Best Quotes About Gossip

Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip. -Will Rogers

Today's gossip is tomorrow's headline. -Walter Winchell

PS: It's all gossip about the prince. I'm not in the habit of taking my girlfriends' beaux. -Wallis Simpson

It was the basilica of gossip, the Vatican of inside dope. -Robert Hughes

It's an indulgence to sit in a room and discuss your beliefs as if they were a juicy piece of gossip. -Robert A. Heinlein

The only time people dislike gossip is when you gossip about them. -Will Rogers

It is just as cowardly to judge an absent person as it is wicked to strike a defenseless one. Only the ignorant and narrow-minded gossip, for they speak of persons instead of things. -Lawrence G. Lovasik

To a philosopher all news, as it is called, is gossip, and they who edit and read it are old women over their tea. -Henry David Thoreau

Some say our national pastime is baseball. Not me. It's gossip. -Erma Bombeck

Men have always detested women's gossip because they suspect the truth: their measurements are being taken and compared. -Erica Jong

A real Christian is a person who can give his pet parrot to the town gossip. -Billy Graham

Avoid inquisitive persons, for they are sure to be gossips, their ears are open to hear, but they will not keep what is entrusted to them. -Horace

While gossip among women is universally ridiculed as low and trivial, gossip among men, especially if it is about women, is called theory, or idea, or fact. -Andrea Dworkin

Anyone who has obeyed nature by transmitting a piece of gossip experiences the explosive relief that accompanies the satisfying of a primary need. -Primo Levi

All literature is gossip. -Truman Capote

No one gossips about other people's secret virtues. -Bertrand Russell

It is the gossip columnist's business to write about what is none of his business. -Louis Kronenberger

Be Impeccable With Your Word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love. -Don Miguel Ruiz

At early previews, the theater gossips are there, wishing you ill every night. They don't grant you any slack. Agents are in from Hollywood. Your friends are there. People who are going to spread the word-of-mouth. If something doesn't work, everyone will know. -Peter Stone

Men gossip for just as long and about the same subjects as women, but tend to talk more about themselves. -Kate Fox

Male and female gossip also sounds different, as women use more animated tones, more detail and more feedback. -Kate Fox

Women are more skilled than men at making gossip entertaining. -Kate Fox

Researchers have found very little difference between men and women in terms of the amount of time spent gossiping. -Kate Fox

I think the hardest part about being a teenager is dealing with other teenagers – the criticism and the ridicule, the gossip and rumors. -Beverley Mitchell

I sometimes read in a gossip column that I was at a party when I was in Europe at the time. It sometimes feels I've got a Doppelganger somewhere. -Candace Bushnell

Well, my whole thing with gossip is I couldn't care less if it's true. -Kathy Griffin

All the gossip and craziness becomes a kind of sustained narrative which, in turn, can become history. It's scary. -Barbara Kruger

Ah, well, the truth is always one thing, but in a way it's the other thing, the gossip, that counts. It shows where people's hearts lie. -Paul Scott

I wrote a novel about Israelis who live their own lives on the slope of a volcano. Near a volcano one still falls in love, one still gets jealous, one still wants a promotion, one still gossips. -Amos Oz

I thought we would have at most an audience of 5,000 devotees because I made the decision to stick to craft, not to gossip, not to be interested in any of the juicy stuff that they talk about on other shows, but stick to the question of craft. -James Lipton

Secrecy sets barriers between men, but at the same time offers the seductive temptation to break through the barriers by gossip or confession. -Georg Simmel

I was both very successful and very left; the living demonstration of how you could be on the left and still be in the gossip columns and be envied for the money you made. -Elia Kazan

I don't like to read. The only things I read are gossip columns. If someone gives me a book, it had better have lots of pictures. -Ethel Merman

The major gossip columnists were more concerned with protecting the industry than with gunning down sinners. -Gloria Swanson

Gossip is called gossip because it's not always the truth. -Justin Timberlake

I don't want to be involved in endless media gossip. -Kate Adie

But nobody is listening to those points. They are just listening to the gossip which is saying that I knew I was positive for all these years because I had a faked test a few years ago. -Marc Wallice

Knowing policy does help make the gossip more understandable. -Tabitha Soren

I'm not sure exactly how gossiping about my life with my audience really helps them. -Tyra Banks

