Best Quotes About Fashion

I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year's fashion. -Lillian Hellman

I base most of my fashion taste on what doesn't itch. -Gilda Radner

There's never a new fashion but it's old. -Geoffrey Chaucer

If you are not in fashion, you are nobody. -Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

Even knowledge has to be in the fashion, and where it is not, it is wise to affect ignorance. -Baltasar Gracian

A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic. -George Bernard Shaw

Revolution is not something fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade. It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit. -Abbie Hoffman

The leading cause of death among fashion models is falling through street grates. -Dave Barry

Punishment is now unfashionable… because it creates moral distinctions among men, which, to the democratic mind, are odious. We prefer a meaningless collective guilt to a meaningful individual responsibility. -Thomas Szasz

The story I am writing exists, written in absolutely perfect fashion, some place, in the air. All I must do is find it, and copy it. -Jules Renard

Sometimes the eye gets so accustomed that if you don't have a change, you're bored. It's the same with fashion, you know. And that, I suppose, is what style is about. -Bill Blass

Law is vulnerable to the winds of intellectual or moral fashion, which it then validates as the commands of our most basic concept. -Robert Bork

I never make a trip to the United States without visiting a supermarket. To me they are more fascinating than any fashion salon. -Wallis Simpson

We at Chrysler borrow money the old-fashioned way. We pay it back. -Lee Iacocca

One cannot fashion a credible deterrent out of an incredible action. -Robert McNamara

Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new. -Henry David Thoreau

The wise ones fashioned speech with their thought, sifting it as grain is sifted through a sieve. -Buddha

Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together. -Thomas Carlyle

Nothing is more obstinate than a fashionable consensus. -Margaret Thatcher

I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men. -Marlene Dietrich

Stick to the basics, hold on to your family and friends – they will never go out of fashion. -Niki Taylor

I'm not computer literate. I e-mail. I know how to get on the Web, but I haven't crossed over into the internet world. I'm old-fashioned, I guess. -Katie Holmes

I am not influenced by the techniques or fashions of any other motion picture company. -Walt Disney

It is human nature to think wisely and act in an absurd fashion. -Anatole France

There is a level of cowardice lower than that of the conformist: the fashionable non-conformist. -Ayn Rand

So soon as a fashion is universal, it is out of date. -Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

No fashion has ever been created expressly for the lean purse or for the fat woman: the dressmaker's ideal is the thin millionaires. -Katharine Elizabeth Fullerton Gerould

I'm not that interested in fashion… When someone says that lime-green is the new black for this season, you just want to tell them to get a life. -Bruce Oldfield

In an age when the fashion is to be in love with yourself, confessing to be in love with somebody else is an admission of unfaithfulness to one's beloved. -Russell Baker

A politician is the devil's quilted anvil; He fashions all sins on him, and the blows are never heard. -John Webster

The customs and fashions of men change like leaves on the bough, some of which go and others come. -Dante Alighieri

Beauty is composed of an eternal, invariable element whose quantity is extremely difficult to determine, and a relative element which might be, either by turns or all at once, period, fashion, moral, passion. -Jean-Luc Godard

Cruelty is one fashion statement we can all do without. -Rue McClanahan

I maintain the rather old-fashioned view that this is my work and it's in the public arena, but that doesn't entitle everyone to know what happened at home before coming here. -Francesca Annis

There is a breed of fashion models who weigh no more than an abridged dictionary. -Dave Barry

Never in the history of fashion has so little material been raised so high to reveal so much that needs to be covered so badly. -Cecil Beaton

The old Court you and I served so long will not be worthy of its traditions if Nixon can twist, turn and fashion If Nixon gets away with that, then Nixon makes the law as he goes along – not the Congress nor the courts. -Earl Warren

The New is not a fashion, it is a value. -Roland Barthes

Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand. -Henry David Thoreau

From such crooked wood as that which man is made of, nothing straight can be fashioned. -Immanuel Kant

Everything in the universe has a purpose. Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you. -Wayne Dyer

'Women's fashion' is a euphemism for fashion created by men for women. -Andrea Dworkin

Nothing is so hideous as an obsolete fashion. -Stendhal

The great majority of men, especially in France, both desire and possess a fashionable woman, much in the way one might own a fine horse – as a luxury befitting a young man. -Stendhal

One would like to be grand and heroic, if one could; but if not, why try at all? One wants to be very something, very great, very heroic; or if not that, then at least very stylish and very fashionable. It is this everlasting mediocrity that bores me. -Harriet Beecher Stowe

May we agree that private life is irrelevant? Multiple, mixed, ambiguous at best – out of it we try to fashion the crystal clear, the singular, the absolute, and that is what is relevant; that is what matters. -May Sarton

A human being fashions his consequences as surely as he fashions his goods or his dwelling. Nothing that he says, thinks or does is without consequences. -Norman Cousins

Change of fashion is the tax levied by the industry of the poor on the vanity of the rich. -Nicolas Chamfort

When a person is in fashion, all they do is right. -Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

You know, one had as good be out of the world, as out of the fashion. -Colley Cibber

A character is a completely fashioned will. -Novalis

Oh, never mind the fashion. When one has a style of one's own, it is always twenty times better. -Margaret Oliphant

The vanity of loving fine clothes and new fashion, and placing value on ourselves by them is one of the most childish pieces of folly. -Matthew Hale

Women thrive on novelty and are easy meat for the commerce of fashion. Men prefer old pipes and torn jackets. -Anthony Burgess

The reproduction of mankind is a great marvel and mystery. Had God consulted me in the matter, I should have advised him to continue the generation of the species by fashioning them out of clay. -Martin Luther

Fashion is made to become unfashionable. -Coco Chanel

In words, as fashions, the same rule will hold; Alike fantastic, if too new, or old: Be not the first by whom the new are tried, Nor yet the last to lay the old aside. -Alexander Pope

I like to think of myself as being fashion-conscious without being a slave to fashion. -Frida Lyngstad

We cannot fashion our children after our desires, we must have them and love them as God has given them to us. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Nations it may be have fashioned their Governments, but the Governments have paid them back in the same coin. -Joseph Conrad

The present condition of fame is merely fashion. -Gilbert K. Chesterton

The hell to be endured hereafter, of which theology tells, is no worse than the hell we make for ourselves in this world by habitually fashioned our characters in the wrong way. -William James

I celebrated Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way. I invited everyone in my neighborhood to my house, we had an enormous feast, and then I killed them and took their land. -Jon Stewart

It's hard to go with a trend. As soon as it's out, everyone picks it up. It's important to stay true to yourself. Have fun with fashion instead of letting it dictate. -Estella Warren

I don't want to be the Hollywood girl… I'm Southern and old-fashioned. -Jaime Pressly

I was such a late bloomer when it comes to fashion. -Debra Messing

I've had lengthy discussions with European farm leaders. It is clear they have an agricultural strategy to support their producers and gain dominance in world agricultural trade. They're gaining markets the old-fashioned way – they're buying them. -Kent Conrad

I've always expressed my love for fashion through my music. -Lil' Kim

When a popular phenomenon reaches the cover of 'Time', it is already out of fashion. -Richard Holloway

You know, the fashion business is this legendary repository of young girls on their way to getting husbands. I really wanted to work. -Ali MacGraw

My dream was always to be a composer, but fashion came very easily. -Gianni Versace

Situation comedies are old-fashioned – they stick to formulas. I resent their music which is old fashioned. I resent the use of a laugh track. -Bill Bixby

I like to play dress up, I'm in love with fashion. -Fantasia Barrino

And you know, the baby boomers are getting older, and those off the rack clothes are just not fitting right any longer, and so, tailor-made suits are coming back into fashion. -Amy Irving

I've always worn jewellery but for a time it went out of fashion. Like grungy and punk bands didn't wear jewellery because it was stupid. -Tom Jones

One of my primary objects is to form the tools so the tools themselves shall fashion the work and give to every part its just proportion. -Eli Whitney

Momo listened to everyone and everything – even to the rain and the wind and the pine trees – and all of them spoke to her after their own fashion. -Michael Ende

An Adult faith does not follow the waves of fashion and the latest novelties. -Pope Benedict XVI

I love building spaces: architecture, furniture, all of it, probably more than fashion. The development procedure is more tactile. It's about space and form and it's something you can share with other people. -Donna Karan

We are now integrated into American society and I don't like the word fashionable, because fashionable means that it's going to pass. It's not like that anymore. -Antonio Banderas

I think they all went too far. Their jeans got too low, their tops got too see-through. Personally, I think that sexy is keeping yourself mysterious. I'm really an old-fashioned girl, and I think I'm totally sexy. -Stevie Nicks

I'm not trying to stay in the same place and I'm not trying to compete with what's currently in fashion. That would be dishonest. But, at the same time, I'm different and the music reflects that to some degree. -Eddie Money

The most important thing is story-telling. It's as singular and old-fashioned as that. -David Soul

I never kept up with the fashions. I believed in wearing what I thought looked good on me. -Bettie Page

It's not very hip to consider the plight of single women who yearn for something so old-fashioned as men. -Suzanne Fields

Churchill knew the importance of peace, and he also knew the price of it. Churchill finally got his voice, of course. He stressed strategy, but it was his voice that armed England at last with the old-fashioned moral concepts of honor and duty, justice and mercy. -Suzanne Fields

My writing, like everything I do, comes profoundly from my heart. I believe that if you follow your heart you will be successful in one way or another. Old-fashioned as that might sound, the philosophy is true. -Kim Elizabeth

That thing, 'You must stay together for the kids', is out of fashion but is right. It's not arguing parents that children don't like, it is having one parent. -Iain Duncan Smith

Women's fashion is a subtle form of bondage. It's men's way of binding them. We put them in these tight, high-heeled shoes, we make them wear these tight clothes and we say they look sexy. But they're actually tied up. -David Duchovny

Stories about Diana's fashions, about possible rows between Charles and Diana, these were meat and drink. -Andrew Morton

I mentioned the non-competitive spirit explicitly, because these days, excellence is a fashionable concept. But excellence is a competitive notion, and that is not what we are heading for: we are heading for perfection. -Edsger Dijkstra

He fashioned hell for the inquisitive. -Saint Augustine

To seek understanding before taking action, yet to trust my instincts when action is called for. Never to avoid danger from fear, never to seek out danger for its own sake. Never to conform to fashion from fear of eccentricity, never to be eccentric from fear of conformity. -Steven Brust

Because of the fashion, the young people don't have any access to the history of music, unless people like me revive it. There are very few people to revive it, because you can't earn any money doing it. -Bill Wyman

So the president set out the policy guidance and said it had to take place in a multilateral fashion so that other countries in the region could be invested in the success of this process. -Mitchell Reiss

As a fashion designer, I was always aware that I was not an artist, because I was creating something that was made to be sold, marketed, used, and ultimately discarded. -Tom Ford

We have the Terminator as governor, and we had an actor as president, so why shouldn't we have a fashion designer as a senator? -Tom Ford

His daughter returned from her boarding school, improved in fashionable airs and expert in manufacturing fashionable toys; but, in her conversation, he sought in vain for that refined and fertile mind which he had fondly expected. -Emma Willard

I probably belong to a type of composer of songs who keeps thinking about melody… I am old fashioned. -Toru Takemitsu

I'm rather old-fashioned about this video business. It's all relatively new. We really don't do videos, Fleetwood Mac. We've only done two. -Christine McVie

I'm not that fashion-conscious. A lot of times, when women are appearing to be so perfect, it's because they're a mess underneath. -Meg Tilly

Because of the many dimensions of forms of though which you can also put into physical form, you have the possibility to create much which we cannot fashion in the same manner. -Hans Bender

You just witnessed an old-fashioned rump kicking. -Hayden Fry

Playing a fashion designer could be the bane of my existence because I am married to a fashion designer. -Lori Loughlin

It's funny, my girlfriends think that because I am married to a fashion designer, I get all these great tips and hints about great fashion, but it's not like that at all. He never tells me what to wear. -Lori Loughlin

Black Books adheres to a more old fashioned, traditional sitcom format, which I think works, because in its own way, it's quite theatrical. -Dylan Moran

Whether something is old-fashioned or not doesn't resolve the question of whether it's true or not. I can see the temptation of simply thinking, 'Well, there's a cultural mainstream which flows neatly in one direction. You just align with it'. And that really won't do. -Rowan Williams

The fact that biological, or 'natural' rules might help in the creation of a computer generated work of art is interesting, but even a wonderful work of art made in this fashion isn't the same as a person, with all his or her experiences and emotions involved, making art. -Steven Levy

The way one approaches a wilderness story is to fashion a quest – find something that you are truly interested in finding or discovering. -Tim Cahill

All old music was modern once, and much more of the music of yesterday already sounds more old-fashioned than works which were written three centuries ago. -Peter Warlock

We'll have to wait the old-fashioned way. -Wolf Blitzer

I'm against fashionable thinking. -Herman Kahn

But you see, that's the gilded prison of fashion. We're riding in private jets, and meantime I was so incredibly, painfully sad and lonely. -Janice Dickinson

Follow sound business trends, not fashion trends. -Janice Dickinson

Undoubtedly, there are members of the former regime that are cooperating in some fashion and then there are extremists that are within Iraq that are cooperating with them. -John Abizaid

It is necessary to make virtue fashionable. -Jose Marti

It appears fashionable these days, and almost politically correct, to blame hard-working immigrants, especially those from Mexico and Central America, for the social and economic ills of our state and nation. -Roger Mahony

Now is the most exciting time in fashion. Women are controlling their destiny now, the consumer is more knowledgeable, and I have to be better every single day. -Oscar de la Renta

I call it an old-fashioned seafood house for the new millennium. We are trying to update what we know as old fish houses and places like that, which are great, but I want to give it a new, fresh look with updated versions of the classics we all love. -Todd English

Political and social events must also be effective, but not in a very obvious fashion. But political confusion and prolonged peace undoubtedly affect creative thought but whether they respectively hinder or help it is not at all certain. -John Desmond Bernal

Before the reader turns his back upon the Grand Basin once for all, I should like to put a name upon the glacier it contains – since it is the fashion to name glaciers. -Hudson Stuck

I was partly old-fashioned and partly modern. -Eric Allin Cornell

People keep telling us, that they didn't know when they were booking tickets for it, but afterwards they say that they've had no sense that they were watching an old fashioned play. -Bill Irwin

Sometimes I would like the opportunity to do character-driven comedy and that's really what I was trying to do in Meet The Parents. I think in a way this is a more old fashioned type of comedy. -Jay Roach

There are tons of people who are late to trends by nature and adopt a trend after it's no longer in fashion. They exist in mutual funds. They exist in clothes. They exist in cars. They exist in lifestyles. -Jim Cramer

Who is Mike Judge? Let me think. The only way I could possibly answer that question would be in a nonverbal fashion. I think I could do an interpretive dance that would answer that question for you. -Mike Judge

I was really stuck in the whole Farah Fawcett hairdo long after it was past being in fashion. -Cindy Margolis

I just think that it's maybe fashionable today to try to take individual actions and individual failures and take the broadest possible brush and try to paint a company. -Lee Scott

I love to make fun of fashion because it is just so silly. -Kathy Griffin

The book has many different characteristics: some are extremely old-fashioned storytelling traits, but there are also a fair number of postmodern traits, and the self-consciousness is one. -Jeffrey Eugenides

It's been a long time since I've written old-fashioned sword and sorcery; I'm hoping it's like riding a bicycle. -Lynn Abbey

I think that pop, and to some extent rock, are like sport and fashion industry in that they're about the exuberance of youth. That's the sort of subliminal ideology. -Robert Wyatt

During the 60's, drug use was in fashion in the U.S. -Bill Toomey

About that time, stronger features became fashionable on the screen. -Marie Windsor

I have never gone out of fashion. And do you know why? Because I never sought it. When you don't seek it, it's always with you. -Bonnie Tyler

Votes in federal elections are cast and counted in a highly decentralized and variable fashion, with no uniform ballots and few national standards. -Thomas E. Mann

For me it always comes down to what is a good song and I'm very old fashioned in the way that I like to make songs that have something classic about them whether you can play them with an orchestra or an electro synthesizer or an acoustic guitar. -Marc Almond

I think it was the right time for me to retire because nowadays tennis is too incredibly fast and you can say that my style tennis went out of fashion. -Jana Novotna

I once said the Queen of England could use some fashion advice. -Kathie Lee Gifford

I think I was perceived in one fashion. A video is based on a song. I think you can get glimpses of people's presence within that. There's some people you enjoy watching more than others. -Taylor Dayne

The difficulty for most of us in the modern world is that the old-fashioned idea of God has become incredible or implausible. -Alan Watts

I really like to live my life in a low-key fashion. -Alicia Keys

I am a firm believer in if you can't get it the old fashioned way, you don't need it. -Bo Jackson

The dog, on the other hand, has few or no ideas because his brain acts in coarse fashion and because there are few connections with each single process. -Edward Thorndike

I begin to grow heartily tired of the etiquette and nonsense so fashionable in this city. -George Mason

