Best Quotes About Funky

I find Indian music very funky. I mean it's very soulful, with their own kind of blues. But it's the only other school on the planet that develops improvisation to the high degree that you find in jazz music. So we have a lot of common ground. -John McLaughlin

I was the good Bond girl, but I wanted to have the dresses and the high heels. I wanted the funky, sexy name. -Izabella Scorupco

I've always seen myself as sort of this funky, eclectic artist. -Suzy Bogguss

I have seen great jazz musicians die obscure and drinking themselves to death and not really being able to get any work and working in small, funky jazz clubs. -Sonny Rollins

There's a lot of people over time who have brought out all these funky records that everybody has started jumping on like a catch phrase… When Planet Rock came out, then you had all of the electro funk records. -Afrika Bambaataa

Some ideas you have to chew on, then roll them around a lot, play with them before you can turn them into funky science fiction. -Rudy Rucker

I started off with the really funky stuff like Ramsey Lewis, Milt Jackson, Kenny Burrell. -Robert Quine

I was using tape loops for dancers and dance production. I had very funky primitive equipment, in fact technology wasn't very good no matter how much money you had. -Terry Riley

I love funky styles. Not preppy or rock, just funky! -Vanessa Hudgens

I go outside, and I'm wearing a funky T-shirt and my hair is dirty, and people say, 'What's wrong with her? She needs to invest in a hairbrush.' -Kristen Stewart

It's like James Brown used to say… I don't know, but whatever I play it's got to be funky. -Curtis Jones

I definitely spend the most money on shoes, partly because vintage footwear can be a little funky – in a bad way. I like to keep things pretty simple up top and then go weird with the shoes. -Chloe Sevigny

I've always leaned toward a feminine, funky style, even in business settings. I used to paint my nails blue in 1993, before it was mainstream. -Sara Blakely

Funk, I don't think I have anything to do with funk. I've never considered myself funky. -David Bowie

The early influences, in many ways, were in Baltimore. I was passing open windows where there might be a radio playing something funky. In the summertime, sometimes there'd be a man sitting on a step, playing an acoustic guitar, playing some kind of folk blues. The seed had been planted. -Jerry Leiber

At work, you want to stand out but not in extra-funky ways. At the core, it's about dressing for girls – who are most of my fans – and you want to dress up for them. You just want to feel like you're on top of your game. -John Legend

When I was growing up and listening to bands like the Dave Clark Five, the groove was what initially got me going. I really like that funky, heavy groove. -Eddie Van Halen

I'm dead serious about my craft and just really serious about making music in itself. I take pride in making songs and albums where no two songs sound alike. That's the challenge and that's what it's all about, to keep it original and fresh and funky. -Big Boi

My personal style is kind of tomboy-boho chic! Sort of funky but simple. -Jessica Szohr

White people couldn't do black music back in the day because they weren't funky or bad enough. They weren't from the ghettoes, but hip-hop and R&B changed all of that because white kids want to be down with it. They wanted to learn it so they studied the culture. It's kind of a cool thing because we shouldn't be so separate. -Narada Michael Walden

When I discovered Gil Scott-Heron, I discovered a musical hero, a man who spoke baritone truth to power over jazzy funk at a time when funky music was primarily about shake, shake, shaking your booty. -Will Hermes

I love shorts in the colder climates, because you can wear them with chunky sweaters and jackets. It's cute and funky. -Rachel Bilson

I am working on a dress sock line of funky, colorful, cool designs. -Rob Kardashian

It was actually my partner, Bernard Edwards, who helped me develop my sort of funky jazz style. -Nile Rodgers

I'm still Elliott Yamin. I'm still the funky white Jewish boy from Richmond, Va. -Elliott Yamin

I am really into color and bright clothing. When I'm wearing heels, I always like to throw some different colors into my outfit, so it doesn't match. That gives my look a retro and funky feel. -Leah LaBelle

