Best Quotes About Geek

I think I've been able to fool a lot of people because I know I'm a dork. I'm a geek. -Gwen Stefani

I was a geek in high school. -David Schwimmer

I'm still a geek on the inside, that's the important thing. -Al Yankovic

In grade school, I was a complete geek. You know, there's always the kid who's too short, the kid who wears glasses, the kid who's not athletic. Well, I was all three. -Julianne Moore

I'm not geeky but I have my geeky, corky moments, and then I've got some aspects of cool in me, I guess. -Nick Cannon

What happens to me is that I am first and foremost a film geek. -Guillermo del Toro

I hope we're all kind of influencing each other now to keep the quality up on those things. They seem to be getting better and better and better as there's not only sort of a film geek audience, there's also a general interest in the overall film consuming population. -Jay Roach

I was about sixteen when I discovered that music could get you laid, so I got into music boy, didn't matter what you looked like either, you could be a geeky looking guy but if you played music, whoa, you'd get the girls. -Tommy Chong

I've worked so hard to eliminate the inner geek from my life. I suddenly realize I have no patience for those people who still have their geeks showing. Now I see why being 'normal' has been so important to me. -Kenny Loggins

I am learning to forgive my inner geek, and even value him as a free man. -Kenny Loggins

When I see that my geek may have contained some of the best parts of me, when I love and appreciate him, I set my children free to see themselves as lovable however they are. -Kenny Loggins

I'm a geeky toy collector, and to have toys of your own characters is unbelievably cool. -Craig McCracken

I've never related to the work geek at all-it sounds much more horrible than nerd. Like a freak biting a chicken's head off in a sideshow. -Jonathan Lethem

I'm just a geeky, goofy person. -Austin Peck

Now there is so much expertise and brainpower it's hard to be at the cutting edge of what's cool and not do something that's totally geeky. -Darren Aronofsky

I have ambitions to do a Broadway record one of these days and get in the studio with like, a real orchestra. I'm a big musical theatre geek. -Mandy Moore

I'm not a geek about equipment, I just know what I like. -Adam Jones

I'm an utterly average, total geek. -Julia Roberts

I've dated jerks, so why not geeks? -Kelly LeBrock

I wish everyone was a sci-fi geek because then there would be no violence in the world. There'd be no wars. There'd only be people e-mailing each other. -Claudia Christian

Beware of geeks bearing formulas. -Warren Buffett

What was previously perceived as nerdy is now viewed as original. What I like about nerdiness, geekiness, is it doesn't really matter what you're into – it just means you're not a follower. -Kristen Bell

I was a total education geek. I loved school. I loved learning. I loved doing homework. All of my books and notebooks from high school are underlined and highlighted and there are notes all over the margins. And you know, I was a theater kid too. I was all over the place. -Sophia Bush

Corporate Hollywood thinks I'm a geek to go back and do theater. They don't understand why I don't want to be a movie star, why I'm not pursuing Mel Gibson's roles. -William Petersen

I loved school, I loved putting on my uniform and doing homework every day. I was one of those good students that the teachers liked. I guess that's got to be a pretty nerdy, geeky part of me. -Yvonne Strahovski

I know this sounds strange, but as a kid, I was really shy. Painfully shy. The turning point was freshman year, when I was the biggest geek alive. No one, I mean no one, even talked to me. -Jim Carrey

I'm a geek who loves fashion. There's been a reinvention of the word geek. It means being passionate about anything that's under the radar or sort of frowned upon, like Comic-Con. -Kristen Bell

I have been a goof my whole life. I wasn't really the popular girl in school and didn't have any boyfriends in high school because I was a nerd. I was a geek. -Malin Akerman

I felt like the big geek in high school. And I still feel like a big geek. -Leslie Bibb

I'm such a geek, I know all about mythology and I don't know Marc Jacobs. -Amber Benson

Yeah, I'm a geek. I read sci-fi and I watch sci-fi films. I love my computer and I love to fix it. I'm a total nerd. I literally am a 12-year-old geeky boy trapped in a 32-year-old woman's body. -Amber Benson

A lot of girls think they have to choose between being the smart geeky type or the beautiful bimbo. -Danica McKellar

I'm not going chic, I swear. The geek endures. But, I mean, a snazzy cool suit looks good. -Jon Heder

Eventually, the nerds and the geeks will have their day. -Judd Apatow

I look like a geeky hacker, but I don't know anything about computers. -Justin Long

I was definitely a choir and theater geek. -Michelle Branch

I think I've always just been kinda geeky and got to play some mildly appealing roles. -Seth Green

What do I geek out about? What am I? Hmmm. I love movies. I watch movies. I like big, sweeping epics, like Ed Zwick stuff: 'The Last Samurai,' 'Legends of the Fall,' 'Blood Diamond,' 'Glory.' -Chris Evans

I wasn't really geeky. In terms of the high school hierarchy, I was very much in the middle ground. You have the really popular guys, you have the nerdy guys, and then you have the people who really don't care – and that was me. I wasn't really picked on or anything like that. -Callan McAuliffe

The word 'geek' today does not mean what it used to mean. A geek isn't the skinny kid with a pocket protector and acne. There can be computer geeks, video game geeks, car geeks, military geeks, and sports geeks. Being a geek just means that you're passionate about something. -Olivia Munn

I've done a lot of geeky things in my life, but I think the geekiest of all was my first effort to build props and cosplay, when I was about twelve years-old. -Wil Wheaton

I've got to be the geekiest guy in the world in a lot of ways. I'm like a zeta male. -Paul Giamatti

I was pretty much a homebody; didn't really go to school dances, never went to a prom. I was a bit of a loner, a geek. -Michael Rosenbaum

I'm a geek. -Steven Moffat

I hope I won't become hated by geeks everywhere, but I don't really know comic books all that well. -Steven Moffat

A geek isn't the skinny kid with a pocket protector and acne. There can be computer geeks, video game geeks, car geeks, military geeks, and sports geeks. Being a geek just means that you're passionate about something. -Olivia Munn

Probably the geekiest attribute that I have of them all is that I've always had a hard time meeting friends. Like no matter where I grew up and I moved around, I always had a hard time. -Olivia Munn

I had the standard movie geek childhood, because for as long as I can remember, all I wanted to do was make movies. -Paul Thomas Anderson

The main difference between liberals and conservatives is that conservatives are honest about it. We're kind of dorks about it. We are kind of like Dungeons and Dragons geeks. -Jonah Goldberg

I got picked on a lot. I was a complete geek in school. I had braces. I didn't have the hot girlfriend. I wasn't ever sought after. I was a stocky, awkward kid who got laughed off the tennis court when I tried that. -Josh Brolin

I am much more of a geek than I am an athlete. -Curt Schilling

I fly my geek flag proudly. Absolutely. -LeVar Burton

I'm not a 'Star Wars' geek. -Danny Boyle

If your culture doesn't like geeks, you are in real trouble. -Bill Gates

I'm a geek. -Bill Gates

There tends to be a lot of autism around the tech centers… when you concentrate the geeks, you're concentrating the autism genetics. -Temple Grandin

I'm such a geek. -Jessica Chastain

I would always have been the geek who's your friend. I will never be the dark guy with a sensitive side, as much as I yearn to be. -Jon Cryer

I grew up loving TV so much. It was such an integral part of my youth, and I was completely an Emmy geek. -Jon Cryer

I'm such a theater geek. -Kiernan Shipka

I think there are rock stars within every subgenre, and for people who are obsessed with musical theater Sutton Foster and Audra MacDonald are like Beyonce to them. I'm sure the a cappella world has their own version of that, and that exists in every geeky subculture. -Anna Kendrick

I stole comic books from my brother when I was a kid, but I was never like an avid fan. I can't claim to be like a comic book geek. -Anna Kendrick

I'm a tech geek. -Henry Louis Gates

I'm a geek to the bone. -Jeff Dunham

To be honest, I wasn't a sci-fi geek at all. But I do love a good sci-fi film, especially one that can really take you away. And I read some reality-bending novels growing up, like stuff by Vonngeut, so I already had one part my brain open to the unnatural and unusual, and it's generally fun to venture into that world and film in it. -Olivia Thirlby

