Best Quotes About Fugitive

I feel like a fugitive from the law of averages. -Bill Mauldin

The ideal beauty is a fugitive which is never found. -Joan Rivers

A string of excited, fugitive, miscellaneous pleasures is not happiness; happiness resides in imaginative reflection and judgment, when the picture of one's life, or of human life, as it truly has been or is, satisfies the will, and is gladly accepted. -George Santayana

There is in most passions a shrinking away from ourselves. The passionate pursuer has all the earmarks of a fugitive. -Eric Hoffer

I figured out how to catch fugitives without a gun. -John Walsh

The accumulation of personal wealth and the extension of commercial transactions have developed a great and lamentable increase in certain classes of crimes, while the improvements in transport have largely facilitated the escape of fugitive criminals. -Edward Blake

Fugitive slaves were rare then, and as a fugitive slave lecturer, I had the advantage of being the first one out. -Frederick Douglass

Modernity is the transitory, the fugitive, the contingent, which make up one half of art, the other being the eternal and the immutable. This transitory fugitive element, which is constantly changing, must not be despised or neglected. -Charles Baudelaire

Unless they're a fugitive or a felon, or adjudicated mentally ill, we're not against them buying guns at all. -Sarah Brady

We can constitutionally extirpate slavery at this time. But if we fail to do this, then unless we intend hereafter to violate the Constitution, we shall have a fugitive slave law in operation whenever the war is over. -Jay Alan Sekulow

We also have a tendency to root for the fugitive. We're always on the side of the animal being chased. -Norman Jewison

We are all in a race for dear life: that is to say, we are fugitives from death. -Theodor Reik

Modernity signifies the transitory, the fugitive, the contingent, the half of art of which the other half is the eternal and the immutable. -Charles Baudelaire

We're going to see fugitives and felons, eventually, being able to get guns much more easily. -Sarah Brady

Born on a mountain, raised in a cave. Arresting fugitives is all I crave. -Duane Chapman

You know, back in the 1950s and '60s, when J. Edgar Hoover was making the FBI the respected organization it used to be, oftentimes they would find a fugitive and basically have his house surrounded, and then put out a press release saying he was on the top 10 most wanted list. And 10 minutes later, he'd be arrested. -Howie Carr

Once when I was a fugitive, I was working for a law firm in Denver. -Kevin Mitnick

My hacking was all about becoming the best at circumventing security. So when I was a fugitive, I worked systems administrator jobs to make money. I wasn't stealing money or using other people's credit cards. I was doing a 9-to-5 job. -Kevin Mitnick

I'm not a fugitive anymore. Never will be in the future. After spending five years in jail, you learn your lesson. I never want to return there. -Kevin Mitnick

A decent beard has long been the number one must-have fashion item for any fugitive from justice. -Craig Brown

I'm not really a fugitive. -Paul Watson

No offense to Iceland, but Latin America is where the fugitive leaker Edward Snowden should settle. -Stephen Kinzer

Knowing constitutional law helps one at the opera. The trial in 'Billy Budd,' as example, invokes the fugitive slave clause of the U.S. Constitution. -Karen DeCrow

You could be a victim, you could be a hero, you could be a villain, or you could be a fugitive. But you could not just stand by. If you were in Europe between 1933 and 1945, you had to be something. -Alan Furst

We believe Russian-American relations are broader and larger than emotions and mutual grudges, including the situation with the U.S. fugitive Edward Snowden. -Sergei Lavrov

The legal right of the Southern people to reclaim their fugitives I have constantly admitted. The legal right of Congress to interfere with their institution in the states, I have constantly denied. -Abraham Lincoln

The most valuable writers are those in whom we find not themselves, or ourselves, or the fugitive era of their lifetimes, but the common vision of all times. -Paul Horgan

To me, the New Jersey law enforcement community, and many other Americans, one of the biggest impediments to improved relations between the United States and Cuba is the continued safe haven provided to the fugitive, Joanne Chesimard. -Rodney Frelinghuysen

I would give illegal immigrants already here a three-month grace period to apply for a temporary worker's visa. If they failed to apply within that time frame, they would be considered fugitives, and they would be found and deported. -Chuck Norris

I was a fugitive, taking risks with my life. I chose that. I chose to be a volunteer to go to Guatemala when they were having their earthquake, to help people with a team of doctors. -Abbie Hoffman

Of course methane is a fossil fuel, but as long as it is burned efficiently and fugitive emissions of methane gas are minimised, it is a less harmful fossil fuel than coal and oil and is an important way-station on the global journey towards low-carbon energy. -Mark Walport

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