Brooklyn's good. Brooklyn's funky. Brooklyn's happening. -Waris Dirie

It'll be the Internet and piracy that will kill film. There's a philosophy that the Internet should be free, but the reality is that piracy will destroy the film industry and film as an art form because it's expensive to make a movie. Maybe you'll have funky little independent movies, and it'll go back and then start up again some other way. -Helen Mirren

I love old funky things. Color just makes me happy, and things all lined up. -Bobbi Brown

I've always loved the mixture of crushing live drums with a programmed groove, that really cool blend, like in the verse there's a really funky drum beat that is programmed then it comes in to the chorus; you've got that enormous human feel where the band kicks in. -Tommy Lee

I like Akon, I like some of Lil Wayne when he uses that funky voice. Anything progressive. -Afrika Bambaataa

I don't like posh hotels. I like small, eclectic hotels, and luxury for me would mean really good company with good food in a really funky, beautiful house in the middle of a field where someone came and serviced the place for us. -Amanda Donohoe

You get funky things in Goa, so I like shopping there. Paris and Milan are also my preferred shopping destinations. -Karisma Kapoor

When I perform, I like to wear funky flats, leather boots or knee-high Converse with bright laces. Then I can dance and not worry about falling. -China Anne McClain

Unfortunately, I'm an engineer. I'm always thinking about, what's the task and how do I get it done? And some of my tasks are pretty broad, and pretty fuzzy, and pretty funky, but that's the way I think. -Michael Porter

James Brown was my favorite, my absolute idol. Every time I played with him was like a music lesson, and I never thought I could be so funky! I mean, a white boy from Canada – a Jew – getting down with his funky bad self! -Paul Shaffer

Between Prince and my dad's fusion-jazz records, I didn't have a choice in being funky. -Patrick Stump

My closet is a sea of black pants, skirts, tops, and bags, so it's great to come across a brand that makes me want to break out of my fashion rut! The Sequence Collection is an accessories line that is all about color, from funky woven bracelets to brightly-patterned bags. -Amanda Hearst

Compared to overdeveloped islands like Nassau, Bimini has kept its original charm. Walk the streets to see colorfully painted houses, funky shops, and trade greetings with friendly Biminites. -Amanda Hearst

I don't have to try to be perfect because I know that my fans like me for who I am. They like me because I am weird and kind of funky, but still really calm. -Bella Thorne

Buying insurance is no one's idea of fun. And it's especially easy to berate something as funky-sounding as writing checks to defend our neighborhoods against apartment-size rocks from space. But this is one insurance pitch that makes perfect sense. Ask the dinos. -Seth Shostak

Ask any teenage girl to describe her perfect bedroom, and you'll get answers like 'a room with a private phone line, a place to hang out with friends, and for it to be way-cool and funky.' Ask parents the same question, and 'a locked door that opens on their 21st birthday' might top the list! -Candice Olson

I honestly really, really love Topshop. I've bought a lot of booties from there. I think they have a great selection of really funky booties at Topshop. My splurge would be a pair of leather Christian Louboutin over-the-knee boots. They're sick! I would do a really stretchy skinny jean under a black turtleneck and call it a day! -Adrienne Bailon

'I Want To Hold Your Hand' is a great classic by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, I sure love that song. I did like the classic version, a rock-oriented song, then someone heard me do it with the Grant Green approach – Grant Green and Larry Young did it, with a bossa nova beat on the funky side. -George Benson

I honestly really, really love Topshop. I've bought a lot of booties from there. I think they have a great selection of really funky booties at Topshop. -Adrienne Bailon

New Orleans style is funky – it's just as experimental as the city. There aren't any rules. If you want to wear a polka-dot shirt and some crazy pants, you can get away with it there. -Benjamin Booker

Seattle's support system got me through those early, difficult years. It was a very funky, very friendly, very relaxed place that had it all for a writer. -Alan Furst

I like to wear colourful clothes because they make me feel happy: short-shorts with funky tights and big jumpers are what I'm into. And I wear most things with hi-top trainers – I'm not a huge fan of heels. -Eliza Doolittle

Without sulfites, wine may smell and taste funky or re-ferment in the bottle. Many distributors and shop owners are consequently reluctant to stock wines made without sulfites. -Roger Morris