I'm a tech geek. Whenever I read about something new, I think to myself, How can I take this and make it black? -Henry Louis Gates

Being a geek is all about learning the inventories of things. -Adam Savage

I just love music gear, I'm a total geek all around. -Hunter Hayes

I can't live without my smartphone, but I really geek on coding. It's not so much technology that I like, but puzzle solving. -Sylvia Day

When I sat down to write I just felt like a geek writing about myself. And then it dawned on me, just because of the way I am, I can't stop talking, and part of the problem is that anything that gets said reminds me of something that happened to me one time, and invariably I cut people off and talk about myself. -Paula Poundstone

I think it goes without saying that a lot of big horror fans are just nerds and geeks. -Kirk Hammett

A lot of the main characters in horror movies are outsiders as well, so that outsider syndrome reverberates within horror fans and geeky collectors. It's kind of a rallying call that brings fans and collectors together who are a little socially retarded, maybe. -Kirk Hammett

I started really young, like 12 or 13, and then I started doing school plays. We had a really good drama department, so the kind of drama-geek stigma wasn't really there in my high school. -Matt Damon

A geek is a guy who has everything going for him but he's just too young. He's got the software but he doesn't have the hardware yet. -John Hughes

I didn't have a whole lot of success getting dates, I was always a bit of a geek. -Jim Davis

I was such a geek in school. -Katherine Jenkins

I was a big sci-fi fantasy geek when I was younger… secretly, in my room. -Christina Ricci

I don't know anyone who was never a geek, really, when they look at their own lives. I think that from the outside looking in, you think that you weren't necessarily a tragic geek, but yes, you did lean in that direction. -Jennifer Garner

I'm quite comfortable with being a geek. I've been a geek since high school. -James Marsters

In Europe they call geeks 'smart people,' and frankly I think we live in a culture that doesn't value intelligence enough; so I am very proud in saying that I am a geek. -James Marsters

I think there's been a major shift in grass roots media because of the Internet and because the geeks and nerds rule the world. They are in control in so many ways. -Erin Gray

I'm a geeky actor, in the way that I like the craft of acting. -Alan Tudyk

The ultimate art form of fashion is couture. I completely geek out when it comes to couture. It shows fashion as it used to be. I don't know how many people can actually afford the clothes, but in a way, that's beside the point. -Diane Kruger

I think everyone's a geek in some way. -Dominic Monaghan

The term 'geek' for me is like you having a passion, interest in something that is unabashed and you don't care if people think it's not cool. You think it's cool and that's your thing. -Dominic Monaghan

When I was a kid, it was a huge insult to be a geek. Now it's a point of pride in a weird way. -J. J. Abrams

I'm such a geek, and have always been a real nerd. -Aisha Tyler

I was this weird misfit guy from suburban Seattle, I never really fit in, and then I became a drama geek, among all the other different kinds of geek that I was growing up, and I found I was pretty good at it. -Rainn Wilson

I'd totally be attracted to a geek girl! -Robert Carlyle

I'm totally a geek. -Zachary Levi

I made my drama teacher cry. I only took drama to get out of writing papers in English and the teacher was this thespian Broadway geek and here I was this Italian guy from Staten Island and I would put her in tears. -Vinny Guadagnino

I want to tell any young girl out there who's a geek, I was a really serious geek in high school. It works out. Study harder. -Sheryl Sandberg

Being a sci-fi geek myself and going to movies all my life, I came to the conclusion that there were really two camps of how robots have been designed. It's either the tin man, which is a human with metal skin, or it's an R2D2. -Andrew Stanton

I'm a bit of a tech geek myself. -William Landay

Anyways, I am a nerd, bookworm, geek… whatever you want to call me. I'm the type of person that would rather sit down and read a good book than go out and party. -Jacqueline Emerson

In fact, I'm a geek. -Kelli Garner

I'm a comedy geek so anything comedy related, whether that's standup shows, improv shows, I'm all over that. That's my favorite way to be entertained always. -Rashida Jones

My idol growing up was Charlie Chaplin. I was obsessed with him. I mean, while other kids were watching Jim Carrey and the likes in the '90s, I was watching Charlie Chaplin films, because I was a bit of a geek. I became obsessed with this idea of physical comedy. -Josh Gad

Girls in scripts are often pretty but brainless, or geeky and no one likes them, so it's great to find richer roles. Chalk and cheese aspects of people are very interesting to play. -Jessica Brown Findlay

I can be a bit of a science geek. I tend more towards reading about brain science, neuroscience. -William Mapother

I was a huge fantasy geek growing up. I was the dungeon master in my D&D game. -David Benioff

I grew up sort of a geeky, tall kid, and I think I was always the one trying to make my friends laugh. -Sutton Foster

I really hope that we'll have a sustainable future on this planet, I really do. So I probably geek out mostly about learning more about how potentially we can hopefully make that happen, hopefully we're not too far lost. -Ellen Page

I'm not really into the rock n' roll lifestyle; I'm a music geek! -Michael Kiwanuka

I'm a science fiction and fantasy geek. -China Mieville

A lot of geeks are pale, bespectacled, wear dark clothing and don't get out much – the stereotype exists because it is very often true. I could pass for a non-geek but it would be inaccurate. -China Mieville

Geeks run the world. Condoleezza Rice is a geek, Bill Gates is clearly a geek, many of the big filmmakers and writers are geeks, lots of military people are geeks. Anyone who has heard Donald Rumsfeld talk about military hardware knows they are in the presence of a geek. -China Mieville

I'm more of the sneaker-wearing, computer geek type. -Jared Polis

I was always a sci-fi and fantasy geek. I was in the 'Lord of the Rings' club and all my cool friends made fun of me. -Melissa de la Cruz

I mean, like, I can go in a room and say, look, 'Watchmen' should be at least 15 minutes longer than 'Batman.' I mean, that's, like, any geek will tell you that. -Zack Snyder

I was super brainy and a proper geek at school, but there would always be a boy. But that sort of obsession did turn me into a songwriter. My writing has always come from that feeling of infatuation. -Ellie Goulding

I was the kid who was too geeky for the other kids. -Patrick Rothfuss

When the tech geeks talk, I pay close attention. -Gary Vaynerchuk

Don't know if I'm a nerd – I'm more of a geek. -Oren Peli

What's great about the geek spirit is that life never seems to stop us, and they never seem to kill our enthusiasm, our optimism and our hunger to experience the world. We keep our sense of humor, we protect our dignity, we talk to our friends about the experience and then we start again fresh the very next day. -Paul Feig

I've never been comfortable around groups of guys when it gets into the putting-down. My past being a kind of geek – it kind of turns into an attack on the weakest of the group. -Paul Feig

I'm a pretty feminized geek, you know? I have that point of view, I grew up around a lot of girls, so I'm pretty sensitive to that. But I don't dare say 'I know how women think.' -Paul Feig

I was a huge theater geek growing up, and that was not the easiest thing in the world, especially growing up in Chicago, where sports are really the norm. I was always off to the theater at night, from 7 years old on. Friends there in the Midwest who could talk to you about the idiosyncrasies of 'Pippin' were few and far between. -Johnny Galecki

I'm the biggest geek of all. Adventure, fantasy, comic books – I can't get enough. -Nathan Fillion

I've got a full plate, yes I do. That iPod, that's nice. A phone recorder? Nicely done. All right I'm a bit of a tech geek. I have a subscription to Popular Science and I keep up on all this stuff. -Nathan Fillion

I think a lot of people are frightened of technology and frightened of change, and the way to deal with something you're frightened of is to make fun of it. That's why science fiction fans are dismissed as geeks and nerds. -Iain Banks

I'm hardly the sexiest man in the world. I'm a bit of a geek. -Jamie Campbell Bower

I'd love to pop back into 'Being Human' as Adam. I love the character so much. I've never really played a character like that. I'm always playing the geek, so to play a kid who is very energetic when he wants to be, and who is always trying to get the girls, was really cool. -Craig Roberts

I just got an iPhone, which is cool, but I don't download movies, I don't watch Hulu, I don't have Netflix. I don't do any of that. But I do geek out to music. -Miles Teller

