Best Quotes About Forgotten

Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten. -B. F. Skinner

Time extracts various values from a painter's work. When these values are exhausted the pictures are forgotten, and the more a picture has to give, the greater it is. -Henri Matisse

An injury is much sooner forgotten than an insult. -Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

What the mass media offers is not popular art, but entertainment which is intended to be consumed like food, forgotten, and replaced by a new dish. -W. H. Auden

The fact must never be forgotten that no magazine publisher in the United States could give what it is giving to the reader each month if it were not for the revenue which the advertiser brings the magazine. -Edward Bok

He was a tubby little chap who looked as if he had been poured into his clothes and had forgotten to say 'when!' -P. G. Wodehouse

All the things one has forgotten scream for help in dreams. -Elias Canetti

For who can bear to feel himself forgotten? -W. H. Auden

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. -Mother Teresa

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. -Albert Einstein

Great indebtedness does not make men grateful, but vengeful; and if a little charity is not forgotten, it turns into a gnawing worm. -Friedrich Nietzsche

Fanaticism consists of redoubling your effort when you have forgotten your aim. -George Santayana

Pray always for all the learned, the oblique, the delicate. Let them not be quite forgotten at the throne of God when the simple come into their kingdom. -Evelyn Waugh

I often think that could we creep behind the actor's eyes, we would find an attic of forgotten toys and a copy of the Domesday Book. -Laurence Olivier

Work is the order of the day, just as it was at one time, with our first starts and our best efforts. Do you remember? Therein lies its delight. It brings back the forgotten; one's stores of energy, seemingly exhausted, come back to life. -Boris Pasternak

It is a simple but sometimes forgotten truth that the greatest enemy to present joy and high hopes is the cultivation of retrospective bitterness. -Robert Menzies

Anger will never disappear so long as thoughts of resentment are cherished in the mind. Anger will disappear just as soon as thoughts of resentment are forgotten. -John Dryden

Eaten bread is forgotten. -Thomas Fuller

Who are we? We find that we live on an insignificant planet of a humdrum star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a universe in which there are far more galaxies than people. -Carl Sagan

My biggest fear in life is to be forgotten. -Evita Peron

It's so long since I've had sex I've forgotten who ties up who. -Joan Rivers

The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions – the little, soon forgotten charities of a kiss or a smile, a kind look or heartfelt compliment. -Samuel Taylor Coleridge

We did it Disneyland, in the knowledge that most of the people I talked to thought it would be a financial disaster – closed and forgotten within the first year. -Walt Disney

Some books are undeservedly forgotten; none are undeservedly remembered. -W. H. Auden

Nobody is forgotten when it is convenient to remember him. -Benjamin Disraeli

If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten. -Rudyard Kipling

Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time… I think I’ve forgotten this before. -Steven Wright

A nation which has forgotten the quality of courage which in the past has been brought to public life is not as likely to insist upon or regard that quality in its chosen leaders today – and in fact we have forgotten. -John F. Kennedy

Friendships are forgotten when the game begins. -Alvin Dark

When it was over, I was so happy, I felt like crying. I wanted to win this one for Casey. After what I did in Brooklyn, he could have forgotten about me and who would blame him? But he gave me another chance and I'm grateful. -Don Larsen

Baseball hasn't forgotten me. I go to a lot of old-timers games and I haven't lost a thing. I sit in the bullpen and let people throw things at me. Just like old times. -Bob Uecker

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. -Aaron Siskind

We made them drink poison last night and Saddam Hussein's soldiers and his great forces gave the Americans a lesson which will not be forgotten by history. Truly. -Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

Experience is what you have after you've forgotten her name. -Milton Berle

Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them. -George Eliot

Women still remember the first kiss after men have forgotten the last. -Remy de Gourmont

The light that radiates from the great novels time can never dim, for human existence is perpetually being forgotten by man and thus the novelists' discoveries, however old they may be, will never cease to astonish. -Milan Kundera

Without the meditative background that is criticism, works become isolated gestures, historical accidents, soon forgotten. -Milan Kundera

The poet speaks to all men of that other life of theirs that they have smothered and forgotten. -Edith Sitwell

The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten. -Calvin Coolidge

Martyrs, my friend, have to choose between being forgotten, mocked or used. As for being understood – never. -Albert Camus

There are men here and there to whom the whole of life is like an after-dinner hour with a cigar; easy, pleasant, empty, perhaps enlivened by some fable of strife to be forgotten – before the end is told – even if there happens to be any end to it. -Joseph Conrad

To want fame is to prefer dying scorned than forgotten. -Emil Cioran

There is nothing that people bear more impatiently, or forgive less, than contempt: and an injury is much sooner forgotten than an insult. -Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

Without fullness of experience, length of days is nothing. When fullness of life has been achieved, shortness of days is nothing. That is perhaps why the young have usually so little fear of death; they live by intensities that the elderly have forgotten. -Lewis Mumford

Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat. -Mother Teresa

I've never understood why people consider youth a time of freedom and joy. It's probably because they have forgotten their own. -Margaret Atwood

One of the most obvious facts about grown-ups, to a child, is that they have forgotten what it is like to be a child. -Randall Jarrell

France, and the whole of Europe have a great culture and an amazing history. Most important thing though is that people there know how to live! In America they've forgotten all about it. I'm afraid that the American culture is a disaster. -Johnny Depp

Is there something we have forgotten? Some precious thing we have lost, wandering in strange lands? -Arna Bontemps

I've watched films and even forgotten I'm in them. -Bob Hoskins

I have a hot memory, but I know I've forgotten many things, too, just squashed things in favor of survival. -Iggy Pop

When I'm out on the stage, it gives me this rush and anything that's on my mind and everything I'm going through is forgotten about. -Fantasia Barrino

So much of what we do is ephemeral and quickly forgotten, even by ourselves, so it's gratifying to have something you have done linger in people's memories. -John Williams

Dad, wherever you are, you are gone but you will never be forgotten. -Conrad Hall

Has God forgotten all I have done for Him. -Louis XIV

That the poor are invisible is one of the most important things about them. They are not simply neglected and forgotten as in the old rhetoric of reform; what is much worse, they are not seen. -Michael Harrington

I have never forgotten my days as an Eagle Scout. I didn't know it at the time, but what really came out of my Scouting was learning how to lead and serve the community. It has come in handy in my career in government. -Lloyd Bentsen

Although as a boy I had dreamed about going into space, I had completely forgotten about that until one day I received a call from an astronaut, who suggested that I should join the program. -David M. Brown

As Beckett said, it's not enough to die, one has to be forgotten as well. -John Hurt

The sword is very handsome. I am too old and infirm, as you see, to ever use a sword again, but I am glad that my old mother state has not entirely forgotten me. -George Rogers Clark

The quarrel of the sociologists with the historians is that the latter have learned so much about how to do it that they have forgotten what to do. They have become so skilled in finding facts that they have no use for the truths that would make the facts worth finding. -Albion W. Small

One morning I woke up and was plunged into psychological shock. I had forgotten I was free. -Jack Henry Abbott

Revived in this country the long forgotten beauties of Gothic architecture. -James Wyatt

The near stillness recalls what is forgotten, extinct angels. -Georg Trakl

One would have to have completely forgotten the history of science so as to not remember that the desire to know nature has had the most constant and the happiest influence on the development of mathematics. -Henri Poincare

There is nothing new except what has been forgotten. -Marie Antoinette

I have seen all, I have heard all, I have forgotten all. -Marie Antoinette

Rock became an incredible commercial success, people just became bored with serious music, and it was forgotten. -Henry Flynt

Negative humor is forgotten immediately. It's the stuff that makes us feel better about our lives that lives long. Much more satisfying. Enter children's books. -Berkeley Breathed

We need to remind our core supporters that we have not forgotten their concern with the way our democracy is being replaced by European bureaucracy in so many areas. -John Redwood

I am relying on the theory that playing golf is just like riding a bike and that I haven't forgotten how. -Jennifer Wyatt

I think he came to the front door and rang the bell, and Maggie let him in, and he said he had forgotten his key; so I think she must have been down stairs. -Lizzie Andrew Borden

There certainly have been a lot of changes, although they come in such gradations that most people have either forgotten, or, if they're too young, they never knew about them in the first place. -John Saxon

Without a good cultural policy, without adequate help, we will always have individualists, shooting stars who are rapidly forgotten or who stop painting for a more profitable occupation. -Ralph Allen

Just to be remembered is good enough for me. Lots of people are forgotten. -Sadie Frost

Let the grand errand into America never be forgotten. -Ezra Stiles

Later in the fifties I got involved in kinetic studies using my long forgotten math background. -William Standish Knowles

All alone in a committee room of the Senate Office Building in Washington, I was reading the dry typewritten pages in an unpublished report of an almost forgotten congressional committee hearing. -Robert W. Welch, Jr.

Let no vandalism of avarice or neglect, no ravages of time, testify to the present or to the coming generations, that we have forgotten, as a people, the cost of a free and undivided Republic. -John A. Logan

As we rise higher in the understanding of ourselves, the national and racial dissonances will be forgotten in the universal rhythms of Truth and Love. -Ruth St. Denis

When really you've gone to drama school and rep and then you've come to London and gone to auditions and you've worked, solidly, for years. But that all gets forgotten. -Julia Ormond

Have we so soon forgotten those four years of terrible carnage, the greatest war of all time; forgotten the millions of men who gave their lives, who made the supreme sacrifice and who today, beneath the soil of France and Belgium, sleep the eternal sleep? -Frank B. Kellogg

Things are forgotten and then perhaps picked up again, if we're lucky, it lasts… if not, then it's in the lap of the gods. The important thing was to do some work that I liked and hopefully that some others might also like, whether for a minute, a week, a month, a year. -Tom Glazer

I've said to others that there were places I had forgotten about that were just so powerful. I've read the Gospels many times, but it's been a while since I've read through a whole book. -Michael W. Smith

Our first scene is sort of a reunion between the X-Men characters, which establishes everyone's relationship to one another, sort of like a recap for all those who have forgotten since the last movie. -Shawn Ashmore

I think it is very important that films make people look at what they've forgotten. -Spike Lee

You can talk about Holocaust denial, but it's really marginal for the most part. What is compelling about the Armenian genocide, is how it has been forgotten. -Atom Egoyan

Blues is a natural fact, is something that a fellow lives. If you don't live it you don't have it. Young people have forgotten to cry the blues. Now they talk and get lawyers and things. -Big Bill Broonzy

It must not be forgotten in fairness to the National Government that apartheid is not just a policy of oppression but an attempt – in my opinion an attempt doomed to failure – to find an alternative to a policy of racial integration which is fair to both white and black. -Harry Oppenheimer

Everything that I had done creatively related to two or three incidents that happened to me when I was a child that I'd forgotten. Everything, absolutely everything. -Pete Townshend

The heroes of Flight 93 won the first battle in the War on Terror, and they should never be forgotten. -Jim Ramstad

