Best Quotes About Gang

The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office. -Dwight D. Eisenhower

The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang. -Mary Kay Ash

Each party steals so many articles of faith from the other, and the candidates spend so much time making each other's speeches, that by the time election day is past there is nothing much to do save turn the sitting rascals out and let a new gang in. -H. L. Mencken

Like art and politics, gangsterism is a very important avenue of assimilation into society. -E. L. Doctorow

The great nations have always acted like gangsters, and the small nations like prostitutes. -Stanley Kubrick

I decided that if the police couldn't catch the gangsters, I'd create a fellow who could. -Chester Gould

A team is where a boy can prove his courage on his own. A gang is where a coward goes to hide. -Mickey Mantle

Terrorism, ladies and gentlemen, in my eyes I have a very, very, very simple explanation. Gangs of criminals, killers, used unfortunately by certain governments in the past for political purposes, who are on their own now as gangs. -Hamid Karzai

Americans accept that gangsters are running the government. -Tim Robbins

People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it's safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs. -Alexei Sayle

I'd love to play a gangster but I think people might say I looked a bit too young and cheeky to play a character who'd just blown someones head off! -Dominic Monaghan

At school, I always wanted to belong to a gang, and no one would have me. So I'd have make my own gang, but with everybody else's leftovers. -Kristin Scott Thomas

Wherever there are rock 'n' rollers, we'll play. That's what we've been doing for more than 30 years – rock 'n' roll. It's made me everything from an honorary mayor to honorary member of a motorcycle gang. -Ronnie Hawkins

We had an apartment on west side of Central Park. The rent was very reasonable. We found out later that it belonged to a gangster called Legs Diamond and it was a front to his headquarters. It was fine. -James Stewart

I've written a book on gangs, taught a course on gangs at Occidental. -Tom Hayden

The peace and justice movement has to expand and not run away from the plight of gang members. -Tom Hayden

Already this war on gangs in California is taking money from universities to build prisons, and the universities have some clout. -Tom Hayden

I had seen so many injustices done in the court by well-meaning people. I had lost fourteen clients to gang violence in only seven years. I was angry at a system I thought had failed my clients, and I was part of it. -Richard Helms

I was a gang leader. Although, it was a gang for defensive purposes. It was not a gang to sell drugs. -Jack Bowman

I believe that I understand gangs better than others. Because they're formed out of necessity. They're formed by people to keep from being suppressed. -Jack Bowman

My parents were laborers so we lived on South Park, which was a low-income region of Seattle. You had a choice – you either joined or formed a gang or you let others bully you. -Jack Bowman

It is important that gang members are aware that if they engage in aggravated assault, maiming, kidnapping, or manslaughter that they will receiving a minimum sentence of 30 years. -Albert Wynn

And what is needed to prevent them from joining gangs was ample recreation for boys as well as girls, jobs and internships for training and money, and assistance to allow their families to live in decent homes. -Bobby Scott

I sometimes read in a gossip column that I was at a party when I was in Europe at the time. It sometimes feels I've got a Doppelganger somewhere. -Candace Bushnell

There is a strange kind of human being in whom there is an eternal struggle between body and soul, animal and god, for dominance. In all great men this mixture is striking, and in none more so than in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. -Alfred Einstein

How did we suddenly become entranced with gangster culture? I saw it this morning on campus. When did the black community say we should all look like criminals? -Tim Reid

I was such a dork. I was too big. I was really gangly. -Kristen Johnston

I had friends at school, but I was never part of a gang and I dreamed of that sense of belonging to a group. You know, where people would call me 'Em' and shout across the bar, 'Em, what are you drinking?' after the show. -Emily Mortimer

At home it's all Batman and Star Wars and they do gang up on me. Sometimes I don't want to dress up as Darth Vader or play train sets, so I'll go out for a drink with the girls. -Sadie Frost

Westerns was why I got into the business. I grew up on a small farm in California and all I ever wanted to do was to play gangsters and cowboys in movies. -Brion James

God almighty made women and the Rockefeller gang of thieves made the ladies. -Mary Harris Jones

We need to send a clear message to gang members that violent crime will not be tolerated. -Tim Bishop

We need to get serious about combating gang violence on Long Island, and the entire nation. -Tim Bishop

I'm not different for the sake of being different, only for the desperate sake of being myself. I can't join your gang: you'd think I was a phony and I'd know it. -Vivian Stanshall

From a parent's right to know what their children are doing, to protecting citizens across the country from the growing threat of gang violence, the House Democrat leadership is simply out to lunch. -Virginia Foxx

To me, the 90's signaled the end of glam rock, the beginning of gangsta rap, and hopefully the beginning and end of boy bands. -Shane West

George Raft may or may not have gone both ways, but he was very sensitive to what they said about him, and it was one factor why he decided to play all those gangsters in the movies. -Cesar Romero

We did not get any money from the early records. It was all taken by crooked managers. It is just a gangster's paradise. -Robert Wyatt

There are two types of Chinese growing up in America. One is the kind that does really well in school, with thick, thick glasses. And the other is involved with the gangs. -Donnie Yen

I don't think any gay dude is gangsta, period. -Method Man

How many gangsters you know, from Al Capone up to John Gotti, been gay? -Method Man

Me, myself, I was a part of gang bangin', you know what I'm sayin'? -Tone Loc

My strangest media moment a photo session they all had dressed up like 50 gangsters. That was pretty cool. We have to get some more of those kind of photos sometimes. -Kerry King

I have consciously not taken the role of a gangster, which has been offered to me far too many times. -Stanley Tucci

West Side Story was terribly important because of the style of the dancing and the gangs of New York. -Vincente Minnelli

Every city in the world always has a gang, a street gang, or the so-called outcasts. -Jimi Hendrix

Also, I preached to gangs on the streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx – and miracles began to happen. -David Wilkerson

We got into all the trouble you could ever imagine. We figured that if the Jones boys and all the gangsters ran Chicago, we had our own territory now. All the stores, all the crime, we were in charge of everything, my stepbrother and my brother. -Quincy Jones

We were in the heart of the ghetto in Chicago during the Depression, and every block – it was probably the biggest black ghetto in America – every block also is the spawning ground practically for every gangster, black and white, in America too. -Quincy Jones

But I was also a brat. I used to belong to a gang that went looking for fights with other gangs. -Thomas Keneally

Shootouts are not gunfights of honor, they're gang wars and racial riots. -Jessica Savitch

Yeah, you know, you like it to come on like gangbusters, but you get into passages that are very interesting and subtle, and sometimes your original intent changes quite a bit. -Roy Lichtenstein

It is inconceivable that even the gang who runs Russia would be willing to take on war, but one always has to remember that there seemed to be no reason in 1939 for Hitler to start war, and yet he did, and he started it with a world practically unprepared. -James Forrestal

However, don't let these statistics mislead you, gang violence is not limited to California and or big urban areas – that might have been true a while ago but it is no longer the case today. -Bob Filner

Unfortunately, my district like many others across the country has a problem with gangs, which is why I introduced this amendment. -Bob Filner

Three thousand jurisdictions across the U.S. are estimated to have had gang activity in 2001. In 2002, 32% of cities with a population of 25 to 50 thousand reported a gang-related homicide. -Bob Filner

I thought Nixon was getting ganged up on, but when I heard the tapes, I was shocked and terribly saddened. -Walter Annenberg

It works in the comic book, but as the audiences have gotten older and more sophisticated, I think the stories need to grow up with them. This is a story about a couple of rival gangs and what goes wrong in a couple of days. -Todd McFarlane

I definitely would like to do something serious. Not like a love story, but serious like maybe a gangster or a mobster. A gang or a mob movie would be great. -Jason Mewes

But, Eminem… No, I've loved rap for a long time, especially when it got out of its first period and became this gangsta rap, ya know this heavy rap thing? That's when I started to fall in love with it. I loved the lyrics. I loved the beat. -Alan Vega

We are so lucky Americans are impressive with what they're willing to give. We get bashed too much. And, so many young people in this country give so much. They're not all gang bangers. -Jami Gertz

Liquor prohibition led to the rise of organized crime in America, and drug prohibition has led to the rise of the gang problems we have now. -Drew Carey

In fact, street gangs are the primary distributor of illegal drugs in the United States. -Dave Reichert

I met the Colonel when Elvis was recording some song I'd written for one of his movies. Elvis was just having fun with the gang and all the Memphis boys and Colonel Parker was sitting over here in like a theater seat. -Mac Davis

Where I come from, a lot of people didn't have money, but they didn't have gangs or drugs either. -Kristin Davis

The border between the Real and the Unreal is not fixed, but just marks the last place where rival gangs of shamans fought each other to a standstill. -Robert Anton Wilson

I'm not gangly; I'm very coordinated. I do have a bit of a baby face. But I guess that just means I'll be working longer. -Tim Robbins

The Italian gangster thing has become a form of the modern-day Western. -Armand Assante

I would suggest that teachers show their students concrete examples of the negative effects of the actions that gangsta rappers glorify. -Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

I had the advantage of reading the book, and when the script was first submitted to me, it was just another gangster story – the east side taking over the west side and all that. -Edward G. Robinson

It's so easy for a kid to join a gang, to do drugs… we should make it that easy to be involved in football and academics. -Snoop Dogg

I like the idea of being out there regularly with an audience and with a funny gang of people. That's what I grew up with – doing television, doing shows every week. -Eric Idle

A demagogue is a person with whom we disagree as to which gang should mismanage the country. -Don Marquis

A general loathing of a gang or sect usually has some sound basis in instinct. -Ezra Pound

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster. -Nicholas Pileggi

Raise your eyes and count the small gang of your oppressors who are only strong through the blood they suck from you and through your arms which you lend them unwillingly. -Georg Buchner

And remember, where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that. -John Dalberg-Acton

I love attention. If I see a gang of girls? That makes me dance even more! -Chris Brown

I never really considered myself attractive. I was always kind of gangly in school. -Robert Pattinson

I consciously decided not to be a 'London' actor. Those gangster movies made a lot of East End actors think they were movie stars. And I was very aware that they were going to go out of fashion. -Eddie Marsan