HubSpot has used the lean startup method to build a spectacularly successful company. What I particularly love about HubSpot is that they are so geeked out on data analysis and making evidence-based decisions, which are at the heart of the Lean Startup process. -Eric Ries

I can't imagine anybody who ends up being an artist who didn't pass through a time of geekiness. -Junot Diaz

I was, as a kid, really obsessed with reading… that was about as geeky as you could possibly get. -Junot Diaz

Look at comic books. It used to be something that only geeks were into. And now it's everywhere. -Eli Roth

I was always the kid at the side of the playground, looking at the other kids. I didn't know how to get into the group. I was quiet and bookish, a bit of a geek. I was into orienteering when my friends were out clubbing. -Richard Coyle

I would definitely line up for 'The Lord of the Rings.' I'm a huge 'Lord of the Rings' geek. -Kunal Nayyar

I wouldn't wear turtlenecks. That I'm not envious of. But who knows? I might sneak out a few things and hope and pray that no one says, 'Hey, didn't you wear that when you were playing an enormous geek on TV?' -Simon Helberg

Being a geek is a great thing. I think we're all geeks. Being a geek means you're passionate about something and that defines your uniqueness. I would rather be passionate about something than be apathetic about everything. -Masi Oka

I've always been sort of a closet sci-fi geek. -Rachel Cohn

Am I the only person in the world who is shocked and amazed at the ongoing flattery of uebergeek Mark Zuckerberg? -Tom Hodgkinson

To me, NASA is kind of the magical kingdom. I was sort of a geek, and you go there, and there are just these wondrously strange things and people. -Mary Roach

I've always been a geek and slightly awkward… slightly umm… I was never the cool kid at school. -David Tennant

Actors geek out over athletes. Everyone knows that. -James Roday

I think I'm probably quite geeky in a lot of ways. I'm pretty into books, kind of obsessive about that. -Alice Eve

I was really just a hard-core geek, if you will, in 1996, and was building websites as a hobby. I started doing a lot of web design and development and built my first website on the now-defunct GeoCities platform. -Matt Mickiewicz

I think it is a shock to people to find out that MC Hammer is a super geek. -MC Hammer

Although I loved working on technology – I've always been a computer geek at heart – my professors encouraged me to get a real-world job working with customers. -Marc Benioff

I don't want to be seen as this math-rock geek. -Marnie Stern

Everyone's a geek in some way or other. Everyone's an outsider. -Jesse Eisenberg

I got beat up by the comic-book kids when I was younger! They were cooler than me. Talk about levels of geekdom, I was a couple rungs below the kids who read comic books. Yeah. Not so cool, man. -James Badge Dale

A lot of comic conventions go way beyond comic books and include other parts of pop culture, like celebrities and science fiction and movies and books. So I go to them either as a celebrity, or as a fan, because I'm a big sci-fi geek. -Jane Wiedlin

I'm a rock star among geeks, wonks, and nerds. -Nouriel Roubini

I'm a nerdy, geeky fan of' Labyrinth' and 'Dark Crystal'. -Neil Patrick Harris

We thought that the Internet was going to connect us all together. As a young geek in rural Maine, I got excited about the Internet because it seemed that I could be connected to the world. What it's looking like increasingly is that the Web is connecting us back to ourselves. -Eli Pariser

I'm a science fiction geek from birth – that's just who I am. -Joss Whedon

My background really comes from geekdom and the idea of building a smart machine. If we're going to build a smart machine, let's have it read good books. -Brewster Kahle

My friends are all geeks. And many of them are scientists who love playing outside as much as I do. -Antony Garrett Lisi

A lot of the geeks in Silicon Valley will tell you they no longer believe in the ability of policymakers in Washington to accomplish anything. They don't understand why people end up in politics; they would do much more good for the world if they worked at Google or Facebook. -Evgeny Morozov

I feel like I was hit by all of geek culture at once while I was growing up in the '70s and '80s. Saturday morning cartoons like 'Star Blazers' and 'Robotech.' Live action Japanese shows like 'Ultraman' and 'The Space Giants.' -Ernest Cline

In high school, I was sort of friends with the geeks and friends with the socials and everything else and not solidly in one camp. I've always lived on the borders. -Jennifer Pahlka

I love my sci-fi. I love my fantasy. Yeah! I can say it. I'm a geek. I'm a geek and I'm a proud geek! -Erica Cerra

The substance of what it means to be a geek is essentially someone who's brave enough to love something against judgment. The heart of being a geek is a little bit of rejection. -Felicia Day

At no point am I ever threatened by people who question who I am, or why I like the things I do, or my legitimacy. Because I know who I am very strongly, and I think that's what geek culture can reinforce. -Felicia Day

I was a huge fan of video games; I wanted to write something, and I saw the tools at my fingertips to upload a video to my audience, and that's why I'm here today. I think that freedom and the lack of gatekeepers, combined with people's passion, is what really the true spirit of Internet geekdom is about. -Felicia Day

I'm super excited about gaming always. That's the thing that I geek out over; those are the vlogs that I'm surfing if I'm not already playing a game at night. -Felicia Day

I think the whole definition of a geek is somebody being passionate and focused, and being proud of saying that they're passionate and focused, on a narrow range of subjects. -Felicia Day

I'm a quiet person's nightmare – the only time I shut up is when I'm reading, because I'm a book geek. -Jodie Whittaker

I am a geek dad, believe me. I've got my iPad with me; I've got my iPhone 4; I've got my Xbox. I love technology and I want to feel like I'm living in the future, and these devices help me feel that way. -Dee Bradley Baker

When I was a kid and we first moved to the states I used to watch 'Batman' all the time – with Adam West. I finally got to work with him years ago, and I totally geeked out. -Diedrich Bader

That's what I love about geeks, that they can call themselves a geek and be proud of it. I love that. I even have a necklace with the word 'geek' spelled out in rhinestones, and I'm very proud, myself. -Doug Jones

I am a big, big geek at heart and a Sci-fi fan. And I love the Comic-Cons. -Paula Garces

I'm really proud of being part of that whole geek/chic, girl nerds, glasses are sexy and all of that because I think it's true. In America, I don't know about in other places, but there is this mythology about the way a woman is supposed to be and look and act and that's what makes them sexy. And I love being the alternative to that. -Kirsten Vangsness

I didn't set out to be a villain in film. I'm a character actor, and if my first movie was a comedy, I could have played a geek just as well. -William Zabka

I span the entire geek spectrum. -Joe Abercrombie

Yep, I'm a geek. Ever since I got the Millennium Falcon for Christmas in 1978. And I still have it, in perfect condition, just without the box… but I still play with it! -Joseph Gatt

When I first met my girlfriend, Mercy Malick, she asked me if there was anything I should tell her that could put her off me if she found out later. So I told her that I was a total 'Star Wars' geek and had boxes of 'Star Wars' toys in storage. -Joseph Gatt

Spiderman was my favorite comic book character growing up. I'm a geek, so I love the fact Peter Parker is into science. And I gravitate towards short guys. I'm 5' 9" now, but in junior high, I got picked on because I was 4' 8". -Josh Keaton

I destroyed all my geek stuff because I didn't want to be a geek, and I regret it to this day. Consumed in the geek bonfire of the vanities was a collection of autographs and letters from Peter Cushing, Spike Milligan and Frankie Howerd, the first Doctor Whos, actual astronauts, and many more. -Peter Capaldi

I'm pretty good for an old geek. -Peter Capaldi

My best friend, Wil Wheaton, identifies himself as a geek. -Chris Hardwick

I'm a nerd. Total geek. I never went to homecoming or prom or anything. -Hunter Hayes

I am a geek in terms of, I love 'Close Encounters' and I love 'Star Wars,' but other things… 'Doctor Who,' I don't really care about at all, I couldn't give a fig about it. -Nick Frost

When I was a kid, I was a bit of a space geek. I loved the space program and all things NASA. I would read books about our solar system; I had pictures of the Space Shuttle on my bedroom wall. And yes, I even went to Space Camp. -Simon Sinek

I love 'Battlestar Galactica;' I was a geeky kid. I was into Dungeons and Dragons. I had the 24-sided dice. -Jesse Spencer

