Best Quotes About Flying

Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway. -Mary Kay Ash

The knack of flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. -Douglas Adams

The Liberals are the flying saucers of politics. No one can make head nor tail of them and they never are seen twice in the same place. -John G. Diefenbaker

Swift speedy time, feathered with flying hours, Dissolves the beauty of the fairest brow. -Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

Old age is like a plane flying through a storm. Once you're aboard, there's nothing you can do. -Golda Meir

Time is flying never to return. -Virgil

No flying machine will ever fly from New York to Paris. -Orville Wright

The essential is to excite the spectators. If that means playing Hamlet on a flying trapeze or in an aquarium, you do it. -Orson Welles

When you have shot one bird flying you have shot all birds flying. They are all different and they fly in different ways but the sensation is the same and the last one is as good as the first. -Ernest Hemingway

Man is flying too fast for a world that is round. Soon he will catch up with himself in a great rear end collision. -James Thurber

Sleep is when all the unsorted stuff comes flying out as from a dustbin upset in a high wind. -William Golding

He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying. -Friedrich Nietzsche

If neurotic is wanting two mutually exclusive things at one and the same time, then I'm neurotic as hell. I'll be flying back and forth between one mutually exclusive thing and another for the rest of my days. -Sylvia Plath

I quit flying years ago. I don't want to die with tourists. -Billy Bob Thornton

I don't have a fear of flying; I have a fear of crashing. -Billy Bob Thornton

I think flying planes into a building was a faith-based initiative. I think religion is a neurological disorder. -Bill Maher

We need to work our level best in this legislative session to help grow Montana's economy, so that grandchildren can stay in Montana, grandchildren can visit their grandmother and grandfather by driving across town, not flying across the country. -Brian Schweitzer

I could have gone on flying through space forever. -Yuri Gagarin

Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible. -Lord Kelvin

Have you ever, on a cloudless night, looked down from a passing aircraft flying over Canada? Endless, glowing strings of cities, towns, and homesteads. Stretching on and on, one province to the next. With only the stars in the distance. -Paul Martin

I was singing in a mall, and I picked a girl to come up onstage with me. As I was grabbing her hand, I fell off the stage. It felt like I was in the air forever, flying like Superman. -Aaron Carter

I was very limited in what I could do with flying saucers, because they're just a metal disc. I had to try and put character in as if they were intelligently guided. -Ray Harryhausen

I think I usually have quite ordinary dreams. Sometimes my dreams take me to other dimensions. I can travel in my mind especially when I'm dreaming I focus my mind on what I want to dream. If I want to fly, I focus on flying. -Uri Geller

I was always afraid of dying. Always. It was my fear that made me learn everything I could about my airplane and my emergency equipment, and kept me flying respectful of my machine and always alert in the cockpit. -Chuck Yeager

When you perform in front of an audience after only two days of rehearsal, you're flying by the seat of your pants – particularly when they're rewriting the show right up to the moment the camera goes on. -Michael Richards

I am an enthusiast, but not a crank in the sense that I have some pet theories as to the proper construction of a flying machine. I wish to avail myself of all that is already known and then, if possible, add my mite to help on the future worker who will attain final success. -Wilbur Wright

I started in live television and I've done a lot of live TV and that's really the thing that I love best. I love flying by the seat of my pants. -Florence Henderson

As I write, highly civilized human beings are flying overhead, trying to kill me. -George Orwell

I think there's a little bit of sizzling here. Honestly, I can feel it. The ions are flying back and forth. -Regis Philbin

They forbade me from flying, despite all my protests and arguments. After being once in space, I was desperately keen to go back there. But it didn't happen. -Valentina Tereshkova

When the weight of the paper equals the weight of the airplane, only then you can go flying. -Donald Wills Douglas

As a physician and as a pilot, I think it lets me be a pretty good translator having one foot in the medical world and one foot in the flying world. Sometimes when the medical guys come in and speak medical stuff to the pilots, the pilots really don't know what they're saying. -David M. Brown

I have to say that flying on Air Force One sort of spoils you for coach on a regular airline. -Ron Reagan

I can't tell you how much we laughed on the set to have Alec Guinness in a scene with a big, furry dog that's flying a space ship. -Mark Hamill

I thought you were supposed to be flying this thing, not pleasuring it. -Paul Gallagher

I would never withhold information about the murder of my man Biggie, or anybody else. It's just silly and ridiculous. The accusations are just flying out. All I've been trying to do all my life is to make great music. -Sean Combs

I was walking along and this chair came flying past me, and another, and another, and I thought, man, is this gonna be a good night. -Liam Gallagher

I see it all the time in politics. If a candidate gets caught in a lie, he quickly tries to change the subject by throwing more mud at his opponent. The mud keeps flying until some of the slanderous material sticks. -Joe Scarborough

But Hopes are Shy Birds flying at a great distance seldom reached by the best of Guns. -John James Audubon

To me, flying free is doing what I want to do, even if it's different from what everybody expects me to do. I'm flying free when I win the battle between me and the people who thought I should go down this road and I find my own road. -Crystal Waters

I'd like to have the flying car, I think that'd be really cool. -Rupert Grint

It's difficult to do that internally, because you're flying five, six hours. -Vince McMahon

You've got to keep things flying. -Keith Emerson

If anyone wonders why the airlines are not doing well it is because flying has been made such an unpleasant and degrading experience. -Keith Henson

Of course, the wind sort of swept up and the music was flying around in mid air and they were trying to play off it. You had to be there. It was quite funny. -Roy Wood

And, so I set my goals on astronaut because, as a military aviator, it was, I considered that to be about the peak of a flying career. -Duane G. Carey

And then, when I thought about joining the Air Force, flying seemed like a natural extension of the motorcycling experience. You're going faster, higher. You're operating a machine that's a lot more powerful than you are. -Duane G. Carey

I don't find slashing and blood flying everywhere to be scary. I just find it repulsive. -Dean Koontz

And so, I was not a military test pilot, but as soon as NASA expressed an interest in flying scientists and people who were not military test pilots, that was an epiphany that just came like a stroke of lightning. -Story Musgrave

Now we are flying off into outer space, there is no clear curb on what can be done in the name of the economy. -Susan George

In the early 1930s, flying from England to Australia was the longest flight in the world. It was considered extremely dangerous and hazardous, pushing pilots to the limits of mechanical skills and human endurance. Aviation was young. -Mary Garden

My dad served in two wars has been flying airplanes for 60 years now. He was certainly quite an inspiration. -John L. Phillips

When you launch in a rocket, you're not really flying that rocket. You're just sort of hanging on. -Michael P. Anderson

Having the benefit to our society, not only here in the United States but throughout the world with the amount of invention you get from having a space program, is well worth the risk that an individual like myself has to take by flying in the vehicle. -Mark Kelly

After the loss of Columbia a couple of years ago, I think we were reminded of the risk. All of us, though, have always known that the Space Shuttle is a very risky vehicle, much more risky than even flying airplanes in combat. -Mark Kelly

Later, after flying in the Navy for four or five years, spending some time on an aircraft carrier, I applied to and was accepted in a program where I went to graduate school first and then to the Naval Test Pilots School. -Mark Kelly

A lot of these things will fly in later forms on the space station themselves, or a later form of that research will, once they kind of find out some of the basics from flying it on shuttle. -Linda M. Godwin

My greatest fear is flying. And I do a lot of flying, so that's a bummer. -Kylie Bax

If you take one rivet out of an airplane, it will be all right, it'll keep flying. You take another rivet out of the airplane and it still flies. So what the heck, let's take more rivets out of the airplane, and sooner or later, the airplane drops from the sky. -Ted Danson

I could not claim them because I was not supposed to be flying in combat. -Adolf Galland

We were all flying around up and down the coast near Dunkirk looking for enemy aircraft which seemed also to be milling around with no particular cohesion. -Douglas Bader

I've met the most interesting people while flying or on a boat. These methods of travel seem to attract the kind of people I want to be with. -Hedy Lamarr

Life science research can be done on multiple platforms. Since we have a very small number of people flying into space, the more people you have, the better. -Laurel Clark

Portugal is a high hill with a white watch tower on it flying signal flags. It is apparently inhabited by one man who lives in a long row of yellow houses with red roofs, and populated by sheep who do grand acts of balancing on the side of the hill. -Richard Harding Davis

I have found adventure in flying, in world travel, in business, and even close at hand… Adventure is a state of mind – and spirit. -Jacqueline Cochran

Cool things happen. Ace's guitar flies through space, goes through a hole, and blows up. I throw drumsticks and they come flying at you. -Peter Criss

All this flying around got on my nerves. But then I gave the script to Cathy to get her opinion. When she started to laugh, it was like 'That's it!'. I went to LA and I got the part. -Ed O'Neill

They said, 'If we put you in first class with Brian, will you do it?' So I flew after not having flown in eight years. If there's one person who doesn't like flying as much as me, it's Brian. -Matthew Sweet

So, when I say 'match the hatch', if the fish are taking the nymph, and you're actually producing a replica of a flying insect, you'll catch fresh air. -Rex Hunt

The easiest gift to give my husband is anything to do with airlines and flying. -Kelly Preston

Pop science goes flying off in all kinds of fashionable directions, and it often drags a lot of SF writers with it. I've been led astray like that myself at times. -Greg Egan

I get to pretend I'm flying into space, and hang out with my friends. That's what I do for a living. -Jeri Ryan

Conditions were so hard. To send the news out, telex was the only means, but telex was very rare in Africa. So if somebody was flying to Europe, we gave him correspondence to send after he arrived. -Ryszard Kapuscinski

In 1975 I decided that there was no future in flying (airline jobs were impossible to get, and who wants a job where you are judged only by seniority?) and headed off to grad school. -W. Richard Stevens

I'm not sure I always feel like I'm in the seat. Sometimes I'm only holding on by one hand and flying out behind the roller coaster. I don't know anybody who doesn't feel that way. -David Morse

You know, I'm an eagle, flying around in the mountains. -Link Wray

I was a fighter pilot, flying Hurricanes all round the Mediterranean. I flew in the Western Desert of Libya, in Greece, in Syria, in Iraq and in Egypt. -Roald Dahl

The American flag, Old Glory, standing tall and flying free over American soil for 228 years is the symbol of our beloved country. It is recognized from near and afar, and many lives have been lost defending it. -Jeff Miller

I had that flying wheel tattooed on my forehead and on my butt. -Ted Lindsay

I remember laughing an inordinate amount of time. Setting up scenes that involve ooze coming out basements, or pigs' heads flying through windows is really fun. How could you not laugh? -Margot Kidder

I just find it thrilling, especially when I totally lock in to the person that I am doing and I'm really flying… I suppose I am hiding myself when I sing as these other people. -Jane Horrocks

I imagine a future aircraft, which will take off vertically, fly as usual, and land vertically. This flying machine should have no moving parts. This idea came from the huge power of cyclones. -Henri Coanda

In my opinion, we should search for a completely different flying machine, based on other flying principles. -Henri Coanda

It was as though all my hostilities, anxieties, and conflicts were in one ball that was flying away into space, farther from me all the time, leaving me content with myself. -Bobby Darin

Writings scatter to the winds blank checks in an insane charge. And were they not such flying leaves, there would be no purloined letters. -Jacques Lacan

And I agreed the feeling of action as he was flying or jumping or leaping – a flowing cape would give it movement. It really helped, and it was very easy to draw. -Joe Shuster

He was mostly leaping tall buildings in the beginning. There were cases where he would leap off a tall building or swoop down, and at that point he would look like he was flying, I suppose. It was just natural to draw him like that. -Joe Shuster

Many psychoanalysts refused to let me speak at their meetings. They were exceptionally vigorous because I had previously been an analyst and they were very angry at my flying the coop. -Albert Ellis

The later it gets the more disturbed the city becomes. I go with Albert through the streets. Men are standing in groups at every corner. Rumours are flying. It is said that the military have already fired on a procession of demonstrating workers. -Erich Maria Remarque

We were flying on a winged vehicle that would do reentry different than we had ever done before. So all of those were firsts. Test pilots truly love firsts. -Robert Crippen

I saw the booster, not Sputnik, flying by, and I said, maybe this is the way we should be going, not just sitting back waiting for something to happen. -Wally Schirra

I feel very confident that Americans flying in the air are safe and that only under the most dire of circumstances would our pilots ever even request permission to do that. -Hugh Shelton

And the two planes that were taking the band and crew that we had taken out to San Diego were flying out after the show. And so I was never supposed to be on that plane. -Reba McEntire

The time to worrying about flying is when you're on the ground. When you're up in the air, it's too late. No point in worrying about it then. -Denzel Washington

You always hear actresses talk about how unromantic it is to act a love scene or a sex scene – which it is. You're doing it with all these lights on and cameras flying around and people on the set. -Sheryl Lee

I am flying back to New York as I write this. I will never forget these wonderful 35 days and I would go back to Copenhagen in a heartbeat to work there again. -Tony Visconti

We had a very exhaustive, extensive search for the guy that is going lead our football team over the next few years. We spent about two months in an in-depth interview process, and Bret came out with flying colors. We are absolutely thrilled that he is our head coach. -Ron Jaworski

It's only when you're flying above it that you realize how incredible the Earth really is. -Philippe Perrin

I never really did Christmas before. Christmas Day? I mean – what's that? What's it all about? I was always flying on Christmas Day. -Monica Seles

I'm very phobic about flying, but I'm also drawn to it. -Martin Scorsese

Howard Hughes was this visionary who was obsessed with speed and flying like a god… I loved his idea of what filmmaking was. -Martin Scorsese

One of the most amazing things I got from the film, so much green screen, there are so many moments and it really taught me about how important it is to have an intention when flying, when going somewhere and having an intention. -Brandon Routh

I was nicknamed Skeeter in Little League because I was small and fast, like a mosquito flying across the outfield. -Skeet Ulrich

I longed to fly. I was paid in flying lessons and, by the time I was 13, I'd logged 100 hours at the controls. -Kent McCord