What I know about Mike Tyson, I see in the boxing ring. As far as all of the gossip stuff that I hear about him, I know first hand to take that with a grain of salt. -Gerald McRaney

Show me someone who never gossips, and I will show you someone who is not interested in people. -Barbara Walters

The only gossip I'm interested in is things from the Weekly World News – 'Woman's bra bursts, 11 injured'. That kind of thing. -Johnny Depp

Some of the best news stories start in gossip. Monica Lewinsky certainly was gossip in the beginning. I had heard it months before I printed it. -Matt Drudge

Not everything I do is gossip or bedroom. To the contrary, I think that's just an easy label to dismiss me and to dismiss the new medium. -Matt Drudge

If they don't depend on true evidence, scientists are no better than gossips. -Penelope Fitzgerald

Historian – a broad-gauge gossip. -Ambrose Bierce

I'm drawing the gossip surrounding the celebrity, or the image the celebrity tries to push on us. -Hilary Duff

I'm not really sure what people's preconceived notions are. I don't look at the gossip websites – it's unhealthy and I think it's a large part of what drives people in L.A. crazy. -Mischa Barton

President Obama is traveling around the country, proposing a stimulus bill that has already failed once. Instead of having an honest discussion about whether or not a plan that already failed once will fail again, the establishment would rather distract the American people with gossip. -Alveda King

I still enjoy acting. I love the moment in front of the camera, but it's all the other moments that I don't enjoy. The 'business' aspect of it, the gossip. I really dislike about 99% of what I do, but I like that 1% when I'm on camera. -Jennie Garth

People want to hear the gossip. They don't want to hear about the shots. -Jamie Kennedy

The internet is like a gossipy girls' locker room after school, isn't it? -Alex Kapranos

It takes a minute for me to let my guard down, but once I do and I get to know someone, I'm very open, very trusting. Some might say too trusting, because considering the amount of money that can be made from selling gossip, I could be very easily taken advantage of. -Anne Hathaway

Supermarket tabloids and celebrity gossip shows are not just innocently shallow entertainment, but a fundamental part of a much larger movement that involves apathy, greed and hierarchy. -Joseph Gordon-Levitt

People love gossip. It's the biggest thing that keeps the entertainment industry going. -Ellen DeGeneres

Sometimes it can be bad to have too much family. Everybody gets involved in your problems, giving their opinion, gossiping, and making drama. But when bad things happen, they will be there to support you. -Sofia Vergara

I'm on a strict gossip diet. No gossip websites, no gossip magazines. Otherwise, I find it paralyzing to exist. -Julie Bowen

I tried to steer the student newspaper toward more pertinent information instead of the usual gossip and bull. -Tom Bergeron

I can't stand the gossip of celebrities' lives, all the time! Every minute! -William Shatner

Every week I read about myself in a magazine, about something that I haven't done or some place that I've never been or don't even know. It's just gossip, rumors, egos, and politics. -Hilary Duff

Being a gossip reporter just isn't a respectable job. It'll chew you up and spit you out. -Kim Cattrall

Certainly there are people who like me, but then there are those who don't know me who gossip about me. You can't believe the things I've heard. -Carrie Fisher

What I learned in the military is that gossip starts early and it stays forever. -Wesley Clark

If you don't fit into this kind of like gossipy, trendy, Web-hit thingy, you're relegated to sort of second-class celebrity status. -Billy Corgan

I still enjoy acting. I love the moment in front of the camera, but it's all the other moments that I don't enjoy. The 'business' aspect of it, the gossip. -Jennie Garth

I shoot for 'Extra' three times a week, and that's great for Las Vegas, too. In addition to interviewing stars who are here for shows, parties and premieres, I'll also get peoples' reactions to different news items and topical gossip. -Holly Madison

I started working at Bravo in 2005, when I was offered a job by Lauren Zalaznick, the network's chairman. She encouraged me to start a blog. I wrote behind-the-scenes gossip about 'Battle of the Network Reality Stars,' the first show I took on as head of current programming. -Andy Cohen

In the case of 'The Housewives,' I call the 'Housewives' sociology of the rich. I think it's just fun to watch. It's guilt-free gossiping that you can have. It's like the modern-day soap opera, in my mind. -Andy Cohen

I grew up on a farm in a small town where you do or say one thing and everybody knows about it. You see it happen, there's always the town gossip – 'Oh did you hear about so and so, or did you hear what went on in this household?' So I learned at a very young age just to keep my mouth shut. -Garrett Hedlund