I love Major League Soccer, covered the first game in 1996 in a funky stadium in San Jose, and I applaud just about every move that its commissioners, Garber and Doug Logan, have made. -George Vecsey

I think that when you carry a certain kind of energy, if you have, like, a funky energy that you hold within yourself, you just can't grow. -Ciara

Being a drummer, I'm always like, 'Oh, that's got a funky beat. That's cool,' and I like to dance. -Tommy Lee

I am pop, but like to shake things up a bit – funky things people wouldn't expect. -Manika

As time passed on, got to hear some players who were straight up funky, not just jazz. Nat Adderley, for instance – he's a funky trumpet player, so he was my man. -Cynthia Robinson

My favorite was the one about 'Snow White'. Those funky little guys with the beards. The poisonous apple. And that cool mirror the evil stepmother used to talk to. You know, she'd ask it all these questions: Who's the nicest? Who's the sweetest… Who's the fairest of them all? And for a while, everything was hunky-dory. -Kathi Appelt

I ate some pretty funky, authentic Chinese food in Hong Kong. There was an egg from some bird that's not a chicken. I can't remember what it was, but it was green and brown and not very tasty. -John Legend

I have always liked knives. Then somebody gave me one. Then somebody gave me another one. Then I liked having them and started buying them. I started finding ones I liked, ones with funky blades. -Tim Duncan

I got some funky scholarships to play soccer and did well in my SATs, so I went off to college and then grad school but found that that wasn't me. My family, relieved I seemed to have come to my senses, were happy to let me go to film school. -Duncan Jones

Swanky means classy and funky. -Jidenna

I'm the guy on the corner that is slightly peculiar but fun and funky. -Jidenna

You can catch me in whatever's funky, whatever's got that swag. If it's got that swag, I'm putting it on. -Desiigner

When I was first going out to funky events, it was a lovely kind of music to dance to – it had such a nice vibe. -Kyla Reid

I thought I was a hippie, bro. I wore Birkenstocks every day. I went to a Christian high school, so I was pretty funky. The teachers didn't give me a hard time, though, even though I was totally way out of line in terms of my dress code. -Paul Walker

We're such a funky species. We're so violent, so greedy – this is how we roll. But what are we going to do about it? How do we move forward given who we are? Because situations don't come out of nothing. They come out of certain conditions. -Jeff Bridges

I love to perform, to give glory to God with my own brand of funky gospel music. I think it's my mission to show people that God, that Jesus, can be cool. -Tyka Nelson

Get off the beaten path… If you want to find those mom-and-pop joints, those funky little places, just ask around. -Guy Fieri

If it tastes really good, and it's funky, it's funkalicous. If the guy making it is funky, he's funkintacious. -Guy Fieri

You can tune your guitar funky, and something's gonna come out. There's no secret to it – either you got it, or you don't. -Dimebag Darrell

We never know what the Street is going to do with the funky trading. -Steve Wynn

I've tried coconut water straight up before, and to me, it's a little funky. -Yvonne Strahovski

'Swagger' would be the word for 'Dirt On My Boots.' With the real funky drum loop and the ganjo rolling down, and then the fiddles and the guitar and steel, it really took an old school style where it's fiddle, steel, guitar, and mixed it with a drum loop. -Jon Pardi

We already do a couple numbers with chairs – chairs being a classic, Bob Fosse-ish, showbizzy prop, but the punk element is that it's just me and Stephanie and this funky band from Austin. -Megan Mullally

I have a high range. Sometimes I sound like Stevie Winwood. Some people say I sound like Peter Gabriel. Some of the songs I write are funky. Others are slow. Some are ponderous, and some are there to shock. I must say some are pretty damn good, too. -Murray Head

MAC always has the cool, funky products. -Justine Skye

I love 'Yo Gabba Gabba!' because it's a real kids' show. There hasn't been a real kids' show since 'Dora the Explorer.' It mixes hip-hop with being a kid. Hip-hop came from youths anyway. It's just a great, funky show. -Biz Markie