So I went to Chicago in 1940, I think, '41, and the photographs that I made there, aside from fashion, were things that I was trying to express in a social conscious way. -Gordon Parks

No designer has really wowed me yet, I'm into other people's recommendations when it comes to fashion. -Shawn Ashmore

I got that experience through dating dozens of men for six years after college, getting an entry level magazine job at 21, working in the fiction department at Good Housekeeping and then working as a fashion editor there as well as writing many articles for the magazine. -Judith Krantz

I did decide that you have to put your name about a bit, and so, although I would have preferred to have never done publicity or an interview or a fashion shoot for a magazine or a chat show. -Jeremy Northam

Anyone interested in the world generally can't help being interested in young adult culture – in the music, the bands, the books, the fashions, and the way in which the young adult community develops its own language. -Margaret Mahy

I have no interest whatsoever in being a high-fashion model, nor is it possible. -Rachael Leigh Cook

When I went to college, I wasn't interested in fashion anymore – I was interested in art. -Stephen Sprouse

I got to the point where I was sick of fashion again, like I was at the end of high school. -Stephen Sprouse

But after the time there I'd had it with fashion again, so I left to go to architecture school in a summer course at Harvard, which didn't last very long. -Stephen Sprouse

Maybe if they all could he combined – art, rock and fashion. Those were always my favorite things. -Stephen Sprouse

I don't know if it's a movement, but the only thing new that's happening is that I think music and art and video and fashion are all kind of thrown into one big ball that's on television, and people see that all the time – you see a fusion of all those things. -Stephen Sprouse

So I suppose this slightly mature fashion sense happened because of what I had. -Carly Simon

I'm one of those old-fashioned homosexuals, not one of the newfangled ones who are born joining parades. -Nathan Lane

We too could wrest iron from the bowels of the earth and fashion it into ships and machines. -Jose Clemente Orozco

Obviously given good health, and a continuing audience and a record company that allows me to do music. So given those things yes, I'm introducing some new music that people haven't really heard me do in quite this fashion. -Al Jarreau

In working class districts, you had several families living together in the one house, and it was very difficult to get a house, because the politicians who controlled housing were doing so in a very discriminatory fashion. -John Hume

Be not afraid of being called un-fashionable. -Adolf Loos

If the work of art is to continue pursuing the vision of both being in and of the world but nevertheless in some fashion being more than just one more object to the mounting clutter, this is the specific point, I think, where this must be assured. -Brian Ferneyhough

In this era in which we live, the old-fashioned virtues grow increasingly unpopular. -B. Carroll Reece

I am just old-fashioned enough to prefer long hair. -Erich von Stroheim

I have a film I want to direct. Gena Rowlands was going to do it with me a long time ago. It's about an older woman who's running a ranch in the west the old fashioned way. -William Hurt

Women of the working class, especially wage workers, should not have more than two children at most. The average working man can support no more and and the average working woman can take care of no more in decent fashion. -Margaret Sanger

The English scene got more media attention with their emphasis on fashion, with the safety pins and all. There were some really good bands over there. The Sex Pistols were great. -Greg Ginn

The Chinese seemed to be mourning Mao in a heartfelt fashion. But I wondered how many of their tears were genuine. People had practiced acting to such a degree that they confused it with their true feelings. -Jung Chang

But the Milanese have made bad choices, bad fashion, and bad jewelry. -Christian Lacroix

History is the key to everything: politics, religion, even fashion. -Eva Herzigova

I'm not against asking the audience to work, but I think what you have now is a sort of gratuitous deconstruction as a result of a fashion of literary deconstructionism indicating that there are no meanings. -Jonathan Miller

The remoteness of my parents from the schools, so unfashionable today, was often painful for me, but I learned early to deal with an outside and sometimes hard world. -Martin Lewis Perl

Most of the research which is done is determined by the requirement that it shall, in a fairly obvious and predictable way, reinforce the approved or fashionable theories. -Celia Green

The difference between style and fashion is quality. -Giorgio Armani

He helped make Living Things even more crazy than I wanted it to be. He added old-fashioned piano and classical folk music – that weird otherworldly vibe – all these elements got onto the record. -Matthew Sweet

Women are the first to jump on what is fashionable. -Gavin DeGraw

I never went to a modeling school, and I don't suggest to anybody that they go to a modeling school… In fashion, one day you're in, the next you're out. -Heidi Klum

My favorite designer is Christian Lacroix, not just because his clothes are amazing and I love them, but because he's so nice. When I did his fashion show, he was the first one to arrive there and he helped everyone. -Adriana Lima

I was in a fashion show and I had on a strapless top. When I got to the end the top was down. -Adriana Lima

I'm too old-fashioned to use a computer. I'm too old-fashioned to use a quill. -Christopher Plummer

Pop science goes flying off in all kinds of fashionable directions, and it often drags a lot of SF writers with it. I've been led astray like that myself at times. -Greg Egan

Washington's entire honesty of mind and his fearless look into the face of all facts are qualities which can never go out of fashion and which we should all do well to imitate. -Henry Cabot Lodge

To try to fashion something from suffering, to relish our triumphs, and to endure defeats without resentment: all that is compatible with the faith of a heretic. -Walter Kaufmann

Very old fashioned to say that they will be well behaved but I think it's very important. -Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Then years back, when I moved to California, I happened to see a book about fashions of 19th-century Victorian England, only four pages of which was devoted to the dress of the working class. -Martin Cruz Smith

That is simply that Marxism has been tremendously fashionable in our time, so it has infected a very large number of major institutions in many countries of the world. So I suppose that we shouldn't be too surprised that it should infect the church as well. -Jeane Kirkpatrick

And it's sort of an old-fashioned ER, in that it's very much about the medicine, and how these people cope. There's very little about the personal lives of the characters. -Laura Innes

I want to do other things like more fashion campaigns. -Katie Price

Technology is the fashion of the '90s. It affects everyone, and everyone is interested in it – either from fear of being left behind or because they have a real need to use technology. -Jay Chiat

The old series of sittings with Mrs. Piper convinced me of survival for reasons which I should find it hard to formulate in any strict fashion, but that was their distinct effect. -Oliver Joseph Lodge

My son has followed fashion since he was a punk. He and I agree that fashion is about sex. -Vivienne Westwood

To regard all things and principles of things as inconstant modes or fashions has more and more become the tendency of modern thought. -Walter Pater

I have fun with my clothes onstage; it's not a concert you're seeing, it's a fashion show. -Freddie Mercury

And an integrated life is one where you're able to fit the different pieces of your life together in seamless fashion. -James Collins

Until a few years ago, the topics in my Ph.D. were unfashionable, but they are very popular today. -Benoit Mandelbrot

I tell women not to believe everything they read about fashion. -Geoffrey Beene

The influence of Paris, for instance, is now minimal. Yet a lot is written about Paris fashion. -Geoffrey Beene

I would love to do a Western again if Westerns came back into fashion. -Bruce Boxleitner

It is not so for art in appreciation because art is concerned with human behavior. And science is concerned with the behavior of metal or energy. It depends on what the fashion is. Now today it's energy. It's the same soul behind it. The same soul, you see. -Josef Albers

Racism is essentially natural, it's old fashioned it's an evolutionary phase that we're going through. Ultimately it wont exist. -Michael Hutchence

Today not even a universal fire could make the torrential poetic production of our time disappear. But it is exactly a question of production, that is, of hand-made products which are subject to the laws of taste and fashion. -Eugenio Montale

I don't think women should look like costumes. I don't think they should look like fashion victims. I think these (clothes) are for women that want to look sexy. They want to look smart. -Ralph Lauren

I believe some people in this business suffer from fame because they behave in a famous fashion. -Stephen Rea

I try to open up my heart as much as I can and keep a real keen eye out that I don't get sentimental. I think we're all afraid to reveal our hearts. It's not at all in fashion. -Paul Simon

I don't like fashion. It's very heartless. -Paul Simon

The new fashion is to talk about the most private parts of your life; other fashion is to repent of your excesses and to criticize the drugs that made you happy in the other times. -Mick Jagger

Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I think viewers are hungry for shows in which people say something meaningful. -Michael Landon

All the sculptures of today, like those of the past, will end one day in pieces… So it is important to fashion ones work carefully in its smallest recess and charge every particle of matter with life. -Alberto Giacometti

I'm very old-fashioned in some ways because of my father, who thought that being a public servant was an honor. Everyone must find a capacity in which they can serve, because we all benefit from society. -Kathleen Turner

I don't hold that everybody has to love fashion. Some people like gardening. -Steven Cojocaru

I'm being invaded by fashion pundits. -Steven Cojocaru

In the last couple of years, fashion's gotten a lot safer. People are really pulling back. -Steven Cojocaru

Every one should find some suitable time, day or night, to sink into his depths, each according to his own fashion. Not every one is able to engage in contemplative prayer. -Johannes Tauler

The economic picture in the States today doesn't allow for jazz concerts in a tour fashion. People now are too used to the Festival, which gives them more names for the same price. -Norman Granz

I liked Nicole Kidman because she is so fashionable she can do less is more. It was very, very simple, but it was so chic. Some people thought she looked washed out, I didn't at all. -Steven Cojocaru

I'm an old-fashioned girl. -Chita Rivera

Art is subject to arbitrary fashion. -Kary Mullis

Up to now we have faced external problems in an isolated fashion. One of these problems is precisely the drug trade and what has been the result? A very weak and fragile position. -Alberto Fujimori

But again, I put in my time with Marvel and DC so there was that period of my life of trying to learn how to draw and tell stories in a proper fashion. -Todd McFarlane

Nothing earth-shattering has happened in men's fashion. How much can you do with men's clothes? -Calvin Klein

People have told me about organized crime in the fashion industry, but I can't talk about that. I'm looking to stay alive. -Calvin Klein

There are a lot of gay people in fashion, but it's not as if every gay person is a great creator. -Calvin Klein

There has been a change in men's attitudes toward their clothes. Men are more aware of fashion; they're not afraid of it. -Calvin Klein

There's an awareness of fashion in this country, and it's not limited to gay people. -Calvin Klein

We're not doing outrageous fashion; I make sports clothes that are relatively conservative, clothes that everyone wears. -Calvin Klein

I write scripts in storyboard fashion using stick figures, and thought balloons and word balloons and captions. Then I'll write descriptions of what scenes should look like and turn it over to the artist. -Harvey Pekar

I love art and fashion. -Mena Suvari

People in the fashion industry have used the press a lot more than people in the film industry, because you have nothing to sell except for the image: The image is everything. -Elle Macpherson

And I had an old-fashioned idea that dividends were a good thing. -James MacArthur

Divisions of the kind were fashionable at that time, and it was so easy to stifle one's need to help by deciding that help could neither be accepted nor understood. -Janet Frame

As we read the school reports on our children, we realize a sense of relief that can rise to delight that thank Heaven nobody is reporting in this fashion on us. -J. B. Priestley

The manner of the country makes the usage of life there, and the land will not be lived in except in its own fashion. -Mary Hunter Austin

I'll probably be 80 years old and still performing. Music is like fashion, it changes. But some things will always be the same. -Toni Braxton

It was the fashion of the time, still is, to feel that all actors are neurotic, or they would not be actors. -Gene Tierney

I think there is a special bond between Carolina athletes. A lot of people seem to wear our gear because it is fashionable. They love the colors. It's Michael Jordan's school! -Lorrie Fair

That is the key of this collection, being yourself. Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live. -Gianni Versace

I have very old-fashioned tastes. -Jerry Hall

When I was five my parents bought me a ukulele for Christmas. I quickly learned how to play it with my father's guidance. Thereafter, my father regularly taught me all the good old fashioned songs. -Tony Visconti

I think we lost a great deal of sympathy and support with the way in which the crisis was handled, most importantly I think when we appeared to be grasping for too much at one time instead of identifying our priorities in a much more responsible fashion. -Billy Tauzin

Just when I think I hate fashion, I hate clothes, I'm seized by this crazy thing that I have to do. I have this little studio now where I just draw. I can be in the room for three days and not even look up. -Isaac Mizrahi

That's one thing about fashion that you really shouldn't be-you can't be melancholy in fashion because people don't respond to it. -Isaac Mizrahi

If you try to have a fashion show with Bach fugues and John Coltrane, it doesn't really work. -Isaac Mizrahi

People say it's really the press who create those soundbites about fashion. That's what sells magazines and clothes. -Isaac Mizrahi

I think the rising and falling popularity of areas like hard SF and far-future SF is, to a considerable extent, the same as any other fashion. -Stanley Schmidt

This preparatory sort of idealism is the one that, as I just suggested, Berkeley made prominent, and, after a fashion familiar. I must state it in my own way, although one in vain seeks to attain novelty in illustrating so frequently described a view. -Josiah Royce

My memory of my mom is a wine glass in one hand and a cigarette in the other. She was a runway fashion model, and she was quite a glamorous woman. -Loni Anderson

If there was a distraction I'd get up and jump out the window. I was quite out of hand. In schools like that I don't think they expect that girls are going to behave in such an outrageous fashion. -Diane Cilento

The fashionable woman wears clothes. The clothes don't wear her. -Mary Quant

I shall not be satisfied unless I produce something which shall for a few days supersede the last fashionable novel on the tables of young ladies. -Thomas Babington Macaulay

There is a lot of use of ProTools in professional studios, but this is mostly for the special effects it allows, not for sound quality. These special effects soon fall out of fashion, and I don't think this trend will define studios permanently. -Steve Albini

I think people feel starved of nice, glamorous entertainment. They want to see costumes and gaiety and a singer; old-fashioned entertainment – it won't die easily. -Ronnie Corbett

Call me old-fashioned, but I like my conditioners to be conditioners and my shampoos to be shampoos. -Kyan Douglas

I studied literature design and fashion design. -Danielle Steel

Without a doubt, first thing we should do is clean up our fiscal house, and that starts with balancing our budgets and digging out of this red ink. We cannot expect to continue in this fashion and remain the leader of the free world. -Marcy Kaptur

In difficult times fashion is always outrageous. -Elsa Schiaparelli

The dead and past stories that I have told again in divers fashions, are not set down without authority. -Marie de France

I think the responsibility lies with the fashion world as a collective. We have to demand more variety. -Kevyn Aucoin

Further, for once, I like the idea that people who think I'm a constant voice for the furthering of the imagination have to see that interest in a more materialistic fashion. -Peter Sotos

Count Dracula had directed me to go to the Golden Krone Hotel, which I found, to my great delight, to be thoroughly old-fashioned, for of course I wanted to see all I could of the ways of the country. -Bram Stoker

And we have not found any generational gap at all. If he wants to go a football game, he goes. If I want to go to a fashion show, I go. We don't have to do everything together. But we like doing most things together. -Joan Collins

I don't look so closely at women's fashion, but from the 20th century on, people have had the freedom to express themselves and their individualities, and fashion is one of the most fundamental ways in which they do this, men and women are equally able to express themselves. -Tadao Ando

Most of these alternative arrangements, so-called, arise out of the ruins of marriages, not as an improvement of old fashioned marriage. -Christopher Lasch

I've kind of fashioned my life after a Slinky. Bend me in a million shapes, and eventually I'll spring back to what I originally was. -Sylvester Stallone

They meant abnormal. Divisions of the kind were fashionable at that time, and it was so easy to stifle one's need to help by deciding that help could neither be accepted nor understood. -Janet Frame

I am not a modern man, I am just a wee old fashioned one. -Ian Hamilton Finlay

I majored in fashion design in school, and I have always wanted to design my own line of clothing, jewelry, and stuff like that; so this was just a step for me in that direction. -Diana Ross

For me, clothes are kind of character; I don't follow fashion or understand trends. -Meryl Streep

I enjoy doing fashion shows and transforming myself into different looks for photo shoots. -Tyra Banks

Mr. Wrigley believed in this: Put all your eggs in one basket and watch the basket. They don't do that today. This is the old-fashioned way I'm talking about. He carried it on to his business. Do one thing and stay with it. -Ernie Banks

They know they're going to look beautiful, and I don't think women should look like costumes. They shouldn't look like fashion victims. -Ralph Lauren

I couldn't care less about fashion. If I had taken any clothes home, they would have remained in my closet for the rest of their existence. -Meryl Streep

I don't like LA. The majority just seem to be so artificial. Look at how they worship everything they think is fashionable. Isn't it sick? -Billie Joe Armstrong

A fair question could be posed in this fashion: If people are not obeying existing laws, what makes us think they would obey any new laws? -J. D. Hayworth

I love the fashion world. I love clothes. I love style. -Kaley Cuoco

I'm often called an old-fashioned modernist. But the modernists had the absurd idea that architecture could heal the world. That's impossible. And today nobody expects architects to have these grand visions any more. -Thom Mayne

A confidence problem exists on the part of the people of the region who desire democratic rule in principle, but remain suspicious of both the fashion with which democratization is presented and the purposes of the democratic world. -Recep Tayyip Erdogan