I've learned to suck in my stomach when photographers are around. I used to read gossip magazines all the time, but I stopped when I started being written about in them and read incredible lies about myself. -Fergie

I've always thought Harper Lee might have made a great decision. Much as you'd like to have more books by her, there's something about just one that's kind of mysterious and nice. On the other hand, the New York gossip about me was that I'd never write another book. So I thought, 'Well, I will then.' -Charles Frazier

Unfortunately, 'chick flick' has become a term to describe most movies that I don't even like. They're these movies that, yes, have women in them but they really don't reflect who women are, and there's something kind of silly or shallow or gossipy about them. -Carla Gugino

A lot of people say about 'Gossip Girl,' 'Well, how do you feel about gossip?' Well, who really likes gossip? No one likes to be talked about if it's not flattering or a compliment. -Jessica Szohr

When it comes to gossip, I have to readily admit men are as guilty as women. -Marilyn Monroe

I get my gossip from 'Nashville' on ABC. -Caitlin Rose

If you look at the newspapers here – the Washington papers – most of the discussion deals with campaign gossip. -Bernie Sanders

The queen of aggregation is, of course, Arianna Huffington, who has discovered that if you take celebrity gossip, adorable kitten videos, posts from unpaid bloggers and news reports from other publications, array them on your Web site and add a left-wing soundtrack, millions of people will come. -Bill Keller

Back in my days as a children's book editor, my superiors caught on to the fact that teenagers were using the Internet to gossip about each other, and thought it might be nifty to develop a series of books about an anonymous high-school blogger who gossips about her classmates. The concept was passed on to me. -Cecily von Ziegesar

When you gossip, it's self-hexing. Because when you do it, it comes back to you. Everything starts with the word. The word is demonstrating a condition of the mind. If it's in your mind and comes out of your mouth, it will be created. -Iyanla Vanzant

In the corporate-owned media, men dressed like Ronald Reagan and women dressed like Rita Hayworth disseminate grotesque exaggerations and gossip in authoritative tones. -Steven Weber

When I was collecting material for a political gossip column, and someone said something interesting, I would wait for them to add, 'and I don't want to read that in your magazine!' In which case I wouldn't use it. But if they didn't remember to say it, I'd nip off to the loo, write the story up, come back and change the subject. -Simon Hoggart

Like sugar and, oh – let's say the most tabloidy and gossipy reality television programs – credit is, for millions, genuinely addictive. -Tom Shales

I feel that there's a lot of would-be guardians of the culture who think that high-minded literary purpose and the life that gets chronicled in the gossip columns, that these two things are incompatible. -Jay McInerney

Gossip is a very dangerous tool. We should be more wary of the gossiper, and not the gossip they're trying to relay to you. -John Lydon

'Anna Karenina' is just a story about a woman falling in love with a bloke who is not her husband. It's gossip, rubbish – on the other hand, it's the deepest story there could be about social transgression, about love, betrayal, duty, children. -Hanif Kureishi

I love to hang out with boys – I've got brothers – but I'm a girl's girl, in all the ways you can be girlie. Nails and chats and gossip magazines and reality TV and pop culture. -Alice Eve

It's weird how people who are the least close to me or who've never even met me purport to be experts on the real me; and then, sadly, there are those who could be in touch with me but prefer to gossip with strangers about me instead. -Vanna Bonta

What is the meaning of 'gossip?' Doesn't it originate with sympathy, an interest in one's neighbor, degenerating into idle curiosity and love of tattling? Which is worse, this habit, or keeping one's self so absorbed intellectually as to forget the sufferings and cares of others, to lose sympathy through having too much to think about? -Lucy Larcom

Fiction basically is a form of gossip where you want to enter other people's lives, the lives of people you don't know, and you want to know what's going to happen to them. -Vikram Seth

I never read gossip press. I just read books. And I never switch on the TV anymore. -Daphne Guinness

I learned early on to stay away from gossip magazines and reviews. That stuff just makes you unhappy, and I know actors that read everything that's written about them and they're miserable. You can choose what to let into your life. -John Travolta

If people can keep track of all the celebrity gossip, there's no reason we can't also assimilate the key concepts of economic philosophy. -Pedro Reyes

I know nothing more annoying when people I don't know jump to conclusions on my person based on nothing but gossip or speculation. -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