I was trying to spend it as quickly as possible. Because I'm so lazy, all that money created a block. I was flying around the world, staying at fancy hotels, having fun and trying to get rid of it as quickly as possible, so I could get on with some more work. -Evan Dando

Seat assignment didn't matter if you're flying Dallas to Houston and you did it 38 times a day. People just got on, you didn't sit next to your wife, and it was a 45-minute flight. It didn't matter. -David Neeleman

I want to do feature films. I am flying to Malaysia to be in another feature film. We will be filming that in Malaysia, the Phillipines, and back in California. -Thuy Trang

Everything has changed. The flying changed. The airports have changed. -Eydie Gorme

I loved flying as much as I thought I would and continue to fly aircraft. -Leroy Chiao

Gliders, sail planes, they're wonderful flying machines. It's the closest you can come to being a bird. -Neil Armstrong

Pilots take no special joy in walking. Pilots like flying. -Neil Armstrong

People who believe in flying saucers are the scrapings from the bottom. -Nigel Kneale

The focus and the concentration and the attention to detail that flying takes is a kind of meditation. I find it restful and engaging, and other things slip away. -Harrison Ford

I felt like I was flying without a net. But once I realized that the audience was my partner, I was flying a jet, because the people would allow me to develop the character on stage. -Loretta Swit

Be able to blow out a dinner candle without sending wax flying across the table. -Marilyn vos Savant

Boot Camp was great and very interesting. You got to use live rounds of ammunition and got to do a lot of crawling around with live rounds flying around you, so you really had to learn to keep your ass down – everything down for that matter. -Mel Gibson

Being away for the weekends, and me being the international player that I have been for those 30 years, I've spent a lot more time flying around the world, playing different golf tournaments around the world. -Greg Norman

Well, the odds must be against anybody being able to fly around the world in a balloon on the first attempt. All of us who are attempting to go around the world in balloons are effectively flying in experimental craft because these craft cannot be tested. -Richard Branson

Sure, you would lose more bombers without fighters, but, flying in formation, you could get the job done. -Stuart Symington

But I don't think the popularity of flying has diminished a bit. -Gerard Arpey

It was all about flying round the world, working hard, being on the cover of Vogue, making money. It wasn't fun. It was exhausting, but I was young and convinced I knew best. -Rachel Hunter

I hate flying, flat out hate its guts. -William Shatner

The English have an extraordinary ability for flying into a great calm. -Alexander Woollcott

Everybody should have an equal chance – but they shouldn't have a flying start. -Harold Wilson

I'm afraid of flying. -Allison Janney

I ate a bug once. It was flying around me. I was trying to get it away. It went right in my mouth. It was so gross! -Hilary Duff

If you clean it up, get analytical, all the subtle joy and emotion you felt in the first place goes flying out the window. -Andrew Wyeth

There is no great invention, from fire to flying, which has not been hailed as an insult to some god. -John B. S. Haldane

The fact that the great scientist believed in flying machines was the one thing that encouraged us to begin our studies. -Wilbur Wright

I seem to have been everywhere in the last 30 years, maybe not in the epicenter but flying around the periphery of extraordinary events and equally extraordinary people. -Rupert Everett

It is a happy thing that there is no royal road to poetry. The world should know by this time that one cannot reach Parnassus except by flying thither. -Gerard Manley Hopkins

The good thing about flying solo is it's never boring. -Steve Fossett

I decided blacks should not have to experience the difficulties I had faced, so I decided to open a flying school and teach other black women to fly. -Bessie Coleman

There is no great sport in having bullets flying about one in every direction, but I find they have less horror when among them than when in anticipation. -Umberto Eco

A word carries far, very far, deals destruction through time as the bullets go flying through space. -Joseph Conrad

We've got ballots flying around, being counted by hand, arriving by truck and in God knows whose custody. -David Axelrod

Driving a motorcycle is like flying. All your senses are alive. When I ride through Beverly Hills in the early morning, and all the sprinklers have turned off, the scents that wash over me are just heavenly. Being House is like flying, too. You're free of the gravity of what people think. -Hugh Laurie

Having played many roles of scientific intellect I do have an empathy for that world. It's been hard on me because flying the Enterprise for seven years in Star Trek and sitting in Cerebro in X-men has led people to believe that I know what I'm talking about. But I'm still trying to work out how to operate the air conditioning unit on my car. -Patrick Stewart

I think getting drunk is the key to flying comfortably. A couple of bloody marys or several glasses of champagne, and suddenly it's like you're on a roller coaster. -Amanda Peet

Cutting the deficit by gutting our investments in innovation and education is like lightening an overloaded airplane by removing its engine. It may make you feel like you're flying high at first, but it won't take long before you feel the impact. -Barack Obama

When I was flying to Rome, we flew over London; I felt like bursting into tears. It's part of me, so I can't leave London behind for good. -Robert Pattinson

Today's preoccupation with physical theories of everything takes a wrong turn from the purpose of science – to question all things relentlessly. Modern physics has become like Swift's kingdom of Laputa, flying absurdly on an island above the earth and indifferent to what is beneath. -Robert Lanza

But it wasn't until I graduated from Texas A & M University and joined the United States Air Force, flying C-130's all around the globe, that I truly appreciated the blessings of freedom. -Rick Perry

I couldn't understand why my productivity went down when I had deliberately made more time available to write. Then I realized it was because I wasn't flying as much. -Simon Sinek

I get heartbroken flying into L.A. It's just this feeling of unspecific loss. Can you imagine what the San Fernando Valley was when it was all wheat fields? Can you imagine what John Steinbeck saw? -Edward Norton

These guys are just flying through the air and I'm capturing them in the split second and putting it into a work of art, via clay to the bronze. -Richard MacDonald

I went along doing the one-salad-a-night routine for a year. And I remember feeling so tired and depressed and irritable. I had no personal life. I was always flying someplace – weekends, holidays, vacations. Dinners at night were no fun because I couldn't eat. -Carol Alt

No reporter is flying around in borrowed twin-engine airplanes. -Dee Dee Myers

When you've been on a programme called 'An Idiot Abroad' job offers aren't exactly flying in. -Karl Pilkington

I was interested in aerospace and flying, and the U.S. is really the best place in the world for flying. -Kalpana Chawla

During the whole 'Jeopardy' experience, I felt like I was living a bit of a double life, I would be secretly flying out to L.A. to tape new shows, hoping that none of my coworkers would notice the absence and figure out what was going on. 'Jeopardy' tries very hard to keep their secrets. -Ken Jennings

Like when you go to a magic show and you know how they do the illusions. That's how I am when I watch any movies where they have people flying through the air. -Renee O'Connor

The flying? I'm not worried about it. I'm safe up there. I feel very comfortable with my abilities flying an airplane. -Cory Lidle

I took a Fear of Flying class, and I always missed the class, because I was always flying. -Sara Blakely

I grew up watching 'Superman.' As a child, when I first learned to dive into a swimming pool, I wasn't diving, I was flying, like Superman. I used to dream of rescuing a girl I had a crush on from a playground bully. -Tom Hiddleston

I have been through two wars in my 24 years, and I know what it's like to be without anything, to see the bombs flying above your head. -Novak Djokovic

The hardest thing about skateboarding is consistency: The slightest flick of your foot or gust of wind can send your board flying, so it's really anybody's game out there. -Shaun White

But as an entrepreneur you have to feel like you can jump out of an aeroplane because you're confident that you'll catch a bird flying by. It's an act of stupidity, and most entrepreneurs go splat because the bird doesn't come by, but a few times it does. -Reed Hastings

We don't do things we aren't good at by nature. I wouldn't play basketball because I'm only 5' 1". Find what you enjoy – whether it's racing, flying a helicopter, being a doctor, or stitching clothes together. Once you've done that, you have the passion you need. -Danica Patrick

I try to get in quiet time and book time, but really, the only time I ever get that is when I'm on an airplane – I have a fear of flying, but I actually love flying because it's the only time I can sleep, and it's the only time I get to read. -Kesha

You see people on TV flying in to places just to pick up a baby, or brush some flies away. That's great if they can bring that issue to public attention. But that's not what I wanted to do. I was interested in committing to something that I could function in whether I was Debra Winger or not. Because nobody might care about that next week. -Debra Winger

You know I never used to be a bad flyer, but I did start to have a fear of flying after I shot a movie where I was terrorized on a plane. I made Wes Craven's 'Red Eye'. I don't think they're linked but it does make me pause and wonder if they are, so perhaps I will explore that in therapy some day. -Rachel McAdams

I love flying. -Adam Kinzinger

Well my dad was a pretty good player at one stage and my two older brothers played golf as well. So there were always golf clubs flying around the house. -Retief Goosen

I love being able to go on local flights when the weather is right. I've popped to the Isle of Wight, Cornwall and been mountain flying in Wales. When I got my licence I was over the moon, it was one of the greatest days of my life – it took two years to get! -Jay Kay

I used to skip out of high school and go flying. It was just one of those things, I thought it was kind of a cool thing to do. I never thought about doing that as a profession, but I started checking things out and I found out there was a flight school down in Daytona Beach, called Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. -Jerry Doyle

I never realized that growing up in Brooklyn, flying jets, working on Wall Street and starring in a sci-fi series was the prerequisite for the fast-paced demands of talk radio. But, if that's what it takes to succeed, I'm glad I did it all. -Jerry Doyle

I wanted to be a pilot. I loved flying and I loved all the technology and the equipment and the sense of adventure that came with it. I think that feeling still bleeds over into everything I do today. -Graham Brown

Most people are flying to Heathrow because it's a hub, so they can fly on to other places, often long-distance flights. If they can't go on those long-distance flights from Heathrow, they will go to Paris, they will go to Amsterdam, they will go to Frankfurt, because those are viable alternatives. -Geoff Hoon

More and more these days what I find myself doing in my stories is making a representation of goodness and a representation of evil and then having those two run at each other full-speed, like a couple of PeeWee football players, to see what happens. Who stays standing? Whose helmet goes flying off? -George Saunders

I'm quite scared of flying, and especially helicopters, I don't like them at all. -Heidi Klum

We don't have the capability today to put a human being in space of any kind, shape or form, which is absolutely, totally unacceptable when we got the greatest flying machine in the world sitting down at Kennedy in a garage there with nothing to do. -Gene Cernan

Yes, I've been trepanned. That's quite an interesting experience, especially for my brain surgeon, who saw my thoughts flying around in my brain. -Keith Richards

I thought the attractions of being an astronaut were actually, not so much the Moon, but flying in a completely new medium. -Neil Armstrong

Whenever I dream about flying, it's the best feeling in the world. -Kate Mara

I do about 90 percent of my own stunts, and the things I can't do for insurance reasons, like swinging out of a flying helicopter, I wouldn't want to do anyway. -LL Cool J

I work best when there is adversity: I seem to get calmer the more the fur is flying. -Andrea Arnold

If the Wright brothers hadn't put their lives on the line, we would not be flying around the world these days. So we need pioneers. -Felix Baumgartner

I always had the dream of flying, and the cheapest way is to become a skydiver. -Felix Baumgartner

You know what I have noticed? And this is really sad. Flying first class is less scary than flying coach. They speak to you and they're so nice to you and they want to help you and they know you want a drink before the plane takes off. And they bring it to you without asking. If you're sitting in coach and hoping for a drink, good luck. -Hope Davis

Ever since I bought and started flying an airplane, it's been almost exclusively for business. I love to fly. It's a great joy to me. But rarely do I use it for any kind of pleasure, other than it is a pleasure to fly. -Arnold Palmer

I started flying because I had a fear of it early on. I figured if I learned to fly, I would understand better what was happening and started taking lessons in the late 1950's, once I had made some money on tour. -Arnold Palmer

I quit flying myself last year and that was difficult for me because I enjoy it as much as playing golf. It was an adjustment sitting in the back of the plane, rather than at the controls, but I've grown accustomed to it and enjoy reading a book, doing some work or challenging my wife to a game of dominos. -Arnold Palmer

The thing about Vegas is, I don't have to fly anywhere, and that really helps. It means I stay in one place for three weeks at a time instead of flying backwards and forwards. -Elton John

I'm Ric Flair! The Stylin', profilin', limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin' n' dealin' son of a gun! -Ric Flair

I love flying planes. -Hunter Hayes

Successful technologies often begin as hobbies. Jacques Cousteau invented scuba diving because he enjoyed exploring caves. The Wright brothers invented flying as a relief from the monotony of their normal business of selling and repairing bicycles. -Freeman Dyson

I've had a lot of fear in my life, from fear of flying to fear of making a speech in front of a lot of people. -Chris Evert

'Twilight' has ruined me. When this is all over, flying internationally is going to be very hard for me. It is just not worth it to buy a first-class ticket, because of the cost. -Ashley Greene

I get really nervous if pigeons are flying around before shows. I can't stand them after one once flew in through my bathroom window and went for me while I was having a wee. That was enough. I think pigeons target me. -Niall Horan

I have the flying dream a lot where I'm jumping off a building and just flying around. -Channing Tatum

I work every day. I was flying the other day. and I was like, where am I flying? I have no idea, I work so much. -Lily Aldridge

Sigmund Freud was the apostle of disbelief. He was the one who made psychoanalysis a part of our culture, and in so doing he kicked out a flying buttress that had been essential for holding up our cathedral of faith. -Tony Campolo

I think probably the scariest thing, as weird as it sounds, was 'The Wizard of Oz' and the flying monkeys with the witch. I remember seeing that – it still seems freaky. -Rob Zombie

Sometimes when I'm watching television and something, an image, will come on that has to do with 9/11 or some of these families telling their stories, or children talking about drawing pictures of airplanes flying into towers, you know, I find myself still choking up. -Ann Richards

I hate flying. Know why? Because no one really understands how planes actually work. -Adam Levine

Global warming creates volatility. I feel it when I'm flying. The storms are more volatile. We are paying the price in more hurricanes and tornadoes. -Debbie Stabenow