I'm not of a science background, I was never a comic book geek, and I was never a gamer. -Niall Matter

I'm not cool – quite the opposite. I'm a real geek. -Rachel Miner

I am a huge theatre geek. -Sarah Rafferty

I was always interested in the arts as a child – drawing, painting, and piano – but acting became a favourite. I was a major theatre geek in high school – if I wasn't in the drama room at lunch rehearsing, I'd be in the art room finishing up some type of project. -Laura Mennell

I love doing research. I'm a film-school geek. -Brian K. Vaughan

I was bullied. I was a bit of a geek. Good-looking guys were off-limits. I didn't start dating until I was 18. -Michelle Ryan

I have a big following among the biogeeks of this world. Nobody ever puts them in books. -Margaret Atwood

It sounds so geeky, but I really do like studying and reading, and if I'm not working on 'Harry Potter,' then my greatest relaxation is to sit with a book. -Emma Watson

A lot of nerds aren't aware they're nerds. A geek has thrown his hands up to the universe and gone, 'I speak Klingon – who am I fooling? You win! I'm just gonna openly like what I like.' Geeks tend to be a little happier with themselves. -Patton Oswalt

I'm a huge geek, so I love 'Stargate' and 'Firefly.' -Cassie Steele

I am a total geek. I'm not even a closet comic book geek. I am the comic book geek. -Matthew Settle

When Wikipedia first started, the only people interacting on the Internet were hard core geeks. Now everyone is there, and they're attracted to the easy, free ways to interact. -Sue Gardner

The hunger for knowing is what excites me. I get to geek out about editing, be on set, give notes to writers – I love it all. -Sue Naegle

It feels wistful to imagine a time when people didn't go about their daily routine with the assumption that at any moment another massive media technology will be dumped on us by some geek in California. -Douglas Coupland

I'm kind of a tech geek. With the camera work, I chose to shoot super 16, which has a real tactile feel. I feel it's as authentic as possible; I love the way the grain feels. -Ryan Coogler

Part of doing Linux was that I had to communicate a lot more instead of just being a geek in front of a computer. -Linus Torvalds

No-one has ever called me a cool dude. I'm somewhere between geek and normal. -Linus Torvalds

Most frontmen are not born hams like David Lee Roth. We're more like Joey Ramone: awkward geeks who somehow find our place in the world on the stage. -Chris Cornell

Rush Limbaugh is a lame professional swine, and he makes a good living at it. He is like a hired geek in some traveling backwoods carnival – the freaks who bite the heads off chickens – but Limbaugh is a modernized geek who thinks he can bite the heads off of people. -Hunter S. Thompson

I grew up reading comic books, pulp books, mystery and science fiction and fantasy. I'm a geek; I make no pretensions otherwise. It's the stuff that I love writing about. I like creating worlds. -David S. Goyer

I want to hear from the creature who isn't blessed with unbelievable good looks and incredible genes. I want to hear from the geek girl, the forgotten girl, the invisible girl and the miserable girl. -Shirley Manson

I'm a total hip-hop geek. That's my favorite kind of music to listen to while getting ready. -Zoey Deutch

I wouldn't call myself a geek, but I do sometimes teach Mommy and Daddy stuff about computers. And I do watch TV, but only informative programmes like the news and documentaries. -Adora Svitak

I'm a little bit of a geek – I have to be the first person to get new things when they come out. I always want to buy and try new gadgets. -Tom Felton

I love working for a company full of geeks. -John Lasseter

People – especially the geeks who created it – have tended to look at the Internet as something that's hermetically sealed: there's the Internet and the rest of the world. But that's not how people want to use the Internet. They want to use it as a way of better navigating the real world. -Alex Steffen

My friend once sculpted me a bust of Admiral Ackbar from 'Star Wars.' He's my favourite character in the films after Han Solo. He's that goldfish-type alien in the white costume. 'It's a trap!' I'm a big geek. -Katie McGrath

I'm a huge sci-fi geek, and I also really get into all of the alien shows on the History Channel where you see air force pilots talking about UFOs – I love that stuff. -Matt Lanter

I was president of the show choir, I was kind of a geek, whatever. -Christine Woods

I used to play chess when I was a kid and participate in national-level tournaments with the geekiest guys. This one time, I was losing terribly, so I batted my eyelashes and flirted as I asked for a draw. My dad just couldn't believe it. He thought, 'What have I created, a floozy?' But it worked! -Jordana Spiro

I was a musical theatre geek in high school and college. -Toks Olagundoye

When I was little, people like Talking Heads were on the radio. There was something geeky yet groundbreaking about them. -Bat for Lashes

I don't sweat the Internet. You know, it's still something I enjoy as a movie geek myself to get on and, like, look at all the websites; however, when it comes to marketing a movie, the Internet is still not the thing that gets people to the theatre. -Michael De Luca

I think there's a tendency to think geeks and nerds are just sweet guys that were picked on, but that hasn't been my experience. I'm certainly not like that, in a lot of ways. -Adam McKay

My wife is pretty geeky and will occasionally quote 'Anchorman' at me. -Adam McKay

When I was a kid, I really liked playing chess, which is pretty geeky; I just enjoyed it – thinking, exercising my mind. And I found computers to be like an eight-hour day chess game. -Michael Birch

My adolescence was a kind of motorway pile-up. I wish I had known that one day the geek would inherit the Earth. -Peter Capaldi

Yes, I was a big math and computer geek, that's true. I was driven by the scholastic side of things. For me, it was all about what I could do with math and computers. -Brian Acton

I like to believe that science is becoming mainstream. It should have never been something that sort of geeky people do and no one else thinks about. Whether or not, it will always be what geeky people do. It should, as a minimum, be what everybody thinks about because science is all around us. -Neil deGrasse Tyson

Every day, I wake up and I say, 'Why… how… did I end up with 1.7 million Twitter followers?' It's freaky to me, every day, but that tells me that there's an appetite out there that had previously been underserved. There's an inner geek in us all, an inner bit of curiosity that people are discovering, and they like it. -Neil deGrasse Tyson

Technology is a nerdy field. That's why I called myself a 'geek.' It requires a lot of training and encouragement at a very young age. -Weili Dai

I always felt that sci-fi and fantasy were my thing. Bit of a geek, I'm afraid. But I like creating worlds, and I felt it was a genre that gave me more freedom. It just seemed like I belonged there. -Samantha Shannon

I grew up loving monsters. I'm just a total monster geek. When I was a kid, I had the Aurora monster models, and I would make them. I loved the Universal horror movies and the Hammer movies. I just had an affinity for them. -John Logan

When I think about dropping team sports and picking up surfing and also then geeking out radio control planes and gadgetry and all that stuff I love, that's what really now has led me in big part to GoPro. -Nick Woodman

My background is in tech. I studied computer science, and was working on TechTV, so the first thing I wanted to do was see my favorite motherboard stories hit the front page; you know, like, really geeky stuff. -Kevin Rose

Twitter's been interesting. I'm kind of a tech geek, but I've never been a Facebook or Twitter guy. Surprisingly, I've really enjoyed Twitter because I get to connect with fans. -Reid Scott

I still have my old Nintendo 64 that works. And I hook it up, and I still play the original 'Goldeneye.' I'm that geek. I have an 'NBA Jam' arcade machine in my office at 'SNL.' -Taran Killam

When I was little, I guess I was just an ordinary kid. But then things changed when I was in junior high. You know, kids that become geeks become one because of something. Like, they aren't good at sports, or girls don't like them. I, too, for some reason, got into things like science fiction and, well, especially science fiction as an escape. -Takashi Murakami

I was a slightly geeky kid. -Joe Mansueto

I love music, and I love drumlines. I like school bands a lot. There's nothing wrong with cheerleading, but I'd rather be a band geek. It's a little more interesting. -Jurnee Smollett-Bell

You go through those awkward, dorky, geeky stages, and growing up in the industry amplifies all that. Fortunately, I have a mother who encouraged me to build my confidence from within and embrace my imperfections. -Jurnee Smollett-Bell

My older sister has all her degrees in theater, and I couldn't stand the theater geeks! -Diane Neal