Having a persona people recognize, it's the thing that probably gets you paid the most – but it's also the thing that virtually every actor in the world doesn't want. 'Cause, like, no one would believe me if I wanted to play something ultra-realistic, like a gangster or something. -Robert Pattinson

I like to mumble when I act, 'cause I think it's more realistic. For some reason, the impediment has given me the accent of a Mexican gangster. -David Arquette

I don't think there's much a person could say about me. My gangster's never been on trial. -Beanie Sigel

Attitude is attitude, whether you're a West Coast gangster or East Coast gangster, you know? -Paul Walker

A funny thing happens in real estate. When it comes back, it comes back up like gangbusters. -Barbara Corcoran

But sports carried me away from being in a gang, or being associated with drugs. Sports was my way out. -LeBron James

I was not the most attractive child. I had two really big buck teeth. I was horrendous – long, lanky and gangly. -Angie Harmon

I'm a gangster, and gangsters don't ask questions. -Lil Wayne

I've played some gangster roles, but that's obviously not me. When you're an Italian-American New York actor, it's just an easy way to get cast. -Michael Imperioli

I like the days when all the filmmakers had was a film roll, a camera and a gangster. The Mack Sennett comedies were all like that. They'd create little teams to go out and shoot films. -Michel Gondry

I mean, when I got to Brown, the place was riven, because you had older professors who were basically new critics and had been teaching a certain way for 30 years. And then you had this other gang who was down with the semiotic program. And as a student, you were, in a way, forced to choose which cohort you were going with. -Jeffrey Eugenides

What people don't understand is joining a gang ain't bad, it's cool, it's fine. When you in the hood, joining a gang it's cool because all your friends are in the gang, all your family's in the gang. We're not just killing people every night, we're just hanging out, having a good time. -Snoop Dogg

A friend of mine had his own theater company, and he jumped me in like I was in a gang. And once I came in, it was just that simple. For the first time in my life, I felt, 'This is a career, this is a life that I think I can grow old doing.' It was love at first sight. I loved being on stage and reading these plays. It was great. -David Alan Grier

Mulberry Street was the beating heart of the Italian-American experience, but you don't find those gangsters now. I live with a bunch of yuppies and models. -Abel Ferrara

Most of the kids that I meet in the street are serious hardened criminals that I meet in the street, never had a mother and a father to love them, to protect them, to teach them right from wrong and lead them out of crime and gangs and stuff like that. -Steven Seagal

I'm not really part of any group or clique or gang because that's always been my nature. -Jack Dee

I think the part of media that romanticizes criminal behavior, things that a person will say against women, profanity, being gangster, having multiple children with multiple men and women and not wanting to is prevalent. When you look at the majority of shows on television they placate that kind of behavior. -Bill Cosby

The area of teenage life is not necessarily rarefied; we've all gone through that period. It's not as rarefied as a western or a space adventure or a gangster film, but it has its own dynamic. -Gus Van Sant

The fact is that in too many communities in cities in Britain gangs now have become completely rooted into these communities and they destroy them around them. -Iain Duncan Smith

You know in my own area of Waltham Forest, we've had many murders as a result of the gang violence and often innocent bystanders get caught up in it. -Iain Duncan Smith

Voters tell politicians what they want through the ballot box. Constantly second-guessing them by speculating whether the parties should gang up on each other misses the point. -Nick Clegg

Beating the tea party gang is more important than who does the beating. -Arlen Specter

A lot of my friends are gangsters. Not like gangsters – well, yeah, all sorts of levels of criminality – but not the types that are preying on innocent people. I have no interest in the type of criminality that has no respect for collateral damage. -Charlie Hunnam

In Birmingham, Manchester or Liverpool there are white gangs that share the same backgrounds – they come from broken homes, completely dysfunctional, mums for the most part unable to cope, the fathers of these kids completely not in the scene. -Iain Duncan Smith

I understand that one of the purposes of bipartisanship is to cram something difficult and necessary down the American people's gullets for which neither party has the fortitude to assume full responsibility. It's a way of turning a possible gangplank into a teeter-totter. -James Wolcott

Yeah, and I recently had my first Elvis moment. A gang of young girls was jumping all over me. It was kinda scary. And totally flattering. -Channing Tatum

I'd like to do a number of films. Westerns. Genre pieces. Maybe another film about Italian Americans where they're not gangsters, just to prove that not all Italians are gangsters. -Martin Scorsese

My father had this mythological sense of the old New York, and he used to tell me stories about these old gangs, particularly the Forty Thieves in the Fourth Ward. -Martin Scorsese

One of the things is that the good intentions of Prohibition, from reading over the years and from becoming obsessed with the research of gangs in New York City, seems to have allowed crime figures at the time, like Luciano, Capone, Torrio and Rothstein, to organize to become more powerful, which pulled all the way through until the '70s. -Martin Scorsese

I was raised in Chicago and I guess that was one of the special breeding grounds for gangsters of all colors. That was the Detroit of the gangster world. The car industry was thugs. -Quincy Jones

Playing the game, and unfortunately, playing the gangster game is very profitable. -Quincy Jones

Everything I did in the jails – chain gangs, everything – I haven't changed the policy. I did it, I stand by it, and I'm not going to change. -Joe Arpaio

Old Americana vintage gangster stuff has a fantastical feel; it feels less dirty in a way. It feels like the opera of crime. -Shia LaBeouf

I was always raised on cowboy films, and then when I could start making choices about the movies I wanted to watch I found myself wanting to watch gangster films which were slightly more sophisticated than the baseline stuff that was in westerns. -Shia LaBeouf

My son, Wolfgang, plays drums, guitars and bass. -Eddie Van Halen

I have pictures of me sitting in the racquetball court in my pajamas with an acoustic guitar, and Wolfgang is probably just two-and-a-half-feet tall. I'll never forget the day I saw his foot tapping along in beat! I knew then, I couldn't wait for the day I'd be able to make music with my son. I don't know what more I could ask for. -Eddie Van Halen

Why retire from something if you're loving it so much and enjoying it so much, and you're blessed with another group of people to work with like the gang on 'Hot in Cleveland?' Why would I think of retiring? What would I do with myself? -Betty White

Part of my affinity with urban music comes from being on 'Kids Incorporated,' 'cos we used to sit around and listen to Chaka Khan and Prince, and I got influenced by all that. Then gangsta rap got started, and I was infatuated with that – maybe that's why I'm fascinated by guns. -Fergie

Wolfgang Tillman's stunning large-scale pictures, being shown for the first time, were so offhand I failed to see them as art. -Jerry Saltz

Billions of photos are shot every year, and about the toughest thing a photographer can do is invent an original, deeply personal, instantly recognizable visual style. In the early nineties, Wolfgang Tillmans did just that, transforming himself into a new kind of artist-photographer of modern life. -Jerry Saltz

Now '90210' is returning with an all-new cast of slightly more plausible teens. I'll be honest: I wish the old cast was back. Ideally, this spin-off would be an Ice Storm-esque exploration of the West Beverly gang's bleak adult lives. -Diablo Cody

I know nothing of what it is to be a gangster. -Michael K. Williams

At the age of 11 I was about 6 ft. tall and my voice had completely broken. That caused problems. I was this gangly, spotty, very unattractive kid. I wasn't cool and I wasn't a nerd. I didn't even want to fit in with anyone. -Dan Stevens

Sometimes I've been to a party where no one spoke to me for a whole evening. The men, frightened by their wives or sweeties, would give me a wide berth. And the ladies would gang up in a corner to discuss my dangerous character. -Marilyn Monroe

I wanted to dismantle the bollocks that there's a military structure to a gang, with a leader, second leader, the good looking one, first babe, second babe. It's far more arbitrary than that and their values shouldn't be romanticised. They aren't something you want to sign up to. -Peter Mullan

Having robbed children of any sense that their Father is in Heaven and that they are His creation, we then launched an experiment in raising them without earthly fathers too. Having neither a Father in heaven or a father in the home, many young men make gangs their families. -Gary Bauer

What Wall Street and credit card companies are doing is really not much different from what gangsters and loan sharks do who make predatory loans. While the bankers wear three-piece suits and don't break the knee caps of those who can't pay back, they still are destroying people's lives. -Bernie Sanders

'The Queen Is Dead' is not merely the Smiths' best album, but it is one of those timeless, perfect, inexhaustible artifacts that could only have been made by a gang of sullen, sun-deprived rock & roll boys fighting off adulthood tooth and nail. -Rob Sheffield

'The Sopranos' gets praised as novelistic, but it follows the most banal of life patterns, showing the sheer tedium of being a mobster. It has dead spots, boring plotlines, weak episodes. Characters develop slowly, or don't. Like viewers, a gangster might get bored, fade out of the action, then come back to find none of his debts forgotten. -Rob Sheffield

Thank you for the music, Sleater-Kinney. This gang of three was the best American punk rock band ever. Ever. -Rob Sheffield

You know, Castle's the kind of guy that when he meets somebody, that's a connection for him. He remains connected to the people that he meets. That's the kind of guy he is, be they criminals, gangster rappers, mafia guys, art thieves, whoever it is, he nurtures those relationships. -Nathan Fillion

I know people in gangs; I could have went down that route.

