Best Quotes About Geometry

Everything one invents is true, you may be perfectly sure of that. Poetry is as precise as geometry. -Gustave Flaubert

It is hard to convince a high-school student that he will encounter a lot of problems more difficult than those of algebra and geometry. -E. W. Howe

All one's inventions are true, you can be sure of that. Poetry is as exact a science as geometry. -Gustave Flaubert

The human heart likes a little disorder in its geometry. -Louis de Bernieres

Projective geometry is all geometry. -Arthur Cayley

There is still a difference between something and nothing, but it is purely geometrical and there is nothing behind the geometry. -Martin Gardner

The early study of Euclid made me a hater of geometry. -James Joseph Sylvester

Music is the arithmetic of sounds as optics is the geometry of light. -Claude Debussy

In things to be seen at once, much variety makes confusion, another vice of beauty. In things that are not seen at once, and have no respect one to another, great variety is commendable, provided this variety transgress not the rules of optics and geometry. -Christopher Wren

It has adopted the geometry most advantageous to the species or, in other words, the most convenient. -Henri Poincare

Human knowledge is dark and uncertain; philosophy is dark, astrology is dark, and geometry is dark. -John Jewel

I've always been passionate about geometry and the study of three-dimensional forms. -Erno Rubik

In terms of individuals who actually inspired me, very few of the academic people that I had access to had that power over me. Maybe it's simply because I wasn't that committed to geometry. -Twyla Tharp

And since geometry is the right foundation of all painting, I have decided to teach its rudiments and principles to all youngsters eager for art. -Albrecht Durer

A geometry implies the heterogeneity of locus, namely that there is a locus of the Other. Regarding this locus of the Other, of one sex as Other, as absolute Other, what does the most recent development in topology allow us to posit? -Jacques Lacan

I am coming more and more to the conviction that the necessity of our geometry cannot be demonstrated, at least neither by, nor for, the human intellect. -Carl Friedrich Gauss

The ballet makes us look at those bodies, it makes us listen to that music, it makes us wonder at the geometry, of the way they come together. The way that extraordinary space is controlled and given such emotional force. -John Guare

Now being in such grace and favor by reason I learned him some points of geometry and understanding of the art of mathematics with other things, I pleased him so that what I said he would not contrary. -William Adams

Not that the propositions of geometry are only approximately true, but that they remain absolutely true in regard to that Euclidean space which has been so long regarded as being the physical space of our experience. -Arthur Cayley

There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres. -Pythagoras

One geometry cannot be more true than another; it can only be more convenient. Geometry is not true, it is advantageous. -Robert M. Pirsig

Poetry is as precise a thing as geometry. -Gustave Flaubert

Crystals grew inside rock like arithmetic flowers. They lengthened and spread, added plane to plane in an awed and perfect obedience to an absolute geometry that even stones – maybe only the stones – understood. -Annie Dillard

We learned to put discipline in the haircuts by using actual geometry, actual architectural shapes and bone structure. The cut had to be perfect and layered beautifully, so that when a woman shook it, it just fell back in. -Vidal Sassoon

I'd been doing projects outdoors for the public. I made pigeons eat geometry by putting bread out in rhomboids and triangles. I don't know if this activity made sense, but the work was available. -Jenny Holzer

I was very slow in maths, geometry I actually enjoyed. -Liam Neeson

I've got a real sense of three-dimensional geometry. I can look at a flat piece of fabric and know that if I put a slit in it and make some fabric travel around a square, then when you lift it up it will drape in a certain way, and I can feel how that will happen. -Vivienne Westwood

A multitude of bees can tell the time of day, calculate the geometry of the sun's position, argue about the best location for the next swarm. Bees do a lot of close observing of other bees; maybe they know what follows stinging and do it anyway. -Lewis Thomas

I call it sacred geometry. When everything's just right and it feels really balanced, so that when it unfolds to the next part, you feel totally familiar and at ease within the song. -Jason Mraz

People were going to geometry class and I was swimming through vats of chili on 'Even Stevens.' It was like a dream! -Shia LaBeouf

If the chemistry is right between star and photographer and the geometry of the pictures pleases the star, often the two people end up with a long-term professional friendship during which they continue to work together and to produce highly personal images. -Eve Arnold

I got into animals by drawing hair follicles. I liked drawing hair, and from that I got into feathers and fur, then into images of animals. The patterning is the same, but the proportions of the body change from one animal to the next. A lot of it is just geometry and consciousness. -Kiki Smith

You can't criticize geometry. It's never wrong. -Paul Rand

Life isn't about algebra and geometry. Learning by making mistakes and not duplicating them is what life is about. -Lindsay Fox

If you're sitting across the table from someone, the geometry of the situation says 'confrontation.' If you're walking with somebody, you're heading in the same direction, and the spatial dance you're doing is a little more cooperative. -Scott Kim

One of the great sources of employment for people with Ph.D.s in geometry is the animation industry. -Margaret Wertheim

I think the universe is pure geometry – basically, a beautiful shape twisting around and dancing over space-time. -Antony Garrett Lisi

What physics tells us is that everything comes down to geometry and the interactions of elementary particles. And things can happen only if these interactions are perfectly balanced. -Antony Garrett Lisi

The power of mathematics is often to change one thing into another, to change geometry into language. -Marcus du Sautoy

I can't stop biting my nails. It's a bad habit of mine. I like anything to do with math and numbers. I know a lot of people don't like geometry, but for me it's fun. -Khleo