That's always been my test for what makes a story: is this something journalists would gossip with each other about? -Nick Denton

I love for the latest on fashion, style, and celebrity gossip. I also love for New York celebrity sightings, and and for book news. -Meg Cabot

I don't really care about gossip. I care about building great businesses. -Tamara Mellon

More often than not, whenever gossip has been written about me, the gossip is more interesting than the reality. I know some public figures hate gossip, but personally I like it because it makes my life sound more glamorous and interesting than it really is. -Moby

First and foremost, we need to be the adults we want our children to be. We should watch our own gossiping and anger. We should model the kindness we want to see. -Brene Brown

I have been affected by gossip and I know people who have been, too. I've seen marriages destroyed by gossip. It is cruel. At the end of the day, all that matters is: Do you love what you see when you look in the mirror? That is it, baby. -Jada Pinkett Smith

The way people appear in the gossip papers, as they're depicted as celebrities, it's not often much like who they are. The more people I meet, the more that's true. Sometimes, they're worse. -Casey Affleck

The incentive for digging up gossip has become so great that people will break the law for the opportunity to take that picture. Then it crosses the line into invasion of privacy. The thing that's really bad about it, though, is that the tabloids don't tell the truth. -Vince Vaughn

I hate cellphones. They are not for good, they're for evil. They're for gossip. -Jeff Garlin

Watch out for the joy-stealers: gossip, criticism, complaining, faultfinding, and a negative, judgmental attitude. -Joyce Meyer

Many stories are invented about me – too many stories; almost everyone uses me, and I'd say about 0.01 percent of the gossip is true. -Mario Balotelli

I'm kind of a gossip hound, but watching the media whip the small fires into giant forest fires so that they can cover the result is infuriating. -Anne Lamott

I like the way the stories of my relationships sound to music more than the way they look in print, in gossip columns or in me talking about them in interviews. I think it's a better way of telling the stories. -Taylor Swift

My fans don't feel like I hold anything back from them. They know whatever I'm going through now, they'll hear about it on a record someday. They'll hear the real story. There's a little bit of lag time. It's not as instant as going on a gossip blog. But it's much more accurate. -Taylor Swift

The only way I hear gossip is if it's big enough and loud enough for my friends to bring it up to me. Or if it's, like, a big untrue ordeal from my publicist – and she hates making that phone call! -Taylor Swift

I don't gossip about myself. -Kirsten Dunst

No one's personal life is in the public interest. It's gossip, bottom line. End of story. -Kevin Spacey

I get sensationalism, I get gossip, I understand that. If I'm at the dentist, I'll flip through those magazines as well. But it's especially annoying when it's something that is too much. -Kylie Minogue

Britain can sometimes feel like a very small village, and you're this, I dunno, scarlet woman they're all gossiping about. -Sam Taylor-Johnson

I have been hearing gossip and lies since I began working. When I was 17, I used to get very angry because I opened a magazine and I saw myself in a picture on a motorcycle, and the headline was, 'I'm getting married next month.' -Penelope Cruz

People like it when others are gossiping. When you hear a story about someone's demise or some big faux-pas they made, everyone wants to tune into it, because it's nice to know that someone else made a mistake. It makes you feel elevated for a moment. -Madonna Ciccone

If you're a public figure, people have the right to speculate and gossip. -Katrina Kaif

Buy tabloids. Celebrity gossip is engrossing. Celebrity cellulite can make you forget turbulence. -Julia Cameron

Few things parallel the bonding that occurs post-performance when congratulatory remarks are awarded, regrets are confessed, and gossip is exchanged. -Kat Edmonson

I'm so not interested in gossip. It just gives me the creeps. I love the work; I love what I do. If somebody sends me an interview that has any connotation of something that's not interesting or genuine, I'm not interested. I really detach myself from it. -Francisco Costa

People say 'Women's Wear' is a scandalous, gossipy publication. Sure we have gossip; we also have some very, very solid business stories. We are a creation of this business, which is fast, mean, tough, sometimes artistic, sometimes horrible. -John Fairchild

Jack Palance was my distant uncle – that's the family gossip. Growing up, my family knew everything about his face getting burned and scarred in the military and how that mutilation led him to become such a famous 'heavy' in films. I prayed for good scars of my own. Not just acne scars. -Chuck Palahniuk

In Israel, waves of anger and fear circulate all the time, but so do jokes and gossip and silky evening breezes. So, too, in America. -P. J. O'Rourke

