Best Quotes About Guts

If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country. -E. M. Forster

A word is not the same with one writer as with another. One tears it from his guts. The other pulls it out of his overcoat pocket. -Charles Peguy

And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. -Sylvia Plath

There's something about the Foreign Service that takes the guts out of people. -Evan G. Galbraith

New Yorkers love it when you spill your guts out there. Spill your guts at Wimbledon and they make you stop and clean it up. -Jimmy Connors

Talent is helpful in writing, but guts are absolutely necessary. -Jessamyn West

If you greatly desire something, have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it. -Brendan Behan

Americans admire a people who can scratch a desert and produce a garden. The Israelis have shown qualities that Americans identify with: guts, patriotism, idealism, a passion for freedom. I have seen it. I know. I believe that. -Richard M. Nixon

The words of a dead man are modified in the guts of the living. -W. H. Auden

Lord, confound this surly sister, blight her brow with blotch and blister, cramp her larynx, lung and liver, in her guts a galling give her. -John Millington Synge

If I told you what it takes to reach the highest high you'd laugh and say nothing that simple, but you've been told many times before messiah's point you to the door though no one's got the guts to leave the temple. -Pete Townshend

People who keep dogs are cowards who haven't got the guts to bite people themselves. -August Strindberg

A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts, who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then at the end, punish himself even more. -Steve Prefontaine

The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides the champion from someone else who is not a champion. That's what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they'll go through the pain no matter what happens. -Arnold Schwarzenegger

It takes a lot of guts to get up on top of a bar and dance. -Piper Perabo

Cutting up fowl to predict the future is, if done honestly and with as little interpretation as possible, a kind of randomization. But chicken guts are hard to read and invite flights of fancy or corruption. -Ian Hacking

In politics, guts is all. -Barbara Castle

Most of the people who get sent to die in wars are young men who've got a lot of energy and would probably rather, in a better world, be putting that energy into copulation rather than going over there and blowing some other young man's guts out. -Alan Moore

I don't like painting flowers in my music. I like painting guts and pain. -Jonathan Davis

All I knew was that I was writing something out of my very guts, and that I was content. -Winston Graham

I'm going to work so that it's a pure guts race at the end, and if it is, I am the only one who can win it. -Steve Prefontaine

A lot of places we go, when they see the organ coming in, they're expecting rock and roll, but after they hear us play they like it. To me, guitar cuts through-it carries more than organ. But organ has got more guts. -Wes Montgomery

Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts. -Dan Gable

Everybody's just been spilling their guts all over records and talking about how hard it is to be an entertainer and how much we get hated on and what we have to go through. But I ain't really got it that bad. I'm just happy to be here. -Sean Combs

True champions aren't always the ones that win, but those with the most guts. -Mia Hamm

For me, romance isn't an over-the-top act. It's someone offering to help and to support me. Or if that person thinks I'm making the wrong decision, he'll tell me. I want him to be honest, because being that honest takes a lot of guts. -Thora Birch

I really would rather have gone to New York, since all my training had been in theater, but I didn't have the guts to go there alone. I knew only one person in New York, and that was a man. What I needed was a woman. That's the way Southern girls thought. -Louise Fletcher

Once you start to look into the guts of climate change you find that just about every scientific institution in the world is conducting research on the issue. -Peter Garrett

I don't see on television the kind of blood and guts and body parts blown apart that maybe you're referring to, but it certainly is in that BATMAN feature and I found it very offensive. -Burt Ward

Rocky Marciano had such guts and heart. He was something special. -Robert Goulet

So many actors have sheer guts, will, and determination; they just need some preparation. -John Ratzenberger

How do I know why Miles walks off the stage? Why don't you ask him? And besides, maybe we'd all like to be like Miles, and just haven't got the guts. -Dizzy Gillespie

The one thing I learned the most about acting is it takes a tremendous amount of courage to go there and stand still. It takes courage and guts to step out of your mind frame and depict something. -Carson Daly

I wrote The Same Sea not as a political allegory about Israelis and Palestinians. I wrote it about something much more gutsy and immediate. I wrote it as a piece of chamber music. -Amos Oz

The mainstream media showed, for example, no blood and guts resulting from the 9/11 attacks. -Bruce Jackson

It's a matter of reducing the work to its very simplest possible state, eliminating all of the things that lead away from the guts of the work, the thing the work is really about. Anything that's there must build towards its over-all organization and meaning. -Paul Cullen

An audience is so important. I would never have had the guts to dub in that big a laugh. -Desi Arnaz