American business has just forgotten the importance of selling. -Barry Goldwater

But the dream is never forgotten, only put aside and never out of reach: Where once the dream connected boys with the world of men, now it reconnects men with the spirit of boys. -John Thorn

The circumstances, including my body and my parents, whom I may curse, are my soul's own choice and I do not understand this because I have forgotten. -James Hillman

I am a quick study – I can memorize a script in an hour – but I can't remember a name three seconds. I've even forgotten my wife's name on occasion. -Don Adams

I wish I had a nickel for every song that I've left in the bathroom, written down on a matchbox, or just totally forgotten about. -Tommy Shaw

The essentially unchangeable established order of things slowly disappeared and was forgotten for a while completely. -Arthur Erickson

As a kid, I didn't read a great deal of fiction, and I've forgotten most of what I did read. -Mark Haddon

Whole generations have forgotten history. -Pierre Salinger

As soon as the dirt is hitting the casket, it'll all be forgotten. -Eric Bogosian

I've been forgotten by our Good Lord. -Jeanne Calment

People think they know you. They know the things about you that you have forgotten. -Mick Jagger

Every business is there to make money, and making a record is business. This tends to be forgotten by many. -Giorgio Moroder

I wrote the script of Patton. I had this very bizarre opening where he stands up in front of an American flag and gives this speech. Ultimately, I was fired. When the script was done, they hired another writer and that script was forgotten. -Francis Ford Coppola

Anybody that thought that I tried to protect the president has forgotten that I asked for the expansion of the Monica Lewinsky matter. -Janet Reno

A poem is learned by heart and then not again repeated. We will suppose that after a half year it has been forgotten: no effort of recollection is able to call it back again into consciousness. -Hermann Ebbinghaus

Series of syllables which have been learned by heart, forgotten, and learned anew must be similar as to their inner conditions at the times when they can be recited. -Hermann Ebbinghaus

With whom do you argue? With a woman, of course. Not with a friend, because he accepted all your defects the moment he found you. Besides, woman is mother-have we forgotten? -Marcello Mastroianni

And suddenly, like light in darkness, the real truth broke in upon me; the simple fact of Man, which I had forgotten, which had lain deep buried and out of sight; the idea of community, of unity. -Ernst Toller

The lights go down, you hear the applause and you're up there, and then everything else is forgotten. -Warren Cuccurullo

The revolution in Russia was victorious with the help of the poor peasants. This should always be borne in mind here in Western Europe and all the world over. But the workers in Western Europe stand alone: this should never be forgotten in Russia. -Herman Gorter

I mean, you know, actors lives – you're forgotten. Look at Barrymore, and look at all the great actors. They're forgotten after awhile. -Anthony Quinn

And then when all around grows dark, when we feel utterly alone, when all men right and left pass us by and know us not, a forgotten feeling rises in the breast. -Max Muller

Thus one memory follows another until the waves dash together over our heads, and a deep sigh swells the breast, which warns us that we have forgotten to breathe in the midst of these pure thoughts. -Max Muller

I'd forgotten I'd done the anime called Spirited Away, the English version of a Japanese film. -David Ogden Stiers

Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. -David Ogden Stiers

With time, many of the facts I learned were forgotten but I never lost the excitement of discovery. -Paul Berg

I saw that my image was changing or fading. One of the reasons for taking a break from clubs was to be missed-not forgotten. -Sammy Davis, Jr.

Most of the good executives do pretty well. Because to be a good executive you have to be strong, and you have to have a simple attribute that people have forgotten about – courage. -John Milius

After a sound drubbing followed by half a day's fasting, I felt more like laughing than like crying; and, in half a while, all was forgotten and my wickedness began afresh and worse than ever. -Stijn Streuvels

When all of us are forgotten, people will still be remembering Stephen King. -Leslie Fiedler

The son of the victim, you know, has been virtually forgotten until recently. -Patty Hearst

If I didn't have my camera to remind me constantly, I am here to do this, I would eventually have slipped away, I think. I would have forgotten my reason to exist. -Annie Leibovitz

To be honest, I think we should find first the possibility to make it. Research is first – if you're not interested, you never can find something. Many things happen from forgotten machines – ones that are no longer used. -Issey Miyake

Archimedes will be remembered when Aeschylus is forgotten, because languages die and mathematical ideas do not. -G. H. Hardy

I'd forgotten what it was like to play music and have it be fun so I decided to stop. I wasn't even sure if I was going to make a new record, I was just kinda quitting. -Evan Dando

I had almost forgotten to tell you that I have already been to the Parliament House; and yet this is of most importance. For, had I seen nothing else in England but this, I should have thought my journey thither amply rewarded. -Karl Philipp Moritz

Can you imagine that Cuba and Europe's youth, who had forgotten about traditional music, who only thought of rock music, are now looking back towards their grandparents? That is a phenomenon. -Compay Segundo

Mr. Speaker, we have reached a point in history where some have forgotten that it is the family, not the government, that is the fundamental building block of our society. -Jim Ryun

Rosa Parks inspired many. She will not be forgotten. -John Shimkus

When he came back from downtown, he had forgotten to bring his license, his identification, the $2 for the wedding license. So we got married two days later. -Eydie Gorme

The ancient feud between cat and dog is not forgotten in the north, for the Lynx is the deadly foe of the Fox and habitually kills it when there is soft snow and scarcity of easier prey. -Ernest Thompson Seton

Oh, I'll be forgotten too, don't worry. -Juliette Binoche

It seems some have chosen to ignore or have simply forgotten the big-picture vision promoted by Dr. King and his kin. -Al Sharpton

This particular nurse said, Cancer cells are those which have forgotten how to die. I was so struck by this statement. -Harold Pinter

The people currently in charge have forgotten the first principle of an open society, namely that we may be wrong and that there has to be free discussion. That it's possible to be opposed to the policies without being unpatriotic. -George Soros

They seem to have forgotten that, and are back saying the only purpose of P2P networks is for illegal trading of owned goods. We claim part of the reason for P2P is for legal trading of what ought to be in public domain. And what is in public domain in many cases. -John Perry Barlow

I once bought an old car back after I sold it because I missed it so much and I had forgotten that it never ran. It was a British racing car. You know, because I just wanted it back. I could only remember what was good about it. -Connie Chung

The forgotten world is made up primarily of the developing nations, where most of the people, comprising more than fifty percent of the total world population, live in poverty, with hunger as a constant companion and fear of famine a continual menace. -Norman Borlaug

The green revolution has an entirely different meaning to most people in the affluent nations of the privileged world than to those in the developing nations of the forgotten world. -Norman Borlaug

FDR had been Assistant Secretary of the Navy. They told me, now forgotten, just how many pictures of ships they took out of the White House after he died. But he could choose good men. -Stuart Symington

We have forgotten that we have not come to an empty land to inherit it, but we have come to conquer a country from people inhabiting it, that governs it by the virtue of its language and savage culture. -Moshe Sharett

We may have forgotten how to feel. Nobody is teaching us how to live happily ever after, as we've heard in fairy tales. -Yakov Smirnoff

Injuries may be forgiven, but not forgotten. -Aesop

Vows made in storms are forgotten in calm. -Thomas Fuller

Death is feared as birth is forgotten. -Douglas Horton

Education is what remains when we have forgotten all that we have been taught. -George Savile

While waiting for a Moses to lead us into the promised land, we have forgotten how to walk. -Wendell Johnson

The things we remember best are those better forgotten. -Baltasar Gracian

It's been so long since I've had sex I've forgotten who ties up whom. -Joan Rivers

Fear is not a good teacher. The lessons of fear are quickly forgotten. -Mary Catherine Bateson

The actor's popularity is evanescent; applauded today, forgotten tomorrow. -Harrison Ford

In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this. -Terry Pratchett

I give the fight up: let there be an end, a privacy, an obscure nook for me. I want to be forgotten even by God. -Robert Browning

The ideals and principles for which Dr King fought have never been forgotten and are as relevant today as they were 40 years ago. -George Lucas

The forgotten man… He works, he votes, generally he prays, but his chief business in life is to pay. -William Graham Sumner

Women know what men have long forgotten. The ultimate economic and spiritual unit of any civilization is still the family. -Clare Boothe Luce

So, like a forgotten fire, a childhood can always flare up again within us. -Gaston Bachelard

We gave up having a TV last year. I am out of the loop. Life is way better than TV. I recommend it to anyone who has forgotten they have one. -Jasmine Guy

Everybody has forgotten about showmanship. People don't look like rock stars any more. They just look like regular dudes off the street. -Vince Neil

Life is way better than TV. I recommend it to anyone who has forgotten they have one. -Jasmine Guy

Theater people are always pining and agonizing because they're afraid that they'll be forgotten. And in America they're quite right. They will be. -Agnes de Mille

Matisse was very clear about saying that you have to blow your own trumpet and explain yourself, which I think has been slightly forgotten. -Howard Hodgkin

Never can the innate power of a work be hidden or locked away. A work of art can be forgotten by time; it can be forbidden and rejected but the elemental will always prevail over the ephemeral. -Stefan Zweig

Most reputations are not ruined but forgotten. -Mason Cooley

Niger is not an isolated island of desperation. It lies within a sea of problems across Africa – particularly the 'forgotten emergencies' in poor countries or regions with little strategic or material appeal. -Desmond Tutu

Considered now as a possession, one may define culture as the residuum of a large body of useless knowledge that has been well and truly forgotten. -Albert J. Nock

People have forgotten how to tell a story. Stories don't have a middle or an end any more. They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning. -Steven Spielberg

It is not to be forgotten that what we call rational grounds for our beliefs are often extremely irrational attempts to justify our instincts. -Thomas Huxley

Political promises are much like marriage vows. They are made at the beginning of the relationship between candidate and voter, but are quickly forgotten. -Dick Gregory

The richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten. -Cesare Pavese

Kindnesses are easily forgotten; but injuries! what worthy man does not keep those in mind? -William Makepeace Thackeray

Perhaps I am doomed to retrace my steps under the illusion that I am exploring, doomed to try and learn what I should simply recognize, learning a mere fraction of what I have forgotten. -Andre Breton

The idea that to make a man work you've got to hold gold in front of his eyes is a growth, not an axiom. We've done that for so long that we've forgotten there's any other way. -F. Scott Fitzgerald

Language is a living thing. We can feel it changing. Parts of it become old: they drop off and are forgotten. New pieces bud out, spread into leaves, and become big branches, proliferating. -Gilbert Highet

There are no black conservatives. Oh, there are neoconservatives with black skin, but they lack any claim to blackness other than the biological. They have forgotten their roots. -Stephen Carter

We don't need lists of rights and wrongs, tables of do's and don'ts: we need books, time, and silence. Thou shalt not is soon forgotten, but Once upon a time lasts forever. -Philip Pullman