I do believe that our modern English usage has become way too clipped and austere. I have been reading excerpts from the journals of 18th-century seafarers lately, and even the lowliest press-ganged deck-swabber turns a finer phrase than I do most days. -Geraldine Brooks

I'm not a gangster, bro. -ASAP Rocky

Shakespeare wrote about love. I write about love. Shakespeare wrote about gang warfare, family feuds and revenge. I write about all the same things. -Sister Souljah

I'm the number-one fan of gangster movies. -David Chase

Where are the exhortations for children to reject the self-defeating stereotypes that reduce black people to violent, oversexed 'gangstas,' minstrel show comedians and mindless athletes? -Juan Williams

I always saw two sides of life. I saw the dudes who would be the gangsta, big-time guys on the block, but would also be dedicated fathers. It was kind of weird to see that dual story that everybody has. -Lupe Fiasco

In Chicago, you have an absence of strong family units, and that absence gets filled by gangs. You have a failure in the school system, after-school programs and other social programs to help keep kids off the streets. Amnesty International speaks to that in some way, by keeping these issues in the forefront. -Lupe Fiasco

Before my father would open up a karate school in a particular neighborhood, he'd clean up the block – kick all the drug dealers and gang bangers off the block. My father was very clear: 'I've got guns too, and I'll kill you just as much as a rival gang would.' And he meant it. He was a man of many facets and complexities. -Lupe Fiasco

I grew up in the 'hood around prostitutes, drug dealers, killers, and gangbangers, but I also grew up juxtaposed: On the doorknob outside of our apartment, there was blood from some guy who got shot; but inside, there was National Geographic magazines and encyclopedias and a little library bookshelf situation. -Lupe Fiasco

People don't understand that where I come from, everyone is either a convict, been in jail, been in a gang, is a hooligan of some sorts, but those are my brothers, my family and the people that I travel with. Those are the people that I roll with. -Lupe Fiasco

My father ran London Films. He made films like 'The Red Shoes,' 'The Third Man.' And he had had a long career in the film business, which was bifurcated with a career in intelligence. He had to deal with gangsters, and sometimes he would take me with him. Also, I went to school with their children. -Mark Helprin

I'm politically inclined towards the left, but I don't like to be in anyone's gang; I'm a bit of a loose cannon. -Joanne Harris

A gang is the same as a wolf pack; gang members do not use their energies in friendship with one another, for they do not know what friendship is. If they are united, it is by the common bond of a desire to attack their world. -Haniel Long

In fashion, there are so many gangs, if you identify too much with one, you get caught – I would lose my freedom. -Daphne Guinness

I reread Mesrine's book every year because the way the story is told is fascinating. Today, we don't have gangsters like Mesrine – he had humor. -Thomas Langmann

I always thought I was sort of awkward and goofy-looking. I'm still kind of gangly. -Troy Garity

The classy gangster is a Hollywood invention. -Orson Welles

The need to be cared for is the base of everything. In the penitentiaries, you won't hear gangbangers and criminals say, 'No, I don't want to be cared for by nobody.' When you care about them, they'll open up to you. -Jim Brown

Celebrated in the Bob Dylan ballad 'Joey,' Crazy Joe Gallo was a charismatic beatnik gangster whose forays into Greenwich Village in the 1960s inspired his bloody revolution against the Mafia. -Tom Folsom

Everybody who is anyone wanted to meet a real life gangster, and here's Joey Gallo hitting the scene. What more could you want with a gangster? He looked the part. They call it gangster chic. He dressed like the 'Reservoir Dogs' – black suit, white shirt, skinny black tie. You know, he had the whole look down. And the big shades, of course. -Tom Folsom

You know the slow-motion walking shot in 'Reservoir Dogs?' That was in the Tommy Udo tradition. That strut, that way of wearing your suit, is what I think gangster chic is. -Tom Folsom

My torso is short, but my arms are really long and gangly and my legs and my neck, and my feet and hands are really long, and I look like a duck. -Cyndi Lauper

Whenever anything extraordinary is done in American municipal politics, whether for good or for evil, you can trace it almost invariably to one man. The people do not do it. Neither do the 'gangs,' 'combines,' or political parties. -Lincoln Steffens

When I started in the clubs, I had to work places where didn't nobody else want to work. I had to do clubs where street gangs were, had to do motorcycle gangs, gay balls and things of that nature. -Bernie Mac

As I got older, I got into all kinds of things in the streets – but for some reason, I never got caught up with the gangs growing up. Everybody dug me, man. I never had problems. -Bernie Mac

The concept of God in America is very different than it is in England. Because we see the horrendous outcome of religion as being an American thing, in which the name of God has been hijacked by a gang of psychopaths and bullies and homophobes, and the name of God has been used for their own twisted agendas. -Nick Cave

Many areas of Los Angeles have gang problems. -Ross Kemp

There is no such thing as the worst gang because they're all pretty bad. It is very difficult to classify them in terms of who is worse than the other because they all have pretty bad things associated with them. -Ross Kemp

Some people figure that if they're part of a gang then they have less of a chance of being killed, because they are in larger numbers. But the problem with this is that it will lead to people doing stuff that they wouldn't usually do. -Ross Kemp

I think we have always had a fascination for gangs and gangsters, and I think we always will. -Ross Kemp

After a show, I'll get the 16-year-old white kid whose lip is pierced, his head is shaved and his parents hate him, and the young gangster from the screwed-up 'hood, and they say that now they realize there's someone out there who thinks like they do. -Michael Franti

Some of your worst gangsters are guys who were very low-key. -Mickey Rourke

Octopuses have hundreds of suckers, each one equipped with its own ganglion with thousands of neurons. These 'mini-brains' are interconnected, making for a widely distributed nervous system. That is why a severed octopus arm may crawl on its own and even pick up food. -Frans de Waal

I've done, like, 45 movies, played 40 gangsters and five crooked cops. -Tony Sirico

In the early 1990s we witnessed the emergence of a revitalized contemporary Chinese art world that began as a reaction against the government-approved Social Realist style. Zhang Xiaogang, Huang Yong Ping, Ai WeiWei, Yue Minjun, and Wang Guangyi were among the first group of artists to establish a movement that became known as Cynical Realism. -Arne Glimcher

It was funny on '24' because I'm a Scots-Canadian, and I was working with the great Scottish actor Tony Curran, and we were both playing Russian gangsters. -Callum Keith Rennie

I'm Dan Gelber. As a federal prosecutor, I helped put away corporate criminals, corrupt politicians and violent gangs. -Dan Gelber

When I was growing up, kids used to talk about snitching… It never extended as a cultural norm outside of the gangsters. -Geoffrey Canada

If the KKK was smart enough, they would've created gangsta rap because it's such a caricature of black culture and black masculinity. -Jackson Katz

I've never been in a gang. None of my friends have been in a gang. I've never rolled around with big entourages. -Paul Pierce

I wish I was a bit shorter, as I think shorter people have better walks. Freddie Fox, the actor, is shorter than me and has an amazing gait; and Tom Cruise has a brilliant run. I'm just gangly. -Jack Whitehall

I've been working on my relationship with my parents and my sister over the years. We have become more close. I think having kids makes you want to keep the gang together. -Tre Cool

Sonnymoon and Quadrants are a couple of bands that really inspire me in terms of the melodics of things and certain tones and just what feels good. It takes me back to the type of music that I grew up on in my household. We played a lot of gangsta rap, but we also played a lot of oldies, and I think that mix is part of what inspires my sound. -Kendrick Lamar

It's funny how the ruthless, murderous gangster has really been romanticized by the media. I mean, I grew up watching the 'Godfathers' and 'Scarface,' and they were the coolest. They're just really interesting stories with great characters. They're rock stars. -Elena Satine

I think I could totally be a gangster, but I could never be the kind of gangster that carries things out myself. I would have to be the kingpin that has my minions go and do the dirty bidding. I think I'd be pretty good at giving orders. -Elena Satine

When I was young, I thought it was normal to go to sleep to the sounds of sirens. People on my block were in the biggest gang in the city. They were my close friends – they showed me the ropes, who to watch out for. -Emily Rios

I play a lot of hard men and gangsters, and I'm not like that at all. -Sean Pertwee

Some people say I'm conscious, some say I'm a gangsta rapper – it's just me doing me. I'm stomping in my own lane. I'm doing what I do. -Nas

I've always been interested in the gangster genre, so to play Mickey Cohen was a real thrill. It's always fun to do your take on someone so iconic. -Patrick Fischler

I charge my wealthy clients a lot and put 10 per cent in a fund which I use to pay the expenses of my poorer clients. When the government gangs up on the poor schnook in the street, someone has to stand up for him. -Alan Dershowitz

When I was young, running with a gang was a cool thing to do; that's how you get popular; that's how you get the girls. -Martin Compston

I was Renee Zellweger's fat doppelganger. If she ever played in a movie where she needed to be fat, apparently I could be her stunt double. -Jewel

During my eleven years as a New York City public school teacher, I saw firsthand the impact that poverty has on the classroom. In low-income neighborhoods like Sunset Park, where I taught, students as young as five years old enter school affected by the stresses often created by poverty: domestic violence, drug abuse, gang activity. -Sal Albanese

The thing is, and Americans are starting to realize this now, that while street gangs are violent, the Democrats and Republicans are worse. They are worse because their decisions affect your life. -Jesse Ventura

I think that when Americans go to vote, states should not list what party the candidates are affiliated with. That would require voters to actually think and get to know a candidate instead of voting for their favorite gang. 'Oh, this guy is a Republican, so he must be good.' -Jesse Ventura

Democracy without respect for individual rights sucks. It's just ganging up against the weird kid, and I'm always the weird kid. -Penn Jillette

'Badmaash Company' and 'Delhi Belly' was about friends, and I was part of the gang. And yes, they did have stars playing the lead! You do need a star to sell a film; and playing the second lead doesn't bother me. -Vir Das

If you can believe in God, then you can believe in anything. It's a gang mentality. -Greg Graffin

I never was that boy who loved gangster films, but when I was growing up, I was obsessed with the detective Dick Tracy. It was one of my favourite movies as a kid, and he really inspired me. I would have loved to be part of that golden age of Hollywood in the 1940s. It made me want to become an actor. -Ryan Gosling

When we die, our souls still live. If you are a gangster or a bastard or a crook, your soul inhabits a donkey or something terrible. -Mohamed Al-Fayed

People want to classify and say, 'OK, this is a gangster film.' 'This is a Western.' 'This is a… ' You know? It's easy to classify and it makes people feel comfortable, but it doesn't matter, it doesn't really matter. -Martin Scorsese

The Black Panther Party was not a gang. They grew out of a young black intelligentsia on college campuses. -Bobby Seale

You have, in America, you have gang signs. Well, 5,000 years ago, there was thing called a mudra, which is your sitting position when you do yoga or you're meditating or you're praying or whatever. And there's not a lot of them that are named after gods and goddesses, but the middle-finger is specifically named the Matangi mudra. -M.I.A.