We listen to a lot of classical and a lot of jazz, and so you get some funky notes here and there. And we get a little experimental in some of the deeper tracks. -Synyster Gates

I like to style myself and aim to wear the coolest of clothes that I can lay my hands on! It's my conscious effort to look different and dress up funky. I feel elated that people notice the crazy things I do. -Nia Sharma

I saw 'The War Wagon' with John Wayne and Kirk Douglas, but it was dubbed into German. And it had Japanese subtitles and then this little strip with some Spanish words, and I've never forgotten that weird image. It was so magical and funky. -Luis Alberto Urrea

I know how I like my house. I like it cute and cozy and a little funky, and I like it to feel lived in and worn, and I like the things inside of it to work. That's all. And for me, it's fine that my house's interior suggests that I might not spend every waking moment thinking about how it looks. -Glennon Doyle Melton

Whether you're driving it short or you drive it far, you got to be in the fairway because the rough's brutal, and if you get out of the rough into some of these bunkers, you can get some funky lies. -Dustin Johnson

It's such a great city, visually. You can't get that kind of look in Canada that you can get in Boston: the old-brick historical buildings, the winding streets, the old but funky neighborhoods like Southie and Somerville. You can't get that elsewhere. It's a very unique place in that way. -Brad Anderson

If I'm wearing a vintage '50s-style dress, I'll wear some funky, wild shoes by a contemporary designer. -Hannah Bronfman

I like to design funky things, and I love to mix prints and patterns together. -Ashley Nell Tipton

I like very funky stuff – I tend to be attracted to flare pants and anything that has glitter. -Ravyn Lenae

I love how most people in 'Sixteen Candles' don't actually look their age. It adds to the movie's funky and low-budget vibe. -Phoebe Robinson

I was a funky kid. -SZA

I got a phone message from Janet Jackson saying, 'Hi, I love 'Losing My Edge', can you do me something funky and dirty like that?' I can't really do off-the-peg stuff, so I never called back. -James Murphy

The process of getting into Miranda mode is simply making sure I'm as gross as possible. I make sure I'm wearing funky clothes and a lot of lipstick, and I'm good to go. -Colleen Ballinger

Rihanna is so into rock, and she gives me an empty canvas to work with. I get to do wild solos and crunch up the rhythms. It's rock, it's R&B, it's hip-hop, it's funky – all totally up my alley. -Nuno Bettencourt

I had a lot of funky things as a kid. I had dinosaurs and comic book stuff. I was eccentric; imagination drove my decor. Dinosaurs, for sure, were in there! -Brian Tee

I love movies; many an afternoon skipping school were spent in a funky, run-down Brooklyn movie theater. -Dan Fogler

I think Slayer is a funky band. -Robert Trujillo

Sabbath is always some of the best music ever. And the reason is because it grooves. It's funky. It's heavy. It's got lots of great changes, twists, and turns. -Robert Trujillo

I'm just telling you: I don't know what the heck I'm talking about – I'm just an old funky college coach – but Deshaun Watson is the best by a long shot. -Dabo Swinney

I love that about college football. I love all the funky matchups. I love the Funky Cold Medina Poulan Weed Eater Bowl. I love all of that. I like the crazy games. There's obviously a market for it because them TVs love to put it on there. -Dabo Swinney

Rita Ora can go real out there with her fashion, but then there's some stuff that she does that I just love; I think it's so cool and funky. -Ashley Roberts

Growing up in the '80s in central New Jersey as a weird kid with a blue mohawk listening to the Sex Pistols and dressing really funky, I was bullied pretty badly. It was every single day in elementary school and kept going into middle school, too. I felt totally alone, without a single person there for me. -Michelle Visage

With James Brown, I just learn the lyrics and then get out there and get funky with it and let my spirit free. But doing Charles Bradley, it's a lot of true, intimate words coming out of me that show me the picture inside myself. -Charles Bradley

I'm not afraid of colours. In fact, I love them. I like experimenting and wear funky colours for fun. -Asin

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