'Potato-chip news' is news that's repetitive, requires little effort to absorb, and is consumable in massive quantities: true crime, natural disasters, political punditry, celebrity gossip, sports gossip, or endless photographs of beautiful houses, food, or clothes. -Gretchen Rubin

I read, I gossip, I do crosswords. I think chatting with friends is relaxing. I've picked them up all through my life – if you live long enough, you end up with quite a large circle. -Harriet Walter

There are times when the voice of repining is completely drowned out by various louder voices: the voice of government, the voice of taste, the voice of celebrity, the voice of the real world, the voice of fear and force, the voice of gossip. -Alice Oswald

If you want to know how far gossip travels, do this – take a feather pillow up on a roof, slice it open, and let the feathers fly away on the wind. Then go and find every single feather and re-stuff the pillow. -Rebecca Pidgeon

A 'gossip partner' is someone you love and trust, with whom you may go through the day's events with impunity, and with whom you may air your feelings, without them falling asleep. -Rebecca Pidgeon

I'd rather make all my secrets public than have an image based on gossip. I'd rather put it out there myself and control it. -Eve

The gossip mill on tour is always turning. I have to be a little careful about what I tell guys who I don't consider close friends, because even though they might not spread it to other players, they'll usually tell their wives. And once the wives get it, it's gone. -Boo Weekley

I can be a bit nosey. I like a bit of gossip. -Julia McKenzie

I won't lie – I picked up the occasional gossip magazine in the past because I thought that maybe 5 to 10 percent of it was true. Now I think it's zero percent. -Lindsey Vonn

I don't do gossipy interviews because I don't think that helps; I think that's a distraction. -George Stroumboulopoulos

When I was asked to write an article about what it was like to work with my husband on a TV show, I assumed it was because people thought it would be titillating. He's a creator/writer/producer, I'm an actress; there must be lots of gossip, in-fighting, maybe some crazy-sexy time on the set, right? Actually, it's pretty tame. -Christa Miller

The hometown economic elite – rich local families or individuals whom people used to praise or revile, read about in the society pages, and gossip about incessantly – disappeared from most American cities decades ago. -Timothy Noah

I've never been involved in something where people cared about my personal life and the gossip of it! -Jennifer Damiano

With 950 reporters and 79 bureaus, Bloomberg competes to break news with Dow Jones, Reuters and Bridge News along with newspaper Web sites, dozens of smaller Internet sites, and even gossipy chat rooms. -Alex Berenson

Part of my desire to play music was because I wanted to escape the art world and the politics of it; the petty gossip-y art world. But you know, I feel like they're both equal forms of expression. -Kim Gordon

I was 21 and had been going out with my boyfriend for two years when I found out I was pregnant – despite being told by doctors that I was sterile. Jamie's father and I hadn't discussed marriage, and to me, it wasn't something to be entered into just to stop gossip. -Joanna Lumley

There's a village in my computer – friends, fans, readers, and colleagues. It's a populous, sometimes chaotic little burg always bustling with news, gossip, opinions and potential excitement. -Lisa Unger

People gossip. People are insecure, so they talk about other people so that they won't be talked about. They point out flaws in other people to make them feel good about themselves. I think at any age or any social class, that's present. -Blake Lively

I've never been a big fan of gossip. Being a victim of it, I knew how much it hurt. -Blake Lively

Honestly, I'm not interested in gossip. Thing is, I know a lot of successful actors, and in hoping to be successful myself, I would like to think others would respect my privacy. -Nathan Parsons

We are so caught up in our media, in our jobs, in our gossip, and in our consuming that we genuinely feel like we don't have the time or energy to bother ourselves with the tribulations of nations near and far. -Tinashe

While at a biological disadvantage in competitions, women – who even make trips to restaurant bathrooms in pairs – are at a clear advantage when it comes to grouping together and the activities that accompany it: gossiping, sharing, bonding, assisting, scrapbooking, and building networks. -Sandra Tsing Loh

My history teacher could make us feel like he was imparting rare gossip to us when he was talking about Maria Theresa and the Habsburgs. I just loved that sense of – the Western canon is here, and it's gossipy and tawdry, and everyone is sort of goofy. -Daniel Mallory Ortberg

History is nothing but gossip about the past, with the hope that it might be true. -Gore Vidal