People don't mind insulting the tall. We're supposed to be fine with being awkward and skinny. I'm very easy to psychoanalyse. I was a gangly, awkward teenager who could make people laugh and thought that was a way to be socially more comfortable. -Stephen Merchant

John Cleese was a big hero of mine. He grew up in Weston Super Mare near Bristol where I grew up; he was always very tall and gangly, but he was smart and used his physicality in a very funny way. I used to think, 'Well he came from Weston and he did it, so there's a chance for me.' -Stephen Merchant

My parents separated before I was 1 year old. I moved in with my aunt and uncle when I was in fourth grade. I was, like, 8 or 9 years old. I was getting in a lot of trouble when I was in Southern California. My older sisters were in gangs. My older brother was in gangs. -Troy Polamalu

What a lot of people don't realize about gangs, in my opinion, is that a gang is not there to attack you. Eighty percent of the people in a gang are there to stop anyone from attacking them. You join a gang for protection, not to go out and hit someone. -Michael Caine

Being tall when I was youngerl I was always a bit awkward. As a teenager, I was very, very thin, so I was very gangly and limby, and would sweep things off the table without realising how big my wingspan was – just out of control. A lot of women write to me and say, 'I'm six foot and exactly the same happens' – that's been lovely therapy. -Miranda Hart

I was brought up with two sisters, so I do know about a three-way dynamic. It's a complex one, because it's easy for one to get left out and the others to gang up. In my family, we were all pretty up for it, but the dynamics would constantly change. -Anna Chancellor

I knew so many gangsters, and I call on that experience with them for characters. -Frank Vincent

I don't only like rap music. There's everything from R&B to crazy gangster rap, hip hop… everything! But it all blends together nicely. It's like a magical music rainbow. -Kreayshawn

He brought a sensibility and a hard-edged reasonableness to operating restaurants that had a lasting impact on me and still affects how I run all our restaurants today. The passing of 'Restaurant Man' – the original gangsta 'Restaurant Man,' my father – was the passing of an era. No one can replace him. -Joe Bastianich

They go on about banning size zero, but I think Hollywood stars are the worst perpetrators. Most models are naturally long and gangly, while a lot of these young girls in Hollywood have gone on extreme diets. Their concave chests and bony arms are terrifying. It's scary to think that normal teenagers are tempted to copy them. -Twiggy

I went to Phoenix, Arizona for 'Angel Unchained,' and they'd hire the bike gang from Phoenix to be extras in the movie. -Larry Bishop

You can fail in films because you don't have the talent, or you have too much humility, or you lack ferociousness. I'm a gangster. If I want something, I'll grab it. -John Cassavetes

Everybody does good things, but I'm talking about making major changes in the educational system that would impact an entire race. I'm talking about stopping these young gang members from killing one another. I'm talking about keeping prisons from overflowing. -Jim Brown

Truly huge artistic collaboration on the Internet seems to work only if the gang has a well-defined objective. -Clive Thompson

In my career, I have played a gangster, an ex cop, a journalist and a film director. Yet, the label of a serial kisser refuses to leave me. -Emraan Hashmi

There's the common misconception that restaurants make a lot of money. It's not true. If you look at maybe the top chef in the world, or at least monetarily, it's like Wolfgang Puck, but he makes as much money as an average crappy investment banker. -David Chang

Every human being has a bit of gangster in him. -Binyavanga Wainaina

I'm pretty sure I'm a doppelganger for Alan Alda. I'm a trannie; I'm a man. -Megan Fox

I'm not so sure I believe in dopplegangers. I just prefer to be Dane DeHaan. -Dane DeHaan

I'm strong. I like to mother people, look after people. I lead the gang. -Vicky McClure

Who gave it that title, gangsta rap? It's reality rap. It's about what's really going on. -Eazy-E

I believe in the freedom of the net, but I don't believe in the freedom of the net at the cost of having these online criminal gangs running completely loose and using the freedom of the net to steal everybody's money and take away the trust we have. -Mikko Hypponen

There are many people who think I'm actually a gangster or a mafioso, largely because of 'Goodfella.' -Paul Sorvino

The primary school I attended in Shanghai was a very liberal one, established by scholars who had return from an education in France. The children of leading families were enrolled there, including the son of a well-known man believed to be a top gangster of the underworld! -Charles K. Kao

I'm not really gangsta. Not at all. I just write about them. It's fun to pretend, at least on paper. But in real life, not so much. -Terence Winter

Any distraction tends to get in the way of being an effective gangster. -Terence Winter

I went to a failing school, and by the grace of God, my mother was able to put me into private school, and had she not, I would probably be in a gang or dead right now, because that was the road I was going down. -Stacey Dash

While my cousins were gang-banging, I was trying to learn what the Internet was about. -Theophilus London

I think rap music is brought up, gangster rap in particular, as well as video games, every other thing they try to hang the ills of society on as a scapegoat. -Ice Cube

People have to see that there is a high degree of complexity about belonging to a gang. It's a symptom, not a problem. -Greg Boyle

In Los Angeles, the gang capital of the world, we have 1,100 gangs and 120,000 gang members so it is a daunting, complex social dilemma. -Greg Boyle

I have never seen a hopeful person join a gang. -Greg Boyle

The employer is not going to choose the gang member who's just been released from prison: they're going to choose the person with the skills. -Greg Boyle

Homeboy Bakery is an alternative to kids who have found themselves, regrettably, in gangs and want to redirect their lives. -Greg Boyle

Businesses have come and gone at Homeboy Industries. We have had starts and stops, but anything worth doing is worth failing at. We started Homeboy Plumbing. That didn't go so well. Who knew? People didn't want gang members in their homes. I just didn't see that coming. -Greg Boyle

I know two L.A.s. Half my life was around the house my folks had for 46 years at 3rd and Norton. The other half was in Boyle Heights on the Eastside, working with gang members. -Greg Boyle

Even gang members imagine a future that doesn't include gangs. -Greg Boyle

I work with gang members, and I feel a kind of affinity and gift, even. But who would've thunk it, you know? I mean, I didn't anticipate it. -Greg Boyle

Gangs are bastions of conditional love, and one of the ways to counteract it is to offer community, which will always trump gang, and that's what happens at Homeboy Industries. -Greg Boyle

We ought not to demonize a single gang member, and we ought not to romanticize a single gang. -Greg Boyle

I'm just disillusioned with the hip-hop sound right now. It's too materialistic. You know, I'm the kind of guy … I can't do that. If you track my movement, you'll never see a picture of me with any girl that wasn't mine, or my own car. My jewelry, my clothes. What kind of gangsta rapper has a stylist? A stylist?! -Ice T

Some music comes from a real place; some music comes from your imagination. It's difficult to find out what's real and what's not, especially with the gangster stuff. -Ice T

Melissa Barak, an ex-City Ballet dancer and sometime choreographer, has put together an unspeakably dopey and incompetent mess called 'Call Me Ben,' combining ultra-generic dance, terrible dialogue and disastrous storytelling, about the founding of Las Vegas by the gangster Bugsy Siegel, who insists, violently, on being addressed as 'Ben.' -Robert Gottlieb

High school golf, college golf and the decade that followed all come back to me now as one big raucous, goofy gangsome. -Dan Jenkins

I like 'The Usual Suspects'. Great film. I also like 'Scarface', films like that. Lots of gangster films. I really like watching all kinds of films, dramas, romance. I'll watch comedies. I like Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Denzel Washington, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle. I'd like to meet them. -Barkhad Abdi

We got skate parks in different states, but me skating? Nah, I'm too gangster; I can't rock with it. But I watch it. -Birdman

The wonderful drama teacher at my high school, Barbara Patterson, saw me standing in the hall and told me I should audition for 'West Side Story.' I guess she thought I looked like a gang member. -Gary Sinise

Our country has been overtaken by murderous thugs… gangsters who lust after fortunes and power. -Cindy Sheehan

I could have easily been a statistic. Growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y., it was easy – a little too easy – to get into trouble. Surrounded by poor schools, lack of resources, high unemployment rates, poverty, gangs and more, I watched as many of my peers fell victim to a vicious cycle of diminished opportunities and imprisonment. -Al Sharpton

I had an album out at exactly the same time as 'Love to Love You' called 'Einzelganger,' and it's great, all electronic. I'm using a vocoder, doing all this cut-up stuff on there, but no one knows about it. -Giorgio Moroder

When I set up my first restaurant, I was so inspired by Wolfgang Puck, who is also based in L.A. and is now a good friend of mine, and the way he would engage with his customers and greet them personally. -Nobu Matsuhisa

Nas always been my favorite rapper, but 50 Cent, he changed my way of thinking about music 'cause he was so detailed in his music, I knew that wasn't lying. I never felt Tupac that way; I never felt Biggie that way. I love Nas music, but I never felt and believed like, 'This is for real.' 'Cause I grew up that gangsta lifestyle. -Schoolboy Q

I don't consider myself a gangsta rapper. But I'm probably more qualified to be a gangsta rapper than people who call themselves that. I've been through that life. -Coolio

Senseless violence is, almost by definition, hard to understand. Not that I can understand terrorists who kill from hate, but at least we can identify a reason – a terrifying one, to be sure, grounded in a violent belief system – for what they do. Two gangs go to war. Extremists kill in the name of belief. -Susan Estrich

As a child, I was always drawn to heroic characters. I decided I wanted to act when I realised that Superman and all those gangsters and Indians were just real people in costume. -Orlando Bloom

You should have seen me at 14, with braces and glasses, gangly and doing ballet! -Margot Robbie

I am a close friend of Robert Loggia. And I just love how, with actors, there's the screen persona. Here is Robert, known for his portrayal of many characters, including gangsters. But in real life, he is elegant and erudite. He sits in the garden reading the sonnets of William Shakespeare. -Luanne Rice

From chain gangs to folk songs to intelligent soul, America has created musicians dedicated to truth, justice, and a better American Way. -Shawn Amos

I look at old performance videos now, and it's really funny – I thought I was such a gangster! -Becky G

Johnnie Cochran hasn't spent 20 years serving people in low-income, minority neighborhoods, ridding them of gangs and narcotics. I have. He hasn't been shot at and punched. I have. I've paid my dues to be able to say I'm not a racist. -Mark Fuhrman

When chefs like Wolfgang Puck became household names, that became a compelling reason for an intelligent young person to go into the cooking profession. There have been no waiters who have turned into household names. The service and hospitality aspects have clearly lagged behind the kitchen. -Danny Meyer

