hours just like that. I just go to court and spend a lot of hours as well on gym, or just make a lot of sprints and movement. -Angelique Kerber

In the gym, people's enthusiasm tends to get the best of them. They realize this is their opportunity to say hello or that they love my work… It doesn't matter how profusely you're sweating. -Sterling K. Brown

I follow a routine on a daily basis, which comprises dance class, gymnastics, and going to the gym. I also spend about half an hour on yoga, too. -Disha Patani

As I grew up, I started practising gymnastics. I love dancing as well. So that keeps me fit. -Disha Patani

We've all tried to bunk our gym session or dance class. A single routine can get monotonous. That's why I have decided to make my fitness regime fun by incorporating different workouts into my schedule. From dancing to yoga, I plan to keep it as interesting as possible so I'm never bored of working out. -Disha Patani

My daily routine is set: I wake up and go for gymnastics, then dance class, gym, and come back home. That's my life. I am very boring. -Disha Patani

I am learning aerobics and gymnastics, so I would love to do an action film. -Disha Patani

Frankly, I am boring. My life is all about the film set, gym classes, and home. -Disha Patani

All actors are insecure. And I've got my insecurities, which is why I go to the gym all the time. -Sam Heughan

I experience a high on stage that I get nowhere else. I feel its like going to the gym so I won't lose my skills. -Jon Tenney

I have great mood swings, maybe because of playing lots of different characters as I do. I'm like a gymnast whose muscles get too stretched. I've got better at it, but I have a lot of emotional energy. -Mark Rylance

I love poetry. If my mind gets a bit tight or bound up with information or depressed with bad news, I find a good book of poetry is like going to the gym for an hour. My mind just expands. -Mark Rylance

I go down to the gym unwashed, like something dragged in from behind a truck. -Judy Sheindlin

All we see is gym, tennis court, and bed. -Ana Ivanovic

Sometimes, if you go to the same gyms, the fans catch on to that, and they start hanging out at the gyms. It becomes a little bit of a circus. -Seth Rollins

Over the course of three years or so, I've been able to create a nice little Rolodex of CrossFit gyms. I've ingratiated myself to the community, and that allows for a much more accessible training session as far as privacy is concerned. -Seth Rollins

They can't hang outside my hotel or come to the gym and stare at me for a half hour and expect me to be like, 'Cool. Awesome.' -Seth Rollins

When I get home off a long week, I go to the gym, have a great workout, and then I go home and order a giant taco pizza with a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. -Seth Rollins

I'm bigger now than when I was eating meat. My lifts in the gym are better. I'm in better shape. -Daniel Bryan

If I manage to leave my bedroom and get to the gym, that makes me feel good about myself! For me, the most difficult part is getting out of bed, but once I'm out, I really enjoy playing sports. -Barbara Palvin

Once, after I had just worked out, I hopped on the elevator at the gym only to look up and see Conan O'Brien on it with me. I was so sad. I was all sweaty, but I love him so much, and I couldn't help but nerd out on him. -Ashlan Gorse Cousteau

I'm not someone who frequents the gym, pretty much ever. -Timothee Chalamet

Where most kids play stickball and hockey, I'd walk down the streets with two sets of boxing gloves and knock on my friend's door and see if he wanted to box. There were boxing gyms on every corner. -Eddie Alvarez

I do piano, violin, guitar, basketball, gymnastics, ballet. -Selah Louise Marley

Being that I always perform, I started working out with a trainer to get that endurance and stamina. Now, I guess you could call me a gym rat. -Fat Joe

If I have a bad shooting day, my dad will take me to the gym. -Zach LaVine

There are a lot of critics out there, a lot of people that you want to prove wrong. But that's what your hard work is for in the offseason, spending hours and hours in the gym. -Zach LaVine

The gym was my sanctuary. The place where you could forget about all your worries, your problems, people asking you for money, people asking you to do this, do that. -Paul Pierce

When I'm in the gym, different training partners tell me that I've got great conditioning, and I tell them, 'Really? Because, I'm dying here.' I think that I'm just as tired as anyone; I just push myself mentally. -Michael Bisping

Maybe when I'm done fighting, I'll open a gym and manage fighters and train fighters. -Michael Bisping

People say sometimes that I'm distracted. I'm not distracted. I'm being smart. I'm capitalizing while the iron is hot. That's why I'm trying to do movies. I do the podcast. I do a radio show. I work on FOX. I have a gym; I have a lot of things going on. That's because when I'm done, I want to be set up. -Michael Bisping

For me, if I have the choice between an extra 45 minutes in bed or getting up at 4:30 A.M. to go to the gym, I will always choose bed. -Caitriona Balfe

When I'm not on a crazy schedule, I'll try to do yoga or the gym once or twice a week. -Caitriona Balfe

It's hard after a long day at work to still get your butt up and go to the gym, so classes are the best motivators for me, or if I have a trainer. I had a trainer for a while, and that was cool because you just show up, and they tell you what to do. -Miranda Rae Mayo

We all have limitations. I don't have the right genes to be an Olympic weightlifter. I don't have the right genetics to be an Olympic sprinter. Or gymnast. Sure, if I trained my whole life, perhaps I could have become fairly decent in those sports. -Jocko Willink

I remember meeting my manager Eamonn for the very first time, and one of the first things he said to me was, 'You're fat. The first thing you need to go is get to a gym.' It was quite a wake-up call. I got a bit angry initially, like, 'The cheek of him', but I'm quite a pragmatic and thick-skinned person, so I just went ahead and joined the gym. -Keith Barry