That disturbs people when they know they didn't have the guts or integrity to stick to their dreams. -Sandra Bernhard

You want to give people a reason to hate my guts more? I'm making more money. -Billy Joel

It was important to score points today and I went for them with my guts. -Richard Virenque

I don't know if I have enough guts to do a whole standard jazz record. -Gary Cherone

Every day I work my guts out in training, every match I play my heart out. -Ruud van Nistelrooy

There's no substitute for guts. -Bear Bryant

It takes guts to get out of the ruts. -Robert H. Schuller

I hate flying, flat out hate its guts. -William Shatner

If you have the guts to keep making mistakes, your wisdom and intelligence leap forward with huge momentum. -Holly Near

There's a lot of blood, sweat, and guts between dreams and success. -Bear Bryant

I still sweat. My guts are still grinding out there. Sometimes I have enough cotton in my mouth to knit a sweater. -Lee Trevino

His hands would plait the priest's guts, if he had no rope, to strangle kings. -Denis Diderot

I had a great year and left my guts out on the field. -Alex Rodriguez

American stuntmen are smart – they think about safety. When they do a jump in a car, they calculate everything: the speed, the distance… But in Hong Kong, we don't know how to count. Everything we do is a guess. If you've got the guts, you do it. All of my stuntmen have gotten hurt. -Jackie Chan

I wanted to be a doctor when I was little, so I'm okay with blood and guts. -Jennifer Lawrence

I've got this horrible feeling that I'm one of those people who'll always have to flog their guts out to get anywhere. -Jenny Eclair

I was brought up to believe that there is no such thing as failure as long as I'm trying my best. So I've had a 'blood, guts and glory' approach through my whole life. -Ali Larter

The way I become friends with somebody is a slow process. You can't just spill your guts and tell them everything about yourself and expect them to listen and understand you because you don't know them. It's the same thing with a relationship. -Leighton Meester

With Rock Band, you can play along to Black Sabbath or Nirvana and possibly find new ways of appreciating their artistry by being allowed to perform parallel to it. Rock Band puts you inside the guts of a song. -Carrie Brownstein

Rihanna has guts and she always seems to be singing from someplace honest, dark and fierce. -Carrie Brownstein

Very few people have the guts to come up to you and say, 'Hey, are you gay?' -Lance Bass

Employees are your most valuable assets. They are the heart and guts of a company. This doesn't mean that from time to time, you aren't going to do what is good for the company. -Carlos Ghosn

R is for wussies if you're talking about blood and guts. -Sam Raimi

When women break that taboo and they're not afraid to drive that car by herself – that's it. Now she has the guts to speak up for herself and take action. -Manal al-Sharif

I think it's the sign of a leader to step up and say, you know, when something's not working to have the guts to reverse it. And the worst thing you can do is to let that mistake linger. -Jeff Zucker

My personal telephone book is a book of the dead now. I'm so old. Almost all of my friends have died, and I don't have the guts to take their names out of the book. -Ray Bradbury

It's the golden age of French cinema again but it's because Sarkozy had the guts to push through copyright law. -Harvey Weinstein

People didn't have the political guts to stand up against an American war. -George McGovern

I feel a real need to observe a level of propriety in what I'm handing out. Instead of me just venting or spilling my guts, I've got to consider how it's going to affect people. How it's going to affect me, as well. Because it's like a cycle. -Eric Clapton

I think it's important for the public to know, great reporting starts with a publisher who has guts and an editor who has guts. -Dan Rather

I like to write with people I have a relationship with; otherwise it's kind of scary, and you hold back because you don't want to pour your guts out to someone you never met. -Miranda Lambert

I like guts in my leaders. -Sean Hannity

I struggled with being in the public eye, losing my anonymity when my star rose quickly in the late 90's. But I need the challenge of showing up and getting up there to spill my guts and connect with my loyal folks. -Paula Cole

I was never considered cool throughout my teens: a very important time to be accepted by someone, especially your peers. Yes, I had all the screaming women, but the guys hated my guts. -Donny Osmond

Critics can be harsh and I think it's going to take me a long time to make people see what I have inside of me and that I really put my guts into movies and that I'm not superficial and that I'm not just a pretty face. -Diane Kruger

I think that the Oscar gives you some kind of guts or something, it gives you the illusion that you can do it. It's good for business. -Benicio Del Toro

I think in the old days, films really went for the shock, with the blood and guts, but movies are getting better. The writing and directing have improved a lot, because the audience demands it. -Claudia Christian