My work is more about trying to ask good questions and not trying to come up with big shows. Every fashion company is doing that, every car company is doing that. -Laurie Anderson

A good model can advance fashion by ten years. -Yves Saint Laurent

You cannot fashion a wit out of two half-wits. -Neil Kinnock

Modern dancing is old fashioned. -Samuel Goldwyn

Bravery never goes out of fashion. -William Makepeace Thackeray

I find Jesse Jackson to be religiously, progressively old fashioned. -Jackie Jackson

I don't believe in email. I'm an old-fashioned girl. I prefer calling and hanging up. -Sarah Jessica Parker

Heaven fashioned us of nothing; and we strive to bring ourselves to nothing. -John Webster

Of course, clothing fashions have always been impractical, except in Tahiti. -Jacques Barzun

I'm a risk taker and I've always been like that, especially when it comes to fashion. -Christina Aguilera

Words fashioned with somewhat over precise diction are like shapes turned out by a cookie cutter. -Peter De Vries

I never cared for fashion much, amusing little seams and witty little pleats: it was the girls I liked. -David Bailey

What is fanaticism today is the fashionable creed tomorrow, and trite as the multiplication table a week after. -Wendell Phillips

Love is the expansion of two natures in such fashion that each include the other, each is enriched by the other. -Felix Adler

The fact is that even art is subject to fashion. -Hugo Pratt

We need to fashion policies with proper incentives to reduce the amount of carbon we are putting in the atmosphere. -William Ruckelshaus

Ignorance is never out of style. It was in fashion yesterday, it is the rage today and it will set the pace tomorrow. -Frank Dane

I'm an old-fashioned guy… I want to be an old man with a beer belly sitting on a porch, looking at a lake or something. -Johnny Depp

It pains me physically to see a woman victimized, rendered pathetic, by fashion. -Yves Saint Laurent

I don't like balance. Balance is not a word you can use in Versace fashion. -Donatella Versace

Never in my wildest dreams did I entertain the idea that I would become a fashion designer. -Giorgio Armani

The art of the critic in a nutshell: to coin slogans without betraying ideas. The slogans of an inadequate criticism peddle ideas to fashion. -Walter Benjamin

A lot of the films I've made probably could have worked just as well 50 years ago, and that's just because I have a lot of old-fashion values. -Steven Spielberg

Old-fashioned ways which no longer apply to changed conditions are a snare in which the feet of women have always become readily entangled. -Jane Addams

I almost resent the whole fashion thing. Good God- never wearing the same thing twice and all of those things. It's a pain in the ass. -Jennifer Aniston

Jeans represent democracy in fashion. -Giorgio Armani

Woman is fine for her own satisfaction alone. No man will admire her the more, no woman will like her the better for it. Neatness and fashion are enough for the former, and a something of shabbiness or impropriety will be most endearing to the latter. -Jane Austen

The fashions of the ages vary in this direction and that, but they vary for the most part from a central road which was struck out by the imagination of Greece. -Gilbert Murray

Totem poles and wooden masks no longer suggest tribal villages but fashionable drawing rooms in New York and Paris. -Mason Cooley

The fashion of the world is to avoid cost, and you encounter it. -William Shakespeare

I see that the fashion wears out more apparel than the man. -William Shakespeare

It is only the modern that ever becomes old-fashioned. -Oscar Wilde

Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together; that at length they may emerge, full-formed and majestic, into the delight of life, which they are thenceforth to rule. -Thomas Carlyle

He fashions evil for himself who does evil to another, and an evil plan does mischief to the planner. -Hesiod

It is only in the act of nursing that a woman realizes her motherhood in visible and tangible fashion; it is a joy of every moment. -Honore de Balzac

He is not a true man of the world who knows only the present fashions of it. -Woodrow Wilson

When cowardice is made respectable, its followers are without number both from among the weak and the strong; it easily becomes a fashion. -Eric Hoffer

I've always thought of the T-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet. -Giorgio Armani

I prefer surveying for a week to spending a week in fashionable society even of the best class. -Ellen Swallow Richards

I believe that history might be, and ought to be, taught in a new fashion so as to make the meaning of it as a process of evolution intelligible to the young. -Thomas Huxley

The paradoxes of today are the prejudices of tomorrow, since the most benighted and the most deplorable prejudices have had their moment of novelty when fashion lent them its fragile grace. -Marcel Proust

My atheism, like that of Spinoza, is true piety towards the universe and denies only gods fashioned by men in their own image, to be servants of their human interests. -George Santayana

Some men tend to cling to old intellectual excitements, just as some belles, when they are old ladies, still cling to the fashions and coiffures of their exciting youth. -Jane Jacobs

A fashionable milieu is one in which everybody's opinion is made up of the opinion of all the others. Has everybody a different opinion? Then it is a literary milieu. -Marcel Proust

Nowadays it is the fashion to emphasize the horrors of the last war. I didn't find it so horrible. There are just as horrible things happening all round us today, if only we had eyes to see them. -Ludwig Wittgenstein

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. -Coco Chanel

He who goes against the fashion is himself its slave. -Logan Pearsall Smith

He who observes etiquette but objects to lying is like someone who dresses fashionably but wears no vest. -Walter Benjamin

In externals we advance with lightening express speed, in modes of thought and sympathy we lumber on in stage-coach fashion. -Frances E. Willard

People think I'm trying to make a fashion statement because I never wear a bra. It's really that I'm a tomboy at heart. -Cameron Diaz

Man is made to adore and to obey: but if you will not command him, if you give him nothing to worship, he will fashion his own divinities, and find a chieftain in his own passions. -Benjamin Disraeli

You want to look fashionable and put-together, not like you hit every sale rack this season. -Tommy Hilfiger

Kindness is always fashionable, and always welcome. -Amelia Barr

To say that an idea is fashionable is to say, I think, that is has been adulterated to a point where it is hardly an idea at all. -Murray Kempton

We are optimistic, but we are optimistic in a cautious fashion. -Tom Lantos

It's that wonderful old-fashioned idea that others come first and you come second. This was the whole ethic by which I was brought up. Others matter more than you do, so 'don't fuss, dear; get on with it.' -Audrey Hepburn

I'm from Texas, and I would love to do an old-fashioned gun-slinging Western. -Jensen Ackles

Once you establish a look, and once everybody recognizes that look as your look, you never have to think about fashion again. -Douglas Coupland

Winston Churchill aroused this nation in heroic fashion to save civilisation in World War Two. We have everything we need except political will, but political will is a renewable resource. -Al Gore

I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now – no one wears head-to-toe designer anymore. -Alexander McQueen

British fashion is self confident and fearless. It refuses to bow to commerce, thus generating a constant flow of new ideas whilst drawing in British heritage. -Alexander McQueen

Obama was 200 percent advertising. I promote myself to sell my brands. Because now I am a kind of celeb. I am in a different world than the fashion industry. I am with Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Madonna. I build me as a celebrity. -Christian Audigier

I hate the terminology of 'costume' because my clothes are not costumes at all. I think they're high fashion, avant-garde, and more couture, definitely, and yes, some of my pieces are not particularly wearable, but I wouldn't say they're costumes, I'd say they're more couture. -Christian Siriano

There is no contradiction between effective law enforcement and respect for civil and human rights. Dr. King did not stir us to move for our civil rights to have them taken away in these kinds of fashions. -Dorothy Height

A human being is a being who is constantly 'under construction,' but also, in a parallel fashion, always in a state of constant destruction. -Jose Saramago

So many people preach that they love fashion, but really it's what I live for! -Lindsay Lohan

People know something has gone terribly wrong with our government and it has gotten so far off track. But people also know that there is nothing wrong in America that a good old-fashioned election can't fix. -Sarah Palin

I consciously decided not to be a 'London' actor. Those gangster movies made a lot of East End actors think they were movie stars. And I was very aware that they were going to go out of fashion. -Eddie Marsan

I'm old fashioned with my cell phone. I like that human contact and I think it's important. -Giovanni Ribisi

I love making people laugh and feel good, and that's awesome and special for me to be able to do that, but there really is nothing like kicking ass whether it's on a major scale, or whether it's in more of a dramatic fashion. Being physical and taking care of business the old-fashioned way is something that I love doing. -Dwayne Johnson

I'm a geek who loves fashion. There's been a reinvention of the word geek. It means being passionate about anything that's under the radar or sort of frowned upon, like Comic-Con. -Kristen Bell

I hate going to the gym and doing it the old-fashioned way. I hate anything that's too straightforward, too routine, too familiar. I get bored really, really quickly. -Rihanna

When I am putting looks together, I dare myself to make something work. I always look for the most interesting silhouette or something that's a little off, but I have to figure it out. I have to make it me. I think that's the thrill in fashion. -Rihanna

I'm like old shoes. I've never been hip. I think the reason I'm still here is that I was never enough in fashion that I had to be replaced by something new. -Harrison Ford

I like looking nice, but I always put comfort over fashion. I don't find thin girls attractive; be happy and healthy. I've never had a problem with the way I look. I'd rather have lunch with my friends than go to a gym. -Adele

I love fashion! I love clothes! I really like vintage clothes, so in my closet there's a lot of '50s stuff. I go to the stores and shop around. -Elle Fanning

When I fell into modeling, because I wanted to work in fashion. I wanted to do styling or make-up. I ended getting picked up to be a model instead during my work experience. -Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

I've driven all through America and I know there are a lot of clever people between the coasts. But they have a slightly old-fashioned view of the world. Whereas New York is one of the most multicultural, multiracial, tolerant places on Earth. -Robbie Coltrane

I'm not really a fashion designer. I just love clothes. I've never been to design school. I can't sketch. I can't cut patterns and things. I can shorten things. I can make a dress out of a scarf. -Kate Moss

I am not a fashion freak! -Kate Moss

I have multipersonality disorder – in a very good way, of course – when it comes to my fashion choices. -Katy Perry

The concept of commercialism in the fashion and art world is looked down upon. You know, just to think, 'What amount of creativity does it take to make something that masses of people like?' And, 'How does creativity apply across the board?' -Kanye West

We are really living the American dream, to be a successful brand in the States and in Europe and to steep ourselves in our heritage. But we do it with a sense of humor. We don't take ourselves too seriously in fashion. -Tommy Hilfiger

We like to believe our fashion is growing. -Tommy Hilfiger

I think there is a case for strong action and intervention when there is criminality and when the leaders are corrupt or behaving in a criminal fashion. -Jay Weatherill

I love fashion. I always have. When I was a kid, I was in almost full-on costumes when I went to school, and I've retained a bit of that in my adulthood. -Lake Bell

I love fashion, but I don't come from a background of loving clothes, and I remember feeling badly dressed from a young age. -Jenny Eclair

I think it is really important to have a sense of business. As a designer you can get so wrapped up in the design and fashion side that you forget the business side. -Tommy Hilfiger

When it comes to setting national priorities, determining threats, defining challenges, and fashioning and implementing foreign and defense policies, the United States and Europe have parted ways. -Robert Kagan

I used to look back at pictures and cringe but actually I'm quite proud that I've had fun with fashion and don't always look perfect. The only regret I have is when I look at something I wore when I was very young and it obviously looks like it belonged to someone else. -Emma Watson

I think it's important that there is a change, especially in fashion. I'm pleased to be part of a 'new breed' of models who perhaps don't exactly fit the status quo. -Devon Aoki

The sharpest memory of our old-fashioned Christmas eve is my mother's hand making sure I was settled in bed. -Paul Engle

The fact that I made a special movie with an old-fashioned style – even if it's a mix between with modern and old-fashioned things – must mean I feel both ways about change. In a way I'm resisting, but in a way adapting myself to the times. -Michel Hazanavicius

We are looking to get counties to play their young England players earlier, and the first reports from the counties are that it is working well. It also helps us to prepare in a better fashion. -Andy Pick

Talk of citizenship today is often thin and tinny. The word has a faintly old-fashioned feel to it when used in everyday conversation. When evoked in national politics, it's usually accompanied by the shrill whine of a descending culture-war mortar. -Eric Liu

When I had my daughter, my priorities shifted. Being in the world of fashion you have to be very self-absorbed and surrounded by people that are self-absorbed. -Carolyn Murphy

Fashion embraces the weirdos. They're into that. There are always young people that people in fashion are interested in. You know, youth and vitality and energy – it brings something different. -Chloe Sevigny

I enjoy trying to inspire myself. I enjoy the artistic side of everything. Music, art, fashion, everything. I just like to be on the cutting edge of it. I'm into designing houses and interior design. I like change. I like creating things out of nothing. -Chris Kirkpatrick

If I'm teaching girls that do love to make cookies and do love fashion – that they can use math as a part of that – you think that's me saying, come on girls you belong in the kitchen, you belong shopping? Or, do you think it's me showing them how math is part of all their life, even the part they thought it had nothing to do with? -Danica McKellar

My message is: You don't have to give up being popular, fun, or fashionable in order to be smart; they can go hand and hand. Doing math is a great way to exercise your brain; being smart is going to make you more powerful in life. -Danica McKellar

I'd never worked in fashion or retail. I just needed an undergarment that didn't exist. -Sara Blakely

My childhood was limited to mostly gospel music. We didn't have, like, a lot of records in our house, you know. It was like my grandparents who raised me. They were pretty old-fashioned in their religious ways, so it was like church, church, church, school, school, school. -Faith Evans

Being in the world of fashion you have to be very self-absorbed, and you are surrounded by people who are very self-absorbed. -Carolyn Murphy

I'm not really into the fashion thing. -Cheryl James

I bought a pair of Birkenstocks today – let's be real. I wanted a chunky sandal that was functional. That should tell you where I am at as far as fashion. -Chloe Sevigny

I hate going to fashion shows. I find them boring. -Chloe Sevigny

My mom won't let me buy high-fashion stuff unless it's TK Maxx or a birthday occasion. -Chloe Grace Moretz

Being one step ahead of a fashion trend is not so important to me. What matters is to always forge ahead. -Sonia Rykiel

I am what I am. Before I was not so proud to make fashion. My family thought fashion wasn't very interesting. So I hid that. -Sonia Rykiel

I guess because it feels more open, but I think being married is way sexier, because it's really like your soul partner in a permanent fashion, and then you strive for it to be something permanent, and that type of commitment and trust, if you can achieve it, is so good for the soul. -Leelee Sobieski

The fashion world has been great. We started Apple Bottoms about seven years ago; it's interesting to be able to create something from your perspective, for your fans and support. It's a little different for me, because about 70% of my fans are females. -Nelly

I believe that fashion is the ultimate form if self expression therefore it really depends on my mood. -Nicole Richie

As for style, there is something about the way musicians dress-they seem to be able to create their own world within their fashion alone. -Nicole Richie

Mary Quant is my favourite fashion designer. -Vidal Sassoon

I really like to be able to have variety and to try different things – that's the beauty of fashion. -Leighton Meester

Daily life shouldn't be a fashion show all the time. -Leighton Meester

I am a fashion designer. I'm not an environmentalist. When I get up in the morning, number one I'm a mother and a wife, and number two I design clothes. So the main thing I need to do is create, hopefully, exquisitely beautiful, desirable objects for my customer. -Stella McCartney

I personally love sportswear, and love using it in high fashion. -Stella McCartney

I used to get embarrassed about the fact I liked fashion. I still get a bit cringy. -Stella McCartney

I love that you can have the language between the two worlds of technology and fashion, because I don't think that many designers get to do that. -Stella McCartney

I think the moment that I'm very proud of is building a business without using animals. And, hopefully, changing people's perception of how you can do luxury fashion. -Stella McCartney

The thing about fashion – it's like ducks going quack, quack quack. It's being dictated from above, and it just makes me want to rebel against it. -Sara Blakely

What I most identify with is effortless fashion, looking as if someone's not put a lot of effort into their look. -Sara Blakely

My worst fashion faux pas: probably orange shoes with white pants. I thought I looked spectacular. -Kevin O'Leary

I was quite creative at school, and was also interested in fashion, but I was shy – I'm still not the loudest of people, believe it or not. -Kirsty Gallacher

I was very sporty at school, and sport was probably the thing I was best at, but my real passion was for fashion. -Kirsty Gallacher

I wanted to be a fashion journalist and went to the London College of Fashion to do a journalism and promotion course. -Kirsty Gallacher

Right now I'd say my favorite fashion designer is Zac Posen. -Allyson Felix

I also want to get out there in the world and do some acting and fashion and modeling. -Nastia Liukin

I'm big into fashion, so after swimming, when I hang up the Speedo, I definitely want to get into fashion and start designing my own clothing line. -Ryan Lochte

My fashion philosophy is that if I like it, I wear it. -Nicky Hilton

There are a ton of A-list stars I'd love to dress – fashionistas like Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson. Also, Cate Blanchett would be fun and fabulous. My picks vary by the day and how I'm feeling. But, as a new, young designer, I'm open to working with everyone! -Christian Siriano

Working in a salon, you look at trends all day long. You're looking at color all the time, what new products are coming out. You're a part of the fashion industry, especially if you're working in a higher-end salon. -Christian Siriano

