Best Quotes About Genealogy

But when you see personal artifacts relating to – by genealogy at least – a living human being, it was just more impressive to me than just about anything I've ever read about slavery before. -Bob Edwards

A friend of ours has a hobby doing genealogy, and we found out that we were cousins in the ninth degree, that we had a common ancestor on the Mayflower. -Marion Zimmer Bradley

I must admit, even though I'm the product of two Jewish parents, I think the Irish temper got in there somewhere, so I'm going to check Mom's genealogy. -Harvey Weinstein

There's a boom in genealogy now. With and other sites digitizing so many of the records, you can now find things in a few minutes that used to take months. -Henry Louis Gates

Words have a genealogy and it's easier to trace the evolution of a single word than the evolution of a language. -Daniel Dennett

A distant cousin sent me some genealogy report on my father's side, and it's sort of what I suspected. Coal miners for generations… four or maybe five generations. -Gina McKee

The genealogy of fictional characters can become an obsession, like train-spotting, and should be firmly resisted. -Tariq Ali

It's impossible for most black Americans to construct full family trees. Official census records, used by so many genealogy enthusiasts to piece together their families' pasts, don't include our non-European ancestors. -Jesmyn Ward

In African-American culture, there's often a family historian, someone who does the genealogy or keeps the family Bible. I became aware that might be one role the poet has. -Kevin Young

One of the things that's interesting about black culture is we don't know about our heritage and about our genealogy because it was taken from us. So all that we have is we're black. That's where we start. -Xavier Woods

My dad, who likes genealogy, knows who was the first guy that came from France in 1655, and the guy settled in Montreal, and Montreal is an island where the city is in Quebec. -Julie Payette

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