I would like to thank Wolfgang Schreiber for his successful work with Bentley and Bugatti and the consistent further development of the two brands. -Martin Winterkorn

Before we made films about gangsters, everything was about the royal families. They contain so much drama. -Mads Mikkelsen

I was born tall. I was awkward and gangly. Before that, I was a really chubby elementary school kid. I've always been sort of a physical abnormality. -Timothy Simons

Maybe it's stress or anger or adrenaline or disillusionment or a bullying nature or simple fear of getting killed themselves, but there is a problem if a cop cannot tell the difference between a menacing gangster and the far more common person they encounter whose life is a little frayed and messy. -David Horsey

I have never supported amnesty, and I led the fight against Chuck Schumer's gang of eight amnesty legislation in the Senate. -Ted Cruz

I would like to be a gang leader on 'Sons of Anarchy' or own a lemonade stand on 'Boardwalk Empire.' -CeeLo Green

People generally thought that sharks are dumb eating machines. After some study, I began to realize that these 'gangsters' of the deep had gotten a bad rap. -Eugenie Clark

Use the word 'zeitgeist' as often as possible. Ideally, you want to find words that sound familiar but people don't really know their definitions: 'zeitgeist,' 'bildungsroman,' 'doppelganger' – better yet, anything Latin. But avoid 'paradigm.' It's so 1994. If you say the word 'paradigm,' everybody knows you're a poser. -Stephen Colbert

Playing gangsters is great. They usually dress you sharp. And you have a license to pretty much bully anybody. I mean, I wouldn't dare do that at home. My wife will give me a back hander. -Alex Rocco

We did a reunion when TV One first launched episodes of 'Living Single'. Every time any of the gang comes through Atlanta, though, we always visit. -Kim Fields

I sort of understand why there is a brotherhood of Hamlets. It's a nice part of acting; you do get to be part of gangs. -Rory Kinnear

New Orleans is still the place where you find out that you have a doppelganger and feel lucky – but somehow unsurprised – to learn that his name is Mad Bottom. -Elizabeth McCracken

If a portion of a redwood is rotting, the redwood will send roots into its own form and draw nutrients out of itself as it falls apart. If we had redwood-like biology, if we got a touch of gangrene in our arm, then we could just, you know, extract the nutrients and the moisture out of it until it fell off. -Richard Preston

Chancellor Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schaeuble, her finance minister, are right to oppose fiscal and bank unions without political union. -Edmund Phelps

Dancing in speakeasies was a job, and none of us knew for sure who were gangsters. No one told us, so how could we know? My mother used to come and take me home. We thought nothing of walking home together at two in the morning. -Ruby Keeler

The entire island knows our father, Fred Hemmings, Jr. – kids, adults, surfers, the governor, grocery clerks, gang members who call our house at night and threaten to kill us as soon as they get out of jail. Fred was a world-champion surfer and is now a well-known, controversial politician. -Kaui Hart Hemmings

We left my birthplace, Brooklyn, New York, in 1939 when I was 13. I enjoyed the ethnic variety and the interesting students in my public school, P.S. 134. The kids in my neighborhood were only competitive in games, although unfriendly gangs tended to define the limits of our neighborhood. -Irwin Rose

I was embarrassed about modeling. When you're at school and you're modeling, it sounds very glamorous, but I didn't want to do things that no one else was doing. I didn't want to be the odd one out. I wanted to be part of the gang. -Hannah Ware

In the 1970s and early '80s, Shanghai was quiet, cautious, a ghost of a once-great city – and yet physically, little was changed from its glittering heyday. When visiting, I enjoyed reading books on local history and used my time off to scope out the former haunts of gangsters and jazzmen. -Nicole Mones

I wanted the attention I missed at home, so I became the leader of a gang. That way, I got attention and was recognized as being important. It wasn't a bad gang – you know, in poor districts in New York, there's a gang to every block. We never robbed at the point of a gun; we'd steal potatoes from a grocery store, or crackers. -John Garfield

I'll be in 'The Get Down' from the creator Baz Luhrmann, and it takes place in the '70s with South Bronx kids growing up at the rise of hip-hop and really when the city was at its financial worst. It's about teens struggling with violence, drugs and gangs and trying to find solace in music and all that good stuff. -Justice Smith

I'm worried about myself. Glizzy gang, that's it. I'm not worried about no other rappers. -Shy Glizzy

The Capone gang was actually a public utility; it supplied what the people wanted and demanded. -Saul Alinsky

I'm one of five sisters. I'm the younger of twins, and we're the youngest of five girls, and we've always been very close. We were pretty much a gang. I take after my mother a lot in terms of personality and character. She was very positive; always looked on the bright side of things. She had a tough time of it with my dad but did her best. -Jerry Hall

I started out on photography accidentally. A policeman came to a stop at the end of my street, and a guy knifed him at the end of my street. That's how I became a photographer. I photographed the gangs that I went to school with. -Don McCullin

The Black Panthers was what we would call today a criminal gang that was formed by Huey Newton. Now, interestingly enough, I knew Huey Newton before he formed the Black Panthers. He was a student of mine when I was a teacher, instructor at Oakland City College back in the very early 1960s. -Edwin Meese

In 1900, as the immigrants come down the gangplank into Jersey City, they expect the streets to be paved with gold, and they were only paved with gold in Frank Baum's 'The Wizard of Oz,' of course. -David Levering Lewis

The surest way to empower the new terrorist gangs would be to withdraw from U.S. diplomatic missions. -David Ignatius

From the boys' point of view, scouting puts them into fraternity-gangs, which is their natural organisation, whether for games, mischief, or loafing; it gives them a smart dress and equipments; it appeals to their imagination and romance; and it engages them in an active, open-air life. -Robert Baden-Powell

When you're 16, the top of the world is directing a gangster movie. -Daniel Espinosa

My father lost his leg in 1927 playing soccer. A kick broke his leg; gangrene set in. They sawed it off. So he didn't get what a lot of Irish immigrants got, which was a job on the Waterfront – he didn't get that. -Pete Hamill

The individualists stare into each other's eyes and yet deny each other's existence. We walk in circles, so limited by our own anxieties that we can no longer distinguish between true and false, between the gangster's whim and the purest ideal. -Ingmar Bergman

What law enforcement will tell you is that in a terrorist act or even an act of people who are involved in crime, such as a drug gang, that they tend to get their weapons illegally. -Rob Portman

I was really gangly and uncoordinated as a kid. I couldn't even do a cartwheel. -Christy Turlington

I think the reason 'Sexy Beast' was so good was it wasn't just another run-of-the-mill gangster film; it was a love story. -Ian McShane

I remember when I was at the first showing of 'John Dies at the End' at Sundance, and I was talking to some of the people in the standby crowd who were outside and didn't have tickets. They were just waiting in line to see if they could get in. It was this whole gang of die-hard sci-fi wacko people, and they were just fantastic. -Paul Giamatti

Jay-Z is a hero, Sam Walton is a hero – these are not exactly communitarian champions. These are – in some cases, literally; in others, just figuratively – gangster heroes. That's who is worshipped: people who get away with it. -George Packer

I actually met a cop who worked with street gangs. I wanted to understand what drives someone who deals with very hardened criminals on a daily basis. How do you turn that off when you go home at night? -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Gangs have evolved. The stereotypical gang member covered in tattoos and wearing colors does not really exist any more. There's this fear that it could be any kid, but by any kid, that means any Latino kid. -Susana Martinez

In 1939, Fitzroy Maclean, a gangly Highland aristocrat in his early 30s, was serving as a British diplomat in the U.S.S.R. Disgusted by the Soviet show trials, he quit the Foreign Service and would go on to serve with Tito's partisans fighting the Germans in Yugoslavia. -Alistair Horne

My mum wouldn't let me go outside. Coming back from school, the gang men sometimes would say things, but I would walk by, never answer, and my mum would go tell them leave me alone. -Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

I suppose the book I really remember loving as a child was one called 'The Outsiders' by S.E. Hinton, about a gang of kids from the wrong side of the tracks in Sixties Oklahoma. I grew up in the Eighties in Nottinghamshire, but this tale of troubled, but essentially good, kids – or 'greasers' – was something I completely connected with. -Matt Haig

There are too many senior citizens and good residents in Chicago who are sick and tired of having to walk several blocks out of their way when they leave their homes just to avoid the gangs and drug dealers on the street corner. -Rahm Emanuel

When I talk to Chicagoans who live in our most violence-prone neighborhoods, they do not hate the police. In fact, they tell me they want more cops and fewer gangs. They do not want more officers in cars just driving through their communities. They want officers on the beat in their neighborhoods. -Rahm Emanuel

I'm very fortunate. I loved school and, when I went there, race, gangs and violence were not issues. There was a feeling, gone now, that you had to be presentable. If you hadn't combed your hair, older black ladies – complete strangers – would come up to you in the street and pull out a comb and straighten your tie. -David Harewood

I think American audiences like gangster movies. You know, it's part of the culture. -Vincent Cassel

When you are culture, you're forever young, like Snoop. When you're on that level, it's just contributing to the gangsta. -D.R.A.M.