We live in an age where the artist is forgotten. He is a researcher. I see myself that way. -David Hockney

Let a man get up and say, Behold, this is the truth, and instantly I perceive a sandy cat filching a piece of fish in the background. Look, you have forgotten the cat, I say. -Virginia Woolf

Make them laugh, make them cry, and hack to laughter. What do people go to the theatre for? An emotional exercise. I am a servant of the people. I have never forgotten that. -Mary Pickford

Things need not have happened to be true. Tales and adventures are the shadow truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes and forgotten. -Neil Gaiman

One of the things that's often forgotten about drug rehabilitation, it's not a destiny. It's a journey. -Peter Hobson

I think these people have betrayed or have forgotten their ancestors. -Zhu Rongji

I am still looking for the modern equivalent of those Quakers who ran successful businesses, made money because they offered honest products and treated their people decently… This business creed, sadly, seems long forgotten. -Anita Roddick

I like roles that are on the extreme ends of the spectrum, and there's special appeal in exploring these slightly forgotten plays that people might think of as subjects for academic term papers instead of live theater. -Geoffrey Rush

Just because you are CEO, don't think you have landed. You must continually increase your learning, the way you think, and the way you approach the organization. I've never forgotten that. -Indra Nooyi

The Hispanic community understands the American Dream and have not forgotten what they were promised – that in the U.S., a free market system, allows us all to succeed economically, achieve stability and security for your family and leave your children better off than yourselves. -Marco Rubio

Where can I find a man who has forgotten words so I can have a word with him? -Zhuangzi

I feel Irish-Americans are the forgotten minority group. Nobody else is making films about them. -Edward Burns

We have not forgotten the occupier. We remain a resistance. -Muqtada al Sadr

At the risk of being forgotten completely by the media, I went to college and pursued a passion that had nothing to do with acting: mathematics. -Danica McKellar

I remember being away somewhere, and I had forgotten it was Valentine's Day with a person, and that was very embarrassing. -Bradley Cooper

I don't set myself targets. Last season I scored hat-trick against Wolfsburg and three days later, that was forgotten, you're about to be judged again. When you've done well, you don't want another game, you just want to feel great. When you've done badly, you can't wait for another chance to come. -Michael Owen

Well I do think, when there are more women, that the tone of the conversation changes, and also the goals of the conversation change. But it doesn't mean that the whole world would be a lot better if it were totally run by women. If you think that, you've forgotten high school. -Madeleine Albright

Actors have a magic gene within them – I think they're the finest descendants of rogues and vagabonds – and it's all too easily forgotten what the acting legacy is. -Julian Sands

Elections do have consequences, and those we elect and far too often re-elect have forgotten how government works and for whom they work for, and that an ever growing, power hungry state and federal government are not the answer to the problem, but 80% of the time are the problem. -David Pratt

War is by no means something glamorous, and I don't think that should ever be forgotten. -Curt Schilling

Of the great entrepreneurs of this era, people will have forgotten Steve Jobs. -Malcolm Gladwell

The Obamas, especially Michelle, have radiated the sense that Americans do not appreciate what they sacrifice by living in a gilded cage. They've forgotten Rule No. 1 of politics: No one sheds tears for anyone lucky enough to live at the White House. -Maureen Dowd

Nowadays, many Americans have forgotten the meaning and traditions of Memorial Day. At cemeteries across the country, the graves of the fallen are sadly ignored, and worse, neglected. -Allen West

Money is the most corrosive aspect of life today because it means that all attention to detail is forgotten. -Roberto Cavalli

My father told me to dress to reflect the respect you have for the people around you. I've never forgotten that. -Sam Raimi

The great disadvantage of getting older is to be obliged to relive the salient economic events of one's youth, with nothing learned and nothing forgotten. -James Buchan

The year 2008 was a reminder to those who had forgotten that there is such a thing as history and that the cycle of famine and feast in commerce, first identified in antiquity and well understood in the Middle Ages, was not suddenly abolished in modern times. -James Buchan

Governor Scott Walker didn't know who he was messing with when he picked a fight with the hard-working union folks of Wisconsin. He must have forgotten that Wisconsin is the Badger State. And badgers are scrappy little creatures. We may look cute, warm and fuzzy, but we have a fighting spirit. -Gwen Moore

I live 50 miles from London and we've got some of the highest levels of teenage and childhood poverty in the country. It's disgusting. Just because it's a rural area, it gets forgotten. -Roger Daltrey

Actually oddly enough, I think my work, the activism, will be forgotten. And I hope it will. Because I hope those problems will have gone away. -Bono

I have forgotten my rave reviews and memorized my vicious ones – like most writers. -Erica Jong

One good reason for writing novels based on your life is that you have something to read in old age when you've forgotten what happened. -Nina Bawden

I haven't forgotten where I came from. -John Salazar

I'm a natural management guy. I had forgotten that. And I forgot how much I hate it. -Keith Olbermann

There are five known gyres spinning around in our world's oceans. A gyre is a slowly moving spiral of currents created by a high pressure system of air currents. A spinning soup, so to speak, is made of what exists in the water. And in this case, the gyres are spinning with millions of tons of our discarded and forgotten about plastic waste! -Brandon Boyd

What has been forgotten is that there were major intellectual breakthroughs in the 1960s, thanks to North American writers of an older generation. There was a rupture in continuity, since most young people influenced by those breakthroughs did not enter the professions. -Camille Paglia

When one of my characters becomes aware of a magical element, it might be because the world is wider than we assume it to be, but it might also be a reminder to pay attention to what is here already, hidden only because it's been forgotten. -Charles de Lint

To be forgotten, is to die a little. -Aung San Suu Kyi

Most of all, however, critics of black conservatives say we've forgotten where we came from. I may forget a federal budget number or, God forbid, to set the alarm clock for my weekly 6 a.m. flight to Washington, but I know exactly where I came from. -J. C. Watts

Those who rhapsodize about the ease and joy of childhood have perhaps forgotten what it's like to be 12 years old. -Joyce Maynard

Judge for yourself who's still fighting for change and who got sick on power, because the person in the Miraflores has forgotten about the people of Venezuela. -Henrique Capriles Radonski

There's a lot of days where you feel forgotten. -Billy Corgan

What happened after Katrina is that people were stirred to action; there were an enormous number of contributions by people trying to make a difference. But then we forget. We've forgotten Katrina victims, we've forgotten the face of poverty. -Elizabeth Edwards

When I made my way across childhood to the tinny AM radio, it was dark. Lights out. I listened intently. More intently than I ever had before. Something was speaking to my unformed-ness like a long lost friend. Something that I had never met but forgotten nonetheless. I was 'realizing' that music was 'different' from other things in life. -Jane Siberry

Palin seems to have forgotten that her poll ratings have plummeted since the summer of 2011. -Ron Fournier

I am lucky to have had an attentive, curious and loving dad and heart-smart, down-to-earth, gifted mother. They changed the outlooks of their own lives and have never forgotten the people and organizations that helped them dream bigger than their circumstances should have allowed. -Jennifer Garner

I don't like the new trends in horror. All this torture stuff seems really mean-spirited. People have forgotten how to laugh, and I don't see anybody who's using it as allegory. -George A. Romero

Audiences aren't going to get rid of me. One thing I can say, with absolute certainty, is that my shows will still be performed when I'm dead, buried and forgotten. They're going to absolutely outlive me, which is a wonderful thing to think about. -Cameron Mackintosh

In a wristwatch, imagine the battery is in the strap and there's a medical sensor in there connected to the internet. If someone is monitoring that, they could phone up if the user has forgotten to take some medication. This could save hundreds of dollars in medical fees later. What's missing? It's a stable battery. -Donald Sadoway

The Hebrew Bible contains multiple provisions to ensure that no one would go hungry. The corners of the field, forgotten sheaves of grain, gleanings that drop from the hands of the gleaner, and small clusters of grapes left on the vine were to be given to the poor. -Jonathan Sacks

Yom HaShoah is a vital day in the Jewish calendar, providing us with a focal point for our remembrance. We cannot bring the dead back to life, but we can bring their memory back to life and ensure they are not forgotten. We can undertake in our lives to do what they were so cruelly prevented from doing in theirs. -Jonathan Sacks

If you were falling in love and you could go back in time and relive a day and see the banal things you did that you'd forgotten about, you'd weep, looking at that day. -Alexander Payne

There is nothing I hate more than meeting someone who has forgotten the art of conversing. -Dominic Cooper

My dream role is to portray someone like James Baldwin. I've always been a fan of his writing, and I feel like he's one of our unsung heroes. He's been pretty much forgotten, and I think he needs to be recognized. He had to go all the way to Europe to find recognition and acceptance, and I'd just like to bring him to the forefront. -Michael K. Williams

I'm fairly certain when I die that the obituary will say, 'Author of 'Angels in America' dies.' Unless I'm completely forgotten, and then it won't say anything at all. -Tony Kushner

Certain formats should never be forgotten, 'Blind Date' for instance, because 'Britain's Got Talent' is really 'New Faces' or 'The Gong Show,' whilst we're basically 'Opportunity Knocks.' -Nigel Lythgoe

If you have only 95 minutes of material, make an only 95-minute movie. Amazing how often that's forgotten. -Stephen Hunter

It's a shame, but every time I get something scientific in the script, I read up to find out what I'm talking about – but then I'm on to the next script and it's forgotten. -Jim Parsons

The novel is a highly corrupt medium, after all – in the end the vast majority of them simply aren't that great, and are destined to be forgotten. -Lev Grossman

I've only read three books by Stephen King. When I was 10 I read 'The Long Walk,' one of his pseudonymous Bachman books. In my early 20s, while trapped on a family vacation, I read 'The Dark Half,' which taught me a word I have never forgotten: psychopomp. Now I have read '11/22/63.' -Lev Grossman

I'd forgotten it's an important thing to give thought to your morality and how you intend to live your life. -Lee Pace

I had forgotten how thrilling a snow day is until my son started school, and as much as he loves it, he swoons at the idea of a free day arriving unexpectedly, laid out like a gift. -Susan Orlean

Is it appropriate still for a German to have a gun? I only use that as an example of a country that's still deeply involved and engaged in the conversations about how to come to terms with the past. Certainly for that country, it's not forgotten. -Stephen Daldry

I've never forgotten what it's like to be in your early twenties, which is not a particularly easy time. You've left your family, you've left the strictures of high school, and you're trying to break free and form yourself but you have to support yourself as well. We don't really give enough credence to that time of life and to its troubles. -Julia Leigh

Oh my gosh, I'd give so much advice to a younger version of myself. I would say it really does get better as you get older. The things that mean so much, the things that seem like, you know, it's going to cause the end of the world, are all things that I've already forgotten. -Ginnifer Goodwin

We've outsourced our memories to digital devices, and the result is that we no longer trust our memories. We see every small forgotten thing as evidence that they're failing us. -Joshua Foer