To be vulnerable, to be raw, to virtually expose your guts, I like doing that. -Lana Parrilla

Sometimes a script comes along that really makes you sit up and pay attention… 'Life at These Speeds' has an emotional intensity that really kicked me in the guts. -Douglas Booth

My weakness is 'American Idol.' My husband thinks it's ridiculous. But I am so inspired by those young people who are singing their guts out. -Mary Gordon

Girls are taught to sing high and pretty, like Antony, not low and from the guts like Nina Simone. But we're slowly trying to change that. There are so many things we're not told growing up, and it's our true feminist responsibility to take the truth to the people who need to hear it. -Beth Ditto

There's no such thing as an actor giving positive criticism to a director. The minute you say 'Don't you think it would look nicer…', that director's going to hate your guts. Particularly if it's a good idea. -Peter Mullan

It's ironic, really. Guys should be excited that I got Kristen Bell. If Brad Pitt gets Kristen Bell, it's like, 'Well, of course he did.' With me, it should be, 'Oh good, a normal-looking guy got her. Maybe I'll get me a Kristen Bell.' But guys hate my guts for always dating women I have no right to be with. -Dax Shepard

The Sarajevans have a very particular world view – a mordant wit coupled with this unbearable sadness and… truckloads of guts, you know. -Geraldine Brooks

Look, we want freedom and we want liberty in this country. But we've also got to have the guts to stand up and run a tight ship in America. Morality is now a word that many people consider very square and outdated. But if we don't stand up for it, we deserve what we will get in the end – unprincipled anarchy. -Cliff Robertson

I'm pretty gutsy. Dancers don't think about things; they just do them. -Heather Morris

To achieve a lasting peace in the Middle East takes guts, not guns. -Queen Rania of Jordan

I got more guts than brains, and that's my problem. -Cat Power

I wish I had more guts when I was younger because then I would've said things to people's faces instead of just running away all the time. -Mika

Indian street magic tends to be very gory, blood and guts. One trick is for a magician to take a knife and appear to cut his kid's head almost off. The magician then says to the crowd, 'Well I can continue to cut off my son's head or you can all give me some money.' Then he wanders around and takes 10 rupees from everyone and restores his son. -Teller

I'm growing very talented at watching blood and guts on screen because I have zero emotional response. -Nicholas D'Agosto

AIDS is a plague – numerically, statistically and by any definition known to modern public health – though no one in authority has the guts to call it one. -Larry Kramer

I find writing for children much easier. I don't mean it's less demanding – you've got to have a talent for it and you've got to work very hard – but you don't have to pull your guts out and lay them on the line in quite the same way as when you're writing for adults. -Lynne Reid Banks

I had a friend where it turned out that she hated my guts, all through our friendship. I thought she was my best friend, and then, in high school, she turned on me and had sordid affairs with all of the people that I'd dated. It was less hurtful because I was in high school, so it was more like, 'What's wrong with you? Gross!' -Mae Whitman

I have always been a coward as a child. I am not very brave. I am very aware of the fact that I am not very gutsy. -Cai Guo-Qiang

I think I know a thing or two about the way people love, but I don't know anything about hatred, psychosis, cruelty. Or maybe I don't have the guts to admit that I do. -Zadie Smith

I think my characters with my fingers, I think my characters with my guts. But when I say I think them, that is what I do, I feel them with the sympathetic neurons and I work out with my brain what it is that I am trying to write about, or I can't do it. -A. S. Byatt

People do connect me with James Bond simply because I happen to like scrambled eggs and short-sleeved shirts and some of the things that James Bond does, but I certainly haven't got his guts nor his very lively appetites. -Ian Fleming

When you experience the emotion of sadness, there will be changes in facial expression, and your body will be closed in, withdrawn. There are also changes in your heart, your guts: they slow down. And there are hormonal changes. -Antonio Damasio

'Downward Spiral' felt like I had an unending bottomless pit of rage and self-loathing inside me and I had to somehow challenge something or I'd explode. I thought I could get through by putting everything into my music, standing in front of an audience and screaming emotions at them from my guts. -Trent Reznor

No one really has the guts to say it, but if we could make better human beings by knowing how to add genes, why shouldn't we? -Gregory Stock

President Bush has asserted the right to wiretap and eavesdrop on any American without a warrant in the name of fighting terrorism. He has asserted presidential power beyond stated constitutional rights, and there is no Republican gutsy enough to call his hand. -Helen Thomas