Yeah, I'm the Brit who isn't Lewis Hamilton that woke up and realised he was good. I got that tag because I was young, flying around in jets and driving fast cars. I always took my driving seriously, but I suppose I enjoyed life… But I'm not a playboy. -Jenson Button

I hate flying, airports and the whole rigmarole – queuing up, security and lost luggage. -Johnny Vegas

I'm not a big fan of flying. I definitely try to take the bus whenever I can. I've gotten a little bit better about it, but it was a pretty crippling thing for many years. I feel safer in a private plane. -Martina McBride

I would think flying would be pretty cool. You would be able to fly away from all your enemies and get where you're going much faster. But being invisible? You probably wouldn't use that for the good of man. -Randy Johnson

When I'm running fast, I don't feel anything, it's effortless, it's like my feet don't even touch the ground, it's like I'm flying. -Evelyn Ashford

My flag is always flying. My shingle is always out. I'm always looking for movie ideas. -Alexander Payne

I'm not one of those famous people flying round the world emoting over every catastrophe. I'm too feeble. -Kristin Scott Thomas

Back in 2007, I had the opportunity to meet Professor Stephen Hawking through the X PRIZE Foundation. In my first conversation with him I learned that he was passionate about flying into space someday. -Peter Diamandis

I love flying so much. I even like airplane food. No one bothers you and your phone never goes off and you can't have emails go through. It's undisturbed. -Margot Robbie

I hate flying. I don't like planes. I get really anxious. -Lucy Hale

In L.A., if you're in improv, and you're on those stages, all the big agents and managers and producers are watching those shows. They're not flying to Chicago to see the show. People are booking jobs off the stages in L.A. who aren't more talented than the guys in Chicago. But the most guys book out of L.A., and the second is New York. -Jake Johnson

I finally overcame my phobia, and now I approach flying with a sort of studied boredom – a learned habit, thanks to my learn-to-fly-calmly training – but like all former flying phobics, I retain a weird and feverish fascination with aviation news, especially bad news. -Susan Orlean

I take goldenseal, Echinacea and cod liver oil when flying to boost my immune system. -Janelle Monae

I've always been fascinated and stared at maps for hours as a kid. I've especially been most intrigued by the uninhabited or lonelier places on the planet. Like Greenland, for instance, or just recently flying over Alaska and a chain of icy, mountainous islands, uninhabited. -Andrew Bird

All of us in society are supposed to believe that cruelty to animals is wrong and that it is a good thing to prevent needless suffering. So if that is true, how can meat be acceptable under any but the most extraordinary circumstances, such as perhaps roasting the bird who died flying into a window? -Ingrid Newkirk

A great deal of my battle, as an actor, is to whittle away the things that make me self-conscious and try to trick myself into not being self-conscious. So, it's always a challenge, whether I'm lying in a hospital bed or flying around with a rocket pack on my back, or what have you. On the best of days, it's a challenge for me. -Billy Campbell

I used to make my manager Jamie not tell me where I was going to be the next day, because I was so afraid of flying and of anything. But now I love flying, I love working hard, I love being around the world. -Ellie Goulding

As with most phobias, the fear of flying does make some sense, but if ever there was a fear worth quashing then this is it. After all, life is short, and there's a great big world to explore out there. -Beth Ditto

'Robopocalypse' joins a proud tradition of techno-apocalyptic tales, stretching from high-flying Icarus, to Frankenstein's monster, and to many a giant radioactive creature who has crashed the streets of Tokyo. And then, of course, there's the Terminator. -Daniel H. Wilson

There's a delicious irony in seeing private luxury jets flying in to Washington, D.C., and people coming off of them with tin cups in their hands saying that they're going to be trimming down and streamlining their businesses. There's a message there. -Gary Ackerman

My inclination, as an old-school, classically trained journalist, is not to go with a story unless I have it hard. It's not good enough to say something based on rumors that were flying around. -Wolf Blitzer

I was not born in a home where there were stereotypes. So that was very useful because it gave me the sense of possibilities, of flying, if I may say, of making my hopes and dreams a reality. -Michelle Bachelet

Before I was going to be an actress, I was going to be a veterinarian! I thought I was one as a child. I was the kid who was like, 'Daddy! I want a kitty! It needs a mommy!' And my dad was such a sucker. Every time I would beg, with tears flying down my face, about how this animal needs love, needs a home. He would cave. -AnnaLynne McCord

Flying solo, you have a fair workload. I'm not only flying the balloon but doing the navigation, communications, repairing the burners, taking care of the equipment. -Steve Fossett

There is no conclusive proof of Unidentified Flying Objects flying over India-China border. -A. K. Antony

Basically, most good science in space flight has to do with the behavior of the human body in space. That is where we are lacking info, and where info can only be obtained by flying in space. -Charles Simonyi

Kids today aren't listening to music audio-only. They're picking up a CD and looking at the lyric sheet and wondering why the pictures aren't moving around. Who wants to do that? It's like Bam Bam Flintstone hanging with the dinosaurs vs. Elroy Jetson who's flying around space. If I'm a kid, I wanna be kicking it with Elroy.

Comedies are just never that expensive quite frankly. They really aren't. We aren't doing green screen shooting, so even Hangover II in Bangkok might seem like it's expensive, you're flying over and back, but they're just not that expensive to make when you do it the way we do it which is very focused and I've done it before. -Todd Phillips

Gym traumaramas can happen to anyone. One time, I brought a packet of papers to read while jogging on the treadmill. Right when I was in the middle of my run, I dropped them and they flew everywhere! Pages went flying all over the place and got in the way of other people working out. -Jenna Ushkowitz

Tweeting is a very personal form of expression. Who else could talk about my son refusing to wear a suit to meet the Pope, my husband flying a helicopter, or take a twitpic from our home? -Queen Rania of Jordan

I am terrified of flying. I am a wreck right before I get on an airplane. That, and the ocean. I can only get in there for 10 minutes, I have this strong urge to run out and I won't go back in for the rest of the day. I've always been like that. -Kyle Gallner

Growing up in a Canadian household that was more British than Big Ben, I dreamed of flying to England myself and visiting the places my family never tired of talking about. I always woke up before the plane landed. -Alan Bradley

Reviewers and critics can be overly cynical. If something the least bit sentimental comes up, they'll often start flying off the handle. But I'm like, 'Wait a minute, you've had those times in your life. Everybody has.' -Gilbert Hernandez

For nearly two years, I was flying above the planet with my camera. I knew straight away that this was something important to do, just at this moment, a portrait of the planet for the millennium year. I worked in 80 countries, fighting for money all the time. -Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Today, people idolize athletes and celebrities – and yes, highly successful and visionary business people like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, but not the innovators who perhaps have not seen such high-flying levels of success. Can anyone name the inventors of GPS, which has such a huge impact on our lives today? -Naveen Jain

My phobias worsen as I get older. I'm scared of flying, driving. I'm terrified of sharks. I'm a germaphobe. But I try to face my fears; I do. Well, most of them. -Eli Roth

I have so many miles and I've been flying for so long that every time I fly, it's first class. It's one of those things that, if I needed to jump on a plane, and fly to Spain tomorrow, I know I could get it done. Just like that. -Lupe Fiasco

These are moments in your life to be cherished; they don't come around that often. To be flying around in a 'Game of Thrones' jet, to be greeted by massive enthusiasts. -Natalie Dormer

The criticism is, once I get something flying, I lose interest in it. -Burt Rutan

By 1931, after a few years' experience of flying scheduled airlines, those planes were operating at roughly 600 times the safety of the space shuttle. I look at safety not in terms of fatalities per passenger-mile, but when you get in and close the door, what is the risk of dying on this flight? -Burt Rutan

I spent about seven years during the Vietnam War flight-testing airplanes for the Air Force. And then I went in and I had a lot of fun building airplanes that people could build in their garages. And some 3,000 of those are flying. Of course, one of them is around-the-world Voyager. -Burt Rutan

I spent a lot of winters in my childhood flying kites with my brother, with my cousins, with friends in the neighborhood. It's what we did in the winter. Schools close down. There was not much to do. -Khaled Hosseini

It is extraordinary how safe flying has become. You are now statistically more likely to be elected president of the United States in your lifetime than you are to die in a plane crash. What an amazing achievement as a society! But what we end up focusing on are the catastrophic failures that are incredibly rare but happen every now and then. -Steven Johnson

I did some research once on the way people in the past imagined the year 2000. They tended to picture the things they already had getting more sophisticated – flying cars, self-cleaning windows. And the folks in the early 1900s had a wildly optimistic estimate of the future of pneumatic tubes. -Gail Collins

Maybe we are all prospective migrants. The lines of national borders on maps are artificial constructs, as unnatural to us as they are to birds flying overhead. Our first impulse is to ignore them. -Mohsin Hamid

When I was living in Los Angeles, I always booked a moisturizing milk-and-honey massage the day before flying to Spain. It was heaven – I never got dry plane skin or felt stiff from sitting in one position. -Carolina Herrera

I think aerobatic flying is athletic. I don't do aerobatic flying, but I would put that in a category of a sport. I would put regular flying in the category of an art or machine-type thing. -John Travolta

I just don't know when we all decided that if it doesn't fit in a Happy Meal box, it's not for kids. I remember flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz, and I grew up watching Monty Python. I think that kids can handle a lot more than we give them credit for, especially when it comes to the absurd. -Gore Verbinski

For us as entertainers traveling, the schedule gets really crazy – flying all the time, being on a bus tour, changing hotels every day. And it's challenging. -Sheila E.

I am interested in imperfections, quirkiness, insanity, unpredictability. That's what we really pay attention to anyway. We don't talk about planes flying; we talk about them crashing. -Tibor Kalman

In the heyday of the Oscars, there were electric sparks flying. When Cher went in her fabulous Bob Mackie dress and her Mohawk, and Bjoerk with her swan dress. Then we thought it was bad taste; now I think it should have been the best dress because she stood out. -Andre Leon Talley

This was 1978, when flying was still an occasion, a special grand event that took planning and care. I worked as a TWA flight attendant then. I stood in my Ralph Lauren uniform at the boarding door and smiled at the passengers through lips coated with lipstick that perfectly matched the stripe on my jacket. Mostly, the passengers smiled back. -Ann Hood

The big reason why we don't have space colonies and regular trips to the moon is that flying into outer space is just plain 'hard.' The business of safely transporting people off the Earth is a costly affair that requires a lot of technology. -Ben Parr

Most estimates of the mortality risk posed by asteroid impacts put it at about the same risk as flying in a commercial airliner. However, you have to remember that this is like the entire human race riding the plane – it is one of the few risks that really could wipe us all out. -Nathan Myhrvold

I hadn't realized quite how extraordinary Charles Lindbergh's achievement was in flying the Atlantic alone. He had never flown over open water before, but he flew straight to Dingle Bay in Ireland and then on to Paris, exactly as planned. -Bill Bryson

Being a consultant is like flying first-class. The food is terrific, the drinks are cold. But all you can do is walk up to the pilot and say, 'bank left.' If you're in management, you have the controls. -Greg Brenneman

I had a high-flying career. Never wanted to get married. All I wanted to do was have some fun. -Cindy Gallop

Sometimes it just means flying from Bogota to New York via Amsterdam to have a day with your kids. When we spend time with them, I think we do our utmost best to be really with them – on vacations or during weekends or even at breakfast in the morning. -Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

I grew up and I kind of took the road of becoming a pilot, which was another dream I had of flying, and once I did attend the air force academy, that dream of flying became more like a project, and I wanted to be a fighter pilot, which I did. I became a fighter pilot. -Luca Parmitano

Meditation, especially for people who don't know very much about it and think it's this very hippy dippy thing, can really be powerful, terrifying even, as it lifts the rug up on your subconscious and the dust comes flying out. -Amanda Palmer

I came up with idea of a solar airplane flying around the world with no fuel – that would be a beautiful message in terms of technology, the energy of the future and the environment. -Bertrand Piccard

I love skating and sparkling and flying around the ice, and people clap for you. It's an amazing feeling. -Johnny Weir

I'm not flying to the moon. But when I've talked to people who have been up, you can tell it's really special because without fail a very special light comes into their eyes and they appear to be very fulfilled in some way and very calm. -Sarah Brightman

I do quite a lot of flying in my concerts. -Sarah Brightman

I've had fish come up on stage, and it's pretty disgusting. I try and discourage that. I discourage anything flying up on stage, actually. -Les Claypool

In my teenage years I was put off the idea of a career in flying, because I'd convinced myself that you had to be a boffin with degrees in maths and physics, which were my weakest subjects. -Bruce Dickinson

One day I would love to do rock a gig on the moon – how rad would that be? Isn't Richard Branson flying planes to outer space? Motley Crue could be the first band to play on the moon. -Tommy Lee

I was flying to the Maldives in 2000 when the plane went through turbulence – after that, I didn't fly for four years. Then a job came up in India, so I did a simulator flight and learnt about what goes on in the cockpit. I'm fine now. -Paul Merton

If I'm flying to China, I can sit and think about a problem. Other scientists have to go to the lab. I'm always thinking about maths, even when I'm doing other things. A lot of the time you're going up blind alleys and it's very frustrating, but then you have a sudden rush of ideas. You can live off that for quite some time. -Marcus du Sautoy

On 'Death Valley,' I fought this werewolf, and he was picking me up and slamming me down. They put padding down in the garbage so he could really slam me down. They're flying around and I'm doing these jumping flying triangles pulling the guy down. It's just fun. -Caity Lotz

Being on a trapeze is like dreaming. I feel totally outside of myself when I'm flying. You know, designing shoes, my imagination is flying in my drawings. -Christian Louboutin

Everyone loves to fly, and flying underwater is even better than flying in air because there are things around you. -Graham Hawkes

I was a pilot and flying hang gliders, paragliders, aerobatics airplanes, and then I discovered skydiving. Free fall. Free. With nothing around you, just a parachute on your back. And you go down. But you don't feel like you're going down. Total freedom. -Yves Rossy