We've forgotten how to remember, and just as importantly, we've forgotten how to pay attention. So, instead of using your smartphone to jot down crucial notes, or Googling an elusive fact, use every opportunity to practice your memory skills. Memory is a muscle, to be exercised and improved. -Joshua Foer

What distinguishes a great mnemonist, I learned, is the ability to create lavish images on the fly, to paint in the mind a scene so unlike any other it cannot be forgotten. And to do it quickly. Many competitive mnemonists argue that their skills are less a feat of memory than of creativity. -Joshua Foer

It's a very tempting thing to try and relive your glory days when you get a little older and you worry that people have forgotten all about you. -David Gilmour

I mean, sitcoms shouldn't be doing 'Saturday Night Live.' You can't just do bit after bit after bit. You have to string it together with tight writing and performances. Hollywood seems to have forgotten how to do this. -Joyce DeWitt

Being a writer is an endless study in human transition and lessons learned or forgotten or misapplied. -Sloane Crosley

'The Sopranos' gets praised as novelistic, but it follows the most banal of life patterns, showing the sheer tedium of being a mobster. It has dead spots, boring plotlines, weak episodes. Characters develop slowly, or don't. Like viewers, a gangster might get bored, fade out of the action, then come back to find none of his debts forgotten. -Rob Sheffield

It took me some years to clear my head of what Paris wanted me to admire about it, and to notice what I preferred instead. Not power-ridden monuments, but individual buildings which tell a quieter story: the artist's studio, or the Belle Epoque house built by a forgotten financier for a just-remembered courtesan. -Julian Barnes

You cannot beat the feeling of sitting on top of the charts. I had almost forgotten what it feels like… It feels great! It is really a very exciting time and I am enjoying the ride. -Lionel Richie

'Tryin' to Get the Feeling' has been a revelation. I'd forgotten how powerful that was. I'd forgotten how deep I can crawl into that one, and maybe because I'm older it means even more. -Barry Manilow

If you go to a party populated by the NPR crowd and you start talking about JonBenet Ramsey, people will look at you as if you had forgotten your pants. -Bill James

I think too many of the politicians in Washington have forgotten simple ideals like solving problems and helping neighbors. The Washington game is more about scoring points or sticking it to the other guy. -Charlie Melancon

I once looked over the shoulder of a friend on Facebook and it looked like hieroglyphs to me. There's merit online, of course, but social media gets super freaky. Imagine if three generations from now, people online have forgotten what date or day of the week it is. -Feist

When you're on TV, you're looking at a half-page of material, trying to memorize it really quickly. By the time it's on TV, I've already forgotten what I said, but I can still recite my whole role from Shakespeare in the Park. It works a different set of muscles. -Jesse Tyler Ferguson

People who follow all the rules and chase every trend tend to get forgotten – they look great, but they're not as memorable. -Dita Von Teese

I am one of the lucky ones; believe me, I haven't forgotten that. -Richard Schiff

No matter what I've published – and you can look it up, I've published quite a lot in science, quite a few books too – none of it's very important. All will be forgotten and in a few years time will be a few comments in eight-point type in footnotes at the bottom of the page somewhere. -Robert Winston

When you get as old as I am, you kind of believe there's nothing new under the sun, but there's always a fresh way of looking at something. That's why I love working with young people. They remind you of things you used to know and have since forgotten. -Jacki Weaver

My commitment to the forgotten families of Australia is to ease your cost of living pressure. -Tony Abbott

As a kid, I knew all of the dinosaurs. It's one of those tragedies that I've forgotten what dinosaurs are cool. -Matt Smith

I want to be an actor – I don't want to be a celebrity. They are two different things, and people have forgotten that they are different. -Penn Badgley

I've forgotten more about bad putting than all the lousy putters in the firmament combined. My mind has been twisted into an incurable, disturbing venue of bad speed and inadequate line. I just want to go out and not feel like I'm putting a Rubik's Cube with a flimsy piece of rope. -Gary McCord

Do you lend books and DVDs to people? If so, don't you always regret it? All my life I have forced books on to people who have subsequently forgotten all about it. Meanwhile, on my shelves sit many orphaned books loaned to me over the years by trusting, innocent souls – some as long ago as the Seventies. -Lynne Truss

I'm not interested in creating a book that is read once and then placed on the shelf and forgotten. -Richard Scarry

In this age of getting what you want and getting it now, the simple pleasure of browsing is often forgotten. -Tom Hodgkinson

I would prefer to be forgotten, then rediscovered in a different age. -Bill Viola

Christians who have had so much to say with our mouths and so little to show with our lives. I am sorry that so often we have forgotten the Christ of our Christianity. -Shane Claiborne

From my foster parents, the Deans, I received the love that was ultimately to strengthen me, even when I had forgotten its source. It was my foster mother, a half-Indian, half-German woman, who taught me to read, though she herself was barely literate. I remember her reading to me every day from 'True Romance' magazine. -Walter Dean Myers

Britons are good, though often brutal, colonists where they come into relations with entirely uncivilized tribes whose past is so remote as to be forgotten. But they trample with their heavy boots over the sensitive, delicate susceptibilities of an ancient, highly civilized and cultured nation, such as India. -Annie Besant

The risk of the Holocaust is not that it will be forgotten, but that it will be embalmed and surrounded by monuments and used to absolve all future sins. -Zygmunt Bauman

The people of Somalia just do not have a voice. They are to me the most forgotten people in the world. -K'naan

I'm interested in glorifying something that we in the world would say doesn't deserve being glorified. Something that's forgotten, focused on as though it were some sort of sacred object. -Edward Ruscha

The crisis of the 1930s and the populist reactions of that time must not be forgotten. -Albert II of Belgium

Through the eight books in 'The Treasure Chest' series, readers will meet twins Maisie and Felix and learn the secrets and rules of time travel, where they will encounter some of these famous and forgotten people. In Book 1, Clara Barton, then Alexander Hamilton, Pearl Buck, Harry Houdini, and on and on. -Ann Hood

You still remember your SAT scores. And everybody else does too. Everybody's forgotten everything about themselves, everything else about high school. They remember their SAT scores. -John Katzman

I was nine. I saw Orson Welles in 'Julius Caesar.' It was involving, emotional, imaginative. I've never forgotten it. -Harold Prince

My mother is a huge fan of my work. I told her about 'Coraline' long before the film was made, and she got the book and read it. She reminded me that when I was about five years old, I used to sit in the kitchen for hours and talk about my 'other' family in Africa, my other mother and father. I had totally forgotten that. -Henry Selick

I've made a point of trying not to play the same part, and of moving between theatre and film and TV. The idea is that by the time you come back, you have been away for a year and people have forgotten you. If you like having time off, which I do, that's a good career strategy. -Aidan Gillen

Unlike the Holocaust, Stalin's murders are forgotten: dust blowing in the wind. -Robert Harris

To become a mother is to learn a whole language – to relearn it, perhaps, as it was the tongue to which we were born – and hence gain entrance to a forgotten world of comprehension. -Rachel Cusk

Interest groups are not the same as individuals. Through false nostalgia for the New Deal, you are taking the younger generation hostage. They are the ones who are going to have to pay far greater taxes. They are the future's forgotten men. -Amity Shlaes

We can now with Google Glasses record everything around us, and we can make sure that nothing is ever forgotten because everything is stored somewhere in Google servers or somewhere else. -Evgeny Morozov

SuperMemo is based on the insight that there is an ideal moment to practice what you've learned. Practice too soon and you waste your time. Practice too late and you've forgotten the material and have to relearn it. The right time to practice is just at the moment you're about to forget. -Gary Wolf

Build traditions of family vacations and trips and outings. These memories will never be forgotten by your children. -Ezra Taft Benson

An almost forgotten means of economic self-reliance is the home production of food. We are too accustomed to going to stores and purchasing what we need. -Ezra Taft Benson

My films are about ideals that clash with the world. Every time it's a man in the lead, they have forgotten about the ideals. And every time it's a woman in the lead, they take the ideals all the way. -Lars von Trier

If… many influential people have failed to understand, or have just forgotten, what we were up against in the Cold War and how we overcame it, they are not going to be capable of securing, let alone enlarging, the gains that liberty has made. -Margaret Thatcher

The women of Afghanistan have a voice, and it needs to be heard and not forgotten. -Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

We have forgotten that curing cancer starts with preventing cancer in the first place. -David Agus

Sometimes I think sportsmanship is a little bit forgotten in place of the individual attention. -Cal Ripken, Jr.

L.A. hasn't changed me that much – I've not forgotten where I'm from, you know. And I need to find a haggis, but no-one seems to sell them over here. -Ashley Jensen

I'm comedy's forgotten nearly man. -Nick Frost

There are many singers who have got an exceptional talent, but spend their lives singing in local trains or hotels. Does the country even know who they are? Music in India is restricted only to Bollywood. Whoever manages to make a mark there is remembered. The ones who fail to reach and make it big there are forgotten. -Sonu Nigam

As an author, I've never forgotten how to daydream. -Neil Gaiman

Apparently a great many people have forgotten that the framers of our Constitution went to such great effort to create an independent judicial branch that would not be subject to retaliation by either the executive branch or the legislative branch because of some decision made by those judges. -Sandra Day O'Connor

Our public officials have forgotten that they are ultimately accountable to the people who put them in office, that the information they keep in secrecy belongs to all of us. -Yoko Ono

There's only a couple times when fame is ever helpful. Sometimes you can get into a restaurant where the kitchen is just closing. Sometimes you can avoid a traffic violation. But the only time it really matters is in the emergency room with your kids. That's when you want to be noticed, because it's very easy to get forgotten in an ER. -Bill Murray

I think part of the reason ideas haven't come in is that the world of cinema is changing so drastically, and in a weird way, feature films I think have become cheap. Everything is kind of throwaway. It's experienced and then forgotten. -David Lynch

I loved reading Roald Dahl when I was young but I had forgotten a lot about the books. I read the 'BFG' on the iPad the other day and it was so interesting to see his descriptions of clothes and places. -Frank Lampard

I want to hear from the creature who isn't blessed with unbelievable good looks and incredible genes. I want to hear from the geek girl, the forgotten girl, the invisible girl and the miserable girl. -Shirley Manson

Don't ask me about my career – I've forgotten most of it. -Timothy Dalton

To be able to help a 13-year-old kid from the Bronx follow her dreams just by letting her know she's not forgotten in this crazy world – that's why I got involved with Frum Tha Ground Up. -Alicia Keys

At Pixar, good ideas may be cut from a film, but they are never forgotten. -John Lasseter

We have been so successful in the past century at the art of living longer and staying alive that we have forgotten how to die. Too often we learn the hard way. As soon as the baby boomers pass pensionable age, their lesson will be harsher still. -Terry Pratchett

In China, the dead are not forgotten – my relatives cheerfully pointed out all the niches of deceased friends and family, as if gesturing at the homes of the living. -Tess Gerritsen