I am the kind of guy who has never taken myself too seriously. I mean, I am very serious about what I do; I'm very serious about the creative process and everything, but at the end of the day, I am just another lucky geek who got to live out a dream, you know? -Corey Taylor

I'm such a horror geek, comic geek and action figure geek. I'm inspired by so much – from Hunter S. Thompson and Quentin Tarantino to 'The Dark Knight' and 'Halloween'. Just show me something that doesn't suck, and I'm happy. -Corey Taylor

I'm a geek – I read fantasy novels, I play 'World of Warcraft,' I'm a massive gamer, I have 'Star Trek' outfits. -Robert Kazinsky

I'm a massive science fiction and fantasy geek. -Robert Kazinsky

I am preppy, geek-chic with a touch of Bozo the Clown with a touch of 'Showgirls.' Sometimes, I look at myself and think I should put on a red nose, white face and maybe entertain some kids. -Brad Goreski

I'm pretty much a documents reporter. I'm a public records geek. -Bill Dedman

Being a sci-fi geek, it was just lovely to be on a show where I pretend I'm in outer space. That's always been my dream: to pretend to be out in space or actually be out in space. -Ming-Na Wen

I was a total sci-fi geek. 'Star Wars' was my ultimate favorite. -Ming-Na Wen

I always have two pairs of glasses: geeky black Warby Parker frames and Wayfarer Ray Bans. Those are key! -Christa Miller

Activists and geeks, standing together, are demonstrating powers beyond the reach of government control. -Barton Gellman

I'm geeky about video games. I don't stay inside a lot and just play them 24/7, but if I had the chance, I probably would. -Kodi Smit-McPhee

With 'Grimm,' it's a lot of fun for me to be able to play within the familiar world of fairy tales. As for satisfying my inner fantasy geek, anything that would have me wielding a sword or shooting a bow would be a dream. -Sasha Roiz

This sounds geeky, but when I run, I like to listen to musicals like 'Les Miserables.' The soundtracks are 75 minutes or longer, and I keep going until the story ends, so it feels like a good workout. -Lindy Booth

I was such a nerd, a complete geek, but then I was lucky enough to have a fancy career, where I can be like 'See, I'm not a nerd. Look, I'm in 'Vogue.' -Brooke Shields

I was scouted at the age of 10 by a Hollywood agent. I was a really shy, geeky-looking thing, and started in the industry by doing 'extra' work on films. -Austin Butler

Even though I knew my way around Facebook, Twitter terrified me. RT? OH? Hootsuite? Huh? My Twitter-savvy friends attempted to explain what a hashtag was, but, still mystified, I signed up for an online Twitter 101 class. Yes. I'm geeky like that. -Sarah Mlynowski

I'm just glad I've had these opportunities to be geeks in some really awesome movies. -Christopher Mintz-Plasse

I'm not gonna lie: I was not a big 'Star Wars' geek. -Anthony Hemingway

I was very driven in high school. I worked a bunch of odd jobs. I never partied. I never drank. I was just a theater geek who was obsessed with movies. -Aaron Paul

In grade school, I was a complete geek. You know, there's always the kid who's too short, the one who wears glasses, the kid who's not athletic. Well, I was all three. -Julianne Moore

One reason I relate to 'Veronica Mars' fans is because I can totally geek out about shows. I mean, I write Vince Gilligan fan mail every year. -Rob Thomas

The whole world of 'Game of Thrones' was realized with such detail, with directors and writers who really geeked out and really loved all the little bits of it. -Harry Lloyd

Imagine if these computer geeks who are running baseball now were allowed to run a war? They'd be telling our soldiers: 'That's enough. You've fired too many bullets from your rifle this week!' -Tom Seaver

My high school experience was kind of like 'Mean Girls.' It was very much like a bad B movie. 'This is where the jocks sit, and this is where the cheerleaders sit.' And I never really fit in. I guess I was sort of a theatre geek, but the activity that I was most invested in was speech and debate. -Andie MacDowell

I think we all feel geeky at times, don't we? Isn't that all a part of the wonderful tapestry of life? -Kate Bush

The spy genre is something which, as a fan of movies, a movie geek myself, I just love that cinematic joy that they bring. -Pierce Brosnan

When I showed up at UH, my hair was past my waist. I had a goatee. I wasn't a theater geek; I wasn't an actor. But Cecil Pickett molded me and taught me. -Brett Cullen

I am a geek nerd who happened to have a temporary period of jockiness. -Cory Booker

I was a theater geek, and I was a surly cheerleader, and that's really kind of a contradiction. -Natalie Zea

I've got two cows licks; when I was a kid, all the boys in school used to have curtains, and my hair never used to do that, ever! I always used to try, and I always looked like the geek. -Luke Evans

This is going to sound really sad, but I didn't really have any heartthrobs when I was growing up. I was a bit of a geek. -Gugu Mbatha-Raw

I am so excited about the 'Goosebumps' movie; I am geeking out. I was a huge fan of the books. -Jillian Bell

I was a total theater geek in high school, no question. I was cast in 'Godspell' freshman year – with Vanessa Williams, by the way. She and I are still friends. We went to high school together. -Dan Bucatinsky

With superheroes and comics and fantasy and sci-fi being absolutely the popular currency in cinema, it's like people have said in endless magazines, it's the revenge of the geeks and all that. There's some truth in that. -Martin Freeman

I'm geek royalty now. -Martin Freeman

I know: I am a freakish geek. Or is that a geekish freak? -Kara Swisher

My father was a ham radio geek, and I remember the glow of the vacuum tubes from a Hammarlund receiver that became a hand-me-down to me. -Bre Pettis

The geeks shall inherit the earth – I've always said that. -Cindy Morgan

I'm a self-confessed geek, and my whole concept of music at first was entirely electronic. In many ways, it turned out to be an advantage. I was so green, so utterly naive about the nature of classical music, that I did things that made me look totally, deliberately unorthodox. -Eric Whitacre

I've always been a bit of a space geek. I wrote an article years ago about the neutral buoyancy tank, which is this biblically sized pool where they train astronauts. And it was just the coolest thing. -Mary Roach

I think a pixie cut is so cute. I just think that everyone that has one is the most courageous person. It's so daring to do that! I get geeked out by people when they do that. They're awesome. Would I do it? Maybe. -Blake Lively

I read the Steve Jobs book, and that kind of changed everything. I've been, like, an Apple geek my whole life and have always seen him as a hero. But reading the book, and learning about how he built the company, and maintaining that corporate culture and all that, I think that influenced me a lot. -G-Eazy

I've always been a DVD geek and, before that, a laser disc fanatic, too. -Peyton Reed

I always loved Batman, the Michael Keaton 'Batman.' I loved those films, and Superman, but I was never a real comic book geek. -Matt Ryan

I'm such a geek now with princesses. It's pathetic. -Lily James

I've watched 'Doctor Who' since I was a kid. I loved it, and I still love it. I can geek out about it, like when I go to set and see the TARDIS. -Richard Madden

I'm a geek through and through. My last job at Microsoft was leading much of the search engine relevance work on Bing. There we got to play with huge amounts of data, with neural networks and other AI techniques, with massive server farms. -Ramez Naam

I watched westerns when I was a kid, like everybody else, but I wasn't a total nerd or geek about it. I kind of fell in love with westerns heavily when I started watching Sergio Leone's westerns. -Mads Mikkelsen

In 2012, the city of Austin erected an eight-foot-tall bronze statue of Willie Nelson in the heart of the business district. Schoolchildren, churchgoers, tourists, slackers, conventioneers, tech geeks – everybody, it seems – now congregate around this ponytailed shrine to outlaw country. -Douglas Brinkley

By the time I was 10, I was doing plays for Phoenix theater. My first lead role was as the Stinky Cheese Man. I got a taste of the limelight, and I just couldn't stop. It was a way for me to be the artistic, geeky kid that I was, and not get beat up. -Alexandra Shipp

I sat at the popular table, but I always felt really geeky. -Mackenzie Davis

I subscribe to the online Urban Dictionary's definition of nerd: 'one whose IQ exceeds his weight'. I'm also keen on the same Urban Dictionary's definition of geek: 'the person you pick on in high school and wind up working for as an adult'. I happily proclaim myself a book nerd/reading geek and proud of it. -Malorie Blackman