I feel as if I have been blessed to undergo a transformation from 'gangster' to 'redeemed sinner with gangster proclivities.' -Cornel West

In my world, of course, it don't matter. You could be a gangster with a dress, you could be a gangster with baggy pants. -Young Thug

As much as the glasses, it's the Englishness and the gangliness. The apparent lack of muscularity… they indicate I'm not a macho man. -Louis Theroux

Putin and many of his gang may have once been Communists, but they are not that today. Rather, they have embraced a new totalitarian political ideology known as 'Eurasianism.' -Robert Zubrin

I want to buy up a gang of properties in my neighborhood and give people the chance to live in new buildings. We should make our areas nice. -Ty Dolla Sign

When I was a younger actor, I was pretty much solely motivated by validation. I just wanted to be told I was good and handsome and a part of the gang. It was pretty simple animal-social stuff. I don't care as much about those things anymore. -Chris Pine

When at the CIA, I was fond of saying that many jihadis join the movement for the same reasons that young Americans join the Crips and the Bloods: youthful alienation, the need to belong to something greater than self, the search for meaningful identity. But it also matters what gang you join. -Michael Hayden

I like life on the road. It's a lot easier than civilian life. You kind of feel like you're in a motorcycle gang. -Leonard Cohen

My dad is Scottish, and he read in the newspaper about the plight of the Scottish Freshwater Mussel, which is a real thing – like, a very real, serious conservation issue. And he's a writer, and he was going to do a film about a Glaswegian gangster, and then I stole the idea and turned it into a romantic comedy. -Talulah Riley

When this ugly gangster told Joe Glaser that he must take the name of Armstrong down, off of the marquee, and it was an 'order from Al Capone,' Mr. Glaser looked this cat straight in the face and told him these words: 'I think that Louis Armstrong is the world's greatest, and this is my place, and I defy anybody to take his name down from there.' -Louis Armstrong

As a child, I liked to play outside, to stroll through the fields, and I was an active member of the local children's gang, frequently being chased by field guards and building supervisors. Nevertheless, my performance at school was very good, and mainly due to the influence of my mother, I was allowed to attend high school. -Hartmut Michel

Law and Justice are the most vindictive gang in Europe. -Norman Davies

I wasn't the prettiest girl in class. No breasts, short legs, gangly teeth. I didn't think I was model material, that's for sure. -Kate Moss

Gigantic sums are now required to maintain prisons and insane asylums and protect the public against gangsters and lunatics. Why do we preserve these useless and harmful beings? The abnormal prevent development of the normal. -Alexis Carrel

I had two sisters carried away in a chain-gang – one of them left two children. We were always uneasy. -Harriet Tubman

I want the violence among young people in this country to stop – particularly gang violence. -Jim Brown

Cold weather probably played a bigger role in bringing back the hat, but sadly, the hat common to New Jersey guidos, South Carolina rednecks, Idaho potato farmers and Los Angeles gang bangers is the ubiquitous 'tractor hat,' which is derived from the cheap baseball style cap with the adjustable plastic tab. -Roger Stone

Strategies that do show evidence of effectiveness include policing that's focused on high-risk individuals or geographic areas, and/or deterrence-based approaches that hold entire gangs accountable should individual members engage in criminal behavior. -Ken Cuccinelli

I'm a culinary gangsta with a very spiritual side, so when I was introduced to the 'spiritual gangster' line, I had to have it. -Guy Fieri

The tension between the Capulets and the Montagues is like a gang rivalry, and that has everything to do with Compton. -Corey Hawkins

My dad wasn't a gangster, and he wasn't a criminal, but he sure liked to rub padded shoulders with them. -Jerry Heller

What got me into MMA first was that I was a wrestler, and I was a gangbanger getting into trouble a lot and getting into fights. I grew up in a family of 15 in a four-bedroom house. It was dysfunctional, so that alone made me want to be an MMA fighter. It's really the only sport where you gotta basically depend on yourself. -Tyron Woodley

The Hogwarts houses are really gangs. They have their own colours, their own hideouts, and they are always riding for each other, like gangs. -Angie Thomas

The FBI was formed because the gangsters were better armed, better financed. -Michael Horse

I never wanted to be in a gang. I didn't want to follow anybody's orders. -Michael Pena

I've been an actor for 20 years, and I think the first 14 years, it was all struggling. At first, it was all gangsters. -Michael Pena

There was the 'Cosby Show' in America in the 1980s, which was a doctor in a beautiful Brownstone middle-class house. We just haven't created a role like that in the U.K.; it's always gangs and crime. We need to be brave. -David Harewood

Arrogance generally is a bad thing, but with a band, somehow you have to have this gang mentality or this certain degree of arrogance to push forward an idea that's new enough that people aren't comfortable with it at first. -Mike D

It feels very cool to be part of a girl gang. -Aidy Bryant

When I left the San Francisco DA's office, I went down to the Los Angeles district attorney's office, and I was able to try a tremendous amount – very serious cases and working in gang neighborhoods, impoverished neighborhoods – really make a difference and be impactful in those communities. -Kimberly Guilfoyle

House is a big part of the rhythm in Chicago. I don't care if you're the most hood gangbanger – you understand house. -BJ the Chicago Kid

Not too many people know it, but when I was in junior high, I was a pretty tough kid and was the leader of a street gang. Well, OK, it was less a street gang than an Ecology Club. We were pretty intimidating, though, and had our own meeting room until we got run out of there by a bunch of thugs from the Poetry Society. -W. Bruce Cameron

I'm the way I am now because I was bullied when I was the lanky, gangly, skinny kid. I was the guy who would flick everybody off, and my middle finger was this skinny, long stick. I got picked on because of that. -Trevante Rhodes

I was living in New York. Sometimes, our gang of musicians would go to Louis Armstrong's home and play records. It was a lesson, like going to school at night. Ella Fitzgerald was an inspiration, too, a unique artist. When you had an opportunity to be with people like them, you cherished it. -Jimmy Scott

By nature, I'm an awkward person; I'm a gangly introvert. -Hozier

I'm not a gangsta. -Travis Scott

I was in middle school right around the time the Bloods and the Crips started taking root in Compton and a lot of the other neighborhoods around me. I saw way too many of my peers – smart, kind, good kids – who got drawn into gangs and violence, and their futures were going to be forever scarred by that. -Forest Whitaker

I'm a Honey G fan. She can spit some vibes on one of my songs; she's got rhymes for days! She's gangster. I love her. -James Arthur

If you look at the movie 'Belly,' I identify with Sincere the most. I am a gangster. I love my lady to death. I'm not in the game for the wrong reasons. I'm not in the game for the glory. I'm in the game to survive so the people that I love could be straight. I'm a highly intelligent individual. -Kevin Gates

Among the many things 'Boardwalk Empire' is, is a gangster show. -Tim Van Patten

All the great artists had their dark sides. Look at Amy Winehouse or anyone who has achieved a certain level of success. Even Adele, and the people that you wouldn't put in the same category as a gangster rapper. These women have exposed their vulnerabilities, demons, and things that have hurt them. -Kat Graham

Harlem for me is Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Washington, D.C., in one place. You have very significant churches that have had national ramifications. At the same time, you have politics. On top of all that, you have entertainment because you have 70 years of music that came out of here, and if you scratch that, gangsterism happens. -Mike Colter

I'm a black Catholic raised in Decatur, Georgia, which was very gang-infested. Then, I went to an all-white private high school and excelled in sports and wrote poetry, then played football at the University of Georgia, minoring in drama. -Omari Hardwick

Ice Cube is doing so great. He went from being this hardcore gangster rapper to this actor now. He's doing children's movies and all this stuff – he's rocking it. -Darius Rucker

We know gang members are pouring across the border and filling up our prisons. We have a huge drug problem in this country now in places that never had an opiate problem. Why is that? Because this is brought in – because we do not have a border. -Ann Coulter

When I say I'm going gangster, I'm working really hard at something. -Lisa Lampanelli

There's an old little jingle: 'The chief use of slang is to show that you're one of the gang.' What that means is that every social group has its own linguistic bonding mechanism. If there's a group of lawyers, they have their own slang. If there's a group of doctors, they have their own slang, and so on. -David Crystal

I am an undisputed gangster. To me, that means playing by my own rules. -Katherine Ryan

I was, like, in a rap gang. I loved rap, and it was all around me. -Watkin Tudor Jones

There was an article about me once, and the first line was, 'It's good to be a gangster.' Well, I'm not a gangster. I'm an actor. -Frank Vincent

'The Godfather' changed the way gangsters acted. -Frank Vincent

I've never seen a Western that was really truthful. Most are just morality plays. Good guys and bad guys – and the good guys always win, whereas in reality, most of the sheriffs were as bad as the gangsters they were after. -Harry Dean Stanton

I was raised in Mississippi, in a family and a community that identified as black, and I have the stories and the experiences to go with it. One of my great-great grandfathers was killed by a gang of white Prohibition patrollers. -Jesmyn Ward

I do believe in lessons learned. I have learned that you work with gang members and not with gangs; otherwise, you enforce the cohesion of gangs and supply them oxygen. -Greg Boyle

I know now that gang warfare is not the Middle East or Northern Ireland. There is violence in gang violence, but there is no conflict. It is not 'about something.' It is the language of the despondent and traumatized. -Greg Boyle

Me wanting a gang member to have a different life would never be the same as that gang member wanting to have one. -Greg Boyle

The idea that any law enforcement agency or person would ever know these gang members better than Homeboy Industries is impossible. -Greg Boyle

I founded Homeboy Industries in 1988 after I buried my first young person killed in our streets because of gang violence. -Greg Boyle

No kid is seeking anything when he joins a gang; he's always fleeing something. He's not being pulled; he's being pushed by the circumstances in which he finds himself. -Greg Boyle

Anyone who knows gangs knows that lawmakers cannot conceive of a law that would lead a hard-core gang member to 'think twice.' -Greg Boyle

The task of dealing comprehensively with gangs belongs to the city, not to law enforcement. -Greg Boyle

You prevent kids from joining gangs by offering after-school programs, sports, mentoring, and positive engagement with adults. You intervene with gang members by offering alternatives and employment to help redirect their lives. You deal with areas of high gang crime activity with real community policing. We know what works. -Greg Boyle

We don't need a specialized gang unit. We need patrol officers who specialize in knowing their community. -Greg Boyle

What do we know to be true about gang violence? We know we will fail if we fixate on the symptoms and not address what undergirds it. -Greg Boyle

You can't reason with gang violence: you can't talk to it, sit it at the table, and negotiate with it. -Greg Boyle

I would hope that government officials have a healthy respect for the complexity of the gang problem. They should never lose sight of the fact that there are human beings involved. There is no single solution. -Greg Boyle

In my barrio, jobs work and money saves lives. When I have had the funds to place a gang member on a job site and pay his salary, I've seen him stop banging. When, on the rarest of occasions, an employer has offered a job to one of these youth, I've witnessed kids suddenly have a reason to get up in the morning. -Greg Boyle

As much as I dislike the suggestion of single solutions to complex problems, jobs are as close as we will get to a single, effective answer to the enormous problem of gangs. -Greg Boyle