The thought of making work that's easily consumed and quickly forgotten – what's the point? I want my work to be cohesive, to age and improve like old leather. -Tift Merritt

After I die, I'll be forgotten. -Al Jolson

The lesson of Pearl Harbor ought never to be forgotten, and of course the motto that came from that, 69 years ago, the war which my dad fought, was 'Remember Pearl Harbor, never again.' We need to keep that to mind. -Oliver North

Fame, I mean, it's like a bubble, in a way. It's like something glittery, and it goes, and it can be forgotten fast. -Veruschka von Lehndorff

Movies are written in sand: applauded today, forgotten tomorrow. -D. W. Griffith

Oh my God, if I know anything, I know I'm gonna die! I never forget that. I know I'll be forgotten in a minute, and that's just fine with me. -Mike Nichols

One does not expect to be comfortable in prison. As a matter of fact, one's mental suffering is so much greater than any common physical distress that the latter is almost forgotten. -Emmeline Pankhurst

I always feel trepidation at the beginning of every project. I worry about so many things. Time to get it right, the skill to do it justice, the will to finish. I also worry about more mundane things, like what if my computer crashes and I've forgotten to back up the manuscript? -Rick Yancey

Of all the waste we generate, plastic bags are perhaps the greatest symbol of our throwaway society. They are used, then forgotten, and they leave a terrible legacy. -Zac Goldsmith

Now, one can often get away with playing music by ear when it is not being recorded, but writing is another matter; its mistakes are not forgotten because they are still there to confuse us. -Albert Murray

Everybody has forgotten that Russia helped start the Second World War. -Ray Bradbury

When an athlete has relegated the persistent rumors of cheating to the back room of the mind, he hasn't really forgotten them. And when he glances back to where rumors hunker in the darkness, he hopes with a savage heart that somehow, some day, those cheaters will be brought to justice. -Don Kardong

Elephants are highly emotional. Whatever they are feeling, they let it out immediately, and the histrionics are over and forgotten in a moment, lasting no longer than the cloud formations that are constantly coming apart and re-forming overhead. There is no guile in pachyderms. -Alex Shoumatoff

The bells cease, and the power goes from me, and I descend again to the world of the living; and if in some foolish confiding moment I try to explain why I want to re-live those old days, to tear the Truth out of the past so that all men shall see plainly, perhaps someone will say to me, 'Oh, the War! A tragedy – best forgotten.' -Henry Williamson

I've forgotten lines all the time. Sometimes I switch verses in a song. It's just hard not to when you're doing the same thing all the time. -Josh Young

Wearing underwear on the outside of your clothes can turn a tedious trip to the store for a forgotten carton of milk into an amusement park romp. -Patch Adams

At least one reason for trying to live lives that make a difference is that by so living, we hope we will not be forgotten by those who benefit from our trying to make a difference. Yet to try to insure we will not be forgotten too often results in desperate manipulative strategies that are doomed to fail. -Stanley Hauerwas

In this media-drenched, multitasking, always-on age, many of us have forgotten how to unplug and immerse ourselves completely in the moment. We have forgotten how to slow down. Not surprisingly, this fast-forward culture is taking a toll on everything from our diet and health to our work and the environment. -Carl Honore

I've never forgotten a single record I cut or a song I wrote. -Kris Kristofferson

The fantasy world, the 'Game of Thrones' world, the forgotten realms worlds – they're the type of worlds I've always wanted to live in. Where vampires, dragons, dwarves and elves are real. -Robert Kazinsky

I realised that you could easily turn any room into a cinema with a projector, so I went on and on at my parents for one. They eventually got me a projector for Christmas when I was ten, and I realised I'd made a ridiculous mistake – I'd forgotten to say 'movie' projector; I got a still one. -Kevin Brownlow

I would rather have racing without computers. The human side is forgotten, and instead of talking over what's happening and just trusting the feel of the driver, the data becomes almost more important. -Jacques Villeneuve

It's as if we live in a house which has a vast treasury in one of its rooms. Only we've forgotten about it. So, instead of living a life of royalty, we go about in poverty. -Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

I'll never, ever be full. I'll always be hungry. Obviously, I'm not talking about food. Growing up, I had nothing for such a long time. Someone told me a long time ago, and I've never forgotten it, 'Once you've ever been hungry, really, really hungry, then you'll never, ever be full.' -Dwayne Johnson

The producer is at the center of entertainment. The producer is being forgotten, and producers must seize the center of activity. -Marshall Herskovitz

When I look through my sketchbooks, they bring back moments that I would otherwise have completely forgotten. -Susan Minot

When Nandita expressed a desire to write about me, I couldn't stop her because she's my wife, but she has forgotten who she is. -Om Puri

Lyndon Johnson is not a comfortable model for President Obama to imitate. He is an all-but-forgotten president – pilloried for the failed war in Vietnam and criticized for grandiose reforms conservatives denounce as the epitome of federal social engineering that costs too much and does too little. -Robert Dallek

I had forgotten until I looked up old notes that I sold the film rights of my first book, a life of Mary Wollstonecraft: there was a lunch, a contract, a small sum of money, then nothing. -Claire Tomalin

The blowback against a bailout of Lehman would have been fierce. It is often forgotten, but the prevailing wisdom the day after Lehman fell was that its collapse was a good thing. -Andrew Ross Sorkin

Memory has always been fundamental for me. In fact, remembering what I had forgotten is the way most of the poems get started. -Seamus Heaney

There is a long and successful tradition of popular movements in the U.S. and elsewhere having an impact on crises in forgotten places. -John Prendergast

I don't listen to Nirvana plugged anymore. I think there's a whole group of people who have semi-forgotten that Nirvana used electric guitars because of the 'Unplugged' album. It's so great. -Steven Hall

Islam tells us every girl and boy should be educated. I don't know why the Taliban have forgotten it. -Malala Yousafzai

I would like to be forgotten. What's so good about being remembered? -Isabella Rossellini

It is impossible to remain indifferent to Japanese culture. It is a different civilisation where all you have learnt must be forgotten. It is a great intellectual challenge and a gorgeous sensual experience. -Alain Ducasse

I do have the odd dream where I'm on stage and I've completely forgotten what I'm meant to be performing – so they are more nightmares than dreams. -Kate Bush

I firmly believe that 90 percent of the confusion that women feel when they are attempting to put together an occasion-specific ensemble is caused by fear: fear of breaking the 'fashion rules,' fear of violating some long-forgotten tradition, or the basic fear of looking bad. -Nina Garcia

First ladies, you know, we look at Michelle Obama, and we look at most first ladies, and they seem like they have it all. You know, they live in the White House, they go to state dinners, they ride on Air Force One, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. But first ladies do often feel that they are given short shrift or forgotten or left at the margins. -Jodi Kantor

Everyone has their 'Showgirls.' We remember the great films actors have been in, and the rest get forgotten. But occasionally, people like to revisit the ones that get swept aside. -Kyle MacLachlan

We've forgotten to respect clothes and consider who made them and where the material came from. We've been encouraged to buy things and, if we don't like them, bin them. When I grew up, we'd repair things or alter them. -Joanna Lumley

I'm privileged to have had some success, but I've never forgotten what it was like to queue for a half-crown gallery seat for 'Oliver!' which is why I ensure that there are £20 day tickets for 'Miss Saigon' and that the balconies in my theatres are as comfortable as I can possibly make them. -Cameron Mackintosh

Through the years, I, like you, have experienced pressures and disappointments that would have crushed me had I not been able to draw upon a source of wisdom and strength far greater than my own. He has never forgotten or forsaken me, and I have come to know for myself that Jesus is the Christ and that this is His Church. -Sheri L. Dew

There are dozens of references to God in the Scriptures for every one to the figure of Satan. This reflects a sometimes forgotten theological truth that the devil is by no means God's counterpart. He is a creature, not the Creator. -John Ortberg

If memories were indeed like what a camera records, they could be forgotten, or they could fade so that they are no longer clear and vivid. But it would be difficult to explain how people could have memories that are both clear and vivid while also being wrong. Yet that happens, and it is not infrequent. -Leonard Mlodinow

Working on 'Outlander' has been a delight, it really has. I had kind of forgotten what Scotland was like, and I'd turned into a bit of a Londoner. -Sam Heughan

I want to believe humanity has not forgotten how to explore. -Edward M. Lerner

There was very little drama and performance at my school, so I've never forgotten the people who did encourage me and I've thought whether it would be a good idea to even get in touch with them and just say thanks, because they really opened a door for me mentally and emotionally – that's really important. -Martin Freeman

You can be forgotten very quickly. So I am aware that I need to stay current, keep connecting, and keep bringing things to the table… Otherwise, you can just disappear. -Rita Ora

Let us say in the pocket of one of my old coats I find a movie ticket from many years ago. Once I see the ticket, not only do I remember that I saw this movie, but also scenes from this movie, which I think I have entirely forgotten, come back to me. Objects have this power, and I like it. -Orhan Pamuk

If I lose the light of the sun, I will write by candlelight, moonlight, no light, If I lose paper and ink, I will write in blood on forgotten walls. I will write always. I will capture nights all over the world and bring them to you. -Henry Rollins

When I first arrived at the Matignon, my desire was to reconcile Parliament and De Gaulle. I had forgotten only two things. Parliament and De Gaulle. -Georges Pompidou

It must never be forgotten that Almighty God rules this world. He is not an absentee God. -Edward McKendree Bounds

Every star, whether it's Harrison Ford or Robert De Niro, is remembered by one film. Persis is a star in the sky – how can a star be forgotten when all you have to do is look up and see her? -Persis Khambatta

In a way, I'm kind of a bystander looking at this phenomenon that is ABBA, which is still around, and that I thought would be finished in 1981 and forgotten. I'm amazed how this could happen, and I don't know why it happened. I'm just grateful and humble. I just sit back and enjoy. -Bjorn Ulvaeus

Along the way, let's never forget that once we were children and that we were all playing together without distinction of skin color, society level, or where people come from. Adults need to remember to play and to be more childlike in our behavior. We've forgotten what that childlike experience was like. -Guy Laliberte

The battle in American politics used to be for the middle. Now, it's all about the building and the intensity of support on the far left and far right wings of both parties. And we have forgotten about the people here in the middle. -Hamilton Jordan

Some very beautiful things get lost and forgotten. Just as I got lost. -Luise Rainer

Two words guided the making of 'Babel' for me: 'dignity' and 'compassion.' These things are normally forgotten in the making of a lot of films. Normally there is not dignity because the poor and dispossessed in a place like Morocco are portrayed as mere victims, or the Japanese are portrayed as cartoon figures with no humanity. -Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

What man is there, surrounded though he be with the love of wife and children, who does not retain a memory of the romantic affection of boys for each other? Having felt it, he could scarcely have forgotten it, and if he never felt it, he missed one of the most golden of the prizes of youth, unrecapturable in mature life. -E. F. Benson

