Best Quotes About Groovy

If anything I consider myself non-violent, I'm from the hippy era, peace, love, groovy. -Rick James

I really dig the scene that's happening now, I really do, because there might be a lot of bad things going on, but if out of all of those bad things ten per cent of the groovy part of it stays, wow… you can't beat that. -Bruce Johnston

Hip Nip just sounds groovy. A drummer laid it on me. -Pat Morita

This music has been around since before the beard on Moses. I happed to do it very well and I happen to have a lot of groovy songs that I know people are going to dig. I know more about it than you do. -George Thorogood

MTV didn't call. I guess I wasn't hip and groovy enough. -Dan Fogelberg

I don't believe in sampling some Tibetan music just to make it sound groovy, but you do your homework, you understand what you're doing with it. -Jessica Hagedorn

The thing to remember about Phuket is it's very beach-oriented and relaxed. The trendiest beach is Koh Sirey, which is full of groovy places to have a cocktail and watch the sun go down. -Tony Parsons

I wear Blundstones for hiking. They're like a work boot with a bit of grip, so you can wear them all day. They're quite groovy. -Anna Torv

You can't be happy by doing something groovy. -Bob Dylan

California is an unbelievable state. One day I might be in a spiritual place like Joshua Tree, then before I know it, I'm eating groovy sushi in a mini-mall. I'm a Cali girl through and through. -Drew Barrymore

In the '80s, everyone wanted to be in opera. It was groovy. -Baz Luhrmann

Often when I meet people and say I'm a designer, they say, 'Oh, a fashion designer.' Which is not a bad thing I suppose, a bit groovy. -Ross Lovegrove

In many ways, my entire graphic novel career was a long diversion. Originally, all I wanted to do was to be an underground cartoonist and maybe bring out a groovy underground mag. -Alan Moore

I ought to be groovy and be able to say the enemy is this and the enemy is that… but I've never been very good at… I don't want to have to answer questions I don't know the answer to properly. I have an opinion. -Rik Mayall

I love England from head to toe. I love the weather, the people. I was there in the summer and it was nice. The people are so groovy. -Otis Redding

For some people, marriage may be very groovy. For me, it really isn't. I don't think it really is for most people anyway. Most people are not very happy. -Marianne Faithfull

There was not a lot of rock n' roll in the house. Our parents didn't think it was very groovy, and I tend to agree with them. If you grew up with Charlie Parker, Bill Haley wasn't very hip. -Elvis Costello

Being a widower is not that groovy when you lose someone you really love, and you have to go out and date again. -Pierce Brosnan

It's great to make your own choices, but there's a price to pay. I could've made more money or been more famous. I could be the current groovy guy. -Michael Keaton

My style is clubby and groovy – you can jump to it, but you don't just have to just jump to it. It's not just really bass-heavy and hurts your ears; you move with it, and it sounds kind of tribal. -Ansel Elgort

What's similar between 'Daily Show' and 'RJ Berger' is that people are grabbing me – not quite the groovy intelligentsia Starbucks barista, but the Latina nurses at my gynecologist's office – and telling me they love the show. -Beth Littleford

Americans are in need of an all-of-the-above energy approach, and when you think about all-of-the-above, you think about wind, solar, hydrogen, think about all those groovy technologies I really like. -Jeff Duncan

My idea is to paint paintings so that when you walk into a room, I'm pulling you in, or that makes you suddenly stop and wonder: 'What is this? There is something groovy, something else going on here.' Also, I want to give you what is obvious and what is not obvious to the eye. -Billy Dee Williams

Noveller make soundscapes that are creepy, ethereal, really beautiful and all over the place. They can be intense, dark, and groovy but also dreamlike and happy. -Sharon Van Etten

I'm just glad to be part of groovy films. -Jim Sarbh

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