Not many people realize this, but I'm a really squeamish guy. When I watch other horror films that are really over-the-top with their blood and guts, I cannot watch it. -James Wan

I think Ryan Gosling is a really great actor who's meticulous about his work. And I'd love to have the guts that Johnny Depp has to actually go outside the box on a character. When he plays a character, he plays it in a way that nobody else would. -Ashton Kutcher

I love when fans recognize me. Most of the time they don't have the guts to come up, so I'm like, 'Come here, say hi! I don't bite!' -Ryan Newman

I'm not a blood and guts person. I remember seeing 'House of Wax' as a teenager in 3D. This was years ago, the original 'House of Wax', and that was scary enough for me that I thought I'd never see another one. -Lin Shaye

Actors should be better poker players. But I think there's actual skill and crazy guts that you need to play poker – this ability to put all this money on the line inside of that game of cards. There's this whole different set of skills that doesn't apply to acting whatsoever. -Tom Everett Scott

A final of a grand slam is always a matter of details. Maybe a point here, a point there will make the difference. Maybe someone who is a bit more gutsy than the other player, someone who is having a better day than the others. -Sabine Lisicki

Matisse was my God. I'm a French artist, that's for sure. I am color-oriented and what you might call a composer. I am not pouring my guts out; I keep them inside. -Francoise Gilot

Women's books are kind of discriminated against. If a man writes a book about his family stories, people think of it as literature. If it's a woman, she's 'spilling her guts,' and it's not art. -Erica Jong

The directors you trust the most are the ones, when you ask them a question, they've got the guts to say, 'I don't know.' -Alan Rickman

I picked ducks in a tub in my dorm room. I'd hang deer in the doorway between the bedroom and the little living room in our little apartment there, and I'd skin my deer, and all the guts would go in the tub, and I'd sneak them out so my fellow students on both sides wouldn't see all that, you know. I'd clean fish up there and all. -Phil Robertson

Hip-hop definitely taught me a lot. Having to create your own identity and become known and respected in a male-dominated field – it requires some guts. There are times you have to be strong, and times when you have to stand alone for what you believe in. -Queen Latifah

What's more awful, to me, than blood and guts is the thought of losing those who you love. -Shawnee Smith

My mother is very emotional as well, but my dad is more of the guts of the family. He was the main preacher, so he kind of had this little Pentecostal flair, but they are born-again. -Katy Perry

My thing was play as hard as you can, don't be stupid, pay attention to details, and have enough guts in the clutch that you're not afraid to make a play. Some things I thought were important for a young man to know. -Joe Paterno

Sometimes with pop music, you have to see it to love it. With soul music, it's sparse. There's nothing that's pretentious or planned. It's just so gutsy. -Adele

There are some people who hate my guts. But that goes with the territory. -Terry Pratchett

You are the master of your own ship, pal. There are lots of people who fall into troubled waters and don't have the guts or the knowledge or the ability to make it to shore. They have nobody to blame but themselves. -Evel Knievel

Touring a segregated America – forever being stopped and harassed by white cops hurt you most 'cos you don't realise the damage. You hold it in. You feel empty, like someone reached in and pulled out your guts. You feel hurt and dirty, less than a person. -B. B. King

At school I was very shy and coincidentally inherited the title 'little miss worry guts,' and that was just among the staff. I learned early on that I could make people laugh, and as my small neat body betrayed me by growing to dizzying heights, I used it as a tool that translated into complete slap-stick comedy. -Erin O'Connor

It takes a certain amount of guts to go to your class reunions. -Dick Cavett

If you want to go the scorched-earth, Obamacare-is-like-slavery route and choose to stay uninsured, you will have the Palinesque guts, the Cruzian fortitude to wave off the ambulance that will appear to scoop you up should something bad happen to you, right? -Henry Rollins

Creating problems is easy. We do it all the time. Finding solutions, ones that last and produce good results, requires guts and care. -Henry Rollins

As performers grow older, I reckon there are two ways they can go. They can either be up there, playing more deeply from their guts than ever, or they can be phoning it in so crassly that it leaves a lump in your throat as you leave the venue at the end of the show. -Henry Rollins

Sometimes I feel like a human pin cushion. Every painful emotion hits me with ridiculously exaggerated force. And the anxiety feels like hands inside of me, squeezing my guts really hard. -Juliana Hatfield

I think the Baby Boom does have a tendency to get its nose in everything. The Greatest Generation had a better tendency to leave people alone. Of course, they also had a better tendency to hate everybody's guts. -P. J. O'Rourke