I spend far too much on taxis. Now, if anyone suggests we get the Tube I say, 'The Tube! I'd forgotten about that.' -Robert Webb

We call the fates of the Titanic and the Concordia – as well as those of the space shuttles Challenger and Columbia – 'accidents.' Foreseeing such undesirable events is what engineers are expected to do. However, design trade-offs leave technological systems open to failings once predicted, but later forgotten. -Henry Petroski

I make lists to keep my anxiety level down. If I write down 15 things to be done, I lose that vague, nagging sense that there are an overwhelming number of things to be done, all of which are on the brink of being forgotten. -Mary Roach

There are ways in which you can make sure that even if people come to the theatre because they know an actor or actress, by the end, they've forgotten that, and they leave going, 'Wow – what an amazing play.' -Kevin Spacey

I think back on that day when 16-year-old me scribbled on some silly piece of paper for some long-forgotten high school career-day project that my dream job was 'romance novelist.' -Sarah MacLean

As a child, acting just seemed like a natural extension of my love of play – and if you've forgotten how to play, you shouldn't be an actor. -Simon McBurney

Sometimes I make an analogy that each scientific paper is like putting out another record. And some people have careers that are nothing but a one-hit wonder. And then there are people who are only appreciated by aficionados but largely forgotten by the wider community. -Eric Betzig

'A Face in the Crowd' is Elia Kazan's forgotten movie. -Peyton Reed

I've made a point of trying not to play the same part and of moving between theatre and film and TV. The idea is that by the time you come back, you have been away for a year, and people have forgotten you. If you like having time off, which I do, that's a good career strategy. Or at least, it's my strategy to keep my head together. -Aidan Gillen

History proves that most writers get forgotten anyway. That's very likely to happen to my books, and if I'm extremely lucky, maybe one of my books will survive. -Michel Faber

A novelist's lack of awareness of and critical distance to his own body of work is due to a phenomenon that I have noticed in myself and many others: as soon as it is written, every new book erases the last one, leaving me with the impression that I have forgotten it. -Patrick Modiano

We've all forgotten how to be original. -Peter Jackson

Anybody who is stupid enough to want to be remembered deserves to be forgotten right now. -Gore Vidal

People only watch my shows for me, and those shows have remained evergreen long after the guests are forgotten. -Barry Humphries

We can move water easily with plastic pipes. We can move shade around with nursery cloth like a tinker toy for animals and plants. Yet we have developed this necessity to grow food with chemical fertiliser because we have forgotten the magic of manure. -Joel Salatin

The one thing the Victorians really believed in was philanthropy. I think we've forgotten the obligation to be philanthropic. I think we need smaller government, but I want to make it clear I'm not the Sarah Palin of the Cotswolds. -Susan Hill

We live in an age in which the biblical-moral traditions that have guided us for centuries are increasingly being forgotten. -Meir Soloveichik

Things may not be immediately discernible in what a man writes, and in this sometimes he is fortunate; but eventually they are quite clear, and by these and the degree of alchemy that he possesses, he will endure or be forgotten. -Ernest Hemingway

Sometimes it's forgotten that players are coming to college to get a degree. -Steve Alford

I have never forgotten the almost mystical power over an audience a storyteller has, when the story is deep and links you. -Isobelle Carmody

The only pleasure in redecorating or moving house comes from stumbling across books that I'd almost forgotten I owned. -John Burnside

Hinde Esther Kreitman is a forgotten literary foremother, her works largely lost, ignored and out of print. -Clive Sinclair

My first big mission for UNICEF in Ethiopia was just to attract attention, before it was too late, to conditions which threatened the whole country. My role was to inform the world, to make sure that the people of Ethiopia were not forgotten. -Audrey Hepburn

There are many men who are forgotten, who are despised, and who are trampled on by their fellows, but there never was a man who was so despised as the everlasting God has been! -Charles Spurgeon

In a series of articles beginning on Oct. 2, 1966, I wrote about the long-forgotten history of the Liberty Tree. To call attention to how obscure the site had become, I interviewed waitresses at the Essex Delicatessen below the plaque on Washington Street. None knew what the Liberty Tree was. -Ronald Kessler

I think the average American has forgotten the great feel for liberty and accountability that the framers of the Constitution believed. -Joe Jamail

We seem, particularly over here in the West and in America in particular, to have forgotten that we are, in large measures, the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. -Rabih Alameddine

I had been so focused on what to discard, on attacking the unwanted obstacles around me, that I had forgotten to cherish the things that I loved, the things I wanted to keep. -Marie Kondo

To truly cherish the things that are important to you, you must first discard those that have outlived their purpose. And if you no longer need them, then that is neither wasteful nor shameful. Can you truthfully say that you treasure something buried so deeply in a cupboard or drawer that you have forgotten its existence? -Marie Kondo

I am never without my lyric book. If anything inspirational happens, I have it there so nothing's forgotten. -Gabrielle Aplin

I've forgotten the birthdays of everyone close to me. I have forgotten to pay bills, file tax returns on time, go to meetings, and, every week, I forget to put the bins out. But I have never forgotten I want my lunch. -John Niven

Once, right before a show, I realized I'd forgotten shoes. I didn't want to wear my flip-flops onstage because I could trip. I ended up going barefoot, which actually worked out because it became my 'thing.' -Brittany Howard

A great performance like Lady Macbeth may be forgotten. Writing endures. -Susan Strasberg

Your fragile mind can't have forgotten the terrifying technothriller series known 'Scorpion'. Because it features the worst hacking scenes ever broadcast in any medium. -Annalee Newitz

The powerlessness of the child is often forgotten. And after it comes the terrifying phase of moving into adulthood. -Kate Thompson

I had been the dutiful son and husband for so long, I had forgotten about living for myself. -Michael Masser

V. S. Pritchett was one of the most admired, fun, talked-about writers of the 20th century: he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth for his work with prose. He was born in 1900, wrote till he died in 1997, and has been tidily forgotten ever since. This is a real shame. -Darin Strauss

I have another aspect of my career where I'm a scholar of Yiddish and Hebrew literature, and I'll say that when you study Yiddish literature, you know a whole lot about forgotten writers. Most of the books on my shelves were literally saved from the garbage. I am sort of very aware of what it means to be a forgotten artist in that sense. -Dara Horn

I've forgotten what it's like to remember. I've lost the mindless confidence that a moment, an idea, a thought will be there for me later, the bravado of breezing through experience in the certainty that it will become part of my self, part of my story. -Floyd Skloot

Character is the essence of all that a man has seen in life and regards as high and exalted. Character is like truth: the substance of the things that a man has forgotten but the substance of the things that are worth remembering in life. -Douglas Southall Freeman

Most of us, myself included, have forgotten what real darkness is like. We live in a world where light is inescapable. It comes from street lamps, headlights, security floodlights, and even the faint glow of our alarm clocks. -Jake Halpern

War may make us great, but let it never be forgotten that peace only can make us both great and free. -John C. Calhoun

For every step forward in electronic communications, we've taken two steps back in humanity. People know how to use a computer and answering machines but have forgotten how to connect with one another. Our society is unraveling. We're too self-obsessed. -Letitia Baldrige

To be absolutely alone for the first time in the cockpit of a plane hundreds of feet above the ground is an experience never to be forgotten. -Charles Lindbergh

We've seen other Internet people go to TV, and it's bad because they take two months off to make a pilot, and their viewers have forgotten about them when they come back. -Anthony Padilla

What is learned on the athletic field is not forgotten, nor are the lessons of character that are forged there ever lost. Consider the contributions in the field of public life, business, law, medicine, and the military of those who actively participated in athletics. -Robert Kennedy

With a name like Cush Jumbo, you never get forgotten. The 'Jumbo' is from my father, who is Nigerian, and 'Cush' was a king in ancient Egypt. It's a name that took a few years to grow into, but now I feel it was meant to be. It's absolutely who I am, and I love it. -Cush Jumbo

By 1892, enlightenment had progressed to the point where the Salem trials were simply an embarrassing blot on the history of New England. They were a part of the past that was best forgotten: a reminder of how far the human race had come in two centuries. -Edmund Morgan

Citizens, not less generous than myself, let your most precious moments be employed in causing the past to be forgotten; let all my fellow-citizens swear never to recall the past; let them receive their misled brethren with open arms, and let them, in future, be on their guard against the traps of bad men. -Toussaint Louverture

I remain deeply concerned about falling wages and the lack of good jobs for Americans. Too many of our citizens are either stuck in place or falling behind, and too often their needs are forgotten. -Jeff Sessions

Every day, I wake up determined to deliver a better life for the people all across this nation that have been neglected, ignored, and abandoned. I have visited the laid-off factory workers and the communities crushed by our horrible and unfair trade deals. These are the forgotten men and women of our country. -Donald Trump

In our quest to tweet, like, and trend, we have forgotten that brands can be built through advertising. Ads can generate big ideas that can never be trumped by tactics. That is the magic of an ad, and that is what is missing from many ads today. -Jerry Della Femina

The idea of a piece of literature as a vessel that could contain your life and lived after you had died and been forgotten struck me as akin to artificial intelligence. -Louisa Hall

We can't let the past be forgotten. -George Takei

We've chosen to stay part of the Westminster system, but we don't want to be a forgotten, sidelined part of it. -Nicola Sturgeon

Eventually, the more I listened and became obsessed with singers, I feel like the more I realized that I had my own little thing that I could do. So this is why I just became obsessed with looking for new singers, unknown singers, people that maybe have been forgotten, and really checking them out and analyzing what they do. -Cecile McLorin Salvant

We've become so accustomed to teaching to the tests that we've forgotten about a child's joy of discovery. -Elizabeth Esty

The Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci used to say that for her, an interview was like a war. I get the sense that we've forgotten that here in the United States. You turn on the TV, and you see very bland interviews. Journalists in the United States are very cozy with power, very close to those in power. -Jorge Ramos

While Secretary Napolitano may be gone, she will not be forgotten. Her inaction and incompetence on border security will continue to plague our nation for years to come. -Paul Gosar

Whatever simplicity I've achieved in writing, I think I owe most of it to Jean Renoir and Hemingway: simple, declarative sentences. I've read some very good writers, but the sentences were so long that I've forgotten what the point was. -Gene Wilder

I've been with my husband and friends for so long, I've forgotten what is unappealing to new people. -Olivia Colman

I don't want to be forgotten or not have helped as many people as I can before I pass. -RJ Cyler

We developed a system in Romania that was very successfully continued for a number of years, but I don't know if it was because of some conflict in the organisation or whether there was government interference… but somehow, they have forgotten the importance of raising gymnasts to be ready for every Olympics. -Nadia Comaneci

As a senior in high school with no money working several jobs, I was sent to a wonderful school on the East Coast by a wonderful Jewish man. I've never forgotten that. I've sent over 5,000 young people to school around the world in memory of him because he was so gracious to me. -Jon Huntsman, Sr.