So complex are all the ingredients that cause gang membership that it seems virtually impossible to isolate one solution that can address them all and thereby manufacture a hope for the future upon which these kids can rely. -Greg Boyle

Like the suffering child, gang members act out of their despair, and their actions are all the more alarming now for our not having heeded their cry long ago. The shortsighted neglect that keeps us locked up in our outrage has also kept us from viable solutions. -Greg Boyle

I'm not a guy who goes into the neighborhood, gets beat up by the bully's gang, and then now I want to join their gang. That's just not me. I wanna fight – let's go! I mean, I'm gonna stand up for myself. That's just the competitive nature of where I come from, the era I grew up in. -Paul Pierce

I'm tired of Italian gangsters. Not that I don't watch 'The Godfather' every morning when I get up and 'Goodfellas' when I go to sleep at night. But I've just always been fascinated by Russia as a country, by the Russian personality. And now Russia is literally a gangster nation. -Richard Belzer

The only thing I liked on HSN was Wolfgang Puck selling cookware. He was funny and engaging. He gave you recipes. Even if you didn't want to buy anything, you could watch Wolfgang for an hour. -Mindy Grossman

Shredder is about as evil as it gets. He is a man fueled by jealousy and rage. At the same time, he doesn't micromanage, so his gang is free to do what they want. -Lenny Platt

We all know what it feels like to be an outcast or a loner or to fall between the cracks. To be the target of gossip or people talking about you, or girls are ganging up on you. One minute, they're your best friend; the next, they call you on three-way. -Krysten Ritter

Guys in our sport bump their gums quite a bit, and they get you to think they're these huge tough guys… they're these gangsters, that they'll fight anybody, anytime. And then when you get in front of a person like me… the crickets start to come out. They don't really wanna fight. -Tyron Woodley

We thought it would be pretty cool to officially declare ourselves a gang. Our gang name was called the Rude Boys. Of course, any Rude Gang would need a jacket. -Thomas Middleditch

All my cop/gangster dramas have been spaced out, but somewhere, the films in which I played the bad guy were extremely successful, so people are under the impression that I play only such roles. I call it selective amnesia. -Ajith Kumar

Not one has ever left my team to go join a gang. -Jesse White

There are some basic rules if they want to join the tumbling team. No drinking, no smoking, no swearing, no drugs and, most of all, no belonging to a gang. I read the riot act to them the minute they want to join. I tell them there's only one gang they can belong to if they want to be with me and that's Jesse White's gang. -Jesse White

These kids are looking for direction, for identification. Kids join gangs because they need a father figure or they want to be part of a group. -Jesse White

Trump wants to be the first American tsar. With his hero worship of Putin, his admiration for the apparent omnipotence of the Kremlin, schoolboyish crush on Putin's gangster swagger and his contempt for democracy, Trump wants to rule with his family, taking decisions purely because he's right about everything like a tsar. -Simon Sebag Montefiore

On 'This Is England,' everyone is mates. The nice thing is that when you watch us, you're watching a gang. They're young, and they're adventurous. There's a real closeness there. -Joe Gilgun

I'm an emotional gangster. I cry once every month. -Cardi B

There were times when gangs would approach me, but my father was way stronger than them. They would come make threats and stuff, and I was like, 'You don't know the opposition I've got upstairs. I'm not scared of you.' -Kerby Jean-Raymond

The laws of the lowly gangster govern Qaddafi and his sons. -Hisham Matar

I have always been against the gangster as hero. -Ruby Dee

If you are black on television, you are probably going to be some kind of thug, gangster, or portrayed in a negative light. If you are some type of Muslim, you are going to be blowing stuff up. If you are Hispanic, you are going to be some type of gangbanger. I've felt like this for years. -Charles Barkley

I love country music, but I also love gangster rap. -Anderson East

I was writing a script about the Joker menacing a regular person who had strayed into his path, and I needed to give him a gang of henchmen to work with him. The idea occurred to me, let's put in a female henchperson, because that seemed like a fun variation on the regular big thug guys. -Paul Dini

I really didn't have any plan for her other than the henchgirl role, who was better at getting laughs out of the other gang members than the Joker was. I gave her the name Harley Quinn because I thought Harley was a fun name for a girl, and a lot of 'Batman' character names have a bit of a pun to them, like E Nygma. -Paul Dini

I had one date in high school – that was it, and he didn't ask me out again, because I was taller than everybody. I was very gangly and awkward, and I wore weird clothes that I made. -Geena Davis

I'm the gorgeous gangster. -Cam'ron

Where is Conor? He wanna fight with a bus. I want to fight with a real gangster. Iaquinta, thank you so much. -Khabib Nurmagomedov

I guess the point of that song 'Troublemaker, Doppelganger' is trying to navigate the worth of beauty and if it's hurtful or helpful to value beauty. If it's a curse or a blessing. Is that something really negative and morbid, like the hearse, or is it the limousine – a glamorous symbol of enjoying life? -Lucy Dacus

I've been really pleasantly surprised by 'Guardians of the Galaxy.' I'd never really heard of that gang before, that comic series before. And I think when you go into those, watching those sort of films, you watch them with no expectation as well, so you're always kind of pleasantly surprised, I think. -Benedict Wong

Now, metaphorically, I sit at any table that I want. I can sit with the jocks, I can sit with the gang members, I can sit with the politicians, I can sit with the CEOs. My brand can fit anywhere. -Karen Civil

I think when people think of Compton, of course, they always think of gangster rap. But if you ever had an opportunity to go to Compton, you would know that Compton is a beautiful city. -Aja Brown

The perpetuation of gangster rap has really put a negative image on the city of Compton… So I look forward to addressing that image, changing it and making it more accurate. -Aja Brown

I never quite lived up to the image of the black man as I saw it growing up. I was never listening to the right music at the right time or wearing the right clothes at the right time. I was still listening to Michael Jackson, and everyone had sort of moved on to gangster rap. Alanis Morissette when everyone else was listening to En Vogue. -Justin Simien

'The Godfather' is the talismanic giant that hangs over everything in the gangster genre. -James Watkins

We want 'McMafia' to be a tense gangster story but also a family story. It's a collusion of those two worlds. -James Watkins

I had never heard of 'young adult novels,' which I guess are about teenage gangs and the new boy in town or something. -Andrew Sean Greer

I tried to join three gangs, and every single one gave me a different excuse, but it was pretty much along the lines of, 'You're too goofy. You're too cute. You don't fit in.' -Tiffany Haddish

The Valkyries were an idea that my boss and I came up with when, at the comic shop one day, I mentioned how great it would be if there were a girl gang for women working in comic shops. -Kate Leth

My parents are actors, and I'm the oldest of my siblings – I have three younger sisters and a brother who's my best friend. We're a close-knit, complicated family, but we spend a lot of time together, even though we live in different houses. We're a rambunctious gang! -Maya Hawke

I remember my first thing was 'CSI: Miami.' I played a Cuban gangster. And that was it. I was like, 'Wow, I don't have to clean toilets.' I could actually dress up and get paid equivalent to that. So that was my introduction into the Hollywood industry. -Richard Cabral

My family had been involved in gangs since the 1970s. -Richard Cabral

In this society, you have to belong to something, I feel, and all we have in the neighborhood is a gang. -Richard Cabral

My father figures were all gang members. -Richard Cabral

Nobody succeeds on their own. Someone has to be there to show them the way, and if you give that experience to a person on the street – a gang member, a prisoner – he might succeed. That's how it was for me. -Richard Cabral

If we grow up in these communities where we have gangs, well, what do you think we're going to belong to? That's what happened to me and what's still happening to hundreds of thousands of other individuals. -Richard Cabral

Homeboy Industries is a healing center for broken children. I was a broken child, and they showed me how to put all those pieces back together. It's not about being a gangster. It's about being a man or a woman trying to recover and live better. -Richard Cabral

Just like the rest of the world, I became a product of my environment, and this environment was gang culture. -Richard Cabral

I think 98% of gang members in Los Angeles would agree that being a gang is just like being part of a community. -Richard Cabral

When you're in a gang, you go through life like any other individual. You have certain obligations, but you are not forced to do anything. -Richard Cabral

Your only true obligation in a gang is to be committed and be there when your brothers need you. -Richard Cabral

I'm often the one in my gang of friends who's worried about how we're going to get from A to B. I'm the one running around saying, 'Is somebody going to do something about it?' Everyone else is bit more chilled. -Johnny Flynn

I was so gangly, even sneakers looked awkward. Everybody kind of goes through some phase, and it's hard if you're singled out for anything. But there was this one boy in particular who made fun of me, and – it's funny – then later, when we were 18 or 19, he wanted to go out with me. -Lauren Cohan

I went to Locke High School in Watts towards the end of the super gangbanging era. -Thundercat

We must be clear: Donald Trump is lying when he conflates immigrants coming across the border with MS-13 gangs. -Pramila Jayapal

I'm into having a good time and showing people you can have fun. Because for a long time, the West Coast, it wasn't about having fun. It was about gang banging; it just wasn't fun no more. So now I'm bringing fun back. -Mustard

I just want people to hear my music and feel good, go to the club, dance, have fun, and get home safe… none of that gang-banging stuff. -Mustard

I have a Crock-Pot, and I have an All-Clad slow-cooker – I have two different ones. The All-Clad is larger, for maybe a gang of people, and my Crock-Pot's a little smaller if I'm just making something for myself. -Milo Ventimiglia

I felt like I related to East Coast lyricism a little more. Because I couldn't be super gangsta. -Kyle

Music fills peoples with life. It doesn't have to be a 'happy song.' If you have that one song that relates to you, whether it's a sad song or a gangster song, whatever relates to you the most in that moment, it can literally get you through the day. -Kyle

I thought the musical aspect of 'Freak Dance' was a good contrast to how dancers always try to come off as really tough in those movies – they're trying to literally come off as gangs like as if the Crips and the Bloods are also dancing in addition or instead of fighting with guns and knives and stuff. -Matt Besser

Roles constantly have to be redefined in any form of entertainment. Look back at the gangster pics of the 1930s and 1940s and the way James Cagney or Humphrey Bogart would play the part. These roles were redefined in the 1970s by Al Pacino and Rober DeNiro. And again in the 1990s by Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins. -Paul Heyman