Putting seven people in orbit should not cost more than flying a commercial jet around Earth. -Steve Jurvetson

You can take lessons to become almost anything: flying lessons, piano lessons, skydiving lessons, acting lessons, race car driving lessons, singing lessons. But there's no class for comedy. You have to be born with it. God has to give you this gift. -Steve Harvey

If you go back a few hundred years, what we take for granted today would seem like magic – being able to talk to people over long distances, to transmit images, flying, accessing vast amounts of data like an oracle. These are all things that would have been considered magic a few hundred years ago. -Elon Musk

I kind of do think of myself as a superhero and just flying high, and doing these crazy flips. -Gabby Douglas

I've done some luxury flying, which is brilliant. It has only happened once or twice, but it was nice because flying is the worst part of the holiday. But then again, if the plane crashes, you're still dead. For that much money I'd want a little capsule that whizzed me off to safety if it was going to crash. -Karl Pilkington

I love flying and kind of just fascinated with it, and to fly something like an F-22 would be a blast. -Stephen Colletti

Of course, I tweet. Tweeting is a very personal form of expression. Who else could talk about my son refusing to wear a suit to meet the Pope, my husband flying a helicopter, or take a twitpic from our home? -Queen Rania of Jordan

I grew up thinking that I would become a fighter pilot and was fascinated by aircrafts as I had grown up around that. But my father encouraged me to not become an Air Force person, given the varied interests I had, be it books, movies, sports or fighter flying. -Kapil Sharma

Vampires get the joy of flying around and living forever, werewolves get the joy of animal spirits. But zombies, they're not rich, or aristocratic, they shuffle around. They're a group phenomenon, they're not very fast, they're quite sickly. So what's the pleasure of being one? -Margaret Atwood

Fear paralyses you – fear of flying, fear of the future, fear of leaving a rubbish marriage, fear of public speaking, or whatever it is. -Annie Lennox

Our grandkids will lead the lives of the gods of mythology. Zeus could think and move objects around. We'll have that power. Venus had a perfect, timeless body. We'll have that, too. Pegasus was a flying horse. We'll be able to modify life in the future. -Michio Kaku

Baseball is a slow, boring, complex, cerebral game that doesn't lend itself to histrionics. You 'take in' a baseball game, something odd to say about a football or basketball game, with the clock running and the bodies flying. -Charles Krauthammer

When I started working on Southwest Airlines, I kid you not, only people flying on business and very wealthy people ever flew. -Herb Kelleher

There's a lot of thinking when you choreograph something. You're not just choreographing some bodies, arms, legs flying around to look cool. It's a lot more complicated and sophisticated. You also have to deal with the connection of the whole film, so when I choreograph, I think of the movement itself, the camera angles, the characters. -Donnie Yen

I'm not a flying fan. I can't bear it. -Tamsin Egerton

I have a rule: I want the pilot flying me up in the air at 30,000 feet to make more than a guy working at Taco Bell. -Michael Moore

I have a couple freeloader friends, but it's okay. I know they're gonna come in with their arms flying in the air empty-handed. -Amy Sedaris

I grew up in airports and on air bases. I know what flying and airports can be. And most airports make me feel like we're about three per cent better than ants. Especially U.S. airports. They're zoos. All civility is gone. -Douglas Coupland

I haven't isolated myself. I am not living on a yacht somewhere. I am not tucked away or behind a gate somewhere. I am not flying on a private plane. I am going to the airport, I am with people, some of the interactions are good, some of them are not so good, but it keeps me in touch with being, you know, part of society. -Nicolas Cage

When 9/11 hit, the second thing I said to myself was, 'This really is what religious people do.' Those people flying the plane were very good, very pious, truly faithful believers. There's no other way to paint them. Of course, they are extremists by definition, but they certainly aren't going against Islam in any real way. -Penn Jillette

I don't like flying at the best of times. And as I get older, I like it less and less. I don't much like driving, either. I prefer to be driven. And, when I'm in London, I don't even like walking on the street. I can never get used to looking the right way when I cross the street. -Christopher Walken

When you hear the word 'cancer,' it's as if someone took the game of Life and tossed it in the air. All the pieces go flying. The pieces land on a new board. Everything has shifted. You don't know where to start. -Regina Brett

A duck tastes the same whether they're shot sitting or flying. -Jase Robertson

As you get older, you have to force yourself to have new dreams. For instance, I've been flying for 37 years, but now teaching others to fly is interesting for me. Sometimes you have to find new angles on life to keep you interested, like sharing successes and inspiring and helping others. -John Travolta

Do I believe, for example, that by using magic I could fly? No. How would you get around gravity? Impossible. Do I believe that I might be able to project my consciousness into a very, very vivid simulation of flying? Yeah. Yes, I've done that. Yes, that works. -Alan Moore

When I played the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve, I got to bring Wiley, my 85-pound black lab. He's responsible for my favorite New Year's memory of all: At the end of the show, he ran onstage and then out across all the tables in the showroom, sending champagne glasses and gamblers flying. -Elayne Boosler

I never minded flying cheap. I always said to myself, 'Taking this flight saves enough money to rescue four dogs, or six cats, or will let me make a difference to the one woman saving chimps in Cameroon.' -Elayne Boosler

The scary thing about the future… there will be tiny cameras everywhere, and they'll be flying around like mosquitoes and drones. That will be bad. Drones are scary. You can't reason with a drone. -Matt Groening

I thought there would be more time in my trailer to write during 'Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.,' but I seem to be always flying in a harness and conquering supervillains instead. -Clark Gregg

My sleep is very important, and I have to have at least eight hours every night in order to function properly the next day. Unfortunately, flying through several time zones makes me disorientated, and it takes several days to readjust. -Olly Murs

I always respected Neil Armstrong highly. He was probably the coolest under pressure of anyone I ever had the privilege of flying with. I never saw him flustered. -Charles Duke

I was a child of World War Two . I saw films of pilots taking off from aircraft carriers and decided that was the only thing I wanted to do. And it had to be flying from sea carriers. Airfields were not enough. -Gene Cernan

If you look at a map, you see that Hawaii is in the middle of nowhere. It's 17 hours of straight flying from London. It's very far away, and sometimes you feel as if you're on another planet. But I like that. Also, that's ideal for writing. -Paul Theroux

The one word you use in military flying is duty. It's your duty. You have no control over outcome, no control over pick-and-choose. It's duty. -Chuck Yeager

Traveling around the world is really strenuous for me, being in a different bed every night, flying and everything. -Britney Spears

The worst way of flying, I think, is standby. It never works. That's why they call it standby. You end up standing there going, 'Bye!' -Jerry Seinfeld

My greatest pleasure is still flying private. I spend between $300,000 to $500,000, depending on my year, on flying private. -Suze Orman

I went on a book tour immediately after 9/11. I was due to leave the following Wednesday, so I just did. It was an amazing thing, because planes hadn't been flying very many days, and I got on this plane and went to San Francisco, and the minute that plane lifted above the clouds, I felt this incredible sense of lightness. -Joan Didion

I'm so lazy as far as liking to get up, go to the office in my pajamas, get dressed about noon. And I hate flying. So I have this really laid-back, good lifestyle, and it's hard to nudge me out of it. -Barbara Park

If I were really rich, I would be flying places, I think. -Tao Lin

I always write on unlined typing paper and write the first draft in longhand, using cheap Bic pens. I try to write about four pages a day, which usually yields a first draft in six months. I don't plot ahead of time, so I'm flying by the seat of my pants for the first draft. -Tess Gerritsen

I once got my stiletto caught in my horse's tail on stage and went flying into the audience. It was a mental gig, so I think the crowd thought it was part of the show. -Alison Goldfrapp

I have had bullets flying at concerts, but I don't want to talk about that. -Zubin Mehta

I was brought up to believe I could achieve anything. My mother instilled in me the belief that there was always something great coming. For example, even though I'm afraid of flying, I always think the plane can't crash because there are so many better things still to come. -Joe Bastianich

Whether or not I tour forever, I'm not sure. I would love to spend more time living in harmony with nature rather than flying all over the world and contributing to global warming, you know what I mean? -Jason Mraz

I have a flat in Paris and go there a lot, but the Eurostar's much more civilised than flying. -Michael Bond

You can fix your body, your heart, your diabetes. In Korea, China, and India, there are people who do yoga. They go to the mountains and do breath-in, breath-out meditation. They can live 500 years and not get sick. Keeping their bodies for a long time is possible; even flying in the sky is possible. -Seung Sahn

The sensation of flying is incredible, and it's such a miraculous notion to go into the air and see the world without delineation. -Ellen McLaughlin

I've built a tree house; because of my architectural training, it's heavily over-designed, with an oriel window sticking out of it and flying foxes coming off it. -Greg Wise

Funding for the original manned Voyager Mars Program was scratched in 1968, before humans had gotten out of Low Earth Orbit. Mid-'60s plans for a Venus fly-by with astronauts actually flying by it met the same fate. -P. J. O'Rourke

The optimum amount of sugar in a product became known as the 'bliss point.' Food inventors and scientists spend a huge amount of time formulating the perfect amount of sugar that will send us over the moon and send products flying off the shelves. -Michael Moss

Like most manic depressives, some of my symptoms included racing thoughts that I simply had to act upon – flying from New York to Paris and taking the train to Berlin; flying to Argentina in the middle of the night; spending tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary garments, dinners and gifts. -Andy Behrman

I met dozens of pilots and would go on dates. I had the opportunity to go up in one of the planes, but I was scared of flying. -Florence Green

If you manifest your true self through nature and your normal surroundings, I find that the most eerie. Like when you see birds suddenly start flying in a different direction or when you see moths forming weird shapes, I think that's the weirdest way to let yourself be known. -Holland Roden

I've always been amazed by Da Vinci, because he worked out science on his own. He would work by drawing things and writing down his ideas. Of course, he designed all sorts of flying machines way before you could actually build something like that. -Bill Gates

Even though the risks of death are higher driving than flying, many people would rather drive simply because they feel they have more control driving. The facts are that only a few hundred people die a year flying, and 44,000 are killed a year driving. -Robert Kiyosaki

I resigned from the Marine Corps and flying in 1974, even though I loved them both. I quit because I no longer wanted to fight for peace. Instead, I believe we can build a more sustainable peace by working for prosperity. -Robert Kiyosaki

In daytime, you're shooting an episode a day, which is on average about 90 pages of script a day. That is very hectic. On '90210,' you get to work through it a little more. You're not just flying through it just to get it done. -Trevor Donovan

Filmmaking is a great adventure. I'm as excited as a kid to be given tickets to fly suddenly to England, South Africa, America, everywhere. I'm still a 13-year-old kid, flying. -Shekhar Kapur

I've learned about ice water in the morning – when you wake up tired, or you're jet lagged and you've been flying and your skin is dry, or you have puffy eyes – the ice water really helps cool the face down and helps circulation. -Barbara Fialho

The big mathematical challenge for flying robots is making them move in six dimensions: x, y, z, pitch, yaw and roll. We create 3-D obstacle courses in the lab – windows, doors, hula-hoops taped to posts – and ask the robots to fly through. It looks like a Harry Potter Quidditch match. -Vijay Kumar

I got a couple of front teeth knocked out during a football match when I was hit by a flying elbow. -James Cosmo

Everyone says romance goes flying out the window when you've been together for an X amount of time. I think it's all up to you. -Malaika Arora Khan

Here are the choices I don't want to make: between paying additional fuel costs and flying and steaming less; between paying additional fuel costs and building fewer ships and planes. -Ray Mabus

A good novel is an out-of-self experience. It lifts you off the ground so that you have the sensation of flying. It says, 'Look at the world around you; learn from the people in these pages, neither quite me nor quite you, how life is lived in so many different ways.' -Julia Glass

I've never played in Vegas. I've only been to the airport, but even the airport was exciting. Just flying in, looking out the window, you feel the pull of it, like it's some evil force pulling you in, like Mordor. -Dean Wareham

From regular, relative skydiving, I went on to freeflying. Freeflying is more the three-dimensional skydiving. -Ueli Gegenschatz

When you see a fly flitting around your hair or your potato salad, you might see an annoyance. But in my lab, you really see a marvelous machine: arguably the most sophisticated flying device on the planet. -Michael Dickinson

Almost everything worthwhile carries with it some sort of risk, whether it's starting a new business, whether it's leaving home, whether it's getting married, or whether it's flying in space. -Chris Hadfield

I haven't been able to write a song about flying. It just sounds cheesy. But for me, there's nothing like being up there. -Dexter Holland

I never was one to go into an office and write. For one thing, I had a job. I was cleaning the ashtrays and setting up the studios at Columbia for a couple of years and working every other week down in the Gulf of Mexico flying helicopters. I didn't really get to just write songs for about five years. -Kris Kristofferson

When I was a kid, I'd wake up extraordinarily early every morning and turn on the television, scanning for episodes of 'The Jetsons.' For some reason, I loved the notion of a future where there would be flying cars, supercomputers, and most of all, robot maids to take care of the chores. -Ben Shapiro

In the astronaut business – the shuttle is a very complicated vehicle; it's the most complicated flying machine ever built. And in the astronaut business, we have a saying, which is, 'There is no problem so bad that you can't make it worse.' -Chris Hadfield

Space is not a good place to mix foods because as soon as you take something out of the package, it becomes a flying object. -Chris Hadfield

I once made myself black out by pulling G too quickly while flying an F-18. Being unconscious in a single-seat airplane is not good. Fortunately, I woke up in time. I learned how to better plug-in my anti-G suit. -Chris Hadfield

Nothing focuses your mind quite like flying a jet. That's one reason NASA requires that astronauts fly T-38s: it forces us to concentrate and prioritize in some of the same ways we need to in a rocket ship. -Chris Hadfield

The government sends low-flying helicopters to chase the horses into corrals and then takes them from the plains of the American West to federal holding pens. The government claims it's to save the horses from starvation. Critics claim the real motive is to clear the land for cattle grazing. Critics also say the horses are brutally traumatized. -Jane Velez-Mitchell