I am a proud flag-flying geek at heart and definitely a Trekkie/Trekker! -Teresa Medeiros

Even the geekiest of guys could get the girl if he read every romance novel that came out in any given month. -Teresa Medeiros

What do I geek out over? I mean, totally, I geek out over Hanson. Duh. -Nikki Reed

I'm a Nintendo geek, so I'm a pretty big Nintendo fan. -Warren Spector

If we're going to reach a broader audience, we have to stop thinking about that audience strictly in terms of teenage boys or even teenage girls. We need to think about things that are relevant to normal humans and not just the geeks we used to be. -Warren Spector

I'm a wall to wall geek. I love sci fi; I've had a crush on Spider-Man since I was five years old, and there's an uncomfortably large shelf in my living room just for my comics. -Katie Findlay

I grade my stocks. I'm what they call a quant, one of the geeks of the stock market. -Louis Navellier

I think it was always okay to be a geek. -Robin Hobb

Turing was always a legend among computer/geeky kids. He was such an outsider in his own time, and because of that, he was able to see things differently. It was a story that had been well told in books, onstage and on TV, but never on film. -Graham Moore

The perception in Silicon Valley is that if you dress well, you couldn't possibly be smart, or you're in P.R. but couldn't possibly run a company. I remember briefly attempting the Adidas and jeans and sweatshirt over T-shirt look, but I realized I was trying to dress like a young tech geek, and that just wasn't me. -Leila Janah

When I first encountered the 'Sigma Force' novels – long before I became friends with Jim Rollins – a bookseller told me that these stories were about 'geeks with guns.' While not entirely accurate, that's pretty close to the mark, and that really speaks to me. -Jonathan Maberry

It used to be, on TV, you'd see only two types of Asians. You'd see the science geek who's using his mobile phone or something like that, or you'd see a very token Asian family – yuppie mother and father and two little Asian kids. It's the last barrier for Hollywood. -Kevin Kwan

Living in the West, you see how there's only two versions of how Asian men are supposed to be. Either they're very nice, yuppie husbands with children in ads, or they're IT geeks. -Kevin Kwan

I've always been a geek, so I've always used the Internet, perhaps at first for autopromotion, as many authors do. -Tatiana de Rosnay

I feel it's important for the geeks to have a voice. 'Dope' is going to give a lot of people a new perspective. -Shameik Moore

Numeracy isn't a sign of geekiness, but a basic requirement for intelligent discussions of public policy. -Nicholas Kristof

I was really quite geeky at school. At one point, I wanted to be prime minister or a mathematician. -Bel Powley

I was quite academic, quite geeky when I was a kid. I was more interested in going to school than I was in becoming a film star or something. -Bel Powley

I was a good student – a geek, really – editor of the school paper, thought I was going to go to university. -Birgitte Hjort Sorensen

America is full of geeks – and that's a really good thing. -Todd Park

The Obama Administration cares deeply about innovation and about helping to make sure that geeks across the country, those coming up with new discoveries and exciting inventions – and creating jobs along the way – have the freedom and security to keep innovating. -Todd Park

I think what initially attracts many kids to trains are the 'cool' things: strength, size, agency, speed. But trains also operate within a world of systems, schedules, codes, and fine distinctions. Enter the geeks. What I personally love most about trains is that they are transporting, that they take us places – literally and otherwise. -Brian Floca

I didn't read much SF as a kid – I was a total Tolkien geek – but I started reading Samuel Delany and Angela Carter and Ursula LeGuin in high school, and I was definitely taken with the notion that here was a literature that could explore various notions of gender identity and how it affects the culture at large. -Elizabeth Hand

I think we all have different moods – a nerd one day and cool the next. I think everyone has an inner geek, and I know I definitely do. -Kaley Cuoco

I'm a geek. I love SF and fantasy. I listen to metal. I follow the Oakland Raiders and the Orlando Magic. -John Joseph Adams

I am pretty geeky, yes. I like odd sub-culture activities, I am often socially inept, I wore glasses in high school. But I am a modern geek. -Josh Zuckerman

I feel like nowadays everybody I know has a smidge of geek in them. In other words, they have some odd niche or some obsessive tendencies. -Josh Zuckerman

I was the nerd. Because I was reading. I wasn't into sports. I was really into art. Very geekish about comics. Assumed gay. -Marlon James

Being a Muslim in America, I've noticed that there's a ton of crossover between the Muslim community and geekdom. -G. Willow Wilson

I really like baking, and I really like playing video games. I saw a few geeky baking blogs but I never saw a show on television or on the Internet like that. So I thought, 'Why not be the first to try it out?' And it went really well. -Rosanna Pansino

I grew up a geek. I added comedy to it midway through high school. -Jordan Klepper

I didn't set out to be at the top of technology companies. I'm just geeky and shy, and I like to code. -Marissa Mayer

I'm a geek. -Marissa Mayer

My older brother Billy was really into video games, and of course I followed suit. I was such a dork – I was so geeky! -Ciara Renee

I had so much fun in early days learning about networking, security, scalability and other geeky stuff. -Jan Koum

Yeah, the majority of Brit+Co users are women, but DIY? You see kids DIY, adult men geeking out hardcore with anything related to woodworking and all these cool new technologies, metalwork, leatherworking, concrete making. Everyone has a passion. I truly believe it's in our DNA literally to build things. -Brit Morin

I was kind of a nerdy, geeky type. And I loved math. People teased me about it. I felt pretty much like an outcast. -Jennifer Doudna

When I was growing up, golf was the geeky sport. No one really wanted to be associated with it. -Graham DeLaet

I'm not the geek in the family: I'm the organizer. But what I do know is that we have a very terrific team of consultants, former federal cybersecurity experts who are working with us to make sure we have a very safe system. -Donna Brazile

Floating Points plays a lot of music that I don't know, and I like geeking out and trying to find out what the tracks are. His knowledge of house music is pretty deep, and his selection is just amazing. And I think it's a pleasure to listen to his music because it's so perfectly produced. -Jamie xx

'Star Trek' fans totally accepted my sexual orientation. There are a great number of LGBT people across 'Star Trek' fandom. The show always appealed to people that were different – the geeks and the nerds, and the people who felt they were not quite a part of society, sometimes because they may have been gay or lesbian. -George Takei

A lot of people don't believe I was a soldier. They look at my luscious hair and wacky bow-tie collection and immediately put me down as some kind of supernatural geek. -Rhys Darby

I'm from New Orleans, and we have a Mardi Gras group called the Chewbacchus. It's celebrating all things geeky: science fiction, fantasy, 'Star Wars,' 'Doctor Who,' 'Men in Black,' 'Ghostbusters,' everything. -Claudia Gray

We went from a world where almost nobody knew anything about computers to a world where almost all of us are computer geeks for a huge fraction of our day. And I'd like to see that happen with the digital world of biological molecules, too. -George M. Church

I always have said from the beginning of my career that I was going for the 'Geek Trifecta' because I'm such a total geek. I want to be in everything that has to do with the things that I enjoyed when I was a kid, which was 'Battlestar Galactica,' and being in 'Big Bang Theory,' and being in video games. -Katee Sackhoff

I would love to be an historian. I'm a bit of a history geek and love books and programmes on the subject. -Greg Rutherford

For me, growing up in Los Angeles in the '90s, Huell Howser was the most consistently watchable entertainer on TV. I was more of a radio geek as a teenager, but Huell I watched whenever I got the chance. A lot of us did. -James Adomian

I have always enjoyed vampire stuff without ever having been a full vampire geek. I suppose I love the idea of blood thirst because it can say so much about us, not simply about addiction but about all those desires that can tear a family apart. -Matt Haig

I'm a geek when it comes to my voice. I know if it hurts, something's wrong. You shouldn't feel it! It's very important to look after your voice. -Cynthia Erivo

I was crazy into performing when I was younger. I was obsessed with the craft of acting, and theatre, and stage. You know the term 'theatre geek?' I am the extreme theatre geek. -Vincent Rodriguez III