Racing takes so much determination, guts, and sacrifice to be on top. I once craved, lived, and breathed racing. I can honestly say now, I'm ready to slow down and enjoy my life. Maybe I'll cut loose and have a cheeseburger or some pizza. Those types of indulgencies are not allowed when you constantly have to monitor your weight. -Chantal Sutherland

I love that we are bringing the flavors of Frontera to Los Angeles. I think we can only add to the booming food community in Los Angeles. Our food is gutsy and soulful. -Rick Bayless

I don't engage in social media, which has its good and bad sides, I guess – but the good side is when people hate my guts, I'm kind of oblivious to it. -Hilarie Burton

Our guts can really mislead us. Sometimes, what we think of as our gut is something else, like an outside influence. If you're going to buy an apartment and it smells of freshly baked bread, you're more likely to want to buy it. -Noreena Hertz

If women want to be treated equally, then they can't ask for sops and whine about not being treated equally. All I'll say is no guts, no glory for men or women. -Preity Zinta

I always follow my heart and my guts. If I want to do something, I have immense belief in hard work and myself. I have it in me to do well anywhere and in anything I do. I have a deep desire to excel in everything I do. -Preity Zinta

Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That's what little girls are made of. -Bethany Hamilton

The passengers in our microbiome contain at least four million genes, and they work constantly on our behalf: they manufacture vitamins and patrol our guts to prevent infections; they help to form and bolster our immune systems, and digest food. -Michael Specter

Above everything else I've done, I've always said I've had more guts than I've got talent. -Dolly Parton

There's barely a strand of the modern media that the Kardashian-Wests haven't been able to master, and for good reason: Kanye is an amazing performer and cultural provocateur, while Kim, through her strength of character, has created a place for herself in the glare of the world's spotlight, and it takes real guts to do that. -Anna Wintour

I have a weak stomach. My wife is a doctor, so she finds it funny that I actually pass out when I get my blood drawn. I physically can't stand gore on screen. I can't stand blood and guts. Not for any puritanical/moral high-ground reason. I just don't want to black out. -Christopher Denham

On 'There Will Be Blood,' I was cast at the last minute. I had 3 and a half to 4 days to get ready for the first day. I just went for it, threw myself in there and gave it everything I had. That was just guts and instinct, not a lot of preparation. -Paul Dano

I think the power of Stieg Larsson's stories is that he has the guts to show the hidden spots in the side of Sweden. That gave us a push to say that for the first time. That they can't have with the American version. -Michael Nyqvist

I did this book 'Harvest for Hope,' and I learned so much about food. And one thing I learned is that we have the guts not of a carnivore, but of an herbivore. Herbivore guts are very long because they have to get the last bit of nutrition out of leaves and things. -Jane Goodall

To work a vineyard, you need a lot of guts to do that. To go out there and work all year, you almost feel that these people talk to the grapes. Wine is a lifestyle, and you can talk about it for ages. It's a passion, but it's not something I can do on a daily basis. -Thomas Muster

Even though momentarily I thought about being a doctor, I was always involved in theatre and did a drama degree. I just didn't have the guts to go, 'Yes, I'm going to be an actor,' until I was probably 21. -Elliot Cowan

After I began to explore what an actor actually is, I studied for three years before I had the guts to go on an audition. -Gale Harold

I remember having friends in high school that did the theater department stuff, and I always wanted to try it but never had the guts to. I was the class clown but could never really build up the courage to try it. I took one acting class and really enjoyed it. -Robert Buckley

I'm a teen boy, so I like seeing blood and guts. I know it's fake, but I'm having fun. -Chandler Riggs

I wish I had the guts and talent to be a good comedian. I love the idea of it, yet I'm terrified of it. I'd also love to play music in front of people. -Charlie Rowe

The faith that anyone could move from rags to riches – with enough guts and gumption, hard work and nose to the grindstone – was once at the core of the American Dream. -Robert Reich

I'd taken the bull by the horns by liberating myself and creating a career. It took guts – it was scary and chancy – but they discounted me as empty-headed: some little piece of fluff without any brain that happened to come along. -Raquel Welch

I went to junkyards, abandoned car lots. I asked supermarkets for the big jugs they put pig guts in, to make cabinets for my bass speakers. -Grandmaster Flash

I want people to have a good time. It's boring only to hear singer/songwriters spilling their guts. -Lykke Li

I admire people who can step out on their own and work alone – that takes a lot of guts. But I'd rather have the camaraderie on and off camera of working as a part of a group. -Sarah Baker