Unfortunately, fur is still flying off the racks. It's a billion dollar industry. -Jane Velez-Mitchell

We need to stop flying, stop driving cars and jetting around on marine recreational vehicles. -Paul Watson

I was sitting on my mom's lap across from my father to see Kay Thompson at Ciro's. And I always remember this energy force, this woman flying around the room and singing these harmonies so everyone went, 'Wow!' So I thought, 'That's what I want to do.' -Liza Minnelli

I think we built the right future. If it's a choice between the flying car or the Internet, tablets and smartphones, I'll take what we've got. -David Gerrold

I was skating with friends in my neighborhood, and then eventually I was invited to go to the skate park with one of them. When I saw people flying all around – literally flying in and out of bowls – that is when I knew I wanted to do it. I wanted to figure out how I could get there and how I could fly. -Tony Hawk

The glamour of air travel – its aspirational meaning in the public imagination – disappeared before its luxury did, dissipating as flying gradually became commonplace. -Virginia Postrel

I love flying; I love aircraft, and you could say I've had a love affair with flight since I was a child. I travel a huge amount. I use airports, and as a pilot, I've flown in and out of airports thousands of times, so really, I have a fairly broad perspective. -Norman Foster

There aren't really many compliments flying around with me and my friends. It's a lot of tough love. But you know, that love is there, and if you need to have a serious conversation, you just gotta wait for the right time to do it. -Mark Wahlberg

India was a sensation. It was remarkable to see all those parrots flying about, the brilliant foliage and the brilliant sky. It was a tremendous pageant. I never noticed the poverty. -Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

Birds born in cages think that flying is a disease. -Alejandro Jodorowsky

My ideal audience is on the young side, eager to mutate and move to a higher level of consciousness. I want my images to turn the viewer's brain into what it is: a flying carpet. -Alejandro Jodorowsky

Any show that includes guns or machinery or stuff like that, you need to trust who's around you because blanks are flying. -Jessy Schram

If I could have any power, I think flying would definitely be up there! Along with speaking every language. -Roxanne McKee

Same with anyone who's been flying for years and loves it still… we're part of a world we deeply love. Just as musicians feel about scores and melodies, dancers about the steps and flow of music, so we're one with the principle of flight, the magic of being aloft in the wind! -Richard Bach

I had my airplane, and I'd use it as a car whenever I could. If the drive was going to be longer than an hour, I was flying the plane instead. And in California, it's really easy to have a drive longer than an hour. -Jake Busey

Our robots are signing up for online learning. After decades of attempts to program robots to perform complex tasks like flying helicopters or surgical suturing, the new approach is based on observing and recording the motions of human experts as they perform these feats. -Ken Goldberg

We could definitely make a flying car – but that's not the hard part. The hard part is, how do you make a flying car that's super safe and quiet? Because if it's a howler, you're going to make people very unhappy. -Elon Musk

Did anyone in the White House or the N.S.A or the C.I.A. consider flying to Hong Kong and treating Mr. Snowden like a human being, offering him a chance to testify before Congress and a fair trial? -Alex Berenson

If you look at Christmas movies, there are certain things in them that lend themselves to a 'Harold & Kumar' movie. In particular, the more out-of-this-world things like Santa Claus and flying reindeer. -Hayden Schlossberg

A draft doesn't produce the people we need to satisfy our real manpower shortage. We need specialists to keep our jets flying. -Patricia Schroeder

It takes minutes to play, but 'Unmanned' sticks with you for long after the credits roll. As a part of a two-man team for an unarmed drone, you experience one day in the life of this man who's tired of staring through the camera of a drone flying around the Middle East and keeping his finger on the trigger. -Rob Manuel

There is the morass, wherein you plunge up to your knees, or the walking over the stubborn, dwarfish shrubbery, whereby one treads down the forests of Labrador; and the unexpected bunting or sylvia which perchance, and indeed as if by chance alone, you now and then see flying before you, or hear singing from the ground creeping plant. -John James Audubon

'The Secret Life of Bees' was my first novel, so I had no process. I was flying by the seat of my pants, as they say, trying to understand how I, as a novelist, would work with story. -Sue Monk Kidd

I don't like flying. I'm a bit scared of it and don't enjoy the whole experience. -Rick Astley

Being on 'The Following' is constantly flying by the seat of my pants. The story can change and the character can change at a moment's notice. -Valorie Curry

Politicians have always been required to be fake, but now the career havoc wrought by a stray, flying sound bite means they have to sustain their fakeness all the time. -Tina Brown

On the morning of January 17, 1966, a real-life dirty bomb crisis occurred over Palomares, Spain. A Strategic Air Command bomber flying with four armed hydrogen Bombs – with yields between 70 kilotons and 1.45 megatons – collided midair with a refueling tanker over the Spanish countryside. -Annie Jacobsen

Leaving the house is a big enough occasion for me, so getting on a plane and flying across the world and playing to a room full of people is just out of this world. -Courtney Barnett

To me, being in the big time is not that big of a deal. I've been there; I know what it is. It's exciting, but it's also a lot of work and pressure. I love sort of flying under the radar where we can play theaters and sell CD's on the Internet, and it's really kind of a cool time. -Roger McGuinn

I wrote 'She's a Lady' on the back of a TWA menu, flying back from London after doing Tom Jones's TV show. Jones's manager wanted me to write him a song. If I have an idea and I don't have a pad of paper, I'll write on whatever is available. What's the difference? Paper is paper. -Paul Anka

I consider myself a frequent flyer, flying roughly 200 times a year on mostly mainstream airlines. -Jeffrey Gitomer

The way I see it, commercial interests should manage a lunar base while NASA gets on with the really important task of flying to Mars. -Buzz Aldrin

I used to hate flying. I would sit there, rigid, convinced that if I relaxed, the plane would drop out of the sky. -Sarah Waters

I think ideas should be flying about and banging into each other. It is a kind of energy. If you occupy static positions, then things sort of ossify. -Tom Paulin

The idea of flying in general does not appeal to me. I can barely understand why people want to fly at all, other than that it's occasionally necessary. -Ridley Scott

I think there's nothing worse than inertia. You can be inert and study your navel, and gradually fall off the chair. I think the key is to keep flying. -Ridley Scott

I actually find flying therapeutic. -Evangeline Lilly

I detest flying anywhere. Left to my own devices, I'd never leave my keyboard. -Kage Baker

I hate flying. My stomach churns at the mere thought of it. -Jonathan Dimbleby

I have flown with British Airways since I was a very little child, so it feels quite special to have gone from family holidays flying around Europe to become a gold card holder and be spoiled enough to travel more than not in first class. -Orlando Bloom

If you have a fear of flying, don't. The data are very clear: If you have to travel someplace, the safest way is by airplane. -Peter Diamandis

After more than a decade as the editor of 'Wired' magazine, Chris Anderson started the company of his dreams – a robotics manufacturing company called 3D Robotics – to produce the autonomous flying vehicles coming out of DIY Drones. -Peter Diamandis

It's quite amazing what 3D is doing to movies. Just simple things like a paper plane flying at you or flower petals fluttering about are wonderful. -Kou Shibasaki

My first inclination was toward flying and being a pilot. -Kevin A. Ford

I made about fifty-four dollars a week and spent it on two flying lessons every week at the age of sixteen and was able to get a license then pretty early and knew that that's what I wanted to do, some kind of a career in aviation. I did know about space flight, but at that point, it was still pretty far out there. -Kevin A. Ford

They decided as part of my 75th birthday celebrations that I would be entitled to fly first class. I'll be honest, I'm not good at flying anymore. To my credit, I can stretch out on two coach seats. -Chuck Feeney

We all thought we'd have flying cars by now, but we don't. -Dana Brunetti

People say, 'Where do you live?' and I say that theoretically, I live in London, but basically that's just where I go to change my suitcase. Otherwise, I'm always flying somewhere. -Olga Kurylenko

A great war shall burst forth from fishes of steel. Machines of flying fire, lobsters, grasshoppers, mosquitoes. The mass attacks shall be repulsed in the woods, when no child in Germany shall obey any longer. -Nostradamus

I think there is that very basic yearning for something or someone to be looking after us, for there to be a framework holding the universe together that is benign and intelligent. We're not going to get rid of that; it's just too scary to be that molecule flying around briefly in a vacuum. -Michel Faber

I never get sick on airplanes, which is incredible. You're basically in a flying petri dish. -Danny Meyer

I have the advantage of being pretty small, so if I'm flying myself, I'm flying coach. To save the money. I just put in my headphones, and it's no big thing. I keep my head down, wear a hoodie or a hat – but sometimes not even that. I'm small. People miss me. -Anna Kendrick

The physicality of any character is always split up into fast, slow, high energy, low energy, what kind of personality he has. So that's where the physicality comes in. And flying through the air is just something you have to do if they ask you. -Mads Mikkelsen

What I was most curious about was why Armstrong, a top U.S. Navy test pilot, flying the most advanced aircraft in the world, would want to join the astronaut corps in 1962, which included chimpanzees and monkeys. -Douglas Brinkley

I am a proud flag-flying geek at heart and definitely a Trekkie/Trekker! -Teresa Medeiros

When a group of ultra-opinionated, uber-creative romance authors get together, I'm sure you guys can imagine how fast the ideas start flying! -Teresa Medeiros

For my part, if I'm working while flying, I'm often a bit relieved to be forced to shut down the computer on final descent. But I guess I'm a slacker. -Meghan Daum

I sometimes wonder why I do so much research – I look at other successful writers, and I think it must just be so relaxing to write about flying horses or something, but I have to make it plausible. -Michelle Paver

Like Hillary Clinton, I, too, have traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the globe. But unlike Mrs. Clinton, I know that flying is an activity, not an accomplishment. -Carly Fiorina

I wake up every morning, and life is different. I've got a gig or a shoot. Flying here, flying there. Meeting wicked people. Going to amazing places. I'm relishing it. -Ella Eyre

Spaceflight, especially in the Mercury spacecraft, clearly wasn't going to be much like flying an airplane. -Henry Spencer

Not until the space shuttle started flying did NASA concede that some astronauts didn't have to be fast-jet pilots. And at that point, sure enough, women started becoming astronauts. -Henry Spencer

I've played a ghost, cat, snake. I've been funny, sad. I've been filmed flying on screen. So why not spend time on something else? I don't need to accept everything I'm offered. -Maggie Cheung

I am not going to pretend that flying a spaceship will be as safe as getting in a 747 with four engines for a flight across the Atlantic. -David Mackay

I do have a bit of a fear of heights. But I don't get scared of heights when I am flying a plane. -David Mackay

I was brought up in the north of Scotland, and where I lived was so lowly populated, it was used as a low-flying area by the Air Force, so lots of exciting aircraft used to fly over my village. -David Mackay

I can still remember them wheeling the black and white TV sets into our classroom at school so we could watch the men landing on the Moon, and that obviously had a huge impact. I later found out those people flying Apollo were ex-military test pilots, so I decided to join the Air Force and become a test pilot. -David Mackay

My first introduction to New Orleans was from the air, flying high over the city with a view of the land – and water – below. -Rachel Sklar

I have swung on a flying trapeze, explored a glacier, and been hit in the face by a shark's tail while scuba diving. I like to throw myself fully into projects and adventures, which is probably how I managed to publish a book in the first place. -Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

What would air travel look like if airplanes were thrown out after each flight? No one would be flying in airplanes. -Gwynne Shotwell

I've known the anxiety of being completely lost, flying at night. It can be extreme. You're travelling at close to five hundred miles an hour, and every minute that goes by takes you further into being lost unless you get help from ground radar somewhere or somehow figure out the error. -James Salter

I think when science fiction is at its worst, it's just spaceships flying around shooting at each other. There has to be a lot more going on than that… science fiction is about exploring new worlds and new ideas, not about ray guns and action, necessarily. -Jeff Lemire

The China Rich seem to be spending on a scale that's just beyond anything we've ever seen before. They are building and buying an insane amount of luxury residences around the world, commissioning huge flying palaces from Boeing, and paying ridiculous amounts for art. -Kevin Kwan

War is hell. You can't photograph a flying bullet, but you can capture genuine fear. -Horst Faas

The annual flight of the dragonflies goes mostly unnoticed, though it is one of the great migrations of flying creatures that occur across North America. -Richard Preston

There's a film that I wrote that I want to do called 'The Grey,' which is about a group of pipeline workers in Alaska flying back into civilization after being remote for a number of months. The 737 they're on goes down, and they begin to be hunted by a pack of rogue wolves. -Joe Carnahan

All my friends were off on gap years, so going to New York alone, at the age of 18, was kind of my flying the nest. It was an amazing experience. -Bel Powley

I am such a sap when it comes to love! I believe in love at first sight all the way. But that's just the way it happened to me with my relationships. I love the idea of two people looking at each other and electricity flying around them; it's so romantic, and it's a great feeling. -Kim Barnouin

There are few things that have filled me with such breathless awe as flying in the black of night across oceans and continents and looking out my cockpit window upon the infinite glory of millions of stars. -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

In college I started studying the stock market. I went down to the stock exchange, watched all the activity from the visitors' gallery, people running around, calling numbers, shouting, and all the paper flying and the bells ringing, and of course that was exciting, and it seemed to lend itself to my analytical skills. -Robert C. Merton

Teaching is like flying a plane. You leave school one day feeling like you're spiraling down toward the trees, expecting that the next day the crash will come. You brace yourself for the impact, only to find that things have leveled out at treetop height, and you climb and enjoy the remainder of the flight. -Herb Trimpe

It turns out that if you optimize the performance of a car and of an airplane, they are very far away in terms of mechanical features. So you can make a flying car. But they are not very good planes, and they are not very good cars. -Gregory Benford

When a story is flying along, and I'm so into it that my 'real' world goes away, it can feel magical. I cease to be, my desk and computer ceases to be, and I am my character in his world. Psychologists call this a 'flow state,' and it's better than publication, money, awards, fame. -Nancy Kress