I dressed as the Riddler once, when I was little too heavy to do. I would wear tights. My brother was in a hair metal band, and he had Riddler tights made. My brother's a geek, but he was in a heavy metal band, so I'm a chubby fifteen-year-old, and I borrow his Riddler tights and wear them to school with the package. That wasn't a good idea. -Christopher McCulloch

Only a geek would say this, but my first true love was a game called 'Wizardry'; that was the game that hooked me forever. -Curt Schilling

I was a little geeky kid anyway. If I wasn't shooting little stop-animation films, then I was playing computer games or Dungeons & Dragons. -Duncan Jones

I'm a bit of a geek, actually. So I always wanted my first film to be science fiction. -Duncan Jones

For publicity purposes, everything gets simplified, and the fact that I wear glasses and am somewhat bookish makes me a geek. That's fine; there needs to be a shorthand, but there are important geek traits that I don't really share. -Louis Theroux

I'm a closet geek. -Matthew Vaughn

I'm a card-carrying nerd, a gamer, and sci-fi geek. -Marcus Sakey

I'm a science guy. I'm a geek. I love geology and botany and marine science. I thought maybe I'd be a professional guide, or maybe even a park ranger, working for the Department of Fish and Game. -Paul Walker

My own personal geek culture years were when I was much younger. I collected comic books up until a certain age. I wanted to be a comic book artist when I was younger. -Greg Mottola

I'm a real geek and fan when it comes to 'Transformers.' I remember being at my first rehearsal for this film, and I looked over and saw the tractor trailer. I was thinking to myself, 'Oh, my. That's Optimus Prime.' -Kelsey Grammer

As a geek, I take umbrage at the notion that chips are not sexy. But yes, robots, drones, satellites and self-driving cars are the kinds of things that excite me. -Steve Jurvetson

I was always really geeky about design and buildings. Always into architecture as a kid. -Aldis Hodge

Man, it's hard to beat having gotten to play Superman. But where do you go from there? Aren't careers supposed to culminate in a role like that? And because I'm a big fat geek, as long as there's stuff I'm excited about – and isn't that really the definition of geek? – there'll always be roles I'd love to play. -Yuri Lowenthal

I listen to a lot of jazz. I'm a big Sinatra geek. I love Chet Baker. -Eddie Marsan

This is how much of a music geek I am: if I have a day with nothing to do, one of my favourite things is to just sit at my computer and make playlists of pretty much anything. -Rebecca Hall

On my record cover, you can barely see my face. I still think I look really geeky. -Jeff Buckley

You can't geek out with a lot of people about Linda Manz. -Ryan Gosling

From their breakout 2002 single, 'Losing My Edge,' LCD Soundsystem have offered a unique combination of geek knowledge, passion and intelligent, ironic distance. -Katie Kitamura

The idea of fighting your new girlfriend's ex-lovers, 'Street Fighter' style, is the ultimate geek wish-fulfilment. -Edgar Wright

I am the biggest geek and fan of film and TV, and I just go through phases. -Dacre Montgomery

That's the thing with all of us music geeks – music is the soundtrack to the things that happen in our lives, and there's music that's unique to that movie. -Mike D

When you think of technological revolution, you probably think of geeks in cool coastal spaces like the Google campus, or perhaps of math wizards on Wall Street. But one source of rural prosperity is the adoption of radical new technologies – and a consequent surge in productivity. -Chrystia Freeland

'Game of Thrones,' people say that it's a fantasy series, but it's a hell of a lot more than that. It attracts the so-called geeks and nerds, and God bless them, they're wonderful for getting right into the show. But primarily it's about family; it's power and betrayal and jealousy. It's all those wonderful things that a fantastic drama is about. -Liam Cunningham

Most people would put me firmly in the nerd/geek category. It wouldn't be a change from where I've been put my whole life, but my place now has standing. Nerds are inexorably cool again. -Kyle Hill

I am a massive film geek, and I love movies. -James Arthur

I was a tax attorney for something like seven years, so I was a tax geek. I was really into it. Tax is one of those things that people think is incredibly boring, but like any science about systems, once you get into it it, becomes incredibly intricate and interesting. -Ken Liu

I was lucky enough to have parents with a huge film library. My mum is a huge Bollywood film geek. When we were kids, we would watch Indian films with her as well as Chinese and Japanese films. My father was more into the classics, American films, and also Hitchcock films. -Jacky Ido

I'm a geek. A techie geek. -Travis Kalanick

That is who my people are – the oddballs, the rebels, and the geeks. That's what I am, so it's what I naturally feel connected to. -James Gunn

I'm a bit of a geek, and I really like 'Buffy.' -Jordan Gavaris

Being somebody who's like a theater geek that I am, I can just go right back to Aeschylus and Euripides and Sophocles: they were writing about gods and goddesses versus humans, and how gods could distort, pervert, or help people get what they want. -Holly Hunter

School was horrific for me, constantly an outcast for being a geek. -Jameela Jamil

I was a science fiction geek. That lets you know that they come in all sizes and styles, right? -Mae Jemison

We have to change the way people look at scientists. Today, they are the nerds, the geeks. Instead, we want some of the cool kids to say, 'Hey, this is all right.' -Mae Jemison

I'm such a theater geek. Most of my friends are in this community, and it's really important for me to keep doing it. It takes the ego out of acting, whereas movies tend to involve it. -Ari Graynor

From the outside, there's a perception Silicon Valley is full of really young, geeky guys. The reality is there are lots of different types of people there. -Ben Silbermann

There were a lot of misperceptions that Sci Fi was for men: that it was for young men, and that it was for geeky young men. We had to broaden the channel to change the misconceptions of the genre. -Bonnie Hammer

Pundits are no better at forecasting election outcomes than they would be at predicting the final path of a hurricane. Smart pundits should consider either abandoning this activity or consulting with the geeks before rendering their guesses. -Richard Thaler

Growing up, I didn't have many comics, but I grew to love these characters through their film and television universes. I've been geeking out about these superheroes ever since I could tie a towel around my neck like a cape and jump off my grandmother's porch. -Ray Fisher

I'm a musical geek. It's like there's this big, wild universe in my head, and I love to express it. -Labrinth

I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to music. I like studio gear. I'm always looking it up on eBay and seeing what I can afford. -Eliot Sumner

Someone who I would describe as a 'geek' or 'nerd' is a person who loves something to its greatest extent and then looks for other people who love it the same way so they can celebrate loving it together. -Wil Wheaton

I went to anything that was on at the Lyceum in Edinburgh. I was quite geeky. There was a production of 'Look Back in Anger' with David Tennant and Kelly Reilly in it, and it blew me away. I still think about it and look back on it as the moment where I decided, 'I want to do that.' -Chloe Pirrie

I'm kind of a geek when it comes to talking about chord structures or melody, so I always loved in-depth conversations with musicians about things. I also enjoy when a fan can just put something on, and they really know nothing about music other than they like it and it touches them in some way. -M. Shadows

Man, Amy Ryan. I have geeked out so hard for her – to her face! There aren't a lot of people that can cross those lines of drama and comedy so seamlessly as Amy Ryan. -Abbi Jacobson

I wasn't a comic book geek as a kid. I read some, but it was just like, 'Oh, I have this comic book here.' It wasn't like I was collecting them. -Chadwick Boseman

The black geeks of the world, we feel like we don't have a home. -Dawn Richard

I am a geek, and proud of it. -Naomi Alderman

Yes! I am big comic book geek. I can't live without them. -Stefan Kapicic

I was a geek and had long hair. Life changed when I joined engineering in Manipal. I joined a group of 7 friends. From then, my journey was simply beautiful, and I cherish it to this date. -Rajeev Suri

No longer is a geek identifiable by a pale complexion, black-rimmed glasses, a bowling shirt that says 'Nerd World Order.' No, geeks are everywhere. And they're cool! -Faith Salie

I'm a bit of a geek: I just love being able to play with dials and buttons. -Shura

We were film geeks. We devoured everything: really obscure art films, foreign films. We were the kind of guys that lived at the Cinematheque. But at the end of the day, your favorite movies are like everybody else's favorite movies. Because those are the movies that become a touch point where you can connect to other people. -Anthony Russo