Balkh is now little more than a sleepy Afghan town of overgrown ruins forgotten by the world. On market day, down lanes that wind through apple orchards and cherry orchards, merchants slowly make their way to the central bazaar, their wares teetering on donkey carts. -Terry Glavin

While Labour Party orators readily remember the 1980s for Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's free-booting variety of entrepreneurial meritocracy, what gets forgotten is that Thatcher also gave the heave-ho to the old establishment's notion of merit – good breeding, a posh school, and so on. -Terry Glavin

I remember that as I was writing a poem on 'Snow' when I was eight, I said aloud, 'I wish I could have the ability to write down the feelings I have now when I am little, because when I grow up, I will know how to write, but I will have forgotten what being little feels like.' -Sylvia Plath

You just never know with movies how they'll be seen in a few years. You have no idea. Like, movies that were super popular when they came out have been forgotten. And other movies – and I put 'Sarah Marshall' in this – kind of weirdly stand the test of time a little bit. -Nicholas Stoller

America, in all its institutions, whether it be the family or government, has forgotten and neglected its children. -Janet Reno

I plainly felt that, had God given me such a retirement with the companion I desired, I should have forgotten the work for which I was born and have set up my rest in this world. -John Wesley

Nothing in the Middle East is ever forgotten or forgiven. -Michael Korda

In Britain and Europe, no event is less forgotten than World War I, or 'The Great War,' as it was called until 1939. -Michael Korda

What's been largely forgotten is that Washington was highly passionate and aggressive, and it was only after losing Philadelphia to the British after a string of disastrous battlefield performances that he finally resigned himself to the more conservative approach with which he has since become associated. -Nathaniel Philbrick

I am enthralled until the last ball Djokovic hits, and the moment it is over and he is on his knees eating grass, I sink into my chair, cannot believe I have spent another fleeting fortnight of the few summers I have left caring about the outcome of contests I will have forgotten in the blink of an eye, and begin to question my sanity. -Howard Jacobson

Maybe we'd forgotten what socialists are meant to look and sound like. Well, now we've been reminded. They're meant to look and sound like Jeremy Corbyn. -Howard Jacobson

Nobody has done more for me than my parents, who devoted untold amounts of time and money that allowed me to play the game I love. It's no exaggeration to say I never would have gotten anywhere near a World Cup, an Olympics, or even the U.S. national team without them. I have never forgotten that, and I never will. -Carli Lloyd

When you play for one run, that's usually all you get. I have nothing against the bunt in its place, but most of the time, that place is in the bottom of a long-forgotten closet. -Earl Weaver

What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people. January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. Everyone is listening to you now. -Donald Trump

Why are some things remembered and others forgotten? That is the theme I want to pursue about the Second World War. -Norman Davies

Over time, I've paid attention, taken notes and forgotten easily half of everything I've gone through. -Carrie Fisher

If you take a frozen box and stick it in the microwave, you become connected to the factory. We've forgotten who we are. -Laura Esquivel

Indeed, the Lord has not forgotten! He has blessed us and others throughout the world with the Book of Mormon. -Russell M. Nelson

I'm still very much a West Virginia boy. I haven't forgotten my roots, because that's really who I am. -Jerry West

It's as if a psychological norm is being established whereby comments left online are part of a video game and not real life. It's as if we've all forgotten that there's a real person on the other end, reading and being hurt by our vitriol. -Milo Yiannopoulos

I'm a proud filmmaker, but everyone seems to have forgotten that. You're introduced, and someone will say, 'Arrey! Karan Johar! He does talk shows! He's judge!' And now my filmmaking has been lost, all my other accomplishments forgotten. -Karan Johar

My friends in the opposition have forgotten that the constitution of the Philippines was amended in 1973 with their participation. The constitution mandates the administration, including the Batasan, or legislature, to convert slowly into a semiparliamentary form of government. The president in such a situation can issue decrees and edicts. -Ferdinand Marcos

False stories used to affect me initially. But now, I've come to understand that if false stories are created, they are also forgotten in the long run. -Kriti Sanon

We do need unity, and from my perspective as a minister myself, God has not forgotten America. -Alveda King

Hot today, forgotten tomorrow. I'm not buying anything. -James Marshall

We are in a world where globalization, which is an ideology, has forgotten and put aside the people, the people's interests, aspirations, and dreams. -Marine Le Pen

While our corporatists burn incense at the shrine of the global economy, Trump went to visit the working-class casualties. And those forgotten Americans in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin responded. -Pat Buchanan

Talking to people from the heart matters, and it's unfortunately something brands have forgotten about. Celebrity endorsement deals try to gain recognition for brands, but at their core, what matters is if the celebrity truly backs the brand. -Fat Joe

I love when people cover songs that are familiar but have been kind of forgotten about. -Cassadee Pope

One of the great, and largely forgotten, triumphs of American society and government has been how smoothly U.S. farmers and their communities negotiated the creative destruction of the early 20th century and emerged triumphant when it was over. -Chrystia Freeland

I really love that song. I love when people cover songs that are familiar but have been kind of forgotten about. So when you play it, it takes people back to a certain place. That's what I wanted for 'Torn.' -Cassadee Pope

Researching real history has taught me to be bolder and more imaginative in building fantasy worlds and writing fantasy characters, to seek out the margins of history and the forgotten tales that illuminate the whole, complex truth of our flawed yet wondrous nature as a species. -Ken Liu

There's a reason Archie didn't go the way of Betty Boop or Davy Crockett or Woody Woodpecker, forgotten relics of a bygone era, and it's because when 'Archie' stories are at their best, anyone of any age can see a little bit of themselves in them. -Mark Waid

For Christmas 1999, my husband surprised me with a trip to Disney World. Along with our boys, we were standing on the roof of the Contemporary Hotel at midnight on New Year's Eve 2000 watching fireworks explode over every amusement park in Orlando. It was a magical way to celebrate the millennial, and a never-to-be-forgotten Christmas present. -Karen Robards

Barack Obama destroyed the middle class. Whatever you want to say about his rhetoric, the rich got richer, but the poor got poorer, and the middle class got wiped out. That's really what Trump appealed to and inspired in the forgotten man. -Steve Scalise

It's so liberating to play a song in front of 50,000 people that you've never played before. Not something you played a long time ago and have forgotten: Never. Played. Before. There's something magical about it. -Steven Van Zandt

Digression is my passion. I'm not kidding. I love telling the main stories, but in some ways, what I love most is using those narratives as a way of stringing together the interesting stories that people have kind of forgotten and that are kind of surprising. -Erik Larson

I loved growing up in a little town. I loved knowing people. I loved going to the store and running into people. I loved going into the store and having forgotten my bag, saying, 'Charge it, put it on my bill.' I loved going to the gas station and saying, 'Pete, fill it up.' I loved that continuity of life. -Sissy Spacek

When 'Safe' came out, it was treated respectfully but kind of forgotten. Then, by the end of the '90s, it somehow made it onto all these best-of-the-decade lists. -Todd Haynes

There were interesting ways that queerness could hide out and get played out pre-Stonewall. It is part of a vast history that is getting forgotten quickly as we trumpet forward into gay marriage and gays in the military and a much different cultural attitude toward gay lives. -Todd Haynes

It seems as though our leaders have almost forgotten about legal immigration and are just leaving our borders open, which is a detriment culturally, financially, and in a lot of other realms for native people. -Lauren Southern

I want to be part of every note, every single moment going on in the studio. I want nothing forgotten; I want nothing missed. -Max Martin

The people of Alabama are fed up. They are tired of politicians who lie to them, and they are sick of elected officials who've been in Washington so long they've forgotten why they ran in the first place. -Luther Strange

Things move really fast on the Internet and get forgotten, we always want something new, even though something may have just came out. -Justine Skye

Where a new guy may only know one or two ways to do something, I know all of the moves, and I've forgotten more stuff than the newer guys might even know. -Dean Ambrose

The aspiring tyrants of today have not forgotten the lesson of 1933: that acts of terror – real or fake, provoked or accidental – can provide the occasion to deal a death blow to democracy. -Timothy D. Snyder

Gray Maynard? Kenny Florian? All these guys, they're UFC fighters, that's all. They're pushed by the UFC, but when they leave the UFC, they're forgotten. When's the last time you heard Josh Neer's name? You haven't. When's the last time you heard about Roger Hurerta? You haven't. They're no ones anymore. -Eddie Alvarez

I had read Plato and Kant, but I had forgotten it. -Barbara Sukowa

A lot of directors, they don't go into the editing room during the shoot. When they come back, they've forgotten what they've shot. That's why their films come out a year after they shoot them. -Til Schweiger

When it comes to certain portions of our history, we've just forgotten it all. -Joe Morton

The real trick to these movies and making the big action sequences work – and I've forgotten this sometimes and screwed it up – the characters really have to be humanized. Because you can have the greatest special effects in the world, but if you don't care about the people in those effects, there's no impact. -Dean Devlin

I have never forgotten John Candy's generosity. He showed me how to be a gentle leader. -Bill Pullman

I went to see my mother the other day, and she told me this story that I'd completely forgotten about how, when we were driving together, she would pull the car over, and by the time she had gotten out of the car, and gone around the car to let me out of the car, I would have already gotten out of the car and pretended to have died. -James Veitch

Herb Brown is like a basketball icon. What's the saying – he's forgotten more than I'll ever know. -David Fizdale

Westminster is a piece of this city's energy, something the contemporary world has forgotten. -Alessandro Michele

When many Chinese escaped to North Korea during the Cultural Revolution, we embraced them. People in China have forgotten about this. -Lee Hyeon-seo

I've forgotten what it feels like to be in one place for more than a day… But we signed up for this. This is our dream. We sat down and said this is what we want to do, play music and touring. -Tyler Joseph

I want to make more films in the heartland, the forgotten America. -Chloe Zhao

I tell the story of eight forgotten founders, people like Canassatego, an Iroquois Indian Chief, who taught Benjamin Franklin about federalism, about the idea that you can form a confederacy in which the central power has only limited powers and local control is retained. -Mike Lee

I think our elderly are forgotten sometimes. -Ricky Gervais

There are no Hollywood stars speaking out for the elderly. They're forgotten, bewildered, and I don't think it's because people are cruel or don't care. It's because you don't want to think about your own mortality. I think people don't talk about it enough. -Ricky Gervais

The Great Migration can get forgotten if we don't pay attention or bear witness to it. It's part of my personal history and the history of millions of African Americans who left those oppressive conditions for better lives in the North. It's important to put that on the page. -Jacqueline Woodson

As historians write more and more histories, it's a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy that other historians read their histories and then make synthesis, and certain things just get forgotten and left out and neglected. -Peter Morgan

Telling my story has not been easy for me. I've had to dredge up memories I would have rather forgotten. The lonely, anxiety-ridden months I avoided others, attempting to hide from interrogations about my social life. -Chirlane McCray