I want to go back to the Pantanal in Brazil. I've never been to sub-Saharan Africa. I'd like to take my Caravan over there and do a flying safari. I've never flown to Alaska. -Harrison Ford

I fly myself everywhere. I like all kinds of flying, including practical flying for search and rescue. And I also like to fly into the backcountry, usually the Frank Church Wilderness in Idaho. I go with a group of friends, and we set up camp for about five days and explore little dirt strips and canyons. -Harrison Ford

On the first 'Indiana Jones' movie, I tore an ACL in one of my knees – can't remember which knee. The scene in which I was fighting the big German mechanic on an airplane called a flying wing, I was run over by the landing gear and injured my knee, but I can't remember which one it was. Lots of bumps and injuries along the way. -Harrison Ford

Through the misguided notion that writing about flying was easy, I had McCone become a pilot. When I learned that research in books wasn't enough, I forced myself to take lessons. -Marcia Muller

I would enjoy flying to Mars. This was the dream of the first cosmonauts. I wish I could realize it! I am ready to fly without coming back. -Valentina Tereshkova

When Iron Man's flying, we'd send real planes up to do the choreography so that we'd get the camerawork to really look like a cameraman was following from another plane. It gives it that 'Top Gun' look. -Jon Favreau

In 'Sisters of War,' I got to do one of my own stunts. Running out of the building because the Japanese were firing, with all these little spark plugs are going off, looking like explosions and bullets flying down. That was really fun. -Sarah Snook

Kate Winslet is incredible. She's so lovely and so flexible, and she's got three kids, and she's flying internationally to work. It's amazing to see strong women doing what they want to do and doing it well. -Sarah Snook

Reading 'The Third Sex' feels a bit like flying in a veering helicopter over a rain forest that is disappearing before one's eyes. -Stacey D'Erasmo

I remember flying in, driving down 101 in a cab, and passing by all these tech companies like Yahoo! I remember thinking, 'Maybe someday we'll build a company. This probably isn't it, but one day we will.' -Mark Zuckerberg

I think, for me, there's The Book I Should Write and The Book I Wanted to Write – and they weren't the same book. The Book I Should Write should be realistic, since I studied English Lit. It should be cultural. It should reflect where I am today. The Book I Wanted to Write would probably include flying women, magic, and all of that. -Marlon James

It's kind of crazy to think I'm still 22 and going into my fifth season. Time has been flying by. I think it's about that time I really take the next step to the elite level. -Patrick Kane

In April of 1976, Epic Records was flying out to sign us when I tripped over a light case after a gig and broke my arm. We called the next morning and said, 'Don't go to the airport – Bun E. broke his arm.' They thought Mercury or someone was trying to sign us, so they offered us, like, $25,000 more on top of the deal. -Bun E. Carlos

There is nothing like watching the woman you are in love with make a baby, make a miracle! It is one hell of a ride, and I am only seven months in. Time is flying by, but I am taking it all in. It is the most important thing that I have ever been a part of in my life. -Matt Cohen

I remember dawn coming up over the Strait of Malacca; ragamuffin kids on the dock in Sumatra laughing as they pelted us with bananas; collecting dead flying fish off the deck and bringing them to our sweet, fat, toothless Danish cook to fry up for breakfast. -Christopher Buckley

Atoms consist of a positive nucleus and negative electrons flying around outside it. Electrons closest to the nucleus feel a strong negative-on-positive tug, and the bigger atoms get, the bigger the tug. In really big atoms, electrons whip around at speeds close to the speed of light. -Sam Kean

As soon as I have got flying to perfection, I have got a scheme about a steam engine. -Ada Lovelace

I'm not afraid of flying; I just fear I'm going to die. I think I'm – vulnerable. I admit it. I don't fly. I got claustrophobia. I don't go in high buildings. I don't do those things. I'm just myself, whatever that is. -John Madden

We've gone from, in the '50s and '60s, being very optimistic about the future, where the future is all spaceships and The Jetsons and flying cars, to where we were just sure the future was going to be a massive pile of rubble. -David Wong

Flying, I continue to be involved with. I love flying, and I hope to keep doing it so long as I can pass my medicals and stay proficient. -Ratan Tata

Sunday is a likely day to write a poem. Because poetry is a piece of language flying around: you'll find notebooks, something on your phone. It's about finding them and getting them off that crumpled piece of paper and onto my computer. -Eileen Myles

Refugees tend to avoid planes, airports and fake passports, even though flying may appear to be the most obvious way to flee. For one thing, security procedures at airports are far stricter than at land borders. -Peter Landesman

While the whole 'God Butcher Saga' had elements of fantasy, sci-fi and horror all mixed together, 'The Accursed' is very much high-fantasy. Right out of the gate, we've got elves, talk of fantastic worlds, strange creatures, Malekith riding a flying tiger, as well as more dwarves, giants, trolls and elves than you can possibly count. -Jason Aaron

The thing I like most about flying in space is not the view. The thing I like about it is doing something I feel very, very strongly about. -Scott Kelly

I went to the University of Maryland for a year and was considering maybe, you know, being a medical doctor but decided my other interest was maybe flying airplanes in the Navy and just kind of changed my mind and changed schools and changed majors and decided to focus a hundred percent on that. -Scott Kelly

I believe in the importance of flying in space and the research that we do. -Scott Kelly

I would always consider flying in space again, without a question. -Scott Kelly

Remember to reach for the stars, and they won't be able to resist flying into your hands! -Katherine McNamara

I was flying with my brother, and he challenged me to work out on the airplane. He thought it was funny – and I did it! -Izabel Goulart

You could see the flames and the outer skin of the spacecraft glowing; and burning, baseball-size chunks flying off behind us. It was an eerie feeling, like being a gnat inside a blowtorch flame. -William Anders

If I were a Negro, I'd be fighting, as Martin Luther King fought, for human recognition and justice. I'd rather go down with my flag flying. If you're weak or crippled, or you can't speak out or fight back in some way, then people don't hesitate to treat you badly. -Abraham Maslow

I have often said that the lure of flying is the lure of beauty. -Amelia Earhart

When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop, striped and dotted with continents and islands, flying through space with other stars all singing and shining together as one, the whole universe appears as an infinite storm of beauty. -John Muir

When I compete, I love a huge crowd, expectation, pressure, and I like to have nerves: the butterflies flying and my hands shaking. This way, I am completely amped, focused, and ready; otherwise, I tend to be to relaxed, content, and don't perform at my maximal potential. -Caroline Buchanan

I guess when we're young, we all have that fascination with flying. -Sean Bean

I have this fantasy of my older days, painting or sculpting or making things. I have this fantasy of a bike trip to Chile. I have this fantasy of flying into Morocco. But right now, it's about getting the work done and getting home to family. I have an adventure every morning, getting up. -Brad Pitt

For families flying out of the U.K. for a winter getaway, airports should be the ideal place to pick up a bargain. -George Osborne

We will never get to the flying car era. We will get to the era where we get flying drones that haul people, though. -Thomas Frey

One reason, doubtless, why squirrels are so bold and reckless in leaping through the trees is that, if they miss their hold and fall, they sustain no injury. Every species of tree-squirrel seems to be capable of a sort of rudimentary flying, at least of making itself into a parachute, so as to ease or break a fall or a leap from a great height. -John Burroughs

Our flying squirrel is in no proper sense a flyer. On the ground, he is more helpless than a chipmunk, because less agile. He can only sail or slide down a steep incline from the top of one tree to the foot of another. -John Burroughs

I didn't even start dancing until I was in my thirties, and it was like flying. -Dick Van Dyke

You see these terrorists that are flying planes into buildings, right? You see our cities getting shot up in California. You see Paris getting shot up. And then somebody complains when a terrorist gets waterboarded, which quite frankly is no different than what happens on college campuses and frat houses every day. -Eric Trump

Whenever I see the Hong Kong flag is flying in the sky, not because of anybody else, because of my efforts, I think it's the most proud time of my life. -Yu Chui Yee

In lean times, you get plenty of sleep, and you're not flying around everywhere. -J. K. Simmons

The high-flying rhetoric of 'Making America Great Again' frankly appeals to me. It appeals to many people. But you've got to back that up with substance, and you've got to quit offending people who may not agree with you. -Jeff Fortenberry

I liked flying, when I got into it, loved it. And I found I was very good at it. I'm not modest about the fact that I was a good pilot. -John Glenn

As more airlines consolidated and grew larger and more focused on the bottom line, flying in the U.S. became an awful experience. Despite moves to block our airline from flying, Virgin America began service in August 2007 – with the goal of making flying good again. -Richard Branson

I was in Cairo, Egypt, where Sinai – ISIS conducted the Russian airliner downing. We're concerned about safety and security at these last point-of-departure airports flying directly into the United States – in that case, JFK. -Michael McCaul

Apparently, I have such a serious race face, even when I'm doing a bit of work, at first everybody wasn't sure if I was enjoying it or not. But it's absolutely exhilarating. It feels like you're one with your horse and you're flying. -Victoria Pendleton

Working on 'X Men,' I got to do a lot of flying and fighting, which was good fun. -Ben Hardy

There is film of the Americans landing on the moon. Does that mean the moon shot really happened? In the film, the Yanqui flag is flying straight out. So, is there wind on the moon? -Hugo Chavez

In northern architecture – the cathedrals of Europe and all the little churches – the details, the carving of stone, become necessary because the light is not there to help you very much. You have to enrich surfaces. The desert reduces form to its simplest nature. There is no need for gargoyles or flying buttresses in the desert. -I. M. Pei

The advantage of knowing about risks is that we can change our behavior to avoid them. Of course, it is easily observed that to avoid all risks would be impossible; it might entail no flying, no driving, no walking, eating and drinking only healthy foods, and never being touched by sunshine. Even a bath could be dangerous. -Robert F. Engle

I am afraid of aeroplanes. I've been able to avoid flying for some time, but I suppose, if I had to, I would. Perhaps it's a case of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing. At one time, I had a pilot's licence and 160 hours of solo time on single-engine light aircraft. Unfortunately, all that seemed to do was make me mistrust large aeroplanes. -Stanley Kubrick

That is how it stiffens, my vision of that seaside childhood. My father died; we moved inland. Whereon those nine first years of my life sealed themselves off like a ship in a bottle – beautiful, inaccessible, obsolete: a fine, white, flying myth. -Sylvia Plath

I said in a speech out in Peoria that with Jerry in as vice president, the pressures on Nixon to resign would be unbearable. I know that Republicans see 50 House seats flying out the window in 1974. -Thomas P. O'Neill

Mostly, my flying has been solo, but the preparation for it wasn't. Without my husband's help and encouragement, I could not have attempted what I have. Ours has been a contented and reasonable partnership, he with his solo jobs and I with mine. But always with work and play together, conducted under a satisfactory system of dual control. -Amelia Earhart

I'm not the guy who does slo-mo, or I'm not the guy who does splashing rain or doves flying or anything; that's not me. Every film, I try and make it the way I see it in my head, and it really just depends on the script and the people I'm working with or whatever interests me at that particular time. -Duncan Jones

I'm just waiting for the day when my songs aren't flying. Because I kind of believe in Murphy's law – if something can go wrong, it eventually will. -Zara Larsson

Lucha libre culture was part of my wrestling upbringing. I'm Filipino, so it wasn't a part of my normal upbringing, but it's what gave me my start. I get a lot of my technical and high-flying wrestling from that. -T. J. Perkins

As Dortmund manager, I lived in a street, and my two neighbours were Schalke fans. They showed it every day, flying flags! -Jurgen Klopp

It's been cool to catch up, but I think I'm done with my exes. To be honest, I went out with flying colors on the majority of them. -Brantley Gilbert

If I'm chartering in and out and flying home after I play, that doesn't make sense. But where we can bus, then we'll bring the family out and spend time with them during the day. -Zac Brown

I took my first flying lesson in 1967, when I was 16. By October 1968, I had 70 hours in the air and got my pilot's license. -Chesley Sullenberger

It's much like playing jazz, flying. It's multitasking in real time. You have a number of instruments that alone won't tell you exactly what the airplane is doing but together give you a picture of everything that's going on. -Aaron Diehl

Jazz is pretty much the freest thing you can be a part of. It's the closest thing I can get to flying. It's fun, interactive. In its own way, it's a sport. -Bria Skonberg

I have to travel for my work, so the idea of getting on planes depresses me. They give me frequent-flyer points, and I think, 'I don't want them, because I'm sick of flying!' -Stephen Frears

My friend… used to tease me about a tattoo I had right here, but it was so big, and what he was teasing me about – he said it looked like a flying monkey. It's supposed to have been a grim reaper holding a ball. But it did look like a monkey. -Allen Iverson

I did a little bit of flying in high school, but I've just always been inspired and excited about airplanes. -Gregory H. Johnson

It still amazes me, when I go out and fly the T-38, and I'm looking at those little, short, skinny little wings, and that thing's flying. It's just amazing to me, even now. -Gregory H. Johnson

When I started flying, I realized how enjoyable it was, and flying became my main focus while engineering went on the back burner. -Gregory H. Johnson

I am fascinated by Omega's history. Particularly the First World War stuff, when they made watches for the flying corps, and the NASA side of it. -Eddie Redmayne

I'm trying to conquer swimming. I'm getting there. I've gotta conquer it. I had a fear of drowning and tunnels and flying. I started flying and got my pilot's license, so I conquered that. Now, I'm onto swimming and tunnels. -Tyler Perry

I really love flying, but it's really nice to jump on a plane, sit back, and let someone else do the heavy lifting, but flying is my main passion for sure. -Dierks Bentley

If I'm not on stage, I'm a pilot. I like flying planes; I have a little plane back in Nashville. -Dierks Bentley

When I went to Kabul – weeks after I finished 'The Kite Runner' – I met a lot of people from all walks of life: men, women, children, people from ministries, hotel doormen, shopkeepers. And I learned from them what daily life was like when the rockets were flying overhead. -Khaled Hosseini

