Best Quotes About Grudges

It's a family that's loaded with grudges and passion. We come from a long line of robbers and highwaymen in Italy, you know. Killers, even. -Nicolas Cage

I bear no grudges. I have a mind that retains nothing. -Bette Midler

Your political reputation affects how likely allies are to trust you, and what kind of deals they'll offer at the negotiating table. There's also some emotional response in there, so factions do bear grudges. Just like the real thing. -Mike Simpson

I was pretty dead set against ever writing an academic novel. It's always been my view that there are already more than enough academic novels and that most of them aren't any good. Most of them are self-conscious and bitter, the work of people who want to settle grudges. -Richard Russo

I'm Polish, I carry no grudges. -John Dingell

I just had lunch with Slash two days ago. He loves Axl. He holds no grudges towards him. Twenty years of great music wasn't created because of some stupid grudge. That's a shame. -Steven Adler

I'm not normally the kind of person who holds on to grudges, I'm really not. -Rachel Stevens

I don't hold grudges. -Ian Mcewan

We cannot embrace God's forgiveness if we are so busy clinging to past wounds and nursing old grudges. -T. D. Jakes

There's enormous energy required to carry grudges – enormous energy! And I'm getting too old to expend my energy that way, cause I think every person has a limited amount of energy. So I have given up all grudges. -Ed Koch

I'm just a person who forgives and forgets. I have a hard time holding grudges. -Zachery Ty Bryan

I really didn't feel challenged anymore. I wanted to learn something and be excited again… While it can be a family – that environment is actually a family – in the sense that also you sometimes hate each other, you can't stand being around each other and grudges are held… I was getting cranky on 'Criminal Minds.' -Paget Brewster

Me being a compassionate person, I would never hold any grudges against my ex. -Amber Rose

Life is too short for long-term grudges. -Elon Musk

I'm a forgiver. I might not forget, but I forgive. My mother, father and older brother always told me: 'Don't hold grudges. If you do that, you don't lower yourself down to your adversary. Just treat people the way you want to be treated.' I honestly think that's why I was able to survive and have some success. -Monte Irvin

I have some girls who I look back on and I think, 'Wow, they were really horrible to me.' I would love an apology from a few girls, but whatever. I'm not holding any grudges. I'm over it. -Odette Annable

There is no evidence that dogs have the kind of complex emotional lives and value systems that we do. It's one reason why we love them so much, in fact. They are neither "good" nor "bad." They don't hold grudges, act in petty ways, or seek revenge. They read our moods, but not our minds. -Jon Katz

At least in my life, I cannot hold onto grudges. It's a waste of energy, a waste of time. -Phil Anselmo

The hardest part of fame and success is adapting to the people around you that's changing. It changes the way people look at you from how they used to look at you. They listen to you on the radio, they look at you on TV and when people speak on you in a good light, you have a couple people who hold grudges. -Future

So many people get involved with carrying grudges and having these moral battles with people, where they cast themselves as the righteous and the other guy is the dirtbag. They waste tons of energy on it, create all kinds of darkness around themselves and the other person. It gets you nothing. -Stephen J. Cannell

Sharks don't target human beings, and they certainly don't hold grudges. -Peter Benchley

What's really cool about our family is that we don't hold grudges, and I think that is what's been the key to the success. We get into our little disagreements, and whether we're right or wrong, we'll go and apologize. That's just the way we are. -Selena

I believe that life is short, and there is too much time wasted bearing grudges, and I like to move on. -Sam Taylor-Johnson

Resentments and grudges are two of the main culprits that perpetuate cycles of self-abuse and victimhood. Stowed away inside you like parasites, they deplete you of your God-given life force and separate you from your inherent worth, your joy, and the love in your heart. -Debbie Ford

We believe Russian-American relations are broader and larger than emotions and mutual grudges, including the situation with the U.S. fugitive Edward Snowden. -Sergei Lavrov

In wider spaces, people bearing historical grudges with each other were separated by the muting qualities of distance. -Tim Cope

The history of the Welsh, the Irish, the Highlanders, is just the same as that of the Gauls, one of internecine feud, no political cohesion, no capacity for merging private interests, forgetting private grudges for a patriotic cause. -Sabine Baring-Gould

I hold grudges, but I can't hate nobody; that's not my nature. -The Notorious B.I.G.

Obama's extraordinary political skills suggest he is more than capable of rising above any personal historical grudges he may have inherited. -Boris Johnson

I am someone who can't hold on to negativity or hold on to grudges. I might feel something at a certain point, but I get tired after that. I don't carry it with me. I forgive and forget very easily, and that's the only way to be happy and peaceful. -Deepika Padukone

Britney and I are on the same page. There are no grudges. We communicate on disciplining the kids, and if they're grounded here, they're grounded there. She's a completely different person – as the kids will tell you! -Kevin Federline

People always make a lot about how I don't carry grudges. That's my religious upbringing. I went nine years without missing Sunday school. Lutheran. I can't live with hatred inside of me. That's what I learned. I ain't scared of dying, either. -Earl Weaver

People have things that happen between them. I certainly don't keep grudges. -Dan Gilbert

I really don't hold grudges. I mean, I remember everything, but I move on. -Robert Kraft

People go forward in life. Bitterness and grudges and resentments only poison it. -David Furnish

I don't hold grudges. -Glen Campbell

People say that forgiving is my flaw, but I really believe that holding grudges and anger is a waste of energy. -Mayte Garcia

What matters is that our country is strong and respected and safe. We really are, you know, a very good country. We make our mistakes, but we're also very, very strong. And so I don't know. You know, I hold grudges. But I do believe in the process. With all my heart, I believe in the process. And I believe in our country. -Cindy McCain

I am not someone who holds grudges, and I want to remember the good things about our time with Mourinho. -Sergio Ramos

Life's too short to hold grudges. -Kane Brown

I learned a long time ago that you need to bury the hatchet. No need to hold grudges. That only weighs you down. -Ken Shamrock

I hate holding grudges. -Engelbert Humperdinck

I've always hated the idea of carrying grudges and resentments around like a load of mouldy suitcases. -Victoria Coren Mitchell

I've learned lots, obviously – the first thing being never to forget to be grateful. The second is not to bear grudges, because in football, luck does not exist. -Andrea Pirlo

I don't hold grudges. -Ben Askren

I don't hold grudges. -Harry Redknapp

Life is too short to hold on to the past and grudges. -Mya

Tomorrow's not promised. You may love someone; you may have a grudge because of something that they did to you, and it was unfair, but life's not fair. Life is very short, so clean up your grudges. Let's not hold them. -Mya

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