If you look at the first TV stuff I did years ago, I've a pretty chubby look about me. I went at it quite hard in the gym at the time. If any footage of me ever came out from those days, I would genuinely die. I did step aerobics to lose the weight, and then I literally ran and ran the weight off on a treadmill. -Keith Barry

As a kid, I trained to be an Olympic gymnast. My schedule was rigorous. Four hours a day, Monday through Saturday, I was at the gym. My body was like a boy's, narrow hips, flat-chested, wide shoulders. When I was 12, I badly injured my ankle and was forced to stop training immediately. -Amanda de Cadenet

My brother and I used to laugh and say, 'Normal kids went to day care, and we went to the gym.' -J. B. Bickerstaff

I like cycling and swimming and walking everywhere. I'm not going to the gym. I like being outside rather than inside a room. -Anna Ewers

Certain athletes show themselves as marketable, and the UFC gets behind them; they help push them. I'm a husband, a father of four, a gym owner, an actor, an analyst, a stuntman, a Christian – every avenue you can take it, I have those layers. -Tyron Woodley

I know April, May and June are a few unbearable months, and working out in a gym and sweating in such dirty hot, sticky, humid weather puts me off. The best way is to swim. I feel so fresh and rejuvenated after swimming, and I believe it's one of the best mode to fitness during summers. -Ashish Sharma

My earliest memory was watching gymnastics on live TV and wanting to do what the 'big girls' did. -Laurie Hernandez

I started a gymnastics class at five years old, but it became serious at seven. -Laurie Hernandez

My whole life revolved around gymnastics because I loved it so much. I home-schooled because of it; I changed my eating habits. -Laurie Hernandez

Being able to do something that I love and be at such a high level of gymnastics is just amazing. -Laurie Hernandez

When you're a little girl, and you're watching the Olympics, and you see this very diverse group of gymnasts out there, and – I think this team, the Final 5, will inspire so many little girls to go out there and do what they love. -Laurie Hernandez

I knew when I started gymnastics, I wanted to have a lot of fun and eventually go to the Olympics. On the moments where I felt really down, I just remembered, 'You're almost there. Just keep going. Keep working hard.' -Laurie Hernandez

Even though I'm a gymnast, I've always loved dancing. -Laurie Hernandez

Dancing is different than gymnastics, but it's a good different, and it's something that I've always wanted to try. -Laurie Hernandez

Having the opportunity to go to the U.S. Olympics was great because I was the first Latina in over 30 years to compete in gymnastics at the Olympics. -Laurie Hernandez

I feel I could be a role model to other Hispanic gymnasts interested in the sport, but I also want them to understand the importance of being focused, determined, and not giving up, despite all the struggles. -Laurie Hernandez

My parents have tried not to intrude. They kind of stayed apart from my gymnastics but are very supportive, and that's very helpful as a gymnast to not have your parents say, 'Did you do this today?' and just be very on top of you. -Laurie Hernandez

I love my height because when I'm doing gymnastics, it really benefits the sport – and also, I think being short is kind of cute. -Laurie Hernandez

The best part is when parents come up to me with their kids, and they say, 'My daughter started gymnastics because of you.' -Laurie Hernandez

Every day, there is a person following me, taking pictures. It's bizarre because I'm just going to the gym or getting a smoothie. I don't have the time or energy to be constantly put together all the time, but that's real life. -Lily Collins

I was pushed into Zumba by one of the trainers in my gym. He saw me looking inside the Zumba room, so he told me to just go and start. -Roop Durgapal

At one point, when I didn't make the 2007 World Cup squad, I was very, very frustrated. Then I became very hard on myself. Whenever I used to go to the nets, or when I trained in the gym, I was very hard on myself. I couldn't sleep; I used to think a lot. Very, very desperate to make a comeback. -Gautam Gambhir

Every day, I get up to hit the gym; the schedule is such that it gives me the requisite energy to last the entire day. I stress on cardiovascular exercises, and the workout is programmed with my sporting schedule. Most of the fitness schedule is based on what I require for my upcoming matches. -Gautam Gambhir

I have a gym at home where I do weight training as well as cardio. I love doing bench press but cannot share information on how much weight I lift. I also practise Yoga. My guru Sadhguru taught me different kriyas like Surya Namaskar, which I do for my personal well being. -Virender Sehwag

When I am not shooting, all my waking hours are dedicated to horse riding and gymming. -Shaheer Sheikh

When I get time after pack up, I try hitting the gym or go for a jog. -Shaheer Sheikh

I love being in the gym and everything involved in it. -Anderson Silva

My losses and my victories are in the past. I think of the future. After a fight is over, it's in the past. I always have to go back to the gym and train to improve in all areas, winning or losing. I think I can always do better next time. -Anderson Silva

These 24-hour gyms are a blessing and super convenient. For actors doing daily TV shows, we have to stay in shape. -Anita Hassanandani Reddy

I want to tell all the youngsters in Nagpur and in the rest of India that sports is not merely about winning medals; it is about being fit and healthy. It is not about six-packs and going to gym, but exercising right and eating intelligently. -Sangram Singh

I am quite a fitness freak. I may not have the time to sleep, but a workout is a must. I have even set up a small personal gym on the sets. -Karan Patel

I think you have to remember that the people that are really muscly and toned at the gym started somewhere. You have to remember that they didn't always look like that, so when you're in there, don't look at them and feel intimidated. -Jade Thirlwall

I just have to attend someone's birthday party or go out for dinner with someone else for us to be in a relationship. That's not going to stop me from socialising, but tell me, which girl would want to be with a guy who goes to bed early and gives more importance to the gym? -Sidharth Malhotra

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