I came from a different world from other designers because I already had such a strong fan base that was interested in fashion. You have to give the little divas something. -Christian Siriano

There are still places to go, there are still dinners, there are still parties, and you can still get dressed up. That's part of having fun in fashion. -Christian Siriano

I think I was very young when I became interested in fashion. -Christian Siriano

I'll sing outside your window. I'm as old fashioned as they come. -A. J. McLean

'Vanity Fair' caught me at a very exciting time in my life filled with night clubs, international fashion shows, celebrities and lots of cash to go around. Sometimes things just fall into place. 'Vanity Fair' was one of those things. -Jeremy Jackson

When I was younger, I had no interest. But after I went to Paris to see the collections for the first time a few years ago, they made a huge impression on me. I realized that fashion is an art form, like acting or painting. -Camilla Belle

I met this homeless man who had never owned a shirt in his life. He had taken his pants and worn them as a shirt and I thought it was so creative. He was liberated from the conventions of fashion. -Julia Stiles

I check to look at the collections and love to poke around some of the other fashion blogs to see what's going on. -Ashley Olsen

I grew up in a very old-fashioned Roman Catholic, Italian-Irish family in Philly. -Bradley Cooper

I'm really into fashion. -Carmelo Anthony

The fashion world feels more normal to me when I'm with them. -Kate Bosworth

I could pose in fashion commercials as a high society star but politics is a new way of life. -Marat Safin

I can spot someone with similar fashion sense to me a mile off. -Martin Freeman

Lord knows I had what you could call many fashion Don'ts in my day. -Maya Rudolph

It was a really fun idea to have a fashion label with my sister but I don't have an awful lot of time for it because my first love and job is to be an actress. -Sienna Miller

I'm really interested in fashion but at the same time I find it quite competitive. Second-hand stuff leaves you more open to whatever your own personal style is rather than feeling dictated to by shops. -Sophie Ellis-Bextor

I don't think that old-fashioned idea of record companies exists any more. -Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Robert Pattinson has the face of a film-noir dupe. It's a face that is searching and open and kind. It's a face that a certain type of woman might want to fool because, in its intensely old-fashioned kindness, the face says, I love you. Fool me. -Wesley Morris

People's musical tastes are fickle, and music can be a fashion. -Alex Kapranos

Glasgow's not a media center. When you're there, when you're hanging about, you feel quite detached from musical movements or fashions or anything like that. You do feel quite alone, in a good way. -Alex Kapranos

I'm considered homophobic and crazy about these things and old fashioned. But I think that the family – father, mother, children – is fundamental to our civilisation. -Rupert Murdoch

At 20, I didn't know what suited me. I had terrible fashion sense and awful make-up. -Samantha Fox

There was one thing my daddy wouldn't tolerate in any shape, form or fashion, and that was being unkind or rude to somebody. That was just very important to my folks. And as it turns out, that was a legacy that he left me that money can't buy, is how to be able to treat people. -Paula Deen

The films that I love are very straightforward stories, like really old-fashioned stuff. -Paul Thomas Anderson

I once owned a really, really ugly pair of white leather boots. They were so bad. It was back in the '80s! It was just a really tacky fashion choice when I was in middle school, and I thought it was cool. I'm really embarrassed. -Jordana Brewster

We did it with passion; we didn't do it like everyone else. Teams nowadays are still trying to duplicate that, but no one has yet. We shuffled down and we did it. We did it in an unique fashion. -William Perry

Since I was young, the artistic expression that fashion embodies has inspired me. It's a way to communicate oneself. -Maria Sharapova

When I travel, I love speaking to women around the world about the things that inspire them, the fashions they like, what makes something good and what would make it even better. -Maria Sharapova

I have always had an interest in fashion and design and I appreciate style and timelessness within my footwear and accessories both on and off the court. -Maria Sharapova

I grew up in a family of people who were obsessed with fashion. -Michael Kors

There's a whole generation of women who never really heard the word investment before, when it came to fashion. They've been buying things because they were cheap. -Michael Kors

The biggest lesson that I've learned is that fashion is this tightrope where you have to be consistent but inconsistent. You need the connective thread but at the same time you need a sense of surprise. -Michael Kors

American women often fall into the trap of, 'Oh, these are my weekend clothes. These are my work clothes. This is what I wear at night.' It's so old-fashioned. -Michael Kors

I studied fashion at the London College of Fashion. I get involved in it as part of my own styling, so if I wasn't a pop star maybe a fashion buyer or a stylist. -Rachel Stevens

There's nothing classic about what's around now. I am a bit old-school. There are some things that are never out of fashion because they just look good. But if you want classic style these days you have to get it made. -Jay Kay

What I do know is our state and country is currently backwards and upside-down, and we all are to blame in one fashion or another. -David Pratt

After my mom died, there was so much written about her fashion and her style and all that, and I felt that one of the most important parts of her was missing, her real intellectual curiosity. -Caroline Kennedy

I never thought I'd be doing poetry books. I never really studied poetry. But the first one I did was after my mother died, and I realized that people sort of think and talk about her style and fashion, but in fact, what made her the person she was was really her love of reading and ideas. -Caroline Kennedy

Since the early Nineties it's been very fashionable to say, 'It's all about the music.' -Chris Robinson

Pop music is a fashion, and fashions come and go. The public retires you as their tastes change. -Cliff Martinez

I really like fashion, but I'm not a fashionista by any means. -Danny Masterson

China approaches fashion with strong enthusiasm. And I believe that this enthusiasm can be translated into something interesting, economically speaking. Not only for my brand, but also for other brands. -Giorgio Armani

It is difficult to talk about fashion in the abstract, without a human body before my eyes, without drawings, without a choice of fabric – without a practical or visual reality. -Giorgio Armani

If something is good, it doesn't go out of style every six months. The fashion wheel of today doesn't have to go as quickly as it was pushed in the 80's. -Helmut Lang

I have been asked to collaborate with fashion houses using my artwork, which I will probably do. -Helmut Lang

In the fashion world if you're successful, everyone loves you, and you have available every service. It's hard to walk away, except it wasn't hard for me. I had my mind completely made up. -Helmut Lang

I was never so directly inspired by fashion. It always came from somewhere else. -Helmut Lang

Initially, it was the unpractical in fashion that brought me to design my own line. I felt that it was much more attractive to cut clothes with respect for the living, three-dimensional body rather than to cover the body with decorative ideas. -Jil Sander

I sometimes feel that a pattern is almost a fashion statement in itself. -Jil Sander

The '90s were extremely diverse, almost like a laboratory of the new century. There was much experimenting around, in politics, economics, gender and family structures, and also in fashion. There was a cloud of possibilities which kept us all dizzy. -Jil Sander

The apparent pointlessness of fashion may be just what makes it so strong as a zeitgeist sensor. Even I, a designer, do not know why a certain proportion feels dated or why another one feels exciting at a given moment. I leave that to the cultural historians and theorists. -Jil Sander

I always loved aesthetics. Not particularly fashion, but an idea of beauty. -Miuccia Prada

I love clothes. Maybe I can say I don't love fashion, but I love clothes completely. -Miuccia Prada

I was a communist, but being left-wing was fashionable. I was no different from thousands of middle-class kids. -Miuccia Prada

Now, I'm not saying I'm fashionable, but there are sociological interests that matter to me, things that are theoretical, political, intellectual and also concerned with vanity and beauty that we all think about but that I try to mix up and translate into fashion. -Miuccia Prada

For me, it's important to anticipate where fashion is heading. -Miuccia Prada

When I design and wonder what the point is, I think of someone having a bad time in their life. Maybe they are sad and they wake up and put on something I have made and it makes them feel just a bit better. So, in that sense, fashion is a little help in the life of a person. But only a little. -Miuccia Prada

I was a feminist in the Sixties, and can you imagine? The worst thing I could have done was to be in fashion. It was the most uncomfortable position. -Miuccia Prada

In Europe the world of fashion is too conservative, very eighties. -Miuccia Prada

Women often don't want to admit that they like fashion. And yet fashion enthralls everyone, from the taxi driver to the mega-intellectual. I have often asked myself why this is. I don't know the answer. -Miuccia Prada

Talking about the democratization of fashion is just one of the many trite things people say these days. -Miuccia Prada

I really love to resurrect pieces from my past collections and wear them to fashion week parties. -Nanette Lepore

When I think about fashion I think women will never lose that appetite for fashion. -Tory Burch

I have my favourite fashion decade, yes, yes, yes: '60s. It was a sort of little revolution; the clothes were amazing but not too exaggerated. -Valentino Garavani

I didn't like the '80s at all; it was a vulgar moment of fashion. -Valentino Garavani

I am especially grateful that I have been able to keep my own style over the decades, in spite of the many changes that have taken place in the world of fashion and in its business. -Valentino Garavani

I am happy that thousands of students, young designers and fashion people will be able to see and study my work in every aspect of it. -Valentino Garavani

I hope people will say, 'Mr. Valentino, he did something for fashion, no?' -Valentino Garavani

I love, love, love fashion so much. That's why I became a model in the first place. -Linda Evangelista

I'm a girl who loves fashion. I'm such a Cinderella – I love to put on a great dress and heels. It's fun! -Maria Bello

Women's fashion is more interesting than men's. -Nick Rhodes

I enjoy fashion. -Bjorn Borg

I was never a big networker, but I was a spin doctor, all those shock shows, that's how I got my first backers. But fashion's a scary industry to be in, especially if you've not grown up with it. -Alexander McQueen

I would hope that we could have this in an adult fashion and stop demagogueing the issue anytime you talk about any substantive reforms that will actually save social security and save Medicare and save the system from imploding on itself. -Ben Quayle

I think a submarine is a very worthwhile weapon. I believe we can defend ourselves with submarines and all our troops back at home. This whole idea that we have to be in 130 countries and 900 bases… is an old-fashioned idea. -Ron Paul

I always wanted to be a designer. I read books on fashion from the age of 12. -Alexander McQueen

It's a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It's all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together. -Alexander McQueen

You can get insular with fashion. -Alexander McQueen

The turnover of fashion is just so quick and so throwaway, and I think that is a big part of the problem. There is no longevity. -Alexander McQueen

I was in fashion school, my brother has a law background, and my sister-in-law had worked in production, but none of us had a proper fashion business education. -Alexander Wang

There's a tendency to think that young designers only do fantasy fashion, but I'm more interested in making clothes that women can afford. -Alexander Wang

I don't think fashion week will go back to what it used to be because people are realising that the industry is completely changing. It's not just in Bryant Park any more, people are figuring out who their audience is, where they want to show, they aren't really playing by the rules. It's not so much about these editors, these buyers. -Alexander Wang

When I decided to launch my first knitwear line, it was because I saw a void in the basics category. The editors were always looking for cool, fashion-forward tees and sweaters. So that's where I started. -Alexander Wang

I live for fashion. -Anna Sui

No one has ever found a solution for not doing a fashion show. -Anna Sui

I never intended being a business person I wanted to be a fashion designer. -Anna Sui

I think that fashion has become such a big business and with globalization we are on new territory at this point. We are not just designing for a country we are designing for a world now. -Anna Sui

To me, fashion is like a mirror. It's a reflection of the times. And if it doesn't reflect the times, it's not fashion. Because people aren't gonna be wearing it. -Anna Sui

Doing fashion drawings was the only way I had to express myself when I was a teenager. -Jean Paul Gaultier

When I started in fashion, I had already adopted the sailor-striped sweater as my uniform; that way, I wouldn't have to drive myself crazy trying to figure out what to wear. -Jean Paul Gaultier

I don't know exactly what is my impact, but I can say I am doing fashion my own way. -Jean Paul Gaultier

If it's too fashiony, it's not interesting to me. -Jean Paul Gaultier

You see me, I wanted to be fashion designer. I became fashion designer. So I think that everything is possible. -Jean Paul Gaultier

I am a fashion designer, so I guess that makes me an overpacker. -L'Wren Scott

The biggest part of my fashion choices is how comfortable it is. -L'Wren Scott

Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved fashion. I would watch my mother get dressed and suggest things she should wear. -Monique Lhuillier

I always thought I was going to be a dancer and then fashion kind of took over. -Monique Lhuillier

My mother is from Paris, so she was quite a fashion plate. I always had that French influence at home. -Nicole Miller

Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself. -Oscar de la Renta

Online media is increasingly influential in fashion. -Oscar de la Renta

The great thing about fashion is that it always looks forward. -Oscar de la Renta

Just because you work in the fashion industry, it doesn't mean you live your life in fashion. -Phillip Lim

I've always loved fashion so much and I didn't have access to the kind of fashion I really wanted, so I would do vintage shopping. -Rachel Roy

With time, fashion has become part of my DNA. -Roberto Cavalli

I love being a fashion designer. -Roberto Cavalli

Fashion should be something that in the morning, when you open your window, you say, 'Oh fantastic, sun!' Then you take your shower, you say, 'OK fantastic, which colour I wear today because I feel happy?' This should be fashion. -Roberto Cavalli

My dream, maybe because of my family, of course, was to be a painter. I chose in one moment the direction of textiles; from textiles I went to fashion. -Roberto Cavalli

I love women's fashion, but women don't need me as much as men do. It's the men who have nothing to wear. -Roberto Cavalli

I feel fashion needs me for many, many years more. -Roberto Cavalli

In my planet, fashion, I'm the only straight man. -Roberto Cavalli

I think I was the first to show that a designer could be like a rock star, that people should love your fashion but also put your name together with your fashion. -Roberto Cavalli

You know, you've got to be careful with how you educate your kids in rock'n'roll fashion. -Scott Weiland

I'm only seeing tennis balls these days. And maybe the occasional fashion sketch. -Venus Williams

The principle of the design – the harmony, rhythm and balance are all the same with interior and fashion design. -Venus Williams

I'm not a slave to fashion; I'm into exercising my individuality. -Sandra Oh

Look around. There are no enemies here. There's just good, old-fashioned rivalry. -Bob Wells

I have a showroom where we experiment with twelve cakes. We develop sketches and ideas for cakes for the next season. We work with the top fashion designers to see what type of lace they are using or work with the top florist for us to be able to make various sugar roses or flowers. -Ron Ben-Israel

I think fashion is a lot of fun. I love clothes. More than fashion or brand labels, I love design. I love the thought that people put into clothes. I love when clothes make cultural statements and I think personal style is really cool. I also freely recognize that fashion should be a hobby. -Anne Hathaway

The fashion editor as it used to be has changed. Now you have to wear many hats, and whoever tells you differently is wrong. Now you're on TV, whether you want it or not. -Nina Garcia

I grew up with a fashion-obsessed mother and an older sister, so there was a lot of fashion in my house. The first thing I remember owning was a Pierre Cardin jumpsuit when I was 9 or 10; of course I didn't actually buy it, but I fell in love with it. -Nina Garcia

For so many years fashion was shrouded in mystery, this glamorous profession that people knew very little about, they thought it was so glamorous. It now has become so available, with the Internet, with shops like H&M and Target that do designer collaborations, so it's more available to everyone and that's created more interest. -Nina Garcia

It's pathetic to have regrets about fashion. Things to do with my life, yes, I have regrets there. -Simon Le Bon

Maybe I'm old-fashioned. But I remember the beauty and thrill of being moved by Broadway musicals – particularly the endings of shows. -Marvin Hamlisch

I guess tennis is my main art, but fashion is definitely very close. -Venus Williams

Where consumption is both conspicuous and competitive, humanity will never run out of new wishes. All the while, industry creates new desires that are marketed, in the great fashion paradox, as both novelty and need. -James Buchan

There are some things that are never out of fashion because they just look good. But if you want classic style these days you have to get it made. -Jay Kay

I've been blessed to be one of those guys who's looked at as a fashion-forward type of guy. -Dwyane Wade

I'm not trying to be fashionable. Never was! -Dolly Parton

Since I was 8 months old, till I was 12, I did commercials and ads and cute little stuff for kids. Then I had braces on my teeth. They took them off when I was 16, and then I started modeling more seriously and doing more fashion. -Bar Refaeli

Most women are dissatisfied with their appearance – it's the stuff that fuels the beauty and fashion industries. -Annie Lennox

I wanted to be a fashion designer. -Heidi Klum

I have always been too round to do fashion shows. -Heidi Klum

I had holes in my jeans well before it was fashionable. -Kenny Rogers

I feel intimidated by fashion. -Megan Fox

A lot of women these days, a lot of young women don't want to call themselves feminists. You have this cheap, hideous 'girl power' sort of fad, which I think is pretty benign at best, but at worst, I think it's a way of taking the politics out of feminism and making it some kind of fashion. -Ani DiFranco

Since the departure of good old-fashioned entertainers the re-emergence of somebody who wants to be an entertainer has unfortunately become a synonym for camp. I don't think I'm camper than any other person who felt at home on stage, and felt more at home on stage than he did offstage. -David Bowie