We've all seen the media endlessly focus on the personal lives of celebrities. Most of it is gossip and tabloid fodder. -Alana Stewart

Every day or two, I strolled to the village to hear some of the gossip which is incessantly going on there, circulating either from mouth to mouth, or from newspaper to newspaper, and which, taken in homeopathic doses, was really as refreshing in its way as the rustle of leaves and the peeping of frogs. -Henry David Thoreau

I live in New York, but I still get the village gossip. My apartment is a crash pad for so many Singaporean cousins and friends. -Kevin Kwan

Anthologizing is a dusty sport, half antique hunting and half literary gossip fest, and I love it. -Michael Sims

The laws of literature, like the laws of gossip, usually demand exaggeration, decontextualization, a heightened or minimalized reality, and a lot more shape and order and impact than everyday life. -Michelle Huneven

My aunt Geraldine was the unofficial historian and storyteller. She had all the information about family members and the gossip that came out of the church because we were very much part of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church. At family gatherings, the older folk had the floor, had pride of place, and it was their stories I remember. -John Edgar Wideman

As fandom grew more variegated, genzines reflected a broadening of interests, carrying personal columns of humor and reflection, science articles, amateur fiction, stylish gossip, and inevitably, thoughtful pieces on the future of fandom. -Gregory Benford

I usually stalk fans because I think they're really funny on Twitter. They don't know it, but I'll just go through their timelines, and if something is happening in the media, I always read fan accounts instead of the news because they have all the info and make the funniest jokes about it, so that's how I get my gossip – by stalking fans. -Gigi Hadid

I don't tour the TV studios. I don't gossip over lunch. I don't drink in Parliament's bars. I don't wear my heart on my sleeve. I just get on with the job in front of me. -Theresa May

Everybody told me that Taiwan is a very polite society and that people don't like gossip and scandals here. But they just pretend they don't like it. We have, by far, the biggest newspaper in Taiwan. They just buy it to read it at home. -Jimmy Lai

I think gossip and scandal is something from Western culture that has pervaded the rest of the world. -Jimmy Lai

It's not a bad idea to have gossip and talking points in athletics. -Lynn Davies

Don't get involved in the interoffice politics. On 'Suits,' it can be cheeky and fun to see Rachel and Donna being gossipy, but people get caught up in that. I think in life and in the office, it's best to stay out of the drama. -Meghan Markle

Many of us will be obsessed with one or another kind of secret or revelation, be it gossip about friends or ourselves, a fantasy about spies, or a worry about the most personal information now stored in data banks. But few of us think about secrets in general, or about the moral rights and wrongs of hiding or exposing them. -Ian Hacking

As with any moderately famous person, footballers are the source of much gossip. In fact, I'd go as far as to say they are targeted. The fun part as their partner is not knowing who, or what, to believe. -Zoe Foster Blake

I have become like a rhinoceros – thick-skinned – all the gossip about my numerous affairs does not bother me anymore. -Amy Jackson

I know that gossip comes with a territory. It's a professional hazard, and while initially, I'd get a little riled, I've now learnt to handle it well. And honestly speaking, it's all very good publicity, isn't it? -Mouni Roy

It can be difficult navigating the line between tabloid gossip and authenticity. -Sia

I do feel like the media is one of the biggest problems. If you look at all these rolling news channels, they sensationalize the story, they focus on gossip, and they don't actually tell the full story. -Finn Jones

Beethoven's reputation is based entirely on gossip. The middle Beethoven represents a supreme example of a composer on an ego trip. -Glenn Gould

Fiction is organized gossip. -Catherine Gaskin

I have a professional life, and so does the media. Let's face it: how can they come up with new gossip every day? So, they have to make stuff up about someone's personal life, which is fine. -Disha Patani

I don't attend film parties; I am anti-social. I don't drink, also. Because I don't go out, I don't know what's happening gossip-wise. -Disha Patani

All animals communicate. What's special about gossip is that it's not about the here and now. You don't gossip about lions. You don't gossip about clouds. You only gossip about other people. And once you do, you can keep track of many more people – this is the basis for forming larger communities. -Yuval Noah Harari

Once I will warn you, and then I will fire you! I have a zero-tolerance-plus-one policy for gossip. I will teach you once, and then I will fire your butt. -Dave Ramsey

We all know what it feels like to be an outcast or a loner or to fall between the cracks. To be the target of gossip or people talking about you, or girls are ganging up on you. One minute, they're your best friend; the next, they call you on three-way. -Krysten Ritter