A New Yorker is anyone who has the guts to really live in the city. -Rita Ora

I love weird science. I learned in an article in 'National Geographic' that there are trillions of bacteria in our guts that help us digest food. These are non-human creatures. -Will Hobbs

I've proven I'm courageous. I'm gutsier than anybody; I've got a better imagination than anybody; I'm essentially more creative than any other actor I know, and I've proven I take risks. I don't think I need to prove anything to myself any more. -Michael Keaton

People don't appreciate their intestines until something goes wrong. But I always hope that people gain a little appreciation for their guts. -Mary Roach

I think by and large, humans prefer to think of themselves as minds from the neck up. We don't really like to think of ourselves as another animal, another digesting, excreting, mating, snoring, sleeping kind of sack of guts. I don't think we like that. I think we'd rather not be reminded of it. -Mary Roach

We don't look at problems logically, we look at them emotionally. We look at them through the guts. We look at them as if we're doing a high school problem, like what is beautiful, what makes me recognized among my peers. We don't go and think about things. We, as a society, don't wish to engage in rational thought. -Sebastian Thrun

I think it's good that I get scared because, if you never get scared, you don't have any need for guts. -Tracy Morgan

My sympathies are Left. On paper and in the soul. But not in my heart or my guts. -Louis MacNeice

I internalize everything, keep everything inside. I'm not used to spilling my guts, and when you have to do that on film to make a point, it's hard. It's rough. I don't think it's as easy as people think. -Dave Bautista

A healthy environment, a strong economy and energy independent America – that would be the purpose of my presidency, is break the strangle hold that people enjoy on fossil fuels who hate our guts. -Lindsey Graham

When it comes to fossil fuels, we're going to find more here and use less. Over time, we're going to become energy independent. I am tired of sending $300 billion overseas to buy oil from people who hate our guts. The choice between a weak economy and a strong environment is a false choice, that is not the choice I'll offer America. -Lindsey Graham

Grades don't measure tenacity, courage, leadership, guts or whatever you want to call it. Teachers or any other persons in a position of authority should never tell anybody they will not succeed because they did not get all A's in school. -Thomas J. Stanley

You must photograph where you are involved; where you are overwhelmed by what you see before you; where you hold your breath while releasing the shutter, not because you are afraid of jarring the camera, but because you are seeing with your guts wide open to the sweet pain of an image that is part of your life. -Harold Feinstein

We're about getting all the people who want to compete with Samsung to be able to build devices. So we're kind of down at the guts level saying, 'Hey, we can give you the hardware, the sensor platform, the software you need to go build your own one.' -Renee James

I never wrote just straight women's roles. I liked the strong characters. I don't mean women who have masculine qualities about them, but something that has some intestinal fortitude, some guts to it. -Ida Lupino

I was a milksop as a kid. I had no confidence, no guts. I felt I was going to be someone else someday – someone who didn't have my weaknesses. -Gene Wilder

To this day, I run into people all the time that say, whether it was 'Doom', or maybe even more so 'Quake' later on, that that openness and that ability to get into the guts of things was what got them into the industry or into technology. -John Carmack

Coming from Australia and playing rugby, you just think that soccer is a bit soft, but I'll tell you what – it's not. It's rough as guts. It's great. -Tanc Sade

It takes a lot of guts to come out to your friends and family. For most gay people, coming out is the most traumatic experience in their life because of the worry about the backlash: 'What's going to happen? Are my parents going to accept me? Are my friends going to accept me? Are my sisters and brothers going to accept me?' -Martina Navratilova

Harry Truman, with what he did in dropping and having the guts to drop the bomb in 1944, saved – saved millions of American lives. -Bobby Knight

I'd like them to say that Shirley Chisholm had guts. That's how I'd like to be remembered. -Shirley Chisholm

If I am to choose two words that best describes myself, they are 'self-esteem' and 'guts.' Guts helped me become a global model. -Sung Jin Park

I never do things fearing I could do right or wrong. I just do it because I just follow my guts. This is really how I did it for 'Elektra' because I was just amazed by all the comics. I was good for me to get inspired by them, and I just follow my guts for the rest. -Elodie Yung

I guess coming out against actual evil takes guts. -Greg Gutfeld

I was really squeamish growing up – not too fond of blood and guts. -Trevante Rhodes

I don't get described as necessarily being aggressive. I don't know if 'laid-back' is the word. I think, if anything, what I would want people to say about me is, 'I think he had guts.' -Bob Iger