My mum is totally crazy for fashion still. -Stefano Gabbana

I'm a man, I'm not just a fashion designer. -Stefano Gabbana

My mum was very conscious about fashion and my dad was born into the tailoring tradition, so fashion has always been my life, although now, really, I wear the same thing – just in different weights – light and heavy cashmere in winter and cotton in summer. -Domenico Dolce

Do I make fashion mistakes? Yes, but I won't say what. -Domenico Dolce

What the fashion system says and what the fashion customer says are really two different things. -Stefano Gabbana

I don't look at fashion shows on the internet because it's too flat. -Stefano Gabbana

The world needs some excitement from fashion. -Christian Lacroix

People want to be in their own fashion tribes, so they want to wear the same clothes to be connected to everyone else in that tribe. But they want to be different from other tribes. -Christian Lacroix

If I was a fashion designer just following trends or designing for celebrities, I would not be fulfilled. -Christian Lacroix

I'm very old fashioned. -Cate Blanchett

My parents had an old-fashioned ideal of college, that four years at a liberal arts college should be a liberal arts education. -Julie Bowen

I am a huge fashion fan. It's a really cool way to express yourself. -Kiernan Shipka

I follow fashion trends. -Kiernan Shipka

You can be good at technology and like fashion and art. You can be good at technology and be a jock. You can be good at technology and be a mom. You can do it your way, on your terms. -Marissa Mayer

I've always described my taste in fashion and music as being very eclectic and uniquely based off my feelings that day. That's the wonderful thing about style. You can be whatever you want to be. You can describe yourself however you want to describe yourself. -Hayden Panettiere

At the end of the week, it's nice to just hang out in a pair of jeans and let my hair down. I need a break from all that fashion! -Archie Panjabi

I fall into that nebulous, quote-unquote, normal American woman size that legions of fashion stylists detest. For the record, I'm a size 8 – this week, anyway. Many stylists hate that size because I think to them, it shows that I lack the discipline to be an ascetic; or the confident, sassy abandon to be a total fatty hedonist. -Mindy Kaling

There's the psychotic ambitious side of myself that wants a fashion line and my own network and be like a combination of Oprah and Gwen Stefani. And have a perfume. Definitely a perfume. -Mindy Kaling

The '90s were really just bad for fashion and hair. -Emilia Clarke

I love clothes, but really I don't have that much to say about skirts. Before I was writing, I went to fashion shows only when the designer was a good friend and I was there to show support. -Padma Lakshmi

People always comment about my clothes. They don't think a fashionable woman can love food and be knowledgeable and actually cook. -Padma Lakshmi

I'm so happy that I finished college. Going into this crazy vortex of scrutiny is tough. If I was younger than I was now and I was going to fashion shows, I might have this distorted sense of self. I might rely on those cameras. Because when I was 18, I was half-baked. -Allison Williams

I love New York, it's always been my home. It has everything – music, fashion, entertainment, impressive buildings, huge parks, street cafes. And it's very international, with people from all over the world. -Sean Combs

People get very trapped where they are. When they hear 'fashion' they get intimidated, particularly at the upper end because it's so elitist. -Vera Wang

I like the gritty parts of fashion, the design, the studio, the pictures. -Vera Wang

I was the girl who nobody thought would ever get married. I was going to be a fashion nun the rest of my life. There are generations of them, those fashion nuns, living, eating, breathing clothes. -Vera Wang

There was no relationship between a wedding dress and fashion. There was no good taste, either. I realized that I could make an impression in terms of changing and readdressing the whole industry of bridal. -Vera Wang

I'm only waiting for Lindsay Lohan's fashion collection to come out. Ten years from now, there may be no real designers left. -Vera Wang

I just love fashion. I think it just expresses who you are so much. -Lindsay Lohan

I'm the old-fashioned type who prefers to meet a woman in a more normal setting. I don't like to feel that I'm being hunted down. I've always liked to do my own hunting when it comes to meeting women. -George Clooney

I do genuinely believe that the political system is not linear. When it reaches a tipping point fashioned by a critical mass of opinion, the slow pace of change we're used to will no longer be the norm. I see a lot of signs every day that we're moving closer and closer to that tipping point. -Al Gore

So, I don't work in terms of real time. I don't work in a timely fashion. -John Irving

I can't really dress rock 'n' roll any more because I'm the wrong side of 40, but I want that to be the fashion. -Daniel Craig

I've raised my girls in a sort of genderless fashion. I mean, I'll take them to get their nails done – I actually love doing that – but I also play ball with them. As a result, my girls are tough and athletic and game for everything. -Harry Connick, Jr.

There's something about the fashion world that I like, which is, I see a lot of the designers really have affection for other designers. -Harvey Weinstein

I've been round Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and China in the last few months and the message that I've been taking is that New Zealand is building an up market dynamic into a connected economy. And that we are not the old-fashioned, ship mutton kind of product the people associate their export in work. -Helen Clark

One of the problems is that everybody is used to the old-fashioned debate system, which is very controlled, and where the moderator plays a more active role. -Jim Lehrer

I love fashion. I love couture. I'm going to erect a shelf in my bedroom with an art light to be the spot for the shoes of the month. -Sandra Bullock

I married somebody who likes the way I look. If I changed my hair every year, and I reinvented myself in time-honoured pop fashion, I think understandably the person I'm married to would grow slightly sick of me. -Robert Smith

One of the things that's great about New York is that it is not a one-industry town. It has education, academia, the service industry, arts, publishing, theater, politics, fashion, finance, as well as movie-making. -Sarah Jessica Parker

I'm aware of people's association with me and fashion and I certainly take that role on for some occasions, but it doesn't dominate my thoughts all the time. -Sarah Jessica Parker

I don't consider myself any great sage of fashion or style, whatever people may want to think. -Jude Law

There's such a huge link with fashion, with front covers of magazines and selling products, but that's not what you go into the job for, and yet you're persuaded that's what you have to do to create the opportunities for yourself. -Ruth Wilson

I've always cared about fashion and what I look like. I don't like to spend a lot of money on designer clothes, but I do like to look good. -Zac Efron

Madonna remains the most visible performer on the planet, as well as one of the wealthiest, but would anyone seriously say that artistic self-development is her primary motivating principle? She is too busy with Kabbalah, fashion merchandising, adoption melodramas, the gym, and ill-starred horseback riding to study art. -Camille Paglia

A lesser complaint: hair extensions. There are moments on 'All My Children' when half the women actors, young and old, seem to be afflicted by android Barbie creep. All those thick swatches of lifeless strands clustering lankly round ladies' necks! Like orange tanning spray, this is a fashion fad that should be put out of its misery. -Camille Paglia

I think any time you have a workplace that's heavily weighted to men just by the nature of what it is, the same way you can say PR or fashion is heavily occupied by women, there's always going to be a little bit of that sexism. -Erin Duffy

I have a kind of old-fashioned, artisan approach. -Lee Child

I'm quite ignorant about fashion and I'm colourblind, so it's all a tad tricky. My only knowledge of that world comes through Christopher Bailey, whom I first met in 2008 when I did a campaign for Burberry that featured musicians, artists, actors and sportsmen. -Eddie Redmayne

I had never been to a fashion show before going to the Burberry show last month. It was an extraordinary spectacle. I was incredibly green and had no idea what an undertaking it is. I also have a new respect for models because they are so close to the front row and must be so self-conscious. -Eddie Redmayne

I've missed London so much for its fashion. No disrespect to the girls in Manchester, but some really do look like clones – there's a lot of hair extensions and fake tans. You're free to experiment down here. -Kaya Scodelario

A friend often says I'm an old man in a young man's husk. I like that. I am old-fashioned in some ways. -Daniel Radcliffe

In housing in the fifties in Britain and the sixties, we pulled down the terraces – destroyed whole communities and replaced them with tower blocks and we built walkways that became rat-runs for muggers. That was the fashionable opinion. But it was wrong. -John Major

I need to be performing. I need to be acting. I need to be designing a condo and ripping down walls and buying new plates and looking at fashion magazines. There always has to be some movement in the artistic department for me to not get really, really low. -Alanis Morissette

I love fashion, I'm actually a pretty talented seamstress, so I can make stuff for myself, but that's really time-consuming. -Margaret Cho

Don't just eat McDonald's, get something a bit better. Eat a salad. That's what fashion is. It's something that is a bit better. -Vivienne Westwood

To me, reading a fashion magazine is the last thing I need to do. I've got books I need to read. -Vivienne Westwood

I never look at fashion magazines. I find them incredibly boring. -Vivienne Westwood

I'm a fashion designer and people think, what do I know? -Vivienne Westwood

I'm not sure what I think about current fashion, though. A few years ago, I would have said it's really, really bad and you hardly ever see anybody looking good. There must be some very good designers in the world. -Vivienne Westwood

I didn't want to be a fashion designer, and for a good half of my career I didn't like it. I always wanted to do other things. -Vivienne Westwood

If you wear clothes that don't suit you, you're a fashion victim. You have to wear clothes that make you look better. -Vivienne Westwood

If you're too big to fit into fashion, then you just have to do your own fashion. -Vivienne Westwood

I very rarely watch my own fashion shows, but the makeup for my Fall 2011 show was just brilliant. -Vivienne Westwood

At one time, I was very angry. I even treated fashion like a kind of crusade: you were either with us or against us, that kind of feeling. Now I know we need ideas, not kicking down a door. -Vivienne Westwood

When we start deceiving ourselves into thinking not that we want something… but that it is a moral imperative that we have it, that is when we join the fashionable madmen. -Joan Didion

I love fashion. I think it's so important, because it's how you show yourself to the world. -Emma Watson

I'm a multidimensional person and that's the freedom of fashion: that you're able to reinvent yourself through how you dress and how you cut your hair or whatever. -Emma Watson

We don't need fashion to survive, we just desire it so much. -Marc Jacobs

I think that at heart I am an old-fashioned Chinese, really I am. -Ang Lee

Growing up in a house of five girls, I couldn't help but glance at a fashion magazine or two. -Karlie Kloss

MTV in general is involved with so many artists – musicians, actors, people in the fashion industry, and art world. -Karlie Kloss

I think, with suits and clothes, if you keep them long enough, they all come back in fashion. -Rod Stewart

If I wasn't even famous or had any success, I would still wake up and put tons of make-up on, and put on a cool outfit. That's always been who I've been my whole life, so that's never gonna change. I love fashion. I love getting dressed up. I love Halloween, too. -Gwen Stefani

I'm not the girl for superhigh fashion because I don't have the right body. -Halle Berry

We all fight over what the label 'feminism' means but for me it's about empowerment. It's not about being more powerful than men – it's about having equal rights with protection, support, justice. It's about very basic things. It's not a badge like a fashion item. -Annie Lennox

My belief, for what it is worth, is that city dwellers cannot understand the world. Insulated from reality by complex and expert systems of provision and police, baffled by fashion and spectacle, city dwellers can distinguish neither the sources of their existence nor the consequences. -James Buchan

If Broadway no longer seems behind the times or ahead of the times, it may be because there are no 'times' anymore, no prevailing Zeitgeist that sets the fashion, pace, and prevailing look. -James Wolcott

I'm very much a girl that likes to have options. That's the way I am with fashion, and that's the way I am with my life. -Ashley Greene

I have a very classic take on fashion. I like my accessories to pop, but in general, my style is pretty classic. -Ashley Greene

My girlfriend is a fashion designer. She has her own company called Rachel Antonoff. She is doing a collaboration with Urban Outfitters right now, a shoe collaboration with Bass. She sells to Barneys, stuff like that. -Nate Ruess

But as an adult working in the fashion industry, I struggle with materialism. And I'm one of the least materialistic people that exist, because material possessions don't mean much to me. They're beautiful, I enjoy them, they can enhance your life to a certain degree, but they're ultimately not important. -Tom Ford

I enjoy the speed of fashion. I love doing different things and I think I still have something valid to say in fashion. -Tom Ford

I'm quite old-fashioned. I like going out to dinner. You have the chance to talk to somebody and get to know them better. -Harry Styles

I'm a bit old-fashioned. I like the idea of going to the cinema and then an Italian restaurant. -Louis Tomlinson

You know what I like about San Francisco? The women are beautiful, fashionable and smart. San Francisco is one of the only cities I like to visit. I love New York and Chicago – I studied there, and L.A. has the same people as New York. -LeRoy Neiman

The hardest thing in fashion is not to be known for a logo, but to be known for a silhouette. -Giambattista Valli

I'm a little old-fashioned. -Barbara Bush

As for the world of fashion and celebrity, I have the usual interest in the human comedy, but the problems of depiction absorb me more. -David Hockney

My favorite meal would have to be good old-fashioned eggs, over easy, with bacon. Many others, but you can't beat that on a Sunday morning, especially with a cup of tea. -Gary Oldman

I like a cheese and pickle. Nice cheese and pickle on a real old-fashioned bread. Ploughman's lunch. -Gary Oldman

I like to talk to people. I've got one assistant, one Blackberry. That's my overhead. I don't text that much or email. I like to sit down face-to-face and have a conversation with you. I'm old-fashioned. -Mark Wahlberg

Music is part of the life of fashion, too. -Karl Lagerfeld

T-shirts for ten dollars are even more fashion today than expensive fashion. -Karl Lagerfeld

The importance of logo into today's fashion is un! be! Lievable! -Karl Lagerfeld

I always loved advertising. If I hadn't been in fashion, I'd have been in advertising. -Karl Lagerfeld

Doing collections, doing fashion is like a non-stop dialogue. -Karl Lagerfeld

The story with anorexic girls – nobody works with anorexic girls. That has nothing to do with fashion. -Karl Lagerfeld

I can tell you all kinds of moral tales, but fashion and reality are vaguely different. -Karl Lagerfeld

I would like to be a one-man multinational fashion phenomenon. -Karl Lagerfeld

Yes, I've always been fashion conscious. -Aretha Franklin

I've never been naturally fashion conscious. I'm the kind of person who sees a whole outfit in a magazine, runs out and buys it but looks like a clown. -Brooke Shields

The computer industry is the only industry that is more fashion-driven than women's fashion. -Richard Stallman

I'm not a big fan of the thought that you can become a star by winning a contest. I'm sort of old-fashioned. I think people need to get out there and they need to work and they need to do their music because they love it. If they become successful, then great, and if they are not, whatever. -Rob Zombie

I am going to confront the old-fashioned negative thinking which says that all government needs to do to generate growth is cut worker and environmental protections, cut taxes on the rich and stroke 'fat cats' until they purr with pleasure. I'm completely repudiating the idea that government has to get out of the way. -Vince Cable

My college, Fitzwilliam, was pretty good but unfashionable and I lived in digs so I was not part of the cloistered 'old college' environment, which frankly was a bit intimidating. But I worked hard and settled in by exploring politics and girls. -Vince Cable

I would love to do a live show with dancers and fashion and scenic elements – definitely bring my love of the theater to a concert-style performance. -Adam Lambert

I didn't try and do fashion pictures. I tried to do portraits of girls wearing dresses. -David Bailey

The reason I did fashion was it was the only way to get paid to do anything creative. You couldn't support yourself as an 'artist' – I hate that word. The only way you could be 'arty' was as a fashion photographer, because it still had a certain amount of integrity involved. -David Bailey

You can go through life and actually speak your mind and do it in an articulate fashion and with a really intelligent point of view. -David Duchovny

I think 1973 was the nadir of fashion. When you watch the coverage from that era, you're struck by the astonishing ugliness of the clothes. -John Malkovich

I always wanted to be fashionable. -John Malkovich

Scary monsters are like Hula Hoops. They come in and out of fashion. -John Malkovich

Paris is paramount for fashion, always was – always will be. -Manolo Blahnik

What is fashion? It's discipline. Discipline and a credo to do only the best, down to the smallest detail. -Manolo Blahnik

I don't consider myself a fashion designer. -Manolo Blahnik

It is London fashion week, and once again I haven't been invited to any shows. This is upsetting given my well-known love of fashion, or, as I think of it, playing with the dressing-up box. -Arthur Smith

Obviously I am not bothered about men's fashion – is anyone, apart from Jonathan Ross? -Arthur Smith

It's true, too, that I'm tired of using books as political bullets and grenades. Books are too precious and wonderful to be used for long in such a fashion. -Yann Martel

It's become unfashionable to celebrate political achievement, and Labour achievement even less so. And it's positively uncouth to be proud of something that this Labour government is doing. So, slam me for saying so, but I'm really proud of the NHS. -Lucy Powell

I'm kind of an old-fashioned guy. -Joe Arpaio

It has become fashionable to rail against government intervention in the economy, and the FHA is a favorite example by those trying to show the government's overreach. In reality, the FHA shows how government action during the Great Recession forestalled a much worse economic fate. -Mark Zandi

I think music influences fashion and has done so for generations. -Georgia May Jagger

I like the fact that I have good old-fashioned British teeth with a big gap. -Georgia May Jagger

I was always interested in fashion and beauty. I was fifteen when I was scouted in a flea market. Two years later, I arrived in New York. I was in awe because it was like another planet. -Candice Swanepoel