We've been in the game for so long, it's great to be honored for our contributions to the game of hip-hop and be told that we're not forgotten about, that our music is timeless. -Pepa

I hope that a lot of the men and women who feel forgotten in this country really see that they have in me a champion. -Laura Ingraham

I have not forgotten about my dreams to become a singer. If given the chance, I want to take part in a drama OST making and also try out for musicals. -Park Bo-gum

As a young boy growing up in Rohtak, India, I had no idea what my life's work would be. But my parents instilled in me something that I have never forgotten: that work must have a sense of purpose beyond mere financial gain; that to be meaningful, work should make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of others. -Punit Renjen

I saw 'The War Wagon' with John Wayne and Kirk Douglas, but it was dubbed into German. And it had Japanese subtitles and then this little strip with some Spanish words, and I've never forgotten that weird image. It was so magical and funky. -Luis Alberto Urrea

No matter all of your credits and accomplishments – you can be forgotten in a trice. The idea that you have to go back and start again after considerable success can destroy you if you're not strong. I never lost track of who I am and what I can do, because I continually find things to do, but not everyone has that resource. -F. Murray Abraham

While the 1963 Birmingham church bombing is the most historic, there also was a series of church burnings in the 1990s. Recognition of the terror those and similar acts impose on communities seems to have been forgotten post-Sept. 11, 2001. -Anthea Butler

Endnotes, often confused with footnotes that live at the bottom of a page, is that lump of text at the end of the book, sometimes even relegated to a tiny font size. They're often forgotten but, in nonfiction, particularly history books, can offer a fascinating footprint into the author's research, a joyful, geeky abyss. -Mary Pilon

A lot of new stuff just isn't having the same impact as it used to when people would wait for a specific DVD or video to come out and then watch it over and over and over. Now, it's a two-minute clip online and forgotten the next day. -Taylor Steele

I've learned stuff, and I've forgotten stuff, but what I do know is that it really is all about the fans. -Paolo Nutini

It's a lot of people that died for me to have the opportunity that I have now, just the freedom. It shouldn't be forgotten as far as the past is concerned. -Big K.R.I.T.

They think because they have put my husband on an island that he will be forgotten. They are wrong. The harder they try to silence him, the louder I will become. -Winnie Madikizela-Mandela

What I try to do is write about forgotten people, and, in a certain sense, we're all forgotten. -Charles Bock

I've watched all of 'Millennium' on DVD: that's an unfairly forgotten, weird series. -Bruce Harwood

'You Must Remember This', the podcast about 'the secret and or forgotten history of Hollywood's first century', has a thread dedicated to Dead Blondes, which is a clue to where it's coming from. -David Hepworth

Often by the time writers and producers try to get a new hit song, the industry has already moved on. Whatever you're creating might not be as hot as it would have been during the time of your first hit. It definitely compromises the creative process when the music is changing and evolving so fast. If you're not on top of it, you will be forgotten. -Poo Bear

Rereading 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' I was struck by what I had forgotten of the book: in a manner of pages, we encounter shame, history, ruin, conflicting stories, and wounds badly healed; in short, the South. -Kevin Young

In a certain sense, every time you sit down to write a song, there's a fear that you've forgotten how to do it. -Matthew Ramsey

Black women's intersectional experiences of racism and sexism have been a central but forgotten dynamic in the unfolding of feminist and antiracist agendas. -Kimberle Williams Crenshaw

Edward Eager wrote a series of children's books that are in danger of being forgotten. But they're divine: stories about ordinary kids who stumble on magical things – a coin, a lake, a book, a thyme garden, a well. The magic changes them, they try to change the magic, the magic moves on. -Laura Lippman

To me, there was something moving about the idea of telling the story of a lady who is, in a way, a forgotten character – someone who would normally be a secondary role in a movie. -Sebastian Lelio

Trade is the all-but-forgotten weapon in the battle against poverty, but it can provide more help to the poor than aid can. -Richard N. Haass

A generation of men really built the NFL and gave guys like me a shot, and a lot of these guys are left out in the cold by the league and forgotten. -Chris Borland

I've forgotten a lot of things. I've forgotten how to play the piano and how to speak Arabic, though I studied it for two years. -Amy Sherald

I've spent a lot of my life forcing myself to do the right thing, and nowadays, I've just forgotten about all that. It's far more romantic just to let all your vices and fetishes come out and shine. -Kevin Parker

I believe that our show is hopefully a beacon of hope for certain people who think that they have been forgotten, that they don't have the support or representation. We're there for them and also to remind people that even though we are so divided, just a very open conversation can bridge that divide. -Tan France

When I do a show, I jot little notes for me to remember, and when the show is done and forgotten, I chuck them all over the car. My wife goes nuts. -Dominic Holland

I want to remind people that black music is amazing. And there are all forms of it that we've forgotten, you know? Rock music is black music! Don't forget that's what it is. -Robert Glasper

Culture survives in smaller spaces – not in the history books that erect monuments to the nation's grand history but in cafes and cinema houses, village squares, and half-forgotten libraries. -Amitava Kumar

During his last 18 months in office, Eisenhower flew to Asia, Europe, and Latin America and deployed his war hero's popularity to seek new friends for America while trying to improve relations with Moscow. By the time Ike left office, most Americans had forgotten their anger over losing the space race to the Soviets. -Michael Beschloss

Many of the libertarian entrepreneurs who only want the government to leave them alone have simply forgotten how important government research, public education, and immigration policy are to Silicon Valley's long-term success. -Glenn Kelman

I used to wear the German shirt with such pride and excitement, but now I don't. I feel unwanted and think that what I have achieved since my international debut in 2009 has been forgotten. -Mesut Ozil

We all go to our grave thinking that we will never be forgotten, and we are forgotten ten minutes later. -Shane Douglas

Music is fragile: people die, and it's forgotten. -Ry Cooder

For my 50th birthday, my cousin Helmut gave me the most profound, beautiful, and striking present. He made books out of my dad's slide photographs, which were stored and forgotten. Looking at those books made me cry. -Juergen Teller

I couldn't remember when I'd stopped willing to be trans and started wanting to be trans. If there were a difference, I'd forgotten it. -Hari Nef

People say that I must get bothered when someone stops me for an autograph or a photo. I'll get bothered when no one asks me. Being asked means people haven't forgotten the time I played. -Guy Lafleur

People paid money for tickets to see us and be entertained by us, and we've never forgotten that. Anything after that was a bonus. -Malcolm Young

I haven't forgotten how to play football. But I need to play each weekend. -Radamel Falcao

In every dressing room in the world, players say things to each other after a defeat, and then it gets forgotten. -Robinho

We see many posters and standees at cinema halls, and some catch attention. But these posters are soon forgotten. Taking a picture with the actors, enabled by AR, helps record a memory. -Rana Daggubati

I feel like, the more you hang around, the more you're forgotten. It doesn't matter how good you are. -Rusev

I want my name to be remembered for 1,000 years. That way, I will never be forgotten when I'm done inside the ring. -Rusev

Here's the problem: People have completely and utterly forgotten one thing when it comes to communication – intent. -Carlos Mencia

Manchester City didn't pay all that money for me because they saw me once on YouTube. They saw me scoring good goals. And I haven't forgotten how to score goals. -Edin Dzeko

As an adult, the obsessive dynamics of self-employment meant it was impossible for me to take a break. What would happen if I disappeared for a week or two? I would be forgotten. Forever. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity would, doubtless, present itself – and I would miss the chance to seize it. -Sue Perkins

Trayvon exposed a lot of things. I think something positive will come out of it. It's a blessing in disguise. And he will never be forgotten. -Walshy Fire

To be honest, the football and the time is going so fast. I don't want to say that I've forgotten about the World Cup, but for me, it belongs to the past. I don't have time to make a step backwards and think about the World Cup. -Hugo Lloris

I think if you stand still, you get forgotten, and I'm not here to get forgotten. -Yungblud

Two of my dramas, 'Unforgotten' and 'River,' were airing at the same time, and Dad had read about my 'success' in a newspaper – he thought it was brilliant. I was thinking, 'Does this mean I'm going to be put in a box for a bit now?' -Nicola Walker

'Unforgotten' was a bit of a no-brainer. I'm a big fan of crime dramas, but often the 'investigation' part goes much too smoothly – and you don't get that with this. -Nicola Walker

My make-up call as Cassie on 'Unforgotten' is 45 minutes, and on 'The Split', it's considerably longer. They have to do your hair and your make-up. On 'Unforgotten,' I'm in and out, and I don't have to worry about how I sit for the whole day so as not to crease the clothes. -Nicola Walker

No man or woman of our armed forces or law enforcement will pass from this world unnoticed. They will not be forgotten. They will not just fade away. -George P. Bush

We're looking to rebrand L.A. Not in some sort of radical way, but we've forgotten to sell this city, internationally and nationally… it's important for us to say who we are. -Eric Garcetti

We have become so used to complaining about the state of our country that we have forgotten what it is to celebrate India, to celebrate what India stands for. -Vivek Oberoi

Damn sure Dusty Rhodes is never gonna be forgotten, ever. -Sean Waltman

A lot of people have forgotten the severity of this disease, of HIV. So I think it's important that we just talk about things like this: how we can prevent it, how we can make sure that people are safe, how they can move forward, too, if they do have HIV. -Mj Rodriguez

My family grew up in Florence. There I became what I am now, and those are things that cannot be forgotten. -Gabriel Batistuta

America has been a very cold place to me, and it was good once in a while. I meet good people. Sometimes I meet bad people. But there are some things that I still haven't forgotten today that hurt that bad. -Charles Bradley

That is amazing that a guy like St. Jerome who lived in the fourth century could bring people together. Sometimes you think people are dead and forgotten. But they can actually bring you together in the best way. -Dion DiMucci

I grew up on lovely Staten Island, which is the forgotten borough of New York City. -Craig Mazin

Your first love is your first love. It cannot be analysed, explained, nor forgotten. -Aisling Bea

I love this country, but I feel like we're losing sight of who actually holds the power and what makes us great: it's the people, the communities, the small places that are forgotten, everyone that's striving. -Slowthai

We need a president who doesn't just visit our forgotten communities for rallies but one who lives in them – one who knows the pain and suffering that comes with being unseen and unheard. -Tim Ryan

There's a line you have when you're racing, and you can ride up to that line. If you push beyond it, you might crash. But first is first, second is forgotten. That's what we say. -Guy Martin

I came from a tough childhood. There was a lot of stuff that I'd actually forgotten or that I'd blocked or hidden away until I started addressing it. -Jimmy Barnes

Few people have heard of John Hawkshaw, the engineer responsible for Brighton's sewers, but he also built the Severn Tunnel and parts of the London Underground system. Such figures, largely forgotten now, conceived an infrastructure that was perfect in its fine detail and intended to last for a century or more – as it has. -Michael Portillo

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