I never look at myself online, and I don't read gossip Web sites. -Jonathan Groff

Some people will always gossip. -Andris Nelsons

I think most people, including me, like to read gossipy things about others: revealing things that I love to read but I don't really want known about me. -Julia Davis

That's one thing brands are understanding is, I'm the blogger who's not writing about fashion. I'm not writing about beauty. I'm not writing about gossip. I'm not writing about politics. I'm writing about all of that. I'm the person they can come to if they just want to reach people who care and have their fingers on pop culture. -Luvvie Ajayi

When you start at Bitly, you go through this emotional cycle, where first you go, 'Oh my God, this data is amazing.' But then you start looking at it, and you conclude that humanity is completely doomed. Because what people read is cats and Bieber and celebrity gossip and that stuff. -Hilary Mason

We have to train our kids better and really enforce in them that no matter what mainstream media and pop culture and all of the terrible things around us say – that it's OK to tear people down, that somehow it will make you feel better, and it's OK to gossip about people – it won't make you feel better. -Barrett Wilbert Weed

The public's appetite for what sensible newspapers call 'personality journalism' and what I call gossip is insatiable. It will never, ever stop growing because everybody dreams. -Robin Leach

For me, the high street is a key part of how we live, what sort of community we are, how we get our news, and how we get our gossip. -Theo Paphitis

Northern New Jersey looks like a cluster of idyllic suburbs, but each of those seemingly normal towns has a dark side that's constantly gossiped about but never publicly acknowledged. They seem to thrive on their strangenesses. -Chris Gethard

I don't want my personal life to become a part of public domain. It is something that is sacred and means a lot to me. I don't want it to become some frivolous gossip column. -Ileana D'Cruz

The truth is that the gossip-hounds in Tinsel Town and the cackling windbags at 'The View' don't want civility. They want catty (or dare I say it gay-ish) gossip and sensational headlines that provide them with an opportunity to hop on the bully pulpit. -Steven Crowder

There is always going to be someone who is not going to be happy with me and talk or gossip about me, no matter what I do. -Kartik Aaryan

Trash my acting and my films. But don't gossip about my personal life. -Nani

I think the most vulgar thing about Hollywood is the way it believes its own gossip. -Ava Gardner

My interest in Princess Margaret comes through Vanessa Kirby's brilliant portrayal of her in 'The Crown.' Rather than do the classic story from beginning to end, this book gives you many different glimpses. You get a much more intimate sense of the person through little incidents, stories, and gossip. -Matthew Bourne

If you have a sleeping disorder, just get TyQuil: Tyron Woodley, the gossip girl. -Colby Covington

I don't want Jeremy Clarkson anywhere near my shed or my toolbox or my piano. He's interested in fashionable restaurants and celebrity gossip – I'm not interested in those. -James May

I've been asked to write a book several times; I've had several publishers come to me and offer me book deals. Especially right after I left Dream Theater and Avenged Sevenfold, there was a lot of drama going on in my life, so the book companies came at me thirsty for blood and gossip. And I turned down all the deals. -Mike Portnoy

I'm not a gossip. The worst thing anyone can say to me is, 'Ooh, I've got some gossip.' I'm like, 'Oh, shut up.' -Jane Fallon

I go to schools in L.A., and I teach lessons. I run with the girls and teach them things about bullying and gossip. For instance, we'd play things like telephone, where you can actually see how words get twisted. -Peyton List

I focus on football. I'm not interested in gossip. -Luis Enrique

My mum, Olwen, was a bright and talkative woman who loved a gossip and a story and was given slightly to malapropisms. And she was Welsh, so, of course, she sang. -David Jason

I'm glamour. I'm vulgarity. I'm scandal. I'm gossip. I'm the future. I'm the counter culture. I'm commercial reality. I'm artistic singularity. -Nicolas Winding Refn

One of the differences between what happens when an author and a gossip columnist sit down to write a book is that the former tends to make every effort at disguising and protecting their sources, while the latter doesn't particularly care. -Ben Domenech

I started doing videos in high school with my friends. I was very popular. I did my own kind of little reality show – mainly, my videos were about beauty and very gossipy in nature. -Gigi Gorgeous

As someone who has never been in a gossip magazine, I do not deserve the contempt of the term 'celebrity.' -Tim Minchin

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