Photography obviously lends itself so well towards fashion. It's capturing that moment and that inspiration, and as a designer you are constantly walking through the world assimilating those visual references you have and so being able to solidify that into a photograph and keep it on your mood board is essential to creating a collection. -Georgina Chapman

I enjoyed studying costume, learning about the corsetry and the historical context of fashion. I never had any real intention of being a costume designer. -Georgina Chapman

I really think that creating clothes and fashion has to be a statement about how we live and where we live and what's happening in the world. -Sarah Burton

I don't really believe in rules, but I do like old-fashioned dating where you don't call the guy until he calls you. I don't think it's like he's got to do this and that's the rule. -Ashley Tisdale

There are so many emoticons these days, I'm kind of old fashioned. -Ashley Tisdale

I love clothes and I love fashion. -Ashley Tisdale

I don't think I've ever had a real fashion disaster. -Clive Owen

If I'm censoring for anyone, it's for my parents. They are very old-fashioned and moral people. They still don't understand me that well. -Joni Mitchell

People are still emulating the old fashioned criminal. -Shia LaBeouf

Obviously fashion is a completely different world from football. -Zinedine Zidane

The key to fashion is, you don't want to look like you're trying. You've gotta be natural. -Hakeem Olajuwon

I was born in the '60s and grew up in the '70s – not exactly the best decade for food in British history. It was horrendous. It was a time when, as a nation, we excelled in art and music and acting and photography and fashion – all creative skills… all apart from cooking. -Heston Blumenthal

This kitchen is completely calm. Some of the old-fashioned chefs – they become kings in their kitchen, they've got to be called chef. But I don't care if someone calls me chef or Heston, it really doesn't bother me. -Heston Blumenthal

When thinking about the future, it is fashionable to be pessimistic. Yet the evidence unequivocally belies such pessimism. Over the past centuries, humanity's lot has improved dramatically – in the developed world, where it is rather obvious, but also in the developing world, where life expectancy has more than doubled in the past 100 years. -Bjorn Lomborg

When we started Skype, if you look at analyst reports, no one forecasted it as a big business. Also when Google started, it was not fashionable to be in search. It's not trying to do the obvious – that's the hard part. -Niklas Zennstrom

You can do a lot with Scotch tape. Almost anything! I love that you can hem a dress, and its an instant remedy in a fashion crises. -Jennifer Garner

London is a good fashion city. They're a little more daring. There's the element of the aristocracy, which is always interesting. -John Legend

I don't look at fashion the way other people do. -Helena Christensen

It's incredible to have been part of fashion history – my whole career has been one big highlight. -Helena Christensen

I like fashion. I like being in shape. I like to look nice and I like to make money, but I don't think that's the most, No. 1, important thing. -Eleanor Mondale

I think violence, cynicism, brutality and fashion are the staples of our diet. I think in the grand history of story-telling, going back to people sitting around fires, the dark side of human nature has always been very important. Movies are part of that tradition. -Eric Stoltz

I am very old-fashioned about marriage. It is for life and I mean it. I always knew that when I met the right girl, the life I had before – being single, in a band, girls everywhere – would be over. -Gary Numan

A couple of years after I arrived in Hollywood, everything that was Latino was fashionable, and years after, my thought is that we're not fashionable anymore. We're here to stay. -Antonio Banderas

The only way I'm interested in having a baby is the old-fashioned way. -Bethenny Frankel

The ultimate art form of fashion is couture. I completely geek out when it comes to couture. It shows fashion as it used to be. I don't know how many people can actually afford the clothes, but in a way, that's beside the point. -Diane Kruger

The goal is always to do B material in an A fashion. -J. J. Abrams

I never thought I'd be some fashion mogul! -Jessica Simpson

I'm very old fashioned. -Jessica Simpson

I think what's wrong with the fashion world, particularly men's fashion, is the lack of creativity behind it. -Macklemore

I definitely have an appreciation for fashion. -Mia Wasikowska

I wasn't naturally drawn to fashion when I was younger but with my work I'm so exposed to what's out there that I'm hoping my style has become a little more sophisticated. -Natalie Imbruglia

The biggest thing politically within fashion is that the clothing should be displayed on different body shapes. -Zac Posen

So many people are following fashion now. It's become fashion-tainment. -Zac Posen

I have so many fashion mistakes, but that's part of being in fashion. I think the people that you see make the most mistakes are usually the best dressers. -Zac Posen

I love fashion, but it's always been my job, whereas horseriding is my hobby. -Carson Kressley

That distinctive presidential conduct is now gone forever, banished to the snows of yesteryear by Barack Obama. From the beginning of his presidency to the present, he has spoken specifically and in unprecedented fashion of Republicans as his rivals, his stumbling blocks, the primary cause of his troubles. -John Podhoretz

Don't be afraid to express yourself through fashion! -Chanel Iman

When I was a little girl, I lived for modeling and fashion – I used to love, love, love modeling. -Chanel Iman

My goal is to be a household name, and when I do that, I want to help other girls become models, and maybe even launch a fashion line with my mom, like Beyonce did with her mother. My mom has such a good eye, and it's always been a dream of hers. -Chanel Iman

If we're going to get this country out of its current energy situation, we can't just conserve our way out; we can't just drill our way out; we can't bomb our way out. We're going to do it the old-fashioned American way, we're going to invent our way out, working together. -Donald Sadoway

When I started, department stores were either very fashion, or very tailored, so the two never mixed. I mixed it, and they said you're too tailored for fashion and too fashion for tailoring. So I had to move the market. So that's what I did. -Ozwald Boateng

Tailoring was considered to be a world that was very traditional, and basically going out of fashion. Fashion designers did not have a real link with tailoring or tradition, so I fused the two worlds together. -Ozwald Boateng

I have my fashion empire to build. -Ozwald Boateng

Unfortunately I'm still not a fashion expert. -Magnus Carlsen

I became obsessed watching fashion TV shows when I was a teenager and recognized that I had the height and body frame. I especially became hooked when I saw on 'E! True Hollywood Story' how much a model can make and how I can achieve a better living for my family and me. -Joan Smalls

The main thing I love about street photography is that you find the answers you don't see at the fashion shows. You find information for readers so they can visualize themselves. -Bill Cunningham

The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been, and always will be. -Bill Cunningham

I always had an interest in fashion because my mom is a celebrity fashion stylist. I grew up being on set or in showrooms. -Jasmine Tookes

When you don't understand the fashion world you're just grateful you get to wear good clothes. -Anton Yelchin

It's great to admire other people's fashion choices, but I don't think you should idolise anyone. -Cat Deeley

My passion is my family and the world of fashion. -Claudia Schiffer

When God put everybody here, I don't think that he had a master plan of a pecking order. That's not what you see in the Bible. I disagree with that notion, so in my estimation, we've all been put on this planet to share it. It is our duty and our obligation and our responsibility to make sure that we've done so in the proper fashion. -Corey Feldman

I've always enjoyed fashion and dressing up for things, whether it's high fashion or play fashion. -Darren Criss

Fashion is about owning whatever you're wearing, regardless of if it's a high fashion statement or not. -Darren Criss

I'm a mum, so my wardrobe consists of sweaters and jeans. As long as I don't leave the house forgetting my jeans, I count that as a fashion success. -Gail Porter

What has happened to the good old-fashioned travel agent? I want to go to a really posh travel agent and have them organise everything for me. I don't want to do things on the Internet. -Jenny Eclair

I just don't know anything about fashion. -Kit Harington

What doesn't confuse me about what women wear? When it comes to women's fashion I'm so oblivious. I have no idea what's going on. -Paul Wesley

I don't think a living being should suffer for the sake of fashion, period. End of story. You don't have to kill an animal just because you want to be hot and fly. And I really stand by that. -Taraji P. Henson

Being nerdy just means being passionate about something, including everyone – the coolest people on Earth are passionate and therefore nerdy about something whatever it is, whether it's sports, or gaming, or technology, or fashion, or beauty, or food, or whatever. -Zachary Levi

Leadership must be likeable, affable, cordial, and above all emotional. The fashion of authoritarian leadership is gone. Football is about life. You can't be angry all day. -Vicente del Bosque

I'm so excited for my first fragrance! I chose to partner with Dots because I love what they do for their customers, bringing them the hottest trends in fashion, accessories and fragrance at unbelievably low prices. It's amazing! -Jordin Sparks

I love doing fashion. -Khloe Kardashian

From time to time I think I made some errors in judgment, but I have some really fashionable friends and I feel I've cultivated my own sense of style and what I feel comfortable with over the years. -Busy Philipps

In high school I had some famously egregious fashion missteps. I was really out there in fashion, I think because I wanted attention. I would wear crazy patterns, skin-tight pants and giant platform shoes. -Busy Philipps

I think it's important for kids to express themselves with bad fashion. I struggle a little bit now because I have a daughter and I feel with fashion, like they're sexualizing the kids so young. Little kids in high heels and that kind of thing is really difficult for me to wrap my head around. -Busy Philipps

I've been a fashion model for 15 years and designing is just an extension of my career. I still plan on modeling lingerie, but at the same time this is a business transition that I plan to have around for a long time. -Alessandra Ambrosio

It's just really important I think for fashion to be affordable, because everyone should have the opportunity to wear cute things and be happy and comfortable in what they are wearing. That's definitely how I like to shop and how I like to think about clothes and fashion. -Lea Michele

I've always been a fan of Nintendo. My first memories of playing games are on my Nintendo 64 with 'Mario Kart,' so when I found out that Nintendo 3DS made a fashion game, I was drawn to it. 'Style Savvy Trendsetters' is great because anyone can play it. -Sarah Hyland

Lately, I've been playing very fashion-forward, popular girls, which is great because it's led me to things like this Nintendo 3DS 'Style Savvy' campaign. It'd be fun to do something a bit dorkier – or quirkier! -Sarah Hyland

'That's What She Said' is not Hollywood's standard picture of women: preternaturally gorgeous, wedding obsessed, boy crazy, fashion focused, sexed up 'girl' women. These are real women, comically portrayed, who are trying to wrestle with the very expectations of womanhood that Hollywood movies set up. -Carrie Preston

Right now I'm reading every fashion magazine I can find. As a shoe designer, I feel it's my responsibility to learn as much as I can about the business, past and present. -Fergie

I have always loved fashion because it's a great way to express your mood. And I'm definitely a shoe lover. The right pair of shoes can change the feel of an outfit, and even change how a woman feels about herself. A woman can wear confidence on her feet with a high stiletto, or slip into weekend comfort with a soft ballet flat. -Fergie

And I had always liked vampire stories because they are great material that can be refashioned in lots of ways. -Justin Cronin

I get inspiration from movies, from fashion, then completely random things you'd never think of. -Santigold

You know, I was really privileged to meet Woody Allen, who is now a filmmaker, let's be honest. He's also an actor. And he's classic. And because I have no conception of what classic fashion is now, I respond to his slightly outdated sensibilities. -Ezra Miller

I love fashion. Over the past year I've got heavily into it. -Joe Jonas

I'm an old-fashioned guy. -Demian Bichir

The fashion industry isn't merely content to encase my meaty flanks in skintight denim. Oh, no! That denim also has to be white, a color that attracts ketchup, wine, garlic aioli, and any other foodstuffs I might otherwise be able to enjoy if I wasn't wearing ridiculously tight pants. -Diablo Cody

Now that I work as a professional model, I advise people to stay away from any television shows. It's a waste of your time; it's just entertainment. It's not the fashion that we now know. -Fatima Siad

Basically, I didn't know anything about fashion. I was very nerdy; I went to Bryn Mawr and never even noticed models when I was 21. -Fatima Siad

I've never felt that I've had some great fashion sense of my own – I tend to wear what my wife tells me to wear. -Alessandro Nivola

Models are just mannequins seeking validation at the hands of sleazy fashion people. -Amber Heard

I seem to be stuck in the '60s, and my favorite music, cars, and women's fashion come from that era. And the sense of social rebellion. It was a good time for a lot of things. -Amber Heard

I went to a public high school and most of the comedy was coming from the black kids and the Asian kids and the Hispanic kids. And, the coolest kids to me where always the black kids. They were always fashion forward and they always dressed the coolest. They were always the best dancers, and just the coolest people. -Brett Ratner

No one knows anything about the fashion industry in Brazil. They don't care what you do. They just want the beach and the sun and the fun. I feel the freest and the happiest there. -Candice Swanepoel

The '60s are my favorite decade – with the Cold War, the women's movement. And then there's the music, the fashion, the clothes, the hair. -Margot Robbie

I love to go to casinos with my wife. I play poker, and she's an old-fashioned slot queen. She even has a visor. -Patrick Wilson

I've never graced the cover of a fashion magazine. -Vera Farmiga

I like things that are hand made – but personally for a man, I'm not interested in fashion that evolves with time. I like things to be the same. For a woman I think it's fantastic to have things that are different – it's like a flower where every season there's some new exotic bloom. -Roman Coppola

I'd love to go to fashion week! I'm learning more about designers, thanks to 'Pretty Little Liars' costume designer, Mandi Line. -Lucy Hale

I love good old-fashioned black or white Converse. I have a few pairs. And they are all really dirty. I can't have clean Converse – I go in the dirt and run around! -Ashley Benson

James Franco has this interesting and relaxed look. It's pretty 'I don't care,' but it still looks good. Ryan Gosling also has amazing style. I take a lot of my fashion tips from those two. In my opinion, they're the ones getting it right. -Josh Henderson

I was a VP of marketing, I was regional sales manager in fashion, and marketing director in communications and product development. I was always a corporate Fortune 500 girl. -Patti Stanger

But if fashion were easy, wouldn't everybody look great? -Tim Gunn

I've never mentioned this, but when I was at Parsons teaching, the other design disciplines, they don't like fashion design. They see it as very nineteenth-century. -Tim Gunn

With fashion, you really need to understand the aspects of construction. Not just design on an iPad. -Tim Gunn

I like individuality in fashion – it annoys me when celebrities put on a bodycon dress and a pair of high heels and suddenly they are 'style icons.' -Georgie Henley

I'm an actor, that's what I do every day. Dressing up is part of my job. But whatever you wear you should always be yourself: never go totally with the fashion but use what there is available to be an individual. -Vincent Cassel

In regards to being a fashion aficionado, there's a certain amount of taking yourself seriously in the professional world. The self-effacing person can't completely go down the serious road. But I design, and love when things are beautiful. -St. Vincent

One of my core values is to help redefine what it means to be a strong and beautiful woman in the music and fashion worlds and to empower the wonderful things that make us unique. -Janelle Monae

I never had worked in high fashion before, had never experienced it when I was a model before. I appreciate it, being able to work with such talented people; it feels like a gift now. I think for everyone everything happens at the right time, and this is my time. -Saskia de Brauw

My wife is very interested in fashion. I am absolutely not. I couldn't give a toss. Fashion is a perfectly valid thing to be interested in. I'm just not particularly interested in pop culture. I think I am more interested in things that have a settled permanence about them. -Simon Winchester

L.A. fashion is like lip injections. That confuses me. That's become not just a thing. It's become fashion, part of your outfit. But hey, to each his own. -Kenny Wormald

You can't just come from Kansas, go into fashion and be all naive. The fashion world is very different to where I'm from. -Lindsey Wixson

No texting. What happens then? Good old-fashioned letters. -Lorene Scafaria

The CW is a very fashion-oriented network and they like their stars to look a certain way. I like that, but at the same time, I need Nikita to be toned down a bit. You can't draw too much attention to Nikita because she's an assassin. -Maggie Q

Vampires are so old that they don't need to impress anyone anymore. They're comfortable in their own skin. It's this enigmatic strength that's very romantic and old-fashioned. I think it goes back to something of a Victorian attitude of finding a strong man who's going to look after his woman. -Stephen Moyer

I wear lots of Junk de Luxe sweaters, Cult of Individuality jeans – which are about the best for me – and Fiorentini + Baker boots. With fashion I'm good on jeans and boots. Ask me about anything else, and I'll just look at you doe-eyed and not understand what you're talking about. -Stephen Moyer

When I got out of acting school, I was lucky to have gotten any job at all. A lot of people hiring African American actresses – it was right after 'Roots,' and for society, not me, it was great. Nice richly dark-skinned people was the fashion, and I was not. -Anna Deavere Smith

It is extremely important to me that the social and environmental issues associated with the production of fashion clothing are addressed. -Bonnie Wright

I'm really not for famous people who design a line for a company, when you know it's not really them creating it but a team of designers, especially when there are so many talented people who've taken the time to go and study fashion. -Bonnie Wright

I guess I've always been really strong minded about what I wear; I've never followed what other people consider fashionable or what styles are happening at the time. -Bonnie Wright

I never have an opinion about clothes and know nothing about fashion. -Dylan O'Brien

Vests are flair for men. It's one of the few ways men can accent themselves in a formal yet fun fashion. -Eric Wareheim

My style has definitely grown since moving to New York and working on 'Gossip Girl.' I'm more aware of a lot of designers and I'm more aware of fashion. -Jessica Szohr