As the coding movement continues to grow, the common narrative of the white male geek as the predominant influencer on geek culture will erode. -Kimberly Bryant

Technology is a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives, and the accompanying geeky lexicon has infiltrated every facet of our modern day society. -Kimberly Bryant

The images you see in media are vital to impacting not just what the world sees in terms of who can be a computer scientist, who can be techie, who can be a geek or who can be a creator; it also impacts the girls and what they internalize. -Kimberly Bryant

I am a lifelong Moebius geek. The European approach is perfect, the art is beautiful, and the storytelling is fantastic. -Rob Liefeld

Endnotes, often confused with footnotes that live at the bottom of a page, is that lump of text at the end of the book, sometimes even relegated to a tiny font size. They're often forgotten but, in nonfiction, particularly history books, can offer a fascinating footprint into the author's research, a joyful, geeky abyss. -Mary Pilon

I'm a geek! I'm a fan girl; I'm very proud of that. Get me near Orlando Jones, it will not be pretty. -Laeta Kalogridis

In no way am I a spiritual person. I'm not some guru geek. -Linda Perry

For millennials, being a geek is a positive thing, and we see people proudly self-identifying themselves as geeks. -Alan Schaaf

I think it's interesting to know that being a geek isn't the negative thing that it used to be. -Alan Schaaf

In many ways, products are a reflection of their founders, and I consider myself a geek. But aside from that, Imgur just organically evolved into the epicenter of geek culture. -Alan Schaaf

I do consider myself a film geek. I love television and film. -Scott Foley

I was just this little theater geek. I joined the drama program my freshman year. I read the morning announcements my sophomore year. I didn't have to eat in the cafeteria with everyone else because my drama teacher was cool. Everybody knew who I was, and that's all I ever wanted as a theater kid. -Ashleigh Murray

I'm a science geek. I even have a T-shirt with a glow-in-the-dark chart of the periodic elements. -Peter Krause

When I was younger and really interested in acting, I would look at all the women on TV, and even the ones who were supposed to be 'geeks' or 'less attractive,' they all looked similar because they were extremely attractive and their bodies were all a certain way. -Barbie Ferreira

We need the best and the brightest thinkers, strategists, coders, surveillance experts, tech geeks, and disruptors to utilize all of the tools we have available to us to build the world that we want to see. A world where black lives matter. A world where all lives matter. -Alicia Garza

As a kid, I became a total SF geek. It started in the 5th grade with Asimov's 'Lucky Starr' series of what would now be called 'young adult' novels of adventures in the solar system. -David Grinspoon

I was a science fiction geek from an early age, enthralled by the questions of life in the universe. As I got older, I learned that space exploration was real. I wanted to get involved in that. I knew I wanted to be a scientist. -David Grinspoon

I didn't make a lot of friends in high school. It's a cruel time, and I was very geeky. -Fei-Fei Li

I love Silicon Valley, but there is a dominant voice of, 'Tech is cool. Tech is geeky. Tech is a guy with a hoodie.' -Fei-Fei Li

I'm a big Bob Dylan fan. I'm also a blues geek. -Johnny Flynn

I am a geek. I am an otaku. -Masi Oka

My background isn't in social software; it's in online community, social networks, personal publishing, blogging, self-expression on the Web. I got on the Internet in the 1980s, and the magic moment for me arose from my being a literature geek, especially Dante and Shakespeare. -Caterina Fake

Radio was always a fun, geeky thing to be a fan of – the history of radio, where it is, and where it's going – but it was really also a pretty easy job. -Elvis Duran

I'm a real musician's musician: I get really geeky on chords and arrangements. -Natalie Prass

Apparently, Agent Coulson is a representative or an avatar of all the geeks. And there is so much love for Coulson and fan art of Coulson. -Clark Gregg

I am a quiet person's nightmare. The only time I shut up is when I'm reading, because I'm a book geek. -Jodie Whittaker

I grew up really being a comic book geek, and that was a really big part of my childhood. -Rob Van Dam

I remember the first album I really completely geeked out over was The Shins' 'Wincing The Night Away.' That album was everything to me. -Clairo

I'm a big fan of technology; I've been a geek since 1986… and I was spending all my paper money on gadgets. -Rza

I'm such a music geek, a music freak. I wake up in the morning, I press play. -Jean-Marc Vallee

I grew up in this house of intellectuals, and for me, it wasn't, like, a negative thing. And what I've discovered is, for a lot of people, it is. But I think knowing history, liking to talk about ideas – like, I just genuinely like to geek out and go on these intellectual thought journeys. -Sasha Velour

I'm kind of a goony guy, a dweeb or a geek. -Rick Nielsen

I just love the geeky comedy boys! Those are the guys I go for. -Janet Varney

Being a guy who was a geek with tape machines in the early days and really interested in how records get made, I was inspired in particular by how the Beatles were innovating when they were making those records late in their career while using the studio in a maximal way. -Lee Ranaldo

There's a really geeky YouTube channel which I love. It's a guy called Oliver Harper. He makes documentaries about films. He's a real movie buff – there's loads of trivia and detail. -Kayvan Novak

Hip hop fans are obsessed, and they're geeks about hip hop. Comic book fans are also geeks, and when you can meld the two, then you open the world up to, I think, communities that will just take to each other. -Cheo Hodari Coker

Black women are the most passionate commentators, and even as black female geeks and nerds, they are rarely acknowledged. -Cheo Hodari Coker

From my personal experience, because I'm in a relationship, on paper I would never have imagined – I'm an Essex girl, maths geek who likes football, and I've ended up with a Russian ballroom dancer, and I guess the things you think are important, especially when you're younger, turn out not to be. -Rachel Riley

I never thought I could be an actor, as I was always a studious geek and was always interested in mathematics. -Taapsee Pannu

I'm a fanboy and a geek. -Brian Tee

This has become a bugbear of mine: the difference between geek and nerd. -Alice Eve

I'm a hard-core geek. -Jennifer Yuh Nelson

I am a geek. I am always in books. -Raashi Khanna

This idea of the geek or the nerd, all that person really is – and I would consider myself one – is someone who is not ashamed of liking what they enjoy. -Andrew W.K.

When I started this character, it was me being 12 years old again. We would have other wrestlers come to our promos, and I'd geek out over them and show my excitement. I would just grab them and not let go. -Bayley

At home, my parents were quite old, so the surrounding was of elder people. There was no noise. Reading books was encouraged; TV was not encouraged, so I was the geeky, studious type of girl. -Kalki Koechlin

As a teenager, I was very awkward in my skin. I was never in the cool gang. I had braces and was quite the geek as well as a tomboy. -Kalki Koechlin

My earliest memory is being in a snow hole, aged two-and-a-half, with my dad somewhere up a mountain in a blizzard. I don't know what my dad saw in me – I was a geeky kid – but he had that philosophy: prepare the kid for the road, not the road for the kid. -Tommy Caldwell

I am an absolute geek, without doubt. -Luke Goss

I just think, you know what, some of the most astute fans I know are film geeks, film lovers, and watchers, and I am now proud to be one of them. So I am, hopefully, going to be accepted into the club of geek! -Luke Goss

I kind of say I am a stylish geek, to make myself feel better, but I am definitely a geek. -Luke Goss

I want a part playing a really ugly geek, with no make-up and my hair all tied back, so I could just be a character without worrying how I look. -Emily Atack

I'm like a geek that grew up playing with Star Wars toys and creating action sequences, essentially, with toys. -Simon Kinberg

I got into film school thinking I was going to make features, like every other film geek. -Hiro Murai

I'm a geek, man. -Flying Lotus

Anything that I love, I love to the extreme. I'm obsessive. If it's 'Star Wars,' if it's 'Transformers,' if it's the Flyers, I geek out. -Adam F. Goldberg

In high school, I was so obsessed with the movie that I started an actual 'Highlander' club with my two best friends, Mike Levy and David Sirota. What began as a few geeks hitting each other with swords we made in woodshop soon became a school-wide game with 20 people playing. It became so disruptive that the administration had to shut it down. -Adam F. Goldberg

If I sound like a technology geek, that's probably because I am. But I also love running good businesses. -Lisa Su

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