I believe that all centers that appear in space – whether they originate in biology, in physical forces, in pure geometry, in color – are alike simply in that they all animate space. It is this animated space that has its functional effect upon the world, that determines the way things work, that governs the presence of harmony and life. -Christopher Alexander

I got good grades in math, but I never really enjoyed it. My favorite part of math was algebra, but geometry was the worst. -Nathan Kress

One of the great challenges of modern cosmology is to discover what the geometry of the universe really is. -Margaret Geller

The detailed geometry of the coenzyme molecule as a whole is fascinating in its complexity. -Dorothy Hodgkin

While fractal geometry is often used in high-tech science, its patterns are surprisingly common in traditional African designs. -Ron Eglash

Creating a body of mathematics is about intellectual labor, not some kind of transcendental revelation. There are plenty of important components of European fractal geometry that are missing from the African version. -Ron Eglash

Fractal geometry is everywhere, even in lines drawn in the sand. It's the cycle of life… You see fractals in plants, in flowers. Within the human lung are branches within branches. -Ron Eglash

Mathematicians didn't invent infinity until 1877. So they thought it was impossible that Africans could be using fractal geometry. -Ron Eglash

I just toured around looking for fractals, and when I found something that had a scaling geometry, I would ask the folks what was going on – why they had made it that way. -Ron Eglash

Relying on the face might be human nature – even babies prefer to look at attractive people. But, of course, judging someone based on the geometry of his features is, from a moral and legal standpoint, no better than judging him based on the color of his skin. -Paul Bloom

There is no royal road to geometry. -Euclid

There's a theory that says that life is based on a competition and the struggle and the fight for survival, and it's interesting because when you look at the fractal character of evolution, it's totally different. It's based on cooperation among the elements in the geometry and not competition. -Bruce Lipton

Einstein's gravitational theory, which is said to be the greatest single achievement of theoretical physics, resulted in beautiful relations connecting gravitational phenomena with the geometry of space; this was an exciting idea. -Richard P. Feynman

Plane geometry is sort of the key course where you learn about proving things and abstraction. -Sheldon Lee Glashow

The description of right lines and circles, upon which geometry is founded, belongs to mechanics. Geometry does not teach us to draw these lines, but requires them to be drawn. -Isaac Newton

I can teach many sports, but obviously, tennis is the one. When you do other sports, you see things from different perspectives: different footwork drills, body positions, angles and geometry. All that stuff is helpful, and so when I do other sports, I can see things, because once you know one sport, then the other sport becomes more clear. -Martina Navratilova

My family was well off but not rich. I spent the four years I was an undergraduate working on the beach. And it wasn't because I was lazy; it was because my freshman class would go to a hundred different employers and wouldn't get a nibble. That was a disequilibrium system. I realized that the ordinary old-fashioned Euclidean geometry didn't apply. -Paul Samuelson

The citation for the 1971 Nobel Prize in Chemistry reads, 'for contribution to the knowledge of electronic structures and geometry of molecules, especially free radicals,' and therefore implies that the Prize has been awarded for a long series of studies extending practically over my whole scientific life. -Gerhard Herzberg

I remember, at MIT, we had to write an essay about something mathematical that you do in your extra time. I basically wrote about how dance, to me, was geometry: it was all shapes. -Payal Kadakia

I think I still like science and art better, but geometry is a big improvement over algebra. -Laurie Hernandez

Baseball is a game of geometry, while football is a game of explosive emotion. Every emotion known to mankind is in that 60 minutes – pride, pain, dedication, satisfaction, fear. -Keith Jackson

This is the first real evidence that we've seen now of high gravitational field strengths: monstrous things like stars moving at the velocity of light, smashing into each other, and making the geometry of space-time turn into some sort of washing machine. -Rainer Weiss

I've learned that I've just barely scratched the surface of knowledge of the profession, and I have deep envy of and appreciation for filmmakers who really, truly understand the physics, the design of filmmaking. They can do story and color and composition and geometry and math and science all at once. -Julie Plec

A pool at the edge of the ocean is the simplest geometry, yet you feel connected to the sea. In a forest with the mountains in the background, you also feel the connection to nature, yet it's a very complex geometry. I think architecture is about controlling these feelings. -Ma Yansong

One of the weird things about modern physics is that we do find there are apparently these other dimensions that we don't directly experience that explain some aspects of the overall geometry and reality of our universe. -David Grinspoon

The geometry, the content, and the fate of the universe are all intricately linked. If you know two, you can deduce the third. -Priyamvada Natarajan

We already have a pretty good knowledge of the universe's mass-energy content, so if we can get a handle on its geometry, then we will be able to work out exactly what the fate of the universe will be. -Priyamvada Natarajan

I was allergic to school. I was completely befuddled by school. I was trying so hard, but I couldn't succeed. I took geometry for four years, the same course over and over again, and I did not graduate with my senior class. I finally passed geometry after doing summer school, and eventually, I graduated. -Henry Winkler

Golf is basically about geometry and your ability to gauge how things are, the terrain, the distances, and exerting the right amount of swing and force. -Jaggi Vasudev

I love the simplicity of the Cube because it's a very clear geometrical shape, and I love geometry because it's the study of how the whole universe is structured. -Erno Rubik

When I was a young kid at art school, I loved the sensual geometry of Poliakoff, which, of course, is inherent in my own work. -Sean Scully

Some of the most beautiful people, to me, are those with the wrong geometry. Mother Teresa is extremely beautiful and not because she is a saint. Her characteristics are very strange, and that is what generates the power she had. -Sanjay Leela Bhansali

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