The true essence of fashion is being able to reinvent yourself with what you have. -Melanie Fiona

I'm not anti-fashion, but I've always had a bit of a punk attitude. That's important, I think. I do my own thing. -Sade Adu

When I write, I'm sort of old-fashioned in the sense that I like to write something that I feel I could just perform alone, obviously, because I do that a lot in concert. -Sondre Lerche

I am very proud of the fact that I get to go out there every day and train in order to represent the Mexican people, and I can only hope they look up to me in a similar fashion. -Victor Ortiz

Things go in cycles. It's like fashion, like flares go out then skinny jeans come in, people want something fresh. It's the strongest ever urban scene at the moment and I hope it can progress and keep getting stronger and be the base for something larger. -Katy B

Both Kennedy and Obama exuded a dash of glamour in their roles as commander-in-chief and became the darlings of Hollywood. As president, each brought to the White House a fashionable and accomplished First Lady, two adorable young children and scene-stealing pets. -Kitty Kelley

Sinclair Lewis may be ripe for a revival; his books raise several interesting issues of art and fashion. -Jane Smiley

Novelists of a conservative or more purely aesthetic bent hold up better on the surface, but their novels go in and out of fashion according to relevance or irrelevance. -Jane Smiley

It's becoming clearer and clearer to me that the world is there to be celebrated by writers, and in fact this is what all the good ones do, and that the great fashion for gloom and grimness was in fact a false path that certain writers took, I think in response to the horrors of the first half of the twentieth century. -Martin Amis

Gary Numan had a huge influence on both my music and my style. He had his own unique fashion sense – that futuristic space style. It was out there. -Mayer Hawthorne

Just because I worked in fashion doesn't mean I didn't go to see 'Underworld' three times! -Melissa de la Cruz

I think sometimes the fashion world isn't even about clothes anymore; it's about this 'in' crowd, and I'm not into that. -Nicki Minaj

I worked at a hot dog place, a bagel place, the Jersey Store and the hottest fashion joint around. I was getting too famous to work there anymore. I was almost showing up as a joke. I made $2,000 on my show the previous night and I'm going to go shopping during my five-hour shift. -Wale

Travel aesthetics should be just as comfortable and practical as they are fashionable. -Miguel

I almost always do things that I like, in some form or fashion. Every once in awhile that means that I don't think the script is any good and I don't have any trust in the people, but the film is shooting in Sri Lanka, or somewhere like that, so I'm going. -Billy Campbell

I would love to see a sequel to 'The Rocketeer.' I'd love to see that! I don't know that I would be in it. I may be a little long in the tooth to play 'The Rocketeer.' But I would love to be a part of that in some form or fashion. -Billy Campbell

I just sing and write songs and wear what I want. It's quite a good job really. If I wanted to I suppose I could become more of a fashion icon, but singing is my thing. -Ellie Goulding

I can fall in love in a simple way, but I can dissect it in such an intense fashion when it ends. -Ellie Goulding

I don't really have a style icon but I really admire the way people dress like Gaga, Rihanna and Gwen Stefani. It's good to be inspired by singers who write music and dress incredibly – rather than models and people in the fashion industry who dress immaculately anyway because it's their style. -Ellie Goulding

I thought to be feminine was to give in to straight culture, or the beauty standard, but in my heart I had a flair for fashion and style. They were passions I kept secret because I didn't understand I could love clothes and hair and makeup and still like girls. -Beth Ditto

I certainly know first hand the waste one lady can create through her primping routine, because I am a victim of fashion: to me a day without makeup and a bouffant to match is a day wasted. I love it all – whether it's fancy, cheap or, I'm ashamed to say, even if it's bad for the environment. -Beth Ditto

All this fashion stuff – who's cool now – is just a bigger version of the cool kids versus the nerds. -Beth Ditto

We're living in what I like to call the 'Thank You Economy,' because only the companies that can figure out how to mind their manners in a very old-fashioned way – and do it authentically – are going to have a prayer of competing. -Gary Vaynerchuk

When my shoes are killing me, I take a maxi pad and put it in the bottom of my shoe. It is better than any Dr. Scholl's insert. That fashion tip has saved me through some long nights. -Hoda Kotb

Growing up in an old-fashioned Bengali Hindu family and going to a convent school run by stern Irish nuns, I was brought up to revere rules. Without rules, there was only anarchy. -Bharati Mukherjee

The poetry and transgression that was so much of surrealism's anarchic force has been recruited into mainstream culture. It has been made commonplace by television and magazine merchandising, by computer games and Internet visuals, by film and MTV, by the fashion shoot. -Graham Joyce

I'll tell you why I like writing: it's just jumping into a pool. I get myself into a kind of trance. I engage the world, but it's also wonderful to just escape. I try to find the purities out of the confusion. It's pretty old-fashioned, but it's fun. -Barry Hannah

Punk's influence on music, movies, art, design and fashion is no longer in doubt. It is used as the measurement for what is cool. -Malcolm Mclaren

Don't shift because fashion has shifted. Don't move from the original ethic you had, the original reasons. They're part and parcel of you. -Roy Harper

I do enjoy fashion – a lot of runway clothes are pretty unwearable, but if moderated, the trends can be worn by just about anyone. -Jane Asher

We have this wonderful language and we don't appreciate it. That's old-fashioned me, but when I went to school, everyone had elocution lessons, not to sound posh but so you could be understood. -Penelope Keith

I've always loved fashion. -Rachel Bilson

The fashion world is much more ephemeral than the film industry and moves at a faster pace, and it's got even more frenetic since the Nineties; more paparazzi hanging about and it seems to me there are even more fashion magazines. -Richard E. Grant

Watching the evening news in 2011 is a strange time-travel experience. 'The CBS Evening News,' 'ABC World News' and 'NBC Nightly News' haven't changed their style over the decades, still going for that old-fashioned mix of voice-of-authority pomp and feel-good fluff. The difference is that people aren't watching. -Rob Sheffield

We have seven pillars of development. India has a cutting edge information technology industry. We are setting up a technology park. We would like to see technology penetration iin education. Besides, we would like to see cooperation in industries like fashion, filmmaking, ship-building, education, health and energy. -Kamla Persad-Bissessar

I am not one of those fat birds who feels miserable because models are thin. Frankly, I feel more insulted by the idea that unless I see other fat birds in fashion magazines, I will be reduced to a sniveling wreck of a human being. -Julie Burchill

No matter how old and glorious the models, sad indeed is the woman who sees fashion as a means of self-expression rather than an agent of social control. -Julie Burchill

I mean the future has become old fashioned. -Baz Luhrmann

Sometimes there's a sense of closing yourself off on a shoot, and I try not to do that. Sometimes you have to, like when you're in a studio and you're doing fashion shooting, but I don't even do it then. -Bruce Weber

I guess, as a conductor, one goes in and out of fashion. Your career starts with a bang, everyone thinks you're wonderful, and then with middle age, something happens and you go into the wilderness. -Jeffrey Tate

I'm not old-fashioned when it comes to dating, but there's something nice about a guy pulling out a girl's chair and opening the door for her, even if it's just in the beginning. -Lauren Conrad

A lot of people in fashion don't want to be linked with anything that has to do with reality TV. -Lauren Conrad

I love Thandie Newton. I love her fashion sense as she is just really classic. -Leona Lewis

I do love a bit of fashion. I grew up around a lot of it as my mum and dad had clothing stores so my mum was always designing a lot, and I definitely had that as an influence. -Leona Lewis

The fashion industry is completely different from the acting industry, but definitely the same as well, because there's cattiness and competition just like in the modeling world. -Sara Paxton

I get told all the time that I'm a fashion icon now, but I don't really know what that means. I just get dressed. -Taylor Momsen

I love fashion and there is no easier way to express yourself than through the clothes you wear. -Victoria Justice

I have always loved fashion, but I have no expertise in it besides being a model. -Kellan Lutz

My mother's family were full-on Irish Catholics – faith in an elaborate old fashioned, highly conservative and madly baroque style. I sort of fell out of the tribe over women's rights and social justice issues when I was just 13 years old. -Geraldine Brooks

James Taylor may be an all-American boy but he isn't Horatio Alger, and the lionizing of many rock stars by the rock press has as much to do with old fashioned rags-to-riches stories as does the straight culture's deification of its idols. -Jon Landau

On the surface, rock and roll changes at an amazing pace. The influence of a figure like the Maharishi can appear and disappear in a matter of months. Talk about old fashioned rock and roll finds itself dead before it begins. -Jon Landau

The way I started playing music was sitting around with friends and singing songs. I love good ol' fashioned guitar pulls. -Rodney Atkins

Fashion is fickle, and I was published because I was fashionable. Because I was gay. -Ali Smith

There's no platform for an unsigned music scene in the main cities – it's all hyped acts or showcases behind closed doors. I read about artists that are doing it 'the old-fashioned way' and touring, as if that's a unique thing to do – well, that should just be the way it is. -Ben Lovett

I'm getting my respect as a video director. The fashion industry respects me and knows who I am. -ASAP Rocky

So for me, fashion was about standing out as an individual – and it helped me get the attention that most people try to get with publicity stunts or by doing other crazy things. But I just let the attention come to me naturally, and I think some of that has to do with my fashion. -ASAP Rocky

I wanted to appeal to people who've never really listened to hip-hop or really given it a chance before. I've also tried to incorporate all my favorite lifestyle things in the music. Of course, 'Fashion Killa' is one of peoples' favorites because it just expresses how much I like fashion. -ASAP Rocky

I'm going to be a fashion icon in a minute. I'm not going to do it in a corny manner. I have a voice that speaks for a whole other market – not just black people, but high fashion urban people. I mix street wear with high fashion. It's never been seen before. -ASAP Rocky

Sometimes I feel like what's hard for fashion designers to do is take looks from off the runway and actually put it into existence, into reality. That's really the hard part. -ASAP Rocky

I have a Rolex, but no diamonds. Rappers wear diamonds to compensate for a lack of fashion sense. I don't even have pierced ears – I'm not into that; it's too much. -ASAP Rocky

At the age of eight I started getting into fashion, brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica and Ralph Lauren. But in 2005 I started wearing John Richmond jeans. -ASAP Rocky

It would be disrespectful to take my stardom and bully my way into the fashion industry. -ASAP Rocky

But I was always much more interested in reading fashion magazines than I was music magazines when I was a teenager. Just that sense of romanticism and escapism and the dream of it has always been quite alluring to me, as well as that sense of becoming a character through clothes. -Florence Welch

Music to me is so internal. It's physical and it's emotional. Whereas fashion is so much about the external that it's almost like a break. It's not inner turmoil. It's total escapism. -Florence Welch

I like to find the beauty in the ugly. When I'm in a thrift store, I gravitate toward pieces I know I'll wear a ton, and insane pieces that I'm sure most people would consider gross. But I find them inspiring. Our van is currently stocked with some of my random findings from this tour. Maybe I'll call my aesthetic 'van fashion.' -Victoria Legrand

I think fashion is the best value way, the most affordable way in the 21st century, that men and women can express their personality. -Stuart Rose

I like fashion, but I love, love, love music and film; they are my two passions. I would love to pursue my acting and my love of music more than anything. -Cara Delevingne

No one else in my family works in the fashion industry. -Liu Wen

You cannot get into business for the fashion of it. -Azim Premji

I want to remind people of a different kind of glamour, a different look, and breaking the rules of fashion. I wanna break the rules. -Dita Von Teese

I love to play the guitar. I also love photography and fashion. -Emily Osment

I'll be honest; I'm a student of fashion. I say that because I just wear what I feel. I'm not led by name brands and things like that. -Keri Hilson

I think I'm probably just an old-fashioned Tory. I don't wake up each morning trying to figure out what kind of Conservative I am; for me it's quite instinctive. -Sebastian Coe

I make 98% of my collection in New York City and am generating jobs, so fashion isn't just frivolous for me. I understand levity about it. I also understand the depth of it. -Prabal Gurung

I decided if it was going to be a mistake to come to New York and try and make a career in fashion, then it was going to be my mistake… But the American dream is real. I'm living it. -Prabal Gurung

I've never been in love with fashion, actually; trends and catwalks don't interest me. I love clothes; I love them historically and currently. They represent a spirit of the times and the zeitgeist. -Tim Walker

When I was at college, the idea of fashion was more immediate to me, whereas art photography, the depth of it, was a different thing. Storytelling – fanciful storytelling – can only be told through fashion photography. It's the perfect way to play with fantasy and dreams. -Tim Walker

I'm merely a fan of fashion from high end to streetwear, from Nike to Comme des Garcons. -Tinie Tempah

I find my dress sense tends to be a bit of a mixture between high fashion and unique vintage pieces with a little bit of street trends. For example, I might find a really nice, suede dinner jacket that I'd wear with a basic plain white shirt and some chinos and a pair of Nike trainers. -Tinie Tempah

This is the kind of fashion I grew up on – a good pair of trainers, great denim – and I will always love high-end streetwear. -Tinie Tempah

Clothes are interesting and they're there to be played with. I like the idea of costume rather than fashion. -Orla Brady

I am ridiculously old-fashioned. -Gerhard Richter

I remember the first time Dakota asked me for fashion advice about what to put with what. I was like, 'My big sister is asking me?' -Elle Fanning

I'm kind of old-fashioned, so I think the guy should always be the one to call. The girl just answers… Or doesn't answer. -Hillary Scott

I don't really go to fashion parties; they're not my scene. -Agyness Deyn

I pride myself on being courteous to people, and trying to fashion good relations. -John Bercow

I don't want to be doing fashion shoots and being interviewed about where I shop. Who cares? -Kelly Reilly

I certainly don't follow fashion. I think fashion, as far as the industry and the whole world that surrounds it, is quite vile, and I'm repelled by it. -Mika

I'm tall with broad shoulders. And my waist is small. I'm into fashion, so I like the way clothes lay on me. I'm pretty much a normal person's size, just stretched out. -Tyson Chandler

If I'm getting dressed up, I love Alice + Olivia, they have great pieces. I still look at all of the and I read all of the fashion blogs. I'm working my way up to more grown up pieces. -Candice Accola

I've spent some time working with a non-Italian designer; I've been helping him organize fashion shows, the advertising, also helping with the creative part. But the great part about this work is that I am no one! -Allegra Versace

I'm tired of being considered vapid for liking pop music or caring about fashion as if these things inherently lack substance or as if the things I enjoy somehow make me a lesser person. -Grimes

I want to make Grimes a high-fashion sci-fi act. -Grimes

In the mid-nineties, diversity in the fashion/beauty business was hard to come by. -Joy Bryant

I still don't consider myself a fashion girl. -Megyn Kelly

Before I got into TV, I wasn't fashionable at all. -Megyn Kelly

I love fashion. -Mollie King

It's become fashionable these days to say that the writer writes because he is not whole, he has a wound, he writes to heal it, but who cares if the writer is not whole; of course the writer is not whole, or even particularly well. -Joy Williams

My husband is old-fashioned and kind, he does the greatest Sinatra impression, and I'd never have written anything if he hadn't read all those bedtime stories and unloaded the dishwasher while I slaved over chapters. -Allison Pearson

I was raised in a very old fashioned Ireland where women were reared to be lovely. -Anne Enright

I would like to attribute my range of interests to being an independent intellectual, but although I'm independent, I'm not sure I qualify as an intellectual. Basically, I'm an old-fashioned amateur. -Anne Fadiman

It's not very fashionable, but I love life, and I believe that things disappear and reappear and nothing ever solidifies, no matter how middle-class, housebroken, staid, and solitary someone's life seems to be. That, I think, is what I'm writing about. -Colum McCann

'No Sweetness Here' is the kind of old-fashioned social realism I have always been drawn to in fiction, and it does what I think all good literature should: It entertains you. -Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Modern society has evolved to the point where we counter the old-fashioned fatalism surrounding the word 'cancer' by embracing the idea of the Uber-mind – that our will possesses nearly supernatural powers. -Abraham Verghese

In France the music schools are a bit old fashioned. I was more excited about doing my own stuff or to play with my friend in my band, than studying the piano. -Yann Tiersen

As parents, we need to send our kids back to 'old-fashioned' outdoor summer camps, which have been on the decline as the demand for sports and academics-based camps has risen. We need to fight budget cuts to public parks programs and resist closures of public swimming pools and playgrounds. -Darell Hammond

I would never design anything. I just think that's kind of wack. I hated every rapper fashion line that ever came out, you know what I'm saying? I would never try. -Danny Brown

In terms of fashion, I think the biggest influence that I had was my father. My pops, he was really into men's fashion and read all of the magazines. -Danny Brown

It may seem unfashionable to say so, but historians should seize the imagination as well as the intellect. History is, in a sense, a story, a narrative of adventure and of vision, of character and of incident. It is also a portrait of the great general drama of the human spirit. -Peter Ackroyd