It takes guts to realize you screwed up and to then come clean without any excuses. -Brandon Webb

I am going to try to rip the economic guts out of Indiana. But we're going to do it methodically and aggressively. -Bruce Rauner

I often think you need a lot of courage to be in the acting business. The job itself can be incredibly challenging for various reasons. Sometimes it's impossible and requires sheer guts. -Sarah Alexander

Eviction reveals people's vulnerability and desperation as well as their ingenuity and guts. -Matthew Desmond

Values can set a company apart from the competition by clarifying its identity and serving as a rallying point for employees. But coming up with strong values – and sticking to them – requires real guts. -Patrick Lencioni

I can't say enough about the guts and the talents of Amazon. They're so agile, they're so nimble; they picked us up two weeks after we premiered, and their whole attitude is, 'Go, go, go, go,' so I'm very, very impressed. -Jeffrey Tambor

The hardest thing in the world is to write something critical about someone and then show up the next day in the locker room. I mean, that is not fun, and that takes an awful lot of guts. And I never enjoyed that. -Frank Deford

When I was 13, I used to go to a jazz club. The owner of the club became my first business manager. She was very gutsy and had a lot of friends, one of whom happened to be the head of jazz at Columbia at the time. That's how it all began. -Johnny Mathis

I always look for the character that gets into your guts and tells you, 'You have to play this.' You have to be brave enough to let everything else go and let the character guide you. When I read a script, I look for that kind of pull. -Colin Morgan

I have more respect for amateur wrestlers, especially collegiate ones, than anyone else. It's a gutsy sport with no real payoff except for knowing that you were better than someone else. It doesn't have big crowds, it doesn't have big money, but it is fun going one on one. -Dolph Ziggler

Although I am proud of all supporters, especially those legislators who have had the guts to buck the party and support me, there are some supporters who risk more than their political careers. They risk the wrath of extremists and even their livelihood for publicly supporting me. -Tom Tancredo

I worried so long that I would sing to empty bars my whole life. I was singing my guts out; there would be five people into it. -Margo Price

Go on stage and stomp my foot on stage and play my guitar and sing my guts out because I love to entertain people. That's what makes me happy. -Frankie Ballard

I practiced law for 10 years, and I always admired the lawyers who were not afraid to take unpopular cases. And I never had the guts to do that. I was playing it safe. I was trying to make a living. And I just never volunteered for a really tough case, and there were some of them I should've taken. And I admired the lawyers who did. -John Grisham

To be an entertainer, you gotta be a little gutsy, a little egotistical, so you have to pull back sometimes when people say, 'Well, he's stuck-up.' 'Stuck-up' is only another word for self-conscious. -Johnny Carson

Upon graduation, I hit a wall. All of my good friends from UCLA were taking on jobs they were passionate about, and I felt left behind. It took a bit of soul searching, but in the end, I finally had the guts to pursue acting. -Karen Fukuhara

It takes courage to pull the ball down and reverse field and do some of the crazy things that Favre and Manziel do. There's going to be consequences when sometimes it doesn't work out. But it takes a tremendous amount of guts and courage to go make a play when there's nothing there instead of throwing the ball away. -Jon Gruden

Being completely independent doesn't make you a strong woman – it's being strong enough to trust yourself in other people's hands that takes guts. -Emily V. Gordon

One of the great things about Churchill is that he had the guts to say the unpalatable, to level with the people, even if it cost him politically to tell them the truth. -Anthony McCarten

When the U.S. team went on its historic run to the World Cup quarter-finals in 2002, I was thirteen years old. Each game in that run – the astonishing victory against Portugal, the resilient win over Mexico, even the gutsy but unlucky effort against the Germans – propelled me to push my other athletic interests aside and focus only on soccer. -Clint Smith

Killing animals and eating meat have been significant components of human evolution that had a synergistic relationship with other key attributes that have made us human, with larger brains, smaller guts, bipedalism, and language. -Vaclav Smil

I thought I wanted to be a pediatrician because, as a second job, my mother would clean up a pediatrician's office. So I was like, 'Oh, OK, baby doctor.' Until I got to college, and all the courses of science with the blood, guts and cadavers? I was like, 'Mm, no.' -Angela Bassett

The 9/11 truthers hate my guts. -Art Bell

I am one who shows great respect and commends the Cuban people for having the guts to go over to Cuba to get Cubans out when they had the opportunity to do it. I think it's a… shame that the Jews here in the United States in the 1930s didn't do the same for other Jews who were also in trouble. -Norman Braman