I was working the Gulf of Mexico on oil rigs, flying helicopters. I'd lost my family to my years of failing as a songwriter. All I had were bills, child support, and grief. And I was about to get fired for not letting 24 hours go between the throttle and the bottle. It looked like I'd trashed my act. But there was something liberating about it. -Kris Kristofferson

I haven't had the occasion to meet Adele. She lives in England. So when I'm flying, or when she comes over here, perhaps we'll have a chance. I think she's a very fine singer, a very strong writer and performer. -Aretha Franklin

One way to understand light in the ocean of air is by flying it. Life in the air is an extension of perceiving. -James Turrell

I hate flying. The first time I flew with my wife, Najat, was the first time I'd ever flown in my life, and that was just a short flight to Turkey. I spent the whole time with my shirt pulled over my head. Then I got used to it. -Sayed Kashua

Every once in a while, we'd ask my dad if we could get a ride in one of these planes. And, he did take us to the flying club and get us a ride in the Pushpak and a glider that the flying club had. -Kalpana Chawla

Lester is the Rock of Gibraltar. Nothing can rattle him. I am not. I was always flying off the handle about things. And the one person who could calm me down and make me realize that none of this silliness mattered was Lester Holt. -Campbell Brown

I'm trying to get my head in the game, think about the questions I wanted to ask, breast milk is flying everywhere – over my notes – and I – how do you 'lean in' at that moment? What is the equivalent of that for Wolf Blitzer or Joe Scarborough? -Campbell Brown

I was doing shows and flying economy, and nobody ever fed me. Or I'd be staying in hotels so cheap that by the time I'd get in, there wasn't any room service. I didn't eat for a long time. Not on purpose. You'd be on shoots with bad food or get on a plane, and the food would be so disgusting you couldn't eat it. -Kate Moss

You think you would react one way when a situation develops and, and when the sharp shells are flying, you don't quite stand up like you think you might. -Walter Cronkite

There are downsides to a lot of things. There are downsides to flying – people die every now and then. Do you want to stop all air flights? There are downsides to pharma; sometimes they're misused. Do you want to stop using pills? -Jamie Dimon

People say of every opponent, 'When are you going to knock him out?' But I'm not like Mike Tyson, who came flying out of his corner. I'm much more composed. A guy is supposed to be durable, but then I start finding my range, and, well, it comes together. Boom. -Anthony Joshua

People are flying you places in business class. Everyone wants to take pictures of you and find out information about you. It's a freak-out. But the more you push boundaries, the more you get ahead. -Yolandi Visser

'Lucha Underground' is the evolution of wrestling. It's high-style, high-flying, fast-paced hybrid style wrestling, and we're actually paying homage to lucha libre for the first time. -Rey Mysterio

I think a lot of the fans want to see the high-flying action and be entertained. I don't think there is a better division out there than the cruiserweights to do that. It could be a pigeonhole for some, but at the end of the day, it's about whatever makes you happy as a performer. -Rey Mysterio

Against Bermane Stiverne, they said he was going to be the toughest test, but I passed that with flying colours. -Deontay Wilder

It's nice to see different places and different parts of the world. It's pretty cool, though I hate flying! -Stipe Miocic

By taking the lives of our young, and wounding the wombs and lives of their mothers, we are flying in the face of God. We cannot play God. If we continue down this path of destruction, we will be met at the gates by our own doom. -Alveda King

Never in a million years would I imagine Calvin Klein flying me out to my first men's fashion show. -Cameron Dallas

I went from living in the Dominican Republic – every day, my mom and I would cook, or we'd go hang out with the kids – to flying a private jet to Chicago with Zac Efron and Dennis Quaid. People had champagne, and they were going to these amazing restaurants. It was a culture shock. It's important, I think, to have that. To see both sides. -Maika Monroe

I felt so free in space, flying around and unrestrained by any social relationships, but my life since has changed a lot. Now I am extra-careful about what I say and do because everyone recognises me. -Yi So-Yeon

If you ask me what's harder, being famous or flying to space, I'd say fame is much harder. -Yi So-Yeon

Domestic wiretaps, government television cameras blanketing our streets, spy drones by the thousands flying over our heads. It makes you wonder if the very foundation of this great country, which is liberty, is eroding right before our eyes. -Bob Beckel

It used to be that watching a film was a very special occasion, the same way flying was. Before, if you took a flight from New York to L.A., most of the windows would be open. Now, we get on planes and we just close them because we're so used to what it feels like. I think the same thing has happened with cinema. -Barry Jenkins

I must've been a bird in some previous lifetime. I feel like I'm called to flying – the convenience and the beauty of it. That feeling of soaring would be empowering. -Rachel Keller

Whenever I was flying commercial, I would land in Chicago, and they would announce, 'Get your passports out.' It happened so often, I would walk to the front of the plane and say, 'You're looking for me. Just take me; it will be easier for everybody else. -Shahid Khan

Truly original thinkers tend not to be entrepreneurs who've spent 10 years at Cisco and can be trusted to know what they're doing. They tend to be 26 years old and highflying. They often have a very childlike mind, with some naivete. -Steve Jurvetson

There's nothing interesting about seeing our characters for an hour and a half do some flashy flying in the sky and beating up on some buildings. It's boring, and people don't want that anymore. They want character, and they want story. -Finn Jones

Airports drive me mad. I don't mind the flying; it's all the hassle before you get on the plane and afterwards, including walking five miles through corridors to the point where you queue for ages to check passports and hope your luggage has arrived safely. -June Whitfield

I'm really scared of flying. Like, really, really, really scared. -Sam Smith

I've never been truly hammered… Never. Not even in college. I was too busy driving or flying away on weekends doing shows around Texas and the country. -Jeff Dunham

Bad people will find a way to do harm, whether it's homemade explosives, illegal weapons, or flying planes into buildings. Restricting law-abiding citizens' right to bear arms is not the answer. -Brandon Webb

I could give a flying flip about doing promo because, no disrespect, nobody put me in the position that I'm in. -Kevin Gates

I think superheroes are about flying. They're not about moping. -Mark Waid

I think comics are really – superhero comics are at their best and most primal when they're about joy and flying, and about escaping the gravity of the world. But, at the same time, that's not to say all stories should be happy. -Mark Waid

We said, as we were developing 'Iron Man 1,' and working on these films, that our characters need to be as interesting out of their costumes as they are inside their costumes, fighting and flying around. -Kevin Feige

I sorta worked out a few years ago that one of my favorite things to do in 'World of Warcraft' is look for things, to just spend the time flying around searching. -Kristian Nairn

I do not have PTSD, but if I watch part of a movie like 'The Hurt Locker,' or when I spend time around Blackhawk helicopters, I will close my eyes that night and live an entire day in Iraq, flying my missions. I remember the smell and the feel and the heat and everything about it. Then I wake up in Illinois, and I'm exhausted. -Tammy Duckworth

If I still had my legs, I would be in line for a battalion command, and instead, I'm flying a desk. -Tammy Duckworth

I had been pursuing a Ph.D. in political science when my National Guard unit was sent to Iraq. Eight months into our deployment, in November 2004, a rocket-propelled grenade fired by Iraqi insurgents tore through the pilot's side of the Blackhawk helicopter I was flying. -Tammy Duckworth

In the military, a combatant command is the ultimate job. It's the pointy tip of the spear, overseeing the people carrying the rifles and flying the aircraft. -Tammy Duckworth

There definitely will be flying cars, but whether there'll be flying cars for most people to use, it'll probably take a long time to straighten everything out, all the rules and hassles. It'll take a while to figure out how to keep people from crashing into each other. -Zack Greinke

My bees cover one thousand square miles of land that I do not own in their foraging flights, flying from flower to flower for which I pay no rent, stealing nectar but pollinating plants in return. -Sue Hubbell

I fly an aeroplane, and I think a lot about how much I do not want ever to run into an optimistic air traffic controller. I just don't. I want a guy down there who's just waiting for the worst crash possible and petrified that it's going to happen on his watch. And then I feel safe flying into his territory. -Sydney Pollack

There's a thrill in flying by the seat of your pants – trousers, actually: 'pants' in English means underwear – because most shows don't operate that way. Network shows are repetitive. -Jordan Gavaris

I hate when people eat food and talk with their mouth full. I always cover my mouth when I eat, but I've had it where there's little bologna bits flying on your food. -Jeff Baena

Once, when I was playing a nude scene in an indifferent play in New York, a critic wrote, 'Diana Rigg is built like a brick basilica with too few flying buttresses.' Do you think that's fair? -Diana Rigg

I avoid flying Ryanair if I can. I know that everyone gives them a hard time, but there's a good reason for that. -Gemma Chan

I left the band because I developed a terrible fear of flying. -Christine McVie

I did make a solo album in my house when I was there. And because I was just afraid of flying, I wouldn't promote it, and I wouldn't tour. Actually, it wasn't a very good album anyway – it got buried underneath the pits of Hell, I suppose. -Christine McVie

I'm flying all around the world, and it's hard to be settled. -Yuan Yuan Tan

I've always wanted to be the best at every aspect of the business. Not just someone who does great moves or high flying moves but every aspect and can take control of every match in case something goes wrong. -Dolph Ziggler

Even though I only get a few days off, I do not stop, whether it's getting some stage time at an open mic or flying to L.A. to watch a ton of stand-up shows. -Dolph Ziggler

Something we often struggle with on pictures is the right way to shoot live-action elements that are for an environment that's very complicated from a lighting standpoint. An example is a starship flying through an environment that's constantly changing. -John Knoll

The safety of the flying public should not be for sale. Handing air traffic control over to a private entity partly governed by the airlines is both a risk and liability we can't afford to take. -Bill Nelson

I don't do really well in cities, which is crazy given that we're flying in and out of these major cities every week. -Daniel Bryan

My hours get kinda backwards. Most of the time, we're basing out of one town, flying out, doing the show, then flying back. And it's a pace that no one would believe, really. Unless you've done it, you really can't understand what it is. And if you're not really experienced and know how to do it, you will fall. -Tom Petty

Before I started my company in 1998, I worked for big companies traveling a lot and saw firsthand how much waste there was. I was flying across the world in first class to places like Italy or Hong Kong, where I was staying in 5-star hotels, only to nickel and dime someone over a sweater price. -Maria Cornejo

My father, naturally, spoiled me when I was allowed to see him – flying to New York from Washington, alone, in those terrifying planes. He'd take me to Danny Kaye movies and rent a dog for me to walk in the park on Sunday – a different dog every Sunday – and then to have butterscotch sundaes with almonds at Schrafft's. -Lee Radziwill

I think the curiosity of mankind, that we want something unknown. Like, 500 years ago, humankind wanted to know what the other side of the ocean is, and it was a very risky project, and then we decided that probably we can fly; let's fly higher. And now we're flying space station, and still it's not enough for us: we want to know what's beyond. -Sergey Volkov

I love flying by the seat of my pants, going at something instinctually. -Frances McDormand

Best move is probably the flying knee I used in the Ultimate Fighter semi-final v Ross Pointon in 2006. -Michael Bisping

We became Homo sapiens not that long ago, from the scientific perspective, and we've retained a lot of our beast nature. We've done all these amazing things in terms of our knowledge base and technology, and now we're flying around and using the Internet. But we're still very animalistic. -Wangechi Mutu

There was a show at Sesame Place where you could lay down on mat in front of a blue screen, and the monitor would show you flying with Super Grover. I must have been five years old when I did it, and I still remember it. Likely the origins of my acting bug. -Lenny Platt

If you are not living in the same area when you are looking for property, it is a nightmare because you come down for a day or two, have appointments to see places, and have to be able to make instant decisions before flying off to St. Louis or somewhere. -Stephen Hough

If 'ecstasy' means to stand outside ourselves, then what better ambition can there be as we wait in the wings of the Royal Albert Hall: to leave self-obsession behind and take the audience on a journey across the high wire of Beethoven or the flying trapeze of Liszt. -Stephen Hough

I recall us selling out L.A.'s 5,000-capacity Gibson Amphitheatre and flying straight to Germany to play a 300-capacity room where we'd only sold 120 tickets. This was when 'City Of Evil' was really taking off in the U.S., but it seemed like Europe was less interested. -M. Shadows

When I play at home, I feel like I'm flying. -Riyad Mahrez

Aren't we all dreamers? It's only because man dreamt of flying that we are travelling in planes. Behind all inventions, we see the dreams of people. -Ajith Kumar

I'm from Anderson, S.C., but I grew up in the South. So I know what it is to ride to school and have Confederate flags flying from trucks in front of me and behind me, to see a parking lot full of people with Confederate flags and know what that means. I've been stopped by police for no reason. -Chadwick Boseman

I think the American sports culture has the idea that professional athletes need so much, like flying private planes, which obviously we don't, but that's the American sports culture when they think of the NFL and the NBA. -Christen Press

I like flying to New York from London. It's like a day off for me. No phone or e-mails. Food, wine, iPod, movies, snoozing. -Ricky Gervais

There's so much stuff flying around online, and it's so easy to get into arguments with people. -Charlie Brooker

We're very focused on building the hyperloop. And the hyperloop is exactly something we've described as an actual tube with levitation propulsion and a vacuum that essentially vents around sky inside the tube flying at 200,000 feet. That, to us, is the hyperloop, and we're the only company building that. -Shervin Pishevar

Hyperloop One has accomplished what no one has done before by successfully testing the first full scale Hyperloop system. By achieving full vacuum, we essentially invented our own sky in a tube, as if you're flying at 200,000 feet in the air. -Shervin Pishevar

I was making a film on Muhammad Ali in 1964, and I went to Miami to film everything around the fight for the world championship with Sonny Liston. I had the good luck of flying down to Miami, and there was one empty seat, and the guy sitting next to this empty seat was Malcolm X. -William Klein

The most fun is the high bar – I just like the adrenaline rush of doing the high-flying releases. -Sam Mikulak

The effects that interest me are not the guy flying through the sky, but creating reality – reality that you otherwise can't go and shoot. -Tim Bevan