By the late Nineties, we had become a more visual nation. Big-money taste moved to global standards – new architecture, design and show-off contemporary art. The Sloane domestic aesthetic – symmetry, class symbolism and brown furniture – became as unfashionable as it had been hot in the early Eighties. -Peter York

All brands, whether high-ticket luxury ones such as Cartier or Rolls-Royce or 'masstige' ones with luxe-y overtones but altogether more affordable, all want to grow. Even brands that may have started in a modestly niche design and lifestyle fashion can find themselves under pressure to go global or to sell out at the top. -Peter York

Tabloid discussion of bad children always blames baby-boomer liberals, careerist mothers and fashion-crazed Nathan Barley types who think it's all enormously funny. But the centre-leftish psycho-thinker Oliver James says it's all down to the Thatcher-and-after culture of turbo-capitalism, making people acquisitive and unsatisfied. -Peter York

Fashion people think that the careful Nice companies are boring beyond measure. (Nice people think fashionistas look silly and should Get A Life). -Peter York

I made my money the old-fashioned way; I inherited it. I think that's a great thing to do. -John Raese

Justice Rehnquist was friendly and unpretentious. He wore scuffed Hush Puppy shoes. That was my first lesson. Clothes do not make the man. The Justice sported long sideburns and Buddy Holly glasses long after they were fashionable. And he wore loud ties that I am confident were never fashionable. -John Roberts

At Concerned Veterans for America, we've made the case that the defense budget could be targeted for spending reform, but in a targeted fashion that genuinely changes unsustainable spending trajectories while preserving U.S. defense capacity. -Pete Hegseth

I think I have great responsibility, and when I do my music, when I try to relate to my audience, I just try to do it in an honest fashion, you know, just try to be as earnest as possible and sometime it may be self-effacing. Sometimes it may be finger-pointing. Sometimes it may be beautiful, and sometime it may be ugly. -Q-Tip

I believe God controls the universe. I don't believe biology works in an uncontrolled fashion. -Richard Mourdock

Academics, who work for long periods in a self-directed fashion, may be especially prone to putting things off: surveys suggest that the vast majority of college students procrastinate, and articles in the literature of procrastination often allude to the author's own problems with finishing the piece. -James Surowiecki

My house is modern, but I like my writing room to be old fashioned. I write on a little wooden secretary desk. -Janet Fitch

It's great people still care about books, and it's great you can still fashion a life from literature. -John Banville

I believe people think as a group more often than we might realize or care to admit. We like to believe that we act as individuals and nothing more, but time and again – in corporations and business, in politics and religion, in fashion and culture, and in friendships and social circles – we think and do as one. -Joshua Ferris

The '50s in general are written off as a boring decade following the turmoil of the Second World War and its immediate aftermath – the postwar Labour government, the cold war, the arrival of the New Look in fashion, etc. But I remember it as a very exciting time – a pioneering, rule-breaking time, especially for the young. -Lynne Reid Banks

Previous first ladies seemed to feel the need to wear a sort of uniform, whereas Michelle Obama likes fashion and is very comfortable in fashion. She's happy to mix high and low, and she loves emerging designers. That will do nothing but good for our industry. -Anna Wintour

I'm always looking for a cover subject that reflects the magazine, an interest in fashion, in culture, in society. We're trying to bring the world into the pages of 'Vogue.' We do that by tapping into the zeitgeists with our cover subjects. -Anna Wintour

What is required as we travel towards full unemployment is not new legislation but a gradual change of mental attitude, a shift in values. As our taste for idling grows, we will refuse to work for old-fashioned bosses who demand a five-day, 40-hour, nine-to-five type week, or worse. -Tom Hodgkinson

It is still fashionable to believe that how you organize yourself religiously in this life may matter for eternity. Unless we can erode the prestige of that kind of thinking, we're not going to be able to undermine these divisions in our world. -Sam Harris

When I write, I'm still imagining a kid reading it on paper. I read e-books when I travel, but in general I still prefer holding an old-fashioned book in my hands. There's a special, tactile experience. -Rick Riordan

Long-term, we must begin to build our internal strengths. It isn't just skills like computer technology. It's the old-fashioned basics of self-reliance, self-motivation, self-reinforcement, self-discipline, self-command. -Steven Pressfield

I'm regarded outside New York University as a looney tunes leftie, self-hating Jewish communist; inside the university, I'm regarded as a typical, old-fashioned, white male liberal elitist. I like that. I'm on the edge of both; it makes me feel comfortable. -Tony Judt

Every crazy fad from the 1800s comes back or they never go away. It's like fashion, like everything's already been invented, and somebody stumbles onto it and people will always, always be looking for an answer for some vague illness they can't get a diagnosis for. -Mary Roach

When I was little, my parents really only wanted me to be a scientist or a doctor; they had never even heard of law school. I think even these days if you were to tell your mother you want to be a fashion designer, or an artist or a writer, a lot of Asian parents would be alarmed because they don't think that's a secure career. -Amy Chua

The fashion world has always been part of my life. -Willa Holland

I don't believe – till something radical changes that we are not on track to do – that hybrids are material to climate change. They're fashionable, everybody loves them, the Prius is selling well, but so are Gucci bags. But they don't impact the way the world carries stuff. You know it's a fashion statement. -Vinod Khosla

The big advantage that we have as a venture capital firm over a hedge fund or a mutual fund is we have a 13-year lockup on our money. And so enterprise can go in and out of fashion four different times, and we can go and invest in one of these companies, and it's okay, because we can stay the course. -Marc Andreessen

We already have a professor who's using an online social network of MIT alums to help educate students in programming. Just imagine expanding that in Facebook-fashion to tens or hundreds of millions of people around the world. -Anant Agarwal

The art world has become the R&D department for so much fashion and music, so knock-offs are getting better and better. -Marco Brambilla

Most of the time, the artists are not supposed to wear the fashion. It is always seen as a vanity. But I think I don't need to prove anything in my life. I can honestly say I love fashion and I can be many things at the same time. -Marina Abramovic

Of course, I grew up hearing Latin music but, to be honest, aside from my personal circumstances, like most kids I wanted to rebel against what I considered to be such old fashioned fare. -Oscar Hijuelos

I think style is very different from fashion. Fashion was what I went after when I was feeling incredibly insecure and monstrous on the inside. -Stacy London

Being able to choose the skin I live in was the draw of fashion. -Stacy London

Not one person I know isn't concerned with their appearance. To trivialize fashion is to rob ourselves of a great tool. -Stacy London

Fashion is an industry to make money. It plays into human psychology. We want to belong, we want to be loved. I'm not trying to demonize the fashion industry – I love the fashion industry – but style is about taking the control out of the industry's hand and having you decide what works for you. -Stacy London

I can't stand when girls come to me and say they want to be a model, but they can't tell me who the top three photographers are in the world. They can't tell me who the top five biggest models are or name three cosmetics companies. They can't even name the top fashion magazines! You have to get it together and know your stuff. -Kimora Lee Simmons

I don't believe that fashion should exclude people – I have always been about making it accessible to everyone. -Kimora Lee Simmons

A lot of the things I hold onto have memories attached to them. Bags, shoes and jewelry that were given to me from photo shoots and fashion shows throughout my career. -Kimora Lee Simmons

We realized that Elite has the potential to really add value to a company like La Perla, due to its relationship to the fashion business, links to music, to entertainment, all of this tends to point more and more to the luxury consumer. The fashion world is one where Italy has clear excellence. I see the potential with it very clearly. -Silvio Scaglia

Besides music and charity, fashion is one of my interests that has been growing over the past few years. I think it goes so hand in hand, music and fashion. -Tiesto

At first, I was only interested in music, but I spent so much time in the clubs and seeing fashions change. So naturally, I developed an interest in it. -Tiesto

I like 'Elle' magazine. I love things online, like when all the big brands have a fashion show, I like to see the new collections. -Tiesto

It will be great to have a fashion career during and after my DJ career. -Tiesto

Empty-brained triflers who have never tried to think, who take their creed as they take their fashions, speak of atheism as the outcome of foul life and vicious desires. -Annie Besant

Perhaps I am old-fashioned, but black and white films still hold an affectionate place in my heart; they have an incomparable mystique and mood. -Ginger Rogers

Do not write if there is no tremendous urge to do so. At the heart, there must be an inspiration or muse or one of those old-fashioned things. Else, why bore yourself, destroy other people's interest and kill trees? -Vikram Seth

I like people-watching and getting inspiration from the unique people who don't follow any fashion tides. From 12-year-olds who have full freedom, to 86-year-old ladies with a ton of class. -Rila Fukushima

I am more vintage than I am high fashion. -Kat Graham

At school, a careers adviser asked me what I wanted to be, and I said 'fashion journalist,' so writing for 'Vogue' has provided me with the opportunity to fulfill a dream. -Alexa Chung

I worry all the time that I'm going to run out of ideas, you know? I always tell my mom my fashion ideas, because I know she'll remember them. -Alexa Chung

I think it's every girl's dream, a little bit, to be a model because it seems from the outside to be a glamorous industry and I was really into fashion, and I remember just being excited and wanting to be part of that. -Alexa Chung

I learned everything about fashion during my time at the 'NY Times.' -George Kotsiopoulos

For slaves to fashion, the rules are made to be broken. -George Kotsiopoulos

My own fashion sense has been influenced by 'We'll Take Manhattan.' It's gotten a little better. -Karen Gillan

I've always been passionate about fashion. -Billy Porter

All my stuff is men's fashion. It's always oversized shirts, boyfriend blazers and trousers. -Bella Heathcote

I didn't long to be a designer. I always liked fashion, but it was always a bit sleeping in me. -Carolina Herrera

I'm not going to say that I'm perfect. I do have fashion crises. -Carolina Herrera

In general, fashion is challenging. Everything from clothes to fragrances. -Carolina Herrera

Fashion is a dream. It's difficult, and there are many aspects of fashion that are very difficult, but if you love it like I do, because I really have a passion, now, for fashion, it's not easy, but nothing is easy in life. -Carolina Herrera

You have to deal with the fashion egos. You know, there is a lot. It shouldn't be treated that seriously because fashion is only making dresses to make women look beautiful. We're not inventing anything new. -Carolina Herrera

For me, fashion begins in New York. -Carolina Herrera

I rarely go into a shop on holiday, because fashion and design are what I'm involved in every day. I need another world. -Carolina Herrera

I don't approach fashion; fashion approaches me! -Daphne Guinness

In fashion, there are so many gangs, if you identify too much with one, you get caught – I would lose my freedom. -Daphne Guinness

There are a lot of people who do a lot of things to be outrageous with fashion, hair or makeup. -Daphne Guinness

I think as a pregnant woman we're all looking for stuff that makes us all look cute and fashionable and feel sexy when we're pregnant. -Jodie Sweetin

I'm such a bad shopper for myself. I love fashion and all that kind of stuff, but that's sort of the last thing I want to do when I'm done with a film is go shopping. I want to just chill. -Malin Akerman

To tell you the truth, I don't really follow what men wear. Men's fashion is much simpler than women's. It doesn't change as much. -Olga Kurylenko

I like clothes and fashion. It's a hobby for me and I really enjoy being part of it, so it's nice when people say: 'He can dress quite well.' -Richard Madden

Taste in comedy, like fashion, changes all the time. -Steve Carell

Looking at acting, in the movies or the theater, and the way I like to look at it, it's just an extension of childhood play… Kids play and imagine in a very intense fashion and they don't need any director telling them, 'You really have to believe in it.' They believe in it completely. -Viggo Mortensen

I think the music comes first, then comes the fashion, and thus, the lifestyle. I believe it starts with music, and then the person delivering it delivers the lifestyle, the fashion. Madonna is a great example of that. -Questlove

Overall when you work in fashion, you're always in a rush. You're always a little late, always in a hurry. Every single moment's important, so you never have enough time to do what you want to do. It's ridiculous. -Ines de La Fressange

Many people don't have relationships to their siblings in adulthood, or they have superficial ones. It's sort of unfashionable, particularly in America, to be close to your family. -Kiki Smith

Whether I'm trying to figure out what the U.S. military is doing in Latin America or Africa, Afghanistan or Qatar, the response is remarkably uniform – obstruction and obfuscation, hurdles and hindrances. In short, the good old-fashioned military runaround. -Nick Turse

I love fashion, beauty, glamour. It's the mark of civilisation. -David LaChapelle

We use fashion for status and to beautify and there's nothing wrong with that, but when it becomes completely unbalanced, then you're living a decadent life. And when that happens on a global scale, you're living in a decadent world. -David LaChapelle

In the fashion world, I was always an outsider, but I made people look good, so I had a career. -David LaChapelle

My view is that you have to take risks. Not everything is going to work out, but it's sort of the fun of fashion, right? -Julie Macklowe

A lot of people judge me because I like to, you know, look good, but I grew up in fashion. -Marie-Chantal Claire

I don't put any rules to my style; I think fashion is something that you should play with… even if you make a mistake, it's okay, it's only fashion. -Anja Rubik

Just like zillions of children, album covers educated and informed me, and certainly did I later transpose organically, rather than by intent, those principles both in fashion design and photography. -Hedi Slimane

With the rise of the Internet, fashion did become part of the global entertainment industry in the last ten years, and will follow the digital evolution of the music or film industry. -Hedi Slimane

I like the ritual, the liturgy of a well-crafted, emotional fashion show. I will never be jaded with this side of fashion. The catwalk is pure anthropology, something like an esoteric encrypted parade. It can totally be replaced but it will be missed. -Hedi Slimane

Music has shaped men's fashion, and transposed in a playful and witty manner its riding or military heritage. It is difficult to figure out who leads, but music and fashion are connected genetically. -Hedi Slimane

An athletic man, or whatever you want to call him, will only look good in a very classic suit, a pair of classic jeans, athletic clothes or simply naked. Forget fashion. This is not going to happen, unless you want to look like a Chippendales dancer in designer clothes. -Hedi Slimane

I only like luxury fashion. You have to decide where you stand. I like well-made, authentic clothes, well-crafted tailoring. I also like the dream and fantasy of luxury, the exception and rarity of it. I have no interest at all in fast retail. It is ambiguous. -Hedi Slimane

I don't like the collusion between high fashion design and high street. You have to know where you stand. I belong to luxury fashion. That's what I've always felt and embraced. I like the best quality, the best fabrics and the most creative field in fashion. I will stay consistent. I belong to this world. -Hedi Slimane

In the future, fast-fashion retailers might change their philosophy toward real efforts to create a world of their own. One can only hope. -Hedi Slimane

Men's fashion has a certain heaviness in the fabrics and construction. But also there is a heaviness in the mentality. -Hedi Slimane

Since I was a child, my whole life has revolved around music. It's often while listening to a song that ideas for my fashion collections formed. -Hedi Slimane

I've always been interested in fashion, the clothes, but I'm not that familiar with the fashion industry; for me it just comes out of quite an innocent sense of style. -Lenora Crichlow

I don't really follow fashion exactly, but I've always been very interested in the way that you present yourself as an expression of yourself, so that's my idea of fashion and style from a personal point of view. -Lenora Crichlow

I'm a Prada freak and I think they have great eyewear. Even though I don't need glasses, I use them as a fashion accessory. -Tony Vincent

As I got older I became a kind of sub cultural junkie, foraging around in music, street fashion and eventually art, politics and the freakier reaches of the Internet, hunting the next discovery, the next seam of underground gold. -Hari Kunzru

I love to experiment with fashion. A lot of my inspiration comes from my mom. She is fearless with fashion! I love colors and anything daring. -Neon Hitch

Although I was born in Idaho and now live in New York, I definitely identify with the European aesthetic. Paris is my mecca; it's where I discovered my flair for fashion. But I pay rent and work in New York, so that is my home – I love the culture clash of the city. -Dree Hemingway

Sure, jets are fast and economical, but, oh my, what fun we've lost and what leisure we've sacrificed in the race to efficiency. Somehow, stepping onto a plane and zooming across the United States in a matter of hours doesn't hold a candle to the dear, old-fashioned train ride. -Ginger Rogers

I love hats and winter is the perfect time for them. I love winter time fashion. -Rebecca Ferguson

I use a lot of old-fashioned expressions. -Susan Cain

We live in an age where there is a firehose of information, and there is no hierarchy of what is important and what is not. Where the truth is often fashioned through a variety of digital means. Are you your avatar? Who are you in social media? What face do you turn toward the world? How much does it have in common with who you actually are? -David Carr

I don't think it ever does any harm in any business to feel that there is someone there who cares about it. If you look at any business, fashion being the most obvious, the aura, or the reality of the designer, is part of what creates it. It's true in luxury goods stores and in good food stores. It leaves a palpable sense that someone cares. -Andre Balazs

I went to Brown to be a French professor, and I didn't know what I was doing except that I loved French. When I got to Paris and I could speak French, I know how much it helped me to establish relationships with Karl Lagerfeld, with the late Yves St. Laurent. French, it just helps you if you're in fashion. The French people started style. -Andre Leon Talley

I love people – it is not the fashion, it is the people in fashion I love. -Andre Leon Talley

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