I remember all the stages in my career where I almost didn't have enough confidence to try for something, almost didn't have the guts to follow something I was excited about doing, because I didn't know anyone else who'd done it, or other people made me question it. -Amal Clooney

Writing takes gall. I like to think that's true even for writers with several books under their belt, writers who have been doing it for years. It takes something – guts, gumption, self-delusion – to ask for a reader's time when we all know there's nothing new under the sun; that it's all been said, or written, before. -Rumaan Alam

In 'Kinky Boots,' I looked for moments to be bold, showing Lauren's gutsiness and smarts. She's a little bit kooky now, too, and I love me some kooky. -Annaleigh Ashford

Being a boss takes guts and tenacity. Being a boss takes hustle and strength. Getting to the level of boss takes hard work – often times, harder than our male counterpoint because in many industries, we're fighting our way into a boys' club. -Rachel Hollis

I misfired and said some things in the past about people, namely John Mayer. And I didn't have the guts to apologize. -Shooter Jennings

I'm saying nobody's got the guts to be a J. Cole. Nobody's got the guts to be a Kendrick Lamar. We need more of them… Everybody wants to go the easy route. -Mannie Fresh

It takes a lot of guts to put on a face full of makeup, being a male in the world where a lot of people still think that cosmetics are only for women. -Jeffree Star

Scoring a goal feels a bit like a liberating act. It is a mix of sensations that only strikers can feel in their own guts. We work for that, to score. It is like a commitment, an obligation we take with ourselves. -Edinson Cavani

The only thing I do is say what everyone else is thinking but doesn't have the guts to say. -Shannon Sharpe

People say a lot of mess about celebrities. In the social media world, celebrities are able to go online and see nice things and horrible things written about them – but these people on the Internet wouldn't have the guts to say it to their face. -Wendy Williams

It takes a lot of guts to jump. If people criticise, I would give them a set of skis and say, 'Do it yourself then.' -Eddie the Eagle

Ski jumping is just 10 per cent physical, 90 per cent mental. Some people can't do that. It's not just to do with the fear at the top. It takes a lot of guts to go off the top, but it takes 100 times more courage to jump off the end. -Eddie the Eagle

Sometimes you have to trust your guts and your instinct and improvise a little. -Peter Stormare

It takes guts in this country to refuse to be a Democrat or a Republican. -Shaun King

It takes a lot of guts to get on stage. -Ad-Rock

It is difficult to have the guts to speak up about any kind of sexual assault. -Chinmayi

People say I'm cold, that I'm impersonal on the court. Well, let me tell you, it's blood and guts out there. -Reggie Miller

Playing for Manchester United demands huge sacrifices. It is a club for workers, and we are there to slog our guts out. There is no bling and sequins about the place. -Patrice Evra

And that, ladies and gentlemen, sums up the Fringe. Spend a year spitting your guts out writing a show, and people forget your name as soon as they walk out. -James Acaster

My parents got ahead in the news business with wits, guts, and a creative interpretation of 'fair game.' They leased their first helicopter in 1985, when KTLA news crews were on strike. Maybe the crews had good grievances, maybe not. Either way, my parents ignored the strike and went to work. -Katy Tur

Any woman who has ever worked in a gutsy male environment knows that the correct response to a randy remark is an even more salacious retort. But timid feminists don't see it that way. To them, the proper reply is a lawsuit – that safe, modern version of the old slap in the face. -Florence King

First love is ravaging – it just guts you in the most wonderful way, if you can see through it. -Noah Centineo

I'm going to give all my will and all my guts to try to get the ball in the end zone. -Deshaun Watson

I've never lacked guts, for good or bad. -Kevin-Prince Boateng

If people look at me and, certainly, my brothers, and they see strength and guts, they'd have to know my parents. If they wanted to know why we're so close as a family, that closeness comes from my mother and father. -Diana Lopez

I'd never eaten lobster before. I was 21. I didn't know what the heck I was doing. I was scooping guts. But I tied for third. And the two men who beat me didn't look good. One was Bob Shoudt. He seemed in pain. And I felt fine! I was 'Oh, my God, they look like they're dying. And I can eat so much more!' I knew I was made for it after that contest. -Joey Chestnut

Having the guts to be the person you are is what makes you brave. -Ronan Keating

Not to get mushy, but I realized after talking to my parents what absolute guts they must have had to let their teenage daughter be in a rock band, play in bars, do all of that. -Lzzy Hale

You need always guts to put youngsters in the squad and also in the line-up. -Louis van Gaal

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