I'm extremely proud of 'Hollyoaks.' No one could be flying the flag more happily. -Rachel Shenton

The reason I'm scared of flying is because I'm not in charge. Being so far out of control terrifies me. -Jack Garratt

'Youngblood' #1 was my first brush with Internet bashing. Message boards were just emerging, but the criticism was drowned out by millions of copies flying off shelves. -Rob Liefeld

I hate flying. I literally cry in the airport sometimes. I didn't used to; the more I fly, the worse it gets. It's weird! -Katie Stevens

I love basketball! When I'm flying, and I have on sweats, a hat, and sneakers, people always assume that I'm a high school kid going to an away game. And I always say no, I'm a fan of the game. -Lena Waithe

More and more, the superrich don't live in one place but many, flitting between multiple homes on different continents, flying to them on private jets, perhaps, concealing many of their real estate purchases through webs of shell companies and trusts. -Anand Giridharadas

In the past, I travelled with 'The Hero and the Crown' by Robin McKinley: I suffer from a fear of flying, and I felt a bit safer knowing I carried the book and characters with me. -Jesmyn Ward

It's a real honor to have my stories up on the big silver screen, at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars. It's great fun flying out to L.A. for premieres and meeting all the actors and directors. -Jim Starlin

Most of the energy in North America is just consuming – Wal-Mart, shopping centres, government offices – or personal consumption: houses, cars, flying to Hawaii, gambling in Las Vegas. We could live affluent lifestyles with half as much energy. -Vaclav Smil

In coming to New York, I got my first Broadway show six months after I got here. So that song, 'Movin' Too Fast,' means so much to me, knowing that feeling where it's just where you imagined yourself, but it's flying by you at a million miles an hour. -Joshua Henry

To go straight to 'Scandal' and get to play the larger-than-life guy who has the page-long rants and gets drilled in the leg with blood flying everywhere, it was a blast. It's really been a nice counterpoint after the first season of 'The Carrie Diaries.' -Matt Letscher

Right now, there could well be messages from the stars flying right through this room. Through you and me. And if we had the right receiver set up properly, we could detect them. I still get chills thinking about it. -Frank Drake

I was more of a person that liked flying and operating high-performance machinery, and I liked that, the skill it took, the intelligence it took to do that. -Alan Bean

Chollima is actually a national animal of North Korea. It's a mythical flying horse. -Dmitri Alperovitch

I got into college, and a gentleman gave me a ride in a plane, and he flipped it upside down so we're inverted flying, like it was nothing, and from that moment forward, I fell in love with it. I said, 'I've got to learn this; I've got to do this.' -Jimmy Graham

It's like being a bird, maybe, the perspective of flying over the Earth. -Peggy Whitson

One thing that flying in space does for you is it gives you a change in perspective. We all have to live in the same place. -Peggy Whitson

On my first flight, I don't know if maybe it's a function of time, or if I was less stressed on my second flight, but just being able to tell what part of the planet we were flying over by the reflected light coming through the window – that was pretty special. -Peggy Whitson

God has a kingdom. It's made up of citizens: some black, some white, some red, yellow, Spanish backgrounds. His intention was never that the individual uniqueness would cause them to lose sight of the flag flying over them – the flag of the cross. -Tony Evans

It's so dry on planes, and when you are flying for 30 hours, facial mists and moisturizers are an absolute must! -Hannah Bronfman

It changes your perspective to be able to look out the window and see the planet. One of the thoughts that I had when I first got up here was, 'We really do live on a planet, and we are in a solar system, and we are flying through space right now.' I mean, this is something that you know, obviously, but to see the planet – it's amazing. -Kathleen Rubins

After the war, my father, Bernard, left the Army Air Forces to fly for Trans World Airlines. But after I was born, he retired from commercial flying to be with my mother, Anne, and me. I was born in Kansas City, Mo., but we left when I was 6 months old. -Dianne Wiest

When we are filming, it often feels like we're flying blind. As an actor, you have no idea if your choices are right or if they work. Some scenes feel like a complete Hail Mary. Imagine you're blindfolded and cook a massive Thanksgiving feast with only new recipes – without getting to taste any of them along the way. -Lela Loren

Mom would say, 'Get out of the house,' and we would just go. We had all sorts of large swings and flying foxes and various death traps throughout the forest that we'd try and do our best to hurt ourselves on. It was a great childhood in terms of being creative, I think. -Luke Hemsworth

Trends suck you in, anywhere in the world, patterns you don't even see. It's so easy. Look at Wall Street – look at any sports team in the world – there are trends. Look at exercising. Nothing but patterns and trends, and that's what I started to see. Like a flock of birds all flying in one direction. -Grace Potter

I have the comedian's fear of bottles flying. I've never been bottled off, but I have had things thrown at me. Bag of crisps. And there's still a part of me, when I sit in an audience, that thinks people are going to start heckling the play. -Patrick Marber

From flying in the cockpit of an A-10 to chairing hearings on Capitol Hill, I've learned that each of us will face struggles as we pursue our goals. -Martha McSally

Every day, every time I sing, I feel blessed, really, to be able to do that. It's like having wings, in a way. It's a bit like flying sometimes, because you go off into another realm. And a whole lot of people come with you. It's amazing. -Paul Rodgers

The more exciting, flying wrestlers are not going to be your 300-pound wrestlers. -Rob Van Dam

Travelling is hard. I'm no traveller. I hate flying, and I hate hotels. -Ry Cooder

I had a full-time driver, or I would take my Bentley. I'd have big houses in the Hamptons for the summer, taking seaplanes or helicopters out. I did a lot of flying privately to Miami. A lot of shopping. -Molly Bloom

If I could push a button and get rid of all these dumb people flying Nazi flags and have them never show up – They are a big problem for the Right. -Mike Cernovich

If there's any credence to the guy who wrote 'Drones Over Blkyn' a year before drones were flying over Brooklyn, then listen to me: we're going to be in fascist police state. -El-P

Our country was founded on protest. If it was just shut up and honor your country no matter what, we'd still be flying the Union Jack. That's not what our founding fathers did. They didn't like what was going on, and they broke away and formed their own country. -Stan Van Gundy

There's a lot of trainers in my career, between Terry Taylor and Arn Anderson, who've always told me to keep my damn feet on the ring mat, and there's just that little kid in me – I may be 45, but there's that little kid in me that, if I get a chance to do some flying, I'm gonna do it. -Big Show

When I was on the ice, I felt like a free man. With flying, it's the same thing. When I'm flying by myself on an afternoon, I feel free. -Guy Lafleur

Generally, there's a lot of ad-lib involved with live TV and things like that, whereas with acting in front of the camera, it was, if you screwed up a line, well, you've got another take, and you also had a script to be able to study, so it wasn't all ad-lib and flying by the seat of your pants, which I like both aspects, actually. -Edge

I get anxiety from a noise or some scuffling at the side of the stage. I hear stories all the time, from as minor as Dillon Francis getting smacked in the head with a flying beer can to Dimebag Darrell. -Deadmau5

My associate director, Lisa Leguillou, is remarkable: flying around, visiting all the companies. She is truly the unsung hero of 'Wicked'. She has been by my side from day one, and she is invaluable. I frankly don't know how she does it. -Joe Mantello

Most Saiyans are born with a talent for battle, but they still need to be taught the trick behind flying and stuff like that. -Akira Toriyama

I'm flying by the seat of my pants, never creating with a thought to what's up ahead! -Akira Toriyama

I don't really put cars in my videos because I'm always flying or on a tour bus. -Tech N9ne

I believe in simplicity. Where some people in TNA take the high-flying back flip route, I'll replace that with a punch or a nice kick square to the face. -Samoa Joe

I thought I was grounded. I thought from my kinda blue-collar outlook on life that I would call myself a grounded person. I was not. I was like a balloon flying around in the air. And as soon as our first child was born, boom – my feet came right down to the ground. -John Prine

The only airline I avoid like the plague is Ryanair. I don't like that, when you book, there are then all of these little extras to pay for, and you end up paying more than just flying with British Airways. -Eddie the Eagle

My goal is to make that must-see television so that you have to have the Network. My goal is to make 205 Live the place to see high-flying in a big way. If you're a fan of the U.K. style, then the Network is the place to go get that style. -Triple H

I'm 6ft 8in, so I feel like I've got full body thrombosis about five hours in if I'm flying in economy. -Greg Davies

I came from the most humble side of society, and I know what it's like to be poor, really poor, and I was brought up in the '60s and '70s very poor, and I'm very happy flying the flag for the working man. -Marco Pierre White

I hate flying. It creeps me out, and it scares me half to death. -Darci Lynne Farmer

I love 'Teach Yourself' books. I bought an old weaving loom and had no time for classes, but one 'Teach Yourself' later, and my bobbin is flying. -Sandi Toksvig

When I was at NASA, I had a house on a small private airstrip that we shared between the flying community. I had a hangar in my backyard with my airplane in it so I could just fly from my home. -Leroy Chiao

As soon as I got rich, it was mimosas every morning. I was taking my friends to Six Flags every weekend. We were flying to Hawaii; we did whatever we wanted. -Blackbear

I was bookish and awkward and wanted a means of expressing the millions of emotions flying around inside me. The piano seemed as good an outlet as any. -Sue Perkins

Living out of a bag, in hotels, packing, unpacking, travelling, the hours of flying, sometimes the credit card doesn't work at the hotel, or the room isn't ready – I'm lucky to have a team around to help me. -Petra Kvitova

I don't do any exercises when flying but use compression socks and spend as much time as possible lying down. I try not to eat much – I'm not a fan of airplane food; everything is just so weird. -Petra Kvitova

I was like, 'Hey, I love highflying. I love lucha libre. Can I just put on a mask and pass myself off as a luchador?' Everyone was like, 'You're going to do what you want to do,' so that's what I did for the first four or five years. I just put on a mask and pretended to be this luchador. -Mustafa Ali

A lot of people will comment, 'All the high flying will catch up to you.' I think any form of wrestling will catch up to you. -Mustafa Ali

I think flying is kind of an emotional experience. -Herb Kelleher

We turned our planes around after landing and got them off again in 20 minutes back in the early days; 15 minutes in many cases. That gave us a huge cost advantage because we could do more flying in a day with a single plane than anybody else. -Herb Kelleher

Who do you know, who could come out on a flying carpet? P. Diddy standing at the bottom, come out like a concert, dancing, oozing confidence, and then get in and take somebody out? Come on, do you know anybody in the history of the sport that did what Prince Naseem did? I ain't trying to brag, but I was bloody good at it. -Naseem Hamed

My mom liked to have us travel in first class with her. She's like, 'I work for my money, and I want my kids to live a certain kind of way.' My dad used to get so mad at my mom for flying us first class. So it was a clash on that. -Evan Ross

I love the Premier League, the quality of the players, the quality of the coaches. There are great challenges. But there are arms and legs flying off managers down there. -Brendan Rodgers

There's only so much that you can control, especially when the game speed is super, super fast, and guys are flying at you, and you're trying to make a play and get rid of the ball. -Deshaun Watson

Undertaker, right up until his last day, was working full time constantly, even when he was beat up, had fire in his eyes. If he couldn't walk, he was flying around, and he was The Undertaker in every way. That was such an inspiration. -Drew McIntyre

You are always having to prove something in football whether you are flying or not. -Jordan Henderson

I never thought I was academically gifted at school. But when I started flying, I found you didn't need an academic mind – you just needed determination and dedication. -David Jason

Before Lita, women weren't doing moonsaults, hurricanrana, and other high-flying maneuvers. I think she really changed the game in the women's division. -Mickie James

I think there are some people who have talent flying out of their fingers and other actors who hone their craft. I am an actor who found their way. I bettered myself throughout my career, and I am proud of that fact. -Suranne Jones

I do wrestle a really high-risk and high-flying style. -Neville

I was selfish and immature. I never wanted the attention. There were helicopters flying over the hospital while I was giving birth. -Nadya Suleman

I had a two-hour VHS tape of Sakuraba and all his crazy stuff. He was doing crazy double flying chops with both hands and undressing the Gracie family one shoulder at a time, and probably my favorite fight of all time was when he fought in Heroes and was rocked and kind of out of it, and they stopped him and kind of shook him in bounds. -Urijah Faber

Dilla could flip a boring record and make you feel like you were flying. -Flying Lotus

It's easy to have a good attitude when you're flying, but you need it when you're up against it as well. -Stephen Hendry

I'm so much more at ease now than when I was flying as Bob. Then, I was OCD about everything, always checking and looking for things. But flying as a female is effortless. I'm still checking traffic, instruments, and the radios, but it's easier to multitask, and flying is fun. -Zoey Tur

I'm not scared of snakes, spiders, flying… nothing scares me apart from needles. I just hate them. Which is quite funny because I've had four knee operations, and I've got tattoos, so I've seen a few needles in my time. -Lucy Bronze

I flew helicopters, and I loved flying helicopters on the East Coast when I did a couple of deployments out to the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf. -Sunita Williams

All of us who are flying on international space stations speak some Russian and speak some English. Both the languages are needed to fly in a Russian spacecraft and communicate with your colleagues. -Sunita Williams

What we are doing in the Pacific is we're flying, operating, and sailing wherever international law allows, and the purpose of that is to demonstrate that we are standing up for those rules. -Joseph Dunford

I love flying around the world doing what I do – that keeps me so busy. -Kelly Brook

I don't go flying into tackles and running around 100 mph. That's just not me. -Jack Grealish

I lived in a house in Copenhagen that was uber-haunted for many years, with flying teacups and things like that; there was a time when I saw glasses rising off the table, and I took it as a sign of something saying, 'Hey, we're with you.' -King Diamond

When you see the stumps flying, that's the best feeling. -Jasprit Bumrah

I was a quicksilver girl who saw every leaf on every tree. For me, there was no middle ground between sinking and flying, and once I was into my early adult years, my roller coaster got wilder and faster: I seemed to rise and fall with the same reckless velocity. -Margaret Trudeau

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