Best Quotes About Exorcism

An exorcism is tantamount to a miracle – an extraordinary intervention of God. -Gabriele Nanni

I had a lot of time to think, and that is not good for your mind. And when it actually happened, it was not so much a celebration but the relief. It was an exorcism anxiety. After each race there is a procedure in which you get taken off to the podium and the TV interviews. -Damon Hill

All art is exorcism. I paint dreams and visions too; the dreams and visions of my time. Painting is the effort to produce order; order in yourself. There is much chaos in me, much chaos in our time. -Otto Dix

And as the hour approached for the execution, in his own mind, Collins became both the executioner and the victim. He would pace up and down, transformed in almost a kind of exorcism when he knew he was responsible for taking someone's life. -Liam Neeson

Every book for me is an exorcism in some way or another, working through my feelings at the time. -Bret Easton Ellis

To me, the scariest movie ever made to this day is 'The Exorcist.' It still scares the living hell out of me, and it's because of the fantasy element. It's the exorcism. It's the Devil. It's not a guy breaking into your house trying to torture you or cut your whatever off. Those kinds of movies don't do it for me, and I don't call them horror. -Cassandra Peterson

I think music should be scary. Music is an exorcism. -Florence Welch

Possession and exorcism is something that's in every religion and every culture. It's a real primal fear: Is the body a vessel for our spirits? What happens if something else takes over it? Where does the spirit go? -Eli Roth

I was a scared kid… I think I was born a nervous wreck, and I think movies were one way to find a way transferring my own private horrors to everyone else's lives. It was less of an escape and more of an exorcism. -Steven Spielberg

I have experienced bad dating and ineptitude with women all across the globe, from Vietnam to Paris. When I was 21, women were an enigma; they were this code that had to be cracked. They were 'The Other.' I have often thought writing this stuff into stand-up and shows would be an exorcism, but it hasn't been; it makes no difference. -Stephen Merchant

I was haunted by a bear attack that happened in Algonquin Park in 1991. The problem was that I don't believe in ghosts, so that ruled out an exorcism. My other choice was to start writing. -Claire Cameron

It was very hard for me to come back to a place of feeling normal about food and about my body. And then, when I came to the other side of it, it felt like something was gone. An exorcism. I still experience the same chemical swings and moods and pain, but I'm much better at dealing with it than I was at 18. -Zoe Kazan

I personally feel like an exorcism movie without God is like a western without hats. Sure, you can do it, but why would you try? -Ron Livingston

I had a full exorcism performed on me from an archbishop. -Zak Bagans

The exorcisms I performed and conducted mainly focus on the Catholic ways. -Zak Bagans

From the start, Trump's rallies had the air of the tent revival, that same hot thrum of militant exorcism and ecstasy. -Ben Fountain

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