If you lose your house and your life savings to a broker, you'd probably throw them in the same category as the worst gangsters in history. Everybody's definition of carnage and evil is different. -Terence Winter

I was always interested in the 1920s and the gangster world, in general. -Terence Winter

There's a certain type of person drawn to the gangster world, and they're generally young men who were predisposed to violence and risk-taking, who like to make a lot of money quickly and wear flashy clothes. -Terence Winter

An anonymous person, which is 99 percent of the people on Twitter, can say my face looks like a foot or I'm Ted Cruz's doppelganger. That doesn't affect me. -Miles Teller

When I hung out with my Uncle Chris, things got real. He was fun, talkative, and loud. He was the life of the party and a magnet for mischief. Since he saw the world through a gangsta's lens, he wanted me to become tough and aggressive. -Lecrae

The leftist media does not understand that when you smear people – when you call them Nazis, when you call them Nazi-defenders, when you call them white supremacists – you are giving permission to the people that are closest to Nazis in America – these brown shirts, these Antifa gangs and thugs – to come out and attack people. -Candace Owens

I created the first black superhero who was not a gangbanger or an African chief but was rather a college graduate and a professional, which I think is a big accomplishment. -Neal Adams

There are people there who live, work, and have lives. Not everybody who lives in Detroit is a gangsta. -Sam Richardson

In hip hop, 'real' has always meant one who represents in actuality what they present in imagery. For instance, once upon a time, if a rapper spoke about being gangsta, they needed to truly be that, or they were 'frontin.' -Amanda Seales

I used to tell my friends, 'Art Blakey is way more gangster than Eazy-E!' I ended up getting my friends into jazz, and all of a sudden there was this little group of kids in the middle of South Central that were all into hard-bop. -Kamasi Washington

People talk about gangs as if they're something new. But it really isn't that way. The Democratic Party is a gang. The Republican Party is a gang. They're just not in the streets anymore. -Wes Studi

Ninety percent of the general public aren't gangstas, so all of the rappers aren't going to be gangstas. -Freddie Gibbs

I wasn't fully aware of the things that Madlib did musically, but my manager put me up on game. I'm not gonna act like I was a Madlib head when I wasn't. I didn't understand a lot of it at first. But it opened my mind to some things, and it's me bringing that gangster element to things that he does. It's like a perfect marriage. -Freddie Gibbs

I'm trying to bring gangster rap back to the forefront, like in the early '90s. -Freddie Gibbs

My core thing is gangster rap, but a lot of my music is melodic and carries a message of survival. -Freddie Gibbs

I just want to put my stamp on all kinds of music. Everything I do is going to be gangsta rap, street-based, street-oriented. -Freddie Gibbs

I wanted to be a gangsta from birth, not because of the music but moreso what I was seeing, what my uncles were doing. I was just fascinated with the street lifestyle from a young age. -Freddie Gibbs

When kids tune in and see Jordan Devlin, Trent Seven, Pete Dunne, Wolfgang on the WWE Network, and then they see a poster at the town hall for their local wrestling show, they're gonna say, 'Oh my God, that's Pete Dunne. I wanna go see him.' -Finn Balor

I couldn't get roles as bad guys. They could see John Travolta as a gangster but not me, really. But, you know, that's just how things are. -Sinbad

Hey, you gotta love a gangsta girl. Even the suburban and preppy girls wanna be gangsta girls. That's the whole gimmick to it. Everybody wants to be a gangsta girl. -Mannie Fresh

America's a gangbanger country. We got our gang, and everything else is irrelevant. -Michael Che

I've been in the newspapers since I was about 15 – not for rapping, but for real substantive stuff I was doing in the community, organizing around gang violence in the schools. So I had already made my grandma proud before I was on TV. I've always been who I am. -Killer Mike

For all my proclivities for thuggery, I am a typical middle-class dad. I'm a gangsta rap suburban father! -Killer Mike

If you want street fight, let's go. If you want boxing, I show you. But people think I am, like, gangster. No. Ring is different world. Very dangerous. -Gennady Golovkin

I'm not a gangster. I'm a musician. -Mike Dean

The thing that was fascinating and frustrating about Pac was that he clearly knew better than to go down the gangster road that he went down. Pac knew – and he was right – that thug energy could be redirected into fearless positivity. -Cheo Hodari Coker

I don't think I constantly have to be on a promotional spree or be seen in the newspapers every day or even be part of social parties and film gangs. I'm having my own set of journey, and I am happy with it because I don't want to be like everybody. -Ileana D'Cruz

Apoorva Raagangal,' 'Moondru Mudichu,' 'Avargal' – these were all my guru K. Balachander's films; I became a hero with these three films. -Rajinikanth

You are not going to silence me. You are not going to silence America. You are literally like a little gangster thug. Rubio just threatened to silence me. -Alex Jones

I started this gang called the Proud Boys. -Gavin McInnes

Musically, 'Fallen' is a cross between 'Belus' and something new, inspired more by the debut album and 'Det Som Engang Var' than by 'Hvis Lyset Tar Oss' or 'Filosofem.' -Varg Vikernes

Jacare is a gangster. He's been in the game for a long time. -Luke Rockhold

We lived in a tough neighbourhood where there were gangs, and although my mum made sure I studied at school, they also allowed me to follow my dream to play football. -Roberto Firmino

Accosting somebody in public can be regrettable. Accosting a gangster can be hazardous. -Chael Sonnen

Now I will bop my head to gangsta music – I'm not going to lie. -Metta World Peace

In 'Vagabond,' I'm acting like a gangster; it's very tough. I have to use my body for action scenes, and there is nothing gentlemanly about this character at all. -Lee Seung-gi

If you look at my acting career, I never played a role that was similar to anything my brother played. I was always cast as the bad guy or a gangster, because my brother didn't do those kind of roles. -Charlie Murphy

In 'The Hate U Give,' I play Big Mav', who was incarcerated for a number of years and is raising three children. He was a gang member but reformed himself, and he's trying to empower his children, help them understand the best way to keep out of trouble. -Russell Hornsby

I was like, 'I can't do grime. That's for kids.' – I was 20 at the time, and I thought I was a gangsta, a proper rude boy. -Skepta

I've been into clothes since I was a kid, going to garage raves and seeing all the Tottenham gangsters wearing Moschino and Versace; I just always had a passion for it. -Skepta

I originally got my name after a gun because the way I rap; a gangster gave me the name in 1988. -Tech N9ne

When it comes to gang-based child exploitation, it is self-evident to anyone who cares to look that if you look at all the recent high-profile cases, there is a high proportion of men that are of Pakistani heritage. -Sajid Javid

When I heard about grooming gangs where almost every individual involved is of Pakistani heritage, I can't help noting that. But I can't helping noting the fact that Rochdale is a town that means something to me, and I'm also of Pakistani heritage. -Sajid Javid

In Telugu, I have 'Bejawada Rowdilu,' a movie on the gang war culture in Vijayawada. -Ram Gopal Varma

Individuals who have demonstrated serious violent behaviour or have been involved in gang activity have forfeited the right to ever be trusted to own a firearm. -Andrew Scheer

All my doppelgangers are random girls. -Kirstin Maldonado

As a teenager, I was very awkward in my skin. I was never in the cool gang. I had braces and was quite the geek as well as a tomboy. -Kalki Koechlin

You don't have to be a gangster rapper to be successful. You can do anything. -YG

When I caught my case and went to jail, I could have caught a gang of extra time. -YG

I am very excited to be a part of 'Roadies Real Heroes,' as it has been one of my favourite reality shows, and I am now ready for an adventurous journey as one of the gang leaders on the show. -Sandeep Singh

I got into an argument with someone because I said I think 2Pac will be regarded as a great poet. They said he was just a punk gangster. People said the same thing about Francois Villon, and he's now considered the best French Romantic poet of all time. -Scott Glenn

When I started coming to the U.S., they were offering me only the typical stereotypical roles: the druggard, the criminal, the gang member, or in the best-case scenario, the gardener or the cook. I was fed up with all these roles that were always the same. And I promised I would try to change the image of Latinos in Hollywood. -Eugenio Derbez

It was Osgood-Schlatters. It wasn't good. It's a growing pains thing, and I had to have a lot of treatment on it. I just shot up immediately and didn't have any kind of physique to deal with it physically. I was tall, all arms and legs, and a bit gangly. -Jordan Henderson

We get the impression through film and TV that Americans are violent gangsters with guns or upper-middle-class people in romcoms. I really liked the people. They were really warm. They could have been Brits. I mean that in the nicest possible way. -David Jason

It was very difficult when I was young because there are problems with violence, gangs, guns, drugs – a criminal life. I had friends that choose a criminal life. Some of them are in prison, and some of them are dead. They chose the bad way. -Lucas Moura

This is the problem with the United States: there's no leadership. A leader would say, 'Police brutality is an oxymoron. There are no brutal police. The minute you become brutal you're no longer police.' So, what, we're not dealing with police. We're dealing with a federally authorized gang. -KRS-One

Hip-hop is not about crime. Hip-hop is not about being a gangster. -KRS-One

People say I contradict myself because I come gangsta and teach at the same time. I don't want to be too much on either side, but I do want to speak to all audiences. -KRS-One

I definitely had a gang influence with friends and family growing up in South Central, and people might think that Beverly Hills definitely shielded me from some problems. But in actuality, it only opened up a whole new can of worms. -Spencer Paysinger

Our Bollywood industry works in such a way that when an actor is seen in a gangster's role, he is offered similar roles. -Pankaj Tripathi

I prefer comedy, as I have to act while playing a gangster. I have to put in a lot of effort to turn into a gangster, as I am not like that in real life. In comedy, one doesn't have to take up such stress. -Pankaj Tripathi

I'm not one of those one-man-gang type of players. I'm a guy who has to rely on his teammates, to play within the team structure. -Chris Mullin

A rock-and-roll group needed a name that fit criteria in three areas: It had to be great for a bowling team; it had to be great for a gang; and it had to be great for a rock-and-roll group. So we called ourselves Dion and the Belmonts. -Dion DiMucci

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